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AMBER AGE: 22 HOMETOWN: Luling COLLEGE: The University of Holy Cross DEGREE/MAJOR: Biology/Pre-Optometry YEARS WITH THE TEAM: 3 FAVORITE QUOTE: “Success is nothing without someone to share it with.”

Amber is excited to return to the Dome and cheer on her favorite team for a third year. After graduating from Hahnville High School, she knew she wanted to continue her dance career and pursue a strong academic future. Amber decided to enroll at the University of Holy Cross. She spends most of her free time working towards her biology degree and rehearsing for game days in the Superdome. She plans on furthering her career by pursuing a profession in optometry. Helping others has always been a top priority for Amber, and Saintsations have shown her the opportunities being a public role model can have. With this in mind, she founded her own non-profit organization called The Divine 7, which provides mentoring for young children through dance expression.

GET TO KNOW AMBER HOW DO YOU DEFINE SUCCESS? I define success as the journey to figuring out your purpose. It’s all about failing and overcoming obstacles you once thought were tough. Once you’ve figured out your role in this world, and capitalize on it, I truly feel you have reached success.

SHARE THE BEST ADVICE YOU WERE EVER GIVEN. I always remind myself that someone else’s opinion is not my reality. This has taught me that the opinions of others don’t determine my success in life, and I can accomplish any and all goals if I’m determined to do so.

WHAT KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED? I’m motivated by the people that surround me who have worked so hard to provide me with the tools I need in order to make something of myself and become successful in my own way. With this in mind, I’m always striving for greatness because I know I have people who rely on me.

WHO INSPIRES YOU? My mother inspires me the most, because she is one of the most influential people in my life. She raised me as a single mother, and she always carries herself with such strength and grace that I can only hope to embody as I grow older. My mother isn’t perfect, but she always taught me that you can come pretty close to it by staying true to yourself and fulfilling your purpose in this world.

WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR? I am grateful for my support system. I have a family who stops at nothing in order to provide me with the best. The lessons I’ve learned from the adults who have impacted my life are things I would never trade.

DO YOU HAVE ANY SECRET TALENTS? Most people don’t know that I’m musically trained and can play the flute. Before I found a passion for dance, music was one of my favorite things to do. As a young teen, I was named to Parish and District wide Honor Symphonic Bands.

HOW DO YOU BALANCE BEING ON THE SAINTSATIONS WITH THE DEMANDS OF YOUR DAILY LIFE? My job with the Saintsations is a major responsibility that I am able to balance with other things by staying organized (while filtering feelings of being overwhelmed) so I can accomplish what I need to get done.

WHERE DO YOU WANT TO BE TEN YEARS FROM NOW? Ten years from now, I pray that I am married to an amazing husband and we’re both very successful in our professions. I want my non-profit organization to be at its peak, while also being able to travel the world. Maybe own an island, too.

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New Orleans Saints Gameday | New Orleans Saints Vs Los Angeles Rams | Sunday, November 4, 2018  

New Orleans Saints Gameday | New Orleans Saints Vs Los Angeles Rams | Sunday, November 4, 2018