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Rosa’s Closet Marketing Plan 2012 Messaging Rosa’s Closet is an upscale resale boutique in East Grand Rapids that provides designer clothing and accessories in great condition to customers. At Rosa’s we give your clothing a second life and you profit! We work with you to sell your nearly new garments and accessories that you no longer need. Three key words that describe Rosa’s Closet are:   

Upscale o Upscale is defined as being or appealing to affluent consumers, of a superior quality. Fun o Fun is defined as providing amusement or enjoyment, or a mood for finding amusement. Quality o Quality is described as a degree of excellence or superiority in kind.

Target Audience Primary: Rosa’s Closet primarily attracts customers that are characterized as the below:       

Women 25-60 Caucasian Higher income level o Have disposable income Sized between 2 to 14 Grand Rapids Residents Frequent visitors to East Grand Rapids Gaslight Village Interested in the shopping ‘experience’ as well as the opportunity to make money off of past purchases.

Secondary:  

Men 28-45 (who buy gifts for females) Women 18 – 24 o Bringing in clothing for resale

Marketing Goals The below bullet points outline the marketing goals for 2012.     

Increase sales by 10% overall from the previous year Increase Twitter followers by 50% Increase Facebook fans by 30% Launch online store with approximately 1,000 in gross sales in a 6 month period Increase web traffic by 20%

    

Host 1 Sip and Shop events within a 6 month time period Launch new yearly event – Working Women Wednesday Launch home parties –2 in 2012 Host or Sponsor 2 events within a 12 month period Increase of media coverage o 10 media mentions within a 12 month period

Marketing Tools To obtain the outlined marketing goals, a mixture of the below marketing tools are recommended: 

    

Social Media o Facebook o Twitter o Pinterest o Blog Events o These will be outlined in the next section Public Relations o Story ideas and mediums are outlined in next section Website o Online store Email Marketing Loyalty Program o Perkville

Public Relations Through the use of PR, 834 will increase awareness around any upcoming events, current style trends – new & resale, sponsorships, contests and future endeavors etc. Media Outreach will include, but is not limited to the below mediums:          

Women’s Lifestyle Magazine Revue Magazine Rapid Growth Media The Mode Life Take Five & Company EightWest GR Now GR Press MiBiz GRBJ

Story Ideas:      

Season trends Eco-friendly resale Online store launch Upcoming events Business owner profile Charity outreach

Social Media Facebook: The Facebook page for Rosa’s Closet will be used to drive online sales, deliver fashion news, report upcoming sales, run contests, current designer fashions, needed resale items and raise event attendance. Facebook Campaigns: 

Weekly Trivia: o A trivia question will be asked once a week and the winner will be rewarded with a prize. o This will also give us the opportunity to conduct market research as well as create a consistent brand within the community. Look who’s wearing Rosa’s Closet o This will be a contest run on Facebook & Twitter that will ask fans to take pictures of themselves wearing their latest Rosa’s Closet purchase. At the end of 60 days a winner will be chosen. The prize package will include (we will work to get this donated):  $50 gift certificate to Rose’s  $100 gift certificate to Rosa’s Closet  $50 gift certificate to Lia Rose Boutique

Custom Tabs:   

Sip, Shop & Save o This will communicate the benefits of having a party. Sign-up for Savings o Collect emails and send $15 coupon to expand email list. Welcome Tab o Overview of Rosa’s Closet

Twitter Rosa’s Closet will use Twitter for media outreach, promotion of upcoming sales and events, pictures of new arrivals, promotion of current contests, education on upscale reslae with the goal of increasing followers to drive sales. Twitter Campaigns: 

Picture Tweets o Tweet a picture of yourself wearing a Rosa’s Closet purchase and receive a $15 in-store credit. Yelp will be used to gather reviews from customers that will increase the store’s profile. The reviews will be gathered through:   

Email Marketing Twitter Facebook

Pinterest Need to explore this more. Blog Once the new website is launched, Rosa’s Closet will blog bi-weekly on the following topics:        

Seasonal trends Celebrity looks for less Dress to impress o How to wear the same piece 10 different ways Now accepting Current Season Consignment Make the most of your closet Upcoming events Sales Gift Guides

Perkville Through the use of Perkville, Rosa’s Closet will be able to reward loyal customers, build buzz, increase loyalty, collect referrals and manage the program simply from the store.

Perkville Recommendations:     

For every $20 spent, a customer earns 3 points For every referral, that turns into a customer they will receive 5 points For every Twitter shout-out a customer will receive 3 points For every Facebook shout-out a customer will receive 3 points Once a customer has earned 150 points they will receive a $15 credit to be used at the store.

Promotion of Perkville:    

Website link to Rosa’s Closet Perkville account Counter sign Window stick Social media promotion

Website By launching a new website with an online store, Rosa’s Closet will be able to move old merchandise, educate on consignment, promote resale needs and increase sales surrounding new arrivals. Website Overview: 

Navigation o About Consignment o Clothing o Accessories o Sale/Clearance o Whats In Season o About Us o Blog o In the News o Contact Us Online store o Through the creation of the online store customers will have the ability to shop new arrivals, accessories and sales.

Events Through the below events, Rosa’s Closet will create unique and fun ways to shop and as a result increase their presence and sales in the community. 

Sip, Shop & Save o Hot Toddy Tuesday – February 21st  Stop in and warm up with a hot toddy and explore all winter clearance items this Tuesday, February 21 from 7 – 9:00 p.m. Winter items are 50% off, and Rosa’s will be giving away a $50 gift card to one lucky shopper!

Party for a Cure – February 25, 2012  This February we are asking our shoppers to unite for a great cause, and stop into Rosa’s Closet to sip, shop and party for a cure. Join us Saturday, February 25 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. for a special night of savings - 15% off with wine, refreshments and a portion of the evenings proceeds going to Susan G. Komen West Michigan to fund the fight against breast cancer in our community. Experience Pink – February 2012 o By partnering with Susan G. Komen West Michigan, Rosa’s Closet is able to unite with other local businesses and hotels to fight breast cancer. To celebrate the month of February, Rosa’s will do the following:  $10 off to survivors  A pink storefront  Pink-themed giveaways  Donation box in the store Working Women Wednesday – March 2012 o Working Women Wednesday is an event held for working women by working women. On March 21st Rosa’s Closet will be open extended hours to accommodate all the hard-working women who are stuck at the office late. We are offering 20% off your entire purchase as well as specialty cocktails and light fare to help you relax. Photographers will be on hand to capture your new looks as you model them in the store! Dynamic Duo – May 2012 o Every woman has one, a best friend, a partner in crime, that go to girl who is more than willing to grab a cup a coffee, go for lunch or pop that bottle of wine before noon on “one of those days.” This event will be held specifically to celebrate that bond between two or more crazy best friends that have stuck together through thick & thin. Join us March 2012 from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. for an evening of celebration with 20% off your entire purchase, wine and light fare and special giveaways all evening. Mommy Makeover – June 20, 2012 o Let us pamper you on June 20th from 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. If you are a mom, chances are you need some personal pampering and the staff at Rosa’s Closet is here for you. Hair stylist Allegra from Cheeky Strut and make-up artist ____ from ____ will be on hand to make all of our moms feel and look your very best. Charity Event o This event will benefit a local charity. Once the charity is chosen, an event outline can be developed. o

Email Marketing Through the use of MailChimp email marketing, Rosa’s Closet will communicate the following:        

Upcoming events Fashion news Contests Sales Customer testimonials Consignment needs Upscale Resale trends Coupons

The schedule for the email blast will be the beginning of the month, around the 1st. Timeline February 2012 - May 2012 February 2012 

  

Twitter o 3 tweets a day, 21 tweets a week o Messaging for the month of February will focus on:  Experience Pink  Breast cancer facts  Now accepting Spring Consignment  New arrivals  Facebook trivia  Party for a cure Facebook o Friday giveaway at 3:30 p.m.  Focus on ‘pink’ items o Experience Pink o Posting of new arrivals o Now accepting Spring Consignment o Party for a cure o Creation of Welcome Tab Pinterest o Explore benefits Website o Creation of ‘needs’ list to be delivered by Rosa Piccione o Set-up of Shopify account Email Marketing o New arrivals o Experience Pink o Party for a cure

 

o Spring Consignment o Facebook contests Events o Party for a cure o Experience Pink – entire month Perkville o Set-up account o Determine points

March 2012 

 

  

Twitter o 3 tweets a day, 21 tweets a week o Messaging for the month of March will focus on:  Spring Trends  Working Women Wednesday  The Mode Life  Facebook trivia  Perkville Facebook o Friday giveaway at 3:30 p.m. o Loyalty program launch party o Posting of new arrivals Website o First draft of website for Rosa’s review Email Marketing o New arrivals o Perkville o Working Women Wednesday o Facebook contests Events o Working Women Wednesday Perkville o Print counter signage o Put up window sticks Public Relations o Working Women Wednesday – partnership with The Mode Life

April 2012 

Twitter o 3 tweets a day, 21 tweets a week o Messaging for the month of April will focus on:  Now accepting summer items  Facebook trivia  Perkville  Sip, Shop & Save  Website Launch

   

  

 Formal Season Facebook o Friday giveaway at 3:30 p.m. o Posting of new arrivals Pinterest o TBD Website o Tweaks to website Email Marketing o New arrivals o Online store launch o Look who’s wearing Rosa’s o Sip, Shop & Save o Facebook contests Perkville o Integrate with website Public Relations o Website Launch Blog o Why resale? o Now accepting summer consignment

May 2012 

   

Twitter o 3 tweets a day, 21 tweets a week o Messaging for the month of February will focus on:  Perkville  Online sales  Summer trends  New arrivals  Facebook trivia  Dynamic Duo event Facebook o Friday giveaway at 3:30 p.m. o Posting of new arrivals Pinterest o TBD Website o Continue to update with new arrivals o Posting of new blogs Email Marketing o New arrivals o Summer trends o Dynamic Duo event o Online specials

   

Events o Dynamic Duo Perkville o Continue to update and add in contacts Blog o Dynamic Duo Public Relations o Dynamic Duo o The Mode Life article

Rosas Closet Marketing Plan 2012  
Rosas Closet Marketing Plan 2012