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Rules and guidelines for Photographers Please note that we now require the girl be semi nude or fully nude before we accept any shoots. Once the site is launched, we want to pay the Renegade Maidens and Photographers for their participation. So in order to be in a position to do that we need to derive income from the site. The only justification there is to charging for a subscription is if they receive the same level of modeling as competing websites who charge for their content. We understand some girls whom have already signed up to be a Renegade Maidens might not want to get fully nude, which is why we still allow semi nude. Please see below for the standards of both natures. Semi Nude: No private areas exposed but the shoot suggests the model is naked. Ie. the model is naked but particular items are coving these parts. No more lingerie shoots are allowed. (We allow first submissions to be lingerie for “warming up� purposes but every shoot after that must be semi or full nudity). Full Nudity: Full exposed breasts and bum required. Spread and overtly sexual shots are not required. Penetration IS NOT accepted.

The shoot still needs to follow our guidelines in regards to theme and timeline. Being a Renegade Maidens photographer is an exciting venture because it allows you to be directly involved and responsible for individual photo sets that are posted on Not only do we encourage your creative input on ideas and themes, Email: Website:

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Suite 23/35 Ashridge Road Darra, QLD AUSTRALIA 4076

but you also get to use your own photographic techniques to produce unique photo sets that might otherwise fall outside the standards and restrictions of other projects of this nature. Although, we do have a few guidelines that we need you to follow in order for your shoots to be accepted for publishing. These guidelines are simple, and ensure us that your work has consistency with the rest of our website, meets our legal obligations, and guarantees us that your hard work is exclusive to Below is a procedural guideline for accepting a photo shoot proposal and producing the photo set to You will need to be aware of these guidelines for purposes of knowing what is particularly required in order to produce a successful photo set. Some of these guidelines are more intended for the Renegade Maidens to action, but your awareness of these matters is necessary to ensure your participation is not a waste of your time. Organizing the shoot Legal Prior to the shoot date and any commitment you make to working with, it would be in your best interests to read the Photographer Contract. We also recommend, if possible, having a legal representative read the contract as well. encourages having both parties 100% happy with the terms and conditions of this position, to avoid any liability or misunderstanding further down the track. The Photographer contract must be signed prior to, or on the day of, the first photo shoot. Organizing partnership If you’re new to and aren’t familiar or acquainted with our Renegade Maidens, you can submit your interest to photograph and we can arrange to set you up with a shoot. We can provide you with a number of ideas, collaborated by the girls, and sometimes us, and then you can express which interests you the most. On your application you will specify what your availability is, so we will match this and your location with the girls that are available. If you are personally acquainted with a Renegade Maidens you can start the shoot organization without the assistance of Although, we do require you to, prior to any decisions being made, communicate your ideas with Ozboka & Udderleedelishiss Email: Website:

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Suite 23/35 Ashridge Road Darra, QLD AUSTRALIA 4076 to insure that your ideas haven’t been done or aren’t already in the process of being produced. We also suggest you run your ideas by us first to make sure it complies with Australian censorship laws. If you choose not to consult us, and your shoot breeches these laws, your shoot will not be accepted and your time would have been wasted. Organization of photo shoot ideas Once your partnership is decided, we will provide your contact details to the Renegade Maidens, and it will be up to her to contact you regarding her shoot. Once she has made contact, the “theme” and/or “narrative” of the shoot has to be determined and has been approved. This can be completely up to the Renegade Maidens, but your ideas are certainly welcome. However, you do need to be aware of the theme before you can proceed.

The theme and narrative of the shoot is important because this differentiates us from other photo based subscription websites. Using themes allow each photo set to be unique, thus avoiding repetition on the site. A theme could entail a character or an event. For example: “Little Miss Muffet”, or “A Rock Show” If you choose to use a theme, your photo set must have flow. You can do this by using a “Narrative”. This means that there is a “story line” that the order of the photos will follow. The story line will need to start and finish within the requirements of the set. You don’t necessarily need to have a story line if you choose to use a theme, but keep in mind that there must be some kind of structure to the order of the photos. A narrative is a situation. For example: Breaking down in your car. If you choose to have a narrative, you don’t need to use a theme, but keep in mind that your narrative must make sense. Themes and narratives allow the Photographer and the Renegade Maidens an easier guidance towards laying out the timeline of the shoot, which is a requirement that needs to be met for a set to be accepted for publishing. For more information, see “Timeline of shoot”. 1 final submission a photographer may want to submit is a theme project. That is 1 continuous Email: Website:

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Suite 23/35 Ashridge Road Darra, QLD AUSTRALIA 4076

theme (e.g. girls smoking) that may use multiple models. Please note that all models in this form of submission must be individually documented on Renegade Maidens releases

Location of photo shoot If the theme is decided, you now you need to choose a location. This can be decided by you and/or the Renegade Maidens but must be suitable for both parties. It must be agreed by both parties any travel involved, and any expense of that travel. As well as taken under serious consideration and precaution any danger or health hazards involved. is not responsible for any cost involved in the location of the shoot so keep this in mind when choosing on a location. Date of photo shoot The date of shoot needs to be determined and agreed upon by both parties. When a date is set, either the Photographer or Renegade Maidens needs to relay this on to Ozboka & Udderleedelishiss - We need to know this so we have an expectation on when we will receive the final product. For more information on what the time requirements are for the delivery of the set, see “Photo delivery time”.

Confirmation of shoot date can be made via email or phone, or via the website when such service is available. If the date of the shoot should change, all parties, including Ozboka & Udderleedelishiss - need to be informed by methods stated above. Timeline of photo set The timeline of the photo set refers to the structure of each individual photograph taken. require a specific commonality to their photo sets, and a major one being the way in which the photo sets start and end. A timeline is relatively simple to come up with. If the model has stated that her level of participation is “Semi Nude” for her shoot, you can then incorporate that into the timeline. For Email: Website:

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Suite 23/35 Ashridge Road Darra, QLD AUSTRALIA 4076

example, you can start the set with the Renegade Maidens fully clothed, and end it with her semi nude. The theme and/or narrative that you have already chosen will aid you with the way in which this will occur. An example of a photo shoot timeline idea, using a narrative, and where the Renegade Maiden’s level of participation is “semi nude”, is: A girl is driving and her car and it breaks down. She lifts up the hood to see the problem, reaches in to try and fix it and gets grease all over her clothes and hands. She wipes her hands on her top and then takes it off, leaving her topless. She proceeds to take off the lower half of her clothing, and ends up in her underwear. She can slide down under the car to add the effect of her trying to fix the car. She then fixes the problem, and starts to get dressed into new clothing. An example of a photo shoot timeline idea, using a theme and a narrative, and where the Renegade Maiden’s level of participation is “semi nude”, is: Little miss muffet sitting on her tuffet eating her curds and waves. A large spider comes along and approaches her. It takes off her clothes, she then fights back and pulls out a gun from her garter belt and shoots the spider off her body. Leaving her semi naked holding a gun and a dead spider. Themed photo shoots without a narrative are a little harder to accomplish with a timeline because there is no specific way to get from start to finish. Be careful if you choose to do the shoot this way, as you will need to think carefully how to produce the set and still meet the requirements for submission. If you’re unsure, you can get feedback from us when you and/or the Renegade Maidens confirm the shoot idea. The timeline should also reflect the number of photos your set will have. For more information on this, see “Required number of photos per photo set”. If a photo set is submitted with no timeline or evident structure, it will be less likely that the set will be accepted.

Day of the photo shoot Equipment Email: Website:

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Suite 23/35 Ashridge Road Darra, QLD AUSTRALIA 4076

It is at your discretion as to what photographic equipment you choose to use. Keep in mind that you have a required time of delivery, so if you choose to use film, the process might take longer. suggest using digital, as the results can be reached sooner. Model release All Renegade Maidens models are required to sign a Renegade Maidens participation Agreement and Release. This covers the legality of what normally resides in a standard model release form. Proof of Age The first photograph in each and every set submitted will contain a picture of the model holding her ID After the Photo shoot Screening the photos You will need to allow a time for the Renegade Maidens to see the results of the photo shoot. We recommend you do this in person, as it is stated in the Photographer Contract not to issue copies of the photos that are submitted to without consent. It is also in the Renegade Maidens participation agreement and release not to use copies of their sets prior to submission or after, without consent. So if you intend to submit the set, making copies might result in the photos being used, which could breech the contracts and deem the set void. The reason for this restriction is for exclusivity purposes. The Renegade Maidens will want to choose her set. You can aid her with this if she requests. Once she has chosen her set, follow the guidelines for “Preparing the set for submission�

Preparing the set for submission Email: Website:

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Suite 23/35 Ashridge Road Darra, QLD AUSTRALIA 4076

Required number of photos per photo set To make the most of your efforts and to get the most out of publishing your work on the website, we have a minimum and maximum number of photos that are allowed per set. The minimum number of photos allowed per set is 50. The maximum number of photos allowed per set is 80. If the set does not meet these requirements, it is less likely to be accepted for publishing. Required dimensions for photos We aim to keep the photos at a relatively decent file size for the web. The photos also need to fit the website’s layout. Required width for portrait = 650 pixels Required height for landscape = 650 pixels Use constraints when resizing the images and the widths and heights will scale accordingly. Retouching Only retouch where absolutely necessary. isn’t a glossy magazine. We encourage our girls to be natural. However we understand certain touch ups might need to be made, and we only offer guidance on this matter. Submitting the set to Who submits the set The Photographer or Renegade Maidens can submit the photo set. If the Renegade Maidens submits the set she will need to be aware of the rules of exclusivity. To avoid the photo shoot being rejected, it might be beneficial to confirm with the Renegade Maidens her awareness of the issue before handing over the entire set. Ideally, we suggest the Photographer submits the set as they already have all imagery prepared. However, if the Renegade Maidens choose to submit the set themselves, they need to refer to the Participation Agreement and Release contract regarding the clause that contains the information on obtaining Renegade Maidens imagery prior to submission. If the Photographer submits the photo set, the Renegade Maidens is entitled to make final approval. Email: Website:

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Suite 23/35 Ashridge Road Darra, QLD AUSTRALIA 4076

How to submit the set Initially you will need to submit the set on CD via post. Please ensure that the CD is properly protected and packaged to prevent damage in transit. The address to send this to is: Renegade Maidens Suite 23/35 Ashridge Road Darra,Qld 4076.

When to submit the set To maintain a website that is fresh and constantly updating its content, we’d like to keep the flow of submissions consistent. We ask to be informed of the official shoot date so we can apply a 2-week delivery for all photo sets starting from the date of the shoot. We certainly don’t want to put any pressure on our photographers, but with all the organization and effort that went into the photo shoot, it is in everyone’s best interests to produce the product to the public ASAP. If more time is needed, all you need to do is consult Ozboka or Udderleedelishiss, as all rules and restrictions we apply are flexible to a degree.

Email: Website:

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Guidelines for Photographers participating with Renegade Maidens

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