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This course is the design and presentation of a team-based hospitality project with emphasis on innovation and creativity.

COMMERCIAL DESIGN This course is the design and presentation of a complex commercial project with emphasis on universal and barrier free design as well as the workplace environment.



In this culminating studio course, students continue the development of a viable solution for the project initiated in Senior Studio I. Skills from the entire program are leveraged into a final portfolio project motivated by environmentally sound, cost-effective, and responsible design practices.

Students successfully completing this course will be able to use Computer-Aided Design software to assist them in their three-dimensional project development. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the integration of computer technology into the design process and an introduction to BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology.






KITCHEN & BATH This course challenges students to use planning requirements to create universal and accessible designs. Construction, electrical, and basic plumbing are taught with emphasis on these applications within residential kitchens and baths. Industry relevant nomenclature and product information are used to create technical documents and custom aesthetic solutions.

This course is a study of the materials, principles, and sustainable concepts utilized in basic construction, building, and mechanical systems for interiors.



This studio course explores various types of residential dwellings as they relate to different inhabitants. Project work applies to the programing and design development phases of the residential design process to include information gathering, need analysis, concept and spatial development, and FF&E selections based on research and suitability.

This course is the design and presentation of an Institutional Project with emphasis on anthropometrics, human factors, and human behavior.





Produced and Rendered in Autodesk Revit

Lotus House is a restaurant nestled within the 137 Pillars Boutique Hotel in Thailand. The character of Thailand shines through the design of this establishment as the flowing linens, rich, deep wood ceilings, cultural influences, and local resources placed throughout create a relaxing and unique experience for all patrons. The use of abundant, local resources keep the cost and the environmental impact to a minimum, while creating a space that cannot be found anywhere else outside of this region.



Anderson Brackish/ Cabrillo Gold

MSI Calacatta Gold

Daltile Alabaster Sands

Daltile White Carrara Polished

Renderings Produced in Autodesk Revit

Seeds is a community center that is located in the heart of Chicago, Illinois. It is a place where kids can go to receive the foundation for an active lifestyle, healthy habits, and academic achievement. The overall vibe of Seeds is a fun, energetic, yet relaxing space to suit the needs of all children. There is a large area dedicated to physical activities that will take place on a daily basis as well as a cafe with all locally sourced foods for an after school snack. To cater to those who wish to spend more time on their studies, Seeds offers a tutoring center as well as a conference room to update parents on the progress of the children on the upper level of the building. The color palette consists of monochromatic greys, natural wood finishes, and pops of white and green for some contrast and excitement. The use of the reclaimed woods, recycled materials, no VOC paint finishes, locally sourced furnishings, LED lighting throughout, and maximized daylighting will help keep this building's impact on the environment to a minimum. The entire goal of Seeds is to be the starting point for growth in the community by beginning with its future, the children.

Produced and Rendered in Autodesk Revit



Produced and Rendered in Autodesk Revit

Renderings Produced in Autodesk Revit

Seeds was based around the goal of fighting childhood obesity and reacquainting children with using physical activities to bond with their peers. A cafe is provided with locally sourced produce to provide the kids with healthy snacks and smoothies after school. There is an indoor playground for the younger children that is centrally located to allow for employees or parents to keep an eye on the kids. The basketball court is also used as a gym for other games with a glass wall on the first and second level for viewing. For the kids that would like to pay some extra attention to their studies, there is a tutoring and homework center on the second level, separate from the louder play areas. Being in Chicago, Seeds Community Center solves the issues of only being able to play outside for a couple of months out of the year, teaches the youth healthy habits and also allows for a safe place for kids to be after school.



As you enter the reception area of Piece Social Media, you are welcomed by bold colors and dramatic lighting which sets the tone for the rest of this commercial office space. The use of angular and curvilinear shapes throughout is first introduced in the entrance. Once through the reception area you have immediate access to the large conference area as well as the break room allowing everyone the ability to kick back and relax. In the break room, there are many different seating arrangements and configurations available. As you continue through the space, the large, open floor plan allows natural light to pour in. There are also many opportunities for you to leave your desk and use one of the community "touch down" spaces complete with seating and work surfaces. Variety is achieved with the use of a double complementary color palette. Shades of yellow-green, red-purple, blue-violet and red-orange are used as pops of color with accents of stainless steel. A LEED certified bamboo flooring will be used throughout the entire space; low emitting paint, recycled content in furniture and regionally located materials are used to keep this space green. In conclusion, the goal of this design is to create a lively, creative, and inspiring space to allow this company to grow in their productivity and success for many years to come.

The image on the right is the reception area of Piece Social Media Company. There is seating for the waiting area as well as a reception desk. The conference areas are located right behind the door to allow easy access to clients for meetings without disrupting the entire office. Below is a rendering of the break room for all of the employees. A kitchenette including a spacious refrigerator are available for food storage and preparation and the puzzle piece seats pull apart for easy reconfiguring.

Renderings Produced in Sketch UP

Kraftmaid Chai w/ Cocoa Glaze

Anderson Natural

3 Form Profile- Crest

Produced in AutoCAD, Rendered in Photoshop

Benjamin Moore Snow White

Benjamin Moore Glacier Blue

Benjamin Moore Brilliant Blue

Benjamin Moore Fresh Lime

Benjamin Moore Twilight Magenta

In the last of the three computer aided design courses, students were given an exterior shell of a two story building in which to design a nightclub. We were asked to come up with a concept, theme, and design for the nightclub as well as to produce 3D renderings and construction documents. This nightclub, 48th Street, was inspired by the 1920's and The Great Gatsby. The lavish parties thrown and the textiles worn during that time period were a huge inspiration during the design process. Rich black velvets and flowing white linens surround the different spaces within the club. A stage for live music and a large mezzanine open to below allows for all occupants to view and enjoy the nightly entertainment. The furnishings and finishes are mainly black and white to keep with the theme but to also allow the stage lights to flood the space with a variety of different colors to create an entertaining and enthralling place to go spend a night with your friends.

Produced and Rendered in Autodesk Revit



To the left is the first floor furniture plan of 48th Street Nightclub. As you enter through the vestibule, there is lounge seating and a bar in the main area. Behind the curved wall, are a dance floor and the performance stage. ADA restrooms are available on the first floor as well as the mezzanine. The kitchen, office, and employee break room are also located on this level. An elevator as well as stairs is provided for access to the mezzanine area. On the right hand side is the furniture plan of the mezzanine area. It is open to below so that all areas of the lounge can hear the performances on the stage. There are two different lounge areas, a second bar, and a VIP area as well located on this level.

Produced and Rendered in Autodesk Revit MSI


Calacatta Gold




Classic Black, White & Gray

Repose Gray



In this course, the shell of an interior located within a strip mall was given with a list of requirements for the space. Java Juice Bar also functions as a spa and yoga studio. The main objective of this space is to create a full set of construction documents, including sections and detailed elevations. On the aesthetic end, the use of crisp, white accents, rustic woods, pops of bright color, industrial lighting and living walls, I plan to achieve the perfect balance of a tranquility, relaxation and revitalization.



The vibe of this suburban hideaway is an atmosphere of textural play. This space features texture as an emphatic element with the use of textiles and materials that compliment and contrast each other beautifully. A monochromatic color scheme will compliment these applications. Light will also be a dominant aspect of this design to highlight and graze surfaces and elements to create a dramatic feel. Stacked closets for the future implementation of an elevator, wide staircases to accommodate a lift, and the expansive open floor plan are all intentional elements to entertain the idea of multigenerational use as well as visit ability. Energy star certified appliances, local materials and furnishings, and a flood of natural light throughout the entire home will keep this home low maintenance and allow this space to blossom along with the family.

This project was executed in a group effort with Kasia Cabala to build on principles centered on structure, form and space, space planning and 3 dimensional elements. The study of an orthographic projection was one of the first phases that needed to be completed in order to build the 3D model portion of the project. Once the building was brought to a better understanding orthographically, the scaling and construction could begin. This model was built in a 3/16" = 1'-0" scale to allow a model large enough to study the space and convey the beautiful details of the structure. Once a better understanding of the three dimensional space was achieved it was time to take on the schematics and two dimensional planning process. Taking careful consideration of each family member to be occupying the space, a floor plan was created to suit all of their needs. Furniture and lighting selections were all chosen based upon the activities taking place in each space to allow for function as well as beauty to flood the home. The final step as a team was to create hand rendered floorplans, elevations, and perspective drawings to help convey the aesthetic goal of the Anderson residence.

Hand Drafted and Rendered

Hand Drawn and Rendered

In this project, students were asked to pick a kitchen in their homes to study and re-design. A field measure was conducted in their homes outside of class and all needs that weren't being met currently were carefully considered during the schematic design process. NKBA standards were studied and implemented in the designs of these kitchens as well. For the Burrows', the kitchen is the heart of the home. Storage, durability, updating the aesthetic and working within a small space were all challenges that had to be addressed. The carefully thought out layout of the long, narrow kitchen allowed for the addition of several storage options, a new seating area, durable and environmentally friendly finishes were used, and low efficiency appliances keep the running costs down for this large family.

Produced and Rendered in Autodesk Revit







Black Walnut

Bluebird Feather

Endeavors- Meditation


Construction Documents Produced in AutoCAD

Electrical Plan- NTS

Construction Plan- NTS

North Elevation

Finish Plan- NTS

Produced in Autodesk Revit



The Institutional Design Project was a group effort. We created the exterior building shell of an independent living facility together and then branched off and designed the individual units on our own. I was responsible for designing one of the two bedroom units. This two bedroom unit is designed with all ADA accessibility requirements and amenities that should be considered when designing for an independent living facility and then some. I wanted to keep a contemporary, colorful, comfortable vibe, with all of the traditional elements you would expect to see. I wanted this to feel more like a stylish two bedroom apartment than your typical, outdated assisted living facility. A neutral color scheme with pops of oranges and turquoise keep this place feeling relaxed and vibrant at the same time. The kitchenette features energy star rated appliances, LED lighting, no VOC paints, and a large amount of natural light flooding the space will keep the energy use to a minimum for this unit so it can b enjoyed and maintained for years to come with ease.

Produced and Rendered in Autodesk Revit

Surya Rugs



Archive- 8' x 11'

Muri- Linen Midnight

Mont Blanc

Surya Rugs



Cosmopolitan- 8' x 11'

Rustic Maple Ginger


Produced and Rendered in Autodesk Revit

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