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re:fined re:new went out on the Cardiff streets to track down some of our most stylish readers




atherine, left, is wearing Wallis leggings with a John Lewis cardigan and John Lewis coat. The length of the cardigan means it can be worn as a dress over leggings without being risque. This style doesn’t have to be a young trend; leggings and a cardigan can be a comfortable and stylish look. Boots work best with this outfit as they give a better silhouette.


All photos: JG


ynn bought her jacket from Gallery, a boutique in Newport. Boutiques can offer you something different, as they buy from various independent designers. Boutique owners are great for advice, as they choose their stock personally and know the garments well. You’re also guaranteed not to be caught out wearing the same as anyone else.



ooking good for men doesn’t always have to mean wearing a suit. David’s sportswear outfit is casual and stylish, but probably wouldn’t work in half measures, as the khaki trousers only work with the sports jacket. Having said that, these jackets have been picked up by fashion-forward men of all ages, so perhaps this is one of those rare universal trends. The matching colours in this outfit pull it together, but shouldn’t be relied upon; different hues of greens might look good, but try the same thing with black, brown or white and it’s a potential fashion disaster.


ne of the quickest ways to look fashionable is to buy something on-trend, and the High Street is the best place to find this. Ivoreen is ahead of the trend here with her Navajo print jacket from River Island. This print first appeared in the American store Open Ceremony’s autumn/winter collection. Since then, the Native American pattern has also appeared on the fashion sites Facehunter and The Sartorialist. Be warned: use this trend sparingly, as it can easily start to look brash. The pattern on Ivoreen’s coat works perfectly because of the natural colours. The duffle coat style is a winter classic, but the shape gives it a modern look as it is tailored and cut shorter on the body. The style is also perfect for Ivoreen’s body type, as the tailoring makes sure that the coat does not swamp her.



David Lynn Catherine Ivoreen re:fined re:new went out on the Cardiff streets to track down some of our most stylish readers 21 ynn bought he...

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