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Pick What Suits Him When it comes to the groom and his men, it’s ok to sway from the traditional tuxedo.

The Glam Plan

Make a plan to get your best self for the big day.


20 hair

How Do They Do That?

Must-have hair secrets from the pros

A Place to Party

10 locations for a fun reception


24 makeup

Use What You’ve Got

How to make the most of your favorite features



Gifts All Around

Whether you’re looking for something special for your groom, your guests or yourself, there are plenty of options for presents with local flare.


Répondez S’il Vous Plaît

Invite your guests to your wedding with a piece that shows off your style as bride and groom.



Picture Perfect

Photography tips from the people capturing the moments


Let Them Entertain You

What to consider when booking wedding entertainment


Book Your Ride

Plan ahead for smooth transportation on the wedding day.

The Perfect Hue for You

105 real weddings

Your wedding cake doesn’t have to be completely white.

132 honeymoon


Diamonds are a Bride’s Best Friend

Complete your wedding look with diamonds to feel extra glamorous on your special day.



Big Day Dining

There are lots of options for the wedding menu.

Something Old, Something New

Your bridesmaids will love modern silhouettes in vintage bouquet shades of ivory, pale peony, lilac and moss.


Vintage Vows

The seemingly endless acres of manicured grounds and luxurious resort amenities at Stella Plantation in St. Bernard Parish create an idyllic setting for weddings steeped in Southern style.

Love Around the World

Honeymoon options on every continent

136 ADVIcE

Manners and Marriage

Questions about whom to invite and how to do it come up frequently in wedding planning.


The To Do’s Before the I Do’s

Use this guide to stay stress-free and organized so you can enjoy your engagement.

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On the Cover: St. Patrick by Pronovias slim lace “Hafida” gown with sweetheart neckline, cap sleeves and keyhole back at Southern Bridal; 4 carat round diamond studs set in white gold and 3.45 carat brilliant round diamond engagement ring of 14 karat rose gold with natural pink diamonds at Rothschild Diamond. Photographed by: Theresa Cassagne 6 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

from the editor

Since the last issue of New Orleans Bride, I have been in the craziness of my own wedding planning. My fiancé and I got engaged in August 2013 after a lovely dinner at Coquette, and since then I have been planning my big day. I now have an even better understanding of what it takes to plan a wedding – I never thought I would be so conflicted over the color of my bridesmaids’ shoes. Wedding planning can be stressful, so I hope the articles in this magazine make it easier for you. I encourage you to get inspired by our fashion spread (page 58), which was beautifully put together by stylist Julia Hohne and Art Director Tiffani Reding Amedeo. It was photographed by Theresa Cassagne, who actually built the swing on page 73. If you’re in the early stages of planning and you’re looking for a spot for your reception, check out our guide to 10 places for a reception (page 80). If you have any questions about where to find the items or vendors in this issue, turn to page 142 for all the contact information. If you have any questions about this issue or wedding planning in general, feel free to email me at haley@myneworleans. com or follow me on Twitter @haleyadams25. I would love to hear from you. Thank you for picking up this issue of New Orleans Bride and I wish you the best in your wedding planning. Make sure you take some time for a few extra pampering sessions and some champagne sipping. You’re going to be a bride, after all; enjoy your engagement. – Haley Adams, Editor

Correction: Our Summer 2013 issue of New Orleans Bride included the incorrect spellings for Fab Fotography and Salon Callidora. We apologize for these errors.

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The Glam Plan Make a plan to get your best self for the big day. By Mirella Cameran

As soon as you set your date, your mind starts racing with all the things to do. But while you work on the logistics of the wedding, you should also begin the logistics of your beauty preparation. We asked local beauty experts to share what you should have on your beauty schedule. First Steps Buy a planner. A bride should first be organized, says Katherine Lyttle, esthetician at Stone Creek Club and Spa. “It will give you the reassurance that everything has been taken care of, and that will reflect in the way you look and feel,” Lyttle says.

vision with her stylists,” says Elizabeth Duboue, owner and stylist at The Doll House Salon. 12 Months To Go Set a budget and think about priorities. Would you rather have fewer, specialized treatments or more general pampering? Assemble your hair and makeup team. If you haven’t identified your specialists or you are having a destination wedding, start interviewing. Aimee Carr, owner and stylist at Aimee-zing Faces, says it’s important to trust your people. “When you are looking at their books, ask whether the photos have been retouched. You need to see what their work looks like without any Photoshop,” Carr says. Carr adds that you should also ask yourself if you prefer working with a team or individuals who can multitask. Also decide if you are happy to go to different locations or if you want everyone to come to you. If you’re going to cut your hair, do it now. When it comes to hair, Jennifer Thiele, owner and stylist at Teased by Jen, says if you’re going to make a dramatic change to your hair, do it early in the planning. “If someone is thinking about a new haircut or color, 12 months is the minimum time to try something and still grow it out,” Thiele says. “Most brides start growing their hair to give them maximum flexibility. We start to play with styles and work on getting the hair into good condition and exactly the right color.”

Find beauty inspiration on Pinterest. “Every bride should use Pinterest to compile images so she can share her 16 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

procedures for issues such as acne, redness, hyperpigmentation and fine lines,” Lyttle says. “The last six months should be for healing treatments to moisturize the skin and relax the bride.” If you are thinking of cosmetic procedures, schedule an appointment with a dermatologist.

Plan your treatments. “I tell my brides to use the first six months for therapeutic services: chemical peels and other

Drink lots of water and stock up on skin care products. “Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, get into the habit of drinking lots of water,” says Nicole Klein, artist and owner of Blush and Bashful. “Step up your skin care with the right products to prepare your face and eye areas.” Brighten your smile. A visit to the dentist can troubleshoot problems and ensure your teeth will look as healthy and white as possible. Commit to a healthy lifestyle. It’s always important to focus on a healthy diet and fitness routine, and a wedding can New Orleans Bride | 17

provide great motivation. “Think about your diet and recruit your bridal party into adopting a healthy eating and exercising regime,” Klein says. “It will help you deal with all the celebrations that will be coming up.” Six Months To Go Start a facial routine. “I recommend that brides start a series of monthly facials to cleanse, moisturize and draw out any imperfections,” Klein says.

Practice your makeup plan. Carr advises her brides to schedule their makeup trials to coincide with other wedding events. Decide on hair extensions. “If a bride is thinking about permanent extensions,” Thiele says, “six months gives us time to order the hair.” One Month To Go Stay away from irritating chemicals. “As far as the skin goes, avoid any chemicals to guard against a reaction,” Klein says. “Do not experiment with any new products. Just continue with your skin care regime.” Pamper yourself at home. “I give my brides some gentle, at-home remedies, like exfoliating with brown sugar and warm milk,” Carr says.

Plan your waxing and self-tanning treatments. “If you are thinking of waxing or self-tanning, do it now and do it together,” Lyttle says. “Let your hair grow for four weeks before you wax and then go for your spray tan after the wax. The wax is a natural exfoliator and the tan will go on more evenly. The last wax should be the fourth one, because by that stage the hair is finer, less painful and less likely to cause irritation.”

Put in permanent extensions, if you want them. “I put in any permanent extensions so the look becomes natural,” Thiele says. “We will also do the final trial with any headpieces.” One Week To Go Plan your final beauty treatments. You can still have a facial to slough off dead skin cells and tighten pores, but go easy on extraction. It’s also time for the final wax.

Apply eyelash extensions. If you’re getting eyelash extensions, get that done now, so you don’t have to worry about it closer to your big day, Lyttle says. Get a last-minute hair touch-up. “Depending on the look,” Thiele says, “we can do our last color touch-ups and trim to achieve the perfect hairstyle.” Two/Three Days To Go Polish your nails. Thiele recommends scheduling your manicure and pedicure for your rehearsal dinner but make sure you have the same color in case you need to do a quick fix. The Big Day! Shower four to five hours before call time. “Products can create the texture of day old hair, so I like completely clean hair,” Thiele adds. “Then I use what I need, including hair extensions if they are clip in.” Makeup should be ready one or two hours before you walk out the door. After all that planning, you are finally ready to stop worrying about what you look like and just enjoy your day. n

Eyebrows: should you Wax, Thread or Tweeze? Eyebrows are often overlooked in regular beauty regimes, but they do more than you might think: Your brows shape and frame your face and make a big difference in defining your look. A strong, natural brow is big in the beauty world right now, but thicker brows take just as much work as highly plucked ones. Ashley Sievert, makeup artist and eyebrow expert, says brides should start working on their brows six months before the wedding, as it “can take that long to grow them out if you are over-plucking.” Sievert recommends going to see a specialist, then going back every one or two weeks. “If you are on any retinol medication or Accutane you can not wax, as it will cause too much irritation,” Sievert adds. “In which case, I would recommend threading. It is fast and delivers a good strongly defined and clean brow.” If you have sensitive skin, you can still wax your 18 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

eyebrows, but Sievert recommends using a sensitive wax, such as hard lavender wax. “The benefit of waxing and threading is that they are fast and accurate,” Sievert says. “Sometimes it’s impossible to see all the hairs, especially if they are really fair, with a human eye. However, in photographs you can see them, and that’s the risk you run with tweezing. With threading and waxing you know you’ve created a clean slate for the makeup.” Whichever method you prefer when it comes to your eyebrows, Sievert says it’s important to see a professional, as specialists know lots of secrets for mastering the look you want. “There are techniques we can use like extending the eyebrow line and creating slightly more of an arch to increase the eyelid area which will make the eyes appear bigger,” Sievert says. “All these little tweaks will create a big impact in the final look.” New Orleans Bride | 19


How Do They Do That? Must-have hair secrets from the pros By Mirella Cameran

Someone once said the solution to a bad hair day is to wear a low-cut blouse, but on your wedding day that is not an option you can or should want to pursue. Getting a perfect hair day is something you’ll want for all the events leading up to your wedding, so it helps to know some tips. Whether you want voluminous curls or a sleek bob, we searched for the secrets to three popular requests when it comes to hair: volume, shine and thickness.

How To Do Volume For volume, everything starts in the shower. Use the right products for the 20 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

look you are trying to achieve, and the technology in them will work. If you are looking for big hair, use volumizing products. The right shampoo will strengthen each hair from the inside out, adding firmness and creating lift from the root. Only put light conditioner on the ends, so it won’t weigh your hair down and find one that only moisturizes where needed. “When your hair is wet, use a thickening full-form mousse to fatten up the hair strands,” says Lisa Marquette, owner and stylist at Salon M. You should then use a root lifter for reinforcement, Marquette continues. Apply the product before blowing, from the midshaft to root. If your hair is fine, then just apply at the roots. There are collagen products that plump out the hair just the same way as they do the face. Whatever the products you want to try, get the shampoo and conditioner together

and buy the travel sizes so it doesn’t become too costly. Most important, start with different products as soon as you know the date and stop experimenting a month before the day. When you start the blow-dry, lift each section of the hair upwards directing the heat to the scalp, to create lift. Start at the bottom layers of your hair and work upwards. After you have blown each section, blast it with cool air to “set” it. For added bounce, pin each section up as you go along. If you are looking for curls, use a diffuser, but only on a moderate heat. If it’s too hot, you will create frizz, so take your time and be gentle with the hair. Do not flip your head over – it makes the hair wide, not high. Be careful when teasing, as it can damage the hair. Use a good brush, like a Paul Mitchell or Mason Pearson flat-backed brush, to back brush. Marquette says a good hair spray is essential for your hair to last all day. However, don’t spray it down on the hair; instead, spritz it into the air to fall on the hair or spray it on your hands and run it through. Some people with curly hair find the volume they have is at the root and their ends are thin. “Whatever kind of hair you have, if you use rollers or a curling iron you will gain extra movement,” Marquette says. “You have to remember to allow time to let them cool before taking them out.” New Orleans Bride | 21

How To Get Shine Shine is created by the hair follicles lying flat and reflecting the light. This is why straight hair is shinier than curly or wavy hair. However, using the right products and tools, everyone can have shiny hair. Penelope Gozza and Nicole Turner, co-owners and stylists at Maison de Cheveux, say you should start working on your hair months before your wedding to get maximum shine. “Invest in a good quality deep-conditioning treatment such as Oribe, and use it once a week or come into the salon where we can nourish the hair with a treatment or mask,” Gozza says. In the months before your wedding, avoid heated curling and flat irons because they can damage the hair. Try to let your hair air dry instead. Gozza and Turner also recommend having a trim a couple of weeks before your big day to rid the hair of any split ends. “If you have been using a lot of products recently, use a clarifying shampoo for a few washes in a row to clear your hair of product build-up which definitely dulls the hair,” Gozza adds. “On the day itself use heat-

activated shampoos and conditioners that have built-in moisturizers that are released by the heat of the dryer. Finish with a cold rinse to seal in the conditioner, making it easier to style and adding lots of shine.” For straight hair, wrap 2 inches around a round brush and blow dry straight. If you have curly hair, separate the hair with your fingers, not a brush as this can cause it to frizz. Diffuse the curls gently. The heat of the blow dryer, curling or straightening irons can be used at the end to finish the look. The heat flattens the cuticle to create shine and smoothness. Add a glossing spray with your fingers. “If you are still not achieving the shine you are looking for, consider a color treatment,” Gozza says. “It will add shine and light reflecting properties to the hair.”

How To Fake Thick Hair Sometimes however, no matter what you do, you can’t achieve the look you want. It might be time to take a leaf out of the celebrity playbook and think about hair extensions.

David Chimento, a stylist at Brooks and Company Hair Salon, says hair extensions are a great option if a bride is looking for thickness. Some people’s hair only grows so far until it becomes thin and unhealthy-looking, so extensions provide opportunities for a longer style. If the bride’s natural hair isn’t as healthy-looking as she wants it to be, she can add chemical-free, pieces to create a smoother, frizz-free look. A thicker head of hair will even make an updo more successful. Extensions are also another way to add color to a style without having to dye the bride’s own hair. “It takes about three hours to bond them in depending on how many extensions a bride wants,” Chimento says. “With all the shades available, I can match the natural color of the bride’s hair 100 percent of the time.” At-home maintenance is critical and extensions are best if you shampoo and condition with silicone-free products as the silicone can make them fall out. Deep conditioning is good for the ends but avoid the bonds. They need to be brushed gently twice a day at least otherwise they can tangle easily. Application should be done approximately one week in advance of the big day but extensions can last between six and eight months. Visit your salon every two to three months to have them cleaned and moved up the shaft of the hair. “The extensions blend with your own hair and you take care of them as normal,” Chimento says. “However, it’s important to blow-dry them, and if you are doing any outdoor activities braid them or put them in a ponytail so they don’t become tangled. If you are in the water, wash and condition them and use a protective leave-in conditioner.” n

A Quick Guide to Beachy Curls The wind-swept, big hair of Victoria’s Secret models are always a popular look, whether you want them for your wedding day or bridal shower. Tammy Toca, owner and stylist at La Riviera Salon & Spa, gave us the lowdown on creating the curls: “Use a curling iron, following these directions: dry the hair until damp and pin it into sections. Start 3 to 4 inches down the hair shaft and take 1-inch sections at a time. Fold the hair over the iron for 2 to 3 seconds.  Then move 2/3 inch down the hair and repeat folding in the opposite direction. Stop 2/3 inch from the bottom. For pin curls, take 1 inch of hair and wrap it around your index and middle finger into a tight pin. Take your fingers out and insert the iron, continue as before.” 22 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014 New Orleans Bride | 23


Use What You’ve Got How to make the most of your favorite features Smashbox Makeup

By Mirella Cameran

Most women are their own harshest critics, so when it comes to choosing your best feature to focus on in your wedding makeup, some brides might be stumped. Any good makeup artist can help. He or she can either suggest which feature to highlight, or help you “create” your best feature. The cheekbones you’ve always wanted? No problem.

How To Enhance Your Eyes According to Natashia Paul, owner and stylist at Wink Eyelash Bar and Makeup Studio, there are so many elements to the eye that you need to consider. She recommends starting with your lashes. “People don’t realize how much lashes open up the eye,” Paul says. “If you look at any commercial on TV or in a magazine, the model will be wearing fake eyelashes.” Paul adds that even though a lot of brides have never worn fake eyelashes before and a lot of them say they don’t want to wear them on their wedding day, Paul encourages them to try them. Most brides are usually happy with them. “They look completely natural in person and in the photographs and

24 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

they keep the bride looking bright and fresh all day long,” Paul says. Next Paul focuses on the eyebrows. She says the brows should extend from the inner corner of the nose to the outer point of the eye. If your brows don’t stretch that far, a stylist can use shadow to fill them in, and avoid visible pencil marks. “Sometimes we need to change the style of the brow a little, we use concealer and shadow to highlight and contour where we need to,” Paul adds. “We usually strengthen the eyebrow itself, but we keep the brow bone light to lift the eye and create space to work with the eyelid.” When it comes to a final eye look, Paul says smoky eyes are still very popular and they look great, but she suggests that brides look beyond the blacks and gun metals. “Depending on your skin tone and your dress, play with colors such as dark greens, purples and rich chocolates,” Paul says. “Think about shimmer that sparkles and glistens in candlelight.” For a lighter look, Paul suggests emphasizing your eyes with whites, caramels and golds and contour with browns and taupes. Paul says she likes to use darker colors to “push the eye” into the socket so the eye appears larger and pops more. This lets the eyes be “dramatic, fresh and natural at the same time.” Paul adds, “Really, the eyes are a playground for color and used correctly, the colors will set the tone, shape and the look of the whole face.”

HOW To Accentuate Your Cheekbones If you weren’t blessed with the bone structure of your dreams, just find the right makeup artist. According to Natalie Cogan, owner and artist of About Face of Mandeville, a makeup artist can easily create cheekbones with the right makeup. “We can use foundation or bronzer – matte though not shimmer – to create the depth and the definition on the cheek,” Cogan says. “Next we highlight the upper part of the cheekbone and finally the apples on the cheeks with some blush color.” The pop of color will lift attention up to the eyes. Cogan adds that most brides look best in a pretty rosy color as it gives them a naturally flushed look. “If they are looking for a more enhanced version of themselves, we use darker shades,” Cogan says. Cogan also adds that brides should be careful about the products they use for their wedding day. “Many products have light-reflecting properties to New Orleans Bride | 25

the brides will look good in everyone else’s photos. “Products with good pigmentation will also last longer, so it’s worth investing,” Cogan says. “Really after we have set the face with a good setting spray, the only thing that should need to be touched up during the day are the lips.”

« How To Play Up Your Lips

create various effects,” Cogan says. “However in photographs this can cause ‘white face.’ For the purposes of photography, you need makeup that will absorb the light.” Cogan likes products by the popular makeup line Smashbox because they are made specifically to be worn at shoots. A good makeup product will keep airbrushing and editing lower when it comes to bridal albums and

With kissing at the altar and toasting with champagne, the lips are a natural focal point of any wedding. Meggan Ory, owner and makeup artist at Makeup by Meggan, says she likes to go by the classic idea of “playing down the eyes if you are playing up the lips.” “Many of my brides like a nice bold red or plum lip with a natural eye, winged out a little with some liner,” Ory says. Before you pick out a color, though, Ory says getting the lips ready should be your first priority. Ory makes sure that the lips are exfoliated and moisturized first before she adds makeup. Next, Ory recommends looking for a product that can help make the lips look larger, if you would like. “There are some great products available which

really hug and plump the lips and make them appear fuller,” Ory says. “One of them has a minty flavor, so you know you need to reapply when the taste disappears.” The next step, Ory says, is to add concealer to the lip so the color goes on true and is not affected by the natural color underneath. She also highlights the Cupid’s bow, which is just above the top of the middle of upper lip, as it creates the illusion of thicker lips. Ory adds that some people even put highlighter in the middle of the upper and lower lips to enhance the fullness further. “After lining the lip I apply the lip color,” Ory says. “I keep gloss to a minimum, it makes the color wear off faster and can feel sticky.” When it comes to choosing the color for your wedding day, Ory says she helps her brides pick the right color because there is an endless amount of options. “I don’t believe in lip color rules, that certain lip colors go with certain skin tones,” Ory says. “After all, there are so many colors to consider: the skin color, the color of the dress, the lighting. I just want to find the right color for each particular bride.” n

What color lipstick should you use? Makeup icon Bobbi Brown once said if she “had to teach someone just one thing about lip color it would be to find one that looks good when you are wearing absolutely no makeup.” The point here is that the color should match your skin tones and coloring, more than anything else you put on your face or your body. So how do you find that perfect match? First off, there are many more colors that suit you than you think but you have to consider tone, texture and finish. Whatever the color is, go for one or two shades darker than your natural color and test it on the inside or your wrist as well as your lip to see how it matches your skin. Next and probably most importantly, think undertones, says Gaynell Kennedy, senior sales director at Mary Kay Cosmetics. “Reds with pink or blue undertones tend to work best on pale/pink skins,” Kennedy says. “Orange- or yellow-based reds look best on olive skins and purple, mauve and blue tones deliver deep reds that are best for dark skins.” To finish add a gloss, clear works best on darker colors and opens up the mouth. Too dark and the mouth will appear smaller.

26 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014


Gifts All Around

1. A perfect gift for the groom, this antler pen set is the epitome of style. Friend & Company, 7713 Maple St., (504) 866-5433,

Whether you’re looking for something special for your groom, your guests or yourself, there are plenty of options for gifts with local flare. By Kate Grace Bauer


2. Plate your hors d’oeuvres in these silver Beatrix Ball oyster platters and don’t worry when the food is gone because these pieces double as works of art. Orient Expressed Imports, 3905 Magazine St., (504) 899-3060, (888) 856-3948, 3. This custom monogrammed pillow marks your love and your resting place. The Lanai Bond sham has an interlocking key design and a vintage monogram. The Linen Registry, 204 Metairie Road, Metairie, (504) 831-8228, TheLinenRegistry


4. This white ceramic lidded bowl with a gold alligator handle can hold your precious newlywed jewels stylishly. Rivers Spencer Interiors, 4610 Magazine St., (504) 609-2436, 5. Give your new husband these Tiffany roadster car cuff links in sterling silver for a fancy addition to his favorite suit. Tiffany & Co., The Shops at Canal Place, 333 Canal St., (504) 434-6002,



28 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

5 New Orleans Bride | 29

gifts 6

6. Capture the energy and love of your special day with a live painting by Alex Harvie. Alex Harvie Ventures, (985) 687-9106. 7. Brand your steaks with this complete, engrave-able grill set. The Engraving Company, 3301 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Suite 2, Metairie, (504) 837-7378, 8. Say, “I’m from Louisiana and I’m proud!” with this oyster shell-covered bowl. Abode, 2114 Veterans Memorial Blvd., (504) 266-2135, 9. Host your future gatherings in style with this Clementine Hunter platter. It will start the party and the conversation. Judy at the Rink, 2727 Prytania St., (504) 891-7018, 10. Make sure your wedding is personalized down to the last detail with these second line handkerchiefs that guests can party with at your wedding, and then take home to remember the day. Second-line Handkerchiefs by Backyard Printing, (504) 251-5567,





30 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014 New Orleans Bride | 31

32 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014


This cream and gold wedding suite is perfect for the couple that prefers classic elegance and simple design. Gem Printing Company.

Répondez S’il Vous Plaît Invite your guests to your wedding with a piece that shows off your style as bride and groom. By Kate Grace Bauer New Orleans Bride | 33

The ornamental design of this invitation creates a sophisticated elegance for this romantic lace-inspired piece, which features the couple’s monogram. Exquisite Events.

34 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

A compass rose taken from an antique map of Louisiana is the focal point of this invitation. The envelopes feature a liner with the same antique map design, and a deckle-edged paper completes the vintage look. The three-color letterpress design is printed on Scriptura’s own antique press. Scriptura. New Orleans Bride | 35

This wedding invitation suite is the epitome of delicate style. Adorned with black Swarovski crystals, paired with an intricate font and design, the invitation is a statement of your love for each other. Box Paper Scissor.

36 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

A great option for the bride who loves color, this pink invitation pairs sensible design with exquisite details. The style is also available in other colors. Stationery Studio. New Orleans Bride | 37

38 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014 New Orleans Bride | 39

40 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014


The Perfect Hue for You Your wedding cake doesn’t have to be completely white. These bright cakes show your wedding day dessert can be just as sweet in your favorite color. By Mirella Cameran

The pale blue fondant with white presentstyle wrapping ribbons, bows, white piping dots and handmade white roses make this sweet treat stand out. Cake by SucrĂŠ.

The pale yellow fondant embellished with hand-cut scalloped lace and bordered with a teardrop lace creates the perfect dessert. Cake by Bittersweet Confections.

The four tiers of soft ombrĂŠ fondant folds in pink to white. The use of the ruffled fantasy flower accent completes the look. Cake by Sweet Ideas the Cake Shoppe.

44 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014


Diamonds are a Bride’s Best Friend


Add some diamonds to glamorize your wedding look.




By Kate Grace Bauer




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10 9

14 13 12

16 15

1. 1 carat weight diamond fashion ring set in 18 karat white gold at Ramsey’s Diamond Jewelers. 2. 14 karat white gold ring with three round diamonds in the center, 2.42 carat weight total at Fisher & Sons Jewelers. 3. 14 karat white gold ring containing approximately 0.43 carat weight of diamonds at Fisher & Sons Jewelers. 4. 0.75 carat weight marquise diamond set in 18 karat white gold with matching wedding band at Ramsey’s Diamond Jewelers. 5. 14 karat white gold art deco style ring at Fisher & Sons Jewelers. 6. 0.75 carat total weight of diamonds set in 18 karat white gold at Wellington & Company Fine Jewelry. 7. 2.0 carat center diamond set in 18 karat white gold at Symmetry Jewelers. 8. 4 carat solitaire diamond in 18 karat white gold palladium with 0.30 carat weight accent diamonds at Symmetry Jewelers. 9. 2.02 carat cushion cut diamond ring set in 18 karat white gold at Boudreaux’s Jewelers. 10. 18 karat white gold cluster ring containing a cluster of seven round diamonds, approximately 1.50 carat weight total at Fisher & Sons Jewelers. 11. 3 carat diamond ring set in 18 karat white gold at Ramsey’s Diamond Jewelers. 12. 2.20 carat diamond set in platinum with 0.92 points carats on the band with matching wedding band at Boudreaux’s Jewelers. 13. 0.75 carat emerald cut center stone set in 18 karat white gold with 0.92 total weight in diamond double halo at Symmetry Jewelers. 14. 1.95 diamond ring set in 18 karat white gold featuring 18 diamonds at Boudreaux’s Jewelers. 15. Three-stone emerald cut diamond ring set in 18 karat white gold at Wellington & Company Fine Jewelry. 16. Wide woven diamond band set in 18 karat white gold with 1.6 carats of diamonds total at Wellington & Company Fine Jewelry.




4 7 5 1


1. Riviera necklace with 12 carats of diamonds set in 14 karat white gold at Ramsey’s Diamond Jewelers. 2. 0.90 carat pear shaped diamond pendant set in 14 karat white gold at Ramsey’s Diamond Jewelers. 3. 14 karat white gold Diamond Filigree Locket with .70 carat weight of round diamonds in an antique floral design on an 18-inch box chain at Fisher & Sons Jewelers. 4. 0.60 round brilliant cut center stone with 0.55 carat double halo mounting set in 14 karat white gold at Boudreaux’s Jewelers. 5. 3.5 carat diamond pear shaped pendant with diamond halo at Wellington & Company Fine Jewelry. 6. 18 karat white gold containing a cluster of seven large round diamonds, a halo of smaller diamonds and a diamond bale, 1.05 carat weight, on a 14 karat white gold 18-inch sparkle chain at Fisher & Sons Jewelers. 7. 14 karat white gold setting with 3.48 mixed cut white and champagne diamond necklace at Symmetry Jewelers. 8. Vintage double strand pearl necklace with vintage rhinestone pendant and clasp at Construct Jewelry.









1. 1.74 carat weight of diamonds set in 18 karat rose gold lacy floral motif at Symmetry Jewelers. 2. 2.11 total weight center stone with .35 diamond halo earrings set in 18 karat white gold at Boudreaux’s Jewelers. 3. 18 karat white gold vintage dangle earrings with 3.18 carat weight of diamonds at Ramsey’s Diamond Jewelers. 4. Handmade diamond cluster earrings with 3.45 total carat weight of diamonds set in 14 karat white gold at Boudreaux’s Jewelers. 5. 14 karat white gold Fleur de Lis chandelier earrings with 3.50 carats of diamonds at Ramsey’s Diamond Jewelers. 6. .65 carat diamond teardrop earrings set in 14 karat white gold at Wellington & Company Fine Jewelry. 7. Two-tone .53 carat diamond earrings set in yellow and 14 karat white gold micro pavé studs at Symmetry Jewelers. 8. 1.82 carats of diamonds set in 18 karat white gold antique style double circle earrings at Wellington & Company Fine Jewelry.

48 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014 New Orleans Bride | 49

50 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014


Something Old, Something New Your bridesmaids will love modern silhouettes in vintage bouquet shades of ivory, pale peony, lilac and moss. By Lisa Tudor

Ivory chiffon gown by Jim Hjelm at Town and Country; Ivory crinkle chiffon dress by Lela Rose Bridesmaids at Southern Bridal; Encore by Watters lace dress with keyhole back at Town and Country; Jim Hjelm crinkle chiffon gown at Pearl’s Place. New Orleans Bride | 51

Pink and rose bi-color strapless gown by Jim Hjelm at Pearl’s Place; Jasmine belted in rose with ivory lace overlay at Southern Bridal; Alvina Valenta point d’Esprit halter dress at The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe; Jim Hjelm one-shoulder lace dress at Town and Country and The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe.

52 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

Monique Lhuillier strapless tea-length dress with crinoline at Pearl’s Place; Alexia pearl pink silk shantung dress at Bel Amour Bridal; Monique Lhuillier one-shoulder ruched chiffon dress at Pearl’s Place; Strapless chiffon gown by After Six at Olivier Couture. New Orleans Bride | 53

Dessy Collection chiffon gown with self-tie at Town and Country; Silk taffeta one-shoulder dress by Monique Lhuillier at Pearl’s Place; Lynn Lugo “Encore Mini” with Kia neckline at Olivier Couture; Monique Lhuillier chiffon gown with ruched bodice at Pearl’s Place.

Dessy Collection belted gown with sequin detail sampled in “Icelandic” at Town and Country; Alvina Valenta textured linen sheath at The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe; Jim Hjelm one-shoulder chiffon dress with asymmetrically draped waistband at The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe; One-shoulder chiffon gown by After Six at Olivier Couture.

56 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014 New Orleans Bride | 57

fashion & flowers

Vintage Vows The seemingly endless acres of manicured grounds and luxurious resort amenities at Stella Plantation in St. Bernard Parish create an idyllic setting for weddings steeped in Southern style. By Lisa Tudor; Photographed by Theresa Cassagne; Hair and Makeup by Aimee Carr for Aimee-zing Faces; Fine jewelry styling by Sarah Rothschild for Rothschild Diamond; Prop Stylist Julia Hohne for Mrs. Vintage Rental Boutique & Event Styling; Model: Natalie Wetta; Hair and Makeup Assistant: Dianne Orellana; Flowers: Mirella Cameran

Watters Wedding Dresses “Jacinda” A-line gown of hand-beaded soft netting with Italian Illusion Bateau neckline, paneled net skirt and sweep train over stretch silk charmeuse slip at Pearl’s Place; 10 carat brilliant round diamond tennis necklace set in 14 karat white gold at Rothschild Diamond.

Bouquet of scabiosa, hypericum, kale, millet, corn broom, lisianthus, sunflower pods, seeded eucalyptus and thistle at Grow With Us Florist and Produce Market.

La Sposa fit and flare lace gown with illusion lace Sabrina neckline and deep V back at The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe; “Annie� comb by Sara Gabriel at Olivier Couture; 14 carat brilliant round diamond tennis bracelet and diamond engagement ring at Rothschild Diamond.

Bouquet of blush garden roses, blush dahlias, white peonies, blush stock, blush pink ranunculus, white anemones with dark center, dusty miller silver greens at Kim Starr Wise.

Organza Gown with trumpet silhouette and removable sheer lace overlay with scalloped V-back and wide French satin sash and lace-tipped chapel length veil at The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe; 14 carat brilliant round diamond tennis bracelet at Rothschild Diamond.

Kenneth Winston retro-modern lace over satin gown with illusion neckline, lace appliquĂŠd cap sleeves and crystal beaded empire waist and chapel length veil at Linda Lee Bridal; 14 carat brilliant round diamond tennis bracelet and diamond engagement ring at Rothschild Diamond.

David Tutera for Mon Cheri Bridal “Solangeâ€? ruched chiffon over lace bodice with Empire waistband with Swarovski crystal hand-beaded embroidered lace appliquĂŠ and gathered chiffon Watteau train at Ladies and Gents Formal Wear; 10 carat brilliant round diamond tennis necklace set in 14 karat white gold, 14 carat brilliant round diamond tennis bracelet and 3.45 carat brilliant round diamond engagement ring of 14 karat rose gold with natural pink diamonds at Rothschild Diamond.

Bouquet of green buttons, alstroemeria, ranunculus, hydrangeas, green coffee beans, succulents, Italian ruskus and seeded eucalyptus at Beth’s Flowers.

Blush by Jim Hjelm “Clementine” slim lace gown with English net straps tying to a back bow, ruched bodice detail and chapel train shown with Sara Gabriel “Bliss” veil at Olivier Couture; 11 millimeter natural freshwater pearl necklace and 3.45 carat brilliant round diamond engagement ring at Rothschild Diamond.

Top: David Tutera “Solange” gown at Ladies and Gents Formal Wear, Bouquet of ranunculus, “Patience” David Austin garden rose, white tea “Eskimo” rose, sweet peas and lysimachia at Dunn and Sonnier Flowers. Bottom, left: 11 millimeter natural freshwater pearl necklace with 14 karat yellow gold flower clasp at Rothschild Diamond. Bottom, right: Richard Designs “Giselle” crystal and pearl hair clip handmade in England at Southern Bridal.

St. Patrick by Pronovias slim lace “Hafida� gown with sweetheart neckline, cap sleeves and keyhole back at Southern Bridal; 4 carat round diamond studs set in white gold and 3.45 carat brilliant round diamond engagement ring of 14 karat rose gold with natural pink diamonds at Rothschild Diamond.

Nosegay style bouquet with a muted antique smoky lavender rose “Amnesia� with a hint of silver gray-green in the outer petals, paired with deep purple lisianthus and clusters of blush pink wax flower at Fabulous Flowers.

Watters W Too Collection “Pallas” lace gown mitered in a chevron pattern with slim sheath skirt and chapel train at Pearl’s Place; Toni Federici “Coco” velvet floral clip at Pearl’s Place; 11 millimeter natural freshwater pearl necklace and 3.45 carat brilliant round diamond engagement ring of 14 karat rose gold with natural pink diamonds (worn throughout) at Rothschild Diamond.

Bouquet of festiva peonies, madreperla roses, sahara roses, ivory majolica roses, pink majolica spray roses at Nola Flora.

Blush by Jim Hjelm “May� organza bridal gown with lace peek-a-boo ruched V-neckline, lace cap sleeves and keyhole back with chapel train at Olivier Couture; Bellaire Bridal crystal beaded headband at Southern Bridal; 4 carat round diamond studs set in white gold, 14 carat brilliant round diamond tennis bracelet and diamond engagement ring at Rothschild Diamond.

men’s attire

want,” says Mel Grodsky, the owner of Tuxedos to Geaux. “For example, we’re selling all shades of gray suits to wedding parties rather than tuxedos with tails.” Men seem to be more relaxed these days, and the wedding party often resembles that. Not all weddings are held in a church with a following reception; now we’re seeing weddings take place in courtyards, backyards, plantation homes and even music venues. Because there is a lack of formality, brides and grooms feel the need to mirror the overall vibe of their big day. A suit allows for the wedding party to remain classic and well-dressed, but without the conventionality of a traditional tuxedo.

Pick What Suits Him When it comes to the groom and his men, it’s ok to sway from the traditional tuxedo. By Kate Grace Bauer

It’s true that weddings are generally all about the bride, but there is now an upward swing in groom involvement, with style choices being made by both the bride and groom. Grooms are redefining classic wedding attire and incorporating modernity without losing an ounce of style. 76 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

Breaking From Tradition With the influx of inspiration websites and blogs, such as Pinterest, 100 Layer Cake, and Snippet and Ink, the traditional idea of the wedding party has changed. “In the old days, the groom’s party wore all black, but now we’re finding mixtures in what grooms

Choosing What To Wear When it comes to picking out what the groom is going to wear, he has the option to wear a slightly different colored suit, but it should still remain in the same vein as the groomsmen. A nice touch is that the groom wears a different-colored tie, perhaps white to match his bride, and a classic, beautiful white boutonniere. Originally there were “rules” when it came to day versus night weddings. Men would wear black tuxedos and perhaps even tails to evening weddings. Now, wedding parties are making up their own rules. “Brides and grooms come in and pick out suits based on the colors of the bridesmaids in order to match the wedding party,” says Susan Berniol, a bridal consultant from Ladies and Gents Formal Wear. “Men are drawn to wearing tan and light gray anytime of day.” Choosing a color is a fantastic way to get the groom more involved in the entire wedding process. “Often the bride and groom will come in together and make the decision,” says Kevin New Orleans Bride | 77

and winter weddings see all different shades of gray. “Gray is the new black,” Rome adds. Another popular trend in weddings is to incorporate a color or pattern from the bridal party into the groomsmen’s ensembles. For example, if the bridesmaids’ dresses are a version of lilac, a light purple tie or pocket square can help tie the entire group together in an inconspicuous way. Since gray is a popular suit color, and considered a “neutral,” you can add almost any color as an accent. Ultimately your wedding day should be an extension of both you and

Rome, owner of Rome’s Tuxedos. “The bride will weigh in, but the groom usually has a good idea of what he’s looking for.” More Trends in Color For summer weddings, there’s often an increase in tan or beige suits while fall

78 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

your groom, and coordinating the wedding parties makes for a beautiful and specific statement about who you both are, and more importantly, the commitment you’re making to yourselves and each other. The idea that traditions should be followed, with men in black and women in taffeta, is long gone. These days, wedding parties have the luxury of creating their own look and forging their own path for a day that will remain important in the years to come. The idea of making a statement and having your “own look” for your wedding day is increasingly important to brides and grooms alike. n

Your groom knows what he wants to wear. Now what? Whether your groom is opting for a tuxedo or suit, it’s best not to wait until the last minute. “It’s kind of like getting a wedding dress,” says Mike Hunter, manager of John’s Tuxedos. “You don’t want to wait until the month of.” Hunter suggests heading to a store six to eight months before the wedding to allow for time to look at different options and to give the groomsmen time to get their measurements. If you have a lot of out-of-town groomsmen, Hunter says it’s still easy to shop local. A groomsman in Los Angeles could send his measurements to the New Orleans store then pick up the suit when he comes to town for the wedding. New Orleans Bride | 79

locations The Chicory

1. Broussard’s Though the classic New Orleans restaurant was founded in 1920, Broussard’s went through a milliondollar makeover in 2013, which is bringing new attention to the spot. “We have had great responses,” says Trent Verges, the director of marketing for Creole Cuisine Restaurant Concepts, which now owns Broussard’s. (The restaurant company also owns other popular New Orleans restaurants such as Kingfish.) The courtyard at Broussard’s is one of its main draws, which brides can rent out on its own. Verges says the courtyard specifically is something that sets Broussard’s apart from other New Orleans locales. “Where there are so many brides who want a French Quarter wedding,” Verges says, “you cannot ask for anything more beautiful than our courtyard.” When it comes to food at Broussard’s, the restaurant offers banquet menus, but a bride and groom can also add items to the menu if they prefer.

A Place to Party 10 spots for a wedding reception in New Orleans By Haley Adams and Kristen Himmelberg

New Orleans knows how to throw a good party, so it makes sense there are plenty of places to choose from when looking for the perfect place for your wedding reception. Here are 10 places that will help you have a great time.

80 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

2. The Chicory With its brand new building, The Chicory has become one of the largest wedding venues in New Orleans. Centrally located in the historic Warehouse District, the building was once a coffee warehouse and has since been transformed into an elegant event space. “It gives that rustic New Orleans feel, with exposed beams, exposed brick walls and brass gas lanterns still intact,” says Brent Bogan, the wedding sales manager at The Chicory. There are currently three rooms and a bridal suite in the original Chicory building, but the new building right next door, which will be called The Gallery at the Chicory, will feature three floors, one being a 5,000 square foot rooftop deck. Bogan says it will be perfect for cocktail hours and ceremonies.

Since acquiring the new building, The Chicory owns the whole block, which is a plus in the New Orleans nightlife scene. “We don’t have restrictions on noise or hours anymore, because we own the whole block, so we will be able to accommodate the after parties,” Bogan says. The most important thing for any wedding, though, is the atmosphere, and Bogan says The Chicory prides itself on running on “a completely different model than most other wedding venues.” “From the food, the uniqueness of the venue and the service of our staff, we are different than anything else in the city,” Bogan says. 3. Courtyard on the Ridge Located in a quiet area right on the Mississippi River about 20 minutes from downtown New Orleans, this scenic location is perfect for couples looking for a New Orleans wedding without the hassle of being in business of the city. The interior has a French Quarter feel, with a courtyard and fountain, but is able to be decorated as you wish. The outdoor courtyard adds to this feel, says Bill Laderer, the chef and owner at Courtyard. “You can go outside and take pictures or enjoy a cocktail near the fountain in the courtyard.” The big draw to Courtyard on the Ridge is that it is family oriented, and all the food is made on site by Laderer. “There is enough room for a large dance floor that everyone can get out on all at once, and the tables are big enough for a whole family to sit at, and still put food on the table, too,” Laderer says. This homey feel attracts brides. “There is a simple ambience, not glitzy and gold,” Laderer says. “It is just truly New Orleans.” 4. Hampton Inn and Suites New Orleans Convention Center One of the best-kept secrets in options for New Orleans wedding receptions is the Hampton Inn and Suites New Orleans Convention Center.

Race and Religious

Located in the Warehouse District and exuding that old New Orleans feel, Hampton Inn and Suites New Orleans Convention Center is not your typical Hampton Inn, says Amanda Baker, the location’s conference services manager. All the weddings are held in the 5,400 square-foot ballroom, which attaches to an outdoor courtyard and pre-function area. The main ballroom has high ceilings and crystal chandeliers, as well as traditional wood flooring and exposed brick to give it the vintage feeling. “People don’t expect it when they walk in, but it’s great because we aren’t in the French Quarter,” Baker says, “so we have parking available, and you’re not stuck in one place. You can move around the city if you want to.” The wedding packages are also all-inclusive, which makes it easy for brides since it is an all-in-one venue. Wedding guests can stay in any of the 300 rooms that the location offers, which is nice because it is centrally located for out-of-towners. “If guests want to go out after, it’s only a 15-minute walk to the French Quarter, and there are plenty of local bars, shops and restaurants along the walk,” Baker says. 5. House of Blues In a music town like New Orleans, it seems appropriate to celebrate your marriage at a music venue like House

of Blues. The French Quarter location is a funky spot, perfect for a music-loving couple. “House of Blues is perfect for the nontraditional bride,” says Chloe Tassin, the special event sales manager at House of Blues. “It’s a very unique space, and we’re a one-stop-shop. From production to décor to furniture, we have everything you need.” Part of what makes the House of Blues unique is it’s made up of a variety of spaces. The Parish Room, which holds 100-150 people, is “probably our most popular wedding venue at this time,” Tassin says. The second most popular is the main hall, House of Blues’ music hall, which holds 200-500 people. Another aspect that makes House of Blues a “one-stop-shop” is how the staff can help brides find wedding entertainment. Since House of Blues is mainly an entertainment location, the staff has great relationships with many local and national acts. 6. Latrobe’s On Royal If you are looking for a beautiful and historic rustic New Orleans space, Latrobe’s on Royal is the perfect spot. Located in the heart of the French Quarter, Latrobe’s is in one of New Orleans’ many architecturally significant buildings. “Latrobe’s is in the national registry of historic buildings, so the building itself is a museum,” says Milli Adler, an owner New Orleans Bride | 81

Marigny Opera House

unique-looking building inside and out. It has an Old World charm to it that’s untouched.”

of Latrobe’s. “The historical significance of the building speaks for itself.” Originally used as a bank in the 1800s, Latrobe’s features original stonework, a whisper dome, bank vault room and courtyard. “We don’t rent the space room by room, because each room flows into each other, even though the two main areas have two different vibes,” Adler says. The “vault bar,” an area that was once the safe where the money was kept, is a popular room as well as the “outdoor courtyard area” which was actually enclosed in the early 1900s, Adler says. “It was originally an open air courtyard, but even today, a lot of people think they are outside because it feels like you are outside, but its protected from rain and humidity,” Adler says. Another bonus is that Latrobe’s works exclusively with John Besh Catering Services. “We have an emphasis on amazing food and service,” Adler says. And you can’t forget the location, as it’s only blocks away from the center of 82 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

the city. “It’s a great location, especially because it gives guests a fun place to go out immediately afterwards,” Adler says. 7. Marigny Opera House The Marigny Opera House sets itself apart from reception locations mainly because it’s not technically a reception location. “The mission of the Marigny Opera House is to support local performance artists,” says Brandon Sanford, the location’s wedding and event coordinator. Weddings help fund those local performances, so the location allows one to two weddings a month. So in addition to having a wedding, brides at the Marigny Opera House are also helping the New Orleans arts community. What brides pay for the location is tax deductible, since it is a donation to the Opera House. The Marigny Opera House is also unique because of its aesthetic. Originally built in 1853, the structure is one of New Orleans’ beautiful old buildings, which adds to the reasons brides like it. “It’s got a rich history about it,” Sanford says. “It’s a very

8. Race and Religious The eclectic décor and storied history of Race and Religious is drawing brides from across the country, says Property Manager Sarah Sadler Worsley: “People will say ‘Oh, I saw you on a blog, and I want to get married in New Orleans just so I can get married at Race and Religious.’” As soon as you walk on the grounds of Race and Religious, it’s easy to understand why the location is a popular spot for both local and out-of-town couples. Even the smallest wedding package includes access to the location’s three spaces, a security guard and furniture, such as tables and chairs. Some brides will rent the grounds for a whole weekend and hold their rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception and post-wedding brunch all at the same place. The spot also has plenty of room for the couple and their family to stay over night. “About 70 percent of our couples stay overnight,” Worsley says. “A lot of our brides and grooms are from out of town, so they rent the place and their family comes in and stays the whole time.” The staff at Race and Religious is flexible regarding how long couples can reserve the space. The flexibility of the locations also allows you to bring in your own caterer and your own alcohol, plus your own decorations if you want to personalize the space. 9. Redemption Redemption puts a whole new spin on the traditional wedding reception. True to its name, the restaurant and event space is in a reclaimed and newly renovated 100-year-old church in the heart of Mid-City. “Your really have to see it to believe it,” says Executive Chef Greg Picolo. “It is just gorgeous.” The space features a large dining room, which is in the main part of the Bryan Johnson photo New Orleans Bride | 83

old church with high ceilings, wooden floors and stained glass windows. There is also a large pergola that has a beautiful fountain and seating area. “It’s probably one of the prettiest rooms in the city,” Picolo says. “When the light comes through the golden stained glass windows, it’s just stunning,” Unlike other properties, when you have your reception at Redemption, you are booking the entire property, which gives each couple a specialized experience. “We like to think of ourselves as a premier party space with an amazing restaurant added on,” Picolo adds. When you’re ready to choose your menu at Redemption, the staff works with customers to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. “I don’t believe in the typical ‘column A, column B’ type of wedding reception,” Picolo says. “It’s a special day, a special event, so we customize it exclusively for them.” At Redemption it is the combination of a beautiful historic space with great food to go along with it. “It’s not just your standard hotel or ‘anywhere in the world’ type reception space,” Picolo says. “It’s unique.” 10. Republic New Orleans As a vibrant music venue and nightclub in a 160-year-old building, Republic New Orleans mixes the old

Latrobe’s on Royal

with the new, creating a very fun but beautiful reception space for New Orleans brides. “Republic exudes vintage New Orleans charm with hand-painted murals, exposed wooden beams, and stunning crystal chandeliers while also utilizing modern luxuries like state-ofthe-art sound and lighting systems,” says Jessica Talazac, the director of special events at Republic New Orleans. The rustic feel of the space paired with the nightclub experience and young staff makes it a special spot. “We embrace the fact that we are a non-traditional venue that strays from

the cookie-cutter ballroom setting and allows you to customize the space so that your wedding is one-of-a-kind,” Talazac says. What attracts young brides is that Republic New Orleans’ major function is to be a nightclub and music venue so it allows for a fun environment for wedding guests. “Our experience as a nightclub ensures that we know how to throw an amazing party,” Talazac says. And the best part is guests can stick around after the wedding, Talazac adds. “It is a great ‘built-in’ after party venue.” n

House of Blues

for more information: Broussard’s, 819 Conti St., (504) 581-3866, The Chicory, 610 S. Peters St., (504) 521-8055, Courtyard on the Ridge, 407 Folse St., Harahan, (504) 737-6660, Hampton Inn and Suites New Orleans Convention Center, 1201 Convention Center Blvd., (504) 566-9990, House of Blues, 225 Decatur St., (504) 310-4970, Latrobe’s On Royal, 403 Royal St., (504) 299-0601, Marigny Opera House, 725 St. Ferdinand St., (504) 948-9998, Race and Religious, 510 Race St., (504) 523-0890, Redemption, 3835 Iberville St., (504) 309-3570, Republic New Orleans, 828 St. Peters St., (504) 528-8282,

84 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

house of blues photo by shoot 2 studios New Orleans Bride | 85


Ralph Brennan Catering and Events

Big-Day Dining There are lots of options for the wedding menu. By Judi Russell

When it comes to today’s wedding reception menus, the rule is there are no rules. Chefs and catering managers say brides and grooms want to play an active role in choosing what their guests will eat, and they don’t feel bound by tradition. Instead, they opt for foods they love, ranging from French fries for appetizers to donuts for dessert. Treats and Trends Even though couples can choose any food they want for their reception, some

trends have emerged. Russ Spezial, general manager of Toulouse Gourmet Catering, says he sees “a return to comfort food.” Hand-passed appetizers might include miniature portions of chicken and waffles, or filet over mashed potatoes, or shrimp and grits. People like the idea of “farm to table” menu items that emphasize fresh food from local suppliers. In place of baked potato bars, Spezial’s clients like grits bars, with assorted toppings and condiments.

Beef carving stations are being spiffed up with baskets of small, artisanal rolls; guests can also put their slices of beef over arugula salad with a vinaigrette sauce. Other “build your own” stations feature cochon de lait, New Orleans debris sliders and alligator sausage. For dessert, brides and grooms like to extend the options to include more choices than cake, Spezial says. Often desserts are “minis,” such as mini moon pies. Cupcakes, a must at parties for several years, are losing their drawing power, he says. Spezial says the vast majority of weddings he caters are evening buffet receptions with a bar. Here, the trend is away from wine and beer and more toward craft cocktails. Presentation remains important, but flavor is right up there, too. The goal, he says, is to have guests say the food tasted just as good as it looked. Most of the weddings Ralph Brennan Catering and Events handles are buffets as well, says Executive Chef Steven Marsella. The venues he oversees include Ralph’s on the Park, Heritage Grill and others. His clients like to include both meat and fish dishes on their reception menus. As a change from beef, Marsella might offer pork loin stuffed with apple and fennel, or with a Cajun-style stuffing. Fish offerings depend on the season; popular spring choices include crawfish pasta or crawfish maque choux. Like Spezial, Marsella sees a lot of requests for small, pick-up desserts like

Where to Host a Post-Wedding Brunch Chateau Golf and Country Club 3600 Chateau Blvd., Kenner, (504) 467-1351, At Chateau Golf and Country Club, both members and nonmembers can book post-wedding brunches, says Elle McCaffery, who works at the club. The dining room’s Sunday brunch menu changes weekly, and during a three-hour 86 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

brunch, more lunch-type items are added in later in the brunch. Commander’s Palace 1403 Washington Ave., (504) 899-8221, As destination weddings have become more popular, post-wedding brunches have expanded, says Lally

Brennan, managing partner at Commander’s Palace. “Brunches are so fun,” says Brennan. “Everyone is recapping the night before.” She notes that some Sundays, Commander’s foyer is filled with suitcases, as wedding guests have one last meal. Favorite menu items include turtle soup, egg and seafood dishes and quail, along

with “eye-openers” like milk punch or Bloody Marys. Brennan says she’s noticed that when the bride and groom attend the brunch, they eat heartily; many times they were too busy during the wedding reception to enjoy the food. Windsor Court Hotel 300 Gravier St., (504) 523-6000,

mini beignets. “It’s fun,” he says. People also like mini comfort foods, such as sliders, or macaroni truffle cheese fritters. These tiny treats are easy to eat and have a big flavor impact. A popular appetizer is a variation on sushi, with seared tuna, or portions of daikon salad served with small bamboo spoons. Marsella says he occasionally caters themed receptions. A wedding reception at the historic HermannGrima House in the French Quarter had a nostalgic look. The couple decorated with props like an old typewriter and suitcases and had a band that played traditional jazz. For a wedding he catered in Miami, the theme was “Winter Wonderland.” The effect was stunning, but required a designer. Most brides and grooms just want their reception to be elegant and enjoyable. Special Requests Vegan, vegetarian, ethnic and gluten-free menus are becoming more common, Marsella says. It isn’t difficult to accommodate these

requests as long as you give the caterers sufficient notice. Gwen DeFraites has helped many a bride and groom in her 14 years as director of catering for Le Pavillon Hotel, and she reassures them that on their special day, their cuisine choices will be honored. “It’s all about them,” says DeFraites, who has served baked macaroni and cheese and chicken tenders for those who wanted them. In general, she says, clients want a mixture of the traditional, like pasta and carving stations, with New Orleans favorites, such as oyster shooters or beignets. Sometimes meeting a request takes a bit of improvisation. To please a bride who wanted French fries, DeFraites had waiters pass large shot glasses in which the fried potato sticks stood in little pools of ketchup. Desserts can also be individualized. A groom who worked as a policeman asked to have donuts stacked in the shape of a wedding cake. His mother decorated the table with miniature police cars. Other popular desserts are

local treats like bread pudding. Like others, DeFraites finds the cupcake craze waning. Because brides and grooms can be too busy (or excited) to eat at their reception, DeFraites makes sure they get a full array of goodies sent to their guest room after the party is over. Lacee Arbo of Portobello Catering says the couples she meets spend a lot of time trying to make their receptions unique. Arbo, Portobello’s executive chef and general sales manager, says there are plenty of variations on the ordinary, such as chocolate stations and pasta stations. The guests like being able to choose which fruits to dip in the chocolate, or which toppings they want on their pasta. Another popular innovation is replacing the steamship round so often found at carving stations with a mixed grill that includes grilled tenderloin, pieces of fish, chicken and duck, and a variety of tasty sausages. She pairs the meats with rolls flavored with rosemary or roasted garlic and offers unusual sauces such as raspberry pepper jelly. n

All About Booze When it comes to bar service, Arbo says her clients often pick two or three signature cocktails, with retro favorites like the Manhattan, Sidecar and Sazerac topping the list. She serves the drinks in ornate glasses to carry out the mood. As receptions have grown to include such “extras” as second lines, Mardi Gras masks and photo booths, people have to stretch the budget to cover more than food and drinks. But DeFraites of Le Pavillon Hotel says she draws the line at one option: a cash bar. She tries to persuade clients to find another way to trim their costs, as people in New Orleans have come to expect some types of alcoholic drinks to be served as a matter of course. At Windsor Court, post-wedding brunches can run from 20 to 200 guests, says catering manager Kelli Bruno. Smaller groups use cozy, elegant rooms on the second floor, while large groups are accommodated in the grand ballroom on the 23rd floor. Sometimes people recycle the flower arrangements from the reception, Bruno says.

The Court of Two Sisters 613 Royal St., (504) 522-7261, With lots of local cuisine items like shrimp etouffee to bread pudding, the brunch menu at The Court of Two Sisters gives out-of-town guests an education in the best of New Orleans food. Director of Marketing Michelle Morantez says post-wedding brunches are a chance for family members to relax

after the pressure of the wedding ceremony and reception. They can linger over coffee, reliving the fun of the night before. Muriel’s Jackson Square Restaurant 801 Chartres St., (504) 568-1955, Brunch hosts like a location in the French Quarter, close to so many hotels, says Maria Cervini,

private event planner at Muriel’s. The restaurant has three private rooms that can hold groups of 50 to 300. All are on the second floor and include the use of a balcony, Cervini says. Like other planners, she notices that bride and grooms often attend the brunches. “It’s a nice way to say good-bye and thank you,” she says. New Orleans Bride | 87

88 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014 New Orleans Bride | 89


bride, your most important purchase is your photographer,” says Brenda Sison of Sison Photography. “You can’t hire ‘Studio B’ and assume they can give you the type of photos ‘Studio A’ can. Just hire Studio A if they are your style.” One way to understand your potential photographer’s style is to see examples, many examples. Ask to see a full, recent wedding the photographer has captured, as viewing a few portfolio shots will not give you a complete understanding of his or her work. “I highly encourage brides to look way past the first page of a photographer’s blog and look at how a photographer covers all aspects of the wedding day,” recommends Doug Keese of Arte de Vie. Sandra O’Claire of Eau Claire Photographics concurs, saying it’s easy for any photographer to pick their best shots. “If a photographer even hesitates for a second and is not willing to show you a full wedding, do not book with them,” O’Claire says. Chuck Billiot of Billiot Photography and Video suggests asking about photos taken at your venue. If you think you have settled on a photography studio, you should also consider having the same photographer take your engagement photos prior to the wedding. Engagement photos help him or her get to know your personality and style. “You’ll feel so much more comfortable with them the day of,” O’Claire adds, “and this always translates into the final photos.”

Picture Perfect Photography tips from the people capturing the moments By Megan Snider

How do you find the best photographer for you? We asked several New Orleans photographers what they think all brides need to know. 90 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

Think Style First, Logistics Second Photographers agree that the most important factor in selecting a photographer is the style a couple prefers. “As a

Ask Questions and Be Prepared There are must-ask questions before you hire any photographer. First, you want someone who is a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP), has an occupational license, is licensed and insured, and has a “sick day” or contingency plan, like bringing extra equipment and backing-up the photos during editing. Many couples use wedding planners or coordinators to streamline their big day. “If you’re ArtE de Vie photo

working with a coordinator, the photographer is the one thing you should be more hands-on about,” Keese says. Also ask about the photography package; do you get a disc, prints or the option of retouching? Many photographers give the couple every photo taken (except for those that are out of focus, have eyes closed, or are misfires or test shots) and offer to hand-select photos for use in the album. “We’ve found that it can be difficult for a couple to really understand how images work together once laid out as a story, and they initially hired us for our ability to do so,” Keese says. “They trust us with selecting their images and designing their album.” Have a Plan, But Don’t be Rigid If you want specific shots, don’t be afraid to ask for them. “I cannot assume that you do not want any ‘posed’ photos, or that you want me to take ‘party shots’ unless you express that to me,” Billiot says. It helps photographers when their clients provide personal details like special jewelry, family heirlooms or traditions. For example, if

certain family members have not been together in several years, you may want to capture that moment. O’Claire says, “Tell us stuff we don’t know and couldn’t guess in a million years. Tell us why these special shots are special and we will take note and get them for you.” If you are uncertain about what you want, feel free to get inspired by websites like Pinterest, but don’t let your desire to capture certain shots override the spontaneity of the moment.

“Some of the best photos are moments of emotion that are unplanned,” O’Claire says. “We don’t want to waste the day trying to recreate someone else’s Pinterest moments.” While certain shots like group photos may be planned ahead of time, Keese of Arte de Vie adds, “In most cases we feel it’s best to let the day naturally unfold and have our couples trust us to capture those moments, whether they’re on a list or not.”

City Park

of year. When considering how long of a session to book, consider the time required to go to another location, if desired. Usually one hour is sufficient for one location but not two. Finally, be on time. “If the session is for 3 p.m., arrive and be ready to start at 3 p.m.,” Tran says. If you’re looking for some ideas of where to have your photos taken in New Orleans, here are some popular spots and what you need to know:

1. City Park: City Park requires a $50 permit for access to the park and the botanical gardens. Photography inside the amusement park and Popp Fountain is prohibited. The permit does not include use of the Sculpture Garden or the front of the New Orleans Museum of Art, but you can obtain access through a separate permit. Call (504) 482-4888 or visit

7 Spots for an Engagement Shoot Before you make your final decision, Corine Tran of Studio Tran Photographers recommends that couples do their research ahead of time so they are prepared for the venue’s policies and costs. The venue may offer a discount or waive the photography fee if you are also having your wedding there. For comfort during the session, consider the time

top photo: ArtE de Vie photo / bottom photo: STUDIO TRAN PHOTOGRAPHers

2. French Quarter: The French Quarter is free with lots of fun and interesting backdrops. 3. Jackson Square: This popular spot requires a $50 permit from the city’s Department of Parks and Parkways. Brides should not expect to be able to sneak in. Call (504) 658-3200 or visit New Orleans Bride | 91

Consider Having an “Unplugged” Wedding In the age of smartphones, Facebook and Instagram, guests are very active photographers, but do not let your guests’ zeal interfere with the professionals’ work. While most photographers do not mind guests taking their own pictures, overeager guests can ruin otherwise beautiful shots like the recessional or cutting of the cake. “Camera phones are becoming more and

more of a problem,” O’Claire says. “Guests are oblivious to us and often step in our way to get their camera phone shots.” If you do not want to ban guest photography, photographers can advise the guests on when and where it is appropriate to take photos or use flash, so they do not interfere. It is important that guests refrain from photography during the bride’s walk down the aisle and during group portraits. “If we

have people standing next to us or off to the side, then everyone looks in different directions rather than directly at our camera,” Keese says. Guest photography can also interrupt the photographer’s schedule. “For all the guests of weddings, I would highly encourage them to leave the photography to the professionals and be a participant of your friend’s or loved one’s wedding,” Billiot says. “Let us document those moments while you enjoy them.” n

French Quarter

4. Armstrong Park: Just like Jackson Square, Armstrong Park also requires a $50 permit from the city’s Department of Parks and Parkways. Call (504) 658-3200 or go to 5. Race and Religious: This location has become extremely popular for photo shoots. There is a fee to photograph there, and appointments are required. Preview photos and find contact information at 6. Plantations: Oak Alley Plantation, Houmas House Plantation and Gardens and Nottoway Plantation are all beautifully landscaped, and the locations provide gorgeous backdrops for bridal portraits or engagement photos. All three plantations require appointments, and all of them have a fee. For details, visit for Oak Alley Plantation; for Houmas House Plantation and Gardens; or for Nottoway Plantation.

7. Longue Vue House and Gardens: Longue Vue House and Gardens is beautifully landscaped. Appointments are required, and there is a fee. Go to or call (504) 488-5488 for more details. STUDIO TRAN PHOTOGRAPHY

92 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014 New Orleans Bride | 93


Groovy 7

Let Them Entertain You What to consider when booking wedding entertainment By Lauren LaBorde

There are three components to a memorable wedding reception, says Scott Schmidt, lead singer of New Orleans-based band The Boogie Men: 1) a venue that has good food and drink and is easily accessible; 2) a crowd that’s game for a good time; 3) and perhaps most important, quality entertainment. “Everything else – flower arrangements, ice sculptures – are incidental,” Schmidt says. “After the wedding is over and the first dance is over, the reception is really for the guests. The focal point has left the bride and groom, now it’s our job as a band to get these people to dance and have fun, so later on they tell the bride and groom, ‘We had a great time at your reception.’” Crowd-pleasing entertainment can make for a memorable way to celebrate with the friends and family supporting you on your big day. The two main 94 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

options for reception entertainment are hiring a live band or a DJ; which one is best for your reception depends on your needs and budget. The DJ Option There are pros and cons with hiring a band or DJ. Opting for a DJ gives one access to a seemingly endless song catalogue and can be a more affordable option. But, as it is with many services, you get what you pay for: Clients need to do their research when looking for a DJ to ensure they choose one with experience. “One concern about hiring a DJ is that with technology being the way it is, anyone can get an iTunes subscription and get power speakers for a modest investment and call themselves a DJ,” says David Storm, DJ and owner of Omega Sound and Entertainment, a company offering DJs and event

lighting. “Being a DJ requires a certain level of experience and decorum.” Storm recommends clients vet entertainers using sites like Wedding Wire and The Knot before hiring them. Besides fielding song requests – something that’s not as easy to do with a band – DJs can provide a lot of personal interaction with the guests. DJs can simply announce when the cake-cutting is, or they can be out there on the dance floor doing “The Wobble” with your grandmother. Amy Cuomo of the Baton Rouge-based X-Pert Productions says clients should discuss with the entertainer beforehand which level of interaction they want. “Let [the company] know if you want the DJ who will sit there and press buttons get out on the floor with the guests, making the party happen,” she says. Cuomo says one thing for clients to remember is to be explicit with entertainers about what attire they should wear to the reception. “Some people automatically assume the DJ will come in tuxedo or suit or tie, or it might be a relaxed wedding and they’ll need to come in a khaki or polo shirt,” she says. She also has heard of “theme weddings” where clients want the DJ to wear a certain type of outfit or costume. Whatever the case may be for your wedding, communicate with the DJ beforehand. Omega’s rates for a three-hour reception start at $600 and can go up to $2,500. Rates for X-Pert Productions vary since the company also does lighting, but for DJ services, a three-hour package costs $495. The Band Option While DJs are more affordable and offer a larger song selection, hiring a band can bring energy and spontaneity to a reception. “There’s so much more energy when you have all those bodies on stage producing the songs,” says Dalila Seruntine, a singer for the band Groovy images by robert T. photo

7. “More can happen within a song that’s fun, band members can interact with audience ... It’s more personable, interactive and impressive.” Rates for a three-hour reception for The Boogie Men start at $3,200 and can go up to $4,200, and Groovy 7 charges $4,500 to $5,500. There are many factors that can contribute to rates, including the date (an in-demand date or a Saturday wedding might cost more) and the type of location. A location where parking and loading in is easy will cost less than a venue where it is more difficult to do those things. Clients should provide bands with all the important times, especially what time the wedding is supposed to end, factoring in the band needing time to park, load in, set up and do a sound check. Seruntine says this process takes about two hours, depending on the venue. They should also let the band know roughly when they would like things like the couple’s first dance, the father-daughter dance, the bouquet

toss and other traditions to happen, but to keep in mind that things tend to rarely run on time. Let the band know what special songs you want for important moments like the father-daughter dance or the couple’s first dance, but remember that a busy party band may not have time to learn many new songs for your event. A band can often play recorded music for those special moments if they don’t know the requested song, but if you have a more obscure song list in mind for the entire reception, getting a DJ might be the way to go. And although you should let the band know of any particular genres you absolutely don’t want and some must-have songs, Seruntine says clients should ultimately trust the band to show the crowd a good time. “We all have a killer formula for what we do,” she says. “If a client makes a complete playlist for the whole night, they might be shooting themselves in the foot. If you’re going with a reputable party band,

let them do their thing.” Seruntine recommends people try to see the band live beforehand to get an idea of they what they will be like. Schmidt of The Boogie Men – a band that plays “stuff from the Big Band Era to current songs by Justin Timberlake and everything in between” – says the band can usually get a good read of the crowd, letting that dictate the playlist. “The way we do it, usually, we start with New Orleans jazz, as you move on I’m playing Sinatra, we’ll do some contemporary mellow songs – no one’s really dancing at this point. They’re talking, eating,” he says. “And then after first dances, it’s time to start picking up the pace. As the night goes on you modernize. After that first break, you play all the fun party music and current songs.” That, Seruntine says, is when the reception really starts getting fun. “Once the second drink is in hand and the plates are down, we flip the switch, go into Top 40 and hip-hop, and it’s just sweaty, crazy and nuts.” n

What To Play When Whether you opt for a band or a DJ, here are eight songs that are essential for any memorable wedding reception. First dance: “At Last” by Etta James What better song for your first dance as a couple than one of the most romantic songs of all time? Garter/removal toss: “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard If you decide to partake in garter/removal toss tradition, milk the cheesiness with an-over-the-top rock song like this classic. The bouquet toss: “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” by Beyoncé Beyoncé’s hit “Single Ladies” has become the theme song for the part of the wedding said to predict who will be next to “put a ring on it.” The line dance: “Wobble” by V.I.C. An easy-to-follow line dance is essential for getting those with two left feet out on the dance floor. V.I.C.’s hip-hop line dance “Wobble” is the favorite of the moment. The oldie: “Boogie Shoes” by KC and the Sunshine Band Since wedding guests usually run the age gamut, including danceable oldies is important, which any respectable party band should know. The locals-only song: “Get it Ready, Ready!” by D.J. Jubilee While your relatives from up North may not understand what he means by “What’s the name of your school?”, the local contingent of your guests will appreciate the New Orleans bounce classic. End of the night: “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey This song has closed down many a bar, making this the perfect way to send your guests home sweaty and smiling. 96 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

shoot 2 studios photo


locked in and the church or reception is reserved, I would recommend booking transportation next,” says Chris Bonomolo, the sales account manager at Bonomolo Limousines. Jennifer Christ, the sales and marketing manager at Audubon Limousine, agrees that it is important to book transportation early, especially if you plan to get married during a popular wedding month. “Each company is only going to have one or two of a particular vehicle,” Christ says, “so if it’s October and you want a specific vehicle, then you have to make sure you book early enough so that they will have it.”

Book Your Ride Plan ahead for smooth transportation on the wedding day. By Paige Nulty

One of the most overlooked aspects of planning a wedding is figuring out the transportation. It might seem simple – just get a car and go – but there are many behind-the-scenes factors in creating the perfect transportation plan. Do you want to stick with the classic limo or go more creative? Are you going to the wedding by yourself or with the whole wedding party? What about out-of-town guests? How are they getting to the ceremony? It can all seem

Lincoln Limousine 98 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

very overwhelming, but these questions are just an example of what you as the bride should consider to make sure your trip to the aisle is just as memorable as your walk down it. When To Book When it comes to booking transportation, six months to a year is a good amount of time to ensure you will have the car you want to use on the day you want to use it. “As soon as the date is

How To Plan A typical wedding only needs two vehicles, one for the bride and her maids and another for the groom and his men. While it’s easy to think that’s all you need, make sure to think about who’s coming to the wedding. It can be difficult to organize rides, and who wants to get stuck with the responsibility of being a chauffeur? If you have a lot of out-of-town guests coming in for the wedding, think about how you want them to get around. Arranging some sort of shuttle can be helpful as it can take a lot of the stress off the guests, the wedding party and you and your groom. Make sure you plan out where the

Large Minibuses fleet photos courtesy of Bonomolo Limousines

guests will have to go. Do you need a shuttle to bring them from the church to the reception, or just from the hotel to the ceremony? Also make sure you ask how long it will take the driver to get from point A to point B, as this is crucial when planning your itinerary for your wedding weekend. Limo companies have different policies on times; Big Easy Limos, for instance, guarantees they can get guests from point A to point B within an hour, says Stephen Wetzel, the company’s general manager. What To Book While a bus is always a good option for guests, it’s fun to get creative for the wedding party’s arrival. A limo is a great wedding standard, but it’s not your only option. One idea is a trolley. “We have begun to see a rise in reservations for trolleys for the rehearsal dinner, given the fact that the majority of the time a discount rate is applied,” says Bonomolo of Bonomolo Limousines. Whether it’s for the rehearsal dinner or to bring your bridesmaids and groomsmen to the ceremony, a trolley is a standout ride that can fit your whole party inside and will look great in pictures. If a trolley isn’t quite your speed, Bonomolo recommends a mini bus. “This option eliminates the use for multiple limos and it’s more cost effective,” he says. Other options include a limo bus, which strays slightly from the conven-

Small Minibuses

tional limo. Executive Limousine of Louisiana’s limo bus holds 20 people, but the company also offers a stretch SUV if that is more your style. Audubon Limousine has a luxury sedan Cadillac, in addition to the 24-passenger limo bus they offer. It’s also possible to have a variety of vehicles. “Some people like to mix it up by taking a limo to the ceremony and a limo bus to the reception,” says Christ of Audubon Limousine. “The bride, bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen can get to the wedding separately but then ride together afterwards.” For style on a smaller scale, there is always the antique Rolls Royce, a wedding gem that is offered by most transportation companies in the city. If you want to ride in the Queen of England’s 1956 Rolls Royce then check out the professionally restored model Executive Limousine of Louisiana has. Big Easy Limos also has a Rolls Royce for rent, and a client can combine it with one or two limos to make a package. While antique cars are an elegant way to ride around on your wedding day, their size can be impractical for a big wedding. “In place of a Rolls Royce we would offer the eight-person white limousine,” Christ says. “It still stands out but it’s bigger than just two seats.” Deciding on what to ride in is the beginning of the myriad of options available to a bride, and companies will work with you to decide what’s best.

Booking Your Ride When finalizing your transportation, be sure to ask the company what packages they have. For instance, Celebrity Limousine offers three packages at various price points, but it also offers a “Create Your Own Package” option. Many other transportation companies will let you create your own package so you get exactly what you need. “The client will say what they want and we set it up,” says Dwayne Levine, the CEO and president of Executive Limousine of Louisiana, who co-owns the company with his brother, Trent Levine. “Depending on the direction the client is going in, we just see what they need and make suggestions.” In addition to choosing a package, ask potential companies if they have a discount for less busy times. “The time slot between 5 and 8 p.m. on a Saturday is the most popular time,” says Joe Sagona, the owner of Celebrity Limousine. If your wedding is on a Friday night or during the day on a Saturday, you might be able to get a lower rate. Finally, once you get everything booked, don’t forget to leave some room in your wedding budget for tips. Sagona says the standard gratuity in the industry is 20 percent, and that’s per driver. So, for example, if you paid $200 for one limo, you would owe the driver a $40 tip. Some companies make it mandatory, but some companies don’t, so make sure you know before you book. n

Sprinter New Orleans Bride | 99

Real Weddings P. 106

P. 108

P. 110

P. 112

See page 116 for information about getting your wedding in New Orleans Bride magazine.

P. 114

real weddings

Arceneaux - Rudd

106 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

Bride: Aimee Arceneaux Groom: Jason Rudd Date: June 14, 2013 Ceremony: St. Mary’s Assumption Catholic Church Reception: Audubon Tea Room Gown: Bustles & Bows Bridal Boutique Short Reception Dress: I Do Bridal Couture Bridesmaids Dresses: Bustles & Bows Bridal Boutique Men’s Attire: Navy suits at Jos. A. Bank Men’s Ties: Custom from Rome’s Tuxedos Rings: Private Jeweler Bride’s Bracelet: Construct Jewelry Florist: Fabulous Flowers Cake: The Cocoa Bean Bakery Photographer: Images by Robert T. Videographer: Dyle Films Makeup: Flawless Bride Hair: Teased by Jen and Maison de Cheveux Ceremony Music: New Orleans Finest Musicians Reception Music: Groovy 7 Photo Booth: Spoofs Photo Booth Live Painter: Art by Christopher Turner Candy Table: Graceful Event Productions Transportation: Big Easy Limos and Bonomolo Limousines Invitations: Scriptura New Orleans Bride | 107

real weddings

Bouie - Roland

108 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

Bride: Dana Bouie Groom: Anthony Roland Date of wedding: April 21, 2012 Ceremony location: Riverview Room Reception Location: Riverview Room Coordinator: Classic Weddings and Events by Susan Gown: Casablanca Bridal at Lasting Bridal Couture of Addison, Texas Bridesmaids dresses: Bari Jay at Lasting Bridal Couture of Addison, Texas Rings: Gordon’s Jewelers Florist: Nola Flora Caterer: Riverview Room Cake: Haydel’s Bakery Photographer: M. Clay Photography Hair stylist: Lashanda Taylor Johnston at Between the Shears Salon Makeup: Ashley Merritt at The Makeup Lab Artistry Music: Big Daddie the DJ and Free Agents Brass Band New Orleans Bride | 109

real weddings

Favret - Daigle

110 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

Bride: Sarah Favret Groom: Patrick Daigle Date of wedding: April 19, 2013 Ceremony location: St. Mary’s Assumption Church Reception Location: The Chicory Coordinator: Karin Favret Gown: Winnie Chlomin dress at Olivier Couture Bridesmaids dresses: Pearl’s Place Men’s attire: John’s Tuxedos Rings: Angelique’s Florist: Bella Blooms Floral Caterer: The Chicory Cake: The Sweet Life Bakery Photographer: Bob Bradford Videographer: Bob Eustler Hair stylist: Jamie Lynn at Barreca’s Salon Make-up: Courtney Epperson  Music: The Bucktown All-Stars New Orleans Bride | 111

real weddings

Pierce - Orgeron

112 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

Bride: Bree Pierce Groom: Nicholas Orgeron Date of wedding: May 18, 2013 Ceremony location: Community Bible Church in Cut Off, La. Reception Location: Chateau De Bayou Restaurant Gown: David’s Bridal Bridesmaids dresses: David’s Bridal Men’s attire: Elaine’s Rings: Birdsall Jewelry Caterer: Chateau De Bayou Restaurant Cake: RJR Cake Shop Cake stand: Custom made by the Bride’s grand-father, Michael LeBlanc Photographer: Shoot 2 Studios Videographer: Christy Peltier Videography Hair and Makeup: Beth Danos and Lisa Danos at Beauty Box Music: The Groove Transportation: Foxy’s Limousine Service New Orleans Bride | 113

real weddings

Spindler - Mansfield

114 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

Bride: Alison Spindler Groom: James Mansfield IV Wedding date: May 11, 2013 Ceremony location: Christ Church Cathedral Reception location: Latrobe’s on Royal Coordinator: Sapphire Events New Orleans Gown: Modern Trousseau at Wedding Belles Bridesmaids dresses: Lula Kate at Wedding Belles Men’s attire: Vera Wang Black at Men’s Wearhouse Rings: Artisan Jewelers in Lafayette Florist: Nola Flora Caterer: Latrobe’s on Royal Cake: Pure Cake Photographer: MQ Photography Hair and makeup: Kiss and Makeup Beauty Services Music: Az Izz New Orleans Bride | 115

Want to feature your wedding in our magazine? Check out how.... Want to see your wedding on these pages and share your big day with our readers and the city of New Orleans? To be considered as a featured local wedding in New Orleans Bride magazine, mail a CD with high-resolution (4x6/300dpi) photographs. Below is a helpful checklist to double-check you have all the correct materials.

what we need 1. A Word document of the following vendors: ___ Bride and groom’s full name ___ Date of the wedding ___ Ceremony location ___ Reception location ___ Coordinator ___ Gown (designer and store) ___ Bridesmaids’ dresses (designer and store) ___ Men’s Attire (store) ___ Rings ___ Florist ___ Caterer ___ Cake ___ Photographer ___ Videographer ___ Hair (Stylist and Salon) ___ Makeup (Stylist and Salon) ___ Music ___ Any other vendor you would like to include

2. High-resolution (4x6 / 300dpi) photographs of: ___ Bride and groom ___ Bride and groom with family ___ Cake ___ Rings ___ Flowers ___ Bridesmaids and groomsmen ___ Ceremony ___ Reception ___ Please include five other photos of your choice.

* Please send at least 10-15 photographs burned on a CD * Please burn a Word document of your vendors on the CD. All CDs will NOT be returned.

where to send it

How we choose

Please mail your CD of photos and Word document of vendor information to: New Orleans Bride magazine Attn: Tiffani Amedeo 110 Veterans Blvd. Suite 123 Metairie, LA 70005

New Orleans Bride magazine reserves the right to choose the wedding and the issue of the magazine it will be featured. Submissions are not guaranteed to be published and CDs won’t be returned. The bride, groom and photographer must give permission to use the photographs and information of the submitted wedding.

116 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

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bridal resources to help you with all your wedding planning needs Beauty/ health/ fitness 3Phases Salon 3600 St. Charles Ave. Suite 203 New Orleans, LA 504-899-8100 3Phases Salon is the only Focus Paul Mitchell Salon on St. Charles Ave. in uptown New Orleans. We offer all hair services and have a passion for weddings. It has been an honor to work with so many New Orleans brides help making there dreams reality. It is very important to us to give them the experience every girl dreams about on there wedding day. Aimeezing Faces Photography and Makeup Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 225-305-2770 Please visit our website for updated details and GRAND OPENING DATES FOR OUR NEW STUDIO. Our company provides photography and hair and makeup services. We are the first Custom Makeup Bar for Gluten Free Corn Free and Soy Free makeup Products. Join us for a make over and experience Voodoo Makeup at the finest. Complimentary Consultations are welcome. Claire Rav Makeup Metairie 504-201-3437 Professionally trained Makeup Artist servicing Brides & bridal parties. Specialist in airbrush makeup.

Dazzle Doll - professional makeup and hair on location 504-957-7716 Dazzle Doll provides on site makeup and hair services by licensed professionals. It is my passion to make women feel truly beautiful and special for their most important occasions. La Riviera Salon and Spa 4506 Shores Drive Metairie LA 504-455-4247 La Riviera Salon and Spa offers full service bridal packages, which includes complimentary champagne and limo service. Come engage in your spa experience to the fullest with Tammy Toca’s La Riviera Salon and Spa! “Not just a Salon, a Destination.” Maison de Cheveux 201 St.Charles Ave. #127 New Orleans, LA 504-908-4247 “Your Neighborhood Salon” A full service salon delivering affordable luxury for everyone. Specializing in color, cut, makeup, and brides. Offering Bumble and Bumble and Oribe hair care products exclusively. Makeup By Meggan New Orleans, LA 504-473-7263 Meggan Dupre Ory is a Makeup Artist servicing the greater New Orleans

area. Meggan has 9 years experience in makeup artistry. Book Meggan for your wedding or any event where you want to love the way you look! Mary Kay CosmeticsGaynell Kennedy 8616 Steamboat Lane River Ridge, LA 504-669-5880 Learn to Love & Lavish your Skin for Life with an educational facial on product knowledge, along with a Mary Kay Modernized Makeup application. The Doll House Hair and Beauty Salon 516 Veterans Memorial Boulevard Metairie, LA 504-835-7474 This is a full service hair salon. We do hair cuts, color, balayage, ombre, extensions, shine treatments, keratin treatments and facial waxing and spray tanning. The Look by Angela Bridal Beauty Services 1800 W. Causeway Approach Suite 122 Mandeville, LA 70471 985-789-1213 I offer on location wedding services as well as an in salon experience. I specialize in wedding and special event styling, as well as highlighting, haircoloring, keratherapy and skincare services. The Spa at Stone Creek 1201 Ochsner Blvd. Covington, LA 985-801-7120 The Spa at Stone Creek invites you to experience true relaxation and reconnect with nature. Select from our menu of services or allow our experts to design a customized retreat. Waxing the City 4121 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 504-899-1500 Waxing the City® offers facial and body waxing services for brows, arms, legs, the bikini area and more! We specialize in a full line of services for women and men!

Bridal consultants & event designers Down Annie Lane 2008 Kent Ave. Metairie, LA 504-259-8022 Wedding Planners for Brides on a Budget! Gala Productions New Orleans, LA 504-491-7811 Luxury design firm offering award-winning planning, styling and coordination services as well as floral design, linens, lighting, candles, and high-end props. Producing beautiful, stress-free events for over 10 years. I Do Events New Orleans, LA 504-400-0285 504-473-777 A wedding and event planning company that specializes in planning a meaningful and unique event, that creates memories that will last a life time. Let us help you Say “I Do” It’s Your Time Events Covington, LA 504-975-3375 It’s Your Time Events is an event planning and consulting firm. Whether you are planning a corporate event, wedding, birthday party or extravagant holiday party, It’s Your Time Events will help you design an event based on your ideas, which will be remembered for a lifetime. Weddings By lulu New Orleans, LA 504-345-9655 Detailed and creative professional wedding planning & design. Let us help you plan and design your dream wedding-- which you can expect to be on schedule, on budget and totally GORGEOUS!

Cake/ pastries Bayou Accents Lafitte, LA Custom Wedding Cake Pulls made with Swarovski pearls and crystals as stretchy bracelets or keychains and over 30 traditional and New Orleans charms to choose from.

advertising section Bittersweet Confections 725 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 504-523-2626 Custom designed wedding cakes, artisan chocolates, specialty groom’s cakes and decadent desserts to serve at your event. Call today to schedule your tasting. Cocoa Bean Bakery & Cafe 910 E. Morris Ave Hammond, LA 70403 985-345-2002 Speciality cakes, pastries, wedding cakes and grooms cakes. Joe Gambino’s Bakeries 4821 Veterans Memorial Blvd. Metairie, LA 504-885-7500 Gambino’s Bakeries is a family owned bakery that has been creating memories for over 65 years. We specialize in custom wedding and grooms cakes, dessert bars and engagemnt cakes. Melissa’s Fine Pastries By Appointment New Orleans, LA 504-472-8572 For beautiful looking and delicious tasting cakes, schedule an appointment with Melissa’s Fine Pastries to discuss a custom designed cake or pastry bar that will compliment your wedding perfectly.

Swiss Confectionery, Inc. 747 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA 504-522-7788 For over 90 years Swiss has set the standard for wedding cakes in New Orleans. Family owned and operated for five generations, we remain committed to the traditions that have earned our excellent reputation. The Kupcake Factory 819 Esplanade Ave. Kenner, LA 504-464-8884 Made from scratch daily, our gourmet cupcakes & cakes aim to please. We mix in lots of care & love to create a flavorful, gourmet cupcake treat to enjoy. The Royal Cakery 10800 Morrison Rd. Suite 106 New Orleans, LA 504-246-2065 The Royal Cakery is a small bakery specializing in custom made wedding cake and groom’s cake, muffins pies and pastries. The Sweet Life Bakery 6268 Vicksburg St. New Orleans, La 504-371-5153 Hidden away in the heart of Lakeview is The Sweet Life Bakery, a cake design bakery that uses inspiration to create incredibly delicious works of art. Our designs

range from classic to contemporary. We do cakes that are cute, fun, and classic and ones that are inspired by you.

Catering Austin’s Seafood and Steakhouse 5101 West Esplanade Ave. Metairie, LA 504-888-5533 Voted “Best Restaurant in Metairie,” Austin’s Seafood and Steakhouse is available for bridal luncheons, rehearsal dinners, banquets, and corporate events. Three beautiful private rooms can accommodate groups of 10-100 guests. Martin Wine Cellar 714 Elmeer Ave. Metairie, LA 504-896-7350 Family-owned and operated since 1946, Martin Wine Cellar provides an extensive collection of wine, spirits, beer, cheese, gourmet food, gift baskets and wine merchandise. Deli/Bistro and Catering also available. Ralph Brennan Catering & Events 111 Veterans Blvd. Metairie, LA 504-539-5511 We Work. You Play! For over thirty years, Ralph Brennan and his dedicated team have catered the meals and events that celebrate the moments of your life. Providing full-service custom catering for events large and small, we tailor our services to enhance your palate, theme and budget.

Ceremony/reception locations Antoine’s Restaurant 713 St. Louis St. New Orleans, LA 504-581-4422 Antoine’s Restaurant offers a romantic setting for New Orleans weddings. Our many private dining rooms accommodate weddings,rehearsal dinners,bridal luncheons and receptions and are sure to create memories for years to come. Broussard’s 819 Conti New Orleans, LA 504-581-3866 Broussard’s is one of the founding Restaurants in the French Quarter and one of the most Historic Venues in the city. It boasts a large luscious courtyard and private rooms to host your Wedding or Rehearsal Dinner. Chateau Golf & Country Club 3600 Chateau Blvd. Kenner, LA 504-467-1351 When you begin planning a very special event, such as your wedding reception, attention to detail is so important. From the time your first guest arrives until the last one leaves, our commitment is to offer you the utmost in quality and service. Courtyard on the Ridge 407 Folse St. Harahan, LA 504-737-6660 Courtyard on the Ridge offers more than 11,000 square feet of ceremony and reception space, accommodating up to 400 guests. Our food is prepared fresh from scratch and served by our professional staff to assure you a memorable day. Creole Queen #1 Poydras St. Suite 39 New Orleans, LA 504-293-2314 A unique wedding venue in the heart of New Orleans.

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Elms Mansion 3029 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA 504-895-9200

bridal resources Built in 1869 the Elms Mansion is the ideal setting for wedding ceremonies, receptions and rehearsal dinners. Fullservice wedding planning and onsite catering provided. Beautifully preserved interior and expansive gardens. Emerald Grande 10 Harbor Blvd. Destin, FL 850-585-5451 Celebrating together at Emerald Grande at HarborWalk Village has an enchantment all its own. We have spectacular venues with stunning views to host your event, dream wedding or social celebration. We can take care of all the details so you can relax and make treasured memories. Led by a team of skilled event planning and culinary professionals, our staff is experienced in hosting an incredibly wide range of functions. English Turn Golf & Country Club One Clubhouse Drive New Orleans, LA 504-392-2200 Let our dedicated staff assist you in planning the wedding you have been dreaming of. English Turn is located just 8 miles from downtown New Orleans while at the same time offering a feeling of peacefulness with its tranquil setting. Our outdoor ceremony and reception locations offer the rare opportunity to celebrate your event outdoors with the lush greenery and picturesque setting of our PGA course as your backdrop. Fair Grounds Race Course 1751 Gentilly Blvd New Orleans, LA 504-948-1285 Whether it’s a group for “A Day at the Races” to watch live racing in the Clubhouse or Suite, a party in the Black Gold Room, a meeting or an evening party, Fair Grounds is the perfect setting to host your next event. Federal Ballroom New Orleans 147 Carondelet St. New Orleans, LA

advertising section 504-587-2088 The Federal Ballroom is A Historic Wedding Venue Built in 1923 as a Federal Reserve Bank. The Most Elegant Wedding Venue in the South. Located in the Central Business District Hampton Inn Hotels & Suites of New Orleans 1201 Convention Center Blvd New Orleans, LA 504-293-1200 Make your New Orleans wedding comfortable, convenient and stress-free. Consider us for your wedding, reception and guest accommodation needs. Whether your attendees consist of out-of-towners, local residents, or a bit of both, we’re here to ensure they have a truly unique New Orleans experience and are well taken care of. Hilton New Orleans/ St. Charles Avenue 333 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA 504-524-8890 Hilton St. Charles is a 1920s high rise hotel offering stunning architecture and design features, with original chandeliers, marble floors, and handcrafted inlay tile ceiling in the Grand Entry Hall. While staying at Hilton St. Charles, you can enjoy our Deluxe Kings or Double bedded rooms, or spend the night in one of 25 lavish dignitary suites. House of Blues 225 Decatur St. New Orleans, LA 504-310-4988 NewOrleans From the plush Foundation Room lounge to the colorful soaring backdrop of the Grand Music Hall, House of Blues offers a variety of unique spaces for all your wedding events. House of Broel’s Victorian Mansion and Gardens 2220 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA 504-522-2220 504-494-2220 The most affordable romantic site in New Orleans is conveniently located on St. Charles Ave. in the historic Garden District. An all-inclusive package makes your event stress free and the

lush gardens make glorious pictures. Hyatt French Quarter 800 Iberville St. New Orleans, LA 504-565-4566 Fully renovated property in the French Quarter offering a garden courtyard and beautiful ballroom space leading out to Canal Street. Hyatt Regency New Orleans 601 Loyola Ave. New Orleans, LA 504-561-1234 From gourmet menus and lavish ballrooms to luxurious guestrooms and exceptional service, our team will ensure your special day is unforgettable. InterContinental New Orleans 444 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA 504-585-4346 The InterContinental is centered at the core of the city providing convenient access to the historic wonders of the French Quarter and major attractions. This AAA four-diamond award winning hotel features 479 luxuriously appointed guest rooms that include 75 balcony rooms overlooking an urban garden and 30 beautifully appointed suites. Le Pavillon Hotel 833 Poydras St. New Orleans, LA 504-620-4126 LePavillon is an exquisite venue for grand social occasions. An elegant setting for Weddings, Rehearsal Dinners, & Bridal Luncheons. Let LePavillon create your special Celebration with all the grandeur your day deserves. Longue Vue House and Gardens 7 Bamboo Road New Orleans, LA 504-488-5488 Longue Vue is an eight-acre County Place Era estate featuring a Classical Revival mansion and fourteen distinct gardens. We host photography and teas for brides. Maison Dupuy Hotel 1001 Rue Toulouse New Orleans, LA 504-648-6114 In the heart of the French Quarter, this luxurious outdoor courtyard is perfect for parties of 2 to 250 guests. Parties include engagements, rehearsal dinners, wedding ceremonies and receptions. Mercedes-Benz Superdome & Club XLIV at Champions Square Sugar Bowl Drive New Orleans, LA 504-587-3922 The Superdome’s Club Lounges, located on the 200 Level, offer an upscale environment in a uniquely New Orleans venue. With floor to ceiling picturesque windows overlooking the cityscape, the Club Lounges are truly “rooms with a view!” club XLIV is New Orleans’ newest luxury private lounge. With amazing built-in amenities including modern furnishings, illuminated bars, specialty lighting, audio and video package, club XLIV is truly “a wedding planner’s dream!” Napoleon House 500 Chartres St. New Orleans, LA 504-525-2431 Located in a National Historic Landmark, our private facility can accommodate 50-135 guests for cocktail receptions and 40-60 for full service seated dinners. New Orleans Hotel Collection 1380 Port of New Orleans Place New Orleans, LA 855-798-6642 Splendidly original hotels in america’s Favorite city - gorgeous courtyards, ballrooms and cottages for your wedding. New Orleans Opera Guild Home 2504 Prytania Street New Orleans, LA 504-267-9539 This Garden District mansion is an architectural masterpiece that brings glamour, elegance, and legacy to any special event. The Guild Home is lavishly appointed with 18th and 19th century European and American furniture, artwork, antiques, and objets d’art. With the Tiffany & Double Parlors, marble solarium, and a courtyard garden, the Guild Home presents a variety of sophisticated settings for private intimate or grand gatherings, large or small corporate events, weddings, receptions and filming locations.

Nottoway Plantation & Resort 31025 Louisiana Hwy 1 White Castle, LA 225-545-2730 Exchange your vows in a stunning plantation setting and celebrate your new marriage with an unforgettable gala in one of our lavish ballrooms or in the dramatic Grande Pavilion. Oceana Grill 739 Conti St. New Orleans, LA 504-525-3661 Oceana Grill in the French Quarter can do it all. From the ceremony, reception, and rehearsal dinners to bachelor/bachelorette parties. Book two or more parties and receive a discount. Redemption 3835 Iberville St. New Orleans, LA 504-309-3570 Housed in an exquisite 100-year-old historic church, Redemption is the perfect venue for all of your bridal events, including an intimate ceremony on their lush, private patio. Executive Chef Greg Picolo will custom design a menu to delight your guests and make your big day one to remember. Renaissance New Orleans Arts Hotel 700 Tchoupitoulas St. New Orleans, LA 504-613-2330 Ideally located in the heart of New Orleans in the revitalized Arts District, the Renaissance Arts Hotel is where your wedding vision starts an exhilarating journey. Just six blocks from the French Quarter in the historic riverfront neighborhood —the SoHo of the South— a one-of-a-kind experience awaits you and your guests the minute you step into our hotel. Renaissance New Orleans Pere Marquette 817 Common St. New Orleans, LA 504-525-1111 You deserve the wedding of your dreams. The Renaissance New Orleans Pere Marquette Hotel can make that a reality with unique touches and attention to detail that will make your wedding day something you and each of your guests will remember. Riverview Room 600 Decatur Street, 4th Floor New Orleans, LA 504-525-3000 You won’t find a more romantic setting for your wedding reception than the Riverview Room with its indoor and outdoor panoramic views of the mighty Mississippi New Orleans Bride | 121

bridal resources River, combined with the charm and beauty of the French Quarter. Rosy’s Jazz Hall 500 Valence St. New Orleans, LA 504-896-7679 Rosy’s Jazz Hall is a unique venue with a warm atmosphere and a rich New Orleans heritage. We have a two story atrium, which is used for wedding ceremonies as well as an indoor balcony and beautiful outdoor New Orleans Style Courtyard. Royal Palm 1901 Manhattan Blvd. Building E Harvey, LA 504-644-4100 Royal Palm is a luxury events venue located only 7 miles from downtown New Orleans. We have ample parking, and can accommodate events anywhere from 30 to 1000 guests.

advertising section Royal Sonesta Hotel New Orleans 300 Bourbon St. New Orleans, LA 504-553-2205 From elegant receptions to custom designed wedding cakes, personalized menus, traditional courtyard setting and romantic bridal suites, trust Sonesta to simplify your planning and create the wedding day of your dreams. Southern Oaks Plantation 7816 Hayne Blvd. New Orleans, LA 504-245-8221 A stylish mélange of the charm, delicious food, exceptional service, and unique culture of New Orleans. Elegant garden-style ceremonies and spectacular receptions inside the mansion make chic and unforgettable celebrations. Stella Plantation 4881 Highway 39 Braithwaite, LA 504-919-7474 Stella’s vast size and diverse venues makes it ideal for an array of wedding festivities, from a breathtaking background for bridal portraits, to an intimate ceremony or the grandest reception!

The Cannery 3803 Toulouse St. New Orleans, LA 504-486-8351 The Cannery is a premiere wedding venue. The 12,000 sqft venue includes an outdoor terrace, grand foyer, ballroom, chic lounge & bridal suite with a private restroom and walk-in closet. The Chicory 610 S. Peters New Orleans, LA 504-521-8055 The Chicory, an elegant venue for your New Orleans wedding ceremony and reception, features exposed beams, brick walls, and gas lanterns. Originally built in 1852 as a coffee warehouse, The Chicory has maintained its simple name with New Orleans pride. With over 25,000 square feet, 6 rooms and an elegant outdoor rooftop, The Chicory is a very versatile space. From intimate private dinners to grand New Orleans weddings, and corporate events, The Chicory offers a unique and historic event space. The Court of Two Sisters 613 Royal St. New Orleans, LA 504-522-7261 The Court of Two Sisters is available for wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners and bridal luncheons and showers. Enjoy historic, elegant ambiance for your special occasion!  The Saint Hotel, Autograph Collection 931 Canal St. New Orleans, LA 504-522-5400 kate.archer@thesainthotelneworleans. com This French Quarter gem is an oasis of possibilities where anything goes and your adventure awaits.

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The New Orleans Museum of Art 1 Collins Diboll Circle New Orleans, LA 504-658-4139 NOMA and the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden provide an opulent setting to host seated dinners, receptions, and weddings. Interior and exterior spaces can accommodate up to 1,200 guests.

Tomas Bistro 755 Tchoupitoulas St. New Orleans, LA 504-527-0942 contact@tommysrestaurantgroup. com Beautiful venue with exposed brick walls and vaulted glass ceiling for a very “New Orleans” style ceremony and reception. All food is catered in-house by our amazing culinary team. Vintage Court 75082 Highway 25 Covington, LA 985-871-0495 Renovated Catholic Church on 10 oak filled acres, formal gardens, offers outdoor or indoor ceremonies, Two banquet rooms available from 50 to 600 people. Onsite catering included, in house DJ. W Hotels of New Orleans 333 Poydras St. New Orleans, LA 504-207-5173 Get ready for your big day. Say “I do” overlooking the sparkling downtown lights at W New Orleans, or celebrate under the stars in the courtyard at W French Quarter.

Flowers Arbor House Floral 2372 St. Claude Ave. New Orleans, LA 504-656-4884 Arbor House Floral offers expert design and over forty-five years of experience in the bridal industry. Be confident that your wedding day will be as beautiful as you dream. Beth’s Flowers 2014 CLearview Parkway Metairie, LA 504-455-2353 Wedding florist & wedding planners (full service or day of). Brittney Ray’s Florist 2108 Paris Road Chalmette, LA 504-271-9012 We realize a wedding is a once in a lifetime affair! We provide exceptional, personalized service and use only the freshest flowers. We are family owned and operated for over 25 years. Each

work of art that leaves our store is designed especially for you with experience and class. Ever After Events 3334 Severn Ave. Ste 6 Metairie, LA 504-888-9810 Ever After Events is your one stop shop for all your bridal needs. We offer bridal accessories, candle decor, and floral arrangements. Let us help you personalized your wedding today. Fabulous Flowers LLC. By Appointment New Orleans, LA 504-909-0253 Specializing in weddings and events Fabulous Flowers can provide a wide selection of styles and looks for your special day while working with your budget! Make your wedding, Fabulous! Grow With Us Florist 106 Metairie Heights Ave. Metairie, LA 504-837-9449 Fresh, custom, unique florals. Kim Starr Wise Floral Events 2032 Adams St. New Orleans, LA 504-315-5607 Unique floral designs for your special event and wedding. We create florals built around your look and style! If you can dream it, we can make it! Poppy & Mint Floral Company 401 Lafayette Gretna, LA 504-338-9168 We are a charming floral studio with a penchant for all things vintage and crafty! The Crystal Vase Flowers & Gifts New Orleans/Baton Rouge Areas, LA 504-888-8891 We are a localy family owned wedding and event florist for the greater New Orleans area who have recently spanned out to the Northshore and Baton Rouge area. I have been in the wedding floral business for the past 20 years and enjoy every aspect of it. Let me help make your special day memorable!

Gifts/ registry Adler’s 722 Canal St., New Orleans 504-523-5292 New Orleans Bride | 123

bridal resources For over 100 years, generations of brides have chosen Adler’s for their wedding registry. Whether you are selecting your fine china, crystal, silver or even wedding party gifts, Adler’s offers a vast selection the world’s finest brands to choose from. Auraluz 4408 Shores Dr., Metairie 504-888-3313 Visit Auraluz for unique items including bridal party gifts, handkerchiefs, table linens, special occasion children’s clothing and so much more. Bridal Registry and monogramming services available. Lakeside Camera Photoworks 3508 21st St. Metairie, LA 70002 504-885-8660 Lakeside Camera Photoworks is a group of savvy photographic experts, video specialists, graphic designers & camera equipment retailers. Specializing in invitation printing, wedding albums, photo gifts and photos on metal. The Engraving Company Lakeside Mall 504-837-7378 The Engraving Company, located in Lakeside Shopping Center, offers engravable gifts, wedding essentials (cake knives/servers, toasting glasses, guest books, etc.), bridal party gifts and watch and jewelry sales and repairs.

Honeymoon travel Paradise Vacation Escapes 38122 Major Oak Ally Prairieville, LA 225-303-2240 I am a romance travel expert, specializing in Honeymoons, destination weddings. I bring added value to your journey. All you have to worry about is packing! Town & Country Travel Inc 723 Arora Ave. Metairie, LA 504-838-8702

advertising section We are a full service travel agency specializing in Honeymoons and Destination Weddings. Call for your consultation. Travel Central 3221 N Causeway Blvd. Metairie, LA 504-834-7000 Your honeymoon and destination wedding specialist!

Invitations Exquisite Events New Orleans, LA 504-975-4089 Custom invitations and stationary for the discerning taste. MagnetStreet Weddings 3890 Pheasant Ridge Drive NE #190 Blaine, MN 55449 800-788-0611 Personalized Wedding Stationery in YOUR colors! Save the Dates, Invitations, Programs, Favors, Thank Yous and more. And because quality matters, FREE color palettes and stationery samples available.

Jewelry Just For Me Designs Kenner, LA 504-812-2519 Custom designed bridal jewelry and accessories for you and your entire bridal party.

Music Harp Wedding Music and More 179 Bellaire Drive New Orleans, LA 504-909-3756 Louisiana Philharmonic Harpist Rachel Van Voorhees provides spectacular wedding ceremony music featuring New Orleans top musicians. Choose from harp, voice, trumpet, strings, organ, bagpipes, brass, second lines and much more. Reasonable prices and excellent service. Joe Simon’s Jazz Music, LLC P.O. Box 750085 New Orleans, LA 504-834-3433 Music for all occasions. Nola Talent Unlimited 1678 N Dupre St. New Orleans, LA 504-881-3077 Nola Talent Unlimited is your number one resource for live entertainment. We provide ceremony music, reception music of all musical genres, and rehearsal musical entertainment. We only deal with the best New Orleans entertainers, and there is always a representative to work with you prior to the event and coordinate during the event. With Nola Talent, we always exceed expectations! Omega Sound & Entertainment 1441 Fremaux Ave. Slidell, LA 985-966-6378 Omega Sound & Entertainment is an award winning, mobile entertainment company providing world class DJ’s as well as event lighting and production throughout the entire Gulf Coast area! Twilight Band 985-237-9343 Twilight Band is the hottest Wedding and Dance band to hit the Southeast Louisiana music scene performing all types of genre. Performances are rounded out by the band’s 3 lead singers Michael, Branna and Karen whose dynamic personalities are sure to get the crowd going. We specialize in Weddings, Private Parties and Corporate Events. White Oak Productions, Inc 8428 Oak St. New Orleans, LA 504-314-6680 Allow our wedding savvy staff to reduce your stress by booking your second line, reception band, jazz trio, DJ and more! We work with the most professional and reliable bands and have over 30 years of award-winning experience. X-Pert Productions 3000 Kingman St. Ste 218 Metairie, LA 504-799-5905 X-pert Productions has been performing to all types of events and

all age groups since 1994. We are a full production company that provides Disk Jokey and Event Lighting Services to any size occasion.

Photo booths BIG EASY PHOTOBOOTH 504-333-3088 Professional custom graphics on each photos trip, USB of all pictures taken, Large selection of unique & fun props and Beautifully handmade guest book customized for the bride and groom which they receive at the end of the evening. Boogie Booth Photo Booth Comapny PO Box 581 Mandeville, LA 504-457-8033 We are a full service photo booth and green screen company who specializes in bringing the fun to your event. Capture This Photo Booth, LLC 504-228-3948 Capture This Photo Booth, LLC is a modern portable photobooth that’s sure to be a hit with each and every guest. We accomadate any type of event, indoors or out! DemiPiX Photo Booth 4801 Burke Drive Metairie, LA 504-400-1584 Photo Booth fun to add a splash of spontaneous, candid, momentous FUN to your wedding. We customize our booth and your photo to your venue. Makes great wedding favors! Funtastic Fotos, LLC P.O. Box 58418 New Orleans, LA 504-466-9209 Funtastic Fotos’ flipbook technology requires guest to move around for only 7 seconds with props in hand in front of a white or green screen. The 7 second video is then converted into a flipbook, which is printed on-site in about 90 seconds. All flipbooks and pricing include a custom designed cover, use of props and hand held signs, as well as a DVD compilation of all the videos at your event. Sunny Memories Photo Booth 321 W. Esplanade Ave

Metairie, LA 504-265-1833 Our open style photo booth offers unlimited photo sessions, a great attendant, and tons of add-ons to fit your wedding needs.

Photography Arte de Vie 1504 Lynnette Drive Metairie, LA 504-592-3522 CheyAnne and Doug are romantics at heart and love documenting the most special day of a couple’s life. Please check out our website to learn more about us, and contact us to schedule a meeting at our studio! Belle Amour Photogrpahy 1441 Fremaux Ave. Slidell, LA 985-768-6603 “Beautiful Love” We capture strive to capture those small moments that help to tell the story of your big day. Billiot Photography and Video 285 Moss Ln Mandeville, LA 504-669-3082 Professional Photography and Videography services since 1995. Over 800 weddings! We offer customized packages and a low price guarantee (call for details). We will travel to anywhere in the world! Bob Bradford Photography 2214 Milton St. New Orleans, LA 504-943-2622 Full service photography studio that specializes in weddings. Captured Photography 2536 Highland Meadows Drive Marrero, LA 504-464-7661 Captured Photography, as the name says, “captures” the treasured moments in all your special occasions and events. Please check out our website for the combination of quality and price we can provide. David Tompkins Photography 504-738-7944 David Tompkins is a Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman. As a photographic artist, David has shot weddings all over the world. David New Orleans Bride | 125

bridal resources can customize your wedding to your needs. Eau Claire Photographics 641 N. Alexander St. New Orelans LA 504-432-7879 Eau Claire Photographics is naturally bright, colorful, lively, happy, emotional, fun, modern yet classic wedding photojournalism. Eye Wander Photo 244 Linda Ave. Baton Rouge, LA 225-772-4051 Wedding photography with a realness. Real passion, real emotion. I specialize in people therefore you become my entire focus, making you look your best, capturing you in the best light.

Firefly Ambiance

advertising section Fab Fotography New Orleans, LA 504-220-4196 Young, creative, fashionable and fabulous are the best words to describe New Orleans wedding and portrait photographer, Fabi Asencio. Her passion for photography shows in her work, let her capture all of your special moments. For information about booking your wedding with Fab Fotography call us!

With the many years of experience, Trent has made a name for himself in South Louisiana as a photographer flexible enough to produce heartwarming memories for families during the special milestones of their life. When a couple allows me to photograph their wedding, I become a part of their life. For as long as they live, they will look at the pictures of their wedding and remember the photographer who took them. For that long, I remain a part of their life story, that’s what makes my job rewarding.

GK Photography 10170 Jefferson Hwy River Ridge, LA 504-737-5557 Award winning imagery...just for you! George’s attention to detail and creative style has made him a trusted favorite with local celebrities. George will capture every moment of your day with a blend of creative posing and emotion-filled candids.

LA Studios 2808 Athania Pkwy Metairie, LA 504-669-5711 Photographer specializing in contemporary wedding photography. Also destination weddings. We provide still photography and video productions at very reasonable prices.

Images By Robert T. 985-966-2793

On-Location Photography 632 Phosphor Ave. Metairie, LA 504-258-8600 Weddings are my favorite to photograph! I also photograph events (corporate and private), take senior pictures, family portraits, on-site printing. Photo 225 225-267-7636 Photo 225 is a full service wedding media company serving South Louisiana including Lafayette, Baton Rouge and New Orleans Sison Photo New Orleans, LA 504-250-2400 Brenda And Tim Sison are New Orleans wedding photographers. Their love of photography and unique style make them a city favorite. Stacy Marks Photography 1025 N Hullen St. Metairie, LA 504-237-2173 Stacy was chosen Photographer of the Year by his peers in the Wedding Professionals Guild. The Guild consists of over 65 of New Orleans top vendors. Stacy was also nominated for Photographer of the year 3 years running.

Studio Tran Photographers New Orleans, LA 504-258-7260 Life isn’t boring, why should your pictures be? For a fresh, fun and new approach to photography, check out our website. TapSnap Intertech 1 Suite 213 2031 Kings Hwy Shreveport, LA 866-676-5998 TapSnap is the newest technology to hit the photo-sharing scene. Photo Booths are a thing of the past. With TapSnap, we provide the client with an open concept that allows for multiple people to join in on the fun of taking high quality photos in any setting. It makes any event instantly social and utterly fun. Photos can be emailed to the guests or printed on the spot...but what really sets us apart is our social media integration! Watch our You Tube Video here: watch?v=qdgxfD097Y0 Vanessa Rachel Photography 1756 Moss St. New Orleans, LA 504-905-9227 Vanessa brings a fresh and exciting take on weddings by blending Photojournalism with fashion & modern portraiture. With a deep love and passion for photography each image can be seen as it’s own work of art. Welch Photography & Video 1199 Girod St. Mandeville, LA 70448 985-845-8405 Capturing weddings for over 12 years, we will be there for all the special moments, making sure all the fun and joy is preserved in your photos and video.

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Southern Oaks Plantation

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HONEYMOON Koh Samui, Thailand

Love Around the World Honeymoon options on every continent By Haley Crum

Planning a honeymoon shouldn’t be a minefield, but it sometimes feels that way. In an age of bridezillas and their over-the-top weddings, a honeymoon should be a time to relax, be romantic and maybe climb a mountain with your new partner. Since you have got the whole world to choose from when planning your honeymoon, we asked local travel experts – and a former bride – for a recommendation on every continent. ASIA Koh Samui, Thailand

When newlywed Emily LaBorde Cheramie of New Orleans started planning her honeymoon, she knew she and her soon-to-be husband 132 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

wanted to kick off their marriage with an adventure. “My husband and I knew we wanted a ‘once in a lifetime’ honeymoon: a destination we knew we would probably never venture back to once we began our life together, open our respective businesses, had children, etc.,” LaBorde Cheramie says. After doing some research and talking to a friend who had been there before, they finally settled on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand. Koh Samui has a unique balance of luxury and adventure. Many untouched islands surrounding it offer a great sense of seclusion. Couples can pet tigers, ride elephants, hike waterfalls or spend time at the spa. On their adventure, LaBorde

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Banff National Park, Canada Chobe National Park, Africa

Cheramie and her husband visited the Big Buddha Temple, which features a 12-meter high golden Buddha statue, found on the island of Koh Faan off the coast of Koh Samui. The statue, along with a collection of temples, is surrounded by local markets where the couple had “a very enlightening meeting with a monk.” The travel time is long – usually a 36-hour flight connecting in multiple cities abroad – and airfare tends to be a little pricey. But once there, the American dollar goes far. Overall, though,

134 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

LaBorde Cheramie’s advice for couples looking at a honeymoon in Koh Samui is to “not think too far outside the box.” “If you aren’t the outdoorsy type couple, don’t think you’re automatically going to turn into one simply because of your destination,” she said. “Be true to yourself and your likes as a couple. If you enjoy the outdoors and natural, untouched and secluded areas, then Thailand is definitely for you.” AUSTRALIA Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Italy Antarctica

Often called “the last frontier” country, Australia is the perfect place if you’re seeking a pioneer-style getaway. Couples can find plenty of places to pitch a tent, enjoy the wildlife and enjoy a night swim on a deserted beach. It is also the perfect place for couples that want a little bit of frontier with some pampering, says Karen Wild of Lagniappe Travel Services. Wild and her co-workers have planned many trips to the Outback for couples. “You can do just about anything from luxury to standard vacations, from laid

back to adventures,” she says. “From families to honeymooners, you can find anything you want when visiting Australia.” If you have to pick one place in Australia to visit, the Great Barrier Reef would be it. The abundance of marine life makes it the perfect place to go diving. Colorful coral fills the clear water, along with sharks, turtles and beautiful fish. There is one piece of feedback couples who take an Australian honeymoon come back telling Wild: “The things I have heard back from clients who have traveled to Australia is that there is so much to see and do, that when the trip was over they want to stay longer,” she says. NORTH AMERICA Banff National Park, Canada

North America is the most popular continent for local brides, says Shannon LeBlanc of Paradise Vacation Escapes; Hawaii, Florida and California are the top three spots for North American vacations. But if hanging out on a beach is not your thing, try Banff National Park in Canada. The Canadian Rockies never get very warm (60 to 80 degrees at the peak of summer), and the ski resorts are some of the best in the world. “This area is abundant in beauty and wonder: spectacular waterfalls, alpine wildflowers and all encompassing mountains,” says Wild of Lagniappe Travel Services. Have you ever wanted to walk on a glacier? You can here. Couples can also ride horses, relax in steaming mineral pools and explore historic sites, like The Cave and Basin National Historic Site, which played a significant role in the Canadian National Park system. The national park can be accessed through three world-class alpine mountain resorts: Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper. Each resort sits in charming towns with friendly locals, and is a great choice for couples starting out their marriage, Wild says. SOUTH AMERICA Chile’s Lake District, Chile

Winter brides rejoice! The great part about Chile is that while it is winter here, it is summer there, so if you have a fall or winter wedding you can still enjoy a great beach vacation in South America. Chile’s Lake District in particular is a great choice for honeymooners looking for something different. “The spectacular arrangement of lakes, volcanos, rivers and waterfalls here are a major travel destination and yet offer plenty of seclusion for honeymooners,” Wild says. There are 12 major lakes in the district, and between those lie hot springs, the Andes Mountains for hiking, and six volcanos. The weather is always temperate, although it rains fairly often. For couples feeling really adventurous, they can try hiking Villarrica, which is the most active volcano in the region at just over 9,300 feet. Hikers should be warned: The volcano is active, and climbing it can be dangerous. That doesn’t stop the bravest of climbers, though. EUROPE A Tour of Italy

European vacations are fairly common, but Italy has recently turned into a hot spot for newlyweds. Lucienne Gore, a travel agent at Town and Country Travel, Inc. in New Orleans, is planning four honeymoons to Italy for New Orleans couples at the moment. “Italy has become very popular in the past year,” she says. “I think it’s just the romance of it all. It’s the beauty, the ability for it to just be the two of them in a foreign country, all the romantic buildings and atmosphere.” Another reason for the uptick in Italian honeymoons is because couples have figured out that they can travel to multiple cities in one country for a great price. For example, according to Gore, a typical honeymoon itinerary in Italy may include a trip to Rome to visit the Vatican, a stop in Venice for a romantic Gondola ride, seeing the statue of David in Florence, and maybe even visiting the Amalfi coast for “added luxury and romance.”

While in Italy, LeBlanc recommends visiting Cinque Terre, a “secret destination,” which is made of five charming towns with quaint hotels and seaside resorts. “Cars are banned in the quiet villages, which makes this even more special,” LeBlanc says. AFRICA Chobe National Park, Africa

If wildlife is what you want to see, then there is no better place to travel than Chobe National Park in Africa. According to its website, this reserve hosts the largest concentration of wildlife on the continent. Depending on the season, visitors may see hundreds of elephants on a typical afternoon game drive. “The game reserves are amazing,” Gore says. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” Since the Chobe River forms the northern boundary of the park, a river tour is a great way to experience all the reserve has to offer. Hop on a boat piloted by a local and see hippos, crocodiles and a mind-boggling array of birds and other wildlife up close. ANTARCTICA Take a Cruise

As you may have guessed, Antarctica is one of the least traveled destinations, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. LeBlanc recommends going on an expedition with your groom if you’re interested in seeing the continent. “Voyage cruises take you pass huge icebergs, stunning landscapes and wild life including penguins and enormous whales,” LeBlanc says. “The vivid lights of emeralds and violets will set the mood for romance.” For any honeymoon, LeBlanc suggests that brides work with a travel agent. “By turning the honeymoon planning over to a travel professional, [a bride] can focus on other things for the wedding and just show up and enjoy the honeymoon,” LeBlanc says. “Sometimes when brides plan their own trip, they get caught up in the details of booking everything which leaves them frustrated and not able to enjoy the honeymoon to its fullest.” n New Orleans Bride | 135


if you absolutely hate it); the date, location and time of your ceremony and reception; and how your guests can reply with their RSVP. One thing to keep in mind as you jump down the creative rabbit hole is that this piece of paper – which, after all, is all it really is – will be representing your wedding for the rest of your life. You might receive an artist’s rendering of your invitation or a framed version as a wedding gift, so make certain that it reflects not only your wedding, but also you as a couple.

Manners and Marriage Questions about whom to invite and how to do it come up frequently in wedding planning. Here are a few solutions for you. By Dee Lane

My fiancé and I are planning an unconventional wedding – carnival-themed and under a big top. How can I express that in our invitations so that our guests know what to expect and include everything that needs to be there without it looking overloaded or sending the wrong message? With so many choices that go into finalizing a wedding invitation, from the type of paper to the font, your invitation can be as creative as your imagination will make it. In terms of the 136 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

appearance, in your particular instance I would suggest looking to tickets, antique circus posters and of course the tent, for inspiration. You can also include meaningful quotations, song lyrics or catch phrases – anything that expresses the style of your wedding. There are, however, some basics that you should make certain are predominant and easily readable: Your and your fiancé’s full names (though you can leave out your middle name

When my sibling got married, my mother invited my ex and his parents, and my ex wasn’t even friends with my sibling! This was a year after we ended our long relationship (badly), and even though I expressed my feelings about it to my mother, she didn’t seem to care. It was very awkward, especially for the man who’s now my fiancé – his family even asked me why my ex and his family were invited. It’s my turn to be married now, and I’m pretty sure that my mother won’t invite my ex, but even now, more than six years after we broke up, my parents are still friends with my ex’s parents. I’m ok with them being friends, but I don’t want them to be invited to my wedding. What can I do to persuade my mom not to invite them? There are a few different tracks you can take with this argument – because that’s what this will probably be – and I think you should have them all prepared before you talk to your mom. An ex is an ex for a reason, but just because he’s an ex to you, that’s not the case for your mom. Try seeing it from her side; just because the relationship between you and your ex didn’t work out, why should she have to stop being friends with his parents? Make sure to tell her that you understand her position and that you’re not passing judgement on her choice of friends. Consider having your fiancé or photo courtesy of Etsy

sibling with you when you chat with your mom, and suggest that your dad be present at well. It might help her to understand that having your ex’s parents at your wedding wouldn’t just be awkward for you, but for your fiancé and his parents as well, as it was awkward for your sibling. The downside to this is that your mom might feel like you all are ganging up on her – which is a good reason to ask your dad to be there as well, to alleviate some of that tension – so try to be aware of that and give your mom space and time to talk as well. Never underestimate the power of a bride. Phrases such as “once-in-a-lifetime,” “my big day” and “when I walk down the aisle,” for instance, will pack a punch to a mother who remembers her own wedding day fondly, or conversely to one who didn’t get much say in her own wedding. Tell your mom that you’re happy to send your ex’s parents an email

138 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

explaining your feelings – and mean it – with an offer to set up a time after the wedding to share the photos of your special day with them, perhaps with a slice of cake. If you’re still at an impasse, then it’s time to take a look at guest lists and payment plans – yup, the fun stuff. If your parents are paying for your wedding, this is probably not the path to take, but if you and your fiancé and/or your fiancé’s parents are paying a sizable amount (at least half) then you might consider putting more weight into the “it will be awkward for my future in-laws” argument. Also, if your parents have a limited number of guests they can invite (if the invitation list has been sectioned out between you and your fiancé, your parents and your future in-laws, for instance) then you might try suggesting that there may be other people who would be missed, such as some of your friends, if they weren’t invited.

If all else fails, try saying “no.” Tell her that it’s not acceptable that your ex’s parents attend. This could get tricky and could spur some angst and fights, but if it’s that important to you that they not attend, then this is your last option. Whatever you do, don’t go behind her back and take your ex’s parents off the guest list or “lose” their invitation. Lying to your parents will just set you up for an argument later, one that could lead to feelings of betrayal, anger and pain. While having this conversation with your mom now might be difficult, think of it as ripping off a bandage in one go; it’s a lot easier to do than to pick it off a bit at a time. And remember above all that your parents are your parents for life, but your wedding is one night; keeping your relationship strong with them is more important than having to ignore your ex’s parents and perhaps throwing away a photo or two.

When is the right time to start contacting people who haven’t RSVP’d and what do I say? I don’t want to hound anyone who doesn’t want to come, but catering numbers are due soon. Maybe it got lost in the mail? This is a touchy subject for both you and the person who hasn’t yet responded, so be polite. About one week after your RSVP deadline (which should have been printed on the RSVP card or somewhere on your invitation suite and/or your website) you should send out personalized emails to each person and/or couple from whom you haven’t heard. Say something to the effect of: “Hello Sam, I haven’t received your RSVP for Mike’s and my wedding on February 24 in New Orleans. I just wanted to make sure that I have your information correct. Will you be bringing Suzie? Sincerely, Rachel.” Reaching out sooner rather than

later is good, in case you have trouble reaching anyone. Also, don’t expect a reply right away; give them a few days to respond before trying again. For older guests who might not often check emails, making that call, while

My parents have passed and my fiancé’s parents are hosting our wedding. Is there a way to show that on our invitation? In this case, you would list your fiancé’s parents’ names on the invitation as you would the bride’s parents on a traditional invitation, but with one big change: Mr. and Mrs. Edward James Smith request the honor of your presence at the marriage of Miss Anna Casey Harold to their son James William Smith

difficult, is the right thing to do, and you can say almost the same thing on a call, which gives you the added bonus of getting a reply immediately.

This is the simplest way to phrase your invitation while giving honor to your fiancé’s parents as hosts. If you, your fiancé and his parents agree that you would rather not have your future in-laws’ names on the invitation, you can phrase it even more simply: Anna Casey Harold and James William Smith request the honor of your presence at their marriage. n New Orleans Bride | 139

CHECKlist 10-12 Months To Go __ You’re engaged! Make sure you celebrate with your fiancé, friends and family. __ Nail down the basics. Where are you getting married? Who’s paying for what? What is the budget? How many guests will be there? __ Alert the wedding party. Decide who you want in your wedding party and ask them as soon as you can. __ Pick the date. Check with your family members and wedding party before you make a final decision so there are no huge time conflicts. __ Find a wedding planner. If you’re planning on using a wedding planner, find one in the early stages. He or she will make all the craziness more manageable. __ Book your ceremony and reception location. Where you get married will affect a lot of your planning decisions, so reserving a place should be at the top of your to-do list. __ Insure your ring. Your engagement ring is special, but it’s also expensive. Make sure you get it insured, just in case. __ Book officiant. You need someone to marry you so make sure your preferred officiant has your wedding date on the calendar.

The To Do’s Before the I Do’s Wedding planning is supposed to be fun, but it can get overwhelming. Use our guide to stay organized so you can enjoy your engagement. 140 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

__ Write thank you notes for engagement gifts. You will most likely receive a few gifts right after your engagement. Send a thank you note for each gift within three months of receiving it. __ Take engagement photos. For a list of popular New Orleans spots, go to page 91. __ Get inspired. Think about your wedding colors and the overall look of your day. Are you going for a classic look or trendy? Vintage or glamorous?

6-9 Months To Go

4-5 Months To Go

One Month Before

__ Interview and select vendors. Make sure you book the “big ticket” items, such as the photographer, the caterer, the florist and the entertainment, early.

__ Buy wedding bands. Shopping for wedding bands is usually less stressful than shopping for an engagement ring, but carve out a time when you and your fiancé can go look together.

__ Send your wedding party an itinerary. Make sure your family and friends know where and when to be for the wedding day so everyone shows up at the right place at the right time.

__ Send out save-the-dates. The typical rule on sending save-the-dates is six months before your wedding, but send them earlier if you’re inviting a lot of out-of-town guests so they can book flights. __ Go dress shopping. You need an appointment at most wedding boutiques, so call a few of your favorite stores to set up a time. __ Register. Register at two or three stores. Choose items at a variety of prices so everyone can find something they can afford. __ Think about the rehearsal dinner. It’s customary that the groom’s parents host the rehearsal dinner. Talk to your future in-laws about possibilities. __ Schedule transportation. Book a limo, trolley or another form of transportation to shuttle your wedding party from the hotel to your ceremony location. Also think about whether you need transportation for your guests to get from the reception to the hotel at the end of the reception. __ Plan your honeymoon. If you’re going out of the country for your trip, make sure you and your fiancé have up-to-date passports. __ Figure out your rentals. Rentals depend on the location of your wedding, but if you’re responsible for common rental items such as chairs and plates, make a list of everything you need and where you’re going to find each item. __ Book a block of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests. If you’re not familiar with the hotel, ask a hotel representative to show you a room and don’t forget to inquire about a group rate. __ Order bridesmaid dresses. If your bridesmaids live far away, give them plenty of time to buy their dresses and get them fitted.

__ Finalize the rehearsal dinner. Once you’ve decided on the location, book your rehearsal dinner. __ Reserve a wedding night hotel room. Where are you staying for the wedding night? If you’re not leaving for your honeymoon immediately after the reception, decide where you want to stay for the night. __ Get your dress fitted. Your wedding dress is one of the most important dresses you will wear in your life, so it should fit impeccably. Many brides plan for up to three fittings. __ Decide on attire for the groom and groomsmen. Talk to your fiancé about what he wants to wear and what will match your overall color scheme. Keep the time of day in mind when researching options. __ Check in with your vendors. Make final decisions with your vendors and update them on new wedding information, such as when they should arrive.

__ Enjoy a facial. Everyone reacts differently to facials. If you’re planning on getting one, schedule it a few days before your wedding, or do a trial run months before. __ Get your marriage license. Head to the Orleans Parish Marriage License Office in Benson Tower (1450 Poydras St., Suite 407) for your marriage certificate. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:15 a.m. until 3:15 p.m. Visit for requirements. __ Set up your second line. If you’re planning to second line at your wedding, you’re going to need a permit. Call the New Orleans Police Department Special Events Section at (504) 658-7100 to schedule everything 15 to 20 days before your wedding day. You can also email questions to __ Practice your hair and makeup. it’s best to practice with your hair stylist and makeup artists ahead of time so there are no surprises on the big day. __ Finalize the guest list. Send a final headcount to your caterer and any other vendor who needs the number.

One Week Before __ Double-check with your vendors. Check in with everyone one more time to remind them where to go and to answer any last-minute questions they might have. __ Remind friends and family of their responsibilities. Assign duties to your wedding party or other loved ones.

__ Order your wedding cake. Taste a few cakes before you decide on your final choice. Talk to your fiancé about a groom’s cake if he wants one.

__ Get a manicure and pedicure. This can be a great bonding experience with your bridesmaids, mom and future mother-in-law.

2-3 Months To Go

__ Put together a welcome package. If you have a lot of guests traveling for your wedding, ask the hotel if you can put a welcome basket or bag in their hotel room for when they arrive.

__ Mail out the invitations. Have a system for handling the RSVPs and check with any guests who do not RSVP by your deadline. __ Solidify the catering menu. Whether you’re doing heavy hors d’oeuvres or a sit-down meal, verify the final menu. __ Schedule your hair and makeup team. Find a good hair stylist and makeup artist to help you and your bridesmaids get ready for the day.

The Wedding Day __ Find a way to relax. Whether you go for a run or read a book in the morning, find a way to keep stress to a minimum. __ Make sure you eat something. Brides always say, “I never had time to eat anything!” Give yourself some time during the reception to have a bite. __ Have fun! You’ve made it through all the planning, now it’s time to celebrate. Enjoy your first day as a married woman. New Orleans Bride | 141

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142 | New Orleans Bride Winter-Spring 2014

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FAVOR By Mirella Cameran A dessert table is a fun alternative to the expected wedding favor. The table featured here includes chocolate foil balls, mini meringues, rock candy sticks and yogurt-dipped pretzels. Graceful Events, (504) 723-2906,

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New Orleans Bride Winter 2014  

New Orleans Bride Winter 2014  

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