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b eau ty 24

B RIDA L / b ri d e s ma i d s M ENSWEA R / F LOWERS 5 2

cak e S 8 0

The Natural Facelift New beauty for brides

Vintage Vows

Timeless cakes with added fresh florals for a touch of natural elegance

adv ice 20

Problematic Persuasions Top Tech

How to deal with troubling guests, party members and expectations

Cleanse, exfoliate, brighten, tighten and hydrate with these cutting-edge potions

f eatu re 46

Big Easy Bridesmaid Bonding hair 28

Plan an unforgettable weekend with your bridesmaids exploring New Orleans.

Crowning Glory Bridal hairstyles to match your gown

r eal we dd ings 109

Great Expectations honeymoon 128

Nip stressed tresses in the bud with products to keep your mane in tip top condition

Getting Lit on the Lake Lake Las Vegas offers bachelorette fun and relaxation thirty minutes from the Strip

Something Old, Something New The season’s newest aisle options are either dreamy with a touch of whimsy or dazzling creations adorned with intricate beading, metallic embroidery and sequin embellishments that create shimmer and shine. Regal silhouettes, sultry sheer panels, a focus on fit and handcrafted techniques add an extra touch of glamour, and stand out against the elegant decay of The Seraphim House, a uniquely New Orleans event space.

Garden Variety

cui s i n e & cockta i ls 86

Sophisticated Sipping Handcrafted cocktails to inspire and delight guests

Interactive Eats The hottest reception food trends for 2019

Bridal Brunches Five fabulous brunch spots for your bridal showers and brunches

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New and Notable

Making History

Honeymoon adventures for animal-loving couples

Double-duty makup that fills, warms, lightens, brightens and blurs

New Orleans-style nuptials as unique as the city at the storied New Orleans Athletic Club

checklist 134

gif ts 34

Check It Twice

Traditionally Yours

There’s a lot that goes into wedding planning, so don’t feel bad if you’re having a hard time keeping track of it all. Use our handy checklist to stay organized

Classic items that work year-round for the hostess and happy couple

These distinctive wedding and reception venues are sure to suit any couple’s style

in vitatio n s 36

P H OTO GRA P H Y 1 0 0

Fanciful Florals

Picture Perfect

Elegant designs for a timeless statement

Iconic engagement and wedding photo locations around New Orleans and hidden gems, too

Honeymoon Like a Headliner

lagniappe 136


High Spirits Custom bottled cocktail mixers are a festive favor for your wedding guests

“I Do” Venues

M USI C 1 0 4

Reception Music 101 How to get the party started and keep it going Photograph by Theresa Cassagne, Styled by Lisa Tudor, Model Stephany


Osorto, Makeup by Meggan Ory, Hair

Getting There

by Monique Munoz, Alyne by Rita

A handy guide to New Orleans’ many options to get you and your guests to and from the wedding

Vinieris at I Do Bridal Couture, jewelry at Hope Goldman Meyer Fine Jewelry

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f r o m t h e ed i t o r

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In November, Town & Coutry Bridal announced the opening of its new sister store, Linen Jolie Bridal. Located at 114 Veterans Memorial Blvd. in Metairie, Linen Jolie Bridal is named after owners Mandy Schexnaydre Wienhusen and Fred Wienhusen’s daughter. The new boutique will carry an array of designer gowns not available at its sister store. As of New Orleans Bride Magazine’s press date, the store was slated to open in early December.


P.S. Visit Let Them Eat Cake (, the official blog of New Orleans Bride Magazine for more tips and trends, trunk shows and other events, plus advice, ideas, inspiration and interviews. It’s all of the bridal buzz you can use, five days a week.



hen my husband Mark and I got married, it was 1998, and bachelorette parties were relegated to a fun night out with the girls. My bridesmaids gave me gag gifts and then we hit our favorite bars and clubs for the next few hours. Since then, bachelorette festivities have grown into full-fledged weekends, often in far flung locales. In this issue, we have several stories dedicated to myriad fun things you can do with your bridesmaids. From weekends filled with activities including cocktail and cooking classes, spa days and city tours to some of the best bridal brunches in New Orleans, plus a bachelorette bash in Vegas, there is something for every girl gang. Is there such a thing as a bachelorette party reunion? If not, I’m considering starting that trend. For our fashion feature in this issue, we spent the day at the historic, circa-1800s Saraphim House in Tremé. The owners of this stunning private home make it available on select dates throughout the year for weddings and events. It is a study in the art of elegant decay and we are thrilled to share it as the backdrop to our spread of gorgeous, vintage-style gowns. Discovering new health and beauty products and techniques is a hobby of mine, so when our beauty editor Mirella Cameron told me about Saks Fifth Avenue’s new FaceGym, I had to learn more. Get the scoop on page 24, where Cameron lets us in on the philosophy and technology, plus the secret to how we can get and use the techniques and tools, even before FaceGym is available at the New Orleans Saks. This issue is truly jam packed with everything you need to plan a beautiful Big Day. Dig in and, as always, be sure to share your weddings with us either by tagging us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or emailing us to request a submission form. Congratulations and savor the moments leading up to the event in the coming months, because it’ll go by faster than a bachelorette weekend in Vegas. Let’s plan a wedding!

Editor ’s n ote b ook

On Jan. 21, join us at the Hyatt Regency for the New Orleans Bride Magazine Bridal Show. Meet more than 150 of the city’s top wedding professionals in a festive setting, sip champagne and sample fabulous food. Visit for tickets, pricing and more information.


Problematic Persuasions How to deal with troubling guests, party members and expectations by Dee Lane

propriate things. Can I fire her? We’ve all seen the results of firing a bridesmaid go viral, and no one wants their wedding to be famous for something like that. Unfortunately, unless you want to end your relationship with this friend, you’re just going to have to grin and bear it. If you have a wedding planner, have her reach out and say she’s taking over that bridesmaid’s responsibilities, like planning a brunch, bridal party or shower; you can also ask your planner to check in on her dress. If you don’t have a planner, ask your maid of honor to check in on all the bridesmaids — about their responsibilities, dress, and so forth — so you’re not singling anyone out.

Q: I’m a bridesmaid for a dear Q: I’m getting married in New

Orleans soon and we’re planning on having an open bar, but I have an aunt who can’t hold her liquor — she often even shows up to gatherings drunk. I can’t not invite her to our wedding, but how do I deal with her, or anyone else who gets drunk, without causing a scene. Alcohol permeates our culture and our celebratory events in the Crescent City, but it can often cause uncomfortable situations and can even dampen our good memories. This is why it’s important to have a plan in place to prevent and manage drinking and drunk guests before they become unruly. The first thing is to make certain that you have enough food available for your guests. This isn’t just a wedding thing, but something every responsible host or hostess should do. If at all possible, you should

20 |

call problem drinkers beforehand and tell them what behavior is expected of them. This will be hard, especially if that person doesn’t believe their drinking is an issue, but you owe it to them and to yourself to try. Then you have some options. You can set up a buddy system where someone you trust is partnered with the person you’re concerned about, and ask the buddy to monitor that person’s drinking and stop them when they’ve had enough. Or you can meet with the team helming your reception or organize them in advance — a member of the catering team, a security guard, the venue manager, your planner or a family member. Tell them about the guests you’re concerned about and discuss how to handle them if their drinking becomes a problem. This could include removing intoxicated guests,


limiting the time the bar is open, telling bartenders to water down the drinks or limiting drinks per guest or per hour. You can explain to the bar staff beforehand that shots or straight alcohol shouldn’t be served. Whatever you choose, handle it in advance and do your best to put it out of your mind on the day of your wedding. You will have enough to do and concentrate on, and the possible actions of your guests shouldn’t be your concern.

Q: I asked an old friend of mine

to be a bridesmaid because we had always promised each other that we’d be in each other’s weddings, but we’re not as close as we used to be and she doesn’t seem to want to be a part of everything. She’s showing up late, hasn’t had her dress fitted or paid for it, and the other bridesmaids say she’s been getting tipsy and saying inap-

friend and I live in the same town as she does. She’s very lucky to have multiple groups of people wanting to throw her many, many showers, and since I’m in town, I’ve been invited to all of them. I’m happy to represent the bridal party (her sister is also here, but the other bridesmaids all live out of town), but do I really have to bring a gift to each one? Unfortunately, yes, you do. But you don’t have to give big gifts for every event. You can’t show up empty handed, but you can and should go big on the wedding gift and smaller on the rest. Try to stick to the registry but give a nice bottle opener along with a bottle of her favorite wine or a cheese knife set with a small gift certificate to a local cheese shop. You don’t have to spend much, but don’t re-gift something; this is the time to give something you know she’ll like without breaking the bank. b |


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beauty p . 2 4


hair p . 2 8


makeup p.32


gifts p.34


invitations p.36


b eauty

The Natural Facelift New beauty for brides By Mirella Cameran


nge Theron visited 57 spas, sweated through 32 types of fitness classes, experimented with 25 anti-aging treatments and endured 15 detoxes, all for her column, “Chronicles of a Spa Junkie,” in the Financial Times. After finding herself housebound from an anti-aging procedure, Theron decided to invent her own, non invasive “facelift” — The “workout” by FaceGym. This is not a facial. It is a workout for the face which tones up the 40 muscles which provide “the scaffolding for your face,” as Theron puts it. Just as we work out our bodies in the gym to achieve tone and lift, this procedure uses deep tissue massage techniques and non-invasive machines to sculpt and elevate the muscles in your

24 |

face to create a firmer, fresher appearance. The signature workout consists of warm up, cardio, sculpt and cool down and is performed by “trainers” in the FaceGym studio, which just opened in Saks New York in May. Saks is the first American “gym” for the UK-based brand, but more studios are planned throughout the U.S.
 During your workout, you can add a Skin IV and a Skin Cocktail or Shot which uses traditional hospital intravenous drips to deliver medical grade vitamins at super speed directly to the skin. The cocktails and shots can include hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, B5, C and E as well as aloe vera. Until more FaceGyms open across the country, you can use


the company’s website for online tutorials which teach the same techniques to use at home. Many of the tools which the “trainers” use are also available for sale including the “Face Ball,” “Derma Roller” and “Pure Lift Device.” Techniques you need to master range from “knuckling” from your jaw to cheeks to forehead to pinching your face all over in short, sharp motions. As well as toning your muscles, the rollers increase the effectiveness of the products you use. By massaging your lotions and potions into your skin, the active ingredients will go deeper. In store, FaceGym has “The Make It Bar” where they will create a customized “training serum” specific for your skin and the

facial workout that you choose. Every serum includes the “Muscle Blend” which contains six skin “superfoods” well known for skin benefits. Online you can choose from the “Signature Training Serum” or opt for ones specifically formulated to clear or brighten skin. The Wedding Workout recommends four workouts in four weeks. The first one focuses on stimulating and contouring cheekbones, jawline and forehead. The second targets puffiness boosting collagen and the skin’s elasticity so skin appears tight and bright. The third workout delivers maximum lifting and sculpting and the final one is said to leave your skin toned and glowing. The effect on your face is instant; after 30 minutes of various massaging techniques, your face appears lifted. The results only last a few days but just like the rest of our bodies, the more face training we do, the longer lasting results we will see. FaceGym is not the only brand offering natural anti-aging options. Some facialists, such as Carolyn Cleaves, creator of Carolyn’s Facial Fitness, are teaching men simple exercises to help them maintain a strong jawline and smooth forehead. Is this the new couple’s massage or are you going to keep your youthful secrets to yourself? b |



b eauty

Top Tech

Cleanse, exfoliate, brighten, tighten and hydrate with these cutting-edge potions By Mirella Cameran Wedding stress and festivities can take a toll on your skin, just when you want to look as flawless as possible. Take advantage of the best new skincare technology to keep your skin healthy and happy.

Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly - the company’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, a thick yellow cream, has been popular since the 1960s for its longlasting hydrating benefits. It is now joined by Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly. The new formulation also has barley extract and hyaluronic acid for added smoothing, plumping and soothing benefits.

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser - with all the wedding festivities, it is worth investing in a good cleanser to keep your skin looking fresh day after day. We like this gentle cleanser for its ability to remove all makeup traces while delivering five skin conditioners to leave your skin clean and moisturized. Bonus: If you get it in your eye, it doesn’t sting.

Moon Juice Beauty Shroom Exfoliating Acid Potion - finally a product which combines the trinity of exfoliating acids: glycolic, lactic and salicylic to address the spectrum of skin issues. The emollients and antioxidant reishi mushrooms also included in the formulation counteract any redness to leave your skin fresh and beautiful.

26 |


True Botanicals Resurfacing Body Mask masks are not just for the face. This formula uses lactic acid to slough off dead skin while stimulating collagen and ceramide production. Just slather it on, wait five minutes and rinse. Skin looks fresher and smoother and can absorb moisturizers and lotions more easily.

Osea Eye Gel Serum - this eye serum fights humidity and heat with a powerful combination of organic algae, resveratrol and hyaluronic acid. As well as keeping the skin tight and bright, the serum’s cooling effect makes it a lifesaver for those of us in sweaty climes.

Milk Makeup Watermelon Brightening Serum - leave it to cruelty-free, vegan, clean, avant-garde beauty brand Milk to introduce the first brightening, hydrating and smoothing serum in a TSA-friendly stick. Claiming to be “fresh skin in a stick,” the watermelon extract hydrates and delivers potent vitamins to combat free radicals and soothe irritation. Swiss garden cress fights dark spots and a peptide stimulates collagen. |




diamond brooches and sparkly hair slides. THE BOHO CHIC

Crowning Glory Bridal hairstyles to match your gown By Mirella Cameran


our hair is always your greatest accessory, but never more so on your Big Day. Therefore, before choosing between the traditional updo or the blowout, think about which style will complement your dress and wedding style to maximum effect. There are numerous beautiful options to try but read our handy guide below for a head start in finding the perfect one for you. THE MODERN

If you have chosen a modern, minimalist dress you have complete creative freedom when it comes to your hair. Former first daughter, Barbara Bush recently wed in a custom Vera Wang slip gown of ivory silk crepe and wore her hair down in a very natural style. Alternatively, when Carolyn Bessette married John F. Kennedy Jr., she paired her ultra simple slip with a low, messy chignon. A sleek bob or a polished ballerina bun with on-trend earrings would also create a very contemporary tone.

28 |



Whether your wedding is fully vintage themed or even if your dress just hints to a bygone era with capped sleeves or a sweetheart neckline, reflect this vibe with a birdcage veil or tumbling Hollywood curls. For her wedding, Gwen Stefani channeled her signature retro look with a high coiffure (think Grease) and trademark red lipstick. Pin curl updos are newly popular and offer an alternative to the classic updo; they also work for all kinds and lengths of hair. THE JAZZ AGE

When supermodel Kate Moss married, she wore a custom Dior bias-cut 1920s dress featuring a medley of Jazz Age details including a lace overlay, gold embroidery, sheer accents and metallic detail. Kate wore her shoulder length hair in soft waves but a finger wave bob would have also completed her stunning dress. Real or faux (long hair pinned into the style) is easy to wear and looks picture perfect accessorized with

A bride wanting to create a boho-chic look might opt for a free-flowing gown with pretty embroidery, a cheeky 1960s inspired shift or even a Bianca Jagger pantsuit. So when it comes to hair, loose curls, accessorized with fresh flowers or a floral crown, French braids twisted into a messy updo or a wispy loose bun all work to match the relaxed tone. A high bouffant bun will reflect a 1960s feel and long, center-parted locks recall 1970s glamour. THE ROMANTIC

Layers of diaphanous chiffon, delicate swirls of tulle and pretty lace overlays are all hallmarks of a romantic wedding dress. Soft, feminine hair makes the perfect partner. Tumbling curls work well with a lower neckline or a strapless dress. A higher neckline or halter neck (think Meghan Markle’s dress for her evening reception) is complemented by a soft, messy updo or chignon. For the bride looking to add whimsy, a swinging ponytail with wisps of hair framing the face can complete this dreamy ensemble. THE CLASSIC

The new classic has become an off-theshoulder figure-hugging silhouette with a ball gown or fishtail skirt. Bare shoulders leave plenty of opportunity to wear hair long and down, curly or straight, accessorized with a tiara or individual fresh flowers. A timeless effect can also be achieved with a beautiful messy chignon dressed on the nape or to the side of the head; delicate slides or pins add a personal touch. A half updo, think Kate Middleton’s wedding day style, is relaxed and sophisticated at the same time and is easy to take down for the evening festivities. b |




Great Expectations

Nip stressed tresses in the bud with products to keep your mane in tip top condition By Mirella Cameran Every bride wants luscious locks for parties, photos and of course all those Insta shots. But tresses can become stressed by heated styling tools and product. Treat your hair to treatments that pack a punch.

Dyson Airwrap Style Complete - first the hair dryer, now a styling tool, which you customize with attachments to suit your hair and desired style. Utilizing a completely new technology, it uses a Dyson motor to create the ‘Coanda’ effect which allows you to style your hair without excess heat.

OUAI Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets - for a fast anti-frizz solution on the go, just swipe one of these sheets on static and flyaway hair and the coconut oil and shea butter will restore the sleekness you seek.

Form Protect Heat Shielding Treatment - if you thought custom haircare was out of your budget, meet Form. Take a quick online survey about hair goals, preferences and environmental conditions and the brand will recommend the best products for you. The best part? Prices start at $9.

John Frieda Colour Refreshing Gloss - available in five shades, this easy-to-use foam glossing treatment applied once a week replaces the lost tones to retain your color for longer and add mirror-like shine.

Rusk Deepshine Color Invisible Dry Shampoo - even dry shampoos are multitasking. This one from Rusk has patented technology that protects hair from UV rays which when combined with less washing, provides a way to prolong your color and style at the same time.

30 |


Bumble and Bumble Bb Scalp Detox - you can literally hear the micro bubbles fizzing and removing oil, impurities and product build-up. Micellar water and salicylic acid leave your scalp refreshed and rebalanced. Use weekly before shampooing.

Clairol Color Crave Hair Makeup - for those who just want to have a little fun with some color — this product is for you. Its easy applicator deposits color where you want it and it’s easy to shampoo it out when you don’t. Free of ammonia, peroxide and parabens it’s color without commitment. |




New and Notable

Double-duty makup that fills, warms, lightens, brightens and blurs By Mirella Cameran With dozens of new beauty products launched every day how can you filter out the heroes from the zeros? Here’s our guide to the new launches.

Benefit’s Brow Contour Pro 4-in-1 Pen - this brow wonder will beat others into submission. It has everything you need for perfect brows in one compact unit. Click once for a deep shade to fill, click again for a lighter shade for the corners, and click twice more for two shades of highlighter. The creamy pencil delivers precise strokes which are easy to blend for the look you want.

Jennifer Lopez Inglot - the queen of glow finally released her own makeup line. In conjunction with Polish makeup company Inglot there are now 70 products to help you achieve your own flawless look. Included of course, is the Boogie Down Bronzer which unexpectedly contains no shimmer. The creamy smooth formula is the secret to creating that J-lo glow from within look.

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder Derrick Rutledge, makeup artist to Oprah and Michelle (Winfrey and Obama), mixes this yellow magic dust to any foundation to warm up the tone and blur any imperfections.

L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara - feel free to get teary-eyed with this mascara. Not only does it stay put — a must for New Orleans’ humidity — but also it has impressive conditioning and lengthening powers at just $10!

Charlotte Tilbury Pretty Youth Glow Filter - leave it to this British makeup genius to recreate the rosy glow of youth in one duo compact. One swipe delivers both a natural pink tinge and a shimmery pale pink highlighter. The colors sink into skin and work together to create a nature-made look. Westmore Beauty Magic Effects Powder to Cream Concealer - an expected breakout star of 2018 this QVC star has the beauty world abuzz. The technology in this concealer allows you to blend as much as you need to cover up dark circles without a cakey crease in sight.

32 |





Traditionally Yours

Classic items that work year-round for the hostess and happy couple By Andy Myer Photographed by Theresa Cassagne

Embroidered linen hand towels, gold leaf alligator tray and bride and groom painting,; Slant Collections ceramic Mr. and Mrs. mug set,; Michael Aram Bittersweet cheese tray with knife and trinket tray,; Ann Marie Cianciolo rings: cushion cut prehnite set in 18K yellow gold atop a polished sterling round band (on tray), aquamarine set in 18K yellow gold atop a polished sterling square band,


i nvitations

Fanciful Florals Elegant designs for a timeless statement By Andy Myer Photographed by Theresa Cassagne

Heavyweight cotton stock invitation, letter-pressed with charcoal ink and accented with a Chinoiserie bird and bamboo envelope liner,

36 |


A heavy bright white vellum stock with a shimmer belly Traditional Bristol stock floral band,heavy featuring a colorful engraved a soft French blue ink; accent, accentuated with a floral watercolor envelope liner,

38 |



Flat-printed invitation suite featuring calligraphy and illustations by Sarah Ragan and designed by Lionheart Prints,

Heavyweight royalty sized ecru stock letterpress printed in-house in charcoal ink, |


Destination wedding invitation printed on Crane’s Letra cardstock, with envelope liner created from aFoil-stamped watercolor image invitation and of the wedding Reply andcoral the invitation is theset date; itinerary are stacked under a double-face letter-pressed, satin ribbon,

42 |



Bold floral print on layered cotton stock, accentuated with gold foil. Custom-ribbed envelopes in alternating colors complement the suite, |


Commander’s Palace

Big Easy Bridesmaid Bonding Plan an unforgettable weekend with your bridesmaids exploring New Orleans. By Misty Milioto Photographed by Theresa Cassagne


t’s no secret that New Orleans is a hot spot for bridal parties. In addition to our bounty of amazing food and libations, the Crescent City always has something fun in the works. To put it simply, this city knows how to have a good time. From food tours and cocktail classes to spa days and jazz brunches, there are boundless opportunities to bond with your bridesmaids leading up to the Big Day. Make a fun-filled weekend of it, and fit in as much of these interactive experiences as possible. You can thank us later. Cocktail Classes DrinkLab NOLA

New Orleans is the birthplace of the cocktail, so what better place to hone your mixology skills? At DrinkLab NOLA, founding master bartender Daniel Victory, and a team of other master bartenders, give instruction on how to make a wide variety of cocktails. In addition to mixing and mingling, bridal parties will learn about the history of the cocktail as well as industry secrets and bartending tricks. Try the Classic New Orleans Cocktails class ($65 per person) — a 90-minute, hands-on session with welcome drinks, a small lunch, tools, demos and a history talk — and learn how to make libations such as the

46 |


Sazerac, the Hurricane and the Ramos Gin Fizz. 343 Baronne St., 504-522-8664, Revel Café & Bar

Learn from one of the best bartenders in the city, Chris McMillian — a James Beard Award winner for best bar program — at Revel in Mid-City. In addition to the remarkable food on offer, McMillian has an approximately two-hour, hands-on mixology classes (10 to 15 participants at $150 per person for a hands-on class and $75 per person for a demonstration class) focusing on classic NOLA cocktails, and a variety of libations from gin and bourbon to creative Tiki drinks. 133 N. Carrollton Ave., 504-309-6122, Foodie Fun NOLA School of Cooking

Located in a renovated molasses warehouse built in the early 1800s in the heart of the French Quarter, NOLA School of Cooking has been teaching guests about the rich culture and cuisine of New Orleans and Louisiana since 1980. Besides learning the basics of Louisiana Cooking, in the hands-on classes (10 people maximum), you’ll also cut, season,

tanning packages (try the bridal package, with trial session and bridal session, from $85), brow services (from $15) and more. 4422 Magazine St., 504-372-3485, Buff Beauty Bar

Buff Beauty Bar is a convenient one-stop shop for all things beauty related, and the space is absolutely gorgeous. In addition to offering manicures (from $15), pedicures (from $30), facial peels (from $40), waxing (from $10), blowouts ($35), makeup (from $30) and spray tans (from $10), the full-service salon also offers Buff Beauty Bashes (for parties of four or more), which are perfect for bridal parties. 720 Carondelet St., 504-522-2833, Spa Day The Spa at the Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans

The Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans — the most expansive spa in the city — offers more than 100 treatments and salon services perfect for bridal parties. Whether it’s a day of pampering with locally-inspired treatments such as the 80-minute VooDoo Ritual ($240) — a full body massage and a locally-crafted herbal poultice ritual — a mani/pedi or blowout, the spa is the perfect place to kick back on a busy bridal party weekend. To go all out, try the Indulgent Day offering (4 hours, $500 per person), including a 50-minute relaxation massage, nourished glow scrub, custom facial, lunch, manicure and pedicure. While you’re at the hotel, be sure to check out the newly-debuted Moet & Chandon vending machine. Buy your own mini-bottle of Champagne and sip the day away at the hotel’s beautiful outdoor courtyard. The spa has a renovation coming up, so be sure to plan ahead. 921 Canal St., 504-524-1331, Belladonna Day Spa DrinkLab NOLA

prepare and enjoy a complete meal with one of the expert chefs. A sample class includes dishes like gumbo, BBQ shrimp and grits, and Bananas Foster crepes ($139 per person). Be sure to also check out the Louisiana General Store, offering a medley of locally-sourced products, cookbooks, spices, gift baskets, cookware, linens and more. 524 St. Louis St., 504-525-2665, Sidewalk Food Tours of New Orleans

Sidewalk Food Tours of New Orleans is a brand new tour company offering walking food tours of the French Quarter and the Lower Garden District. On each tour, you’ll savor dishes from six of the neighborhood’s best restaurants, mom-and-pop shops and bakeries. For example, the French Quarter tour includes muffulettas at Central Grocery, chargrilled oysters at Felix’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar and BBQ shrimp at Chartres House, while the Lower Garden District tour includes sandwiches at Turkey and the Wolf (named by Bon Appétit as the No. 1 best new restaurant of 2017), tacos at Juan’s Flying Burrito and doughnuts at District Donuts. The tours also include an impressive lesson on local history, culture and architecture. 877-5686877, Beauty Bliss Southern Swings Nail Bar + Spa

This distinct nail salon, which substitutes porch swings for pedicure chairs, offers the utmost in Southern-style pampering. Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a complimentary beverage and a warm neck wrap. In addition to pedicures (try the Honey & Goat Milk Pedicure, from $55), the salon also offers manicures (from $15), hair services (cuts and coloring, from $40), facial and body waxing (from $12),

For a truly luxe spa experience, look no further than the newly renovated Belladonna Day Spa. This Uptown spa and retail shop offers a thoughtfully curated menu of treatments and a vast retail selection of all things relaxing. Before your treatment, take some time to unwind in one of two lounges with a sauna, sitting room and premium bar with a menu of teas, wine and other refreshments. Book the Bella Bash (3 hours, $140 per person), which comes complete with a 50-minute massage and a classic manicure. Or, take your day to the next level with the Absolute Royal treatment (5 hours, $350 per person) with an 80-minute massage, a classic facial, spa lunch, and classic manicure and pedicure. After your treatment, enjoy a refreshing beverage in the outdoor Tea Garden with bubbling fish pond and fountain. 2900 Magazine St., 504-891-4393, Boozy Brunches Commander’s Palace

A New Orleans landmark since 1893, Commander’s Palace is the home of the original jazz brunch. Offering haute New Orleans cuisine, the brunch menu includes a starter, entree and dessert with dishes like glazed pork belly cinnamon rolls and cochon de lait eggs Benedict. The menu is accompanied by live New Orleans jazz by the Joe Simon’s Jazz Trio. After brunch, cross the street and take a stroll through Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 to walk it all off. 1403 Washington Ave., 504-899-8221, Court of Two Sisters

Offering a daily traditional jazz brunch buffet in the heart of the French Quarter, the Court of Two Sisters also features a gorgeous outdoor courtyard with jazz music to accompany your meal. The buffet features Creole classics like shrimp étouffée, crawfish Louise, and veal grillades and gravy with corn grits. There’s also made-toorder omelets and a carving station. 613 Royal St., 504-522-7261, b |


48 |



b r i d a l , b r i d e s m a i ds , me ns w e a r AND FLOWERS p.52

Vintage Vows Something Old, Something New The season’s newest aisle options are either dreamy with a touch of whimsy or dazzling creations adorned with intricate beading, metallic embroidery and sequin embellishments that create shimmer and shine. Regal silhouettes, sultry sheer panels, a focus on fit and handcrafted techniques add an extra touch of glamour, and stand out against the elegant decay of The Seraphim House, a uniquely New Orleans event space.

By Lisa Tudor Photographed by Theresa Cassagne Models: Stephany Osorto, russ vegas, meggan ory, Jacquelyn Lindsey Makeup by Meggan Ory for Makeup by Meggan Cosmetics Hair by monique munoz Hope Goldman Meyer Fine Jewelry Location: The Seraphim House New Orleans

Previous Page: Willowby by Watters "Thistle" gown with Chiara lace bodice and tulle skirt at Pearl’s Place; Art Deco golden pearl necklace with diamonds and faceted amethyst drop set in platinum at HGM Fine Jewelry; Citrine Beauty Oil, Expensive Skin Foundation and Tiffany Powder by Makeup By Meggan Cosmetics. This page: Alyne by Rita Vinieris ‘"Harlow" ivory/nude layered shimmer lace dress with flutter sleeve at I Do Bridal Couture; Antique rose cut diamond drop earrings circa 1890 and antique cushion cut 3ct diamond ring circa 1890 at HGM Fine Jewelry.

"Alexander" grey three-piece suit and paisley silk tie at Rome’s Tuxedos.

Monique Lhuillier Collection ‘Etoile’ silk white/ nude embroidered tulle trumpet gown with velvet sash at I Do Bridal Couture; Ike Behar Evening navy "Blake" tuxedo by Ike Behar at John’s Tuxedos.

Black velvet tuxedo jacket by Mark of Distinction at John’s Tuxedos.

Willowby by Watters "Thistle" gown with Chiara lace bodice and tulle skirt sampled in ivory and bronze at Pearl’s Place; Yellow and gray diamond sliced and faceted earrings, 20tcw, set in 18k white gold and rose cut yellow diamond "Star" ring at HGM Fine Jewelry.

Amsale "Caterina" crepe racerback halter gown sampled in hunter at Town & Country; Green velvet jacket with peak lapel at Rome’s Tuxedos. Bouquet of astrantia, scabiosa, fritillaries, jasmine, agonis, ranunculus, hellebores, garden roses, spray roses, and clematis, Kim Starr Wise Floral Events.

"Margeaux" metallic embroidered tulle gown with spaghetti straps and full circle skirt with train by Kate McDonald at Wedding Belles; Art Deco diamond and platinum chandelier earrings and silvery white 15mm South Sea pearl and diamond ring set in 18k white gold at HGM Fine Jewelry.

Hayley Paige Occasions English Net gown with satin bodice sampled in burgundy at Bella Bridesmaids; Watters "Hudson" Aria lace sheath gown at Town & Country. A free form mixture of burgundy dahlia, antique white garden roses, blush ranunculus, set in a lush mixture of Italian ruscus and seeded eucalyptus, The Plant Gallery.

Burgundy and gold tapestry jacket with shawl lapel by Statement Italy at Tuxedos to Geaux.

Katie May "Intrigue" boat neck style cap-sleeve crepe gown sampled in steel blue at Bella Bridesmaids; Haute Bride earrings at Town & Country. Antique garden roses, lisianthus, hypericum berries and scabiosa with Italian ruscus, seeded eucalyptus and acacia foliages, IRIS floral + event design.

Blue tuxedo with contrast blue lapel at Tuxedos to Geaux; “Corinthe� ball gown featuring layered graphic floral lace with dramatic beaded back and horsehair train at The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe; Diamond-studded South Sea pearl drop earrings, Stephan Hefner pearl and pave diamond collar set in 18k white gold, silvery white 15mm South Sea pearl and diamond ring set in 18k white gold at HGM Fine Jewelry.

Jenny Yoo "Lena" satin back crepe one shoulder gown and "Ellia" stretch velvet gown, both sampled in emerald at Wedding Belles.

64 |


Ivory/nude one shoulder "Carraway" overall beaded gown (detachable illusion train fastens at shoulder) at Bliss Bridal; Diamondstudded South Sea pearl drop earrings at HGM Fine Jewelry. |


Adrianna Papell Platinum beaded mesh dress with keyhole cutout in back sampled in rose gold at Bella Bridesmaids; Watters "Harlynn" lace and bobbinet A-line dress sampled in blush at Pearl’s Place.

66 |


Martina Liana off-the-shoulder handcrafted lace and tulle gown with subtle sparkle throughout at Town & Country; Art Deco diamond and platinumchandelier earrings at HGM Fine Jewelry. |


WToo by Watters sequin strappy sheath dress with spaghetti straps that cross in back at Town & Country. Cool water roses, spray roses, and lisianthus accented with mini green hydrangea and cream stock. The base of the bouquet is a bed of plumosa fern and seeded eucalyptus with a single philodendron leaf, Fabulous Flowers.

68 |


‘Elora’ lace over tulle fit and flare gown designed by Maggie Sottero for Rebecca Ingram at James & B Bridal Outlet; Art Deco diamond and platinum chandelier earrings, silvery white 15mm South Sea pearl and diamond ring set in 18k white gold at HGM Fine Jewelry. |


70 |



72 |



76 |


78 |


September Company photo


cak e s p.8 0


c u i s i n e a n d c o c kt a i ls p.86 m u s i c p . 10 4



lo ca tio ns p.94

tr a ns po r ta tio n p.10 6


ph o to g r a ph y p.1 00

de tails


Garden Variety Timeless cakes with added fresh florals for a touch of natural elegance By Andy Myer Photographed by Theresa Cassagne Floral styling by IRIS floral + event design studio,

Almond wedding cake filled with cream cheese buttercream and fresh berry mix, iced with textured buttercream and gold leafing, |


Devil’s food cake, filled with raspberry and chocolate buttercream, covered in a poured chocolate fondant, |


Classic almond wedding cake, embellished with scored fondant and accented with brushed gold, |


de tails

Cu isine & cock t a i ls

Richard notes the popularity of ideas like smoked rosemary Old Fashioneds and apple brandy milk punch. “They’re just a little different and an interesting way to go as a play on the classic cocktail. It takes the cocktail service into a more modern direction.” Edible Flowers and Herbs

Sophisticated Sipping

Handcrafted cocktails to inspire and delight guests By Amy Gabriel


Cocktail Customization

he only words as important as “I do” at a wedding celebration are “the bar is open.” In a city where cocktail culture reigns supreme, a celebratory reception is a golden opportunity for couples to showcase their creative spirits. Here, a few tips on how to give your libation-loving friends and family an especially memorable cocktail experience.

86 |

While most cocktails already offer visual appeal, Richard remarks that adding an edible flower provides an additional artistic component. “Instead of preserving the flower in the ice, we like to add it to the actual cocktail,” said Richard. “There are particular flowers that have a hint of spice or even a chocolate taste that can really kick up the palate profile.” Recalling a recent creation of tarragon-infused Limoncello, Richard believes that additions like petals and herbs have crowd appeal because of the organic nature of the ingredients. “Not only do these little touches enhance the flavor, they give you the beauty you’re looking for and make each sip an experience.”

Savory Cocktails

An emphasis on sweet sips can sometimes be a touch too much for a party going on into the wee hours. For a fun twist, Quinn Richard, owner of Cocktail+Creative, suggests adding a savory element to your lineup. “For people who are more adventurous and want to wow their guests, we’re suggesting a lot of classic cocktails with a savory twist.”


Couples are also coming up with creative ways to add their personalized stamp to the festivities. Tony Abadie, General Manager for QED Hospitality at the Pontchartrain Hotel, has seen this done in a number of ways. “Drinks with frothy tops provide great opportunity for personalization,” said Abadie.

“Using a stencil and a spray bottle of bitters, you can decorate the drink itself with a custom design. Couples can use their monogram, interlocking rings, or just about any design to fit the glass.” Meagan Cook, Director of Catering & Conference Services at the Windsor Court Hotel, has seen couples take it even further, adding their logo to the actual cocktail garnish. “One fun thing we have done for a few receptions is bring in custom printed fruit garnishes,” said Cook. “We are able to get a variety of citrus with monograms, sayings and wedding hashtags printed on them, so that when a guest is served their drink, their lime wedge sits on the edge of the cocktail with whatever fun logo the couple has selected. The photo opportunities are really a blast with those.” The Last Drop

Instead of last call, the bride and groom are also ending the evening on fun notes for their departure drinks and go cups. “One of our favorite things to introduce at a reception is our roaming cordial cart,” said Cook. “Equipped with cordials like Grand Marnier, Baileys, Sambuca, Chambord, rare whiskey, scotch, among others, the cart is sent around the room to guests in need of refreshment.” Finally, to truly end the night with a bang, Cook suggests a classic flambé presentation. “Café Brulot is always popular. And a show-stopper.” b |


de tails

Cu isine & cock t a i ls

Joel Catering

assemble everything in front of them becomes a showcase for guests.” Walker Geoffray, owner and executive chef of Black Pearl Catering, suggests extending the idea of interactive stations to branch out from fan favorites like oyster shucking and Bananas Foster to include appetizer preparation.“Appetizers are more intricate and the guests don’t get to see that because all the work is typically done behind the scenes,” said Geoffray. “Everything is very detail oriented when prepping the appetizers so it’s really fun for the guests to see everything happening in an orchestrated way.”

Interactive Eats The hottest reception food trends for 2019 By Amy Gabriel


ith the continual climb of the foodie culture and our collective passion for posting plated images on social media, couples now more than ever are motivated to deliver a memorable reception menu — especially in New Orleans. When it comes to the new and the now trends for 2019, we’ve pulled back the tablecloth to uncover a few of the most impressive ways to wow your guests.

the General Manager for QED Hospitality at the Pontchartrain Hotel. “The five-to six-course tasting menus or family style options are becoming more and more requested. We often recommend serving courses like the appetizers and desserts family style as it allows everyone to try a bit of everything, and adds to the feeling of coming together as a family that weddings are all about.”



As opposed to the old school chicken or fish mentality, couples are now providing smaller tastes with more options. “Seated dinners have increased in popularity in recent years, and the trend is toward multiple small courses to provide a well rounded dining experience,” said Tony Abadie,

As Julia Roberts told us in Steel Magnolias with her signature colors of “blush and bashful,”creating a color story for your wedding is always something to bear in mind. Brides are now taking it a step further and carrying that story past the flowers and decor and into the food and drinks. “We’re

88 |


communicating so much more visually on social media and are inspired by the overall design and presentation of items,” said Sarah Hall, President of Joel Catering. “There’s a lot more experimentation happening. Color stories are starting to form in all the details, including food. We’re seeing squid ink for dark pasta and active charcoal for cocktails. It’s all about cohesive colors that look really cool and interesting and also create a mood.” INTERACTIVE CHEF STATIONS

Particularly in New Orleans with our exciting culinary culture, action stations for food are as popular as ever. “People are interested in the experience and in something that is really Instagrammable,” said Katie Morris, owner of of Black Pearl Catering. “Watching a chef


Crafting an event as an expression of who you are as a couple can add a lovely layer of interest to your reception. As part of the planning process, Geoffray encourages couples to give a backstory of their courtship to help create a wedding theme. “A reception is a total representation of the couple, and we like to get an idea of who the bride and groom are by where they’ve been and what they share in common. Then we reflect that in the menu,” said Geoffray. “Maybe there’s some place that they’ve traveled that was special to them and we can represent that or recreate it in the food and presentation.” Morris believes that customizing the elements works as an opportunity to celebrate a couple’s interests, as well as engage the wedding party. “We did a wedding for a big Jazz Festloving couple,” recalls Morris. “For a late night snack we served Crawfish Monica and crawfish bread as a nod to their love of the Fest. It was so authentically New Orleans and sparked great |


Joel Catering

conversation and surprise for all the guests.” ATTENTION TO INGREDIENT SOURCING

With a call to fresh and local ingredients in daily food choices, many couples are incorporating that desire into their reception fare. “A lot of people seek us out specifically because they are interested in farm to table and care about where their food is coming from,” said Mandi Bordelon, Coquette’s Special Events Director. “It’s about a concern and interest in the quality of ingredients and wanting family and friends to gather around and share that experience.” In addition to ingredient origins, Bordelon also notes a trend towards lighter fare and more vegetable-forward menu focuses, pointing out concepts like action stations dedicated entirely to veggies skewers with cajun dipping sauces and vegetarian gumbo as ideas. “New Orleans is such a wedding destination city, and we love introducing people to our food. This way they get to taste our flavors but in a specialized way.”

90 |



In New Orleans we are always up for another round to keep the party going, so the trend towards the addition of a late-in-the-evening round of treats is a huge draw for partygoers. “We are seeing more couples host longer receptions, with an average of four hours - this is before the after-party kicks off!”, says Meagan Cook, Director of Catering & Conference Services at the Windsor Court Hotel. “When your band is still going strong and everyone has had a lovely time, it is really a nice touch to round out the experience with a few late-night favorites.” Noting concepts like gourmet mac-ncheese bites, bite-sized beignets and s’mores, she also suggests a creative interactive dessert station for the end of the night. “For our out-of-town couples, New Orleans classics, such as a Bananas Foster station, remain a fun choice. Gelato stations are popular, and we like to offer them with a selection of housemade gelatos and sorbets — with traditional and boozy topping options, of course.” b |


de tails

Cu isine & cock t a i ls

Copper Vine


Always in Style

If a classic New Orleans wedding is your bridal wish, these iconic bridal brunch spots truly take the cake. Brennan’s: Known as “the big pink,” an experience steeped in tradition awaits within any of the eight glamorous dining rooms or exquisite courtyard.

Bridal Brunches

Five fabulous brunch spots for your bridal showers and brunches By Amy Gabriel


he enchanting Crescent City is a dream destination for a bride to celebrate her engagement with her nearest and dearest. Even the champagne corks seem to fly higher here. When selecting a perfect spot to toast your bridal bliss, consider these lovely newer locales for a day to build a dream on.

Copper Vine: Decidedly modern and

Hotel Peter & Paul: With beauty and

The Parlor: Tucked away in The

intrigue behind every corner, the historic 19th-century site features four buildings — a restored church, rectory, schoolhouse and convent — which have been transformed into an elegant hotel and event space in the Marigny. The on-property bar and restaurant, The Elysian Bar, from the beloved Bacchanal team, makes catering choices a breeze.

92 |

design-forward, this Central Business District corner restaurant allows for an intimate shower upstairs in one of the private dining areas with access to the balcony for a Veuve bubbly welcome reception, or an al fresco shower downstairs in the charming courtyard.

Pontchartrain Hotel, The Parlor is a blank canvas for a gorgeous bridal shower with a backdrop of historic brick walls, stenciled concrete floors, French toile wallpaper and a suspended series of crystal chandeliers. The eclectic rooftop bar, Hot Tin, and stunning Jack Rose restaurant are also picture perfect alternatives.


Couvant: The lovely and bright

brasserie within The Eliza Jane offers a picturesque bridal brunch set up to spills into the beautifully bricked outdoor space. Raise a toast amongst the lush greenery, antique lanterns and golden chairs strewn about the open-aired courtyard while partaking in French-inspired fare. Effervescence: The boutique cham-

pagne house on the edge of the French Quarter beckons for clinking glasses and proposed toasts. Take a seat around a champagne and chef’s plate sharing table for an intimate gathering or make it a larger affair complete with canapés and sparkling flights. b

Commander’s Palace: From a private wine room to the divine courtyard, this celebrated Garden District jewel provides a party backdrop for the ages. Add a side of live jazz and decadent desserts to make the celebration extra soulful and sweet. Cafe Amelie: Behind the gates of this Royal Street gem lies a Princess of Monaco Courtyard with its tropical gardens and a Carriage House with true Vieux Carre charm. Broussard’s: In the heart of the French Quarter resides a courtyard that beckons for champagne toasts, along with lovely floralthemed private rooms for intimate gatherings. Coquette: If it’s chic simplicity you seek, this Garden District beauty is the answer. Rise to the occasion with a private second floor space and floor to ceiling windows paired with sublimely fresh fare. |


de tails


Making History

New Orleans-style nuptials as unique as the city at the storied New Orleans Athletic Club By Kelly Massicot


he New Orleans Athletic Club has been a New Orleans staple since 1872 and is the third oldest athletic club in the country. Typically, one would not think of an athletic club as the most romantic spot to say, “I Do,” but the NOAC is not your typical gym. It is located in the French Quarter minutes from the Marigny and Central Business District and, in addition to the full service bar, as well as the yoga studios, spin room and other offerings ubiquitous to a gym, NOAC also has a salon, perfor-

94 |

mance center and, now, three locations to host your wedding or wedding-related event. The NOAC ballroom has a history almost as long and as exciting as the NOAC itself. Previously, the NOAC and other amenities were only available to members of the club, making it an exclusive spot to exchange vows. Now, the ballroom, along with Vaughan’s Pub and the newlydebuted Bienville Courtyard are available for rental to the public and offer couples a small, medium and large option for their special day.


Billed as a great location for an elopement ceremony or rehearsal dinner, Vaughan’s Pub offers the smaller, more distinct options with its handcrafted woodwork and brass bar. The bar seats 60 guests, allows for 50 seated theater style and up to 125 standing room. The ballroom, classic in decor and architectural accents, such as its grand, floor-to-ceiling windows and large chandelier, allows couples the option of a 180 guest seated dinner, 250 standing room and 400 seated theater style — ideal for a ceremony. The newest addition is the Bienville Courtyard. This indoor

and outdoor space can be accessed from the club or separately from Bienville Street. Opposite from the vibe offered in the ballroom or Vaughan’s Pub, the courtyard features exposed brick walls, industrial accents and a gorgeous patio. The courtyard, with over 9,000 square feet of event space, allows for 500 seated guests, over 500 standing and up to 700 seated theater style. From traditional, to old school and the newly updated authentic New Orleans-style space, the New Orleans Athletic Club has any option for your Big Day, big or small. b |


de tails


Il Mercato

“I Do” Venues

These distinctive wedding and reception venues are sure to suit any couple’s style. By Misty Milioto


s any married couple will attest, the venue can make or break a wedding. In addition to finding a gorgeous space, it’s important to find a venue that provides top-notch service and all of the elements you want for your Big Day, from delicious cuisine to lighting, music and more. This collection of iconic, modern, traditional and contemporary wedding and reception venues are tops in the city, and they feature a wide variety of offerings to make your wedding day truly unforgettable. The Eliza Jane

This new, one-of-a-kind boutique

96 |

hotel is built within nine historic warehouses with a 1,785-squarefoot event space (with exposed brick walls and decorative moldings) and a 2,000-square-foot openair interior courtyard, both of which are ideal for elegant weddings and receptions. Full catering is offered through the hotel’s signature restaurant, Couvant, which focuses on classic French brasserie fare. 315 Magazine St., 504.882.1234, Laurenia Ballroom at Pythian Market

New to the New Orleans scene is the Laurenia Ballroom at Pythian Market, located within the historic


Pythian Temple in the heart of New Orleans’ Central Business District. The 3,500-square-foot indoor space can accommodate up to 253 people (or 150 people for a seated meal) and features hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows and restored ironwork from the original building, plus an additional events area called 2three4, a commercially equipped kitchen and a bridal suite. 234 Loyola Ave., 504.459.4005, The Parlor at the Pontchartrain

The Parlor at the Pontchartrain is a newly designed space that is a

great option for smaller weddings and receptions (up to 50 people). The historic venue features 2,790 square feet of space, brick walls, stenciled concrete floors, French toile wallpaper and crystal chandeliers; event catering is provided by QED Hospitality. 2031 St. Charles Ave., 504.941.9000, Race + Religious

This relic of old Louisiana, built using bricks molded from Mississippi River mud, and baked along Tchoupitoulas Street, contains 6,500 square feet of indoor and outdoor space and accommodates up to 275 guests |


for a cocktail-style reception (or 150 guests for a seated dinner). Featuring a combination of three historic buildings—a Greek Revival row house, slave quarters and a Creole cottage, all connected by a lush courtyard with pool and gas lamp lighting—there’s no shortage of unique spaces for you and your guests to celebrate the day or night away. 510 Race St., 504.523.0890, Marigny Opera House

Weddings at the Marigny Opera House directly benefit this performing arts venue, so you can also feel great about supporting a local arts program. The repurposed church, located in Faubourg Marigny and designed by French architect Theodore Giraud, was constructed in 1853 and features theatrical lighting. Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson even tied the knot at this Baroque-style former church. 725 St. Ferdinand St., 504.948.9998, Southern Oaks Plantation

This award-winning Southern Oaks Plantation is the quintessential venue for an Antebellum-style wedding. The mansion, beautifullymanicured grounds and the unparalleled service are hard to beat. The Ceremony Collection includes a garden-style, 30-minute ceremony on the front lawn of the plantation, while the New Orleans Reception Collection features a three-hour rental of the entire property, hors d’oeuvres and entrées, an open bar, candle-lit centerpieces, sound system and DJ, and much more. 7816 Hayne Blvd., 504-242-0555, Messina’s At The Terminal

Located inside the New Orleans Lakefront Airport, Messina’s at the Terminal provides numerous spaces that come alive with the timeless elegance of the 1930s. The Art Deco venue, which was restored to its original glory in 2013, features murals by renowned SpanishAmerican artist Xavier Gonzalez. Choose from The Atrium and the adjoining Terrace, a gorgeous space with terrazzo floors and carefully restored vintage decor, or dance the night away in The Walnut Room, which shines with walnut wood walls, expansive windows

98 |


and beautiful pendant chandeliers. 6001 Stars and Stripes Blvd., 504.241.5300, messinascatering. com Il Mercato

Embodying elegance and sophistication, with a hint of Spanish flair, Il Mercato in the Lower Garden District is a happening spot for romantic weddings and receptions with 8,500 square feet of event space. The distinct venue features a 3,500-square-foot private courtyard surrounding an outdoor fireplace and 5,000 square feet of indoor space, including a ballroom with herringbone wood floors and Italianate chandeliers, an intimate library and a women’s lounge. Il Mercato can accommodate up to 450 guests for a cocktail-style reception, up to 225 guests for a seated dinner or 250 guests for a wedding ceremony. 1911 Magazine St., 504.827.2400, The Chicory

A perfect combination of old-world charm and modern amenities, The Chicory features a 25,000-squarefoot event space—including a wedding suite and new balcony— and can easily accommodate 600 guests. The former coffee warehouse, with its exposed beams, brick walls, wrought iron details and gas lanterns, provides a gorgeous backdrop for an open and airy wedding and reception. The rooftop space is a spectacular place for photos, with panoramic views of the Warehouse District. 610 S. Peters St., 504.521.8055, The Cannery

Another ideal location for large weddings and receptions is The Cannery, a 12,000-square-foot venue in Mid-City offering modern spaces for today’s couples. The space, which formerly served as a warehouse for the American Can Company, was renovated in June 2012 and now acts as a high-tech, luxurious venue with an open floor plan that allows for customized decor. The Cannery can accommodate up to 200 guests for a seated dinner or up to 700 guests (with the addition of an outdoor tent) for a cocktail reception. 3803 Toulouse St., 504.486.8351, cannerynola. com b |


de tails

p hotography

Picture Perfect

Iconic engagement and wedding photo locations around New Orleans and hidden gems, too By Cheré Coen Photographs by September Company


ew Orleans remains one of the most picturesque cities in America, the perfect backdrop for engagement and wedding photos. Because of its unique and colorful ambience, the city routinely attracts many out-of-town couples for destination weddings. Photographer Bob Bradford has been shooting engagement photos and weddings in New Orleans for 30 years and he naturally receives many requests for French Quarter locations and City and Audubon parks. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg to what the city and South Louisiana offers, he said. Some of his favorites include Longue Vue House and Gardens historic home in Metairie and Houmas House Plantation upriver in Darrow. “Houmas House is beautiful

100 |

and the grounds are gorgeous,” Bradford said. “But I can imagine you can go to any of the plantations for photos.” Bradford prefers classic shots, so he bypasses unusual backdrops such as the city’s distinctive cemeteries. He prefers spots such as historic hotels including the Omni Royal Orleans, the Royal Sonesta in the French Quarter and the Ritz Carlton on Canal. “One of the prettiest hotels but not in the Quarter is Le Pavillon,” he said. Thad Billiot and Caitlin Guidry love to photograph weddings and engagements at Race + Religious, a rustic event space located along the riverfront of the Lower Garden District with exposed brick, courtyard and iron balcony. Recently Billiot and Guidry, wedding photographers who own


The September Company, shot an afternoon wedding as rain rolled in. The wedding party took it in stride, incorporating umbrellas in the service and later jumping in the facility’s reflecting pool. “Race + Religious and the Pitot House are both great venues that capture the charm and romance of New Orleans,” said Billiot. “So many factors go into a great wedding venue and one of my favorite things about both of these is that they include gorgeous places for couples to get ready. The decor is true to New Orleans’ quirky style and the outdoor areas are beautiful.” Almost every corner of the city offers wonderful backdrops for wedding photography but permits are needed in many instances. Before shooting in a hotel, for instance, inquire for permission,

Bradford explained. Some hotels may only allow photography if wedding and/or the reception is held there. Permits to photograph in City Park, Jackson Square and other public spaces in New Orleans must be arranged ahead of time and require fees. No permits are required to shoot inside Audubon Park, however, and it contains lagoons with stone bridges, ancient oak trees and almost two miles of walking paths. “Audubon Park is about the only one you can walk out and take pictures,” he said. City permits

Photography permits are needed for outdoor spaces owned by the City of New Orleans. Green spaces are largely regulated by the City of New Orleans Parks and Parkways and permits may be obtained by calling |


504-658-3201 or visiting Jackson Square is a public park and all photography must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance by filling out a form online at Parks and Parkways new. rules-regulations/photographyin-jackson-square or by calling 504-658-3201. The non-refundable processing fees range between $50 and $250 and for groups of 10 or more a litter-damage deposit is required which is refunded if the park is left intact. Jackson Square lies at the heart of New Orleans’ tourism industry, Bradford reminds wedding planners, and great photographs may be difficult with tourists roaming around. City Park

City Park hails back more than a century and is one of the largest and oldest municipal parks in the nation. The massive property includes historic buildings and statues such as the Peristyle, unique bridges, the stunning New Orleans Botanical Gardens with its Pavilion of the Two Sisters and

102 |


several water landscapes, among others. The park is also home to the world’s largest stand of mature oak trees, which make for excellent photographic backdrops. Because it’s a public park, all bridal photography must be done with a permit, which costs $50 a session and is valid for one day, unless inclement weather causes a reschedule. Payment must be made in advance and obtained at the City Park Administration Building or Tolmas Building at the Botanical Gardens during weekday work hours. Photography is not allowed within the Carousel Gardens Amusement Park, Storyland and Popp Fountain, the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden or the inside or front portico steps of the New Orleans Museum of Art. Photography is allowed at the Peristyle and Popp Bandstand if not in use. Admission to the New Orleans Botanical Gardens requires a separate admission fee. For more information about City Park, contact Natalie Weiss at 504-483-9417 or email nweiss@ b |


de tails


Reception Music 101 How to get the party started and keep it going By Cheré Coen


hen Robert Juneau started Decades Music more than 25 years ago, he was pushing vinyl on two turntables at weddings and other events. “I had to carry in crates of records and two huge speakers,” he said, adding that songs were limited. If he didn’t have the record, the song wasn’t played. Today’s DJ has thousands of songs carried electronically. Juneau brings 100,000 songs to every event and if someone requests a song not in his arsenal, he can download the tune easily in a minute or two. “There’s not a song in the world that’s not at my disposal,” he said. But getting people on the dance floor and keeping them there remains an unwavering problem, a dilemma for every wedding planner and deejay. Getting the party started and keeping it going may be the

104 |

deciding factor on what makes a successful wedding. “Music is the perfect recipe for the perfect party,” Juneau said. Start with a plan

Knowing your audience is key, Juneau explained, including what their tastes in music are and their age range. Playing music to appease a young teenager is vastly different from keeping Aunt Myrtle happy. “The most important thing to know is to find about more about the people you are playing for and to make a plan,” he said. Wedding couples should relate to their DJs or musicians what their expectations are for the reception, giving details on those who will be attending. Will there be a second line and traditional New Orleans music being played? Will it be strictly a young audience or will older family members and friends be attending who may


explain how it’s done. In fishing, you bait the pole and throw it out. If you catch a fish, you’re on to something. If not, move on to better bait and a new location. At a wedding reception, he plays songs that will get people moving and if the first one hits payday, he sticks to that course of action. If not, he changes course until people start dancing. “The hardest part is getting the person out of their chair and away from the hors d’oeuvres, away from the bar and on the dance floor,” he said. “But once you have them hooked, you’ve got them.” Juneau offers two ways of getting people up to dance. Start with a fast song or easy line dance to get women on the dance floor. Often women are not afraid to dance alone or with each other and “don’t need to be liquored up like men,” he said. Another option is to play a slow song for couples because then the men, usually shy about dancing, have a partner. Line dancing?

not appreciate loud or fast music? “I look at the entire crowd and try my darnest to give a little bit of something to the subgroup inside that larger group,” Juneau said. Juneau’s perfect world is a wedding couple offering 10 to 20 songs that must be included in the playlist and then allowing him flexibility to expand as long as it relates to the reception’s demographics. “We DJs are more comfortable when we have flexibilities with our playlist,” he said. His goal, however, is to play to the entire audience and make everyone happy. Get up on your feet

Getting people out of their chairs and on the dance floor remains the bottom line of good musicianship. Once the fun begins, the goal shifts to keep them dancing. Juneau uses a fishing analogy to

The last three weddings Juneau worked the bride emphatically said no line dances. During the receptions, however, they caved in to demand. “People love the line dance,” Juneau said. Choosing whether or not to include a line dance at the reception is, of course, at the discretion of the wedding party but it may be received with resistance. Having one or two on hand just in case may be in order. Current favorites include “Cupid Shuffle” by Bryson Bernard of Lafayette, otherwise known as “Cupid,” and “The Wobble” by rapper artist V.I.C. Final test

Who danced and how long rates a great a party, Juneau said. If the reception dance floor was full and people remained dancing, the wedding was a success. “There’s not a better feeling for a DJ than leaving a party and everyone’s high fiving you,” he said. b |


de tails

transportatio n

American Bicycle Rental Company gets its bicycles made specifically for the wear and tear of the Big Easy’s streets, so that the beginning of your marriage isn’t too bumpy. bikerental Party bus

Getting There A handy guide to New Orleans’ many options to get you and your guests to and from the wedding Original reporting by Phil McCausland and Andrew Paul


on’t stress about how you’re going to make it to your wedding. With so many options for couples in New Orleans — whether you want to make it to your ceremony by land, air or sea — you can arrive in style. Each choice has its own charm and beauty and can be perfectly tailored to your wedding ceremony, so all you have to do is enjoy the ride. Horse and carriage

The classic New Orleans mode of wedding transportation, the horse and carriage, is the image of wedded bliss. Enter your ceremony as if you are in your own personal fairytale. Royal Carriages has been a New Orleans institution since 1941 and provides several options to its guests. Streetcar

Seat 40 to 50 of your guests in a classic New Orleans streetcar by chartering one from the city. You

106 |

can create your own route, bring food and drink onto the streetcar and decorate it to your heart’s content. It’s a mode of transportation steeped in history but customizable to your goals. Limo

They’re ubiquitous to weddings for a reason — the luxury and comfort of a limo is tough to beat. Sip champagne and settle into the rich leather interior while a chauffeur gets you to your destination in style., bonolimo. com, Rolls Royce

A classic Rolls Royce or antique Bentley exudes vintage luxury and style and allows you to transcend time. Arrive at your wedding in true elegance and enjoy the plush leather seating and complimentary champagne in VIP Transportation’s antique English motorcars. viptransportationinc. net,


Why not rent a party bus? Champagne chillers, accent and fiber optic lighting, flat-screen TVs, a mirrored ceiling and a dancing pole — gasp! — (in case you want to show off your moves) are a few of the amenities. The buses range in size, running from 22-to-45 passenger limits, and Royal Coach will meet all of your specifications. Gondola – City Park

If you’re near City Park for your wedding, a gondola ride is a must. Glide through the smooth waters of the park and have a private, relaxing moment with your new partner in life and love. If you want to bring guests, the boat carries up to six.

Pedi cab

Whether it’s your main means of transportation for your ceremony, a bachelor or bachelorette party visit to the French Quarter, or you put a coupon for a free ride in your wedding gift bag, these chauffeur-driven bicycles provide a fun means to explore the city and offer a quick getaway when necessary.


Motorcycle or Scooter


Get a fleet of motorcycles or scooters to carry you, your beloved and your guests to your wedding. Pick between classic Harleys, Indian Chiefs or BMWs on the motorcycle side or hop on a Genuine Buddy scooter with your pals and fly through the streets., Tandem bike

Prove your commitment to fun, whimsy and teamwork by renting a tandem bike on your Big Day. The

Charter a yacht and party all the way to the altar. Watch the sun set and enjoy balmy breezes as you float through the waters of Lake Pontchartrain. If you’re up to it, have the captain of the ship officiate the wedding. The options are endless when luxury is your focus.

Don’t worry, you can still ride off into the sunset in a classic Crescent City trolley even if your wedding isn’t on one of the town’s main streetcar lines. Limousine Livery provides refurbished streetcars free of both cable restraints and pesky tourists. What’s more, the renovated vehicle’s cushioned seats are an enormous improvement from the city’s current hardwood offerings, so you can cozy up and cool off next to your new spouse without fear of splinters or snags in your swanky attire. b |


108 |


Lance Nicoll Photo

real weddings

Cam pbe l l -V a n A u s d a l l p . 110

| M ath e r ne -Sch midt p.112

S u l l i v a n - L i r e t t e p.116

| So ng y-Bo ze ma n p.114

| V e r ma -Da nie l p.118

r e a l wedding s

110 |

Cam pbell -V a n A usd a ll



Bride: Kara Campbell Groom: Jacob VanAusdall Date: March 24, 2018 Ceremony location: Rayne Memorial United Methodist Church Reception location: Elms Mansion Coordinator: Mint Julep Productions (Day of – Courtney Bryant) Gown: Johanna Johnson from LVD Bridal in Nashville, Tennessee Bridesmaids’ dresses: Nouvelle Amsale from Bella Bridesmaids Men’s Attire: The Black Tux, theblacktux. com Rings: King Jewelers, Nashville, Tennessee Florist: Poppy and Mint Floral Caterer: Elms Mansion (in-house chef) Cake: Bittersweet Confections Photographer: Lance Nicoll Videographer: David Pittman from Always Video Productions Hair: Bride’s Hair - Michelle Copeland from The Pink Noun, all other hair and makeup Candace Kennedy and Ashley Love from Glam Nola LLC Makeup: Candace Kennedy and Ashley Love from Glam Nola LLC Music: D Play Band Guest Signin: Simon Photobooth: Go-Go Booth Live Painter: Heirloom Live Paintings Bride’s Shoes: Bella Belle Bride’s Headpiece: Untamed Petals Bridal Prep Location: The Pontchartrain Hotel |


r e a l wedding s

112 |




Bride: Malayne Matherne Groom: Lt. Jacob Schmidt Date: Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018 Ceremony Location: St. Patrick’s Church/New Orleans Reception Location: National World War II Museum Freedom Pavilion Coordinator: Brooke Casey Gown: Pronovias at Town & Country Bridesmaids Dresses: Amsale at Bella Bridesmaids Mens Attire: Groomsmen, Military Uniforms; Ushers and fathers, Perlis Florist: Poppy and Mint Cake: Bittersweet Confections Photographer: Eye Wander Photography, Aaron Hogan Videographer: Your Day Productions Hair: Naomi Corass, John Jay Makeup: Makeup by Meggan Music: Reception, Groovy 7; Second Line, Kinfolk Brass Band Lighting: Luminous Events |


r e a l wedding s

114 |

Songy- Bo zem a n



Bride: Lorilei Songy Groom: William Steven Bozeman, Jr. Date: Dec.9, 2017 Get Ready and Ceremony location: Ritz Carlton Wedding planner: Lulu Alexander, Weddings by Lulu Florist: Erin Steen Invitations: Scriptura Programs: Basic Invite Hair Stylist: Marsha Leyva Makeup Artist: Angelle Bourgeois Bride’s Dress: Essence of Australia from The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe Bride’s Shoes: Badgley Mishka Groom’s Attire: Rubenstein Brothers Wedding Rings: Fisher & Sons Jewelers Wedding Cake: Haydel’s Bakery Wedding Venue: Ritz Carlton Hotel Reception Venue: Arnaud’s Restaurant Music Provided by: Violinist, Marco deVera, Young & Talented Brass Band, Meschiya Lake & The Little Big Horns Photographer: The Red M Studio |


r e a l weddin g s

116 |

Sullivan-L i r et t e



Bride: Ali Sullivan Groom: Mike Lirette Date: April 8, 2017 Ceremony & Reception Location: Il Mercato Gown: Nouvelle Amsale from Blanc Bridal Couture Bridesmaids Dresses: J. Crew Men’s Attire: Tuxedos To Geaux Engagement Ring: Leigh Jay & Co. Vintage Jewelry Wedding Bands: K. Miller Gem & Jewelry Brokerage Florist: Iris Cake: Sweet Things & Grill Dessert: Diane Mora Photographer: Stevie Ramos Photography Videographer: Bella Productions Hair & Makeup: Glam Nola Music: DJ Pat Black, All Out Entertainment |


r e a l wedding s

118 |

Verm a- Dan i e l



Bride: Pooja Verma Groom: Bron Michael Daniel Date: March 24, 2018 Ceremony: St Louis Cathedral Reception: Windsor Court Hotel Coordinator: Joli Noce Events of New Orleans and KLS Interior and Design of Florida Gowns: Studio East 6 Chicago Bridesmaid’ dresses: Panache of Chicago Men’s attire: Men’s Warehouse Rings: James and Sons Fine Jewelers of Chicago Florist: Plant Gallery Décor: CHL Linens Cake: Not Too Fancy Bakery Photographer: Colin Lyons Photography. Clay Kerr-Photographer of Chicago Videographer: With Love Productions of Chicago Make up: Ashley Buxton Hair: Miranda Welsh Music: St; Louis Cathedral organist and violinist; Brent Rose Trio; DJ Khancept-Adam Khan; Dhol Drummer: Jasdeep Josan; Kinfolk Brass Band & Mardi Gras Indians Transportation: Nicolls Limousine Service Rehearsal Dinner: Domenica Restaurant located in the Roosevelt Hotel Live Painting Artist: NOLA Live Painting by Kristen Schenck Caterer: Windsor Court and Taj Mahal Lady Sangeet Venue: The Cannery Henna Artist: Laura Sheffield |


Want to submit your wedding for our magazine? Check out how.... Do you want to see your wedding in these pages and share your Big Day with our readers and New Orleans? To be considered as a featured local wedding in New Orleans Bride Magazine, mail a CD or flash drive with high-resolution (4x6/300dpi) photographs. Below is a helpful checklist to ensure that you have included all of the correct materials.

what we need 1. A Word document of the following vendors: ___ Couple’s full name ___ Date of the wedding ___ Ceremony location ___ Reception location ___ Coordinator ___ Gown (designer and store) ___ Bridesmaids’ dresses (designer and store) ___ Men’s Attire (store) ___ Rings ___ Florist ___ Caterer ___ Cake ___ Photographer ___ Videographer ___ Hair (Stylist and Salon) ___ Makeup (Stylist and Salon) ___ Music ___ Any other vendor you would like to include

2. High-resolution (4x6 / 300dpi) photographs of: ___ Couple ___ Bridesmaids and groomsmen ___ Cake ___ Rings ___ Flowers ___ Ceremony ___ Reception ___ Wedding Favor ___ Second Line ___ Detail shots of shoes, dress, jewelry ___ Detail shots of the decor ___ Please include five other photos of your choice.

* Please send at least 10-15 photographs and Word document of your vendors saved to a CD or flash drive. * All CDs and flash drives will NOT be returned.



Please mail your CD or flash drive of photos and Word document of vendor information to: New Orleans Bride Magazine Attn: Tiffani Amedeo 110 Veterans Blvd., Suite 123 Metairie, LA 70005

New Orleans Bride Magazine reserves the right to choose the wedding and the issue in which it will be featured. Submissions are not guaranteed to be published and CDs will not be returned. The bride, groom and photographer must give permission to use the photographs and information of the submitted wedding.

120 |

summer-autumn 2018 |


122 |


advertising section

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1st Lake Properties, Inc 504-455-5059, rentals@1st-lake. com, 12 Seasons Catering & Mr. Mudbug 131 23rd St., Kenner 504-465-9770

Bed Bath and Beyond 800-Go Beyond Belle Amour Photography 1441 Fremaux Ave., Slidell 985-768-6603, nichole@Belle Amour, Belle Amour

Alert Transportation 3 Westbank Expressway, New Orleans, 504-362-4145,

Beth’s Florist & New Orleans Wedding Planners 2014 Clearview Parkway Metairie 504-455-2353 bethsflorist@gmail. com

Aroma Catering 400 E William David Pkwy, Metairie, 504-833-2120, Aromacateringnola. com

Bliss Bridal 4712 Magazine St., 504-5927507,, nola@

Ashford Halley 667 Laurel St., Baton Rouge, 225-266-3459, 225-931-0912,

Boogie Booth Photo Booth Comapny PO Box 581, Mandeville, 504-4578033,,

Ashley Marks Media 1025 N Hullen St. , Metairie, 504444-8356, Ashleymarksmedia@, Audubon Institute/Nature Center/Aquarium/Imax 6500 Magazine St., New Orleans, 504-861-2537, privateevents Austin’s Seafood and Steakhouse 5101 West Esplanade Ave., Metairie, 504-888-5533,

Brennan’s 417 Royal Str., French Quarter, 504934-3329, brennansneworleans. com Broussard’s 819 Conti, New Orleans, 504-5813866,, Capdeboscq Catering 1000 Allo Ave. , Marrero, 504-3418890,

B Street Benny

Cedar Grove Tchoupitoulas Plantation 6533 River Road, Waggaman, LA, 504-431-5743

Backyard Printing (& Secondline Handkerchiefs) 1960 Surgi Drive, Mandeville, 985-231-7789, Backyardprinting@,,, Leslie McGoey

Cigar Factory 415 Decatur St, New Orleans; 206 Bourbon St, New Orleans; 12272 Emerald Coast Pkwy, Miramar Beach, FL; 14 S Palafox St, Pensacola, FL; 504-568-1003,

Bag of Donuts, 1-866-BOD-NOLA, (504-263-6652),

City Park 1 Palm Drive, New Orleans, 504482-4888,

Beau Rivage Resort & Casino 875 Beach Blvd., Biloxi, MS Michelle Kirn, 228-386-7155

Club Pilates 2513 Metairie Road, Metairie, 504484-9650, Compass Point Erin Steen French, 504-366-1768, 985-969-4526, 200 Opelousas Ave, New Orleans, erin@

Courtyard on the Ridge 407 Folse St., Harahan, 504737-6660,, DAT BAND (504) 872-3925, Booking@, DatBandLA com David’s Bridal 4630 Veterans Blvd, Metairie, 504-770-6333, Dickie Brennan’s 605 Canal St., New Orleans, Restaurant directory: 504-2741958, Palace Café: 504-523-1661, Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse: 504-522-2467, Bourbon House: 504-522-0111, Tableau: 504-9343463 Dillard’s Bridal Registry 3301 Veterans Memorial Blvd #1, Metairie, 504-833-1075, dillards. com Eau Claire Photographics 141 Robert E Lee Blvd #331, New Orleans 504-432-7879, Emerald Grande 10 Harbor Blvd, Destin, FL, 850-424-0622 English Turn Golf & Country Club One Clubhouse Drive, New Orleans, 504-392-2200, jessicak@, Exquisite Events New Orleans, 504-975-4089, Info@, Fabulous Flowers LLC. By Appointment, New Orleans, 504-909-0253, fabulousflowers@, Fair Grounds Race Course 1751 Gentilly Blvd, New Orleans, 504-948-1285, groupsales@fgno. com, Federal Ballroom New Orleans 147 Carondelet St., New Orleans, 504-587-2088,, Filmore In the Oaks 1040 Filmore Ave, New Orleans, 504-875-3787, filmoreintheoaks. com

First Class Presentation Catering P.O. Box 3773, New Orleans, 504872-9398, Four Points by Sheraton French Quarter, 541 Bourbon St., New Orleans, 504 -524- 7611 Gem Printing Co. 1904 Veterans Blvd., Metairie, 504-831-1762,, Generations Hall 310 Andrew Higgins Dr., New Orleans, 504-581-4367, hector@, sschulkens@,

Hyatt Centric French Quarter 800 Iberville St., New Orleans, 504565-4537, frenchquarter.centric. Hyatt Regency New Orleans 601 Loyola Ave., New Orleans, 504561-1234,, I Do Bridal Couture 4265 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge, 225-361-0377, ramsey@ Intercontinental New Orleans 444 St Charles Ave., New Orleans, 504-525-5566,

Grow With Us Florist 106 Metairie Heights Ave., Metairie , 504-837-9449, flowers@growithus. com,

Iris Floral + Event Design Studio 5331-B Canal Blvd., New Orleans, 504-304-4966, nicole@irisfloral. com,

Harvie Live Wedding Paintings 1204 S. White St., New Orleans, 985687-9106, info@harvieoilpaintings. com,

Jacquelyn Eves – Hairstylist and Makeup Artist 504-390-8457,

Hampton Inn & Suites New Orleans Convention Center 1201 Convention Center Blvd., New Orleans, 504-293-1200,

James & B Bridal Outlet Brooke Ory & Jamie Lombardino, 1169-B Robert Blvd, Slidell, 985302-0755

Handwritten Hannah, hannah@ Haydel’s Bakery 4037 Jefferson Hwy., Jefferson, 504-837-0190, 504-837-5512, Heirloom Live Event Paintings 4401 Euphrosine, New Orleans, 504-812-1750, Hilton Garden Inn Orange Beach 23092 Perdido Beach Blvd, Orange Beach, 251-974-1600, House of Blues 225 Decatur St., New Orleans 504-310-4990, hobnolaweddings@, HOBSpecialEvents House of Broel’s Victorian Mansion and Gardens 2220 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, 504-522-2220, 504-494-2220,

Jared Osterhold Event Fine Arts 427 Royal St., New Orleans, 504383-5483, Jefferson Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc. 1221 Elmwood Park Blvd, Suite 411 New Orleans, 504-7341-708, John’s Tuxedos 3200 Houma Blvd., Metairie, 504455-5353, Joe Gambino’s Bakeries 4821 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, 504-885-7500, email@, Just for Me Designs j4medesigns@gmail. com,, 504-812-2519 Kitchen Tradition 5517 Edmondson Pike, Nashville, TN 37211, 615-832-2387,

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Kim Starr Wise Floral Events 437 Philip St., New Orleans, 504-315-5607, kimstarrwise. com, fb: kimstarrwisefloralevents, instagram: kimstarrwise LA Studios 2808 Athania Pkwy, Metairie, 504-669-5711,, Limousine Livery 4333 Euphrosine St., New Orleans 504-561-8777,

New Orleans School of Cooking 524 St. Louis St., New Orleans, 800-237-4841 NOLA Hotel Group 504-962-7220,,, hotelstpierre. com, Nola Live Painting Kristen Schenck, 504-237-0890,

Royal Event Rental 985-400-9416, 110 Campbell Ave, Unit 1, Mandeville, Royal Palm 1901 Manhattan Blvd., Building E, Harvey, 504-644-4100,, royalpalmfpc. com Royal Sonesta New Orleans 300 Bourbon St., New Orleans, 504553-2205, RSNOsales@sonesta. com,

Linen Jolie Bridal 4114 Veterans Memorial Blvd,

Omni Royal Orleans Hotel 621 St. Louis St., New Orleans, 504-529-7022, omniroyalorleans. com

Loews New Orleans Hotel 300 Poydras St., New Orleans, 504-595-5316,

Palmetto’s on the Bayou 1901 Bayou Lane, Slidell, 985-6430050,

Louisiana State Museum 751 Chartres St., New Orleans, 504-568-6968,

Paradise Vacation Escapes 225-303-2240, shannon@,

Maison de Cheveux 201 St. Charles Ave., suite #127, New Orleans, 504-908-4247,

Pearl’s Place 3114 Severn Ave., Metairie, 504885-9213,,

Songy Photography songyphotography@hotmail. com, Ricky 504-559-3911, Staci 504-884-0367

Maison Dupuy Hotel 1001 Rue Toulouse, New Orleans, 504-648-6114,,

Portofino Island Resort, 1-866-966-1420

Stacy Marks Photography 1025 N Hullen St., Metairie, 504-237-2173, stacymarkswed@

Martin Wine Cellar 3827 Baronne St., New Orleans, 714 Elmeer Ave, Metairie, 504-8967351, Marche 914 N. Peters, New Orleans, 504586-2074 x 5027, Valerie Landry,

Pythian Market 234 Loyola Ave. New Orleans,, info@ Ralph Brennan Catering & Events Exclusive caterer for New Orleans, Opera Guild Home, 2504 Prytania St., Garden District, 504-539-5510,

Megan Crawford Photography, @megancrawfordphotography

Ralph’s on the Park 900 City Park Ave., Mid-CIty, 504488-5100,

Napoleon House 500 Chartres St., French Quarter, 504-934-4704,

Renaissance Photo NOLA 504-228-7508,,

New Orleans & Company 504-566-5011,, 2020 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans NCA Group 1905 W Thomas St., Suite 356, Hammond, 985-630-3206 NOPSI Hotel, New Orleans 317 Baronne St., New Orleans, Pre Opening Executive Offices, 935 Gravier St., Suite 120, New Orleans, Colleen Page, Director of Catering North Photography & HD Cinema 504-883- 8060, Northphotography. com

Rick King Photography 445 Laura Dr. North, Mandeville, 985-626-3614, rking@, Riverview Room 600 Decatur St., 4th Level Jackson Brewery Millhouse, New Orleans 504-525-3000 Rodan & Fields- Tonja Nola, 504319-0891 Rome’s Tuxedos 3213 17th St., Metairie, 504-3247227,,

RZ Productions 504-975-0817,, Cinematic Wedding Films Saintly Skin 4241 Veterans Memorial Blvd #7, Metairie, 504-475-5510, saintlyskin. com Smile Doctors, 800-864-1582

State Farm Taylor Lambert, 504-4543456 Steamboat NATCHEZ 600 Decatur St., Ste. 308, New Orleans, 504-569-1431, melissa@ Swiss Confectionery, Inc. 3700 Orleans Ave., New Orleans, 504-522-7788, mail@swisscakes. net, The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe 3331 Severn Ave., Metairie 504-266-2771, maemebridal@, The Cocoa Bean Bakery & Café 910 E Morris Ave., Hammond, 985345-2002, The Cannery 3803 Toulouse St., New Orleans, 504-486-8351, info@cannerynola. com,, The Chicory 610 S. Peters, New Orleans, 504-521-8055, brent.bogan@, chicoryvenue. com

The Court of Two Sisters 613 Royal St., New Orleans, 504522-7261, The Crossing 519 Williams Blvd, Kenner, 504-4167764, The Crystal Vase 504-888-8891, crystalvaseflowers@, The Degas House 2306 Esplanade Ave., New Orleans, 504-821-5009, The Elms Mansion 3029 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, 504-895-9200, info@elmsmansion. com, The Pearl Room 2310 Hickory Ave., Harahan, 504737-0604, The Red M Studio 504-450-0065, info@, The Sweet Life Bakery 6268 Vicksburg St., New Orleans, 504-371-5153, info@nolasweetlofe. com, The Mercantile Hotel 727 S Peters Street, New Orleans, 504-417-9215, The Plant Gallery 9401 Airline Highway, New Orleans, 504-488-8887, kenny@, scanner., The Rooftop Basin Stacey Messina, 504-469-7373. The Roosevelt New Orleans, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel 130 Roosevelt Way, New Orleans, 504-648-1200 The Vanity Beauty Bar, thevanity. co, 504-655-5824 The Westin New Orleans Canal Place 100 Rue Iberville, New Orleans, 504-566-7006, neworleans Tomas Bistro/Tommy’s Cuisine 755 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, 504-527-0942, contact@,

Town & Country Bridal 1514 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, 504-523-7027,, hello@, instagram: @ townandcountrybridal, Facebook: Town & Country Bridal Blanc Bridal Couture Town & Country Travel Inc 110 Veterans Blvd. Suite 180A Metairie, 504-838-8702,, Tracy Branch Agency, Tuxedos To Geaux 3400 16th St., Metairie, 504-4555393,, Typically Booked, 504-220-7837 Up’Sa Daisy Hair Salon 3363 Severn Ave., Metairie, 504888-8466 VooDoo Makeup 515 St. Louis, New Orleans, 504756-4500, W Hotels of New Orleans 333 Poydras St., New Orleans, 504207-5173, whotelsofneworleans. com Welch Photography & Video 1199 Girod St., Mandeville, 985845-8405,, White Hall Plantation 100 Central Ave., Jefferson,, 504465-9770 Wyndham New Orleans French Quarter 124 Royal St., New Orleans, 504529-7211, wyndhamfrenchquarter. com Your Day Production Wedding Videographers, weddings@yourdayproduction. com, 504-273-0005, New Orleans 985-227-4579, Houma/Thibodaux • |


hone y m o o n

Lake Las Vegas

Getting Lit on the Lake

Lake Las Vegas offers bachelorette fun and relaxation thirty minutes from the Strip By Cheré Coen


hen most of us think of Vegas for bachelorette parties, it’s lights, gambling and shows. But it’s easy to add some pampering and relaxation along with Thunder from Down Under. Lake Las Vegas in neighboring Henderson and only 30 minutes from the Strip, making it a perfect landing pad for a wedding party. The planned community has at its heart a 320-acre lake surrounded by several outstanding golf courses and two resorts with great dining options, spas and activities. For those who love the outdoors, the lake has several ways to get on the water, the region offers numerous hiking and biking trails and Lake Mead and Hoover Dam are a short drive away. There are two major hotels on the lake: the four-diamond

128 |

Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort and Spa at the Village and the more remote Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa, named one of the “World’s Best Hotels” by Travel + Leisure. Both offer outstanding restaurants, including the awardwinning Marssa at Westin, serving up Japanese and Asian-fusion cuisine, and both house decadent spa services perfect for the expecting bride and her entourage. The Village at the lake offers several restaurants, bar and pubs as well, plus a coffee shop for those mornings after. To get on the water, Lake Las Vegas Water Sports rents kayaks, paddleboards, pedal boats and 18-foot electric boats, both at the Village and at the Westin’s private beach. La Contessa Yacht lies anchored at the Village and may be rented out for bachelorette parties, although


the $1,250 price tag for the first hour works best for large groups. The party yacht comes equipped with a full bar with a capacity for catering vendors. For a complete escape from reality, the Westin sits at the far end of the lake where development has yet to happen. The resort features two gorgeous, heated outdoor pools with a lazy riverstyle water slide, oversized hot tubs and private cabanas. At the resort’s center is a waterfront patio with several fire pits and fireplaces with service for cocktails and small plates. Throughout the property are more fire pits so a private party can enjoy moonlight and drinks by the water’s edge. Uber rides from the lake to downtown Vegas come fast and inexpensive so it’s easy to get into town and enjoy the nightlife of

Vegas. However, for those who want to explore the city’s attractions, the town of Henderson and the hiking and biking activities in the region, a rental car makes traveler easier. For instance, Ethel M Chocolates offers chocolate and wine tastings every hour at its headquarters in Henderson. Groups can join in anytime to learn about the history of chocolate making and sample the company’s best paired with wine or rent the space for $60 an hour. For the adventurous looking for something unique, the seven-mile Historic Railroad Trail at Lake Mead takes hikers through five historic railroad tunnels and ends at the famous Hoover Dam. For more information about Lake Las Vegas, visit lakelasvegas. com. b |


hone y m o o n

Hotel de Paris

Honeymoon Like a Headliner Honeymoon adventures for animal-loving couples By Becca Hensley


ollow in the footsteps of your favorite yesteryear movie idol or modern day television (or film star) muckamuck at one of these glitteratitested resorts. For Couples With a Penchant for Vintage Films: Hotel Valley Ho Scottsdale, Arizona

Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner had so much fun at their wedding reception at Hotel Valley Ho in 1957, they missed their honey-

130 |

moon train ride to Colorado. A place all travelers will yearn to linger, the mid-century-meetsmodern hideaway in downtown Scottsdale has long been a bastion for celebrity repose. Considered one of the best preserved examples of its architectural genre in the world, the hotel exudes heyday cool. With two pools, a spa, a restaurant and bars, it ensures an ideal base to explore Scottsdale and its activities—from hiking to golf to desert excursions. Book the Executive Suite, an immense


lair, with a wrap around terrace on three sides, floor-to-ceiling glass, a wet bar and a soup-bowl shaped bathtub, which anchors the bedroom. Note to pet lovers: dogs are welcome, even on your honeymoon. Belmond El Encanto Santa Barbara, California

Tryst like Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, who adored this heritage property, capping a hill, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Channel Islands. An enclave

hidden amongst gardens, El Encanto has harbored any number of famous lovers looking to be sequestered from their adoring throngs. A favorite of matinee idols for decades as a weekend escape from Los Angeles, the refurbished hotel evokes enough old school glam to bring out the star in every guest. With wooden porches, cozy sitting rooms, fireplaces and capacious tubs, the rooms inspire staying indoors, but the gourmet restaurant’s view from the terrace and hotel’s charming, infinity pool |


villages. en/en/hotel-monaco For Couples Who Relish Modern Celebre: Four Seasons Bora Bora French Polynesia

The Broadmoor

draw a crowd. Choose Casita 101 for its Instagrammable vistas and cozy nooks. Venture off property to sun at the beach, explore Santa Barbara’s Urban Wine Trail, and nosh at some culinary hot spots—such as Barbareño or The Lark. belmond-el-encanto/ Badrutt’s Palace St Moritz, Switzerland

With regular guests as sexy as Sophia Loren, as crafty as Alfred Hitchcock (who spent his honeymoon here), as chic as Audrey Hepburn and as regal as the Duke of Windsor, Badrutt’s Palace, Swiss ski country’s most legendary hotel, has stories to tell. A chateau-like structure perched in a characteristic, jet setter-swarmed village in the Alps, Badrutt’s has been the setting of untold romances, assignations, weddings, proposals and fetes. A people watcher’s fantasy land, as engaging for winter activities as warm weather fun, Badrutt’s Palace promises the royal treatment for honeymooners. Everwhimsical touches such as hot water bottles with messages (“If

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nobody keeps you warm tonight, let it be me.”) keep things unpretentious, though swank. In honor of the master, choose the Suite Hitchcock, purportedly the place where he conjured the idea for “The Birds.”

in nightly profusion. Combine a few days at the main hotel in the jaw dropping Carlton Suite, then ascend to one of the Wilderness Camps.

The Broadmoor Colorado Springs Colorado

She didn’t marry here, but as Princess extraordinaire, she lorded over this magnificent hotel in the Principality of Monaco, just a stone’s throw from Provence. By far her favorite roost, palatial Hotel de Paris, was the place Grace Kelly chose to host her 20th anniversary dinner with Prince Ranier, settling into the hotel’s historic Wine Cellars. You can do the same today — have dinner amongst the bottles, as it’s still open for private bookings. To splurge, choose the two-story, newly refurbished, Princess Grace Suite, a romantic den, which features bespoke furnishings and artwork created by top global craftsmen and artists. Peerless sea views and an al fresco jacuzzi go without saying. Camp at this gilded fortress to spend days foraying into nearby vineyards for wine tastings, hitting local beaches, and visiting tiny Mediterranean

For more than a century, The Broadmoor has treated every guest as a celebrity. Jimmy Stewart honeymooned here, and newsmakers galore from Bob Hope to Jackie Gleason have wandered across the grand dame resort’s Rocky Mountain expanses. Massive, yet elegant, the legendary property encompasses 20 restaurants and cafes, not to mention a lake, swimming pool, tennis courts, two golf courses, a spa and a garage chock full of vintage Cadillacs. For just marrieds who’d rather a more intimate and outdoorsy stay, the hotel’s new Wilderness Experiences take you higher up the mountain to lodge in rustic elegance in wellappointed cabins at three diverse camps. There, you can experience, depending on the camp, fly fishing, horseback riding, hiking, and stars


Hotel de Paris Monaco

If a private island retreat and over-water bungalows on a lagoon (colored a thousand hues of blue) is good enough for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, you’ll probably love it, too. Set on Bora Bora’s surrounding coral atoll, this private isle, dotted with pandanus and coconut trees, lies in the shadow of the otherworldly volcano, Mount Otemanu. Couples can dive into the water from their back porch, have breakfast canoed to their backdoor in the morning, and watch colorful fish swim from their living room. Eat in any of four restaurants, running the gamut from Polynesian to French cuisine—including Faré Hoa Beach Bar & Grill, the all day outdoor lounge/ restaurant/bar situated between the pool and lagoon. Offering typical Tahitian celebrations and symbolic weddings with fire dancers and local shamans and musicians, Four Seasons delves into the locale to spoil you. Moon Palace Ocho Rios, Jamaica

The Bachelor’s Bob Guiney has had the chance to travel all over the world. But, when it came to planning his own honeymoon, he and new wife Jessica Canyon shacked up at all inclusive Moon Palace Jamaica Grande in Ocho Rios, a AAA Four Diamond resort. The “Guys Tell All” TODAY show star was seen strolling the property’s 17-acres of pristine sand (the


longest, private beach in Ocho Rios), experimenting with the Flow Rider Double Wave Simulator, and retreating to the Awe Spa for a couple’s massage. Follow suit when you rent the very same Presidential Suite they shared, a sanctuary with ocean views, a double whirlpool tub and plenty of space. Snorkel, scuba, and enjoy Jamaica’s natural wonders, such as Dunn’s River Falls. moonpalace. com/jamaica/en-us Borgo Egnazia Fasano, Italy

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake wanted to give their wedding guests the gift of total escape. Their wedding at Borgo Egnazia did just that. Set in Puglia, the heel of Italy’s boot, on the Adriatic Coast, this transportive, destination, inspired by Puglia’s rich local tradition and architecture, spreads across acres with both

villas, suites, and casette (small houses). Here, amid lemon trees, and ancient olive groves, the crystalline waters of the Adriatic gleam cobalt in the sun. Just inland, characteristic trulli houses, with their cone-shaped roofs, ensure sense of place. Burrow into a lesser known, further-flung Italy here with cooking classes, wine tastings, water sports and lazy beach days. Choose the opulent La Egnazia suite, a mecca for two with double walk-in shower, personal plunge pool and secret garden. Cala di Volpe Costa Smeralda, Sardinia

Be seen like Jay-Z and Beyoncé (and Princess Diana and Dodi al-Fayed before them) on the otherworldly Italian island of Sardinia. Built to look like an ancient Italian fishing village, exclusive Cala di Volpe, a Luxury Collection hotel,

fringes its Mediterranean shore with stucco buildings and red rooftops. Though the location begs to be photographed and posted, the newly wedded may want to put their phones away to focus on the hotel’s signature bellinis, which echo the hue of the sunset. Lounge around the immense saltwater pool, ride the hotel’s speedboat to unwind on their private beach, or rent a car to explore the island’s picture postcard-perfect villages and backroads. Hole up in the Rooftop Penthouse Suite, a three bedroom seafront fantasy with riveting views and a plunge pool. olblc-hotel-cala-di-volpe-a-luxurycollection-hotel-costa-smeralda/ Casa Velas Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

Busy actors know how to fuel the fire when work schedules have kept them apart. Re-ignite your romance

after stressful wedding festivities as Pretty Little Liar’s Brant Daughtery and Grey’s Anatomy’s Kim Hidalgo did recently at Casa Velas, an intimate, elegant hotel in Puerta Vallarta. All-inclusive, adults only, with the feel of a private hacienda, the hotel sits in a residential neighborhood on the edge of a golf course. Steps from the beach, it has a private ocean club, with butlers trained to serve. Opt for the more than 800 square-foot Grand Class Plus Suite, which features a private plunge pool, personal garden, Italian marble bathroom and artwork by renowned Mexican artist, Sergio Bustamante. When not splashing in the waves or teeing off on the green, investigate the colorful Riviera Nayarit region— including a snorkeling expedition to Islas Marietas National Park. b |


c he c k l i s t

Check It Twice There’s a lot that goes into wedding planning, so don’t feel bad if you’re having a hard time keeping track of it all. Use our handy checklist to stay organized illustration by Shaina Anderson

10-12 Months To Go __ You’re engaged! Make sure you celebrate with your fiancé, friends and family. __ Nail down the basics. Where are you getting married? Who’s paying for what? What is your budget? How many guests will be there? __ Alert the wedding party. Decide who you want in your wedding party and ask them as soon as you can. __ Pick the date. Check with your family members and wedding party before you make a final decision so there are no huge time conflicts.

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__ Find a wedding planner. If you’re planning on using a wedding planner, find one in the early stages. He or she will make all the craziness more manageable. __ Book your ceremony and reception location. Where you get married will affect a lot of your planning decisions, so reserving a place should be at the top of your to-do list. __ Insure your ring. Your engagement ring is special, but it’s also expensive. Make sure you get it insured, just in case. __ Book officiant. Make sure your preferred officiant has your wedding date on the calendar.


__ Write thank you notes for engagement gifts. You will most likely receive a few gifts right after your engagement. Send a thank you note for each gift within three months of receiving it. __ Take engagement photos. Book a session with a professional photographer so you have a few nice photos of you and your fiancé for save-the-dates, newspaper announcements and more. Some photographers will include an engagement shoot with a wedding package. __ Pick your colors. Think about your wedding colors and the overall look of your day. Are you going for a classic look or trendy? Vintage

or glamorous? Your color scheme will guide you through other big decisions, such as the bridesmaid dresses and the groomsmen’s ties.

bands is usually less stressful than shopping for an engagement ring, but carve out a time when you and your fiancé can go look together.

6-9 Months To Go

__ Finalize the rehearsal dinner. Once you’ve decided on the location, book your rehearsal dinner.

__ Interview and select vendors. Make sure you book the “big ticket” items, such as the photographer, the caterer, the florist and the entertainment, early. __ Send out save-the-dates. The typical rule on sending save-the-dates is six months before your wedding, but send them earlier if you’re inviting a lot of out-of-town guests so they can book flights. __ Go dress shopping. You need an appointment at most wedding boutiques, so call a few of your favorite stores to set up a time. __ Register. Register at two or three stores. Choose items at a variety of prices so everyone can find something they can afford. Add more gifts than you think you need so your friends and family have some options. __ Think about the rehearsal dinner. It’s customary that the groom’s parents host the rehearsal dinner. Talk to your future in-laws about possibilities. __ Schedule transportation. Book a limo, trolley or another form of transportation to shuttle your wedding party from the hotel to your ceremony location. Decide whether you need transportation for your guests to get from the reception to the hotel at the end of the reception. __ Plan your honeymoon. If you’re going out of the country for your trip, make sure you and your fiancé have up-to-date passports. __ Figure out your rentals. Rentals depend on the location of your wedding, but if you’re responsible for common rental items such as chairs and plates, make a list of everything you need and where you’re going to find each item. __ Book a block of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests. If you’re not familiar with the hotel, ask a hotel representative to show you a room and don’t forget to inquire about a group rate. __ Order bridesmaid dresses. If your bridesmaids live far away, give them plenty of time to buy their dresses and get them fitted.

4-5 Months To Go __ Buy wedding bands. Shopping for wedding

__ Reserve a wedding night hotel room. Where are you staying for the wedding night? If you’re not leaving for your honeymoon immediately after the reception, decide where you want to stay for the night. __ Get your dress fitted. Your wedding dress is one of the most important dresses you will wear in your life, so it should fit impeccably. Many brides plan up to three fittings. __ Decide on attire for the groom and groomsmen. Talk to your fiancé about what he wants to wear and what will match your overall color scheme. Keep the time of day in mind when researching options. __ Check in with your vendors. Make final decisions with your vendors and update them on new wedding information, such as when they should arrive. __ Order your wedding cake. Taste a few cakes before you decide on your final choice. Talk to your fiancé about a groom’s cake if he wants one.

2-3 Months To Go __ Mail out the invitations. Double check with the post office that you have enough postage. Many wedding invitations require more than one stamp. __ Solidify the catering menu. Whether you’re doing heavy hors d’oeuvres or a sit-down meal, verify the final menu. __ Schedule your hair and makeup team. Find a good hair stylist and makeup artist to help you and your bridesmaids get ready for the day.

One Month Before __ Send your wedding party an itinerary. Make sure your family and friends know where and when to be for the wedding day so everyone shows up at the right place at the right time. __ Enjoy a facial. Everyone reacts differently to facials. If you’re planning on getting one, schedule it a few days before your wedding, or do a trial run months before.

__ Get your marriage license. Head to the Orleans Parish Marriage License Office in Benson Tower (1450 Poydras St., Suite 407) for your marriage certificate. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:15 a.m. until 3:15 p.m. Visit for requirements. __ Set up your second line. If you’re planning to second line at your wedding, you’re going to need a permit. Call the New Orleans Police Department Special Events Section at 658-7100 to schedule everything 15 to 20 days before your wedding day. You can also email questions to __ Practice your hair and makeup. It’s best to practice with your hair stylist and makeup artists ahead of time so there are no surprises on the big day. Plan your trial run for a day you want good hair, such as your bridal shower or bachelorette party. __ Finalize the guest list. Send a final headcount to your caterer and any other vendor who needs the number.

One Week Before __ Double check with your vendors. Touch base with everyone one more time to remind them where to go and to answer any last-minute questions they might have. __ Remind friends and family of their responsibilities. Assign duties to your wedding party or other loved ones. Who is the contact for the photographer? Who is making sure all guests get a favor? __ Get a manicure and pedicure. This can be a great bonding experience with your bridesmaids, mom and future mother-in-law. __ Put together a welcome package. If you have a lot of guests traveling for your wedding, ask the hotel if you can put a welcome basket or bag in their hotel room for when they arrive.

The Wedding Day __ Find a way to relax. Whether you go for a run or read a book in the morning, find a way to keep stress to a minimum. __ Make sure you eat something. Brides always say, “I never had time to eat anything!” Give yourself some time during the reception to have a bite. __ Have fun! You’ve made it through all the planning, now it’s time to celebrate. Enjoy your first day as a married woman. b |


La g ni a ppe

High Spirits Custom bottled cocktail mixers are a festive favor for your wedding guests By Melanie Warner Spencer


ustomized koozies, matchbooks and candies are always a hit at weddings, but some couples are opting to send guests home with a parting gift that has a personal, New Orleans-style twist — cocktail mixers. Cocktail + Creative ( provides cocktail mixers in a wide variety of flavors and sizes. “We typically like to use fruit forward recipes as they tend to look best in the bottles,” says owner Quinn Richard. “However, we do use herbs, vegetables and many spices to curate the flavors the customers are looking for.” He also offers shrubs, or non-alcoholic options, to mix with a favorite spirit, sparkling wine or sparking water. (Pictured is the hibiscus and berry shrub with citrus, white wine vinegar, sugar and vanilla.) Pick from 25 wax colors and several finishes, plus recipe cards and allow at least two weeks for delivery. Richard notes that out-of-town guests in particular will love mixing up a drink from one of the adorable 2 ounce bottles either on the plane or once they are home allowing them to raise a glass to the happy couple, from afar. Melanie Warner Spencer photo

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New Orleans Bride Magazine Winter/Spring 2019  

New Orleans Bride Magazine is the award-winning upscale, bridal publication of New Orleans. Published twice a year (January and June) by New...

New Orleans Bride Magazine Winter/Spring 2019  

New Orleans Bride Magazine is the award-winning upscale, bridal publication of New Orleans. Published twice a year (January and June) by New...

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