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電通永遠給您最 好 的 !

電通永遠給您最 好 的 !


電通永遠給您最 好 的 !

好的作品 , 會使您會心一笑 !

電通給您 , 無限可能 !!

Subject: Dentsu image series posters Design philosophy: Issued: The benchmark papers are using the number 1 to symbolize that Dentsu advertising agency is No.1, the later feel of the image is a bit difficult to identify, Dentsu changed the tallest building in Asia, the benchmarking image of Taipei 101, the main standard which is the advertising industry's first brand, a non-Dentsu, none other than the well subtitled - Dentsu Wing Enhancing the corporate image of the Dentsu. Issued: Smile articles, which are a symbol of Dentsu giving people the general cordial impression, like a smile, while the main standard is good work will make you smile, and vice versa. Superscript - where Dentsu is, there is joy, Dentsu made products enhance creativity, affinity. Issued on three: Endless possibilities articles, using yoga, one of the most difficult human performances, to symbolize Dentsu’s unlimited scalability, like yoga, which is a highest purpose to achieve all possible, and the possibility is the main standard – Dentsu, you unlimited possible sub-standard - challenging creative limits extend imagination, to strengthen Dentsu


99年 4 月~1 2月



台北市內湖區新湖三路23號 TEL:02-87915567


桃園縣中壢市中山東路二段510號B1 TEL:03-465-2255


新竹縣竹北市光明六路89號3樓 TEL:03-553-9000


宜蘭縣羅東鎮民生路6號4F TEL:03-956-2000


高雄市左營區民族一路948號 TEL:07-310-8000

Subject: The Hakka activity design Design philosophy:The flowers shown on this picture is a very traditional and classic pattern found on the ethical costume of the Hakka.And the violet-pink curve at the right-bottom corner represents the rooftop of the traditional Hakka building. The wave and the tung blossom perfectly connect these 2 elements.

Subject: The Dancing Phoenix vaze Design philosophy: Phoenix is commonly be defined as a unisex creature in Chinese culture, and the vaze is being symbolized as the icon of peace.Phoenix being drawn on the vaze is like the perfect infusion of "Yin" and "Yang". This picture was created for my best friend who was getting married, so as to wish her having a peaceful relationship and marriage with her husband.

Subject: The phoenix wrapping paper Design philosophy: In Chinese, Phoenix is pronounced as " Feng ", which is the same as " Wind ". So people regard Phoenix as the god of Wind. And phoenix has always been used to represent the high virtue and grace. As the friend of mine is giving birth to a baby. This wrapping paper is used to wish her baby can live happily and free as phoenix,meanwhile grow up with proper and positive characters.

Subject: Cell phone case design - thunder pattern Design philosophy: Traditional Chinese thunder pattern decorations for mobile phone cases with shell totem design. The thunder image which has a sense of strong power to it gives a positive meaning to people.Thinking positive makes people do pisitive things.


Subject: Moscat design Design philosophy: Different dancing characters are used to represent different orchid, making the whole design energetic and vibrant.


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Subject: The concept-book design about electronic music Design philosophy: As the about is about electronic music, the image of disc is used on the cover to connect itself to music. Inside the book,artists and experts of electronic music are introduced with their recently released albums . I was trying to create the whole book with simple lines and curves , just like the waves of the electronic music. The book perfectly fit the size of all the CD case so people can put it inside the case for easy storage and carry.




Subject: CIS design for Homeless people Design philosophy: Homeless people are around everywhere in the world because of many varied reasons. Research shows that the primary cause of homelessness, particularly among families, is lack of affordable housing. Surveys of homeless families have identified the following major immediate, triggering causes of homelessness: eviction; doubled-up or severely overcrowded housing; domestic violence; job loss; and hazardous housing conditions. In order to help homeless people. I intend to create a system for homeless design, then develop a series of commodities for homeless people. (Such as, sanitation clothings, steel cups, t-shirts, socks, hats and so on.)

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