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Minutes of RYV Meeting 2nd Febuary 2011 1.

Welcome and Apologies Present – Megan, Rebbecca, Sam, Ryan, Blair, Stephen, Kris, Michael, Tony. Apologies – Hua, Dale Megan welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Previous Minutes No minutes from previous meeting typed up yet, Stephen apologised and said he would get them for the next meeting.


Matters Arising No minutes from previous meeting so no matters arising.


Megan’s EMA Interview Megan told us about an interview she had done recently for the Sunday Herald with regards to EMA. She said it would appear in the Sunday Herald issue of 6 th Feb 2011.


SYP Election Tony said that the deadline for anyone wishing to stand is the 11 th of Feb 2011 and all application forms must be in by then. Sam and Stephen expressed interest in standing but need to email their forms to Hua by that date. Ryan also expressed interest but had already applied online through SYP. The dates of the election are believed to be the 14 th, 15th,16th and 17th of March 2011. Kris also mentioned that the SYP board had decided that there would be no e-voting system in this election.


Choose Life Workshop This workshop will take place between 5 and 6 on the 16 th of February. Ryan expressed interest in taking part along with those who had previously agreed the previous meeting.


Members Updates Kris spoke about the issues regarding UKYP and SYP mentioning that UKYP was becoming the victim to many government cuts. He also mentioned that SYP had won their grant from the Scottish Government again to allow them to run for this year. Ryan spoke about the Castlehead debate. It will take place on the 7 th of March 2011 in Castlehead High School’s Debate Auditorium. It was suggested that perhaps it should be filmed and podcast distributed, Ryan said he would look into this. It was also asked if RYV members could have a few seats booked at the event, to which Ryan said he would also look into and see if it was possible. He also mentioned that Create are interested in finding out more about the YETI event and would like to come to one of our meetings. It was agreed that they would come the meeting after the 16 th one. Tony said that Trading standards are looking to do more test purchasing in the Renfrewshire area. Megan mentioned that she was in Paisley on the 5th of February 2011 meeting with officers from the Serious Crime unit with MSYPS wanting to discuss new ways to do the “Choices for Life” campaign. She also mentioned that the debates for the sitting had been decided at the convenors group meeting she attended.


Close of Meeting and Date of Next Meeting Megan thanked Tony for standing in for Hua and thanked everyone for attending. The date of the next meeting was set for the 16th of February 2011. For anyone doing the workshop it would start at 5pm and for those not at 6pm.



Megan told us about an interview she had done recently for the Sunday Herald with regards to EMA. She said it would appear in the Sunday Her...

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