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Founded in 1854 this year marks the 160th anniversary of Lumière Wine. Originating from Bayonne, France, Gaëll Lumière migrated to new Zealand after the passing of his beloved mother in 1836. He was young, ambitious and aspired to travel the world. He fell in love with our lovely little island of new Zealand and dedicated his life to the art of wine-making. Based in Gisborne New Zealand and produced in Provence, France, Lumière is known for its luxurious, sensual rosé. In memory of Gaëll’s late mothers love for classic rococo paintings and architecture, Luimere still to this day incorporates intricate design inspired by the era into our product and branding. Rococo reflects the light-heartedness of New Zealanders. Their ability to love, indulge and enjoy life to its fullest. It captivates the richness and quality of our product with its elegant golden designs and fragrant colour pallet. We consider ourselves to be the rococo architects of the 21st century, paying close attention to even the smallest detail of our wine-making. We combine the freshest ingredients and decades of knowledge passed down through generations to produce the finest products.

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True Provence wine is made from red grapes, The natural pigment of the grape skins give both red and rosé wine thier colour

Lumière Vintage Rosé enlightens all senses Sight: intricate curls reminiscent of Rococo design weave over the bottle like the vines from our Provence vineyard. Sound: the laughter you find in good company, whether its family or friends. Taste: a rich consistency of handpicked berries with a subtle hint of cinnamon, vanilla and the vibrant freshness of grapefruit. Touch: Rosé is best served chilled, feel the cool sweetness soothing your body as the warm summer sun kisses your cheek. Finally Smell: the scent of freshly cut flowers or the crisp dawn air.

Alcohol Volume: alc 13.0% vol Standard Drinks: 7.7

PH: +64 0800 586 4373

Cinsault Grenache Syrah Vermentino Hand Picked Berries Cinnamon Grapefruit

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