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3. Our Nation 4. Our Employees Our main focus must be to continue creating and adding value for these four (4) USING TECHNOLOGY TO ADVANCE FUEL EFFICIENCIES TODAY

stakeholders. Our vision and mission is as follows: To our Investors,


673 Potomac Station Drive Suite 515 Leesburg, Virginia 20176 PHONE 800-578-3535 EMAIL

We commit to deploying what we believe is a concise and one of the industries most innovative best practices business models, with clearly defined processes, strategies, and governing principles. We will focus on managing and growing Smart Digital Fuel’s™ revenue, profit, earnings, cash, margins and brand by setting a new industry direction with standards supported by accountable

transparent leadership and visionary ideas. In addition, we pledge to continue to


safeguard and deliver the highest possible shareholder and investor returns

through dividends and repurchased shares. Smart Digital Fuel™ (SDF) is an energy and environmental intelligence solutions company that provides innovative and leading edge technologies and business solutions designed to enhance our surface mode transportation fuel efficiency while decreasing pollutants in the global environment.

We believe our pioneering efforts will test the limits of alternative fuel solutions while continually providing unique investment opportunities and participation by providing attractive new growth areas in innovative technology, products and solutions, in this demanding emerging market. To our Customers, We commit to a business model that provides value to our clients. Value that we believe will be different from anything they have experience before and from people that they can rely on and know put their best foot forward on their behalf. We commit to greater efficiency, cost savings, return on investments, and being environmentally responsible. We intend to increase our presence in key areas such as revolutionizing technology and product offerings, industry expertise and process know-how. To our Nation, We seek to address the issues of our planet by supporting the mission to build a smarter, cleaner, healthier and more solvent world. We intend to affect this while contributing to America’s Gross National Product (GNP) by providing a new technology based worldwide air quality and transitional alternative fuel dependent solution; in this we can help America Page 2