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Send Free Text Messages: Keeping Long Distance Relationship Work Meaningful and constant communication is the foundation of a long distance relationship. Long distance relationship is surely tough to handle, that’s why only a number of couples succeed in this type of relationship. Long distance relationship requires a lot of trust and support from both the partners. A regular communication is essential to keep the relationship up and running. It is inevitable that couples would miss each other due to lack of physical presence. Having a conversation with your loved one through digital means can definitely ease the longing feeling. There are different ways to communicate with your partner. Would like the old ways like sending postal mails and telegrams? Or stick with the modern ways like using mobile messaging app and instant messaging app, which are easier and faster since it’s commonly used nowadays. Sending short yet sweet messages can be a good idea. However, it can be costly to send an international text message. Telecom providers charge a big fee to people who send a text message in a number that comes from another country.

Communication in a most practical way possible Having a conversation or talking to each other every day is one of the key ways to make a long distance relationship work. This will provide comfort and breaks the barriers even when you are both situated in different locations. Talk even if you have nothing to really talk about. Give just a few minutes of exchanges once a day is enough. It doesn’t have to be long or talk about something monumental. Keep it simple. You may call him/her to say “goodnight’, “I miss you” and the ever so endearing to hear, “I love you.” Although communication is a need for you and your partner to strengthen the relationship more, you should also have to take a second thought if the mode of communication you are about to use will be worth it. Would you rather buy an app or avail a text plan for $25 a month? Why not take advantage of free services instead of spending a lot of money for expensive instant messaging programs like Skype or Yahoo. However, having accounts on different independent chat providers can be a hassle, right? If you think sending an international SMS to your partner is quite expensive, then why not switch to a free text online service like Chitrchatr? This program is available in both desktop and mobile. This messaging app for Android and Apple allows the subscribers to send free text messages. It also feature a multi-protocol system ran by Comprehensive Universal Unified Communications Platform (CUUCP) which logs into other services like MSN, Google Hangouts, Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo. This will lessen the hassle of switching to any platform or logging into other accounts. Isn’t that convenient for you and your partner? Author write article for chitrchatr Free messaging application.

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Meaningful and constant communication is the foundation of a long distance relationship. Long distance relationship is surely tough to handl...

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