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An Animal Mystery By Alyssa Cheslek

This book is all about a mystery animal. Can you guess what I am? Here is your first clue: I live in North America on grassy lands.

Shelter The shelter I use is burrows. A burrow is a hole under ground that animals live in.

Prey/ food I eat grass, insects, and other plants. I have long front teeth to chew grass. I eat all day.

How it lives/Information about how it survives • My whole family lives with me. We call where we live a town. Many families make up a town.

Body information I am a furry rodent. A rodent is a furry animal that has sharp teeth. My fur is tan, white ,and black. I am only 2 or 3 pounds. I am related to squirrels. My babies are born in nursery burrows. They are born blind and hairless. I have 3 or more babies. I have a fat little body.

Other Facts • We bark to warn each other. We groom, kiss, and play with each other.

Have you guessed what I am? I’m a prairie dog.

References • All pictures and information were from • To learn more about prairie dogs, go to mals/mammals/prairie-dog/ .

Animal Mystery  

A book of clues about an animal.

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