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Heat turned up at all-candidate forums Gallant walks out, Green Party candidate unimpressed


David Stewart’s appointment as vice-chair of the Algonquin Forestry Authority only strengthens the Cobden man’s alreadystrong ties to the park.


Gallant at Cobden debate Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant did make it to the Renfrew County Federation of Agriculture all-candidates forum in Cobden after all. After The Renfrew Mercury went to press last week, Gallant found a way to join the session following a tele-town hall meeting with farmers and federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz. (See related story, page 5) Gallant was able to join fellow candidates for the latter portion of the question-and-answer period and give, along with the others, a two-minute closing statement.


Conservative candidate Cheryl Gallant caused a stir Saturday when she walked out of an all-candidates forum being broadcast on Heritage Valley Radio, saying the debate was undemocratic because the Green Party had been “barred.” However, Green Party candidate Rosanne Van Schie said Monday she “didn’t buy” Gallant’s democracy argument. The Conservatives have a tainted record when it comes to democracy recently and their leader Stephen Harper didn’t call the televised leaders’ debates undemocratic when Green leader Elizabeth May was excluded, she said. Gallant read a brief statement at the start of the radio forum, saying in her four previous elections, “I have never participated in a candidate meeting where a candidate had been barred, and I’m not about to start now.” Her comments drew applause from supporters, about half the audience, who then walked out with her, leaving the podium to Liberal Christine Tabbert, the NDP’s Eric Burton and Independent Hec Clouthier. The walkout angered moderator Bruce McIntyre, who said Gallant’s comments “degraded” the efMercury photo by Lucy Hass forts of all the volunteers who worked hard to orgaWhere to from here? A young boy stands at the back of the room as federal candidates nize a non-partisan debate. present their case at the Renfrew County Federation of Agriculture all-candidates forum, See ‘Campaign’, Page 14 a long-standing tradition in the riding. For coverage of the Cobden debate, see Page 12.

Approval of Renfrew budget delayed


Renfrew council members weren’t all that pleased to learn their three-hour budget-preparation meeting Monday night had

only lowered the town’s portion of the 2011 tax bill to 5.2 per cent. But they expressed much more support for that figure upon learning that a miniscule rise (0.5 per cent) in the county portion and a decrease in the educational por-

tion of the local tax bill means Renfrew taxes may only rise three or four per cent this year. It was hoped council might pass the 2011 town budget next week. But outstanding issues remain. See ‘Councillor’, Page 39


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The Renfrew Mercury - April 21, 2011


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Algonquin Forestry Authority chair David Stewart, on the shores of Muskrat Lake. Mercury photo by Lucy Hass

Algonquin Park service comes full circle for Stewart LUCY HASS

David Stewart has been a forester all of his adult life. His commitment to our great natural forest resource continues, now as vicechair of the Algonquin Forest Authority board of directors. “I’ve always had an interest in the park and I was really pleased when I had an opportunity to sit on the board,” the Cobden man says. Stewart is no stranger to the park. At a quiet corner table at Cobden’s Lakeside Café, Stewart tells the story of an interesting career that actually started in the park. It began when the Quebec native attended the University of New Brunswick. “One of the big things with university students is to find a summer job, and I was lucky to find a job in Algonquin Park,” Stewart recalls. From summer work taking timber inventory in the park, Stewart moved on work three years with Algoma Central Railroad in Sault Ste Marie, followed by 10 years with Consolidated Bathurst, first at its Pembroke sawmill and then pulp mill in Portage du Fort. Then his career path took a turn to the Petawawa Forestry Institute where he worked 25 years before retiring in 1998. “I like this area. I never really thought much of moving anywhere else,” he says. The statement is easy to understand when he speaks of his time with the forestry institute. “When I was working with the federal government in Petawawa I was involved in quite a bit of international work – Africa, Southeast Asia – on regeneration of forests,” Stewart recalled. “It was real interesting. You see a lot of the world and it makes you realize how lucky we are here in Canada.” Then there were the simple joys of a job

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well-loved, and the beauty of nature. Nothing reflects the change of the seasons in Canada like our forests and, for Stewart, few places more than at the Petawawa Forestry Institute. “Every day you drove the driveway from the highway – it was about two miles – it was different every morning. Everything from wildlife, flowers, plants and trees. “(The forest) is a very important part of our landscape, but also our whole economy here in Renfrew County,” ENCOURAGING CO-EXISTENCE “The role of the Algonquin Forestry Association is to manage the forest in Algonquin Park for the benefit of the surrounding area,” says Stewart. That means maintaining the timber harvest, recreation and wildlife interests “so a coexistence situation develops.” Slow markets and high operating costs are placing tremendous pressure on the forest industry. “If you can’t balance your costs with your revenue you’re in trouble,” he says. “And your revenues are governed by your markets.” Modern equipment has also replaced many of the manual jobs of days gone by and the employment opportunities are not the same. Skills like handling chain saws and skidders have dropped off a lot, he says. “A lot of those jobs, they were good-paying jobs, and they’re gone now,” Stewart says. “We don’t have 10 to 12 trucks per hour going by,” he says, gesturing toward Highway 17 just outside the deli window. But all is not doom and gloom. “I think that the salvation for the forestry industry in Renfrew County and eastern Ontario, probably in eastern Canada, is going to be getting into biomass – power and heat generation,” he says. See ‘Stewart’, Page 43



Gallant derided, Clouthier mends fences at all-candidates STEVE NEWMAN

Eleven years ago Hector Clouthier’s bid for a second term on Parliament Hill went up in smoke when he tried to defend the long-gun registry at the Pembroke Sportsman’s Club. Last Wednesday night Clouthier mended some fences. The Independent candidate and former Liberal MP appeared to be the winner in the five-candidate forum hosted by the club April 13. Clouthier admitted he paid dearly for attempts to justify a registry that the Liberal Party supported but that he, in his heart, did not. He also accused Gallant of fear-mongering, saying the Conservatives “need that wedge issue to hang over people’s heads.” An overflow crowd of about 200 packed the clubhouse to respond positively to many comments by candidates Eric Burton of the NDP, Rosanne Van Schie of the Green Party, Christine Tabbert of the Liberal Party, and Clouthier. But the crowd was clearly displeased with a few of the MP’s answers, including the one to Seana (Shea) Jones of Deep River. Jones, who referred to Gallant’s “recent public gaffes” while asking how she could “assure us today that you and this riding still have a voice within your party. “Also, to the other candidates, since you’re applying for the job, how do you plan on making your voice heard to advocate for our riding … if you’re elected?” Jones was referring to Gallant’s remarks in a February defence committee meeting in St. John’s, that Newfoundlanders making their living from the sea should take more responsibility for their own safety and not expect to be rescued by the Coast Guard. Gallant didn’t answer the question directly, but read from

Independent candidate Hec Clouthier speaks as Liberal candidate Christine Tabbert looks on during the all-candidates forum at the Pembroke Sportsman’s Club. prepared notes, which didn’t fit well with the audience. She claimed “they weren’t upset with the gaffes. What they were really upset about was the fact that I raised the issue against that the Liberal leader is the father of the carbon tax,” and went on to say that the secondary issue was that she had exposed the issue about the Liberals’ cancelled contract for Sea King helicopters. Gallant went on to say that as a consequence “we had fishermen die unnecessarily. And we see (the opposite) in Afghanistan where we have the proper choppers in place and fewer people are being killed … And that’s really what it’s about.” As soon as she had spoken, a member of the audience stood up, out of order, to say that he was “a little old and very confused” but that he didn’t understand what she had just said. Tabbert’s reply was clearer. “(Gallant) was asked about the comments, and she stood by them, so make no mistake, she should be able to answer you about them today,” said Tabbert.

“My goodness gracious,” said Clouthier, “Mrs. Gallant can blame whoever she wants, the Liberals, the Conservatives, the Green Party, the NDP, Rin-TinTin the dog, if you want. “But the bottom line is it was the prime minister of Canada, the biggest Conservative in the country who said, and I quote, ‘Your comments, Mrs. Gallant, were completely unacceptable and quite frankly incomprehensible.’ I can’t say it any better than the prime minister.” LONG-GUN REGISTRY Inevitably, there was a question about the long-gun registry, as each candidate weighed in. The audience was energized by comments made about the long-gun registry, particularly those made by Clouthier and Tabbert. “I lost an election because I toed the party line … my fault,” remarked Clouthier, who said he won’t be obligated to vote for bills along party lines, but according to what his constituents want.

“It’s not democracy… it’s the will of one individual, the party leader …But as an independent, they can’t put that piece of paper in front of me (about which bills to support or reject) … then I can speak on your behalf. I have leverage. I’ve got power then. And guess what, ladies and gentlemen, if I’ve got power, you’ve got power.” NDP candidate Burton said the registry was in response to a national tragedy (Marc Lepine’s 1989 massacre of 14 young women at Ecole Polytechnique). “It was rushed forward, costing way too much money; it was rushed forward without consultation in rural communities that would be affected by this legislation; and it was rushed forward without a close eye” on such important questions as whether it was the best way to ensure public safety and gun control. Van Schie, who’s not a hunter, spoke about the importance of hunting in the aboriginal culture while noting that she works as an economic advisor for the Algonquin First Nation of Wolf Lake. Clouthier pointed out that he never voted for the gun registry but that in 1995 Stephen Harper did. Gallant stressed that the PM has promised to scrap the registry. Tabbert was vague. After indicating that family members and neighbours are hunters, she said, “I think the process can unfold and still keep your rights (with guns).” The Toronto-based lawyer, who grew up just minutes from the sportsmen’s club, berated the present MP and her predecessor. Since her election in 2000, Gallant “has embarrassed herself, her party and her leader and, more importantly, she has embarrassed us,” said Tabbert. “Then you have a former MP (Clouthier) who represented this riding without distinction...

and told us in 2000 to get a life. Now he would have you believe that as an Independent he can be an effective representative because he knows people in Ottawa. Well, maybe 10 years ago, but not now. “Or you can elect me as your MP. I’m going to work to build our community. I’m going to listen to your concerns. And I will work hard for you in Ottawa. On election day you deserve better.” Other issues in the forum included the future of the Petawawa Research Forest, a potential hydro project on the Petawawa River, the needs of seniors, Highway 417 extension, and hunting equality among aboriginals and non-aboriginals. Van Schie called for a national Rivers Preservation Act by forming a supportive alliance, including aboriginals, from across the country; and Burton criticized the “free pass” multinational corporations get from the Conservatives. Van Schie also said the Conservatives give a free pass to the oil industry, while ignoring climate change and green-house gas emissions, and predicted: “Our generation will be voting Green and thinking about the environment, and we’re moving toward Green.” Or blue, if Gallant has her way as she did in the last election with 61 per cent of the vote. In this riding, she said in closing comments, “Canadians face a choice… between a low tax plan for jobs and growth, and a high-tax agenda that will kill jobs and set families back.” She also said: “I stand with farmers, hunters, rural Canadians who were treated like criminals by the Liberals and by the separatist-NDP coalition because they own a rifle. To a mixture of clapping and groans, she concluded: “Only a Conservative-led majority government can be trusted to finally scrap the wasteful and inefficient long-gun registry,”

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April 21, 2011 - The Renfrew Mercury

Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke Votes


The Renfrew Mercury - April 21, 2011


OPP warn public that con artist reported in Renfrew area An elusive con artist being sought by police across Canada has reportedly been sighted in the Upper Ottawa Valley. Richard Earl Rupert was featured on CTV news W5 program April 16 with a story called Cross-Canada Con. After the airing of the show, a resident in the Renfrew area reported to OPP seeing Rupert that day.

Police started an investigation and additional witnesses were located reporting more sightings of the fugitive in the Renfrew area later that night. Police report that Rupert befriends senior citizens, convinces them he’s a nephew, a distant relative or in some cases a member of building management. The con man then asks for money,

PICTUREPERFECT TRIBUTE Admaston-Bromley Deputy Mayor Dirk Rook, at right, who attended the 10th anniversary celebration of the Bromley Historical Society, makes a presentation on behalf of the society to Mayor RayeAnne Briscoe and the residents of Admaston-Bromley Township. The photos will be assigned a place of honour in one of the hallways of the municipal addition. Mercury photo by Lucy Hass

Sharpen those pencils

usually for a car repair. Rupert gets the victim to attend a bank where they withdraw a large amount of money and give it to him, believing he intended to repay the money, say police. Rupert travels across Canada, usually on the Trans Canada Highway, and there are concerns he may be in the Ottawa area, add police. Renfrew OPP released a warning

Wednesday, urging residents of Renfrew and surrounding area to be on the alert and report any suspicious activity from unknown people matching Rupert’s description. He is described as white, 5’5”, 140-150 lb., dirt blonde/grey hair with receding hair line, clean shaven, ruddy complexion and hazel eyes. Contact the OPP or Crimestoppers.

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Admaston-Bromley busily crunching numbers LUCY HASS

It’s municipal budget time across Renfrew County. Last Thursday morning AdmastonBromley council met for its second budget session and crunched numbers for recreation, library, fire and roads. Sitting as the township’s budget and finance committee, the five members of council heard staff reports and debated proposed projects and related expenditures. Unlike past budgets where information was distributed in advance, council was presented the information – page by page – by staff. Mayor Raye-Anne Briscoe said

Final challenge weigh-in Thursday

it’s a process, not to deny information, but which has proven more time-efficient. “I give this council four stars. You come to council prepared,” Briscoe told her fellow councillors. “Staff and I are in admiration of that.” During discussion of the recreation budget, council noted that Cobden recreation, to which Admaston-Bromley gives a flat-rate donation, actually enjoyed a $17,000 surplus last year. AdmastonBromley also pays user fees in both Renfrew and Bonnechere Valley – the latter for children only. The budget talks continue next Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. Council hopes to pass its 2011 budget some time next month.

Slim till You Win, the biggest weight loss challenge to come to our area, is rapidly coming to an end as April comes to a close. It will soon be time to find out which county has lost the most, collective pounds and inches and will take home the coveted Slim till you Win Cup. The competition has been a close one to this point with Lanark County narrowly taking the lead. The participating orga-

nizations, Ottawa Valley Living, Renfrew and Lanark Paramedic Services, and the Ottawa Heart Institute would like to urge everyone who registered for the competition to come out to the final weigh-ins, as each pound and inch count in this close race for the cup. The Renfrew weigh-in is at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School on Thursday, April 28 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

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Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke Votes


It was an assertion Clouthier later rebutted by saying many of the cheers he enjoyed were from local residents. See ‘Arnprior’, Page 34


The number of boos for Cheryl Gallant was outnumbered only by the number of cheers for Hec Clouthier at the all-candidates meeting held at Arnprior District High School on Tuesday night. After the lively two-hour forum with all five candidates in the federal election, Gallant, the Conser-

Gallant hosts tele-town hall

Following is a news release from the campaign of Conservative Cheryl Gallant. Thursday night, Cheryl Gallant hosted a live tele-town hall, with special guest Minister of Agriculture Gerry Ritz. Over 2,000 people participated in the teletown hall. Minister Ritz and Cheryl Gallant were able to take 14 calls in the hour, with at least 10 from farmers and all 14 issues of concern to farmers and voters living in farm communities. Questions ranged from the price of beef tags to controls on importation of Chinese garlic. Calls were only screened to avoid duplication and relevance to agriculture. “I would like to thank the Renfrew County


Ontario Farmers Association for being able to accommodate both the Minister of Agriculture’s schedule and allow me to join the allcandidates meeting in Cobden,” said Gallant. “I know many people can’t make the drive to candidates meetings, especially with today’s gas prices, a concern expressed by many on the call. With the today’s technology, tele-town halls allow voters right across the entire riding to pose questions and get answers directly.” With only an hour available, voters who did not have an opportunity to ask their question live was encouraged to record their question after the meeting so Gallant could follow up with answers before May 2.

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30th, 2011

6 p.m. Doors and Bar Open 7:00 p.m. Game Starts PRE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED

OTTAWA RIVER HERITAGE DESIGNATION Horton Township Council will consider a resolution to support the designation of the Ottawa River under the Canadian Heritage River Systems at 7:00 p.m. during the May 03, 2011 Regular Council Meeting. Copies of 2 reports on the Designation are available on our website ( or at the Municipal Office.

Note: this portion of the Council Meeting will be held in Horton Community Centre, 1005 Castleford Road.




April 21, 2011 - The Renfrew Mercury

Boos and cheers in Arnprior

vative incumbent, brushed off her rough ride from many of the 250 people in the crowd by saying her supporters were ordered to remain respectful but the same might not have been done for others. Liberal challenger Christine Tabbert, whose responses met largely with polite applause, said the “colourful” Independent candidate Clouthier benefitted from family members in the audience.



Focus on forests, finances and the future

For an industry struggling to survive, Fabrice Taylor brings a message of hope. The Calgary-based Globe and Mail columnist was guest speaker at the annual meeting of the Renfrew County chapter of the Ontario Woodlot Association (OWA) April 9 in Eganville. Taylor predicts an upswing in the lumber business and views it as a viable investment option. A posting on AlbertaVenture. com says “investors are probably going to make a lot of money betting on trees, particularly stands in eastern Canada.” Taylor gave this year’s Bill Hall Memorial Presentation, titled Can You See the Forest for the Trees? A Bright Future for a Troubled Sector. Taylor presented his goodnews thesis in a Power Point presentation that outlined rationale to support his theory, from international construction trends to a pending upswing in the U.S. housing market. “I advise a lot of people on where to put their money,” he said. “I think we’ll see lumber prices that we’ve never seen.” With foreign markets in China and India shifting to wood construction, and B.C. forests devastated by the Mountain Pine Beetle, he concludes, “Eastern producers, I think, are going to do very, very well.” Taylor told his audience he realizes things have been tough in the industry, but the long-term outlook is good. “This can’t last,” he said of the current dark days. He says the U.S. economy is slowly mending and consumer confidence rising. And when the U.S. housing market recovers, demand for Canadian lumber will rise substantially. It will create a shortage of Canadian lumber, prices will reflect the imbalance and Eastern producers will thrive. “I think you need to be patient if you believe in this thesis,” he advised. “There’s going to be less wood coming out of B.C. “You can’t under-emphasize how much danger it (the Moun-

Plant trees Trees clean the air, filter the water and offset carbon emissions and, in turn, help enhance the health of our children and elderly. To find out about community tree planting events taking place this spring, stay tuned to the Trees Ontario website at: www.

tain Pine Beetle) has done,” Taylor says. “Americans will be paying a lot more for their wood when they start buying it again. Wood prices are going to go up. They have to.” “You willl benefit, I think, from this trend,” he added. “Basically, we’re heading for a period of wood shortage. I think that’s inevitable. I just don`t know when that is going to happen.” He also identified three risks: U.S. dollar exchange rate, U.S. protectionism and time.

His conclusions was summed up in one question: “Does anyone want to sell a woodlot – I’m buying.” BUSINESS AGENDA About 40 people attended the annual meeting where OWA president Peter Leenhouts earlier gave an update on provincial projects and demographics. He reported that 93 per cent of members own a woodlot, 74 per cent have a management plan, and 25 per cent of its membership is from the farm com-

munity. The group has 1,550 members in 18 regional chapters. The local group’s executive was returned for another term. They are president John Stuart, secretary George Doubt, treasurer Katalijn MacAffee, communications director Tom Adamchick, program director Steve McCann and the directors at large – chapter vice-president Craig Appleyard, school program co-ordinator Wayne ReMercury photo by Lucy Hass mus, Anthony Corriveau, Robin Cunningham, Darwin Burgess Fabrice Taylor predicts stronger and Eric Manning. markets ahead.

SMELT GATE - PART 5 Since Ontario’s Lands and Forests Ministry began stocking trout in Muskrat Lake during the 1950’s - the situation has gradually regressed from whether or not lake trout would reproduce (which they never did) to the decline of an indigenous Smelt population that has survived and flourished in Muskrat Lake waters for thousands of years. Nevertheless - in spite of the Ministry introducing a non native fish into the lake - the Smelt still managed to maintain viable spawning numbers up until - 2002 - at which time the Ministry quit stocking small trout - and began to stock the lake with - 12 / 17 inch fish - which they euphemistically refer to as “sub adults” - a term which effectively obscured the fact that LARGE TROUT were being stocked in Muskrat lake - NOT SMALL TROUT. This move by Resource Ministry biologists gives lake trout an unfair advantage over every other fish species in Muskrat Lake - most especially the smelt - because when introduced at these larger sizes - lake trout do not have to survive the natural selection process in order to attain adulthood - but are large enough that none of the native fish are able to use them as food whereas they are able to use the native fish as food. In fact since 2002 (except for 2009) no less than 42,000 of these large trout were dumped into Muskrat Lake - and as a consequence the traditional Smelt fishery anglers from far and wide have enjoyed for generations - has all but disappeared. Folks if this sounds a bit conspiratorial - I believe that’s exactly what it is - because a few years ago (in front of local witnesses) a Natural Resources employee was belligerent enough to say “this should finish off your stinking herring” as he went about releasing thousands more “Sub Adult” trout into Muskrat Lake. Well he was certainly right - stocking large trout in Muskrat Lake will “finish off our stinking herring” unless we put a stop to the ecological upset being imposed on us by the Ministry of Natural Resources who continue to turn a deaf ear to our concerns. Folk’s - individuals like this can be relied upon to continue their activities in Muskrat Lake - their disregard for property owners - and the high handed proclamations regarding what they are going to do - and what we are going to do also - because these are the same kind of tactics government agency bureaucrats all over Ontario are using to exceed their mandate - ignore the wish’s of the populace who pay their salary’s - legislate against private property owners - and disregard the protests of taxpayers who are being oppressed. The fact is - in some cases the addled brained agendas of left wing politicians - radical interventionists and outright meddlers are being served by a Resource Ministry that has morphed itself into a paramilitary organization - complete with attitudes - guns - policies - and enforcement powers that have absolutely nothing to do with resource protection - but everything to do instead with the harassment of law abiding citizens they are paid to serve. Folk’s - I have no quarrel with legitimate law enforcement - good conservation practices - or the application of any sensible regulations required to protect our outdoor heritage - but I do have a quarrel - with the way the Resources Ministry has handled a treasured heritage passed down to us by our ancestors for generations - and its time we put an end to it once and for all.



SATURDAY, APRIL 23, 2011 at 11:30 a.m. for

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The Renfrew Mercury - April 21, 2011


Donald E. Broome, Cobden This ad is funded by the Cobden & District Legion Conservation Club 456818



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Heartwarming memories of a model father STEVE NEWMAN

Gary Cybulski planned to retire and start his own carpentry business, but he never got that chance. The 52-year-old was diagnosed with glioblastoma cancer last October. The diagnosis is a grim one, since patients are seldom given much more than a year to live. But Gary’s death was far too imminent, says one of his two sons, Jamie Cybulski, 23. “Disbelief,” says Jamie of his reaction to learning his dad had an inoperable brain tumour. “There had been no cancer in our family that we can remember. You’re just numb, you can’t believe it, but you believed he’d fight with every ounce in his body.” Ironically, Gary never smoked or drank alcohol. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments took place in October and November at the Ottawa Hospital as his dad started to lose weight rapidly. He was then moved to Renfrew Victoria Hospital before it was suggested he be transferred to Hospice Renfrew Palliative Care, where he was admitted in late December. “At that point I was very skeptical,” ad-

mits Jamie. “At that point we were relying on hope … but we had heard enough stories, that the whole atmosphere at the hospice was good.” Restless in the hospital, at hospice he seemed more content. “He just completely calmed down within 24 hours,” recalls Jamie, who attributes the change to the quieter atmosphere, but particularly to the presence of personal support worker Emily Hass, who sat through the first night beside the anxious new resident. On Jan. 5, 2011 Gary died. “They took care of him, but us, too,” says Jamie of the hospice staff. “Just the little things, like having coffee on and little treats. It definitely made an awful situation a little less terrible.” The fact staff members came to his father’s wake also left a positive impression. But he still finds it hard to imagine that his dad is gone.“Work never came before us or my mom, he was a family man,” says Jamie, whose dad had been very involved with the Renfrew Minor Hockey Association (and sons Jamie and Josh) and with St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church. “If I had a question, he’d drop what he was doing …He was the exact model of the type of father I hope to be,” says Jamie. See ‘Hospice’, Page 17

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April 21, 2011 - The Renfrew Mercury

Hospice helps family

8 The Renfrew Mercury - April 21, 2011





The reason for the season

Thanks to volunteers

esus died for this holiday. Forgive us for putting it so bluntly, but that’s where the origin of Easter comes from. Even non-believers can agree that Jesus died. Whether he rose again three days later, well, that’s a debate for another day. But there is no debate that tomorrow is Good Friday, when Christians the world over remember Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross. Many of us will get the day off. Some will go to services and masses, while others will spend time with family and friends. It’s a matter of personal choice. But there are some who are trying to wring any last vestige of the sacred out of what is, at its heart, a holy occasion. While the story is hard to verify, various media outlets are reporting that a teenage volunteer at an elementary school in Seattle told a local radio station that she was told to use the politically correct term “spring spheres,” when she tried to give the kids plastic Easter eggs filled with candy. And what was the first reaction of the kids when they saw the eggs? Right, they called them Easter eggs anyway. In fairness, a spokesperson for the Seattle public school system told the Toronto Star recently that they were not able to confirm whether the incident actually happened. This creeping secularization of Easter is getting to be a bit too much. Imagine if this were tried with another religion? For example, why not call them wintertime candles instead of Hanukkah candles? See, it completely changes the meaning. In a public school, certainly, there should be no overt endorsement of one faith over another. But removing any and all mentions of anything that might even remotely be construed as religious robs children of so much of the history of all faiths – think of the great works of architecture inspired by a desire for a worthy house of worship, the literature inspired by God, and the acts of charity and social justice that inspired holy men like Ghandi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. When the secular overpowers the religious aspects of one of the holiest days of the year for a large number of people in this country, we lose sight of some very important lessons. Those lessons, though they spring from The Holy Bible, can be of valuable insight to believers and non-believers alike. On Good Friday and Easter Sunday especially, we can take away the lesson from the Gospel according to John 15:13, that “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

To the editor: During National Volunteer Week (April 10-16), the Canadian Cancer Society thanks all our enthusiastic volunteers in Renfrew County for their efforts in the fight against cancer. Thanks to the energy of volunteers, we do all we can to prevent cancer, fund research to outsmart cancer, support people living with cancer, and advocate for public policies to improve the lives of people living with cancer. We thank our volunteers and members of the public for their support of the Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Month. We hope Renfrew County residents will unite behind those living with cancer by making a donation and proudly wearing our new daffodil pin throughout April. We also thank residents for their generosity as our volunteers canvass neighborhoods throughout the community this month. We live in a caring community and appreciate the many local business that are supporting our pin campaign by making them available to the public. To find out where you can get a daffodil pin by donation, please contact our Renfrew County office by calling (613) 735-2571 or visit Regards, Kathy Kennedy Manager, Renfrew County Unit Canadian Cancer Society


Thanks for supporting Horton To the editor: Let the facts be known. In recent weeks, our MP Cheryl Gallant, for Renfrew- Nipissing-Pembroke, has had a lot of negative comments directed at her. I would like to make sure the people of our riding know what Mrs. Gallant has accomplished for Horton Township during my time as councillor. I am sure these statements of facts can be duplicated throughout our riding, whether it be at the municipal or county level, in some similar form. Federal Superbuild grant after the community centre fire $200,000; rink grant to construct new roof over the ice rink $ 99,000; federal gas tax to help with road reconstruction $200,000; Garden

of Eden road reconstruction $500,000; and New Horizon grant $10,000. Horton Township has an approximate population of 3,000 residents. Using these figures, Mrs. Gallant has secured federal grants back to this municipality in the amount of $336.33 per person over the last few years. As an elected representative of Horton, over the years, I have had a number of matters to discuss with Mrs. Gallant on our township’s behalf, and have not once got the impression that your concerns were not going to be addressed promptly and satisfactorily to all parties involved. For all the above, I would like to thank Mrs. Gallant. David M. Bennett Horton Township

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To my Good Samaritan To the editor: On Sunday, April 3 at 1:03 p.m. I went down off my bicycle on the way back from Douglas heading home to Renfrew. I was admiring the inukshuk on the hill to my left instead of paying attention to the soft shoulder. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Good Samaritan who stopped her car with her mother alongside her. She was very concerned that I had been run off the road by a vehicle but instead it was my own doing. Thank God nothing was broken. My first thoughts were – Oh My God! There goes my triathlon race I had been training for months out the window. While I sobbed alongside the highway my Good Samaritan took the time to console me and share her story. As far as I remember through the fear and tears, her brother from Kingston rode his bicycle with great respect from the motorists. My Good Samartian shared that, in this area, respect from motorists is not the same. The story comforted me and her grave concern for my injury reassured my faith in humanity. To my Good Samaritan, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Debbie Fiebig Renfrew

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Questions To the editor: Ask your friends, neighbours and door-to-door election canvassers the following questions: • Who refused to give duly-elected Parliamentary representatives details on how many dollars in tax deductions he gave to corporations? • Who refused to give those representatives of the public details on how much his policy on crime prevention cost? • Who refused to give Parliament copies of the border security and trade deal? • Who says he will reduce the deficit? Who caused it? On coming into power government inherited a surplus. Proposed contracts and legislation will cost $33 billion. Who is responsible for the current total deficit? Can we afford this? • Who approved of a minister lying to Parliament? What did he do when saying that the contract with a U.S. firm would cost $16 billion and who refused to get at least three competitive bids, according to government regulations, when spending taxpayers’ money? Who said $16 billion when the actual cost is $30 billion. • Who neglected to give Parliament details of the comprehensive economic and trade agreement final negotiations in Brussels which only became public due to a leaked copy outlining the intention of undermining farmers and all local businesses, favouring corporations? • Who exceeded election expenses limits? Where did he get the money? Corporations, in return for corporate tax reductions? • Who, on addressing a Newfoundland/Labrador audience, many of whom had lost loved ones at sea, regarding expansion of the air/sea rescue service stated that they should look after themselves. • Who used the computer communications network to call an election campaigner akin to the Libyan dictator Gadaffi? The gun registry is a bone of contention. The Liberal government put the legislation before Parliament, therefore before the public, and received overwhelming support for it. Only by participation can we keep democracy. Fifty per cent of the Canadian public do not vote. Do we want to support undemocratic government until we can no longer stand it? Must our inactivity necessitate duplicating the Middle East? Do we have a democracy now? Think about it. Get off your comfortable duffs and vote. Use it – or lose it. Yours sincerely, Pat Cotie Renfrew P.S. Perhaps we deserve what we’ve got.

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9 April 21, 2011 - The Renfrew Mercury


Letters to the Editor

The Renfrew Mercury - April 21, 2011


Read again To the editor: Congratulations to Dave Rowat for his knowledgeable letter (Teacher offers unbiased, informed comment on coalition) in The Mercury last week. You might consider running this letter from now until the election. Bill Gagan Renfrew

Green Party was fine with format To the editor: On April 16 the staff and volunteers of Valley Heritage Radio in Renfrew hosted a live radio debate. On March 25, the organizers sent out invitations to the five local candidates in the riding of RenfrewNipissing-Pembroke to participate in the debate, and an April 8 deadline was set. Four of the five candidates responded by the deadline. The Green Party of Canada did not. As a result, the organizers of the debate made arrangements with the local Green Party candidate to feature her in an exclusive one-hour interview on the radio station. The Green Party Campaign recognized the deadline, and both the organizers of the debate and the Green Party candidate were satisfied with the arrangements made to allow them exclusive airtime. During the live radio debate, Mrs. Gallant accused the volunteers and staff of Valley Heritage Radio of deceit and misleading the Green Party candidate in an effort to purposely exclude them from the debate. She then left the studio before the actual debate began. Essentially, Mrs. Gallant called myself, my fellow volunteers, and the staff of Valley Heritage Radio liars. The local Green Party Campaign was invited by Mrs. Gallant’s Campaign Team to stage a protest at the debate. There was nothing to protest. There was no deceit, and the Green Party acknowledges this. The Green Party showed incredible class and integrity and declined to take part in this childish and foolish pre-orchestrated stunt. I congratulate the local Green Party Campaign for not engaging in this hurtful form of politics. Bruce McIntyre Volunteer Valley Heritage Radio

Ottawa River designation is an important issue To the editor: Response to the Ottawa River Heritage Designation (ORHD). Here are my thoughts on this “heritage” scheme. First of all, this heritage designation cannot only be for the Ontario side of the Ottawa River. It is for the entire Ottawa River Watershed, of which two-thirds is in Quebec! (Quebec said, ‘No thanks.’ Why?) It covers a total area of 148,000 sq. km. from farmland and waterways northwest of Sudbury, north of Kirkland Lake, east of Hawkesbury and south to Bancroft and Brockville. Heritage Strategy for the Ottawa River Ontario 2009 should read: ‘Heritage Strategy for the Ottawa River Watershed Ontario/Quebec. It is a misconception. It is a scary and compelling read. It can be found on the Internet at whatsnew_e.html. It boils down to being managed by the Ministry of Natural Resources (conservation authority). Here are three articles. Article 4.3.2 – Integrity Cultural Heritage Features and Sites. • (Now this is a scary thought) Where appropriate, MNR will include terms and conditions

on land use and work permits which support protection and conservation requirements for cultural heritage features and values. Article 4.3.3 – Integrity of Natural Heritage Features and Processes. • An example of a database being maintained is an inventory of wood turtle sightings captured as part of the wood turtle monitoring program administered by MNR. (The above paragraph is also mentioned at the end.) In my opinion, this gives MNR permission to come onto your property and tell you what parts are “off limits” due to a sighting of an endangered species. They can pose a ‘protection area’ that cannot be used by the property owner. Is that fair? Article 5.2.1 – Annual Reporting. • MNR (Pembroke District) will ensure yearly monitoring and reporting requirements of the CHRS (Canadian Heritage Rivers System) programs are fulfilled. An annual report using a framework-based checklist will be completed and submitted to the main office of Ontario Parks, Branch of MNR. Again, MNR will be a main component in the regulation of the watershed. We have enough government intervention on our pri-

vate property, we don’t need anymore! There isn’t one negative item mentioned in the papers. All is presented as positive and wonderful. The Ottawa River is well known already for its tourism. How will a ‘heritage’ attachment make the river any more navigable with all the dams in place? One can no longer navigate from Arnprior to Lake Temiskaming because of a lack of financial aid by the Ontario governments (all three levels included). Is this how tourism is being promoted? Fishermen and hunters beware! Your favourite lakes and private hunting properties can be confiscated by the MNR if any ‘endangered’ species are found. People have enough sense to leave these species alone. We don’t need MNR telling us we can no longer enjoy areas of recreation that has been used by past generations with no interference. Speak up Ontario! I thank you for letting one voice be heard, in the negative, against a ‘heritage’ river. Charlotte Cleroux Renfrew

A voice for the silenced To the editor: It is estimated that violence against women costs Canadians approximately $4 billion annually. The long gun registry is a hot topic here and in many other parts of Canada. Sound bites and misinformation floods our media about the ills of this program; however across the nation sexual assault centres hear from the police that they consult the long gun registry every time they attend a domestic violence call. As of 2010 the registry system was being used 14 032 times a day, and police have reported that is has been used to prevent tragedies and to solve crimes. In the past 10 years, 71 per cent of spousal

homicides using a firearm involved the use of a shotgun or rifle. Some people say this is a rural/city issue. However, sexual assault centres hear from women that rifles and shotguns are often used to intimidate and control them. We hear from local women that they want the registry to remain in place, but do not feel safe to express these “unpopular” opinions in our communities. The YWCA addressed the House Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security, Lynda Fuller, executive director of YWCA states: “Please make it clear that it is not city-born, city living folks who are asking for this registry to continue. It is the voices of northern women who fear for their lives and their mental health who are asking for pro-

tection. We see women who have experienced years of brutal intimidation. These women cannot safely express their need for protection themselves, and it is up to Canada to understand this and respond in an appropriate way.” Women from all over the country live in this fear daily – including our very own neighbours and family here in Renfrew County. Stand up for safety because it could be our mothers, daughters, partners or ourselves at higher risk if there is no gun registry. The gun registry never killed anyone – ending it might. Jancy Brown Women’s Sexual Assault Centre of Renfrew County

Ugly attempts to pit people against each other To the editor: That Cheryl Gallant has been discredited as a viable candidate is to make an understatement. Comments made by the sitting member that have made national headlines for all the wrong reasons haven’t helped. It appears the people in the riding are less and less willing to tolerate this sort of behaviour. More than anything else, though, it’s the wide gap that exists between the things she’s said and the things she’s done, or maybe more appropriately, not done. It’s the constant selfpraising, self-congratulatory messaging that voters have been bombarded with over the years, at their own expense, extolling the virtues of, as she puts it, “our Conservative government,” or “the Harper government,” as if the concept of a Canadian government has been intentionally brushed aside. Further, it’s the blatant and ugly attempts to pit us against each other, the tactics of divide and conquer, the politics of anger, that are

Ridiculous performance

more and more beginning to offend people. And the constant harping about her favourite bogeyman, the so-called Separatist/Liberal/Socialist Coalition, is as ludicrous as it is hypocritical. Mrs. Gallant will receive voter support, but the question seems to be how much of it has leaked already, and how much more will leak between now and Election Day. However that ends up being answered, it certainly seems she’s going to get considerably less support than in 2008. It seems the riding, generally speaking, will simply not support a Liberal. When gun registration cards are referred to as “Never Vote Liberal Again” cards, you’ve got to know that a Liberal campaign in this riding is in significant difficulty before it even begins. As it goes for the Liberals, so it goes for the local New Democrats as well, as evidently there is a perception that no compelling policy reason exists for the riding to swing in that

To the editor: As a long-time Conservative supporter, I am writing to express my outrage at the ridiculous performance of Cheryl Gallant at the all-candidates meeting at Heritage Radio on Saturday.

direction, meaning they, too, are likely in line for a reduced vote count. Hec Clouthier, like it or not, looks to be the story here. Clouthier’s been criss-crossing the riding for the better part of a year, speaking with folks, being accessible, and peppering the countryside with his signs. Some people will argue that Clouthier was defeated for a reason 10 years ago. I’m not in any position to argue that, other than there’s usually a reason of some sort for everything that happens in the world. It can be argued, though, that Clouthier is a politician that has paid the price of accountability, having owned the result of 10 years ago, and learning from it, now re-presenting himself stronger than before. The current MP, in comparison, has paid no price in accountability. At this point, it looks to me that an independent is capable of doing quite nicely, after all. Steve Jones Renfrew

Her behaviour was an affront to those of us who wanted to hear her and especially to those who had organized the event. Her act was a blatant excuse to avoid facing the public and her opponents and was not worthy

of an MP. I will still support the Conservative Party, but it is ever more difficult to justify voting for Ms. Gallant. Alex Baillon Renfrew

Letter to the editor integrate it with the existing financial software we had purchased from the same company a number of years previously. The software appeared to function properly. The problem was discovered in late October 2009. The system was corrected from that point forward. When previous council was informed of the problem in 2010, that council conducted their appropriate due diligence and contacted our municipal law firm. The current council met with our lawyer to review her opinion. Human Resources Committee meet with the employees and disclosed everything to them, including the lawyer’s opinion letter and repayment options.

The Human Resources Committee has not yet made any recommendation to council. The committee still may have other options available to them. This issue has not reached a conclusion, and I know your newspaper will keep all informed as they have done for many years. One another point, at the end of this article it was incorrectly stated that an “employee agreed to take time off in lieu of making the payment owed”. What Council approved was permission to apply the value of one week of unused vacation from 2010 towards the employee’s repayment. Mackie J. McLaren CAO-Clerk

Starting May 2, 2011

A Renfrew Mercury story last week said Horton Township is scrambling to recover about $20,000 after administration mistakenly overpaid Retirement Savings Plan benefits to six employees. In the same story, CAO Mackie McLaren said the confusion began with a new payroll system that started in January 2006. The story mentioned that Linda Novossiltzeff was the treasurer when the errors occurred, and that she is on now on extended sick leave. That is true, but Novossiltzeff has since told The Mercury she was on the job when the error was discovered in 2009 and that she left on sick leave in March 2010 because of unrelated medical matters.

TYPO IN LETTER A letter to the editor in last week’s Mercury by Brandon Walsh scanned improperly so Tim Hortons read Tim Norton’s. The Mercury apologizes for any inconvenience caused by the error.

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April 21, 2011 - The Renfrew Mercury


‘Injustice to staff member’

To the editor: A news article in your April 14, 2011 edition, entitled Potential $20,000 Embarrassment for Horton Township, did a great injustice to a long-time staff member. The conclusion a reader is left with is this employee was responsible for the error. I refute that conclusion as the error was a program set-up error caused by an outside firm. In 2005, council approved the purchase of a new payroll software program that brought us from a manual payroll system into the 21st century of computing. As part of the implementation of the software, I approved a request for the software supplier to set it up and fully


Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke Votes

The Renfrew Mercury - April 21, 2011


Cheryl Gallant

Christine Tabbert

Eric Burton

Hec Clouthier

Rosanne Van Schie

Game on: Candidates square off for second straight night STEVE NEWMAN

Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant wasn’t supposed to attend the Renfrew County Ontario Federation of Agriculture’s allcandidates forum because of a conflicting tele-town hall with local farmers and the federal agricultural minister last Thursday. But Gallant’s appearance half-way through the forum still allowed her to leave a strong impression with the audience. The other four candidates also received favourable response after moderator Bob Johnston began the night by advising the crowd of more than 150 people and candidates to avoid inflammatory remarks. One member of the crowd took exception to one of Independent candidate Hec Clouthier’s comments, but Johnston held order and the tone of the event was mostly conciliatory. Nevertheless, several times candidates were critical of the performance of the Conservative Party and Gallant. One of those moments occurred when a man took the microphone to say he was the victim of a violent crime in the workplace, but was still waiting for action from his federal member of Parliament. Gallant said, “I believe members of my office have met with you … and I can’t go into the details of your case. It would be inappropriate to do so, but we do need to work together with the Province on issues that involve the workplace.” AGGRESSIVE LIBERAL RESPONSE Liberal Christine Tabbert, who’s a lawyer, went further. “The very least your member of Parliament can do when you’ve been through something like that is to meet with you, and at least hear your story,” said Tabbert. “First of all, I would meet with you and hear your story.” Secondly, Tabbert spoke about a former client “whose brother is actually in the room tonight, and who himself was also the victim of a very violent crime. And when I started working on his case … his case didn’t go to court for 10 years, and I stuck with that case … and we ultimately got a very, very satisfactory result for that client. And that’s the kind of commitment I’m bringing to be your member of Parliament.” Seconds later, NDP candidate Eric Burton provided some levity to the situation. To applause and laughter from the crowd, he said, “I’ve pencilled you in for nine

o’clock Tuesday, May 3.” One questioner observed that the government’s cabinet had been reduced to rubber-stamping decisions because of the power of the Prime Minister’s Office. “What will your party do to stop this trend by a virtual dictator and his staff ?” he asked. This opened the door for Clouthier to say that his former boss, Prime Minister Jean Chretien was a “control freak,” but that PM Stephen Harper was a “master control freak. You cannot move on Parliament Hill, as a member of the Conservative caucus, without clearance of the Prime Minister’s Office. Believe me, I know how that system works, and it’s wrong. “That’s why I’m an Independent,” he concluded to loud applause. ‘BREAKDOWN OF DEMOCRACY’ “What we’re witnessing, historically, is the breakdown of democracy in Canada,” said Green Party candidate Rosanne Van Schie, in reference to two Conservative Party calls for prorogation of Parliament and, more recently, two contempt of Parliament charges against the Conservatives. “If this was to happen in the United States, the U.S. president would be impeached. And here (in Canada), we have him (the PM) seeking a new mandate. You (the public) are the only people who can bring justice to this ... I encourage you to vote May 2, and not for a majority Conservative government.” Gallant appeared much more relaxed than she was for the previous night’s forum at the Pembroke Sportsman’s Club. After her arrival half-way through Thursday’s OFA forum, she received strong applause for many of her answers. “I can assure you,” said Gallant, “that the laws we bring forth, the laws to keep our streets and families safe, to keep taxes low, to grow the economy … from matters of defence, agriculture, we start from the grassroots up, and before any bill comes forth, members of the caucus are consulted and we have direct input. “This is probably the most democratic party for quite a long time,” she added, before the end of her sentence was drowned out by a mixture of applause and groans. She then reminded the crowd that many in the riding have participated in the party’s policy development process. Tabbert said an elected Liberal government would post more government information online, provide more public access to government information, and

establish a public question period with the prime minister. Tabbert also took a dig at Harper, contrasting his lack of willingness to answer questions in public, with Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff ’s engagement with the public over the last 18 months. On another topic, Gallant received positive crowd reaction for saying what the Conservatives are doing to balance the challenge of regulatory burdens and food production costs by farmers. NDP ‘FOOD FOR THOUGHT’ Burton said the NDP’s own Food for Thought tour to 28 Canadian communities has generated several recommendations, including an alternative regulatory regime for small businesses. “This means you don’t have to be a multi-national corporation in Toronto, with a massive facility, to do the processing, packaging and distribution,” said Burton. “That can happen at a local level, with regulations in place for small-scale businesses.” Gallant said Canada has the best economy among G-20 countries and “we’re going to keep in that way by keeping taxes low” and growing the economy with more jobs and more job training. Tabbert said the Liberals will reduce the largest deficit in Canadian history, then invest in families without increasing taxes. “It’s about making smarter choices, “she stressed. Clouthier blamed the loss of 1,650 forestry jobs on the federal government’s failure, in the face of U.S. subsidies, to enforce the U.S.-Canada softwood lumber agreement. POSITIVE REACTION TO INDEPENDENT Some of the evening’s most positive reactions were reserved for Clouthier’s emphasis on how an Independent candidate wouldn’t have toe the party line, while speaking for the needs and wishes of his constituents. But one of the most resounding positive reactions was reserved for Gallant when she said: “Only a Conservative Party and a majority government will finally scrap the wasteful and inefficient longgun registry. “And I stand with farmers, hunters and rural Canadians who are treated like criminals by the official Opposition.” Tabbert, on the other hand, didn’t promise abolishment of the registry. She said the Liberals would decriminalize the

failure to register one’s firearm and eliminate all registration and renewal fees. “The real issue is: What can we realistically hope to achieve?” said Tabbert. Then in reference to Gallant, she added: “But I’m not going to promise you for five elections in a row that I will get rid of it, when I know I won’t.” Van Schie said the Green Party would remove firearms registration fees, and create longer prison sentences for those trafficking or committing crimes with firearms. “I welcome the local scrutiny, that’s the democratic process, and the democratic process makes Canada the best place in the world,” said Gallant in her closing remarks. “One thing is for sure, there are no easy answers. But I make the same promise I made in 2000, when I was first elected. I will continue to work tirelessly and do the best job I can on your behalf. ‘FROM THE MARKET PLACE, NOT THE MAILBOX’ “I will listen to farmers. You have told me you want to make your income from the market place, not the mailbox. You’ve told me you want new markets. Our government has listened.” In closing comments, Tabbert spoke about how much agriculture contributes “directly to our health, our economy and our values,” in and outside the riding. She also said voters could choose Gallant, who has “embarrassed” herself and constituents, or Clouthier, who served as the MP “without distinction” and now promises to get the job done because “he knows people in Ottawa.” Van Schie encouraged voters to elect the first Green Party member in Canada, while Burton said farmers have been left behind for so long, but that they can be empowered again “with a strong voice for rural Canadians … that we have built together.” “This is a job interview here tonight,” said Clouthier, reminding the audience that “as an independent (the other parties) will have to deal with me. “Sorry, Christine, I do know the people on Parliament Hill and they know me, and I think these people (in the Cobden hall) know that they know me … “At the end of the day, you can vote for the Green, you can vote for the NDP, you can vote for the Liberals, you can vote for the Conservatives, or you can vote for yourselves. “If you vote for me, that’s voting for yourselves.”

13 April 21, 2011 - The Renfrew Mercury

Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke Votes

The Renfrew Mercury - April 21, 2011


Advance polls: no choice but to fall on Easter JOHN CARTER

If you’re upset that the federal election’s advance poll is being held on Easter weekend, don’t blame Elections Canada. The politicians who set the May 2 election date are to blame. Elections Canada Eastern Ontario field liaison officer Joan O’Neill explained that the Canada Elections Act sets out exactly when the advance polls are held. They must be 10, nine and seven days before an election. So this election, the polls are on April 22 (Good Friday), April 23 and April 25

Campaign Continued from front In a written response Monday entitled “Shame on you, Mrs. Gallant,” McIntyre explained the Green Party was left out of the forum, which also is airing on COGECO television, because it didn’t respond by the April 8 deadline given the five candidates to confirm their attendance. Instead, the debate organizers arranged with Van Schie to feature her in an exclusive one-hour interview on the radio station, he said. Van Schie said she had intended to participate in the radio debate, but her camp hadn’t realized there was a participation deadline. The media has a right to set their own rules for the forum, she said, adding she was pleased to accept the offer for an hour interview to be aired April 30. A member of the Valley Heritage Radio’s board of directors called her Monday to apologize for the mix-up, she added. Van Schie called Gallant’s comments strange and noted the Conservatives “don’t have a good record when it comes to democracy.” This is the party that twice

(Easter Monday), which has upset some church-goers. The polls are open from noon to 8 p.m. on all three days in various locations around the riding (check your voter’s card). O’Neill reminds voters they need identification to vote (consult the voter’s reminder brochure that was mailed out last week). About 75 per cent of people use their driver’s licence, but there are also other options, O’Neil said. She explained that electors can also vote any day up until 6 p.m. Tuesday, April 26 at the Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke returning office at 147 Mackay St. in Pemprorogued Parliament, has been cited for contempt of Parliament and tried to stop students from voting last week at the University of Guelph, she said. In her prepared statement, Gallant said her campaign had found less than 24 hours before the debate that Green candidate had been “mislead” and denied participation. “It is pretty clear that the debate organizers are not acting in the best interests of democracy,” she said. Gallant suggested it is “absurd” to hold a debate on issues when Van Schie is excluded and a candidate (Clouthier) “with no party, no plans and no policies” is allowed. “To elevate spectacle over substance does a disservice to democracy,” she added. McIntyre said Gallant’s charge that debate organizers misled the Green candidate was false and tarnished the reputation of a group of dedicated volunteers. He suggested Gallant’s walkout was an effort “to gain political points in the middle of a campaign.” He also accused Gallant’s campaign team of trying to persuade the Green Party to hold a protest outside radio station’s Burnstown Road studios during the forum.

broke (1-866-275-1647) or by mail. Electors can still get on the list after that date and can vote on May 2 even if not on the list if they have the right identification. However, it’s more convenient for all concerned if they ensure they are on the list before the revision is completed April 27. More information is available at

campaign issued a release last week asking why “Bay Street lawyers are bankrolling a candidate in the Ottawa Valley?” “I am pleased to confirm that all the funds raised to re-elect Cheryl Gallant in RenfrewNipissing-Pembroke are voluntary contributions from local voters,” said her campaign manager Brendan Mulvihill. In another release this week, the Gallant campaign suggested Tabbert’s law firm was instrumental in a Supreme Court ruling that allows companies to use pension plan funds paid by their employees. Gallant has resolved to take appropriate action to stop the erosion of pension plans by corporations in this manner, the release says.

LEGAL ATTACKS In two press releases last week, Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke Conservative candidate Cheryl Gallant’s campaign team took swings at Liberal candidate Christine Tabbert’s law firm connections. In response to a fundraiser for Tabbert in Toronto April 7, the

The Renfrew Mercury does not endorse candidates. It also believes in fairness. As there will be no opportunity for rebuttal after our Thursday, April 28 edition, we will not accept letters to the editor referring to candidates in that edition. On Monday, May 2 be a responsible citizen. Exercise your right as a Canadian to vote.


~ ~ A Celebration of the County of Renfrew


Celebrating 150 Years! There is, perhaps, no more amazing land than that which comprises the Country of Renfrew. People who are new to this area remark at how beautiful it is and how it is bursting with potential. Those from this area believe there is no better way of life than what is offered here.

PUBLISHED THURSDAY, JUNE 2, 2011 DEADLINE FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2011 Ad Sizes Business Card 1/8 page 1/8 page 1/4 page 1/4 page 1/2 page Full page

Tabbert announces holiday from EI payments Following is an April 20 news release from the campaign of Liberal candidate Christine Tabbert. At an all-candidates meeting hosted by the Arnprior Chamber of Commerce Tuesday night, Christine Tabbert, Liberal candidate for RenfrewNipissing-Pembroke, announced a holiday from EI (employment insurance) payments for small businesses, in order to encour-

age local employment. Tabbert is greatly concerned about employment prospects for youth in this riding. By announcing this policy, Tabbert hopes to stimulate jobs for our youth and encourage small businesses to hire and retain the young people. For too long the Harper government has ignored the job prospects for young people. The National un-

employment rate for youth has risen over the past few years, and now stands at 15.2 per cent, nearly twice the figure for the labour force in general. This rate is even higher in Ontario at 17.6 per cent. Locally the situation is severe. “With effective representation, together we can rectify this situation and give our youth hope for the future,” said Tabbert, adding, “We deserve better.”

Delivered with your community newspapers this commemorative feature will take a look down memory lane at the history of Renfrew County. Be proud of you and your surroundings, showcase your business and be part of the celebration! Look for your copy to be delivered with your newspaper on June 2, 2011.

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Tell us the great things about your region and you could win an iPad 2 Local tourism creates jobs and sustains your community. With your help we can make this region a stronger tourism destination, encourage more visits and drive our economy. It’s your region, it starts with you – be proud

Tourism starts with you

of it and spread the word! Share your favourite attraction, activity or local secret that makes your region a great place to visit. Enter often at

Where I reconnect with nature! This space sponsored by:


Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Organization (OHTO) is a new regional tourism initiative designed to drive economic growth through tourism in the areas of Renfrew County, Lanark County, Haliburton County, as well as parts of Hastings County, County of Lennox & Addington, and Frontenac County.


Rock climbing, Haliburton Highlands Submitted by Rebecca Pow


17 April 21, 2011 - The Renfrew Mercury

Spring dinner in Eganville for Bonnechere Library The Friends of the Library Spring Dinner. will be held Saturday, April 30 at 5 p.m. in the Eganville Legion. This year’s theme is International Travel and the group plans to carry it out in both décor and menu. As you enter, you will be greeted by vignettes representing a number of faraway places, all designed and set up by a very creative group of decorators

Hospice Continued from Page 7 Jamie’s comments come shortly before the fifth annual Hike for Hospice, as he urged community members to support one of the hospice’s three major fundraisers. Jamie also uses the word ‘community’ in a broader sense, pointing out that the free service for family members is available for residents across the Ottawa Valley. The three-kilometre Hike for Hospice’s emcees will be Jamie Cybulski and Mark Papousek. Registration is at 1 p.m. May 1 at Stewart Park. The hike is at 2 p.m. Hike for Hospice is one of Hospice Renfrew’s three major fundraisers. The others are this year’s Aug. 12 Aikenhead’s hospice golf classic and Nov. 12 Hoot for Hospice.

led by Kathryn Kasaboski. The various dining tables will be decorated to evoke the culture and colours of Armenia, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Spain and several other exotic destinations There will a silent auction and 50-50 draw, while dinner will include all the traditional favourites from previous

All three are critical fundraisers, says hospice fundraising director Jo-Anne Dowdall-Brown. She notes that more than $200,000 must be raised each year, since provincial funding covers only about half of operating costs. Last year, $40,000 was raised through Hike for Hospice. This year, organizers are hoping to raise $50,000. The lead hikers along the Millennium Trail will be emergency service personnel. “It’s great fun and it’s a great day. And it’s a great way to memorialize someone who has passed on,” said Dowdall-Brown. Her reference was to the Memory Board, on which family members or friends can attach signed messages or photos of loved ones. For more details, visit www.

UWC BOOK FAIR The Renfrew University Women’s Club will hold its annual used book sale on Friday, April 29 from 4 to 9 p.m. and Saturday, April 30 from 9 a.m. to noon in the MacNeil Gymnasium at Renfrew Collegiate Institute. Proceeds are used for scholarships for local high schools. Preparing just a few of the books for sale, from left, are UCW members Barbara Moogk, Susan Ringrose and Nancy Berkhout. To drop off books or for more information call 613-433-9005. Mercury photo by Peter Clark

years. All food is homemade by members of Friends of the Library or their friends. Characters Norman and Bertha (played by FOL members) will emcee the evening, with entertainment by Pat Watters’ Mixed Nuts band. All proceeds from the sold-out event go to Friends of the Library to finance library projects.



✓ On May 2, Vote

Eric Burton NDP

39 Winners Circle Drive Arnprior, Suite 102

Eric Burton and the NDP Stand Up for: ✓ Dignity for our seniors and veterans ✓ More and better-paying jobs ✓ Better public health care ✓ A clean environment ✓ Family farms and forestry workers

613-622-1700 Dr. Janice Scott

Please vote: YOU count! For more information, to get a sign or for a ride to the poll, please visit our website at or phone 613-585-6071 (Pembroke) or 613-620-5348 (Arnprior/Renfrew) Mon. 8-6, Tues. 8-5, Wed. 8-8, Thurs. 8-5, Fri. 8-6

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Beautiful Greens, Great GolďŹ ng

Tee up at any one of these challenging golf courses for a season of fun.


Welcome to the 2011 Golf Season


Renfrew Golf Club


Mother’s Day Brunch

JUNIOR GOLF CAMP - May 7, 14, 28 - 6pm Ages 5-13 $50 includes Meals

Opening Green Fee Special $20

Golf & Cart after 1pm ...after 4pm




Reg Twilite after 3pm $15

CALL or EMAIL for Details 613.623.8919 White Lake Road - Arnprior 458930

NOW OPEN Voted #1 Public Golf Course (Under $45.00 Green Fee) In 2010 throughout Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec

Experience Value, Experience Service

Junior Clinics starting on Sat., April 30th

Sunday May 8, 2011 10:30 am or 12:30 am Sittings

Golf & Cart $35 $

“Treat yourself to the Valley’s best golf experience�

Easter Brunch on Sunday, April 24th


Three Sittings: 9:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m. & 12:30 p.m. Call for Reservations (613) 432-2485, ext. 224

RESERVATIONS 613-623-3234

Special 1st time membership rate of $999 + hst

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• 27 Great Golf Holes • Creative Stay & Play Packages • Superb layout for small or large tournaments • Lakeside Restaurant & Patio • Weddings & Catering • NEW Lessons and Clinics

• 18 Championship Holes Located Only 60 Minutes • Natural Grass Driving Range West of Scotiabank Place • Seasonal Memberships • Tournament or Special Event Planning • Fully Stocked Pro Shop and Licensed Clubhouse • Private or Group Lessons available from CPGA Golf Professional — Derek MacDonald

Spring Special $25.00 with Cart Included. Valid until April 30th Book Your Tee-Times Online 7113 Hwy 60, Eganville, ON K0J 1T0

613.628.3774 1.800.280.2179



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Karst may be an uncommon word, but it’s a common topography in Renfrew County. Now Renfrew County officials are making a concerted effort to inform municipal councils of its presence and potential impact on planning. Karst is basically a form of unstable limestone bedrock that is a specific hazard to construction. It presents two threats to the public: structural building damage and contamination of groundwater reserves from septic effluent. An extreme example would be sink holes. The Beachburg area is particularly noted for its karst topography, and Councillor Joey Trimm noted the township is actually home to the largest underwater network of caves in Canada. “Karst topography presents some challenges for development, and this mapping is very important,” county planner Charles Cheesman told Whitewater council during a presentation at its April 6 regular meeting. “The provincial policy statement says development should be directed away from a hazardous site and hazardous site include areas of karst topography,” he said. The provincial direction seemed to end there.

“The problem that we face is, we received mapping from the Ontario Geological Survey but they didn’t advise us as to how we handle development or planning applications when we come across this type of topography,” Cheesman said. So the county prepared a protocol, which was adopted by Whitewater council later in the meeting. The same March 8 report and mapping was received by Admaston-Bromley council at its April 7 meeting. As Cheesman told the Whitewater council, “We wanted to find a way where people applying for severances, before they had to go right on to the (geotechnical) study, there was some intermediate phase.” The first step, said Cheesman, will be to determine whether there is a natural overburden of soil. If there is more than one metre of overburden then development may proceed without too much further work, Cheesman said. If there is less than one metre, the homeowner will be asked to do a scoped, limited geotechnical study consistent with the scale of what is being proposed. Cheesman said the county protocol was crafted internally because it could take “years” to work the changes into a municipal Official Plan. Mercury photo by Lucy Hass Cheesman invited anyone with questions to contact the county planning of- County planner Charles Cheesman (in foreground) at the April 6 Whitewater council meeting. In the background are Reeve Don Rathwell, left, and Councillor Joey Trimm. fice to see where he or she stands.

(QMR\/LIH WRLWVIXOOHVW HOURS OF OPERATION 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday to Thursday – 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Friday







New Patients Welcome

Davidson Hearing Aid Centres A SOUND DECISIONTM

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Restorative and Emergency Dental Services Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry Dentures and Denture Services Teeth Bleaching Root Canal Therapy and Extractions



627 Fortington St, Renfrew


April 21, 2011 - The Renfrew Mercury

Tackling the question of karst and development



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The Renfrew Mercury - April 21, 2011



RCIS brings home silver from Sensplex tournament The Renfrew Collegiate Intermediate School boys hockey team shone at the fifth annual Bell Sensplex Intermediate Hockey Tournament April 12. The day was an absolute success as the team made it to the gold-medal game. In round-robin play the Raiders doubled St. Joseph’s Arnprior 4-2 and the St. Thomas Aquinas Ravens 2-1, and tied St. Matthew’s Tigers 3-3. The Raiders 2-and-1 record propelled them right through to the final as the No. 1 seed where they met No. 2-ranked Garneau of Orleans. The game went down to the wire. With Garneau in front 2-1 in the last minute, the Raiders lifted goaltender Dane Brumm for a sixth attacker. Garneau collected an empty-net goal to pad the lead but RCIS did not quit. They went for broke once

again and scored to narrow the deficit to 3-2. The Raiders kept the extra man up front for the remaining 28 seconds for their final push, and with seven seconds left, they almost got the goal they so badly wanted, but their opponents were able to keep it out. “Despite the disappointing ending to a great day, the Raiders competed exceptionally well with several talented teams from Ottawa and area,” coach Scott Campbell observed. “The final game was very well played game and could have gone either way. There is absolutely no shame in being second place, and the boys should be very proud of themselves. They did the coaches and the school very proud, as they continue the tradition of excellence.”

The RCIS Raiders were silver medallists at the Bell Sensplex Intermediate Hockey Tournament April 12. In front, from left, are Colin Schwartz and Dane Brumm; first row, Kevin Crozier, Justin Knight-Locke, Brendan Thompson, Jacob Murdock, Justin Lennie, Justin Pearse, Will Vincent; and back row, coach Trevor Rosine, Matt Stewart, Auston Pierce, Billy Karras, Austin Scheunamen, Jacob Collins, Carson Barber, Ben Kubiseski, coach Scott Campbell and John Pettigrew. Photo courtesy Renfrew Collegiate Intermediate School

Trot for Crohn’s and Colitis Reunions carry One blast for the Wolves COLLEEN BERRY This year, to support the Renfrew M&M Meat Shop Charity BBQ on Saturday May 7, a fun run/walk event is planned to help raise awareness and activity. The inaugural Trot for Crohn’s and Colitis, an initiative of the Renfrew Parks and Recreation Department, begins with a presentation by people who experience, first-hand, life with the condition. Then participants can walk or run the mapped and marked three-kilometre or five-km courses. Registration will begin at 9 a.m. at Stewart Park, next to the Presbyterian Church. Walkers and runners will take to the trail at 10 a.m. Our initial goal is to support awareness and encourage donations toward the cause. This event will mark M&M Meat Shops 23rd annual Charity BBQ Day. Staff and volunteers will fire up the grills from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with the national goal of raising $1.6 million dollars for the benefit of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada. Supporters will receive a hamburger or a hotdog as well as a beverage and a bag of chips for a minimum donation of $2.50. Tickets can be purchased for a chance to win an apron autographed by Canadian Olympic alpine gold medallists Moelle Ricker and Alex Bilodeau. Every penny goes to the research program.

There are more than 200,000 Canadians living with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The two main forms of IBD are Crohn’s Disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC). Canada has among the highest number of reported people with CD or UC. Inflammatory bowel disease can be diagnosed at any age, and people with CD or UC have an elevated risk of developing colorectal cancer. Life with the disease presents many challenges and limitations. The cost due to hospitalization, medication, and impact on career and lifestyle is burdensome. There is no cure ( Many people in our community experience the day-to-day challenges of IBD. I know of at least six members of my extended family who have this disease in one form or another. Medical research is the best hope to find a cure for Crohn’s and Colitis and other forms of inflammatory bowel disease. With public awareness and support efforts to achieve this can be possible. Join the folks at M&M Meat Shops in their effort to improve the lives of thousands of Canadians. Everyone is welcome to participate in the Trot for Crohn’s and Colitis. Our goal is to raise awareness and encourage donation toward the cause. For more information or to volunteer, please contact Grant at 613-4323131 or Colleen at 613-432-2841.

on tradition ROB WARREN Ladies Spring Basketball

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The Reunions returned from a championship season with the same players and the same winning ways. They easily outscored Dunbar Petroleum 42-15. Mae Donohue led all scorers with 10 of her 14 points in the second half. In a repeat of last year’s final, the Reunions defeated Ray’s Flowers 35-25. Mae Donohue again led the charge with 12 points while Kathleen Wilson topped Ray’s with 10. Ray’s Flowers trailed Aikenhead’s until Kathleen Wilson hit one of two free throws to knot the score at 24 with less than seven minutes remaining. Three more free throws and a basket should have been enough for Ray’s to claim victory with less than a minute remaining. Allison Clarke had other ideas, however, as she hit a trey followed by a regular two-pointer to send the game into overtime at 29-29. In overtime, Aikenhead’s fell behind early, but Clarke again tied the game at 35-35. She got fouled with one second remaining. She made the first of two shots to claim a 36-35 victory for Aikenhead’s. Clarke finished with 16 points. Kathleen Wilson and Jenna Barr had 14 and 10 respectively for Ray’s. See ‘Ladies Hoops’, Page 22

Renfrew lost a good sportsman last week with the passing of Mickey McArthur. Anyone involved in sports in the Town of Renfrew in any capacity certainly knew the owner of Mickey’s Promotions. No doubt, a few Mickey stories have been bantered about over the past week. One story Mickey told with a grin happened in Richmond when he was the manager of the Junior B Timberwolves. The Richmond Royals were short a P.A. announcer and official scorer, so up to a gondola Mickey and I went. There were lights and a siren we had seen and heard a million times in the past. Of course, it was only to be activated when the home team scored to celebrate the goal. Early in the game, Mickey hunted around until he found the switch. The Wolves scored first, and off went the siren and the accompanying light show. It worked like a charm. Richmond players stood around and fans wondered what just happened, as Mickey and I grinned from ear to ear. Here are a few tidbits as the Stanley Cup playoffs and golf season swing into high gear. Top headline: Carrie Underwood’s husband scores game winner for Predators. They make bogies big in

PETER CLARK PETER’S PUTTERINGS Texas: Kevin Na shot a 16 on a par four at the Texas Open last Thursday. It reminds my of a round I once had at Storyland. My ball kept getting caught in the windmill. Shocker in Beantown! Did I hear right that Kenyan runners won both the men’s and women’s titles at the Boston Marathon? Getting with the times: Next year, instead of adding up goals and assists in the Ray’s Flowers hockey draft, it should be based on suspensions. You are awarded one point any time one of your drafted players is considered for a possible suspension, and two points for each game that he is actually suspended. * * * The Chicago Blackhawks have won three of the four previous playoffs series over the Vancouver Canucks. Behind the bench for Vancouver’s lone triumph was Roger Neilson in 1982. And for this week: Boston’s last Stanley Cup triumph came in six games over the New York Rangers in 1972, but who did the Bruins face the last time they reached a Cup final?



Mercury photo by Peter Clark

TOURNAMENT ACTION AT MA-TE-WAY The last event before the ice was taken out at the Ma-Te-Way Activity Centre was a 12-team hockey tournament last weekend. In ladies action, above, Shields edged Campbell’s 2-1 in round robing play. The same two teams met in the final with Shields prevailing once again by a 6-3 count. The Cobden Thunder outlasted the Queen’s Line Jets 6-5 on Tony Iob’s goal 1:12 into overtime to capture the 30+ title, while Jesse Riopelle scored twice as Ram Rods claimed under 30 honours with a 6-2 win over Pembroke.

Cartman third at championships TRISH SMITH Renfrew Amateur Wrestling Club

The Renfrew Fish and Game Club is sponsoring a hunter safety course and Canadian firearms safety course in May. The dates for the Renfrew course are May 12 and 13 from 5-9 p.m. and May 14 and 15 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Depending on the number of students enrolled, the May 12 and 13 sessions may be extended by one hour. The 20-hour combined course can be taken by anyone 12 years and older. The course must be taken by anyone wishing to get his or her first hunting version of their Outdoors Card or an Apprenticeship Hunting Card. The course will also provide students

KIM FLEGUEL The Olympic Edge Triple A spring hockey team made up of minor peewee rep kids from the Valley – Renfrew, Pembroke, Petawawa, Arnprior, Eganville, Cobden and Smith Falls – played its first game Friday evening in Carleton Place against the Ottawa Admirals. They were very pleased with their 9-2 victory. Scoring for Olympic Edge were Lukas MacIntosh with two goals, and singles from Jordan Warner, Ryan Pettigrew, Ben Scheuneman, Nicholas Fleguel, Zach Moran, Patty Kyte and Michael Plazek. Sharing the goaltending duties were Cameron Iob and Nate McDonald. Behind the bench are coach Tony Iob and assistant coach Murray Kyte. Iob has his hockey camps at the Ma-Te-Way Activity Centre in Renfrew this August. You can check out upcoming camps at his website





at the



May through Mid August Permanent Sand Courts under the Lights WE ARE LOOKING FOR COMPETITIVE AND RECREATIONAL TEAMS

3-D Image 4 Wheel Alignment Equipment with H.D. Extended Hoist “Newest Technology”

Spring Tire Changeover Special


at $29.95*


Please call Dawn Afelskie

for 2 changed over and balanced 458894

The Renfrew Amateur Wrestling Club’s senior team competed at the 2011 cadet/juvenile national championships April 6 in Windsor. This tournament attracted Canada’s best wrestlers from east to west. “They all have improved over last year and showed their ability to wrestle at their best,” said coach Harry Smith. “All five athletes made me proud to say they are wrestling for Renfrew, showing excellent sportsmanship and representing Renfrew exceptionally.” Jake Cartman wrestled in the 63-kilogram class and only lost one match to an athlete from British Columbia to place a very respectable third. He qualified for the 2011 FILA trials April 10 and finished second. Cartman was challenged by the third-place athlete for his spot on the Canadian team. He put up an excellent fight and lost only by a few points to the older athlete. Cartman is an alternate on the Canadian team if one of the first two athletes is unable to attend. James Foran wrestled in the 66-kg. class in Windsor and finished in the top nine. He split his first two matches, then lost his third match to an athlete from the National Capital wrestling team on points. Collin Atherton competed in the 63-kg. juvenile class. He won

his first and third matches and, after suffering a concussion in his fourth match, was unable to continue in the tournament but finished with a respectable top15 finish out of 35 athletes. Our two females that attended the national championship were Angel Smith and Megan Rousselle. Angel was very excited as she made her weight class and was able to wrestle with confidence. She wrestled hard against her three opponents. Smith dominating her second opponent to win the match, not allowing her opponent to score any points. Overall, Smith finished in the top nine to better her finish from last year. Megan Rousselle competed in the 52-kg. juvenile weight class and finished eighth. She was battling for third but lost her match on the second day by one point. This was Rousselle’s final nationals, as she will be leaving for university in September. Our senior athletes thank all the people responsible for helping them attend the national championships; the AFAC Wing for the use of the kitchen for our annual spaghetti dinner; Family Fries for the Globetrotter tickets we raffled off, coach Harry Smith for his coaching and support; the community for supporting the spaghetti dinner; and Shohannah Smith, Karyn Thomson and Jesse Wilson for attending and supporting the athletes during warm up and motivation.

Olympic Edge rolls to win

with the criteria to obtain their Possession and Acquisition Firearms Licence. Also available is the opportunity for anyone 18 years or older to challenge the Federal Firearms Test to obtain their Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL). Instructor Kevin White encourages students to take these courses early in the year so they can get their licences by hunting season. Processing of the PAL takes about two months before students have licences in their hands. The course fee of $195 includes manuals and exams. For more information, or to register, call White at 613-432-5192.


It’s worth a call



470 O’Brien Road, Renfrew


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April 21, 2011 - The Renfrew Mercury

Hunter safety course

After a season which began in October 2011, the women’s Sun Lifers team lead by captain Laurie Millar has captured firstplace honours after many close games in the playoffs. This was one of the largest turnouts, with 13 teams competing each week in RCI’s Grant Gym. It was encouraging to see that more women are coming out and being active and having a great time. Popping into the gym from time to time, it was evident from the laughter and cheering that this was a good thing. We want to thank our many referees who took time each Wednesday to set up and take down the nets as well as referee the games. Special mention goes to Denver Mullen and Paul Simard. Others who filled in the gaps as referees were Paul Sparling, Sarah Dougherty and Caitlin Dougherty. Other finishers included second-place Mickey’s Promotions (captain Patti Dillabough), thirdplace Fastball Femmes captain (Keanan Hunt), and fourth Jiggers (captain Robin Kean). Just behind these teams were McGregor’s Produce (captain Janet O’Brien), Centre Town Motorsports (captain Pauline Martin), Colleen Wall (captain Colleen Wall) and Destructive Divas (captain Micheline Blondin). With the season over, all are being encouraged to sign up for a Sixes Beach Volleyball tournament Canada Day at Ma-Te-Way Park. Get your mixed team of six players and register at the Renfrew Recreation Centre. Next season looks promising with the return of many of these teams and the hopes of encouraging a competitive men’s league. Men, who are interested, should contact the recreation centre at 613-432-3131. Congratulations to all who competed and hope to see all of you out next season.

Ladies hoops From Page 20 Mid-Town Flooring held a slight advantage over Frances Lemke Co-operators throughout the first half and led 16-11 at the break. Midway through the second half the Co-operators took the lead and Mid-Town could not keep pace. The Co-operators took the victory 31-28. Caitlin Dougherty led all scorers, popping 15 for Mid-Town.

r! tte


TOWNSHIP OF WHITEWATER REGION NOTICE TO RESIDENTS According to Section 295(1) of the Municipal Act 2001, notice is hereby given that the Township of Whitewater Region’s 2010 Consolidated Financial Statements and Auditor’s Report are now available.

Vote Vote

The 2010 Financial Statements can be found on the Township’s web site. To access our web site go to: then on the main menu click on “News & Events”





Rec. Program Developer


Authorized by the Official Agent for the Christine Tabbert Campaign

If you do not have access to the Internet and would like a copy, please call the Municipal Office at 613-646-2282 and a copy will be forwarded to you free of charge. Annette Mantifel, AMCT Treasurer/Deputy CAO 462492

CONTRACT NO. PWC-2011-08 STRUCTURE B032 – CALABOGIE BRIDGE REHABILITATION RENFREW COUNTY ROAD 511 (LANARK ROAD) SEALED TENDERS on forms supplied by the County, will be received by the undersigned until 2:00 p.m. local time on Thursday, May 5, 2011, for the rehabilitation of Structure B032 – Calabogie Bridge.



The season may be over but the activity at the curling club continues over the spring and summer both to close off this year as well as prepare the club for next season. The closing barbecue dinner will be held Saturday, April 30 followed by great entertainment. Call Barb Westgarth or Charlie Ricard to reserve your tickets. The food is always great and the entertainment enjoyable. The ladies are holding their garage and bake sale May 7 from 8:30 a.m. to noon of that week from 1-4 p.m. Wednesday to Friday, or call Sandra Fredette at 613-433-9621. As this is the last column for this curling season, I would like to thank the good people at the Mercury for their continuing patience with this complete amateur. It has been fun and I do appreciate the feedback, good or bad. This also gives me the opportunity to conclude the brief history of curling, particularly in Renfrew. The present building still holds the ice structure and surrounding original building. The evidence of windows, now bricked in, gives testimony to the original natural ice surface. Artificial ice was installed in 1949, extending the season and eliminating the common spring situation of playing around puddles. This was also the era of the irons. Most clubs in the eastern half of the country used these cast iron stones, averaging over 60 pounds for men and 40 for women. Because of the smaller size and lower momentum, the draw was the main weapon in a finesse game. Most curlers had their own pair of irons which they travelled with to competitions and many a story is told of the sneaky practice of warming an opponent’s irons by a radiator, making them unplayable when they melted into the ice. The lighter and larger granites were introduced in 1951 and two years later the irons were retired. Throughout the next two decades the club experienced its ups and downs. Improvements continued but erratic ice conditions, leaky roof, flooding of the men’s dressing room and other distractions took away from the enjoyment of the game (sound familiar gang?). The problems came to a head when heavy spring snow led to an overhead roof truss breaking during the ladies draw. Nothing moves men faster than a bunch of angry ladies and by opening day 1973, a new roof along with expanded washrooms and dressing rooms under an expanded club room, bar and kitchen and new ice machinery were in place resulting in the club we now enjoy. This was only possible through the generosity of the community and the dedication of the members.


de se rv e

The Renfrew Mercury - April 21, 2011

Sun Lifers win Wrapping up competitive women’s crown curling season BEHIND THE GLASS

W e




Visit us online at RENFREW COUNTY DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD INVITES REQUESTS FOR TENDERS RFT #2011-12 THE RCDSB IS ISSUING A REQUEST FOR TENDER FOR THE SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS TO VARIOUS RCDSB LOCATIONS. To obtain the RFT document, please visit the Renfrew County District School Board Administration Office at 1270 Pembroke Street West, call 613-735-0151 Ext. 2237, email, or download from Biddingo ( TENDER DOCUMENTS WILL BE READY FOR DISTRIBUTION AT 1:00:00PM ON THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 2011. Sealed submissions, clearly labeled RFT #2011-12, will be received before 2:00:00 PM, MONDAY, MAY 9, 2011 and must be submitted to the following address: RENFREW COUNTY DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD ATTN: Peggy Fiebig, Purchasing Agent 1270 Pembroke Street West Pembroke, ON K8A 4G4 The Renfrew County District School Board reserves the right to accept or reject any or all submissions. Lowest or any submission not necessarily accepted. 463251

This contract is for the rehabilitation of a two-span bridge (steel girder with a reinforced concrete deck) that spans the Madawaska River on Renfrew County Road 511 (Lanark Road) in Calabogie. The work to be completed on the structure includes removal of the existing asphalt and waterproofing system, concrete scarifying, placement of a concrete overlay, concrete removals and repairs to the deck, curbs, parapet walls and substructure components, expansion joint replacement, structural steel modifications, coating of structural steel, bearing replacement, deck drain replacement, bridge deck waterproofing, approach guide rail replacement, approach grading, approach curb and gutter replacement and asphalt paving. The project will be staged construction utilizing portable traffic signals with one lane of alternating traffic to be maintained at all times. Plans, Specifications, Tender forms and tender envelopes may be obtained from the office of the County of Renfrew Public Works & Engineering Department for a non-refundable fee of $100.00. A certified cheque in the amount $40,000.00 must accompany each tender and the successful bidder will be required to provide a 100% Performance Bond and 50% materials and labour payment Bond upon execution of the Contract agreement. A public tender opening will be held immediately following closing time. The lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be accepted and the County reserves the right to award any portion of this Tender. This project is undertaken using funds provided by the Government of Canada through the transfer of Gas Tax Revenues

For further information please contact: Lori Dennis Capital Works Secretary Michael C. Pinet, P.Eng. Manager of Capital Works County of Renfrew Public Works & Engineering Department 9 International Drive, Pembroke, ON K8A 6W5 Phone: 613-732-4353 Toll Free:1-800-273-0183 462637



The Renfrew detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police responded to 155 calls for service during the past week. They conducted 24 RIDE/seatbelt checks and checked 1,667 vehicles which resulted in eight seatbelt charges, one distracted driving charge, four Highway Traffic Act Charges, and 19 other warnings issued for traffic offences. ASSAULT CHARGES On Friday, April 11 at the Renfrew Collegiate Institute, police say a 12-year-old male was assaulted by a 13-year-old male who was known to the victim. After the incident was reported to police, charges were laid. Under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA), diversion may be used. Constable Tina Hunt investigated. PROPERTY CRIMES • Some time between the night of April 11 and the morning of April 12 a vehicle was stolen from a residence in Renfrew. The vehicle was recovered in Ottawa. Charges are pending. Const. Adam Nitschmann is investigating. • On April 12 a break, enter

and theft in Renfrew was reported. The suspects forced entry into the building and removed a vehicle that was then later returned. Const. Sarah Turcotte is investigating. • Some time from April 8 to 13 unknown suspects entered a seasonal residence in Madawaska Township. The suspects removed alcohol, electronics, jewelry, and money. • On April 13 there was a report of a break, enter and attempted theft in Douglas. Unknown suspects gained entry into a shed on private property and removed an ATV. The ATV was recovered a short distance from the property. • On April 16 Renfrew OPP responded a theft/shoplift from the Home Hardware in Renfrew. An adult male removed a drill from the shelf and departed the store without paying. A 24-yearold Renfrew man is charged with theft under $5,000. • On April 17 a complaint of damaged mailboxes was reported on Bulmer Road in the Township of Horton. The unknown suspects were driving a pick up truck of unknown description and damaged five mailboxes in this area. • The Douglas Fire Department

is reporting a rash of suspicious fires in the area of McPeak Line and Patterson Road. There have been four brush fires reported in this area over the past week. Const. Layton Mulvihill is investigating. PROPERTY RELATED On April 15 local fire and police responded to a structure fire on Usborne Street in the Township of McNab/Braeside. No one was hurt and nothing suspicious is suspected. Sgt. David Crilly responded.

suspension and was charged. • On April 15, while conducting a RIDE check on Opeongo Road in the Township of Admaston/ Bromley, a 47-year-old Renfrew man was found to be operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. The man was arrested and charged for exceeding 80 mg. of alcohol in 100 ml of blood. He was released on a promise to appear, and given a Renfrew court date. Renfrew OPP responded to 12 motor vehicle collisions since April 11. One driver was charged.

TRAFFIC DOMESTIC DISPUTES On April 11 Renfrew OPP responded to a traffic complaint in Renfrew. The driver of the vehicle was reported to be impaired. Police intercepted the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. The driver was found to be sober, but as a result of the traffic stop the male driver was charged with driving while under suspension for unpaid fines. • On April 17 Const. Kevin Rebertz conducted a traffic stop on Highway 17 in Horton Township. As a result of a police investigation, the male driver was found to be driving while under

On May 2nd re-elect



Renfrew OPP officers responded to four domestic disputes during the past week. Two of the incidents resulted in criminal charges being laid. BREACH OF PROBATION On April 12 a 16-year-old male was found to be breaching his release conditions for previous charges. Renfrew OPP has put a Fatal Reduction Plan into effect due to the number of fatal collision’s that have occurred in the past

year. This includes more patrols, RIDE programs and the assistance of the Ottawa Traffic Management Unit. In response to the fatal reduction plan, Renfrew OPP has conducted traffic enforcement on Highway 17 to target speeders, and distracted and aggressive drivers. Reminder: the 2011 Spring Seat Belt Campaign runs until April 23. POLICE SEEK HELP The Renfrew detachment of the OPP wants the public’s help to find a vehicle involved in a minor collision shortly before a fatality on Hwy. 17 near Arnprior March 31. The driver of a black Ford Expedition was backing out of a parking spot near Crazy Horse and Jack Asters restaurants in the Kanata Centrum about 7:30 p.m. The driver backed into a vehicle and then fled the scene. The struck vehicle is described as a Mazda 3 or navy blue four-door sedan with rear bumper damage. Anyone with information is asked to call 613-432-3211 or 1888-310-1122.

E. W. CEDAR FOR DECKING AND FENCING Our E. W. Cedar delivers a natural beauty that simply is not found in other decking and fencing materials. With its long-lasting performance, quality and cost, you won’t be disappointed.

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Member of Parliament 

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We also have White Pine and Cedar for Panelling, Flooring and Board and Baton Siding Spruce, Hemlock and All Canadian Hardwoods Give us a call


29 Cotieville Rd., Hwy. 60 W., Renfrew, Ont. Authorized by the     



April 21, 2011 - The Renfrew Mercury

Spot-check campaign underway across the region


The Renfrew Mercury - April 21, 2011


Clicks Gone Wild offers courses Tired of taking photos and not being happy with the results? A pair of local photographers who know how to click with confidence are here to help camera owners unleash the power of their digital cameras. Gemma Robillard of Gem Photography and Rhonda McMaster of Rhonda McMaster Photography are teaming up to teach the basics of digital photography to Valley residents. They are both passionate photog moms with their own businesses who offer professional custom photography services. After hearing many of their friends and acquaintances express frustrations with getting decent pictures from their digital cameras, they thought all these people need is just a few key tips and tricks to take their every day photos from just a snapshot to something special. That’s when the stay-at-home-moms decided to merge their talents and enthusiasm, and Clicks Gone Wild was born. Robillard, a Burnstown-area resident, has been a writer/photographer for the past 10 years and has spent the last five learning as much as she can about her camera and the art of photography. “I taught myself to step out of the green box [auto mode] a long time ago and that alone changed my images for the better. Now I’m excited to have the opportunity to teach others why it’s good to know what all those settings and functions mean in an easy to understand manner.” McMaster lives across the highway in Braeside and brings the teaching background to the duo. A qualified teacher

Rhonda McMaster and Gemma Robillard have teamed up to offer photography courses.

with a life-long interest in photography, she has taken several photography courses to enhance her natural abilities. “I’m excited to combine a passion of mine with teaching. We’re very lucky to be able to provide a friendly, supportive environment to learn. It’s a perfect fit for both of us.” Much of their own learning has been self-directed, but they recognize that many people in their area are looking for a hands-on, more personal approach to getting better pictures. Their beginner course, Mastering the Basics, Part 1: Camera Features and Composition, starts off with topics all camera owners should know – learning all of the various settings, and the appropriate circumstances to use each one, along with composition. It is perfect for anyone who is stuck on Auto Mode with either a point and shoot camera or a digital SLR. “We pack a lot of information and sample images into this two hour class. Think of this as your talking manual,” says Robillard. Mastering the Basics, Part 2: Get Organized, Proper Colours and Print is the second introductory course being offered. It focuses on white balance, file organization, printing options and creative posing ideas, to name a few topics. After some sold-out courses in Arnprior and Burnstown, Clicks Gone Wild are offering courses at the Renfrew Public Library and at Burnstown United Church. Pre-registration is required for all classes. For more information, visit www.


NOTICE OF HERBICIDE APPLICATION Notice is hereby given that Hydro One Networks Inc. – Forestry Services will be commencing Forestry line clearing operations in your vicinity. The work will include the selective treatment of undesirable vegetation that would, if left alone, grow into the conductors. Every effort will be made to leave compatible low growing vegetation, which will assist in reducing future maintenance requirements. Feeder: Calabogie F2 Location of work: Hwy 511 from Calabogie Dam to White Lake (North Shore) boat launch, including Bluff Point Rd, Grassy Bay Rd, Baryvale Rd, Stones Lake Rd, Virgin Lake Rd, Emon Lane, Bagot Long Lake Rd, Frost Lane, Sumac Lane, Pheasant Run, Pine Hill Rd, K and P Trail, Tatty Hill Rd and Stoughton Side Road

Landfill Site Attendant position for two days per week. Occasionally required to operate heavy equipment, i.e. CAT Loader and/or Bomag Refuse Compactor. Copy of job description available upon request. Please direct all applications in writing to the undersigned no later than Thursday, May 12th at 1:00 p.m. clearly marked Landfill Site Attendant Thank you for your interest, however, only applicants considered for an interview will be contacted. Noreen C. Mellema, CMO Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk 2508 Russett Drive RR # 2 Arnprior, Ontario K7S 3G8 Telephone: 623-5756 ext 222

Date of application: April 28 - May 27, 2011 Pesticide trade name: Garlon RTU PCP Act registration number: 29334 Name of pest: Undesirable Vegetation (Brush and sucker growth from stumps)

In accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the personal information is collected pursuant to the Municipal Act R.S.O. 1990 Chapter M.45 and will only be used to determine the qualifications for employment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Hydro One Forestry at 1-866-898-5310



Community Calendar

The Upper Ottawa Valley Genealogical Group meets at 7 p.m. at the library, 222 Dickson St., Pembroke. Tonight’s topic is Making Use of Our Library. Also, librarian Diane Burnett will give a tutorial on ordering films from Visitors are welcome.

TUESDAY, APRIL 26 Renfrew Woodland Metis Aboriginal Association community meeting, 7 p.m. at the Renfrew Children’s Centre, 850 O’Brien Rd. All new members welcome. Contact Kent Gauthier 613-432-3177.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27 Wayne Griese will be doing a presentation on 3D photography at the Renfrew Camera Club. A Pakenham photographer, Griese will be showing much of his 3D work and how to do it. Meeting in the Renfrew Town Hall boardroom at 7 p.m. For more information call Bill Campbell 613-432-7409.


Grooming includes: Nail Clipping and Filing, Ear Cleaning, Teeth Scaling, Expression of Anal Glands, Bath, Clip and/or Trim

Community Living Renfrew County South’s annual family and friends spaghetti dinner at Royal Canadian Legion Renfrew Branch 148. Meet and greet from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m., with dinner from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Tickets are $10 and include spaghetti, salad, roll, dessert and a beverage. Proceeds are being shared between Special Olympics Renfrew and Renfrew County and District Food Bank. Call Alana Peer, Gloria Tunn or Nicole Brown at 613-432-7529 for tickets or information.

269 Argyle St., Renfrew 432-2968 RW-32 tfn 171305 44548

tami’s taters is



Serving all your favourites

Renfrew Silver Seniors May Ball at Renfrew Legion. Happy hour 5 p.m., dinner 6 p.m. Music by Cruise N-Company 7 to 10 p.m. Tickets available until May 2. Call Pat at 613-649-2756.

• Sausages • Poutine • Pogos • Hamburgers • Combos

Tastiest taters in town!



• Ride the Valley for Soldier On at Calabogie Peaks. Registration is $30. People are welcome to register online at the Peaks website, or they may do so prior to Ride the Valley from 8 to 10 a.m. The motorcycle ride leaves Calabogie Peaks at 10:30 a.m. The day also features a pig roast from 2 to 5 p.m., poker run, live music and vendors. The chair lift will also be running. A $5 charge goes to Soldier On, a ski program for disabled soldiers. • Anniversary dinner at St. Andrew’s United Church, Beachburg 4:30 to 7 p.m. Turkey and ham. Adults $12, children 12 and under, $5. • New to You Sale at Trinity-St. Andrew’s United Church from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Quarry Avenue entrance. All welcome. • St. Andrew’s United Church Matawatchan will hold a ham dinner at 5 p.m. Adults $12, 12 years and under $6, five years and under free.

• Second annual black tie chocolate gala – a signature event in support of Victim Services of Renfrew County – 7 p.m. cocktails; 8:15 p.m. auction; dancing with Twist of Fate; late lunch. Event will be held at the Normandy Officers’ Mess, CFB Petawawa. Tickets $100. For more information or tickets, call Victim Services at 613-649.2852 or visit our website at Tickets are also available at J&J’s Chocolate Sensations in Renfrew. • Arnprior & District Humane Society fundraising yard sale 9 a.m. at the Shelter. Donations appreciated. Drop off at the shelter. Call 613-623-0916 or www.arnpriorhumanesociety.

• Hike for Hospice Renfrew, registration 1 p.m. at Stewart Park by the Renfrew Presbyterian Church, hike starts at 2 p.m. Contact for pledge sheets, online donations and other information. • Hot roast beef supper at Foresters Falls Orange Hall 4 to 6:30 p.m. Adults $12, children 6-12 $5, under 6 free. Takeouts available. Sponsored by LOL 552 and





Time for a freshening up?

Free wellness workshops: Positive Communication Skills, Monday, May 2, 12:30 to 3 p.m.; and Motivation and Momentum, Monday, May 9, 12:30 to 3 p.m. For more call Natalie at 613-735-4586.

Renfrew Silver Seniors noon luncheon at the Renfrew Legion. Come join us. Membership only $5.

Renfrew University Women’s Club will hold its annual used book sale on Friday, April 29 from 4 to 9 p.m. and Saturday, April 30 from 9 a.m. to noon in the MacNeil Gymnasium at Renfrew Collegiate Institute. Proceeds are used for scholarships for local high schools. Call 613-433-9005.

SINCE 1990


Blood donor clinic: Renfrew Legion Branch 148 from 2 to 8 p.m. Call 1-888-2DONATE to book an appointment. Sponsored by Renfrew Lions Club.

APRIL 29-30


RVH FUNDRAISER Renfrew Victoria Hospital Auxiliary fundraising project. Victorian miniature house lottery and raffle. Tickets $20, entitles ticket holder to participate in 42 cash draws and one grand prize draw of the Victorian House. Early bird draws for $100 are held on the last Monday of every month. The final draw, for three grand prizes, will take place Dec. 15. Tickets available at Stone Meadows’ Kitchen Shop, where the miniature house is on display, and at the RVH Auxiliary gift shop. All proceeds go to the RVH CT Scan.

TUESDAY, MAY 17 Dances of Universal Peace: People of all ages, abilities and faith traditions welcome. No musical or dance experience needed. Third Tuesday of the month at Trinity-St. Andrew’s United Church from 7-9 p.m. Dance leader Patricia Tamosetis. Freewill donation. Call Felicite Stairs at 613-432-5583 or Debi Virtue at 613-4320908 for more information.


Renfrew’s Historic Theatre

Friday, April 22 - April 29 463258



Fri. & Sat. 7 & 8:45 p.m. Sun. - Thur. 7:30 p.m.

Water for Elephants Fri. & Sat. 7 & 9:15 p.m. Sun. - Thurs. 7:30 p.m.





Fri., Sat., Sun. & Mon. 1:30 p.m.

Water for Elephants

334 Raglan St. S.



Visit us at

Fri., Sat., Sun. & Mon. 1:30 p.m.



ENTERTAINMENT 3 pm - 7 pm in the lounge or on the patio (weather permitting)

Saturday, April 23rd

Blackjack "Remember Red Fridays!" EVERYONE WELCOME Legion Ladies Auxiliary Catering and Hall Rentals Call 613-432-6450



LOBA 1302. Wheelchair accessible. • The May Valley Singles lunch is at 12:30 p.m. at Sonia’s Restaurant in Shawville. For information call Fay at 613-256-8117 or Johanna at 613-432-7622.

April 21, 2011 - The Renfrew Mercury

The Community Calendar is a free service for non-profit organizations only. Items for the Renfrew Mercury’s Community Calendar must be submitted by noon the Friday preceding publication. Items are edited and published as space permits. Submit your event to


Denbigh-Griffith Lions Club We would like to send a sincere thank you to the following individuals, organizations and local businesses that supported us with their generous donations to our Christmas Food Baskets 2010. Any extra money was given to our local Food Bank in Denbigh at St. Luke’s United Church. Martha Lips Glen & Rebecca Hartman Glaeser’s General Store Roy & Judy Berndt Erwood & Rowena Renolds Dave & Linda Guest Avery & Judy Lacourse Matawatchan Community Memorial Centre Griffith-Matawatchan Fish & Game Club Rapid End- Milano Pizzeria John Lacourse & Son Carpentry Griffith Building Supplies Pine Valley Restaurant Glaeser’s General Store Berndt’s Garage 41 Stop Remax- Arnprior Jim Munro Misty Morning Cottages Jody Kelly Homes Greater Madawaska Canoe Rentals Griffith General Store Snider’s Tent & Trailer Park Camel Chute Campground Griffith Tire Supply Floyd Enterprises Scott MacDonald Contracting

Because of the continued support, we are able to make Christmas a joyous occasion for some of our local citizens. Please support these people, organizations and businesses in their endeavours as they are good community sponsors. Take Note: that the above will be invited to our Appreciation Evening on Wed. July 13 @ 7:00 p.m. Check out our website for on going activities 462735

The Renfrew Mercury - April 21, 2011


Five ways to drive lean and clean ((NC)—By adopting these five driving behaviours, you can cut back on gas, save money, curb harmful emissions and improve safety on our roads. 1. Be mindful – Seatbelts and car seats revolutionized the way we drive and forever changed the way we think about safety and driving. Nowadays, the buzz is all about fuel efficiency, saving money and the environment. If you have never driven with fuel efficiency in mind, now is the time to start. Make it a priority and watch your pennies pile up. You could save as much as $500 a year in fuel costs and cut your carbon dioxide emissions by over 1,000 kilograms. 2. Become aware of your driving style and modify it accordingly – Are you aggressive, rushed, average or fuel–efficient? Natural Resources Canada identifies these four driving behaviours as significant factors in fuel efficiency and driving. Aggressive drivers focus on speed, rushed drivers focus on saving time, average drivers react to changes in traffic whereas fuel–efficient drivers are always mindful of how their driving will affect their fuel con-

sumption. 3. Think before you drive – Can you take public transit? One bus takes up to 40 cars off the road, saves as much as 70,000 litres of fuel and prevents nine tonnes of air pollutants from being emitted each year. Can you work from home? Telecommuting one day a week cuts the amount of fuel used to go to work by 20 per cent that week. Can you plan your route? Allow for fewer stoplights, intersections and pedestrian traffic.

following the maintenance schedule in your vehicles owners’ manual, all help to keep your fuel consumption in check. Driving with fuel efficiency in mind takes time, knowledge, steady hands and feet and a sense of commitment. NRCan has more tips, tricks and trivia at www.vehicles.

4. Avoid unnecessary idling – Some Canadians spend about four per cent of their annual fuel consumption idling their vehicles. In fact, for every 10 minutes of idling one third of a litre of fuel is wasted for an average vehicle. Experts recommend turning off your engine when you are parked for more than 60 seconds, except in traffic. Also, the best way to warm up your vehicle in cold weather is to run it for two to three minutes and then drive it. 5. Maintain your vehicle – Proper tire inflation, reducing extra weight, removing roof racks and

613-432 -7997

DETAILING PACKAGES #1 Bronze Package...............$55*

613-432-7997 456 Stewart St., Renfrew, ON


Mix and Match any of our services

to create a custom package to suit your vehicle’s needs

Gift Certifi Certificates cates Available for Any Occasion! 462665

All prices are subject to change. Extra charges may apply for extremely soiled vehicles! Please inquire

Call to Book Your Appointment Today!

Exterior Hand Wash & Chamois Dry Bug Removal Clean Wheels and Tires Clean & Dry Door Jams Vacuum Interior Including Mats, Seats and Trunk Clean Dash & Door Panels Clean Windows Inside & Out

#2 Silver Package...............$155* Includes EVERYTHING Offered in BRONZE Package PLUS...Application of MEGUIRE’S Hand Wax For Paint Protection and Longevity Spot Shampoo Carpets Dress Tires and Wheel Wells

#1 Gold Package................$180* Includes EVERYTHING Offered in BRONZE & SILVER Packages PLUS... Shampoo Complete Interior, Seats, etc. Stain & Salt Removal SCOTCH GUARD Interior Interior Deodorized PPG AQUAPEL Windshield Treatment * Plus Applicable Taxes * SUVs, Mini Vans and Full Size Pick Ups ......................$15 extra * Extended Cabs, Crew Cabs, Full Size Vans..................$20 extra

Now add PPG AQUAPEL Windshield Treatment to our BRONZE or SILVER Package for only $20

ATTENTION NEW VEHICLE BUYERS Want Barker’s Collision to save you up to $1,000.00 off the dealer price? PLEASE SEE OUR NEW VEHICLE Package.........$495* #1 Bronze Package.....$55* Rustblock Undercoat Exterior Hand Wash & Chamois Dry Paint Protection Package Bug Removal MEGUIRE’S Hand Wax) (Including WheelsWindshield and Tires PPGClean AQUAPEL Treatment Clean GUARD & Dry Door Jams SCOTCH Interior

Vacuum Interior Including Mats, Seats and Trunk Clean Dash & Door Panels Clean Windows Inside & Out SPECIALTY SERVICES..................

MEGUIRE’S Hand Wax .....................$65* PPG AQUAPEL Windshield Treatment .$25* (Now add PPG AQUAPEL Windshield Treatment to our BRONZE or SILVER Package for only $20) SCOTCH GUARD ..............................$50* Smoker’s Interior Deodorizer ...........$30*

INTERIOR PACKAGES.................. Ask for a quote *Plus Applicable Taxes Vehicle in for body work or RUSTBLOCK? Excellent time to book for Detailing



OIL & FILTER ONLY $34.99 Alignment $79.95

Service includes oil and filter, tire rotation, inspection of cooling system, all fluid levels, electronic battery test, front and rear brake system, exhaust system.

From left to right: Greg Fitzgerald - Dealer Principal - 20 yrs, Rob Sparling, Frank McKitchen - 14 yrs, Wally Kauffeldt - 32 yrs, Gord Forrest - 37 yrs, Sherri McWilliam - 15 yrs, Jesse Gale - 4 yrs, Chris McKitchen - 6 yrs, Sue Wright - 1 yr, Liam Walsh, Fixed Operations Manager - 30 yrs. Missing from picture: Randy Jahn - 33 yrs


Pre-Owned Tip Top Quality 2007 RAM 1500 QUAD CAB 4X4


Auto, P.W., Cruise, Alloys CLEAN, CLEAN CAR

St #A2968



3.61, P.W., P.L., Cruise, Power Sun Roof, Alloy Wheels, Leather. LOW LOW K’S


St# P110B

4 DR, Sedan, Only 45 k, CLEAN, CLEAN


Low kms, 5.7 Hemi, P.W., P.L., Cruise, A/C, Tow Pkg. St #P1407


2.55, P.W., P.L. Cruise SMART KEY SYSTEM

St #P1356


SXT, Quad Captain Seat, Rear Seat, DVD, P.W., P.L., Cruise, ONLY 70 K’S


Camera Shy 7 Passenger, Only 60 k’s. MINT. MINT.

Quad Cab, 4x4, 5.7L VVTI, P.W., P.L, Cruise, A/C, Tow Pkg. St #P1371


2010 DODGE RAM 1500 SLT

Fully Loaded, ONE OWNER

Reg Cab, 4x4, P.W., P.L., Cruise, A/C, 5.7 Hemi St #A294A

P.W., P.L., Cruise, Auto Start, Heated Leather Seats

4x4, P.W., P.L., Cruise, Alloy Wheels St #P1404


Only 45ks, Manual Trans, Cruise A/C St #B093A


P.W., P.L., Cruise, NICE CLEAN CAR St #A257B

376 O’Brien Road, New vehicle prices are with all rebates off. All vehicles are plus taxes.


Also 613-432-8532

Renfrew ON

Part of Lapointe Autogroup

April 21, 2011 - The Renfrew Mercury



The Renfrew Mercury - April 21, 2011


Spring cleaning: Top tips to freshen up your ride (NC)—Ah, springtime. The days are getting longer, leaves are starting to sprout, and the great thaw begins. With this shift in weather comes the promise of warm summer driving and the time to prep your favorite ride for the road. You should begin by washing the exterior of your vehicle, and be sure to clean underneath to remove the corrosive salt, chemicals and grime that build up from winter driving. Use a high pressure hose, paying close attention to wheel wells and bumpers. Next, have your tires changed and rotated to ensure best performance and safety on the roads. While winter tires work best in the snow, they can accelerate and brake poorly and offer reduced tread life on dry asphalt. Spring is the best time to swap back to your performance–oriented summer or all–season tires, storing your winter set for later. Just like your tires, the fluids in your vehicle

need to be checked each spring to ensure proper engine performance throughout the seasons. Chances are the radiator in your vehicle uses an extended–life antifreeze coolant to prevent it from freezing. Check the coolant level and quality, and consider flushing the radiator if necessary. Most vehicles require fresh coolant every 240,000 km. While you’re at it, be sure to check your oil and top up the rest of your fluids. The most common grade of engine oil in Canada is 5W30 which should perform well under both winter and summer driving conditions. Consult your owner’s manual for the recommended grade and quality of oil for your vehicle, and perform an oil and oil filter change at the recommended intervals to provide year–round protection.

“Gasoline primarily contains carbon and hydrogen molecules, and combustion can create a residue, called “gunk”, which is a build–up of carbon particles on critical engine parts,” says Ken Mitchell, an Engineer from Shell Canada. “This gunk has a porous surface that can negatively affect combustion and the performance of your vehicle. Some high–quality fuels, like all three grades of Shell’s Nitrogen

Enriched Gasolines, clean and protect critical engine parts from the build–up of gunk while you drive.” After you’ve cleaned it from the inside out, take your ride out for a spin to feel the engine roar to life. Think about your summer road trips to come, and enjoy the ride.

Beyond these measures, helping keep your engine running at its best this spring is as easy as filling up with a high–quality gasoline.

Woody’s Motor Vehicle & Used Car Sales



Your #

Volkswagen Specialist & Diagnostic Centre • Computerized 4-wheel alignment Centre • Tire Sales & Service • Motor Vehicle Inspection Station • Air conditioning Diagnostics & Repair • 4x4’s Welcome


... Start something special Steve Maclean

613-432-9268 Toll Free 1 888-371-0716


Gwen Fiebig

Limited time lease and finance offers available from Toyota Financial Services on approved credit. All-in price of a new 2011 Venza (Model ZA3BBTA)/2011 RAV4 (Model ZF4DVPA)/2011 Corolla (Model BU42EMA)/2011 Matrix (Model KU4EEMA) is $31,005/$26,290/$16,875/$18,140. All-In price includes freight and fees (PDE, EHF, OMVIC fee and air condition tax, where applicable). HST, licensing, registration and insurance are extra. Dealer may sell for less. ¥0.9%/0.9%/0.9%/0.9% finance APR per month for 48/48/48/48 months. Example $25,000 at 0.9% at 48 months, monthly payment is $530. Cost of borrowing is $462 for a total obligation of $25,462. *2.9%/2.9%/2.9%/2.9% lease APR for 48/48/48/48 months. Monthly payment is $299/$239/$119/$129 when you apply the $1,000/$1,000/$2,000/$2,000 Cash Incentive with a $4,950/$4,575/$3,250/$3,700 down payment or trade equivalent, and first monthly payment due at lease inception. Total lease obligation is $19,304/$16,061/$8,997/$9,930. All-In lease includes freight and fees (PDE, EHF, OMVIC fee and air condition tax, where applicable). HST, licensing, registration and insurance are extra. Dealer may sell for less. Based on a maximum of 96,000/96,000/96,000/96,000 KMS. Additional KM charge of $.15/$.10/$.07/$.07 for excess kilometres if applicable. rCash Incentive on a new 2011 Venza (Model ZA3BBTA)/2011 RAV4 (Model ZF4DVPA) is comprised of $1,000/$1,000 Four Million Sold Bonus. Cash Incentive on a new 2011 Corolla (Model BU42EMA)/2011 Matrix (Model KU4EEMA) is comprised of $500/$250 Four Million Sold Bonus and $1,500/$1,750 Customer Incentive and is valid on retail delivery when leased, financed or purchased from an Ontario Toyota dealership. Customer Incentive offer is valid on retail delivery of a new 2011 Corolla (Model BU42EMA)/2011 Matrix (Model KU4EEMA) when leased, financed or purchased from an Ontario Toyota dealership. Offer valid to retail customers (excluding fleet sales) when purchased from an Ontario Toyota dealership. Vehicles receiving cash incentives must be purchased, registered and delivered between April 1 and April 30, 2011. †These estimates are based on the Government of Canada’s approved criteria and testing methods. The actual fuel consumption of these vehicles may vary. Refer to the Government of Canada publication EnerGuide Fuel Consumption Guide. All rights are reserved. Dealer may sell/lease for less. Offers are valid between April 1 and April 30, 2011 and are subject to change without notice. Please see your participating Toyota Dealer for full details. 459499


INSPECTION 150+ points coverage

We have the


only 41,000km STOCK #11194




2006 PONTIAC G6 GTP Loaded V6 one owner trade

Loaded Auto, Only 31,000km STOCK #11069B

Sale Price


ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE 24-hour around the clock

used vehicles for spring 2007 CORVETTE CONVERTIBLE



Sale Price




2006 Chevrolet Aveo LS


STOCK #3369

4DR, 71,000KM






Loaded auto Sunroof only 53,000km Stock #3404

Loaded auto only 17,000km Stock #3397

Fully loaded auto only 55,000km Stock #3400

4Dr A/C std only 41,000km Stock #3388

Loaded 4dr auto only 21,000km Stock #3407 21,000km




$110 bi-weekly






One owner trade fully loaded only 41,000km Stock #11290A

4dr A/C Auto only 64,000km Stock #3410



$152 bi-weekly



$121 bi-weekly



Loaded with Remote Starter Auto only 43,000km Stock #3399 43,000km

Fully loaded with Remote start only 68,000km Stock #11165A 68,000km

$131 bi-weekly






Fully Loaded with Remote starter only 8,000km Stock #3421 8,000km

Heated Leather Sunroof only 17,000km Stock #3393

One owner trade with only 12,000km Stock #3398A

Fully loaded only 43,000km Stock #3586


$152 bi-weekly


$216 bi-weekly


2008 BUICK ENCLAVE CXL AWD Fully loaded one owner trade 82,000km Stock #11269A 82,000km


$117 bi-weekly



$271 bi-weekly




One owner trade A/C Auto only 58,000km Stock #10521A 58,000km

A/C Auto only 19,000km Stock #3374

One owner trade fully loaded with leather, sunroof. Only 36,000 km Stock #D11095A 36,000km


$152 bi-weekly

$121 bi-weekly



$224 bi-weekly

Loaded and ready to travel only 78,000km Stock #3411

Fully loaded with Navigation only 48,000km Stock #3395 48,000km



$311 bi-weekly


$271 bi-weekly Fees




$121 bi-weekly


Fully loaded with Remote start only 68,000km Stock #11165A 68,000km

$121 bi-weekly


$99 bi-weekly



$109 bi-weekly




$117 bi-weekly



$184 bi-weekly


$218 bi-weekly






Short Box Z71, One owner trade loaded 2wd only 71,000km Stock #11309A 71,000km

4x4, Fresh trade loaded only 122,000km Stock #11203AA

Loaded one owner trade only 99,000km Stock #11329A

A/C auto V8 only only 45,000km Stock #3420

Fully loaded with remote starter only 64,000km Stock #3419 64,000km



$216 bi-weekly



$216 bi-weekly



$187 bi-weekly


$218 bi-weekly


149 Madawaska Blvd., Arnprior, Ontario K7S 1S6

Tel: 613-623-3137


Call Now! ✓ Good Credit ✓ Bad Credit ✓ No Credit 1-888-734-3276 Ext 112

* Prices include all fees only PST and GST extra. All fees and taxes included in bi-weekly payments. Rates from 7.9%. Some may be rental returns. Finance terms vary from 36 to 84 months. See Reid Bros for complete details. 461455

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EXCHANGE POLICY Industry leading 30 days

The Renfrew Mercury - April 21, 2011


EASTER AUTO HUNT We are closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday to prepare for our GIANT Easter Monday SALE

2011 GRAND

2011 DODGE

2011 GRAND












5 NEW 2010 Models Priced to Move! 2010 DODGE

2010 DODGE

2010 DODGE

2010 DODGE

2010 DODGE






For full inventory see ARNPRIOR

Come In and Save! Prices include All Fees, just add GST and PST

205 Madawaska Blvd, Arnprior 613-623-4256

View our Full Inventory @



The Omelet Murder Case is a spoof on the Shakespearean play, Hamlet, with action taking place in 1920s Chicago. In this scene, private investigator Shake Speare, played by Kurtis Oattes, gets his hand stuck in a jar while looking for evidence. Nearby, Hamlet (played by John Andrews) makes a point with Claude (played by Charlie Bossy) as the maid (Alex Spurrell) and nurse (Daniell Visneskie) look on.

Somewhere down the road you’re going to have to think about it. McPhail & Perkins Funeral Home invites you to a free, educational seminar on estate planning. Join us on Wednesday, May 11, at 7:00 p.m., at Trinity St. Andrew’s United Church, 291 Plaunt Street South, Renfrew (please use the front entrance).

These are the cast and crew members for Renfrew Collegiate Institute’s play, The Omelet Murder Case, performed last month at the Sears Drama Festival in Pembroke. In a March 30 awards ceremony, students were recognized for their festival accomplishments. These included RCI student Adam Campbell with an award of merit for directing and Emily Waterston with an award of excellence in costume design. From left, in the front row, are Charlie Bossy, Sheena Berry, director Adam Campbell, Kurtis Oattes and Alex Spurell; back row, Hailie Harris, Anthony Burton, Cody Vanderhayden, Jacob Bell, Emily Waterston, teacher advisor Debbie Rodden, Kim Eady, John Andrews and Daniell Visneskie. RCI’s festival entry wasn’t selected to advance to the regionals, but An off-stage moment for pipe- as Rodden says, “Everyone was smoking Claude, Hamlet’s stepfa- laughing, which is what you want ther. He is played by Charlie Bossy. with a comedy.”

Learn how you can save money, reduce taxes, protect your estate and help your loved ones cope.

Seating is limited, to register:

McPhail & Perkins Funeral Home | 85 Munroe Avenue East, Renfrew, ON K7V 3K2 |

In February of 2011, Cheryl Gallant was condemned by her boss Stephen Harper for actions and statements that he said were

Renfrew Collegiate photos by Amanda Springer, Anthony Burton and Kim Eady. Mrs. Gallant has clearly lost the confidence of the Prime Minister, meaning that the interests of our riding Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke suffer as well.

HEC CAN DO BETTER ! MUCH BETTER TTER !! As your Independent Member of Parliament, I’ll be able to fight for your concerns far more effectively than any party politician. I have one boss. And that’s you.


I’m Hec Clouthier




613-687-6423 Endorsed by Robert B. Sheppard Official Agent for Hec Clouthier Campaign


613 - 432 - 2866,

April 21, 2011 - The Renfrew Mercury


Heritage Need Legal Assistance? Call a paralegal

1935: Steam causes alarm at Budd Fur store APRIL 20, 1911 CROQUET IN RENFREW: Those interested in croquet will be pleased to learn there is a special invitation to them to participate in scientific croquet this year in Renfrew. Mr. Alex Dick has abandoned the idea of using his lawn as a croquet course, and is assisting Mr. W.G. Draper, on Bonnechere Street, in constructing a clay croquet court without any grass or turf, and the finished court will be as level as a billiard table. Messrs. Dick and Draper extend a hearty invitation to any one wishing to play this scientific game to join them. POWER METERS ARE BETTER NOW: Users of meters of the Renfrew Power Co. plant may now be most contented that the instrument gives a just record, for this week Mr. H.G. Roach, the government electrical expert and inspector, made official test of the Renfrew Power Co.’s meters, and found not one single bad one in a lot of over 190. According to the government rule all meters have to be re-tested every five years at least. APRIL 16, 1936 STEAM CAUSES ALARM: Steam was seen emerging from

a fanlight over the front door of the Budd Fur Store this morning and a member of the fire brigade thinking something was wrong, procured a key and opened the street door. He lost no time about opening the rear door too, also in turning a valve to shut off escaping steam. Walls, ceilings and goods showed plentifully of moisture, but it is not thought in the absence from town of Mr. Budd, that any damage was done. A fanlight of generous size also permitted the escape into the open air of much of the steam. THE EASTER SEASON AS SEEN IN RENFREW: Good Friday had much of a Sunday appearance in Renfrew. Nearly all of the places of business were closed while silence reigned at the schools and at the banks. The day was a bright one in the matter of weather, contrasting with the next day when umbrellas were carried. Easter Sunday had better weather, and the fashion show was on. In all the churches services were appropriate to the day, showing particularly in the music which was of the joyous kind peculiar to the festival of the lilies. Visitors were numerous in town. Probably as many went away to other places for the

holiday. Passenger traffic on the railways was heavy. APRIL 21, 1971 HULL FIRM BUYS PLANT IN RENFREW: The Renfrew Textiles has been purchased by Hanson Mills Limited of Hull, Quebec. James Kenny, president of the Hanson firm, said that the Renfrew plant will be used to supply yarn for the Hull mill. The Renfrew plant was recently closed by Artex Woollens Ltd. of Hespeler, Ontario. The plant under the new operation will employ about 25 people, and will compliment the overcrowded Hull operaton. PARKING PROBLEMS: Easter Saturday, Mrs. Muriel Stephens

Susan Sheehy Paralegal Services

and her sister from Toronto were shopping, and after parking their car, noticed a red box of some sort on the parking meter in front of them. Upon going over to look at it, they found it was a packet of matches with the name Joe Leith engraved on it. A message read “Gone to get my hair done, if meter runs out, please replace and I will return your money.” So naturally Muriel put some money in the meter and kept the match box for a souvenier. Her sister assures her nothing like that could happen in Toronto. For help with research contact

• Free 1/2 hour consultation • Evening and weekend appointments available • Offsite client meetings if necessary

Tel: 613-623-6193 766 Milton Stewart Avenue Arnprior, ON

Services provided with integrity, pride and compassion

NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE ESTATE OF HAROLD JOHN ENGLISH LATE OF THE TOWNSHIP OF ADMASTON/BROMLEY, IN THE COUNTY OF RENFREW, FARMER, DECEASED. NOTICE is hereby given that all creditors and others having claims against the above-named deceased, who died on or about the 8th day of March, 2011, are required to file particulars thereof with the undersigned on or before the 9th day of May, 2011. AND TAKE NOTICE that after the last mentioned date the assets of the estate will be distributed to the persons entitled, having regard only to those claims of which notice shall have been received as aforesaid. DATED at Renfrew, this 7th day of April, 2011. Colleen James, Executrix of the Estate by her Solicitors, McNab, Stewart & Prince Barristers & Solicitors 117 Raglan Street South Renfrew, Ontario K7V 1P8 421035



In the estate of


as a result of an accident or negligence?


Nelligan O’Brien Payne has a long tradition of assisting Ottawa Valley area individuals and families to receive the compensation they deserve following injury as a result of: >Õ̜“œLˆiÊUÊ/6ÊUÊ؜ܓœLˆiÊUÊLœ>ÌÊUÊmachinery malfunction farm vehicleÊUÊψ«ÃÊEÊv>ÃÊ>˜`ʓœÀi°


The Renfrew Mercury - April 21, 2011


Check out these Feature Homes!

For questions, contact:

Susan Bromley

613 231-8355


Ottawa 1209 Pinecrest Rd Charcoal Grey 1255 Tedder Ave Aged Cedar 21 Windchime Cr. Weathered Cedar Orleans 2004 Silver Pines Cr Aged Cedar 1970 Silver Pines Cr New Cedar 621 Steller St Black Smiths Falls 23 Alfred Street Aged Cedar 15 Jones Street Weathered Cedar

All persons having claims against the Estate of Peter Carl Comba, late of the Town of Renfrew, in the County of Renfrew, who died on or about the 24th day of March, 2011, are hereby notified to send particulars of same to the undersigned solicitor for the Estate Trustee, duly verified, on or before the 28th day of April, 2011, after which date the Estate will be distributed, with regard only to the claims of which the undersigned shall have notice, and the undersigned will not be liable to any person of whose claim they shall not then have notice. DATED at Renfrew, Ontario, this 31st day of March, 2011. CHOWN & SMITH, Brian D. Smith, Barrister & Solicitor, 297 Raglan Street, South, Renfrew, Ontario, K7V 1R6. Solicitor for the Estate Trustee. 459063


The all-new, all-powerful superphone. Introducing the MOTOROLA ATRIX,™ 169 599 only on Canada’s best network.


7 3 2 to choose from






Stk# 17944

MACK MacKENZIE MOTORS 547 New Street, Renfrew



7.79% x 60 mo.

Your Exclusive Home of Value Pricing


+ Tax



DISCLAIMER: *Just add taxes only **Bi-weekly payments include all fees & taxes O.A.C.



Owned & Operated by

Priority Business Service

STORE HOURS: Mon. - Wed. 9 a.m. - 6 p.m., Sat., Sun. 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Thurs. - Fri. 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.

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April 21, 2011 - The Renfrew Mercury




Arnprior Continued from Page 5 The strongest reaction came following a question about giving more money to the disabled and low-income seniors. Clouthier was last to speak, reminding people the question was directed at individual candidates and not party platforms. He vowed to act on constituents’ calls for help, be they major or minor. “I don’t care about these airy, fairy party policies,” he said, to huge applause. “I’m concerned about the people.” NDP candidate Eric Burton said paving the way for protecting pensions to prevent another Nortel fiasco when creditors got paid but retired workers were left with little was crucial. He also touched on reversing military pension clawbacks. On a similar topic earlier, Burton spoke movingly about his party’s precursor introducing the old age pension system as its first piece of legislation. He considers helping seniors as his party’s top priority. He also said Conservative plans to cut taxes for the largest corporations means less money for seniors, and won’t help his party move to include long-term care and homecare into the universal healthcare system. “That’s how we show seniors the respect they deserve after spending a lifetime working to build this great nation,” said Burton, an Arnprior resident, to mild applause. Green candidate Rosanne Van Schie, an economic development officer and bio-energy farmer, was the only candidate to talk about the riding’s forestry industry shipping pellets to southern Ontario to fill the electricitygenerating void created after the province ends coal fire use in 2014.

Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke Votes Van Schie spoke with feeling when she talked about assigning heritage status to the Ottawa River, something county municipalities, the province, four candidates and Conservative members other than Gallant want in place to attract tourists. However, the crowd bordered on angry when the divisive long gun registry was raised. Van Schie won applause when she said it detracted from “real issues.” Burton said after consulting with a sexual assault centre, he would vote to keep it. Tabbert said with two thirds of Canadians in favour, it couldn’t be struck down but that modifications should be put in place. Clouthier said the issue is kept alive by the Conservatives as a way to re-elect weak MPs like 11year incumbent Gallant. He also reminded the crowd Prime Minister Stephen Harper voted in favour of the gun registry on its first two readings in the House of Commons. Gallant, reading from a prepared statement as she has done on many occasions, said a majority Conservative government is needed to end the registry. Boos were accompanied by heckles from the back of the room. When she said “those of us with principles” much of the room erupted in laughter. Still, a small contingent of eight in the front row clapped furiously. Job creation was another popular topic raised by various questioners. Tabbert and Burton had the most concrete proposals. The Liberal candidate talked about offering small employers “an unemployment insurance holiday” of three years for hiring youths. The NDP candidate drew on his experience helping to create an economic development officer in Arnprior, which has paid off in filling industrial facilities previously vacant. Clouthier stuck to his theme

of working closely with employers, specifically those looking to attract doctors, by sitting in at the interview stage to promote riding’s various communities. Gallant talked about job cre-


Youth Easter Dance (ages 4 – 13) on April 16, 2011

at CALABOGIE COMMUNITY HALL from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm Use your imagination to create an Easter Bonnet or Easter Cap for the parade at the dance. Prizes for the most decorated, most unique. ADMISSION: 1 food item per person for the food bank.

Workshop Wonders (G. Boose) VENDERS ONLY – APRIL 28 Large quantity of wool and fibre material, some completed and some unfinished. Large quantity of accessory EG. Paints, approx 200 tubes, 40 paint brushes, buttons, eyes, wicker baskets, bows, pine cones, bird houses, deer, many crafter items too small to mention. Knitting needles.

YARD SALE APRIL 29 & 30 TV set, table and 4 chairs, patio doors, French doors, CD cabinet, 10x10 show tent, small fridge. BIG BLACK TRAILER 10 Peter, corner of Munroe




Flyer effective Friday, April 22nd to Thursday, April 28th, 2011 439658

Friday, April 22 to Thursday, April 28, 2011 439632

339 RAGLAN STREET, RENFREW (613) 432-7518




cillor, is also a long-time environmental activist. He founded the Greater Arnprior Environmental Action Council in 2006 and was a founding member of the Arnprior Farmers market committee. He organizes the annual TD shoreline cleanup on the Ottawa River every year, is a member of the Ontario NDP Environment Committee, and has co-chaired the Earth Day planning committee for five years. He initiated the first-ever Ottawa/Kitchisippi River Summit held in Gatineau, Quebec in 2010. “The Ottawa Valley is blessed with great rivers, lakes, forests, wetlands and arable land. We need a member of parliament who will champion local environmental initiatives like saving the Petawawa River, preserving the Research Forest and encouraging sustainable development,” Burton said.

ting taxes because Harper was involved in Ontario getting the single largest tax increase in the province’s history: the HST. Visit for local election news.


Burton urges focus on environment Following is a news release from the campaign of NDP candidate Eric Burton. Getting ready to celebrate Earth Day with his family, NDP candidate Eric Burton says that he is running in this election, in part, because the urgency of climate change calls for immediate action. “For too long now we have been silent while our water and air have been poisoned. We need to turn the page and build a sustainable future for generations to come”, he said. With climate change threatening everyone and fossil fuels growing scarce, Canada needs leadership that makes a priority of a clean environment and clean energy. He calls for Canada to adopt a correct mix of public investment and market solutions in order to create work in green technology, conservation and renewable energy. Burton, a former town coun-

ation in Petawawa and infrastructure projects that benefited from federal tax dollars. During closing remarks, Clouthier said the Conservatives were no better than Liberals on cut-



The Renfrew Mercury - April 21, 2011




The Beachburg Recreation Association is planning the fifth annual Beachburg Jam. Activities will be held Friday evening, May 27 and Saturday afternoon, May 28.

“We hope that this event will be a significant fundraiser for the recreation association with the money raised going towards maintenance and possible future renovations of the arena,”

said recreation association chairman Leo Regier. At its April 6 regular meeting, Whitewater council supported a community festival special occasion permit for the event.





Mercury photo by Peter Clark

Renfrew Mayor Bill Ringrose presents flowers to Carol McCuaig in honour of the author’s 50th book.

Carol McCuaig honoured after 50th book

A special lady was honoured at the Renfrew Innovation Centre Thursday evening. Carol Bennett McCuaig was on hand to sign copies of her latest book, Encountering the Wild. It wasn’t just another book. It was her 50th. “We are celebrating a wonderful achievement by one of our own. “ It’s an industrious achievement,” Renfrew Industrial Commission general manager Dave Lemkay said of McCuaig, who resides in Admaston-Bromley Township. A gathering of about 50 people greeted McCuaig, among them Barry Penhale of Natural Heritage Books, a part of Dundurn Publishing Company, which published McCuaig’s latest work. “I’ve had the pleasure of publishing with two or three of the world’s best nature writers, and she’s right up there with them,” Penhale said. Penhale formerly hosted the half-hour television show Sketches Of Our Town. One episode featured the Town of Renfrew. Renfrew mayor and former Renfrew Book Store owner Bill Ringrose congratulated McCuaig on behalf of the town. “Over the long haul, (McCuaig’s books were) the most popular selling books we had,” the mayor recalled. “I’m hoping, as time goes on, it’ll be 51, 52, 53 (books),” Ringrose added. Admaston-Bromley Township



councillor Ray Pender made a presentation to McCuaig on behalf of Mayor Raye-Anne Briscoe and the people of the township. SCROLL AND PIN PRESENTED Renfrew Reeve Audrey Green presented a scroll on behalf of Heritage Renfrew, and Cathy Hunt of Mount St. Patrick presented a pin for McCuaig’s “continuous contributions to Mount St. Patrick Parish over the years. We are so proud to have you as a part of our community.” Peter Milliken, just-retired Speaker of the House of Commons and a nephew of McCuaig’s said he is “looking forward to the 100th (book).” McCuaig’s daughter Jacquie Bennett, who lives in Aurora, spoke of her mother’s influence. “I am a singer/song writer and just released my second CD,” she said. “I got my creativity from her.” Greetings were also sent from MP Cheryl Gallant and MPP John Yakabuski. “I started writing at the age of six, about nature and religion because they were the only things I knew anything about,” McCuaig said. “Naturally, my mother thought I was a genius and kept all of it,” she added to her amused audience. When one person from the audience asked for advice for anyone aspiring to become a writer, McCuaig was quick to reply. “Yes,” she said. “Just get on with it!”

Flyer effective today. Ends April 27th! PRICES IN EFFECT FROM FRIDAY, APRIL 22 TO THURSDAY, APRIL 28, 2011 226 Raglan Street South, Renfrew (613) 432-8866



Sale ends Thursday, April 28, 2011 439743



THIS WEEK’S FEATURE Sale prices start Friday, April 22 until Sunday, May 1, 2011

83 Raglan St. S. DOWNTOWN RENFREW 459861


April 21, 2011 - The Renfrew Mercury

Beachburg’s jammin’ the weekend of May 27 and 28


The Renfrew Mercury - April 21, 2011


Renfrew County Expo 150 update JENNIFER LAYMAN Expo 150

“When you hold a large outdoor event on a piece of property with no infrastructure, it is a huge challenge,” says Fred Blackstein, who, along with Jack Wilson, is managing the site development for Expo 150. Blackstein is no stranger to organizing huge events, having had a hand in the successful International Plowing Match, among other initiatives. And the greatest compliment he will have is if no one realizes they are in an empty field when they arrive at Expo 150. The 21-acre site, which is a large field across from the terminal building of the Pembroke & Area Airport, will be transformed into a tented village for Expo 150. That part of the event began more than a year ago, with the planning of hydro and water distribution, layout of exhibitors, availability for parking and so on. Then you have things like a 28-tonne stage that needs to be secured on sandy ground, and a sanitation service that needs to be easily accessible for pumping. And when all of the items you need are in place, then you require 4,000 square feet of fencing to encase the site, and a few dozen hands to help put that together. “One of the larger challenges we had was electricity,” says Blackstein. When Expo 150 didn’t meet the mandate for the

hydro provider in the area, a new solution was needed. “Enter a committed community sponsor in Chris Pleau,” says Blackstein. “He’s providing propane-powered generators to ensure a power supply for this event.” Pleau is just one of the many businesses who stepped up to make Expo 150 happen. Whether it was P&G Pumping to provide sanitation, Ontario Clean Water Agency providing water, or CFB Petawawa assisting with labour, the event just does not take place without the commitment of the community. “This event wouldn’t be possible without the businesses and organizations who have been here to help,” says Blackstein, and Wilson agrees. “At the International Plowing Match, the equipment was provided by the International Plowmen’s Association,” says Wilson. “Here, we are asking people to come on site and put this up at their own cost. If we had to buy all of this, we would be in the hole for sure.” With less than two months to go for the largest local festival ever to be held in Renfrew County, people are still coming forward to volunteer their time and services. It is a kind of hospitality that defines this region. “Is this kind of hospitality unique to the Ottawa Valley? Yes. I can tell you from experience that it is,” says Blackstein. “Canadians talk about people in the Ottawa Valley the way Americans talk about Canadians being hospitable.” FACEBOOK FACTS Over 330 people have joined Expo 150

on Facebook, hearing about interesting people, places and events related to Renfrew County. You can become a fan today at www. Feel free to submit any interesting facts to us.

EXPO150.COM The events profiled here, and more, can be found online at We make regular updates to the site to keep everyone aware of the new things becoming part of Expo 150. A portion of all proceeds donated to the Food Bank.

OFFICE 613-623-7922 Enright Real Estate Brokerage INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED

330 White Lake Road, Arnprior, Ontario

DIRECT 613-432-5573

June Laplaunte, Sales Rep

GREAT STARTER OR INVESTMENT PROPERTY This 2 br home has W NE ICE new laminate flooring, PR spacious eat-in kitchen, family room, dry basement, new soffit and fascia, new electric panel, electric to single car garage. $129,900 MLS# 779647





2200 Calabogie Rd. SAT. APR. 23, 2 - 4 Bring the whole family – room to roam on this gorgeous property, creek and pond, also includes free golf and skiing at Calabogie Peaks, living room has stone fireplace, large family room, pool and gazebo, two garages - everything your family needs! MLS# 778886

NEW quality built home, hardwood floors, custom kitchen, full basement, large low- e argon windows, specially constructed foundation to minimize heating costs. You will not be disappointed. $264,900 MLS# 778885


New roof, 4 yr old furnace and gas fireplace, hardwood floors, full basement, single detached garage. Just a little sweat equity and you will have a great starter home or investment property. All for $114,900 MLS #785111

SPRING IS COMING Two great building lots on the Bonnechere – 5 acres in Douglas $69,900. 2.25 Acres near Renfrew – beautifully treed, both great for fishing, swimming and canoeing or kayaking. $59,900.

v“ˆ‘ëo’˜–ˆën˜Œ‡ˆ Your key to must-see homes in the area! Century 21 lhk€êylhs{€±êpuj­ê

Sun. May. 1 2-4 p.m.



Sat. Apr. 23 2-4 p.m.

5268 Queen St., DOUGLAS

2200 Calabogie Rd.

Vincent Johnston, Sales Rep. 613-433-2254

June Laplaunte, Sales Rep. 613-623-7922

For more information on these and other listings, please check out the regular real estate ads in this edition.


37 Helping you is what we do.


Gerry O'Neil Broker of Record 613-432-2333

Sherri Cobus Sales Representative 613-432-1947

Allison Shields-Mulvihill Sales Representative 613-433-2880

Christena McNab Mike Coulas Sales Representative Sales Representative 613-570-1443 613-432-0092

Marianne Carroll Broker 613-433-4275


RES 300 AC


A MUST SEE Enjoy this turn of the century 2 ½ storey brick home with 3 floors of living space. Completely updated with lots of charm & character. Newer kitchen. All newer windows, updated 1 ½ baths, spacious master bedroom + sitting room/office. Side porch & deck. All appliances included

406 HUBERS ROAD • 2 storey, 4 bedroom updated farmhouse • Several log outbuildings & heated 3 bay garage • Wraparound porch MLS#782100

63 MCBRIDE ROAD • 3+2 bedroom bungalow with finished lower level • Open concept kitchen, living & dining room • Hardwood & ceramic flooring throughout


DON’T MISS IT • 4 bedroom, 2 storey brick house, eat-in kitchen, main floor laundry •Newer furnace, windows and roof •Detached Garage • $204,900 MLS#787563



298 BALDWIN AVENUE • 1.5 storey 3 bedroom home in lovely neighbourhood • Many upgrades already done • Nestled on corner lot close to school playground MLS#782385


26405 HWY#41 • Private Country Setting! • 2 bedroom, 2 bath, hillside home on 3.28 acres walk-out lower level family room • Large single garage with workshop & spacious loft MLS#784143

BUILDING LOTS 46 HARAMIS DRIVE In-town building lot in prime residential area! MLS#783813 161 BANK STREET Excellent in-town building lot for your dream home! MLS#770784 280 MASK ROAD Building lot in Industrial Park. Zoned M3 with many possibilities! MLS#779371 O’BRIEN ROAD Excellent location for highway access. 1 acre lot in the heart of high commercial activity. Plenty of options & potential. MLS#781726

63 ALVA DRIVE • Spacious 2+2 bedroom family home, 1.5 baths, oak kitchen cabinets & patio doors from dining to backyard • Fully finished lower level • Attached double heated garage MLS#755689


RES 150 AC

429 MCNULTY ROAD • Hobby farm great for all recreational activities • 1 ½ storey home, 3 bedrooms, office, spacious eat-in kitchen • Private location MLS#788712

98 & 100 RAGLAN STREET SOUTH • 1200 sq.ft. retail space + 2 – 1 bedroom apartments upstairs (currently rented) • Plenty of parking • Immediate occupancy MLS#775296


463 JESSUP ROAD • 2+2 bedroom bungalow on 1 acre with open concept dining room & kitchen • Completely finished lower level with large family room • Immaculate & Private MLS#781290

708 FOURTH AVENUE • Detached 3 bedroom bungalow on quiet street, large lower level family room • Fully insulated garage/ workshop • Spic & span, inside & out MLS#775840

102 MERVIN LANE This Spring make your dreams come true with this fully upgraded family home. Fully finished rec. room, office & bedroom in lower level. 2.6 acres in the heart of beautiful Burnstown. Close to beach & boat launch. Quick access to Hwy’s #508 & #17. Call now to book your viewing.

375 AIRTH BLVD. • Spacious 2 storey, 4 bedroom home on nice corner lot, close to amenities • Detached single garage plus carport • Immediate Occupancy MLS#787716

Catherine O'Neil Broker 613-432-2333

660 HYDRO BAY ROAD • Great location to build your dream home on the lake • 19 acres, 725’ of waterfront, very private • Excellent for recreational activities MLS#755153


72 PRINCE STREET • Central to downtown area • Unit C – 760 sq. ft. Unit D – 900 sq. ft. • Rent includes heat & hydro MLS#781732,781733


627 FORTINGTON STREET • Great location for your business • Bright & spacious, 2 front door entry, private office in back • Plenty of parking available MLS#770869


April 21, 2011 - The Renfrew Mercury

39 Renfrew Ave. W., Unit 1 Renfrew, Ontario 613-432-8122

The Renfrew Mercury - April 21, 2011



Metro City Realty Ltd. (Renfrew) Brokerage A locally owned Independent Member Broker

330 Plaunt St. S., Renfrew K7V 1N3


Cell 613-432-0058

432-7562 •





Watch for the Next Open House!

177 & 181 ELK ST.


Completely finished and ready to “move-in”. 2 - 2 storey 3 bedroom homes.

5 more bungalows (similar to drawing) about to be built on Foxden Street


94 BONNECHERE ST., EGANVILLE A trendy inviting 2 bedroom home on almost an acre of land – two outbuildings – lots of storage – a cozy front verandah and a side screened porch – laundry on second level in an outstanding 4 pce. bathroom – wood floors – must be seen – affordable living. Call Helen at 432-0058 to view.



5450 HWY. 132, DACRE Custom brick bungalow with 3 bedrooms, living room with fireplace, separate dining room, kitchen, 4 pce. and 2 pce. baths plus lower level is completely finished to afford lots of additional living space – c/air – oil heat – deck at rear – above ground pool – 3.16 acres of land – 15 minute drive from town. Call Helen @ 432-0058.

381 LISGAR ST. A duplex with two separate driveways and the front unit has 3 bedrooms, living room, spacious kitchen, hardwood flooring and ceramic – new cabinets, new bath – new carpeting – second unit has 2 bedrooms, living room and kitchen with new cabinets – each unit pays heat and hydro separately – good revenue and a good investment. Call Helen @ 432-0058 to view.

296 JORDAN AVE. 2 storey home in excellent location – extremely well maintained on three levels – family room with fireplace at the rear of the first level is inviting, dining area off kitchen plus living room with hardwood flooring – spacious master bedroom on first level – 4 pce. bath as well. Second level has one bedroom plus office/den and half bath. Call Helen at 432-0058.


163 ELK ST. (Hunter Gate Subdivision)

110 HARAMIS DR. 101 GRANT BLVD. A well kept bungalow awaits you with two bedrooms and a finished rec room on the lower level – new windows, furnace, gas stove – patio doors off dining area – large living room and well appointed kitchen – nice rear yard for summer BBQ’s – deck at rear – paved drive – central air – a pleasure to view so Call Helen @432-0058.

Custom, custom, custom!!! A gorgeous interior and a manicured and professionally landscaped lot – hardwood and ceramic flooring – large living –dining room with gas fireplace – eat-in kitchen overlooking rear yard – laundry on main level plus two full baths – lower level is totally finished with a family room, bedroom with ensuite and ample storage – gas heat – c/air – one of Renfrew’s best locations. Call Helen @ 432-0058.

T JUS D E T S I L 102 HARAMIS DR. Building lot in a prime residential area, measuring 57.35 feet x 112.66 feet deep – ready for construction to commence. Call Helen at 432-0058.

357 MCLEAN ST. 3 bedroom maintenance free bungalow – good residential area – paved drive – detached single garage – newer windows, doors, kitchen cabinets, and countertop – finished rec. room in lower level – gas heat – new flooring – a great home!!!! Call Helen to view at 432-0058.

This new two bedroom custom bungalow is presently under construction – open concept living – dining – kitchen - master bedroom with ensuite plus additional 4 pce. bath – laundry on main level – full basement – fully serviced lot - Tarion warrantied - attached double garage – hardwood and ceramic flooring – will be completed to perfection! Come and see the interior floor plan. Call Helen @432-0058.

LOTS FOR SALE • COMM. BUILDING LOT - Raglan St. N. • BARRYVALE, MORNINGSIDE CRT. 2 acres - treed lot - test holes completed • MARGARET ST. R.R.#6 RENFREW - 132x165 • COMM. LAND HWY #60 - Fully serviced - C-2 zoning - 3 parcels

• HARAMIS DR. (MANOR ESTATES) Fully serviced lots • HUNTER’S GATE SUBDIVISION Otteridge ave. 16 lots - fully serviced

News Continued from front page These include Councillor Tom Anderson’s expressed concern that he wasn’t happy to approve the summary budget. Rather, he said he still wanted to review the larger budget document of more than 40 pages, in case he still had questions. Another remaining issue is the plan to set aside $10,000 for the town’s National Hockey

Association/National Hockey League committee museum committee to prepare a site as a tribute to Renfrew as the founding home of the NHA. Coun. Jim Miller had pitched the museum proposal, but Anderson held up the onepage document and expressed dissatisfaction with its lack of detail. Anderson said he wanted to know more about how the $10,000


199 TASSE AVE Asking $139,900, great value and many updates throughout, spacious interior, three bedroom home, hardwood flooring, newer gas furnace, newer windows, newer siding.


Cell 613-432-0319

432-7562 • NEW E C PRI


BRAND NEW 431 Eady Rd, finishing touches being added, this four bedroom home has hardwood flooring, finished basement, insulated and heated garage. MLS# 783087

See ‘Council’, Page 46


Metro City Realty Ltd. (Renfrew) Brokerage A locally owned Independent Member Broker

330 Plaunt St. S., Renfrew K7V 1N3

would be spent. The document says staff would be provided via special grants and volunteers, including NHA/NHL committee input and/or town management. Anderson questioned if town management has the time or resources to be involved in the project.

PRIME BUILDING LOT 154 Haramis Dr, asking only $47,500. If you are thinking of building, look here. It has 186 feet of depth and great views. MLS# 784648

GREAT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY Asking $109,900, 697 Seventh St, with built in tenants, this two bedroom with fenced rear yard and new kitchen has lots to offer. MLS# 783587


HWY 60 COMMERCIAL LOT Asking $219,900 for this 4 Acre Commercial lot serviced with town water, sewer. MLS# 786734.

ARGYLE ST COMMERCIAL SPACE Prime Central location, many option exist for this lot and building with spectacular views. MLS# 782020

CENTENNIAL LAKE RD. Only $29,900 for this 4.5 acre building lot with mature forest and paved road at your doorstep. Close to public boat launch. Hydro and Bell at your door. MLS# 743026


GREAT FAMILY BUNGALOW Priced to sell, 127 Grant Blvd. At $225,000 this home has lots to offer, oversized lot, large addition with gas fireplace, new kitchen, hardwood flooring, finished basement. MLS#782332


SPACIOUS NEW COUNTRY HOME Eady RD, close to town, 1 acre lot, 4 bederooms, hardwood flooring, 2.5 baths MLS# 765550.

MINK LAKE RD. Drilled Well and Septic installed, fenced building lot, just awaiting your house plans. MLS# 786232

GREAT LOCATION AND VALUE Updated throughout, this four bedroom home has space for all with extra garage at rear. Spacious renovated kitchen. MLS# 783971.


661 GRAPHITE BAY RD Asking $285,000 for this well maintained waterfront home, open interior, three bedrooms. double car garage, miles of lake to explore. MLS #786841

OVERLOOKING THE RIVER Curb appeal, this well maintained three bedroom bungalow has a great interior floorplan. Generous sized bedrooms, spacious kitchen and a large insulated garage. Private setting with river access. MLS# 786392.

GREAT OPPORTUNITY GREAT LOCATION Loads of potential with this 5 bedroom home. Central location, large garage in rear with loft. MLS# 782998

April 21, 2011 - The Renfrew Mercury

Councillor Anderson wants closer look at budget



The Renfrew Mercury - April 21, 2011



29 Raglan St. S., Renfrew, ON K7V 1P8


Morris Eady

Dennis Yakaback

Broker of Record



OPEN HOUSE 2:00p.m. - 4:00p.m. Your host: Vincent Johnston 613-433-2254

$149,900 MLS #781822

NEW LISTING - 80 BANK ST. • $156,900 • Great family home • 3 bedrooms • 1 1/2 baths • 20’ x 13’ main floor family room • Attached garage Call Rick 613-401-3212 to view

NEW LISTING - 778 SEVENTH ST. • $134,900 • 2 Bedrooms • Fenced rear yard • Detached garage • Above ground pool • Small utility bills MLS#789036 Call Vince 613-433-2254 to view

• $359,900 • 1986 sq ft per floor • 3 + 4 Bedrooms • 3 Baths • Quartz & granite countertops • Hardwood floors MLS #785807 Call Kelly for more info 613-433-2681




Patti Reid Sales Rep.



202 BRYDGES ROAD 5268 Queen St. Douglas Sunday May 1, 2011


Real Estate Broker


• $224,900 • Custom Design • Hardwood & Ceramic Flooring • Ensuite Bath • 2 Bedrooms • Economical Living MLS #783172. Call Morris for more info 613-432-1830


Charlene Riopelle Vincent Johnston Kelly Derue Sales Rep. Real Estate Broker Badour Sales Rep. Cell 433-2254 Cell 433-2681 Cell 433-4082


• $249,900 • Brick Bungalow • 3 Bedrooms • Attached garage • 2 Lower rental units • Backs onto the Bonnechere River MLS #788973. Call Dennis 613-432-0041 to view

Call Charlene for more info 613-433-4082 MLS #779119


Sales Rep.




Rick Reid

NEW LISTING - 126 OPEONGO RD. • $169,900 • 2 Storey • 3 Bedrooms • Centrally located • Recently Renovated Call Morris 613-432-1830 to view

Call Vince for more info @ 613-433-2254 MLS#783854

5184 QUEEN ST.

NEW LISTING - 1494 GILLAN RD. • $278,900 • Extreme Home Makeover • 3 Bedrooms • 2 car heated garage • Rear deck • Beautifully landscaped MLS # 788690 Call Dennis 613-432-0041 to view

• $119,900 • 4 Bedrooms • Well Maintained - Move in ready • Large living room w/woodstove • Renovated kitchen MLS #780333. Call Patti 613-401-0197 or Rick 613-401-3212 to view


• $139,900 • 1 1/2 Storey • 3 Bedrooms • Large Lot • Quiet Neighbourhood MLS #787395. Call Charlene at 613-433-4082



• All Brick • Double paved driveway • Gas heat - Central air • 3 Bedrooms • Quiet neighborhood MLS #785132 $189,900 Call Morris for more info 613-432-1830



• Ravine lot! • 3 bedrooms with main floor master • attached single garage • laundry hook-ups on main level • full basement • newer gas furnace - heat $63/month MLS# 783528. Call Patti 401-0197 or Rick 401-3212

On Duty This Weekend Dennis Yakaback

• $229,900 • Beautifully decorated • 4 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • New gas furnace • Fenced rear yard MLS #784987. Call Charlene for more info 613-433-4082

• $199,900 • Corner Property • 2 Homes • Main house, 5 bedroom , 3 Baths • Rental house - 1 Bedroom • Excellent Investment Property MLS # 785595. Call Morris 613-432-1830 to view

• $349,900 • 47 Acres • 3 Bedrooms • 3 Baths • Woodburning Fireplace • 3 Stall Barn MLS #783317 Call Kelly 613-433-2681 to view

Broker 613-432-0041 • $124,900 • 3 Bedrooms • Centertown Location • Economical Living • Appliances Included • Familyroom MLS #781718. Call Kelly 613-433-2681

I welcome your weekend call on any listed property

Agriculture MAYNARD VAN DER GALIEN RURAL ROUTES land. You drive for two hours and then suddenly the bush ends and you look down on a beautiful valley of flat land and modern farms. Thousands of years ago it was a sea. Now it’s fertile agricultural land. It’s quite a change of scenery as you descend into the valley that continues for hundreds of miles. I’ve been in small agricultural valleys in mountainous countries such as Switzerland and Norway



124 BELLAMY WAY GOLDEN LAKE Sales Representative Office 613-432-7562 Cell 613-401-2824

of 4,100 feet. The posted speed limit is 45 mph. There are numerous runaway truck ramps if their brakes fail. It’s a long and steep descent. Part way down the mountain there’s a little break in the trees and you can see the huge valley below. What a spectacular sight! When we drove down the mountain last October it was a clear day and we could flat-land all the way to the horizon. The 225-mile-long San Joaquin Valley is one of the world’s most fertile agricultural zones. There’s nothing like it on earth. Moses would have been impressed!




and was glad to leave the mountains behind. Stand on high plateaus, ridges or mountains in countries like Germany and France and you can also see breath-taking scenery – miles of green farmland. But the best view of a huge agricultural valley is from the Tehachapi Mountains when you drive north from Los Angeles to the San Joaquin Valley in central California. The interstate winds through the mountains at Tejon Pass, the narrowest point. The pass has a mostly gradual rise from its southern approach, but there is a precipitous descent to the north, as you descend from an elevation

Very private waterfront home on the shores of Golden Lake. Beautiful gardens surround this incredible property that is right on the water. Property is beautiful. Call today. MLS #769757.

TIMBER TRAIL Build a cottage or home on the Madawaska River. Enjoy all that the river has to offer. Call today 613-401-2824

Quality built ICF 3 bedroom home. Beautiful open concept with many upgrades. Radiant in floor heating. Heated double car garage as well. Landscaped yard surrounds this home. MLS #784899. Call David for a showing. 613-401-2824.


5450 HWY 132

Extremely well maintained 3 bedroom bungalow with gleaming hardwood floors and many upgrades. Excellent location. MLS #783391. Call David 613-401-2824

Large 3 bedroom bungalow situated on over 3 acres of property. Central a/ c, above ground pool, and large deck at the rear. MLS #788220 Please call David.613-401-2824

RENFREW COUNTY ROSS PEEVER Sales Representative Res.


Metro City Realty Ltd. (Renfrew) Brokerage A locally owned Independent Member Broker

330 Plaunt St. S., Renfrew K7V 1N3

Visit us on the web at



1018 McNAB RD., CALABOGIE 3 SEASON COTTAGE – Located in Barryvale area, 2 minutes from golf course, 10 minutes from ski hill. Maintenance free kit., LR with brick fireplace, 3 BDR, newer sunroom overlooking the lake. Lot 50 by 169. Asking $409,900. Call Ross 433-1133 for details .

170 TASSE AVE. R-4000, brand new bungalow, open concept, kit., D.R., separate L.R., 14pc bath jacuzzi, separate shower, 2 good size B.D.’s, full unfinished basement with plumbing for bath, laundry room facilities, E.B.R. heat. Asking $219,000. Call Ross at 613433-1133.


Mobile home; with large addition, features include: kit., L.R., 2 B.D.R., family room 17’x12’, sewing room 18’x11’, propane heat, separate insulated shed, two decks out front, all this on large lot, asking $98,500. Call Ross for details 613-433-1133.

604 FORTINGTON ST. Kitchen, DR, Large L.R. with hardwood Fl., 1-4 pc bath, sec fl, 3 BDR, 1-2pc bath, full basement with rec room, BFA, Gas boiler heat, Back deck, 1 car detached garage, Don’t miss out on this home. Asking $199,000.Call Ross 433-1133.

246 OPEONGO RD. Custom Brick bungalow, kit, D.R., L.R., with brick fireplace, mbr. with 4pc ensuite, 2 b.r. lots of closet space, and full family bath. Walk-out basement with rec room on ground level, large unfinished area, gas heat, a/c, large back deck overlooking part of Renfrew, 2 car attached garage, paved drive, many more highlights. Call Ross at 433-1133.

LOOKING FOR ROOM? THEN TAKE A LOOK AT THIS HOUSE 193 ROSS ST. 2 1/2 story brick home. Kit, Large LR; 2nd Flr 2 BDR 1- 4 pc bath. Top level Large MBR. Basement unfinished, F.A. Gas with central air , mostly new windows throughout. Price $139,900. Call Ross for details at 433-1133.


Vinyl sided bungalow, Kit, LR, 2 BDR, 1-4 Bath, Laundry Room, Very Very in-expensive to live in. Price $118,000. Call Ross for details 613-433-1133.

137 McANDREW AVE 2 STRY vinyl sided home, features include, eat-in kit, LR with GAS Fireplace, separate DR, Laundry room with 1-2pc bath. 2nd floor includes Large Master Bedroom, 19’ by 13’ plus walk in closet, 2 BDR. 1- 4 pc bath. Large 2 level side deck with above ground pool. $169,900.Call Ross for further details 433-1133.


1075A LAKE DORE RD Location, Location! Family home on the beautiful shores of Lake Dore. 165ft of magnificent eye catching waterfrontgreat swimming.The home has been freshly painted throughout.Hardwood floor in LR & hall. Ceramic tile in kitchen & hall bath. Livingroom overlooks the lake.Huge rec room with floor to ceiling stone fireplace.2 car garage, gazebo, dock, c/a & c/v.New roof June/10. 3.2 acres of easily maintained grounds. Call Ross for viewing 613-433-1133.

186 PINNACLE ROAD 4 LEVEL SPLIT - MINUTES FROM RENFREW Eat in Kit with new pot lights, leads to large deck, Separate D.R., L.R., all overlooking Renfrew. Upper level features BDR, 1-4pc bath, Large MBR, 13pc ensuite with jacuzzi tub highlighted by skylight, large walk in closet; 2nd level has, cozy family room, laundry room plus 1-3pc bath, furnace room. Lower level, B.D.R., large hallway, 2 car fully insulated garage, beautiful hardwood floors throughout this home, pave drive, quality landscaped. Call Ross for details at 433-1133.

April 21, 2011 - The Renfrew Mercury

View from the top of the mountain

For me, spectacular scenery is being on top of a mountain, or a high ridge, and looking down over a valley of flat agricultural land as far as the eye can see. When I’m overlooking such a valley, I sometimes think of what Moses must have thought when he stood on Mount Nebo and looked down over the Promised Land that God was giving to the Israelites. Mount Nebo is an elevated ridge in what is now western Jordan. Moses could only see the land of Canaan from a distance; God did not allow him to enter the land. When you drive north of North Bay to New Liskeard you see forest and rocks. There is no productive



What’s up at Renfrew Collegiate BY DEBORAH FOOHEY

Emergency services hosted by MADD St. Joseph’s Catholic High School is a true community partner and often opens their doors for community events. Some examples include the Heart Wise exercise program on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings, or community recreational sports such as Thursday night volleyball. During the summer months, SJHS will sometimes play host to musical community theatre productions such the Really Cool Initiatives Broadway productions scheduled for August JAGUAR JOURNAL this year. On Friday, April 15, SJHS opened their doors to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada to hold a Death Notification Training course for emergency service workers, victim services volunteers, and students who are studying in these fields. Approximately 70 people attended for a three-hour session with representatives from the Ontario Provincial Police, Arnprior Fire Department, Renfrew County Victim Services and a large group of students from Algonquin College. The trainer was introduced by Kathryn Windsor, Community Leader for the local Renfrew County Chapter of MADD. Lloyd Grahame retired from Windsor Police Service as a Staff Sergeant after 30 years of service. For the past eleven years, Grahame has been a death notification trainer for MADD Canada, travelling across the country to provide this training. This training identifies to police officers and others, the do’s and don’ts of how to properly notify the next of kin of a death. During his career, retired Staff Sergeant Grahame recognized the need for more formalized training in the area of death notifications. Grahame said, “This moment (the time of giving a death notification) may not be significant in your life but, will be remembered forever by the grieving family.” It was emphasized that we cannot fix a grieving family’s pain but, if we do a proper notification, we empower the family to work through their pain or grief. He taught that, if you give a notification properly, in a kind, compassionate, healing way, their healing process starts immediately. The participants finished the evening with a better understanding of the process of giving a death notification involving fundamental steps and a better understanding of the importance of showing compassion and providing support to the grieving family. All participants received a Death Notification Training certificate at the end of the evening. All were reminded that a proper notification is one that is done in time, in person, in pairs, in simple language and with compassion. We are very thankful for the great work being done by MADD Canada and hope that everyone will share their mission statement “to stop impaired driving and to support victims of this violent crime.” For more information on MADD Canada, visit


OFFICE/WAREHOUSE 53 James St. Arnprior

Office/Showroom for lease Clean office/showroom with manager’s office, kitchen, barrier free washroom and 1000 SF warehouse with loading door, starting from 1600 SF to 5400 SF. Call Michael 613.724.8260

517 CASTLEFORD RD, RENFREW Fabulous 4-bedroom family home on 28 acres of private bush. Space to spare with main floor laundry and den, lower level family room, detached insulated this one is a MUST SEE! workshop. $399,000

Dianne Gillette, Broker direct phone 613-721-7512 Keller Williams VIP Realty,



Presentor Lloyed Grahame and Constable Mark Condron at Friday evening’s presentation sponsored by MADD.

We are delighted to announce that Joe Steele has been elected student trustee for the Renfrew County District School Board. Five students from schools across the county gave a ten minute presentation to the school board, after which an election was held. Joe will represent the students of RCDSB at Board Meetings, offering a student voice to the proceedings. Congratulations Joe! R.C.I student Jake Cartman recently earned a third place finish in the Canadian National Wrestling Championships. He also competed in the Federation Internationale Lutte Association Wrestling (FILA) competition, earning a second place finish. With this result, Jake narrowly missed representing Canada in the World Cadet Wrestling Championship to be held in Hungary in July. Jake is to be commended for his remarkable accomplishment at this important competition. Keegan Melville had an amazing experience in Nashville, attending Grammy Award winning Bass player Victor Wooten’s Bass camp on April 9t and 10. His weekend included 18 hours of playing over two days, performing with musicians from all over the world, one from as far away as India! He also had the opportunity to receive a private lesson from Mr. Wooten. Keegan and his parents enjoyed the hospitality

of Victor Wooten and his family. This experience will prove invaluable as he pursues music at university next year. Our Concert Band is eagerly anticipating attending a Music Monday celebration hosted by Opeongo High School Music Department on Monday, May 2. The Coalition for Music Education website states the purpose of Music Monday as “…an annual event that brings together thousands of students, musicians, parents and community members across the country to celebrate the gift of music in our lives on the same day at the same time.” Seven high school bands, made up of 200 students from across Renfrew County will gather to perform this year’s commissioned song Tomorrow is Coming by Luke Doucet, as well as a number of other selections that will be performed at an afternoon concert, following a rehearsal in the morning. This will be a fantastic event for our musicians! Our Technology Department is busy preparing for Options 2011, the Renfrew County Skilled Trades Competition. Held at the Pembroke Memorial Centre on April 28, students from across the county will compete in masonry, Pit Stop Challenge, team carpentry, photography, desktop publishing, hairstyling, small engines, cabinet-making, culinary arts and welding. Good luck to all our competitors! Mr. Donahue’s

Construction class is also in the crocess of building two ticket booths for the fairground. The Grade 10 history and English students visited the War Museum on April 20. This important trip brings to life the contributions of our armed forces, in the past and present. Easter weekend is rapidly approaching, and we look forward to a relaxing break to enjoy time with family and friends.


The Renfrew Mercury - April 21, 2011



Valley Wide Real Estate Brokerage Lisa Dunbar, Sales Rep. (cell) 613-633-0062

73 Plaunt Street, Renfrew 613-433-3626

Teri Leech, Sales Rep. (cell) 613-433-6994

Weekend Duty Agent NEW

Jim Munro

Sales Representative 613-333-9500


Realty Solutions Ltd. Independently Owned & Operated Brokerage

Office: Offi ce: 613-623-3665

5 acres - Calabogie Area - $39,900.00 3129 BENNETT-LAFONT RD., HORTON • Main floor beautifully renovated with quality finishes througout. • 2+1 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, partially finished basement. • Double attached garage. • Great access to Hwy 17 for commuters. • One acre lot on quiet dead end road. • This one won’t last long-call Lisa for your personal viewing. • Asking $249,900.00.

Approx. 1 hr. from Ottawa and minutes to skiing, golfing and boating! Call Teri for details.

96 Acres With 400ft. waterfront on Muskrat Lake $168,000.00





Continued from Page 2 “The biomass plants use the same products we have been shipping to the board plants and to the pulp mills. It’s a low-end product coming out of the woods, smaller trees that have to be taken out, and poorer quality. The mill residue, the chips, if you don’t have a market for that low-end product then it’s very, very difficult to finance your full operation.” That market is a lynch pin to profitability. “If you can get a market for that small stuff, everybody wins, really. The people that own the forests (the people of Ontario, the Crown) are able to improve the forest and make sure they’re leaving the better tress, giving them room. And the people that are harvesting are able to harvest more on a day-to-day basis and use their equipment better. And the mill owners have a product they can market,” he says. ABOUT THE AUTHORITY Other Renfrew County residents serving on the provinciallyappointed board of directors are Terry Mullen and Karen Leclerc. The AFA is a Crown corporation with staff who work in the field and manage day-to-day operations. The board meets six times a year. “Most of the meetings our staff are reporting to us on the activities and management that is required because of things like the Species at Risk (Act) and Lightening the Footprint proposal,” Stewart explains. The latter proposal, he says, is designed “to indicate where the emphasis would be on recreation, where the emphasis would be on forest activities and that sort of thing.” The authority board of directors also works with groups like The Friends of Algonquin Park to maintain walking trails and guide books. It also sponsors a scholarship program for high school students in the area who pursue education in such fields as forestry and environmental sciences. Last year Stewart presented a $1,000 scholarship to graduate Owen Fraser at Renfrew Collegiate Institute, the high school from which Stewart himself graduated. Stewart’s vice-chair appointment was made by Order of Council and signed by Lieutenant Governor David Onley. “I am confident you will remain an invaluable asset to the authority in your role,” McGuinty said in a March 11 letter congratulating Stewart on the appointment which runs to Feb. 17, 2012. A former Renfrew County warden and Cobden reeve for 18 years, Stewart is also chair of the Renfrew County’s Community Futures Development Corp. board of directors.

Get ready to ramble

Applications open

Applications are now being accepted for the 2011 Rural Ramble. The festival features themed weekends: Adventure & Exploration (Sept. 10-11), Agriculture & Food (Sept. 17-18), History & Heritage (Sept. 24-25) and Arts & Culture (Oct. 1-2). Organized by the Ottawa Valley Tourist Association (OVTA), the annual selfguided driving tour which takes visitors through the various agricultural and rural operations of the scenic Ottawa Valley countryside. “The Rural Ramble is a great way to show your Valley pride and celebrate rural living,” says Lauren McIllfaterick, communications co-ordinator. “It’s also a great opportunity to raise awareness of your business, educate the public about your industry and share your knowledge with generations to come.” New to the 2011 Rural Ramble is the introduction of the Rural Rambler’s Choice Award. A Rural Ramble passport will be provided to participants with which to keep track of the sites they visit over the four weekends. Ramblers will be asked to drop off their passport at the last site they visit. The passport will include a spot for Ramblers to vote for their favourite site each weekend. The site with the most

votes will be voted the #1 site for that particular weekend. The Rural Rambler’s Choice award winners will be featured in the 2012 Rural Ramble guide, on the 2012 Rural Ramble poster, and on all other promotional materials. “The 2011 Rural Ramble is gearing up to be better than ever,” notes McIllfaterick. “We’re pleased to announce that a number of local sponsors and partners have already come forward to support the event, including title sponsor myFM Radio, The Renfrew Mercury, KI Pembroke and The Madawaska Valley Studio Tour.” The deadline for site applications is May 2, 2011. Those interested in becoming a site host for the Rural Ramble, or an event sponsor, are encouraged to contact Lauren McIllfaterick at 613-732-4364 or The OVTA is the official destination marketing organization for the Upper Ottawa Valley. It represents more than 230 tourism businesses, comprised of attractions and events, accommodation, dining and retail establishments, rafting companies and outfitters, artists and galleries, as well as media and industry suppliers. The OVTA acknowledges the support of its corporate partners Blue North Web Studios, Calabogie Peaks Resort, Discount Car and Truck Rental, myFM, the City of Pembroke and the County of Renfrew.


Contact Tracy for assistance with your severances and land use planning projects.


Church Services Trinity-St. Andrew’s United Church 291 Plaunt St. S. Rev. Heather Kinkaid Rev. Barry Goodwin Sunday Worship 10:00 a.m. Wheelchair Accessible Loop Hearing System Upgraded Sound System Church Office 613-432-2285 Mon. - Thurs. 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Call if transportation required Website:


St. James Lutheran 66 Elgin Ave. E. 432-5078 Pastor Cathy McCaig SUNDAY, APRIL 24 10:00 – Easter Sunday Worship Holy Communion _____________________________

Hebron Christian Reformed Church

The Renfrew Presbyterian Church Ministers: The Reverends Brian and Alison Sharpe Organist: Mrs. Elizabeth Brumm, H.B.Mus., A.R.CT.(2) SUNDAY, APRIL 24 10:00 a.m. – Worship Service & Sacrament of Communion Nursery Care Available Sunday School 10:00 a.m. If transportation is needed, please call Shirley at the Church Office 432-5452. Wheelchair Accessibility EVERYONE WELCOME Come join us in worship “I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the Lord’s house’.” (Psalm 122:1) Good News Bible


Parkview Free Methodist

563 King Street Pastor David Tigchelaar Pastor: Rev. Chris Holmes 433-3598 613-432-5458 431 Albert St. Sunday 10:30 a.m. – Worship Sunday 10 a.m. Tuesday Worship Service – Nursery Available 7:00 p.m. - “Alpha” Sunday School During Service Wednesday Coffee Break 7:00 p.m. - Fresh Power Women’s Interfaith Bible Study Prayer Time Wednesday mornings Worship With Us From 10:00 -11:30 a.m. _____________________________ Story Hour and Nursery for Children 5 yrs. and under Available Renfrew Baptist Church Everyone is welcome Corner of Plaunt & Railway _____________________________ 432-4266

Castleford United Church 3875 River Road Rev. Dr. Richard Hollingsworth Sunday 9:00 a.m. Worship Sunday School _____________________________

Elmwood Bible Chapel 200 Francis St. 432-4572 432-3087 Wednesday 7:30 p.m. – Bible Study, Prayer SUNDAY, APRIL 24 9:30 a.m. – The Lord’s Supper 11:00 a.m. – Family Bible Hour and Sunday School _____________________________

The Salvation Army 8 Argyle St. at Munroe Corps Officer/Pastor SUNDAY SERVICE 10 A.M. Women’s Ministry Men’s Ministry Bible Study 613-432-7721 All Are Welcome! _____________________________

Calabogie Bible Fellowship Congregational Church 538 Mill St., Calabogie, ON Pastor Bill & Diane Griffiths Sunday 10:30 a.m. Worship Sunday School 463139




Rev. Tom Smith SUNDAY, APRIL 24 10:00 – Worship Cable Channel 22 Sundays 11 am & 3 p.m. Bible Study, Wednesday 7 p.m. All Are Welcome _____________________________

The Anglican Church of Canada ST. PAUL THE APOSTLE Corner Argyle St. at Patrick Phone 432-3062 Ministry Rev’d. Cathy McCaig with the members of the Parish. FRIDAY, APRIL 22 10:00 a.m. Good Friday Joint Service @ St. James SUNDAY, APRIL 24 8:00 a.m. – Morning Worship and Sermon 11:00 a.m. – Morning Worship and Sermon Come and Worship _____________________________

The Roman Catholic Community OUR LADY OF FATIMA PARISH 100 Lisgar Avenue, West 432-8525 Saturday 7:00 p.m. Sunday 9:00 a.m. ST. FRANCIS XAVIER PARISH 331 Plaunt Street, South 432-5825 Saturday 5:00 p.m. Sunday 10:30 a.m. _____________________________ 434635

43 April 21, 2011 - The Renfrew Mercury


The Renfrew Mercury - April 21, 2011


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April 21, 2011 - The Renfrew Mercury

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News Tom Schmidt Construction

Council could approve budget May 24

OTHER ITEMS REVIEWED During the April 18 budget meeting of council, council reviewed about a dozen items to determine if they would be dropped from the 2011 budget. Consequently, council decided not to spend: • $100,000 this year to replace the steel roof at the town garage, but allotted $10,000 for repairs; • $120,000 for a new trackless municipal tractor, which is used for everything from sidewalk

Jademark Technologies Inc. E-BIKES Electric Bikes

Renovations, Additions, Custom Building

clearance in the winter to grass cutting in the summer. The backup (1994) unit is broken, but $10,000 has been set aside for its repairs. Council decided to spend: • $12,000 for a long-awaited shower facility at the garage for staff members and $10,000 to install a hoist (a health-and-safety addition for 25 to 40 per cent of the work done in the garage with vehicles); • a total of $40,000 for ravine stabilization (with mesh and rock enforcement) on McLean Street and Jordan Avenue; • $15,000 to build a trailer dumping station, next to the tourist booth, for toilet deposits from recreational vehicles. At present there’s an inadequate dumping site that has no hoses or water to clean vehicles. • $20,000 to replace vandalized play structures at the Legion park near Central Public School. Mayor Bill Ringrose hoped to have the budget approved in April, but says it’s important that council members be satisfied with the budget they pass. Having a five per cent increase also allows the town to get some important projects done, in the absence of infrastructure grants. Examples, said Ringrose, are repairs of $73,000 on Duke Street and $175,000 on Prince Street. Council has another budget session Wednesday, May 11. That would leave council in position to approve the budget on Tuesday, May 24.

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Campbell McFarlane: 613-649-2631

AUCTION SALE Saturday, April 30, 2011 9:30 am sharp

TOWNSHIP OF WHITEWATER REGION SUMMER STUDENT POSITIONS The Township of Whitewater Region is accepting applications for the summer student positions listed below:

Swimming Instructor – Cobden Beach Program Swimming Instructor Assistant – Cobden Beach Program


– Public Works Department

Further information about these summer student employment opportunities is available on the Township’s website located at under “News & Events” or by contacting the Municipal Office at (613) 646-2282. Applications will be received until May 2nd, 2011.

We have been asked to sell, by Public Auction, the contents of the historic STONEBRIDGE INN located at 4839 Kinburn Side Rd., Pakenham, Ontario. This sale consists of some very select Antique pieces, collectables, restaurant and tea room equipment and supplies. Everything is in excellent condition and must sell as the INN has been sold. Please visit our website for a complete listing as well as pictures.


Continued from Page 39 The proposal also shows a potential layout for the first and second floor of a museum set-up, with each room measuring 70 feet by 20 feet. Committee members, which include Coun. Jim Miller, are negotiating for a site in town. Meanwhile, Miller says he’ll have a more detailed business plan to council members later this week. The plan, said Miller, will provide more details about committee membership and how the museum will be presented. He also said the museum will focus on artifacts, with the history of the Renfrew Minor Hockey Association on one floor and history of the NHA’s beginnings on the other floor. If Renfrew does provide $10,000 to develop the museum, council members, including Reeve Audrey Green, stipulated this doesn’t guarantee continued funding from the town.



The Renfrew Mercury - April 21, 2011


Please note that positions may be dependent on funding approval. We thank all applicants for their interest, however, only those considered for an interview will be contacted. 459468

Owners: Dorothy Haley & Ralph Bretzlaff 613-624-5431 Terms: Cashor Cheque with ID Refreshments



Owners or Auctioneer not responsible in case of loss or accident

Phone 432-3655 BUSINESSES & SERVICES Fax 432-6689 SAND & GRAVEL





Fulcher’s EST. 1975


(613) 649-2732










ADAM KASPRZAK, B.Sc., O.L.S. 113 Argyle St. S., P.O. Box 633, Renfrew, Ontario K7V 4E7 Telephone: (613) 432-3048 1-800-363-5417 Fax: (613) 432-7252 e-mail:

* Land Surveying * Construction Layout * Blue Printing * Drafting & CAD Services * Severance Applications 434600 Apr21

• • • •

Excavation Rock Walls Lot Clearing Driveways

• • • •

Aggregates Screened Topsoil Equipment Rental Floating





2273 Johnston Rd, Renfrew Jamie Headrick, Operator

"For slinall your needging s"

613-433-2607 613-646-7295

Mercury Mercur y The Renfrew

Adam Kasprzak Surveying Ltd. ONTARIO LAND SURVEYORS

Septic Systems


Serving the community since 1871

ree Service Compact Tractor & Stump Removal Lot Backhoe Clearing

Tree Trimming and Removal with (By Grinding) 55 ft. Bucket Service and by Spurring Method

Calvin Stroud (613) 432-1492

Snow Plowing Fully Licenced and Insured

Whatever you need done, you’ll find the solutions right here!

Phone 432-3655 Fax 432-6689


Call Email



WE SAVED MONEY combining home and auto insurance with one insurance company. And we enjoy the convenience of dealing with a local insurance broker. Eady Insurance. (613)432-8543


QUALITY EASTERN WHITE CEDAR LUMBER, decking and fencing. CEDAR TREES for hedging, nursery stock, installation and delivery available, Pricing call 613-628-5232 or visit SCOOTER SPECIAL 25% Off Select Models Buy/sell Stair lifts, Porch lifts, Scooters, Bath lifts, Hospital beds etc. Call SILVER CROSS 613-2313549

*HOT TUB (SPA) Covers-Best Price. Best quality. All shapes and colours. Call 1-866585-0056. SUMMER TIRES with black rims, 80% good, 15” - 215/60/R15, 3.5 HP B&S garden til- $350 obo. 27 speed ler 16 tines in decent specialized hard rock condition $250. 3 45 bike, hardly used, front gallon rain barrels tops MZ shock tires 26x22 out & drain taps at bot- $400 obo. Pool table tom $25 each or 3 for and air hockey combo $65, prices firm, no 3’x6’ $150, obo. Call dickering, phone 613- 613-432-6608 432-5493 after 6p.m. TIRES FOR SALE - 195COUNTER TOPS 65-R15 All season on LARGE variety to 4 bolt pattern rims fits choose from. We pro- Honda Accord. 2 like vide complete installa- new Michelin and 2 Goodyear. tion service. Ask about used our promotion call 350.00 or BO. 613Paramount Kitchens for 432-2609 details. 613-687-4620 WHITE CEDAR LUMFor Sale -- Hey new BER, Decking, fencing, Moms of the Bride to all dimensions, rough be this year! Navy- or dressed. Timbers V-joints also Mother-of-the-Bride - Jo- and seph Ribkoff / 3 piece available. Call Tom at dress. Excellent condi- McCann’s Forest Prodtion - worn ONCE! – ucts 613-628-6199 or sequined, size 16. 613-633-3911 Model was 5’3”, floor WHITE length. FORD EXTENDED Purchase price $500. HIGH CAP Sacrifice $125. OBO. 1998-2003. Call evenings Mint Condition. Asking 1.613.826.0641. $400 or best offer. Call 613-221-6225 HOT TUB (Spa) Covor email ers. Best Price, Best Quality. All Shapes & danny.boisclair@ Colours Available. Call 1 - 8 6 6 - 6 5 2 - 6 8 37 BEDS, SOFA BEDS, BEDROOM SUITES, DINING ROOM SUITES, SOFAS, RECLINERS, BAR STOOLS, HEADBOARDS, COMFORTERS


312 Raglan St. S., Renfrew BESIDE FINNIGAN’S


Want the look of ceramic but want warmth, ask us about New Nafco Luxury Tiles on sale now. Care about being Green but still want carpet, check out New Tyresse Carpet. Also has lifetime stain warranty.


.89 sq ft



1.45 sq ft


JOHN LAMBERT 220 Carswell St






Hunter’s Safety Renfrew plus Canadian Firearms Safety. May 12, 13, 14, 15 Obtain your license before the fall hunt For information or to Pre-Register, call Kevin White 432-5192


FIREWOOD BY THE TANDEM LOAD CLEAN Random Length Hardwood For Sale 613-649-2544 Quick Delivery


HORSE, TACK, EQUIP. CONSIGNMENT Sale, Galetta Livestock, 1/2hr West-Kanata. 10mins East Arnprior. Saturday April 23rd. Tack 10am. Equip Noon, Horses 2pm. Consign Early, Gail 613-622-1295



ATTENTION HUNTERS Mossberg 535 Turkey/Deer combo. Savage 300 Win Mag c/w scope. H&R NWTF turkey 12ga and turkey chokes. Will Sell all three as package or separate. Call 613250-9832 Dustin HUNTER SAFETY CANADIAN FIREARMS COURSE at Arnprior May, 27, 28, 29th. Wenda Cochran 613256-2409 HUNTER SAFETY Canadian Firearms Course. Courses and exams held throughout the year. Free course if you organize a group, exams available. Wenda Cochran, 613-2562409. HOUSES FOR SALE

3 BEDROOM BUNGALOW backing onto ravine, corner lot 50’x207’, 59 Wilson St. $179,000 private, 416-239-0428

WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE scrap cars. Will pay $50 - $100, depending on types. Picked up free. 613432-3464 or cell 613432-0449 WANTED RETAIL SPACE in Renfrew’s downtown core (Raglan, Plaunt, Argyle) willing to assume existing lease 432-1048

HOUSE FOR SALE 3 bedroom house, +1 bedroom apt., Large lot, garage, close to shopping, great for singles or first time homebuyers. Live in one & rent out other, pays mortgage. CL24164

PRICED TO SELL FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP perfect main st. location, large window display area, freshly painted and renovated. Turn key operation, all stock and equipment included. Rent VERY affordable, owner willing to train new staff. ONLY FLOWER SHOP IN TOWN. 613-6462833 days or 613646-9766 evenings SUBDIVISION Create one or two lots or a complete subdivision. Info Ken 613257-5127



$15,750.00 1997 Chevrolet Corvette For sale by owner Year Kilometers Body Type Transmission Colour Drivetrain Type Fuel Type Address

1997 166000 Coupe (2 door) Automatic Silver Rear-wheel drive Used Gasoline Ottawa, ON K2C 1V7

Call: 613-769-6078


White Cedars Tourist Park Enjoy The Benefits of Independent Living Today - Secure Building

Priced to Sell 1513-A Whelan Road $199,900.00


3 BEDROOM BUNGALOW, heated double car garage/workshop, LOTS & LAND BERNESE MOUNTAIN full unfinished basedog X Golden Retriever ment, gas furnace and pups, ready to go, vet central air. Large yard checked. $300 Shaw- with patio and storage BUILDING LOT IN CEDAR HILL shed. Quiet neighborville 613-223-5015 hood 12 mins west of Near Pakenham. MaRenfrew. Call for more ture pine, maple trees CARS on a quiet dead end info 433-3212 FOR SALE road. $60,000. Call 3 BEDROOM BUNGA- 613-256-2014 1996 JEEP GRAND LOW, newly renovatCherokee 4x4, running, ed, beautiful view, GOT VACANT as is best offer, 613- $155,000 firm. 613LAND? 433-3079 432-8969 Maybe sever a lot or two or make a subdivision. Ken 613-257CARS FOR SALE 5127

Looking for a GOOD Used garden tractor with blade Call 613697-0496 OLD ANTIQUE FURNITURE, Old advertising coca-cola, Mountain Dew, old gas and oil items, toys, decoys, old postcards, old Beatles items, old Halloween and Christmas items Call Sheryl MacKenzie at 613-432-4909



Well maintained bungalow. Located only 10 minutes from town on approx. 2 acres. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, finished family room, built-in appliances, central air and central vacuum. Built in 1994, this home is R2000 certified making it very economical to heat. For more information or to arrange a showing please call 613-432-9629 or E-mail: CL24181






CONSTANT LAKE 4 bedroom & 2 washrooms, fridge/stove washer/dryer hook-up heat/hydro lawn cutting snow plowing all included for $1200/month, no pets, first/last, available June 1, 613-628-5080 NEW 3 BEDROOM Garden home, 11/2 bath, 4 appliances included, references required, call 613-6338756 after 5p.m. APARTMENTS FOR RENT

1 BEDROOM APT available immediately, central location, secure building, 613-4333 BEDROOM House 3285 on Dominion St. No appliances, gas heat. 1 BEDROOM APT $900/month without suitable for quiet workpets. Plus all utilities. ing person, no pets, First, last and referenc- 432-7194 es required. 613-433- 1 BEDROOM, MAY 3053 1st, quiet area, mature person, includes stove, 3-BEDROOM 2 storey fridge, a/c heat, hot & townhouse for rent, cold water, non-smoker, available June 1st. no pets, pay hydro, 613$765 per month plus $550/month, utilities. High efficient 432-2140 furnace, parking. Call 613-432-0789 or 613- 2 BEDROOM APT 104 Bonnechere St. N. 432-4868 after hours fridge, stove, hardwood floors, large CONSTANT LAKE 1 porches, phone 432bedroom garden 2014 after 5. home, fridge/stove heat/hydro washer & 2 BEDROOM TOWN dryer hook-up grass house appliances incutting snow plowing cluded. References reall included, quired, monthly rent $800/month, no pets, $950. Available May first/last, available 1. Phone 613-4329876 June. 613-628-5080

BEAUTIFUL 2 BDRM duplex apartment, available June 1st. $700/mth plus hydro and water. First and last month’s rent required. Call 613-4320611 BEAUTIFUL, one bedroom “The Westwinds” on Robert Drive, available July, in a well maintained building. Intercom for security, laundry facilities, stove, fridge, parking, to view call 613-432-8417 Wilson Investments. FOR RENT: Large 2/3 bedroom apartment in century-old building. Tastefully decorated, hardwood floors and high ceilings. Quiet building, centrally located, $750/month plus utilities. 432-5741

- All on one level - Self Contained 1 Bdrm & Studio Apts - Min. to Shopping/Transit - Wheelchair Accessible More Info:


6 Waterfront cottages Seasonal RV sites for viewing by appointment only Please call

613-649-2255 View at (NO DROP-INS PLEASE) CL24278


FOUND keys Millennium Trail at Mateway, SPECTACULAR, Raglan claim at the Renfrew Street South, S.W. II, Mercury 35 Opeongo lovely two bedroom for Rd. JULY, fridge, stove, water, carpeting, intercom HELP WANTED for security, laundry facilities, to view Wilson Investments, 613-432ARE YOU INTERESTED 8417 in Skin Care and Beauty? We are looking for SUITE 275, Hall Ave- an enthusiastic “peonue, two bedroom for ple” person to become June 1st, fridge, stove, an integral part of our water, carpeting, park- team. A Collagenna ing, laundry facilities, Skin Rejuvenation Speintercom for security, cialist does not require Call 613-432-8417 a license or certificaWilson Investments tion. Full training provided. Light travel necUNIQUE one bedroom essary. Comfortable apartment, “The Acade- teaching others premy” Raglan Street N, ferred. Salary & Beneclose to shopping, fits. 613-667-3433 / banks, etc., fridge, stove, blinds, gas furnace, parking, lovely Established company quiet building 613- has immediate opening 432-8417 Wilson In- for EXPERIENCED CARvestments PENTER with extensive experience in decking, fencing, garden shed construction to join our team. Permanent F/T position. Salary range is $30,000 - $40,000 based on qualifications and experience. Full benefit package. Our company offers opportunities for personal growth and success in a team environment. We look forward to hearing from you. For more information Please email resume to Visit: OR Call: CL23570


LOOKING FOR AN APARTMENT, call your reliable Landlord in Renfrew, Wilson Investments Ltd., 613-4328417 A great selection to choose from our affordable, clean, quiet, secure buildings, 24 hour service. We are located at No.2, 850 O’Brien Road, closed at NOON on Friday, evenings and weekends by appointment only!!! RAGLAN ST, goodsized 1 bedroom, main floor apt, parking, $600/month plus hydro. References required. 613-433-5868

FOR HIRE, Carpenter assistance, minimum 1 year experience. Good attitude, own transportation, $13.50. 613CLAYTON LAKE water- 720-9228 front cottage. 2 bedrooms, fully equipped. FULL-TIME Employment Canoe included, large available immediately. deck, private dock. Truck Drivers:DZ-AZ LiBreathtaking view at cense Required. Lasunset. $500. per bourers WANTED: week. Call Jay at 613- Construction and Lawn 256-7696. Maintenance, Experience is essential. Please CONSTANT LAKE send resumes: land$550/month cabin ren- or tal great for couple or Call 613-880-8834 single, furnished, indoor FOR plumbing, hydro includ- LOOKING ed, pay own heat, heat- SOMEONE to share in ed by air tight stove, gardening, phone 613first/last, no pets 613- 432-3425 or leave message 628-5080 COTTAGES FOR RENT


GENERAL LABOURER required to work around gravel pit, yard and garage. Full time position. APPLY in person 9-4 WEEKDAYS only. Nesbitt Aggregates 1766 Lochwinnoch Rd, Renfrew. 613432-5764 GOA PAVING requires experienced asphalt labourers. Call 1-888-433-9222 HOMEWORKERS NEEDED!!! Full/Part time positions available - Will train. On-Line Data Entry, Typing Work, E-mail Reading, PC/Clerical Work, Homemailers, Assembling Products. HURRY, SPOTS GO FAST! www.CanadianJobs JOIN OUR Harvesting, or field supervising team at Cedar Hill Berry Farm in Pakenham. This is a great summer job for teens and adults. Minimum age 14. Call Ria at 613-2562014 OTTAWA’S Largest Lawn and Property Maintenance Company pays $120-$360 DAILY for outdoor Spring/Summer work. Hiring honest, competitive, and energetic individuals to fill our various 2011 positions. Apply online @ www.Spring PAID IN ADVANCE! Make $1000 Weekly Mailing Brochures from home. 100% Legit! Income is guaranteed! No experience required. Enroll Today! PAKENHAM HIGHLANDS requires cook for 2011 season. Email to or fax 613624-9220 Star Fleet Trucking HIRING! DRIVERS, FARMERS, RANCHERS & RETIREES needed with 3/4 Ton or 1-ton pickup trucks to deliver new travel trailers fifth wheels from US manufacturers to dealers throughout Canada. Free IRP plate for your truck and low insurance rates! Pref. commercial Lic. or 3 yrs towing exp. Top pay! Call Craig 1-877-890-4523 www.starfleettruck

1-877-298-8288 ottawa region

April 21 2011 - RENFREW MERCURY



COUNTY OF RENFREW Social Services Department Renfrew County Housing Corporation

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY The Renfrew County Housing Corporation manages rent-geared-to-income housing in the County of Renfrew for low to moderate income households. Tenants of the Renfrew County Housing Corporation are 16 years of age and older representing families, singles, seniors and people with special needs. Renfrew County Housing Corporation has offices located in Arnprior, Renfrew, and Pembroke.

BUILDING CUSTODIAN Full-time Arnprior Site Reporting to the Operations Coordinator, the Building Custodian is responsible for the maintenance, care, security, cleanliness and general custodial duties throughout the portfolio as assigned. Qualifications:

WORK OPPORTUNITIES Enjoy children? In Florida, New York, California, Boston, all USA. Salary, airfare, medical provided, plus more. Available: Spain, Holland, Summer Camps. Teaching in Korea-Different benefits apply. Interviews in your area. Call 1-902422-1455 or Email:


RENFREW various routes Seeking reliable people to deliver the Renfrew Mercury every Thursday


Contact Chris Paveley

613-432-3655 ext 31 Toll Free 1-800-884-9195

Compensation: $19.02 - $19.88 per hour, plus comprehensive benefits package.


Township of Whitewater Region


Thank you for your interest, however, only applicants considered for an interview will be contacted.

Located within the scenic Ottawa Valley and bordered by the Ottawa River, the Township of Whitewater Region is a dynamic place to live, work and play. Known worldwide for whitewater rafting and kayaking, we offer a variety of year-round activities such as golfing, snowmobiling, camping, boating, fishing and cross-country skiing.


From our vast acres of farmland with livestock grazing in the fields to our small, unique hamlets and villages to our wide expanses of water glistening under the summer sun, the Township of Whitewater Region invites everyone to experience “rural and urban life in perfect harmony”.


With an annual transportation budget of $3million, the Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 712 lane kilometres of roadways, approximately 6 kilometres of wastewater mains and 23 kilometres of water distribution pipe, as well as maintenance of the wharves/docks and park areas located within the Township.

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PUBLIC WORKS MANAGER Reporting to the Chief Administrative Officer, the Public Works Manager is responsible to plan, promote, develop and administer a comprehensive program of construction and maintenance of the public streets, bridges, culverts, drainage, water and sewer, line installation and repair and other road works, within the guidelines of Council policy.

All Regions of Florida from 2- to 8-bdrm homes. Condos, Villas, Pool Homes - we have them all!

Qualifications: • Previous experience in a municipal roads environment. Post secondary education with Ontario Good Roads or equivalent is an asset. • Experience with municipal budget and accounting practices or similar accounting practices. • Detailed working experience with appropriate Ministry legislation and policies and other legislation related to municipal roads and water and sewer. • Experience in supervision of a Public Works Department with strong interpersonal skills and leadership ability combined with excellent written and verbal communication skills. • Computer knowledge in the use of spreadsheet software, an asset. • Must be knowledgeable in water and sewer. Must have Water and Sewer Distribution Level 1 or demonstrate a willingness to attain it. • Ability to maintain regular attendance. • Valid Class DZ driver’s license. • Ability to be on call 24 hours per day combined with a flexibility in hours of work.

Rates starting as low as $89/night

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made fast and easy. Saturday classes, hands on experience/learn cutting techniques/ arc welding, and M.I.G., T.I.G. Course available. Certificate course, tax deductible


Human Resources County of Renfrew 9 International Drive Pembroke, ON K8A 6W5 FAX: (613) 735-7590 EMAIL: (in MS Word or pdf format)




Please send your resume, stating Competition #11-61, by 4:00 p.m., Thursday, April 28, 2011 to:

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Every Tuesday and Thursday Call the Renfrew Learning Centre at 613-432-1002 or for more info email Other courses include Simply Accounting Professional also Microsoft certification Call for available evenings CL22549

For a full job description, please see the County of Renfrew website at



WORLD CLASS DRUMMER (of Five Man Electrical Band) is now accepting students. Private lessons, limited enrollment, free consultation. Call Steve, 613831-5029. w w w. s t eve h o l l i n g

Successful completion of grade 12. A minimum of three (3) months of related experience. Strong interpersonal skills combined with good written and verbal skills. Proficiency in the use of tools and equipment required to perform the functions would be an asset. Physically capable of performing all assigned duties. A valid driver’s license is required.



x x x x x x



Compensation: $64,533 - $74,811 plus comprehensive benefits package (currently under review) CL13935

RENFREW MERCURY - April 21 2011


Please forward your detailed resume stating “Public Works Manager”, by 3:00 p.m., May 5, 2011 to: Dean Sauriol Chief Administrative Officer Township of Whitewater Region 44 Main Street Cobden Ontario K0J 1K0 Fax: (613) 646-2283 Email: Website: Thank you for your interest, however, only applicants considered for an interview will be contacted.



Community Living Renfrew County South Summer Students

We are currently accepting applications for students interested in summer employment, assisting youth in a structured camp program. The positions would begin June 21st continuing through to the end of August, with a work week of 35 to 40 hours. Positions are available in Arnprior and in Renfrew. Experience working with people with developmental disabilities is an asset.

schedule & organize work for various dept’s serve customers in a retail environment balance cash daily selling automotive accessories, detailing & undercoating to customers - sourcing & ordering from suppliers - managing small inventories - provide assistance to various dept’s when necessary

Our summer positions are supported through assistance programs and have eligibility requirements which include full time schooling attendance for the current year with plans to return to full time school in the fall.


Applications are available from our Renfrew location at 326 Raglan St. S., Renfrew, our Arnprior location at 68 Daniel St. N., Arnprior and also printable from our website Deadline for applications is May 10th. Only candidates to be interviewed will be contacted. Please mail, drop off, or fax your completed application to: Community Living Renfrew County South, P.O. Box 683, 326 Raglan St. S Renfrew ON K7V 4E7 Attention: Human Resources. Fax # 613-432-9465 CL24252

high school diploma excellent customer service skills strong communication skills driven & self motivated critical thinking & problem solving ability salesmanship & computer skills dependable positive attitude collision estimation experience would be an asset

Remuneration competitive based on candidate’s experience & qualifications


Strong interpersonal, writing and communications skills Good organizational skills and attention to detail Able to speak comfortably in public Able to work well within a team setting with minimal supervision Computer skills with knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Print Shop

Interested candidates are asked to submit their resumes by May 2, 2011 to or Renfrew and Area Seniors’ Home Support PO Box 919 Unit 3, 190 Plaunt St Renfrew, ON K7V 4H3






Please mail resume to Barker’s Collision Centre 456 Stewart St., Box 455, Renfrew, Ontario K7V 4A6 All applicants will be kept confidential

Experience the excitement of the aerospace industry in a rural setting!

BABYSITTING SERVICES EXPERIENCED mother will care for your children in her home. I offer a safe, clean, non-smoking environment. Call Jane at (613) 432-7988

Haley Industries Limited

EXPERIENCED CHILD CARE infants & tots welcome, hours 7a.m. to 5p.m. Snacks & lunch provided, close to Queen E. school, receipts & references, call Alicia 433-9750





For nearly 60 years, Haley Industries Limited has been producing magnesium and aluminum castings for the aerospace industry.

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FREE YOURSELF FROM DEBT, MONEY FOR ANY PURPOSE! DEBT CONSOLIDATION. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd mortgages, credit lines and loans up to 90% LTV. Self employed, mortgage or tax arrears. DON’T PAY FOR 1YR PROGRAM! #10171 ONTARIO-WIDE FINANCIAL CORP. CALL 1888-307-7799.

1-877-298-8288 ottawa region

Located in the heart of the Ottawa Valley west of Renfrew, there is an immediate opening for a

Routes Available!


Manager Contracts & Sales Reporting to the Senior Director of Marketing, this person will be a key commercial contact for our customers, responsible for management of contracts and sales functions. Qualifications: Candidates must have a college or university degree in engineering or business administration and a minimum of 5 years relevant experience in sales and contracts, or operations experience in aerospace manufacturing.

We’re looking for Carriers to deliver our newspaper!

Skills: Demonstrated superior negotiation skills, interpersonal skills and an ability to deal with customers and colleagues in a professional and confidential manner. Sand casting or other foundry experience would be considered an asset.

• Deliver Right In Your Own Neighbourhood • Papers Are Dropped Off At Your Door • Great Family Activity • No Collections • Thursday Deliveries

Haley provides an excellent work environment with a competitive wage and a comprehensive benefits package.

Call Today 613.221.6247 613 .221.6247

We thank all applicants, but only those invited to an interview will be contacted.

Or apply on-line at CL23176

No telephone inquiries please Please forward resume to: Human Resources Haley Industries Limited 634 Magnesium Road Haley, Ontario Canada K0J 1Y0 Fax: (613-432-0743) Email:

Is seeking the services of a

SEASONAL MECHANIC Please forward resumes to or in person. Application deadline is May 15, 2011. JOIN OTTAWA’S #1 PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY!

Superintendant Couples As a couple, you will both be responsible for leasing, administration, customer service, cleaning, minor repairs, and maintenance of the interior and exterior of a residential property in Ottawa. Related experience and good communication and computer abilities are a must. A competitive salary and benefits package including on-site accommodation await you!! Please send your resumes (one from each partner) to: fax (613) 788-2758 No phone calls, please. We thank all applicants, but only selected candidates will be contacted.





Looking for a General Manager

GENERAL LABOURER for local concrete forming company Carpentry and/or concrete forming skills a definite asset. Valid driver’s licence a MUST. Job requires heavy lifting, long hours and possible weekend work. Must be physically fit. Send or drop off resume to General Labourer c/o The Renfrew Mercury 35 Opeongo Rd Renfrew, ON K7V 2T2

is seeking a part-time Program Support Assistant for 14 hours a week. Reporting to the Executive Director, the Program Support Assistant will assist staff, volunteers and clients in a variety of areas: direct service provision, fundraising, publicity/ community relations and administration.

Community Living Renfrew County South is a charitable, non-profit organization that provides services and supports to people with developmental disabilities.



April 21 2011 - RENFREW MERCURY


NEED HELP with your Tax Return? Tax Return E-Filed

SENACK MAINTENANCE PLUS. Now accepting new customers for the 2011 season. Complete property maintenance, cottage and handyman service. Call 613-432-0611 for a free estimate. *Professional asphalt sealing GEORGE’S BARBER and crack repair now SHOP 47 McGarry available* Ave. Phone 613-4329335 COMING CERTIFIED MASON 10yrs exp., Chimney Repair & Restoration, cultured stone, parging, repointing. Brick, block & stone. Small/big job specialist. Free estimates. Work guaranteed. 613-250-0290.

KEYSTROKE PC SERVICES In home evaluations, all computer repairs performed by a Certified Computer Systems Technician, Data backup & recovery. Call for introductory rates. Home phone 613432-9039, cell 613570-1039

Also offering year round bookkeeping service. Call CLELA

613-432-5702 CL13849

$$MONEY$$ Consolidate Debts Mortgages to 95% No income, Bad credit OK! Better Option Mortgage #10969 1-800-2821169

SEND A LOAD to the dump, cheap. Clean up clutter, garage sale leftovers or leaf and yard waste. 613-2564613


FAMILY FUN PUBLIC fishing for Rainbow Trout at Red Wolf Retreat, 989 Rosien Rd, R.R. 4 Eganville. Rods & bait available. 613754-5241. Open Good Friday.





Happy 60th Birthday Grandma Phillips!

When: Saturday May 28, 2011 Where: Opeongo Park

(Opeongo Road) Lake Clear

AMBUSH Saturday May 7, 9 pm. Cobden Agricultural Hall, $15.00 advance tickets available at Dahl’s, Renfrew; Rooney’s, Cobden. $20.00 at the door. Restricted event. Photo ID req’d. GHOST TOWN CRYERS Saturday, April 23 at Coco Jarry’s 613-432-3310


Contact Dillan Holly for more details


SAVE UP TO $800 on a new high efficiency furnace and air conditioning bundle from Direct Energy. Call 1-866-917-8630 before April 30th. Terms apply

M&R FEEDS SHAWVILLE is the place to be SATURDAY APRIL 30TH from 8:00a.m. to 12:00p.m. We will be hosting our first ANNUAL SPRING Buy-SellTrade Day of Birds & small animals along with USED HORSE TACK. We will be supplying...the location for anyone to bring their poultry, waterfowl, rabbits, guinea pigs etc and used horse tack to sell or trade. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!! 388 MAIN St. Shawville (819)647-2814

GRASS CUTTING AND Shrub/Hedge trimming. Reasonable rates, contact Jeff Pye at 312-9395

MUSICIANS and Entertainers wanted for the ARNPRIOR FARMER’S MARKETS to be held Saturdays, 8am to 1pm, from May 28 to Oct. 8. For further information contact the market convener: 613-6220611 or

TOTAL LAWN CARE we provide the following services: lawn maintenance, garden tilling, hedge trimming, residential & commercial, fully insured. Contact Dan Fraser 613-4328142/613-570-1168 “Treat your Lawn to some T.L.C.”

RENFREW University Women’s Club will hold its annual USED BOOK SALE Friday, April 29th from 4 to 9 pm Saturday, April 30th from 9 am to 12 pm in the MacNeil Gymnasium Renfrew Collegiate Institute. Proceeds are used for scholarships for local high schools.

Lawrence and Jean Edmunds of Cobden are pleased to announce the engagement of their son Mark Steven to Christina Mary daughter of Steven & Robin Riddell of Sharbot Lake. Wedding to take place July 23, 2011

Maple Spring Season

Open Daily: 9am - 4pm

- Trimming - Fertilizing - Shrub trimming - Tree removal - Cedar rail fencing Free estimates Fully insured

Married April 22, 1961

Happy 50th Anniversary Love Susan, Tammy & Angela

“Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.”

Fulton’s Pancake House



Patricia MacDougall & Robert Dick

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RENFREW MERCURY - April 21 2011



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I have not turned my back on you, So there is no need to cry. I’m watching you from heaven, just beyond the morning sky. I’ve seen you almost fall apart, when you could barely stand. I asked the Lord to comfort you, and watched him take your hand. He told me you are in more pain, then I could ever be. He wiped his eyes and swallowed hard, then gave your hand to me. Although you may not feel my touch, or see me by your side, I’ve whispered that I Love You, while i wiped every tear you cried. So please try not to ache for me, We’ll meet again one day, Beyond the dark and stormy sky, A rainbow lights the way. You are greatly loved and always remembered Love, mom & Earl MCNULTY ANNIE MARY In loving memory of a dear sister who passed away April 21, 2009. Another year has passed and gone since you left us. You broke our heart to lose you, but God knows best. We all love you dearly, as on the day you passed away. God, treasure her with love until we meet again. Love from sister Orpha, brothers, Lawrence and Charlie; and sister-inlaw Opal McNulty

DUKE Brothers by choice, not by blood. Best friends for a lifetime, But my friend was called by angels To take him to his heavenly home. He will always be young and joyful. My day begins and ends with memories Of our days together. Our carefree days are over now and I miss you, my friend, my brother, But I know you are with me whispering Encouragement, conviction and faith That one day we will meet at heaven’s gates And we will be reunited Until we meet again, I will forever miss you, My best friend, my brother. SKIPPER


McKerral, Dorothy

June 10, 1925 – November 20, 2010

McArthur, Michael Bernard

Sharon Kelly Lynch

“A Life Well Lived” Lillian was born near Renfrew, Ontario, in the rugged beauty of the Ottawa Valley, a place that nearly seventy years after leaving, she still lovingly referred to as “home”. She was descended from hardy stock, and very proud of her predominantly Scottish ancestry. Her mother, Mary (Kirkwood) Byers, was a local nurse and midwife whose family had been Manitoba “sodbusters”. Her father, Frank Byers, had mined, forested and fireranged throughout northern Ontario before settling into dairy farming and pulpwood contracting. Though Lillian grew up during the hard times of both the Depression and WWII, she often told of fond memories; picking wild blueberries, swimming in Hurd’s Lake, or canoeing with her Dad. Lillian began her education at the nearby one-room schoolhouse, SS #1 Admaston and Bagot, and later attended Renfrew Collegiate H.S. As a teen, she worked at the local “5 and Dime” as well as the Renfrew Creamery, but like many young girls she dreamt of a different life. At seventeen, having attended Drummonds Business College in Renfrew, she set out for the Ontario Business School in Toronto, where she won a medal for typing more than one hundred words per minute. She worked briefly at Eaton’s, then for the Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company. On Saturdays, she volunteered at the Christie Street Hospital. Lillian met the love of her life, Keith Cole, during the summer of 1944. She was home visiting family and he was training nearby with the RCAF. As she herself put it, the current Cole clan were “all here because of maple syrup”. The first meeting of Lillian and Keith was the result of a chance encounter on the train platform in Carleton Station, with her on the way to procure maple syrup, and he on of a troop train full of soldiers. Thankfully, the war was winding down within the year. Keith and Lillian were married in August of 1945 and began farming in Keith’s hometown of Milford, in pastoral Prince Edward County. They went on to raise five children: Linda, Robert, Bruce, Kevin and Jennifer. When they weren’t farming 100 acres of land, or milking cows, Keith worked as a prison guard while Lillian tended the children, home and garden, putting up hundreds of jars of preserves each year. Those fortunate enough to know her will remember what a wonderful cook she was, preparing simple but delicious homemade meals that nourished the body and soul. Although leisure time was scarce, she spent it listening to Celtic music, knitting, quilting, or writing letters home to loved ones in the Ottawa Valley and to relatives scattered across the country. She was an avid reader, with a penchant for history and an amazing ability to recall details of long-read articles or books. She was wise indeed, and yet had an enduring sense of humour that could be mischievous at times. In later years, with her children grown, Lillian went to work in a local canning factory, sometimes putting in longer shifts than many half her age. She upgraded her business school knowledge, taking courses in book-keeping and income taxes, often helping out neighbours at tax time. She helped her family and her community, and was an active member of the UCW and a 4H leader. Lillian was pre-deceased by her mother Mary (1981) and father Frank (1983), as well as her younger brother Bob (1983) and nephew Kevin (1978). We were shocked and saddened by Keith’s sudden passing in 1988, and concerned for Lillian in her time of grief. She was brought low for a while, then inspired us by earning her first driver’s license in her mid-60’s, and began travelling to friends and family. Over the next 20 years, she would make her way to Scotland, Ireland, and many States in the U.S. In Canada, she saw the majestic Agawa Canyon, wandered historic Halifax and the cobblestones of Old Quebec, enjoyed the splendour of the Rocky Mountains and the 30,000 Islands in beautiful, windswept Georgian Bay. The passing of her youngest child, Jennifer, taken by cancer in 2005 at just 43 years of age, was a severe blow for Lillian. She was rightfully grieving emotionally, but her health physically declined as well. It seemed the height of unfairness that after losing both her husband and her daughter to cancer, that Lillian herself received the same diagnosis. She bravely fought through chemo, radiation, and surgery and we are thankful for the extra years this gave her. More importantly, we are ever grateful for the exceptionally compassionate end of life care that she received at St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital, Palliative Care. They helped her to die with dignity, surrounded by loved ones, as she deserved. Lillian is survived by her children Linda Cole, Robert Cole (wife Heather), Bruce Cole (wife Mary Ellen) and Kevin Cole; also by her grandchildren Laurie Burgess (husband Allan), Michael Cole (partner Jane), Brad Cole (wife Tammy), Jason Cole (partner Lynn), Megan Cole and Tyler Cole, as well as Jennifer’s husband Nelson Cheng and their sons Ben and Nick. Lillian will be fondly remembered by her six great-grand-daughters (and two namesakes), Brianna Emily, Sarah and Delaney Burgess, Sierra and Sage Cole, and Lillian Cascade Cole. Lillian is ever in the prayers of her sister, Margaret Putnam, sister-in-law Lena Byers, and cousin Bill Byers all of Renfrew, as well as many nieces, nephews and extended family and friends. Lastly, Lillian will be in the thoughts of her good friends Rae and Mary Guernsey of Milford, without whose love and unyielding support we would have been lost, and to whom we owe more thanks than our hearts can hold. Take me back to Renfrew Valley Where the Bonnechere winds away Through the perfumed fields of clover And the scent of new-mown hay. CL24207

Peacefully in Edmonton, Alberta on October 31, 2010 at the age of 57. Beloved wife of Andrew Berry. Dear daughter of Jean and the late Frank Lynch. She will be sadly missed by her brothers Douglas (Gyrd), Michael (Anne), and Bernard and sisters Barbara Ootes and Carole Matthews; as well as numerous nieces, nephews, relatives and friends.

Peacefully at Renfrew Victoria Hospital on Thursday April 14, 2011 “Mickey” McArthur, age 68 years. Son of the late Alan &Anna (Valliquette) McArthur. Husband of the late Marie Reddy. Loving father of Kelly (George) Campbell, Barrhaven, Kerri (Wes) Rafuse, Ottawa, Kevin (Lise), Innisville. Proud grandfather of Jake, Connor, Taylor, Daniel, MacKenzie & Parker.

Memorial visitations will be held at the Goulet Funeral Home, 310 Argyle St, S, Renfrew on Saturday April 30, 2011 from 9:30 am until time of service in the funeral home at 10:30 am. Spring interment St. Francis Xavier Cemetery. Donations may be made to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Visitations were held at the GOULET FUNERAL HOME, 310 Argyle St. S., Renfrew, Sunday: 2-4, 7-9 p.m. and after 9:15 a.m. Monday. Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated at St. Francis Xavier Church, Monday April 18th at 10:30 a.m. Spring interment parish cemetery. Donations may be made to Renfrew Victoria Hospital Foundation.

Online condolences/donations may be made at

Peacefully on Monday April 18th, 2011 at the Renfrew Victoria Hospital. Dorothy McDonald, beloved wife of the late Alexander McKerral. Cherished mother of Jan (late Gordon) Gaddess, Renfrew, Gary, Toronto, Heather (late Terry) Hampton, Oakville, Leanne (Marvin) Wylie, Barrie. Devoted grandma of Randy, Cheri, Kendra (Vince), Courtney and Brittany. Dear great-grandmother of Casey, Gordon, Julie, Kale, Jay and Grayson. Dorothy was the last surviving member of her siblings and she will be sadly missed by her nieces and nephews. Visitations at the Goulet Funeral Home, 310 Argyle St. S, Renfrew, Wednesday, April 20th from 2-4, 7-9 pm and after 9:15 a.m. Thursday. A Liturgy of the Word will be celebrated at Our Lady of Fatima Church, Renfrew, Thursday April 21st at 10:30 am. Interment St. Francis Xavier Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Canadian Cancer Society. Online donations/condolences may be made at

Online condolences/donations: GOULET FUNERAL HOME



COOKE, Laurette (nee Lauzon) Passed away peacefully on April 13th, 2011 at the Bonnechere Manor in Renfrew the day after her 81st birthday. Cherished mother of Peter Cooke (Jennifer). Survived by her loving sister Georgette Secours and family, Montreal, Quebec. Dear friend of Gilbert Sabourin, Alexandria. Pre-deceased by parents Hector Lauzon (Helmina), husband Jean-Paul Cooke; siblings Jeannine Lalonde, Jean-Paul Lauzon, Marie-Claire Dewar, Jean-Pierre Lauzon and Yvette Watson. Laurette will be fondly remembered by her many nieces, nephews, cousins and many dear friends. Founding member of the Confederation Chaper, Heritage Club of Canada Post retirees. Respecting Mom’s wishes, there was no visitation. Funeral Mass was celebrated at St. Finnan’s Cathedral, 70 St. Paul St., Alexandria at 11 a.m., Saturday April 16th. Interment to follow at a later date at Sacred Heart Cemetery. Special thanks to the entire staff of the Bonnechere Manor for their love and support over the past two years. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Bonnechere Manor Foundation Auditorium Fund, Heart & Stroke Foundation, or Canadian Cancer Society would be appreciated. Online condolences/donations: www. Arrangements entrusted to the care of the Goulet Funeral Home, Renfrew, Ontario





SHEAN, In memory of Christopher Shean Nov 16, 1985 - Apr 21, 2006


Lillian Emily Cole (nee Byers)

Riopelle, Joan Rosalee It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of our beloved wife, mother, grandmother Joan (Wright) Riopelle on Friday April 15, 2011, one day after her 79th birthday. Devoted wife for sixty years to Nelson. Loving mother to Randy (Lynn), Kip (Dianne), Terry (Evelyn), Melody (late Ian), Faith (Terry), Danny (Ellen), Regan (Val), Gloria (Bernadette). Cherished grandmother and great-grandmother. By request of Joan, no visitation. Cremation. Memorial service will be conducted by Rev. Don Anderson at the Calabogie United Church, Tuesday April 19th at 1 p.m. followed by interment at Hillcrest Cemetery, Calabogie. In lieu of flowers, donations to Hospice Renfrew or Renfrew Victoria Hospital Palliative Care would be appreciated. Online condolences/donations may be made at


Brydges; Helen Peacefully at the North Renfrew Long Term Care, Deep River on Thursday April 14, 2011. Helen Dodge age 86 years. Beloved wife of the late Sydney C. Brydges (Dec. 1999). Loving mother of Aldona (late Brent Guest), Bradley Brydges, Derek Brydges (Donna Sullivan) and Lance Brydges (Teresa Chretien). Predeceased by Adrian and Lana. Survived by many grandchildren and great grandchildren. Friends called at the Anderson Funeral Home & Chapel, 22 Raglan St. S., Renfrew on Tuesday, April 19th for memorial visitation 2-4 & 7-9 p.m. Memorial Mass was held at Most Precious Blood Church, Calabogie on Wednesday, April 20th at 10:30 a.m. For those desiring donations to North Renfrew Long Term Care P.O. Box 1988, 47 Ridge Rd., Deep River, Ontario K0J 1P0, the home which took care of Helen in the last years of her life, giving her unequalled care, comfort and compassion. It is the home which all others should be measured. Our deepest thanks.


LUTOWSKY, MARY (DOOLING) Peacefully on April 13, 2011, Mary M Lutowsky, formerly of Douglas. Predeceased by parents Joe and Vi Dooling and husband Donald. Dear mother of Patricia (Kevin Enright), Lynn Pahl, Donna (Tom Koan) and Anne (Gale Messing). Sister of Patricia Arndt, Tim Dooling (Irene), Joan Skebo and the late Judy Murphy. Survived by several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Interment Clinton Twp, Michigan. CL24269

April 21 2011 - RENFREW MERCURY


RENFREW MERCURY - April 21 2011



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Many thanks for all the kindness shown to Martin during his last few weeks. Special thanks to Rev. Heather Kinkaid for prayers and words of wisdom. Thanks to the Anderson Funeral Home who guided us all the way, at this difficult time. Special thanks to the care Martin received from Drs. Davis, Gerbis, Medical staff 3rd floor, Pembroke Regional Hospital, Dr. Bill Burwell for many, many years of his medical care and support and the Management and Staff of Country Haven Retirement Home. The support and kindness we received from friends and staff of Community Living Renfrew County South, and all the friends he had over the years. A very special thanks goes to Marion Fraser and Irene Hunt for all their support and help, driving to appointments, etc. Brad, Trevor and Helen

Dora McGrath and Lola Mulvihill CL24185


The Benefit Dance is over, the lights are out and folks have gone home. From all of this I have found true Friends that have recognized the value of our friendship and have held to it’s sacred substance. The measure of my experience in friendship has given me an overwhelming sense of gratitude as my heart has experienced the expressions of love. It is with ease and assurance; I rise to say Thank You. Two very short words that can never totally express the courage it gives me to continue on my road to recovery. To truly learn that busy people in a bustling community will often take time to support the needs of others is so assuring. Bonds that we make through work relationships come ever effective in times of need and especially at times when illness visit us. This has been an uplifting experience for me through the actions of two ladies, Theresa Carron & Heather Pierce, with whom I worked. Their resulting efforts have given me the confidence to continue, with courage, for the battles that may lie ahead. My community both near and far have supported me and I say again to each and every one; Thank You, and may God bless you for your ongoing support.

Cynthia Dodds


A booklet of commemorative verses is available for viewing at our office to help you get through this difficult time.




The wandering Canada goose that stayed on the Bonnechere River all winter was seen by Doug Forgie walking upriver in the middle of Arthur Avenue on its way to its summer residence. The goose moved into open water below the hydro damns when ice covered the river at the RCAF Park. Our thanks to all those that provided food for the bird over the winter months. We were very glad than no one attempted to catch the bird when it was in the river. Geese can swim in very cold water, we cannot and as long as they have food they will survive the cold. The bird is one of seven we know of that have remained all winter on the Bonnechere.




Where are they? Mary Steele is concerned that they are the victims of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. We have heard one bluebird and have not seen any tree swallows. Mary has many spring birds except the swallows and bluebirds. If you see either of their species, please let us know.

A female mallard builds her nest, lays her eggs and incubates them without any help from the males. After mating takes place he leaves to find another mate. When the mating season is over the males gather together into large flocks to feed and spend a leisurely summer. Many will molt during this period. Female mallards will lay eight to 10 eggs, usually one each day until the clutch is complete. Incubation time is about 23 days. After the clutch is complete the female drives the male away. The young remain with the female until they are able to fend for themselves. WHITE TURKEY

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The wandering goose returns


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HAROLD JOHN ENGLISH A sincere thank you to all who offered sympathy following Harold’s passing on March 8, 2011. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to relatives and friends for cards, flowers, food, masses, and donations to Sunshine Coach and Renfrew Victoria Hospital. Heartfelt thanks to Dr Stephanie Langlois and the nurses and staff of the 3rd floor at RVH for their excellent care of Harold. A very special thank you to Dave and Patti Stewart and family for their excellent care and compassion they provided to Harold for nearly two years. Our appreciation goes to Matt Brydges of McPhail and Perkins Funeral Home for his kindness, guidance and care shown to the family. Our gratitude to Father Pat Blake at Mt St Patrick Church, Maymie Siroski and choir, Bill McAdam and altar servers. To Harold’s nephews and friends for being pallbearers – we thank you: Joseph Leroux, Michael McGrath, Keith Mulvihill, Leonard Pasco, Dennis Cybulski, Allan James and honourary pallbearer Frank Campbell. A special thank you to the ladies at DACA Centre for the wonderful lunch after the funeral.

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Erin Campbell and Sam Diamond saw a barred owl in the Ferguslea area this past week. The familiar song of the species, “who cooks for you, who cooks for you aaalll” first drew their attention to its presence. Erin is able to make an excellent imitation of the bird’s song by folding her hands together and blowing through the space between her thumbs to create the sound. It certainly drew my attention. TREE SWALLOWS, FINALLY Marilyn McNaule had a pair of tree swallows resting on the hydro wires in front of their home on Gillan Road April 8 about two weeks later than in past years. Tree swallows have the ability to go into a state of torpidity when the weather is too cold and the flying insects are not active, their main food source. Swallows are able to lower their body temperature, heartbeat and breathing rate during short cold periods, consuming practically no energy. A pair of cardinals, a flock of darkeyed juncos and several purple finches have also been feeding actively at the McNaule feeders. MALLARDS A female mallard has taken up residence in Smith’s Creek near Eighth Avenue. Margaret Joynt has seen the bird several times.

Lynn Ashton saw a wild turkey that is off-white in colour and with several dark feathers on the flanks and the tail. Such a lack of pigment in the feathers can indicate a bird that is a cross between a wild tom turkey and a domesticated female. It could also indicate partial albinism. Wild tom turkeys are very dominant birds and will attract domesticated females to their harem. Their offspring can follow the feather patterns of either their father or mother, whichever demonstrates the dominant gene. True albino birds will have pink irises, pink skin and white plumage, a very rare condition. WOODCOCK DISPLAYS Cathy and Remick Campbell have been hearing the sounds of a displaying male woodcock this week. The display is a very elaborate affair. The bird finds a territory and sits in the middle of it giving a zit-zit-zit call, as many as 70 times in a row. He then lifts off and flies 100 feet (33 m) into the air and circles in a wide arc, wings whistling softly and then he descends, giving a soft warble until he lands on the ground. He then starts the zitzit-zit display again until he attracts a mate. The event starts just at dusk and may continue well into the night.

QUICK NOTES Dodie Bailey saw a great blue heron flying over the Bonnechere River this week. The evening grosbeaks have returned to Tracey Marki’s feeders. A LOOK AT NATURE THIS WEEK They are back again. As soon as the temperatures rise above freezing, the box elder bugs emerge from their winter homes and crawl around on our wall and siding. They must leave their winter homes to find food and a place to find a mate and lay their eggs. The small black bug with a red cross on its back and red along its sides are not interested in our homes or furniture, they just need a place to stay for the winter. Once they are outside they head for the box elder tree (Manitoba Maple) where they feed on the female trees. When their eggs are deposited they move into the earth for the summer. If they are appearing on the inside of your home, vacuum them up and burn the bag. You can do the same outside but it is better to spray them with an insecticide or a strong detergent. BUTTERFLY The female black swallowtail butterfly that Marilyn Spears raised at Clarendon has laid a cluster of eggs. The spears are waiting for the eggs to hatch and the caterpillars to emerge. The cycle will be complete when the caterpillars spin their cocoons. Enjoy your birding. Ila and Jim Ferguson, 5313 River Road R.R. 5, Renfrew, Ontario K7V 3Z8 phone 613432-2738 or email jamesh@

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