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An Animal Mystery Hayden Holmes

This book is all about a mystery animal. Can you guess what I am? Here is your first clue: I live in Africa and Asia.

Shelter I live in woodlands and sleep under bushes and burrows. Burrows are under ground homes.

Prey/food In the wild I eat mice, worms, snakes. I find my food at night. I dig for my food with my short legs.

Body information My body is 10 to 25 centimeters long. I have sharp spikes on my back.

Information about how it survives • I roll up in a ball to defend myself.

Other facts People keep me as pets. I grunt like pigs when I dig for my food.

Have you guessed what I am yet? I’m a hedgehog.

References • All pictures and information are from • For more information go to mals/mammals/hedgehog/ .

Animal Mystery  

A book of clues about an animal.