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Types of parks for your Motorholme Holiday Most people who are taking a motorhome holiday will park up for days, or even weeks at a time in a caravan park. This is an allotted area in which caravans and motorhomes can remain berthed for a few weeks or months. Not all Motorholme are alike; some have more facilities than others, and certain parks will have their own set of rules and regulations which visitors must follow. Here’s a quick guide to two of the most common types of parks.

Holiday parks are probably the most widely advertised of caravan parks. These allow motorhome and caravan users to park and stay for a couple of weeks at a time. They are generally quite good in terms of facilities, and will have shops, restaurants and pubs. They’re ideal for families going on a motorhome holiday, as these parks normally have plenty of entertainment for children, including fairground attractions, petting zoos, and arcades. Holiday parks are closed during the off-peak seasons (usually the winter months). Touring parks are two a penny within the UK, as well as across Europe. These parks are mostly aimed at motorhome users who have their own facilities within their vehicles, rather than travelers using caravans, who need to park up in areas with amenities. Touring parks are often extremely large in size, and generally speaking visitors are allowed to move their motorhome from one spot to another within the park, as and when they choose. This freedom to move around is often what attracts holidaymakers to these parks, as they can change up the scenery whenever they feel like it. Facilities are usually minimal in touring parks; there will usually be a bathroom block and a small shop but for the most part, it’s up to the visitors to ensure that they have electricity, water food, gas, and anything else they might need for their stay.

Types of parks for your Motorholme Holiday