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Municipalities fear gaps in high-speed services waska and Horton, being left out. If the high-speed service is expanded leaving a series of small pockets uncovered, “there’s no way they’ll get service” once the subsidy money runs out in five years, he added. In all, Emon was involved in four meetings with ministers during the convention in Toronto. “They were good exchanges of information,” he said. “All the ministers were respectful of our presentations and made comments back to us. I was very impressed.” Emon said he and two of Greater Madawaska’s neighbouring townships to the south raised the issue of Crown land compensation for municipalities with Minister of Natural Resources Donna Cansfield. She has responded by sending Greater Madawaska, North Frontenac and Addington Highlands a draft policy on the issue, he reported. Rural municipalities with

large tracts of Crown land have been arguing for years they should receive some sort of payment from the province for providing road access and other services to the land from which they gain no tax revenue. Emon said a meeting with Health Promotion Minister Margarett Best on development of trails resulted in new information about funding possibilities. In a session with Jim Brownell, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Tourism, the need for the province to assist municipalities with less than 5,000 people with tourism funding was stressed, Emon said. He noted that in a session with the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Education, a delegation from North Frontenac raised concerns about closing rural schools, a topic also of interest to Greater Madawaska.

The M.W. Miller Loggers score their second goal and go on to defeat Golden Lake 5-3 in Eganville Hockey League action Friday night in Eganville. In the other semi-final, Finnigan’s of Renfrew beat Killaloe 4-3 to earn the other spot in the best-offive championship that opens Friday at 8 p.m. at the Eganville arena. Mercury Weekender photo by LUCY HASS

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JOHN CARTER Thanks for the funding, but the way it is being allocated might make it impossible for some people to access highspeed Internet. That was the message some local municipal representatives raised with Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Minister Leona Dombrowsky at the recent Good Roads convention, says Greater Madawaska Reeve Peter Emon. Greater Madawaska Reeve Peter Emon said he fears OMAFRA’s Rural Connections Broadband Program could result in long-term gaps in service in some areas. While rural municipalities appreciate the program, the funding model needs to be changed somewhat, he said. Emon explained that suppliers are driving the process and picking their spots for coverage. That is resulting in some areas, such as parts of Greater Mada-

Renfrew Weekender - March 12 2009


News CAMPING IN AT RENFREW DAY CARE Isaac Quade of Renfrew Daycare has his first of two marshmallows down the hatch as he warms himself by the campfire recently. Others toasting marshmallows with hot plates and colourfully-clad ‘artistic’ flames on camping day, from left, are Emma Ryan, Kiersten McMullen and Dylan Dedo. The youngsters and staff also did some fishing and set up tents indoors. Mercury Weekender photo by STEVE NEWMAN


Admaston Public School had good weather for its winter carnival Feb. 26, and students took full advantage. From left, Kevin Crozier, John Pettigrew, Darin Verch and Dawson Brown are immersed in a game of soccer in the school yard.

There’s nothing like a good old slide in the snow. Just ask winter carnival participants Jordan Roderick and Molly Reid. Mercury Weekender photos by PETER CLARK


“They need some help to get clothing and other items. It takes time for insurance to go through,” said Lonergan. “It’s sad when you lose all your keepsakes.” Admission to the dance is $10, with further donations welcome. Lonergan said there will also be a 50-50 draw, prize raffles and other fun fundraising activities. Several local businesses have already donated prizes and food, he said. Donations can also be made at a trust fund set up at the Renfrew RBC Royal Bank (transit 04022, #5082805). While being organized by Horton residents, “Everyone’s welcome to the dance,” said Lonergan. “We’re all neighbours around here.”

JOHN CARTER Neighbours helping neighbours. That’s the theme of a benefit dance Friday, March 27 for Lydia Worm and Denis Gagne, who lost their Castleford Road home to fire March 2. The family lost almost all their belongings in the fire that destroyed the home that had been built in the 1840s. A group of Horton residents, including Paul Lonergan, Sheri Sexton and Larry Reid, has banded together to help the family get back on their feet. They are organizing the dance, which will feature three or four local bands, at the AFAC Wing from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Renfrew Weekender March 12 2009

Horton Benefit dance to help victims of Horton fire IS UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP We will be

CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS March 15th to April 1st “Great things are happening at Best Regards” 260 Raglan St. S. Downtown Renfrew 613.432.4033

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Bump too big on Castleford Road, says council STEVE NEWMAN About five years ago, the County of Renfrew did repairs on a section of Castleford Road near Bob Johnston’s Bluegrass Festival grounds. But the repairs didn’t do the job in the longer term. Formal and informal complaints continue about the bump that is sending cars airborne during drives down Castleford Road toward Renfrew. Traffic in the other direction, toward River Road, is not experiencing nearly the same problem. “It’s at least 30 per cent worse than it’s ever been, at least on one side,” said Coun. Dave Bennett, who knows a recent example of a car going airborne and “sparking” on the pavement. The township has asked the county to do something. But even if the county does, it’s unlikely any road work would happen until after the spring thaw. The bump is located 2.5 kilometres from the intersection of River Road and Castleford Road.




East of the Water Tower

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Drivers have been going airborne at this Castleford Road (aka County Road 20) bump en route to Renfrew. Consequently, Horton Township has asked Renfrew County to do repairs and provide more road signs to alert the public. Mercury photo by STEVE NEWMAN


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Renfrew Weekender - March 12 2009


Facing our future in Afghanistan F

or many Canadians, our combat mission in war-torn Afghanistan never made sense. They knew of the country’s violent history and had countless questions about the deployment. What was our full purpose and rationale? Would our government be committed to dedicating resources to the aftermath of the conflict, from dead and broken soldiers to a shattered civilian population in Afghanistan? What was the exit strategy? Seven years and 112 Canadian deaths later, doubt still lingers. Skeptics, however, have been scolded about talking. They’ve been told in bumper-sticker boldness that if they don’t stand behind the troops, feel free to stand in front of them. They have been told that talking about the mission with anything but pep-rally optimism is playing into the hands of the Taliban. So it seemed strange when Prime Minister Stephen Harper chose American news giant CNN to break news to the world that we’re never going to defeat the insurgency in Afghanistan. Many average Canadians have been saying the exact same thing for years and have only met with fierce opposition; called traitors and unpatriotic. If the PM misspoke in his statement, he should clarify his position to the Canadian public, and now, because things are getting worse. The war is spreading to neighbouring countries and we shouldn’t be surprised. Insurgents don’t see lines on the map the way we do. Borders mean nothing. The Canadian military has been lifting way its weight on this mission and has paid a disproportionate price in lives. Our troops need, and deserve, greater NATO support. But more than anything, we need to get creative. We must rip off the blinders and look at this mission with fresh eyes; as a united people, not a snippy population of hawks and doves. The worldwide economic recession has turned our view of finances on its head. Why does war not force us to turn our conception of war and peace on its head as well? So many times the mission in Afghanistan has been described as a battle to win hearts and minds. Bullets will never win that war. Brains and diplomacy might. Lucy Hass

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A clear, crisp winter day on the slopes at Calabogie Peaks Resort. Mercury Weekender photo by STEVE NEWMAN


Sour grapes over duly-elected Conservative MP To the editor: Last week’s criticism of Cheryl Gallant by Kevin O’Kane began with references to the current recession (depression), area business closures and the high local unemployment rate. He then attempted to ridicule Mrs. Gallant by saying, “She continues to beat her tired old drum about the gun registry and the separatist coalition – while her government inept as it has been – surely must have more important issues and legislation to deal with than the gun registry.” This pronouncement was followed by a further attempt to marginalize Mrs. Gallant, whom he sarcastically referred to as “our so called representative.” It seems the fact that Renfrew County citizens voted Gallant into office four consecutive times, with an ever increasing majority, has somehow escaped the author’s attention because Mrs. Gallant is our elected representative, like it or not. He then questioned whether Gallant was aware of current developments, as well as whether she was capable of understanding the events transpiring around her. Mrs. Gallant’s last election victory shows that 28,908 voters believe she is. I challenge Mr. O’Kane to substantiate his allegations that Mrs. Gallant

has persistently misled the people or that she believes her constituents are ill informed. O’Kane finally digressed from his efforts to trivialize Gallant with a patronizing endorsement of RenfrewNipissing-Pembroke’s national and international contributions to the lumber, farming, hydro and nuclear energy fields. This endorsement, however, was only a diversionary ploy for his following statement, “to be represented by a member who has to be frequently censored in parliament because of her language and disregard for parliamentary decorum is indeed disgraceful – surely the people of this riding deserve better.” Well, Gallant isn’t the only one ever to be censored in parliament and she certainly won’t be the last, but as for the people of this riding deserving better representation, who would you recommend, sir? Another arrogant self- serving Liberal? No thanks, bro! His ludicrous attempt to portray the shouting, threats, interruptions, wild gesturing accusations and other antics as the ‘parliamentary decorum’ he accused Gallant of not respecting, well, good for her. Because the people who voted for her have no respect for this ‘parliamentary decorum’ either! Turn the TV on and see for yourself.

The reality is that Mr. O’Kane is just another die-hard partisan Liberal trying to discredit a feisty lady who cares about her constituents and is willing to fight over issues of concern to them. That is why Gallant refuses to let the gun issue fade away, as her detractors would have her do. Nor has she forgotten the cabal of Liberals who forced this unconstitutional legislation on our nation over the concerned objections of law- abiding gun owners andprovincial premiers. Moreover, if he had taken the time to be as informed as Mrs. Gallant, he would know this Liberal-inspired gun legislation contained multiple violations of the Canadian Charter of rights and freedoms. Or does he consider the loss of our civil rights to be a matter of no consequence? Cheryl Gallant, however, remains very much concerned about these losses and that concern is the driving force behind her determination to keep the gun issue at the forefront of public attention. As for your sour grapes letter, Mr. O’Kane, I suggest that you forgo these attacks on Mrs. Gallant, remove your socks, stomp those sour grapes into a mash, and brew up a nice batch of ripple? Donald E. Broome Cobden

5 Renfrew Weekender March 12 2009


ACHIEVEMENT AT CALABOGIE PUBLIC The students at Calabogie Public School, above, are enjoying snowshoeing on a regular basis this winter as part of their daily physical education programme. At left, Dayna Schaly was the winner of the annual public speaking presentation at Calabogie Public School. She went on to represent the school at the Legion competition in Renfrew. She spoke passionately about her love for horses and her riding lessons. Schaly and her classmates also travelled to McNab School to listen to the storytelling presented by the neighbouring students.


Concerns over proposed changes in school hours To the editor: At the St. Joseph’s High School council meeting March 3 we were advised that both school boards are planning to change school hours. Elementary and high school will have different start times; either 8 a.m. to 2:20 p.m. or 9:30 a.m. to 3:50 p.m. Both time changes are causing me considerable concern and will create dramatic disruption to family routines. If elementary students get the 8 a.m. start, then little children will be on the bus from 6:30 a.m. They will be done at 2:20 p.m., needing childcare in most cases until parents get home. If elementary schools start at 8 a.m., then high schools will start at 9:30 a.m., a better time for sleepy teenagers but finishing later could have an impact on afterschool activities and after-school jobs. The impact on high schools starting at 8 a.m. would be disastrous, especially in

the Catholic system where students come from Arnprior, Griffith and Douglas to go to St. Joe’s. Buses would be picking up students before 6 a.m., causing many to rethink their choice of St Joe’s. This change is to eliminate 65 buses (and 65 jobs!) at a miniscule saving of less than 0.5 per cent of the budget. We were told that fewer buses would reduce pollution which is impossible if they are driving the same route twice instead of once! Apparently the boards plan to implement this by September. I urge other parents who share my concerns to contact their local school board trustee and the school board chairs to make your views known. Something this important should be studied and discussed before any changes are made. Yours sincerely, Susan McSheffrey Renfrew




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Renfrew Weekender - March 12 2009


MNR conducts enforcement blitz The Ministry of Natural Resources laid 10 charges and issued more than 50 warnings during a weekend enforcement blitz on two lakes in Renfrew County. On Feb. 21, conservation officers from Pembroke District checked 250 anglers on Muskrat Lake and White Lake. Officers were on the ice checking for compliance with the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act and the Ontario Fisheries regulations for species such as lake trout and walleye. Charges were issued for fishing without a licence, fishing with too many lines, using a set line to fish, being more than 60 metres from line while fishing and failing to produce proper insurance for motorized snow vehicle. Warnings were issued for failing to register an ice hut, fishing without having licence on person, failing to wear a proper helmet and consuming liquor other than in a residence. For further information about fishing regulations, consult the 2008-2009 Recreational Summary available from licence issuers or on the ministry’s website To report a natural resources violation, call 1-877-TIPS-MNR (847-7667) toll-free any time or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Catrina Struyk-Huyer, 13, takes a closer look at purple snow fleas.

Springtails, one of the first signs of spring Last Saturday afternoon Angela and Catrina Struyk-Huyer took advantage of the warm sun and went for a stroll on their property. They came across a puddle and there appeared to be something unusual in the water. When Catrina disturbed the water it came alive. Something was jumping around; something that had appeared to be dead came to life very quickly. They took samples of the creatures home and inspected them under a microscope. What appeared in the microscope had legs, a head and antenna that were attached to a dark purple body. Some research proved the creatures to be snow fleas, members of the springtail family. When the weather turns warm the snow fleas start a journey up through the snow to the surface to bask in the warm sun. In the evening when the air cools they make their way back down to

their home in the soil. Springtails are minute to small (less than one-half inch), wingless and generally pale and may be coloured in hues of gray, green, yellow, orange, lavender, blue, or purple. Though they are wingless springtails are extremely mobile. They possess very special limbs. On the underside of their abdomen there is a forked limb called a furcula. This limb bends forward, under muscular pressure, and is held in place by a trigger-like muscle. When the flea

is startled or wishes to move it releases the trigger and the insect flies into the air. The disadvantage of such a system is that the flea has no idea where or in which direction it will land. It may end up worse off than before. Snow fleas inhabit cool moist places in the soil. A few live in hornet nests, ant hills and termite nests. Because they are able to obtain food, oxygen and water under very difficult conditions springtails are able to inhabit almost all types of habitat. Some species are able to survive in the desert and others at the other extreme in the permafrost of the tundra zone. Populations of several billion per acre are not uncommon. They usually go unnoticed but the emergence of snow fleas seen on the top of the snow in the late winter and early spring often attract attention. Although small springtails serve important roles as decomposers and

recyclers of organic materials. They turn leaf litter, wood chips, dead plants and bark into top soil. The process is a long one but they have plenty of time and there are many of them to do the job. They are a food source for many species of ants, beetles, and other small animals like shrews and mice. A few springtails feed on germinating seeds and seedlings and are considered pests in mushroom beds, greenhouses and earthworm beds. But proper soil rotation and cultivation soon moves the springtails to a habitat where they are less destructive. Look for these little creatures springing about in the sunshine on the top of the snow on warm days. Speaking of Nature. Jim Ferguson, 5313 River Road, RR 5, Renfrew, Ontario K7V 3Z8 phone 613-4322738; e-mail

7 Renfrew Weekender March 12 2009


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Renfrew Weekender - March 12 2009


Health More funds needed for bleeding Seniors Home Support STEVE NEWMAN The constant message from Chris Cobus may be reaching deaf ears when it comes to influencing government to increase funding to Renfrew and Area Seniors Home Support. But the executive director of the Renfrew-area organization, which provides a wide variety of services to senior residents and adults with disabilities, won’t let up. About 700 people are assisted each year, including about 30 from the Township of AdmastonBromley, where she addressed the local council March 5. Services might include volunteer income tax program assistance, friendly visiting, the visit of a home maintenance worker for housekeeping needs, telephone calls to check on residents’ wellbeing, and drives to medical appointments. In recent times, the organization has dipped into reserves, from previous fundraising, but she stressed this can’t continue. “Our concern at this point is these resources are depleting,” she told council members. Furthermore, she said the organization is “concerned how the current economic times are going to affect our ability to sustain funding.” Application for $60,000 from the Champlain LHIN (Local Health Integration Network) was rejected in November 2008. “Now is the time for this new body (Champlain LHIN) to look at the discrepancies in funding that have existed for years,” stressed Cobus, who acknowledges the local LHIN “is sometimes caught between needs at the local level and provincial priorities for funding.” A third of that $60,000 would have been to cover the increased cost of doing business over the last 20 years. The other $40,000 of the requested $60,000 would have enabled Renfrew and Areas Seniors Home Support to maintain two part-time staff. These positions for several years have been supported through temporary Trillium Foundation grants, which ends in late 2009. This funding would have been to help manage the more than 140 volunteers who provide services for the organization. From 1992 to 2002, Cobus says there was no in-

creased funding from the provincial government. Over the past three years, she says funding from the province has totalled $4,554. As echoed by Seniors Home Support president Carol Ann Simson, this increase doesn’t address the rising costs of running community programs. At present, Renfrew and Area Seniors Home Support is hearing it will receive increased funding of about 1.5 per cent for the next two years from the Ministry of Health and


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Chris Cobus, executive director of Renfrew and Area Seniors Home Support, is accompanied by Joanne McDonald (left) during her presentation to Admaston-Bromley council. McDonald is the township’s representative on Renfrew and Area Seniors Home Support. Mercury Weekender photo by STEVE NEWMAN

Long-Term Care. Those increases, if true, would amount to about $1,300 extra funding in 2009-10 and in 2010-11. Given the lack of extra funding, Cobus says Renfrew and Area Seniors Home Support’s total budget of $200,000 in recent years, because of additional support from the Trillium Foundation, will drop to about $168,000 in 2009 and $151,000 in 2010. See HARD PRESSED, Page 9


Continued from Page 8 These drops will occur through reductions in staffing hours. “In an effort to be as fiscally responsible as possible during these difficult economic times,” said Cobus, “we have established more realistic percentages between what the ministry contributes, what clients contribute in transportation fees, and what we can hope to raise from various sources, such as our municipal grants, individual and group donations, and various fundraising efforts.” Meanwhile, Cobus says Renfrew and Area Seniors Home Support will continue to gratefully accept financial support from local municipalities and to lobby for more provincial-government funding. Provincial funding accounts for about 49 per cent of the organization’s current budget. However, Renfrew and Area Seniors Home Support is pushing for a figure closer to 58 per cent. At present, area municipalities con-

tribute $600 to $1,200 each per year for a grand total of $3,600. Cobus did not specifically ask Admaston-Bromley for more funds, but Mayor Raye-Anne Briscoe suggested her township’s support could increase. Renfrew and Area Seniors Home Support recently sent out letters to local municipalities. In those letters, the organization acknowledged that any additional funding, above usual levels of annual support, would be welcomed. Meanwhile, the organization prepares to make some cutbacks, if necessary. “Over the next two years, with the plan we have in place, we will continue to try to maintain our main efforts, in the areas of transportation, Frozen Meals, home maintenance and the grocery program,” says Cobus. Without increased funding, Cobus says limitations may be placed on friendly visits, telephone security checks, and the intervention-and-assistance program.

2009 PLOWING MATCH PREPARATIONS Norm Eady, vice-chair of the Renfrew County Plowmen’s Association, addresses Horton council recently as chair Dave Campbell looks on. The two requested various forms of organizational support for the 2009 Renfrew County Plowing Match, to be hosted Sept. 19 on the Horton Township farm of Brent and Diane Greer. Eady and Campbell, who hosted the match in the mid 1980s and mid ’90s respectively, say the 2008 match attracted about $7,000 in sponsorships and $5,000 from the gate receipts of 800 spectators.

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Renfrew Weekender March 12 2009


At Renfrew Victoria Hospital, “hospital food” is a good thing, thanks to the careful planning and culinary know-how of a hardworking kitchen and cafeteria team. Visit the sunlit Café Victoria at the west end of the ground floor, and you’ll find something that not many other institutions offer—highly nutritious meals prepared from scratch in the nearby hospital kitchen. March is officially nutrition month, but Director of Dietary Services Pam Cranfield and her co-workers strive all year long to provide healthy, tasty options to the more than 250 customers they serve each day. For them, the cafeteria is the heart of the hospital, where they always go the extra mile to provide fast, personalized service. Often, they know their regular customers’ selections before they reach the counter. “For the staff, this is really the social part of the work day,” Cranfield says, explaining that the goal is to help them relax and enjoy good food and friendship on their breaks.

A typical lunch menu offers made-toorder sandwiches with a variety of breads and a buffet of filling and topping options, one or two appetizing hot entrées ready for the taking, two or three fresh salad choices, and two hearty soups. Healthy choices are a way of life here. In fact, when the deep fat fryer broke down, Cranfield was adamant about not replacing it because it didn’t make sense to offer fatty French fries in a hospital. So when diners now choose fish and chips for lunch, they can select baked fries or opt for a salad instead. For those with a sweet tooth, the café is the perfect place to indulge in a little treat. According to Cranfield, each cook has their own dessert specialty: Dave makes “the best” buttertarts, Sharon is known for her tea biscuits, Chris can bake up a top-notch cheesecake and Dan is the brownie man. The icing on the cake is that eating in this hospital cafeteria supports quality health care for our community. Revenue

generated from cafeteria sales supports inpatient programs at RVH. Those sales include Renfrew’s Meals on Wheels program and a selection of frozen dinners that are available for sale. Café Victoria gift certificates are also available and have been purchased by many patients or family members as a nice ‘thank you’ to staff. Sold in $2 and $5 denominations, they are perfect for a coffee break or a full meal. The cafeteria is staffed weekdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Weekend hours are 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. and 2 to 3 p.m. Coffee and prepared snacks from the RVH kitchen are available to buy during non-meal hours.

Meal times (only available on weekdays): Breakfast: 9:15 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. Lunch: 11:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. Supper: 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. Visitors are always welcome. During non-staffed hours, a vending machine is stocked with the usual snack fare plus a number of items made daily in the kitchen. “It gives people access to food and a place to relax 24 hours a day,” explains Cranfield. “Good, healthy food always makes you feel better, and that’s what RVH is all about.”

RVH dietary staff Pam Cranfield, Liz Corrigan and Colleen Enright offer up the salad selections that are always a lunchtime favourite in the RVH cafeteria. 280804

Renfrew Weekender - March 12 2009


Renfrew Victoria Hospital CT project is moving into construction phase Renfrew Victoria Hospital is taking the first step into the construction phase of bringing CT diagnostic capabilities to the community. Advertisements have been posted in area newspapers, seeking bids from general contractors interested in building a hospital addition to house the new CT (computerized axial tomography) suite. “We are delighted with how quickly this project is now proceeding,” comments RVH CEO Randy Penney, noting that the Champlain Local Health Integration Network has been a key supporter of the plan to enhance CT services in the region. “The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care responded very quickly in providing us with the necessary approval for this stage, and we’re certainly ready to move ahead,” Penney says. The bidding process will be open until Tuesday, March 24. The successful company will be responsible for the construction of a one-storey, 1,800-square-foot addition to the RVH building. It is hoped that construction will begin in May. The new suite will be located within the diagnostic imaging department, enhancing the ongoing technological investments that have been made there to provide digital imaging and state-of-the-art diagnostic services such as x-ray, ultrasound and fluoroscopy. “Our new CT suite will be a great addition to our diagnostic imaging department,” comments RVH Vice-President of Corporate Services Julia Boudreau. The central location within the hospital will also ensure that CT is readily accessible to the adjacent emergency department, which will represent a significant improvement in the hospital’s ability to respond to urgent situations. “Architect Brian Dickey has worked with us to once again develop a plan that combines good workflow and good design,” says Penney. “We’re confident this addition will serve the needs of our professional staff and our patients.” The 64-slice CT scanner will be a landmark improvement in the diagnostic services available to Renfrew area residents, supporting the care provided in every department of the hospital, including the emergency department and the regional nephrology and oncology programs. Without CT, thousands of patients from the area have been required to travel to Pembroke or Ottawa each year for the tests. All of the approximately $3 million in construction and equipment costs will be borne by the hospital itself. Provincial funding is not available for CT capital or operating expenses. A dedicated CT fund has been established by the RVH Foundation. Anyone interested in contributing to the fund is invited to contact the foundation office at 613-432-4851 ext. 263.

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Renfrew area Kidney Foundation of Canada March campaign co-ordinator Shirley-Anne Holley joins several of her student volunteers at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School Friday. From left in front are Alleshia Agnel, Madison Wren, Jessica Mahusky, area captain Delaney Holley and Carly Sexton; in back, Justin Campbell, Jenna Merlin, Cassandra Leblond and Caroline Holley (captain). Mercury photo by JOHN CARTER

Students among volunteers going door-to-door for March kidney canvass JOHN CARTER About 100 volunteers are marching about Renfrew and area this month in the annual Kidney Foundation of Canada canvass. March is Kidney Health Month and Renfrew area campaign co-ordinator Shirley-Ann Holley and 11 area captains have given the volunteers their marching orders. This year’s theme is Changing Lives One Door at a Time. At least 15 of the door-to-door canvassers are St. Joseph’s and RCI high school students. “Young people are the volunteers of tomorrow,” said Holley. “It’s important they realize there is a time for work and a time to volunteer in support of your community.” She noted that canvassing for the campaign helps the students earn volunteer time toward the mandatory 40 hours they need for graduation. Students are encouraged to canvass in groups of two or three. As students may not directly feel the sting of kidney disease that some older people do, it’s worthwhile to get them involved in the campaign and understand its widespread effects, she added. Holley said the incidence of kidney disease continues to grow dramatically in North America.

An estimated two million Canadians have kidney disease and each day an average of 14 Canadians learns their kidneys have failed. Of the 4,195 Canadians waiting for an organ transplant Dec. 31, 71 per cent needed a kidney. The number of Canadians requiring life-saving dialysis treatment is expected to double in the next 10 years. Renfrew Victoria Hospital, which helped set up satellite dialysis units in Pembroke and Barry’s Bay, has applied for a major expansion in its Renfrew unit as it tries to cope with the demand. The money raised in the March Drive campaign goes toward research into kidney disease, as well as education and patient comforts. All canvassers are equipped with Kidney Foundation of Canada canvass identification cards and kits. Most canvassers will be dropping by in the early evening. The canvassers are asked to complete their routes by the end of March, so not to encroach on the April cancer canvass. Residents not having a canvasser drop by can make a donation on-line at or by calling Holley at 613-432-4332. She is also looking for more canvassers, both student and adult. For more about the annual campaign, visit the website

KIDS CORP VALENTINE Kids Corp thanks everyone who participated in its inaugural Family Valentine’s Dance fundraiser. The evening was filled with lots of dancing and laughter as youngsters entertained each other and their families. About 42 families joined in on the Valentines’ festivities. From left are Tal, Bo, Kobi and Kenya Stevenson, Kirsten McMullin and Ava Moore. In back is Carter Bleeks. The next Kids Corp fundraiser is a family pizza night through Domino’s Pizza Tuesday, March 10. Five dollars from each Kids Corp Special goes back to Kids Corp to help fund their many free programs.

Visit our office and showroom with a complete display of WINDOW and PATIO AWNINGS. 73 Plaunt St. S. 613-432-5242 296778

Ontario Stockyards Inc.

Box 1051, 3807 Hwy. 89, Cookstown, Ontario L0L 1L0 Telephone (705) 458-4000 Fax (705) 458-4100 E-Mail:

SPECIAL SPRING ALL VACCINATED STOCKER SALES 2009 Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday,

Mar. 17, 2009 Apr. 14, 2009 May 5, 2009 May 26, 2009

(Tues., May 26th – to be confirmed)

SALE TIME: 11:00 a.m. For further information contact Ontario Stockyards Inc. (705) 458-4000


Renfrew Weekender March 12 2009




Wide range of support needed as people age By JUDY EWART Renfrew and Area Seniors’ Home Support According to the Ontario Community Support Association (OCSA) a provincial organization that many Home Supports are members of, the 20052006 budget for healthcare in Ontario was $32.9 billion. Of that, hospitals received $12 billion to serve 1,465,000 clients, Community Support Services received $350 million to serve 750,000 clients, Community Care Access Centres received $1.5 billion to serve 440,000 clients and Long-Term Care facilities received $2.7 billion to serve 70,000 clients. While trying to compare these various agencies is like trying to compare apples to oranges, and we realize that the diversity of services they contribute to making our community a better place to live is vital, it is interesting to note that Community Support Services, of which your local home supports are a part, serviced the second largest number of clients with the least amount of dollars. It is also interesting to note that Community Support Services provide on average $1.48 in services for every dollar of government funding provided as they are required to supplement their budgets through fundraising, in-kind assistance, donations and client co-payments. Based on these figures, it would appear that community support services are an economical way to provide support to seniors when they begin to face some initial changes in their life and need to seek some help to remain safe and comfortable in their own homes and communities. Because our health needs change and are unique to each of us we will require the services of different healthcare providers at different times in our lives. Some people’s use of the system may be limited to doctor visits or the occasional trip to the emergency room, while for others may need to access our healthcare system more frequently due to ongoing/chronic health concerns that need to be monitored or result in several

acute episodes. A sudden illness or health crisis can result in an unexpected “lesson on our healthcare system” that can be confusing as the people involved must often involve a number of healthcare providers to address their needs. It is the responsibility of all health care providers in the system to try to make this “lesson in services” as easy and comfortable as possible for those who must learn it, and remember that people are usually under duress when having to encounter many services they have never before had to use. For those people who have good health for most of their lives, when they get older and start needing some assistance, home supports are often a good first venture into the system. Services provided through home supports are non-invasive and cost-effective ways to assist the person in maintaining their independence – home-making services, frozen meals, telephone security checks, friendly visitors, grocery delivery, transportation to out-of-town medical appointments and assistance with information on other community resources and interventions. Asking for or accepting assistance to remain independent is not always easy, especially if it involves personal care. Using the services provided through your local home support can be a good first start before personal care needs surface, since home support programs provide many practical services to help seniors and adults with disabilities maintain their independence. Once a person has accepted some help from a health care agency, it is often easier to accept more complex assistance from several agencies if required, to address changing needs that can occur over time. If you would like more information about the home support services available in your community, please call the Renfrew office at 613-432-7691 or Calabogie office at 613-752-2828.



2009 Dog Tag Off-Site Registration Clinics Residents may purchase their 2009 Dog Tag(s) at any of these Registration Clinics. *Payable by cash, cheque or debit* February 28 Cobden Arena - 10 a.m. - 3 p.m March 7 March 14

Foresters Falls Library - 9 a.m. - 12 noon Haley Station Fire Hall - 9 a.m. - 12 noon Westmeath Public Works Garage 1 p.m - 6 p.m. March 21 Beachburg Arena - 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Prices before March 31st, 2009 Sterilized: $15.00 Unsterilized: $20.00 294831


Girls’ Night Out Friday April 3, 2009

— 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

RCAF Wing — 164 Argyle St Renfrew, Ont. PRIZES — FREE ADMISSION


Sponsored by: Ladies Only Karen Clemow 613-432-9528 Alice Smaglinski 613-432-3367 Terri-Lee Cameron 613-433-3839 Kerri Lynn McDonald 613-433-9180 Independent Kitchen Consultants with the Pampered Chef

Enjoy an Evening Dedicated to Women. Come out and Sample a Variety of Products and Services Some of the participants you will see: Pampered Chef Cindy Sidock Garments BeautiControl Pura Vida Nutrition Slipada Jewelery Signature Home Styles Fifth Avenue DBS – Designs by Simon RC Photo Options Scrapbook Plus MAAD Photography Inspired Marketing J&J Chocolate Shop Foundry Art Studio

Cloud 9 Coverings Stampin’ Up Gold Canyon Candles Usborne Books Soul Direction First Choice Haircutters Valley Golf Group Shelley’s Prim & Country Crafts Norwex Enviro Products Avon Connie and Company Bride’s and Blooms Close to My Heart

The Lighthouse Bookstore Tupperware Sarah Mariah’s Jewellery Box Aloette Curves Epicure Mary Kay Creative Memories Keeping Young Spa Balloons ’n Critters Renfrew Golf Club JMF Interior Decorating Passion Parties 294166

Our Monuments for Spring Cost Less Now!

Will be in effect March 23, 2009 and remain in place till May 15, 2009 depending on weather. Vehicle loads will be restricted to 5 tonnes per axle on all Township Roads. By-Law #07-06-292, pursuant to Section 122 of the Highway Traffic Act. Hal Johnson CRS-1 PWS Twp of Whitewater Region 613-587-4764 295528



SATURDAY, MARCH 14 Dennis Meilleur Celebrating St. Patrick's Day Enjoy some Irish Stew, salad and a bun for $5.00

SATURDAY, MARCH 21 Cindy Sidock 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. in our LOUNGE

EVERYONE WELCOME Legion Ladies Auxiliary Catering and Hall Rentals Call 613-432-6450

Purchase any of our carpet remnants and if it is shorter than the sales rep when standing on end, we will bind it for free.

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Renfrew Office and Display 850 O’Brien Rd. (in the Wilson Mall) Veronica Windle Tel.: 613-433-9616 or 1-800-567-7799 Home Appointments available Day or Evening

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Renfrew Weekender - March 12 2009


Natasha Goulet-Bistko 613-432-2849 Goulet Funeral Home 287364

850 O’Brien Road


“WILSON MALL” Email: 171357


All about self-defence and assault awareness STEVE.NEWMAN Come armed, but not necessarily to yell, kick and bite. That’s the advice karate instructor Ron Fagan of Dartmouth has for girls and women attending his self-defence and assault-awareness workshop March 21 in Renfrew. Fagan says he doesn’t believe in workshops that focus unnecessarily on an arsenal of self-defence techniques because that often creates a false sense of security. “It’s more of an assault-awareness workshop,” says the seventhdegree black belt, who has been practising karate for 36 years. Now 54, he says awareness and education are the keys of his threehour morning session. During that time he’ll supply information to help females decide what approach to take if they’re ever assaulted. “Self-defence is common sense and a lot of time we’re born with intuition that we don’t listen to,” says Fagan. For example, women don’t have to put themselves in vulnerable positions by making wiser choices regarding where one parks her car, or when not to enter an elevator in certain company. “Always have a game plan,” he recommends. And be sensible, he says, recalling a recent workshop for realestate agents at which he says he was surprised to learn how many female agents attend after-supper calls without a companion.

GOING APE OVER BREAKFAST FOR LEARNING Renfrew Wal-Mart manager Vito Molfetta, dressed up in a monkey suit, was caged in the store March 5, but all for a good cause. A young customer gets a chuckle out of Molfetta’s plight. To obtain his release, he raised more than $100 for the Breakfast for Learning program that provides a nutritious start to the day for students who need it at local schools.

SINCE 1990

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Manuela Mueller-Code


DHHP, HD(RHom.), DMH Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine & Medical Heilkunst


Grooming includes: Nail Clipping and Filing, Ear Cleaning, Teeth Scaling, Expression of Anal Glands, Bath, Clip and/or Trim

Kenwood Corporate Centre, 16 Edward St. South, Suite 115 Arnprior, ON, K7S 3W4

Phone: 613-623-8804


269 Argyle St., Renfrew 432-2968 RW-32 tfn 44548

New Day

Royal Canadian Legion 202 Pembroke St. East, Pembroke, ON 613-732-4815 Admission $4.00 2 for 1 with this ad

Mar. 20 - 21 - 22

Fri: 2pm - 10 pm Sat: 11 am - 10 pm Sun: 11 am - 7pm


breast prosthesis mastectomy brassieres fittings in Arnprior once per month on the 3rd Saturday at Audrey’s in Town 132 John St.

by appointment only contact Diane at 613.248.8989 1.866.535.5972

Good Governance Makes A Difference The Pembroke Regional Hospital Board of Directors Seeks Members The Pembroke Regional Hospital is your community hospital. It is also a state-of-the-art teaching centre affiliated with the University of Ottawa, providing learning experiences for a variety of health care professionals and delivering a comprehensive range of high quality health services.

Renfrew’s Historic Theatre

March 6 to March 12 He's Just Not That Into You 14A 7:30 p.m. Nightly

Confessions of a Shopaholic Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Final Show


March 13 - 19 He's Just Not That Into You 14A 8:40 p.m. Nightly Pink Panther 2 7:00 p.m. Nightly


Race to Witch Mountain Fri. & Sat. 7 & 8:45 p.m. Sun. - Thur. 7:30 p.m.


Matinees Hotel for Dogs 1:30 p.m. Daily Matinees

Race to Witch Mountain 1:30 p.m. Daily Matinees

Mercury Weekender photo by STEPHANIE JAMIESON

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FEMALES HAVE A CHOICE Also, if one is attacked, females have a choice of what to do, he says. “Different situations dictate which way you’re going to go,” he says, noting there’s the route of passive resistance or of physical resistance by fighting back by biting, tearing and chewing. The recommended age group for the workshop is 10 to 100, says instructor Sylvia Densmore of the Renfrew Wanadu Karate School. One doesn’t have to be very physically fit to attend the workshop, either. Ideal participants for the workshop include mothers with teenage daughters, women who have been in abused situations, and those who want to be better prepared for (or avoid) any future attacks. Densmore says Fagan will be entertaining, informative and empowering while creating awareness strategies and teaching skills – like how to make a fist and perform a punch. Tickets are available from sponsor Renfrew Home Hardware Building Centre or during the 8:30 to 9 a.m. registration at the Renfrew Recreation Centre March 21. The workshop runs from 9 a.m. to noon. Registration is $10 per person or $15 per family of two or more. Proceeds will go to the Renfrew County Committee for Abused Women to establish a website. For more details, contact Sylvia or Rhys Densmore at 613-6227857.

Spring Allergies?


334 Raglan St. S.


Wednesday Film Group 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 18th ONLY!

One Week 279433 Mar12

Visit us at


We are anchored by the values of compassion and caring, excellence and innovation, social and fiscal responsibility, sacredness of life, mutual respect and community spirit. Following Catholic tradition, we meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those we serve. The Board's governance responsibilities include oversight and accountability for: • • • • •

Mission, vision and values Strategic planning Financial stewardship Quality and performance monitoring Stakeholder communication

The Pembroke Regional Hospital is seeking new Board members for a period of up to three years. Ideal candidates are prepared to make a significant commitment, have the knowledge, skill and experience that will enable them to contribute to the Hospital, and reflect the diversity of the community we serve. If this opportunity interests you, please forward a completed application form to; Chair of the Nominating Committee Pembroke Regional Hospital 705 Mackay St. Pembroke ON K8A 1G8 Fax: 613-732-9986 Nominating Committee Members: Marion Logan (Chair), Barbara Schoof, Kelly Hollihan, Mary Whelan, Pierre Noel, Joanne King, Gisele Shields Deadline for receiving applications is 4 p.m. on Wednesday, March 25, 2009 Application forms and more information can be obtained from the Office of the President/CEO at 613-732-3675, ext. 6172 or our website at:

Leading, Learning, Caring


Renfrew Weekender March 12 2009


Community Pain management support group formed

Quest for the Best Maple Syrup Recipe Contest The Ottawa Valley is Maple Syrup Country.

Open house planned for March 21

We invite you to welcome the natural taste of spring by entering your favourite Maple Syrup recipe and

Two local alternate health care specialists are setting up a pain management support group. Moira Hutchison and Paula Vibert are inviting all those interested in pain management to an open house in Braeside Saturday, March 21. The session will run from 9 a.m. to noon at the NovaGaia Yoga and Retreat Centre at 263 Golf Club Rd. “A support group of this nature is long due,” says Vibert, a professional Kripalu Yoga teacher. “In both my private sessions and group classes I come a across people with pain of many sorts. Many of them think they are the only ones with painand they have learnt to endure their pain alone ... Because of this I’ve developed exercises and movements in my yoga classes that are gentle, compassionate and that address their pain, so that they regain confidence and pleasure in moving in their bodies thus regaining and confidence in life.” Hutchison, a Burnstown area wellness practitioner, agrees. “Over time I have developed tools utilizing visualizing and dialogue techniques to help clients manage their pain. I’ve had the idea for a group like this for quite some time … I believe people are now ready for this type of support and education,” she says. “A group setting is ideal as the participants also learn to support each other, thus helping to lessen any feelings of isolation,” she adds. “Feeling that you are supported takes part of the burden away.” The goal of the support group is to empower people in a supportive and compassionate setting, to listen to their pain, and to get them to open themselves to it and to the possibility pain is a teacher and that it can be overcome and released in many cases. Participants will learn to not let pain run their lives. In each session Hutchison and Vibert will present many ideas, techniques and protocols together with mindful body movement techniques, guided imagery and meditation and various dialoguing exercises.


UNDERSTANDING PAIN To promote the event and the group, Hutchison and Vibert provided the following news release. Pain. Perhaps as you read the word your mind goes right away into some spot in your body. Your shoulders, your neck, your back, your hips, your knees, your head, your stomach, the list is endless. Perhaps you’ve been with this pain for a long time, so long that it seems that it’s a part of you and you just have to live

Show that your have the right ingredients to be the best in the region. The winner in each category will receive a fabulous prize valued at $200, their recipe showcased on Fulton’s website*, their picture on the Winners’ page and last but not least…Bragging Rights!

Quest for the Best Maple Syrup Recipe Categories: gories: Appetizers / Hors’doeuvres: $200 prize Salad Dressing: $200 prize Entrees /Main dish: $200 prize Dessert: $200 prize

Paula Vibert with it. Perhaps you already tried everything and, after some improvements, it’s back again. At times you may feel alone and even abandoned in your pain. Some times it takes over your day, and you have learned to endure. At times it’s a little better and you have the energy to live through another day. Injuries, accidents, surgery, illness, work environment, physical work, modern lifestyle, stress, can be some of the causes of pain. Living in pain is not fun. It can be depressing. Pain can take away your zest for life, your enthusiasm, your creativity. It can affect you psychologically and mentally. Pain can feel isolating at times. And you are not alone. Many of us have been in pain for 10, 20, 30 or more years. How can our human bodies endure so much pain and still carry on day by day? A large number of us run looking for medication to alleviate a symptom. But is it really necessary or desirable to counteract a normal defensive bodily response? It is preferable to listen to our body. Forcefully silencing the body cuts our relationship with it. And here is the good news. Pain is actually not a bad thing. Pain is your body’s way of communicating with you. How good are you at listening to your body’s outcries? Do you choose to ignore the pain? Do you use your pain as a way to receive sympathy from others? Do you confront your pain head on and strategically seek out a remedy? Can you easily recognize subtle changes in your body or does it take a brick to hit you over the head to grab your attention? If the purpose of pain is to protect the body from further damage, we need to be proactive and listen. For more information on the support group, contact Hutchison at 613-432-1239, e-mail or check the website or call Vibert at 613-623-6610, e-mail or check the websites or www.

Enter on line at: or fax: 613-256-2624 All entries must be received by Thursday, March 26 at 5:00pm Winners will be chosen at the Quest for the Best Taste Testing Event on Saturday, April 4th at 2:00pm at Fulton’s Pancake House and Sugar Bush #291, 6th Concession Rd, RR #1, Pakenham, On. K0A 2X0 tel:613-256-3867 All recipes become the property of Fulton’s Pancake House and Sugar Bush and may be presented on menus, books or any promotional material as required. *some restrictions apply

Levi Pancake House & Sugar Bush

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Home & Garden Supplement A special supplement to the Renfrew/ Arnprior/ West Carleton Weekender DISTRIBUTED THURSDAY, APRIL 30 2009 AD PLACEMENT DEADLINE: MONDAY, APRIL 13 AT 4:00 P.M. 296138


Renfrew Weekender - March 12 2009


15 Renfrew Weekender March 12 2009



Pakenham Public School & Stewart Community Centre, Pakenham

for more infomation please call 613-256-1077


File No.: Municipality: Subject Lands:

47-01-OP2008 Township of McNab/Braeside Township of McNab/Braeside

Date of Decision: February 26, 2009 Date of Notice: March 2, 2009 Last Date of Appeal: March 23, 2009

NOTICE OF DECISION With respect to an Official Plan for the Township of McNab/Braeside Subsection 17(35) of the Planning Act

Long-time Bonnechere Manor employee Nellie Kingsbury receives a gift of appreciation from administrator Shayne Hoelke during her last day on the job Feb. 27.The client-outreach program supervisor worked at the long-term care facility for more than 37 years. For feature story on Kingsbury’s time at Bonnechere Manor, see the March 10 edition of the Renfrew Mercury. Mercury Weekender photo by PETER CLARK


A decision was made by the County of Renfrew on the date noted above to modify and approve all of the Official Plan for the Township of McNab/Braeside as adopted by By-Law 2008-51. Purpose and Effect of the Official Plan The Official Plan replaces the 1998 Official Plan of the Township of McNab/Braeside. The Official Plan provides planning policies for the entire Township of McNab/Braeside. When and How to File An Appeal Any appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board must be filed with the County of Renfrew no later than 20 days from the date of this notice as shown above as the last date of appeal. The appeal should be sent to the attention of the CAO/Clerk of the County of Renfrew, at the address shown below and it must, (1) set out the specific part of the proposed official plan to which the appeal applies, (2) set out the reasons for the request for the appeal, and (3) be accompanied by the fee prescribed under the Ontario Municipal Board Act in the amount of $125.00 payable by certified cheque to the Minister of Finance, Province of Ontario. Who Can File An Appeal Only individuals, corporations or public bodies may appeal the decision of the County of Renfrew to the Ontario Municipal Board. An appeal may not be filed by an unincorporated association or group. However, an appeal may be filed in the name of an individual who is a member of the association or group on its behalf.

Scotiabank staff make a $5,000 cheque presentation to Amigo Janet Robertson. The corporate donation through the bank’s Employee Community Program will go to Celebration of Life dance proceeds for the Renfrew Victoria Hospital oncology unit and Hospice Renfrew. From left are Robertson, Lona Logan-Scully, Nancy Rousselle, Kathy Malcolm and Renfrew Scotiabank manager Hessel VanderVelde. Mercury Weekender photo by PETER CLARK

No person or public body shall be added as a party to the hearing of the appeal unless, before the plan was adopted, the person or public body made oral submissions at a public meeting or written submissions to the council or, in the opinion of the Ontario Municipal Board, there are reasonable grounds to add the person or public body as a party. When the Decision is Final The decision of the County of Renfrew is final if a Notice of Appeal is not received on or before the last date of appeal noted above. Other Related Applications n/a

Getting Additional Information A copy of the Decision and additional information about the application is available for public inspection during regular office hours at the County of Renfrew Administration Building at the address noted below or from the Township of McNab/Braeside Municipal Office, 2508 Russett Drive, McNab/Braeside Township. Mailing Address for Filing a Notice of Appeal Norm Lemke, CAO/Clerk Clerk’s Office County of Renfrew 9 International Drive PEMBROKE, ON K8A 6W5 Telephone Inquiries Mr. Charles Cheesman, MCIP, RPP Manager of Planning Services Planning Division Development & Property Department Tel:(613) 735-3204 Toll Free: 1-800-273-0183 Fax: (613) 735-2492 Note: One of the purposes of the Planning Act is to provide for planning processes that are open, accessible, timely and efficient. Accordingly, all written submissions, documents, correspondence, e-mails or other communications (including your name and address) form part of the public record and will be disclosed/made available by the County to such persons as the County sees fit, including anyone requesting such information. Accordingly, in providing such information, you shall be deemed to have consented to its use and disclosure as part of the planning process.



Renfrew Weekender - March 12 2009


Student courageous By CALABOGIE/RENFREW PRO LIFE ASSOCIATION Lia is a 12-year-old, Grade 7 student from Toronto who recently entered a speaking competition at her school. She chose to speak on the subject of abortion. Lia was informed that if she went ahead with her topic she would not be able to continue in the competition. She decided that what she had to say was far more important than winning a competition and receiving an award. Her homeroom teacher, who is pro-choice, was supportive of Lia. So was her family. On the day of the competition, a teacher on the judge’s panel who was pro-choice refused to listen to Lia’s speech and left the room. Lia’s speech was well received by both students and teachers. But, as had been predicted, she was disqualified from the competition. Subsequent to Lia’s disqualification, controversy arose among the judges, which led to a reversal of their decision and the next day she was informed that she had won the competition. The judges’ reversal caused its own controversy and Lia volunteered to step down, but her teacher said that she had won fair and square and would go on to the regional competitions. Lia’s speech was not particularly extraordinary. It was well researched and informative. The most disturbing statistic she quoted was that, in 2007, 42 million babies were aborted worldwide. In one year all those lives gone, all that potential gone and all that hope for the future gone. What is extraordinary is that Lia’s speech was posted on YouTube on the Internet. Within a couple of days more than 100,000 people had listened to her speech and at this writing more than 497,168 have viewed it. Lia tackled a very mature and controversial subject. Without setting out to do so, she has become a spokesperson for the unborn. Congratulations, Lia, for standing up for your convictions. In her speech, Lia quotes Horton from Dr. Seuss’s Horton Hears a Who movie. Horton, the elephant, risks his life to save the life of a tiny speck and explains that even though you can’t see them or hear them at all, “A person’s a person no matter how small.” Lia’s speech can be seen at Next to the word Go, type in ‘Lia’s speech’ and click on Go.

Some reflections at Lent By MINISTER RICHARD HOLLINGSWORTH Braeside Pastoral Charge This coming Sunday, March 15, is the third Sunday in Lent. In the three congregations of my pastoral charge, Castleford, Glasgow and Braeside United Churches, we will be using, as our reading from the Common Scriptures, the familiar passage from Exodus which encompasses the Ten Commandments, Exodus 20:1-17. How we read that passage of scripture offers an excellent example of how we see ourselves in relationship with God. I grew up reading the passage of scripture as a listing of Do’s and Don’t’s that I was either supposed to do or to refrain from doing. My parents often would tell me “Do this!” or “Don’t do that!” Often I wanted to answer back, “Why?” but I was never really brave or foolish enough to do so. However, when I reached my maturity, I often did ask my theological instructors, but I rarely received a cogent “because” response. As I have grown older and spent more time in prayerful meditation through this Lenten period, I have discovered that the Ten Commandments do not begin with the directive “Thou shalt.”

Results from the card games at Our Lady of Fatima Hall The following are the results of the card games held at Our Lady of Fatima Sunday, March 8. Ladies: 500, Janet McLaughlin and Helen Visinski; euchre, Laura Pickering and Jean Henderson. Men: 500, Earl Martin and Harvey McLaughlin; euchre, Manley Leduc and

— Saturday, March 21 from 9 a.m. - 12 noon, all ages. Renfrew Parks and Recreation Building, 67 Argyle Street. Workshop focus will be on prevention and reaction techniques. Cost $10 per person or $15 for families of 2 or more. Tickets available at Renfrew Home Hardware Building Centre or at the door.




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For the Month of March

Coco Jarry’s Thursday Night Blues Celebrate the Sound of the Sax!! Appearing: March 12th - Roddy McCann March 16th - Zeke Gross

314 Raglan St. S. Downtown Renfrew

613-432-3310 Call for Reservations

Amazing Nightly Specials • New York Striploin $10.99 • Rotisserie Chicken & Ribs $12.99 $ • Pork Souvlaki Dinner 10.99 • Chicken Stir Fry $8.99


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Also Enjoy our Menu for Take Out or Eat In 148 RAGLAN ST. S., RENFREW

— Children, Teen and Adults 10 weeks starting Thursday, March 26. $50.00 per person (new members additional $25 Karate Ontario fee). Renfrew Parks and Recreation Building, 67 Argyle Street.

Ed Buraczewski. Door Prizes: Art Helmer and Manley Leduc; 50/50, Audrey Hawley. The next card night will be held on Sunday, March 29 at 7 p.m. at OLF Church Hall. Everyone is welcome. This is the last set of games for the season.



Rather they begin with the first person, singular pronoun and verb, “I am...” “I am the Lord your God.” “I am the one who brought you out of the land of Egypt.” “I am the one who delivered you from the house of slavery.” The Ten Commandments begin with what can only be called “the divine initiative.” This is God acting first and foremost, starting the process, setting the standard and establishing the priorities. What I discovered is that for most of my youth and teen years I had been taught to give and to do. I had not been taught how to receive. The importance of the Ten Commandments lies not in the whats of verses Exodus 20:3-17, but in the grace of verses Exodus 20:1-2. God graciously intervened, set a new course and established a new criterion. God intervened not because the Israelites, or anyone else for that matter, had done or not done anything, but because of who God was and is. God graciously acted and continues to act. God lavishes humanity with so much, not because we deserve it by what we do or are but because of who God is and promises continually to be. I also discovered that if we fall in love with God, who first loved us, the “thou shalts” of the commandments will be transformed into “thou mayest.” Thanks be to God.



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Registration 6:00- 7:00 p.m. Thursday, March 19. For more information contact Sylvia Densmore at 613-622-7857 or email

Steven 297520

RENFREW OFFICE — 61 QUARRY AVE. RENFREW, ON K7V 2W1 Tel. (613) 432-0932 Fax (613) 432-5425

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Your Community Calendar is free, provided to non-profit organizations. Just the five Ws please, and be sure to include a contact phone number. Renfrew-and-area events will be given priority. Items must be submitted by noon Friday, the week preceding publication. Send your item via fax at 613-432-6689 or via e-mail to March 5 Helping Hands Thrift Store will hold a half-price and dollar sale starting March 5. Hours are Monday to Thursday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Thrift Store is located at 290 Veterans Memorial Blvd. March 11 Opeongo High School’s Sounds of the Silver Screen concert takes place Wednesday, March 11, at 7 p.m. in the school cafeteria. Tickets are available at the door – $5 for adults and $4 for students and children. Proceeds are for the concert band’s trip to the Musicfest Nationals in May. March 13 Workshop: Visual Merchandising Beyond the Ordinary with Paul Portelli, Friday, March 13, 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., $20 per person, includes GST, lunch and workbook. This workshop will be of interest to artists, artisans, galleries, museums and retailers. You will learn from an expert about business image concepts and communicating to the market place via visual merchandising in the retail environment. The workshop will be held at the Best Western Pembroke Inn and Conference Centre. For more details or to register, call Jean at 613-432-6848 or online at



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Wellness Natural Health Centre

March 17 Irish stew supper Tuesday, March 17 at Glasgow United Church from 4 to 6:30 p.m. Freewill donation at the door.

Spring is Around the Corner



March 15 Irish Music: On Sunday, March 15 at 1:30 p.m. a group of lady violin/fiddle players from Renfrew and surrounding area will present an afternoon of Irish music in St. Francis Xavier Hall, Renfrew. Hear your favourites: When Irish Eyes are Smiling, Liberty Two-Step, the Irish Rovers, etc.

March 20 The Horton Community Centre Dance is on Friday, March 20 from 8 p.m. to midnight. Music by The Brysonnaires. Tickets are available at the Horton Township Office for $8 in advance, or at the door for $10.



March 14 Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day festivities, DACA Centre, from 1 to 7 p.m. Fiddlers Randy Foster, Dennis Harrington, Mac McCallum, Kristen Mulvihill and Alan O’Grady-Hermans; stepdancers Triple Explosion, DACA Step Dancers and Alana O’Grady-Hermans; piano Geoff Horricks; plus Guy Jamieson, The Ryans and more. Emcee Dai Bassett. Canteen open all day, serving Irish stew.

March 17 The Renfrew Presbyterian Church Ladies Aid will hold a St. Patrick’s Day soup, sandwich and dessert lunch on Tuesday, March 17 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 460 Raglan St. S. Cost is $10.


FOR ONLY Phone DAVE or STEPH at 432-3655

Includes Train Ride Through Our Pine Forest


Live Entertainment Upstairs Friday, March 13th — Kevin Lambert & Friends Saturday, March 14th — Deja-vu Acoustics GREAT NIGHTLY SPECIALS!


Community Calendar


Renfrew Weekender March 12 2009



CANADIAN TIRE For days like today . . . 1050 O’BRIEN ROAD, RENFREW 296220


Spruce Up for spring






Finnigan’s Renfrew celebrates a goal against Killaloe in a 4-3 victory that sends Renfrew to the Eganville Hockey Finnigan’s player Skyler Mullen circles around League championship best-of-five series this Friday night. Renfrew players celebrating are, from left, Matt Box, the net during semi-final action Friday night against Killaloe. Renfrew won 4-3. Tom Cobus (19), Denver Mullen and Jeff Vaive. Mercury Weekender photos by LUCY HASS

Finnigan’s to face M.W. Miller Loggers in championship PETER CLARK Finnigan’s has taken the first step in what, for many team members, would be a second consecutive Eganville Hockey League championship. On Friday night at the Eganville Arena, the regular-season league leading Renfrew squad pulled out a 4-3 triumph over the fourth-seed Killaloe Kings in the third-and-deciding game of their best-ofthree semifinal series. Matt Box wired home the game win-

ner late in the third period to give the Roadhouse their margin of victory. Denver Mullen, Skyler Mullen and Jeff Vaive had other goals for Finnigan’s. A short-staffed Finnigan’s squad also came up with some late-game magic to win the series opener Feb. 21, also by a 4-3 count. Chad Mullen’s second goal of the night snapped a 3-3 deadlock 5:40 from the end of the third period. Mullen fought off a couple of Killaloe defenders to stuff the puck behind netminder Neil Mullin.



DELUXE CARPET FLOOR MATS Black. BKP 823-4005 Grey. BKP 823-4006 Beige. BKP 823-4007

Killaloe deadlocked the series at a game apiece on the strength of a dramatic 5-4 victory Feb. 28. Kevin Klawitter, a former Renfrew Junior B Timberwolf, notched his second goal of the night 3:40 into sudden-death overtime. Both Klawitter markers came with Finnigan’s two men short. It marked the only time the Kings led in the game. Finnigan’s seemed poised to end the series in two games when leading 2-0, 3-2 and 4-3 before a Curtis Lacombe tally lev-



ULT 69810




elled the count at four with 4:37 remaining in regulation time. Chris Gienow and Jeff Gienow had earlier Killaloe goals. Denver Mullen, Skyler Mullen, Matt Box and Andrew McKay connected for Finnigan’s. Finnigan’s now takes on the M.W. Miller Loggers of Eganville in a best-offive series for the league championship. The series opens Friday night at 8 p.m. Miller Loggers topped the Golden Lake T-Brids, also two games to one, in the other semifinal series. 294047

Renfrew Weekender - March 12 2009



Valley NAPA Auto Parts

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19 Renfrew Weekender March 12 2009


Zachary Krieger of Glasgow Station checks out the fishing hole with his sister, Melanie Krieger. Mercury Weekender photos by STEVE NEWMAN



Flurry of support for Castleford’s fourth fish derby spending time together and it’s a relaxed sport in a time when people don’t take time to relax.” There were several opportunities to get excited, though, with numerous catches over five pounds, including pike of six pounds, 13 ounces by both Darrel Mundt and Curtis Jones who split the grand prize of $300. That left first place among the men to Jessie Eades, with a pike weighing 6-lb, 4-oz., while Daniel Lewis’s pike was 6-lb, 3-oz, for second and Thomas O’Connor’s was third at 5-lb, 7-oz. In the women’s category, Donna Warren was the leading lady. She caught a six-pound, 11-ounce pike. Next biggest catches, both pike, were 5-2 by Michelle Bertrand and 4-0 by Sandra Giffin. Top among intermediates, in the 11-17 age group, was Justin Barr at 3-lb., 14-oz. Paula Meek was second and David Parsons took third after his catch of 3 lb., 5 oz., beat his brother Scott by one ounce. The top draw prize, an $800 television, went to Heather Ferguson of Renfrew, but came out of the organizers’ own budget this year after having a similar product donated last year. Other major prizes included hunting packages and Ottawa Senators tickets.




SATURDAY APRIL 4, 2009 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

SUNDAY APRIL 5, 2009 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Cobourg Arena, 206 Furnace Street, Cobourg Cars • Bikes • ATV’s • Apparel • Accessories • Parts & Equipment • AND MORE 223 MADAWASKA BLVD ARNPRIOR

For exhibitor information call Chantelle at 905-372-0947


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STEVE NEWMAN The sun continues to shine on the resurrected Castleford Fish Derby. In the fourth annual edition of the derby, following its absence for several years, donors and fishermen from up and down the Ottawa Valley have pulled behind the event. Last Saturday, the derby attracted 462 registrations, many to fish and several just to have possible dibs on prizes. High participation is what the organizers want to see, says Larry Rawn, president of the six-member Castleford Fish Derby committee. Proceeds won’t be what they were last year, when the derby’s profit of more than $4,800 went to three local causes, but response was still extremely positive. The derby attracted 135 sponsors, from Dacre to Renfrew, from Arnprior to Eganville. And the fishermen came, young and not so young, to catch 83 fish, of which 39 were pike, 18 pickerel, 24 perch, one crappie and one ling. “It’s people understanding that (the derby) makes a difference,” said Rawn, who said his five children and six of his seven grandchildren were among derby participants. “It gets families



Augers, like this one held by Renfrew’s Evan Coveney, got a workout cutting through three feet of ice for the fourth annual Castleford Fish Derby. He’s joined, from left, by Dallas Mooney of Horton, Ron Coveney of Renfrew, Mike Mask and Derek Mosley of Braeside, and Russ Coe of Arnprior.

Renfrew Weekender - March 12 2009


Sports J&K Storage outlasts Mickey’s Promotions in SNHL action PETER CLARK J&K Storage climbed into the winner’s circle for the first time since Jan. 6 in Saturday Night Hockey League action Monday. Randy Smith scored twice to help the storage crew top Mickey’s Promotions 5-3. Derek Scheuneman, Shawn Scheuneman and Sean Rousselle added singles before a sterling effort from Rob Hume between the pipes. Hume made 30 saves. Jason Smith had a pair of Mickey’s markers and Barry Pilgrim one. Peter Elliott set up two goals. Mickey’s netminder Mike Lefebvre faced 22 shots in the contest. The two teams will meet again in the sixth versus seventh-place elimination game March 21. The winner will advance to the playoff tournament the following day.

Renfrew Pizzeria wins back-to-back tournaments PETER CLARK Renfrew Pizzeria in on a bit of a roll when it comes to tournament play. For the second consecutive Saturday, the Renfrew novice house hockey team captured top honours in tournament action. The latest triumph came in Eganville, seven days after winning in Barry’s Bay. Nicholas Crozier had a dozen goals in three games and goaltender Connery Campbell posted his second shutout in the championship game as the pizza shop shot down Eganville 4-3, Cobden 9-3 and Cumberland 5-0. The goals push Crozier’s total to a Renfrew Minor Hockey Association-leading 101 for the 2008-09 campaign. Tyler Blackburn added two goals for Renfrew Pizzeria, and Nicholas Wright, Matthew Finan, Brendan Hill and Daniel Brisco single tallies. Hill also chipped in with three assists in one game, and Blackburn two. JUVENILE PLAYOFFS The Renfrew-Arnprior Juvenile hockey team takes on PerthLanark in Lanark Carleton Minor (Juvenile) Hockey League playoff action Friday at the Ma-Te-Way Activity Centre. Game time is 7:30 p.m.

Tom Gibbons of Kelly Homes KELLY HOMES 4 LEGION 3 Bill Butler scored 1:15 from has a seven-point cushion, 57-50 the end to push Kelly Homes past on Chad Miller of Sledzz Smokin BBQ in the scoring race. the Legion 4-3. Newberry, 44, Randy Smith Mike Butler, Greg Gould with his 20th and Mike Newberry had others for the league leaders. Lefebvre registered 17 saves. Mike Warren notched a pair for the Legion, and Steven Fraser the other.Tyler Miller turned in a 19-save performance.

of Pitt Contracting 43, and Bentley McCallum of Mickey’s, 43, complete the top five. Standings: Kelly Homes 41 points, Pitt Contracting 31,

Sledzz Smokin BBQ 29, Coco Jarry’s 28, Legion 22, Mickey’s 19, J&K Storage 8. With files from Jeff Rekowski

Gambling problem? If you or someone you know needs help with a gambling problem, please call the Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline at 1-888-230-3505 or in your community:

Renfrew County Alcohol, Drug and Gambling Assessment Referral Service 613-432-9855

All Services are Free and Confidential in association with


TICKETS ON SALE NOW! MAR. 25 - 29 Wed. MAR . 2 5 at 7: 00 PM

OPENING NIGHT TICKETS $12! (Excludes Rinkside seats. No double discounts.)

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* Kids under 12 and Seniors over 65 – SAVE $3.50 on tickets! (Excludes Rinkside and VIP seats. No double discounts.) + French performance.

Groups of 15 or more call (613) 599-0210

TICKET PRICES: $13 - $20 - $27

Limited number of Rinkside and VIP seats available. Call for details. (Prices include all taxes but excludes CRF and convenience charges.)


PETER CLARK peter.clark@ The Renfrew Minor Hockey Association held its annual general meeting a couple of weeks earlier than in past years, and they were rewarded with an improved attendance, certainly better than that of last year. About 40 people took part in the proceedings in the upstairs hall at the Ma-Te-Way Activity Centre March 3. Steve Leclerc stepped down after four years as the association’s president, but will continue his support with the minor hockey executive as he has been elected the a s s o c i a t i o n ’s vice president for the next two years. He noted it takes a lot of people to run minor hockey, right from coaches, managers, trainers, minor hockey executive, and all other aspects of the game, and for one reason, he stressed. “It’s about the kids. That’s why we are all her,” he said. Leclerc was also thinking of those who didn’t play. “We had 27 kids we thought were going to play hockey this year that didn’t. That is discouraging. There are a lot of kids out there who want to play, but can’t afford it.”

T reasurer Keray O’Reilly noted in his report, revenue is running $25,000 lower than budget as of Feb. 28, mainly because re g i s t r at i o n was estimated

at 328 players based on 200708 numbers. Re gistration for 2008-09 was down to 295 players. Conversely, house league tour naments drew $4,500 over budget,

and fundraising will likely exceed budget as of year-end, based on a very successful fundraising just winding up, the sale of golf coupon books for Dragonfly,

White Tail and Oaks of Cobden. The clinic expense line was over budget. H o w e v e r, the association sponsored 11 people for coach stream,

11 for trainer, three for intro coach and 12 for speak out clinics. “This was money well invested,” O’Reilly said.



See RMHA on PAGE 23

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McAllister Sales and Service

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Arnprior 613-623-7344 Renfrew 613-433-8290 296727

Pictures and description of items available at Click on Ottawa 288399

Renfrew Weekender March 12 2009

Sports RMHA wraps up season



Skerkowski hired as new recreation director for McNab-Braeside Township JOHN CARTER A member of the Town of Renfrew recreation department for the past four years has been hired as the recreation director in McNab-Braeside. Andy Skerkowski succeeds Ryan Marcellus who resigned in January. He will begin the 20-houra-week job next Monday, March 16. In a news release announcing his appointment, the township noted that Skerkowski is a 2007 graduate of the Recreation and Leisure Services program at Canadore College. He also obtained extra credits in recreation at Brock University. Since 2004 he has been an active member of the Town of Renfrew parks and recreation department. He started as a

programmer and summer day camp leader and most recently is the department’s Kid Active program co-ordinator. During his time with the town, he was actively involved in the development, promotion and implementation of various programs. “Andy is a local boy who believes in giving back to the community and this has been demonstrated throughout the years as he has volunteered for many community projects and events, including Canada Day festivities and the Reach for the Rainbow telethon,” says the township release. “Andy is currently a member of the Renfrew Parks and Recreation fundraising committee and has been very active in his role as coach for

many junior and senior volleyball teams. His keen interest in recreation has been Andy’s motivation to continually advance his education and to this end he has attained a number of certifications in this field. “Andy stays active in his leisure time by participating in various sports such as volleyball and golf and also enjoys heading to the beach in the summertime for water boating and wakeboarding,” the release adds. “I am looking forward to having Andy as part of the McNab-Braeside team and am certain that Andy’s enthusiastic nature and positive outlook will bring energy and vigour to the township’s recreation department,” said township CAO-clerk Noreen Mellema.

Tuesday March 3 1 ‘09 8:30am - 4:30pm The Best Western Renfrew Inn

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Kings lead Packers in Valley final The Carleton Place Legion Kings held a 2-0 lead in games on the Arnprior Packers as the Valley Division final entered game three in Carleton Place Tuesday night. The Legion Kings took the series curtain raiser 5-4 in overtime at home last Friday night, and then grabbed the two-game series lead on the strength of a threegoal third period in a 4-1 win at Arnprior Sunday evening. Game four is set for the Nick Smith Centre Friday at 8 p.m.

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HOURS OF OPERATION 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday to Thursday – 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Friday

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Renfrew Weekender - March 12 2009


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Renfrew Weekender March 12 2009



RMHA executive

The West Carleton Warriors storm the Renfrew Bantam Timberwolves’ crease in front of goalie Travis KilbyLemay. The Warriors won 4-0 Saturday on their way to winning the six-team bantam hockey tournament in Renfrew. West Carleton won the final 3-1 over the Mississippi Thunder Kings.

From Page 21 Mike Martin will take over the president’s reins for the upcoming two years. He’d like to see current members of the executive and parents get more people involved in minor hockey. “Anyone you know, push them to get involved,� Martin said. “Nothing against the same old faces, but I’d also like to see some new ones in here.� “Minor hockey pays for the (coaching) course,� he noted. The executive, as of May 1, 2009, consists of president Mike Martin, vice president Steve Leclerc, treasurer Keray O’Reilly, secretary Lori Murdock, registrar Lesley Wright, junior house convenor Jim Congdon, intermediate house convenor Jeremy Paulin, senior house convenor Rae Ellen Fraser, fundraising Tammy Smith, ice allocator Randy Pender, equipment manager Duane Lennie, and statistician/timekeeper Jeff Rekowski. The referee-in-chief position is still to be filled.

Mercury Weekender photo by STEVE NEWMAN

MARCH 14-22









Â&#x2021;6W3DWULFNV'D\ Wear all green! Come to Black Donaldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s for a Green Beer!



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Come and Be a Part of

A Wild Hockey Day in Canada for kids in Calabogie

Douglas Olympic Torch Committee 2010 Olympic Torch Relay is to pass through our Hamlet of Douglas On December 13, 2009 Day 45 of its 106-day Canadian Journey First Public Meeting on how to Commemorate and Celebrate this Momentous Occasion is to be held Thursday, March 26, 2009 @ 7:30 p.m. Douglas Tavern We look forward to your participation and sharing our sense of community pride.

Dave Lemkay, Chair of D.O.T. Township of Admaston/Bromley For more info – please call 613-432-2885 (Municipal Office) 297508


Tell him where to go.

It’s been a Wild winter of hockey on the outside ice at the Calabogie Community Centre. Thanks to the efforts of a lot of people in the community, a hockey school was organized, and on Hockey Day in Canada Feb. 21, a game took place between Calabogie Wild Greens and the Calabogie Wild Blues. A major organizer was Connie Matthews, while Mike Pratt also was a key contributor to the success of this project.










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Ports Cruising Guide to the Rideau Canal and Lower Ottawa River tells you where to go, what to do, where to dine and what not to miss! Get yours today!


For the first half hour, they pracThe first line was the supportive. tise skating and very basic skills. youngest ones, and then What a wonderful Afterwards, there is a game. the older ones went on. way to celebrate a beauOn Saturday, as they played, It was delightful and tiful Canadian winter the winter carnival reminded the parental banter was day! me of my children’s first soccer games. A crowd moved around the ice together chasing the puck. At each end, with an adult or teen on In memory of my husband, each side of the net, pucks were and Father: kept in play.





By SKIP HALE In Calabogie, the rink attendant, Rolly Farrell and his wife Alice are two dedicated people who care about the children and youth of the village. While we are snuggled inside, Rolly is out watering, cleaning and preparing the ice. Alice, the self-proclaimed inside person, keeps the chocolate hot and the sweet teeth happy. Their love of the children is evident, but at the same time Rolly runs a tight ship. Hockey Day in Canada was well celebrated with the Calabogie Wild Greens playing against the Calabogie Wild Blues. This was not your average rivalry. Shirts were passed out alternately. It was good old-fashioned shinny. Older boys cleaned off the ice and the little gals and guys came out to play and a trophy was shared by all. Darren Matthews, a father of two boys, gives full credit for the idea for the wee’uns hockey school to Rolly. However, Darren arranged for the jerseys, pucks and pylons. These were provided by the township. Children were required to have their own helmets, skates and sticks. With the help of parents, Kurtis Leclaire ran the informal school. Emphasis is on ‘fun’ every Friday night from 6 to 7 p.m. The children are three to eight years old and the majority of them do not play organized hockey.

3000 OFF


ON SANTA FE’s Each day we miss you still. Sometimes an old-fashioned song Brings us a thought of you; Sometimes a flower as we pass along, Or a sky that is azure blue; Or a silver lining in the clouds When the sun is peeping through. Lovingly remembered by wife Mabel, Children: Kathy, James, Patrick, and Rosemarie

wned t Pre-O Excellen As Well! n Selectio 295640

Renfrew Weekender - March 12 2009



Pick Up Your Copy At : Renfrew Mercury 35 Opeongo Rd. W., Renfrew

Ottawa Region Media Group 80 Colonnade Rd. N., Nepean

Arnprior Chronicle Guide 116 John St. N., Arnprior

Kemptville Advance 113 Prescott St., Kemptville

Canadian Gazette 53 Bridge St., Carleton Place

Perth Courier 39 Gore St. E., Perth

For more information please contact Rachel Henry at 613-221-6208 or

25 Renfrew Weekender March 12 2009


      SERVICE â&#x20AC;&#x201C; INTEGRITY â&#x20AC;&#x201C; RESULTS

Gerry O'Neil Broker of Record/Owner 613-432-2333

Marianne Carroll Broker/Sales Rep. 613-433-4275

Kelly Derue Broker/Sales Rep. 613-433-2681

Sherri Cobus Sales Representative 613-432-1947

Allison Shields-Mulvihill Sales Representative 613-433-2880

Catherine O'Neil Broker/Manager 613-432-2333



PERFECT FOR FIRST TIME BUYERS OR WINDING DOWN Well Maintained 3 bedroom Bungalow located in Griffith. Situated on a beautiful private one acre lot. Neat & Tidy with many upgrades including: metal roof, windows, flooring, new kitchen cupboards & counter tops, exterior doors & locks, outdoor lighting, paved driveway, 12 ft x 12 ft back yard patio & all freshly painted. Lower level is partially finished with 3rd bedroom, rec room and laundry. Attached 16 x 20 garage with breezeway to house. Call today for your viewing. MLS#720012

ATTENTION: ALL BUYERS! Interest rates were reduced again early March as part of the Bank of Canadaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s participation in stimulating the economy. It has never been a better time for Buyers to access the funds to buy a home More younger people are buying as well as current renters Let our sales representatives help you find the perfect home for you! The internet is great for looking at propertiesâ&#x20AC;ŚBut the web alone will not help you choose the best home for you. That is what your Royal LePage Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Neil Realty Sales Rep can do


After all Helping YOU is what we do!

3313 BURNSTOWN ROAD IDEAL LOCATION! 3 Bedroom Bungalow situated on 1.7 acres & just 4 kilometers from Renfrew. Open concept kitchen/dining/living area with main floor laundry + 2 pc powder room, master bedroom offers 4 pc Ensuite with Jacuzzi tub. Kitchen has oak cupboards, lots of closet space, attached double car garage with basement access & high speed available. Call today for your viewing. Will not last long! MLS#719953

1694 BURNSTOWN RD. INVEST IN QUAINT VILLAGE! This well established 6 unit investment property has a long history as a money maker. Within walking distance to public beach and boat launch and only forty-five minutes to Ottawa, Burnstown is a day trippersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; destination. MLS#718911

251 PLAUNT STREET MOVE THE ENTIRE FAMILY IN Large family home centrally located and close to all amenities. Space for the entire family including the bonus ďŹ nished third ďŹ&#x201A;oor. Nice deep lot with lots of room for everyone. MLS#714216

214 MUNROE STREET GREAT IN TOWN LIVING! Beautifully cared for 3 bedroom Bungalow. Excellent SOLD IN location in walking distance to all ame4 DAYS! nities, professionally landscaped to perfection, gas fireplace in living room, custom wood kitchen cabinets, refinished hardwood floors in LR, DR, Hall & 2 BRâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. A Must See! MLS#719710



6 MAC'S LANE Check out the VALUE on this Ottawa River Waterfront


Not replaceable at this price. All brick, 4BR Bungalow with over 2000 sq ft on main level, fully finished lower walkout level, Attached garage with space for 3 cars or boats. MLS#687540

Built by M. J. Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien, Standing strong on lovely private Lot. Finished 3rd level. 2 baths, 2nd floor laundry. Sunroom. A gorgeous home. Call now to view! $179,000. MLS#705216

194 ROSS STREET CHARMING 2-1/2 STOREY BRICK HOME Centrally located. Private Deep Lot. Open concept living room & dining room. Main ďŹ&#x201A;oor laundry, spacious master bedroom & 4 pc bath + 3rd ďŹ&#x201A;oor large bedroom. Attached double car garage. MLS#703332

125 YUKES DRIVE SUMMER'S COMING â&#x20AC;Ś Why not spend it at the lake? 4 bedrooms allow lots of room for family and friends and they can even ďŹ sh from your dock. This location not only offers peace & privacy but also has easy access to paved road. MLS#712872

Pristine Waterfront home on the Ottawa River. This immaculate 3 bedroom home features granite-tile countertops, ceramic/ hardwood flooring, 2 main floor bedrooms, laundry, 16ft ceiling in dining room, spiral staircase, extraordinary master bedroom, wrap-around deck, well groomed sandy beach, 3 bay garage. An Exceptional Property.


376 MOORE STREET A GREAT BLEND OF OLD CHARM & NEW THAT MUST BE SEEN Great family home with spacious master bedroom with fireplace & 4pc bath. Main floor laundry, refinished hardwood floors. Lovely family room. 4th bedroom & 4pc bath on lower level for family and space for extended family members or kids. MLS#697149

31 PLAUNT STREET A GREAT PLACE TO CALL HOME Room for the whole family. Nice sized lot with workshop for the handyman, oak kitchen cabinets and some hardwood ďŹ&#x201A;ooring. Located close to Main Street on a quiet cul-de-sac. MLS#711282

2527 MATAWATCHAN ROAD IN THE HEART OF COTTAGE COUNTRY This 3 bedroom raised bungalow is situated on one acre with a detached double garage & fully ďŹ nished lower level. MLS#690864

1056 GILLAN ROAD OUTSKIRTS OF TOWN 3 + 1 bedroom brick/vinyl bungalow . Open concept kitchen/dining area. Oak kitchen cabinets, patio door and deck off dining area and pine plank ďŹ&#x201A;ooring. Situated on a fenced ½ acre lot. MLS#713413

131 PATRICK STREET CUTE AS A BUTTON Great centre town location for this affordable 2 bedroom home with fenced yard. New Shingles in 08, main ďŹ&#x201A;oor laundry & Gas heat. MLS#717620

VACANT LOTS Time to purchase your building lot for a SPRING START!

308 STEWART STREET FIRST TIME BUYERS Fantastic buy for this 3 bedroom, 2 storey. Commercial zoning prime visability, close to amenities + all revamped for you. Immediate Occupancy Available. MLS#712622

71 ARGYLE STREET COMPLETELY RENOVATED Move-in condition for this 3 bedroom family home. Features main ďŹ&#x201A;oor rec room, detached single garage, spa like bathroom and a lovely front veranda to watch the world go by. MLS#707251

Acres Acres Acres Acres

$16,000 $18,000 $15,000 $20,000

MLS#705607 MLS#705669 MLS#705615 MLS#705668

2 LOTS ON EADY ROAD 1 Acre $25,000 MLS#715576 1 Acre $25,000 MLS#715574

BURNSTOWN ROAD 1.51 Acres $44,900 MLS#712653


4 LOTS IN COTIEVILLE 0.99 1.24 1.48 1.49


Ted Barron, Broker of Record 646-2374 email:


Gayle Jacques, Broker 433-6995/ 646-9636

REALTY & INSURANCE LTD., Brokerage 613-646-2111 1-800-565-3176 Toll Free


Box 399, 34 Main St., Cobden, ON K0J 1K0

Ottawa Valley


LOVELY RAISED BUNGALOW — with 4 bedrooms, spacious foyer, main floor laundry, central air, fenced yard, in quiet neighbourhood. Exclusive area.

613-433-6569 613-623-7922 Enright Real Estate Brokerage INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED


330 Daniel St. S., Arnprior, Ont. $1 99 ,9 00

99,0 00


STATELY, CUSTOM BUILT ALL-BRICK BUNGALOW — features central air, central vac. Oak cabinetry. Formal dining room, Den off living room. Large bathroom. Main floor laundry. spacious foyers and sunroom. Well located between Pembroke and Cobden. Pastoral setting. MLS#704623

AFFORDABLE 3 BEDROOM BUNGALOW WITH DOUBLE GARAGE — Fireplace. On nice acreage just on outskirts of Cobden. Priced to sell! $164,900

For more listings check us out online at and

Pat Forrest Sales Rep




Your key to must-see homes in the area! X $148,500



Lots of room for the growing family! Open concept living in this hi-ranch home. Oak cupboards, hardwood floor, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a large family room. High efficiency gas furnace and HVAC system. Call Pat at 613-433-6569 to book a tour today. MLS#716363.

Triplex with three 1-bedroom apartments. Large backyard for summer BBQs and room to park your car. Live in one unit and let the rent from the other 2 units help pay your mortgage. Walking distance to all amenities and close to RCI. Call Pat at 613-433-6569 to see this investment property. MLS#714477.

SUNDAY, MARCH 15, 2 - 4 P.M. 72 Renfrew Ave. W. HOST: Teresa Haley, Broker of Record Dove Realty Ltd. Brokerage 613-432-9936

ation inform er e r o For m se and oth eck on the s, please ch listing e regular out th te ads in s ta real e ion it d e this


From left, Dawson Stroud, Isaac Peer and Tyleena Coulterman chase down the ball during broomball action at Admaston Public School’s winter carnival Feb. 27. Mercury Weekender photos by PETER CLARK




OFFICE 613-623-7922 Enright Real Estate Brokerage INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED

A portion of all proceeds donated to the Food Bank.

330 Daniel Street, Arnprior, Ontario


June Laplaunte, Sales Rep


SUN., MARCH 15 • 2 - 4 p.m. 2394 BURNSTOWN ROAD


HOBBY FARM ON 23 ACRES - since 2005, new windows, doors, plumbing, electrical, furnace, water system, new kitchen and two new baths - must be seen to be appreciated. Two outbuildings. MLS#716535 $329,000

What a view! Walk-out basement is at water level. This home has lovely wood flooring, open concept kitchen/living room, five bedrooms and two baths, nice family room. New furnace and new septic in 2007. MLS#718529 $339,900


PICTURE PERFECT ON DOUBLE LOT Garage with workshop, great deck for summer living, totally renovated 3 bedrm. MLS#715685 Only $139,900

SAT. MARCH 14 • 2 - 4 p.m. 3577 CALABOGIE ROAD AFFORDABLE WATERFRONT This chalet style home is on the Madawaska River leading into Calabogie Lake – walk out full basement level to waterfront, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, new decks. Come see! MLS#700663

AN ACRE OF LAND Main floor laundry, large new bath, newer windows, newer flooring, family room in basement, large woorkshop, small barn. MLS#713609 Only $159,900 297153


Renfrew Weekender - March 12 2009


27 Renfrew Weekender March 12 2009

Century 21

On Duty This Weekend

lhk€êylhs{€±êpuj­ê Brokerage 29 Raglan St. S., Renfrew, ON K7V 1P8


Morris Eady

Barry McCormack

Broker of Record Res. 432-9025

Sales Rep. Res.

Patti Reid Sales Rep.



Real Estate Broker




5184 Queen Street Located on a double wide corner lot in Douglas, this home offers lots of living space with 3+ bedrooms, 23' x 13' living room, renovated kitchen with convenient island. Economically heated with wood stove as well as oil furnace and electric. Neat and tidy and ready for your family to move into! $109,900. Patti 401-0197.


Dennis Yakaback


Dennis Yakaback Sales Rep. Cell 432-0041 I welcome your weekend call on any listed property

NEARING COMPLETION Orin Road Building Lot $

19,900 Minutes to Renfrew. Close to highway 17. Level at road sloping at rear, this lot would lend itself well to a basement walkout. Won't last long.

1223 Haley Road $127,900

2 Bed, 2 Bath, 2 car garage. Close to highway 17. Well located for commuters. Well priced for the 1st time buyer. Call Dennis for details 432-0041.

$449,000 16 Firetower Road Spacious log home situated high on a 5.3 acre lot that offers stunning views all around. In-law suite and detached double garage & workshop. call Barry 432-3519 MLS#680187

THE MANHATTAN TOWNHOMES One storey open concept bungalows designed for easy living. Two bedrooms. 1115 square feet. Fully drywalled basement. 205,900





24 Melissa Lane



This affordable mobile is only minutes from Renfrew and has been completely made-over so all you have to do is move in. Renos include a new peaked roof, siding, windows, doors, porch, shed and laminate flooring throughout. Spacious bath with laundry area. Your mortgage payments could be less than your rent! $58,000. Patti 401-0197. MLS#717408

143 Raglan St. N. $


Large family room and a beautifully renovated kitchen are just 2 of the highlights of this 3 bedroom splitlevel. Fantastic rear yard the kids will love. Short walk to downtown. MLS#718584






220 Carswell St. Well built property suitable for a variety of businesses or industries. Could also be converted for other uses. Call Morris 432-2100

149,900 82 Kildeer Trail Garden Lake Cottage . Needs some TLC .Well and septic. 100 feet of lakefront.Child friendly lot. Seller says to make an offer. Call Dennis 432-0041.


Two bathrooms including walk-in low step shower ensuite in the master bedroom. Solid hardwood floors. Ceramic floors. Custom trim! Garage door opener.

138 Kathleen Road, Calabogie Open concept log cabin in the woods has 1 bedroom, 1 bath, large living/dining area. Approx. 920 S.F. with wood/electric furnace in basement. Comes with fridge, stove and dishwasher. Deeded access to the lake. Well and septic. $129,000. Patti 401-0197 . MLS#706137



98 - 100 Raglan Good investment property on a double wide lot in Renfrew's downtown core. Retail space for your business and 2 rented apartments upstairs provide additional income.

Call Barry 432-3519 MLS#711027

169,000 6700 Highway 60 Ideally located at a crossroads near Eganville. Inventory, chip wagon included. Living quarters. Call Patti 401-0197 MLS#706723

5 super waterfront lots to choose from! Located on the Madawaska River near Griffith, these pretty lots have been severed and are gently sloped to the river. Very private! Call Patti for more info. 401-0197. MLS#

Custom kitchens with valance counter lighting. Insulated garage. Eavestroughs. Smart wiring. Gas heat. Viewing anytime.


Renfrew Weekender - March 12 2009



Thefts investigated On Monday, March 2 police investigated the theft of a portable heater from the ATM lobby at the Royal bank on Raglan Street in Renfrew. Video surveillance was reviewed and two suspects were identified. The stolen property was recovered and one male was charged with theft under $5,000 and possession of stolen property. The 20-year-old male from Renfrew was released on a promise to appear in court on May 27. Const. Denys Baranovskiy investigated.

A purse was stolen from Tim Hortons in Renfrew on March 2. The black purse was left at the restaurant on Stewart St. at about 10 a.m. and when the owner returned a witness advised a female had picked up the purse and left with it. A female later returned the purse to the restaurant but the money had been stolen from the wallet Const. Kevin Rebertz is investigating. A laptop computer and bag were stolen from a locked car in the parking lot of St. Joseph’s Catholic High School on Thursday, Feb 26. The computer was a Hewlett Packard, and the bag was a black leather

computer bag. Const. Ryan Besner is investigating. MISCHIEF Several mailboxes in Horton Township were bashed and destroyed by vandals over the weekend of Feb. 28 to March 1. There are no suspects at this time. DOMESTIC, FAMILY DISPUTES OPP officers responded to 5 domestic disputes and one family dispute during the past week. One male was charged with breaching a bail condition. No other criminal offences occurred.

SWORN INFORMATIONS Informations were sworn resulting in charges against a number of people. Charged were a 20-year-old Renfrew man for possession of marijuana, possession for the purpose of trafficking, possession of a prohibited weapon and breach of probation; a 46-year-old Renfrew man was charged for possession of marijuana and possession for the purpose of trafficking; a 40-year-old Renfrew woman for possession of marijuana and possession for the purpose of trafficking; and a 20year-old Renfrew woman for theft under $5,000.


Metro City Realty Ltd. (Renfrew) Brokerage A locally owned Independent Member Broker

Sales Representative Res.


330 Plaunt St. S., Renfrew K7V 1N3

197 RAGLAN ST. S. OVER 4,000 SQ. FT. OF SPACE TO RENT ON ONE FLOOR — 4 apartments on second floor for additional income. All gas heat, new roof, newer drywall. Meets all codes. Call Ross for details 433-1133.

333 JOFFRE ST. LOTS OF CURB APPEAL — Eat-in kit., LR, laundry room, 1 BDR, 1 - 4-pc. bath all 1st floor. 2nd level: 2 BDR plus office. Full basement, FA gas, central air, with workshop. Asking $159,500. Call Ross for details 433-1133.

Visit us on the web at


375 JIM BARR RD. INSULATED CONCRETE FOUNDATION — Over 2,200 sq. ft. of living space in this designer stone construction with in-floor heating, open concept kit., LR with stone fireplace, 4 BDRs, 1 - 4 pc. bath, 1 - 2 pc. bath, mostly hardwood flooring throughout, set up for granny suite. Basement consists of large rec. room, 1 - 4 pc., 2 BDRs, large workshop, 2 car attached garage. All this is located on 2.96 acres. This is a must see. Call Ross 433-13133 to view.


332 DOMINION ST. COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY RENOVATED THROUGHOUT — New kitchen cupboards. Main floor kit., LR, 1 - 4 pc., 1 BDR. Upstairs 1 BDR plus computer or office room. Basement all drywalled except ceiling. New FA gas furnace, 200 amp service. Lot 68' x 106' survey and plot plan on file. Asking $159,900. Call Ross to view 433-1133.

MILLION DOLLAR VIEW BLAIR ROAD, KENNELLY MOUNTAIN, MOUNT ST. PATRICK AREA — Log 2 storey home, open concept kit., LR, 1 - 4 pc., 2 BDR, cathedral ceiling. Second floor consists of a very large MBR or family room, separate log garage. Must be seen. Asking $270,000. Call Ross for details 433-1133.

Approx. 2,400 sq. ft. of living space. Main floor consists of eatin kitchen, separate DR, LR with stone fireplace, air tight insert, large MBR with 3 pc. ensuite, walkin closet, plus 2 sunrooms. 2nd floor: 2 large BDRs, both with walk-in closet, 1 - 4 pc. bath. Full basement with rec room, workshop, storage room, wood room. Partially paved drive. Property backs onto Ferguslea Road. Possibility of 3 severances. Property is mostly treed. Survey on File. Call Ross 433-1133 for more details.



4809B CALABOGIE ROAD 3 BEDROOM BUNGALOW — Open concept kitchen, LR, 1 - 4 pc., FA oil heat, 2 car attached garage, fully insulated with 1 - 3 pc. bath, 200 amp. Asking $189,500. Call Ross 433-1133.

1274 BONNECHERE RD. TWP. OF ADMASTON 4 LEVEL SPLIT HOME — on 1.08 acres with attached 1 car garage. Open concept kit., DR, LR, 1 - 2 pc bath. Upper level features 3 BDRs, 1 - 4 pc. bath. Lower level has family room with brick propane fireplace, laundry and office room. Basement consists of oil furnace, central air, storage. Separate 2 car detached garage built in 2004. Only $228,500. Call Ross to view 433-1133.

RW-40 295525

552 MINEVIEW RD. MAINTENANCE FREE VINYL SIDED BUNGALOW — Built in 1992. Open concept kit., DR, large LR, 3 BDR, 1 - 4 pc. bath, FA oil with air tight wood stove in basement plus electric heat, separate large storage shed, 38' by 28'. Call Ross for further details at 4331133.

53 KNIGHT ST., RENFREW DO YOU LIKE THE TOWN BUT WANT TO LIVE IN THE COUNTRY? — This home is for you, with little TLC. Try this on. 3 BDR, 1 - 4 pc. upstairs, kit., LR, DR plus summer kit. Storage or granny suite possibilities. Lot 86' x 396. Call Ross 433-1133 for further details.

Renfrew Weekender March 12 2009


Renfrew Weekender - March 12 2009


RENFREW COUNTY HELEN VINCENT Broker of Record Res. 432-3711

Metro City Realty Ltd. (Renfrew) Brokerage A locally owned Independent Member Broker

330 Plaunt St. S., Renfrew K7V 1N3


159 McNEE RD.

WATERFRONT LOT ON GOLDEN LAKE — 136' of sand beach – depth of lot is 230 ft. – well treed – easy access from Hwy. 60. A beautiful spot (just past Deacon!) Call Helen @ 432-0058.

75 McLEAN ST. EXCELLENT RESIDENTIAL LOCATION — 3 bedrooms – finished basement – newer windows & roof – ravine lot thus great privacy – hardwood. Value, value, value. Call Helen @ 432-0058.





Visit us on the web at



155 TASSE AVE. 3 BEDROOM WELL MAINTAINED BUNGALOW — with LR – 3 pce. bath – rear shed for storage – easy access – full basement – gas heat. Call Helen @ 432-0058.

166 HARAMIS DR. PRIME LOCATION — About to be built – a custom 3 bedroom – 2 baths – laundry on main level – att. dble. garage – open concept lifestyle – fully serviced lot & Tarion Warrantied. Call Helen for details 432-0058.

MINK LAKE 117 MAPLE GROVE LANE YEAR ROUND LIVING — in this nearly new 2 level custom home – 4 bedrooms – 2 baths – 2 fireplaces – beautifully landscaped shoreline – spacious deck – deluxe interior. Call Helen @ 432-0058.

15 JIM WALLACE RD. CALABOGIE 5 MINS. TO THE SKI HILL @ CALABOGIE PEAKS — 3 bedroom bungalow – 2 baths – private lot – full basement – deeded access to the adjacent Calabogie Lake. Call Helen @ 432-0058.

186 PINNACLE RD. 5 MINS. FROM DOWNTOWN — A custom built 3 BR raised ranch with an “awesome” view of the surrounding countryside –3 baths – family rm. – separate DR – hardwood – spectacular deck on south side – paved drive. You must see it for yourself. Call Helen @ 432-0058.

293 WADE AVENUE A “PREMIER” HOME — 2 storey brick & vinyl custom built – so much here to see – completely redone (inside & out) – 2 fireplaces – 2-1/2 new baths – dble. lot – paved drive – dble. car garage – totally landscaped. Come & see it. Call Helen @ 432-0058.

468 GILLAN RD. ALL THE “BELLS & WHISTLES” ARE HERE — Custom home with 2 levels of living space – 3 BR's + 4th in lower level – 2 baths – family rm. – 2 baths – family rm. – hardwood & ceramic – Xtra wide parking area – c/air – fenced rear yard. Good value!! Call Helen @ 432-0058.

520 BARNET BLVD. IT'S THE “TALK-OF-THE-TOWN” — and it's a car wash! 6 wash bays plus vacuum facilities & an office area for another business of your choice. Call Helen @ 4320058.


300 COBUS RD. A CUSTOM BUILT 3 BR BUNGALOW — (raised ranch design) – with a finished lower level – (family rm., 3rd bath & 4th BR) – country lot – eat-in kitchen – all freshly painted – move right in! Call Helen to see it @ 432-0058.

D L SO 476 GILLAN RD. YOUR 3 BR BUNGALOW HAS HARDWOOD FLOORING — Especially bright kitchen with a cozy dining area with a bay window – 1-1/2 baths – fenced rear yard – paved drive – c/air. Call to see this today! Helen @ 432-0058.

420 PRIEST CAMP RD. MINK LAKE YEAR ROUND HOME WITH 2 ACRES OF LAND — 94 ft. of waterfront – dble. det. garage plus workshop – 3 BR's – 2 baths – outstanding living area with propane fireplace – front porch & tiered decking. It's a peach! Call Helen @ 432-0058.


lity! Qua ity! l (just off Gillan Rd.) Qua llent e c & Ex sign! — 4 DUPLEXES SOLD De — 2 MORE LARGER DUPLEXES ALMOST READY FOR OCCUPANCY, each 2 storeys with 1-1/2 baths, covered decks, fully warrantied & sodded lots, paved drives & surveys

Call Helen — 5 2-BR BUNGALOW GARDEN HOMES AVAILABLE with paved @ 432-0058 drives, laundry on main floor, fully warrantied, sodded lots, surveys. to view Come and see these! RW-40 297397


Visual merchandising beyond the ordinary with Paul Portelli On Friday, March 13 Enterprise Renfrew County (ERC) is presenting Visual Merchandising Beyond the Ordinary, a workshop for artists, artisans, galleries, museums and retailers. Workshop speaker Paul Portell is an accomplished sculptor and ceramics artist, specializing in retail design, merchandising and event coordination. As well, for 22 years he operated a gallery-sculpture studio in Warkworth, Ont., where he was instrumental in devel-

oping the branding and advertising campaign for that community. Enterprise Renfrew County business consultant Colleen Sadler states, “This is a high-value opportunity for local art enterprises to learn from an expert about business image concepts and communicating to the market place via visual merchandising in the retail environment.” Admission to the workshop at Best Western Pembroke Inn is $20, including lunch and a workbook.


The event is funded in partnership with the Ministry of Small Business and Consumer Services, the Ministry of Culture and the Renfrew County Community Futures Development Corporation. ERC is a non-profit government organization funded by the Ontario Government, the County of Renfrew, the Town of Renfrew and the City of Pembroke. Its mandate is to promote and assist small businesses across the County of Renfrew. For more details, call 613-432-6848.


E-mail: TERESA B. HALEY Broker of Record

REALTY LTD., Brokerage


OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, MAR. 15, 2-4 p.m.

ON 1-1/2 ACRE LEASED LOT — only minutes from Hwy 17 and from town. Paved roads throughout this adult-oriented mobile home park. Bright 2-br home w/attractive living room & kitchen. Cozy gas fireplace. Wraparound deck. Extra large carport. Modern living for only $104,900. MLS 717650

ATTRACTIVE INSIDE & OUT — 3 brs. Extra large recreation room w/electric heater stove. Updates include vinyl siding, vinyl windows, gas furnace, septic, & relined dug well w/new cap. Impressive back deck w/ large patio & pond. On large lot, minutes from town. $169,900.

2 BATHROOMS + MAINFLOOR LAUNDRY FACILITIES — 3-br home featuring mainfloor family room/sunroom. Includes 4-car steel garage. Many updates including laminate flooring, carpet flooring, vinyl siding, vinyl windows, oil furnace, oil tank, HW heater, & metal roof. 3 mi. from Hwy 17. $210,000.

MLS 717218

MLS 719273

WALKING DISTANCE TO RCI High School — This center-town investment opportunity has newer gas heating, and parking for each of the 4 units! One of these units includes garage. Each unit has 1 bedroom. Current Fire & Electrical Safety Reports will be made available. New Price $189,500. MLS 702279

SO MUCH FOR SO LITTLE — This 3-br home in center town features 2 bathrooms plus mainfloor laundry facilities! Central air. Cozy gas fireplace. Updates include wainscotting, carpeting, cushion flooring, laminate flooring, & garden shed. Convenient drive-through driveway. MLS 717108 Only $148,500. RW-40 294899




Metro City Realty Ltd. (Renfrew) Brokerage A locally owned Independent Member Broker

330 Plaunt St. S., Renfrew K7V 1N3


GREAT LOCATION New roof, finished basement, 4 bedrooms, above ground pool, central air, a must see. MLS# 714201




169, 900

CONSTANT CREEK WATERFRONT LOT Full access to Calabogie Lake. Build your dreams here.

Visit us on the web at

999 OPEONGO RD. Ideal location, new septic and roof in 2006, newer windows, 3+1 bedrooms, large yard, living room fireplace. MLS#701496


LOT 5 HUMPHRIES RD. Only 3 Left, build your country dream home only minutes from town.

Check out our new website: Y ONL 0 0

100 Acres on McHugh Rd. $129,900.

$ 4 4 ,9

MLS# 709604.

CHEAPER THAN RENT Affordable Home Ownership, why rent when you can own? 3 bedrooms, gas heat, 2-4 pc baths, new flooring, appliances included. MLS# 712740

A GREAT STARTING POINT Only $139,900, 4 appliances included, 3 bedrooms, hardwood flooring, fenced yard, walking distance to schools & downtown. MLS#716498

Call Peter for Details.

LOADS OF CHARACTER Well established neighbourhood, 3 bedrooms plus 3rd floor loft/bedroom, 1.5 MLS# 712176 baths, gas heat, ravine lot. 295527

Renfrew Weekender March 12 2009

Renfrew County

32 Renfrew Weekender - March 12 2009


Wild ice kills winter wheat and hayfields

Wherever you go in eastern Ontario you see the landscape covered in ice. The February thaw and quick freeze-up created vast stretches of ice. Some low-lying fields are completely covered in ice or water. Last week the Ottawa Citizen had a front-page article and picture of a 60-year-old man skating on the ‘wild ice” in fields near Manotick. He skates on a two-kilometre stretch. The ice is naturally broken into sections so he must walk aided by ski poles a short distance from one stretch of wild ice to the next. Ice-covered fields might be a pretty sight for the nonfarming folks, but it’s a headache for anyone growing winter wheat and hay crops, especially forages like alfalfa and clover. They’re toast! It’s called winterkill. Some of my non-farming acquaintances can’t seem to understand the seriousness of alfalfa and forage winterkill. After explaining all the work that goes into preparing a good seedbed for the seed, and the cost of re-seeding, all I get are blank looks. They think plants come up by themselves every year – just like grass in a lawn and on the side of the road. Winterkill is determined by numerous cumulative factors, and can be very unpredictable. Management factors, including stand age, variety, soil pH, soil potash level, drainage, and harvest frequency, add to weather risk factors that include: • Lack of snow and bare fields reduces the insulation effect, exposing crowns to cold and fluctuating temperatures. • Rapid thaws and winter rains result in “ponding” on level fields and subsequent ice sheeting. We had that

Phone 432-3655


happen in February, as I pointed out. • Cycles of spring freezing and thawing, as well as the winter-long heave cycle, can result in alfalfa heaving, particular on heavier clay soils. Tap roots are pushed out of the ground, similar to a heaved fence post. • Warm spells can cause a loss of cold hardening. Also, a few days of 10 degree C weather in late winter begins to break alfalfa dormancy. The alfalfa develops new shoots that can be frozen back. Farmers are concerned when there is very little snow during a winter, or if it rains when it should be snowing. A winter thaw is not good for the alfalfa stands. It is very expensive re-establishing alfalfa and other legumes. Timothy and grasses can also be wiped out from winterkill. If all the forage plants are winterkilled and dead in mid-May, the best thing to do, if cattle feed is needed,


Fulcher’s EST. 1975


Excavation Rock Walls Lot Clearing Driveways

• • • •

Aggregates Screened Topsoil Equipment Rental Floating


E-MAIL HOAX TARGETS MACDONALD’S Three weeks ago I got one of those mass-circulated e-mails and was asked to send it to 30 people. After reading it, I deleted the thing. I’m glad I didn’t send it to anyone because it was a hoax. The e-mail said McDonald’s couldn’t get enough Canadian beef and was now getting it from South America. Since the e-mail didn’t come from the Canadian or Ontario Cattlemen’s Association, I hit the delete key after writing down a few sentences, such as: “All Canadians that sell cattle at a livestock auction barn have to sign a paper stating that we do NOT EVER feed our cattle any part of another animal. South American farmers are not required to do this of yet.” It sounded fake. And I have never been asked to sign such a paper. Ontario Farmer says McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada issued a statement saying the e-mail circulating in the livestock industry suggesting they were no longer buying beef for its Canadian restaurants was a hoax and totally erroneous. The company said it remains one of the largest purchasers of Canadian beef and will continue to do so in the future.” So there, don’t believe that e-mail. Many of you did!

Fax 432-6689

Whatever you need done, you’ll find the solutions right here!


Septic Systems • • • •

is rip up the field and plant it in corn. If cash-cropping is your business and your hay field is toast, there are a number of options, such as grain corn, wheat or soybeans.

BRAD BRYDGES ROOFING • All types of roofing • All types of carpentry work including log homes • Small back-hoe rental • Trenching • Fencing • Basement Repairs • Tree removal and lot clearing


(613) 649-2732





Now offering Furnace Protection Plan




613-752-2708 613-432-0324 (leave message)





For all your Automotive Financing Needs





For further information call Gary or Stephanie



No matter what your credit history, trust your local specialists at 613-433-8290 1-888-828-7771 Mar12

For further information call Dave or Stephanie 613-432-3655

33 Renfrew Weekender March 12 2009

Phone 432-3655 SURVEYING Adam Kasprzak Surveying Ltd. ONTARIO LAND SURVEYORS

ADAM KASPRZAK, B.Sc., O.L.S. 113 Argyle St. S., P.O. Box 633, Renfrew, Ontario K7V 4E7 Telephone: (613) 432-3048 1-800-363-5417 Fax: (613) 432-7252 e-mail:






RES. (613) 433-9989

RES. (613) 432-4625


252 Raglan St. S. Renfrew, Ontario, K7V 4A6 Tel. (613) 432-3664, 432-2104 Fax. (613) 432-8424

PHILLIPS ELECTRIC 35 Munroe Ave E, Renfrew

* Land Surveying * Construction Layout * Blue Printing * Drafting & CAD Services * Severance Applications


Income Tax Preparation & Planning (Personal, Corporate & Estate) !CCOUNTINGs"OOKKEEPINGs0AYROLLs3MALL"USINESS!DVISORY3ERVICES





VanBenthem Millwork Ltd.

COMPUTER & NETWORK Installation, Diagnostic & Repair Phone: 613-433-1794 Email:


“Big or Small, We’ll Do It All”



Hansma-Beimers Construction Ltd.



Call Rick Robinson Home 613-646-9948 Cell 613-432-0465 293506

P.O. Box 185, Cobden, Ontario K0J 1K0




• Custom Homes • Commercial Applications • Renovations & Additions


Quality Custom Homes • R2000 HOMES • ADDITIONS • RENOVATING • SIDING



Drawings & Permits take Time! Plan now for spring!


Taxation: • Personal • Corporate • Farm • Estate

Professional Services: • Accounting and Bookkeeping • Auditing • Financial Statement--Preparation • Management Advisory Services


Specializing in Custom Designed & Built Kitchens and Bathrooms Quality Workmanship Fully Insured Referrals Available CALL TODAY FOR YOUR FREE ESTIMATE

84 Queen St., South, Renfrew, Ontario K7V 2A9


14 Madawaska St. Arnprior, Ontario, K7S 1R7 Tel. (613) 623-7926 Fax. (613) 623-7927

Do you Need Phone Jacks, Phone Repairs, Computer Jack Hook Ups or Installations at Affordable Prices?

Chris VanBenthem (613) 266-0552

Dirk Steffens

Fax 432-6689

Whatever you need done, you’ll find the solutions right here!

• Siding Soffit & Facia • Roofing & Eavestrough • Porches & Decks








Jeff Taylor

nature’s outlook







613-432-7167 STORAGE


(613) 433-3274





• • • • •


570 BARNET BLVD. Bujold Property Management 432-0789 Mar 12

(613) 432-0881 (613) 432-1484


GENERAL REPAIRS TO: Cars, Trucks, ATV's, Boats, Motorcycles (Harley Davidson), Chain Saws, Small Engines

Accounting, Auditing and Assurance Services Tax Planning — Personal and Corporate Tax Return Preparation Bookkeeping and Payroll Services Management Advisory Services

613-432-8153 45 Renfrew Ave. E. Renfrew, Ontario K7V 4A3 e-mail:

557 Stones Lake Rd. Calabogie

Cell # 613-323-1567

Home # 613-752-1567

Renfrew Weekender - March 12 2009


Classified ad ClassifiedsClassifiedsClassifieds Classifieds Classifieds Classifie fiedsC ClassifiedsClassifiedsClassifieds Classifieds Classifieds C ssifiedsClassifiedsClassifieds Classifieds Classifieds Classif assifiedsClassifiedsClassifieds Classifieds Classifieds Clas TEL: 613-432-3655 • FAX:Classifieds 613-432-6689 edsClassifiedsClassifieds Classifieds Classifie ClassifiedsClassifiedsClassifiedsClassifiedsClassifiedsC Renfrew Mercury Weekender

ottawa region


for all classified advertising

WANT CHANGE? Train for a new CAREER in LESS than 11 months! Personal Support Worker, Travel Counsellor, Paralegal, Pharmacy Technician, Medical Office Assistant (including dental), Accounting and Payroll & NEW Fitness & Health Promotion. CALL TODAY 613-722-7811 Algonquin Careers Academy

FOR SALE 1998 CHEVY CAVALIER, 2 door, red, automatic, new body work, new exhaust, $1500 AS IS call Stacey or Marg at 613432-7941 2000 PONTIAC GRAND AM 170km clean asking $3500 certified 432-9480 30” Magic Chef gas/propane stove and oven, black and white top like new asking $600 432-9480

ALL STEEL BUILDINGS... Canadian Made Since 1980. 623-0328 Complete do-it-yourself prefabricated building foundation packages available for quick delivery Will pay $50 - $100 25’X40’, 32’X50’, 40’X60’, 50’X100’ depending on types. many other sizes. Call NOW 1-800-504-7749 Picked up FREE. w w w. p i o n e e r bu i l d SEE STARDUST Upholsteries for all your BUILDING SALE!... draperies, blinds and CL13905 Unprecedented Low awnings. Let us upPrices. Reduced De- holster that special posits, Limited Inven- piece of furniture. A CASH PAID for AntiVEHICLES tory. 25X40 $6,844, huge selection of fab- ques and collectibles. 30X50 $7,844, 35X60 ric available. Call Hu- We want to buy old fur2000 CHEV BLAZER $12,995, 40X60 ghie Nolan at 613- niture, toys, dolls, dishes, postcards, Coke and 4x4 loaded with only $15,995, 60X100 432-2816, 973 Gillan Pepsi signs, etc. Will 63k asking $6500 obo $37,400! Others. Pio- Rd., Renfrew. buy single items or phone 433-3877 after entire households. Also neer Steel. 8p.m. PATTERN estates. Call Sheryl 1 - 8 0 0 - 6 6 8 - 5 4 2 2 . SMALL DARK green love seat MacKenzie or Ed Locke Since 1980 (613) 432-4909. CL310 2000 TOYOTA TUNand Lazy Boy recliner DRA 180 000km, pw, 613-432-6474 DISABILITY pd, ac, fresh forest PRODUCTS Buy & Sell green paint, 4wd, exBuy/sell Stair lifts, WHIRLPOOL WASHtended cab, v8, BF Porch lifts, Scooters, ER LARGE capacity, in the duty, direct Goodrich all terrain Bath lifts, Hospital heavy Classifieds! tires, call Keith 613beds etc. Call drive, newer model 432-4491 SILVER CROSS 613- $250 “frost free” refrigerator and match231-3549 2003 SUNFIRE ing stove $375 for set. FARM STANDARD black. Apartment size “frost GOOD QUALITY CEpower windows, free” refrigerator DAR logs for sale, call IHC 584, 4WD, Farm locks, sunroof, 2 dr, $175, 432-2508 613-432-2286 leave tractor with loader, 130k $4000 obo 613message 52hp, low hours. 433-1149 $13,900. Weagant FIREWOOD Farm Supplies, Brock- CLEAN GOOD QUALITY DRIVING ville 800-260-2031 Record? Grey Power MIXED HAY, 2 years FOR www.weagantbrock old, 4x5 round bales, FIREWOOD could save you up to stored inside, no rain, SALE dry and pre $400 on your car inapprox. 75 bales, Call spilt call Eric at 613surance. Call 1-866432-0346 613-623-0885 or 613473-9302 for no-obliPETS 623-8417. gation quote. Additional Discounts LIVESTOCK HOT TUB (Spa) Cov2 BABY FEMALE Available ers. Best Price, Best Fancy rats to give Quality. All Shapes & OPEN HOUSE: away. Asking $40 for Colours Available. March 14, 1-4p.m. brand new cage. Call 1-866-652-6837 Home-fed, Igenity- Comes with food, tested red factor and bedding, toys. Please Auto Sales white yearling Charo- call 613-433-3392 Try Lease to Own BEDS, SOFA BEDS, BEDROOM lais bulls. No room at 383 O’Brien Road home? We’ll keep to SUITES, DINING ROOM CKC REG’D SALT Renfrew K7V 2S1 May 1. Cornerview SUITES, SOFAS, RECLINERS, and pepper miniature 613-432-1001 Charolais & Hidden BAR STOOLS, HEADBOARDS, schnauzer pups vet COMFORTERS Trail Charolais, 1012 checked, first shots, 02 MAZDA 626 One owner. 73 k Snake River Line, MATTRESS micro chipped, health $ Cobden, On 6,850 guarantee, paper FACTORY & (613) 646-9741 trained, hypo aller04 DODGE FURNITURE OUTLET genic $550 613-432- CARAVAN DVD TV. 312 Raglan St. S., Renfrew $ 8971 129 k 6,795 BESIDE FINNIGAN’S



Richard Wallace

4X5 ROUND BALES 432-8826 of Hay $15.00, Small Square bales, $2.00. 613-623-6711. NEW VANITIES FOR sale one 2 door 39 81 SKI-DOO FOR inch white $100. Two sale would like $200 2 door 30 inch white or trade for a Laptop $50. One 3 drawer 18 you can get a hold of inch white $50 all me at 613-433-1971 hardware included, or 613-752-2712 ask 432-3294 for Derek HOT TUB (SPA) Covers-Best Price. Best quality. All shapes and colours. Call 1866-585-0056.


613-432-3464 or Cell 613-432-0449


2005 Haul Mark 24’ x 81/2 enclosed car hauler and ramp, hitch and tortion bars, asking $7500 certified like new 432-9480



SNOWMOBILE, SNOW BLOWER, ATV, Outboard parts and repairs--Hayhurst Sports and Marine 613-432-0764



HEATHERLEA ANGUS rugged and sound yearling registered black Bulls. Limited grain rashin with free choice hay. Semen tested and free delivery call Gord McArthur 1-888-4211102 or 519-927-5902 LOOKING TO RENT pasture and or feed lots within approx 20 mins of Cobden call Eric 613-646-2819

ST. BERNARD PUPPIES for sale, 2 males, 2 females left. Vet checked, dewormed, first shots, Call Sara 613-4335947.

73 k $



147 k

102 k

WAGS & WHISKERS Puppy Kindergarten offers obedience and socialization. Spring session starting soon. Call the Puppy Training Specialists. Tena and Ian 613-623-6200




00 MAZDA B3000 146 k $







HUNTER SAFETY Canadian Firearms Course, Arnprior, March 27, 28, 29th. Wenda Cochran 613256-2409.

HOUSE FOR SALE 155 Kunopaski Rd 3 bedroom brick bungalow, full basement, central air, oil heat, 432-1911

HOUSE TO RENT 11/2 story 2 bedroom $725/month plus utilities, first and last months rent, letter of employment and references will be required call 432-7433



3 BEDROOM DUPLEX, large dining and living room, hardwood floors, eat in kitchen, gas heated, newly renovated and updated, private driveway nice backyard, available now, $825 first and last month plus utilities, 613-432-2870

1 BEDROOM ACC O M M O D AT I O N S and studio apartments available in quiet modern building. Starting at $600/month. Includes appliances, heat, hydro, water, cable, laundry facilities, and common room. Viewing by appointment only. Renfrew Inn Suites 613-432-3636.

PROPERTY FOR SALE in ASHDAD, approx 75-80 acres, excellent hunting, nice beaver pond, bordering 200 acres of Crown Land, hydro, phone available, fronting on Township Road. Phone 613-752-2708, cell 613-432-0324 leave message

OSGOODE VILLAGE; Newly renovated, 3 bedroom, 2 baths, side by side duplex with large fenced back yard. $895 per month plus utilities. Available May 1st. Call 613-826-0903.

2 BEDROOM DUPLEX house for rent in Renfrew, $850 which includes all INDUSTRIAL utilities per month, COMMERCIAL SPACE quiet tenants only, C O M M E R C I A L sorry no smoking or SPACE FOR RENT pets allowed, 613613-433-4833 432-4197

3 BEDROOM TOWNHOUSE for rent available May 1st 87 Lisgar Ave. $749 per month plus utilities, high efficient furnace, parking Call 613-4320789 or 613-432-4868 after hours AVAILABLE NOW charming large 3 bedroom double. Clean, freshly painted, A/C, family room, yard, references, no smoking, no pets. $950. plus utilities. 613-786-1080 leave message.

2 BEDROOM BUNGALOW with storage shed in Cotieville. Available May 1. No pets, first and last, references. Deb 613432-5630 $800/month 1 BEDROOM APT plus utilities central, private entrance with ramp, deck, VACATION SALES $550 a month plus utilities, references re/ RENTALS quired, 613-294-2158 COSTA RICA. Ocean, river, mountain view 1 BEDROOM DUestate lots. Affordable PLEX $450 plus paradise, Excellent utilities, references Terms. This month and deposit 613-432only your Dollar 9542 equals US dollar (at par). Call Today! 1800-993-0962


PLANNING A TRIP TO FLORIDA? Search from 100s of Florida’s top vacation rentals. All Regions of Florida from 2- to 8-bdrm homes. Condos, Villas, Pool Homes - we have them all!

Rates starting as low as $89/night On your next Florida Vacation do not be satisfied with a hotel room when you can rent your own private Vacation home! S US SIIT TU V T VIIS A W T NO OW A N

99 DODGE DAKOTA 4x4. 181k.



Pay LESS in Renfrew All Safetied CL14351

The best place to start planning your Florida Get-Away!


UNEMPLOYED Organize your Objectives. Heavy Equipment Operators are needed Locally in all parts of Canada. Backhoe, Grader, Excavator, Bulldozer, Forklift. We can train you. Come to North West. For professional training, Certification, AZ and DZ licensing. Email , Tel 613-225-3055 Ont. Works, E I recipients, WSIB, may qualify for Funding




2 BEDROOM A P A R T M E N T available May 1st, secure building at 57 Raglan St. S, only $585 per month, heat and water included, Call 613-432-0789 or 613-432-4868 after hours

FORMER MANOR LOCATION, Stonewall II, large beautiful one bedroom apartment, April 1st, en suite storage, plus storage room appliances, carpeting, balcony, Wilson Investments, 613-432-8417.

FULLY FURNISHED SHORT term units available in nice modern building with common room & laundry facilities Plus, main floors apartments, now accepting applications, viewing by appoint2 BEDROOM SEC- ment only. Renfrew OND floor apt, bright Inn Suites, 613-432(freshly) painted, new 3636. windows, centrally located, $600 per FURNISHED SUITE month plus utilities, no for rent, one bedroom, pets, first and last re- private shower and quired. 2 bedroom bath, hydro, heat and ground floor apt cable included for maavailable May 1st ture working person 613-432-7862 $550 month first and last 613-432-2293 AFFORDABLE 1 AND 2 bedroom apart- LARGE BACHELOR ments, call Wilson In- APT $485 month first vestments, 613-432- and last required 8417, we offer clean, utilities non smokers quiet, secure, com- preferred mature sinfortable living - guar- gle person need only anteed!!!! Evenings apply no pets allowed and weekends by ap- 433-4450 or 732-8862 pointment please!!!! Closed FRIDAY AT NICE BACHELOR NOON, office located APT TOTALLY at No. 2 - 850 O’Brien RENOVATED $395 Road (beside Wal- PLUS HYDRO, mart). QUIET BUILDING IN AFFORDABLE, 1 bed- RENFREW 613-752room apartment, imme- 1464 PLEASE LEAVE diately, centre town, MESSAGE 2 BEDROOM APT in Renfrew ground level, central location, private entrance, fully carpeted, oak cupboards, fridge and stove, no pets, available April 1, phone 646-2036

close to grocery store, etc. Very reasonable rent, appliances included, Wilson Investments, 613-432-8417 AVAILABLE 2 BEDROOM Duplex $595 close to downtown, fridge stove parking first and last, freshly painted, renovated 613-868-5323 AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY LARGE one bedroom apt located on quiet st. in Renfrew. Includes heat, hydro, fridge, stove, central air $650 per/month, references first/last required 613628-6516 BARGAIN, BARGAIN, BARGAIN!!!! Two bedroom apartment center town on Renfrew Avenue, May 1st, living and dining rooms, appliances, huge master bedroom, Wilson Investments, 613-432-8417 to view.


- secure building - All one level - utilities included - 4 piece bath - Appliances incl. - minutes to shopping Studio Suites from $599/month



A JOB At Home Mail Work, Assemble Products or Computer Work. For Free Details write to: CHR Jobs: 900 Greenbank Road #415, A22 Ottawa, ON, K2J 4P6 or visit:

BE YOUR own boss. Earn up to $3,000+WK. We are looking for individuals who want to start up their own trucking business. Guaranteed long term work contracts for 1, 3, & 5 ton straight trucks and Hwy Tractors. Paid while training, G2, G, DZ, & AZ lic. OK. Immediate income. 100% financing with approved credit. 1888-827-6044.

COOK R.E. GILMORE has an immediate openings for 2 Cooks for its in-house cafeteria. This is a Full-Time, Monday to Friday, Days position. Food Safe Certificate is preferred. Some experience would be an asset. Please send your resume to: resourcesh@

AZ DRIVERS Needed Now. Company Drivers and OwnerOperators. Avg. length of haul: 1000 miles: great lanes: quality freight: dry vans; competitive pay and FINANCIALLY STABLE. Call Celadon Canada, KitchenCL13898 er, 1-800-332-0518 SPACIOUS BRIGHT w w w. c e l a d o n c a n a 1 BEDROOM APT $525 PLUS HYDRO, POSIQUIET ADULT CLEANING AVAILABLE, BUILDING IN REN- TIONS time, eveFREW 613-752-1464 part shifts. PLEASE LEAVE ning/night Three or four shifts, MESSAGE 15-20 hours a week. THE EXECUTIVE, Rob- Please forward reert Drive, main floor, sume to Box P, Renquiet, large 2 bedroom, frew Mercury 35 OpeMay 1st, large open con- ongo Rd, Renfrew On cept, appliances, laundry K7V 4A8 room, locker room, intercom for security, balcony, call Wilson Investments, 613-432-8417

TOTALLY SOUND PROOF APARTMENT, Sutton Place on Robert Drive, bright open kitchen, lots of cupboards, double sink, make an appointment to see this lovely 2 bedroom apartment, 613-432-8417WilONE 2 BEDROOM son Investments. apt, stove and fridge included, $600 month LOST & FOUND heat and hydro extra, no pets, references CAMERA required, call 613- FOUND 432-3053 leave mes- CARD on McNulty Lake Sat. March 7, sage (Canon camera) claim ONE- 1 BEDROOM at the Renfrew Mercubachelor apt, base- ry 35 Opeongo Rd ment, stove and fridge Renfrew included $490 month, FOUND KEYS IN heat and hydro extra, Queen E area, claim no pets, references at the Renfrew Mercurequired, call 613ry 35 Opeongo Rd 432-3053 leave mesRenfrew sage LOST TWO GRAY PAKENHAM, 1 bed- headlight washers on room apt available Lisgar Ave. Silver immediately. Fridge, plastic exterior, black stove and laundry on interior, please call site. $600 / month 432-8544 plus utilities. Call 613-297-4888

RAGLAN ST CLEAN good size 1 bedroom basement apt with parking $500 plus hydro, first and last references required and checked 613-433CALABOGIE 1 BED- 5868 ROOM apartments. Available Immediate- SOMETHING SPECIAL ly. Quiet, renovated, Classy 2 bedroom apartno pets, non-smoker, ment, view from every starting at $575 plus window, “The Academy” hydro. Basic cable in- apartments, your own cluded. Furnished. gas furnace for your 613-836-7082 or 613- complete comfort level, 228-0693 or 613-864- this modern building, conversation comes 1168 equipped with extra SMALL TWO BED- large fridge, stove, winROOM apartment has dow blinds, laundry, storstove, fridge, parking. age, Call Wilson InvestAvailable now $475 a ments, 613-432-8417, available June 1st. month 432-2852


HELP WANTED $$$ SECURITY GUARDS $$$ No Experience Needed. Full Training Offered 613-228-2813 $384 DAILY! DATAentry positions available! Internet needed. Income is guaranteed. No experience required. Apply! CALABOGIE CLEANING POSITION full time/part time days/weekends, own transportation 613752-2107

CERTIFIED DENTAL ASSISTANT to work on part time basis to start send resume

CHEAP PHONE Reconnect! Connect now for a GREAT DEAL! Calling features, long distance & save $$ on High Speed Internet! Phone Factory Reconnect 1-877-336-2274

CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE Full-time position. Minimum 1yr Experience. Train customers via phone, respond to inbound requests and participate in outbound call initiatives. Fluent in FRENCH and ENGLISH essential. Competitive salary and benefits. Send your resume with cover letter to or fax to 613-831-6678





NOW HIRING LOADER operators, labourers, mechanic/welder. Applicants must be non smoker. Apply in person WEEKDAYS ONLY 9-4 Nesbitt Aggregates 1766 Lochwinnoch Rd Renfrew 613-432-5764

PAVING COMPANY requires experienced Estimator for asphalt and concrete work. Commercial/ residential sales. Call 613-880-0423

ELECTRICIAN OR ELECTRICIAN helper to help wire 3 room camp in Matawatchen, about 2 days anytime, $25 per hour. Call John 613-257-6011

WILLING TO EDUCATE... Highly motivated individual for rewarding career in financial services. Call Matthew McBain at 613-723-1139

FULL TIME Seasonal Landscape labourers required for up-coming season. Must have transportation to Village of Richmond. Please call 613-8384066 or email resume to: harmonygardens

HOMEWORKERS NEEDED!! To assemble products, stuffing envelopes, mailing/processing circulars, on-line computer work available. Up to $1,500/week, no experience needed! Free information at Reference 3-100


INSURANCE BROKER McDougall Insurance Brokers a Division of one of Eastern Ontario’s largest brokerages, is seeking a salesperson for their Arnprior office. The successful candidate will be a service oriented individual with sound decision-making and negotiating skills. The candidate will possess a background of 3+ years in insurance or a business related field. A RIBO license is mandatory for consideration. We offer an excellent compensation package with benefits. Please submit resume to: McDougall Insurance Brokers 166 Daniel Street N., Arnprior, On K7S 2L3 Attn: Earl Bennett or email



– Weekly Delivery –


SUMMER EMPLOYMENT Garden Maintenance (1) Position

• Make Extra Money • Easy Work • No Collections

Hours of Work 35 hours per week from May 4, 2009 to September 4th, 2009. Rate of pay $10.00 per hour. Individual required to tend Eleven Gardens at the Waba Cottage Museum. Basic knowledge of Horticulture would be considered an asset. A complete list of the duties and responsibilities can be obtained at the Township Office.

– Requirements –

Please submit resumes to the undersigned clearly marked, no later than April 13, 2009 at 1:00 p.m.

YOUTH - Door to Door Delivery ADULT - Door and Driving Routes

Noreen C. Mellema, AMCT CAO/Clerk Township of McNab/Braeside 2508 Russett Drive R.R.#2, Arnprior Ontario K7S 3G8 Phone 613-623-5756 ext 222

CALL NOW|613.221.6248 CL14117


Personal information and any supporting material will be administered in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. We thank all applicants who apply but advise that only those selected for an interview will be contacted. CL14423

Renfrew Weekender March 12 2009


Maintenance Position An innovative enthusiastic individual with a demonstrated compassion for the elderly. Knowledge of carpentry, electrical and plumbing needed. Trade papers an asset. Minimum grade 12 , drivers license, leadership & organizational skills. Please submit resume with references by March 17, 2009 to: Groves Park Lodge 470 Raglan St. N. Renfrew, Ont. K7V 1P5

MEDIUM SIZED MACHINE SHOP in Arnprior area looking for machinist /machine setter. Duties include set up, and running CNC horizontal and vertical machining center and turning centers. Send resume to Box 433, Arnprior ON, K7S 3L9

PATRIOT SOURCE 1 is seeking another GAS FITTER G2, #27.50 per hour. Responsibilities: You will check maintain and perform diagnostics and repairs on residential HVAC equipment using service expertise, strong problem solving, communication and clientfocused skills. A valid T.S.S.A. issued Gas Technician - G2 Certificate (minimum) is required. Preference will be given to those also possessing a Residential Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic - Certificate of Qualification 313-D. A clean driving record required. G3 Gas Fitter need not apply. Please send resume by fax 1-800-3043998 or email to: staffing@patriot

OTTAWA’S LARGEST Lawn and Property Maintenance Company pays $120$360 DAILY for outdoor Spring/Summer work. Hiring honest, competitive, and energetic individuals to fill our various 2009 positions.Apply online @ Email JobsOttawa@ We Accept Call 613-432-3655

to place your ad All Classified Advertising must be pre-paid.

ottawa region

search, sell, save!


MANUAL WORKERS are required to: Harvest, grade and package seedlings for shipment and other manual duties. These positions are for 2-3 weeks starting in early April with a wage of $11/hr. Longer term spring and summer work will be available to qualified workers. Please contact the Forest Centre at 613-258-0110 ext. 224/225 or by e-mail at for further information or to apply.

SEVERAL SUMMER EMPLOYMENT opportunities in sales position at Farmer’s Market and produce stands for McGregor’s Produce from May 1 til Aug 31. Wages $11 plus for qualified candidates, email resume to or mail to 351 Lochwinnoch Rd, Braeside On, K0A 1G0


Job Title: Reporter/Photographer - Maternity Leave Department: Nepean This Week, Ottawa Region Media Group

Job Summary: This position requires an individual to cover general news stories, in-depth profiles on local personalities and community features. Competencies/Skills and Experience: • Strong written and verbal communication skills • Strong photography skills • Can write clean crisp copy that attracts and demands the readers ’ attention • Be able to work within a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment • Be a team player in a news room environment • Must be proficient in Microsoft Word, and have a working knowledge of InDesign Qualifications: • Journalism diploma/degree or equivalent work experience • Knowledge of the Nepean area an asset • Must have a reliable vehicle • Flexibility, reliability, enthusiasm is a must Please forward your resume no later than Tuesday, March 10 to Nevil Hunt, Managing Editor:

For NEW Truck Garage, Stittsville area. Tues. - Sat. 2 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. shift. Sat. Day shift. Excellent working conditions. 26/hr plus benefits to start. Fax resume to 613-831-9359. Apprentices also required.

Lost your keys, wallet, or just about anything else that is smaller than a breadbasket? Check with us first! People frequently bring found items to our front desk.




COUNTY OF RENFREW Employment Opportunity

BONNECHERE MANOR Long Term Care Home We are a people-centered Home dedicated to maintaining our “Excellence of Care” tradition, in a safe and progressive community.

Client/Outreach Programs Supervisor (Full-Time)

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Reporting to the Administrator, the Client/Outreach Programs Supervisor is responsible for the Client Programs/Outreach Programs, which includes effective therapeutic/rehabilitation, recreation, leisure, pastoral programs and volunteer services. Ensures the efficient operation of the Client Programs/Outreach Programs departments consistent with the Mission and Philosophy of Bonnechere Manor. Qualifications: •

Three to four year post-secondary education in Social or Health Sciences or equivalent experience. Degree in occupational or physiotherapy preferred. Post-secondary education in volunteer services. Three years management experience with at least three in long-term care. Proven leadership abilities combined with excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills. Computer literacy required (word processing, spreadsheet, database). Certification with applicable provincial association preferred. Must have immediate accessible transportation. Ability to meet and maintain health requirement standards of Bonnechere Manor as per the Long-Term Care Legislation.

• • • •

• • •


Compensation: $54,570 – $64,200, plus comprehensive benefits package.

613-432-6689 EMAIL

Please send your resume, stating Competition #09-22, by 4:00 p.m., Monday, March 30, 2009 to: Human Resources County of Renfrew 9 International Drive Pembroke, ON K8A 6W5 FAX: (613) 735-7590 EMAIL: (in MS Word or pdf format)

The Renfrew Mercury Renfrew Weekender

Find the Help YOU Need in the Renfrew Classifieds!


Career Opportunity

WORK WANTED 2 RESPONSIBLE MEN (insured) to renovate or build small/large jobs. Have references, will travel, hourly or by contract., 613-7209228



For Wilderness Tours and Mount Pakenham 3-5 years Quickbooks payroll experience required for 175 employees, bi-weekly. Send resume to



INSIDE SALES REPRESENTATIVE Full-time, base salary, commissions, health benefits. An Ezipin Sales Representative loves to pursue new business with an insatiable appetite to win customers and gain loyalty. You will sell electronic prepaid solutions and services to merchants across Canada & the US. You will introduce Ezipin to independent and corporate accounts, set phone appointments, make product presentations, and close sales in accordance with Ezipin’s strategic sales plan. Must have proven sales experience. Fluent in ENGLISH and FRENCH essential. Other languages an asset. Please forward your resume with cover letter and salary expectations to: or fax 613-831-6678.

Payroll Specialist Immediate Opening



HOUSE CLEANING Company presently seeking supervisormanager, full-time. Must have car. $11.00/hour + $250/month car allowances. 613-860-0436. Career and franchise oppor tunities available.





Renfrew Weekender - March 12 2009


Thank you for your interest, however, only those considered for an interview will be contacted.




Renfrew Weekender March 12 2009

The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds

Here’s how to reach us The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds

613-432-3655 The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds

613-432-6689 The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds

As one of North America’s leading electricity producers, and one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers, Ontario Power Generation offers challenging opportunities and career diversity in a work environment where safety is a fundamental value – and where you can realize your personal and professional goals. The Classifieds The Classifieds The Classifieds

or drop in at 213 Prescott St., Kemptville

Renfrew Mercury


Renfrew Weekender

Join us in Chenaux, to manage the watersheds, using principles of sustainable development, considering the entire watershed and its ecosystem. Conversant with hydraulics and hydrology principles as well as the principles of physics and thermodynamics, you are well prepared to oversee hydroelectric assets to ensure sustainable operating capability. You must have a degree, solid technical writing skills and knowledge of engineering mathematics and economics.

We offer an environment that will support you in reaching your potential. If you are ready for this challenge, please apply online at no later than March 15, 2009. OPG thanks all those who apply, however, only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. OPG supports the principles and practices of diversity.

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Here’s How It Works: Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken down into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

MIRAMICHI LODGE Long Term Care Home Miramichi Lodge is an accredited Long-Term Care Home that provides a high standard of resident-focused care. With the support of dedicated staff, volunteers and community partners, our knowledgeable team promotes enhanced lifestyle opportunities through a variety of specialized programs and unique services.


(Full Time) Under the direction of the Environmental Services Supervisor, the Maintenance Person performs established maintenance procedures, material control functions, emergency repairs and scheduled preventative maintenance assignments, consistent with the mission and philosophy of Miramichi Lodge. Also, contributes to the efficient operation of the department within a multi-disciplinary, resident focused team by performing heavy custodial duties and inventory control functions, by ensuring the establishment and maintenance of up-to-date departmental material controls on facility stock and associated supplies. Qualifications: • Grade 12 graduate or equivalent combination of education and experience. • Successful completion of the Facilities Maintenance Mechanic Certificate Program, or licensed trade certificate or equivalent with proven technical abilities. Compensation: $18.26 - $18.52 per hour, plus comprehensive benefits package. For a complete job description and qualifications, please see the County of Renfrew website at Please send your resume, stating Competition #09-21, by 4:00 p.m., Wednesday, March 25, 2009 to: Human Resources County of Renfrew 9 International Drive Pembroke, ON K8A 6W5 FAX: (613) 735-7590 EMAIL: (in MS Word or pdf format) Thank you for your interest, however, only applicants considered for an interview will be contacted. CL14467

Career Opportunity Job Title: Sales Representative - Full Time Department: Advertising, Smiths Falls Job Summary: To professionally service and expand the existing client base and to increase sales revenue through new business development. Major Accountabilities • Service and expand existing accounts through maintaining good customer relations and developing sales programs that meet advertisers’ business needs. • Develop marketing plans for potential and current advertisers. • Prospect for new accounts including researching advertisers in competing publications and reviewing new businesses in the area. • Establish and renew advertising contracts. • Enter client information in to database. • Collect, process, and proof Clients’ ads for completeness and accuracy. • Provide Composing with clear and organized instructions / designs for ads. • Co-ordinate Editorial coverage of advertisers where appropriate. • Negotiate rates with Clients, subject to Department restrictions, and to assist Accounting with the collection of accounts. • Accurately complete run sheets to ensure accounting maintains current files on all Clients. • Respond to incoming telephone inquiries concerning advertising services. • Address customer concerns in a timely and appropriate manner. Competencies / Skills and Experience Action Oriented • Composure • Creativity • Customer Focus • Drive for Results • Learning on the Fly •Time Management • Sound knowledge of sales and marketing practices • Excellent communication skills; verbal and written • Ability to work individually and as a team with minimum supervision • Strong computer knowledge in Microsoft Office; experience with design applications and databases an asset • Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure • Strong presentation skills with a keen eye for detail Qualifications College Diploma in business, marketing or related field preferred 3 years sales experience Experience in newspaper industry an asset Valid driver’s license and good driving record Interested and qualified candidates should forward their resume and cover letter to the attention of Bryan Wiltsie no later than Wednesday March 23, 2009. Email:







$$MONEY$$ Consolidate debts mortgages to 95% No income, Bad credit OK! The Mortgage Centre #10969 1-800-2821169

WSIB FREE Case Assessment. NO UP FRONT FEE for FILE REPRESENTATION. Over $100 Million in Settlements! Call toll free 1-888-747-6474, Quote #123.

TIRED OF BEING the Third Wheel? All your married friends busy with their spouses on the weekends? Maybe it’s time you meet someone special. Misty River Introductions. No computer required! 613-257-3531,

HALEY UNITED CHURCH in Haley Station is holding their annual Hot Roast Beef Dinner on Saturday, March 21. 4-6:30 pm. Adults $12, Children 612 years: $6, Under 5 years: free. Wheelchair accessible.


Career Opportunity Job Title: P/T Inside Sales Representatives

Pembroke Regional Hospital, located 150 km northwest of Ottawa, is a 180 bed regional acute care hospital offering a variety of acute and ambulatory care services including medicine, surgery, maternal and child care, regional mental health care, regional rehabilitation, emergency and intensive care. Our state of the art digital diagnostic imaging department offers a wide variety of diagnostic modalities including CT and nuclear medicine. We are currently recruiting for the following positions: FULL-TIME OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST To provide Rehabilitation Services to inpatients and outpatients as part of the Rehabilitation Program REQUIREMENTS: • Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy • Current membership in Ontario College of Occupational Therapists • Minimum of two years clinical experience • Experience in adult rehabilitation and neurology • Excellent oral and written skills • NDT training • Experience in working with an interdisciplinary team • Must have demonstrated ability to meet the attendance standards of the Hospital • Individuals may be required to work all shifts including weekends. ASSETS: • NDT Certification • Working knowledge of computers • Experience with other levels of practitioners, training students, etc • Bilingualism (English/French) FULL-TIME CHARGE TECHNOLOGIST/CLINICAL INSTRUCTOR To work in the Diagnostic Imaging Department REQUIREMENTS: • CAMRT Membership • CMRTO Registration • Graduation from a recognized school of x-ray technology • Previous experience with computed and digital radiography • Demonstrated experience with PACS applications • Minimum 5 years experience as a Radiological Technologist • Previous 5 years experience in a hospital or health care Diagnostic Imaging department • Previous clinical training program in a hospital environment • Familiarity with computers and Radiology Information Systems • Demonstrated and proven strong interpersonal skills and strong public relation skills • Required to assist with CAR mammography accreditation program as designate mammography technologist • Leadership qualities and an ethical approach to problem-solving • Previous cross-sectional anatomy courses • Measuring Student Achievement (CAMRT) course • Education in the Clinical Environment (CAMRT) course • Supervisory experience or a certificate in Hospital Departmental Management course or certification in clinical instructor program from a recognized institute, e.g., Michener Institute • Must have demonstrated ability to meet the attendance standards of the Hospital • Individuals must be available to work in all modalities and all shifts including weekends and callback in CT/Radiology as required ASSETS: • Bilingualism (English/French) • Adult education skills REGULAR PART-TIME MEDICAL RADIATION TECHNOLOGIST To work in the Diagnostic Imaging Department (Radiology & CT) REQUIREMENTS: • • • • • •

CAMRT Membership CMRTO Registration Graduate of a recognized school of x-ray technology Previous experience with computed and digital radiography Demonstrated experience with PACS applications Previous experience in a hospital or health care Diagnostic Imaging department • Familiarity with computers and Radiology Information Systems • Demonstrated and proven strong interpersonal skills • Demonstrated and proven strong public relation skills • Must have demonstrated ability to meet the attendance standards of the Hospital • Individuals must be available to work all shifts including weekends and callback in CT/Radiology as required. ASSETS: • Bilingualism (English/French) • Previous cross-sectional anatomy courses ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Qualified candidates should submit their resumes by Friday, March 20, 2009 to: Human Resources, Pembroke Regional Hospital, 705 Mackay Street, Pembroke, Ontario, K8A 1G8. FAX: (613) 732-6348 or e-mail We thank all candidates for applying, however, only applicants selected for an interview will be acknowledged. An equal opportunity employer/ Visit our Website CL14469

Department: Classifieds, Ottawa Region Media Group

Job Summary: We are in search of part-time inside sales representative The successful candidates will be responsible for increasing sales revenue in sections and features through new business development by prospecting and performing outbound calls. Evening work required. Competencies/Skills and Experience: • Telephone sales experience into publication sections and features • Prospecting new business through outbound telephone calls • Meet and exceed sales targets • Design ads according to customer specifications • Address client concerns in a timely and professional manner Qualifications: • Previous telephone sales experience (preferred) • Strong communication skills – verbal and written • Excellent time management and organizational skills • Self-starter with the ability to multi-task • Ability to work in a deadline driven environment • Attention to detail • Computer skills Please forward your resume no later than Friday March 27th to Rachel Henry, Manager, Classifieds at Ottawa Region Media Group is an equal opportunity employer. We thank all applicants for their interest; however only selected applicants will be contacted. No phone calls or agencies please. MUSIC, DANCING INSTRUCTION


WORLD CLASS DRUMMER (of Five Man Electrical Band) is now accepting students. Private lessons, limited enrollment, free consultation. Call Steve, 613831-5029. w w w. s t eve h o l l i n g

MY HOME CAN BE Your home while you are away! Family oriented, with 19 years experience welcomes children of all ages. Special needs children, loved and welcomed. Lunch, snacks, games, movies, toys, etc. 613432-7260 references.

INCOME TAX RETURNS. Retired Revenue Canada Auditor with over 35 years experience. Larry Pulcine 613623-4444.

TOP QUALITY CHILDCARE 14 years experience, great rates, activities, lunch and snacks provided, call Gennene at 4328145 all ages welcome


CHILDCARE WANTED BABYSITTER NEEDED, CARE for 6 year old, evenings, contact Ben 613-401-0241 after 6p.m. salary negotiable

CHILDCARE AVAILABLE EXCELLENT PROVIDER CPR First Aid nutritious meals and snacks, story time and outings, educational toys and crafts, references and receipts 613-432-9542






BENEFIT NIGHTS At Cyclones (Best Western Renfrew) We know times are tough. And we want to help. So …welcome to Benefit Nights

613-732-9802 JOHN G. PELLETIER BROKER CL13902

SERVICES 1ST CHOICE APPLIANCE REMOVAL. Will pick-up appliances and other unwanted household items. Also auto/truck batteries. Reasonable rates, prompt response. For friendly service, please call (613)832-1347. CERTIFIED MASON 10yrs exp., Chimney Repair & Restoration, cultured stone, parging, repointing. Brick, block & stone. Small/big job specialist. Free estimates. Work guaranteed. 613-250-0290. DIGITAL PHOTO RESTORATION Restore your vintage photographic memories. Scratched, spotted, creased, faded and torn photos digitally restored. Digital Foto/Grafx of Renfrew, 432-7409, 304 Harry St., Renfrew, ON.

It’s simple. Pick an evening. Let everyone know. And if they come in for dinner on that night they only have to mention your group or Team, and we kick back 20% to your team or organization. A great way for your group to fundraise. A great way for your members and supporters to have a great time. Give us a call to RESERVE your night.


Not valid with any other offer INCOME TAX PREPARATION Personal and Business Bookkeeping and Payroll services, 16 years experience KARE Accounting 613-4324990 please leave a message

PERSONALS LOVE! MONEY! LIFE! #1 Psychics! 1-877478-4410. Credit Cards / Deposit $3.19/min. 18+ 1900-783-3800

BOWES BROTHERS CONCERT for Renfrew Seniors’ Home Support, sponsored by M & R Feeds Renfrew, Sunday March 22 at the Renfrew Legion at 2:30p.m. Tickets $10. Available at Aikenhead’s Drug Store, Home Support office, (432-7691) and at the door.

TAX TIME with your Tax Return? Tax Return E-Filed Also offering year round bookkeeping service.

CANDY ROUTE! We have helped many people establish sucCall CLELA cessful cash candy businesses. No Selling. Part or full-time. CL13849 Many success stories. Low investment. YORK TAX SERVICE X P E R I E N C E D www.UTURNCANA ES Personal and BABY SITTER in DA.COM Small Business. RegQueen E. area, full istered E-filer. Accuand part time spots, rate, Reliable, Confismoke free, healthy COKE/M&M Vending. dential. Reasonable lunches and snacks, route. Earn up to Rates. Free pick-up police check and ref- $100K! Great Loca- and delivery in Renerences and receipts tions Available! Must frew. Call Marilyn. available 613-433- Sell! 1-800-367-8409 Leave Message. 6139750 ext.#3178 432-5237


Let the Renfrew Classifieds work for you!


trucks to serve you

Chippendales at the BEST WESTERN RENFREW!


Real Deal Ladies! First stop on their Ontario tour. March 25th Doors open at 8:00 pm Drop by Cyclones for special show menu Advance tickets on sale now $25 at Best Western

613-432-8109 Going Fast! CL14377

FRIDAY NIGHT ENTERTAINMENT Barney McCaffery Friday, March 13th 8 p.m. 409 Stewart St., Renfrew



24/7 Emergency Service Driveways starting at 10.00 per plow-out!




VA N D E R Z WA AG CONTRACTING commercial/residential Insured & Equipped For all Your Lawn and Yard Care!! Call for a free quote/estimate. BOOK EARLY! Call Mike 613-585-3641 WILL PICK UP & REMOVE any unwanted cars, trucks, boats, snowmobiles, lawntractors, snowblowers, etc. Cash paid for some. Peter, All Purpose Towing. 613797-2315, 613-560-9042


big thing.

And we want to buy you your dinner as a special gift. HAVE THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! Cyclone’s at the Best Western Renfrew

Where the birthday person eats for free! CL14016

GEORGE’S BARBER SHOP 47 McGarry YOUR Ave phone 613-432- REMOVE Record: A Criminal 9335 Record can follow you for life. Only Pardon Services Canada has 20 years experience Guarateeing Record Commercial/Residential Removal. Call 1-8NOW-PARDON (1Fully Insured & Equipped 866-972-7366) 6 tractors & 5 plow


We think birthdays are a









Renfrew Weekender - March 12 2009


HOLISTIC PAIN Management Support Group, with Paula Vibert & Moira Hutchison, Saturdays 9am-12pm (twice a month) in Braeside - Call 613-6236610 or 613-432-1239 for information HORTON COMMUNITY Center Country & Western Dance, 1005 Castleford Road, March 20th, 2009; 8:00 pm to 12:00am, Music by The Brysonaires, Tickets $8.00 advance, $10.00 at the door Tickets available at: Balloon’s n Critters & Flowers Scott & Son’s Hardware Horton Township Office JAMIESON TRAVEL: 2009 Tours. April:New Hampshire/Maine * MAY: New York, Branson * JUNE:Alaska, Tadoussac/Saguenay, Poland AUG: Newfoundland, SEPT Ireland and/or Wales * OCT. Australia/NZ/Fiji * NOV. Branson and MAY 2010: Oberammergau Passion Play and much more. Call 1-888-582-7011 for free catalogue of all our tours.

PRAYER TO THE BLESSED VIRGIN (Never known to fail.) Oh Most Beautiful Flower of Mt. Carmel, Fruitful Vine, Splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. Oh Star of the Sea, help me and show me, here you are my Mother. Oh Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to secure me in my necessity (make request). There are none who can withstand your power. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee (three times). Say this prayer for three consecutive days and then you must publish it and it will be granted to you. DM CL14388

Take A BREAK this March ... and come on in for dinner

A child eats for free

from our kids/tween menu with each adult purchase of one of our signature or classic entrees! Open for dinner 4:00 -11:00 pm 7 days a week  Pool table  Popcorn  Guitar Hero to entertain them so you can relax!






SHOWCASE 2009, April 17-19, Petawawa Civic Center. Exhibitor enquiries welcome, Email or phone 613-732-9662 for information.

Happy 90th Birthday to

Keith Briscoe




Good things come to those who wait

Happy 4th Birthday

Happy Birthday Claire Linde

WEDDINGS, BAPTISMS & Funerals, location of your choice. Also available Small weddings, my home, weekdays. The Rev. Alan Gal613-726lichan. 0400.

Happy 26th Birthday Jeff

March 13

Arleigh March 10th

May all your dreams come true!

Family, Friends and Neighbours are invited to an

Open House


WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW who you are and what your business does? Then Showcase 2009 is your best possible solution. The biggest marketplace ever to take place in the upper valley. email SPRING TOURS: s t o n e m a n s h o w April 20-24: 5 day tour to North Conway, NH for information. and Portland, Maine. Scenic White Mountains and shopping AUCTIONS mecca. Visit quaint sea side of Portland. MAY 7-10: NYC FIREARMS Manhattan. JUNE WANTED 15-18: Beautiful SaFOR UPCOMING guenay and Quebec AUCTIONS: City - awesome whale Shotguns, watching! Call Jamie- Rifles, Bows, son Travel for full de- Handguns, Medals, tails on these tours Military Weapons. and many more! 1- Edged 8 8 8 - 5 8 2 - 7 0 1 1 . As Estate Specialw w w . j a m i e s o n t r a - ists we manage the sale of registered & unregistered firearms. We can faSTAINED GLASS cilitate the sale of Classes starting firearms with exMarch 10. Details pired certificates. www.foundryartCall Paul @ or Kathryn er’s Auction: 613613-433-4224 332-5581 or 1-800694-2609 or email STONE FENCE info@switzersaucTHEATRE AUDI- for a conTIONS, 7p.m., Mon- sultation. Watch day March 23, Egan- our web site for upville Arena, for a mu- dated listings: sical show being www.switzersaucstaged 15 times, July- October, in Eganville. Next Sale April 18 Travel expenses, honoraria and perks. Information 613-757COMING EVENTS 2004


Sunday, March 29/09, 12 - 4 at Renfrew Legion Best Wishes Only

The Briscoe Family

Happy Fourth Birthday Arleigh

Busting with pride Mom & Dad Collins CL14411

IN MEMORIAM BRUCE, Margaret In loving memory of a dear mother, mother in law and grandmother who passed away March 10, 2007.

Love Always Mommy, Shane, Traker, The fish and Andi


Love, Sue & Doug Stacy & Stephanie Randy Brian & Lisa & Bridget


Happy 60th Birthday Grandpa

As time unfolds another year Memories keep you very near No need for words except to say You are still loved and missed every day Love you Mom, Donna, Jerry and family


THANK YOU A big thank you to Allan, Anita, their spouses, the grandchildren and Mary for planning a great 65th/Retirement Party. Special thanks to Duncan and Lynn Robertson for the great music. Thanks to the relatives, neighbours and friends for the lovely cards, phone calls and gifts. A thank you to everyone who helped out in anyway. Thanks for the Great Memories

Glen Barr

THANK YOU “Our deepest feelings can’t always find their way from hearts to words” We would like to thank family, friends and co-workers for all their prayers, cards, food, phone calls, visits, and flowers, Father Mac for the prayers for Jordyn, Don & Janet Goulet for being so caring and understanding, at this difficult time of the death of our granddaughter and daughter Jordyn Bailey Ann Beckett-Cruise Mark, Sherry & Dion Cruise

Maple Season is here


Open Daily



‘til April 26, Daily 9am-5pm

Stephen Lance Congratulations Stephen on your graduation from D’Youville College, December 2008 with a Masters of Education Degree.

Visit our New Website for details! 613-256-3867

Love you so much Nana & Poppa Prince and x o x Auntie Megan x o x CL14417

Stag & Doe ANDREW HAMILTON & DAWN SCHLIEVERT Friday, March 20th, 2009 Royal Canadian Legion 30 Raglan St., Renfrew ON Time: 8:30 p.m.


Love, Joseph, Grandma, Uncle Trevor, Aunt Katie, Daddy & Mommy And all the gang at the Bowling Alley



March 14-22 - March Break Celebration. Horse drawn sleighrides, face painting, taffy. Outdoor fun Friday March 20 - Tante Caroline celebrates Norsetts Birthday, Show in french 11am-noon, birthday cake

We are extremely proud of all your hard work & wish you all the best for the wonderful things you have yet to achieve.

Love always, mom, dad, Meagan & Lexie






On behalf of the family and friends of Brent Edmunds we would like to express our sincere appreciation to: Brent’s Health Care Providers, Kingston Police Department, City of Kingston Social Services, Gordon F. Tompkins Funeral Home, Glenhaven Memorial Gardens, Evangel Pentecostal Church and Kingston General Hospital Trillium Gift of Life Network. We are forever grateful for the many acts of kindness that were expressed through your hugs, prayers, telephone calls, e-mails, cards, food, flowers and monetary donations to David’s trust fund. You have no idea how each one of you have impacted our lives and helped us begin the healing process. Many thanks for patiently waiting despite the inclement weather and to those who passed on best wishes but were unable to attend.

The family of the late Myrtle Aubrey would like to express their thanks to family and friends for their cards, flowers, phone calls and memorial donations.

Edmunds Family

The Dell Family

We wish to thank the nurses and doctors of the Renfrew Victoria Hospital for their special care. We are grateful to Mr Donald Goulet and staff at Goulet Funeral Home for their professionalism and compassion during our time of sorrow. Our appreciation is also extended to Rev. Bonnie Scharf and the organist. Special thanks to the Ladies Auxiliary of the Royal Canadian Legion Br. 148 Renfrew for the lovely funeral lunch. The kindness shown to us at this time of sadness will forever be remembered. God Bless all.


CARD OF THANKS The family of the late Ian James MacMillan wish to extend a sincere thank you to relatives, friends and neighbours who provided charitable donations, food and flowers at the passing of a son and brother. Thank you to Rev. Milton Fraser and the members of St. Andrews Presbyterian, Arnprior, for their support during this time. To Boyce Funeral Home, we appreciate your help during this time.

Thompson, Elsworth John The family of the late Elsworth Thompson would like to thank all their friends, relatives and neighbours for all their prayers, kind words, cards, donations, flowers, food, phone calls and visits during this difficult time. Our sincere thanks to Dr. Clarke and all the medical staff at Renfrew Victoria Hospital for taking such great care of Elsworth during his brief illness. A special thank you to Pastor Holmes and Pastor Andrews for their many visits to Elsworth and family. Sincere appreciation to Earl, Cheryl, Emily Wall and John Devries for providing their ministeries during the funeral. A big thank you to the ladies of Parkview Free Methodist Church for serving a lovely luncheon. A very special thank you to Ambie and Mary Burchat for their hospitality during the week of Elsworth’s illness and funeral. Also thank you to the Pall Bearers and McPhail and Perkins Funeral Home.

Mac, Susie MacMillan and Family CL14471

Renfrew Weekender March 12 2009




IN MEMORIAM BRUCE, Margaret September 1916 March 2007. In loving memory of our Mother, Grandmother and Gr Gram

It has been a year and some since you both left us... Margaret Lepack, Auntie Maggie (Nov. 11, 2007) and Florence Lepack, Mom (Mar. 15, 2008). The days at the lake, the Sunday morning visits, the weekly calls and our Christmas Eves all together, will always be special. We think of you and miss you both...every day. God Bless Your Loving Family

Clouthier Michael (Mike) Feb. 27, 1965 Mar. l4, 2007 A loving heart stopped beating two years’ ago today You’re with your Dad in Heaven now I miss you every day. You took time for everyone else Left no time for yourself Now all that’s left are pictures To place upon a shelf. Memories – I keep them to reflect upon it’s true. I didn’t want the memories “son” I only wanted “you”. You’re always on my mind forever in my heart!! (see-ya!) Love – Mom CL14413


Norman Rousselle Dec. 12th, 1932 - Mar. 16th, 2008

Memories are like threads of gold They never tarnish nor grow old. Remembrance keeps you ever near As time unfolds another year. Always missed Herb, Lucy and family

CLEARY, Brian 10th Anniversary March 16, 1999 10 years ago today you closed your eyes for the last time. It feels like yesterday. We all miss you and think about you EVERY single day. Although you’re not here with us, We hope you can hear our prayers. We believe that you’re watching over us as our personal angel. We want you to know how much we love you and no matter how many years go by, you will always be with us. Forever in our hearts, Loretta, Lisa, Patrick, Raz and grand daughter Bryann

God looked around His garden And found an empty place, He then looked down upon earth And saw your tired face. He put his arms around you And lifted You to rest. God’s garden must be beautiful He always takes the best. He knew you were suffering He knew you were in pain. He knew that you would never Get well on earth again. He saw the road was getting rough, And hills were hard to climb. So he closed your weary eyelids, And whispered “Peace be Thine,” It broke our hearts to loose you But you didn’t go alone For part of us went with you The day God called you home.


In Loving Memory of Delmer McCallum “I miss Grandpa” are words that are spoken often. Mykenzie & Camryn wish you could see them play Ringette. Alec wishes you were at his hockey games. What they will come to realize as they get older is that you are there with them and forever will be. Another year may have gone by but your sudden departure feels like yesterday.

Bentley & Cathy CL14457

A booklet of commemorative verses is available at this newspaper. We sincerely hope it will prove to be of service to readers who are desirous of selecting a suitable verse for their In Memoriam.


Forever in my heart – Ilean


A page in our book of memories is quietly turned today 1 year has passed – at times it seems longer, at times, like only yesterday. Our lives go on without you, and nothing is the same. We try to hide our sorrow, When someone speaks your name. Sad are the hearts that love you, silent tears fall, Living life without you is the hardest part of all. The moment that you died, our hearts split in two: One side filled with memories, the other died with you. Remembering you is easy, we do it every day Missing you is heartache, that never goes away. If tears could build a stairway, memories a lane, We’d all walk up to heaven, and bring you home again. Your loving children Cathie, Susan, Debra, Dan, Scott, Lyle Cherished 15 grandchildren, Three great-grandchildren. The love for you within our hearts will stay forever. CL14459


Renfrew Weekender - March 12 2009


In Loving Memory of

Lawrence Daniel (Larry) Sharpe Peacefully in Renfrew Victoria Hospital on Tuesday, March 3, 2009 Larry Sharpe age 73 years. Loving husband of Lee McVeigh-Sharpe of Renfrew. Beloved father of Pamela Sharpe-Dovbniak (Wes) and Paul Sharpe (Anna) and stepfather of Nanci Askwith (Michael), Jeffrey McVeigh (Kathy), Joanne McVeigh (Rod) and Sean McVeigh (Carla). Predeceased by one son Gregory. Loved grandfather of Victoria, Charlotte, Christopher, Jonathan, Stephanie, Conor, Meagan, Alicia, Max, Jacob, Scott, Jack and Owen. Dear brother of Lila Rankin (late Gerald) and Beverly Bailey. Predeceased by his parents Lawrence Sharpe and Laura Cowick. Survived by niece Pauline Rankin, special caregivers Tanya, Sue and Carrie, and special friend Marjorie Lay. A celebration of Larry’s life will be held at the Renfrew Presbyterian Church on Sunday, March 8th at 7:00 p.m. For those desiring, donations to the Sunshine Coach Service, 44 Railway Ave., Renfrew, Ontario K7V 3B1 would be appreciated. Funeral arrangements entrusted to the care of the Anderson Funeral Home, Renfrew.

IN MEMORIAM In loving memory of our Grandfather Norman Rouselle If tears could build a stairway And memories were a lane I would walk right up to heaven To bring you home again

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No farewell words were spoken No time to say goodbye And only God knows why My heart still aches in sadness And secret tears still flow What it meant to lose you No one will ever know A golden heart stopped beating Hard working hands put to rest God broke our hearts to prove to us He only takes the best Now you and all the angels surround Gods happy throne I would have held you closer if I had only known. Forever remembered and missed Love always and forever Jason and Lorraine

Passages George Graham Eady In hospital in Renfrew on Wednesday Mar. 4, 2009, George Eady in his 83rd year. Beloved husband and soul mate of Betty McArthur nee Gilmour. Dear father of Debbie Corfe of Nepean, Donna Eady of North Bay, Kathy Smith of Renfrew, Susan Eady of Hamilton, Rod (Kelly) and John (Wendy) all of Renfrew. Beloved stepfather of Margo Mahusky, Douglas McArthur and Bonnie McArthur all of Renfrew. Sadly missed by 11 grandchildren, 1 step granddaughter and 2 great grandchildren. Brother of Archie Eady of Lapasse, Beth Somerville of Cobden, Velma Behm of Niagara Falls and the late Irwin Eady. Resting at the McPhail & Perkins Funeral Home, 85 Munro Ave. at Lorne, Renfrew, on Friday from 2-4 & 7-9 p.m., where the funeral will be conducted in the chapel Saturday at 1 p.m., Rev. David Tuck presiding. Spring interment Horton Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Renfrew Victoria Hospital Foundation or the charity of your choice would be gratefully acknowledged. Masonic service Friday at 6:45 Legion memorial service Friday at 7:30 p.m.

Tina-Marie Murphy Passed away in hospital in Renfrew on Wednesday March 4, 2009, Tina-Marie Murphy in her 43rd year. Daughter of the late David Murphy and Judy Danyluck of Renfrew. Dear sister of Kevin of Elliot Lake. Loving companion of William Belaire of Ottawa. Resting at the McPhail & Perkins Funeral Home, 85 Munro Ave. at Lorne, Renfrew, on Saturday from 3-5 & 7-9 p.m. Cremation to follow. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Renfrew Victoria Hospital Foundation would be appreciated.

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LECLAIRE, Beatrice Viola Peacefully at the Grove Nursing Home, Arnprior on Sunday, March 8, 2009, Beatrice Lambert, age 88 years. Wife of the late Emile Leclaire; dear mother of C.J. (Mary), Theresa McCormac, Melville, Garvin (Ann), Roderick (Ellen), Raymond, Samuel, Linda (Ralph Schultz), Denis (Barbara), Sandra (Brian Boeltge), Edward, Kevin. Predeceased by her sons Marvin and T.J. (Pastor Rose). Survived by many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Dear sister of Rene Lambert, Doris Whelan, Mildred and James Lambert. Pre-deceased by 6 brothers and 4 sisters. Visitations at the GOULET FUNERAL HOME, 310 Argyle St. S., Renfrew, on Monday: 2-4, 7-9 p.m. and after 9 a.m. Tuesday. Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at the Church of St. Patrick, Mt. St. Patrick, Tuesday, March 10th at 11 a.m. Spring interment St. Francis Xavier Cemetery, Renfrew. In Lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canadian Cancer Society. Online condolences/donations:

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41 Renfrew Weekender March 12 2009

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42 Renfrew Weekender - March 12 2009


Elta Watt (left) presented with International Women’s Day Award by Cathy Kyte, a board member, at Bernadette McCann House for Women Inc.

Elta Watt

Watt recognized for commitment to women SHERRY HAAIMA Elta Watt, recipient of the 2009 Bernadette McCann House International Women’s Day Award, is a doer. While battling through to the other side of a breast cancer diagnosis is a lofty accomplishment for any woman, Watt used her experience to lay the groundwork for a network of support that has benefitted countless women and will continue to do so long into the future. Watt, originally from the Cobden area, has been living in the Arnprior area since 1961. Several years after her battle with breast cancer, the McNab-Braeside resident created the Arnprior and District Breast Cancer Support Group, an organization that provides support, through regular meetings and events, as well as a support hotline, to women diagnosed with the disease. Watt was presented with the award at the 17th annual Renfrew County International Women’s Day celebration March 3 in Pembroke. McNab-Braeside is “very proud” that Watt has been chosen the award, Mayor Mary Campbell told council March 3. Campbell, who nominated Watt for the award, said she would have liked to introduce her at the award ceremony in Pembroke. However, as she had a council meeting that evening, it was appropriate that another McNab-Braeside resident and 2007 International Women’s Day award winner Eve Yantha was taking on the duty, she added. In her nominating speech, Yantha referred to Watt as “pure energy.” She not only refused to be defeated by cancer, she set forth to fight for other women like her, and to help them win their battles, said Yantha.

Watt was honoured by the recognition. “I was overwhelmed, to tell you the truth, when I got the call,” she said. She truly enjoyed the Pembroke celebration. “It was amazing,” she said, noting there were many people in attendance. The breast cancer support group, created in November 1996, was designed to fill a big gap for women facing breast cancer. Watt was diagnosed in 1993 and found herself overwhelmed, confused, needing advice and information. “When I was diagnosed there was nothing that I could reach out to,” she said. A lack of support was evident, she says. “Things at the time I was going through it were not as I thought they should be. I saw what was happening and I didn’t like it, so I guess that’s what made me leap into it.” Watt had an uphill battle. As for treatment, she underwent what she has dubbed “the hamburger with the works” – chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. She learned a thing or two along the way. A sense of humour can make all the difference, says Watt. “You have to have a little humour, you really do,” she says. The support group is about so much more than just cancer. Laughing and enjoying each other’s company are just two of the many benefits for group members. “We’re not a pity party. We are women who are on the same journey passing through to make it better for other women who end up on our journey,” said Watt. Members of the group just returned from a weekend retreat in Calabogie, one of the many annual events and projects in which the women take part.

“There’s just so much enjoyment when we’re together. It’s absolutely amazing, they’re all so beautiful. They have beautiful hearts,” said Watt. Members and their needs vary. Some women come when they need the support most, during their battle, and move on; others have stayed on board, working to make sure the group can help women for generations to come. Some women Watt has only spoken to on the phone – she continues to offer whatever support the women need. The group has gone on to fundraise and even lobby political leaders. There are regular monthly meetings and a number of special events, including the fundraising dinner in October and the Walk With My Mayor walkathon, scheduled for May 23. Also is the Stuff ‘n’ Such sale April 4 at the Nick Smith Centre, a May 1 shopping/bus trip, and the fourth Cruise for the Cure this September. The cruise, organized every two years, is to Alaska this year. Watt and her husband, Norman, have four children and eight grandchildren – seven of them granddaughters. The family supports the effort of the group. For their 50th anniversary, the couple celebrated with a gala fundraising event, accepting breast cancer donations in lieu of gifts. Other family members can regularly be seen working alongside the family’s matriarch. Along with her extensive community involvement, Watt enjoys her family and cooking. She underwent her second hip replacement surgery in the fall, and is looking forward to regaining her strength and mobility and continuing her efforts as an active community leader. The services of Bernadette McCann House include emergency shelter, crisis line, residential children’s services, day assessments and children’s outreach ser-

43 Renfrew Weekender March 12 2009

Renfrew Weekender - March 12 2009


Perseverance pays off for Winchester By Rob Brodie Jesse Winchester has always had a soft spot for the underdog. The type of hockey player who – despite not being blessed with an abundance of talent – kept persevering, defied the odds and made it to the big show. “Underdog stories helped inspire me to reach my goal,” said the Ottawa Senators rookie forward. “I remember I had some newspaper clippings when I was growing up about certain players that made the NHL and weren’t really expected to. There were always guys that I looked up to that maybe not everybody did. “A guy like (former Senator) Rob Zamuner, who was a solid NHL player and made the Olympic team (in 1998). He was just a solid all-around guy, a team guy.” In other words, exactly the player Winchester wants to be for the Senators. It’s the next step in the evolution of a rookie who had the look of a wideeyed dreamer when he started his first full season in Ottawa. “I’m starting to get past that point,” said the 25-year-old native of Long Sault, Ont., just outside of Cornwall. “Now, I’m starting to gain my footing and I

Look Who’s Coming Buffalo Sabres Tuesday, March 17 at 7:30 p.m., Sportsnet

Derek Roy

By the time he was a junior, NHL teams finally began to take notice. “Then in my senior year, it felt like I was on the phone every day, speaking to agents, different managers, different scouts,” he said. “It was pretty exciting to meet so many people from different organizations at Colgate. “They were coming to this little rink in the middle of nowhere. It was fun.” In all, about 20 teams expressed an interest but Winchester finally signed with one close to home. A few days later, on March 29, 2008, he suited up for his first NHL game. “The biggest deal of my life,” he still

Senators on TV March 14: at Pittsburgh, 3 p.m. (CBC) March 17: vs. Buffalo, 7:30 p.m. (Sportsnet) March 19: vs. Montreal, 7:30 p.m. (Sportsnet) March 21: vs. NY Islanders, 7 p.m. (CBC) March 22: at NY Rangers, 7 p.m. (TSN)


Photo by Debora Robinson/NHLI via Getty Images

The skinny: In the thick of the battle for an Eastern Conference playoff berth, the Sabres will continue to count on a wealth of firepower on the front end but must survive for awhile without goaltender Ryan Miller, who has been sidelined indefinitely by a high ankle sprain. Michael Tellqvist was acquired from the Phoenix Coyotes as insurance. With sniper Thomas Vanek out with a broken jaw, Derek Roy will be looked upon to carry the Sabres offensively and regain the team scoring lead he held during the first half of the season. Adding to the attack from the right side is Drew Stafford.

really want to build and solidify my spot for a long time to come.” All of this seemed such a long shot when Winchester was a scrawny teenager playing midget hockey in Cornwall with his boyhood buddies. Even the Cornwall Colts of the Central Junior Hockey League were out of his reach. “I tried out (for the Colts) but there was no possible way I was going to make it,” he said. “I was the smallest kid by 30 pounds. I was like 5-6, 130 pounds.” Winchester was ignored in the Ontario Hockey League draft. National Hockey League teams also took a pass during his draft year. “I just wasn’t anywhere near good enough,” he said. But as he grew into his body a little more – today, he’s a strapping 6-1 and 215 pounds – Winchester made it to the Colts, then attracted the attention of U.S. college scouts. He eventually accepted a full scholarship at Colgate University in Hamilton, N.Y., and by the end of his time there wore the captain’s C on his jersey, a testament to his dedication. “I don’t think I did anything much different than anybody else except in the off-season, I probably worked harder than anybody,” said Winchester. “That’s probably the thing that set me apart.”

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— 178 Plaunt St., Renfrew


calls it. It also fulfilled a dream that lived inside Winchester every since he was six years old, playing on ponds near Cornwall. And one that never stopped burning brightly, even when it seemed the odds were so stacked against him. “The thing with me is I never really believed I didn’t have a chance,” said Winchester. “No one knew about me, but I felt like I did some things really well that could help teams. “It was just that nobody knew about me. I kind of escaped the face-to-face criticism, which was kind of good. But there are always going to be doubters.”

Renfrew Weekender  
Renfrew Weekender  

March 12, 2009