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Minutes of RYV Meeting 16th March 2011 1.

Present: On separate piece of paper (Hua can you add these in please) Apologies: On separate piece of paper (Hua can you add these in please)

2. Minutes of previous meeting Minutes from 16th February 2011 Proposed by: Sam Seconded by: Rebbecca Minutes from 2nd March 2011 Proposed by: Sam McCreavy Seconded by: Stephen Hedges 3. Matters Arising Stephen: School walk out which was proposed to happen last week didn’t go ahead, and it might not be an appropriate time for RYV to take it on. 4. Leaders Debate in Castlehead Last Monday 7th March 2011 Ryan Morrison had organised a debate in the auditorium in Castlehead high school. 4 Candidates from major political party attended the debate. Castlehead and Paisley Grammar pupils attended the debate. Castlehead Media Club has filmed the debate. It was very successful. The only downside is that the participants didn’t get chance to be more interactive with the speakers due to equipments/lighting in the room. LAC Funding Hua explains LAC (local area committee) to the new members of RYV. David Low wanted to have some ideas for youth funding. He spoke to people across Renfrewshire to know what young people are looking for in their area. RYV has proposed to put in a funding application for establishing a Renfrewshire Youth Fourm network. Hua has ask what do members think of the idea. Members were asked to leave their comments on post-it notes after the meeting. 5. NKBL campaign update


Sam and Stephen explained how RYV is in partnership with Inverclyde Speak Up group to promote the NKBL (No Knives Better Lives) campaign. There has been funding application put in for the CashBack for the community grant to do more work with Speak Up group in the future, watch this space! 6. SYP Sitting Update Rebbecca explained to the group what a SYP sitting is about. As it was the last SYP sitting for the current MSYP’s it was also the SYP awards night there was a lot going on and on Sunday there was subject committees meetings. Megan described what a subject committee is, there are 10 subject committees within the SYP and they mirror the Scottish Parliament ones, e.g. Education and Lifelong Learning, Rural Affairs…etc. If you are elected as a MSYP the first sitting will be in Stirling in June 2011 7. Y.E.T.I Update Youth Engagement Training Initiative Going to invite all services who work with young people to speak with them about what services they offer to young people Hua suggests that RYV should start a sub-committee for YETI and asks the group who would be interested, Jennifer, Michael, Dale, Blair, Declan, Rebbecca & Kelly are those who are interested, Meet 1 hour before the official meeting of RYV, Hua will keep us posted about this, 1st Meeting for YETI subcommittee will be held on 13 th April at West Primary 5:00pm – 6:00pm 8. MV awards registration If you are interested and want to apply, Get a application form from Hua, This MV awards means that all the hours you spend at RYV, SYP or any other voluntary organisation you can get a certificate for how many hours you have worked, 50 Hours – Bronze 100 Hours – Silver


200 Hours – Gold Minimum age to register is 14 Stephen points out that he has forgot to add Members updates to the agenda, Megan asks the group to provide members updates, 9. Members Updates Jennifer –> Leaders debate was good, Everyone was happy with the outcome Dale –> Been busy with school work and other volunteering Michael –> Went to leaders event, It was ok and also has started revising for exams. Michael has also started to volunteer with Sports Development. Blair -> nothing much, Just college, going on a placement with working with old people Declan –> Trying to get people to vote for him for the SYP elections with presentations and posters Sam –> No update Stephen –> Exams and elections Rebbecca -> organising school dance, trying to get money for decorations ect. Megan -> Nominated as member of the moment, Hua told her to go home and get things ready (sorry Hua I missed something out I think) 10. A.O.B Hua -> Kris has been a member of RYV for over 6 years now; He is officially leaving us soon, Need ideas for leaving present, Megan suggests that we should get a black t-shirt with Kris’s catchphrase “Yoooo0ooo” on the back of it with the RYV and SYP logo’s on it Group activities for the Easter break Rebbecca -> Go and see a movie -> shallow girls or Mini Golf or Outdoor activity Megan -> Fishing Dates – 4th April to 18th April


Group decide to go for Monday 18th April, possibly fishing Declan -> what members have been here for the shortest time? Jennifer, Sam, Stephen and Blair are the newest members of RYV 11. Close of meeting Megan officially closes the meeting and mentions the next meeting date which is: Wednesday 30th March 2011 4:00pm – 6:00pm Renfrewshire House, Cotton Street Where Cllr. Derek McKay will reveal the new MSYP’s

Minutes typed by Dale Irvine



5. NKBL campaign update David Low wanted to have some ideas for youth funding. He spoke to people across Renfrewshire to know what young peo...

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