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Rare fusion of Russian, Middle Eastern reggae and ska • Key players of the vibrant Israeli reggae scene •

Los Caparos

About Los Caparos • Los Caparos is a key player on the vibrant Israeli reggae, ska and world music scene. • Their unique sound is based on dub, reggae, ska and jungle tunes flavoured by Russian temperament and the Israeli sun. • Songs from both of their albums got heavy radio play on major local radios • Their songs have been placed in national mobile ads and Israeli TV Shows • Their latest, second album “Living in a Movie” has been produced by Ben Hendler of Balkan Beat Box

About Los Caparos Live • Played many key reggae and world music festivals around Europe: Mighty Sounds, Nice Conservatory, Fête de la Musique • Successfully toured in Germany, Russia, Czech Republic and France • Opened for Gogol Bordello, Emir Kusturica, The Skatalites • Biggest show to date: 250.000 people at “From Russia with Love” Festival

photo: Guy Prives

Los Caparos Live

Los Caparos Important Performances 2012 - “InDiNegev” Festival 2012 - “Reggae in the Desert" Festival 2012 - International Music Conference, Jerusalem 2012 - “One Shekel Festival”, Maalot 2012 – "Lo Kone" – single presentation at Barby, Tel Aviv (special guest – Mooke) 2012 – "Israeli Experience" – performance in collaboration with Bezalel Academy of Arts graduates 2012 - Annual Bob Marley tribute concert at Barby, Tel Aviv 2011 – Ska Marathon – a corporate Israeli tour with "Fast Food Orchestra" (Prague) 2011 – Uptown Music Festival, Bat Yam 2011 – Mighty Sounds Festival (European Summer Tour) 2011 – Boskovice Festival (European Summer Tour) 2011 – Germany and Czech Republic Tour (Jena, Nuremberg, Prague, Tabor, Boskovice) 2011 – Opening act for "Gogol Bordello" at Barby Club, Tel-Aviv 2010 – Showcase for cultural attaches from foreign embassies from all over the world 2010 – "Charcoal Scetches” - launch concert at Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center 2010 – "Reggae in the Desert" Festival 2010 – "Gesher" Festival 2010 – France Tour (Paris, Nice, Toulouse, Montpellier)

2010 – Annual Bob Marley tribute concert at Comfort 13 club, Tel Aviv 2009 – “Plitim – Refugees” – Tribute concert for Ehud Banai 2009 – “Tel-Aviv Music Festival” 2009 – Opening act for “Skatalites” at Barbi Club, Tel-Aviv 2009 – “Reggae Love Festival” Jerusalem 2008 – “Avoda Ivrit” – launch concert in “Ha-Yarkon” Park, Tel Aviv 2008 – “From Russia with Love” – International Festival with Russia’s top artists 2008 – “Pacha Cocha” – International Art Festival 2008 – “” – website launch, promotion of Russian artists in Israel 2008 – “Plonter” – Tribute concert for Rami Fortis (Minimal Compact), celebrating 30 years since the release of his first album 2008 – “Cellcom Volume” Festival 2007 – The Israeli Music Awards, “24” – the Israeli Music Channel 2007 – Opening act for Emir Kusturiza and “Non-Smoking Band” 2007/2008 – “Boombamela” Festival 2007/2008 – “The Spring Festival” Zeelim Kibbutz 2007 – “Ha Tamar” Festival 2007 – “One Shekel Festival” Kiryat Shmona 2005/2007 – “Beer Festival TLV” 2005 – “VDOH Festival” Moscow, Russia

Los Caparos Live Videos Live at the Container, Jaa Port

Single launch party at the Barby, Tel Aviv

Los Caparos New Album Release: 10th jan 2013 • Their 2nd album is out with 12 new songs in Hebrew, English, Russian and even Spanish, poduced by Ben Hendler (Balkan Beat Box) • Singles “Ashir” and “Lo Kone” have already been in “A” rotation on biggest local radios • The album got finished with massive support from their fans via a successful crowdfunding campaing. • Singles: Click • Preview of the new album: Click

Los Caparos Videos Title: CCCP (2009) Album: Rasta Vasily Dir.: Tomer Rubens

Title: Ashir (2012) Album: Haim Beseret Animation by Olga Goltser

Title: Haim Beseret (2012) Album: Haim Beseret Dir.: Gal Eli & Keren Partok

Los Caparos Reviews “Eight powerful men spreading magnetizing energies that makes you move your feet, on stage and beyond.” Irit Rivner - MAHARIV “Los Caparos' sound is something so unique that it almost never gets heard in Israel and Caparos do it in the coolest, most fun way you can imagine” "Los Caparos doesn't give a damn. they got on to the ethnic rock movement, a combination of reggae, rock, dub, ska and jungle, along with a Russian temperament they wants to take over the streets, to impose disorder and to entertain, because as Los Caparos say – everything is "kakamaika" (nonsense). It's rhythmic, it makes your feet move on their own, it draws you to the circle. So join and sing along - CCCP" Yossi Harsonsky

Los Caparos Discography Albums 2012 - "Haim Beseret" *Singles: "Haim Beseret" (Living a Movie), "Lo Kone" (I Don't Buy It), Ashir (Rich Man) 2007 - “Rasta Vasily” – Debut Album *Singles: “CCCP”, “Babosy”

Compilations and special projects 2010 – “Lizard Tail Song”, "Charcoal Scethes” – Meir Ariel tribute album 2008 – Song and video for cellular promotion campaign - 2008 – “Nachon Le Ha-Yom”, in “Avoda Ivrit” compilation

About BOOKIT Live "Bookit" began its officially way as a musicians management and booking agency back in April of 2008. The company took on an important mission: to promote Israeli music and to march the music scene towards a new era, whether it's exposing the audience to alternative beats and refreshing bands, or pushing the existed scene one step forward. "Bookit", who had gone through several configurations, was established by Sharon Mellul who had ran the company through each and every step of the way: back when it was called "Dam Dam" and "Blue Sun". In spite of its short term activity, "Bookit" had gained lots of experience: managing musicians, producing events and of course scheduling gigs. "Bookit" carefully selects its artists, when the musical range in the agency is wide and differing: rusted Israeli rock, contemporary indie-pop, middle-eastern sounds and even ska and dub. Among the artists who are signed at "Bookit" you can find Dan Toren, Emily Karpel, Reines Girls, Los Caparos and many more.

Contact / Social Media Sharon Mellul +972 54 453 4640 Los Caparos online:

Los Caparos Promo 2013  

Los Caparos - russian-israeli rock/ska/reggae