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on the service. Taxi drivers do not expect tips but tipping them is greatly appreciated.

RACSA offers internet and e-mail access. There are many internet cafes in towns and cities and Cyber cafes with internet services can be easily found at the most popular tourist destinations.

Health & Medical Assistance

Taxi Service The official taxis are red with a yellow triangle on the door. They all have (meters).

Entry Requirements Citizens of the United States, Canada and some countries in Europe are not required to have a visa and are allowed to stay for a maximum of 90 days with a valid passport. For other nationalities, they can check with the respective embassies in their home country.

Taxes Passengers departing on international flights have to pay an airport tax of around $26. Hotels include 13% sales tax and 3.39% tax on room charges. Service charge 10% in restaurants must be included.

Customs No custom duties are charged on personal luggage which includes items for personal and professional use as long as they do not appear on commercial quantities.


Costa Rica’s socialized medical system has been successful at keeping the diseases that plague most tropical countries in check, through a system of education and preventive medicine. If you happen to need medical attention, first rate care is available at any of Costa Rica’s public hospitals and private clinics in San José.

Commerce Hours General commerce Shopping centers Government banks Private banks Office hours

9 10 9 9 8

a.m. to a.m. to a.m. to a.m. to a.m. to

6 9 3 5 5

p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m.

Education Education is very important in Costa Rica. In fact, 27% of the national budget is spent on education. As a result, 95% of the population is literate. Primary (1st6th grade) and secondary (7th-11th or 12th grade) education are free and mandatory for all citizens. Public schools are dispersed all over the country. There are four large public universities which have become major universities in Central America.


Costa Rican Cuisine!

Most restaurants add 10% service charge called “servicio” to the bill. It is also customary to leave a gratuity as personal thanks for good service. Bellboys and housekeepers can receive $0.5 - $2 depending

The contrasts in Costa Rica are found not only in biodiversity, but also in our native dishes. For example, in Limon, on the Atlantic Coast, the food is characterized by use of the oil and coconut milk

Tarifario Vesatours  
Tarifario Vesatours  

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