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Small Business Marketing Tips In this day and age with so many big companies and corporations thriving in the market, creating a greater competitive atmosphere, one has to wonder where that leaves the little guys. Small businesses have to step up not only their marketing plan, but their overall appearance in the community. Keeping an edge up on the competition as well as creating unique strategies that make your business stand out from the rest will help ensure success, but there are also some strategies small businesses should consider implementing. 

Hand Written Follow-up note- writing follow-up cards creates more of a connection that is most likely to be remembered. It helps your company stay connected with customers as well as the surrounding community. After all, when was the last time you received a hand written note, let alone a letter or email that was not generic, from a large company or corporation? Blog- Start a blog on your company’s website. Talk about what is new with business and bring in stories from your personal life to let customers feel more connected. Also, embrace your customer base by asking questions on how they view your business? Do they have any suggestions for new products? How is your customer service? Asking such question will prove valuable information about your customers needs and wants as well as reinforcing a connection. Engage in social media- From Facebook to Twitter to Linked-in, having these profiles will do nothing but benefit your company. Participating in social media allows your business to be viewed by a large audience very easily. Through social media you can capture new customers with coupons, events, and promotions. Stay local- Keep it local with the products you may choose to sell in your store as well as your marketing and promotional efforts. Reaching out to the immediate community by selling local products, putting advertising dollars in local publications as well as participate locally through the internet will show you believe in your community and want to see it succeed.

Small Business Marketing Tips