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Area runners close to bomb blasts at Boston Marathon Steve Newman

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Renfrew County marathoners are alive, but shaken, after two bomb blasts left two people dead and about two dozen others injured at Mondayʼs Boston Marathon. Stewart Campbell, a former Renfrew resident who now lives in Pembroke, celebrated his 55th birthday by completing the 117th edition of one of North Americaʼs most prestigious road races. Campbell finished his 25th marathon in 3 hours, 11 minutes. But about an hour later one of his Pembroke running colleagues, Bob Bobeldijk, 76, was within about 300 metres of the finish line where the first bomb exploded. Bobeldijk kept on running, but 10 seconds later a second bomb went off, closer to him, and security people rushed onto the course and prevented any runners from continuing. Earlier in the race, Bobeldijk stopped to use one of the race course portable washrooms, which Campbell surmises may have saved his life. Most worrisome for Bo-

beldijk was that he knew his wife Arpick was waiting for him near the finish line. It was only when they found each other, and embraced, that he was able to relax. “Everyone (of my friends here) was worried because they knew I would come in about this time,” he said. “It was emotional to see each other alive,” he said. Bobeldijk also emailed his daughter in Pembroke and son in Vancouver to let them know he was okay. “Iʼm just devastated,” said Campbell. “Itʼs changed the whole marathoning scene. I was hoping to go to New York for the marathon this fall, but now thereʼs going to be dog sniffers everywhere.” He was also hoping to run his 10th Boston Marathon next year, but now time will tell what organizers are thinking about the future of this and many other international events. Renfrew resident Colleen Berry, who has run four Boston Marathons, was not in Boston this week, but had wondered for years if something like this might actually happen.


Horsing around Abbie and Austin LeGris visit their horse, Angel, at KC Painted Acres and Boarding Kennels on Goshen Road. With spring finally in the air and temperatures rising, there’s no finer place be to than outdoors.




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Farmers gather to protest release of GM alfalfa Jennifer McIntosh

The release of geneticallymodified alfalfa could be the last straw for a dwindling bee population, said bee keeper Susan Hamilton. Hamilton, along with four dozen farmers from across Ottawa and the valley, came out to protest the potential release of the herbicide tolerant alfalfa at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency headquarters in Nepean on April 9. “We have had bees since 1973 and the population is dwindling already,” Hamilton said. “This will eventually kill them off.” Hamilton added that pollinating the alfalfa genetically modified to include the herbicide Roundup could hurt and eventually kill bees. Forage Genetics International has applied Monsantoʼs Roundup Ready technology to alfalfa and Canada already approved it for health and environmental release in 2005. Variety registration with the agency is the last step before it can become commercially available. Demonstrators with the National Farmers Union


Lauretta Rice, secretary with the Renfew County chapter of the National Farmers Union, addresses the crowd as four dozen farmers called for a stop to genetically modified alfalfa during a protest outside the Canadian Food Inspection Agency on April 9. and the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) hoped to halt the process by letting the powers that be know how they and consumers feel.

Alfalfa is a high-protein feed for dairy cows, beef cattle, lambs, poultry and pigs, but because labelling for genetically modified crops is not mandatory in Canada, itʼs

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unlikely consumers will know they are eating altered crops. Lucy Sharratt, a co-ordinator with the action network, said 38 communities across the country organized demonstrations in a four-week period. “Seventeen communities in eastern Ontario were holding demonstrations today,” she said, adding eastern Canada is where the genetically-modified alfalfa would be rolled out first. Lauretta Rice, whose son runs a dairy farm in Douglas, Ont., went to the protest because she said the introduction of the Monsanto technology would kill off the more than 200 varieties of the plant that her son produces locally. Alfalfa is a perennial plant that is pollinated. The intro-

Grain Growers of Canada disagree with protest Grain Growers of Canada

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duction of a genetically-modified strain will cross-pollinate with organic forms and threaten the livelihood of local farmers, she said. The Canadian Forage and Grassland Association released a report the potential impact of Roundup Ready alfalfa on Canadaʼs forage industry in June 2012. “The introduction of RRA, and subsequent GE (genetically-engineered) alfalfa traits, into Canada could have a negative impact on certain export seed, forage, honey and the entire organic industry,” the report reads. “RRA would give forage producers a new and effective weed control system. Successful introduction would also encourage biotechnology companies to continue developing other GE

alfalfa traits adapted to the Canadian market.” But the Grain Growers of Canada, an association that represents 50,000 farmer members, issued a press release the same day of the protest, saying they support technologies that enable Canadians to farm sustainably. We support Canadaʼs robust science-based regulatory environment which ensures any new crops or traits are proven safe for human consumption, animal feed and our environment,” Stephen Vandervalk, president of the Grain Growers of Canada, said in the release. “While we appreciate that many long-time opponents of progress have concerns, the reality is they have a lot of rhetoric, but no facts to back up their case.” But Sharrat said someone in the government needs to take responsibility. “Our government doesnʼt even consider the potential economic costs before it allows GM (genetically modified) crops like this onto the market,” she said. “Farmers are left to bear the costs of GM contamination, which in the case of alfalfa would be borne by many types of family farmer across Canada.” Paul Slomp, a resident of Manotick Station who sells grass-fed, organic, non-certified beef to more than 200 clients in the Ottawa area, said the introduction of the modified plant doesnʼt make sense. “Farmers donʼt want it and I know my consumers donʼt want it,” he said. “We have to ask ourselves who is making the decisions around what kind of food we eat, why on earth is this being legitimized and being commercialized in Canada?”

The Grain Growers of Canada and its over 50,000 farmer members have always been strong supporters of new technologies that enable us to farm more sustainably. “We support Canadaʼs robust science-based regulatory environment which ensures any new crops or traits are proven safe for human consumption, animal feed and our environment” said Stephen Vandervalk, president of the Grain Growers of Canada. “While we appreciate that many long-time opponents of progress have concerns, the reality is they have a lot of rhetoric, but no facts to back up their case.” This statement of over-

whelming farmer support for modern agriculture is in response to a day of protest being organized by the U.S.funded Canadian Biotechnology Action Network whose supporters having lost their case in the States are now trying to block the same innovation in Canada. “This is more about a special interest group trying to get attention to support their fundraising than it is about any real health concerns,” said Richard Phillips, executive director of the Grain Growers of Canada. “In fact, this new alfalfa has been researched and approved by the Canadian Government and has full food, feed and environmental release approval, as it has in the United States as well.”

Farmers across Canada and around the world are rapidly accepting new GM traits because damaging populations of weeds, insects and diseases are controlled with fewer pesticides. Of 28 countries that planted genetically modified crops last year, 20 were developing and eight industrial countries. Acreage has also increased quickly; farmers planted 170 million acres worldwide in 2006 and over 420 million acres worldwide in 2012. The Grain Growers of Canada represents over 50,000 successful wheat, durum, barley, canola, oat, corn, pea, lentil, soybean, rye and triticale farmers. See www.Qrginarowers, ca for more.


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Warrants issued in armed robbery Renfrew OPP

The Renfrew detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) has issued arrest warrants for two males following the investigation into an armed robbery at Mill Music in Renfrew in February. On Saturday, Feb. 9 at about 3 p.m., two males entered Mill Music on Argyle Street North in Renfrew. The males fled the scene with the two stolen guitars after unsuccessful attempts to use fraudulent credit cards and displaying what appeared to be a holstered gun. One suspect has been identified as Christopher Sarmado-

poulos, 52, of Vaudreuil-Dorion, Que. He is facing several charges, including robbery, two counts of fraudulent use of a credit card, two counts of identity theft, two counts of breach of probation, fraud over $5,000, fraud under $5,000, and procuring false identity documents. The other suspect has been identified as Robert Gravel, 50, of Montreal. He is wanted for robbery, fraud over $5,000, identity theft, procuring false identity documents, and fraudulent use of a credit card. Both suspects are considered potentially armed and dangerous and a risk to public

safety. Anyone who may know of the whereabouts of these wanted suspect(s) or who may come into contact with the suspects should not approach them. Instead, contact the police as soon as possible by calling 9-1-1. Should you wish to remain anonymous, you may call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-2228477 (TIPS), where you may be eligible to receive a cash reward of up to $2,000 Det.-Const. Sean Smith is leading the investigation. Anyone with information is asked to contact the OPP at 1-888-310-1122 or the Renfrew OPP at 613-432-3211.

MPP launches petition against tire fees Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke MPP John Yakabuski has joined with his colleagues in the Ontario Progressive Conservative caucus in launching a petition calling on the provincial government to stop increases to Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) fees for agriculture tires that came into effect on April 1. The new fees, which include tires for agricultural vehicles, dump trucks and equipment used in the forestry sector, will increase the cost of doing business by as much as 2,200 per cent, Yakabuski maintains. The eco-fee for a front tire on a harvester combine, for example, will jump to $352.80 – up from just $15.29. “These new fees are just another example of the Ontario Liberals making policy without consulting or considering those that would be impacted.” Yakabuski said. “At a time when businesses in rural Ontario are struggling just to keep their heads above water, these new fees put our farmers and foresters at a huge competitive disadvantage.” The new fees classify agricultural tires as off-road. Yakabuski pointed out that no other province has fees close to the level of those in Ontario. As an example, the eco fees on the tires for a John Deer 9770 combine in Ontario would cost $1,646.40, compared to $210 in British Columbia, $90 in Saskatchewan, $54 in New-

foundland, and $24 in Prince Edward Island and Manitoba. “This massive increase in Ontario Tire Stewardship fees for agricultural tires will take millions out of our agricultural industry and cause losses to our farm equipment dealerships,” said Opposition Agriculture Critic Ernie Hardeman. “We need to ask ourselves how it can cost that much more to recycle a tractor tire in Ontario than in other provinces?” By contrast, the PC Party has unveiled a new plan that holds manufacturers and importers of tires responsible for recycling, but gives them the freedom to work with other businesses to find the best way possible to carry out that responsibility. “The PC Party is committed to scrapping this tire program and would hold manufacturers and importers of tires responsible for recycling their own waste.” Yakabuski said. The PC plan would permit competition among different tire-recycling service providers, rather than having one organization control the marketplace. The PCs would remove the governmentmandated control that industry-funding organizations currently have over recycling electronics, tires and household hazardous materials by opening up all of these sectors to the freemarket.

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QUEENʼS PARK – Yesterday Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke MPP John Yakabuski joined with his colleague MPP Jim Wilson and the entire PC caucus to support the Public Sector Capacity to Pay Act, 2013. If passed, the Bill would have modernized public sector interest arbitration in Ontario in three key ways: • First, arbitratorsʼ decisions would be required to factor in specific economic and budgetary factors, like the taxpayersʼ capacity to pay, when making decisions and explain those decisions in writing; • Second, it would make arbitrators accountable by ensuring cases are decided

within tight timelines and provide full written reasons that explain how the decision was arrived at; • Third, create a Capacity to Pay Division which would publish comparative information on compensation, as well as proactively disclose all arbitration decisions. Despite being supported by the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO), the Eastern Ontario Mayorsʼ Committee (EOMC), and the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) the Liberal and NDP caucuses teamed up to defeat the bill. “Itʼs time to fix a broken system that awards unaffordable contract settlements at the expense of municipal taxpayers” Yakabuski said. “It is no longer acceptable for arbitrators to assume that munici-

palities should raise taxes to pay for these arbitration decisions.” Yakabuski added that the Capacity to Pay Act is a part of the Ontario PC plan to make government workersʼ wages reflect taxpayersʼ capacity to pay and help municipalities get labour costs under control – costs that are driving up property taxes and putting these valuable services at risk. “The reckless overspending of the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals since 2003 has doubled Ontarioʼs debt and put Ontario in a deep financial hole,” said Yakabuski. “We must take urgent action to get our fiscal house in order and ensure scarce tax dollars go to the things people care about, like front-line health care and classroom education,” he said.


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Taxpayers’ capacity to pay ignored: MPP Following is a new release from the office of RenfrewNipissing-Pembroke Conservative MPP John Yakabuski.

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The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013 3


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Lunney new head of federal Liberal riding association Steve Newman

try and Italian studies. “I read a lot, but thatʼs also part of what spurred my interest in politics,” said Lunney, the 27-year-old banker and one of three children of Bill


Renfrew native Ryan Lunney canʼt be accused of having a one-track focus. He has

a passion for music and volleyball, while the content of his B.A. in religion completed at the University of Toronto in 2008 suggests other interests, since his minors were chemis-

4 The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013

and Gail Lunney of Renfrew. Recently acclaimed president of the federal RenfrewNipissing-Pembroke Liberal Riding Association, he assumed the position at the associationʼs AGM in Eganville last night. Also acclaimed were vice-president Ian Kuehl of Pembroke, treasurer Rob Jamieson and communications chair Meredith CaplanJamieson. Jamieson, who works as a senior director for the Liberal Party of Canada, says heʼs excited about the new blood brought by younger-generation Liberals such as Lunney and Kuehl. “I like that heʼs going to bring the drive to get to (the election of) 2015,” said Jamieson of the new president. “Heʼs also a good team motivator, to be sure, and he gets the new methods of communication, with Facebook and social media. To organize as a movement, this is how you do it and this is how people are now talking in the Ottawa Valley. Ryan gets all of that.” Lunneyʼs also president for a riding association that is spearheading a new organizational structure whose focus is on decentralization and more citizen participation. With the help of the national Liberal partyʼs focus on creating supporters (who donʼt have to become party members), participation in the party is up, says Jamieson. The new organizational structure has been a work in process since last summer. “We talked about how we were doing things, and we werenʼt out in the riding,” admitted Lunney, who lives in Ottawa, but calls Renfrew home. “The party, at the national level, has been talking about renewal, about opening its doors to new ideas, about how we can better represent and better serve Canadians. And you know what, itʼs a really good time for us (in RenfrewNipissing-Pembroke) to do the same. The theme that kept coming out for us is that we want to keep it local.” So, no more parachute candidates? “I really canʼt speak to that,” he replies calmly. “I wasnʼt part of the last nomination at all, and we shall see. I think the leadership (race) will have an impact on that too, depending on who wins,” added Lunney. Before last Sundayʼs convention he correctly predicted Justin Trudeau, son of former Canadian prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, would win because heʼs by far the most popular candidate. Lunney was the riding captain for Trudeau during the campaign that helped generate


Ryan Lunney is the federal Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke Liberal Riding Association’s newly-acclaimed president. more than 127,000 registered online voters. “Itʼs been a great thing. Opening the party to the supporter class has gotten a lot more people to hop on board … Itʼs been a long time since weʼve had a unifying leadership campaign,” added Lunney. “More than anything, heʼs managed to deal with a lot of criticisms levelled at him. And heʼs managed to stay above the potshots, but still engender the support.” Asked if charisma has been a missing part of recent Liberal candidates in the local riding, Lunney doesnʼt miss a beat. “Weʼve been very lucky with the candidates we have had, but the problems in Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke go further than charisma and things like that. “Thereʼs a change that needs to happen and thatʼs really what weʼre trying to do … Getting involved is the way things get done.” Meanwhile, he says the primary and immediate concern of the riding association isnʼt to defeat MP Cheryl Gallant. First things first, he suggests. “Thatʼs not really what our motivation is,” replied Lunney. “Itʼs about getting the Liberal Party back into peopleʼs minds, and hopefully hearts, and that weʼre an option for them.” An open attitude will also be characteristic of the way the local riding association works, says Lunney, admitting it was too closed door before. Lunney says the muzzling by Prime Minister Stephen Harper of his own caucus has shown how difficult it is for local issues to be heard. Meanwhile, Lunney says governance is the job of everyone. “I really think politics can

make a real difference, and make things incrementally better, when itʼs practiced right,” stresses Lunney. “Thatʼs really the bottom line. Itʼs the way to make our homes, our families, our society in general, just a better place to be. And politics is people getting active in their communities to make them better.” Step one for the local riding association is to build the local Liberal Partyʼs base of volunteers. Step two is to deliver on issues and get answers for the ridingʼs citizens when questions arise. “Itʼs not glamorous work, but itʼs necessary,” said Lunney. Step three is preparation to win an election. “Our job is ongoing groundwork, on a monthly, weekly basis. We want to be in touch with the people who are out there,” says Lunney, who says this can be done with help from the federal Liberal caucus and by inviting experts to speak on particular issues. “Essentially, the idea is that you donʼt have to go looking into the deep, dark corners of the riding to find us.” As president, Lunney says he brings youthful energy. “Our new model is in many ways more activist … and about talking to people. That requires lots of energy and thatʼs what I think Iʼll primarily bring. “We have a plan, and now it needs to be delivered, and I think Iʼm really capable to handle the reins of it, and see it through to completion.” Lunney succeeds veteran Liberal supporter Tom Adamchick as president. “I think heʼs going to be dynamite,” said Adamchick. “And I really like the plan weʼre coming forward with.”


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REAL Tree-Hugger campaign underway in county Steve Newman





*,5/6*(7$:$<6721(:<25. 0D\-XQ6HS1RY

12 7$;



R0012032203 7,&2

The new and REAL Tree-Hugger campaign is one way to put a voice to the forestry industry. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The forestry industry has almost no voice in urban Ontario,â&#x20AC;? says Jeff Muzzi, manager of forestry services for the County of Renfrew. â&#x20AC;&#x153;If you say we cut down trees, right away itĘźs a negative instead of something that is sustainable.â&#x20AC;? The REAL Tree-Hugger campaign is an effort to change that. The program was initiated by the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association, as a way to puts a face to forestry, to the people who support their families and make a living from the industry, says Lacey Rose, who works as a forester for the County of Renfrew. The same campaign calls for holders of REAL Tree-Hugger postcards to mail them, as already printed, to Kathleen Wynne, Premier, Legislative Building, QueenĘźs Park, Toronto, Ont., M7A 1A1. The acronym, REAL, is explained on the front of the post card. It says a REAL TreeHugger knows that sustainable forestry: Renews and replenishes the ecosystem; promotes Economic Growth; Accumulates more carbon; and is the Lifeblood of communities! On the other side of the card, a pre-written message to the premier says: â&#x20AC;&#x153;In recent years we have seen increasing resistance to forestry activities and a related



County of Renfrew forester Lacy Rose and manager of forestry services Jeff Muzzi proudly display buttons or postcards proclaiming them as REAL tree-huggers. reduction of available ďŹ bre under the guise of environmental protection, with little consideration of the economic and social needs of our communities. Recent activities by some environmental groups appear to assign a higher value to the environment than they do to economic and social development needs â&#x20AC;&#x153;To ensure a balanced approach, I call on the Government of Ontario to conduct

transparent socio-economic impact assessments prior to decisions being made on all new or revised legislation, regulations and policies that may impact forestry.â&#x20AC;? Each letter leaves space for the sender to write his or her name and postal code before the line that reads: â&#x20AC;&#x153;and I am a REAL Treehugger.â&#x20AC;? Check out for more details.




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Pledge forms available at RBC Renfrew or Hospice Renfrew Online donations/forms 0418.R0012040000



375 Daniel Street South (Arnprior Mall)

The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013 5


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Day to be pink and powerful at Renfrew school Steve Newman

Who says boys donʼt wear pink? Most of St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Schoolʼs more than 220 students, both girls and boys, were decked out in pink for the Day of Pink assembly. The Renfrew elementary school has been connected to the anti-bullying message for a few years, but the 45-minute assembly held April 10 was a way to extend that message beyond announcements and other isolated educational activities at the elementary school. “You do what you can do as a classroom teacher, but you still hear of things going on in the school or outside of school,” said assembly emcee and Grade 1 teacher Liz Richards. “So hopefully, theyʼll remember this day and make a different choice as far as bullying.” Early in the assembly, Richards presented a large thank-you card, with student signatures, to Erin Broome on behalf of MacKillican and Associates for sponsoring the balloons and helium used for the assembly climax of sending more than 100 balloons to the roof of the gym. Each balloon contained a message written by a student to promote anti-bullying behaviour, like Be a


St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School students release pink balloons, containing containing anti-bullying messages. The send-off concluded the Renfrew elementary school’s first Day of Pink assembly. buddy, not a bully, or Show your true colours. The assembly was told the Day of Pink originated in the fall of 2009 in a small Nova Scotia town where two Grade 12 students overheard students threatening to beat up another student. In response, they bought 50 T-

shirts and contacted friends, encouraging them to wear pink clothing the next day. The next day more than 100 students showed up wearing pink for the anti-bullying display. “Today the hope is that, here at STA, we can all stand together to stop bullying; to make a choice to stand up and say no, because some-

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times it just starts with one person,” said Richards. The assembly included a student skit on bullying prevention; a Don’t Laugh at Me video; students singing Pinkʼs Perfect and Cyndi Lauperʼs True Colours. There was also a reading by Grade 1 students of a prayer that included

these lines: • Help us remember that when we pick on someone they are angry but also afraid. • Help us remember that when we donʼt stick up for someone who is being bullied, they are alone. • Help us to make good choices in our treatment of our classmates and friends, and to realize that sometimes itʼs not enough just to be sorry. The assembly also featured students reading the biblical story of the Good Samaritan who came to the rescue of a man who was attacked by thieves and left for dead. In the end Jesus asks others to behave like the Good Samaritan, and not like the first two men who saw the battered man, but did nothing. As the assembly drew to a close, emcee Richards said staff members “hoping all the things youʼve seen and heard will be memorable enough to help you in making your own choices about how you treat others. “The adults here, and even your classmates and friends, can tell you your actions or words are unkind … but the decision still lies with you on what your choice will be. Will you be the one that stands up? Will you be the one to be a neighbour? Remember, itʼs your choice and it only takes one!” In the assemblyʼs final seconds, the studentsʼ countdown was “5-4-32-1, STA is against bullying!”



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Federal funds for Deslaurier Custom Cabinets Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke MP Cheryl Gallant recently visited Deslaurier Custom Cabinets in Renfrew to make a Community Futures Development Corporation – Renfrew County funding announcement. A total of $11,907, from the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario’s Eastern Ontario Development Program, was administered by CFDC for two projects — computer automated design training for new software, and server upgrades for critical-data storage. “The funding is basically about skills development and integrity of data,” said DCC purchasing manager Chris Havey. Later, Havey describes some of the technology in the Renfrew plant to local CFDC vice-president Darrel Ryan and Gallant, as DCC co-owners Denis Staples and Jim Deslaurier look on. The company employs about 100 staff in Renfrew and another 30 through its Ottawa design centre and service depot. STEVE NEWMAN/METROLAND

Safe Haven Home Health Care keeps clients at home

On Saturday, May 11 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., visit any of the more than 430 M&M Meat Shops locations across Canada to support the 25th Anniversary M&M Meat Shops Charity BBQ Day benefiting the Crohnʼs and Colitis Foundation of Canada (CCFC). M&M Meat Shopsʼ franchisees, staff and thousands of volunteers from coast-to-coast will be manning their grills to meet the 25th Anniversary Charity BBQ Day fundraising goal of $1.3 million. Visit www. for more information on the event.

much easier by the fact that she enjoys it. Rudy has clients in Pembroke, Cobden, Douglas and Arnprior and is looking for more throughout Renfrew County. “I want to get my name out there, let people know I have the

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650 Stewart St. Renfrew 613-432-9739 905-123-4567 Arnprior 613-623-9223

* Call for details. Offer expires June 15, 2013. ClimateCare and the ClimateCare Logo are trademarks © 2011 ClimateCare Co-operative Corporation.

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MURDER MYSTERY DINNER THEATRE “WINNER TAKE ALL” at The Wizard Casino Horton Community Centre 1005 Castleford Road $15.00 per person Saturday April 27, 2013 Doors will open At 5:00 for Cocktails Followed by Dinner and the Theatre Dinner will be Spaghetti Tickets available at the Township Office Call Kathleen 613 432 6271 or Valerie Miller at 613 432 8390 Email:



Friday, April 19th, 8 p.m. - 12 a.m. Horton Community Centre, 1005 Castleford Rd. Tickets: $8 Advance, $10 Door Includes light lunch Advance Tickets Available: Scotts and Sons Hardware Horton Township Office Nolans Corner Store

DAMAGE TO MAIL BOX POLICY A number of mail boxes were damaged by heavy slush that flew off the trucks/plows during snow removal operations on Friday, April 12, 2013, not by the snow plow itself. The Township’s mailbox policy calls for replacement if the mail box is struck by the snow plow. The Township is not responsible for damage incurred by flying snow or debris that are beyond the operator’s control.


M&M BBQ Day May 11


Chantel Rudy welcomes seniors and others still living at home who need assistance to call her new business, Safe Haven Home Health Care.


Thanks to Chantel Rudy and her new business, Safe Haven Home Health Care, people who might otherwise be forced to move, can continue to live in the comfort of their own home. “I basically go into peopleʼs homes and assist them with everything they need,” Rudy said Rudy has operated her business since January. She had previously worked at Groves Park Lodge in Renfrew. “I just decided that a lot of people want to stay in their own homes, and need the help to do so.” Rudy said. “As long as they are healthy enough, they want to stay where they are comfortable.” She has about five clients right now and is available during days, evenings and weekends. “Basically, itʼs a 24-hour job,” she said, made

business,” she said. “They want the same person coming in, not someone different all the time,” Rudy said of her clients, adding that they gain a trust with the same person. Sheʼs not planning on hiring any staff at this time. Itʼs not just the elderly that Safe Haven Home Health Care provides service to. Respite care, post-hospital care, companion service, light house keeping, preparing meals and activities of daily living are services Rudy provides. Right now, Rudy plans to keep her office in her home at 26 Freamo Lane in Renfrew. That way, she is home more and doesnʼt have to hire a babysitter for her kids, she said. Her home number is 613-4332123 and the office 613-432-9913. She can also be reached at, and at on the web. 0418.R0012031575

Peter Clark

Renfrew Power Generation Inc. is now accepting applications from interested individuals to fill two (2) Board of Director positions at its Annual General Meeting in May 2013. Renfrew Power Generation Inc. is responsible for the development and operation of electricity generation projects. Owned by the Town of Renfrew, it is managed by a Board of Directors selected from qualified community applicants. As a Board member, you will be responsible for; the development and maintenance of financial and capitalization structures; ensuring a reliable, effective and efficient electricity generation system is provided; appropriate risk management strategies and internal controls are implemented for the business; that it operates in a safe and responsible manner and in compliance with all licenses, codes, policies, and rules, approvals, consents and other actions of any Regulator. The ideal candidate to fill the Board Director positions will be able to commit personal time and effort to provide strategic direction and leadership for the continued success of the business; have prior experience in one or more of the following areas: corporate governance, risk management, strategic planning, business and financial management, and an awareness of public policy issues related to the Corporation’s businesses. Directors shall be a resident of the Town of Renfrew area, or employed or carry on a business in the Town of Renfrew area. Interested applicants may apply by forwarding a detailed resume and covering letter to:

PUBLIC NOTICE Horton Boat Launch Seasonal permits are now available at the Township office Or on line at Seasonal Permit $40.00

The Selection Committee Renfrew Power Generation 29 Bridge Avenue W Renfrew, ON K7V 3R2 Deadline for applications is April 26, 2013. The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013 7


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In this season of rebirth, give the precious gift of life May 8 is just around the corner. For many, it is just another day in May. For some, it could be the difference between life and death. Itʼs been a rough new year for Canadian Blood Services (CBS) as donations are way down due to colds and influenzas that prevented regular donors from pitching in. But by booking your spot now for the Wednesday, May 8 clinic at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 148 hall in Renfrew, you could make a real difference in someone elseʼs life. April is Cancer Month, giving special depth to the posters that state: “This Poster Will Be Seen By 500 People. If That Many People Gave Blood, 100 Patients Could Receive Cancer Treatment.” Or your selfless donation could provide the five units needed by someone undergoing heart surgery, or perhaps save a car accident victim needing as many as 50 units to survive. Not quite ready to donate, but looking for another way to help?

How about a cash donation to a worthy cause? Back in January, The Economic Club of Canada announced support for the CBS campaign, For All Canadians, to establish a national public cord blood program for all Canadians in need of a stem cell match. Canada is the only G8 country that does not have such a program. A news release from the Economic Club of Canada said CBS is seeking to raise $12.5 million in community support by 2014 to get the stem cell bank up and running. Once established, it would be supported and maintained through funding from provincial and territorial governments. To learn more, visit the CBS website. Canadian Blood Services will be set up at the Legion from 2 to 5 p.m., then again from 6 to 7 p.m. You can book your appointment to save a life by visiting or phoning 1-888-236-6283 (1-888-2DONATE).

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Shirley, Gene and a lady named Mae The wall of old albums is impressive –stretching across the room and marked with meticulous care. Country. Folk, Bluegrass. Easy listening. Rock. Iʼm here to take a photo of new Valley Heritage Radio operations manager Jason Marshall, so this backdrop seems fitting. Jason hands me a Bonanza Christmas album – Ben, Hoss, Little Joe and Adam Cartwright smiling holiday smiles. Iʼm fondly reminded of my grade-school lunch bucket with the Bonanza landscape painted across its tinny top. I reach into the rock section and pull out a Foreigner album. An equally good representation of an era gone by. But wait. Itʼs not enough. I feel compelled to grab one more random LP. After all, three is a special number, as any jeweller or florist will tell you. As I draw the album off the shelf, I stop. Itʼs Shirley Eikhartʼs debut album, a 1971 offering with a favourite song from my youth. It Takes Time spoke to my restless young spirit back in 1971 – one young Canadian girl speaking to another. Eikhart later went on to pen a Bonnie Riatt hit Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About. That old Eikhart album reminded me how much great Canadian music is out there; lost in a frantic shuffle of changing times and trends. From The Staccatosʼ It’s A Long Way Home to Mac Beattieʼs My Renfrew County Home –

LUCY HASS View from the ‘frew


this wall of music is more than old vinyl. It is our regionʼs heartbeat and heritage. The recent passing of Stompinʼ Tom Connors reminded us of that fact, but perhaps not enough. Luckily, Valley Heritage Radio is here to remind us, every day of our lives. Music is very much about memory; tiny time capsules that can make us feel the way we did way back when. I grew up to the sounds of Gordon Lightfoot, Ian Tyson, Hank Williams, Mac Beattie and Don Messerʼs Jubilee, where Gene MacLellan was a frequent guest, performing songs like Bidin’ My Time, The Call and Put Your Hand in the Hand . Fellow easterner Anne Murray would carry MacLellanʼs songs on to international fame but, for me, Snowbird will always be Geneʼs song and I favour his version; a masterful portrayal of love lost, Canadian-style. Rediscovering classic Canadian music is refreshing, like taking a spring stroll through

The Story of Renfrew by Heritage Renfrew is a beautiful book. A section titled The Newspapers is especially close to my heart, sprinkled with photos of dedicated newspaper people I worked beside in days gone by – Norm, Boyd, Kent and Elaine (Dick) Wilson, Harry Hinchley, D.W. McCuaig, Graham Johnston and Jerry Mahusky. One group photo shows the 1962 staff of The Renfrew Advance, which merged with The Renfrew Mercury in 1970. Among the 12 people in the photo is young Mae (McNevin) Pappin. Looking at that smile, I recall Mae standing at the old slantboards beside the printing press, trimming knife in hand as she pieced the paper together with delicate precision. She took great pride in her work, a pride rivalled only by her passion for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Mae passed away Friday, March 29, carrying with her the badge of her strong work ethic – 47 years employed at The Mercury.

Are events such as Miss Teen Ontario East still relevant?

A) Yes. They give young women selfconfidence and promote awareness of a variety of worthwhile charities.


B) No. Such contests are an outdated relic of chauvinistic thinking.


C) Yes. But make it a true beauty contest. Forget the talent and other aspects. D) No, unless an equivalent event is offered for males.

Advertising Representative David Gallagher • 613-432-3655 ext 49 Sales Manager: Carly McGhie • 613-688-1479 Interim Managing Editor: Theresa Fritz • 613-221-6261 Distribution Supervisor: Chris Paveley 800-884-9195 ext 31

8 The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013

For distribution inquiries in your area, or for the re-delivery of a missed paper or flyer, please call Chris Paveley 800-884-9195 ext 31.

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THIS WEEK’S QUESTION With the Victoria Day weekend next month, do you believe we should still celebrate the monarchy on the May long weekend?

A) Yes. It’s an important part of our heritage. B) No. I believe it should recognize something more relevant, like volunteers. C) Yes, but the focus should be on our Canadian representatives such as governor general. D) It makes no difference. A long weekend is a long weekend however you name it. To vote, go to community/ruralnorth

35 Opeongo Road, Renfrew, Ontario , K7V 2T2 T: 613-432-3655 • F: 613-432-6689 •

The Renfrew Mercury News Editor Lucy Hass • 613-432-3655 ext 43 Reporter Steve Newman • 613-432-3655 ext 42 Reporter Peter Clark • 613-432-3655 ext 44 Advertising Representative Stephanie Jamieson • 613-432-3655 ext 33

the back forty and discovering a beautiful little patch of land you never really noticed before. As Heritage Radio 98.7 FM launches its annual fundraising campaign tomorrow, Iʼm reminded of how important it is to treasure, and preserve, the song sheet of our lives.


Distribution: 15,330 Homes Weekly Advertising & Classified Deadline Monday 9:30 am Editorial Deadline Friday 10 am Weekend Events Only Sunday 3 pm

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All aboard, Renfrew’s train to bankruptcy To the editor: Wake up, all concerned taxpaying citizens of Renfrew, and to those who pay no tax and others with the mindset – build it and they will come – obviously you donʼt care about the health of our town, other than yourselves, so read no further. People move to places like Renfrew because they like the small-town atmosphere (bigger is not better), case in point. Of late, in the Thursday, April 4, 2013 Renfrew Mercury, you were alarmed to have read the following Town of Renfrew employees on the Sunshine List earning yearly salaries in excess of $100,000. Those names included treasurer Keray OʼReilly ($122,449), development and works director Mike Asselin ($117,654), town clerk Kim Bulmer ($108,031), fire chief Guy Longtin ($114,562), fire captain Tim Hill ($115,176), fire lieutenant Dan Visneskie ($105,332) and fire captain Peter Whelan ($102,588). Renfrew cannot afford these salaries and, thanks to this mayor and council and previous mayors and councils (they just canʼt say no), our town of 8,000 has become the Irish sweepstakes for town employees and we, the taxpayers, are receiving very little value for services rendered and it must stop! Our streets are not paved in gold but rather, and in many areas the streets resemble 17th century cobblestone as they are in such disre-



pair, but salary pay increases for all town employees, 70 at present. The bottom line – the Town of Renfrew employees, fire department and the OPP are sucking the life out of our town and it is up to us, the concerned Renfrew taxpayers, to stop this abuse of the public purse. If not, we can expect plenty more of the same. To note: The new aerial ladder fire truck – $850,000 that this mayor and council approved will also be financed due to lack of funds and will likely cost us, the Renfrew taxpayer, well in excess of $1 million – another unnecessary expense, nor the need for a full-time fire department. How about Queenʼs Diamond Jubilee medals for all Renfrew taxpayers for all the years of abuse and disrespect suffered at the hands of that bunch at Renfrew Town Hall who obviously does not have our best interests at heart. Shame on this mayor and council again! Remember, October 2014, 19 months from now, will be election time in Renfrew once again. So get involved, motivated to run for the office and do your part to save our town. If you do not, take heed, the end is nigh and bankruptcy is imminent. Thanking you in advance, Callum Scott Concerned Taxpaying Citizen Renfrew

CONTRACT NO. PW-2013-02 SEALED TENDERS on forms supplied by the Township Clerk will be received in envelopes plainly marked as to contents by the Township Clerk at her office in the Township Hall, R.R. 2, 2508 Russett Drive, Arnprior, Ontario, until 1:00 P.M. local time on:

THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013 For the Rehabilitation of Part ‘A’ Creek Side Road from 100 metres east of McLachlan Road to Kippen Road and Part ‘B’ Kippen Road from Stewartville Road northerly for 1.1 kilometre. The approximate major quantities for the work are as follows: Earth Excavation Granular A and B CSP Culverts Hot Mix Paving

3,400 m3 14,000 t 116 m 1,820 t

Plans, Specifications and Form of Tender may be obtained at the Township Office or the offices of the Consulting Engineers in Ottawa for the sum of twenty five dollars ($25.00), including H.S.T., made payable to the Township, which will not be refunded. Tenders will be opened in public at 1:00 P.M. local time on Thursday, May 9, 2013 in the Township Municipal Office, R.R. 2, 2508 Russett Drive, Arnprior, Ontario. The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. Stantec Consulting Ltd. 400-1331 Clyde Avenue Ottawa, Ontario K2C 3G4

Ms. Noreen Mellema C.A.O./Clerk Township of McNab-Braeside R.R. 2, 2508 Russett Drive Arnprior, Ontario K7S 3G8

Great opportunity for Renfrew and area To the editor: I believe that there is a great economical opportunity about to take place over the next couple of years, that could have short, and long term impact on our local area. I donʼt think it will just fall in our laps, but we will get some spill off from it, in the short term, and we should work hard to take advantage of it in the long term. The federal government has made the decision, to relocate the National Defense Head-

quarters, to the old Nortel Complex in Kanata. In addition, the RCMP will be relocating out to the Barrhaven area. Both of these moves are obviously going to have an economic impact on the East end of Ottawa, and I understand and sympathize with that. However, we in the lower Ottawa Valley, have a great opportunity, to promote our area in the coming years and we must take advantage. I believe that all levels of gov-


ernments should be contemplating how to promote the Renfrew, Horton, Admaston, McNab-Braeside areas in the coming future. As I know from first-hand knowledge, the commute to Ottawa, is now much easier, than when I did it for many years as general manager of the Ottawa Air Traffic Control Facility. Highway 417 has now double lanes to West of Arnprior. See OPPORTUNITY, page 10


TENDER FOR CAMPBELL DRIVE CULVERT REPLACEMENT CONTRACT NO. PW-2013-03 SEALED TENDERS on forms supplied by the Township Clerk will be received in envelopes plainly marked as to contents by the Township Clerk at her office in the Township Hall, R.R. 2, 2508 Russett Drive, Arnprior, Ontario, until 1:00 P.M. local time on:

THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013 For the Replacement of Two Culverts and Resurfacing of 700 metres of Campbell Drive

Avoid a rude awakening. File on time.

225 Raglan St, Renfrew 432-9573 10 Elgin St, Arnprior 623-7898

Earth Excavation Granular A and B HDPE Culverts Hot Mix Paving

Lump Sum 1,200t 70 m 540 t

Plans, Specifications and Form of Tender may be obtained at the Township Office or the offices of the Consulting Engineers in Ottawa for the sum of twenty five dollars ($25.00), including H.S.T., made payable to the Township, which will not be refunded. R0012036372

Although you have until April 30th to file this year, you may still be hitting the panic button. Remember, no one has more experienced preparers at more convenient locations than H&R Block. So rest easy.

The approximate major quantities for the work are as follows:

Tenders will be opened in public at 1:00 P.M. local time on Thursday, May 9, 2013 in the Township Municipal Office, R.R. 2, 2508 Russett Drive, Arnprior, Ontario. The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. Stantec Consulting Ltd. 400-1331 Clyde Avenue Ottawa, Ontario K2C 3G4

Ms. Noreen Mellema C.A.O./Clerk Township of McNab-Braeside R.R. 2, 2508 Russett Drive Arnprior, Ontario K7S 3G8 R0012039306

The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013 9


Arnprior Farmers Market

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Treat our Canadian flag with greater respect flags replaced or taken down and still the town garage on Lisgar Street flys a disgraceful, torn Canadian flag. If Renfrew cannot afford to replace torn or frayed Canadian Flags on town property then they should at least take them down.

This is very disrespectful to all proud Canadians, military personnel, and especially veterans. WO (Ret) Kerry Coulterman Renfrew


Relocation is part of the job, with the RCMP and Military, it would be in our collective best interestʼs, to consider starting to think about how to promote our area. There will be new transferʼs involved, and many will consider locating West of the city of Ottawa. We should be considering the pursuit of these people, and consider the impact this will have on us. You can rest assured that the communities of Arnprior and Carleton Place, will be doing their best, to attract as many as possible, into their communities. These positions are of the high end pay scale. They would be a welcome addition to all of our communities. Additional revenue to add to our already extremely good sports facilities. Pressure to double lane 417 into

Renfrew County. The building of new communities, and expansion of existing. Not to mention the expansion for local employment opportunities. We have a unique lifestyle, and way of life, in the lower Ottawa Valley, and the Mayors, Councillors, MPP, MP, must take advantage of this opportunity to get our collective foot in the door. There will be a tremendous opportunity for growth in all businessʼs and communities. Warden Emon and County Council, mayors, MPP Yakabuskie, MP Gallant. We need some vision for the future in Renfrew County, and I think we have a great opportunity ahead of us that should be taken advantage of. Bob Gould Horton Township

Pet Connect: Tick Talk Sarah Wilson Pet Connect, Veterinary Technician

10 The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013

Consider opening your home to children ages 0 to 16 If interested in learning more, please contact Ann at 613-735-6866, ext. 4060 or

Website: R0012038473

Visit us Online at

TOWNSHIP OF McNAB/BRAESIDE NOTICE COUNCIL MEETING SCHEDULE/CHANGE FOR THE MONTH OF MAY 2013 May 14, 2013 - Regular Council May 21, 2013 - Planning Advisory Committee May 28, 2013 - Regular Meeting of Council

TOWNSHIP COUNCIL CHAMBERS All meetings are posted on the Township website at Noreen C. Mellema, CMO CAO/Clerk Dated at the Township of McNab/Braeside in the County of Renfrew this 8th day of April 2013.


Spring is one of the main peak seasons for ticks to emerge. Public Health Ontario has classified our region at moderate risk for Lyme Disease, as the tick population is increasing due to climate changes. The black-legged tick (aka the deer tick) is the carrier of Lyme Disease. As concerns are publicized regarding this disease, many donʼt realize that dogs are 50 per cent more likely to contract Lyme Disease than humans. Lyme Disease spreads when an infected deer tick takes a blood meal from a dog and transfers the bacteria, Borrelia Borgdorferi. Symptoms of the disease may not appear for two to six months, post bite. Common signs of infections include; lameness, fever, swollen joints, anorexia, kidney failure and behavioral changes. Diagnosis is provided through a simple blood test performed at your local veterinary clinic. Lyme Disease is not necessarily a curable disease but is symptomatically treatable if caught early enough. Preventative measures can be determined by reviewing the level of exposure to your dog such as: Do you reside near a heavily-wooded area? Commonly go for walks in long grassy locations? Previously found ticks on your dog? If you said yes to any of these, your dog is at risk. Tick control is available through topical products that provide protection against tick bites and Lyme vaccines are now offered at vet clinics. Simple tick checks are also a vital part of prevention. Starting from nose to tail, you are looking/feeling for any bumps along your dog. Be sure to check between toes, along the head, tail, under armpits, and behind ears. Sizes can vary from a pinhead to a small grape depending on how long the tick has been feeding. If you find a bump and think it is a tick, remove it right away! Avoid dousing the tick in alcohol or putting a match to it when attached to your dog; these methods donʼt work. The simplest way to remove a tick is by using a pair of tweezers. Grasp the tick as close to the skin surface as possible and pull the tick out with steady, even pressure. After removal, clean your dogʼs skin with soap and warm water and then kill the tick by submerging it in a liquid (rubbing alcohol or water). You are always welcome to visit your vet clinic for removal as well. Ideally, ticks should be removed as soon as possible. If a tick is removed within 24 hours of attachment, chances of Lyme Disease being transferred are significantly reduced. Ticks prefer warm, moist environments located in wooded, long grassy areas, under leaves or logs. Ticks will emerge during the months of late April, May, June, late August, September, and October. Your dog can be exposed to Lyme Disease in any location where ticks can be found. Speaking with your vet is a great idea to go over what preventative measures are suitable for your dog to remain Lyme Disease free.

is seeking

Foster and Foster to Adopt Parents


I had a next door neighbour for many years until recently, who commuted from the Pinnacle to NDHQ in downtown Ottawa. With NDHQ now going to be only being 40 minutes from Renfrew, we are now on the radar. There is going to be approximately perhaps as many as 50,000 people going to be effected by these moves. I believe that most will stay in the location they are presently in and commute across Ottawa to their new locations in Ottawaʼs West end. Some will move no doubt. However, a great many of these positions, in a lot of cases are transient.

Contact Mark Gaetz or Sandra Gabler 613-622-0004 or email:


Continued from page 9

Vendor Registration is now open! to local food producers and local artisans R0022012027

To the editor: As a proud Canadian veteran I find it disgusting when a town or municipality does not have respect for the Canadian flag. I have been twice to the Renfrew town office in the past couple of months to have

Opening May 25, 2013


OPEN AIR BURNING There will be

NO OPEN AIR BURNING allowed of yard waste and brush within the Township of McNab/Braeside from April 1, 2013 to November 1, 2013 as per By-Law #2001-22. This Includes burn barrels or any other type of incinerator. Ken Walton, Fire Chief Township of McNab/Braeside R0012036697


Your Community Newspaper

Town seeks building inspector Steve Newman

With Murray Gahanʼs impending retirement, the Town of Renfrew is looking for a new building inspector. “Itʼs going to be fairly difficult to recruit,” predicted development and works director Mike Asselin, calling the position invaluable to the department. “Theyʼre big shoes to fill,” said Asselin at councilʼs meeting March 25. Gahanʼs retirement date is June 28, 2013, but heʼll be entitled to departing in late May because of accumulated vacation time. A backgrounder provided to council indicates

So much more than recliners, I could hardly believe it.

there are no other town staff members qualified to perform the duties. Also, because building activity is busiest in the spring and summer, itʼs recommended staff move quickly to recruit a successor. Asselin explained the position also entails duties with waste management operations, and some work related to bylaw enforcement and town hall maintenance. Gahan joined the town as temporary building inspector in May 1983, but has worked fulltime hours since then. The town issued 72 building permits in 2011 and 92 in 2012. Itʼs expected 2013 may be very active, with two new subdivisions and some preliminary work on commercial proposals.





Up to


on purchases of 3500 or more


on purchases of 2500 - $3499


on purchases of 1500 - $2499


Whitewater OP meetings set for May 30 and June 4 Public information and input meetings regarding proposed Official Plan amendments in Whitewater Region will be held in the coming weeks. The first session will be held Thursday, May 30 at the Cobden Agricultural Hall and another Tuesday, June 4 in Westmeath. Both sessions will include an open house from 3 to 6 p.m. and public meeting from 7 to 9 p.m.

On April 10 about 40 residents attended a Whitewater Region Official Plan policy review steering committee meeting. Among the matters on the agenda was a copy of revised draft policies for Muskrat Lake, a highly-sensitive trout lake that has seen increased growth of algae blooms over the years. Those policies will be available for review at the May 30 and June 4 meetings.

Spring is in the air The Bonnechere Manor Foundation is raising funds to install a sound system in the Manor’s auditorium. Funds from the Spring Fever Dance, held on April 14 at the Renfrew Armories, will help achieve this goal. Chairwoman of the foundation’s board Lee Sharpe (left) and Community Relations Coordinator Jacqui Phillips enjoy the large turnout and community support.



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Points on puppetry Before one can master the art of puppetry, one must learn to basics. To do so, participants at the puppetry workshop at the Neat Cafe in Burnstown Sunday affixed eyeballs to their hands. Trish Leeper, Linda Ainsworth, Kathy Lindsay, Cheryl Keetch, Kim Barclay, Kendra Smith and Fran Murphy show off their “naked” puppets. At left, after amateur puppeteers learned the basics, they held improvisational shows. Two puppets break out into song, trying to outdo each other in a painful falsetto. PATRICIA LEBOEUF/METROLAND

Gloucester Corner of Innes & Cyrville

613.749.0001 1.866.684.0561 œ˜`>ÞʇÊÀˆ`>Þʙ\ÎäʇʙÊUÊ->ÌÕÀ`>Þʙ\ÎäʇÊÈÊUÊ-՘`>ÞÊ££Ê‡ÊÈ

Kingston 770 Gardiners Rd. RioCan Centre 613.389.0600 œ˜`>ÞʇÊÀˆ`>Þʙ\ÎäʇʙÊUÊ->ÌÕÀ`>Þʙ\ÎäʇÊÈÊUÊ-՘`>ÞÊ££Ê‡Êx FG618 Ontario

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The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013 11


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Greater Madawaska to decide on public works hours Peter Clark

Greater Madawaska public works manager Jamie Doering has recommended that the township accept summer hours for the roads department from the first Monday in May to the first Monday in September 2013. The department now works five eight-hour days. Doering asks that the summer hours consist of four 10-hour days from Monday to Thursday. It comes out to 40 hours either way. “I feel that productivity-wise and dollar-wise, I really believe that there is some money there that we can actually save in our operational budget,” Doering said. Gas consumed travelling to and from the work site is also saved without the Friday schedule, he added. Doering said heʼd report to council in the fall whether or not the summer hours were a success and if they should

be maintained in the future. Coun. Brian Hunt voiced concern of any Friday construction such as washouts that might crop up. Doering noted there would still be foremen on duty, himself included, to answer the call. “A number of municipalities already do this,” he added of the four-day summer work week. Coun. Glenda McKay wasnʼt against the idea, but wondered if staff hours could be broken up into Monday to Thursday, and Tuesday to Friday to maintain a daily presence. “That would still leave everybody on a four-day week, staggered so weʼd have coverage on a Friday,” Coun. McKay suggested. Because of staff size, Doering felt that wouldnʼt be possible. “I do have a little bit of concern about the office not being manned,” Coun. McKay added. She noted the im-

provements in productivity, cost and mileage, but said running into call-outs on the Fridays was her concern. “Thatʼs the only concern I have, is Friday coverage.” Mayor Peter Emon said the parties can determine which way to go on this for the next council meeting. “Taking in all the consideration, all the suggestions, if you want to go forward with this, or some change, bring it as a motion,” he said. BELL TOWER

Bell Mobility has completed a public consultation process, as established by Industry Canada to build a 90-metre communications tower at Lanark Road. To proceed with construction, Bell has asked Greater Madawaska to sign an agreement that the township has no concerns with the tower. “They are recom-

mending that council authorize the CAO (Allison Holtzhauer) to sign the concurrence agreement with Bell Mobility noting that the township is satisfied and agrees that Bell may commence with the tower construction,” land use planner Marko Cekic said. Coun. Bruno Kierczak asked Cekic how the tower will help Greater Madawaska. “It provides township residents with cell service as well as high speed Internet service,” he said. The motion on the agreement will be confirmed at councilʼs April 23 meeting. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT

Economic development advisory committee rep Byron Hermann met with Mayor Emon and CAO Holtzhauer to update what the 11-member committee has been doing since November 2011.

A tourism position statement was put together, Hermann said. “It is clear that tourism is an important part of our strategic plan. How can we better position ourselves in the current tourism market in our area?” Hermann said the committee has used the catch phrase, “Is there any place youʼd rather be?” to welcome people to the area. The committee also put together an action plan to improve visitors services. Different ways do to that include an interactive kiosk. “Itʼs currently being finalized as to how the kiosk will present itself in different formats throughout the township,” the Calabogie and Area Business Association (CABA) president said. This project was launched at a joint CABA and township press conference with MP Cheryl Gallant at The Fans in Calabogie

last year. An ad hoc events and festivals committee of community volunteers was also put together. Projects they worked with included Expo 150, Blues and Ribfest at Calabogie Peaks in 2011 and 2012, Bogie Blizzard 2012, Volunteer Appreciation Night and the Festival of the Senses. The committee also worked on communications in marketing, with the trails committee, improvement of the website, signage, and brochures to promote the area. Hermann said the Ottawa Valley Tourist Conference coming to Calabogie April 23 is also an important promotional tool. The committee also spent a lot of time on networking, he added. “The key to economic development is creating your network and being able to work with your partners,” Hermann said.

Seeking input on housing County of Renfrew

The County of Renfrew continues to seek input from residents of Renfrew County as it prepares a 10-year Housing and Homelessness Plan. The plan is intended to identify the range of housing challenges facing county residents and analyze the delivery of current housing and homelessness programs. More than 20 provincial housing and homelessness programs need to be consolidated to provide Ontario municipalities with flexibility to use resources more effectively and better serve the residents of the county. “Residents wishing to provide input into the plan have an opportunity to do so by answering the questions outlined in our on-line survey called County of Renfrew 10-Year Housing and Homelessness Plan, Assets and Issues Survey,” says Renfrew County Housing Corporation manager Carol Neill. The survey can be found at www. Input provided remains anonymous. The deadline to complete the survey is April 30. The plan will include priorities and outline strategies to improve access to adequate, suitable and affordable housing for families and individuals. 0418.R0022026462






Thursday, April 25 9 am - 6 pm Friday, April 26 9 am - 6 pm Saturday, April 27 10 am - 4 pm

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Fri 10-8, Sat 10-6 Sun 10-4 S


UP TO $5,300

613.735.6845 R0012030144



APRIL 19-21 A



Connected to your community

chairman pleased with data Peter Clark

Admaston-Bromley Police Services Board chair Mike Quilty is pleased with data provided by the Renfrew OPP. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It is a pleasure to report that the township is a very law-abiding community that is supported by a regular police presence, thanks in part to our contract,â&#x20AC;? he said while addressing Admaston-Bromley council April 4. The billed 2012 policing costs, as submitted by the OPP and Financial Services Bureau to the townshipĘźs police services board, was $229,560 for salaries and beneďŹ ts. The estimated 2012 policing costs were $244,218. That left a difference of $14,658 for the township. The estimate received by the board for 2013 is $240,734, effective Jan. 1, 2013. The number of hours spent policing the township in most cases exceeded the monthly hours speciďŹ ed in the contract. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This is at no additional cost to our taxpayers,â&#x20AC;? Quilty

pointed out. Contracted hours were 202.94 per month in 2012. The township received 663.72 hours over and above that. POLICE SERVICES BOARD UNDER BUDGET

The police services board operated within a budget of $7,550. Expenses were $6,379.29 which was $1,170.71 under budget. Board members receive $100 per meeting plus 46 cents per kilometre. The secretary is paid $13.33 per hour. This was increased to $13.73 and 50 cents per kilometre in November. The board paid for two buses to send Opeongo High School Grade 9 students to a bullying presentation by Dr. Tracy Vaillancourt at St. JosephĘźs Catholic High School in October 2012. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Apparently, that was very well received by the students with lots of positive comments,â&#x20AC;? Quilty said. Students that are being bullied or just need to talk can arrange to speak with an OPP of-

ďŹ cer at Opeongo High School about any problem they might have. Quilty and board vice-chair Brian Yuke attended a conference last April. Among the main points discussed was the rising cost of policing, which Quilty emphasized is provide-wide. â&#x20AC;&#x153;That is on everyoneĘźs radar screen right at the very top,â&#x20AC;? he said. Forums are underway to see how this might be adjusted. Admaston-Bromley paid out $7,560 in RIDE duty for 2012. That money is reimbursed by the province around May of the following year. The estimated RIDE grant for 2012-13 is $6,540.26. Funding of $1,672.20 was received from the auction of found articles by the OPP, accident reports, personal security checks and ďŹ nger printing fees in the township. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think we have a wonderful relationship with the police services board and this council, and with Colin Slight and his staff,â&#x20AC;? Mayor Raye-Anne Briscoe said.

T N A T R O IMP NOTICE ALL CLASSIFIED & DISPLAY ADVERTISING for the RENFREW MERCURY must be submitted no later than MONDAYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S AT 9:30am

Okay from Ontario Trillium Foundation Admaston-Bromley has received the green light from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to re-allocate the remaining $2,958.63 of its grant to the townshipĘźs public library. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Trillium has said the ďŹ le is closed, the money is yours, go ahead and spend it, the issue is ďŹ nished,â&#x20AC;? Mayor RayeAnne Briscoe said at council April 4. â&#x20AC;&#x153;ThatĘźs good, and great for

straints, the township will need funding to allow this project to go ahead. â&#x20AC;&#x153;WeĘźve got our ďŹ ngers crossed and toes crossed on that one,â&#x20AC;? the mayor said. It is estimated 1,800 cars a day travel that route, and maybe 20 to 30 pedestrians and cyclists. That pedestriancyclist number will triple, Coun. Michael Donohue predicted.

      Open the door to a new way of living! Join us at for our Swing into Spring Open House and experience retirement living at its best.


AQ`c[^bW]caaeSSbaÂ&#x2019;[caWQOZ S\bS`bOW\[S\bÂ&#x2019;`ST`SaV[S\ba QOacOZb]c`aÂ&#x2019;O\Ra][cQV[]`S

450 Albert St., Renfrew

Call 613-432-9502



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4-$!74-% 3( !,/, !,  %')231!3).- /,  (!1)37 /,  %+%!2%7.41.6-"433%187

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 1)-#%.& !+%21)5%33!6!

The Renfrew Mercury


Proudly serving the community

33!6!.2/)#%%15)#%2 1)%-$2.&.2/)#%33!6! (%.2/)#%!3!7.413 1%'-!-#7!-$-&!-3.22%36.1*

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For Classified Advertising, please contact: Christy Barker


the library.â&#x20AC;? The township has also applied for Municipal Infrastructure Investment Initiative (MIII) capital program funding for Opeongo Road reconstruction to include a bicycle-pedestrian lane. The cost of the project is $270,155. The MIII grant could cover up to $236,330. Because of ďŹ nancial re-


Township police services board

% "  % R0011988687


The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013 13

HUGE 5 &!&






 !   %"




5 &!&




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14 The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013


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Baby delivered in parking lot at Renfrew Victoria Hospital Like mother, like daughter Gemma Robillard Renfrew Victoria Hospital


Michelle Charron with husband Jason and baby Gracie.

Former minister joins Alzheimer Society staff A former Arnprior minister has joined the Alzheimer Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County as a program staff member in the Upper Ottawa Valley. Milton Fraser will serve Renfrew County out of the Pembroke office. The former minister at the Arnprior Presbyterian Church can be contacted through the toll-free Renfrew County phone number 1-888-4112067. The society also has Tracey

Liebig based in its Arnprior office. Fraser has more than 20 years of experience as a minister in a congregational setting. In addition to his role as a pastor, he was the ministerial representative on the Palliative Care Support Team at Arnprior Regional Health. Fraser has had significant experience in journeying with families as they live with dementia, and brings with him valuable experiences, knowledge and insight.

The move of the Pembroke will provide the Alzheimer Society with more space to serve families in Pembroke and the surrounding communities. To learn more about the Alzheimer Societyʼs programs in Renfrew County, contact Fraser or Liebig at info@, or by phone. Visit for a wealth of information on dementia, resources for familie, and available Alzheimer Society programs in Ottawa and Renfrew County.

A Renfrew couple is still trying to process the speedy arrival of the newest addition to their family – and the shocking similarities to her motherʼs entrance into the world. Michelle Charron and her husband Jason live just a few kilometres away from Renfrew Victoria Hospital, but on the evening of April 2, 2013, their daughter couldnʼt wait long enough to be in the comfort of the obstetrical unit on the second floor. She couldnʼt even wait to get in the building. In a panic, Jason got out of their minivan and ran into the emergency entrance to grab a wheelchair for his wife, and when he returned his wife told him the wheelchair wonʼt be necessary because the baby was ready to come out. “I didnʼt think to park at the door,” says Jason, but he did see Dr. Greg Caza and two EMTs when he went to fetch the wheelchair and alerted

them to the make-shift delivery room in his vehicle. With the help of Dr. Caza, the EMTs and two nurses, the baby was born right in the RVH parking lot. Danette Heffern was the obstetrical nurse on duty that evening and says she ran as swiftly as she could down from the second floor to the parking lot after getting the call. “I got there just in time to collect the baby,” she laughs. “The staff was awesome too,” adds Jason. Many of them offered up name suggestions to the family – Carlotta, Chrysler, and Parker, to name a few – but they have named their beautiful little bundle of pink Gracie. “She already has one really great story to tell people,” says Michelle. The mom laughs at her baby girlʼs antics as Michelle did the exact same thing – there was a little less room for the birth in the front of her parentsʼ pickup truck. “Itʼs really crazy.” Michelle really didnʼt expect to go into labour early. She wasnʼt due until April 7, and each of her previous preg-

nancies arrived right on time. Her water had broken at home around 7 p.m. while they waited for Jasonʼs parents to come over to watch their two sons – Colin, 5, and Matthew, 3. When the grandparents arrived, Michelle got up and immediately felt the urge to push. She knew they had to get to the hospital as quickly as possible. But it still wasnʼt fast enough. Their beautiful baby girl was born at 9:55 p.m. and weighed 7 lbs., 7 oz. Heffern says she has had a few mothers not make it up to the Obstetrical Unit for delivery in the past, but they usually make it into the Emergency Department. “We had limited equipment and we were in the dark.” “It certainly was exciting, and situations like this keep us on our toes!” sums up Heffern. Although it may have been a bit frantic, the delivery went very smoothly “and the baby is perfectly healthy,” notes her proud daddy.


Renfrew Fire Department to Inspect Smoke Alarms

Residents who do not have a smoke alarm installed on each floor will be left with a temporary smoke alarm and given 24 hours to install a permanent one on each story. The fire department will return after the 24 hours period to ensure that the smoke alarms required have been installed. Those that fail to install the required smoke alarms may face a hefty fine. During the smoke alarm inspection program, local firefighters will fan out through the area, visiting residents in Renfrew. Residents who wish to schedule a home visit should call the station at 613-432-2811.


As part of a community-wide fire prevention effort, firefighters from Renfrew Fire Department will visit local residents starting this spring to perform free smoke alarm inspections. Were required, installation of smoke alarms and battery replacement will be available at a reasonable cost from the fire department.

By participating in this community smoke alarm inspection program, the Renfrew Fire Department is helping to ensure that local residents are safer in their homes.

Smoke Detectors Save Lives.


A working smoke alarm less than 10 years from the manufacture date is required on every level of your home.

The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013 15

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By Rieker-Clarks-Josef R Seibel-Mephisto footwear in sandal & dress casual styles with cushioned Style, comfort & fit. World famous fam footbeds in a wide variety of colours. Sizes from 36 to 42. Drop in, your feet will thank you. SAVE 20 20% OFF ALL NEW STOCK FOR 2 BIG WEEKS


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NO CHARGES – NO REFUNDS- NO EXCHANGES The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013 17


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Fresh, quality food from the end of the rainbow Rainbow Heritage Garden strives to excel in local food industry Steve Newman

As with all new business ventures, Kylah Dobson and Zach Loeks didnʼt know how Rainbow Heritage Garden was going to turn out, but six years later theyʼre not complaining. As Concordia University students they got married in 2007, the same year they took their first steps with the business. The first year, she recalls, “We had access to land so we thought, ʻWhat the heck, letʼs give it a whirl.ʼ We did it again the next year and we just havenʼt stopped. “Itʼs just something we came to naturally, and have loved along the way. We started out as university sweethearts, and got married and now we have kids, and weʼve been doing it for seven years, and we hope to be doing it for another 37.” They began Rainbow Heritage Garden on a quarter acre of land owned by her dad, Bob Dobson. Later, in 2010, they bought 50 acres from him, and now are next-door neighbours. “This land has been in our family for seven generations,” says Kylah, whose family farmers have included her grandfather Harold Dobson, a market gardener who sold at the Pembroke Farmers Market for years, and great-grandfather William Dobson.

So far, so good, as the business continues to expand for Kylah, who grew up near Cobden, and Zach, who was raised in New Mexico. They live off-grid with their youngsters, three-year-old Dayvah and six-month-old Rainah in Whitewater Region Township, where they now grow more than 200 varieties of vegetables and sell their produce at the Carp Farmers Market and through summerfall season sales of community supported agriculture (CSA) shares. They sold about 15 CSA shares their first season, with most renewing for a second season. Last season, Rainbow Heritage sold 85 shares to customers who pick up weekly or biweekly. Each share consists of seven to 11 separate vegetable items (e.g., a bunch or carrots or a pint of cherry tomatoes) that were harvested within the previous 24 hours at Rainbow Heritage. Those shares were available for pickup Wednesday afternoon in Pembroke and at the farm in 2012. This season, new pickups are being added for Renfrew and Petawawa. “Basically, you pay for a share in the harvest,” says Kylah. “Instead of having to take a loan out at the beginning of every season, and paying interest on that, we are making some

A wide variety of cherry tomatoes from Rainbow Heritage Garden in Laurentian Valley. 18 The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013

money in the spring, when we incur most of our costs, when weʼre purchasing our seeds, our row cover and out potting mix.” “The advantage for the shareholders is that they know their farmer,” says Kylah. “In the past 50 years a huge change has happened in the food industry.” She says the farmer has become faceless and, as a result, farmer has become faceless and “paid the price, for lowerquality food. So our goal is to know every single one of our customers. And to provide them with a superior product.” “I like that weʼre a family farm,” says Zach. “A family farm is something that stands for a certain kind of care.” He says a family farm also represents the opportunity to more than grow fruits and vegetables. Thereʼs also the chance to leave the land in better shape tomorrow than today, by doing things like growing crop windbreakers from native species. Enthusiastic about what their customers receive, she also exudes positive energy about the future. Her dad Bob has had a major and positive impact on the young coupleʼs business approach. “He has incorporated a lot of different environmental projects into his farming operation that have contributed to the long-term environmental and financial sustainability of his operation,” says Kylah of her dad, who sells organic, grass-fed beef, as well as pastured poultry and Native elderberry products. Her dad has been at the Carp Farmers Market for 10 years after starting with the help of Kylah, who did the marketing, including development of his website. Looking back, she says her dad didnʼt push her to get involved in the food-production industry. “He didnʼt encourage or discourage, which in retrospect is what I would like to do with my children … to expose them to farming and the possibilities of farming and farm life,” says Kylah. “One thing I do share with him (my dad) is that we can produce a lot of food locally. We can push the barriers of weather and climate … therefore there is a lot that people can eat locally. There is a lot of potential. We think, to sustain our diet, we need to be importing from all over the world, but really there is so much diversity in the foods we can grow and eat locally. Thatʼs


Zach Loeks and Kylah Dobson with one of their daughters, Dayvah, are all smiles at the Carp Farmers Market. why Zach and I are doing this. We love to eat, but we love to eat fresh, good-quality, interesting foods.” She and Zach would like to add fruit to their CSA shares, after experimenting with growing such items as peaches, pears, hickory nuts, cherries, goji berries, walnuts, pecans and apricots. Several of these varieties have been developed by a Montreal-area company, Green Barn Nursery, as the coupleʼs goals include the production of food that looks and tastes good. Meanwhile, customers can sign up for weekly or biweekly shares of seasonal vegetables. The season runs from June through October. Many vegetables are cooled in their root cellar of 600 square feet, with ice thatʼs kept frozen underground from winter through late summer. In fact, the goal is to use techniques this year to keep the blocks frozen into September, maybe even October. Popular foods in their CSA shares include their many colours of sweet carrots, including purple and red, as well as watermelons and cherry tomatoes. “We cannot grow enough carrots. We are constantly selling out,” adds Kylah, who says her adult customersʼ interest in their food transfers to their children. “Thereʼs a big, big, big difference between biting into our heirloom tomatoes and a cardboard tomato. Anything that is being produced for the mass market is being produced, in my opinion, for the wrong reasons. Itʼs being produced for transportability and

I like that we’re a family farm. A family farm is something that stands for a certain kind of care. RAINBOW HERITAGE GARDEN CO-OWNER ZACH LOEKS


An example of a CSA share from Rainbow Heritage. shelf life … Theyʼre not being bred so you can bite into the tastiest, most flavourful, most nutritious tomato for your enjoyment and your health.” Rainbow Heritage clients can also purchase weekly stone-ground bread shares, and other organic products. The organic items include popcorn, mushrooms and maple syrup from Quebec and

oats, dry beans and honey that are produced in the Ottawa Valley. Visit or email to learn more details, or to register. The cost is $560 for a full season. Rainbow Heritageʼs extensive website also includes photo galleries of the farm and a wide variety of recipes

Grapes grown at Rainbow Heritage Garden.

POLICE Put down the phone and leave it alone, says OPP

This is Distracted Driving Week (April 15 to 22) and the Ontario Provincial Police is ooking to the public to help make it a historic success. The OPP is asking drivers across Ontario to take a hard line on distracted driving and make a life-long commitment to keep all hand-held devices out

Connected to your community

of reach and out of use while behind the wheel. Those who use hand-held phones while driving also put the lives of their passengers at risk and the OPP is asking passengers to take matters into their own hands by telling those who drive them while distracted to “put down the phone and leave

and tending to children in the backseat. During the campaign, officers will be targeting these and any other forms of distraction they observe as impairing a motoristʼs driving ability. The OPP is also asking Ontarians to share their stories on Facebook about the dangerous

it alone.” The OPP is issuing an important reminder that, while texting is among the most dangerous activities to carry out while driving, distracted driving refers to all forms of distracted or inattentive driving, such as talking on the phone, eating and drinking, personal grooming



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EB<`b\B^ JR@NbAB[  <J\ @URAJ`JURJRG  üå N@A ^@\BBR gJ`I \B<\dJBg @<PB\<  >NbB`UU`Iî I<RA^ E\BB YIURB ^i^`BP  áüå <NNUi gIBBN^  ‚YUAîmb^>m<bhJNJ<\i JRYb` L<@M^


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Igi[ ÿFÕNmፍ MP @J`i[ üFÿNmፍ MP

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Igi[ ÿFÕNmፍ MP @J`i[ üFáNmፍ MP

—á— @<R<AJ<R <RA RU\`I <PB\J@<R @<\ UE `IB iB<\



driver behaviour or near-misses they have observed from motorists driving distracted. By doing so, you can help drivers think about their own driving habits and how they are contributing to dangerous behaviour. Go to https://www.facebook. com/ontarioprovincialpolice



EB<`b\B^ JR@NbAB[  ^J\Jb^ hP \<AJU gJ`I >NbB`UU`Iî I<RA^ E\BB YIURB ^i^`BP  IB<`BA E\UR` ^B<`^  EUG NJGI`^  <@`JdB B@U ^i^`BP

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`P`€} I¤šŒ{r‚ Œr‰}”·ŽŽ”Ώ’Ž{šy˜ Œr‰}”Î~}r˜š’} Œr‰}”΂‰r}” rŒ{ ”‡ŽrŒ” r’} ˜’r{}‰r’†” Ž¡Œ}{ w¤ I¤šŒ{r‚<š˜Ž @rŒr{r @Ž’FE‚ŒrŒy} Ž~~}’” rŸr‚‡rw‡} UF<F@F~’Ž‰ Ž‰ I¤šŒ{r‚ E‚ŒrŒy‚r‡ ^}’Ÿ‚y}” wr”}{ ŽŒ r Œ}¡ —áÕ<yy}Œ˜ ù AŽŽ’ N ë^}}{ PrŒšr‡m B‡rŒ˜’r N ë^}}{ PrŒšr‡ łŒy‡š{}” #ÿ ‚Œ ’‚y} r{„š”˜‰}Œ˜”ªmd}‡Ž”˜}’ ë^}}{ PrŒšr‡m^rŒ˜r E} —FùN EgA<š˜Ž ¡‚˜€ rŒ rŒŒšr‡ ~‚ŒrŒy} ’r˜} Ž~ ÌmÌmáFÖÖÌmáFÖÖÌ ~Ž’ (ù ‰ŽŒ˜€”F>‚¡}}†‡¤ r¤‰}Œ˜” r’} #(—m#Öùm#á—ëm#áë(FRŽ {Ž¡Œ r¤‰}Œ˜ ’}š‚’}{F@Ž”˜ Ž~ >Ž’’Ž¡‚Œ ‚” #m#m#áÎÿÕ(m#—΍ù(FE‚ŒrŒy} Ž~~}’” ‚Œy‡š{} A}‡‚Ÿ}’¤ rŒ{ A}”˜‚Œr˜‚ŽŒ Ž~ #áÎùÖÿm#áÎùÖÿm#áÎùÖÿm#áÎüë #áÎùÖÿm#áÎùÖÿ ~}}”·}Ÿ‚}”ÎrŒ{ r‡‡ r‡‚yrw‡} y€r’}” Å}¢y‡š{‚Œ I^`ªFE‚ŒrŒy} U~~}’” }¢y‡š{} ’}‚”˜’r˜‚ŽŒÎ‚Œ”š’rŒy}ÎYY^< —áÕ ù AŽŽ’ N ë^}}{ PrŒšr‡ ÅIgi ÿFÕNmፍMP¼ @‚˜¤ üFáNmፍMPªmB‡rŒ˜’r ^}{rŒ N ë^}}{ PrŒšr‡ ÅIgi ÿF—NmፍMP¼ rŒ{ ‡‚y}Œ”} ~}}”FA}‡‚Ÿ}’¤ rŒ{ {}”˜‚Œr˜‚ŽŒ y€r’} ‚Œy‡š{}” ~’}‚€˜ÎYFAFBFÎ{}r‡}’ r{‰‚Œ ~}}” rŒ{ r ~š‡‡ ˜rŒ† Ž~ r”FE‚ŒrŒy‚Œ }¢r‰‡}[—áÕ B‡rŒ˜’r N ë^}}{ PrŒšr‡ ~Ž’ #áëÎÖ( r˜ Ì }’ rŒŒš‰ }šr‡” #Öù 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ÅÿNªÎB‡rŒ˜’r G` ÅÿNªÎd}‡Ž”˜}’ ÅÿNªÎG}Œ}”‚” @Žš} ÅëÿNªÎ^ŽŒr˜r ÅüNªÎ^ŽŒr˜r IBd ÅëÿNªÎ`šy”ŽŒ Åÿ(NªÎ^rŒ˜r E} ^Ž’˜ ÅëëNªÎ^rŒ˜r E} hN ÅüáNªÎ—á— ^ŽŒr˜r IBd ÅëÿNªÎ˜€‚” ‚” }š‚Ÿr‡}Œ˜ ˜Ž #FÖÖ }’ ‡‚˜’} r” š ˜Ž r ˜Ž˜r‡ Ž~ ü—ÿ N‚˜’}” ŗáÕ<yy}Œ˜mB‡rŒ˜’rmB‡rŒ˜’r @Žš}mB‡rŒ˜’r G`md}‡Ž”˜}’ªÎ( N‚˜’}” ŗáÕ ^ŽŒr˜rm—áÕ ^ŽŒr˜r IBdm—á— ^ŽŒr˜r IBdª rŒ{ á΍ N‚˜’}” ŗáÕ G}Œ}”‚” @Žš}m`šy”ŽŒm^rŒ˜r E} ^Ž’˜m^rŒ˜r E} hNªF<y˜šr‡ ~š}‡ }~~‚y‚}Œy¤ ‰r¤ Ÿr’¤ wr”}{ ŽŒ {’‚Ÿ‚Œ yŽŒ{‚˜‚ŽŒ” rŒ{ ˜€} r{{‚˜‚ŽŒ Ž~ y}’˜r‚Œ Ÿ}€‚y‡} ryy}””Ž’‚}”FEš}‡ }yŽŒŽ‰¤ ~‚š’}” r’} š”}{ ~Ž’ yŽ‰r’‚”ŽŒ š’Ž”}” ŽŒ‡¤F0U~~}’” rŸr‚‡rw‡} ~Ž’ r ‡‚‰‚˜}{ ˜‚‰}ÎrŒ{ ”šw„}y˜ ˜Ž y€rŒ} Ž’ yrŒy}‡‡r˜‚ŽŒ ¡‚˜€Žš˜ ŒŽ˜‚y}F^}} {}r‡}’ ~Ž’ yŽ‰‡}˜} {}˜r‚‡”FA}r‡}’ ‰r¤ ”}‡‡ ~Ž’ ‡}””FJŒŸ}Œ˜Ž’¤ ‚” ‡‚‰‚˜}{Î{}r‡}’ Ž’{}’ ‰r¤ w} ’}š‚’}{FI¤šŒ{r‚³” @Ž‰’}€}Œ”‚Ÿ} N‚‰‚˜}{gr’’rŒ˜¤ yŽŸ}’r} yŽŸ}’” ‰Ž”˜ Ÿ}€‚y‡} yŽ‰ŽŒ}Œ˜” rr‚Œ”˜ {}~}y˜” ‚Œ ¡Ž’†‰rŒ”€‚ šŒ{}’ ŒŽ’‰r‡ š”} rŒ{ ‰r‚Œ˜}ŒrŒy} yŽŒ{‚˜‚ŽŒ”F R0012033986

The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013 19



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160,000-KM/5-YEAR       &'"&$/$,"+)$-%',-.$$#$!($,%+,(')'.$#0!,,!*.1#$.!'(-


"% %&        

For the latest information, visit us at, drop by your local Chevrolet Dealer or call us at 1-800-GM-DRIVE. *Offer applies to the purchase of 2013 Chevrolet (Spark LS G-BBP4/Cruze LS G-BBP8/Trax LS FWD 1SA/Equinox LS FWD G-BBQG). â&#x2122;Śâ&#x2122;Ś$10,000/$250/$250/$750/$750 is a manufacturer to dealer delivery credit (tax exclusive) for 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab/2013 Chevrolet Spark/2013 Chevrolet Cruze/2013 Chevrolet Trax/2013 Chevrolet Equinox and is reflected in offers in this advertisement. Such credit is available only for cash purchase and by selecting lease or finance offers, consumers are foregoing such credit which will result in higher effective interest rates. Other cash credits available on most models. See dealer for details. */â&#x2122;Śâ&#x2122;ŚFreight & PDI ($1,500/$1,550/$1,550/$1,550/$1,600), registration, air and tire levies and OMVIC fees included. Insurance, licence, PPSA, dealer fees and applicable taxes not included. Offers apply as indicated to 2013 new or demonstrator models of the vehicle equipped as described. Offers apply to qualified retail customers in the Ontario Chevrolet Dealer Marketing Association area only (including Outaouais). Dealers are free to set individual prices. Dealer order or trade may be required. Limited time offers which may not be combined with other offers. GMCL may modify, extend or terminate offers in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for details. ***Factory order or dealer trade may be required. â&#x2122; Based on Spark LS and current information at time of print of 2013 model year vehicles sold in Canada. MSRP - Manufacturerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Suggested Retail Price. Dealers are free to set individual prices. ÂŽBluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG Inc. ŠThe Best Buy Seal is a registered trademark of Consumers Digest Communications, LLC, used under license. â&#x20AC; â&#x20AC; 2013 Cruze LTZ, MSRP with freight, PDI & levies $28,139. 2013 Spark 2LT, MSRP with freight, PDI & levies $18,639. 2013 Trax LTZ, MSRP with freight, PDI & levies $29,074. 2013 Equinox LTZ, MSRP with freight, PDI & levies $37,699. 2013 Silverado 1500 LT Ext. Cab with PDT & S80, MSRP with freight, PDI & levies $45,944. Dealers are free to set individual prices. â&#x2C6;&#x17E;Valid at participating GM dealerships in Canada only. Offer of one $500 value (including applicable taxes) Petro-CanadaTM gas card available to retail customers on the purchase, lease or finance of a new 2013 Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac car, crossover or utility vehicle delivered between March 1, 2013 to April 30, 2013 and payment of an additional $0.01. Offer excludes Chevrolet and GMC pickup trucks. See your participating GM dealer for details. Cards valid as of 72 hours after delivery. GMCL is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged cards. Gas card is issued by Suncor Energy Products Partnership and is subject to the terms and conditions of the Suncor Energy Products Partnership Gift Card Agreement. Cards valid only at participating Petro-Canada retail locations (and other approved locations) and not redeemable for cash. GMCL may modify, extend or terminate this Offer for any reason in whole or in part at any time without notice. Petro-Canada is a Suncor Energy business. â&#x201E;˘Trademark of Suncor Energy Inc. used under licence. ÂĽChrome Accessories Package offer available on light duty 2013 Chevrolet Silverado extended cab and crew cab truck equipped with the PDJ chrome accessories package (â&#x20AC;&#x153;PDJ Packageâ&#x20AC;?). Dealer order or trade may be required. Offer available to retail customers in Canada for vehicles delivered between March 1, 2013 and April 30, 2013. The offer may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives available on GM vehicles. GMCL may modify, extend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without notice. Conditions and limitation apply. See dealer or for details. ÂĽÂĽThunder package (PDT) includes R7M credit valued at $1,200 MSRP. â&#x2122;Śâ&#x2122;Śâ&#x2122;ŚOffer available to retail customers in Canada only between April 18th, 2013 and April 22nd, 2013. Applies to new 2013 Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles delivered between April 18, 2013 and April 22, 2013, excluding Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana. Price includes freight and PDI but excludes license, insurance, registration, fees associated with filing at movable property registry/PPSA fees, duties, marketing fees and taxes. Dealer may sell for less. Dealer trade may be required. Offer may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives. GMCL may modify, extend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without notice. See dealer for details.

20 The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013


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Visit us Online at AUCTION SALE Saturday April 20, 2013 at 11:00 am for

Wilson & Sandra Rae-Champlain Red Angus 987 Grants Settlement Rd, Foresters Falls (Cobden), Ont



Jason Marshall is the new station manager at Valley Heritage Radio, which is gearing up for its annual fundraising drive April 19 to 28. Marshall is proud of the station’s diverse musical offerings, from classic country and folk to rock and bluegrass.

Approx. 20 bred yearling heifers, Red Angus & Red Angus/Simmental cross, bred to easy calving Red Angus bull, due Aug/Sept for fall calving 8 Red Angus & Red Angus/Simmental bulls, 18 months old; 1 mature Fleck Simmental bull These cattle are from a vaccinated herd. They have been on home test with weights available. Cattle can be kept free of charge until grass time in May. For more info contact Wilson @ 613-646-2089. 2008 McCormick CX85 tractor, 4WD, cab, full shuttle shift, 4800 hrs; JD 2120 tractor, loader, 2WD; Anderson hybrid bale wrapper, fully automatic, round & square bales, 4 yrs old; NH 640 round baler; New Idea 5209 discbine; Cattle Master squeeze chute and electronic scales; steel crowd tub with cattle chute; Howse brush cutter, 8 ft, new; Wallenstein FX120 HD winch; assort of misc farm items; antiques; household items selling first. Not many small items, be on time. Cattle selling around 1:00pm. The farm is sold. For complete listing & pictures go to Terms: Cash or Cheque with ID Lunch by St. Andrew’s Ross Presbyterian Church Auctioneer: Preston Cull, R. R. #1 Douglas, Ont • 613-649-2378

Heritage Radio gears up for fundraising drive lucy,

His Masterʼs Voice – the iconic image of terrier Nipper looking into an Edison Bell phonograph – is a famous image associated with heritage music worldwide. In Renfrew County, a new image has emerged as the face of heritage music – the turquoise hat of CJHR Valley Heritage Radio. The not-for-profit radio station at 98.7 FM kicks off its annual fundraising campaign tomorrow – 10 days featuring oldcountry, fiddle and gospel nights, a radiothon, and a Round-up Dance Sunday, April 28 at the Renfrew Armouries. And there will be a new face at this yearʼs party – that of new station manager, Jason Marshall. Itʼs only fitting that Marshall finds himself sitting in his new office, listening to Mac Beattieʼs This Ottawa Valley of Mine. Because this is a homecoming of sorts for the White Lake man who has spent his entire working life in the media. After falling victim to downsizing in the newspaper business, Marshall was directed by his brother to a job advertisement identifying knowledge and understanding of Ottawa Valley culture as an asset. “I thought, you know, this might be right up my alley,” Marshall says. “I was really excited. It means a lot to me to be home, back in the Valley, because itʼs a special place to be.” While the station has a handful of talented paid on-air personalities, the stationʼs real strength is its strong team of volunteers. “There are 100-plus volunteers from all over the Valley and the Pontiac that keep this place running and that keep us out in the public eye,” Marshall says. And out in public is where Marshall is most comfortable. Early in his new job he spent time at the Ottawa Valley Farm Show, then joined the St. Patrickʼs parade in Douglas that he described as “fabulous.” Marshall says he has always favoured community newspapers because theyʼre more in touch with their communities and more close-knit. He has found the same spirit at Valley Heritage Radio. “When you come here itʼs like being part of a big family,” he says. “I thought it would be a big transition,” he says of the switch from print to radio. But not so. “The way you get the message out is different – one is spoken and one is written –

but what doesnʼt change is the community and being involved in the community,” he says. “Weʼre here to educate and to entertain but weʼre also here to help. Weʼre part of the community, and thatʼs what I love.” That and the music. “There isnʼt a day goes by that I donʼt think, holy smokes, I havenʼt heard that song in a long time.” The memories are fond ones, often rooted in what some might call his parentsʼ music. But even the ʻnewerʼ 1970s songs are now 40 years old and part of another generationʼs rich musical heritage. Marshall also enjoys that he can be driving home and hear Kyle Felhaver from White Lake, then someone from Pembroke, then someone from Eganville. “Weʼre here to be able to help and cultivate local talent, too,” he says. He is especially proud of the stationʼs commitment to local and live music, best displayed through its Live Kitchen Party Saturdays from 1 to 2 p.m. on the stationʼs Thomas Cavanagh Construction stage. In fact, major renovations are underway to make the station on Burnstown Road in Horton Township even more user-friendy and accessible for public gatherings. “I love it because no matter whatever your taste and whatever your flavour in music, Valley Heritage Radio has it,” Marshall says. And heʼs not kidding. The station boasts an impressive wall of albums, eight-tracks, cassettes and CDs that caught his immediate attention. “It just blew my mind and I asked, how many songs do we have here?” He learned that while commercial stations generally carry a library of 1,000 to 2,000 songs, Valley Heritage Radio has about 50,000. Equally impressive are the people spinning those tunes. “The volunteers who come in are just so passionate about the music,” says Marshall of the volunteer deejays. “Where else can you find old country, fiddle, easy listening, a little bit of rock, 50/60s rock, blues, bluegrass? Whatever your taste in music, you can find it on the dial at 98.7 FM,” he says, The station is a place where the public is welcomed to drop by and visit, and song requests are common. “What the people in this community want dictates what we have on the air. When all the dust settles, the most important thing is the music that weʼre playing,” he says.

As for the stationʼs appeal, Marshall says its name explains it best. “Right in the name of the station – Valley Heritage – are two things that are so important to the people of the Ottawa Valley,” he says. The first is pride in home, proclaiming, “Iʼm an Ottawa Valley person.ʼ The second is pride in heritage, exemplified in so much of its programming, like its Saturday morning Kaszebe offering. And thanks to technology, anyone with a computer can listen to Heritage Radio live online from anywhere in the world. In fact, listeners have been tracked tuning in from as far away as the Phillipines. The station also has a very vibrant Facebook site. “Thereʼs potential there to grow it,” Marshall says of social media and the stationʼs dedicated listenership. The station has more than 1,800 members and maintaining that support is vital to the stationʼs very existence. Thus the importance of its 10-day fundraising drive that starts tomorrow (April 19). And Marshall couldnʼt be happier to be part of the team behind that effort. “For me, personally, itʼs such a perfect fit,” says Marshall of his new job. “Our whole focus is on community; thatʼs the exciting part about it. Iʼm so at the right place for me, at the right time.” The stationʼs fundraising campaign wraps up with a Round-up Dance Sunday, April 28 from 1 to 7 p.m. at the Renfrew Armouries. The six-hour showcase will feature Douglas Connection, Dennis Harrington and Heritage Country, The Countrymen, and a tribute to Stompinʼ Tom Connors by Garry Patrois. The doors open 12 noon. Tickets are $15 for non-members and $12 for members and can be purchased at the radio station and at the door. Light lunch will be served. For more information, call 613-432-9873 or 1-888-532-9870. Heritage Radio opened its doors in 2007, and is governed by a volunteer board of directors comprised of president Denzil Ferguson, vice-president Fay Kolpin, secretary Jacqueline Asselin, treasurer Leo Coulas, and directors Anita Schubrink, Dennis Harrington, Wayne Venne, Bob Johnston, Guy Jamieson and Charlie Kitts. The stationʼs daytime programming includes Andrew Cartwright 6 to 10 a.m., followed by Dai Bassett easy-listening music 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Cruise Control with Al Cruise 3 to 6 p.m. Check out the stationʼs website at for evening and weekend programming..

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197 Raglan St. S



Ottawa Valley Tours


Lucy Hass



COUNTRY MUSIC CAPITALS NASHVILLE / MEMPHIS / BRANSON SON April 27 – May 6 $1695 Come with us to America’s Live Entertainment Capital Cities. During our visit we will tour Branson and take in dazzling live performances showcasing well-known entertainers, including the Doug Gabriel Show, Jim Stafford, Shoji Tabuchi and the Presley’s Country Jubilee. Then we are off to Memphis where we will visit Graceland and then off to Nashville, where we spend an evening at the Grand Ole Opry. Call Today to Reserve your Seat!


May 17-20 / June 14-17 / June 28-July 1 / August 2-5 / Aug 30 - Sept 2 / Sept 20-23 October 11-14 $529

THE WIZARD OF OZ Toronto Broadway Theatre June 8-9....................................................$399

SPRINGTIME FAVORITES North Conway Shopping April 26-28 .................................... $320 Pennsylvania Amish Country May 2-5 ...........................................$699 New Orleans & Memphis May 10-19 .......................................$1699 Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake & Toronto May 18-20 .......................................$478


ACH CASINO HOTEL ($50 US Bonus) Start Spreading the News...We’re Leaving Today. May 6-9 ..........................................$429 June 4-7.........................................$443 Save money and join Ottawa BALLY’S ATLANTIC CITY ($45 US Bonus) Valley Tours for a Deluxe May 6-9 / June 4-7 ........................$482 Weekend Getaway in the Big Apple. Book Now Selling Fast


NO FLY CRUISE VACATIONS Canada & New England Cruise


If you enjoy Live Entertainment, then call today to reserve your seat on this Fabulous Excursion to see the Famous Geritol Follies, “Guys & Dolls” at the Shaw Festival Theatre and the Famous People Players. Don’t miss it!

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September 19-30..........................$1612 Inside Cat. M Plus $389 taxes

Annual Bermuda Cruise October 19-27 .......................$1299* Inside Cat. M Plus $340 taxes *Save $100 per couple, Book by May 1st Call for more details & additional cabin selections.

NEW BROCHURE NOW AVAILABLE 1642 Merivale Road (Merivale Mall) Nepean R0012032266



Travel Reg.#2967742 & 5000006

The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013 21


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Earn Extra Money! Keep Your Weekends Free!

Canadian blues superstar Colin James will be on stage at this year’s Blues and Ribfest.

Juno award-winning Colin James in lineup Colin James will be the headliner at the third annual Class Axe Guitars Calabogie Blues and Ribfest this summer. James, one of Canadaʼs most popular blues and rock performers, will play at Calabogie Peaks on the Saturday night of the festival, which runs Aug. 16 to 18. Joining James on Aug. 17 will be the Ben Racine Band, recently nominated as New Artist of the Year at the 2012 Maple Blues Awards; Soulstack, known for its mix of urban blues and Memphis soul, with grit; and Steve Hill, proclaimed by Vancouverʼs Real Blues magazine to be the best young blues guitar player in North America. James is a Juno Award-winning artist with mul-

tiple number-one singles. His self-titled debut album was the fastest selling album in Canadian history. Heʼs toured with Keith Richards and reached number three on the U.S. radio charts and has had such hits as Voodoo Thing, Five Long Years, Just Came Back, and Chicks and Cars and the Third World War. Other acts will be announced in a few weeks, but Johnny Winter is expected to headline on either Friday or Sunday. More information can be found on, as well as the Class Axe Guitars Calabogie Blues & Ribfest Facebook and Twitter pages



for these





Call Today 613.221.6247 Or apply on-line at

• selected distribution

613-432-3655 22 The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013


For Distribution Rates and Circulation Info, call



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Calabogie Blues & Ribfest gets Celebrate Ontario grant County of Renfrew

Thanks to the tremendous support of the Province of Ontarioʼs Celebrate Ontario Program, Greater Madawaska Township is pleased to announce that the third annual Class Axe Guitars Calabogie Blues & Ribfest will be showcasing some of the finest blues music found anywhere in North America. The Township of Greater Madawaska received a grant from the Ministry of Tourismʼs Celebrate Ontario Program, and these funds will help not only to secure some of the top blues performers, but also help attract a greater audience to the township. The Class Axe Guitars Calabogie Blues & Ribfest will be held the weekend of Aug. 16 to 18 at the Calabogie Peaks Resort. Celebrate Ontario Grants help new and existing Ontario festivals and events enhance their programs, activities and services. This support helps grow tourism in the province by making it easier for event organizers to offer new and improved experiences that will attract more tourists and increase visitor spending. “The Wynne government is proud to support local festivals and events like the Calabogie Blues & Ribfest,” said Michael Chan, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport. “Through Celebrate Ontario we are helping festivals and events attract broader audiences, increase visitor spending and boost local economies – ultimately creating jobs in the Greater Madawaska Township and across our great province.” Greater Madawaska Mayor Peter Emon acknowledged the support of the business community within the township. “Our township has partnered with Calabogie Peaks Resort and many other local businesses to help deliver one of the biggest festivals in Eastern Ontario. “The Class Axe Guitars Calabogie Blues & Ribfest is a great way for tourists to discover the many oppor-

tunities available in our region and it allows our business community to benefit from the many economic development spinoffs from this event.” Paul Murphy, president of Calabogie Peaks Resort, is looking forward to welcoming returning and new visitors to the area. “The natural amphitheatre created by the mountain makes Calabogie an ideal festival location,” said Murphy.

“Calabogie Peaks hosts thousands of festival guests inside a beautiful environment bounded by Calabogie Lake, the mountain and endless acres of pristine nature. Very few festivals offer this unique combination of blues music, resort amenities and recreation experiences.” Ed Torres, CEO of Torres Media and 101.9 DAWG FM in Ottawa, was excited about returning to Calabogie

with this ever-growing event. “We are very excited to have the support of Celebrate Ontario. Canadian blues legend Colin James will be headlining this yearʼs event, and this was only made possible through the generous support of Celebrate Ontario. The Class Axe Guitars Calabogie Blues & Ribfest is a partnership between Class Axe Guitars, Calabogie Peaks Resort, 101.9 DAWG FM and

Greater Madawaska Township. In 2012, over 13,000 attended the festival, and organizers are expecting even bigger crowd this year. In addition to the live blues music and Rib Grillers, there is an interactive Kidz Zone, overnight camping, the Calabogie Peaks Chairlift, a blues workshop and many other activities. Advance tickets are available at

Country Opry show and dance May 11-12 A Country Opry show and dance hits the stage at the Ma-Te-Way Activity Centre in Renfrew May 11 and 12. The two shows are a fundraiser for the Renfrew Victoria Hospital Healing Garden Project. The Saturday night show begins at 7:30 p.m. and the Sunday show at 1:30 p.m. The show pays tribute to country legends Randy Travis, Dolly Parton, Tanya Tucker, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette, Roy Orbison, Hank Williams, Loretta Lynn, Minnie Pearl, Boxcar Willie, Keith Whitley, Connie Smith, Johnny Cash, June Carter, Gene Watson and more. Members of the house band are Al Brisco, Bob Schwartz, Marie Brydges, Phil Holmes, Becky Childerhose, Terri-Lynn Mahusky and Gary Trupp. Tickets are $15 and are available at Aikenheadʼs Drug Store and Barry Breen Insurance in Renfrew, at Valley Heritage Radio on Burnstown Road or at the door.


The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013 23


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Begin planning now for your autumn floriculture entries Renfrew Fair Horticulture Committee

for speciďŹ c directives in each class. Ensure your potted plants are clean, and free of insects and tattered or dead foliage. All exhibitors must purchase a membership in the fair for only $5 and then they can enter as many exhibits as they wish. An entry tag (available at the fair ofďŹ ce) must be attached to all entries and an entry form must be handed into the ofďŹ ce when the exhibits are dropped off to the Exhibit Hall. ItĘźs very easy to be an exhibitor at the Renfrew Fair. Entering in the fair is a fun way to have a little competition between your neighbour, friend or family member. We look forward to seeing new exhibitors and are always looking for our regulars. So get planning right now and get planting! We will see you in September at the Renfrew Fair.

Spring Allergies? Spring is just around the corner! If you are suffering from allergies, now is the time to get ready to combat them. We treat for any kind of allergy â&#x20AC;&#x201C; effectively, naturally and safe! No drugs! Try it for yourselfâ&#x20AC;Ś

Manuela Mueller-Code DMH, DynBC, DHHP Doctor of Medical Heilkunst & Dyn Blood Analysis

Natureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Truth

formerly Hahnemann Centre For Heilkunst 946 Mill Ridge Road, Arnprior, ON K7S 3G8 Register at 613-623-8804 by appointment only R0011989402 2

In keeping with our monthly series, we say hello from the Renfrew Fair Floriculture Committee. We have a large division and entries are focused on cut ďŹ&#x201A;owers, bouquets and arrangements, and potted plants. Preliminary lists are available at the fair ofďŹ ce now. We are so thankful for our many sponsors who donate dollars and merchandise every year to make our fair bigger and better. Sponsors are recognized in the fair book beside each class that they sponsor. Now is the time to start planning your ďŹ&#x201A;ower beds for the spring planting. We are hoping that you will keep in mind the different types of ďŹ&#x201A;owers and arrange-

ments that you can enter in the fair this fall. ItĘźs important to note that entries in ďŹ&#x201A;oriculture must be in place on Tuesday evening, Sept. 3 from 6 to 9 p.m. They can be retrieved on Sunday, Sept. 8 at 5:30 p.m. The exhibit hall is closed on Wednesday for judging to take place. It re-opens to the public around 4 p.m. when judging is completed. Our qualiďŹ ed judges follow the Ontario judging standards and their decisions are ďŹ nal. The committee does not do any of the judging. The committeeĘźs role is to ensure the judge receives all the entries in each category for his consideration. This is why it is so important to ďŹ ll in your entry tags accurately. Always read Hints for Exhibitors provided for you in the 2013 fair book. Also check



74 Daniel St. S. Arnprior 613-623-2860

NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND OTHERS All claims against the Estate of MABEL EILEEN LAVALLEE, late of the Town of Arnprior, in the County of Renfrew and Province of Ontario who died on or about the 2nd day of January, 2013, must be filed with the undersigned personal representatives on or before the 17th day of May, 2013, after which date the estate will be distributed having regard only to the claims of which the Estate Trustees then shall have notice. DATED at Arnprior this 28th day of March, 2013.

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in your hands. Tim Hortons would like to thank you for putting litter where it belongs. Together we can all do our part to keep our community clean.





Join us Sunday, April 21st 10:00am for some good clean fun! Tim Hortons 780 Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien Road Contact Ann for more information 613.432.9071

Tim Hortons 383 Stewart Street Contact Ann for more information 613.432.6278

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Time for an Upgrade! From Monday April 22nd to Friday April 26th Gourleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Variety will be going through some mandatory TSSA upgrades to better serve its loyal customers. Unfortunately at this time we will not be able to pump fuel.


24 The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Harold Neumann Estate Trustee By: K. Alexander Parker Tierney Stauffer LLP 114 John St. N., P.O. Box 8 Arnprior, Ontario K7S 3H2



Enjoy fun in the mud May 11 in Eganville Enjoy some fun in the mud MotherĘźs Day weekend at May Mudder Saturday, May 11 at the Eganville Sno-Drifters Club. The gates open at 9 a.m. with mud runs beginning at noon. There will be a Big Rig and Truck ShowĘźnĘźShine 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., plus an all-day parts swap. The ATV classes are 2and 4-wheel drive, 599 cc and under, 600 cc and up, and side by side. The truck classes are ďŹ re

35-inch and down, 36-inch to 42-inch, and 43-inch and up. Admission bracelets for the full-day event, including a dance afterwards, are $10 and kids 12 years old and under are free with a paid adult. Admission to the dance only is $5. Pay-out prizes will be determined by sign-ups and the mud-run entry fee is $10. For more information, call Jason evenings at 613628-3863.

Church Services Trinity-St. Andrewâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s United Church

The Renfrew Presbyterian Church

0LAUNT3T3 Rev. Russell Wardell Rev. Susan Tough 3UNDAY7ORSHIPAM

2AGLAN3T3s   Ministers: The Reverends Brian and Alison Sharpe Organist: Mrs. Elizabeth Brumm, H.B.Mus., A.R.CT.(2)


Website: _____________________________

St. James Lutheran %LGIN!VE%   REVEREND CATHY MCCAIG 35.$!9!02), EASTER 4 AM â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Worship & Fellowship Lay lead service of the word _____________________________

Hebron Christian Reformed Church !LBERT3T 3UNDAYAM Worship Service â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Nursery Available Sunday School During Service Coffee Break 7OMENS)NTERFAITH"IBLE3TUDY Wednesday mornings From 10:00 -11:30 a.m. Story Hour and Nursery for

Â&#x2026;Â&#x2C6;Â?`Ă&#x20AC;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;xĂ&#x160;Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;°Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;`Ă&#x160;Ă&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;`iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x203A;>Â&#x2C6;Â?>LÂ?i Everyone is welcome _____________________________

The United Church of Canada BRAESIDE PASTORAL CHARGE Rev. Dr. Richard Hollingsworth 623-2360

>Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;Â?ivÂ&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;`Ă&#x160;qĂ&#x160;Â&#x2122;\ääĂ&#x160;>Â&#x201C; Glasgow â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 10:00 am Braeside â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 11:00 am Sunday School During Service _____________________________

SUNDAY WORSHIP 10AM Nursery Care Available

Sunday School 10:00 a.m. Wheelchair Accessibility EVERYONE WELCOME If transportation required Call Church OfďŹ ce    Tues-Fri 8am _____________________________

Renfrew Baptist Church Corner of Plaunt & Railway 432-4266 Rev. Tom Smith Sunday worship - 10:30am Cable Channel 22 Sundays 11 a.m. & 3 p.m. All Are Welcome _____________________________

The Anglican Church of Canada ST. PAULS THE APOSTLE Corner Argyle St. at Patrick Phone 613-432-3062 Reverend Cathy McCaig

3UNDAY!PRIL Sunday7ORSHIP AM _____________________________

The Salvation Army

8 Argyle St. at Munroe Corps OfďŹ cer/Pastor SUNDAY SERVICE 10 A.M. Elmwood Bible Chapel 7Â&#x153;Â&#x201C;iÂ&#x2DC;½Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;iÂ&#x2DC;½Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x17E; &RANCIS3Ts   Bible Study Wednesday 613-432-7721 7:30 p.m. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Bible Study, Prayer All Are Welcome! _____________________________ SUNDAY Â&#x2122;\Ă&#x17D;äĂ&#x160;>°Â&#x201C;°Ă&#x160;qĂ&#x160;/Â&#x2026;iĂ&#x160;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;`½Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;-Ă&#x2022;ÂŤÂŤiĂ&#x20AC; 11:00 a.m. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Family Bible Hour and Sunday School _____________________________

The Roman Catholic Community 0418.R0781949608

OUR LADY OF FATIMA PARISH £ääĂ&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x192;}>Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x203A;iÂ&#x2DC;Ă&#x2022;i]Ă&#x160;7iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;{Ă&#x17D;Ă&#x201C;Â&#x2021;nxĂ&#x201C;x Saturday 7:00 p.m. -Ă&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;`>Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2122;\ääĂ&#x160;>°Â&#x201C;° _____________________________

St. James the Greater Parish 0ORTAGEDU&ORT 1UEBEC 3UNDAY-ASSAM

Word of Life Ministries SUNDAYS @ 7:00pm

8 Argyle and Munroe Streets A non-denominational Full Gospel Fellowship ,iĂ&#x203A;°Ă&#x160; Â&#x2C6;Â?Â?Ă&#x160;VÂ&#x2C6;Â?Â?>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x2C6;ÂŁĂ&#x17D;°{Ă&#x17D;Ă&#x201C;°Ă&#x2C6;äxÂ&#x2122; _____________________________

ST. FRANCIS XAVIER PARISH 331 Plaunt Street, South {Ă&#x17D;Ă&#x201C;Â&#x2021;xnĂ&#x201C;x Saturday 4:30 p.m. Sunday 10:30 a.m.

In the matter of Sections 17, 22 and 34 of the Planning Act, the Township of McNab/Braeside hereby gives NOTICE OF THE FOLLOWING: Public Meeting for applications to amend the Township of McNab/Braesideâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Official Plan and Zoning By-Law 2010-49. Subject Lands

Part of Lots 16 & 17, Concession A(12), (geographic Township of McNab), Township of McNab/Braeside, located on Usborne Street (County Rd No. 3), as shown on the attached Key Map.

Public Meeting

A public meeting to inform the public of the proposed official plan and zoning amendments will be held on May 6 from 6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. at Our Lady Perpetual Help Parish, located at 88 Dochart St., Braeside. The meeting may be continued, if necessary, on May 7, and May 9, from 6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. at the same location.


In accordance with the Planning Act, members of the public will be given an opportunity to make representa tions to council in respect of the proposed Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments. Members of the public will be provided with 3 minutes to make their representations. Experts who pre-register with the Township of McNab/Braeside with their qualifications, will be provided with 15 minutes to make their representations. The representations at the public meeting will be based on a first come, first serve basis.

Proposed Official Plan Amendment Purpose and Effect of the Official Plan Amendment - The entire 132.7 Ha (328 ac) Miller property is designated Mineral Aggregate. This designation permits a quarry and associated manufacturing uses. The purpose of the proposed Official Plan Amendment is to permit an asphalt plant for permanent use on a specific portion of the property. The proposed Official Plan amendment would implement a site-specific Mineral Aggregate-Exception One designation on approximately 4.5 Ha (11 ac) of the subject property to permit a permanent asphalt plant as an additional use. If a person or public body does not make oral submissions at a public meeting or make written submissions to the Township of McNab/ Braeside before the proposed Official Plan amendment is adopted by the Township of McNab/Braeside, the person or public body is not entitled to appeal the decision of the County of Renfrew (the approval authority), to the Ontario Municipal Board. If a person or public body does not make oral submissions at a public meeting, or make written submissions to the Township of McNab/ Braeside before the proposed Official Plan amendment is adopted by the Township of McNab/Braeside, the person or public body may not be added as a party to the hearing of an appeal before the Ontario Municipal Board unless, in the opinion of the Board, there are reasonable grounds to add the person or the public body as a party. If you wish to be notified of the decision or for further information regarding the adoption or the refusal of the requested amendment to the Official Plan; a written request must be submitted to: Charles Cheesman, Manager of Planning Services, Development and Property Department, County of Renfrew, 9 International Drive, PEMBROKE, ON K8A 6W5 (613) 735-3204 or Toll Free 1-800-273-0183 Proposed Zoning By-Law Amendment Purpose and Effect of the Zoning By-law Amendment - Approximately 30 Ha (74 ac) of the Miller property is zoned Extractive Industrial (EM) and licensed for extraction as quarry. The proposed Zoning By-Law Amendment is to permit the expansion of the licensed area of the existing quarry and to permit an asphalt manufacturing plant as an additional use on a specific portion of the property. The proposed amendment affects only the lands beyond the existing licence and EM zone. This is about 103 Ha (254 acre) of the total Miller property. The proposed zoning amendment would rezone the property from Extractive Industrial Reserve (EMR) to Extractive Industrial (EM), Extractive Industrial-Exception One (EM-E1) and Extractive Industrial Reserve-Exception One (EMR-E1). The proposed EM Zone will permit an expansion of the existing quarry in an expanded area of approximately 79 Ha (195 ac) hectares of land. The EM-E1 Zone will permit an asphalt manufacturing plant on approximately 4.5 Ha (11 ac) of the expanded quarry. The proposed EMRE1 Zone will limit approximately 24 Ha (59 ac) of the property to the conservation of wildlife in natural conditions. If a person or public body does not make oral submissions at a public meeting or make written submissions to the Township of McNab/ Braeside before the by-law is passed, the person or public body is not entitled to appeal the decision of the Township of McNab/Braeside, to the Ontario Municipal Board. If a person or public body does not make oral submissions at a public meeting, or make written submissions to the Township of McNab/ Braeside before the by-law is passed, the person or public body may not be added as a party to the hearing of an appeal before the Ontario Municipal Board unless, in the opinion of the Board, there are reasonable grounds to do so. If you wish to be notified of the decision or for further information regarding the adoption or the refusal of the requested amendment to the Zoning By-Law; a written request must be submitted to: Noreen Mellema,CMO CAO/Clerk Township of McNab/Braeside 2508 Russett Drive, R.R. #2, ARNPRIOR, ON K7S 3G8 (613) 623-5756 ext. 222 or Toll Free 1-800-957-4621 Dated at the Township of McNab/Braeside this 9th day of April, 2013. ___________________________ Noreen Mellema,CMO CAO/Clerk


The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013 25


Connected to your community


Fundraiser for Zachary




A benefit dance for 20-month-old Zachary Quackenbush is being held at the Royal Canadian Legion Renfrew Branch 148. The event takes place Friday, May 17 at 8 p.m. Zachary has been diagnosed with a brain tumour. Dance tickets are $8 and are available at the door. Anyone willing to help with food donations or door prizes would be greatly appreciated. Contact Laura Warren at 613-717-3959 or Sheila Riopelle at 613-570-9892.



For more information on these and other listings, please check out the regular real estate ads in this edition.



Call Michael at 613-724-8260


tt tt


53 James Street , Arnprior LAST UNIT LEFT. Free rent period to qualiďŹ ed tenant. Great signage and terriďŹ c high trafďŹ c location. Act now!

$BSMFUPO1MBDFt.PSFXPPEt,JOHTUPO Your key to must-see homes in the area!

KELLY DERUE, BROKER 613.433.2681

Metro City Realty Ltd. (Renfrew) Brokerage A locally owned Independent Member Broker



189 ROSS ST SATURDAY, APRIL 20TH 1-3PM 784 RAGLAN S SUNDAY, APRIL 21ST 2-4PM Come and see this custom bungalow - meet me at the corner of Haramis Dr and Raglan St.S. Host: Helen Vincent 613.432.0058

Helping you is what we do.


Realty Ltd.


OfďŹ ce 613-432-9123 613 432 9123 | Ottawa 613-791-8123 613 791 8123

Valley Wide

Real Estate Brokerage

TERI LEECH SALES REP 613-433-6994 26 The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013



Pat Forrest

Joanne McCallion

Broker of Record 613-433-6569

Dedicated, Professional, Experienced

Sales Representative 613-570-1341

1670 Burnstown Rd., Burnstown, On K0J 1G0








A rare find â&#x20AC;&#x201C; private waterfront lot just outside of Burnstown on the Madawaska River. With 100ft of waterfront and over 300ft

Spectacular 3 bed 2 bath home/cottage on Round Lake, fully refined with brand new kit. & baths, both with high-end deep, hydro and phone at the lot. MLS # 864810 Call Pat to finishes. All bdrms have sliding glass doors to full length deck facing lake. Call Joanne! MLS#863865 $374,900 view this lot $224,900 CO U LIV NTR ING Y




4 bed/2 bath bungalow, hardwood throughout, great floorplan thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bright and spacious, large windows, finished basement - roofâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;11, furnaceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;10, windowsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;11. MLS# 859100, Please call Pat to view! $279,900

Adult oriented neighbourhood, finished basement, rec room w/wood & stone finishings, nat.gas fireplace, 2+1 bed/3 bath bungalow w/main flr laundry. Call Pat to view today. MLS 854519 Please call Pat to view! $237,900

3bed/1 bath stone Victorian home. Big bright spacious rooms, large updated windows, new roof, new flooring throughout, new electrical, large eat-in kitchen, fenced yard, garage and many more updates. MLS#860078 Please call Pat. $163,900




Realty Ltd.

OfďŹ ce 613-432-9123 | O OfďŹ Ottawa 613-791-8123


Prime Valley

Prime Valley R0012037025



Eady Realty, Inc. 29 Raglan St. S., Renfrew, ON K7V 1P8

-90 acres, Horton, $159,900 -1.3 acres, Arnprior Golf Course, $89,900 -2.3 acres waterfront, McNab/Braeside, $225,000 -1 acre (4 lots), Rosebrugh Rd, near Hurdâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Lake $35,000 -1.48 acres, Horton, $22,900 LO

31 LOCHIEL ST. N. Lovely Victorian home, 3 beds/1 bath, tastefully decorated and painted in neutral colours. Updated windows & wiring, brand new nat. gas furnace and very affordable living. MLS # 864078 Please call Pat. $159,900

5.4 ES R AC

PENESHULA RD 5.4 acres to build your custom home, nestled amongst the trees, very private yet ten minutes to Arprior. Hydro at the road. MLS#860299 $69,900 (plus HST)


RENFREW 613-432-2100 29 Raglan St. South

Eady Realty, Inc. Brokerage

29 Raglan St. S., Renfrew, ON K7V 1P8

EGANVILLE 613-628-6000 71 Bonnechere St.

Each office is independently owned and operated


Kelly Derue

Dennis Yakaback

Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Broker


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Rick Reid Sales Rep. Cell




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Charlene Riopelle Badour Sales Rep. Cell 433-4082


Vincent Johnston Lorraine Marchant

Patti Reid Cell






$225,000 MLS# 864949 20 Minutes From Renfrew. 1/2 Acre Of Playground. 2 Bedroom Bungalow, Stable, Additional Storage, Private Setting. Great Hunting. Call Dennis Yakaback: 613-432-0041

$164,900 MLS# 865045 -3 Bedroom Bungalow -Completely Renovated Main Floor -Large Private Lot Call: Vince Johnston 613-433-2254



$154,900 MLS#860930 -3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths -Large Eat-In Kitchen, Large Deck -Main Floor Family Room, Main Floor Laundry -New Heating System, Newer Shingles Call Kelly To View: 613-433-2681

$197,500 MLS#848634 -Very Spacious 2 Storey Home -Great Access To Highway 417 For Commuters -Fenced Yard With Above Ground Pool Call Morris Eady: 613-432-2100 Or Www.Century21.Ca/Morris.Eady





MLS# 858134

This 3 Bedroom Home Is Simply Delightful. Long List Of Reno’s. Affordable Carrying Costs. Call Dennis Yakaback: 613-432-0041

31277 HWY 41


$449,000 MLS# 858979 -2 Storey, 4 Bedrooms, 3 Baths -4 Acre Estate With 3 Stall Barn -View Of River, Minutes To Ski Hill & Golf Course -2 Car Garage and Pool Call Vince Johnston: 613-433-2254

$64,900 MLS#848274 Handyman’s Special! Beautiful Old Moldings, Unique Ceilings. Hardwood Floors Throughout. Priced To Sell. Call Charlene: 613-433-4082

$123,900 MLS#848779 Country Living Close To The Village Of Mt. St. Patrick. Updates Include New Wood/Oil Furnace And Central Air. Call Dennis Yakaback: 613-432-0041




$124,900 MLS# 850444 -New Bathroom -3+ Bedrooms -Corner Lot Call Vince Johnston: 613-433-2254


$25,000 MLS#855477 -High and Dry Building Lot -Cabin on Property -1.5 Acres Treed with Cleared Areas Call Rick & Patti Reid: 613-401-3212 or 613-401-0197

LOTS FOR SALE 2 Hurds Lake Lots With Deeded Access $48,500 0 Milton Stewart, 1.5 Acres $44,900

$279,900 MLS# 863831 In Spotless Condition, This 3+1 Bedrm, 2 Bath Bungalow Is A Must See. Fully Finished Lower Level. Maintenance Free Ext. Gas Heat/Central Air. Call DennisYakaback: 613-432-0041



MLS# 854881

$95,000 MLS# 851536 - Immaculate 3 Bedroom Bungalow - Completely Renovated Interior - Rona Kitchen Cabinets - Pretty 1 Acre Lot With 2 Sheds Call Patti 613-401-0197 Or Rick 613401-3212

$99,900 MLS#849934 Frame Triplex Needs Some TLC. Good Income, Excellent Location. Great For A Single Person Looking For Assistance In Owning A Home, Or For A Couple. Call Morris Eady: 613-432-1830


3 Bedroom, 3 Bath Bungalow In Coleraine Park, Destined To Become One Of The Most Beautiful Subdivisions In Renfrew. Attached Garage, Rear Sundeck, Deslaurier Custom Kitchen Cabinets. Call Morris Eady: 613-432-2100. Www.Century21.Ca/Morris.Eady

$489,900 MLS# 863224 13 Year Old Viceroy Home With Waterfront on Calabogie Lake. Close To The Ski Hill And All That This Area Has To Offer. Open Concept Kitchen, Living And Dining Area Call Vince Johnston 613-433-2254



$229,900 MLS# 864226 Year Round Home On Stone’s Lake -Very Private, Located At End Of Lake -3 Bedrooms, Walk-Out Basement -Screened In Porch To Enjoy Bug Free Evenings Call Kelly To View: 613-433-2681

Call Vince Johnston 613-433-2254



$169,900 MLS# 859494 -3 Bedrooms, 1 1/2 Baths -Hardwood And Ceramic Floors -Appliances Included -Heated 24’ x 20’ Workshop & Garage Call: Rick & Patti Reid 613-401-3212 or 613-401-0197


770 Milton Stewart, 86 Acres $179,900


$39,900 Prime Building Land. 3.10 Acres, 196 Ft X 700 Ft On Thompson Road. Easy To Walk. 4 Corners Marked. Close To Ottawa River And Public Boat Launch. Call Charlene: 613-433-4082.

On Duty This Weekend

Charlene Riopelle Badour Sales Rep. Cell 433-4082

OPEN HOUSE $185,000

MLS# 847191

Saturday, April 20 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. Great Family Home Available For Immediate Occupancy. Your Host; Kelly Derue, Broker 613-433-2681



Dennis Yakaback

Kelly Derue

Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Broker





$349,900 MLS# 843255 - Investment Opportunity - Foundry With Large Garage And Duplex - Great Income Potential Call Vince Johnston: 613-433-2254

I welcome your weekend call on any listed property

The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013 27


330 Plaunt St. S., Renfrew K7V 1N3


M Metro C City R Realty l Ltd. L d (Renfrew) (R f ) Brokerage B k A locallyy owned Independent Member Broker p

OPEN HOUSE 784 Raglan S. SUNDAY, APRIL 21ST, 2-4 P.M. Come and see this custom bungalow - meet me at the corner of Haramis Dr and Raglan St. S. Host: Helen Vincent 613.432.0058.



Sales Representative

Sales Representative





613-432-0319 JUSTD LISTE







1436 HIGHWAY 132 You need to see this beauty - 5 minutes from the town limits - lots of space inside and out! - 3 garages - spacious interior - brand new kitchen - 2 baths - 4 bedrooms - 2 fireplaces - inground pool and fenced yard - Paved drive - come and see it with us Call Helen at 432-0058 or Ross at 433-1133.


170 DUFFERIN AVE. Asking $162,500 for this spacious 3 BR home with large fenced rear yard. New gas furnace. MLS# 864252. Call Peter 613.432.0319 for more information.

55 FOYMOUNT RD., EGANVILLE $94,900 An excellent place to start at this address - 2 bedrooms - living room, kitchen - laundry - 4 pce bath - outstanding front screened porch for summer and fall living area - new well. Call David at 4012824 or Helen at 432-0058.



65 PEGGS LANE 105 OTTERIDGE Asking $334,900, Quality home with ICF construction, 3 BR, walkout basement. MLS# 858254 Call Peter 613.432.0319 for more information.

Stunning views of the Madawaska River may be enjoyed from the 24’x8’ covered deck. Many features in this home includcluding cherry cabinets, stunning fireplace in the spacious great rm, main floor master with ensuite, laundry rm, walk-out party room, library, expansive workshop, hardwood, tile & beautiful landscaping. MLS 857448 Call Ross 613.433.3311 for details.


OTTERIDGE AVE A custom 3 bedroom bungalow about to be built - shovel is in the ground already! Fully serviced lot - walk-out basement - Tarion Warranty - excellent floor plan for you and your family - Call Helen for details and floor plans at 432-0058.


153 AIRTH BLVD. Asking $225,000 for this solid brick 3 BR, fully finished basement, extensive landscaping. MLS# 865153. Call Peter 613.432.0319 for more information.



398 CHARLES ST. An outstanding split level - 3 bedrooms - totally redone interior - top to bottom!! 2 baths - den on lower level 4th level provides storage - in immaculate condition Call Helen at 432-0058.


650 FIFTH ST 1 ½ Storey Home, Many upgrades, Large Kit leading to back deck, separate DR, LR, plus 1- 2 pc bath all on main floor. 2nd floor consists of 2 BDR, 1 – 4 pc bath. Full basement F.A. Gas furnace, 100 amp service, 1 car detached garage. Many extras like newer windows. Asking $144,500 MLS 848853 Call Ross 613.433.1133 for details.


Asking $224,500 for this 4 BR home with large addition added, MLS# 863491 Call Peter 613.432.0319 for more information.

2 ½ St country style home situated in the centre of town! Kit, LR, DR, plus family room. 12’ by 26’ with air tight wood stove. 2nd Floor constis of 3 bdr, 1- 4 pc bath, plus loft on the third floor. Newer F.A. Gas Furnace, Full Basement, Lot 50’ by 120’ Large Back Deck 16’ by 18’ new in 2011. Call Ross Peever 613.433.1133

3 ! S ACRE

A great hobby farm in an excellent state of repair.. Large 4+ bedroom, 2 bath home situated on 49 acres. The formal dining room is open to the livingroom. Newer windows. Several outbuildings. Outdoor wood furnace plus propane. A great place to call home! Call Ross 613.433.1133 for details



282 HARRY ST. RENFREW Asking $238,000. A must see home, very spacious interior, 6 yr. old bungalow, 3 BR’s, 2 baths, hardwood floors. MLS# 864533 Call Peter 613.432.0319 for more information.

873 KEDROSKY DRIVE Quality Brick Bungalow highlighted by KIT, Seprate DR, with sliding doors leading to enclosed deck. LR with gas fireplace, 3 BDR, 1 – 4 Pc Bath, Fully Finished basement with 4th bedroom, laundry room, 1- 3 pc bath. Double Carport Call Ross 613.433.1133 for details.

2110 FORESTERS FALLS RD Asking $119,900 for this well-kept 1 ½ storey 3 BR home. MLS# 865126. Call Peter 613.432.0319 for more information.

Pavement right to your entrance - privacy - 3 bedroom split level waterfront home - gorgeous sundeck and sunporch overlooking the lake - hot tub area - great swimming and boating - lots of storage. Call Helen to view at 432-0058.


189 DOMBROSKIE RD Great Price! Great Home! Clean, Tidy and Neat. Large eat in Kitchen, LR, 2 BDR, 1- 4 pc bath plus family room. Full basement with rec room , 1 BR, Furnace Room, New F.A. Oil/Wood Furnace, Asking $164,900 MLS# 827579 Call Ross Peever 613.433.1133.

517 CASTLEFORD RD., R.R.,5 RENFREW 28 acres and a beautiful 4 bedroom maintenance free home - hardwood flooring - 1 and ½ baths - lots of living space - attached dble garage - extra storage on the property - deck at the rear - beautiful setting for easy living. Call David at 401-2824 or Helen at 432-0058.

15 QUEEN ST NORTH Brick& Vinyl Bungalow, Open Concept Kit, DR, LR 3 BDR, 1- 4 Pc Bath. New Roof (2008) New Windows (2002) Totally Maintenance Free. Asking $189.900 MLS# 852035 Call Ross 613.433.1133 to view.

5065A MATAWATCHAN RD., GRIFFITH Open House will take place at this address on May19th from 2-4 p.m.

491 WHELAN RD 1 year old 1500 sq ft bungalow , 4 BDR with 2 – 4 pc baths on main floor. Open Concept Kit, DR, LR, plus Laundry Room. Deck off DR. Full Basement all dry walled, F.A. Propane Heat, 200 amp service. You must see the home to fully realize what an excellent buy this is. Call Ross Peever 613.433.1133 for details

Call Helen at 432-0058 for all details on this brand new home just built!


180 TASSE AVE. Asking $169,900 for this trendy and updated home on a corner lot, New gas furnace 2013. MLS# 862481 Call Peter 613.432.0319 for more information.

205 LOCHIEL ST. S An absolute charming 3 storey home - 4 bedrooms 1 and half baths - hardwood (redone) , crown moldings, centrally located - deck at the rear - det. Single garage - paved drive - in excellent and meticulous condition - Call Helen to view at 432-0058.



503 LAKEVIEW LANE HURDS LAKE 430 MAYHEW ST Now asking $199,900 for this three bedroom, 2 bath, garden home with finished basement, central air. MLS# 859854 Call Peter 613.432.0319 for more information.


5729 HWY 132, DACRE A nicer setting you will never find - property is surrounded by a picturesque flowing creek - outstanding construction and landscaping - 5 bedroom home - 2 baths - eat-in kitchen - 2 levels of living space for you - detached dble garage and workshop - gazebo at water’s edge - inground pool. Call David at 401-2824 or Helen at 432-0058.

28 The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013

73 RENFREW AVE. E. A great starter home for you and your family - 3 bedrooms - large first floor living space - gas heat - central location - so close to downtown - det. Garage - large rear yard for family fun. Call Helen at 432-0058.

2 St Brick Home, Open Concept Kit, DR, LR. 2nd Floor 3BDR, 1-4Pc Bath, Full Basement with 1-4 pc bath, Rec Room. F.A. Gas, Central Air, Lot 100’ by 125’. Asking $210,000 MLS#840203 Call Ross 613.433.1133 for details.

Quality 3 year old bungalow with 3 car attached garage. Open concept Kit, DR, LR with gas fireplace, 2BDR with ensuite. Lower level could be granny flat; Kit, LR, 1- 4 pc bath, Radiant in floor heating, backing on to Hurd’s Lake, MLS# 843171 Asking $459,000 Call Ross 613.433.1133

Women Fully Clothed coming to Pembroke

Here is Where itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Happening

Festival Hall




Developer Mack Wilson Building Renfrew for 40 years! 124






Metro City Realty Ltd. (Renfrew) Brokerage A locally owned Independent Member Broker

BROKER OF RECORD Cell 613-432-0058

Hansma Belmers Construction Ltd. Builder Tarion Warranty Award Winners Every Year!

330 Plaunt St. S., Renfrew K7V 1N3 432-7562 â&#x20AC;˘

0418. R0101961281

Astute and hilarious, Women Fully Clothed performs one night only with the sequel to their self-titled premier show Older & Hotter. YouĘźve lived it. These all-star comedians will make you laugh at it. Getting ready for their Just for Laughs appearance they will play Saturday, June 8 in the Ottawa ValleyĘźs 600-seat Festival Hall Centre for the Arts in Pembroke. Show time is 8 p.m. The show stars: â&#x20AC;˘ Robin Duke from Saturday Night Live, SCTV; â&#x20AC;˘ Jayne Eastwood from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Chicago, Hairspray, Classic Canadian ďŹ lm Going Down the Road; â&#x20AC;˘ Kathryn Greenwood from Whose Line Is It Anyway; â&#x20AC;˘ and, Teresa Pavlinek from The Jane Show, History Bites. Festival Hall director and Second City alumnus Rick Wharton is thrilled to present the show. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The hall was alive with packed shows last year and we continue this year,â&#x20AC;? Wharton said. Tickets for the June 8 show are $48.50 plus HST, and available at the box ofďŹ ce (613-735-2182), open Tuesday to Friday from 1 to 6 p.m. R0121957145

330 Plaunt St. S., Renfrew K7V 1N3


Metro M ettro Ci Cit City ty R Realty ealllty t Ltd. Ltd Lt d (Renfrew) (Renfre f w)) Brokerage Brokkerage A locallyy owned Independent Member Broker p





Sales Representative

Sales Representative






LOTS FOR SALE For information regarding any of the following please Call Helen 613.432.0058 7!4%2&2/.4,/4!6!),!",% /NE,OCATED!T'RIFlTH/N4HE -ADAWASKA2IVERn,ITTLE4IMBER4RAIL,OT-EASURES&T X 284.06 X 286.29 Ft. X 394.59 &Tn'REAT(OLIDAY&UN&OR9OU And Your Family

102 HARAMIS DR. Building lot in a prime residential area, measuring 57.35 ft x 112.66 ft deep â&#x20AC;&#x201C; ready for construction to commence.

0)..!#,% 2/!$ 4 Building Lots - Each 4WO!CRES/N0INNACLE 2D %ASY!CCESS4O4OWN 0AVED2OAD2IGHT4O Your Door. All Severed And Surveyed And Ready &OR9OUR(OME4O"E Built

Building Lot Humphreyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Rd (just off the Castleford Rd.)

%8#%,,%.4 ,/#!4)/. s#/--"5),$).',/4 2AGLAN3T. s#/--,!.$(79 Fully serviced C-2 zoning - 3 parcels s(!2!-)3$2-ANOR%STATES Fully Serviced Lots



1  Ă&#x160;"/Ă&#x160;" Ă&#x160; ,,Ă&#x160;-/, /Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160; 8  , ,,Ă&#x160;--/, /Ă&#x160;UUĂ&#x160; 8  /Ă&#x160;" /" Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;"/Ă&#x160;  -1, -Ă&#x160;xĂ&#x201C;Ă&#x160;/°Ă&#x160;8Ă&#x160;£äĂ&#x2C6;Ă&#x160;/Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;, /Ă&#x160;"**",/1 £äĂ&#x2C6;Ă&#x160;/ UĂ&#x160; , / "** /9Ă&#x160;",Ă&#x160;9"1Ă&#x160;

CALLL H HELEN ELEN A ATT 4432-0058 32-



Just past Mount St. Patrick Village

MacMahon Rd 3 ½ Acres Asking $59,000 Bordering 100 Acres of Private Crown land which is located on Reidâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Lake (located 3 miles from Renfrew) You must see this property! Hydro on Property.

2.86 Acres of ďŹ&#x201A;at land with small creek at side and back of property. Excellent building lot.

Asking $34,500

5Available Lots Calvin Rd outside Haley Station Severed & Surveyed. All over 1 acre in size for

$22,000 to $25,000.

Are you looking for a beautiful modular home in Mac Cedar Rest? Call Ross 613.433.1133 for details




357 WADE AVE Call Peter 613.432.0319 for information

For details please Call Ross 613.433.1133

Paved road and paved driveway right to the front door - executive waterfront home on the lake with everything you will ever want - space galore and special loft facilities over the dble car garage - inground pool - sunroom - hot tub area - â&#x20AC;&#x153;a cut aboveâ&#x20AC;? - you need to view this. Call Helen at 432-0058.

7!4%2&2/.4 !#%2!'% AND). 4/7. /2252!,


Ottawa River Waterfront Lots

6A Acre cre Calabogie RD labog g ie R Lot L ot


Call Peter 613.432.0319 for more information The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013 29


Connected to your community

Prior Players to present Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Dress for Dinner Prior Players



Sales Representative HALL OF FAME

Direct: 613-797-6994

Office: 1-888-966-3111 Over $600,000 is 1.9% on the 1st $ 100K & 1% on the balance What you get with What can you save with One Percent Realty One Percent Realty


THE WORKS â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Why pay more?










$8,100 $18,100




$23,100 $27,100


How does the Buyers agent get paid?

Our $6,900 commission already includes $3,000 paid to the Buyerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s agent.



Beautiful executive open-concept bungalow in Renfrew with double-sided fireplace, gourmet kitchen and private master retreat. Two secondary bedrooms share a full bath on the main floor and the huge finished basement with 2 additional rooms and bathroom round out this ideal family home! Double-car garage with tonnes built-in storage, large storage room in the basement with built-in storage solution, deck off diningroom/kitchen, hardwood and ceramic, 2-person jacuzzi tub in master ensuite! Gorgeous designer stone around entire home, low maintenance deck, corner lot centrally located - curb appeal! Built 2009, all the bells and whistles!


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Contact: Joe & Kris @ Keller Williams Ottawa Realty 613.590.2888


Rehearsals for the Prior Players of Arnprior upcoming spring production are well underway. The Prior Players will be presenting Marc CamolettiĘźs adult comedy DonĘźt Dress For Dinner at the Christian Educational Centre (CEC), 257 John St. E. Arnprior. Show dates are May 3, 4, 10 and 11 at 8 p.m., with a special matinee presentation on Sunday, May 5 at 2 p.m. Tickets are $15 or two for $25. Advance tickets are available now at Arnprior Bulk & Natural Foods on John Street by cash or Interac. Reserve your theatre seats by calling 613-623-5585. Tickets are also available at the CEC door prior to show time on any performance night. Call 613-623-5585 or email for more information.

194 Munroe Avenue East - $299900

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Only 3 left, on scenic Garden of Eden Road. 3 Bedrooms. Mature Trees.


30 The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013

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6157 CENTENNIAL DR Beautiful setting high on a ridge looking over the Mighty Madawaska. 3 Bedroom cottage, open concept design. Some furnishings included, propane fireplace, half acre lot, 2 sheds & plenty of docks mounted at shoreline. $164,500

298 BARR STREET • Stunning beauty radiates old world charm • 3 Storey home with 5 bedrooms & 4 baths, many recent updates, all appliances included • Hardwood throughout, wood burning fireplace + gas fireplace $399,500 MLS#854910

552 MINEVIEW ROAD • 79 ACRES with quick access to Hwy #17 for commuters. Excellent property for Animal Lovers • Spacious 3 + 1 bedrooms w finished lower level, hardwood & wood stove • Large 30’ x 40’ Workshop + attached garage $349,000 MLS#849636

181 COOPER HILL RD • Desirable Waterfront Home on the Madawaska • Fully furnished with 2 + 1 bedrooms & 3 baths, two 2-bay detached garages • Many updates include propane fireplace, roof, windows, flooring and the list goes on. A must see! $495,000 MLS#842965

1983 STONE ROAD • 164.5 ACRES with 3 Bedroom country home • 1 ½ Storey with newer propane furnace, roof & wiring • Immediate occupancy, 2 barns, 14 km to Renfrew $227,500 MLS#861862


522 PINE STREET • Private bungalow situated on one acre lot in Griffith. • 3 + 1 Bedrooms, open concept kitchen, dining, living room, main floor laundry. • Minutes away from the public boat launch, close to 4 wheeler & snowmobile trails. $189,000 MLS#864736

158 IVY AVE • Well maintained hi-ranch in prime location • 3 + 1 Bedrooms, 2 baths, hardwood, gas stove • Attached garage, double paved driveway, situated on nice corner lot $275,000 MLS#864137


177 FLAT ROAD • This Log & Brick home is truly a work of art. • 92 Acres with trails & creek through property • 1.5 Storey with 3 bedrooms and 3 baths, workshop, carport, deck, pool & gazebo with hot tub $474,500 MLS#848629

1576 GARDEN OF EDEN RD • Sparkling brand NEW 3 bedroom bungalow. Ready to move in & excellent location • Energy efficient, hardwood, oak cabinets & chic master ensuite • Three new homes to choose from $214,000 MLS#848322

221 PINNACLE ROAD • Excellent, spacious family home built in 2008 on the outskirts of town! • 3 + 1 Bedrooms, 2 baths, open concept with hardwood, cathedral ceiling • Finished lower level with propane fireplace, double attached garage $299,000 MLS#852870

15B LINDA LANE • Waterfront Cottage on Madawaska River • 4.8 Acres, 3 bedrooms, no plumping, heatilator wood fireplace, furniture included • Immediate occupancy $189,900 MLS#839287

678 ENGLISH ROAD • A back yard for living on 1.22 ACRES in a quite location just 20 minutes to Renfrew • Screened-in room, metal roof, 3 + 1 bedrooms • Hardwood & softwood, spacious living room with patio doors to above ground pool. $214,500 MLS#856437



296 MAHON ROAD 90.95 ACRES ON REID’S LAKE $244,500 MLS#841835

MATAWATCHAN RD 14 ACRES $49,500 MLS#855254

97 TOM’S ROAD • Private country home 15 minutes to Renfrew w creek, pond and waterfall • 2 Storey with 3+1 Bedrooms & 2 Baths • Wood Fireplace, Screened in Porch, 20‘x30’Workshop $189,900 MLS#855118



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660 HYDRO BAY RD 19 ACRES ON MUSKRAT LAKE $195,000 MLS#840746 531 BRUCE STREET • Perfect spot for your new dream home with a fantastic view. • 2.44 Acres on edge of town with well & septic • House needs work $115,000 MLS#862748


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April 18, 2013 2nd Section

2nd Section

Diabetic marathoner encourages others to hike for hospice Steve Newman

Technically speaking, at age 67 Hughie Nolan is no spring chicken. But donʼt tell him that. Having run his first 26-mile foot race at age 60, Nolan hopes to complete the eighth marathon of his relatively short-lived marathon career on June 2. “I started running marathons all because I was diabetic. I wanted to raise money for diabetes,” said Nolan, whose preparation for the worldʼs highest-altitude marathon will include his participation in the seventh annual Hike for Hospice May 5. He has been named the lead hiker for the event that serves each year as the major fundraiser for Hospice Renfrew, which opened in 2008. The local hospice provides a compassionate and comfortable place for people with terminal illnesses to spend their final days. The dying and their families are not charged a penny, but the hospice must fundraise to pay for about 50 per cent of its annual operating expenses. Nolan, who owns Stardust Upholstery, says he regularly hears comments about how it costs people to spend their final days at Hospice Renfrew. But thatʼs not so, and Nolan, as this yearʼs lead hiker in the Hike for Hospice, wants the community at large to know that. Thus, the Hike for Hospice, Hoot for Hospice and Hospice Golf Classic are pivotal fundraisers, in ongoing efforts to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. “The reality,” says Hospice Renfrew chairman Karl Murphy, “is the hospice couldnʼt operate without the support of the community, and particularly people like Hughie who raise dollars and raise awareness.” For the first six editions of Hike for Hospice, more than $200,000 has been raised, including about $53,000 last year. “The money stays in Ren-

frew to pay for staff and hospice operations,” says Hospice Renfrew chairperson Connie Legg. So why not take a threekilometre hike, walk or run on May 5, from the Hike for Hospice start line next to the Renfrew Presbyterian Church, says Legg. Registration starts at 1 p.m., while the hike begins at 2 p.m. You can even bring your dogs, as long as theyʼre leashed. The course runs down the millennium trail to Ma-TeWay Park, then returns via Opeongo Road. “I keep saying itʼs a wonderful opportunity to get out and get some exercise and fresh air and support a wonderful cause,” says Legg. There are also a few incentives to participate, like the knowledge youʼre helping pay the bill for important end-oflife health care or that you could win a 51-inch Samsung Plasma television. Every participant is provided with one ticket for the draw, sponsored by Al Utronkiʼs Appliances and TV Centre, but extra tickets are given for every additional $100 raised. PLEDGE FORMS

Pledge forms for the hike are at the Renfrew Royal Bank or by downloading from www. or Tax receipts are provided for donations of $20 or more. The theme of this yearʼs Hike for Hospice is It Takes A Team. Organizers are asking pledge forms be turned into the Royal Bank, starting Wednesday, April 24, or at Hike for Hospice registration. In volunteering his time, Nolan says he hopes his marathon efforts increase awareness and funds for Hospice Renfrew. Those efforts will include his request for pledges for a May 11 five-km run in Calabogie. All money raised, through pledge forms available at Stardust Upholstery, Dr. Don Kempʼs office at 278

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The official name of the Mount Everest event that Nolan is running May 29 is Tenzing-Hillary Everest Marathon. The event honours mountaineer-guide Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary who became the worldʼs first to reach the peak of the worldʼs highest mountain on May 29, 1953. “We consider the marathon a most fitting tribute to these two great men-icons of adventurous souls in the annals of human history and civilization,” says the marathon website. The first edition was held in 2003, while this yearʼs marks the 60th anniversary of Hillaryʼs ascent of Mount Everest. The race begins at the base camp at 5,356 metres (or 17,598 feet), while the 26-miler concludes at Namche Bazaar, at 3,446 metres (or 11,306 feet). The challenge will be the physical severity and the corresponding need for more insulin, says Nolan. “If I do it under 10 hours, Iʼll be happy,” says Nolan.


Hugh Nolan, centre, is going to have a physically active spring. He’s not only the lead hiker for the May 2013 Hike for Hospice, but he’s also taking this flag to next month’s Tenzing-Hillary Everest Marathon that starts on the world’s highest mountain. Also waving the flag in the buildup to the hospice’s major fundraiser of the year are Hospice Renfrew’s board chairman Karl Murphy and fundraising chair Jo-Anne Dowdall-Brown.

Bishop with Canadian squad at Penn Relays Steve Newman

Athletics Canadaʼs team at the prestigious Penn Relay Carnival in Philadelphia later this month will include 2012 Olympian Melissa Bishop of Eganville. Canadians will be part of the World team competing against the United States, with more than 22,000 athletes from 60 countries. The meet runs April 25 to 27. The Canadian 4x100-metre relay teams will travel to Philadelphia from Baton Rouge,

WE RECYCLE Drop off in the store.

9 Raglan St. S. Renfrew, ON (Corner of Raglan and Monroe)

Louisiana after Athletics Canadaʼs annual spring relay camp. Bishop, who trains in Windsor, Ont., is part of the Canadian womenʼs 4x800 relay squad. Her relay teammates are past world championship competitors Lemlem Ogbasilassie of Montreal and Diane Cummins of Victoria, B.C., and Karine Belleau-Béliveau of Montreal. Bishop, who competed in the 800 metres of the London Olympics, was eliminated in the first round. The six selections for the

• Computers • Keyboards and Mice • Monitors & Televisions • DVD & VCR Players • Printers & Scanners

Canadian menʼs 4x100 include 2012 Olympians Oluwasegun Makinde of Ottawa, Jared Connaughton of New Haven, P.E.I., Gavin Smellie of Maple, Ont., and Justyn Warner of Markham, Ont. The menʼs and womenʼs 4x400 relays include Olympians Tremaine Harris of Markham and Jenna Martin of Bridgewater, N.S. The Penny Relays are an opportunity to run qualifying times for the 2013 world athletics championships in Russia in the 4x100 and 4x400 relays. 0307.R0011957724


Argyle, Valley Heritage Radio, Nolanʼs Grocery Store and Jim New Pre-Owned, will go to Hospice Renfrew. Nolan says significant donors will also receive a photo taken at the Mount Everest base camp in May with himself and the Hospice Renfrew flag. Each significant donor, he says, will receive a framed photo. Knowing several families whose loved ones who have spent their last days at Hospice Renfrew, Nolan says the cause is a worthy one. “Iʼve been pretty blessed in my life, so if I canʼt give back to the community thereʼs something wrong,” says Nolan. “And I may have to use this facility some day.” Nolan stresses that any pledges raised for him, for the May hikes or runs in Renfrew and Calabogie, will go to the hospice.


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McGrimmon’s has a firm Hold on Renfrew Men’s Hockey League title Peter Clark

Nobody can find the Renfrew Menʼs Hockey League championship trophy. If it even exists, McGrimmon Holdings would be the place to send it. For the fourth consecutive year, the McGrimmon dynastic continued at the Ma-Te-Way Activity Centre. A 4-1 win over Renfrew Pizzeria April 9 locked up the 2013 title. The three previous league crowns for the team all came as Kelly Homes. MCGRIMMON’S 4, PIZZERIA 1

McGrimmonʼs didnʼt lose the entire regular season, but dropped one game in all three playoff series. But that didnʼt allow them to stray too far off course. They were quick to bounce back to win the next game, and so they did again last Tuesday night. After dropping the previous game 4-0 to Ren-

frew Pizzeria – which narrowed the gap to 2-1 in games in the best-of-five series – McGrimmonʼs answered with a convincing triumph of their own. Mike Newberry had two goals to steer the McGrimmonʼs attack. One came even strength and the other on a powerplay. Kip Mulvihill and Travis Hiderman tabbed singles. Jimmy MacMillan broke Chris Osborneʼs shutout bid with just 1:07 remaining in the game. Newberry shot McGrimmonʼs into a 1-0 lead in the opening stanza of game four. Mulvihill counted the backbreaker when he scored shorthanded midway through the middle frame. Newberry and Hiderman upped the ante to 4-0 with goals in the third period. Osborne faced 18 shots before MacMillan solved the McGrimmon goaltender. Jon Rousselle faced 24 shots in the Pizzeria goalcrease. Other than the 4-0 win in game three, Pizzeria was held to one goal in each game, by Osborne twice, and by Steve Bowes in the opening game of the series.


McGrimmon Holdings captured the Renfrew Men’s Hockey League title for a fourth consecutive year April 9 at the Ma-Te-Way Activity Centre. In front, from left are Jody Kelly, Chad Miller, Chris Osborne, Greg Gould and Chad Mullen; and standing, Derek McGrimmon, Travis Hiderman, Kip Mulvihill, Mark Valliquette and Mike Newberry. Tony Iob, Darren Chaplin and Steve McDonald are missing from the photo.

Jumpstart delivers families in need Perth Gun Show Saturday and Sunday The 13th annual PerthLanark Gun, Hunting and Sportsman Show runs Saturday, April 20 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Sunday, April 21 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The show returns to its original location, the Perth Community Centre at 2 Beckwtih St. E. Admission is $6 for adults while kids under 16 are admitted free if accompa-

nied by an adult. There will be more than 200 tables, and gun enthusiasts can buy, sell or trade new and used and collectable items, gun parts and much more.

Come and Play our Award Winning Course! The Renfrew Golf Club was recently voted the

#1 PUBLIC GOLF COURSE UNDER $45 by the Readers of Flagstick Magazine! Come and see for yourself why we are the

OTTAWA VALLEY’S BEST GOLF CLUB Canadian Tire Jumpstart presents a cheque for $46,213.80 to the Renfrew County Jumpstart Chapter – the amount invested in the county by the Chapter in 2012. This is also the amount Jumpstart has committed to in 2013. In the front row in the bright red jacket is Renfrew Canadian Tire store owner Bill Kenopic. Town of Renfrew Recreation representative Jo-Anne Caldwell stands behind the cheque. At far right is Shallan Dament of the Boys and Girls Club of Pembroke. to ʻget in the gameʼ.” Since 2005, the Renfrew County Jumpstart Chapter has helped more than 4,600 county kids access sport and recreation activities and has invested in many additional community development programs, including programs

with the Grind, ActiveKids, the Child Poverty Action Network, the Community Resource Centre and Pembroke Soccer. Canadian Tire Jumpstart presented a cheque of $46,213.80 to the Renfrew County Jumpstart Chapter today, the amount invested in the

34 The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013

County by the Chapter in 2012. This is also the amount Jumpstart has committed to in 2013. Families seeking support can call the tollfree help line at 1-877-616-6600 and in Renfrew can contact the Renfrew Recreation Department at 613-432-

3131. Those wishing to lend their support can contribute at Canadian Tire, Gas+, Marks and Sportchek stores or visit Jumpstart Day is coming on May 25. See Canadian Tire, page 35

For membership details please visit

Attention Students and Golfers under 40 years of age. Take advantage of these incredible offers! Intermediate: 19 to 39 years of age ONLY $600.00 + hst Student: 19 years of age or older with proof they are attending school on a fulltime basis $400.00 plus hst

RGC Student Promotion* $200.00 + hst per player *Promotional rate applies to groups of 4 students joining together

1108 Golf Course Road, Renfrew, Ontario (613) 432-2485 or 1-888-805-3739


Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities announced April 4 that four new partners will join the Renfrew County Jumpstart Chapter. The Boys and Girls Club of Pembroke, City of Pembroke, and Towns of Petawawa and Renfrew will support the Renfrew County Jumpstart Chapter by providing administration services to community members. These four organizations join the Community Resource Centre, in Killaloe, who have guided Jumpstart requests in the western part of the County since 2008. “We are pleased to have these dedicated community organizations come onboard and help within the chapter, which can now provide a representative and sustainable service to families in need across the county,” says Marc Wolvin, regional manager of Jumpstart Charities. “Jumpstartʼs funding helps kids that would not otherwise be able to participate in organized sport and recreation


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Antiques salute Pender Gord Barney, centre, and members of the Afternoon Antiques hockey team present Randy Pender with a $100 gift certificate to the Blackbird Cafe in Burnstown and a bottle of wine for him and wife Brenda. The Antiques honoured Pender for being a finalist in the recent Kraft Hockey Goes On contest. CALABOGIE PEAKS RESORT

Peaks, instructors sweep disabled skiing awards Calabogie Peaks Resort

Clay Dawdy, program director for the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing (CADS), operations director Bob Gilmour and Calabogie Peaks president Paul Murphy were all honoured at the associationʼs annual general meeting at Sun Peaks, B.C. Murphy received the Ski Resort of the Year plaque. The award recognizes Calabogie Peaks Resortʼs longterm commitment to enriching the lives of people with disabilities. This includes the building of new meeting and equipment room facili-

ties, wheel chair ramps, and wheelchair accessible washrooms that were constructed this past season to support the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiingʼs Adaptive Snowsports programs. Dawdy also received the associationʼs Karl Hilzinger Award for his exceptional service at the division and national level during the past 30 years. Gilmour was voted the Outstanding disabled ski instructor by 170 of his peers at the United States Winter Sports Clinic for Military Veterans at Snowmass, Colorado.

Canadian Tire Jumpstart From page 34

Look for the Red Balls in May to make a donation. Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities is a national charitable program dedicated to providing financially disadvantaged kids with the opportunity to experience the benefits of organized sport and recreation.

With an extensive national network of more than 332 local chapters, it provides families in communities across Canada with a hand-up to help cover the costs associated with registration, equipment and/ or transportation. Supported by the Canadian Tire Family of Companies, which includes Canadian Tire

Retail, PartSource, Gas+, FGL Sports (Sport Chek and Atmosphere), Markʼs and Canadian Tire Financial Services, Jumpstart has enabled more than 540,000 Canadian kids to get in the game since 2005. Visit to lend your support.

Minor Midgets Wolves end year Peter Clark

shutout was the 10th of the season for goaltender Patrick Bruzas. The Wolves took 18 of 27 penalties and still pulled out the win. Kevin Crozier scored in the game versus the River Rats. The Minor Midget Wolves compiled a record of 32-20-and-2 this past season.

Rob Warren Women’s Spring Basketball

The Reunions started off the new Womenʼs Spring Basketball League season much the way they ended last year. They picked up an easy 51-11 victory over Signature Styles. The youngest player in the league, rookie Taylor Sul, made a great first impression by sinking her first three shots to propel the Reunions out of the blocks. Stacie Hill led all

scorers with 14 points. The second game was a re-match of last yearʼs finalists, Reunions and Frances/Lemke Co-operators. The Co-operators were well on their way to victory, holding a 21-13 lead early in the second half. Frances/Lemke went on a dry spell and soon trailed the Reunions 25-21. In a nail-biting finish, the Reunions hung on for a 35-32 win. See LADIES, page 37



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May through Mid August Permanent Sand Courts under the Lights WE ARE LOOKING FOR COMPETITIVE AND RECREATIONAL TEAMS $

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The Renfrew Minor Midget Timberwolves finished up their 201213 hockey season at the Eastern Ontario Tournament of Champions in Carleton Place April 4 to 7. The Wolves won their opening encoun-

ter 3-0 over the Orleans Blues, but lost their other two games by 6-1 and 7-2 margins to the Russell-Metcalfe River Rats and Nepean Raiders respectively. Austin Scheuneman had two goals in the Renfrew victory and Billy Karras a single. Adam Wright added two helpers while the

Reunions carry on


Clay Dawdy, program director for the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing (CADS), right, and Bob Gilmour, operations director, left, present Calabogie Peaks president Paul Murphy with the Ski Resort of the Year plaque awarded at the association’s annual general meeting at Sun Peaks, B.C. The award recognizes Calabogie Peaks Resort’s longterm commitment to enriching the lives of people with disabilities.

2012 Kia Soul 2u 6 speed manual, One Owner, Power Group, A/C, Black, 18,000 kms stock #13171-1 $17,995 plus taxes

The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013 35


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Report From Parliament:

Making Canada Stronger

Visit us Online at


Your Member of Parliament Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke Constituency Office 84 Isabella St. Pembroke ON K8A 5S5 (Tel) 613-732-4404 (Fax) 613-732-4697 Just before Parliament rose for the Easter constituency weeks four bills received Royal Assent. The First Nations Financial Transparency Act is something that First Nation communities have long demanded. Like all Canadians, First Nations Peoples deserve accountability and transparency from their leadership. Until this law was passed, First Nation governments operating under the Indian Act were the only level of government in Canada that is not obligated to make basic financial information public.


Renfrew County cyclists invited to form new club Ish Theilheimer Renfrew County Cycling Club

A group of area cyclists is forming a club to promote their sport and encourage safe cycling. There will be an organizing meeting of a proposed Renfrew County Cycling Club (RCCC) at 6:30 in the restaurant at Sands on Golden Lake, Thursday, April 18, at 6:30 p.m. The objective is to see if there is enough interest and commitment to start an association. Bike clubs are common in areas where cycling is a well-established sport. With the growing popularity of cycling everywhere, including Renfrew County, local riders felt it was time to get organized. For example, they would like to hold regular, organized group rides to promote the sport to new riders, provide riders with opportunities to socialize on two wheels, see new territory, and learn from more experienced riders. They hope to collect and distribute cycle

touring information with printed and online maps showing people the best bike routes and rating them according to road and bike type, difficulty, scenery and other factors. Road safety is another key objective of the club. Most local roads do not have bike lanes, and some are more dangerous than others for riders. “Most local drivers are quite courteous, but they are unaccustomed to cyclists and unaware of the basic rules and practices that can prevent tragedies,” says Killaloe school teacher Kathy Eisner. “A little public education would go a long way in terms of raising safety awareness among both drivers and cyclists.” Organizers hope forming a club will lead to more cycle tourism in Renfrew County. “Cycling is good for the health of us locals,” says Chris Hinsperger, who lives in Eganville and owns the Bonnechere Caves . “As an entrepreneur in tourism development I would be negligent if I didnʼt

36 The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013

say that having cyclists come to our area to share our roads with us is good for the economic health of Renfrew County.” They believe that the cycling and scenery in Renfrew County compares favourably with anywhere in Canada and would draw thousands of tourists to the area. “Iʼll get on a plane and spend lots of money to go cycle in a place half as nice as the Ottawa Valley,” says Stone Fence Theatreʼs producer, Ish Theilheimer, of Golden Lake. “Itʼs a cyclistʼs paradise, and we shouldnʼt be keeping this a secret.” With a variety of terrain and a lot of quiet countryside, there are many local roads that are perfect for cyclists of any level. The club members hope to encourage local businesses to see the opportunities for them in being bikefriendly and advertising this publicly. Anyone interested can join the meeting on April 18 or visit the Renfrew County Cycling Facebook group.



The Financial Literacy Leader Act provides for the appointment of a Financial Literacy Leader (FLL) within the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) to strengthen the financial literacy of Canadians. It sets out the duties, powers and functions of the Financial Literacy Leader to enable him or her to carry out these activities, and builds our ongoing initiatives to protect consumers.


SHOW Saturday, April 20

Antique & Modern Firearms

œÌ…ˆ˜}ÊUÊVViÃÜÀˆià ˆÃ…ˆ˜}Ê/>VŽiÊEÊ Equipment ÀV…iÀÞ


9am-4pm st Sunday, April 21 9am-3pm Perth Arena 2 Beckwith St. E. Perth, Ontario

General Admission $6.00 R0012041353_0418



Little League Major Division Ages 11-12 $80

3 Pitch Ages 6-8 $60

Little League Junior Division Ages 13-14 $90

Little League Minor Division Ages 8-10 $70


Please bring valid ID and/or birth certificate.

Now our Government will proceed with the selection and appointment of an FLL, who will exercise national leadership to strengthen the financial literacy of all Canadians. The FLL’s mandate will be to collaborate and coordinate activities with stakeholders to contribute to and support initiatives that strengthen the financial literacy of Canadians. The Succession to the Throne Act will provide Parliament’s assent to changes being made to the laws of Royal succession that will ensure the equal status of female and male heirs and that will allow heirs to marry an individual of any faith.

A new, more comprehensive guide and a new web tool to help newcomers settle and integrate in Canada was published recently. It hadn’t been revamped since it was first introduced in 1997. The guide features practical information on many different topics including how to access language classes, basic information about Canada’s education system, laws and the justice system, and the labour market.

Little League Senior Division Ages 15-16 $90

Saturday, April 20th 10am-2pm At Ma-Te-Way

Financial decision-making is highly complex due to the variety of financial services and tools currently available to Canadian families. It is important to have access to clear and transparent information to make informed financial decisions.

St. Lawrence Islands National Park has been renamed Thousand Islands National Park of Canada. The change allows for more effective advertising and will help people better identify where the park is located. It will attract more national and international travelers to the area, which will boost the local economy. The efforts of Leeds-Grenville M.P. Gord Brown, who says the name change movement was not new, led the effort to make this possible. It was recognized in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s that the name should be changed to better reflect the park’s location.



Cyclists Val Hinsperger, Adam Fox and Ron Fox take a break at Foymount in last summer’s Tour de Bonnechere, an annual participatory event that draws cyclists from all over Ontario. Although some local cycling can be this challenging, the county features many prime cycling routes with mild terrain and quiet, hard-topped rural roads.

First Nation community members called for enhanced financial accountability and transparency. The legislation will ensure community members have access to basic financial information such as audited financial statements, and the salaries and expenses of chief and council.

As your Federal Member of Parliament, I am pleased to represent you on a variety of issues. Whether that issue is eliminating the long gun registry, promoting agriculture, international trade, Canadian Unity, AECL, the military or jobs in the working forest, I am here to serve you! As always, if you have any concerns of a federal nature, or just want to share your views with me, please do not hesitate to contact my office. ‘30’ For More Information Please Call Cheryl Gallant, M.P. at (613) 732-4404 0418.R0012036586


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McGrimmon’s, Milowen capture titles

Ladies: Reunions keep winning

Peter Clark

Sheila Windle was top scorer with 14 points in the game for the Co-operators. Mae Donohue countered with 13 for the Reunions. The Co-operators appeared to run out of

gas in the second game of their doubleheader. They held the advantage throughout the first half but, as the game wore on, they werenʼt able to keep pace with the Bananas. On the strength of Lisa Blocklandʼs inside

play and 17 points, the Bananas won 35-29. Sheila Windle scored nine of her 17 points from beyond the arc. Games are played on Monday and Wednesday evenings, plus the occasional Tuesday at Renfrew Collegiate.

Got Trees? Come Join Us! Renfrew Chapter Ontario Woodlot Association

Annual General Meeting Saturday, April 20th 9am to 12noon (8:30am-9am sign in) At the Eagle’s Nest At the Eganville Community Arena 178 Jane Street, Eganville, Ontario The public is cordially invited


Scott Kohoko (16) of McGrimmon Holdings goes one-on-one against Cybulski Sheet Metal defenceman Michael Deslaurier in front of goaltender Steve Miller during Open Division semifinal action at the MaTe-Way Activity Centre Sunday. Kohoko later netted the game winner seven seconds into overtime to land McGrimmon’s a 3-2 victory. They later topped Sudbury 4-1 to claim the 2013 tournament title. Milowen edged Pitt Contracting 4-3 in the rec final. seven seconds into the extra period for a 3-2 victory. Sudbury turned back Queenʼs Line 4-1 in the other semifinal. Jeff Jones scored with 7:49 remaining to push Milowen past Pitt Contracting in the rec final. The goal came after Milowen had squandered a 3-0 lead.

Matt Thompson had two Milowen markers and Cory Tyo a single. Terry Pitt had a pair for Pitt Contracting. Lance Dougherty added one. Steve Bowes made 11 saves for the victory. Pitt goaltender Don Flynn blocked 17 shots.

(3"/%306/%4 After years of studying and gaining knowledge in the field, highly qualified nursing students are choosing placement at RVH to establish their careers as health care professionals. Six Algonquin College nursing students spent the day in Renfrew recently as part of an orientation day for preceptorship at RVH. They began with orientation and a tour of their respective departments for the next three months and then they visited our physiotherapy department for review of safe patient lifts and transfers, and with Kelly Hebert, RVH’s Health, Safety and Infection Control Coordinator. The students are about to begin placement at RVH to complete the final component of their nursing education. Upon graduating, they can apply for the opportunity to put their formal education and training into practice with the help of the Nursing Graduate Guarantee. The initiative is offered through the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to provide links between new graduates and potential employers.

The program is managed through the Health Force Ontario (HFO) portal by Anna James, RVH’s HR Coordinator. Last year, RVH had two registered nurses and two registered practical nurses participating in the initiative: Amy Madigan, Amelia Daigle, Collins Ferguson and Janelle Martin. Madigan, Daigle and Martin were all mentored between the active care unit and the complex continuing care unit and Ferguson was mentored between the active care unit and the ER department, notes Jessica Gilbert, Clinical Nurse Manager of the Acute Care Program at RVH. “The HFO New Graduate Initiative allows for novice nurses to work with a mentor, on a full-time basis for a time period of about six months. The novice nurses have the opportunity to become autonomous in their practice, but under the guidance of an experienced mentor. The nurses who have been involved in the mentorship have all grown in their practice. The mentors have done an excellent job of helping to shape the future of nursing at RVH,” says Gilbert.

SPEAKERS 9:20am – Your Trees – The Drought of 2012 and the Outlook for their Future

Steve D’Eon, Knowledge Exchange Specialist with the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre and Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources in Pembroke, and Program Forester for the Forest Stewardship Committee of Renfrew County


It was a pretty good week for McGrimmonʼs Holdings in the hockey world. McGrimmonʼs captured its fourth consecutive Renfrew Menʼs Hockey League championship last Tuesday (April 9). On the weekend, they hit the winnerʼs circle again, claiming top honours and $500 prize money in the final tournament of the 2012-13 season at the Ma-Te-Way Activity Centre. McGrimmonʼs downed Sudbury 4-1 to claim the Open Division title for a second straight year. Milowen edged Pitt Contracting 4-3 to take the Recreation Division crown. Mike Newberry broke a scoreless deadlock with his first of two goals 1:18 into the second period, and McGrimmonʼs never looked back. Denver Mullen and Kelly Summers added singles in support of goaltender Chris Osborne. Jamie Cobus narrowed the deficit to 2-1 with a Sudbury marker early in the final stanza, but that was as close as they would get. Goals from Summers and Newberry 53 seconds apart three minutes later padded the McGrimmonʼs advantage. McGrimmonʼs reached the semifinal on the strength of a quick overtime triumph over Cybulski Sheet Metal. Scott Kohoko roofed a shot just

From Page 35

Gary Nielsen, Climate Change Project Co-ordinator, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

As a Renfrew native and 2012 Algonquin and we have been able to give the nurses Nursing Program graduate, Madigan says a chance to work in different clinical areas. stepping into the workforce fresh out of From the employer’s perspective, this propost-secondary school can be daunting for gram gives us some ammunition in terms any new staff member. She applied through of recruitment, but also better prepares new Health Force Ontario’s website, and picked graduates for the workplace.” RVH among the list of hospitals accepting Madigan is now employed at RVH in new graduates. a temporary part-time position, filling in The first three months of her placement for a maternity leave. “This is a very good she was mentored by Cindy Verch, and the program for new graduates.” Not only is it last half she moved down to the second floor a great training opportunity, but she also unit and worked with Raven Robertson and says the nurses feel more comfortable and Cari Lynn Todd. Being able to work alongconfident in their skills. side her mentors during each shift was invaluable. “You always have someone you can go to with questions or for guidance,” she says. “Everyone was really supportive and understanding. They are all really good teachers too,” adds Madigan. “The New Graduate Guarantee is a winwin program,” comments Julia Boudreau, RVH’s Vice-President of Corporate Services. “From the new graduates’ perspective, they are afforded an opportunity to consolidate their skills in a tempo- Algonquin College students practise two-person patient rary full-time position transfers in the RVH physiotherapy department. R0012031603

Visit us online at The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013 37









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38 The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013

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Enhancing programs at RCI There are some exciting new innovations happening at Renfrew Collegiate Institute. Though all of our classrooms have Smartboards and our grade 7 to 10 students have netbooks, now some of our classrooms are introducing new technological learning aids. I-Pads are being distributed to classrooms and, through easy setup, teachers are going to be able to use iPads as a learning tool in their classes. Students will be able to use the iPads in specific classes to take notes, do assignments and

research for projects and papers. These iPads are centrally synched together to eliminate the ability for games to be downloaded and they will be solely used for educational purposes. Not only will this reduce the time it takes to copy notes and do assignments. It will also increase the time teachers can spend with kids after a lesson to further learning and help students who need that extra little push up the hill to success. Furthermore, not only will this program be advantageous

JOE STEELE Raider Review

to students and teachers, it will also take the financial burden off of parents to purchase these devices for their kids, because they are available for free use at school. As the program moves along, pending teacherʼs approval, some students who do not possess the means to continue their work at home will be able to bring an iPad home as well. Lastly, this ap-

proach is not only benefiting everyone involved, it is also benefiting the environment because there will be less paper needed by students. As well as these technological innovations happening at RCI, next year the high school is offering a social justice course. This course will provide students with opportunities to develop leadership skills, and to work with com-

Discover Graduate Opportunities at SUNY Potsdam International Scholarships & Graduate Assistantships Available TEACHER CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS MST in Childhood Education & MST in Adolescence Education > Full time and part-time basis > Graduates will be eligible for certification through the Ontario College of Teachers > Placements for practicum & student teaching available in Ontario


munity organizations to battle social injustices in our society. Studied will be developing their skills as active citizens and be able to identify social justice issues in their local and global communities. These are just two of many exciting program enhancements planned for next year, and two of the reasons the future of education at RCI is looking bright!

MSED in Education > Information & Communication Technology > Organizational Performance, Leadership & Technology MSED in Educational Technology Specialist

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR EDUCATORS > MSED in Curriculum & Instruction > MSED Literacy Educator or Literacy Specialist > MSED Special Education

MATHEMATICS > Intensive MA in Mathematics

MA IN ENGLISH & COMMUNICATIONS INFORMATION SESSION DATES ALL SESSIONS BEGIN AT 6:00 P.M. OTTAWA - MONDAY, April 22, 2013 Ottawa Catholic School Board (Board Room) - 570 West Hunt Club Road, Nepean, Ontario KINGSTON - TUESDAY, April 23, 2013 Holiday Inn Holiday Inn Kingston Waterfront Hotel- 2 Princess Street, Kingston, Ontario CORNWALL - WEDNESDAY, April 24, 2013 Best Western Plus Parkway Inn & Conference Centre (Loyalist Room) 1515 Vincent Massey Drive, Cornwall, Ontario

Ongoing musical connections classic story of the Von Trapp family and their governess - The Sound of Music”. Teacher Kevin McSheffrey is a veteran of the St. Joeʼs musical, having been the musical director

BROCKVILLE - THURSDAY, April 25, 2013 Holiday Inn Express (Meeting Room A) - 7815 Kent Boulevard, Brockville, Ontario


Reservations are helpful but not required. For reservations, please call: 315-267-2165 or e-mail:

Jaguar Journal for every performance. His job includes months of preparing

songs, vocals and practices. By his estimate, he has


For the past seven years, St. Josephʼs Catholic High School has performed an annual musical for the school and community. This year is no different! This year, musical number eight will be the



put in over 300 hours! See JAGUAR, page 41


Fulcher’s EST. 1975



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Town of Renfrew 127 Raglan Street, South Renfrew, Ontario, K7V 1P8

Phone: (613) 432-8166 | Fax: (613) 432-8265

SPRING CLEAN-UP OF STREETS AND SIDEWALKS The Town of Renfrew has started its annual spring clean up, which includes the cleaning of medians and the sweeping of streets and sidewalks. Other spring activities, such as pothole repairs and the repair of damaged grass along streets and sidewalks will take place when topsoil is available. What can you do to help? r %POPUSBLFPSCMPXMFBWFT MBXODMJQQJOHTBOEPUIFSEFCSJTPOUPUIF roadway or sidewalk. r 1JDLVQMJUUFSBOEFODPVSBHFPUIFSTOPUUPMJUUFS r 3FOGSFXSFTJEFOUTNBZEJTQPTFPGUIFJSMFBWFTHSBTTfree of charge at the Municipal Landfill Site. r "MMCBHTDPOUBJOFSTmust be emptied at the designated area. r #BHTDPOUBJOFSTmust be free of paper and other refuse when emptied at the designated area.

At left, Emma Crozier is ready for summer with these skinny-coloured jeans from Roxy, oversize crochet sweater, straw hat and overnight bag, all available at Fraserâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Clothes Shops. At right, one of Colleenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s models is Ilene Rousselle, who wears this wrap dress with ž length sleeves. Accessories include a Garbo necklace. MERCURY PHOTOS BY STEVE NEWMAN

Fashionable fundraiser for RVH at Quail Creek

NOTICE Landfill Site Access â&#x20AC;&#x201C; SUMMER HOURS (Effective May 1st â&#x20AC;&#x201C; August 31st)

Tania Lachapelle displays a collarless button jacket, graphic burnout shell with rounded boat neck, and floral scroll pants from Northern Reflections.


The site is closed Sundays, Mondays, Fridays and all statutory holidays. If you have any questions, please call the Landfill Site Manager at 432-0731.



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The landfill site will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.



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Quail Creek Retirement CentreĘźs fourth annual fashion show, to raise funds for the Renfrew Hospital CT scan, was a big hit. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It was a huge success,â&#x20AC;? said Quail Creek general manager Bev Powell of the April 6 event. â&#x20AC;&#x153;ItĘźs going to be our best fundraiser for the hospital yet.â&#x20AC;? The 135 tickets to the afternoon tea sold out, to help raise more than $1,900. Community models at the show displayed fashionable wear available from Northern ReďŹ&#x201A;ections FraserĘźs Clothes Shops, EllaĘźs Boutique at Keeping Company, and ColleenĘźs.


Store Hours Mon., Tues., Sat. 9:30 - 6 Wed., Thur., Fri. 9:30 - 8 Sun. 10 - 5


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EDUCATION Alaina Campbell TLLP Lead Teacher

Continued from page 39

Our Lady of Fatima

Of all of the musicals McSheffery has helped put together, some scenes and moments stand out. His favourite scenes to watch are usually death scenes, especially Bethʼs death in the musical Little Women. During the musical Godspell there were eight melodies sung at the same time, which is quite a task to plan. Mr. McSheffrey describes seeing the show come together as his favourite part of his job. “I donʼt generally know the script or story very well, so hearing the songs come together with the acting is a great feeling.” His hard work certainly pays off in the form of a number of fantastic performances. According to McSheffrey, the feeling that comes after the musical is one of relief but also sadness, “as though someone has died.” Every year, the performances become more and more advanced. Last year, special effects like dry ice and strobe lights were used for the first time during the showing of The Secret Garden. This year, the dazzling choreography by teacher Krista Rosien will be a big source of interest! This year, The Sound of Music will be performed May 14, 16, 17 and 18 at 7 p.m. The $10 tickets can be purchased at Breenʼs Insurance, Aikenheadʼs Drug Store and St. Joeʼs. The performances are open to the public. Make sure you pick up some tickets, you are guaranteed a good show!

Our Lady of Fatima teachers recently hosted Marg Davies from Apple Canada. The funding for her visit came from two ongoing TLLP (Teacher Learning and Leadership) grants received by the kindergarten and primary teachers at OLF.

A grand total of $43,400 was received for both projects. In addition, eight iPads and 23 iPod Touches were purchased to service the goals of both projects. The Apple training was opened to all teaching staff at Our Lady of Fatima, as well as several other members of the school board. Superintendent of Program Jaimie

Perry was also in attendance for the training sessions as he leads RCCDSB educators to effectively merge teaching strategies and digital literacy to promote student engagement. The first day of training consisted of learning how to use the iOS operating system (specifically for Apple technology). Teachers were given the opportunity to use their

personal iPads and an iPod Touch during the workshop; therefore demonstrating new learning and providing practical application information. The second full day of training really promoted creativity and divergent thinking within the group. Teachers were introduced to three specific applications: iPhotos, iMovie and Garage Band. This session consisted of

learning how to edit photos using the iPhotos application. iMovie gave the educators the opportunity to create their very own short movie using video and pictures they had previously collected throughout the school year thus far. Garage Band had even Jaimie Perry trying his luck at the virtual keyboard, guitar and string instruments of this amazing application.



Friday April 19th to Thursday April 25th, 2013 Prices effective – Friday April 19th to April 25th 2013.




From applications to innovations

Flyer effective today, ends April 24, 2013








555 O’Brien Road, Renfrew

3 Days Only! Fri. April 19th to April 21 th 2013 339 RAGLAN ST, RENFREW (613) 432-7518



O'Brien Road, Renfrew Flyer effective Fri., April 19th to Thurs., April 25th, 2013


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Jaguar Journal

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245 DANIEL ST., ARNPRIOR The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013 41


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Auction Sales To be held at 1142 Magnesium Rd., RR1, Haley Station, ON (formerly Ross Mineview Public School) Sat. Apr. 20/13 at 9:30am For the Estate of Mrs Shirley Lague of Petawawa, Mrs Isabelle McLaren of Cobden & Guests. Household, good furniture (some high end), tools, collectables, some neat stuff and much more!


Consignment Sale Sat. Apr. 27/13 at 9:30am Tools, machinery, horse machinery, etc. Hope you can be with us.



Some of the lucky prize winners at St. Thomas the Apostle School’s Lenten almsgiving, in front row from left, are Andrew Coyne, James Russett and Cage Prevost; and back row, Savanna Brown, Morgan Barkey and Fiona Larocque.


Check website for more details. OLD SCHOOL AUCTIONS - Haleys, ON (613) 433-6188 or (613) 646-7649 •

Join us for our

St. Thomas the Apostle School

As part of our schoolʼs journey through Lent, the staff and students of St. Thomas the Apostle School actively participated in almsgiving, donating to those less fortunate. A food drive provided boxes and boxes of food for the Renfrew and District Food Bank. As well, once again an Easter raffle was held to contribute to our Lenten almsgiving. STA staff and students donated dozens of prizes. They included a tablet, Wii mini, hats, two Ottawa

2011 TOYOTA SIENNA 2009 GMC SIERRA 1500 Nevada Edition, Tow package, Matching Cap, On Star, Side Step Bars and only 58 000 Km’s


Guest Speaker: Sergeant Candice Price

2008 PORSCHE BOXTER Manual transmission, Convertible, Extended Warranty, Never winter driven



Senators tickets for the April 18 game against the Washington Capitals, DVDs, Easter baskets, athletic equipment, stuffed animals and more. The children were invited to purchase tickets. One-hundred per cent of the profits will be shared between our mission in Yamasa, Dominican Republic and the Catholic Diocese of Pembroke, where this Lent, the diocese will focus on education around the specific situations in Egypt, Iraq and Syria. The almsgiving from students exceeded $1,300. The St. Thomas staff thanks all the families for supporting Lenten almsgiving.

Manual Transmission, Power Mirrors, Extended Warranty, With Only 44 000 Km’s


2011 TOYOTA FJ CRUISER Alloy Wheels, Heated Mirrors, Cruise, Roof Racks, only 45 000 Km’s L0008-1

2009 TOYOTA VENZA Dual climate control, garage door opener, steering wheel audio control L0140-1

LOF students learn ‘on the job’


Our Lady of Fatima

Moonroof, Heated Leather Seats, Navigation, Dual Climate Control L0072-1

2012 TOYOTA COROLLA Steering Wheel Audio Control, Extended Warranty to 2018, 11 000 Km’s P12-45-1

2008 JEEP WRANGLER Removable roof, leather seats, navigation, Manual L0266-1



Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School student Jaiden Farrell listens to the sound of her own heartbeat with the assistance of Stephanie Wright of Renfrew Victoria Hospital. etag have visited Raina Newberryʼs classroom while Stephanie Wright visited Lindsay Mor-

42 The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013

tonʼs class. Soon, students will walk over the RVH for a tour to see it all in action.


1406 Pembroke St, W,



& at the door if available.


Victoria Hospital to come into the class to do presentations. Anna James and Diana Fri-

Cruise, A/C, Power mirrors, Keyless entry


Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School has been offering fullday kindergarten learning for two years. Programming is based on the childrenʼs interests to fully engage students in their learning. Recently, a few kindergarten classrooms have been exploring the hospital and the students have been role playing doctor/nurse/ patient in their dramatic play centres. To extend their learning and to make it meaningful and real, their teachers have invited parents who work at Renfrew



Tuesday, June 11th 2013 7:00 p.m. Knights of Columbus Hall 170 Ellis Avenue Pembroke, ON

St. Thomas the Apostle School shows generosity Connie Dick

SHOP FIRST, SPEND LESS 8 Passenger, Power Doors, Tri-Zone Climate Control and only 23,000kms

Annual General Meeting

Bernadette McCann House for Women Inc.



The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013 43

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SAVE 5000 Microfibre Klik Klak Converts into a bed. Reg. 199.96



536707 R0012036163

44 The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013 45


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The same situation, a different outcome


from branch to branch close to the impostor. Both are very nervous and become agitated when their territory is approached.

JIM FERGUSON Scene from the Hawk’s Eye to the pond for many years where the female raises her young. Mallard ducks join in group displays more than in individual displays. Another interesting aspect of mallard behaviour is that the male defends a territory that is not near the nest sight and in fact may be as much as a hundred yards (98M) away. The pair will stay together for a few weeks and then the male leaves to join other males for the summer.

A pair of mallard ducks returned to a pond near the home of June and Frank Shepherd this week. The birds have been returning

613.250.2059 613.432.5238 Ask about our Deck and Fence Cleaning Specials! 0418.R0012041825



Jo-Anne and Bill Wendt saw a very rare black-backed woodpecker near their home in Ferguslea this week. When the elm trees were dying from the elm disease, woodpeckers had plenty of dead trees with soft wood to excavate and build a nest. The woodpeckers became difficult to find when the trees were gone and had to move elsewhere to find nest trees. A few are returning but are still considered rare.

Af_e DfjZf


DXiZ_)'(* 8Vgg^Zgd[i]ZBdci] E^ooVE^ooV ^hegdjY idd[[Zg




Terry Cunningham had a northern harrier hunting near his home. This species, male and female, hunt as a pair on many occasions. One, male or female, will cruise over a field where mouse houses are visible. The leading bird will swoop down and lift the top off the nest; the following bird will dive in and take any mice it can find. When the female is incubating the eggs the male will hunt to supply her with food. When the eggs hatch one adult will guard the nest and the other will hunt. As the chicks grow and more food is required both adults will hunt.


Eastern bluebirds arrived this week at Murden and Marjorie Johnston`s home near Douglas. Kevin and Pauline Hughes saw bluebirds investigating their bird houses. Cathy and Remick Campbell saw a pair of bluebirds gathering nesting materials. Mary and Dwaine Steele saw bluebirds near their bird feeders. The birds arrived at very close to the same time as last year. The weather conditions last weekend certainly dampened their will to nest but spring will arrive it does every year and nesting will start.

Mac Pierce, RR 6, Renfrew and Jean Calberry, RR 1, Renfrew had white wild turkeys in their yards this past week. These birds have many combinations of white and black feathers. They may be a cross between wild male turkeys and domesticated white female turkeys or visa versa. We have not been able to verify the origin of such birds or their survival rates compared to either wild or domestic turkeys.




Marilyn and Chummie Welch had an American kestrel strike a window in their home and kill itself. Bonnie and Paul Ouellete had an American kestrel hunting near their home and it was successful in its search for food. Windows are a major hazard for birds of prey. They see the reflection of trees and sky in the glass and assume that it is clear sailing but they come to an abrupt stop when they strike the window. Many survive the collision but just as many do not. To help prevent such collisions you can place paper silhouettes of hawks on your windows or cover the windows completely. We have had some success suspending wind chimes, sun catchers and Christmas tree ornaments either inside or outside the windows.


An immature American kestrel.

Barb and Bob Bittorf saw two sandhill cranes near Cotieville and were able to get some very good pictures of the birds. It is the first time the Bittorfs have seen the cranes in this area. It will be a few weeks yet before the cranes move to their nest site.



Ruby and Jim Vieland have both killdeer and robins defending territories near their home. Both species are noisy and take every opportunity to chase intruders away by singing loudly. Their songs are very different but have the same aggressive tone. Although robins do not do the ʻinjuredʼ act they are very active when disturbed, flying close an intruder, calling loudly and hopping

If you plan to send us pictures would you please include your name in the title. We receive many pictures and do not want to get the wrong name on the wrong picture.

Be careful as flows increase

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46 The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013


Enjoy your birding. Ila and Jim Ferguson, 5313 River Road, RR 5, Renfrew, Ont., K7V 3Z8. Phone 613-432-2738 or email jamesh”

madawaska/ For weekly water level updates on Ontario Power Generation (OPG) the Ottawa River, please visit: www. is reminding people that flows and levels along rivers and lakes will increase due to the warmer weather and spring precipitation. Additionally, ice conditions are becoming unstable and more dangerous. Each spring water levels and flows Reasonable Rates, All Major/Minor Repairs, Safety Checks increase as rain falls and ice melts. OPG would like to remind everyone to exercise caution when near rivLook, why spend big $$$ on exhaust repairs when we can repair or replace ers and lakes and to stay clear of areas near hydro stations and dams. broken parts instead of buying expensive pipes. Dual exhaust specialist. Y-Pipe It is important that people obey Springs warning signs, safety booms and fencHanger es. Gasket Please remember: Stay Clear, Stay Intermediate Muffler Pipe Safe. Flex Joint Convertor Resinator Front Pipe Learn more about safety around dams and hydroelectric stations by visiting: We do major and minor repairs, supply For weekly water level updates on GLEN’S COUNTRY and install all parts. Safety inspections the Madawaska River, please visit: CAR SALES & on vehicles and trailers AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRS FREE ESTIMATES on all repairs Ontario Power Generation

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Connected to your community

Singing to victory The Renfrew Children/Youth Chorus, accompanied, directed and trained by Jessica Belanger, Judy Borer and Sister Margaret Joan Pecore sang their way to an 88 per cent at the Pembroke Kiwanis Festival. The music festival was held in early March, and the children/youth chorus brought home the Pembroke Community Choir Trophy. In front row from left are Jessica Belanger, Andrea Mayotte, Emma Todd, Mallory Gale, Gemma Gerritse, Alexia Bulger and Sister Margaret Joan Pecore; second row, Abigail Lesway, Mercedes Malone, Laura Stephens, Gabrielle Carthy, Raya Droppo and Judy Borer, third row, Delaney Gale, Krista Mulvihill, Miranda Harrington, Cameron Hunter, Megan Kingsbury, Alecia Neill and Kennedy McCallum; fourth row, Kayla Mulvihill, Shelby Ann Lesway, Tiara Dowell, Dylan Coady, Alexis Iob and Mara Peever; and fifth row, Hannah Yolkowskie, Julia Harrington, Lindsay Bilson, Sydney Perry, Sydney LaFont, Britney Reid and Karly Friske.

Visit us Online at


EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT – TEMPORARY TRUCK DRIVER/EQUIPMENT OPERATORS – TWO POSITIONS The Township of Whitewater Region is currently recruiting for temporary truck driver/equipment operators (approximately June to October 2013). The successful applicants must have a valid D-Z licence mandatory, demonstrated excellent safety record, ability to meet the physical demands of the position and the ability to be on call 24 hours per day combined with a flexibility in hours of work. 2013 Compensation: $19.11 per hour plus 4% vacation pay for 40 hours per week (no benefits) Please forward your detailed resume along with a Driver’s Abstract stating “Temporary Truck Driver/Equipment Operator” by 2:00p.m. Tuesday April 30th, 2013 to: Township of Whitewater Region PO Box 40 44 Main Street, Cobden ON K0J 1K0 Fax: (613) 646-2283 Email: Thank you for your interest, however, only applicants considered for an interview will be contacted.

NOTICE TO RESIDENTS According to Section 295(1) of the Municipal Act S.O. 2001, notice is hereby given that the Township of Whitewater Region’s 2012 Consolidated Financial Statements and Auditor’s Report are now available. The 2012 Financial Statements can be found on the Township’s web site. To access our web site go to: then on the top tabs click on “Announcements”. If you do not have access to the Internet and would like a copy, please call the Municipal Office at 613-646-2282 and a copy will be forwarded to you free of charge. R0012036734





is a division of

The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013 47


Connected to your community

said as hen coops for the dogsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;but change in status until this year, Mr. today dogs are not many so numer- Humphries said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It doesnĘźt really ous as they once were. They, like the change the picture that much,â&#x20AC;? he were rewarded with a trip horses and cows, have dwindled in said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The only change is the amount of grant.â&#x20AC;? He said the Class A rating to New York, with en- number. wouldnĘźt draw more exhibitors since tertainment at the Hotel most decide which fairs to enter by Roosevelt. APRIL 19, 1978 reputation rather than by fair ratings. STABLES BEING TORN DOWN: Brick FAIR UPGRADED TO CLASS He said that the only other Class A stables have of late been A STATUS: The Renfrew Fair will fair in the area was Carp, which also torn down in Renfrew and be upgraded to Class A status this made the move up this year. CAPITAL IS AVAILABLE: The now one wholly of brick year, according to Bill Humphries, has come down. No lon- president of the Renfrew Agricul- regional ofďŹ ce of the Ministry of ger needed for sheltering tural Society. He said that the move Education has informed the Renfrew horses and cattle, they are was being made to enable the fair County Board of Education that capidisappearing from premis- board to receive more grants. There tal allocations will have to be used es, as well they might. The will be an additional $2,500 capital sparingly. A letter from regional dibrick outhouse to go was grant available to the board and an- rector of education, R.J. Duhamel, one built on Horton Street other $500 for the judgesĘź fees. The says money is available for portables, by Mr. James Young, now requirements for the fair classiďŹ ca- buses and special education but the of Sand Point, and for a tion are determined by the amount of need must be worthwhile. The relong period a Boniface in prize money available. The Renfrew gional ofďŹ ce informed the board the Renfrew. It was a stable Fair had sufďŹ cient prize money in $717,000 in capital funds is availof good size, in keeping the past, but hadnĘźt applied for the able. with the dimensions of the dwelling. There are many Pat St. Michael Insurance more sheds and stables which could very well be levelled with the ground, but that, of course, is their -BSHFTU1SPWJEFSPG(SPVQ*OTVSBODFJOUIF0UUBXB7BMMFZ ownerĘźs business. If they are not providing shelter for equines and bovines, they are serving some othBest â&#x20AC;&#x153;priceâ&#x20AC;? er purpose â&#x20AC;&#x201C; someone has

APRIL 18, 1913

WHAT IS THE CPR GOING TO DO AT RENFREW?: On Tuesday of this week, a rumour had wings throughout the town that Canadian PaciďŹ c Railway had purchased 20 acres from Mr. James Carswell out near the K&P Railway round-house, and has some extension in view there, either making of this a divisional point or building repair shops. Further that surveyors had been at work on the property. So far The Mercury can learn no sale of additional land has yet been made to the railway. They own considerable out near the K&P round-house and it is possible that whatever is in prospect â&#x20AC;&#x201C; for The Mercury has an impression from enquiries that there is some development under consideration â&#x20AC;&#x201C; may be in connection with K&P operations.

OLGA LEWIS From the Old Files

ANOTHER INDUSTRY FOR RENFREW: Thos. A. Low, ex-M.P., is planting some more industrial roots in Renfrew. He has been a leading shareholder in the Renfrew Electrical Manufacturing Company, which for some years has been in operation in Ottawa, and of which Mr. R.P. Moodie, formerly of Renfrew, is manager. The business demanding larger premises, the resolve has been made to come to Renfrew, and in the course of a few days ground will be broken for the new premises. Mr. Low is out of town at the time of writing, but it is understood that the buildings will be much like those of the Separator Company and

will be on the ĘťElm LaneĘź lot just across the CPR track from this other factory. It is likely that the old elm under which, a generation or more ago, the teen boys witnessed games of lacrosse, will have to come down; a victim to the march of industrial properties. APRIL 21, 1938

ALVIN HENDERSON WON NICE AWARD IN PAPER CONTEST: Alvin Henderson, son of Mr. and Mrs Daniel Henderson of Renfrew, was one of the Toronto Globe and MailĘźs Ęťcarrier salesmenĘź gaining the standard of runner-up in the contest which that daily journal conducted. His award was a trip to Toronto with entertainment at the Royal York there. Ten of the salesmen, with homes in Toronto, and 10 from other cities and the larger towns of Ontario,

Employee Benefits Specialist

with a â&#x20AC;&#x153;qualityâ&#x20AC;? company

Public Vehicle/Equipment Auction

Best â&#x20AC;&#x153;renewalsâ&#x20AC;? in the industry

SATURDAY, APRIL 20, 2013 9:00 am


1978: Renfrew Fair gains Class A status

Affordable life, disability and critical illness Insurance ran ra rance anc nce ce

Civic #2250, County Road 31, Winchester, ON 613-774-7000 or 1-800-567-1797 Primary list at:




48 The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013


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#!%#*#%"&$ !&$$ )%$'$%*%# # !#&$ ! (#% $ #$%%&  &!#%#& #

 $%#&% &$%#*$$ #% $ ( ##$ % "&  $( $%#&%  "&$!# #'* &% &% * &  # $&$$&##%$%#$ #%$$  & $%#&% %# &&#$  &#$ $$#  % #*$ &!# %$ $!# #$ # %%# !&$ 

 *- (*-" %)#*-(/%*) '' (%" /*!3 /


%.%/ *0- 1".%/" /

'$*),0%) *''"$" *( "(-*&" *-

++'3 *)'%)" /

*)/-%* *''"$". 



Cars: 10 Focus, 35 kms; 07 Malibu, 77 kms; 07 Focus, 227 kms; 07 Malibu, 99 kms; 07 Gr Prix, 144 kms; 06 Sebring, 163 kms; 06 Wave, 125 kms; 06 Gr Prix, 149 kms; 06 3, 207 kms; 05 6, 121 kms; 05 SunďŹ re, 168 kms; 05 Epica, 125 kms; 05 Optra, 109 kms; 04 Aveo, 169 kms; 04 Malibu, 241 kms; 04 Deville, 237 kms; (2)04 Cavalier, 87-122 kms; 04 Neon, 90 kms; 04 Sebring, 76 kms; 04 X5, 233 kms; 03 3 Series, 96 kms; 03 Impala, 244 kms; 03 Sebring, 183 kms; 03 Sentra, 149 kms; 02 Focus, 114 kms; 02 300M, 242 kms; 02 Passat, 200 kms; 02 E3, 162 kms; 02 Gr Am, 271 kms; 02 Impreza, 187 kms; 01 Regal, 200 kms; 01 Mustang, 177 kms; 01 Intrigue, 103 kms; 01 Sebring, 352 kms; 01 Maxima, 190 kms; 01 Integra, 140 kms; 00 Impala, 171 kms; 00 Mustang, 223 kms; 00 Catera, 208 kms; 00 Maxima, 115 kms; 99 Riviera, 133 kms;99 Alero, 162 kms; 99 Camry, 268 kms; 99 Saturn S, 177 kms; 98 Accord, 220 kms; 96 Accord, 166 kms; 94 MX6, 322 kms SUVs: 10 Liberty, 112 kms; 09 Tribute, 144 kms; 08 PathďŹ nder, 217 kms; 07 Expedition, 262 kms; 06 Explorer, 114 kms; 05 Expedition, 245 kms; 05 Escape, 205 kms; 04 Murano, 193 kms; 03 Excursion, 173 kms; 03 Durango, 375 kms; 03 CRV, 184 kms; 02 Durango, 198 kms; 01 Gr Vitara, 223 kms; 99 PathďŹ nder, 227 kms Vans: 09 Savanna,83 kms; 09 Uplander, 99 kms; 07 Caravan, 106 kms; 07 Savanna, 216 k ms; 07 Freestar, 126 kms; (2)06 Caravan, 105-178 kms; 05 Freestar, 118 kms; (2)05 Caravan, 117-234 kms; 05 Sprinter, 429 kms; (2)04 Venture, 127-171 kms; (2)04 Econoline, 97-279 kms; 03 Econoline, 131 kms; 02 Montana, 128 kms; 01 T&C, 238 kms; 01 MPV , 126 kms; 00 Odyssey, 307 kms Light Trucks: 11 F350, 59 kms; 10 F150, 71 kms; 07 Silverado, 133 kms; 06 Canyon, 171 kms; 06 F150, 280 kms; (2)05 F150, 180-293 kms; 05 Dakota, 252 kms; 04 Ram, 210 kms; 04 F350, 168 kms; 03 Dakota, 272 kms; (3)03 F350, 164-232 kms; 99 F350, 218 kms; 99 F150, 225 kms; 99 Sierra, 264 kms; 95 F350, 286 kms; 89 F350, 332 kms; Heavy Equipment/Trucks: 03 IH Prostar, 73 kms; 12 Transit, 2 kms; 04 F550, 160 kms; 03 F550, 229 kms; 01 F650 Chassis, 186 kms; 01 F550, 253 kms; 00 GMC C8500 plowtruck, 125 kms; 99 IH 8100 dumptruck, 373 kms; 99 GMC T6500 cab, 209 kms; 97 Ford Dumptruck, 300 kms; 96 IH 4700 LP chassis, 450 kms; 95 IH 9200 Dumptruck, 917 kms; 90 Freightliner Plowtruck, 250 kms; 86 GMC Dumptruck, 275 kms; Compac T175V Compactor, 168 hrs; Terex TX760B Backhoe, 1000 hrs; 11 Terex TC37 minihoe, 90 hrs; Genie Lift; Skyjack 3220; Paver 1550, 441 hrs; Trailers: 12 Towmaster; 12 JDJ Landscape; 11 JDJ; 10 Weber Landscape; 09 Pulrite utility; 07 Wells Cargo; 06 Kerr car hauler; 94 J&J Landscape; 94 utility; 91 utility; homemade; Recreation: 95 Chev Motorhome, 51 kms; Misc: small tools; JD Gator; salter/sander; Trackless mower; (4)ZT33 mowers; water tanks; torches; ladders; (4)Cub Cadet 221 snowblower; Cubcadet Lawnmower; misc. small construction items; leaf blowers; hedge trimmers; weedeaters; Trimble Survey Equipment; storage containers; soccer goal posts; trackless sidewalk plow. NO CHILDREN ALLOWED List is subject to change. Website will be updated as new consignments are registered Buyers Premium Applies - Terms: Cash; Visa; MasterCard; Interac for $500.00 deposit & Cash, CertiďŹ ed Cheque, Interac for balance due on vehicle Viewing: April 17, 18 & 19, 2013 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Pictures and description of items available at Click on Ottawa


"! 3 ./

 + (



All Chimney Repair & Restoration- Brick & Stonework. Workmanship guaranteed. Free estimates. Call Jim, or Ottawa Military Heritage 613-291-1228, Show. Sat. April 27, 2013, 613-831-2550. 9-3. Nepean Sportsplex, 1701 Woodroofe Ave., Ot- Carpentry, Repairs, Rec tawa. Peter Rooms, Decks, etc. Rea(613)256-1105. (Free Ap- sonable rates, 25 years experience. 613-832-2540 praisals).


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2 BDRM upstairs aprt -87/89 Claude St. in Arnprior. Fridge & stove, large 1200 sqft retail space for shared backyard. Includes lease or rent on main st. utilities, $875/month. Fist Renfrew. Please leave and last months rent remessage 613.646.7551 quired. Call 613-623-8361 Commercial building/store for rent on busy corner. 2 BEDROOM APARTMENT Renfrew available May 1st Call 613.559.1210 $550.00 month, tenant pays heat (natural gas) and hydro. References, first/last. FARM NO PETS. 613-433-5998 Ford 7700 80 h.p. $8,950; MF 165 loader $5,450; IH 384 loader $4,750; NH 2 BEDROOM APT in ArnTL90 4x4 loader $25,750. prior, $750/month, Hydro 613-223-6026. extra, available May 1st, 613-983-6769.

GARAGE SALE GARAGE SALE, 45 Frieday Street, Arnprior, Sat. April 20, 9-5 Rain or Shine. Garden tools, workshop tools, household goods, craft items, magazines, books, turntable and old LP’s, BBQ, Golf Clubs. MOVING EVERYTHING MUST GO

FOR RENT 1 BEDROOM apartment Arnprior, gorgeous, renovated, hardwood, appliances, window treatments, heat, water, and parking included. Many extras, quiet, secure, non-smoking, pet-free building. $800 Call 613-296-4521

Stag & Doe

Friday April 19/13 at 8:00 pm Renfrew Legion Music, Games Food, Prizes


for Lindsey Dougherty and Darren Rowan

2 bedroom apt Oak St. Renfrew, fridge, stove, parking, $630/month plus hydro. One year lease. First/last & references required 613.433.3053 2 bedroom first floor apt in quiet smoke free seniors building. Available May 1st. Call Sheryl 613.432.4909 2+1 Bedrm 2nd floor apartment, asking $900 /month. Please call Greg Townley, Broker of Record Mather Insurance & Real Estate. 613-282-7125

252 John St N, 2 blocks south of hospital, $775, 2bedroom, renovated, clean, quiet, safe, petfriendly, includes parking, 1 bedroom apartment for rent in a secure building in locker, fridge, stove, hood downtown Renfrew. fan, 613-299-7501 Available immediately, $492 per month, has park- 285 Raglan St. 2 bedroom, ing and laundry room. Call fridge & stove included, 1 Bujold Properties parking space above Ed613.432.0789 or ward Jones. Reference and first and last month 613.312.0319 after hours required. 613.333.1042 1 bedroom apartment for rent in a secure building in Efficient executive gardowntown Renfrew. den home, 2 bedroom, 1 Available immediately. bath, main floor laundry, $545 per month, has park- garage, deck, spotless ing and laundry room. Call bungalow, excellent conBujold Properties dition. Efficient gas heat. 613.432.0789 or $995/month Renfrew 613.312.0319 after hours



Tickets available at the door.

1 BEDROOM Apt, 61 Sullivan Cres, Arnprior Available now, includes heat, water, fridge, stove and parking. Laundry on site. $635 Info 819-661-0638


Happy 90th Birthday

Mike Crozier & Amanda Brydges

Tickets available at the door


Sandra, Willis, Alex, Dean and families


Saturday May 11th 2013 8pm-1am at the Ma-Te-Way Activity Centre * Awesome DJ * Fun Games * * Yummy Food * Great Prizes *

Iva Briscoe To a much loved mother, grandmother and great grandmother

LARGE 2-Bedroom, professionally decorated, onof-a-kind, 2-bathrooms, living room/dining room, large kitchen, fireplace, balcony, private-parking. 6-Appliances, overlooking Ottawa River/Robert Simpson Park, Arnprior. AVAILABLE April 1st, 2 Available June 1st, bedroom apartment in $ 8 9 5 + u t i l i t i e s , Arnprior, fridge, stove, 613-622-7913 parking and water included. Tenant pays heat and Large single apt, newly hydro. Gas fireplace and renovated. $700 per A/C, First and last required month everything includ$ 7 7 5 / m o n t h . ed. Call Peter 433-0078 613-623-2969 LOFT APT, Furnished with Available April 1st Large satellite, package all incluBachelor Apartment in sive. 64 McGonigal Street, $825 first and last. Braeside Newly renovated Loft Bedroom Appliances 6 1 3 - 6 2 3 - 4 3 4 1 , included front & Back 613-762-4341 no pets decking with Yard $900.00 monthly + Gas O’Reilly’s Retirement 613-623-8164 Home presently has 1 vacancy. For info or to view Calabogie, 1 bedroom, please call 613-622-5979 clean quiet building, laundry in building, partly furnished, parking, cable RENFREW, small 1 bedincluded. Available Imme- room backing onto park, diately, $575 plus hydro. parking, large covered bal6 1 3 . 8 6 4 . 1 1 6 8 , cony, utilities plus first and last. References, no pets. 613.836.7082 $495 613-623-4747 ARNPRIOR ALWAYS CLEAN, MODERN Secure 1&2 Bedroom apts. on First Avenue. Fridge, stove, parking incl. Discounts for mature tenants. 623-8537 after 6pm

Garden town house for rent, 5 appliances, 1 car garage and deck. $950 per month plus utilities. Call 613-432-0058 or 613-432-7562 ask for Helen

Renfrew Senior apartments available, secure building with elevator. Also available main level units with balcony. Call McGrimmon Holdings 613.433.5879

HOUSE FOR RENT, 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms 3 bedroom house for rent. 2 min walk from Grocery store and strip mall. Quiet neighbourhood with excellent neighbours. Includes A/C, 1 car garage ample storage space, open basement ready to set up as you wish. Gas heated and laundry room on first floor. Call Helen at 613-432-7562 or email at

Spacious one bedroom apartment has stove, fridge, gas heating. Available now, $600/month 432.2852 Renfrew TWO BEDROOM, family room, large 27” sunken living room with stone fireplace. This luxury unit has 6 new appliances including washer and dryer. In Arnprior. 613-229-7850 for more info go to Kijiji view ad# 470258683

LARGE 1 BEDROOM APT in Carp Ont. Fridge, FOR SALE stove and heat included. Village of Carp, Nonsmoker. Call 100 large square bales, 3’x3’x8’, 613-623-3329 613-839-2049 3 bedroom home in Renfrew, central location gas heat newly renovated $800/month plus utilities, first and last required 613.432.4123

2009 Can-Am Outlander, 800XT, 200 original kms, 95 total engine hours, just finished 2nd service, no time to ride, like new, $8500 obo Contact Collin, 613-622-7925




STAG & DOE for


Love from Mom, Dad, Nicole and David




!!20+APPLIANCES!! Nearly-new washers, dryers, fridges, stoves, freezers. Warrantied, delivered. Appliance repair, parts for sale, disposal, dishwasher installation. Support your locals! For viewing, Marc 613-889-9768. Arnprior

CEDAR TREES FOR HEDGING, direct from tree farm, installation available, we deliver, Cedar lumber for decks and fences. Hedge trimming. Visit at w w w. w a r r e n c e d a r p r o Call 613-628-5232

Wear a daffodil pin and join the fight. Wear a symbol of hope and show your support for people living with cancer. Please give generously to your neighbourhood canvasser, donate online at or call Canadian Cancer Society 613.735.2571

5x4 Round bales of hay. First cut inside or outside. 4x4 baleage first cut, home grown red clover seed 613.432.8308

Firewood cut & split (Hardwood Maple) $75.00 a face cord. Delivery is available call or text for more details 613.299.9663 James

HELP WANTED AZ DRIVERS, Many fleet options at Celadon Canada. Dedicated Lanes; lifestyle fleet with weekends off: Intra-Canada or International. O/O and Lease opportunities. Join our success. Call 1-855-818-7977


BARLEY AND WHEAT STRAW for sale, delivery available. Barclay Dick and Son Farm Supply. 613-649-2620, 613-649-2440

First family photos in white envelope, please claim at JOHN DEERE 7000 12 row the Renfrew Mercury, 35 narrow corn planter. Has Opeongo Rd, Renfrew On. Keaton needs firmers, precision meters, field ready, priced to sell. Larry Reaburn, Westmeath 613.582.3550 APPLIANCE

For sale Angus Bulls, Enright Farms. 613.649.2313 or 613.433.7655

HEADING SOUTH? Let us arrange your travel insurance. Call Eady Insurance 613-432-8543 or 1-888-275-3239



For sale fridge side by side ice & water, 35 inches W x 69 H x 32 D $250. 30 inch electric stove $60. Both work well. 613.432.8258


CARPENTRY COMPANY requires full time tradesmen and helpers. Wages based on experience. Call 613-623-0929 leave message

Equipment operators required to operate equipment and work around garage. Apply in person 9-4 WEEKDAYS only. Nesbitt Aggregates 1766 Lochwinnoch Rd Renfrew. 613.432.5764


It is with great pride that we announce the retirement of

Chief Warrant Officer Kelly Turcotte, after 25+ years of dedicated service in the Canadian Armed Forces. CWO Turcotte has wasted little time launching into his second career as a MAC Tools distributor. Congratulations and best of luck as you embark on this exciting journey. Love your family and friends. BIRTH


Married April 20, 1948 in the United Church Arnprior Love your family


Window Washing & Carpet Cleaning Free Estimates 613.432.8981


You are welcome to join the family in celebrating the


In the years together you’ve shared many things. That’s why this special anniversary brings to you wishes of love, laughter and contentment.

of Lois Rosien. Sunday, April 28th 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. 19 Reed Road, White Lake Road


Best Wishes only.

Big sister Maclaine is excited to announce the arrival of her new brother Lochlan Thomas. Lochlan was born at the Ottawa Hospital, Civic Campus on March 22, 2013. Proud parents are Liam and Emily (Scott). Proud grandparents are John and Martha Scott, Murray Gahan and Patricia McDowell.

Congratulations on your 70th Wedding Anniversary Art and Noreen Charbonneau April 24th With love from your family near and far, Carolyn and Bob, Margaret George and Ann, John Grandchildren: Joanna and Jamie, Roberta Neil and Kerry, Amy, Matt and Lara Great grandchild: Robert


ACCOUNTING CHRONICLE DIAMOND AWARD WINNER 2009, 2010 & 2011 Saturn Accounting Services 613-832-4699



HUNTER SAFETY Canadian Firearms Course. Courses and exams held throughout the year. Will do Private groups as well. Call Kevin 613.432.5192


0418.CLR428890 288890 28









The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013 49


Scapa North America offers a competitive compensation and benefits package. Please submit resume in confidence to: No telephone inquiries please â&#x20AC;&#x201C; we thank you for your interest but only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

Insotec is looking for employees for insulation work and or carpenter skills, fax resume to 819.647.3357 or email Local Marine and Powersports business looking for someone to repair and maintain marine and powersports products. Outboard and sterndrive experience necessary. Atv, motorcycle, snowmobile and pwc experience an asset. All applicants with industry experience will be considered. Please forward work experience, training and wage expectations to Hayhurst Sports P.O. Box 10 Renfrew, On. K7V 4A2 or Email No phone calls please. Mechanically inclined person to work mainly on antique tractors, full time or part time work. APPLY in person 9-4 WEEKDAYS only. Nesbitt Aggregates 1766 Lochwinnoch Rd Renfrew. 613.432.5764


Scapa, a worldwide leading manufacturer of bonding products and adhesive components for applications in the electronics, healthcare, industrial and transportation markets is currently looking for a Quality Manager for its Renfrew, Ontario manufacturing site. Located in Renfrew County, in the heart of the Ottawa Valley, Scapa North Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Renfrew site offers access to 900 pristine lakes and 4 major rivers amidst breathtaking wilderness. With the major urban destination of Ottawa less than one hour away, a career at Scapa Renfrew allows one the unique ability to blend rural and urban living, all the while enjoying a progressive career with a global manufacturing company.


The Quality Manager will be responsible for overseeing the quality assurance systems and for ensuring that the products that are manufactured in a multi-shift calendering and converting facility are fit for purpose and meet both internal and external customer requirements. This individual is a key member of the Operations support team responsible for the overall operational effectiveness of the site. The successful candidate will bring a strong technical background with a preference for an individual with a degree in chemistry, chemical engineering or a related technical discipline, with a minimum of 5 years of related manufacturing experience. It is imperative that the candidate has excellent statistical analysis skills, along with a past history of successful implementation of statistical process control. Other assets would include experience with calender coating processes, converting, ISO9001/ISOTS16949 and SAP knowledge. Scapa North America offers a competitive compensation and benefits package. Please submit resume in confidence to: No telephone inquiries please â&#x20AC;&#x201C; we thank you for your interest but only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

326 William Street Arnprior, Ontario 3 Bedrooms Large Lot Details upon request Doug 613-432-5689



613-623-7207 for viewing appointment

Mobile Home


JOB POSTING Director of Parks & Recreation HELP WANTED


The Town of Renfrew announces a job opening for the position of Director of Parks & Recreation. Details for this employment opportunity can be found by viewing the Town Hall section on the Townâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s website at

BEI is now accepting resumes for the following positions s s s s s s s

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Calabogie & Area Home Support Program invites applications for the part-time position of Home Support Program Coordinator. Responsibilities include all functions in the daily operations of a Community Support organization. Must be capable of working independently, have good business, organizational and communication skills and a friendly telephone manner. Well developed computer skills are required. Experience with databases and statistics, Microsoft Word, Excel and Sharepoint would be and asset.


Please submit resumes by email, fax or mail as follows: %MAILHR BONNECHEREEXCAVATINGCOM &AX   -AIL0/"OX 2ENFREW /NTARIO +6(

New one bedroom on second floor with fridge, stove, A/C and parking in Renfrew. No pets or smoking. $595 per month. First and last, plus Hydro and references. Available June 1/13 613.432.4387 or 613.432.6941


Interested persons should submit a resume before April 26, 2013 to: Calabogie & Area Home Support Program Inc. 5056 Calabogie Road, PO Box 163 Calabogie, Ontario K0J 1H0 Fax: 613-752-0744 Email: Please be advised that only applicants considered for an interview will be contacted.

Producon Employee Sandvik is currently recruing for Producon posions at our SMTC Arnprior Facility.


Sandvik Producon Employees are responsible for assisng their shi in achieving its target goals for safety, quality outcomes, producon volume, and on me delivery.




â&#x20AC;˘ Previous experience in a manufacturing seng; â&#x20AC;˘ High school diploma required â&#x20AC;˘ Shi work required â&#x20AC;˘ Successful compleon of pre-employment tesng

KANATA Available Immediately 3 bedroom townhouse, 1.5 baths, 2 appliances, unďŹ nished basement, one parking spot. $1058 per month plus utilities.


$18.21 PER HOUR

613-831-3445 613-257-8629




For a viewing and more information call Derek McGrimmon

50 The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013




Offering affordable one & two bedroom apartments.

For appointment call Bob at 613.649.2343



Sadly missed by wife â&#x20AC;&#x153;Marianâ&#x20AC;?, children Judy (Gary) Ralph (Judy) Bob (Gail) Ann (Mike) Frank (Debbie) Laura, Betty, Harold (Laurie), grandchildren and great grandchildren


11.6 x 64 ft. 2 bedroom Mobile Home, on 52 x 208 ft. well groomed private property. Large L.R., eat in kitchen, 9 x 20 ft. add on room 20 x 20 ft., basement, 9 x 24 ft. covered porch, 2 car carport (30 x 11) Oil heat, well & septic, 2 sheds, outside cistern.




Like falling leaves years slip by, But memories of you never die, Today, tomorrow, whole life through, We will always love remember you.



Are you sitting at home? Why?? SHOWCASE 2013. April 19, 20, 21 at the Petawawa Civic Centre. www.showcaseinpetawawa. ca. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s free!!

See the SKULLS at SHOWCASE 2013. Believe it!! A T-Rex and a Tyrannosaurus skull accompanied by the Living Dinosaurs on display all weekend. And horseLove always SHOWCASE 2013. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s this back rides. Check out www. Dad & Colin weekend. Make your plans for and please join us. Check more information. out the News this week for HAZEN In loving memory of our special insert. Dwight Ralph Hazen May 8, 1919 - April 22, 1998


0LEASERESPECTFULLY NOPETS NOSMOKERS Campbell View & Campbell Place, Robert Street, Arnprior



Deep are the memories, Precious they stay, No passing of time, Can take them away, Quietly today your Senior Home Care/Light memories we treasure. Housekeeping- We are Missing you always, looking for a near full-time Forgetting you never. home care provider for a near independent senior Love Ola that simply requires someone to be around in the BUDARICK, Laura Jean event of an emergency. In loving memory of a While caring for our senior, we expect light house- precious Mother who keeping, mid-day meal passed away April 23, preparation and the ability 2000. to periodically provide transportation. Care is re- In a tiny country graveyard quired weekdays from 10 where gentle breezes blow, am till 4 pm. Compensa- Lies my Mom I love so tion is in the $12-14/hour dearly, who I lost thirteen range depending on expe- years ago. rience level. References Her resting place I visit, mandatory, bonded pre- I put flowers there with ferred. Contact us at care. 613-832-7769. But no one knows the heartache, As I turn and leave her HUNTING SUPPLIES there. My thoughts are always Hunter Safety/Canadian with Fire-arms Courses and ex- you, ams throughout the year. Your place no one can fill, Held once a month at Carp. Call Wenda Cochran In life I loved you dearly, In death I love you still, 613-256-2409. If tears could build a stairway, And memories a lane, IN MEMORIAM Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d walk right up to Heaven, BARR, Matthew March 1st, 1969 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; April and bring you back again. Life must go on, 20th, 1996 I know that much is true, In loving memory of our son But itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not the same since and brother Matthew Barr the day I lost you. tragically taken from us seventeen years ago. Always loved, Always loved and terribly Sadly missed, missed. But never forgotten. Dad, Mum, Timmy, Meredith Brenda and Mike


Love Dinosaurs!! Then see HAY, Jayme Victoria Aug 21, 1987 - April 14, a real TYRANNOSAURUS skull and a T-REX skull at 1996 SHOWCASE 2013. Watch The depths of sorrow we www.showcaseinpetawawa. ca for more information cannot tell, Of the loss of one we loved so well; Watch for our 4-page anAnd while she sleeps a nouncement in this weeksâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; peaceful sleep Pembroke/Petawawa News. Her memory we shall SHOWCASE 2013. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll always keep. want to be there





ARMSTRONG, Wally April 22, 2004 In loving memory.


The Process / Industrial Engineer will be involved in broad scope engineering responsibilities including but not limited to process development, equipment and building maintenance, machine design and modification, environmental control, product development, capital projects, cost reduction and general problem solving. This individual is a key member of the Operations support team responsible for the overall operational effectiveness of the site. The successful candidate will bring a degree in Mechanical, Mechatronics or Chemical Engineering along with related manufacturing experience. It is imperative that the candidate has excellent computer skills as it relates to word processing, database construction, CAD software as well as the ability to read and produce drawings using orthographic and isometric projections. Other assets would include experience with PLC control systems, calender coating processes, converting, mechanical aptitude and SAP knowledge.

RENFREW CHILDCARE Make friends, learn & have fun in a safe & loving environment! 613-432-2627



Scapa, a worldwide leading manufacturer of bonding products and adhesive components for applications in the electronics, healthcare, industrial and transportation markets is currently looking for a Process / Industrial Engineer for its Renfrew, Ontario manufacturing site. Located in Renfrew County, in the heart of the Ottawa Valley, Scapa North Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Renfrew site offers access to 900 pristine lakes and 4 major rivers amidst breathtaking wilderness. With the major urban destination of Ottawa less than one hour away, a career at Scapa Renfrew allows one the unique ability to blend rural and urban living, all the while enjoying a progressive career with a global manufacturing company.

EXPERIENCED LANDSCAPE FOREMAN/LEAD HAND 20+ year established company expanding residential and commercial crews - immediate openings for skilled landscape installers with a minimum of 5 years landscape construction experience. Permanent F/T positions. Salary based on qualifications and experience. Full company benefits. If you are looking for a change with a great opportunity for personal growth and success in a team environment please contact us today. Please send resume to





CLOSING DATE April 19th 2013


Applicants interested in applying are encouraged to drop resumes oďŹ&#x20AC; at â&#x20AC;&#x153;ontracâ&#x20AC;? in Arnprior located at: 16 Edward St. S., Suite 120 Arnprior, ON K7S 3W4 Tel: (613) 623-4680 hp:// We would ask that applicants do not submit applicaons directly to the Sandvik Materials Technology Facility located in Arnprior

Read about Sandvik at

Sandvik is a high-technology, engineering group with advanced products and a world-leading posion within selected areas. Worldwide business acvies are conducted through representaon in 130 countries. The Group has 47 000 employees and annual sales of approximately SEK 83 billion.






The Corporation of the Town of Arnprior



FjVa^Ă&#x2019;XVi^dch Â&#x2122;8dbeaZi^dcd[=^\]HX]dda Â&#x2122;KVa^YYg^kZgĂ&#x2030;ha^XZchZ9OegZ[ZggZY Â&#x2122;:meZg^ZcXZldg`^c\l^i]edlZgZfj^ebZci Â&#x2122;8dbeaZiZaVWdjg^ciZch^kZ$e]nh^XVaanYZbVcY^c\ldg` Â&#x2122;6WaZidldg`djih^YZ^cZmigZbZlZVi]ZgXdcY^i^dch Â&#x2122;=ZVai]VcYhV[ZinXZgi^Ă&#x2019;XVi^dc ;^ghi6^Y!L=>B>H!;Vaa6ggZhi!8]V^chVlhV[ZinXZgi^Ă&#x2019;XViZ Â&#x2122;6WaZidldg`jcYZgb^c^bVahjeZgk^h^dc Â&#x2122;:meZg^ZcXZl^i]ldg`^c\l^i]di]ZghVcYi]ZejWa^X ;dgVXdbeaZiZa^hid[fjVa^Ă&#x2019;XVi^dchVcYYZiV^ah[dgi]Z_dWeaZVhZXdchjai i]ZidlclZWh^iZVilll#Vgceg^dg#XV >ciZgZhiZYXVcY^YViZhVgZ^ck^iZYidhjWb^iVcVeea^XVi^dc^cXdcĂ&#x2019;YZcXZ cdaViZgi]Vc6eg^a''cY!'%&(fjdi^c\Ă&#x2020;EVg`hBV^ciZcVcXZ$H`^aaZYAV" WdjgZgEdh^i^dcĂ&#x2021;ViiZci^dcidAVjgV<VgWj^d!=jbVcGZhdjgXZhD[Ă&#x2019;XZgWn/ BV^a/Idlcd[6gceg^dg &%*:a\^cHi#L#6gceg^dg!DC@,H%6:"bV^a/a\VgWj^d5Vgceg^dg#XV ;VXh^b^aZ/+&(+'("-%.& 6aaVeea^XVcihVgZi]Vc`ZY[dgi]Z^g^ciZgZhi!Wjidcani]dhZhZaZXiZY[dgVc^ciZgk^Zll^aaWZXdciVXiZY# >c[dgbVi^dc XdaaZXiZY l^aa WZ jhZY ^c VXXdgYVcXZ l^i] i]Z Bjc^X^eVa ;gZZYdb d[ >c[dgbVi^dc VcY EgdiZXi^dcd[Eg^kVXn6Xi[dgi]ZejgedhZd[XVcY^YViZhZaZXi^dc# CLR430067

We would like to express our thanks to our relatives, friends and neighbors for the support and condolences offered to us upon the passing of our beloved mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, Carmel Coady. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thank youâ&#x20AC;? These words hardly seem adequate for the many acts of kindness shown to our family during a very difficult time. For the phone calls, food, cards, flowers and the many charitable donations made in Momâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s memory. We thank you. Our thanks to Dr. Michael Dolan, for his wonderful care over the years and we are so very grateful to the nursing staff of Almonte General Hospital for their kindness and outstanding care. We appreciate all the support provided by CCAC and the caring Red Cross Homecare staff, most especially Betty, Kathy and Nancy... kind, caring, dedicated only begin to describe these very special people. You helped make it possible for Mom to remain at home where she wanted to be, for these last few years. You were our aides, become our friends and we are forever indebted to you. To Father Lindsay Harrison, our heartfelt thanks for your visits to the hospital, your thoughtfulness, comforting words, spiritual guidance and a truly beautiful and inspirational service. Thanks also to the ladies of the C.W.L. Holy Name of Mary Parish for their prayers offered preceeding Momâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s visitation. To Cathy Giles, our sincere thank you, for the beautiful and meaningful music that filled the church. To the members of The Almonte Civitan Club, thank you for the refreshments and delicious luncheon following the service. To Cynthia Nichols and Steve Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Keefe of the Tubman Funeral Homes - Almonte Chapel, our heartfelt appreciation for your support, compassion and professional guidance in ensuring that Momâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wishes were carried out. It meant a lot to have family members participate in this service and so we thank... Erin Wark, Donna Herrick and Debbie Brydges for their readings during the funeral service not an easy task, but beautifully done. Deborah Coady for the eulogy... memories, thoughts, words from the heart. The Pallbearers Greg Coady, Michael Wark, Billy Grace, Johnny Grace, Dan Sheahan and Jim Tims, chosen by Mom, to perform this very difficult role. It is so very hard to say goodbye to those we love. Mom loved her family, she loved her friends, she loved farm life and she loved God. We cherish her love and hold her memory close within our hearts. And again we sincerely say â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thank youâ&#x20AC;? to everyone who has supported us during this difficult time. CLR429578



Suddenly at her home in Ottawa Patricia Clarke Zeminskis. Daughter of the late Hilda Toner Clarke and wife of the late John Zeminskis. Survived by her twin sister Heather Armstrong (Ronald), daughter Tamara, son John and two grandsons, Gabriel and Dominic. CARD OF THANKS

Four years since that sad day The one I loved was called away; God took her home, it was His will, But in my heart she liveth still. Love Alden & Rebecca & family

ZEMINSKIS 1945 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2013

PROFESSIONAL HANDYMAN The â&#x20AC;&#x153;Honey Do Thisâ&#x20AC;? Company BILL WEISS 613-570-1488

GEORGEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S BARBER SHOP 47 McGarry Ave Renfrew

Thank You



Jeff Flegg Feb. 20, 1963 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Apr. 18, 2008 In loving memory of a brother and uncle who passed away 5 years ago today. Renfrew-Calabogie-Arnprior


They say there is a reason They say that time will heal But neither time nor reason Will change the way we feel For no-one knows the heartache That lies behind our smiles No-one knows how many times We have broken down and cried Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re so wonderful to think of But so hard to be without Forever missed and deeply loved, Mark, Sylvia and Tara



The family & loved ones of Mary Belanger wish to thank family, friends & neighbours for acts of kindness during this difďŹ cult time.

Thanks also to Don Goulet, Natasha & John for the kindness shown to us in this time of need.


THANK YOU The family of the late Charles Ricard would like to express their sincere thanks to all our family, relatives, friends and neighbours for their many acts of kindness. The donations, ďŹ&#x201A;owers, food, cards, condolences, compassion and support from so many people has been overwhelming and so very appreciated during our time of sorrow. To the Paramedics and the Staff of Renfrew Victoria Hospital ER thank you for your professionalism, care and compassion given to Charlie and my family. I am very proud that we have such a ďŹ ne Hospital and Staff. To Father Holly for his kindness, support and the mass, prayers and the beautiful Homily which was so very touching. Thank you to all the Pallbearers Brad, Bert, Doug, Dwight, Ron & Parnell and to Lawrence and Brenda for the readings. Also thanks to the organist and choir. Thanks to the Paramedic Service for the Paramedic Honour Guard and the many friends and former co-workers from the Ambulance Service who were present at the Church in Charlieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s memory. He would be so proud and honoured! To all my Walmart Family and friends a huge thanks for everything they have done for myself and family and for their continued support. To all our friends from the Curling Club thank you for your support and friendship. Special thanks to Andy Sklepowicz for the wonderful Tribute to Charlie which he wrote for the Renfrew Mercury. Special thanks to the RCAF Wing for providing the lovely luncheon after the Funeral and their friendship and support. A very heartfelt special thanks to a truly great and dear friend Brad Smith for delivering such a beautiful Eulogy. Words cannot express how much that means to me and the entire family. Finally, a special thank you to Natasha and the Goulet Funeral Home for the care, compassion and sensitivity shown during this difďŹ cult time. Charlie and I were truly blessed to have such wonderful family and multitude of friends surrounding us. THANK YOU EVERYONE! Gert Brydges (Ricard) and Families CLR429998

Thanks to Father Brennan & Father Holly for all their visits to Mom & especially Father Kelly who gave a beautiful eulogy at Momâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mass. To all Momâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s grandchildren , step grandchildren & great great grandchild. You were all very special to Mom. Thanks to our friends & nephew who stood beside us as Momâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pall bearers Damon, Chad, Sean & Kyle. Love Michael, Elma (Bo), Patricia & families xoxoxo CLR430022



Husband and Father Little did we know that morning God was going to call your name. In life we loved you dearly, in death we do the same. It broke our hearts to lose you but you did not go alone. For part of us went with you, the day God called you home. You left us peaceful memories, your love is still our guide. And though we cannot see you, you are always by our side. Our family chain is broken and nothing seems the same. But God calls us one by one, the chain will link again. Forever in our hearts Lucie, Cory and Kevin GARAGE SALE



We are currently recruiting for the following positions: r 5XP  Registered Nurses to work in the Surgical Program. One position is offered on a Full-time basis, the other is offered on a Temporary Full-time basis. Registered Nurses practice as members of a multi-disciplinary team in accordance with the Public Hospitals Act, the Regulated Health Professions Act, the Nursing Act, and the Standards set by the College of Nurses of Ontario $/0 *OLFFQJOHXJUIUIF)PTQJUBMT.JTTJPO 7JTJPOBOE7BMVFT BOEQPMJDJFT BOEQSPDFEVSFT 3/TQSPWJEFQSPGFTTJPOBMOVSTJOHDBSFUPQBUJFOUT"QQMJDBOUT must be available to work all shifts including weekends and when on-call must CFBWBJMBCMFXJUIJOBSFTQPOTFUJNFPGNJOVUFT

Brown â&#x20AC;&#x201C; William (Bill)


t One of the Larges in the w a tt O a Valley!


Special thanks to the staff of the third ďŹ&#x201A;oor at R.V.H. and Dr. Kemp for their wonderful care of Mom. To the Ambulance Drivers who helped mom over the year when needed.

If you are looking for a career in a progressive facility, consider Pembroke Regional Hospital as your employer of choice!

We thank all candidates for applying, however, only applicants selected for an interview will be acknowledged. An equal opportunity employer7JTJUPVS8FCTJUFBU


Thanks for your support of prayers, food, cards, ďŹ&#x201A;owers, telephone calls & donations made to Renfrew Victoria Hospitalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Palliative Care Unit in Momâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s memory.

Pembroke Regional Hospital, located 150km northwest of Ottawa*, is a regional acute care hospital with an annual operating budget of over 70 million dollars. We provide a variety of acute and ambulatory care services including medicine, surgery, maternal and child care, regional mental health care, regional rehabilitation, district stroke centre, emergency and intensive care. Having recently completed and opened four new state of the art operating theatres, we are now able to repatriate more surgical services closer to home. Our state of the art digital diagnostic imaging department offers a wide variety of diagnostic modalities including CT and nuclear medicine. In our continuing efforts to bring health care services closer to home, we have expanded in the areas of systemic therapy and geriatric day program.



From the Family of Carmel (Quigley) Coady

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Card of Thanks

Invites applications for the position of: Parks Maintenance & Skilled Labourer (One Full-Time Unionized Position)










UĂ&#x160; /+1 -Ă&#x160; UĂ&#x160; " /  -Ă&#x160; UĂ&#x160;/""-Ă&#x160; UĂ&#x160;-*",/-Ă&#x160; ", Ă&#x160; UĂ&#x160;** -Ă&#x160; UĂ&#x160;/  Ă&#x160;7, Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;1, /1, Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;EĂ&#x160;1 Ă&#x160;1 Ă&#x160;", t

0 sq ft Huge 10,0o0wroom! Indoor Sh "*



xĂ&#x160;Â&#x2C6;Â?iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x160;-Â&#x153;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;vĂ&#x160;-Â&#x201C;Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;>Â?Â?Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â&#x2021;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x153;Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;ÂŁxĂ&#x160;JĂ&#x160; >Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;,Â&#x153;>` The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013 51

Please apply on-line at or fax your resumes to (613) 788-2758, attention: Jensa. $%$#!!'%!' (# !!%%!#('  )($#!-'!(#('+!!$#((



In Loving Memory of

McArthur, George and Jean July 3, 1929

May 22, 1929

April 18, 2012

April 26, 2007

Mom and Dad, Grandpa and Grandma,






ROSS, Lyle Charles 1944 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2013 Peacefully while surrounded by his best friend and loving wife of 48 years, Helen (nee Hayes) and his children at the Arnprior Hospital on Sunday afternoon, April 7th, 2013. Lyle Charles Ross of Fitzroy Harbour at the age of 69 years. Wonderful and true father of Lisa McDonald (Steven) of Kingston and Chris Ross (Patricia) of Carp and proud grandfather of Cole and Grace Ross. Dear brother of Bryan Ross (late Brenda) of Ottawa and Ivan Ross (Charlene) of Fitzroy Harbour. Special brother-in-law of Brian Hayes (Gail) of Arnprior and Phil Hayes (Gayle) of Richmond. Also survived by many nieces and nephews. Predeceased by his parents: Derril and Dorothy Ross as well as a brother, Ronald. Family and friends are invited to pay their respects at the Pilon Family Funeral Home and Chapel Ltd., 50 John Street North, Arnprior on Wednesday, April 10th from 10 a.m. until 12 noon and again from 1 p.m. until 2:45 p.m. A Service to honour Lyleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life will follow in the Pilon Family Chapel at 3 oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;clock. Interment Malloch Road Cemetery, Arnprior. In memory of Lyle, a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society or the Arnprior Hospital â&#x20AC;&#x153;Partners in Caringâ&#x20AC;? Foundation wouldbe appreciated by his family. Condolences/Tributes/Donations/

McKerracher, Ramona Beatrice (nee Lascelle) June 28, 1929â&#x20AC;&#x201C; April 13, 2013 Ramona passed away Saturday April 13, 2013 in Groves Park Lodge, Renfrew, Ontario. Ramona McKerracher formerly of Arnprior at the age of 83 years. Predeceased by her husbands Bernard McKerracher and Charles Duncan. Dear mother of Mike of Arnprior, Kerry (Brenda) of Yellowknife and Sharon of Arnprior. Predeceased by two sons Hugh and Steve. Dear grandmother of Kerri (Dennis Harrington), Vicky, Michele, Brook and Chase. Survived by several great grandchildren. Dear sister of Don (late Patricia) Lascelle, Leo (late Doreen) Lascelle, Shirley (late Harry) Rice, Joan (Richard) Byrd. Predeceased by brother Edmond (Madeleine) Lascelle, and sisters Mabel (late Donat) Beaudoin, Marlyn Lascelle, Josephine (late Ken) Schultz and Marion (late Merle) Dooley. Survived by daughter-in-law Myrtle Gardiner. Dear friend of Fay Bradley of Renfrew. Daughter of the late Edmond Lascelle and Eva Kingsbury. Visitation at TheBoyce Funeral Home Chapel, Visitation and Reception Centre 138 Daniel Street N. Arnprior 613-623-2538 on Tuesday 2-4 p.m. and 7-9 p.m. and after 10:00 a.m. Wednesday April 17, 2013. Liturgy of The Word will be held in The Boyce Chapel at 11:00 a.m. Interment Arnprior Malloch Road Cemetery. Luncheon to follow in The Boyce Reception Centre. In memoriams to the Heart andStrokeFoundationappreciatedbyherfamily. Condolences / Donations at

Your loving Family Bev, Doug, Katie and Lindsay


In Loving Memory of Rita (Power) Coulterman 91 years


Passed away peacefully on April 11, 2013 at Hospice Renfrew in his 66th year. Devoted son of Mona Mary (Watson) and Raymond Andrew Warren. Proud father of Mary Sharlene (Robbie Ringrose) and Andrew Jay (Nanci Fraser). Beloved grandfather to Erika, Emma-Rae, Colton, Bryson, Finn and Lilyan. Cherished brother of Brent (Joan), Boyd (Shirley), Buster (Carol), Sally, Dianne (Luis), Patsy (Luciano), Ginny (Bob), Bruce, Peach (Jack), Susie (Fred), Mike, and Rocky (Dianne). Treasured Uncle Joe to many nieces and nephews and kids he met along the way and a reliable and true friend to so many. Your departure will never erase your footprints on our hearts. Friends may call at the Anderson Funeral Home & Chapel 22 Raglan St. S., Renfrew on Saturday April 13, 2013 from 2-4 & 7-9 p.m. Funeral Service will be held at the Horton Community Center on Sunday at 2 p.m. In lieu of ďŹ&#x201A;owers donations to Hospice Renfrew would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you to those who provided incredible care and support at Hospice Renfrew, Renfrew Victoria Hospital & the Ottawa General Cancer Center. CLR429983

52 The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013



(Lee Cavanagh Tire Service Ltd.) (Past President â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Carp Fair Board)

Beloved wife of Ray Coulterman predeceased 2006. Loving mother of Teresa (Maurice Trottier) of Sudbury, Thomas (Mary) of Sault Ste Marie, Brian predeceased 1966, Denis (Beverly) of Arnprior, Diane of Ottawa and Donald (Jaynie) of Manotick. Cherished grandmother of Tanya, Shawn (Shawnese), Tara (Mike), Amy (Steve), Troy (Leanne), Matthew, Adam, Michael, Nicholas and great grandchildren Mykaila, Carter and Ellie. Dear daughter of Thomas and Bernadette Power both predeceased. Dear sister of Maurice, Carmel Dellaire, Kelly (Maureen) and Thomas (Margaret) all of Eganville, Geraldine Paquette of Arnprior and predeceased by Mary MacDonald, Margaret Wingle, Bernadette Jarvo, Lila Friske, John and Michael. Sadly missed by many nieces and nephews and her sisters in law Lois and Irene. Born in Eganville, she was a devout Roman Catholic serving in St. Clements and Christ the King Parishes as well as an active member of the CWL. Rita was a wonderful seamstress and skilled knitter, giving generously of her talents to others. She lived independently until her admission to the Hospice. She leaves a legacy of love and faith for family and friends. She is now at peace and joins many family and friends who have been preparing a place for her. Resting at the Lougheed Funeral Home 252 Regent St., at Hazel St. (Friends may call 2-5; 7-9 p.m. Friday with parish prayers at 3 p.m.) Funeral Mass in Christ the King Church 30 Beech St., Sudbury Saturday, April 13th, 2013 at 10 a.m. Interment in the Lasalle Cemetery. In lieu of flowers donations to the Maison Vale Hospice would be appreciated.


Warren; Stewart Barry â&#x20AC;&#x153;Joeâ&#x20AC;?

Those whom we love go out of sight, But never out of mind; They are cherished in the hearts Of those they le behind, Loving and kind in all his ways, Upright and just in all his days Sincere and true in heart and mind, Beauful memories he le behind.

Peacefully on Sunday April 7th, 2013 at Bonnechere Manor, Renfrew after a long struggle, Richard, age 70, Beloved husband of Heather Barr for 42 years. Dear father of Susan Latendresse (Grant Smith). Richard is survived by his siblings Terry (Gwen), Janice (Don Fyfe), Simonne (Brian) Kemp, Jill (Keith McPhail), Larry, LeAnn (Brian Shepherd), Sharon (Gordon Harper), Penny (Barry Vaillancourt), Jeffrey (Melodie) and his brothers and sisters in law Clarence (Marlene) Barr, Iva Thorning (late Gerald), Charlie (Lynn) Barr, Joan (Gordon) Wallace and George. He will be sadly missed by his many nieces, nephews, great nieces, great nephews and his special friends Barry and Susan Hanniman. Speical thanks to the staff of Bonnechere Manor for their compassion and care of Richard and family. Visitation will be held at the Goulet Funeral Home 310 Argyle St S, Renfrew on Tuesday April 9th from 2-4 and 7-9 pm. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Braeside on Wednesday March 10th,2013 at 11 a.m. Cremation to follow. Donations may be made to Mickey Roberts Palliative Care at the Bonnechere Manor or Our Lady of Perpetual Help Memorial Fund. Online condolences/donations may be made at

CAVANAGH, Lee Harvey

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013 at the Maison Vale Hospice.

Devoted and proud father of Deena (Aaron) and Corey (Krystle) and cherished â&#x20AC;&#x153;Grampaâ&#x20AC;? of Burke and Paxton.



In memory of my loving husband and best friend, Merle Patrick GriďŹ&#x192;n, who passed away April 17, 2012.


An Amazing Everyday Life On March 14th, my aunt Catherine Jessie (Kay) McNaughton passed away one month short of her 94th birthday. She lived her entire life in Arnprior, save for the past year when she moved to a nursing home in Kingston to be closer to family. She lived an amazing everyday life. She never climbed Mount Everest or ran a big company. Her accomplishments were everyday events, but amazing over a lifetime. For starters, she lived in the house she was born in at 156 Elgin St. her entire life. She was born April 22, 1919. The midwife arrived a few days early by horse and cutter because the road between Arnprior and Braeside were still snow covered and greasy. Catherine never lived in another residence for the next 91 years - I wonder is the Guinness Book of World Records has a category anything like this in their pages. After high school, she went to secretarial school in Carleton Place. She travelled back and forth each day on the train. She then became a legal secretary for Con Mulvihill Sr. She worked for the ďŹ rm (now Mulvihill and Murray) for the next 44 years. I ďŹ gured one time that she walked more than 22,000 miles back and forth to work. In all those years, there was exactly one murder case she was involved with - a case from far away Pembroke! Catherine never married, probably due to circumstances more than anything. My grandmother was sick with cancer for years when my aunt was in her twenties. This was followed up caring for my great aunt, then my grandfather in their declining years. The house at 156 Elgin St. was my auntâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life. It was her universe. She would come to visit my family in Kingston for a few days but would always return home early because â&#x20AC;&#x153;someone was coming to the houseâ&#x20AC;?. My sisters and I visited the house our entire lives. We knew where everything was - the cookie jar (she was a great baker)... nothing ever seemed to change in the house. She would often say she didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have many visitors in later years; yet every day a handful of people would drop in. She had great and caring neighbours. She loved Arnprior and the Ottawa Valley...she was Arnpriorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Number 1 supporter her whole life. She however loved her family even more. She was the kindest, most supporting person a family could ever have. We have been truly blessed to have had Catherine in our lives. There will be a celebration of Catherineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life Saturday April 20th from 12 -2 pm at the Boyce Funeral Home. Lee McNaughton Kingston

We still canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t believe you are gone, We miss you in so many ways, We miss the things you used to say, And when old times we do recall, Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s then we miss you most of all, Love you and miss you both so much!

We miss you so much!!! Forever loved, Linda and your family


Peacefully at the Carleton Place Hospital with loved ones by his side in the early morning hours of Thursday, April 11th, 2013 following a lengthy battle with cancer. Lee Harvey Cavanagh of Kinburn in his 51st year. Dear son of Robert Cavanagh of Kinburn and the late Lois Cavanagh (nee Downey). Beloved husband of Susan (nee Montgomery). Cherished and devoted father of Nicole and Rebecca, both at home. Dear brother of Lyle (Debbie) and Ray (Kathy), both of Kinburn and Lisa Arthur (Hugh) of Dunrobin. Special son-in-law of Lorne Montgomery (Carol Persi) and the late Edna Montgomery (nee Wilson) (Earl Boyd), all of Carp and brother-inlaw of Nancy Montgomery (Jeff Lillie) of Woodlawn. Lovingly remembered by many aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, clients and countless friends. Family and friends were invited to pay their respects at the Pilon Family Funeral Home and Chapel Ltd., 50 John Street North, Arnprior on Sunday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. and again on Monday from 9:45 until 10:45 a.m. A service to honour Leeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life was conducted in the Pilon Family Chapel on Monday morning, April 15th at 11 oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;clock. Rev. Peggy Kuzmicz ofďŹ ciated. Interment followed at St. Markâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Anglican Cemetery, Pakenham. In lieu of ďŹ&#x201A;owers, a donation to St. Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Anglican Church, Antrim or the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada would be appreciated by the Cavanagh family. Condolences/Tributes/Donations/Webcast

Cruise : Eileen Vivian (nee Beauchamp ) March 16, 1934 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; April 12, 2013 In the Ottawa Civic Hospital at the age of 79 years. Predeceased by her husband Edward James (Jim) Cruise. Loving mother of Catherine (Fred) Peer of Renfrew, Sharon (Duncan) Storie of Renfrew and Sherry (Simon) Boddy of Ottawa. Loved grandmother of Rob (Alana) Peer, Jason Peer and Jessica Storie and great grandmother of Isaac and Abbi Peer. Dear sister of Margaret (late Roy) Lahay, Dorothy (late Harold) Julien, Betty (late Michael) Cruise, Bob (Flo) Beauchamp and Don (Lorraine) Beauchamp. Predeceased by her parents Oliver and Mabel Beauchamp and siblings Rhoda (Victor) Fabien, Helen (Bill) Cumming, Oliver (Raye) Beauchamp and Rupert Beauchamp (survived by his wife Mary) A Memorial Mass will be celebrated at Our Lady of Fatima Church, Renfrew on Friday April 19th at 10:30 a.m. For those desiring donations to the Canadian Cancer Society or the Ottawa Civic Hospital Foundation would be appreciated. Funeral arrangements entrusted to the care of the Anderson Funeral Home, Renfrew.


As a team, you will both be responsible for customer service, cleaning, minor repairs and maintenance of the interior and exterior of a residential property in Ottawa. Related experience and good communication and computer abilities are a must. A competitive salary and beneďŹ ts package, including on-site accommodation, await you!



Superintendent Team





In my home there is a photo, Of a face more precious than gold. And to those who loved and lost you, Your memory will never grow old. Today I look at your photo, At your face so loving and true. No wonder my heart is breaking, Chris, Losing a son like you. But each day you walk beside me, And when my life is through, I pray that God will take my hand, And lead me straight to you. Sadly missed & Lovingly remembered, Love Mom & Earl

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COMING EVENTS Attention Traditional Country Music Fans, Johnny Burke & East Wind along with Dan Paul Rogers, will be appearing at the Renfrew Legion Saturday April 20 - 8:00. Tickets $20.00 available at Mill Music Renfrew or at the door if available Dance featuring Ambush Saturday May 4, Cobden Agricultural Hall at 9p.m. Doors open 8:30p.m. Restricted dance, photo ID required. Admission $15 per person advance tickets available at Rooneyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Gas Bar Cobden or $20 per person at door.

11:00am to 3:00pm Saturday, April 20th 1670 Burnstown Rd. Pat & Ken Forrest 613-432-2222 (cash, debit, visa/mc)

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Marilyn York, PFPC


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SHEAN Christopher Adam Shean November 16, 1985 April 21, 2006




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Connect with Ontarians â&#x20AC;&#x201C; extend your business reach! The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013 53

57. Atomic number 13 58. Foot digit 60. Three-toed-sloth 61. Chopped beef and potatoes 64. Spanish appetizers 66. Crust-like healing surface 68. Mild yellow Dutch cheese 69. Slides without control 70. Add alcohol beverages 71. Showing 72. Medieval merchant guild 73. Current units CLUES DOWN 1. Applied over 2. Gettysburg Union Gen. 3. Inches per minute (abbr.) 4. The bill in a restaurant 5. Draw on 6. Currency exchange fee 7. 19th C. Polish composer 8. A festival or feast 9. Affirmative 10. UC Berkeley 11. Rapid bustling movement 12. Dining, coffee or game 13. Region surrounding ancient Troy 24. Rad squared 25. An old phonograph record

26. Sang in a Swiss folk style 27. Guided the car 28. Exclamation of surprise 29. A senate member 32. Very fast airplane 33. Myanmar monetary unit 34. Right angle building wing 36. Returned merchandise authorization 37. “Rubber Ball” singer Bobby 39. Express pleasure 40. Women’s undergarment 41. 3rd largest whale 49. Exist 51. The 4th state 52. Expressed pleasure 53. Cutting part of a knife 55. Civil Rights group 56. Makes taunting remarks 58. = 100 paisa in Bangladesh 59. American steam engineer James 62. Golfer Snead 63. Type of health insurance 64. Thyroid-stimulating hormone 65. Point midway between S and SE 66. Patti Hearst’s captors 67. E. British University river



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FOR A FAST FRIENDLY NO OBLIGATION QUOTE CALL: 613-432-8543 | 1-888-275-3239 54 The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013


CLUES ACROSS 1. Leave out 5. Salt water candy 10. Suffragist Carrie Chapman 14. Northeastern Pennsylvania 15. Be in accord 16. 6th Jewish month 17. Young sheep 18. Mary mourning Jesus 19. Wolf (Spanish) 20. A public promotion 21. A lyric poem 22. City of Angels 23. Annual 27. Cinctures 30. Military mailbox 31. One and only 32. Rushed 35. Press onward forcibly 38. Apprehends 42. Guinea currency to 1985 43. Master of ceremonies 44. Swiss river 45. W. Samoan monetary unit 46. Los Angeles team member 47. Native of Bangkok 48. One point E of due N 50. The self 52. Humiliated 54. Disposed to take risks

Local events and happenings over the coming weeks — free to non-profit organizations Fax: 613-224-3330, 613-432-6689 E-mail:

APRIL 18 Upper Ottawa Valley Genealogy Group meeting at 7 p.m. at 222 Dickson St., Pembroke. Guest speaker Judy Thamas discusses Family search on the internet.

APRIL 19, Fashion show at the Renfrew Golf Club, sponsored by the ladies division in aid of Wings of Phoenix. Social hour 6 to 7 p.m. Coffee, tea, appetizers $12 per person. Tickets at Colleen’s Closet, Brides and Blooms, the pro shop, or call Susan Ringrose at 613432-7405. Annual Chili Cook-Off at Eganville Seniors Centre. Taste and vote for your favourite chili, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Cost $8. Call 613-628-2354. Renfrew Legion Branch 148 ladies auxiliary soup & sandwich, $4 plus $1 for desert, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

a.m. to 2 p.m. at Mount Zion United Church, Laurentian Valley. Bring your favourite dish to share. Women are requested to wear a skirt. Register by Monday April 15 by phoning Cathy at The Friendship Centre 613-6874141. Community initiative sponsored by the Renfrew County and District Aboriginal Friendship Centre\ Bonnechere Algonquin Community, Family and Children’s Services, The Mètis Nation of Ontario and Nigan Ahinabe Turkey and ham supper and silent auction at St. Andrew’s United Church, Calabogie, 4 to 6 p.m. Adults $12, Children 6 to 12, $6, under six years, free.

Toastmasters is alive and well and meeting at the Rocky Mountain House on Monday nights from 7 to 9 p.m. For more information, check out the Toastmasters Facebook page or call 613-649-2950. Renfrew & Area Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours Mixer at the Opeongo Bowlodrome from 5 to 7 p.m. for bingo bowling. The evening is free but space is limited. RSVP by April 19. Email or call 613-432-7015.

The ladies at the Renfrew Curling Club are holding their annual garage sale to help raise money for the club. It runs at the curling rink from 8 a.m. to noon. Call 433-9621 for more information.


Rotary Music Festival piano at TrinitySt. Andrew’s United Church.

Annual Ottawa Valley Tourism Conference, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Calabogie Peaks Resort. Conference theme is Small Fish, Big Sea: Making the Most of Your Tourism Marketing. Visit or call 1.800.757.6580 for more info and to register. DACA annual general meeting, 7 p.m. at the DACA Centre. Election of board of directors.


Pet microchip clinic. Arnprior & District Humane Society will be acAPRIL 20 Steve Sadaka’s Nice Head On Ya book cepting appointments. Held at Pet tour at the Ma-Te-Way Activity Centre Valu in Arnprior, $45 per chip, cash only. A microchip will help your pet hall, 8 p.m. Go online at www.lifeinfind their way home. Call to reserve your seats. $20 at the door gets you his signed book. 0916 to book. Event includes readings, live music, full bar, food and prizes. Life in the APRIL 22 Face chronicles Sadaka’s paranormal, Beavers and Us Workshop, 9 a.m. to and is his first published book. 4 p.m. at Civitan Hall, 6787 County Road 43 in Perth. Hosted by area Hot roast beef spring supper at Stewardship Councils. All day, plus Haley United Church from 4:30 p.m. lunch and coffee for $10. Register for to 6 p.m. Hot roast beef, mashed lunch by April 15 at aileenmerriam@ potatoes, homemade gravy, hot veg- or 613-335-3589. www. gies, homemade coleslaw, buns and for homemade pies. Adults $12, children program details. 6 to 12 years $6, kids five and under, free. Wheelchair accessible. Take-out orders available.

The Renfrew & Area Chamber of Commerce presents the Wolves Den. April 26 is the deadline to submit your applications. To be held at the historic O’Brien Theatre May 17. Visit for more information or to apply.

APRIL 26-27

APRIL 22 TO 25

APRIL 23 Pancake brunch at the Matawatchan Community Hall from 9 to 11 a.m. Adults $8, children 6 to 14 $ 5, children under 6 free. Maximum family rate $25.

Te-Way Activity Centre. Blowups, carnival games, food as well as prizes and music. The entire community is invited to show its support for this great cause.

Free community soup kitchen at noon, St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Renfrew. 613-432-3062.

Renfrew University Women’s Club’s annual used book sale on Friday, April 26 from 4 to 9 p.m. and Saturday, April 27 from 9 a.m. to noon in the MacNeil Gymnasium, Renfrew Collegiate Institute. Proceeds for scholarships for local high schools. Were you a student at RCI in the ’70s? Plan to attend all or some of the events planned by your Alumni committee. Friday, April 26 from 7 to 10 p.m. AFAC Wing registration and Yak and Jam. Saturday, April 27 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. tours of the ‘new’ RCI. 4 to 6 p.m. Meet & Greet at AFAC Wing. 6 p.m. buffet dinner, 8:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. dance to Daybreak. The public is invited to the dance at $10 per ticket. For more information call Laurie at 613-432-9050.


APRIL 25 Renfrew Silver Seniors noon luncheon and general meeting at the Renfrew Legion. Cost $4. New members welcome at $5 per year. Free seminar: Introduction to Twitter, 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. at the Renfrew Public Library. Register at events@ or 613-4327015.

APRIL 26 RCI hosts 12th annual Bonnie Kerr Cure for Cancer Carnival at Ma-

Friends of the Library, in support of Bonnechere Union Public Library, annual spring dinner at the Eganville Legion. With the theme Under the Sea, the hall will be transformed into a watery kingdom with Poseidon himself in attendance. Seafood dishes catered by Frisco’s, plus many home prepared favourites and desserts. Silent auction, sea-related games, and entertainment by The Red Shoes. Seating is limited. Get tickets early ($30 per person) at the Bonnechere Union Public Library.


7 & 9:20 Fri & Sat. 7:30 Sun~Thur PG


7 & 9:20 Fri & Sat. 7:30 Sun, Mon, Tues, Thurs MATINEES G


1:30PM Matinees Sat & Sun. 334 Raglan St. S. 613.432.0866

Visit us at



1:30PM Matinees Sat & Sun.


THE SAPPHIRES 7:30 PM, April 24th


The Renfrew Curling Rink’s closing dinner. Happy hour 5:30 p.m. and dinner at 6:30 followed by live music. Cost is $25 a person. For more information, call the curling rink at 613432-5001 or Andy at 613-432-6725. New-to-you sale at Trinity-St. Andrew’s United Church, Renfrew from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Quarry Ave. entrance.

Burke and Rogers at Legion Saturday Johnny Burke & Eastwind will be with Renfrewʼs Dan Paul Rogers at the Renfrew Legion Saturday, April 20. Show time is 8 p.m. This will be Burkeʼs first trip to Renfrew since being inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall Of Fame. Rogers was inducted into the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall Of Fame over a year ago. Tickets $20 at Mill Music 613-432-4381 and at the door if available.



T.L.C. EUCHRE PARTY Euchre party in the Lounge, April 13. 1:00 p.m. $8./per. Light snack at half time, everyone welcome! For info call 613-432-4485.



"Remember Red Fridays!" Check out our *NEW* webpage at to keep up with our current events Legion Ladies Auxiliary Catering and Hall Rentals Call 613-432-6450



The Anishaanabe Cultural Circle presents a teaching by Elder Skip Ross on the Seven Grandfathers followed by a potluck lunch and a craft for children focusing on the Four Directions, 10

FRI, APRIL 19 – THURS. APRIL 25, 2013 PG

Turkey and ham anniversary dinner at St. Andrew’s United Church Beachburg, 4:30 to 7 p.m. Adults $12, children 5 -12 $5, under 5 free.




Murder mystery dinner theatre winner take all casino at Horton Community Centre, $15. Doors open at 5 p.m. for cocktails followed by spaghetti dinner and theatre. Tickets at township office. Kathleen at 613432-6271 or Valerie at 613-432-8390.

433 ( Champlain) Wing of the Air Force Association of Canada 164 Argyle Street South, Renfrew, ON K7V 1T5 Office: 432-4485 Lounge: 432-9155 | E-Mail:

ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION Low Sodium & Low Cholesterol Workshop, Eganville Seniors Centre. Cost $5. Workshop starts at 10 a.m. More info call 613628-2354.

Bonnechere River Watershed Project AGM, 1 p.m. at the Wilno Tavern. Memberships available. Followed by the premier performance of Bonnechere River – Future Tense, performed by Stone Fence Theatre, at 3 p.m. Donations accepted at the door. for more information.

Friday April 19, come out and enjoy the music of Jerry Lee he will be performing from 7 - 9 p.m. Everyone welcome !!!


NOTE: With new press deadlines, only submissions received by noon Friday will make it into the upcoming edition. The Mercury community calendar is a free public service for notfor-profit groups. Include a daytime contact name and phone number for clarification. No posters, please.

The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013 55

an All Inclusive Dream Vacation for Two to


BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Locally owned and operated

UĂ&#x160; Â&#x153;Ă&#x160;ÂŤĂ&#x2022;Ă&#x20AC;VÂ&#x2026;>Ă&#x192;iĂ&#x160;Â&#x2DC;iViĂ&#x192;Ă&#x192;>Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x17E; UĂ&#x160; Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x20AC;>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â&#x201C;Ă&#x2022;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;LiĂ&#x160;ÂŁÂ&#x2122;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x17E;i>Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;vĂ&#x160;>}iĂ&#x160;Â&#x153;Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;Â?`iĂ&#x20AC; UĂ&#x160; Â?Â?Ă&#x160;  Ă&#x160;`iVÂ&#x2C6;Ă&#x192;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;>Ă&#x20AC;iĂ&#x160;wÂ&#x2DC;>Â?

an All Inclusive Dream Vacation for Two to RULES & REGULATIONS: To enter all you have to do is ďŹ nd the Far Horizons logo somewhere in the paper (not on this page) and mail or drop off to The EMC Contest at 57 Auriga Drive, Unit 103, Ottawa, ON, K2E 8B2. No purchase is necessary. Entrants must be 19 years of age or older. One ballot per household that can be entered every week. The contest runs for 16 weeks total, starting on Jan. 17th, 2013 until May 8th, 2013 in selected EMC Newspapers. The last edition that you can ďŹ ll out a ballot is on May 2nd, 2013. Ballots must reach EMC ofďŹ ce no later than 5pm May 9th at 5pm. Entrants are able to ďŹ ll out one ballot every week per household. At the end of the contest all of the ballots mailed or dropped off to The


UĂ&#x160; Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x192;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;>Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x152;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x2022;>Ă&#x20AC;Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;ÂŁĂ&#x2021;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;Ă&#x160;>Â&#x2DC;`Ă&#x160;iÂ&#x2DC;`Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2026;iĂ&#x160; i`Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;Â&#x153;vĂ&#x160;>Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;nĂ&#x152;Â&#x2026;]Ă&#x160;Ă&#x201C;ä£Ă&#x17D; UĂ&#x160; Ă&#x20AC;>Ă&#x153;Ă&#x160;Ă&#x153;Â&#x2C6;Â?Â?Ă&#x160;Ă&#x152;>Â&#x17D;iĂ&#x160;ÂŤÂ?>ViĂ&#x160;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160;>Ă&#x17E;Ă&#x160;£äĂ&#x152;Â&#x2026;]Ă&#x160;Ă&#x201C;ä£Ă&#x17D;

BALLOT Name: Address:


Town/City: EMC over the 8 week period will be eligible to win the trip. One trip for two will be awarded at the end of the contest. The draw will be taking place in the EMC ofďŹ ce on May 10th. The winner will be contacted that day by phone. The winner will receive one All-Inclusive 7 day trip for two to Jamaica- Sunset Resorts. Airfare, accommodations and taxes are included. Winner must conďŹ rm trip dates with Far Horizons. Dates are subject to availability. The trip must be used by Dec 2013. Winners must have valid passport/ travel documents. Employees and their family members or relatives of The EMC and Far Horizons are not eligible to enter the contest. All EMC decisions are ďŹ nal.

56 The Renfrew Mercury EMC - Thursday, April 18, 2013

Postal Code: Phone #: E-Mail: See or more rules and regulations.


LOOK FOR THE FAR HORIZONS LOGO somewhere else in this newspaper each week. Attach the logo to the ballot below and mail to EMC CONTEST, 57 Auriga Dr. Unit 103, Ottawa, Ontario K2E 8B2.

Renfrew Mercury  

April 18, 2013

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