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n o i t c u d o r t n i scientific research about the size and scope of the measureable universe is a study in both space and time, which often poses more questions than it answers. discovering more about the universe only serves to highlight how little is actually known. therefore knowing less means wondering more. curiosity blends known and unknown information into a new form, a blur of real and imagined, that exists only in the mind.

“reality leaves a lot to the imagination” – john lennon what we know is filtered through the e y e s o f t e c h n o l o g y. yet how do we know what we are seeing is real? how do we know that what we thought was real is not, in fact, imagined? there is no way to know what we d o n o t y e t k n o w. t h e space between known reality and unknown fantasy is a gaping black hole in which to create connections that explain, or link ideas, or simply question space and time. in addition to opening up the universe to exploration, space and

i n t r o d u c t i o n aeronautic science are increasing in i m p o r t a n c e by addressing additional challenges we face in the 21st century: the changing environment, food s u p p l y, medicine, s e c u r i t y, defense, telecommunication, weather forecasting, navigation, and transportation. the space industry is overcoming the global financial crisis better than many other industries because the needs scientists address still exist in times of struggle. therefore, the space sector is rapidly becoming i t s o w n e c o n o m y, a n o r g a n i z e d competitive landscape with increasing job growth. for example, eye doctors are using the “wavefront” optical measurement devices and t e c h n i q u e s created for the james webb space t e l e s c o p e to get detailed information about the eye and ocular diseases in seconds rather than hours. in space technology itself, scientists experiment to find solutions to potential

future food and soil scarcities on earth. researchers at washington state university used 3-dimensional printing to create simple objects and tools using moon rocks as the raw material. this discovery could also prove fruitful for future space travelers who have to limit what they carry on board due to size constraints and the high costs of space travel. the concept of travel is changing; as the former “space race” becomes d e m o c r a t i z e d , not only is the playing field widened but so is distance to which common citizens can travel. b r o o k l y n - b a s e d final frontier design has created space suit for private space travel at “a fraction of the cost” of the suits used by nasa. louis vuitton encourages its customer to pack their bags and enjoy the journey in a print ad commemorating the n a s a s h u t t l e s i n 2 0 11 , and their first ever tv commercial invites us to enjoy the voyage, in a hot air balloon much like the ones used by e x p e r i m e n t a l amateurs launching anything they can

find into space for the entertainment of a viral video internet a u d i e n c e . not only is the concept of travel changing but concept travel could be in our future. is the journey real or imagined? shall i take a week of vacation in a hotel in space, or a week pretending to be in a hotel in space? f o r n o w, t h e journey is still inside the mind, but the reality i s n e a r. meanwhile the fantasy journey fulfills a deep human desire for newness, adventure and d i s c o v e r y . in the wake of nasa’s discontinuation of the atlantis shuttles, a new “space race” emerges, as scientists, a s t r o n a u t s , and perhaps even private citizens from around the world pioneer space much as ancient civilizations explored and claimed the lands on earth. In this new space race, there are no rules, as competition emerges to discover habitable planets for living and visiting, precious elements to mine for profit, water as it becomes scarce, and evidence of life- or the holy grail, life itself.







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“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” -Pablo Picasso


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Photographers Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick presented Mars: Adrift on the Hourglass Sea at the Yancey Richardson Gallery space within a in New York opening Januaryand disrupted context, where 6, 2011. Using images from the NASA Mars Explorationthe setting of the work Rovers Spirit andhas either been destroyed, or re-aligned. Opportunity, the artists stitchedrebuilt, togethers imaginary scenes of a fallen civilization on Mars.The hourglass in the title of the work is a symbol for The project aims to presentthe infinity of time, while the questions about progress, “thetwin female figures reference non-linearity of time, and thetheories that Mars may be nature of consensual realityEarth’s twin “whose past or context” Kahn andis our present and whose Selesnick said in an interviewpresent is our horror of our about “The Hourglass Sea”future,” as the artists explain. with Sara Falkner in 2010. “The deeper we carve our The pair’s work frequentlyrunnels into the red planet... more connected references the challengesthe we feel to the rest of of understanding time this planet Earth and its life, the more precious each drop of water seems“

“We are drawn to absurdism in our work” “We are drawn to absurdism in our work” “We are drawn to absurdism in our work”

“We are drawn to absurdism in our work” “We are drawn to absurdism in our work” “We are drawn to absurdism in our work”




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“With the recent shuttering of NASA’s shuttle program and the shifting focus towards p r i v a t i z e d space travel, SPACE PROGRAM: MARS takes on timely significance within Sachs’ work, which provokes reflection on the haves and have-nots, utopian follies and dystopian realities, while asking barbed questions of modern c r e a t i v i t y that relate to conception, production, c o n s u m p t i o n , and circulation .”

“Earth Forever

October 1st, 2012 The United States Postal Office released a set of 15 forever stamps featuring landscapes of the earth as seen from above. Two of the images were photographed by the Landsat 7 satellite in a joint project between NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey which has documented and recorded the changing earth landscapes from its satellites since the launch of Landsat 1 in 1972. The series, e n t i t l e d “Earthscapes,” will feature natural, agricultural, and urban landscapes photographed from a distance of between several hundred feet to over 400 miles from the earth’s surface. The millions of images captured by the Landsat excursions are available to the public.

As quoted from Betsy Mason of Wired Magazine, “images of Earth from space give us a different, often enlightening and even inspirational view of our planet.” To mark the 40th anniversary of the first Landsat mission on July 23, 1972, the U.S.G.S. and NASA selected over 120 top images from the Earth As Art collection and opened voting to the online public for the first time. Over 14,000 people cast their vote, tallying the top five Earth as Art images. The winners in over from fifth to first place are: a view of Lake Eyre in South Australia, Erg Iguidi in Algeria & Mauritania, the Mississippi River in North America, the Yukon Delta in Alaska, and Gotland, a Swedish island in the Baltic Sea resembling Van Gogh’s painting “Starry Night.”

scapes” Stamps

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Artis t orga Trevor nizat ion C Paglen p rese ar a reati ve T ired up litera chers, ime, scien lly l M.I.T with pub aunc tists ., h h , an li is la d p and a h c-art stest ost o hilos ophe f work into rs to spac e.








A somber chronical of alien...� recent human history

“The Last Pictures” is a series of a hundred photographs of recent human history printed on silicon wafers, rocketed into orbit around the Earth inside an alluminum canister. The intention is to serve as a time capsule to future generations who may encounter the orbiting orb. Paglen’s previous work centers around classified defense activity and surveillance, using materials such Pentagon documents and tapes. According to New Yorker journalist Jonah Weiner “Paglen sees “The Last Pictures” as pushing forward the same underlying concerns as his secrecy p i c t u r e s : the limits of v i s u a l communication, the annexation of space”

Fash ion

R T W Accessories B e a u t y Street Style R T W Accessories B e a u t y Street Style R T W Accessories B e a u t y Street Style R T W Accessories B e a u t y Street Style R T W Accessories B e a u t y Street Style R T W Accessories B e a u t y Street Style R T W B e a u t y Street Style R T W B e a u t y Street Style R T W

Balen ciaga FW12/13

“The Fall/Winter 2012/13 BALENCIAGA collection exudes ‘80s space invasion,’ with space invader motifs, structured shoulders, ample volumes, laser-cut coats and carrot pants”

Photoshoot by Steven Meisel

Run way

Junya Watanabe

SS13 Alexander Wang

Giorgio Armani

Acess ories Futuristic, graphic, shiny, curvi-linear Imagery of stars, galaxies, moons and space suits.

Beauty Alien Eyeliner FW12/13

One of few nearly recession-proof sectors, the beauty industry continues to innovate as an early adopter of trends in the design market. Due to their products’ relatively low production cost and short turn-around time, beauty companies are less averse to risk and quicker to offer fresh ideas. Likewise, even the most price conscious consumers can find affordable beauty products that create a big style impact with a small financial investment. Designer runways are an important showcase for cosmetics and haircare companies to exhibit their talent and innovation. The Fall/ Winter 2012/13 runways were no exception, featuring graphic “space age” eyeliner techniques in shows from the fashion capitals. Thus the beauty industry stays steady during tough economic times, a steady ground on which to experiment and stay a few steps ahead of traditional fashion businesses.

Mary Katrantzou Erdem

Aquascutum Altuzarra

Beau ty Beauty brands opt for high shine, sparkle, glitter, and holographic effects conveying a space-like sophistication. In June, 2012 MAC Costmetics launched their “Heavenly Creatures� line for Fall 2012 featuring products such as lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow with NASA-worthy names like Star Wonder, Light Year, and Center of the Universe.

Fashion Advertising Louis Vuitton journeys ad campaign and video OKi-ni re-launch video on Mars

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heaven on earth heaven on earth

london designers nipa doshi and jonathan levien were inspired by georges méliès’ 1902 silent film le voyage dans la lune in their collaboration with haagen-dazs. “the moon idea came from many different places and has elements of fantasy, adventure and imagination,” they say. september, 2012

+haagen-dazs doshi levien

mars rover oreo 100-year-old company oreo pays homage to the mars curiosity rover landing with red creme filling marked by rover tracks august, 2012

vintage confections

mini planet lollipops by vintage confections,

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space space

august 6, 2012

san francisco hot dog vendor zog’s dogs sent one of their hot dogs into space with the help of a team of engineers and a balloon. to celebrate the successful launch, zog’s dogs restaurants offered customers a space dog combo: a zog dog with astronaut ice cream for $5. upon reentry, one zog’s team member took a victory bite of the space traveling hot dog.

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hamburger hamburger

first first

2012, 26 october

five harvard university students paired up with the b.good burger chain in massachusetts to launch a hamburger into space for the first ever. “operation skyfall,� as named by the students, launched the burger 30,000 meters (98,425 feet) into space via engineered balloon; they recovered it after it landed in a tree in the nearby town of byfield, ma.


The Institute Ten Space Trends

1. Many innovations will be developed by space enterprises that will accelerate the establishment of a global space market. 2. New energy sources developed to navigate space will accelerate the exploration of our galaxy enabling us to explore deep space. 3. Miniaturized cost effective spacecraft will explore the stars long before humans are capable of venturing out into deep space. 4. Space mining will yield new resources, elements, and materials that will enhance the quality of life on our planet. 5. Robonauts, robot astronauts, will stretch our imaginations with fantastic information from their space adventures and be our new heroes.

for Global for the 21st

Futures Century

-The Global Futurist

Humans will learn to leave their home .6 planet of Earth, terraform faraway planets, and colonize space. valuable space assets, from materials .7 and drugs to minerals and innovations, will create a space race among global companies.

First contact with alien life through the .8 identification of life supporting planets may come closer to becoming a possibility.

Space discoveries will have a profound impact .9 on the advancement of human science, medicine, education, entertainment, and culture.

The exploration of space will spark a new .10 “big picture� understanding of human evolution and human destiny as we reach out into the galaxy.

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