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Corporate Identity Guidelines


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1 Introduction Mission Statement, Diagnosis. Products and Service Analysis

2 Research Visual Audit . Social Media Analysis.

Commercial Analysis . Target Audience

3 Brand Development Mind Mapping . Symbol Development . Color Studies Type Development . Final Logo . Concept Statement. Alternates

4 Application Development Print Collateral . Package Design . Apparel Environmental Design . Advertisement Campaign Transportation . Social Media Development

5 Conclusion Final Solution


Corporate Identity Guidelines


To strengthen and expand the core values of the United States Postal Service by providing our global audience with exceptional customer service and unparalleled efficiency.

To reach out an unify our audience through various social media platforms and increase involvement in goodwill foundations beyond the realm of postal service culture.


Introduction \ USPS Corporate Identity Diagnosis and Values

The current state of the United States Postal Service is both unpredictable and tumultuous in a world where the customer base is dependant on the internet, constantly fueling the ubiquity of social media websites. Therefore, The need for the USPS to adapt to a rapidly evolving digital market should serve as the backbone for future business ventures. This became the launching for my brand development of the new USPS. Postal service spokesperson Judy de Torok said, “Our goal is to have mail remain relevant

‘Our goal is to have mail remain relevant to the American public.... For us the challenge is, how do we continue to reach customers in the electronic world?’ -Postal Service spokesperson Judy de Torok

to the American public... for us the challenge is, how do we continue to

posts, a wider range of topics being discussed, and

reach customers in the electronic world?” I asked

most importantly - more followers. The statistics

myself the same question and began to research.

ultimately proved that the USPS was still anchored

My first research began on the internet. I started

at a forgotten harbor while their competitors boldly

comparing the USPS’s Facebook page to their

(and successfully) navigated the proverbial waves

top competitors: FedEx and UPS. Immediately, I

of digital evolution. Clearly, It is time for the United

noticed their competitors had remarkably higher

States Postal Service to make a change.

Renee Granillo 2012

The New Values

• Value flexibility over rigidity. • Value the individual before the global market. • Value approachability rather than dominance. • Focus on the future with respect to the past.

New Products and Services • Installation of solar panels on various

• Me + USPS

offices and headquarters

A personalized, easy-to-use account

• Electric and hybrid vehicles in fleet

available on Facebook to aid

• Employment of fixed gear road

customer concerns and needs

cyclists in urban areas for “greener” transportation

• Higher visibility on various social media websites such as

• Increased involvement with

Facebook and Twitter • 24 hour customer service by phone,

Above all, the United States

ArtHouse Co-Op.

text message, or online chat

• Improved company and corporate

Postal Service is dedicated to

• Special online promo offers

providing exceptional customer

• Improved tracking for packages

service. Our goal is to cultivate

• Personalized text messages and emails

an enjoyable environment from a

sent when package is sent, being

physical and digital platform.

shipped and delivered

non-profit organizations such as

accounts with magazines and other

print-based clients.


Corporate Identity Guidelines


The United States Postal Service was established in 1774. It has since grown into the largest and most trusted government agency imbued with a rich history rooted in American culture. In order to rethink such an immense company, only a fully immersive and extensive research plan would be necessary to precede any design process.


Research \ USPS Corporate Identity Visual Audit

I began my research by visiting my local USPS post office in Laguna Hills and Dana Point. I also read extensive reviews from giving me an insight into customer cares and concerns.

- Interiors feel dead on the inside, not unlike the DMV. - Much neglected self help kiosks. - “Take a number� feels soul crushing. - Employees overall friendly

Renee Granillo 2012

- Vehicles in the back are lined up with utmost uniformity and calculation. Feels militant, but reliable. - Outside signage looks very old fashioned and difficult to spot from a distance.


Research \ USPS Corporate Identity Social Media Analysis

Facebook Banners

Social Media Analysis Social Media Analysis USPS



Facebook “likes”

“talking about”







FedEx Twitter tweets












15 hours ago

3 days ago

10 hours ago

last post


Renee Granillo 2012

About Write Ups on Facebook


“We are the largest, most efficient postal company

USPS begins their statement with “we”. The only one

in the world. Our retail network is larger than

to mention other competitors. Possibly unfriendly

McDonald’s, Starbucks and Wal-Mart combined. The

albeit impressive. Seems to be a lack of human

cost of a stamp is 45 cents, while other major posts

spirit. Focus on numbers. The banner is sleek and

average 93 cents for theirs”

shiny, suggesting efficiency or reliability but the logo ultimately stagnant and alone. There is little opportunity to relate.

“Everyone has different business needs. That’s why we

Statement begins with “everyone”. Shows an

offer a wide range of services and information right

awareness for their audience’s different needs and

here on Facebook. Everything from Sports to Social

offers solutions up with convenience and friendliness.


The logo is applied to a jet in the sky invoking a sense of direction and movement. It feels reliable.

Begins statement with “welcome”. The only one to “Welcome to the official UPS Facebook page - the

begin theirs with a genuine greeting. The banner

place to talk about logistics. See how the power of

has a very positive message with a clipping mask of

logistics can revolutionize the way you do business

different people. This is the only one with a human

and the way you live.”

on their banner.


Research \ USPS Corporate Identity Commercials

1990 “We Deliver” Commercial

1980s Animation Commercial

2011 Al the Carrier I watched as many United States Postal Service commercials as I could beginning in the 1980’s. Needless to say, it had a completely different vibe and aesthetic as they do today. The commercials focused on eagle imagery and quirky human interactions. The slogan “we deliver was annoyingly repeated throughout the ad. Al the Carrier is a current character representing the postal service. His friendly, laid back demeanor provides calmness juxtaposed to the hyper, and often bizarre customers he interacts with.

Renee Granillo 2012

2011 Security

“ On the verge of losing billions of dollars in revenue, the U.S. Postal Service this week is launching a new TV ad campaign designed to promote the security and reliability of snail mail. The first ad, “Hacked,” reminds viewers that snail mail is safer than virus-prone e-mail, while the second ad, “Face to Face,” promotes the value of hand delivered mail.” -


Research \ USPS Corporate Identity Target Audience

Demographics The table to the right is taken directly from It shows the breakdown

Correspondence Mail Received and Sent by Type of Internet Access Type of Internet Access






Dial - Up








of households with internet access in relation to median income and education.


Income and Education by Type of Internet Access Type of Internet Access

Median Income

% w/ College Degree




Dial - Up






Renee Granillo 2012

The Analysis

“Households with Internet access (broadband or dial-up) receive more transactions mail than households without Internet service, even though having an Internet connection at home should make transactions more susceptible to electronic diversion. This apparent contradiction is explained in large measure by the fact that household Internet access is strongly correlated with income and education.� - About.USPS

The same table throughout the years have shown an increase in internet use (especially Broadbrand) among USPS customers. This proves that the USPS should be catering to the ever emerging digital audience. In doing this,

The Projected Demographic Age: 18 - 36 Education: Some College Transportation: Car, bicycle, public bus

the USPS will be expanding their audience. Internet Use: Broadband Internet-Accessible Utilities: PC, iPhone, iPad, some video game console (Playstation/XBOX) Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Flikr, Pinterest, Reddit


Corporate Identity Guidelines


As with most designs, the path to the final product meanders through countless experiments and revisions, small successes and crushing failures. The following pages show that process beginning with mind-mapping and sketching to selecting the perfect colors and typography.


Brand Development \ USPS Corporate Identity Mind Mapping








forms of

connection n













money emotions



love hate

friendship loss



man vs. man man vs. Nature

man vs. God

man vs. self

Renee Granillo 2012

actors, politicians, leaders, religious

inuential people




strange taste



paper pen/pencil/ heart


mail man


handmade d

delivery deadline


not email



brown paper


top hat

old fashion


generation parents age gap

e ancestor









package parcel














black & white


Brand Development \ USPS Corporate Identity Early Sketches

Renee Granillo 2012



Bono writes letters.

You don’t know what will work until you know what doesn’t work Here is a snapshot of several pages of sketches I did before deciding to pursue the feather logo. A teacher once told me “you don’t know what will work until you know what doesn’t work”. I tried drawing as fast as I could, without any regard to

USPS: also an internet browser

subject or concept, so I could get extinguish all the concepts that would not work. Early sketches focused on the letter itself, the geometric shape of the mail box, or a redesign of the eagle. Initially, I wanted to pursue a Swiss style mailbox, but the idea went no further than


Screw it - we’re moving to Europe

vacuous symbol.


Brand Development \ USPS Corporate Identity Sketches

The original drawing was very simple and in fact inspired by Brancuzzi’s sculpture Bird in Flight. I tried to keep this in mind throughout the process.

Renee Granillo 2012

I originally fought the feather idea

typography. Later I turned it on its side and

countless print outs of different typefaces.

thinking it looked to old fashioned for

attempted to form an eagle head in the

I tried combining a bold sans serif with

my purpose, As you can see in the

negative space. This proved too challenging,

a delicate script font to indicate a hand

development sketches, I still draw the

and too close to the original logo. I needed to

drawn quality. Once again, I found myself

eagle or the mailbox. Finally, I started

simplify as much as possible. The typography

needing to simplify. A modified sans serif

working on the feather idea. At first I had

was my favorite part to develop. I traced

would be the solution.

the logo horizontal acting a base for the


Brand Development \ USPS Corporate Identity Early Digitization

Early digitization of original sketches. Analyzing the success or failure for each logo allowed a natural progression into the next refinement. Since the logo itself is simple, the details and angles were refined with precision.




Renee Granillo 2012

A study on generating the perfect curve.

new #1

added angle

new #2 e rv cu e is th sam is

slightly shorter

as this curve bulkier

less negative space

more negative space

more negative space thicker


Brand Development \ USPS Corporate Identity Digital Refinement



same angle sharper




more negative space thicker





(+1 a.p.)

square-ish (+1 a.p)



Renee Granillo 2012


Brand Development \ USPS Corporate Identity Color Studies




Renee Granillo 2012

Choosing the Color


My original thought was to avoid the obvious red and blue. I wanted something unusual and unexpected. I played with bright colors wanting to catch the audience’s eye and



533 M


c.0 m.92 y.67 k.0

c.93 m.75 y.36 k.22


r.237 g.24 b.71

r.37 g. 68 b.103









c.0 m.6 y.14 k.31

c.8 m.0 y.9 k.19

c.0 m.0 y.0 k.77


r.187 g.176 b.163

r.194 g.205 b.197

r.95 g.96 b.98





desaturated colors to appear nostalgic. In the end, red and blue was the solution I was looking for. Primary The red is bright and vibrant with a hint of orange and pink. The blue is less saturated than the original logo, balancing out the bright red.


Secondary I wanted to capture the history and nostalgia of the postal service with the secondary colors. Soft, warm neutral tones would help accomplish this and make for a unique color pattern.


Brand Development \ USPS Corporate Identity Type Studies






United States Postal Ser vice


United State s Postal Service


Unit ed states Postal S ervice


united states postal service


United States Postal Service

Meta Bold

Accidental Presidental Bebas





Renee Granillo 2012

United States Postal Service

united states postal service















Brand Development \ USPS Corporate Identity Type Refinement

Bemio Bemio is an ultra bold sans serif typeface designed by Joe Prince. The tall x height and robust modern forms provide the perfect balance between friendliness and reliability. The overall aesthetic nods to early American craftsmanship while maintaining the integrity of modern forms and simplicity. The final logo uses a custom version of a lowercase Bemio.

Gotham “Gotham inherited an honest tone that’s assertive but never imposing, friendly but never folksy, confident but never aloof.� It is an extensive and versatile font designed by American type master, Tobias Frere-Jones. This typeface is used for additional print material, and in the making of this standards manual.

Renee Granillo 2012


ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Gotham

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz


Brand Development \ USPS Corporate Identity Final Logo

Symbol The Guidelines Spacing The negative space within the elements that make up the logo is as much apart of the positive space. Similarly, around the logo should be clear and devoid of


outside elements. Sizing For printed materials, the logo should be at least .75 inch wide. Cropping The logo may be cropped for advertisements, apparel, and


mailboxes, but never for stationary or other print material.

Renee Granillo 2012


Duo Tone


The Symbol as a Feather

The Symbol as a Quill

The US Postal Service is currently

A second meaning for choosing the

represented by the head of an eagle.

feather is to indicate a quill. My original

The eagle, an inherently American

intention for the United States Postal

icon, connotes strength, speed and

Service was to reignite an interest in

patriotism. For my redesign, I tried

hand written letters. The angle of the

to maintain the same qualities in a

quill suggests handwritten movement.

more simplified way. Furthermore, the shape of the feather is tilted in a way that implies speed and purpose arching over the wordmark.

Although the imagery itself is referencing an outdated form of communication, the overall execution of the logo propels it squarely within the modern aesthetic.


Brand Development \ USPS Corporate Identity Logo Alternates and Appropriate Use


The Social Media Mark

The Commemorative Mark

For a business as immense

This mark is used primarily for

A rare logo, this is only used for

as the United States Postal

social media purposes. It is more

special commemorative pins for

Service, a single logo may not

conducive for scaling and stands

dedicated carriers. The double

be enough to represent each

out stronger on a monitor. This

feather represents the bond between

faction. For this reason, I created

may also be used for some

the carrier and the company.

alternate logos and outlined the

environmental design.

proper and improper use of the premiere logo.

me+ The Wordmark

The Me+USPS Mark

In some cases, such as apparel

This was designed

or environmental design, the

specifically for the Me+USPS

wordmark may stand alone. It

account. The typeface is a

should be the appropriate blue

modified Bemio. The “me”

color, white, or grey.

must be in all lowercase. The “+” must always be red.

Renee Granillo 2012

Improper Use One of the new values of the United States Postal Service is flexibility. Therefore, I wanted the symbol to be as flexible as possible and limit the amount of rules. For example, the feather may appear red or white (depending on the background). The word mark may appear the chosen blue, grey or white.



Corporate Identity Guidelines


After finding a solution to the logo, the application of it was the next challenge. It was a test to see how the logo functions in an environment and as a product. Scaling played a major role in determining the success of an application. Could the logo work the size of a thumbnail on a web app? Could it still look good on the wing of an airplane? The following pages demonstrate this element of the design process.


Application Development \ USPS Corporate Identity Print Collateral

The Business Card The business cards became the perfect place to experiment with cropping and pattern making. This demonstrates the logo ability to be flexible and visually appealing.

The Letterhead The letterhead makes good use of the typeface Gotham. Here you can see the range of weights and clarity of the typeface. The letterhead must maintain a generous amount of whitespace to keep the look as clean as possible.

The Envelope Not only does this function as the envelope of the

Patrick R. Donahoe Postmaster General 75 L'Enfant Plaza S Washin ton, D.C. 20260-220 @USPSConnect

Postal Service, it also serves as a secondary mark. It is used as the banner for the USPS Facebook page. [See pg.54].

Renee Granillo 2012

Letterhead Specifications • 3/4 In. border around content. • 1/4 in. between contact area and address • 1.5 in. between address and greeting * 1/4 in. between greeting and copy * 3/8 in. between paragraphs • At least 1/4 in. between copy and farewell • 1 in. between farewell and bottom of letterhead


Application Development \ USPS Corporate Identity Package Design

11.5 in.

The Shoebox The shoebox is 11.5 in tall, 7in. wide and 4in. deep. The design offers clear spaces for customers to add addresses. The colors of the pattern on the side panel indicate the delivery speed of the package. Red and grey is for Priority Mail while a calmer blue and grey is for Express Mail.

The Envelope The envelope maintains a similar aesthetic to the current design with the exception of the added pattern at the top and bottom.

7 in.

Renee Granillo 2012

The Tape The current tape for the US Postal Service is mechanical and dismal. I wanted to add the pattern to add visual interest to any package and to indicate the delivery speed.


Application Development \ USPS Corporate Identity Apparel

The Lightweight Jacket This garment could be worn by in store employees. However, the material is light weight and could provide adequate wind resistance for carriers.

The Polo

The Button Up

The Shorts

Made with 100% cotton, the light weight

This button up uniform would be worn by

The shorts are a relaxed fit for carriers.

polo would be worn by in store workers.

in store managers and other workers.

They are durable, yet comfortable.

Renee Granillo 2012

The Undershirt The undershirt provides added insulation and warmth for inclement weather. It should be worn with the vest or a shirt over it, but not alone.

The Vest

The Carrier Bag

The Shoes

The vest is an optional garment for

The carrier bag is a double pocketed

Athletic, comfortable and durable for

carriers to provide added layer of

bag made of leather and canvas to

extensive walking and hiking, these

insulation for inclement weather.

withstand wear and tear. Here, the

shoes are for the most dedicated

wordmark is white.

carriers in large urban areas.


Application Development \ USPS Corporate Identity Environment Ideation

In Store Ideation The new location for the United States Postal Service will be local malls. This will provide easier, and higher accessibility for customers. Rather than making a special trip to the post office, customers can drop in mall-centric stores to track shipments, make purchases, and check email. The new environment will be more open and enjoyable to visit. Customers will no longer hear “take a number�. Rather, customers will be greeted by a host and have the option to check-in for special attention. Computers will be readily available to access email, make payments, or login to their Me+USPS account. Select walls will be wallpapered with the new USPS iconic pattern in order to be seen easily from across the mall.

Renee Granillo 2012

HQ The new location for the US Postal Service headquarters is located in a more post modern architecture.

Banners Possible ideation for banners outside of a poster service center. Makes use of the pattern and a simple message.

The New Mailbox The newer mailboxes will be repainted a darker, richer blue color with protective coating to prevent severe environmental damage. Here it is acceptable to crop the logo and must be placed so the taper of the feather is in alignment with the curve of the box. This will create a clean visual space and be easily readable from a far distance.


Application Development \ USPS Corporate Identity Outdoor Advertisements

Renee Granillo 2012

“I Got Your Letter” The “I got your letter” campaign is an attempt to revive an interest in sending mail by highlighting the romanticism of the handwritten letter, suggesting to the audience that writing itself is more than means of communication, but a way to bring people together.

Although the images are imbued with a hint of nostalgia, the overall composition and style is rooted firmly in the present - subtlety reaffirming one of the core values of the new United States Postal Service. The color manipulation of the

link between them. This brings a

photography and the subject

certain charm and dynamism to the

matter bring a humanly aspect

logo that may inspire a different

into the rebranding and play

perspective. Here, the feather is

on the audience’s emotions in

less about capturing the speed and

an inspiring, feel-good way. The

efficiency of the immense postal

motion of the couple reflect the

service machinery and appears as a

angle of the logo, creating a visual

sensitive, if not charming, symbol.


Application Development \ USPS Corporate Identity Transportation

The Fixed Gear Bicycle Ridden by a small group of dedicated carriers in urban areas such a San Francisco, New York, and Washington. The bicycle is sleek and quick.

Renee Granillo 2012

The Airplane

The Electric Van

The USPS airplane will don the iconic red

Thousands of electric powered vans will

feather on the tail for increased visibility.

be the latest addition to the USPS fleet.

The colored panels on the wings add

The vehicles will reduce the company’s

visual interest borrowing from the brands

carbon footprint and appeal to

color palette.

environmentally conscious customers.


Application Development \ USPS Corporate Identity Social Media: Me + USPS


me+ Hours M-F 8:00am - 8:30pm E


SAT 8:00am - 6:00pm E SUN Closed

Contact Send us an email 1.800.ASK.USPS 1.800.275.8777

Welcome to me+usps, the easiest and most convenient way to make all your quick check-ups, manage your account and more. Oh, and don’t forget to write!

Track a Shipment

Find a Location

Enter your USPS tracking number below

Employee Sign-In For USPS employees only


Enter ZIP Code or Addres Below


Calculate a Price Calculate prices by destination and more


CHAT WITH USPS NOW Service representatives available online and ready to help!


Renee Granillo 2012

Me+USPS The USPS is dedicated to keeping the process of communicating as simple and natural as possible. Me+USPS is a personalized, customized account for customers. The account will essentially give the customer a localized area to make changes to their shipment, make online purchases, monitor their balance. The aesthetic is meant to be simple and friendly in order to guide the customer to their goal as efficiently as possible. This account will be available on the company website and as an addendum to the USPS’s main Facebook page. Now customers can check the status of their shipment without having to navigate away from the page.

Other benefits of Me+USPS:

• Easy to navigate interface

• Easy to access through

Facebook and Twitter

• Track a Shipment

• Find a Location

• Employee Sign-in

• Calculate a Price

• Chat with a USPS representative directly through Facebook chat


Application Development \ USPS Corporate Identity Social Media: Facebook


Don’t forget to write! to the USPS Facebook Page

U.S. Postal Service Don’t forget to write!

Weclome! The United States Postal Service has been dedicated to serve you in the most efficient and friendliest way possible since 1774! Learn more about...


The Facebook Page After comparing the USPS’s Facebook

plane will the rest of the page has little

customers. My banner makes use of the

page to it’s primary competitors, it was

no to reference to their customer base.

USPS signature envelope to illustrate the

clear it needed to be improved. Currently,

Their “likes” and interests are outdated,

simple joy of opening a letter. The pattern

their Facebook banner shows the logo

and their “about” write up lacks the

is friendly, and inviting. I also used a quirky

stagnant on a gradient tinted ground

conversational quality that attracts

script font to indicate a handwritten

Renee Granillo 2012

As the visitor navigates through the page,

below the banner leading them to a

possible since 1774. Finally, a possible post

he or she can experience the new USPS’s

specialized page. The new “About” section

would feature the USPS involvement with

active awareness to the lives of their

starts: Welcome! The United States Postal

foundations such as Art-House Co-Op,

customers and ultimately feel valued. The

Service has been dedicated to service you

inviting visitors to post their experiences.

Me+USPS button will be readily available

in the most efficient and friendliest way


Application Development \ USPS Corporate Identity Social Media: Twitter


Have an account? Sign in

U.S. Postal Service @me+usps Welcome to United States Postal Service Twitter! Come connect with the nation’s most trusted government agency!

The Twitter Page

7,232 356






The new Twitter page will employ the same changes and attitude as the Facebook page. For the customers convenience, a grey bar with helpful links, and contact numbers is added on the side. Customers can also access their Me+USPS account from Twitter or

me+ Call us at 1.800.555.5555

@USPSHelp More USPS Feeds

@USPScarriers @USPSevents @USPSdeals @meandUSPS Like Us on Facebook

Stay in touch with U.S.P.S

U.S. Postal Service @USPSConnect 10 March Check out our new Facebook page! Like us and we’ll email you a 20% coupon off your next delivery!

Full Name Email Password

Sign up

posts will help connect USPS to more customers.

U.S. Postal Service @USPSConnect 1 March New stamp contest! Enter for a chance to win a weekend trip to the nation’s first postal office in Philedelphia.

Tweets Following Followers Favorites Lists

link to Facebook. Finally, the hope is that more


Join Twitter today

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30 January U.S. Postal Service @USPSConnect U.S.P.S gets a brand new look!

10 January

Renee Granillo 2012

The Mobile App The USPS Mobile App will essentially be an extended version of Me+USPS. It will include plenty of quick reference contact numbers and make tasks such as tracking a shipment easy and efficient. The app makes good use of USPS alternate logos and uses whitespace to make navigation natural and easy to understand. Here is a visualization of how the app would appear on an iPad and a phone.


Corporate Identity Guidelines


The United States Postal Service is facing a time of great change. The current market is largely influenced by a company’s ability to successfully exploit the benefits of social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

My attempt to rebrand the United States Postal Service repositions them as a more approachable and adaptable company - one that capitalizes on their rich history while being flexible enough to manage what’s to come.

Renee Granillo USPS Booklet  
Renee Granillo USPS Booklet  

USPS Book for Coporate Identity Spring 2012