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It is a sad fact that most people suffering from Candida yeast infection spend so much time and money looking for a Candida cure. There is so much bad information and bad advice being given out and much of the bad information is coming from doctors. The only Candida cure that works on a permanent basis does not involve doctors or medications. A healthy body does not allow Candida yeast to grow out of control and form a yeast infection. A healthy body can control the growth of yeast and keep itself in balance. However, not all bodies are as healthy as they should be. The good news is that an unhealthy body can be brought into balance and made strong enough to fight yeast growth using a simple and natural process. All we have to do is remove the existing fungal overgrowth, create an environment that encourages yeast growth, and restore the natural balance of good bacteria. If we do this the body will be able to fight for itself and there will be no more Candida infections. It is important to understand that a yeast infection is caused by the over-production of Candida, which exists normally and naturally in a healthy body. If we reduce the growth of Candida in the body to a normal level we will have found our Candida cure. If we maintain growth at a normal, manageable level we can ensure we will never suffer from a yeast infection again. There a few things we can do to help out body fight Candida overgrowth. Antibiotics, which are helpful and necessary tools in fighting disease, can actually contribute to the problem. By killing the body's good bacteria antibiotics create an environment within the body that makes it difficult or impossible for the body to fight yeast overgrowth. Many people find their Candida symptoms become worse after taking antibiotics. Reducing dependence on antibiotics and taking them only when necessary is one way to help the body develop its own natural Candida cure. If the amount of good bacteria in the body has been reduced it is important to restore it by introducing live bacteria through the use of probiotics. Probiotics are simply natural bacteria that the body needs to function and keep yeast and fungus growth under control. Probiotic can be purchased as supplements in powder or capsule form and can also be found in some yogurt brands. If you are relying on yogurt for probiotics it is important to ensure that the yogurt contains live cultures. Many do not contain live cultures and those will not contribute to finding a Candida cure. Using probiotics correctly and maintaining a diet that discourages Candida growth are 2 of the 4 steps necessary steps to finding a Candida cure.

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==== ==== The number one candida cure at this moment ==== ====

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