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Finding a simple cure be just as difficult as dealing with the Candida infection itself. Popular drugs are a standard yeast treatment but drugs do not keep Candida from coming back. The yeast that naturally occurs in the body called candida, it aids in the elimination of food that is improperly digested by low stomach acid. The yeast infection occurs when probiotic bacteria that keep Candida in check are killed off, possibly by a weakened immune system or antibiotics. Since Candida is mainly found in the digestive system, you're best to have a controlled diet with your yeast treatment. Starches and carbohydrates are metabolized into glucose. Candida is fed by sugar. Therefore, it is obvious that to ensure Candida health, avoidance of all sugars, starches and complex carbohydrates is necessary. Straight forward , that is, until you begin the task of finding out what you can east safely for a Candida cleanse. Many recommended diets are available just some are a lot more stringent than others. You should speak with your physician prior to beginning any sort of diet change to be certain you are getting the proper nutritional requirements. In your search for a Candida cure you'll find disagreement on suggested foods. For example, all practitioners do not believe that yeast of all varieties in your foods should be eliminated. Apple cider vinegar, total elimination of fruits and fermented foods all provoke differing opinions on a yeast infection cure. Seek out a detox diet which you will be able to stick with, and as the yeast dies out, you'll be able to slowly reintroduce healthy foods. A surefire way to aid in Candida health is to drink plenty of water. Because yeast feed on sugar, Candida infections are more common in people with Diabetes. Glucose laden body secretions can cause yeast infections to flourish in most any warm and moist parts of the body, including the vagina, under the breast, the lower abdomen, penis, and nail beds. A combination of prescription and natural treatments can work to control your blood sugar levels. For example, the Candida cleanse diet is a natural treatment that will help optimize your system for a yeast diabetes cure when used in conjunction with medication. Top tips on natural Candida cure strategies that are easier to stick to than a strict diet include simply avoiding tight clothing that trap body secretions and keeping those areas clean and dry to allow healing. You should try having a bath with 8 drops of tea tree oile and this may eliminate the topical effects of Candida. For soothing your skin, try aloe-vera. OTC medications for curing a vaginal yeast infection include miconazole, clotrimazole, butoconazole nitrate, and tioconazole. Imidazolem, Fluconazole, intraconzole and ketoconazolecan may be taken orally. Problems with a Candida cure include the proof that your yeast treatment is working. After the yeast is killed, it needs to be released from the body, frequently in an explosive method.

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==== ==== The number one candida cure at this moment ==== ====

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