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Instituto Guatemalteco Americano Social studies Teacher: Pablo Rosales

Congress report

Daniel Rene Monzón Morales 9th grade section “A”

Time line History of the congress

1825: Was promulgated on th October 11 in 1825, the first political Constitution of the State of Guatemala, also entering into force the same year.

1921: Was promulgated on September 9th in 1921 the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Central America which includes the states of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras and enters into force on October 1st in 1921 the Constitution of 1921, this being the second of Central America.

1956: Adopted on February 2th in 1956 and enters into force on March 1st 1956, the Constitution of 1956.

1985: Adopted on May 31th in 1985 and came into force on th January 14 in 1986, the current Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala by the National Constituent Assembly

1999: We performed a popular consultation for reforming the Constitution again, still the draft reform not approved through this consultation.

1824: Is decreed on November 22 in 1824, the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Central America by the National Constituent Assembly, being the first in Central America.

1879: Was promulgated on December 11th in 1879, the Constitutive Act of the Republic of Guatemala, the second being of Guatemala and the first of the Republic, also taking several reforms throughout its life.


1945: Adopted on March 11 in 1945 and enters into force on March 15th in 1945 the Constitution of 1945.


1965: Adopted on September 15 in 1965 and entered into force on May th 5 in 1966, the Constitution of 1965.

1993: Reform of the Constitution th on November 17 of the same year, after the overthrow of the then President of the Republic of Guatemala Jorge Serrano Elias.

Guatemala 11th March of the 2014

President of the congress of the Republic of Guatemala:

It is for me a pleasure to have you received my letter as a support and a suggestion of new laws in the country. I think that the country has been a victim of violence such as assault, extorciones, and deaths, among others. This has affected greatly to the country because there is no confidence to travel insurance in the streets or be in complete safety with our family. This has been given for non-compliance with the laws in the country. The work of the congress has been very good and efficient; i hope to continue making progress in a good manner. Thank you for your attention.

Att: Daniel Monz贸n Student of Instituto Guatemalteco Americano - IGA- third basic

What I learn in my visit

158 Members make up the congress.

20 of the members are women.

The Congress has the power to change laws

what I learn in the visit -

The Board of Directors is form by the president, 3 visepresidents and 5 secretaries.


The congress deslegisla.


The congress provides legal tools to that judges apply.

What is the relationship with content in class -

This visit relates to the class by the constitution and the government.


I have knowledge thanks to the class and a visit to the government.


The legislative power creates laws in benefit of the people in the country


Structure of the constitution

The Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala is the supreme law of the Republic of Guatemala, which governs the entire State and other laws. The Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala today was created by a National Constituent Assembly, in May 31th 1985,

Parts of the constitution

Dogmatic Part

Organic part This part starts from article 140 to article 262, which establishes the Organization of the State and the Agency of the State, which are:

This part starts from article 1 to article 139, in which are the fundamental rights and freedoms.

Legislative Body (article 157 to Article 181) Executive Agency (article 182 article 202) Judiciary (article 203 to Article 222).

Pragmatic part

In this laying down the guarantees and the mechanisms to enforce the rights set forth in the Constitution in order to defend the

Congress report  
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