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Nice To Meet You, Thank you in advance for viewing my portfolio. Included are student projects that highlight my skills in entrepreneurship, creative marketing, brand development, and business strategy. In the last few years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with two leading apparel retail brands. The rewarding experiences from these brands combined with my educational background reinforces my range and understanding of retail business operations. Specialties include: Visual Merchandising, Creative Marketing, Brand Development & Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Social Media Marketing

Rene Ramos


The Upper Shelf is a hybrid interiors and home accessories brand that of fers a combination of lifest yle produc ts and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces for the home. The Upper Shelf rotates an overall brand focus or theme with each season, star ting with “The Outdoors” for Summer 2012. Each season, the brand produces a brand publication, or home guide that is available in limited edition print copies and online on an interac tive iPad application. FM4430 Business Ownership WI13 AiCA-SF

Brand Logo

project elements • Market analysis

• Customer relationship plan

• Core customer segmentation

• Get ting social

• Market Street flagship

• Brand publication

• Branding

• Revenue stream analysis

• Produc t & ser vice mix

• Company legal struc ture

• Key ac tivities & par tners

market analysis

A number of new housing developments in the mid-Market Street area will bring thousands of new tenants and residents to the area. This population grow th brings strong demand for home goods. Mass retailers like Cit y Target and Walgreens will remain a strong destination for housing needs, but it is a safe assumption that local San Franciscans who suppor t small business will perceive this retail concept positively. The resurgence of available retail spaces and lease signings, from Union Square to 9th street, strengthen the fac t that this is the time for small businesses to open on Market Street. With incentives from Cit y Hall for small businesses and gentrification occurring all along Market Street, opening the Upper Shelf at 1632 Market Street in 2013 would be a smar t and time sensitive oppor tunit y.

Grow th along Market Street is encouraging other retailers in the food, beverage, and apparel industries to relocate within the vicinit y. NeMa’s leasing incentives also compete direc tly with commercial landlords on Valencia Street and the Hayes Valley corridors. reference: ht tp://w w developers-seeking-value-conscious.html

“The Bet ter Market Street projec t of fers a special oppor tunit y to envision a new Market Street that is more beautiful and green; has enlivened public plazas and sidewalks full of cafes; showcases public ar t and per formances; provides dedicated bicycle facilities; and delivers ef ficient and reliable transit.� reference: ht tp://w w termarket street s/BMSFac t sheet.pdf

core customer segmentation




2010 Cus tomer Demographic s: 94705 Resident, Ashby/ Telegraph Berkeley

2010 Cus tomer Demographic s: 94114 Resident, Noe Valley San Francisco

Cus tomer Demographic s: 94102 Resident, Hayes Valley San Francisco

Median Household Income: $102,788

Median Household Income: $99,329

Median Household Income: $78,654

Male 30 -34 Years Old 6.9% of zip

Male 35-39 Years Old 4.1% of zip

Male 25-29 Years Old 7.0% of zip

Male householder living alone 15.3% of zip

Male householder living alone 43.4% of zip

Male householder living alone 40.5% of zip

reference: | ht tp://w w w.cit | ht tp://w w

reference: | ht tp://w w w.cit | ht tp://w w

Husband-wife family 29.4% reference: | ht tp://w w w.cit | ht tp://w w

market street flagship

1720 Market Street (b/w Gough + Oc tavia) • Situated on the upper Market Street corridor in San Francisco • Located at apex of Valencia and Market Streets • Ideal central location to par ticipate in the redevelopment of the mid-upper Market Street areas • Muni lines and nearby parking increases the proper t y value • Wide window façade that would be fully utilized in creative window displays • The space boasts 4,451 square feet with a lease estimate of $4,105 per month Reference: | ht tp://w w homedetails/1720 -Market-St-SanFrancisco-CA-94102/2134647768 _ zpid/. pdf

branding C: 55

R: 94

M: 53

G: 85

Y: 70

B: 67

K: 35 C: 70

R: 88

M: 58

G: 97

Y: 37

B: 119

K: 14 C: 16

R: 217

M: 10

G: 212

Y: 47

B: 153

K: 0 C: 68

R: 57

M: 63

G: 55

Y: 61

B: 56

K: 54

• Play ful, yet asser tive tone created from the font choices: MissionScript and Edmonsans • The line references the idea of a shelf or sur face

• Color stor y stemming from natural, ear th-toned palet te found in vintage produc t and ephemera • Colors are masculine without intimidating female clientele

product & service mix

50% of revenue comes from vintage produc t. Re-purposing and reusing vintage produc t into modern designs is an underlying core value at the Upper Shelf. Therefore, vintage produc t is the largest revenue stream and a major par t of the Upper Shelf brand. Vintage produc t is sourced by the Creative Direc tor and buying staf f. Produc t is bought based on the demand for the subclassification. 35% of revenue comes from vendor-sourced produc t. At the Upper Shelf, we understand that not ever y thing in your home is re-purposed or vintage. We of fer simplistically designed produc ts from ar tisans and craf tsman that help make the home more beautiful. The vendor of fering is forever rotating and bought based on the season theme and current produc t focus. 15% of revenue comes from our design ser vices. Our private design consultations and design ser vices make our home design approach engaging, fun, and accessible to our clients. Ser vices include: consignment, private design consultations, studio ser vices/pulls, contrac ted staging, and commercial or event staging.

5 0%


v i ntage

s e rv ic e s

3 5% v e n dor

Classification Vintage Seating Vintage Furniture & Tables Vintage Art & Objects Vintage Framed Art Vendor Linens Vendor Stationary Vendor Gifts Vendor Bath, Home & Body Vendor Apparel Services



5.0% 10.0% 25.0% 10.0% 5.0% 5.0% 10.0% 10.0% 5.0% 15.0% 100%

getting social

What's on your shelf?

Each season, the Upper Shelf asks its readers and customers to snap and share photos of their own homes and workplaces that incorporate the brand’s seasonal focus. Selec ted submissions will be featured in each season’s home guide. This encourages customers to anticipate each season’s home guide and promote sharing through social media channels listed below. Communication with customers raises brand value by of fering tangible connec tions that are personal and lasting.

brand publication

The seasonal home guide is an ex tension of the Upper Shelf brand. The seasonal home guide features inter views with the buying staf f, themes for each season, user-submit ted content, and home decor ideas and influences. Limited edition prints will be available for sale at the retail location, with special editions published for events like Fashion’s Night Out, each September.

key activities The Upper Shelf of fers a range of design ser vices. Consultations and free quotes are available to determine the projec t ’s time line, needs, and costs. Other design solutions are of fered through the store’s merchandise mix, sales force, and quar terly publication.

An underlying responsibilit y for the brand is to make home decorating accessible and approachable to all customers. Solutions can come in the form of small changes: such as linens or shower cur tains. Larger solutions can come in the form of complete home re-models with assistance from design consultants.

key partners Buyer-Supplier Relationships Building relationships with vendors of both new and vintage produc t is impor tant when negotiating purchase prices and markup percentages. Without reliable relationships with vendors, the business model would collapse without stocked produc t. Vintage Sources The San Francisco Bay Area is an area wealthy with vintage and antique produc ts. Relationships with antique vendors throughout the area are incredibly impor tant, keeping the Upper Shelf ’s vintage stock af fordable and the turnover healthy.

Strategic Alliances Small businesses that enhance the lifest yle curation of customers include cobblers, bars, barbers, and tailors. As knowledgeable lifest yle resources, the sales force makes use of these strategic alliances when catering to customers. These strategic alliances can also be published as a resource in the quar terly publication.

customer relationship plan

1. Co-Creation Customers engage with the brand by submit ting content in the form of photos of their home. Selec ted content is published in the brand publication and can be seen online, in print form, and on mobile devices. Hash tags and mentions on Instagram, Twit ter and Facebook plat forms will play a large role in collec ting usercreated content. 2. Community-based ser vice Ser vices of fered (consignment, private design consultations, studio ser vices, contrac ted staging, and commercial events) build relationships with the communit y. These ser vices are marketed through word-of-mouth of clients. With each projec t, there is an increase in communit y reach. 3. Personal Selling The sales force (in-store and private design consultants) at trac ts and builds customers through a personal selling approach.

revenue stream analysis

Transac tion Revenues @ Brick & Mor tar A great por tion of the company’s revenue stream comes from the selling of produc t at the brick and mor tar store location. For produc ts, see produc t and ser vice mix. Studio Ser vices Clients are able to rent items for the purposes of studio, staging, or photographic work for 20% of the produc t value per day. Rates are subjec t to change, depending on client ’s requests, projec t duration and projec t vision. Private Design Consulting The Upper Shelf ’s talented design team is available for designing and creating the client ’s ultimate private space. Utilizing one-of-a-kind pieces in conjunc tion with the client ’s personal furnishings, the ultimate produc t is a beautiful space that is a reflec tion of the client ’s wants and sensibilities. Rates are subjec t to change depending on client ’s requests, vision, and length of projec t. Brokerage fees associated with vendor and client negotiations may be applied.

Furniture Restoration & Reupholstering One of the Upper Shelf ’s core values is appreciating the value of one-of-a-kind decoration pieces. Our talented team of craf tsmen on staf f is skilled in furniture restoration and reupholstering. This strengthens our abilit y to refurbish and sell vintage pieces with ease, as well as repair client ’s personal pieces for a ser vice fee. Rates are subjec t to change depending on condition of piece, tools and supplies required for completion, and level of dif ficult y.

company legal structure

Limited Liability Company (L .L .C.) A Limited Liabilit y Company is a legal struc ture that combines the limited liabilit y of a corporation and the tax incentives and flexibilit y of a par tnership. Unlike a corporation, which has “owners,” a LLC refers to its owners as “members.” LLCs can come in the form of sole proprietorships or par tnerships of t wo or more par tners (depending on the state location). These LLC par tners repor t profits and losses, unlike in a corporation where the business entit y is taxed.

According to the City & County of San Francisco, the prices for star tup are as follows: • $70 filing fee Ar ticles of Organization with the Secretar y of State • $800 annual tax due to CA Franchise Tax Board • $800 First year tax payable within first 3 months of organization • Subjec t to annual fee to CA Franchise Tax board based on LLC’s gross income

The major advantage of forming an LLC is the limited liabilit y. “If the LLC incurs debt or is sued, members’ personal assets are usually exempt.” In California, the LLC is a relatively new t ype of business struc ture that is easier to form than a corporation. Being a small business, this allows flexibilit y in doing business and less recording and registration paper work.

San Francisco considering tax break on payrolls for small businesses • Small business that are growing could benefit from payroll tax breaks in the next several years • Proposition E proposals would begin phasing out 1.5% payroll tax beginning in 2014 • A small business is defined as having a payroll of $500,000 or less, using 2011 as the base tax year • About 30,000 of San Francisco’s 80,000 businesses qualif y as small businesses

The major disadvantage of an LLC when star ting the Upper Shelf would be self-employment taxes. As a member of an LLC, members are considered selfemployed and must pay taxes with regards to Medicare and Social Security. “The LLC will not pay federal income tax and must file tax returns as like each individual member.”

reference: | ht tp://w w /limited-liabilit y-company-llc, ht tp:// 4217 | ht tp://w w


Sightglass Cof fee is a San Francisco based cof fee bar and roaster located in SOMA, at 7th and Folsom. In this projec t, a monthly event series was developed accompanied by a press release and social media tac tics. The series repositions the brand as a knowledgeable and premium-ser vice cof fee roaster and industr y leading company. The overall objec tive is to increase sales and customer base through social-media interac tions and a monthly event series plan. This PR projec t examines brand stakeholders, persuasive messaging, appeals used in communication ef for ts and event evaluation criteria.

Brand Logo

FM4420 Public Relations & Promotion SP12 AiCASF

project elements • Event brief & planning

• Primar y public

• Event OST

• Voices & appeals used in messaging

• Press release

• Post-event evaluation

• Stakeholder analysis

evebt brief & planning

• Monthly event series star ts July 2013 and continues through last weekend of the month for the year • Admission is free, and all are encouraged to at tend • Staf f roasters and baristas will host lec tures and discussions about what makes a great cup of Sightglass cof fee • Each event will highlight the variet y of roasting and brewing methods used daily at Sightglass • Live music will be featured at ever y other event, with guests, including local San Francisco musicians and ar tists

event ost

Objec tives • Reposition Sightglass as a knowledgeable and premium-ser vice cof fee roaster and industr y-leading company. • Increase sales and customer base through the use of a monthly event series and socialmedia interac tions. Strategy • Create excitement and buzz around events by interac ting with social-media sav v y customers on listed social media plat forms:

Tac tics • Monthly event series will educate customers on the cof fee roasting and brewing techniques used daily at Sightglass. • Espresso tastings and lec tures on brewing at home will be showcased. • Series will var y with each event. Each event will showcase a combination of live music, ar t from Bay Area ar tists, and edible items made in-house.

press release

Sightglass Event Series Invites Local Influencers to Event s Focusing on the Roas ting & Brewing Processes Used Daily at Sightglass’ Bar in SOMA . [SAN FR ANCISCO, C A – May 15, 2012] Indus tr y leaders, social media inf luencers, and San Francisco bloggers are invited to the new monthly event series at Sightglass cof fee bar and roas ter y at 270 Seventh St. @ Folsom. Star ting in June 2012, and ever y firs t weekend of the month, event s will hos t lec tures and tas tings led by the Sightglass baris tas and roas ters. Each event night will feature a variet y of tas tes and discussions about what makes great cof fee. Staf f roas ters will also share knowledge on how to selec t, tas te, and brew cof fee at home through the use of classic pour- over techniques. The sibling owners of Sightglass, Jared & Jus tin Morrison explain the new event series... “ We believe in sharing the s tor y behind our cof fee- where it was grown, how it was processed, and who handled it along the way. At our new event series, Sightglass baris tas will show you how we at tain the per fec t brews, tas tes, and aromas in each cup of Sightglass cof fee.” Scot t Beale, founder of L aughing Squid, will be joining the firs t

event: “If you’re looking for the bes t way to brew your fresh cof fee grounds from Sightglass cof fee, check out their event series s tar ting nex t month. Staf f baris tas will be showing us the techniques and tools used ever yday in their Soma c afé.” Future event s will feature live music and ar t showings with collaborations by loc al musicians and ar tis t s, showc ased in the newly opened second f loor bar space.

internal stakeholder analysis The most impor tant stakeholder to consider is the loyal Sightglass customer- returning or “ first time”- that have influence in social media. This event, powered by social media ef for ts, takes into account the necessar y stakeholders that are fueling Sightglass’ brand grow th. 1. in-house operations 2. established suppliers 3. in-house baristas

4. returning customers 5. first-time visitors 6. media-sav v y customres

external stakeholder analysis The ex ternal stakeholders are audiences that are not direc tly addressed through media ef for ts promoting the event. Commercial suppliers of machiner y, cups, supplies etc., are a necessar y component in a successful event, although they are not internally invested in the event. Competitor cof fee vendors, such as Philz and Peet ’s are not involved in the events, yet still af fec t the event ’s positioning. 1. +1 invitees 2. commercial suppliers 3. potential suppliers

4. SOMA foot traf fic 5. local businesses 6. competitiros

primary public

As an event series promoted through social media ef for ts, the primar y public for Sightglass would be new and existing customers who have influence on social media. Invites for the first Sightglass event series will be distributed through social media accounts- on Twit ter and Facebook to be precise. Followers who have previously mentioned or t weeted to Sightglass will be the first to be considered for invitation. An “interested� customer, such as @erikleung, who is also regularly ac tive on social media, will be more likely to spread the word and create a buzz about the promoted Event Series.

voices & appeals used in messaging

Jared & Justin Morrison, sibling owners of Sightglass Skill Appeal: “Our baristas have been trained and tested in our state of the ar t brewing and roasting facilities. Join them at our new event series where we’ll show you how our cof fee is hand-picked and roasted here in our San Francisco store.” Enlightenment Appeal: “ We believe in sharing the stor y behind our cof fee- where it was grown, how it was processed, and who handled it along the way. At our new event series, Sightglass baristas will show you how we at tain the per fec t smells, sounds, and sights in each of our cups.” Scott Beale, founder & ‘primary tentacle’ of Laughing Squid Skill Appeal: “Sightglass’ new event series is truly showing the skill and capacities of Sightglass’ roasting techniques. There is absolutely no question as to why Sightglass was named best cof fee of 2012 by SF Weekly.” Enlightenment Appeal: “If you’re looking for the best way to brew your fresh cof fee grounds from Sightglass cof fee, check out their event series star ting nex t month! Staf f baristas will be showing us the insider tricks used ever yday in their Soma café.”

post-event evaluation

The success of the event can be measured af ter each event in the series. Af ter the series has concluded, the same criteria can be used in measuring the overall ef fec tiveness and impac t of future promotional ef for ts.

qualitative criteria:

quantitative criteria:

• Contex t of Twit ter mentions

• Head count of at tendees

• Comment & Suggestion box in-store

• Daily & weekly sales repor ts

• Reviews on

• Weekly # of Twit ter mentions

• Reviews on

• Weekly # of hash tagged Instagram posts

• Blog postings mentioning Sightglass

• Store conversion rates

• E-mail feedback

• Google updates for news & blogs

• Telephone compliments & /or complaints

• Google Analytics analysis during weeks of events


Unionmade is a men’s click-and-mor tar retailer headquar tered in San Francisco, CA with a now international presence. Unionmade stocks a hand-picked selec tion of men’s casual and fine clothing, shoes, new and vintage books, and men’s grooming produc ts. Since opening their first retail location in San Francisco in 2009, Unionmade has expanded into a strengthening e-commerce site and t wo additional locations in Santa Monica and Larkspur, CA.

Brand Logo

This projec t examines fac tual media buying for a Summer 2012 AD campaign. FM3327 Adver tising Sales & Ratings SP12 AiCASF

project elements • Campaign over view & budget

• Traditional media buys

• Graphic adver tisement example

• Non-traditional media buys

campaign overview & budget

• Campaign utilizes sketches by renowned fashion illustrator Richard Haines • ADs run from Januar y - August 2012 • Introduces collaboration outer wear collec tion with San Francisco based apparel manufac turer, Goldenbear • Traditional media buys are purchased in Fantastic Man magazine, GQ Magazine, Dossier Journal, and the San Francisco Examiner • Non-Traditional media buys are purchased on Google Ad Words, Google Video Ads, Facebook, and Sight Unseen magazine Unionmade Goods made an annual profit of $1,046,000 in 2011 according to Traditional and non-traditional media buys were purchased using a strategic of estimated annual profit.

3. 57%

graphic advertisement example

• Below are three proposed web banner ADs, with dimensions of 160x600 pixels • These graphic ADs are used on the web in addition to the non-traditional FaceBook and Google tex t ads

• Above is the proposed half-page print AD that uses brand elements and Richard Haines illustrations • Included is a brief description of the Summer 2012 collaboration with Goldenbear

traditional media buys

Fantastic Man Magazine

GQ Magazine

Fantastic Man Magazine is a ‘gentleman’s journal’ that focuses on personal st yle, intelligent writing, and eloquent photography with a charming tone and inquisitive nature.

A one-time ad placement in the May 2012 GQ may be considered a small deliverable, however reaching the GQ reader is essential in nation-wide exposure goals.

Fantastic Man has a loyal, international audience of intelligent and educated men who consider themselves contemporaries both of the magazine and the celebrated men profiled within.

According to the GQ Media Kit, GQ’s median age is from 18-49, with an average household income of $77,643.

Media Spend



Media Spend



$ 10,533.00


$ 15.89

$ 114,697.00


$ 15.89

Dossier Magazine

SF Examiner, Sunday Editions, May 2012

Dossier Journal is an emerging biannual print magazine based in New York that fuses fashion, photography, ar t, and literature with fresh perspec tives drawn from diverse ar tistic disciplines.

A lthough reaching a national audience was

Dossier Journal reaches men and women, ages 20-55, who are well-educated professionals with a discerning appreciation for the finer things.

the supreme goal, Unionmade’s budget realistically calls for smaller, more local AD space.

The readers who do reach Examiner’s Sunday paper are searching for local events happenings, and of fers in the Bay Area- that include ser vices and produc ts that are of San Francisco origin.

Media Spend



Media Spend



$ 5,000


$ 250.00




non-traditional media buys

Sight Unseen Giveaway Founded in November 2009, Sight Unseen has an average monthly page view of 60,000 viewers. The giveaway is promoting the new Goldenbear X Unionmade collaboration, with imager y appearing on the home page, RSS and e-mail subscribers, and a combined 8,000 Facebook and t wit ter followers.

Facebook The Facebook adver tisement consists of an image of a jacket available in the Unionmade X Goldenbear collaboration. The ad reads: “Fine men’s outer wear crated by Goldenbear in San Francisco. Exclusive to Unionmade Goods.” The placement of the AD targets users in the United States, who live within ten miles of San Francisco, NY, or Santa Monica. Cost per day= $5.00

Media Spend






Media Spend






non-traditional media buys

Google Ad Words Targeted locations include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Monica, and New York. These major cities are home to 3 Unionmade locations and home to a majorit y of the urbancit y living consumers who can be adver tised to online. The bidding option is focused on impressions with a manual maximum CPM bid of $1.00 a day. Media Spend






Google Video Ad Campaign, Januar y-July 2012 The google video ad campaign targets users of all genders from ages 18-54. They are interested in apparel, luxur y goods, green & eco-friendly shopping, mass merchants & depar tment stores. Key words include: shop, menswear, Goldenbear, outer wear, SF made, Levis, J.crew, Alden, and menswear.

Media Spend






Digital Portfolio  

This digital portfolio contains student work and projects by Fashion Marketing & Management graduate Rene Ramos.

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