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The purpose of the Alameda County Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) is to promote and protect the best interests of the consumer public, to encourage the highest standards in the business community and to develop a high level of consumer awareness. By Joseph Larkin The Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) was created by an order of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors on establishing the CAC, the county seeks to create an environment in which the highest standards of fair and honest

market practices prevail and are enforced, and in which the consumer public is assured the fullest value in products and services. The Consumer Affairs Commission consists of fifteen (15) members, three commissioners from each district and one member at-large selected and appointed by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors. The current commissioners are as follows: Chairman, Joseph Larkin (District 3), Rana Kahlon (District 1); Aziz Akbari (District 1); Cecillia Chang (District 2); Reema Moosa (District 2); Cecilia Cunningham-Charles (District 4); Marlene Hurd (District 5); Ezra Gale (District 5); Sunnie Richordsen (District 5); and Joaquin Murphy (At-Large). The CAC is also assisted by the County of Alameda staff person Elana Poggi from the County Administrators Office. The CAC conducts an annual Consumers Affairs Conference held in Alameda County as well as other free educational workshops conducted throughout the year. The most recent was held on January 25, 2014 at Berkeley Community College, in partnership with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) entitled Safety Fair 2014. The purpose was to provide

residents of Alameda County an opportunity to offer tips on how to stay safe during a crisis and a workshop on scam prevention and personal safety. It also offered the residents the opportunity to voice their concerns and have their questions raised by a panel discussion that consisted of various representatives from local, state and federal government agencies such as the CAC; Food and Drug Administration; U.S. Postal Service; Social Security Administration, Alameda County District Attorney Office and the State of California Bureau of Automotive Repair. In September 2013, we co hosted with County of Alameda District 5 Board Member Keith Carson’s Office a free educational workshop. The subject was Foster Youth & Adult Identity Theft held at the Oakland Housing Authority Headquarters to address the growing issue of identity theft among senior citizens and minors who are wards of the state who have been victims of scammers through their identity theft and credit report fraud. In June 2012, with we co hosted with the County of Alameda District 4 Board Member Nate Miley’s Office a free educational workshop, the subject was Foreclosure Workshop that was designed to share information, tips and resources to help distressed homeowners who were facing foreclosure or who may have received a bad mortgage loan and/or terms. It offered homeowners the opportunity to meet directly with the lenders and counselors who were in attendance, such as the Associated Real Property Brokers (ARPB); Operation Hope; Housing and Urban Development (HUD); California Department of Real Estate; Bank of America; NID Housing Counseling Agency; Chase; California State Bar Association and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. The CAC provides literature to businesses and consumers, and gives educational presentations on consumer issues to community groups. Please visit our website at www.acgov. org/bc/cac to view our calendar for 2014. You may also view our meeting times if you would like an opportunity to speak to the commission during our Public Comment portion of our monthly meetings. We invite you to “get involved” with us. We have vacancies, and welcome all County residents who are interested in helping consumers. If you are interested, please contact the Clerk of the Board's Office at (510) 208-4949. For more information, visit: Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. RENEW - Fall / Winter 2014 35

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