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"I felt a sense of pride in the class. I am very proud I was able to contribute to the cohesive union of the ensemble. I also appreciated how the ensemble accepted each other for who they are, even though I was older than most of my peers. Also it was very important working with an instructor that is amicable and pleasant and who knows her subject area well, which was greatly articulated by our professor. The yoga-like exercises too were amazing, I think it is an inspiration I will take with me too, because it conditions the mind and helps set the mood and tone for the upcoming activities. This class has benefited me in a number of ways, for example, I learned to motivate actors, rejuvenate lethargic vibes and gain insights on how to keep actors engaged in remembering their dialogue. I was able to interact in a character’s role, understand the vulnerabilities of the actor, and I understood what a dedicated work ethic for an actor involves. In summary, the class has supported my objectives as a director and along with it came new friends, new prospects and broader insights."

What my Introduction to Acting students said about my class Spring 2017  "The greatest lesson I took away from the class is the dynamics of the “Yes-and” approach. Whenever I have a performance or even something as mundane as a presentation I always feel the need to control the situatio. I am used to everyone following my lead. But what this class got me into the habit of doing is being the one to react based off of someone else's energy. I need to be able to react based on a given situation at hand. The “Yes-and” exercise was the most difficult one for me because it backfired when I tried to control it. I noticed that I kept asking questions instead of agreeing to a “truth” that my partner and me were supposed to be creating. After taking this class I realized how diverse the college is. I knew there was a wide range of ethnicities, but these different ethnicities all have varying cultural backgrounds. The day we all had to share the story about how we got our names was probably my favorite class. I learned so much about my classmates. All of our stories were different. Everyone is interesting in their own way. I go about life seeing people everyday thinking they are all just normal and not interesting but now that I had that experience in class, I can bet any amount of money that every single human being that I walk past has something special to tell about themselves and every single story will be different."

Feedback from Intro to Acting  
Feedback from Intro to Acting  

Here's what some of my students had to say about my class.