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THE MEETING Written by Ren Ball First draft written 20th October 2013

29 Hereford Road Maidstone Kent ME157NE 07530916527

INT. VARIOUS ROOMS IN A HOUSE - DAY (MONTAGE) A cup of tea is KNOCKED over and SPLASHES on VIOLETS shirt. Cut to Violet PANICKING, and BLOTTING at her shirt with some tissue. CUT to Violet FRANTICALLY searching for a clean shirt. CUT to Violet RUMMAGING through several bags and coat pockets, EVENTUALLY retrieving her keys. I/E. CAR, DRIVEWAY - DAY BLACK SCREEN. The SOUND of a car engine SPLUTTERING is heard before we CUT to see Violet sitting in the OLD FASHIONED car. She is wearing HEAVY make up and DARK clothing, and she FROWNS as she HAULS herself out of the car. EXT. VIOLET’S DRIVEWAY - DAY Smoke BILLOWS from the bonnet. Violet ROLLS her eyes and lets out a big SIGH. She SEIZES her bag from the car, SLAMS the door and STORMS off down the DECREPIT road. EXT. ROAD - DAY Violet attempts to HURRY along the UNEVEN road in her highheeled shoes. She EAGERLY checks her watch, then looks up ANXIOUSLY at the dark clouds LOOMING overhead. EXT. BUS STOP - DAY A young man is standing SLOUCHED under the bus shelter. His hood is pulled over his baseball cap, SHADOWING his eyes. He takes a LONG drag from his roll-up cigarette and is playing MONOTONOUS rap music aloud from his mobile phone. This is DENNY. EXT. MAIN ROAD OPPOSITE BUS STOP - DAY Whilst DIGGING through her bag for an umbrella, Violet SUDDENLY trips, SCREAMS and PLUMMETS to the ground, ripping a hole in her tights as she hits the ground. EXT. BUS STOP - DAY Denny witnesses Violet’s MISFORTUNE from afar, and CHUCKLES to himself. He turns away and covers his mouth to HIDE his laughter. EXT. MAIN ROAD OPPOSITE BUS STOP - DAY

2. Violet STAGGERS back up, dusts herself off, COMPOSES herself by taking several DEEP breaths, and continues walking, heading to the bus stop. EXT. BUS STOP - DAY Denny LOWERS his head so that his EYES are covered by his hat and hood, and RESISTS the temptation to BREAK into laughter by SMIRKING. Violet sees Denny, and STOPS in her tracks. She CROSSES her arms whilst GLARING at him with disbelief. She SCREWS up her nose at the rap music, sighing HEAVILY, and AMBLES towards the bus shelter to view the bus timetable. Denny subtly INSPECTS Violet as she views the bus timetable. From her calf-length black leather coat SCATTERED with buckles, spikes and studs, to her deep purple and slightly SMUDGED lipstick that she SMEARED on earlier. He slips into a SMILE, and shakes his head. Violet’s eyes DART back and forth between the timetable and Denny. She observes his posture; his head BOWED, shoulders HUNCHED over, hands BURIED in pockets where she can’t see them. Her eye meets his, and she blatantly FLICKS her head away, POINTS at the timetable, then to her watch, nods, then DASHES behind the bus shelter. Denny watches Violet as she DISAPPEARS behind the bus shelter. He mimes HYSTERICAL laughter and wipes an imaginary tear from his eye. He starts BOPPING along to his music. Violet pulls out a CRUMPLED piece of paper with her handwriting SCRAWLED all over it. VIOLET (V/O) What can you bring to this position? Why should we hire you? Er, erm... Violet looks around, BITING her lip. VIOLET (V/O) (CONT’D) I can bring my experiences of working, no, interacting with clients over the telephone, erm... Denny approaches Violet. DENNY You know when the bus will get here? This makes Violet JUMP; she GASPS and steps back. She takes a moment to STARE at Denny before she replies.

3. VIOLET Oh, erm, sorry. The bus should’ve been here a few minutes ago. Violet turns away from Denny, and continues STUDYING her job interview note. DENNY I hope it’s here soon. I hate waiting for buses. They’re always late. Violet says nothing. They both stand there STIFFLY as an awkward atmosphere WASHES over them. DENNY (CONT’D) I hope it doesn’t rain. Looks like it’s gonna rain though! Doesn’t it? VIOLET (V/O) Please just go away... DENNY Them clouds are well dark, I reckon it will rain y’know. VIOLET (V/O) Shut up shut up shut up shut up... DENNY What you dressed up like that for? Denny SNIGGERS. Violet turns around and SCOWLS at Denny with a face like THUNDER. VIOLET Why are you making conversation with me? I heard you laughing at me when I fell over, I saw you looking at me, I know you think I’m a freak, so why bother acting all friendly? DENNY Hey, I’m only being nice. VIOLET Well you weren’t nice earlier! DENNY Oh just get over yourself! VIOLET Get over MYSELF? Why don’t you get over yourself! You think you’re so cool playing your music out loud and hood over your face.

4. DENNY Just shut up already I don’t need all this aggro right now alright? The bus approaches in the background. VIOLET ****Don’t tell me to shut up. It’s people like you who have bullied me all through school and made my life a living hell. People like you are my worst nightmare, so kindly go away and take the piss out of someone else OK? DENNY Oh grow up! I never took the piss out of you, learn to take a joke and lighten upVIOLET Oh haha very funny, me, a goth, LIGHTEN up! That’s original! Denny CLASPS his hands together on the back of his head, BLOWING out a HUGE SIGH. DENNY I can’t BELIEVE you, all you think about is yourself... Violet SUDDENLY looks up and her eyes WIDEN. DENNY (CONT’D) Oh so now you’ve heard something you didn’t want to hearVIOLET No you idiot! The bus! Violet PUSHES Denny out of her way with a mighty HEAVE and LEGS IT to the bus as it begins to pull away from the stop. VIOLET (CONT’D) STOP! STOP! DENNY Hey, wait! I got here first! The bus GRINDS to a halt and its doors SWING open. Denny SHOVES her out of his way and CLAMBERS onto the bus. DENNY (CONT’D) I was here first! Violet SCRAMBLES on after him.

5. I/E. ON THE BUS - DAY The bus is PACKED and a little boy is SCREAMING. But he isn’t the only one. VIOLET Don’t be so childish! The BUS DRIVER watches them with a RAISED eyebrow, clearly UNIMPRESSED with this unacceptable DISPLAY. DENNY Me? Childish? You being serious? The bus driver clears her throat LOUDLY. The NOISY pair CEASE their racket and simultaneously look round firstly at their audience, then at the FUMING bus driver. BUS DRIVER Either you two put a sock in it, or get off my bus. DENNY But she started it! BUS DRIVER That’s it; off! Now! VIOLET What?! You can’t do this! I NEED to be on this bus! BUS DRIVER You need to leave; I’m already running late! So am I... NOW!


The two of them look back SHEEPISHLY at their spectators before SHUFFLING off the bus, heads lowered. The DREARY weather reflects their mood, as it starts to SPIT. EXT. BUS STOP - DAY Denny turns his music off and TRUDGES over to the bus shelter, COLLAPSING onto the hard, cold seat with a THUD. He YANKS his cap down and BURIES his face in his hands. Violet gazes LONGINGLY at her second chance of getting to her interview, as it SLAMS its doors shut, and pulls away. Her face remains RED with frustration and she PURSES her lips.

6. The rain begins to fall HEAVIER. Violet GENTLY takes her umbrella out and opens it DELICATELY, still GAZING into the distance. Denny doesn’t stir. Violet RAISES her eyebrows and GASPS. She pulls out her phone and STAMPS in a number to call. It takes several attempts as she is being so FORCEFUL. VIOLET Hello? Yes I’d like to book a taxi as soon as possible please... to the Whitestone Business Park... Denny JERKS his head up, and CRANES his neck towards Violet. VIOLET (CONT’D) Ten minutes! That’s perfect... oh yes, Violet Black. I’m at Green Fields bus stop, yes, that’s the one... thank you so much! Violet puts her phone back, GRINNING from ear to ear, and THRUSTS her fists up in delight. Denny WANDERS towards Violet. DENNY Violet, right? You going to Whitestone Business Park? ‘Cos I’m going there too. Violet FLINCHES. There is a LONG pause. DENNY (CONT’D) Can I catch a ride with you? Violet shoots a PIERCING GLARE at Denny. DENNY (CONT’D) We could go halves on taxi bill? VIOLET And why would I want to do that? I don’t even know who you are and you’ve already insulted me. DENNY You save money, we both get what we want. And the name’s Denny. Violet says nothing, but her eyes say a thousand words; her eyebrows NARROW, and as she looks up into the sky, her eyes GLITTER. VIOLET Well, I’m desperate, so... OK.

7. DENNY Oh thanks so much man! Denny GRINS and opens his arms WIDE to give Violet a hug. Violet SHOOTS her hands up in defence. Denny, looking slightly HURT, steps back. VIOLET DON’T touch me. DENNY Alright, jeez... Denny STRAYS back to the bus shelter and LOWERS himself onto the seat, LEANING his jaw in his hand. He STARES at the floor with a MISERABLE expression on his face. Violet watches the cars WHIZ past her, and the YOUNG MAN down the road PROPELLING a TODDLER in her pram, making AEROPLANE NOISES and MEANDERING passers by. The JOY in the toddler’s sweet LAUGHTER forces a slight SMILE onto Violet’s SULLEN face. Denny SHARES the ADVENTURE with the little girl by WAVING as they approach. The EXCITABLE passenger WAVES WILDLY back, BEAMING. Denny and the pilot exchange a NOD and a WINK. Denny NODS repeatedly towards Violet, and the pilot MOUTHS ‘Oh’ and RAISES his eyebrows. Denny SMIRKS. As they STROLL into the distance, Violet watches them LONGINGLY. Her smile SINKS into a FROWN as she DROOPS her head away from them. Denny FONDLES inside his back pocket, pulling out his TATTERED wallet. Inside are several STACKED UP credit cards, a couple of pennies and a small piece of paper. He DELICATELY GRASPS it by its corners and GAZES at it LOVINGLY. He SNIFFS a few times LOUDLY. Violet turns towards Denny, who is BENT OVER a small picture. She WANDERS over, COCKING her head. Denny looks up SHARPLY, and SHOVES the picture back in his wallet and RAMS it in his pocket. Violet NARROWS her eyes. Denny NODS towards the road. DENNY (CONT’D) Taxi’s here. Violet WHIPS around. VIOLET Oh, yes. Er, come on then. Violet RUSHES over and FIDDLES with her umbrella, STRUGGLING to dismantle it. It suddenly JERKS down, SPLASHING her face. She SCREWS her face up, WIPING it with her already WET hand. She SWINGS the door open and THUDS into the seat. Denny SLUMPS after her, and COLLAPSES into the taxi.

8. I/E. TAXI - DAY The POWERFUL STENCH of the car freshener DANGLING from the rear view mirror causes a SNEEZE to ERUPT from Violet. She WINCES as she SLIDES over a small, brown stain EMBEDDED in the middle seat. The radio is BLARING an old song from the eighties, and the TAXI DRIVER starts to WIGGLE his head to the BEAT. Violet DABS at her nose with a USED tissue. She SLOUCHES and looks FORLORN, pulling her coat TIGHT around her. Denny watches the rain drops RACE each other down the window. TAXI DRIVER I love this tune! The taxi driver STUDIES the pair in his rear view mirror. TAXI DRIVER (CONT’D) To Whitestone Business Park yeah? VIOLET Yes, please. The taxi driver ROLLS his eyes and turns the volume down on the radio. He pushes down HARD on the accelerator, SHUDDERING the taxi into life. Denny TUGS his collar as he watches the numbers increase on the fare counter. He GRAPPLES for his wallet. His face DROPS when he sees that there are only coppers left. Violet subtly PEERS over and sees what Denny was holding at the bus stop; a photograph of a BEAUTIFUL young woman SNUGGLING a LAUGHING little girl. Violet SINKS back. DENNY I saw you looking. Violet, SHOCKED, STUMBLES over her words. VIOLET Sorry, I didn’t, I DENNY Nah, it’s ok. Violet OPENS her mouth to say something, but it turns into a SMILE. VIOLET You have a beautiful family. Denny FIDDLES with his wallet, still looking down at it. DENNY It’s a shame we’re broken.

9. He looks up and SHRUGS. The smile is WIPED off Violets face. She TENSES, her hands RETREATING inside her coat sleeves and her arms folding. Denny POINTS at the photograph. DENNY (CONT’D) That’s my fiancée. I proposed to her on her birthday last year. She couldn’t believe it. Our daughter Amethyst was thrilled. We were so happy. He pauses, RESTRAINING his tears. DENNY (CONT’D) They were in a car accident that night. Amethyst suffered severe head injuries; but still managed to pull through it. My fiancée died at the scene. Denny GULPS down the lump in his throat. DENNY (CONT’D) I need this job so muchViolet GASPS. Her hand SHOOTS up to cover the SHOCK she is displaying. DENNY (CONT’D) I’m struggling so hard to support Amethyst on my own. She’s so clever and she only deserves the best. Yeah, she may have learning difficulties but that don’t stop her. It’ll mean so much to her if I get this... Denny RUBS his face FRANTICALLY and looks away from Violet. Violet REACHES a hand out towards him. VIOLET Denny, I... DENNY Hey, don’t worry about Denny, he’s doing alright. Violet is the picture of DEVASTATION. Her porcelain face is now FLUSHED. Her body has STIFFENED. Her eyes have lost their SHIMMER. The taxi GRINDS to a halt. TAXI DRIVER Here we are!

10. Violet takes a DEEP breath. VIOLET I’ll get it. She hands the taxi driver a twenty pound note. VIOLET (CONT’D) Keep the change. Denny looks ASTONISHED. He BURIES through his wallet. VIOLET (CONT’D) Hey, I’ve got this. Denny LIGHTS UP, but then suddenly DROPS. DENNY You can’t do this... VIOLET Just accept it as a ‘sorry for my ignorance’ present. Eh?


VIOLET Sorry for being an idiot. DENNY Oh, right... VIOLET You deserve this job more than I do. Good luck Denny, I wish you and your daughter all the best. Violet steps out of the taxi. She FORCES her umbrella open, and we hear her high heels CLICK-CLACK away. Denny is rendered SPEECHLESS. He JUMPS out of the taxi. EXT. WHITESTONE BUSINESS PARK - DAY Denny walks with a SKIP in his step towards the main entrance. His phone starts to RING, and he ANSWERS it immediately. DENNY Hey ‘sup man... yeah... just hustled that woman didn’t I! Yep... the daughter and dead girlfriend story... We see Denny approach the building as we face to black.

'The Meeting' by Ren Ball (first draft)  
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