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Tips to guarantee a good price for your old house

Anyone who decides to sell their old house, most often intend to sell so that they can get a good price for it or if luck is in their favor, even sell at a profit. Real estate market prices vary depending on a lot of factors; some of which include the location, the size of the house, extra amenities like a swimming pool and so on. Most importantly, for any house to fetch a decent price, it should be well maintained and in a good condition at the time of the sale. Here are a few things which every seller should bear in mind if he wants to sell his old house at a good price.

Firstly, the house should be well maintained. The maintenance should not just be limited to the interiors of the house but should also include the exterior portion like the gardens, lawn and the garage. Every buyer has a certain image of what he wants his new house to look like and an old, worn-out house is definitely not anyone’s fantasy. This is why it is crucial for the seller to ensure that his old house is in a presentable condition.

The house need not be adorned with fancy upholstery and have marbled floors but it should be neat and clean. The seller should ensure that the house is thoroughly cleaned and that there is no rubbish or paper strewn around. The sofas, chairs and all other upholstery should be vacuumed and the house should be well aired out. This should be done especially if the house was not lived in for a couple of months as it gets rid of the damp smell. Ensuring that the entire house is rid of dust and spider webs is also a good idea.

The seller must ensure that the house is checked and if possible also treated for mold. It is also important for the seller to ensure that the lights, fans, coolers and heaters are in good working condition. Besides this, it always helps if there are no plumbing or drainage issues and that all the faucets are not faulty.

If the house has a lawn, the seller should make sure that it is well trimmed and taken care of. Also, if the house has a swimming pool, it should be cleaned out once in a while and chlorinated. The garage should be free from rubbish and other old stuff that has been stored there for years together. The garage locks and the garage door should be in a good condition.

All these small maintenance issues may seem like a lot of work for the seller but it will sure guarantee him a higher price for the house as opposed to leaving things as they are till they get bad. If the house is well maintained, all you need next is to hire a real estate agent to find you a buyer. Real estate agents receive enquiries from various buyers on a daily basis and they are the best people to ensure you get a good price for your house.


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Tips to guarantee a good price for your old house  
Tips to guarantee a good price for your old house