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verDose Reach for the moon, you will land among the stars. Success is not a coincidence. It is something that is unique to each individual. Success is mindful, premeditated and assertive. As a child I acquired the belief that success meant having a good job, an education, a nice place to live; preferably your own home, a family, friends, being “saved” and a pretty car. And of course lots of money. I suspect that I was exposed to people, places and things that supported and

developed these views, al-

though I cannot attribute it to one incident or teaching. I know that by

if you did something bad down the street, Miss Brown might spank you and by the time you got home, your parents knew and they would spank you too. My parents raised me with a solid work ethic, a belief in God and a positive self image. These attributes were the foundation on which I would build my future. Success requires that one stay true to themselves, set goals and work hard. I believe that if we follow this plan, if we reach for the moon, we will land among the stars. Love, peace and happiness, Shadow

the age of 10, I was consciously thinking about how I would be come successful. I was born in the 60’s. My parents


were well educated for the times. Nurse and my father was an award

This issue is a work in progress and I hope that over time we are able to expand our forum and give writers, photographers, illustrators, musicians, and the like the opportunity to contribute and be part of something great.

winning, truck driver for Exxon Oil,


My mother was a Licensed Practical

which was then called Esso. I grew up on Dixwell Avenue in New Haven at a time when blacks and whites lived and played side by side. When a village really did raise a child and

If you would like to contribute to The Digital Overdose, please feel free to email Ann Shaw, Promotions Coordinator at or call us (203) 606-2456.

We Want You! Do you have an event that you would like to list? Do you have an opinion that you would like to share? Do you have a CD that you think rocks or rots? Do you know of a band or artist that others should know about it. Do you have equipment or services that you would like to market? Do you have pictures, stories, poetry or advice that you would like to share with others? Are you ready to be part of the solution? Then call or email us with your info and join the Digital OverDose. (203) 606-2456, email

DiGiTaL OvErDoSe Musical Productions Music on a Mission. Join the Cause!!

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May 1, 2011 Remember the date. Celebrate the Global Labor Movement on the New Haven Green 12 - 7pm Interested in presenting, volunteering, Performing Call (203) 562-2798 Become a friend on Face book at Mayday New Haven

Modern rock/spoken word songstress Modern Rock/Spoken Word Songstress, Shadow carries 6 strings, 76 keys and a couple of sequencers to present poignant poetry, riveting rhythms, uncluttered yet vibrant choruses and melodies dancing up and down a 4 octave range to spew spoken word and song, with a ferocious flair to fan the flames that feed the fire, as a one woman, rock and roll medicine show spreading love from place to place. Playing primarily festivals, bookstores, coffeehouses, libraries, subways, parks, house concerts and art exhibits, from 2007 to 2009 Shadow performed with bassist/guitarist, Joe Cavanaugh and together they played as Shadow and Company. Fast becoming a global presence, Shadow's videos and music can be seen and heard on,, Shadow is carving out her own unique niche as the Indie Progressive Rock/Spoken Word Songstress. After a year of recording and episodic performances in area coffee houses, the now split Shadow & Company released the renamed "One Giant Step" as "8 Steps Forward" a modern rock/spoken word milestone in Spring 2009. After the release of " 8 Steps Forward", bassist, Joe Cavanaugh cited new musical interests as the reason for the split. In 2008, Shadow returned to the University of New Haven to complete her degree in Music. Her new album "8 Steps Forward" by Shadow and Company was digitally released in January 2009. During the summer of 2007, Shadow embarked on an ambitious effort, the RockaThon, to play as many shows in a weekend as possible in NY and MA. Shadow played In 2006, Shadow became officially "googled" as modern rock/spoken word Diva. After 3 years online at, Shadow sold her first single from her second Indie release "No Middle Ground". It pays to believe in yourself! Shadow also became the first performer to ink a deal with Marjolaines Bakery/Coffeehouse to do a 3 show concert series, "The Marjolaine Sensational Summer Concert Series on States Street in New Haven. Shadow halted the release of her 3rd cd "Deep" in order to redefine and solidify the sound with her new bassist, Joe Cavanaugh. With the recent rebuilding of guitarist/producer/mentor, Ronnie Neuhauser's Center For Free Thought in East Haven, Shadow has been focusing more on musicianship and less on playing out live. In 2005, Shadow became the first performing artist in New Haven to receive an official street performers permit and can be seen on Saturdays near Starbucks on Chapel Street. Shadow is a local, award winning poet, singer, songwriter and artist educator. Shadow received an array of formal musical and artistic training at The Neighborhood Music School, Yale University, The Educational Center for The Arts and the Arts Council of Greater New Haven. Shadow has been a professional artist since first getting paid to sing in 1984 and had performed primarily as a solo artist until 2003.After two years of playing venues across CT and NYC, Shadow and the two other band mates from her original trio, Us, parted company in July 2005, right after completing their first full length CD, "Deep". Shadow has since continued to promote and market "Deep" with an anticipated release on September 2005 on As a solo performer, Shadow has been featured at The Baggot Inn, The Nuyoricans Poets Cafe and The Orange Beer in NYC, as well as The Long Wharf Theatre, PizzaFest/IFest 2004, Artspace, Cafe9, BAR, The Tune-Inn, The International Festival of Arts and Ideas, The New Haven Advocate Festival and more. Collaborations have included Michael Mills; Obie Winner, Dal Orlander-Smith; international world music sensation, Sally Nyolo; Broadway dancer, Larry Farrell; Boston pianist, Jennifer Minuto and gospel greats, The Golden Stars. Shadow is an artist/educator who writes grants and has worked with numerous area organizations to use art to bring attention to social issues. Her accomplishments include the writing, sound tracking and production of the 3 part video series on drug use, abuse and recovery, The S.A.V.E.(Substance Abuse through Video Education) Project in 2005; The "Eyes Wide Open" Conference on Domestic Violence in 2004; The DO Music Festival and Music Awards in 2003; "A Slip In The Dark, Women Artists Entertaining and Educating Around Women's Issues", a year long tour of schools, community, youth and treatment centers across CT. Shadow has self published 2 books of interactive poetry, "Mommies and Nanas" in 2001 and "BRIDGES", a poetic journey of recovery in 1994. In addition, Shadow has created a line of jewelry, greeting cards and a body of abstract art. With a background in sales and marketing, Shadow works with other Indie artists to market and promote themselves through print, television and the Internet.

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KJ's performances will move you to laugh, to dance and even to cry. Her special blend of urban folk & jazz has earned her four Independent Music Award nominations and in '09, she was named as one of's top female vocalists. She's appeared at scores of festivals and has residencies at the '55 Bar', Smoke in NYC, at the Baz Bar in St. Barth’s, and the prestigious Umbria Jazz Festival in Italy. Her very latest, "Album No.9", a collection of 60's jazz, pop and rock standards is set for release on Motema Music in Europe & the US in the fall 2010. Consistently praised for her pathos, originality and impeccable musicianship, KJ is a one of a kind songwriter, guitarist and performer, not to be missed. KJ, born Karen Jeannne to parents from the island of Grenada, was the first US citizen born to a small family. Her only brother, born in Aruba, had taken an interest in music and it was on one of his discarded guitars that KJ wrote her first song. "I picked up a guitar when I was ten and immediately I started writing music," she recalls. "I loved Sergio Mendes' songs, liked John Hartford on the Glenn Campbell Show and really got into James Taylor and Joni Mitchell, who I still consider my two main influences. I also loved other singer-songwriters of the time including Carole King and Laura Nyro and later fell in love with Steely Dan’s music, and just about wore out my LP of Hubert Laws' Rite Of Spring. I was completely self-taught, by listening to records and playing them over and over, teaching myself tablature from a great James Taylor book and modal tunings from Joni Mitchell’s For The Roses song book. I didn’t really do much but play guitar through my teenage years." In the 1980s, KJ toured for six years as the lead guitarist and occasional vocalist with an allfemale band called Fire, playing rock and top-40 music throughout the US, Canada and Europe. After the group ran its course, she worked at a day job while continuing to write and play music. While working in Cleveland as a financial analyst, she started the Mother Cyclone label and made her first recording. Moving home to New York in 1997, she formed the NY Unit, a group that she still performs with. "I look for players who have an ability to groove and have lots of drama in their playing." In addition to running her own band and Mother Cyclone label, KJ has been named among the six winners of the Kerrville New Folk Song contest in June 2006 for "Private Angel" and won the Mountain Stage New Song contest in August 05 for "Little Mary." Another Year Gone By, Live won the 2006 Independent Music Award for Best Live Performance.

Welcome to our “virtual union hall.” We are American Federation of Musicians (AFM) Local 1000, the Traveling Musicians’ Union. We are specially chartered to represent acoustic musicians who perform most of their gigs away from the AFM jurisdiction where they live. Unlike a traditional geographical local, we draw members from all over the U.S. and Canada, and we represent our members wherever they work. Sometimes we’re called the “Unlocal.” Local 1000 was started in 1993 by a small group of folk musicians who believed in the power of collective action. They and their peers had the privilege of traveling throughout North America doing the work they loved; but the price they paid was isolation and constant risk — risk of illness, of instrument theft, of employers backing out on contracts, and especially risk of poverty, if age or disability stopped them from working. Now we work together to make things better for all traveling folk, bluegrass, blues and acoustic musicians. (Our members also include performance poets and sign language interpreters.) We perform under union contracts, with union power to back them up. Our instruments, computers and equipment are insured for replacement value, at rates we can afford. Most importantly, we are secure in knowing that we will one day be able to retire with generous, reliable pension benefits. (In fact, our first member began collecting her pension in 2005.) If you are a traveling acoustic musician we hope you’ll consider joining us. You’ll find that many of your friends are members already. You’ll have us along with you on the road, and we’ll be stronger with your support. If you have questions that are not answered on this site, or if you simply want to talk to us, please contact us.

THE INDIE MUSICIANS SURVIVAL KIT PART 2: THE BEST ONLINE SPOTS TO SELL AND PROMOTE YOUR MUSIC. BY RENAY (SHADOW) GHANT-EATON Now that you’ve recorded your music and feel ready to take the world by storm, how do you get it to the masses on a shoestring budget? You’ve probably already heard of them, but figured you would need to have your friend build you a website or the cost would be too high. In what has evolved into is a DIY (Do It Yourself) Industry, learning how to build your own internet empire will help save you time, aggravation and money. Now before we get started there are a few things you will need; your bio, your JPEGS and your MP3’s. In order to introduce yourself to the world, you will need to tell people about who you are and what you’ve done. A picture really is worth a thousand words, so make sure that your JPEGS are reflective of the image you are trying to represent. Once your music is recorded, be sure to save it as a WAV file, and as MP3’s for uploading onto the Internet. Now you’re ready to go Host Hunting! Hosts are the behind the scenes, internet companies that build and maintain the framework on which you will build your fabulous website. They make it easy for us to cut, paste and publish! Here is the first of my top three. Why only three? Three is my favorite number, having three sites gives you a broader target audience and assures three times the potential for hits, sales and exposure. Your websites are up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no matter what you are doing. is my favorite because they offer the biggest bang for the buck. When you have your fully produced EP or full length CD and you are ready to sell it on line, CDBABY puts your music on their site, complete with artwork, gives you your own barcode, (Sound scan? Grammy’s? Why? Coming soon), offers you HTML links directly to your page, as well as HTML tags that you can cut and paste to other sites, also complete with your artwork. They will track hits, site referrals and sales, forward your music to other Internet music companies like Apple ITunes, Rhapsody, etc. and a few more things I probably forgot about for $35 and you can also get everything except for the barcode for $25. Did I mention that the barcode is yours for life and they also offer an HTML tag for your barcode as well. CDBABY In addition, CDBABY offers helpful articles, has partnerships with other businesses such as OASIS, so when you are ready to mass produce your music, you can at an affordable price. HOSTBABY is under the CDBABY umbrella and offers the Indie Musician a fully functioning website with all the bells and whistles for $25 a month. (All these costs are tax deductible. Remember, you are a developing artistic empire!) (continued on next page)

THE INDIE MUSICIAN (continued from previous page) HOSTBABY offers enough space to load, store and publish more than 20 full length MP3’s. As well as over 20 various sized JPEGS, space for show dates, breaking news, blogging, guest book, email management and up to 5 separate email addresses, stats of activity; daily and monthly and a links page to list all your best sites. Setup is all cut and paste from their array of designs and features. No, I don’t work for CDBABY, but I like what they represent. They were the first website to sell exclusively Independent music . Percentages for selling your music can vary by distributor, so I won’t quote. An internet presence is absolutely essential in order to promote your music and your shows. Many artists that I have spoken to report not selling a lot of music on line, but what the internet investment does is to establish a promotional base. I Am By Shadow I am spirit. I am Human. I am Female. I am Black. See me with two eyes and a mind wide open to the possibility that I might change and grow. I am Sister. I am Daughter. I am Mother. I am Wife. Seek not to define me or confine me In your view. I am a Masterpiece of my Maker, a collage of creation, a tapestry in time. I Physical. I am Mental. I am Spiritual. I am Emotional. Support me in my efforts to etch out my self image. Allow me the pleasure of drawing my destiny in the sands of time. I am the Present.. I am the Future. I am the Past. I am Her. I am She. I am Me.

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