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New Orleans is home to many idyllic settings for an al fresco fête.

by mirella Cameran

By Annie Bleecker

28 Give

78 View

“Give a Little Bit”

“Tips from the Pros”

Thank your wedding party and loved ones for joining you on your special day.

Local experts share how to get the most out of your photographer.

By Kate Grace Bauer

By Annie Bleecker

33 Invite

118 Mingle

“So Inviting”

“Super Showers”

Set the tone for your wedding with invitations that reflect you and your groom.

Think beyond the living room for your bridal shower.

By Kate Grace Bauer

37 Indulge “Big Day Dessert”

By Mirella Cameran

43 Sparkle “Delectable Diamonds” Diamonds are like the icing on the cake for a perfect wedding. By Kate Grace Bauer

47 Shine “Maid to Order” Enjoy dreaming up a romantic ensemble for your bridesmaids from this assortment of fresh frocks in garden shades, flowing fabrics and flattering shapes. By lisa tudor

122 Escape “Vacate and Celebrate” Whether you hope to honeymoon in Indiana or Belize, local travel agents can find the perfect escape for you. By Christy Lorio

126 Ask “Tune In” Local professionals answer your wedding music questions. By Sarah Ravits

130 Advise “The Manners of Getting Married” There are a lot of etiquette questions that come up during wedding planning. We’ve got a few answers for you. By Dee Lane

134 Check

Fabulous gowns steal the show when form meets fashion to create stylish and stunning silhouettes.

How early should you make a guest list? When do you book a second line? Use this wedding checklist to make sure you don’t skip major steps before you put on the white dress.

By Lisa Tudor and Mirella cameran

By Haley Adams and Tarani Duncan

70 Dine

136 Take

“Romantic Renaissance”

Explore your range of options for a memorable (and delicious) evening. By Annie Bleecker

6 | New Orleans Bride Summer-Autumn 2013

By Christy Lorio

“What To Do When”

54 Dream

“The “New” Rehearsal Dinner”


“The Great Outdoors”

“Pamper,” “Prep” and “Polish”

No celebration is complete without dessert. Enjoy a slice of sweet from a beautiful wedding cake.


74 Celebrate

Special Advertising Section 83 New Orleans Bride’s “Real Weddings” 96 Resource Directory

On the Cover: Model Madison Massey wearing re-embroidered lace and silk mesh gown with bateau neckline, cap sleeves and high keyhole back by Eugenia Couture at Southern Bridal; Earrings, diamond tennis bracelet and cushion cut diamond engagement ring at Boudreaux’s Fine Jewelers; Hand-tied bouquet of garden roses, orchids, spray roses, stephanotis and succulents at Arbor House. PHOTOGRAPHed BY: Theresa Cassagne

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editor’s note

Less than a year ago, I moved to New Orleans from a Midwestern college town, a place very different from here. Thanks to New Orleans’ historic buildings and amazing slices of culture everywhere you look, I often have “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I live here” moments. That’s what happened on the day we shot our fashion feature (page 54) for this issue. It was a beautiful May morning, and even though we were lugging photography equipment and pushing dress racks into the elevator, the sun was pouring in the huge windows of The Chicory and it made the day feel much more elegant than it actually was. It got me thinking about how lucky New Orleans brides are to live in this city when it’s time to get married. There are so many beautiful places here, whether you’re having an intimate wedding with close friends and family, or a wedding with 300 guests. If you’re still looking for location inspiration for your own day, you’ll definitely find a lot of great places in Annie Bleecker’s story about outdoor wedding spots (page 74). Once you’ve picked your location, I encourage you to browse our photos of invitations, bridesmaid dresses and gifts, along with the beautiful flowers in our fashion feature. And while you’re making all of these plans, I hope you take some advice from our wedding checklist (page 134) written by Tarani Duncan, who called her married friends for their best wedding planning advice. If you have any comments or questions about this issue, feel free to email me at or tweet me @haleyadams25. Congratulations on your recent engagement, and I wish you the best of luck for your own wedding day, honeymoon and marriage. You’re lucky to start your marriage in a stunning place like New Orleans. – Haley Adams, Editor

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pamper By Mirella Cameran

Blo Blow Dry Bar

Long gone are the days when a bride would only have to decide whether to wear her hair up or down, straight or curly. Like skin care, today’s hair care benefits from many scientific advances and offers brides more ways to achieve the most gorgeous tresses imaginable. We spoke to some local experts to get the lowdown on some of the latest hair innovations. Monique Munoz, owner and stylist at 3 Phases Salon (3600 St. Charles Ave., Suite 203, 899-8100,,

explained the benefits of a new anti-frizz treatment called KeraSmooth. “We are getting great results from KeraSmooth,” Munoz says. “It contains no formaldehyde and instead of breaking the hair down, it actually contains formulas which strengthen the hair, add shine and improve elasticity.” The one-step treatment takes approximately 45 minutes. “You are still able to get a little wave or curl in the hair afterwards and the hair has body,” Munoz says. “It is much easier to grow out and it avoids the sharp contrast between the straight treated hair and the new curly hair, which can be so hard to manage.” Munoz adds that KeraSmooth cuts out the frizz and makes curly hair much easier to blow dry straight and dramati16 | New Orleans Bride Summer-Autumn 2013

cally cuts drying time. The product is also very versatile. “For brides with curly hair or those with weddings in the summertime worried about frizz, it’s almost a no-brainer,” Munoz says. “KeraSmooth will make it so much easier and quicker for brides to do their hair and keep it looking gorgeous.” If it’s your first time getting a KeraSmooth treatment, a stylist will blow dry the hair and then flat iron it. You can’t shampoo for 72 hours and you have to wear it straight, with no sunglasses or ponytails. “After that you treat it just like you would normally and it lasts between three and five months,” Munoz says. “If a bride goes on vacation and is in and out of the water and in the sun, it will be fine and it will really help to keep the hair looking good.” Munoz adds, “We have used it on many destination brides and have had wonderful results.” For the scoop on coloring your hair before your wedding we spoke to Rebecca Callaghan, owner of Callidora Salon (3264 Severn Ave., 456-1099, “The first advice I give brides

is choose your colorist six to eight months before the wedding,” she says. “You need to get to know and trust them and they need to get to know your hair.

You don’t want any color going wrong at the last minute.” Callaghan recommends using a colorist, someone “who only does color, all day, day in, day out.” It is the colorist’s job to work with the hair stylist to create the desired effect. “Once you’ve found your team, have your color put on seven to 10 days before your wedding events start,” Callaghan says. “This allows your color time to settle in and look really natural.” If you’ve never colored your hair before and you’re not sure if you want to for your wedding day, another option is a gloss, which makes hair shiny and great for pictures. “[A gloss] doesn’t use any peroxide and is applied to the top of the hair, sealing in the cuticle and adding shine,” Callaghan says. “You can have just the gloss and your same hair tone or you can add some tones like red for brunettes. It begins to fade at six to eight weeks but with or without color, it really takes your hair to the next level.” Whatever you choose, remember that color adds dimension to hair. “For a romantic blonde updo, we might add some pearl and champagne shades to the hair so that it sparkles for the camera,” Callaghan explains. “For brunettes, we might do some cocoa pieces to a solid block of color. Red heads, particularly New Orleans Bride | 17

Aveda Paris Parker Salon

the lighter strawberry blondes, often like pieces in a fiery ginger color to pop and add a glow.” To make sure your color lasts, use a sulphate-free shampoo; salt in other shampoos can loosen the color pigment. “If clients are going to be going on a honeymoon and in the water, we tell them to take a clarifying shampoo to remove any salt or chemicals and we recommend a hydrating treatment once a week,” Callaghan says. “This puts moisture back in the hair and keeps it shiny and the color even. It helps the hair retain the color, root to end so the color looks consistent.” Even a blowout or updo, deserves more thought, according to Jessie Gallardo, Chief Style Boss at Blo Blow Dry Bar (5530 Magazine St., 570-6101,

She says the salon recently created a blowout for a bride that gave her four different looks to take her from rehearsal dinner to honeymoon. “First we blew the hair out to create a lot of volume and we really boosted the crown area with our volumizing products,” Gallardo says. “We set the curls that would last for a few days by rolling them and pinning them. The bride had these gorgeous natural, Victoria’s Secret style curls for her rehearsal dinner. “For the wedding the next day, we had the perfect, not-too-clean hair for the updo. We retouched a few curls, re-teased areas and then created a very romantic, side chignon. Even though we were creating an updo, we were preserving the curl at the same time. “For the reception, all the bridesmaids had to do, was pull out the bobby pins, where I had shown them. All the bride had to do was shake her head out.” Even after all of the wedding festivities, the bride’s hair still worked for the honeymoon. “The next day, the curl had settled into more of a beach wave and the bride had the option to go for a pretty, relaxed look or to use a sock bun,” Gallardo continues. “It’s a really easy way to throw the hair up and make 18 | New Orleans Bride Summer-Autumn 2013

it look like a gorgeous high bun, very sleek and modern. In fact they are so good, we recommend all our brides take them on holiday.” Gallardo says a blowout is great because it can be versatile and can work with different looks, even with minimal help from a hairdresser. “Brides should also invest in great products,” Gallardo says. “They make such a difference. Kim Kardashian uses our Expanda Volume Root Energizer but the volumizing powder, spray and dry shampoo will really help brides achieve the looks they want.” In life, few people have perfect hair, but in magazines and on TV, everyone has beautiful tresses. The difference, according to Chris Guidry, Design Educational Director at Aveda Paris Parker Salon (4900 Prytania St., 891-8874,, might be extensions.

“So many people show me photos of celebrity hairstyles they love,” Guidry says. “The problem is, most of these women are getting help by using extensions.”

He says extensions are a great way to achieve the look you want, and today’s technology has made it so people can’t tell the difference between real hair and extensions, which makes for fuller, beautiful hair. Guidry says the latest way to apply them uses a surgical adhesive. “We have tested this for about three years and it doesn’t damage the hair,” he says. Once you get extensions, shampoo and blow dry the hair like usual and let them grow out naturally. “The wide range of colors enables us to match the natural hair color or to add some depth with complimentary tones,” he says. Extensions take about two hours to apply and usually last around 10 to 12 weeks. After that, return to the salon so a stylist can take them out, shampoo and blow them, and then put them back in. They can be used three to four times if properly taken care of. Guidry adds, “Whether you are wearing your hair down or up, they definitely will visually enhance you.” n New Orleans Bride | 19


prep By Mirella Cameran

as a bride, the goal of losing weight and getting in shape for the big day, seems to be one of the most difficult things of all to achieve and can cast a gloomy pall over the whole wedding planning process. But it shouldn’t be the miserable experience you expect it to be. If you pick the right program, it should be a confidence building, feel-good experience. Still don’t believe it? Read what these local fitness gurus had to say about getting fit for your wedding day. Jonas Deffes, owner and head instructor of New Orleans Adventure Boot Camp, on the benefits of his program: “There are lots of

programs, which will get you in shape, build muscle and work you out. However, I developed this program because women want to lose fat in specific areas such as arms, legs, stomach and mid-section. “We have had great results with many brides who have come to us because they want to look really toned on their wedding day and with the boot camp we see on average a 5 to 12 pound weight loss and a 3 to 5 percent reduction in body fat, within the first month. “The reason this works so well is because we use exercises specifically to boost the metabolism and help the body burn more calories and more fat. 20 | New Orleans Bride Summer-Autumn 2013

“You will also increase your strength and endurance by about 25 percent as well and we give advice on healthy eating without dieting. “The group atmosphere of the boot camp is also really motivating, and I encourage all brides to find a partner or a group to work out with, whatever exercise program they are following. It’s far easier to stick to it if you have others to encourage you and vice versa. “If brides are serious about getting fit and toned, they should give themselves two or three months. You’ll see a big difference after a month, but other people will start noticing by about two months in. By three, you’ll be in great shape. “Some people need to go five days a week because if they skip a day they will probably end up skipping two and might not come back. They need the daily habit. “If you can be disciplined to come three days a week and you can dial in good nutrition, you should be fine.” For more information contact New Orleans Adventure Boot Camp for Women by phone at 292-1981 or find them online at The boot camp takes place Uptown, in the Lakeview area and on the West Bank, five days a week from 5:30 a.m. until 6:30 a.m.

Leilani Heno, owner of X-Trainers, on why brides should train with her personal training company: “I’ve tried it. Fad dieting doesn’t

work. You have to change the way you exercise and what you eat, so you can lose the weight and keep it off. “A bride should determine how much weight she wants to lose and then start the program in enough time. On average, people lose about 4 pounds a month, so for 20 pounds, a bride should start about five months out. “We offer more than just exercise; clients need nutritional advice with body fat and metabolism analysis. This enables us to ensure clients lose the right amount of fat to be healthy. “We also show people how to eat out in restaurants and how to cook at home, so they can live a normal life without gaining the weight back. “We have a proprietary formula called PV2. It reminds clients they should have one portion of protein with two portions of vegetables for every meal. “Each portion should be the size of their hand and clients should eat five times a day, every three hours to, keep their metabolism up. “We also specifically design our program to include plyometric exercises – which are dynamic cardiovascular moves. They get your heart going and New Orleans Bride | 21

raise your metabolism for up to 24 hours after you work out. “Everybody is different and has different goals, so we devise a personal plan for each client based on them working out for one hour, twice a week. “We have a 91 percent success rate and we also offer a lifetime guarantee. If you train with us for a year and you gain 10 pounds or more, you can train for free for a month to get back in shape.” Learn more about X-Trainers at their location in the American Can Apartments at 3700 Orleans Ave., or by calling 482-2FIT. Get more details at Wendy DiFulco, owner of The Bouari Clinic in Metairie, talks about how her clinic can get you ready for the big day: “The beauty

of this program is that it works for everyone and is all-natural. It’s based on keeping your blood sugar steady by eating four to six clean, nutrient-heavy meals and snacks a day. “First, there’s a proprietary oral sublingual spray made up of herbs and botanicals which is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Each ingredient is known to support weight loss. In addition, it supports your eliminatory organs, flushes out toxins and improves your hormonal balance. “There’s also a great B12 product which promotes energy, increases your metabolism and decreases the homocysteine in your body which is linked to heart disease. It also improves your mood and feelings of well-being. “There are many reasons why this program is so great for a bride or a bridal party. First, it makes you feel good, reduces feelings of stress and gives you more energy; which is obviously exactly what a bride needs. “Second, by flushing out the toxins, your hair and skin look great too. “These are just the additional benefits, however. The system shows you how to eat well, lose weight and become healthier by lowering your BMI and body fat. “Part of the reason Bouari is so good 22 | New Orleans Bride Summer-Autumn 2013

for you, is that it helps you to lose the fat cells that your body usually holds on to. When you first lose weight you lose the normal fat cells, but then you go on to lose the structural fat cells. The problem is we need these to fill out our faces and cheeks and to support the heels on our feet and elsewhere. If we lose this kind of structural fat, we look gaunt and our eyes sunken. “What we want to lose are the secondary fat cells, the adipose ones that cause obesity. The Bouari system targets these cells. “In addition, the scales are your friend when you are on the program, because you start losing instantly. For women, it’s on average of half a pound a day; for men, its approximately 0.93 pounds a day. I’ve seen people lose 15 to 20 pounds in a month and up to 70 pounds in two months; so it’s rapid but safe. “We’ve had so many brides do so well that they have had to swap their dresses for smaller sizes and they have learnt how to keep the weight off for their new married life.” For more information, visit The Bouari Clinic at 4621 W. Napolean Ave., Suite 209, in Metairie, or give them a call at 293-1655. You can also visit their website at

Stephanie Coulon, Marketing Manager at Stone Creek Club & Spa, talks about the club’s InBody Analyzer, a system of body composition technology, used by professional athletes: “The

Analyser provides a complete snapshot of which body parts need improvement, which are strong, weak, how much fat you need to lose, how much muscle to gain, your hydration level and your basal metabolic rate (calories burned at rest). “It only takes 15 minutes and enables the trainers and nutritionists at Stone Creek to devise the right program to help you meet your goals. “Once you know what you need to do, you can set yourself to work in the spacious strength training and cardio areas that include a new eSpinner, a virtual Spinning class; or you can opt for personal training. “If your fiancé wants to lose a few pounds, you might chose our ‘Nutrition for Two’ program devised to get you both eating healthily, or the detox to cleanse your body and detox your liver and kidneys before the big day. Members and non-members are welcome.” For more information Stop by Stone Creek at 1201 Ochsner Blvd. in Covington, or call the club at (985) 801-7100. You can also check out Stone Creek online at n New Orleans Bride | 23



Look 1

Even if you’re an expert at putting on eyeliner, or you know the best way to apply bronzer, it can be hard to get the exact look you want without the help of a professional. We asked four makeup artists to reveal some of the secrets of their craft and how they used them to create the beautiful looks pictured on these pages. look 1 Makeup Artist: Christine Lombardo of Just Face It Beauty How She Got The Look: “Some brides need a lot of guidance and others come in with photos and know more or less what they want. The bride in the photograph wanted to be her very best self. She wanted a very natural and not overdone look. “I started with airbrush foundation which is a way to create a flawless look with a no makeup feel. It’s High Definition compatible so it’s undetectable by the camera. It also lasts between 16 to 24 hours and stands up well against all temperatures and humidity no matter what your skin type. It’s water resistant so it won’t break down with sweat or tears. 24 | New Orleans Bride Summer-Autumn 2013

Look 2

“Then I wanted to bring definition to the eyes and lips without using strong color so I used highlighters and eye shadows in neutral tones. For the lips, I used a long wear base and added a very light lip gloss to create fullness in a natural way. The lip products were from the same color family as the rest of the makeup but in a different tone to show up in the photos. “I did some more contouring of the face with highlighter and bronzer and then we were ready for a little high definition powder which minimizes pores and deflects light to create a flawless finish. “All the bride had to do was reapply a little lip color and check her T-zone for shine before her three most photographed moments: 1) before walking down the aisle, 2) arriving at the reception and 3) cutting the cake.” To learn more about Just Face It Beauty, visit look 2 Makeup Artist: Meggan Ory of Makeup by


stacy marks photo

studio stran photo

By Mirella Cameran

How She Got The Look: “If you applied makeup to two people but only one using primers, there would be a huge difference at the end of the evening. They really work to make sure the makeup doesn’t sweat or wear off. I always prime everything: eyes, lips and face. “Before applying the primer though, I make sure the skin is cleansed, exfoliated and smooth in texture. Next I apply a moisturizer that also adds a luminescence to the skin. Then I prime. “For foundation, I chose a mineral powder foundation; you can achieve great coverage while looking so natural. Next waterproof everything: eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara. “For the brows I used a special wax, which won’t sweat or drip off and creates the definition most people need. “As far as the lips go, the primer will ensure that the lip color won’t bleed and extends the wear during the evening. Then I recommend a lip stain for color integrity all day, topped with a lipstick that can still provide shine, if that’s the look you want. For the beach though, New Orleans Bride | 25

don’t use a lip gloss; it’s too sticky and the sand will get caught in it. “The last two things are a mineral veil translucent setting powder and an all-nighter setting spray. No matter how hot, humid or windy, this makeup is going to stay put and perfect!” Find out more about Makeup by Meggan by calling 473-7263 or by visiting look 3 Makeup Artist: Betsy Boone of Betsy Boone

Beauty How She Got The Look: “This bride had a summer wedding in New Orleans with a second line, so we knew we had to deal with the perspiration, heat and the dust and dirt of being outside. “First I prepped her skin: face, neck and décolletage with Embryolisse. Then I used a special eye cream that contains caffeine to hydrate the area and make sure its stays smooth. Next, I used a foundation with SPF and a highlighter to create structure and frame the face. “For eyes, I highlighted the inner corners of the eye and built up the color toward the outside to create the doe-eyed effect. I framed the eye with two different shades of eye pencils; the blacker liner on the upper lashline opened the eye, while the coppery brown liner was on the lower lashline. “For brows, I used a brow pencil and brow powder to intensify the look. I applied false eyelashes that flared on the outside to make the eyes look larger. 26 | New Orleans Bride Summer-Autumn 2013

Look 4

“When it comes to blush I prefer a cream, because it looks incredibly natural as if you are glowing from within. “I contoured the jawbone, cheek and collar bones with bronzer for definition. I highlighted the brow, nose, top of the collarbone, tops of the shoulders, shins and calves for a more polished look. “For lips, I evened out any unevenness with primer and then I used a waterproof lip liner on the outer lip and then covered the entire lip area with it. Next I added some shimmery lip gloss. “To set the makeup I used a toning mist; it’s like hairspray for the face. With all that, this bride survived a boiling summer’s day and a second line and still looked fresh and beautiful! We were all happy.” Contact Betsy Boone Makeup by calling 251-9065, or visit look 4 Makeup Artist: Nicole Turner of Maison de Cheveux Salon How She Got The Look: “Some brides need help deciding what look to go for so I ask them to bring in photos of looks they love and hate and then we can go through my book to figure out what works best for them. “The thing I start with is skin tone. Are their undertones pink, yellow or brown? What color is the dress? Stark white? Eggshell? Ivory? What colors will work well with both? “This bride doesn’t usually wear much makeup so we went with a mineral foundation that doesn’t sink into the face

Kruppa Photo

Look 3

or cover everything, it’s just like a soft mist over the skin which makes it look smooth and beautiful. “Next I persuaded her to wear false lashes or ‘wedding lashes.’ People get scared because they think they will look too fake, but these lashes are specifically made to look beautiful and natural, as they do on her. We obviously set them with waterproof adhesive so they wouldn’t come off with any crying. “I created brow definition without it looking drawn on, by mixing different color powders to match her hair exactly. “I used a violet brown color shadow to compliment her eyes and contrasted darker and lighter shades on the inside and outside of her lids to create an opened effect. “For lips you can achieve a really longlasting, natural look by using a stain. I apply it while I am putting on the rest of the makeup and then wipe it off when I am finished. Next I apply liner and the stain again with gloss on top and it creates an amazingly deep, natural sheer color that you know will stay with you all day and beyond. “I finished by applying a perfecting light reflecting powder that will take out any glare from the camera. She is a beautiful girl anyway, but I think I enhanced her natural beauty in just the way she wanted.” Maison de Cheveux is located at 201 St. Charles Ave., Suite 127. Call the salon at 908-4247 or visit n New Orleans Bride | 27


give a little bit Thank your wedding party and loved ones for joining you on your special day. By Kate Grace Bauer



1. Need a light for that celebratory cigar? This lighter, pictured here with a flask/cigar holder, is engraved with your father in mind. Give dad the gift that sparks light during the most exciting moments. John’s Tuxedo’s, 3200 Houma Blvd., Metairie, 455-5353, 2. Mother of the bride is one of the most important roles on a wedding day. Show Mom she’s not forgotten with this beautifully embroidered hanky on your special day. Tie The Knot 5101 W. Esplanade Ave., Suite 17, Metairie, 301-9101, 3. The first home of a new husband and wife is an extension of their personalities. Show off your new life and address with this beautiful porcelain address plate by Suzanne Ormond. Old.New.Blue., 6117 Magazine St., 655-0863,



28 | New Orleans Bride Summer-Autumn 2013

4. Your ring bearer and flower girl will love that you invited them to take part in your wedding. Give them a book highlighting their involvement and responsibilities to keep as a memento. Mignon For Children, 2727 Prytania St., 891-2374. New Orleans Bride | 29

give 5. Lauren Eckstein Schonekas truly understands every side of the wedding experience. Paying homage to the past, Schonekas reworks vintage jewelry to create one-of-a-kind pieces for the entire wedding party. Give your bridesmaids something they’ll wear again with this vintage rhinestone pendant necklace and earring set. Construct Jewelry, 812-7675 (call for an appointment),


6. The sweetest moments should be served in style. This pearl-handled cake knife and server make entertaining a delight. Ever After, 3334 Severn Ave., Suite 6, Metairie, 888-9810,



7. Toast at the wedding and beyond in this custom bedazzled glass. Luminous Events, 8. Add flavor with this Italian delicacy – Novello extra virgin olive oil. It’s sure to be a favorite for your foodie friend in the wedding party. Oil & Vinegar, Colonial Pinnacle Nord Du Lac, Covington, (985) 809-1693,


9. Artist Austin Allen James creates beautiful and unique art for many different applications. Here he embraces love with this heart block (available in different layouts). Abode, 2114 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, 266-2135, n


30 | New Orleans Bride Summer-Autumn 2013 New Orleans Bride | 31

32 | New Orleans Bride Summer-Autumn 2013


so inviting Set the tone for your wedding with invitations that reflect you and your groom. By Kate Grace Bauer

TOP: Stationery Studio helped create this special wedding invitation. The metallic foil on aquamarine pearlized cardstock with a starburst monogram was the perfect symbol of happiness for the couple. Stationery Studio, 2910 Toulouse St., 581-7248, stationery-studio. com. BOTTOM: This invitation from Scriptura features a custom cipher monogram complete with distinguished custom calligraphy for the couple’s names. The invitation was letterpressed on duplex cotton paper for this New Orleans couple. Scriptura, 5423 Magazine St., 897-1555; 3301 Veterans Blvd., Metairie, 219-1113; New Orleans Bride | 33

LEFT: This suite embodies everything joyous about the nuptials of a couple that wants to integrate the South while also enjoying contemporary design features. This particular collection, complete with custom logos (C² and B²), plays off the bride and groom’s own initials and was printed on bright white, uncoated cover stock. P.S. Creative, (email for an appointment), pscreativestudio. com. BOTTOM, LEFT: This traditional and beautiful wedding invitation from Gem Printing features an ivory metallic border, basic fonts and a simple fleur de lis design. Gem Printing 1904 Veterans Blvd., Metairie, 834-9580, BOTTOM, RIGHT: This ballerina-wrapped invitation with foil printing and gilded edges is the perfect, delicate element a traditional wedding invitation needs. Exquisite Events helps design invitations that stand out from the rest. Exquisite Events, 975-4089,

34 | New Orleans Bride Summer-Autumn 2013

RIGHT: This bride and groom wanted a unique invitation that reflected both their personalities as well as the location of the nuptials at the Rural Life Museum. Dubois Expressions made this come to life. Dubois Expressions, 7341 Jefferson Highway, Suite K, Baton Rouge (225) 936-5339, BOTTOM, RIGHT: Margaret Jones at Scriptura has an attention to detail that is unparalleled. This heavy weight, white cotton invitation is engraved in two colors with hand calligraphy for the name and a custom illustration in gold. Scriptura, 5423 Magazine St., 897-1555; 3301 Veterans Blvd., Metairie, 219-1113;

LEFT: One way to make your wedding day special is to hand-draw your invitation. Tanya Henriques Kinnett created the letters engraved in black and gold on Crane’s ecru wedding paper. The brides’ monogram was also hand drawn and engraved on the cover of the invitation. Betty Hunley Designs, 6057 Magazine St., 895-2870, bettyhunley. com. BOTTOM: When a graphic designer gets married, you’re sure to have invitations that are truly unique and worth framing. Such was the case for this lovely couple that wanted a Southern wedding – with flair. Dubois Expressions used a letterpress custom design on heavyweight Crane paper. Dubois Expressions, 7341 Jefferson Highway, Suite K, Baton Rouge, (225) 936-5339, New Orleans Bride | 35

36 | New Orleans Bride Summer-Autumn 2013


big day dessert No celebration is complete without dessert. Enjoy a slice of sweet from a beautiful wedding cake. By Mirella Cameran

This classic off-white fondantwrapped cake with a touch of whimsy has six tiers including fondant ribbons, monogram and pearled quilting. It has a lemon poppy seed sponge with tangy lemon curd filling and is iced in white chocolate buttercream and wrapped in off-white vanilla fondant.

Melissa’s Fine Pastries, 472-8572,

This five-layered cake with light peach peonies is decorated in pale green mint, cream and gold colors with layered fondant stripes and buttons. The lemon cake with layers of raspberry mousse and fresh berries is covered in white chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream icing. Baked

Custom Cakes & Confectionaries, 388-1682,,

This two-tiered cake has a vertical texture, mint fondant bands and a coral gum paste ranunculus flower. It is a chocolate cake filled with rich salted caramel and frosted with vanilla buttercream.

Pure Cake, 5035 Freret St., 872-0065,

Dress up your cake even more with a cake stand from Fabulous Cake Stands by Nola B. Find out more about the handcrafted designs by calling 512-6110 or by visiting New Orleans Bride | 41

42 | New Orleans Bride Summer-Autumn 2013


delectable diamonds Diamonds are like the icing on the cake for a perfect wedding. By Kate Grace Bauer Cakes provided by Haydel’s Bakery

Clockwise: Antique platinum and diamond chandelier earrings with approximately 4.00 carat total weight diamonds at Friend & Company; 18-karat white gold, diamond and cushion cut white topaz pendant on chain at Adler’s; 18-karat white gold engagement ring with round center stone surrounded by baguettes at Adler’s; Edwardianstyled ring finished in 18-karat white gold with 1.50 carat count diamond weight at Wellington & Co.; Eternity band with 1.60 total carat weight of brilliant round diamonds set in platinum at Rothschild Diamond; Ring with 3.50-carat, emerald-cut center diamond accompanied by approximately 2.00 carats of emerald-cut side diamonds set in platinum at M.S. Rau Antiques.

Halo engagement ring with 3.15 carat brilliant round center stone in a platinum halo setting with 0.75 total carats of brilliant round diamonds at Rothschild Diamond; Eternity band with 3.42 carats of diamonds set in platinum at Wellington & Co.; Heart earrings with 2.00 total carats of diamonds pave set in 18-karat white gold at Rothschild Diamond; Platinum Art Deco bracelet with more than 6 carats of diamonds at Symmetry Jewelers; Wedding band with 0.75 total carats of alternating baguettes and brilliant round diamonds set in 18-karat white gold at Rothschild Diamond.

Brilliant round halo earrings, 3.00 total carats, includes the brilliant round center stones weighing 2.60 total carats in a 18 karat double halo setting with 0.40 total carats of brilliant round diamonds in 18 karat white gold at Rothschild Diamond; Diamond bracelet of 18 karat white gold and more than 12 carats of diamonds, finished with marquis, round brilliant and radiant cut diamonds at Wellington & Co.; Necklace with 18-karat white gold graduated scroll links and 4 carats of diamonds at Symmetry Jewelers.

French bracelet made in 1955 with 55.00 carats of diamonds and rich platinum at M.S. Rau Antiques; Simon G engagement ring with an Asscher cut 2-carat center stone and an 18-karat white gold setting with 1.23 carats of diamonds at Friend & Company; Drop earrings with a total of .75 carat oval cut center stone diamonds with .45 carats of surrounding round brilliant cut diamonds set in 18-karat white gold at Wellington & Co.; Art Deco style bracelet with 32 white diamonds; diamonds total approximately 12 carats at M.S. Rau Antiques; Wellington & Co. Signature Collection halo engagement ring, available in any metal and center diamond size at

Wellington & Co.; Antique 14-karat white gold and bezel set diamond mesh bracelet; approximately 2.50 carats total weight at Friend & Company; 14 karat antique bezel diamond drop earrings with 4 carats of diamonds at Symmetry Jewelers; Art Deco diamond clip earrings by Cartier circa 1920, studded with 3.75 carats of diamonds at M.S. Rau Antiques; Estate platinum and baguette diamond eternity band with approximately 3.60 carat total weight diamonds at Friend & Company; 1950s platinum and baguette diamond eternity band, with approximately 4.50 carat total weight diamonds at Friend & Company; 18-karat white gold cushion cut diamond eternity band at Adler’s.

46 | New Orleans Bride Summer-Autumn 2013

maid to order

shine By Lisa Tudor

Bari Jay Petal Pink twist-front Bella chiffon gown with crystal bead detail and optional shoulder straps at Pearl’s Place; Venus iridescent rose ruched chiffon short dress at The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe; Cotton Candy chiffon short dress with spaghetti straps and contrast empire bow at Linda Lee Bridal; Jim Hjelm Occasions crinkle chiffon gown with ruffled halter neckline at The Bridal

Boutique by MaeMe. New Orleans Bride | 47

Strapless gown with rosette detail in Horizon Blue at Linda Lee Bridal; Donna Morgan “Julie� crinkle chiffon strapless dress with silver belt at Olivier Couture; Amsale sky blue crinkle chiffon short dress at Wedding Belles New Orleans; Jasmine cobalt blue dress with short full skirt and ribbon tie at Bustles & Bows Bridal Boutique.

48 | New Orleans Bride Summer-Autumn 2013

Dessy Collection luxe chiffon and sequin gown in Hunter Green at Southern Bridal; Donna Morgan crinkle chiffon “Jackie” dress in pale mint at Olivier Couture; Jasmine Sea Mist short dress with pockets at Bustles & Bows Bridal Boutique; Jim Hjelm Occasions textured linen one-shoulder gown with back bow at The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe, Southern Bridal and Town & Country. New Orleans Bride | 49

Amsale crinkle chiffon gown with spaghetti halter tie and back bow at Town & Country; Watters & Watters tiered crinkle chiffon Romantic Ruffle dress in Buff with shirred empire band at Pearl’s Place; Monique Lhuillier Bridesmaids chiffon one-shoulder short dress in Sunset at Pearl’s Place; Liz Fields nude chiffon charmeuse one shoulder gown with black satin detail at Bustles & Bows Bridal Boutique

WToo by Watters & Watters buff chiffon strapless gown with satin ribbon sash at Pearl’s Place; Watters & Watters tiered chiffon strapless dress at Town & Country; Amsale crinkle chiffon Shell Pink printed strapless gown with rosette at Wedding Belles New Orleans; Jim Hjelm Occasions chiffon gown with ruffled bodice and spaghetti strap racer back at The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe

52 | New Orleans Bride Summer-Autumn 2013 New Orleans Bride | 53

romantic renaissance Fabulous gowns steal the show when form meets fashion to create stylish and stunning silhouettes. By Lisa Tudor and Mirella cameran Photographed by Theresa Cassagne Model Madison Massey for About Faces Hair and Makeup by Aimee carr, Denee Compton and assistant Vanessa sarrero, all of aimee-zing faces Jewelry by Boudreaux’s Fine Jewelers Photographed at The Chicory

Blush strapless silk organza “Sophie” ball gown by Sareh Nouri at I Do Bridal Couture; Double pearl strands, diamond and pearl drop earrings at Boudreaux’s Fine Jewelers.

54 | New Orleans Bride Summer-Autumn 2013

dream New Orleans Bride | 55

Marisa allover lace and silk charmeuse gown with keyhole back and chapel train at Pearl’s Place; Sara Gabriel “Stella” fountain shaped veil with delicate horsehair trim at Olivier Couture; cluster diamond with pearl drop earrings and cushion cut diamond engagement ring at Boudreaux’s Fine Jewelers.

56 | New Orleans Bride Summer-Autumn 2013

Mikado silk strapless gown and crystal-tipped veil at Linda Lee Bridal; platinum and diamond necklace, pearl and diamond drop earrings and diamond tennis bracelet at

Boudreaux’s Fine Jewelers. Peonies, hydrangea, roses, sweet peas, dendrobrium orchids, lisianthus at The

Crystal Vase Flowers & Gifts. New Orleans Bride | 57

Re-embroidered lace and silk mesh gown with bateau neckline, cap sleeves and high keyhole back by Eugenia Couture at Southern Bridal; 18-karat white gold pave diamond and pearl flower earrings, white gold and round diamond tennis bracelet and cushion cut diamond engagement ring at Boudreaux’s Fine Jewelers. Hand-tied bouquet of garden roses, orchids, spray roses, stephanotis and succulents at Arbor House.

58 | New Orleans Bride Summer-Autumn 2013

Amsale silk faille ball gown with pockets, chapel length train, and sash with Tony Federici silk tulle veil at Town & Country; round diamond tennis bracelet and pavÊ diamond and pearl flower earrings at Boudreaux’s Fine Jewelers. New Orleans Bride | 59

Kenneth Winston Private Label beaded gown with bateau lace neckline over sweetheart V-back and beaded headband at Bustles & Bows Bridal Boutique; cluster diamond pearl dangle earrings at

Boudreaux’s Fine Jewelers.

60 | New Orleans Bride Summer-Autumn 2013

Allover French alencon lace fit and flare gown with silk dupioni underlay designed by Heidi Elnore exclusively for I Do Bridal Couture. Peonies, roses, hydrangea and tulips at Dunn & Sonnier Flowers. New Orleans Bride | 61

Anne Barge “Evangeline” strapless tulle and Alencon lace gown with criss-cross bodice at Olivier Couture; French net birdcage comb at Linda Lee Bridal; emerald-cut diamond tennis bracelet at Boudreaux’s

Fine Jewelers. Yellow ranunculus accented with orange spray roses, a golden dahlia centered with a bold yellow calla lilly dotted with Mokara orchids and a collar of Solidago and variegated lily grass at Fabulous Flowers.

62 | New Orleans Bride Summer-Autumn 2013

Whisper Pink beaded silk taffeta and tulle Soledad gown with chapel train by Watters Brides at Pearl’s Place; platinum and diamond necklace, diamond chandelier earrings and cushion cut diamond engagement ring at Boudreaux’s Fine Jewelers. Hand-tied bouquet of white hydrangea with giant white dubium, fragrant white hyacinth, white freesia and white ranunculus woven through; bouquet is rimmed with tiny white cotton flower and has an ivory double-faced stem wrap treatment at Nola Flora. New Orleans Bride | 63

Beaded 3-D lace and tulle mermaid gown with detachable beaded racer back and chapel length train at The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe; white gold and diamond hoop earrings, round diamond tennis bracelet and cushion cut diamond engagement ring at Boudreaux’s Fine Jewelers. Crescent hand-tied bouquet of plum hydrangea, fuchsia hydrangea, green cymbidium orchids, purple and blue thistle, orange ranunculus, succulents, green hanging amaranthus, gilded poppy pods at Nola Flora.

64 | New Orleans Bride Summer-Autumn 2013

Justin Alexander Venice Lace gown with beaded tulle neckline and cap sleeves at The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe; jeweled comb at Linda Lee Bridal; pavé diamond and pearl flower earrings, round diamond tennis bracelet and diamond engagement ring at Boudreaux’s Fine Jewelers. Ranunculus, poppy pods, date palms, wheat, godetia, lamb’s ear, pincushion protea at Kim Starr Wise Floral Events. New Orleans Bride | 65

Ivory Mikado organza trumpet bridal gown with full tulle overlay and lace halter bodice over sweetheart neckline by Tara Keely at Olivier Couture; cluster diamond with pearl drop earrings and cushion cut diamond engagement ring at Boudreaux’s Fine Jewelers. Sweet peas, coffee bean, sweet william, parrot tulips and motsamoto at Bee’s

Wedding & Event Floral Designs.

66 | New Orleans Bride Summer-Autumn 2013 New Orleans Bride | 67

68 | New Orleans Bride Summer-Autumn 2013 New Orleans Bride | 69

dine Antoine’s Restaurant

facilitate maximum mingling. Instead of inviting all out-of-town guests to the rehearsal dinner as is customary, couples are hosting a party after the rehearsal dinner that might include music, dessert, coffee, cordials, cocktails and maybe a few hand-passed hors d’oeuvres. Finally, a rehearsal dinner can be the scene of wedding ideas that fell by the wayside, such as decorating ideas that won’t be used at the wedding. In New Orleans, where the wedding meal is often served buffet- or receptionstyle, the rehearsal dinner is often the only seated dinner. As such, it has become a culinary event. One way that couples are showing their gratitude to their friends and family for their support in the wedding planning process is by treating them to a gourmet meal. Since the rehearsal dinner is usually a smaller-scale event than the wedding, it can be an opportunity to showcase culinary treats that would not be affordable to serve at a wedding. The rehearsal dinner also serves as an opportunity to welcome out-of-town guests with authentic New Orleans fare and the distinctive seafood of the Gulf Coast.

the “new” rehearsal dinner Explore your range of options for a memorable (and delicious) evening. By Annie Bleecker The rehearsal dinner is the kick-off event of a weekend-long celebration. It’s a chance for the family and friends of the bride and groom to spend time together. It is also a more relaxed affair than 70 | New Orleans Bride

Summer-Autumn 2013

the wedding, and these days, couples are taking this as creative license to do things less conventionally. For example, the rehearsal dinner no longer has to be a seated affair. Cocktail-style receptions have become quite popular, as they

You would be hard-pressed to find a setting more “traditional New Orleans” than Antoine’s Restaurant (713 St. Louis St., 581-4422, This French Quarter institution has been serving French Creole delicacies since 1840, and not much has changed since. For private events, you have your choice of one of Antoine’s 14 dining rooms, each with its own unique history. Though Antoine’s has suggested menus for such an affair, all dishes from the restaurant’s menu can be prepared for a rehearsal dinner, so you can share your favorite dishes with the ones you hold near and dear – maybe even the Oysters Rockefeller you had on your first date. Book your rehearsal dinner at Antoine’s at least six months in advance. Check, cash or credit cards are accepted forms of payment, which is required at the end of the evening. New Orleans Bride | 71

“For rehearsal dinners, I’ll ask about the groom’s favorite dishes,” says DeFraites. “I prefer to create the dinner based on the couple’s preferences and vision.” A deposit is due upon signing a contract; final payment is due one to two weeks before the event.


An upscale dining option in the heart of Metairie, Austin’s (5101 W. Esplanade Ave., Metairie, 888-5533, has been called “a diamond in the rough” and “Metairie’s newest hot spot” by Gambit. The sophisticated restaurant has a Creole Italian focus, and serves many of the dishes New Orleans is famous for. “For rehearsal dinners,” says Amanda McIntyre, the eatery’s co-owner and sales manager. “The most requested items are the Petit Filet, Crawfish Crab Cakes and Veal Austin, which is paneed veal topped with lump crabmeat, mushrooms and green onions.” Austin’s convenient location on West Esplanade Avenue makes it a sought after location for rehearsal dinners set in Metairie. Choose from a set menu at a reasonable $34 to $40 per person. Rehearsal dinners are typically booked six months in advance. Payment can be made with cash, credit card or check the night of the event. New Orleans foodies rejoiced when James Beard Award-winning chef, Donald Link, rounded out his restaurant collection with Calcasieu (930 Tchoupitoulas St., 588-2188,, a private event facility on the second floor of his famed Cajun Southern restaurant, Cochon. (Make sure you look for the separate entrance to Calcasieu, as guests cannot get to the location from Cochon.) Calcasieu serves the same contemporary Louisiana cuisine, and the menu item most frequently requested for rehearsal dinners is the Gulf Fish Courtbouillon 72 | New Orleans Bride

Summer-Autumn 2013

because, as Calcasieu General Manager Brandy Trepagnier explains, “It is the most traditional.” “If you go to a wedding with bad food, you’ll remember it,” Trepagnier says. “Larger scale private dining spaces aren’t as food-focused. Here at Calcasieu, the food is our focus.” This focus is made evident to guests by Calcasieu’s exposed kitchen, proving that your meal is truly “kitchen to plate.” The handsome Warehouse District facility features three different private event rooms to choose from. Thirty percent of the food and beverage minimum is required once the space is secured with a contract. Le Pavillon Hotel (833 Poydras St., 620-4126, is known as one of the most

glamorous hotels in the city. Even those who haven’t visited the hotel can pull it up in their mind. The impressive façade is gleaming white and is accented with columns and statues, dazzling Poydras Street with a dash of glitz. “People are blown away upon walking into our lobby,” says Director of Catering Gwen DeFraites. That’s why hosting a rehearsal dinner at Le Pavillon is the perfect way to kick off a weekend of elegant extravagance. At Le Pavillon, you are given your choice of 10 different private event spaces, including a rooftop terrace and the popular Crystal Ball restaurant and ballroom, which can be reserved for private events. And let’s not forget the food, which features creative, innovative dishes.

Just steps away from the St. Louis Cathedral, on the corner of Bourbon and Conti Streets, Oceana Grill (739 Conti St., 504-525-3661, offers budgetfriendly packages for private events, such as the “N’awlins Dinner,” which features dishes like Seafood Gumbo, Crawfish Fettuccine and Bread Pudding. However, the chef will be happy to serve a dish from the restaurant’s dinner menu if requested for a rehearsal dinner. Private events such as rehearsal dinners can be hosted in the Oceana Grill’s charming courtyard, or for a larger rehearsal dinner, consider renting the entire second floor of the restaurant, which includes use of the balconies overlooking the French Quarter. Oceana Grill management is flexible regarding payment plans, but generally require a 50 percent deposit once the menu is decided upon and the contract signed. The other 50 percent is due at least five days before the rehearsal dinner. The romantic, softly lit Tommy’s Cuisine (746 Tchoupitoulas St., 581-1103, has been a favorite of locals for

many years. The spot serves classic Creole Italian and, in addition to the restaurant, Tommy’s features seven different private event rooms to choose from. Tommy’s is located in the heart of New Orleans’ posh Warehouse District, a quick walk from hotels in the French Quarter and Central Business District. Feel free to pick and choose options from the various packaged menus Tommy’s offers in order to create exactly what you have in mind for your rehearsal dinner. Guests love the extensive wine list (200+ bottles) and cherished signature dishes like the Oysters Tommy, which consists of oysters baked in their shells with Romano cheese, pancetta and roasted red pepper. A 25 percent deposit is required to book a rehearsal dinner, with the remainder due at the end of the event. n New Orleans Bride | 73


Elms Mansion

the great outdoors New Orleans is home to many idyllic settings for an al fresco fête. For couples brave enough to bet on good weather, the payoff can be huge. An outdoor wedding in March or November would be unthinkable in most parts of the country, but here in New Orleans your guests can dance under the stars with the alluring smell of jasmine wafting through the air. Add to that the one-of-a-kind beauty, culture and historic aesthetic of our city, and it’s easy to see why New Orleans has become a top choice for destination weddings. But where to host an outdoor wedding? New Orleans has a wealth of lush, romantic outdoor locations, but we narrowed it down to an assortment of ten places spread across the city, from the Bywater to the shores of Lake 74 | New Orleans Bride

Summer-Autumn 2013

Pontchartrain to the historic Garden District. There is a fabulous outdoor location to suit every bride who dreams of getting hitched al fresco in the Crescent City. cinematic greenery Nestled inside Audubon Park, one of the city’s most beautiful and beloved natural spaces, is the Audubon Clubhouse (6500 Magazine St., 800-774-7394, auduboninstitute. org). This replicate of an historic Acadian

home includes wide verandas that look out onto an expanse of green with gardens, a wide lawn, oak trees, a lagoon and the Audubon golf course beyond. For the ceremony, the bride and groom can choose from several romantic

By Annie Bleecker green spaces just a short walk away from the Clubhouse, such as The Newman Bandstand, the dreamy setting on the edge of the Audubon Park lagoon. It is often ranked the “Best Place in New Orleans for Poetic Inspiration” and even served as a stunning backdrop for one of the more romantic scenes in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Those with a small, informal wedding in mind often opt for a daytime affair at the Clubhouse. Though the restaurant remains open, wedding guests have free reign over the veranda, adjoining gardens and a small brick patio. Nighttime weddings are private and include the use of the entire clubhouse, including the dining room, veranda, patio and gardens.

The dining room is ideal for a seated dinner of up to 90 people or a cocktailstyle reception for up to 200 people. Good To Know: Because the Audubon Clubhouse is inside a public park, weddings must end by midnight and the band must be inside the Clubhouse in order to comply with city noise ordinances. elegance with a wild side Those who dream of a large, lavish wedding with the secret garden ambiance of Audubon Park are drawn to the Audubon Tea Room ( This freestanding ballroom boasts elegant details like shiny wood floors, silk drapery and a view through double doors of the gorgeous Tea Room Garden. The Tea Room is adjacent to the Audubon Zoo, and this unique location comes with equally distinctive options for scenery. Have guests enter through the zoo’s main entrance, where they will be greeted with dazzling lighting, serene music and the zoo’s flamingos! Or stage your ceremony in front of the Elephant Fountain, softly lit and ethereal at night. Incorporating the Audubon Zoo will give your guests an exclusive nighttime glimpse of this beloved New Orleans institution and will enhance the aesthetic of your wedding with an inimitable magical quality. The Audubon Tea Room can host a cocktail-style reception for 175 to 300 guests; if the Tea Room Garden is

tented, it can host as many as 700 guests. Weddings at both the Audubon Clubhouse and Tea Room are catered by the on-site culinary department, the only green-certified caterer in the state of Louisiana. Good To Know: Since the Tea Room is not technically inside the park, city noise ordinances do not apply and music can be played outdoors, either in the zoo or the Tea Room Garden. european opulence The magnificent Elms Mansion (3029 St. Charles Ave., 895-9200,

has an unrivaled location on the corner of St. Charles Avenue and Eighth Street in the Garden District. Built in 1869 in the Italianate style of architecture, its historic flair and European grandeur make it one of the city’s more sophisticated wedding locations. The mansion features a quarter acre of carefully groomed gardens with lush palms and eye-catching statues. This serene natural beauty is enhanced by the soothing sounds of a fountain and glimpses of the St. Charles streetcar as it rolls down the avenue. The mansion’s large porch is framed with columns and sheathed in wrought iron and a free-standing deck can be put to use in creative ways. “Some couples bring in lounge seating and set up a cigar station,” says Judy Fern, the mansion’s event manager. The centerpiece of the grounds

is an enchanting gazebo where couples exchange vows in front of guests seated on a stone patio. Good To Know: The mansion’s event planners will be on site the day of your wedding to keep the celebration running smoothly. greek revival in the garden district A beautifully restored Greek revival mansion, The Opera Guild Home (2504 Prytania St., 267-9539,

is situated on a corner in the heart of the Garden District. A small plaque is all that differentiates the property from the other grand Garden District mansions, and couples become enchanted with the authentic, uncommercial feel of the property, its charm and elegance immediately apparent. The lawn and gardens that wrap all the way around the Guild Home can be the setting for cocktail-style receptions of up to 200 people or a seated dinner for 50. The expansive green space is bordered by a traditional black wrought iron fence, as are the property’s two porches and balcony. The large front porch is perfect for greeting guests with glasses of champagne, and many brides choose to throw their bouquet from the upper balcony to the gardens below. The grounds can easily be tented, which is a lovely option in the case of rain or simply for the aesthetic appeal. But it’s not just the outdoor space that appeals to brides. On what makes the Guild Home unique, Manager Lynda DePanicis says, “It’s like a museum with antiques and artwork—light, airy and beautiful in its own right. Our brides appreciate that the interior is already so appealing that they don’t have to spend a large part of their budget on flowers and other decorations.” Good To Know: The wedding package includes a security officer to be on the grounds during your wedding. a well-kept secret in the warehouse district The large courtyard of the Hilton Garden

Audubon Clubhouse

Inn (1001 S. Peters Street, 525-0044, is a hidden gem in the

fashionable Warehouse District. The New Orleans Bride | 75

oblong space is studded with landscaped beds of verdant tropical plants and trees, a fountain and a gazebo. It is ideal for a reception, and can be used for a seated dinner of up to 100 guests or a cocktailstyle reception for up to 250 guests. All catering is on-site and Caitlin Hatley, the hotel’s catering sales manager, is happy to act as wedding planner. “Our courtyard is a great option for brides who want a downtown wedding, but without the enormous price tag,” Hatley says. Good To Know: One advantage guests enjoy is that the Hilton’s courtyard is adjacent to The Metropolitan, a popular Warehouse District night club. Bohemian Rhapsody Maison Macarty (3820 Burgundy St., 267-1564, is a classic Victorian

exclusive use of the property. Bygone Romance Weddings hosted at the historic New Orleans Board of Trade (316 Board of Trade Pl., 262-0412, are infused

with the grandeur of days gone by. The unique Central Business District location is the site of the former St. James Hotel, built in 1859. It features several striking and interconnected outdoor spaces like the “arcade,” a covered promenade ornamented with wrought iron gates that is actually a remnant of the St. James Hotel. This outdoor yet covered space can accommodate up to 70 guests. In the case of rain, canvas drop cloths are available to enclose the open arched side wall. The arcade leads to a beautiful courtyard, the centerpiece of which is a tiered fountain that is often decorated with candles. The courtyard is framed by

home in the avant-garde Bywater neighborhood that has been lovingly converted to a bed and breakfast. The charming property features an exquisite and Southern Oaks Plantation intimate outdoor space on both sides of the home. On one side, a large square deck set among a grove of tropical banana trees and a pool makes for a perfect dance floor. The other side features a traditional brick patio adorned with greenery that has the feel of a tropical paradise. “The bride and groom typically like to exchange vows on one side, and then move to the other for the reception,” explains Kurt Goodman, co-owner of the Maison. The pool blends seamlessly into the outdoor splendor when it is decorated with floating candles or covered to raised planters and distinctively southern provide more room for dancing. crepe myrtle and sweet olive trees that Maison Macarty is an ideal location provide a delicate scent. The courtyard can for small weddings of 75 to 100 guests. accommodate a seated dinner for up to 60 “Oddly enough, most of our weddings people or a cocktail-style reception for 250. have been destination weddings, and Good To Know: The New Orleans most of the couples come from Brooklyn,” Board of Trade works exclusively with says Goodman. The Maison’s whimsical, Pigéon Caterers of New Orleans. laid-back environment is the very definition of casual cool, and is perfect Quintessential French Quarter for the couple who simply wants to enjoy The upscale hotels of the New Orleans their time with friends and family. Good To Know: Renting Maison Macarty for a wedding includes the use of the six guest rooms and two private cottages for two nights and 44 hours of 76 | New Orleans Bride

Summer-Autumn 2013

Hotel Collection (

are interspersed throughout the French Quarter and are the settings of some of the loveliest and most iconic weddings in

New Orleans. These properties are perfect for smaller weddings with the timeless allure of the historic French Quarter. A respite from big, well-known hotels, properties such as the Dauphine Orleans, the Hermann House and the Audubon Cottages offer the ultimate in private, intimate ceremonies. Renting one of these locations for a wedding includes all guest rooms or cottages, so that the couple of honor and their guests have exclusive access to the property and grounds. Each of these locations is built around a traditional brick courtyard where both a ceremony and reception can be held. The luxurious interior courtyard of the Bourbon Orleans plays host to larger weddings of up to 100 people. Luminous evening weddings are set alongside the hotel’s famous pool. Small weddings can be held at the St. Ann Cottage, a traditional Creole cottage that adjoins the hotel and features its own private courtyard. Hotel Mazarin is another popular choice for larger weddings. Elegant ceremonies are held by candlelight in the hotel’s spacious courtyard, followed by an indoor reception in either of the hotel’s two ballrooms. An additional advantage of this location is that the courtyard can be covered in case of rain. Hotel Le Marais offers a hip, cosmopolitan ambiance for semiprivate weddings of up to 100 people. This chic boutique hotel is perfect for the laid-back couple whose number one priority is having fun. It is situated next to Latrobe’s on Royal, an architecturally significant building and a favorite spot for romantic ceremonies. “We’ve found that couples getting married at Latrobe’s appreciate being able to stay next door, and will even host a pre-ceremony event at Le Marais,” says Director of Marketing Marc Becker. Good To Know: The New Orleans Hotel Collection also includes several bars that serve as great spots for a bachelor or bachelorette party. Four-star Luxury The luxe tropical courtyard of the Royal Sonesta (300 Bourbon St., 586-0300, sonesta. com/royalneworleans) features orange and

palm trees, a constantly evolving rainbow of flowers and a three-tiered fountain with floating lily pads and water lilies. “We have a horticulturist on staff who is a renowned expert on subtropical plants and has been with the Royal Sonesta since 1972,” says Wedding and Social Events Manager Wyeth Furlong. The courtyard is a sought-after location for large weddings of up to 250 guests. Another option for a wedding of up to 150 guests is the second-floor Acadia Suite that overlooks the courtyard and features access to a private terrace. At the Royal Sonesta, all food and beverages are prepared on-site and the menu selections are frequently updated to reflect seasonal, local produce. Custom designed wedding and groom’s cakes can be created by the hotel’s executive pastry chef, Solandie Exantus. Good To Know: For every outdoor wedding, the Royal Sonesta guarantees an indoor space of equivalent size in case of rain.

Southern Charm A bucolic outdoor wedding at an authentic antebellum plantation inside New Orleans city limits? It is indeed possible at Southern Oaks Plantation (7816 Hayne Blvd., 230-0689,, which sits on

the shores of Lake Pontchartrain. After the bride makes her way down a candlelit aisle, she exchanges vows with her groom on the peach mansion’s stately front porch. “Most of our weddings take place at night because the way we light the mansion and grounds is so magically romantic,” says Administrative Director Kyle Madorin. From spotlights to outdoor chandeliers and sconces to twinkling string lights to the candles set up around an impressive fountain, Southern Oaks becomes a luminous showstopper come nightfall. Good To Know: The mansion’s grand ballroom provides a solid back-up plan in case of rain. On The Water If you’re a lady who likes to divert from the usual path, think about the Creole Queen (1 Poydras St., Riverwalk Marketplace,

529-4567, The boat is

a popular spot for brides because it is something so different from the norm, says Kristen Newman, the Creole Queen’s wedding consultant. “It’s a great way for your guests to see the city skyline from a different point of view,” Newman says. “We sail past the heart of downtown while taking in historic sites such as St. Louis Cathedral.” Just like any other outdoor location, weather is something to consider. Newman says in the event of bad weather, weddings can be moved into one of the private rooms, though Newman adds that she hasn’t had to use this back-up plan yet. There is also a covered area on the Promenade Deck. If the weather is too bad per Coast Guard regulations, weddings can be held dockside. If you’re interested in booking your wedding with the Creole Queen, Newman recommends booking about seven months in advance, depending on the season. Good To Know: The boat stays dockside during the ceremony. n New Orleans Bride | 77


is paramount, but knowing how to interact with your photographer before, during and after your wedding is the key to ensuring you get the photos you want. We picked the brains of some of the city’s wedding photographers to find out how you can get the most out of your relationship with the wedding photographer you select.

Fab Photography

tips from the pros Experts share how to get the most out of your photographer. By Annie Bleecker

You may not have put any thought into photography, but you do have at least one image in mind—the one you picture when you daydream about your wedding day. It might be the two of you holding hands and beaming with excitement as you leave the church 78 | New Orleans Bride

Summer-Autumn 2013

under a shower of rice. Or maybe it’s that candid shot of your groom’s face shining with adoration as he gets that first glimpse of you walking down the aisle. Capturing these irreplaceable, oncein-a-lifetime moments is not mere serendipity. Hiring the right photographer

ask the right questions First things first: What steps should you take to make sure you hire a reliable photographer? You can and should ask for references, but photographer Greer Gattuso of Greer G Photography (931-0622, advises also asking each photographer you interview not only how long he or she has been in the business, but also how long he or she has been shooting. The difference may seem like a nuance, but the answer to the second question can be revealing. “Two photographers may have both been shooting weddings for two years, but one might have extensive experience in photography of another kind, while the other photographer might have just picked up a camera for the first time two years ago,” Gattuso says. She also recommends checking to see whether the photographer you are considering is listed in the Better Business Bureau. “If a photographer is running a legitimate business, she should want to be a part of the Better Business Bureau,” Gattuso adds. don’t worry about tiny details You know the saying “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” On your wedding day, that can be easier said than done, but have you considered how wedding day stress could affect your photos? Photographer

Stevie Ramos of Stevie Ramos Photography (259-9751, always

to send them to me so that I can see what they like and even comment on the photos they have pinned.” Asencio of Fab Photography always sits down with her bride before the wedding to discuss what she wants, as well as always makes a list of the shots the bride is certain she wants.

reminds brides that it is a given that certain things will not go as planned on the big day, and to look at these as “wedding day hiccups” rather than huge problems. “If you get hung up on these glitches,” Ramos warns, “that stress can show in your face and perhaps in your wedding photos.” Photographer Fabi work on communication Asencio of Fab Photography (220-4196, One way to prevent glitches is to always reiterates establish a contact person for the to her brides that the wedding day is their day Greer G Photography and they should enjoy it. “It’s not a day to stress over little things!” she says. meet your photographer first In order to ensure none of these hiccups are photography related, communication is key. Photographer Jacqueline Kay Lachin Dallimore of Jacqueline Kay Photography ( stresses

the importance of meeting your photographer before the wedding. “Setting up an in-person meeting is the best way to get a good idea of someone’s character,” Dallimore says. As for what to go over at this meeting, Dallimore recommends asking questions such as how many weddings the photographer has shot in the last year and whether he shoots weddings full time or has another job. Regarding pre-wedding communication and preparation, Gattuso has her brides fill out a form specifying which specific shots, if any, they want captured. “I’m even okay with brides showing me examples of photos that they like,” Gattuso says. Another way Gattuso helps her brides prepare is by exchanging Pinterest boards. “If they don’t know exactly what they want, they can get ideas from my Pinterest boards,” Gattuso says. “Likewise, if they have made Pinterest boards, I ask them

photographer to communicate with on the big day. Gattuso says that, in the absence of a wedding planner, it is a good idea to make the contact person a close family member, the maid of honor or another bridesmaid. “If a bride hasn’t designated a specific person as my contact, I’ll usually communicate with the bridesmaids. They’re really good at helping out.” On the other hand, Kay believes that it is up to the photographer to use his

or her best judgment on when is the right time to talk to the bride. “When the bride is busy, the photographer will then choose who to interact with depending on the situation; if it’s a timeline-related question, the planner may be the best person to ask,” Kay says. “If the photographer wants to know who the mother of the groom is, a relative is probably the best person to ask.” make a timeline Establishing a timeline before the big day will pay off in spades. Asencio recommends that all brides stay organized, have the day planned out, and stay on schedule. “It is so important to sit down and talk to your photographer about events that will occur during the night and exactly what you want pictures of,” Asencio says. Part of determining this timeline is deciding whether you want to take posed photos before or after the ceremony. In New Orleans, most weddings take place at night, but many brides like the look of photos taken in natural light. In this case, portraits or “first look” photos should be scheduled earlier in the day. Stevie Ramos recommends doing a photographed first look before the ceremony. “It gives you time to be with one another before the wedding and it ensures time set aside for a creative opportunity for photos of just the two of you.” But if you decide you want to go the traditional route and wait until the ceremony to see your groom, photographer Kerry Maloney of Heirloom Collective (484-9033, advises: “Be sure you plan with

your photographer enough time to take photos before the reception.” stick with a professional Perhaps you’ve heard horror stories about wedding photography gone wrong. The photographer demands too much time from the bride and groom because New Orleans Bride | 79

she can’t get the shots right. Or worse, she never delivers the photos and won’t answer phone calls. “We’ve had clients decide to book us for their wedding despite already having a photographer,” shares photographer Heather Schneider of Dark Roux Photography (905-4367, “After their engagement shoot, they decided that, on second thought, they saw the value in hiring a pro. Like most things, with photography, you get what you pay for. Plain and simple.” Maloney concurs: “It is the difference between having a few photos from your wedding day and having a complete documentation of the day and photos you love and can’t wait to hang on the wall and share with your friends and family.” book early As far as timing goes, it was the unanimous advice of the photographers we interviewed

80 | New Orleans Bride

Summer-Autumn 2013

to book your photographer as early as possible, ideally six months to a year in advance. Likewise, all agreed that the typical turnaround time, from the date of the wedding to the date you receive your photos, is somewhere between four to eight weeks. “Make sure you know how long you’re going to be waiting when you book your photographer,” Dallimore advises. “That way you won’t have to continue to send emails asking when they’ll be done.” go with someone you trust When you meet with potential photographers, ask yourself whether he or she is someone you would invite to your wedding. As Schneider puts it, “There is a lot of trust involved with getting the right photographer. If you don’t have a good vibe with her, you’ll be able to tell in the images.” n

Jacqueline Kay Photography New Orleans Bride | 81

82 | New Orleans Bride

Summer-Autumn 2013

real weddings PG 84

PG 86

PG 88

PG 90

See page 94 for information about getting your wedding in New Orleans Bride magazine.

PG 92

real weddings

Victoria Bard & Cuong Tran

84 | New Orleans Bride

Summer-Autumn 2013

Bride: Victoria Bard Groom: Cuong Tran Date: December 8, 2012 Ceremony: Popp Fountain at City Park Reception: Panda King Coordinator: Maria Tran Gown: Jasmine Bridal from Pearl’s Place Bridesmaids Dresses: Alvina Valenta from The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe Rings: Minh Chau, Symmetry Jewelers Florist: Eufloria Designs Caterer: Panda King Cake: Chez Pierre, Bunny Barletto Photographer: Ardent Studio Hair: Ginger Dickey at Color Bar Salon Makeup: Natalie Cogan at About Face Ceremony Music: New Orleans’ Finest Musicians Reception Music: DJ Albert Le New Orleans Bride | 85

real weddings

Amanda McIntyre & Alex Wood

86 | New Orleans Bride

Summer-Autumn 2013

Bride: Amanda Lynn McIntyre Groom: Alex Brennan Wood Date: February 23, 2013 Ceremony: St. Anthony of Padua Reception: Chateau Estates Country Club Gown: Yvonne LaFleur from Yvonne LaFleur Bridesmaids Dresses: Sophia Tolli from The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe Men’s Attire: Rome’s Tuxedos Rings: Raymond’s Jewelry Creations Florist: Kathy Thaller Caterer: Chateau Estates Country Club Cake: Haydel’s Photographer: Loupe Photography and Video Videographer: Loupe Photography and Video Hair: Desiree Keller from Salon Porche Makeup: Amanda Ratcliff from Salon Porche Music: Groovy 7 New Orleans Bride | 87

real weddings

Tiffani Reding & Michael Amedeo Jr.

88 | New Orleans Bride

Summer-Autumn 2013

Bride: Tiffani Marie Reding Groom: Michael Mark Amedeo Jr. Date: March 23, 2013 Ceremony: The Riverview Room balcony Reception: The Riverview Room Gown Designer: Jim Hjelm Blush from The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe Bridesmaids Dresses: Venus from The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe Men’s Attire: Black suits from John’s Tuxedo Rings: Stanley Jewelers, Inc. Florist: Grow With Us Florist Caterer: The Riverview Room Cake: Haydel’s Photographer: Ardent Studio Videographer: Blink Video Makeup: Aimeezing Faces Ceremony Music: Fine Arts Ensemble Reception Music: Top Cats Photo Booth: Squareface Photobooth New Orleans Bride | 89

real weddings

Scarlett Reeves & William Thomas

90 | New Orleans Bride

Summer-Autumn 2013

Bride: Scarlett Reeves Groom: William Thomas Date: May 12, 2012 Ceremony: Preservation Hall Reception: The Napoleon House Gown: Privately designed in Bogota by Martha Ferro Rings: Brent&Jess Florist: Tommy’s Flower Shop Cake: Le Croissant D’Or Caterer: Napoleon House Photographer: Shoot 2 Studios Hair: Bridget Cordes from Bella Brides Music: Personal setup at the reception, Faux Barrio Billionaires played at the rehearsal dinner New Orleans Bride | 91

real weddings

Angel Webb & Kyle Suggs

92 | New Orleans Bride

Summer-Autumn 2013

Bride: Angel Webb Groom: Kyle Suggs Date: March 24, 2012 Ceremony: Jackson Square Reception: Ralph and Kacoo’s Gown: Oleg Cassini from David’s Bridal Bridesmaids: Dillard’s Men’s Attire: Calvin Klein from Men’s Warehouse Rings: Gold was contributed by family members, then melted down and reformed into gold wedding bands by Martin’s Diamond Gallery Cake: Swiss Confectionery Caterer: Ralph and Kacoo’s Photographer: Kristin and Heather Photography Hair: Penny Lane Makeup: April Meleriner Music and 2nd Line: Dr. Jazz and the New Orleans Wedding Sounds New Orleans Bride | 93

feature your wedding in

real weddings W

ant to see your wedding on these pages, and share your big day with our readers and the city of New Orleans? To be considered as a featured local wedding in New Orleans Bride magazine, mail a CD with highresolution (4x6/300dpi) photographs. Below is a helpful checklist to double-check you have all the correct materials.

1. A typed document of the following vendors: ___ Bride and groom’s full name ___ Date of the wedding ___ Ceremony location ___ Reception location ___ Coordinator ___ Gown (designer and store) ___ Bridesmaids’ dresses (designer and store) ___ Men’s Attire (store) ___ Rings ___ Florist ___ Caterer ___ Cake ___ Photographer ___ Videographer ___ Hair (Stylist and Salon) ___ Makeup (Stylist and Salon) ___ Music ___ Any other vendor you would like to include


Hi-resolution (4x6 / 300dpi) photographs of: ___ Bride and groom ___ Bride and groom with family ___ Cake ___ Rings ___ Flowers ___ Bridesmaids and groomsmen ___ Ceremony ___ Reception ___ Please include five other photos of your choice.

* Please send at least 10-15 photographs burned on a CD * Please burn a word document of your vendors on the CD. All CDs will NOT be returned.


New Orleans Bride magazine reserves the right to choose the wedding and the issue of the magazine it will be featured. Submissions are not guaranteed to be published and CDs won’t be returned. The bride, groom and photographer must give permission to use the photographs and information of the submitted wedding. Please mail your CD of photos and typed document vendor information to: New Orleans Bride magazine, Attn: Tiffani Amedeo, 110 Veterans Blvd. Suite 123, Metairie, LA 70005 94 | New Orleans Bride

Summer-Autumn 2013 New Orleans Bride | 95

advertising section

L a s d e i c brresour

to help you with all your wedding planning needs

Beauty/ health/ fitness

3Phases Salon 3600 St. Charles Ave. Suite 203 New Orleans, LA 504-899-8100 3Phases Salon is the only Focus Paul Mitchell Salon on St. Charles Ave. in uptown New Orleans. We offer all hair services and have a passion for weddings. It has been an honor to work with so many New Orleans brides help making there dreams reality. It is very important to us to give them the experience every girl dreams about on there wedding day. American Laser Skincare 3223 8th St., Suite 201 Metairie, LA 504-887-0727 American Laser Skincare offers Zerona fat removal and circumference reduction, laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, cellulite reduction and skin tightening. Bouari Clinic 4621 West Napoleon Ave. Suite 209 Metairie, LA 504-293-1655 We are a weight loss and wellness clinic using all natural products and nutritional protocol that enables our clients to lose up to a pound of fat a day without hunger, all the while feeling greater energy and vitality. Maison de Cheveux 201 St.Charles Ave. #127 New Orleans, LA 504-908-4247 “Your Neighborhood Salon” A full service salon delivering affordable luxury for everyone. Specializing in color, cut, makeup, and brides. Offering Bumble and Bumble and Oribe hair care products exclusively. Makeup By Meggan New Orleans, LA 504-473-7263 Meggan Dupre Ory is a Makeup Artist servicing the greater New Orleans area. Meggan has 9 years experience in makeup artistry. Book Meggan for your wedding or any event where you want to love the way you look!

Mary Kay CosmeticsGaynell Kennedy 8616 Steamboat Lane River Ridge, LA 504-669-5880 Learn to Love & Lavish your Skin for Life with an educational facial on product knowledge, along with a Mary Kay Modernized Makeup application. Slumber Parties by Laura New Orleans, LA 504-443-5306 Ladies only “FUN” bachelorette parties presented in the privacy of your home in a party atmosphere! Make the bride feel extra special, plus she will receive a FREE shopping spree! The Spa at Stone Creek 1201 Ochsner Blvd. Covington, LA 985-801-7120 thespa@stonecreekclubandspa. com The Spa at Stone Creek invites you to experience true relaxation and reconnect with nature. Select from our menu of services or allow our experts to design a customized retreat.

Bridal consultants & event designers

Belle Soiree, Wedding Planning + Design New Orleans, LA 504-377-3975 Belle Soiree’ offers full service, partial planning, month of coordination, and mini planning sessions! Down Annie Lane Metairie, LA 504-343-0447

Wedding Planners for Brides on a Budget! Ellen Kramer Events 115 Delton’s Landing Picayune, MS 601-916-5300 Specializing in creating fabulous New Orleans weddings for destination and local Brides! Various design & coordination services are offered to fit your needs, call for a complimentary consultation. Gala Productions New Orleans, LA 504-491-7811 Luxury design firm offering awardwinning planning, styling and coordination services as well as floral design, linens, lighting, candles, and high-end props. Producing beautiful, stress-free events for over 10 years. IT’S YOUR TIME EVENTS Covington, LA 504-975-3375 It’s Your Time Events is an event planning and consulting firm. Whether you are planning a corporate event, wedding, birthday party or extravagant holiday party, It’s Your Time Events will help you design an event based on your ideas, which will be remembered for a lifetime. Old.New.Blue 6117 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 504-655-0863 Old.New.Blue is a Wedding and Social Event Planning company. We specialize in unique, fun, memorable

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events customized to our client’s needs. We are also a retail shop carrying everything you would need to accessorize your Wedding, Debut, Bar/ Bat Mitzvah or other special event. Sapphire Events New Orleans New Orleans, LA 504-383-4376 Luxury Wedding and Event Planning Services in New Orleans for destination and local brides. Offering Coordination, Limited Planning, Event Decor Design, and Full Planning from Start to Finish. Sugarcoat it By Graceful Event Productions PO Box 8444 Metairie, LA 504-723-2906 Sugarcoat Your Event - Book your candy and/or dessert table by March 1, 2013 and receive a $50 Discount!

artisan chocolates, specialty groom’s cakes and decadent desserts to serve at your event. Call today to schedule your tasting.

Weddings By lulu New Orleans, LA 504-345-9655 Detailed and creative professional wedding planning & design. Let us help you plan and design your dream wedding-- which you can expect to be on schedule, on budget and totally GORGEOUS!

Fabulous Cake Stands by Nola B. 133 Jarrell Drive, Suite A Belle Chasse, LA 504-391-0607 We sell and rent Fabulous cake stands with fabulous Style. Handcrafted and beautifully finished in the Nola B. patina of your choice. “A cake without a stand, is like a Bride without shoes” ~Nola B.

Cake/ pastries Bittersweet Confections 725 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 504-523-2626 Custom designed wedding cakes,

La Louisiane Bakery 5616 Heebe St. Harahan, LA 504-296-3227 Our bakery produces pastries, cakes, breads and prides itself on quality and freshness. Melissa’s Fine Pastries By Appointment New Orleans, LA 504-472-8572 For beautiful looking and delicious tasting cakes, schedule an appointment with Melissa’s Fine Pastries to discuss a custom designed cake or pastry bar that will compliment your wedding perfectly.

Mrs. Vintage

Swiss Confectionery, Inc. 747 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA 504-522-7788 For over 90 years Swiss Confectionery has set the standard for wedding cakes in New Orleans. Family owned and operated for five generations, we remain committed to the traditions that have earned our excellent reputation.

The Cocoa Bean Bakery & Cafe 910 East Morris Ave. Hammond, LA 985-345-2002 Production of specialty cakes, pastries, Weddings and Grooms Cakes The Kupcake Factory 819 W. Esplanade Ave. Kenner, LA 504-464-8884 Made from scratch daily, our scrumptious gourmet cupcakes and cakes are great for any event! We use only the highest quality ingredients and offer endless flavor combinations. The Royal Cakery 10800 Morrison Rd. Suite 106 New Orleans, LA 504-246-2065 The Royal Cakery is a small bakery specializing in custom made wedding cake and groom’s cake, muffins pies and pastries.

Catering Austin’s Seafood and Steakhouse 5101 West Esplanade Ave. Metairie, LA 504-888-5533 Voted “Best Restaurant in Metairie,” Austin’s Seafood and Steakhouse is available for bridal luncheons, rehearsal dinners, banquets, and corporate events. Three beautiful private rooms can accommodate groups of 10-100 guests. Portobello Catering 400 East William David Pkwy Metairie, LA 504-833-2120

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bridaL resources We are not simply caterers; we are professionals, full-service event planners, dedicated to creating memorable celebrations that come together seamlessly. Ralph Brennan Catering & Events 111 Veterans Blvd. Metairie, LA 504-539-5511 We Work. You Play! For over thirty years, Ralph Brennan and his dedicated team have catered the meals and events that celebrate the moments of your life. Providing full-service custom catering for events large and small, we tailor our services to enhance your palate, theme and budget.

Ceremony/ reception/ locations Antoine’s Restaurant 713 St. Louis St. New Orleans, LA 504-581-4422 wchatelain@antoinesrestaurant. com Antoine’s Restaurant offers a romantic setting for New Orleans weddings. Our many private dining rooms accommodate weddings,rehearsal dinners,bridal luncheons and receptions and are sure to create memories for years to come. Broussard’s 819 Conti New Orleans, LA 504-581-3866 Broussard’s is one of the founding Restaurants in the French Quarter and one of the most Historic Venues in the city. It boasts a large luscious courtyard and private rooms to host your Wedding or Rehearsal Dinner. Chateau Golf & Country Club 3600 Chateau Blvd. Kenner, LA 504-467-1351 When you begin planning a very special event, such as your wedding reception, attention to detail is so important. From the time your first guest arrives until the last one leaves, our commitment is to offer you the utmost in quality and service. Courtyard on the Ridge 407 Folse St. Harahan, LA 504-737-6660 Courtyard on the Ridge offers more than 11,000 square feet of ceremony and reception space, accommodating up to 400 guests. Our food is prepared fresh from scratch and served by our professional staff to assure you a memorable day. Creole Queen #1 Poydras St. Suite 39 New Orleans, LA 504-293-2314 A unique wedding venue in the heart of New Orleans. Emerald Grande 10 Harbor Blvd. Destin, FL 850-585-5451 Celebrating together at Emerald Grande at HarborWalk Village has an

enchantment all its own. We have spectacular venues with stunning views to host your event, dream wedding or social celebration. We can take care of all the details so you can relax and make treasured memories. Led by a team of skilled event planning and culinary professionals, our staff is experienced in hosting an incredibly wide range of functions. English Turn Golf and Country Club 1 Clubhouse Drive New Orleans, LA 504-392-2200 We are a luxury golf and residential community on 1200 gorgeous acres in the city of New Orleans. Located 15 minutes from the Central Business District and French Quarter, this serene, plantation-style setting is ideal for once-in-a-lifetime weddings and events. Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots 1751 Gentilly Blvd. New Orleans, LA 504-948-1285 Fair Grounds Race Course can help you create an event that you will remember for a lifetime. Our planners can help with rehearsal parties, weddings and receptions, in a wide variety of floor plans. Federal Ballroom New Orleans 147 Carondelet St. New Orleans, LA 504-587-2088 The Federal Ballroom is A Historic Wedding Venue Built in 1923 as a Federal Reserve Bank. The Most Elegant Wedding Venue in the South. Located in the Central Business District Hampton Inn Hotels &

Suites of New Orleans 1201 Convention Center Blvd. New Orleans, LA 504-566-9990 Remember the Hampton Inn Hotels & Suites of New Orleans when planning your wedding. Your guests will love the charm and hospitality of each of our New Orleans hotels. Create an occasion to remember with our extraordinary catering and beautiful wedding accommodations. Hilton Garden Inn New Orleans Convention Center 1001 S. Peters St. New Orleans, LA 504-525-0044 The Hilton Garden Inn New Orleans Convention Center is a newly renovated property in the heart of the Warehouse District. We share a courtyard with Generations Hall which makes the Hilton Garden Inn a wonderfully convenient location to house guests, have a bridal shower in our beautiful garden, or a bridal photo shoot on our pool deck overlooking the New Orleans skyline. Please feel free to contact us directly for a tour of our hotel. It would be an honor to be a part of your big day! Hilton New Orleans/ St. Charles Avenue 333 St. Charles Avenue New Orleans, LA 504-524-8890 504-299-9777 Enjoy a blissful bridal experience at our historic hotel in the heart of New Orleans CBD featuring Chef John Besh restaurant Luke and 250 luxurious guest rooms.

House of Blues 225 Decatur St. New Orleans, LA 504-310-4988 NewOrleans From the plush Foundation Room lounge to the colorful soaring backdrop of the Grand Music Hall, House of Blues offers a variety of unique spaces for all your wedding events. House of Broel’s Victorian Mansion and Gardens 2220 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA 504-522-2220 The most affordable romantic site in New Orleans is conveniently located on St. Charles Ave. in the historic Garden District. An all-inclusive package makes your event stress free and the lush gardens make glorious pictures. Hyatt French Quarter 800 Iberville St. New Orleans, LA 504-565-4566 The newly renovated Hyatt French Quarter offers indoor and outdoor reception spaces for up to 200 guests featuring a private entrance and exit leading out to Canal Street. Hyatt Regency New Orleans 601 Loyola Ave. New Orleans, LA 504-561-1234 From gourmet menus and lavish ballrooms to luxurious guestrooms and exceptional service, our team will ensure your special day is unforgettable. InterContinental New Orleans 444 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA 504-525-5566 The InterContinental New Orleans is a full New Orleans Bride | 99

100 | New Orleans Bride

Summer-Autumn 2013 New Orleans Bride | 101

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bridaL resources vice, upscale hotel. We can do large and small receptions as well as room blocks for out of town guests. JW Marriott New Orleans 614 Canal St. New Orleans, LA 504-525-6500 Truly great service means never having to ask. At the JW Marriott New Orleans, you will experience the silent anticipation and thoughtful preparation you deserve to make your day truly amazing. Le Pavillon Hotel 833 Poydras St. New Orleans, LA 504-620-4126 LePavillon is an exquisite venue for grand social occasions. An elegant setting for Weddings, Rehearsal Dinners, & Bridal Luncheons. Let LePavillon create your special Celebration with all the grandeur your day deserves. Maison de Macarty Bed and Breakfast 3820 Burgundy


New Orleans, LA 504-267-1564 Looking to hold a small to mid size wedding on the grounds of a beautiful mansion? Look no further! Uptown style without the uptown prices. Mercedes-Benz Superdome & club XLIV at Champions Square Sugar Bowl Drive New Orleans, LA 504-587-3922 clubloungesales@smgneworleans. com The Superdome’s Club Lounges, located on the 200 Level, offer an upscale environment in a uniquely New Orleans venue. With floor to ceiling picturesque windows overlooking the cityscape, the Club Lounges are truly “rooms with a view!” club XLIV is New Orleans’ newest luxury private lounge. With amazing built-in amenities including modern furnishings, illuminated bars, specialty lighting, audio and video package, club XLIV is truly “a wedding planner’s dream!” Napoleon House 500 Chartres St. New Orleans, LA 504-525-2431 Located in a National Historic

Landmark, our private facility can accommodate 50-135 guests for cocktail receptions and 40-60 for full service seated dinners. New Orleans City Park 1 Palm Drive New Orleans, LA 504-482-4888 City Park has it all! Oak trees 100s of years old, amazing architecture, multiple venues, winding lagoons, a over 100 year old wooden Carousel, delicious on site catering, gondola rides and more! New Orleans Hotel Collection 1380 Port of New Orleans Place New Orleans, LA 855-798-6642 Splendidly original hotels in america’s Favorite city - gorgeous courtyards, ballrooms and cottages for your wedding. New Orleans Opera Guild Home 2504 Prytania Street New Orleans, LA 504-267-9539 This Garden District mansion is an architectural masterpiece that brings glamour, elegance, and legacy to any special event. The Guild Home is lavishly appointed with 18th and 19th century European and American furniture, artwork, antiques, and objets d’art. With the Tiffany & Double Parlors, marble solarium, and a courtyard garden, the Guild Home presents a variety of sophisticated settings for private intimate or grand gatherings, large or small corporate events, weddings, receptions and filming locations.

Nottoway Plantation & Resort 31025 Louisiana Hwy 1 White Castle, LA 225-545-2730 Exchange your vows in a stunning plantation setting and celebrate your new marriage with an unforgettable gala in one of our lavish ballrooms or in the dramatic Grande Pavilion. Oceana Grill 739 Conti St. New Orleans, LA 504-525-3661 Oceana Grill in the French Quarter can do it all. From the ceremony, reception, and rehearsal dinners to bachelor/ bachelorette parties. Book two or more parties and receive a discount. Redemption 3835 Iberville St. New Orleans, LA 504-309-3570 Housed in an exquisite 100-yearold historic church, Redemption is the perfect venue for all of your bridal events, including an intimate ceremony on their lush, private patio. Executive Chef Greg Picolo will custom design a menu to delight your guests and make your big day one to remember. Republic New Orleans 828 South Peters St. New Orleans, LA 504-528-8282 Located in a 160-year-old renovated warehouse, Republic exudes vintage style for the modern bride with crystal chandeliers, antique murals, exposed wooden beams, & state-ofthe-art sound and lighting.

Renaissance New Orleans Arts Hotel 700 Tchoupitoulas St. New Orleans, LA 504-613-2330 Ideally located in the heart of New Orleans in the revitalized Arts District, the Renaissance Arts Hotel is where your wedding vision starts an exhilarating journey. Just six blocks from the French Quarter in the historic riverfront neighborhood —the SoHo of the South— a one-of-a-kind experience awaits you and your guests the minute you step into our hotel. Renaissance New Orleans Pere Marquette 817 Common St. New Orleans, LA 504-525-1111 You deserve the wedding of your dreams. The Renaissance New Orleans Pere Marquette Hotel can make that a reality with unique touches and attention to detail that will make your wedding day something you and each of your guests will remember. Rosy’s Jazz Hall 500 Valence St. New Orleans, LA 504-896-7679 Rosy’s Jazz Hall is a unique venue with a rich New Orleans heritage. We have a two story atrium for ceremonies, an indoor balcony and beautiful outdoor New Orleans Courtyard. Royal Palm 1901 Manhattan Blvd. Building E Harvey, LA 504-644-4100 Royal Palm is a luxury events venue located only 7 miles from downtown New Orleans. We have ample parking, and can accommodate events anywhere from 30 to 1000 guests. Royal Sonesta Hotel New Orleans 300 Bourbon St. New Orleans, LA 504-553-2205 From elegant receptions to custom designed wedding cakes, personalized menus, traditional courtyard setting and romantic bridal suites, trust Sonesta to simplify your planning and create the wedding day of your dreams. Southern Oaks Plantation 7816 Hayne Boulevard New Orleans, LA 504-245-8221 A stylish mélange of the charm, delicious food, exceptional service, and unique culture of New Orleans. Elegant garden-style ceremonies and spectacular receptions inside the mansion make chic and unforgettable celebrations. Stella Plantation 4881 Highway 39 Braithwaite, LA 504-919-7474 Perched on 1500 acres of gorgeous countryside, our vast space, varied venues and absolute privacy make Stella an exquisite open canvas for your wedding New Orleans Bride | 103

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The Cannery 3803 Toulouse St. New Orleans, LA 504-486-8351 The Cannery is a premiere wedding venue. The 12,000 sqft venue includes an outdoor terrace, grand foyer, ballroom, chic lounge & bridal suite with a private restroom and walk-in closet. The Chicory 610 S. Peters New Orleans, LA 504-521-8055 The Chicory is an elegant venue for your New Orleans wedding ceremony and reception, featuring exposed beams, brick walls and gas lanterns. The Chicory was originally built in 1852 as a coffee warehouse. The City of St. Martinville P.O. Box 379 St. Martinville, LA 337-394-2233 Envision your wedding under sweeping branches of the evangeline oak. Historic St. Martinville is the perfect setting for your wedding or family reunion. The Court of Two Sisters 613 Royal St. New Orleans, LA 504-522-7261 The Court of Two Sisters is available for wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners and bridal luncheons and showers. Enjoy historic, elegant

ambiance for your special occasion! The Elms Mansion 3029 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA 504-895-9200 Hailed as one of the most spectacular special event venues in Louisiana, The Elms Mansion is located in the Garden District and on the streetcar line. This family owned, local business has been hosting weddings for over 40 years. The Maison Dupuy Hotel 1001 Rue Toulouse New Orleans, LA 504-648-6114 neworleanscourtyardweddings. com The Maison Dupuy Hotel located in the historic French Quarter just two blocks from the center of Bourbon Street. The hotel has many amenities, such as a year-round heated saltwater swimming pool, jacuzzi, health club and magnificent courtyard complete with bubbling fountain. The New Orleans Museum of Art 1 Collins Diboll Circle New Orleans, LA 504-658-4139 NOMA and the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden provide an opulent setting to host seated dinners, receptions, and weddings. Interior and exterior spaces can accommodate up to 1,200 guests. Tommy’s Cuisine & Tomas Bistro 755 Tchoupitoulas St. New Orleans, LA 504-581-1103 contact@tommysrestaurantgroup. com

Whether you are looking to have a sitdown dinner, banquet style reception, or a cocktail party with hand-passed hors d’oeuvres, we can work with you to customize the perfect event to fit your needs. With an extensive menu, an impressive wine list, full bar & several dining packages to choose from, an experience at Tomas Bistro will be sure to please and impress your guests! We are happy to coordinate the details of your entire event for you, including any floral arrangements or A/V equipment, to make your event a success.

Brittney Ray’s Florist 2108 Paris Road Chalmette, LA 504-271-9012 We realize a wedding is a once in a lifetime affair! We provide exceptional, personalized service and use only the freshest flowers. We are family owned and operated for over 25 years. Each work of art that leaves our store is designed especially for you with experience and class.

VINTAGE COURT 75082 Highway 25 Covington, LA 985-871-0495 Renovated Catholic Church on 10 oak filled acres, formal gardens, offers outdoor or indoor ceremonies, Two banquet rooms available from 50 to 600 people. Onsite catering included, in house DJ.

Fabulous Flowers, llc 2020 Chestnut St. New Orleans, LA 504-909-0253 Private design studio specializing in weddings, corporate & private parties & holiday decorations for your business or home. Designs from fabulous flowers can also be found in motion pictures & TV.

W Hotels of New Orleans 333 Poydras St. New Orleans, LA 504-207-5173 Get ready for your big day. Say “I do” overlooking the sparkling downtown lights at W New Orleans, or celebrate under the stars in the courtyard at W French Quarter.

Grow With Us Florist 106 Metairie Heights Ave. Metairie, LA 504-837-9449 Fresh, custom, unique florals.

Flowers Arbor House Floral 2372 St. Claude Ave. New Orleans, LA 504-656-4884 Arbor House Floral offers expert design and over forty-five years of experience in the bridal industry. Be confident that your wedding day will be as beautiful as you dream.

Kim Starr Wise Floral Events 2032 Adams St. New Orleans, LA 504-315-5607 Special Events and Floral Design Company. We specialize in weddings, private parties, corporate events, and more! The Crystal Vase Flowers & Gifts 504-609-9875

The Crystal Vase Flowers & Gifts specialize in wedding and special events. No wedding or event is too big or too small. Let us help make your special day memorable.

Gifts/ registry Adler’s 722 Canal St. New Orleans, LA 504-523-5292 For over 100 years, generations of brides have chosen Adler’s for their wedding registry. Whether you are selecting your fine china, crystal, silver or even wedding party gifts, Adler’s offers a vast selection the world’s finest brands to choose from. Auraluz 4408 Shores Dr. Metairie, LA 504-888-3313 Visit Auraluz for unique items including bridal party gifts, handkerchiefs, table linens, special occasion children’s clothing and so much more. Bridal Registry and monogramming services available. Oil & Vinegar Louisiana 6111 Pinnacle Parkway Covington, LA 985-809-1693 Oil & Vinegar “culinary gift shop” concept brings together a wide range of international food and cooking products in alluring, Mediterraneanstyle surroundings. We want to be a brides first choice when looking for a unique and “tasteful” gift for her wedding. Our focus is not only on the attractiveness of the gift, but ultimately its flavor and ability to accent both the palate and the happy couple. Orient Expressed 3905 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 504-899-3060 Gift shop with large collection of home decor, accessories, tabletop; all appropriate for bridal registry. Delivery available. New Orleans Bride | 105

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Summer-Autumn 2013 New Orleans Bride | 107

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bridaL resources Honeymoon travel

All About Honeymoons 504-324-2121 All About Honeymoons and Destination Weddings is North America’s leading romance travel agency, specializing in custom, unique experiences for each couple. All Around Destinations Metairie, LA 888-308-2869 Looking for the perfect honeymoon? Call, Email or Visit Website to get the latest Ultimate Exclusives for 2013 - 2014 Honeymoons Lagniappe Travel Services, Inc 1100 Poydras St., Suite 2050 New Orleans, LA 504-582-2220 Lagniappe Travel Services, your premier honeymoon specialist and destination wedding planner. We have been in New Orleans for over 25 years helping Brides and Grooms plan the perfect trip. Paradise Vacation Escapes 38122 major oak ally Prairieville, LA 225-303-2240 I am a romance travel expert, specializing in Honeymoons, destination weddings. I bring added value to your journey. All you have to worry about is packing!

Town & Country Travel Inc 723 Arora Ave. Metairie, LA 504-838-8702 We are a full service travel agency specializing in Honeymoons and Destination Weddings. Call for your consultation. Travel Central 3221 N Causeway Blvd. Metairie, LA 504-834-7000 vacations@travelcentralvacations. com Your honeymoon and destination wedding specialist!

Invitations Dubois Expressions 7341 Jefferson Highway Suite K Baton Rouge, LA 225-936-5339 From elegant wedding invitations to unique accessories, Dubois Expressions has everything you need to create a wedding to remember. In addition to our custom and predesigned invitations, we also offer addressing and mailing services, as well as calligraphy—all with the goal of putting your plans together as smoothly as possible. Exquisite Events New Orleans, LA 504-975-4089 Custom invitations and stationary for the discerning taste. MagnetStreet Weddings 3890 Pheasant Ridge Dr NE #190 Blaine, MN 800-788-0611

Save the Dates, Invitations, Programs and more all easily personalized in YOUR colors, photos, fonts & wording. Request FREE Samples or see it in YOUR colors and order Just One!

Jewelry Friend and Company 7713 Maple St. New Orleans, LA 504-866-5433 Founded in 1976, Friend & Company specializes in the design and manufacture of fine jewelry. Friend & Company produces an extensive selection of fine jewelry. We also offer a considerable collection of antique and estate jewelry. Friend & Company also creates custom pieces exactly to specification. In addition, we offer a line of fine watches from Breitling and Carl F. Bucherer, as well as our own line of Friend & Company watches. Our full service Bridal Registry and Gift boutique is located on the second floor of our headquarters in New Orleans and features a world renowned collection of china, crystal, silver and giftware for any occasion.

Music Harp Wedding Music and More 179 Bellaire Drive New Orleans, LA 504-909-3756 Louisiana Philharmonic Harpist Rachel Van Voorhees provides spectacular wedding ceremony music featuring New Orleans top musicians. Choose from harp, voice, trumpet, strings, organ, bagpipes, brass, second lines and much more. Reasonable prices and excellent service.

Joe Simon’s Jazz Music, LLC P.O. Box 750085 New Orleans, LA 504-365-0808 Traditional Jazz Music Nola Talent Unlimited 1678 N Dupre St. New Orleans, LA 504-881-3077 Nola Talent Unlimited is your number one resource for live entertainment. We provide ceremony music, reception music of all musical genres, and rehearsal musical entertainment. We only deal with the best New Orleans entertainers, and there is always a representative to work with you prior to the event and coordinate during the event. With Nola Talent, we always exceed expectations! Omega Sound & Entertainment 1441 Fremaux Ave. Slidell, LA 985-966-6378 Omega Sound & Entertainment is an award winning, mobile entertainment company providing world class DJ’s as well as event lighting and production throughout the entire Gulf Coast area! Troy Marks and No Idea 229 Cane Bayou Lane Kenner, LA 504-469-4002 Troy Marks and No Idea is the ultimate wedding band, bringing great music to your special day. The band is a seasoned, professional group, offering a dynamic range of popular hits from numerous eras.

Twilight Band 985-237-9343 Twilight Band is the hottest Wedding and Dance band to hit the Southeast Louisiana music scene performing all types of genre. Performances are rounded out by the band’s 3 lead singers Michael, Branna and Karen whose dynamic personalities are sure to get the crowd going. We specialize in Weddings, Private Parties and Corporate Events. White Oak Productions, Inc. 8428 Oak St. New Orleans, LA 504-314-6680 White Oak is a top source for talent booking with a roster of local, regional and national acts representing all music genres. Whether it is a wedding ceremony, rehearsal dinner or wedding reception, White Oak can find the right entertainment for you! X-Pert Productions 3000 Kingman St. Ste 218 Metairie, LA 504-799-5905 X-pert Productions has been performing to all types of events and all age groups since 1994. We are a full production company that provides Disk Jokey and Event Lighting Services to any size occasion.

parking service

Elite Parking Services 2001 St. Charles Ave New Orleans, LA 877-972-7563 Elite Parking Services is a fully insured, limited liability corporation based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. Our company houses the utmost qualified, professional, and well-groomed personnel to deliver our customers a first-class parking service. New Orleans Bride | 109

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Boogie Booth Photo Booth Company P.O. BOX 581 Mandeville, LA 504-457-8033 Don’t settle for average. Go with the Best! Boogie Booth brings the fun and laughs that will make your special day unforgettable. Capture This Photo Booth, LLC 504-228-3948 heather@capturethisphotobooth. com Capture This Photo Booth, LLC is a modern portable photobooth that’s sure to be a hit with each and every guest. We accomadate any type of event, indoors or out! DemiPiX Photo Booth 4801 Burke Drive Metairie, LA 504-400-1584 Photo Booth fun to add a splash of spontaneous, candid, momentous FUN to your wedding. We customize

our booth and your photo to your venue. Makes great wedding favors! Funtastic Fotos, LLC P.O. Box 58418 New Orleans, LA 504-466-9209 Funtastic Fotos’ flipbook technology requires guest to move around for only 7 seconds with props in hand in front of a white or green screen. The 7 second video is then converted into a flipbook, which is printed on-site in about 90 seconds. All flipbooks and pricing include a custom designed cover, use of props and hand held signs, as well as a DVD compilation of all the videos at your event. Nola Paparazzi Photo Booth 1704 Franklin Ave. Gretna, LA 504-231-7972 The MOST affordable photo booth rentals for every occassion!!

Photography Arte de Vie 336 Lafayette St., Suite 101 New Orleans, LA 504-592-3522 CheyAnne and Doug are romantics

at heart and love documenting the most special day of a couple’s life. Please check out our website to learn more about us, and contact us to schedule a meeting at our studio! Belle Amour Photography 1441 Fremaux Ave. Slidell, LA 985-768-6603 Voted “Choice Photographer 2011” by the readers of Wedding Style Magazine. Beautiful, fun, and romantic photography is our style, and excellent customer service is our goal! Bob Bradford Photography 2214 Milton St. New Orleans, LA 504-943-2622 Full service photography studio that specializes in weddings. David Tompkins Photography 504-738-7944 david@davidtompkinsphotography. com David Tompkins is a Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman. As a photographic artist, David has shot weddings all over the world. David can customize your wedding to your needs.

Bell Amour Photography Dream Catcher Photography & Video 879 1/2 Hickory Ave. Harahan, LA 504-738-8414 Dream Catcher Photo & Video is a husband and wife team, Celeste and Joe Mackenroth. Thankfully we are part of that very fortunate group of

people who actually love doing what we do! Drop us an email and or give us a call and we’ll talk. Eau Claire Photographics 641 N. Alexander St. New Orelans, LA 504-432-7879 Eau Claire Photographics is naturally bright, colorful, lively, happy, emotional, fun, modern yet classic wedding photojournalism. Eye Wander Photo 244 Linda Ave. Baton Rouge, LA 225-772-4051 aaronhogan@eyewanderphoto. com Wedding photography with a realness. Real passion, real emotion. I specialize in people therefore you become my entire focus, making you look your best, capturing you in the best light. fab fotography New Orleans, LA 504-220-4196 Young, creative, fashionable and fabulous are the best words to describe New Orleans wedding and portrait photographer, Fabi Asencio. Her passion for photography shows in her work, let her capture all of your special moments. For information about booking your wedding with Fab Fotography call us! GK Photography 10170 Jefferson Hwy River Ridge, LA 504-737-5557 Award winning imagery...just for you! George’s attention to detail and creative style has made him a trusted favorite with local celebrities. George

will capture every moment of your day with a blend of creative posing and emotion-filled candids. Images By Robert T. 985-966-2793 With the many years of experience, Trent has made a name for himself in South Louisiana as a photographer flexible enough to produce heart-warming memories for families during the special milestones of their life. When a couple allows me to photograph their wedding, I become a part of their life. For as long as they live, they will look at the pictures of their wedding and remember the photographer who took them. For that long, I remain a part of their life story, that’s what makes my job rewarding. LA Studios 2808 Athania Pkwy Metairie, LA 504-669-5711 Photographer specializing in contemporary wedding photography. Also destination weddings. We provide still photography and video productions at very reasonable prices. Laura Bruno Photography New Orleans/Covington, LA 985-249-4604 Laura puts a chic, modern twist on traditional photography and gives each event the time and care that it deserves to create the first heirloom masterpiece for your family. On-Location Photography 632 Phosphor Ave. Metairie, LA 504-258-8600 Weddings are my favorite to photograph! I also photograph events (corporate and private), take senior pictures, family portraits, on-site printing. Rita Frelich Artography 504-416-6091 Wedding Photography New Orleans Bride | 111

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bridaL resources Sison Photo New Orleans, LA 504-250-2400 Brenda And Tim Sison are New Orleans wedding photographers. Their love of photography and unique style make them a city favorite. Stacy Marks Photography 1025 N Hullen St. Metairie, LA 504-237-2173 Stacy was chosen Photographer of the Year by his peers in the Wedding Professionals Guild. The Guild consists of over 65 of New Orleans top vendors. Stacy was also nominated for Photographer of the year 3 years running. Studio Tran Photographers New Orleans, LA 504-258-7260 Life isn’t boring, why should your pictures be? For a fresh, fun and new approach to photography, check out our website. Welch Photography & Video 1199 Girod St. Mandeville, LA 985-845-8405 You will love the beautiful photographs and video that capture the significant moments of your wedding by the husband and wife team

of Robert and Lisa Welch.

Real estate 1st Lake Properties 877-219-0721 1st Lake Properties has over 65 communities with over 9,000 quality apartments. Located in the Greater New Orleans area, Northshore, Baton Rouge and Mississippi, we can help find exactly what you are looking for in a new apartment home.


La Tavola Fine Linen Rental 2655 Napa Valley Corporate Drive Napa, CA 707-257-3358 La Tavola Fine Linen Rental has become the premier fine linen rental company nationwide. From gorgeously simple to simply gorgeous-La Tavola introduces table design with infinite possibilities. Mrs. Vintage 1022 Lowerline New Orleans, LA 504-301-9330 Mrs. Vintage is an event design and vintage rental boutique located in New Orleans. We specialize in accent furniture and props for weddings and events! New Orleans Vintage Rentals 504-869-8262 New Orleans Vintage Rentals is an event design and prop rental resource servicing designers, photographers, planners, and brides in New Orleans and the surrounding areas. Viewings are by appointment only.

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Harvie Oil Paintings New Orleans, LA 985-687-9106 Alex Harvie transforms blank canvas into a gorgeous live wedding painting using thick oil paints. The most unique entertainment and a keepsake the bride and groom will surely cherish forever. Russell’s Cleaning Services, Inc. 3401 Tulane Ave. New Orleans, LA 504-482-3153 3704 Robertson St. Metairie, LA 504-832-1546 With 85 years of cleaning experience, Russell’s Cleaners has cleaned and preserved several generations of beautiful wedding gowns. We specialize in wedding gown cleaning, heirlooming and antique gown restoration. SecondLine Handkerchiefs 504-251-5567 Make your special event memorable with custom printed handkerchiefs and custom decorated umbrellas. Each will add “something special” to your wedding. You can choose our designs or upload your own.

Transportation Big Easy Limos 11 West 23rd St. Kenner, LA 504-466-4477 Big Easy Limos, Inc. is the premier New Orleans limousine company. We are devoted to providing first class, personal service and feature

the ultimate in comfort, courtesy, reliability and dependability. Bonomolo Limousines Inc. 1401 Lafitte St. New Orleans, LA 800-451-9258 At Bonomolo Limousines, we offer the most dependable and affordable means of transportation whatever the occasion may be. We are a company based on loyalty and customer satisfaction, which is the main reason we have been in business for over 40 years. Executive Limousine Of Louisiana 4900 4th St. Marrero, LA 504-341-6354 New Orleans Premier Limousine company. We cater to all corporate and local clients. We welcome all brides and give a little something extra. Call or come by.

Videography Bella Productions Wedding Films 5860 Citrus Blvd., Suite D194 New Orleans, LA 504-400-7915 Cinematic Wedding Films BGP Wedding Films 504-201-3235 We create hand-crafted films of your wedding day. We celebrate the uniqueness of the couples we work with, and create a visually stunning story of their day. Dyle Films 6390 General Diaz New Orleans, LA

504-813-4183 We all feel so blessed to be working in the wedding industry. Working in and around New Orleans has taught us a lot - especially how amazing it is to get married in an area so rich in culture and history. Weddings in the South are like no other and we embrace that. We think it is so wonderful to be able to capture such a significant day in someone’s life. We love to concentrate on the little details that could otherwise be lost in the big picture. Most importantly, we like for each bride and groom to just live in the moment and trust that they will be able to relive their wedding day forever through our work. Suzy Marks Videography 229 Cane Bayou Lane Kenner, LA 504-469-4069 Suzy Marks Video is exquisite wedding video from a feminine perspective. Your wedding day is the day fairytales come true. Capture all the magical moments you’ll never want to forget. Tim Mcaskill Cinematic Weddings 504-390-1002 Wedding Videographer Welliver Productions Located In Lakeside Shopping Center Metairie, LA 504-831-5288 Since 1977 This Award-Winning Wedding Video Production Team Has Discreetly & Creatively Preserved Fabulous Wedding Memories For More Than 5,000 Brides...From Well-Known Celebrities, To Girls Next Door! Your Day Video & Photography 504-273-0005 Video & photography services for your special day with over 25 years of experience. Our combination New Orleans Bride | 113

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bridaL resources of creative video artists and the latest technology gives us the ability to transform the record of your wedding into an original and stylish work of art you will want to watch forever.

Wedding apparel Banbury Cross 100 Atherton Dr. Metairie, LA 504-837-0447 Classic children’s clothing and gifts as well as fine children’s apparel and shoes for special occassions. Bel Amour Bridal 1901 Manhattan Blvd. Harvey, LA 504-302-7797 Bel Amour Bridal features a wide selection of exclusive designs from European to American to fit any price range. We understand that your wedding day is a dream come true and will honor that every day. We will offer you individual attention, elegant ambiance, and professional assistance in the process of helping you select that special gown. We strive for our customers to look unique and feel

Executive Limousine Of Louisiana

confident on their special day. We will offer the finest collections of accessories to compliment your gown. Bustles & Bows Bridal Boutique 3230 Severn Ave., Suite B Metairie, LA 504-780-7090 At Bustles & Bows Bridal Boutique our goal is to help you find a gown that you feel beautiful and confident in and make pleasant memories while doing so! I Do Bridal Couture 4263 Perkins Road, Suite B Baton Rouge, LA 225-361-0377 South Louisiana’s elegant couture wedding dress experience; AMSALE, Liancarlo, Heidi Elnora, THEIA Couture, Monique Lhuillier Bliss, Nicole Miller, Haute Bride, and ENCHANTED ATELIER Couture Accessories. John’s Tuxedos 3200 Houma Blvd. Metairie, LA 504-455-5353 A locally owned and operated full service men’s formalwear store serving the New Orleans Area since 1984. Voted “Best of the Knot”.

Ladies and Gent’s Formal Wear 708 East I-10 Service Road Slidell, La 985-960-2670 Ladies and Gent’s is a full service bridal salon. We are proudly and locally owned. We are dedicated to bringing you personal service, attention to details and an atmosphere of distinction that you are not likely to find anywhere else. Linda Lee Bridal & Boutique 3848 Veterans Memorial Blvd. Suite 203 Metairie, LA 504-889-1889 We are a full service bridal salon that caters to all brides no matter what their budget, style, or size. Find the gown of your dreams at Linda Lee Bridal. Mignon For Children 2727 Prytania St. New Orleans, LA 504-891-2374 Children’s boutique specializing in clothing, gifts, toys and books. Wonderful dresses, outfits and gifts for flower girls and ring bearers. New Orleans Tuxedos, Inc. 4959 W. Napoleon Ave. Metairie, LA 504-486-5309 Since 1963...Providing the BEST in FORMALWEAR for WEDDINGS! the STYLES you want, the PRICES you need, the SERVICE you deserve... CELEBRATING 50 years & thousands of WEDDINGS!!Thank you for choosing a LOCAL dealer like N.O.TUX.!!

Olivier Couture Bridal Boutique 1901 Highway 190, Suite 24 Mandeville, LA 985-674-6994 Olivier Couture Bridal Boutique in Mandeville carries beautiful wedding gowns starting at $1000. Come see what everyone is talking about! Pearl’s Place 3114 Severn Ave. Metairie, LA 504-885-9213 Family owned & operated for 42 years. The only full service bridal salon in the metro area. Looking forward to helping you & your family with any of your bridal needs. As always complimentary alterations. Perlis Clothing 6070 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 504-895-8661 Perlis formalwear department offers a full line of rental options from morning suits to tuxedos. In addition to traditional evening attire, Perlis offers seersucker and white linen suits. Complimentary alterations are always offered for the lifetime of any garment purchased with us. Other location at 1281 N. Causeway Blvd. Mandeville, LA 70471 (985) 674-1711 Rome’s Tuxedos 3213 17th St. Metairie, LA 504-324-7227 Tuxedo and suit rentals and sales. Southern Bridal 1200 West Causeway Approach Suite 8

Mandeville, LA 985-727-2993 We love to dress your entire wedding party with Unique & fashion forward styles, and pride ourselves in offering the highest level of customer service! The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe 3331 Severn Ave. Metairie, LA 504-266-2771 Designer gowns at delightful prices where customer service is always in style! Bridal, Mother of the Bride, Bridesmaid, Flowergirls, Accessories, Jewelry & More! Town and Country 1514 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA 504-523-7027 Town and Country is the oldest bridal salon in New Orleans. We have the largest selection of exclusive designers. We also offer special occassion dresses and bridesmaids dresses. TUXEDOS TO GEAUX 3020 Severn Ave. Metairie, LA 504-338-2426 DON’T RENT! OWN IT! New tuxedo coat, pant, formal shirt, tie and cummerbund set or New Suit, dress shirt and tie with free lifetime alterations. $159!! We specialize in wedding groups, small or large.

Wedding retail Tie The Knot Specialty Shop 5101 W. Esplanade Ave. Suite # 17 Metairie, LA 504-301-9101 Tie the Knot Specialty Shop is the source for all your wedding accessory and gift needs. From jewelry to handbags, we’ve got you covered. • New Orleans Bride | 115

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Long Vue House and Gardens

super showers When the words “bridal shower” come up, many women think of time spent at a friend’s house for a subdued affair full of pastel mints and doilies, or time spent uncomfortably opening gifts of risqué lingerie in front of the bride’s soon-to-be grandmother-in-law. But you don’t have to have the stereotypical shower in a private residence. More and more brides are seeking out unexpected places, which can make for a unique, more personalized experience for not just the bride, but her guests as well. Use your imagination and it’s easy to find locations that combine a little bit of fun, history and culture depending on your proclivities. We’ve rounded up a few creative ideas for a fun New Orleans shower. “There is nothing more unique for a bridal shower, especially with out-of-town guests, than a day excursion on the Mississippi River,” says Adrienne Thomas, a spokesperson with the Steamboat Natchez 118 | New Orleans Bride

Summer-Autumn 2013

Think beyond the living room for your bridal shower. By Christy Lorio

(400 N. Peters St., Suite 203, 800-365-2628,

The Magnolia Suite offers your group a private room, and can be decorated with a theme for the day. A full-catered menu is offered, with local favorites such as shrimp and grits, French bread pain perdu, and house cured bourbon bacon, all prepared by Chef Joey Labella. Give guests the full brunch experience by offering bloody marys and mimosas via the steamboat’s bar option. Cakes and flower arrangements can be made to suit the bride’s tastes as well. After enjoying lunch on the river, guests are able to relax on the three decks of the authentic steamboat, or enjoy a guided boat tour with one of the Natchez’s knowledgeable tour guides. “We have even offered a brief visit by our trumpet player to share with guests the stories of Jazz on the River, our chef to stop in to talk about a particular

Louisiana dish and how to prepare it as a newlywed, or even a trivia search of the boat with a prize for one of the guests,” Thomas says. For those looking to include women and men at their bridal shower, Rock ’n’ Bowl (3000 S. Carrollton Ave., 861-1700, provides an energetic,

casual setting for knocking down pins, all within a modern yet retro-inspired facility. “They choose the rock & bowl as the theme. It’s a whole fun night for them,” explains Event Coordinator Genese Moore. “We do an incredible amount of couples showers.” With three bowling packages to choose from, it takes the pressure off getting lost in the details of creating a custom package. “The packages include everything. It’s a one stop shop.” Packages range from $20 to $30 per guest, and include 2 ½ hours of bowling, shoe rental, mixed

drinks, beer, wine and a variety of foods, depending on the package you choose. Options range from red beans and rice and crawfish etouffee to fried seafood platters and finger foods. “We have two rooms that are available for guests to rent in addition to the bowling,” Moore adds. The rooms offer privacy and a quiet space for opening gifts, giving a toast or just enjoying catching up with family and friends. Moore suggests having your party between 7 and 9:30 p.m. and staying for the live music afterwards. Musical guests at Rock ‘n’ Bowl have included notable names in the New Orleans music scene such as Amanda Shaw, Bag of Donuts, Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue and the Honey Island Swamp Band, to name a few. Lush gardens, historical anecdotes and educational yet entertaining classes can give an unexpected twist to traditional bridal shower activities. Long Vue House and Gardens (7 Bamboo Road, 488-5488, isn’t normally thought of

as a go-to bridal shower location, but the historic home can be a great spot to host an intimate, upscale yet casual fete. “We have a couple of different historic sites for teas and luncheons,” says Director of Development Jen Gick. Guests can take a tour of the home and surrounding gardens, participate in a gardening workshop, or receive hands on tutorials about concocting exquisite flower arrangements from one of the master gardeners. The Long Vue staff can assist with catering and flowers or you can take care of arrangements yourself. “The thing that makes us unique for a shower is that you are surrounded by beautiful grounds and a historical home,” Gick says. For a real garden party feel, the Whim House, adjacent to the Yellow Garden, can accommodate 25 people. If you’re looking to host a larger group, the Playhouse can accommodate 60 people, seated. “We have done showers in the garden dependent on the weather,” Gick says. “Brides do the bridal portrait, and then want to do their showers there.” While most people think of House of Blues New Orleans (225 Decatur St., 310-4999, house120 | New Orleans Bride

Summer-Autumn 2013

House of Blues New Orleans

solely as a music venue, a new room called Big Mama is a unique space, large enough to host up to 50 bridal shower attendees. “Newly renovated, but still unique in its flair, Big Momma is the ultimate spot for smallersized private events. The custom built-in bar not only serves drinks, but serves as true piece of artwork,” says Special Events Sales Manager Chloe Tassin. The room is funky and fun, with handmade, one-of-a-kind furniture, lighting fixtures and a small stage. Tassin recommends booking 30 to 45 days in advance for more pricing flexibility. For a post shower party, get the girls together for some glamorous vintage fun. Catch local darlings Bust Out Burlesque perform their sultry acts after the shower, or come back at a later date for the bachelorette party. Either way, it’s a sexy, entertaining way to end the night, and groups of 20 or more get $5 off a ticket. Give out of town guests a literal taste of the Big Easy with a satiating shower at the New Orleans School of Cooking (524 St. Louis St., 800-237-4841, neworleansschoolofcooking. com). “The demonstration cooking classes

are when the chef is cooking in front of the guests who are seated and observing,” says Alison Blondeau, the director of sales. “Then all of the food that is demonstrated is served to the guests as a meal. A hands-on class is when the guests are actually doing the cooking with the aid of a chef and then eating what they’ve created.” Bridal shower cooking demonstration

packages encompass a three-hour event, with half of it dedicated to the cooking demonstration, with lunch or dinner to follow. This leaves plenty of time for guests to mingle and for the bride to open her gifts. There’s also a self-serve bar throughout the evening, featuring both red and white wine and soft drinks, and guests can take home recipes of the menus you’ve selected beforehand. Two menu packages are available at $46 or $54 per person. Menu One includes delectable choices such as shrimp bisque and baked chicken with demi glace. Some of Menu Two’s offerings are corn and crab bisque, chicken creole, and dessert courses are offered for both packages. Bar upgrades are also available, as well as a bartender for an additional $150 per bar. If your guests would prefer a more interactive approach to learning, there is also a hands-on package. Classes are available seven days a week at anytime, and are three hours long. Prices start at $125 per person and do require a minimum of eight people per class, though the school can accommodate up to 120 guests. Choose four items to prepare out of the schools’ extensive list, and guests will get a New Orleans School of Cooking apron, and enjoy red and white wine, Abita beer and root beer, iced tea, and coffee. Choose an appetizer, soup, entrée and dessert then sit down, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labor while catching up with friends. n New Orleans Bride | 121


Amalfi Coast

vacate and celebrate Whether you hope to honeymoon in Indiana or Belize, local travel agents can help you find the perfect escape. By Christy Lorio With so many travel magazines, blogs and flash deal sale sites offering a myriad of potential honeymoon locales, hammering out the details of the perfect romantic getaway can be a daunting process. While all vacations come with a certain element of the unexpected, expectations couldn’t be higher when it comes to your honeymoon. There’s a lot of information out there, and it can be challenging to navigate it all without a trusted adviser. But before you get whisked away to your own private beach, careful preparation should be taken to ensure your romantic vacation for two isn’t disrupted by poor planning. Utilizing a travel agent may seem outdated in this digital age where immense amounts of information are available with the swipe of your finger, but if you’re 122 | New Orleans Bride

Summer-Autumn 2013

looking for a highly personalized, human touch, it’s the only way to go. Think of them as your personal travel concierge. Select a travel agent that will spend the time to get to know your preferences as a couple. Aside from budget, a good agent will keep your style, personalities, and interests in mind, and help you find the perfect honeymoon spot, whether you decide to stay in Louisiana or have an adventure in Tuscany. Keeping It Local in Louisiana Just because you’re lucky enough to live in Louisiana doesn’t mean you should overlook it for your honeymoon destination. New Orleans is an immensely popular honeymoon spot, and is great for the couple that’s either pressed for time, trying to stay on a budget or opting to delay their honeymoon to a date long

after the wedding. Lila Fox Ermel of Constant Tourist Travel (717-6144, constanttouristtravel. com) recommends Soniat House on

Chartres Street in the French Quarter for newlyweds. “It’s sophisticated, private, and its location makes it perfect for strolling Royal Street and the French Quarter, and dinner at nearby Café Amelie, the best courtyard in the Quarter,” Ermel says. If you’ve got extra time, a trek to Acadiana can be just the quick trip you need to really feel like you’re getting out of the city. Ermel recommends catching the Zydeco Breakfast at Café Des Amis in Breaux Bridge, La., grabbing a bite to eat at The French Press in Lafayette, La., then taking a leisurely cruise back via to New Orleans via I-12 “for a most memorable meal at La Provence in Lacombe.”

Exploring The 50 States With picturesque, crystal blue waves and sugary sand beaches, Destin, Fla., is a short drive that will utterly transport you. “Since Destin is so close to New Orleans, we consider ourselves your beach,” says Jamie Hall of Emerald Grande (800-6760091, Florida receives 340 sunny days a year, which practically guarantees picture perfect moments for the duration of your honeymoon. Enjoy panoramic views of the Gulf of Mexico, Choctawatchee Bay, and Destin Harbor. With their luxuriously furnished condominiums, you’ll have the comforts of home right on the beach at the Emerald Grande. If you’d rather cross the country than just a few state borders, Lucienne Gore of Town and Country Travel (838-8702) suggests San Francisco and wine country as a city/ country combo trip. “It can be as laid back as you want, or as active as you want.” Fly into San Francisco and stay at the Sheridan at Fisherman’s Wharf, which has fantastic views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Then rent a car for three nights and explore Sonoma, with a good night’s rest at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn. When you think honeymoon, the Midwest might not come to mind, but Karen Wild of Lagniappe Travel Services (1100 Poydras St., Suite 2050, 582-2220,

suggests Indiana, Iowa and Idaho for affordability, as well as the Class 4 whitewater rapids. “There’s stuff in the U.S. that’s really cool to do that people don’t think of,” she adds. Wild recommends Denver, Colo., in the summer months and playing Wild West on a dude ranch in the summer. “They’re close to home if you don’t want to get a passport and deal with that stuff,” Wild says. National parks can also provide gorgeous, dramatic views and romantic, rustic settings for two. Island Hopping in the Caribbean The Caribbean is hands down the most popular area for New Orleanian couples. It’s relatively close with a short plane ride, and features all inclusive resorts are attractive options after the stress of planning a wedding. Island hopping is a wonderful way to get the most out of your trip. “Fly into St. John, which is a U.S. Virgin Islands, take a 15 minute ferry, with 240 inlets to 124 | New Orleans Bride

Summer-Autumn 2013

snorkel, then take a day trip to the British Virgin Islands,” Wild suggests. “Amanyaraon Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands is a favorite of mine right now for chic, beachy honeymooners looking for absolute seclusion and tip top luxury,” says Ermel, “Their individual ocean pavilions – done in head to toe white and teak – have retractable windows that open the entire bedroom to private terraces overlooking nothing but the ocean.” Bethany Todd of Gone With The Wind Travel (4051 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Suite 201, 888-9198, also loves the

Caribbean for its all-inclusive packages, particularly at the Sandals Grande in Antigua. “Right now they have a special, nonstop flight to Cancun. It’s a great value: $1200 per person per week. Everything is included, from the airfare to your meals.” With your choice of staying on a secluded beach, or being tucked away on the side of a lush hill landscape, Sandals in Ocha Rios also offers all inclusive packages. “It’s got a lot to offer everyone,” Todd says. From gourmet restaurants to adventure tours, the resort boasts 500 rooms, and includes thoughtful, romantic touches such as champagne in your room and rose petals the first night of your honeymoon, in addition to fresh flowers and breakfast the next morning. Choose Your Own Adventure For active couples, a strenuous hike might be more enticing than a sleepy beach trip. Melinda Bourgeois of Travel Central Vacations (3221 N. Causeway Blvd., 834-7000,

cites Costa rica as the latest hotspot “because it does have all inclusive resorts, and it’s on the Pacific Ocean. You can spend a few days at the resort, then go to the interior, hot springs, zip lines. You can relax and be active.” However, even adventure seekers need downtime. Bourgeois stresses to avoid being overactive during your first couple of days. “Be careful of over scheduling yourself. You need some time for freedom.” She suggests penciling in a two hour dinner to ensure that the two of you have time to sit down, relax and unwind from the stresses of the wedding. Heading south of the border? Wild opts for a water park of the more natural

variety. Located 76 miles south of Cancun, Mexico, XEL-HA eco park offers such diverse offerings as helmet diving, snuba- a combination of snorkeling and scuba, and dolphin encounters. Feel like you’re in the heart of the jungle, with iguanas strolling the nature trails, while having conveniences such as restaurants and shops when you’re done exploring. Out-of-the-Box Destinations Canada doesn’t immediately pop into mind when thinking honeymoon, but Wild recommends flying into Calgary, renting a car, then driving to Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper. With lots of wildlife and over 30 waterfalls in the area, it’s a breathtaking road trip you won’t forget. Go during July or August, when temperatures are more conducive to warm weather activities, such as getting up close and personal with a 300 foot waterfall. If you’re the outdoorsy type, Belize’s Ka’ana Resort satisfies your cravings to get away from it all. “It’s tucked deep in the jungle – providing the privacy that natureloving newlyweds want,” Ermel explains. “And just because it’s remote doesn’t mean it lacks in the luxe department – each individual stylish villa comes complete with its own private plunge pool and dedicated houseman. Think personalized helicopter tours above the jungles & waterfalls, visits to Mayan ruins, cave tubing, kayaking, jaguar trekking.” Crossing the Pond to Europe If you’re looking to recreate Under The Tuscan Sun, Rome, the Amalfi Coast, and Florence are all meccas of culture, incredible food, and romantic evenings. “Lately Italy has been a hot spot,” Gore notes. For her clients, Ermel likes “pairing culturally rich Florence with the breathtaking Amalfi Coast, with stops to tootle through must-visit villages such as Ravello, Sorrento, and Positano. She also likes Florence for its intimate feel and versatility. Stumble upon art houses, take a couples cooking class, or dart off to a Chianti wine tour or bike ride through Tuscany. In Florence, stay at the JK Place Firenze Hotel, which offers “romantic design, and private yet central ambiance” or opt for the “sexy, secluded boho hotel overlooking the sea” at Ca’ P’a on the Amalfi Coast. n


tune in Local professionals answer your wedding music questions. By Sarah Ravits

Think of your wedding music as the soundtrack to your most romantic occasion. You’ll want to personalize it to your taste, of course, but also provide some crowdpleasing hits for your guests after the ceremony is over and everyone is ready to let loose on the dance floor. We asked Jim Dunegan of X-Pert Productions, a DJ company; and Karen Wall, a member of the Twilight Band, for advice.

jim dunegan

x-pert productions How long have you been a DJ? The company

has been around for 19 years, but many members of our team have been DJing since the early 1980s. Do you DJ alone or with other people?

Depending on the event most of our DJs are able to handle events by themselves. However we do sometimes need an extra hand or two for the really large events. How many weddings have you performed at, approximately? On average the company

does about 800 weddings per year. So, I would say we’re over the 10,000 mark. What do you like most about being a part of the wedding? What we as a company enjoy the

most is having the opportunity to make the couple’s day just a little bit better. We try to do this by offering custom planners and packages. We want them to have an experience unique to them as a couple.

126 | New Orleans Bride

Summer-Autumn 2013

Do you let the bride and groom choose most of the songs, or do they leave it up to you? We

encourage the bride and groom to pick most of their music through our online client base. However, many couples don’t mind letting the DJ choose. This is why all of our DJs are trained to be able to pick music solely off a crowd. What other advice or commentary do you have for a bride-to-be as she plans her wedding? I

would advise brides to not wait to the last minute. We have seen brides put off very important parts of their weddings and not get the quality they deserve because they had to settle for a last-minute option. How long have you been in the music industry? How long have you been in the wedding industry? We were founded in 1994 and

for any occasion. If you need sound then we’ve got you covered. How do you differ from your competitors? We offer a customizable experience backed by 19 years of experience. Our brides are given access to an online planner that allows them to pick and preview their top choices of music. We also offer custom packages to fit any type of wedding. Every couple is unique and deserves an experience just as unique. What are the most popular requests? The most bizarre? The most popular request

is hands-down “The Wobble” or “Cupid Shuffle.” The most bizarre request I had was from a grandmother who wanted me to play some metal at her grandson’s wedding. n

have been doing weddings ever since. Do you perform at other events besides weddings? We provide sound and lights

For more information:



karen wall

the twilight band

Describe your band’s sound and style. We have a full horn section and three vocalists, which allows us to play everything from the “Big Band” era all the way to current hip-hop style and just about every genre in between. How long have you been with the band?

Twilight has been performing for over a year and a half; however, we have all been performing professionally for more than 20 years. How many weddings have you performed at, approximately? I have never stopped to

add it up but lots! I started performing at weddings in 1993. What do you like most about being a part of a wedding? It’s such an honor to be a part of

their wedding. We love to see the dance floor packed and to see the bride and groom and their families having the best time! It’s such a rewarding experience as a musician to see everyone enjoying what we are creating. Do you let the bride and groom choose most of the songs or do they leave it up to you? It

128 | New Orleans Bride

Summer-Autumn 2013

depends. Some couples prefer to leave it up to us, and others are more involved in the details of the music. Most couples already have their bride/groom song picked out and we can work with them to customize the music for the reception based on their preference in musical styles. We have a vast list of music that they can choose from to help create that perfect experience. What other advice or commentary do you have for a bride-to-be as she plans her wedding?

Immediately after picking your date and booking your venue, book your band. Then start thinking about your song selections and jot them down as you think of them. How long have you been in the wedding industry? We have been in the music

How do you differ from your competitors? We are very personable and flexible and really aim to work closely with our clients to ensure they get exactly what they want when hiring a live band to perform at their event. I am in constant contact with my brides right up until the day of the event and often am a sounding board for their ideas. It’s such an honor to get to be a part of their amazing day so we want to make sure it’s just that, amazing! What are the most popular requests? It really does depend on the their musical taste. We list the most popular requests on our website but also continue to keep our music fresh and current. Over the years the most requested songs for weddings have been “Brown Eyed Girl,” “Play That Funky Music” and “Brick House.” n

and wedding industry since 1993. We always wanted to focus on weddings and we catered our music specifically for that purpose. Do you perform at other events besides weddings? Yes, we perform at private

events and the occasional nightclub.

For more information: (985) 237-9343,

advise Our ring bearer is quite young and we’re worried about having him carry our rings down the aisle. What other options do we have? If you want to still have the tradition of your ring bearer carrying the rings, then ask your maid of honor to hold them until right before the ceremony and then tie them securely onto the pillow. When your ring bearer gets down the aisle, he can then hand the pillow to the best man, who can then untie the rings, transfer them to his pocket and hand the pillow back. You could also place the rings in a box or another container to lessen the chances of him dropping them. If you’d rather not chance it at all, consider having him carry: a sign that says “Here comes the bride,” the unity candle, flowers for your mothers (which he can give once he’s down the aisle) or a book your readers can use. If this is the direction you choose, there are plenty of ideas online. Some of my favorites are:, WeddingBee. com and

the manners of getting married There are a lot of etiquette questions that come up during wedding planning. We’ve got a few answers for you. By Dee Lane

130 | New Orleans Bride

Summer-Autumn 2013

I want to make certain there are enough seats up front for my family at our ceremony without putting a “reserved” sign on them. How can I do so in such a way that it doesn’t look tacky or inappropriate while continuing the colors and theme of my wedding? There are as many ways to delineate reserved seating as there are themes for weddings. Most people know that the first few rows are for the families of the bride and groom, but to ensure that they do remember, you have a few options. If you’re having ushers, let them know who should sit in those rows and ask your ushers to seat your guests accordingly. If you aren’t going to have ushers, or you have a large number of people whom you want up front, you’re

going to want to “rope off” those rows. Draping a length of ribbon or garland across the opening will ensure that your other guests are prevented from sitting there – just make certain to let your family members know that those rows are for them, or you could end up with a very empty-looking ceremony. My family is pretty large – for instance, I have 15 first cousins – but my fiancé’s family isn’t and we aren’t planning on having a large wedding. This poses many questions that have me tied up in knots. First, do I have to include family in my wedding party and, if so, how many of them? Second, can I invite my favorite aunt without inviting all of my aunts, uncles and cousins? Third, how do we seat our guests so that the ceremony doesn’t look lopsided? These questions are some of the trickiest that any bride will face. Taking them in order: Always remember that this is your wedding

132 | New Orleans Bride

Summer-Autumn 2013

and you don’t necessarily have to have anyone in it that you don’t want. I say “necessarily” because this can be a difficult situation. What you’ll have to do is weigh the benefits of choosing those ladies truly closest to you against the fights, temper tantrums, hurt feelings and Facebook comments you’ll have to endure if you don’t include someone with whom you aren’t as close. Also consider asking the ones who don’t make your list to do special jobs, like handing out programs, fixing your dress as you enter your ceremony or to be in charge of gathering your family for photos. It is a very hard choice to make, one that seems almost political, but it’s also just the beginning of a series of difficult choices. Everyone has their vision of your wedding: your vendors, your families, your fiancé, your best friends, but you are the common denominator. It is your wedding, but all of the people I mentioned (OK, maybe

not your vendors) are important to you and your fiancé, which means that just because you don’t have to take their feelings and assumptions into consideration, you should. As for only inviting your favorite aunt, think of your guest list as an onion. The very center ring is you and your fiancé; the next is your immediate family; then your “chosen” family (best friends and such); and so on, with the outermost ring being acquaintances. Once you get down to the nitty-gritty of actualities, when it’s time to start cutting your guest list, start from the outside. This means that if you invite one aunt, you really should invite them all. If you can’t afford that (or just don’t want to) consider having the small wedding of your dreams and then having a separate reception in your hometown. At that party you can ask your favorite aunt to give a toast or be in charge of something special to show how much you value her. In regards to seating, think about having your ushers ask guests to sit

on the more empty side as seats fill. You could also ask some close friends ahead of time, especially those who are dear to both you and your fiancé, to be prepared to sit on your fiancé’s side to even things out. I’ve been invited to a wedding in July and I have the most perfect dress – but it’s white. Can I wear it? When dressing for big events, the most important thing is to feel beautiful. If that white dress is the one, then it’s OK to wear – really. Etiquette books (even Martha Stewart Weddings and the fifth edition of Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette) say it’s OK to wear white, red and even black. However, it may not be worth it, because people will talk and you might become known as “the girl who wore white to _____’s wedding” – even though you wouldn’t be in the wrong. My advice is to let the bride be the one in white, and save that dress for another occasion.

I know that I shouldn’t feel this way, and I feel horrible even admitting this, but my engagement ring isn’t my style and I just don’t like it. What do I do? You have a few options – though none of them are easy. You could keep your feelings inside and hope that you grow to love the ring your fiancé chose as much as you love him. But, if every time you look at your ring finger you want to throw up, then you need to be honest with yourself and with him. Should you decide to go the latter route, be direct, be honest and be kind. Say something like, “I know that you spent a lot of time choosing the perfect ring, and it’s beautiful, but ever since I was little, I’ve dreamed of …” He will most likely be hurt, so reassure him that all in all it’s just a ring, and that what’s important to you is what it represents – ahem, your love – so you want it to feel like it was put on this earth just for you, just as the two of you feel about each other. Remember that this ring should be

with you for the rest of your life and don’t beat yourself up for your feelings. Just make certain to take his feelings into consideration as well, no matter what you choose. A dear friend of mine just lost his job and money is tight for he and his wife. How do I tell them that they don’t have to give us a wedding present? This is a tough one that seems to be more prevalent in our current economy, but even though you want to say something because you care about them, you really shouldn’t. You can say what a gift it is to have them attend and how you’re excited to have them there, and hope that they catch on. You can mention how much you love the “insert more inexpensive gift here” that you have on your registry, and hope they take the bait. What you cannot do is tell them not to give you a gift (just as you wouldn’t command them to purchase one). n New Orleans Bride | 133


what to do when

By Haley Adams and Tarani Duncan

How early should you make a guest list? When do you book a second line? Use this wedding checklist to make sure you don’t skip major steps before you put on the white dress. 10-12 Months Before

over a glass of wine.

_­ _ Have the “who pays for what” conversation and set your budget. You can’t do anything until you know what you have to work with. Talk with your fiancé, your parents and his parents so everyone understands the plan. ­__ Reserve a date and venue. ­__ Craft a guest list. It seems simple to list off your family and friends, but when you have a limited number of spots, it can be difficult. Be sure to leave a little room for the people who might assume they’re invited after hearing about your engagement. ­__ Choose your wedding party. Make sure your bridesmaids and groomsmen are available for the date you have in mind. ­__ Hire a planner. Planners make the months leading up to the wedding day much more enjoyable. Make sure you are honest with what you want and don’t want, and what your budget is. ­__ Celebrate your engagement. This is New Orleans, after all.

4-5 Months Before

6-9 Months Before _­ _ Send out save-the-dates. This is particularly important when inviting out-of-town guests. ­__ Find your dream wedding dress. Admit it, you’ve already been looking at photos of wedding dresses for months now. Dress shopping is also a good time to be thinking about details like hair, shoes and accessories. ­__ Select your vendors. Check in with your wedding planner about scheduling meetings with caterers, photographers, florists, DJs and officiants. Set time aside with the planner to discuss what matters most. Don’t waste a second arranging something because you feel you’re supposed to. If it won’t make your day more special, why bother? ­__ Explore options for your honeymoon. ­__ Spend quality time with your maid of honor. Talk about things like hotel reservations for out-of-town guests and bridesmaid dresses 134 | New Orleans Bride

Summer-Autumn 2013

_­ _ Make the final decision on a wedding dress. This leaves ample time for alterations. It also allows enough time for more thoughtful selection of wedding day accessories. ­__ Finalize the date and time with caterers, photographers and DJs. ­__ Book your honeymoon. ­__ Shop with your bridesmaids and wedding party. If all of your bridesmaids live close by, you can go shopping together, allowing those who may not know each other to get acquainted before the big day. If you live far apart, make plans for what you want your bridesmaids to get and who is paying for what. ­__ Spend a day shopping for wedding bands with your fiancé. ­__ Select your wedding invitations. Wedding invitations should reflect something unique about your wedding. Collaborate with someone special about the style, presentation and wording of the invites. ­__ Plan bridal shower and bachelorette party. Write down all gifts you receive immediately. This will come in handy when you have to send thank you cards. ­__ Create registries.

Special Events Section at 658-6201. ­__ Get marriage license. The Orleans Parish Marriage License Office (1450 Poydras St., Suite 407) issues certificates Monday through Friday between 8:15 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. Marriage licenses cost $27.50.

1-2 weeks before _­ _ Meet with makeup artist/hairstylist to practice. ­__ Finalize wedding day schedule. ­__ Get all wedding accessories together in one place (shoes, jewelry, etc.). ­__ Finalize headcount for venue/caterer. ­__ Pack for wedding night/honeymoon.

36-72 Hours Before _­ _ Get a facial. Don’t schedule your facial the day before your wedding. Facials sometimes cause irritation, and you don’t want your face to be red when you walk down the aisle.

Day Before _­ _ Make sure everyone knows their duties for the big day. Who is responsible for handing out the favors? Who is the contact for your photographer? ­__ Get a manicure and pedicure. Let yourself be pampered. ­__ Enjoy your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

2-3 months before

Wedding Day

_­ _ Book your makeup artist and hair stylist. ­__ Purchase or gather wedding accessories like a ring pillow, guestbook or any other odds and ends you need. ­__ Mail invitations. ­__ Plan your rehearsal dinner. Even if you’re not the one paying the bill, you should have an idea of what’s going to happen.

_­ _ Be sure to wear a button down shirt to makeup/hair appointments. Don’t mess up your hair and makeup when you change into your dress. ­__ Drink lots of water before putting on your dress and then take it easy on the fluids. Going to the bathroom in a wedding gown is quite a task. ­__ Eat something. Women who have already gotten married know it’s difficult to eat on your wedding day because you are so busy. Make sure you take some time for dinner. ­__ Relax. It’s your wedding day! While weddings can be stressful, make sure you enjoy your first day of being married. n

3-4 weeks before _­ _ Secure your Second Line. Between 15 and 20 days before the day you plan on parading, obtain a parade permit and police detail. For details and fee information, contact the New Orleans Police Department

take By Mirella Cameran Thank your guests for coming with a winestopper. Add some New Orleans flair with this Fleur de Lis design. L-O-V-E and love bird at; Fleur de Lis and heart at Tie The Knot, 5101 W. Esplanade Ave., Suite 17, Metairie, 301-9101,

Profile for Renaissance Publishing

New Orleans Bride Summer-Fall 2013  

New Orleans Bride Summer-Fall 2013  

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