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Nuptials Namaste adv ice 22

Shower Power

Unwind your body and mind with a pre-wedding yoga routine

A primer on hosting, inviting and attending

Barely There Beauty



B RI DA L / bridesmaids M E N S W E A R/ F LOW E RS 5 8

cakeS 9 0

Puttin’ on the Glitz

Bring the swank with gold, silver and geometric patterns

Satin gowns and shapely silhouettes, corset seams and cascading ruffles, statement bows and feathered skirts suggest the red carpet looks of old Hollywood. Mix diamonds and pearls with voluptuous waves and deep ruby lipstick to evoke the classic beauty of Glamour’s Golden Age.

Take the Cake

cuisine & cocktails 96

Boozy Breakfast

Personally Speaking

Get flawless skin in 4 easy steps with these face-perfecting products

Decorating the wedding or reception venue to reflect your style

Inside Out Beauty

real weddings 119

De-stress before the wedding with products that soothe and uplift

hone ymoon 142

Shred for the Wedding

Razzle Dazzle

‘Lazymoons’ for Lovers Relaxing honeymoons for the laid back couple

Boxing offers a full body workout that gets you fit, strong and stress-free

Vintage and Art Deco-inspired jewelry with timeless appeal

Easy Escape

make u p 34

A pre-wedding getaway in Destin will help you relax and reconnect

Makeup Must-Haves

LO C AT I O N S 1 0 2

The best new products for the perfect ‘classically beautiful’ look

Glammed Up

f eatu re 52

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checklist 150


Fabulous cocktails for your Sunday morning or afternoon wedding

Breakfast for Dinner Fun and fresh breakfast fare gets an elegant makeover for evening weddings

Keep on Truckin’ Food trucks add novelty and fun-factor to wedding receptions and after parties

The Count’s Room at Arnaud’s gets an Art Deco makeover

Check It Twice

Celebrity Endorsement

Use our handy checklist to stay organized

New product lines by A-listers putting their best face forward

lagniappe 152

hair 38


Color Your World

P H OTO G RA P H Y 1 0 8

A showstopping stole sure to become an instant heirloom

Incorporating color into classic bridal hairstyles

Picture Perfect

Big Day Bundle One stop shop locales for the every element of your wedding

An essential guide to finding your wedding photographer

gi f ts 40

At Your Service

M US I C 1 1 2

Luxe accents for casual gatherings, dinner parties and holidays at home

Heartbeats Say ‘I Do’ to the best band, or DJ, for you Photograph by Theresa Cassagne,

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in vitations 44

Model Hedy Rose Kraft, Makeup


Jazz It Up

by Meggan Ory, Hair by Monique

Getting There

Set the scene with elegant invitations featuring Art Deco details

Munoz, Tara Keely gown from

A handy guide to New Orleans’ many options to get you and your guests to and from the wedding


James & B Bridal Outlet, jewelry from Jack Sutton.

f r o m t h e ed i t o r

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In November, Belladonna Day Spa — a longtime Magazine Street mainstay — relaunched with a new look and new services. The renovated spa can accomodate bridal parties for gatherings in the tea garden, relaxation room and, or women’s robe lounge. Spend the day at the spa enjoying the amenities over lunch and customized spa packages, including makeup application for the wedding or for any of the parties surrounding your Big Day. You and your bridal krewe will be relaxed and ready to shimmy down the aisle and onto the dance floor.


P.S. Visit Let Them Eat Cake (, the official blog of New Orleans Bride Magazine for more tips and trends, trunk shows and other events, plus advice, ideas, inspiration and interviews. It’s all of the bridal buzz you can use, five days a week.



hen my husband and I got married in 1998, there were seemingly a lot less options, not only for locations, but also pretty much every other aspect of the wedding. For example, until the 2000s, I’m convinced there weren’t any cake flavor alternatives beyond white cake with white buttercream frosting. Today, couples have countless choices for everything from cake flavors (red velvet, please), the style and décor or theme (Bohemian? Classic? Rustic?), invitation designs, and the attire of the bride, groom and bridal party. In many ways, it does seem like — as the Cole Porter song says — anything goes. Which is why we relished an Art Deco-theme for this issue, the elements of which would be right at home with Porter’s jazzy hits drawing couples to the dance floor. The deco-inspired invitation will set the stage for a ritzy affair to remember and the gowns in our fashion spread are delightful, delicious and de-lovely. Speaking of food, who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? If that sounds right up your alley, consider incorporating elegant versions of your favorite breakfast fare into your reception. You’ll be right on trend as you and your guests belly up to the biscuit bar. Are you at a loss for a decorative theme for your reception? We’ve interviewed local wedding planners and rental companies to get the scoop on the most perfect décor for your Big Day. As always, we have enough beauty, fitness, makeup and hair tips and advice to fill the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Be sure to check out the “Nuptials Namaste” story on pg. 26 though, to get expert advice on keeping your cool during those heady and hectic planning days. We couldn’t be more thrilled with this issue and we are certain it has everything you need to blow your Big Day out of the park. Let’s plan a wedding!

Editor ’s n ote b ook

On Jan. 10, join us at the Hyatt Regency for the New Orleans Bride Magazine Bridal Show. Meet more than 150 of the city’s top wedding professionals in a festive setting, sip champagne and sample fabulous food. Visit for tickets, pricing and more information. |



Shower Power A primer on hosting, inviting and attending by Dee Lane

Q: My soon-to-be sister-in-law wants to throw me a bridal shower, but my mother says family members (even ones who aren’t family yet) shouldn’t throw showers. Is this true? If so, why? Tradition says that a shower shouldn’t be thrown by the bride’s immediate relatives, including future in-laws, because it might give the impression that you’re asking for gifts. Now, we all know that guests bring gifts to showers, and that any bride worth her salt is much more interested in spending time with friends and family, and having them get to know each other, than receiving a gift. Which is why these days it has become perfectly acceptable for a family member to host a shower. Another shower trend is several people sharing the responsibility for the party. Often the maid of honor will throw a shower in

22 |

conjunction with the bridesmaids, or a group of the bride’s mother’s friends will get together to share the cost and tasks. Regardless of who throws the shower, the host(s) and the bride should greet guests as they arrive. These days brides will often have more than one shower. If this is the case, the hosts should consult each other to avoid inviting guests to more than one shower (the obvious exceptions to this are the bridesmaids, who should be invited to all of the showers, but not expected to attend). As with almost everything about throwing showers, for every rule there is an exception, and while you should only invite people to the shower who are on your wedding guest list, the exception to this rule is the office shower. Though it isn’t usually possible to invite all of your colleagues to your wedding, they will most


likely want to help you celebrate regardless. The shower invitation is also an exception to the rule of not printing registry information; in fact, it’s the perfect place to do so. Ask your hosts to add a line at the bottom of the invitation after the relevant details that says something like: “Jane and John are registered at Amazon and Anthropologie.” Throwing a shower is an exceptionally generous act, so while a handwritten thank-you note is acceptable (and necessary), you should also give the hosts a small gift, such as a gift certificate or a selection of little luxuries; matching your gift to the theme of the shower, if there is one, is a nice touch.


I want to invite my fiancé’s cousin’s wife to a bridal shower (she and her husband are already

invited to the wedding), but they live across the country and it would be expensive for her to come all that way for a party. How can I include her but also let her know that I don’t expect her to come? It’s very sweet of you to want to make sure your loved ones who live far away feel cherished and involved with the events leading up to your wedding. A great way to express your feelings is to include a handwritten note with the shower invitation. Perhaps say something like, “We miss you and would love to have you attend, but understand it’s a long way to travel. If you can’t make it, would you join us in spirit by sending a wish or a memory that we can share on your behalf during the event?” You could even arrange a specific time for her to Skype in to send her best wishes herself. b

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beauty p . 2 6


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invitations p.4 4


b eauty

you can be fully present in every moment,” she says. Then, follow these steps:

Nuptials Namaste

Unwind your body and mind with a pre-wedding yoga routine By Mirella Cameran


ven the most laid-back brides find planning a wedding stressful at some point. Consider squeezing the ancient practice of yoga into your hectic schedule and breathe in the benefits. Reconnect and release stress

New Orleans yoga instructor Brooke LeBourgeois with Reyn Studios says she loves working with brides. The mood-enhancing and stress-busting practice is known to help people cultivate resilience and better manage the stresses and strains of daily life. “[Brides] are always working so hard and dealing with so many different things, they often feel fragmented, scattered and depleted,” says LeBourgeois. “Yoga helps them calm down and reconnect with themselves

26 |

again and how much they love their intended and are looking forward to being married.” With the pressure to focus on the external, such as the dress, the makeup, the flowers and so on, LeBourgeois says yoga can bring brides back to their inner world and help them work through their emotions. “We do this by releasing the stress and tensions we hold in our body with poses that stretch and empty it out,” says LeBourgeois. “We store stress in our bodies and women hold it particularly in their hips so we have to open up and actively release it.” Add to it that most of us spend our days hunched up at a desk, which constricts breathing in our chests.” By aligning our bodies through our stretches, it enables us to use


the full capacity of our lungs and when we breathe more softly and deeply, it calms our minds and relaxes our bodies,” she says. “It’s wonderful to know that my brides not only feel lighter and happier at the end of the sessions but the calmness and connectedness they feel will have a lasting effect to help them deal with hitches or glitches when they inevitably pop up.” Pre-wedding nerves buster

Yoga is also a powerful weapon against wedding jitters and overstimulation on the day of the big event. LeBourgeois recommends these three quick and simple poses. “First, ground yourself through your feet to settle nerves, then open your chest and your heart to receive all the love and finally lighten and calm your mind so

1. Ground Yourself: Standing with feet hip width apart (about two fists side by side), start to pick up your toes and land them back down. Feel all four corners of your feet, even feel the arches in your feet lifting. Make sure you are standing perpendicular to your ankles. You don’t want your tailbone to be too tucked or too tilted but somewhere in the middle. Pull your ribs back in and then release your shoulders by picking them up and then gently rolling them back and letting them fall. Soften your jaw, and slowly start to breathe in and out through your nose. Gently, lengthen your breath, trying to match the length of the inhale with the length of the exhale. Stay here for five full cycles of breath. 2. Empty Your Mind: Inhale as you raise your arms up. As you exhale take your arms out wide and gently bend your knees as you fold forward. Hold your elbows in your forward bend and let the weight of your arms help extend your spine downward. Release the tension in your neck by dropping the crown of your head towards the ground. Remain in a forward bend for a minimum of three breath cycles. Bring your hands to your sacrum and push down as you slowly rise up to standing. 3. Open Your Heart: Fully extend your arms overhead, palms facing one another. Inhale into your chest, gaze upward, as you exhale begin to move your arms back past your ears. Slowly look up between your fingertips and grow into a standing backbend for three full breaths. Inhale, lifting your chest and gaze, then exhale directing your chest and arms slowly and gently back. b


b eauty

Barely There Beauty

Get flawless skin in 4 easy steps with these face-perfecting products By Mirella Cameran

These days, an effortless, barely-there look is the most coveted. Blemish-free glowing skin, thick lashes, a voluminous pout and the idea that all you had to do was swipe pretty colors across your lids, cheeks and lips and presto — perfection. This barely-there look, however, is the hardest to achieve. It’s all about investing in your features and creating the perfect canvas. With the following steps and products, you’ll be glowing in no time.

Start with a deep cleansing mask such as Mary Kay Clearproof Deep Cleansing Charcoal; it draws dirt out of every pore.

28 |

Treat your skin to a Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial. The gel is packed with acids that dissolve dead skin cells and leaves antioxidants and moisturizers on the skin to protect and hydrate.


Layer on Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primerizer before applying any makeup; its 24-hour hydration and 127 percent increase in moisture guarantee prevents products from turning flaky or settling into lines.

Next, choose the right concealer. Creams are good for smooth skin but liquids work harder to cover imperfections. For those prone to “badger eyes,” it might be worth investing in The Concealer from La Mer; one swipe from the inner eye looks the same as eight hours of sleep. Blend away any other imperfections with a few more swipes and you are glow to go. |



b eauty

Inside Out Beauty

Destress before the wedding with products that soothe and uplift By Mirella Cameran

Prismologie Restorative Meridian Balm: each blam has instructions for a ritual for application, depending on the desired mood you want it to create

Page Thirty Three Concrete Essential Oil Burner: add a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the flask, light the candle underneath and breathe in!

Aesop’s Aromatique Room Spray: this spray combines high-quality plant extracts with antioxidant properties

Diptyque Candles: geranium and rose are two of the most powerfully uplifting scents

Just Be Happy Rollerball: treat your pulse points to a range of scents with these handy mood changers

Spacemasks: self-heating eye masks to relieve tension

Conscious Water Aspirations: little mood altering flower essences to add to your water bottle

30 |

Baiser Healing Mist: vibrating quartz crystals, essential oils and organic rosewater meet in this mist for an instant lift WINTER-SPRING 2018

Ila Bath Salts: Himalayan salt crystals soaked in Damascena rose otto and sandalwood to uplift any bath


b eauty mixed with aerobic exercises and short periods of rest. Keeps you on your toes

“Boxing is a never ending fitness challenge,” says Olajide. “No boxer who has ever gloved up has mastered all aspects of boxing, so when given a knowledgeable boxing trainer, it will never get boring.” You literally have to stay on your toes as you never know which punch combination is coming. “I make sure to constantly change and mix up the routines so my clients’ bodies can’t get used to the workout,” says Director. “By changing the moves and using a large variety, clients are less likely to experience stress from a repetitive strain.” Happy hormones

Shred for the Wedding Boxing offers a full body workout that gets you fit, strong and stress-free By Mirella Cameran


hen Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima is preparing for a show, she hits the ring. Lima is one of many stars who chooses former champion boxer Michael Olajide Jr., to whip her into shape at his boxing gym Aerospace, based in New York and recently opened in Los Angeles. In New Orleans, more and more women are also gloving up. “Boxing is simply the best way of getting your body in shape whether it’s for a modeling contract, a wedding or just to improve your health,” says Keith Director of Director Boxing in Mid-City. “Brides are usually really focused on their specific goals so we put them on a workout program to help them get there.” Best of all Director recommends only two or three hour-long sessions per week with rest days

32 |

in between. Here’s why boxing works so well: Full body workout

Boxing targets the whole body using all the muscle groups. It combines cardio and strength training to burn fat while improving balance, coordination, reactivity and agility for true overall fitness. Upper body cardio and sculpting

The boxing part of the workout is an upper body cardio session, unlike most cardio that is usually generated by the legs (such as running or cycling). Boxing uses all of the muscles in your arms, but also your core, shoulders and obliques as you rotate to deliver punches. These movements sculpt and tone the upper body, tummy and waist.


Best HIIT fitness

Boxing delivers both aerobic exercise, when your heart works at 75-85 percent capacity to burn fat and improve cardiovascular health, and it also pushes you into anaerobic training which increases endurance, muscle mass, and metabolism and while boosting energy. The anaerobic exercise improves your body’s use of oxygen (VO2, which is a measure of the maximum volume of oxygen that your body can use) and makes you more fit. Punching with handheld pads and bags is mixed with plyometric exercises, such as jumping rope, jump squats, push-ups and high knees to deliver this High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) taking you into the anaerobic zone. Your body can only sustain this type of activity for short bursts so it is

Any strenuous exercise releases adrenaline and endorphins that make you feel happier. With boxing, you also get to literally punch out any stresses and strains and because the drills are so fast, you have to focus your mind effectively releasing tension. Sculpts and tones

Cardio exercise is important, but it needs to be balanced with weightbearing exercises to build muscle and bone density. It is extremely hard for women to naturally bulk up: instead, weight exercises will increase tone and definition. In addition, more muscle mass will increase your metabolism and fatburning capacity. Director has strict rules about keeping his workout sessions to small groups. “It’s critical that all the exercises are done with correct form,” he says. “Not only does this prevent injury but you’ll burn more calories, too.” There’s no doubt that a full boxing workout makes you leaner, faster and stronger. Devotees say they also feel happier and more assertive as well. Perhaps the real beauty about boxing is that it won’t just prepare you for the wedding, it might actually prepare you to better handle life. Keith Director can be reached at Director Boxing, 441 Jackson Avenue, New Orleans, 451-4962. b |




Makeup Must-Haves The best new products for the perfect ‘classically beautiful’ look By Mirella Cameran “Classically beautiful” is the most requested makeup look by brides. Classic looks that will last until the last guest has left are easier to achieve when you have the right makeup. Here are our top picks for the best new products:



1. The New Smoky Eye Brides can create a softer version that suits their skin and eye tones by considering a wider color palette. Jewel-tones such as royal blue, plum and green as well as gunmetal greys and golden bronzes are alternatives and those with a touch of shimmer catch the light and add glamour. Look out for Ardell Beauty Eyeresistible Shadow Stick in Slayed, Unfriendly, Skill and Because It Hurts. 2. High Impact Lips Your first decision is whether you want a nude, flesh -toned pout; a high

34 |


voltage berry or wine tone; or a soft romantic pink. Then consider your finish: a rich, velvety and hydrating matte or a sophisticated brushed metallic matte? A high gloss lip paint or a creamy shimmery stick? Play with the new colors from Maybelline’s Matte Metallic and SuperStay Matte Ink ranges or L’Oreal’s Matte By Colour Riche and Infallible Pro Matte Liquid Lipsticks. 3. A Flattering Flush The perfect blush should sink into your skin to create an “inner glow.” The new liquids and cream WINTER-SPRING 2018


formats are easier to apply than powder and can multitask on the lips. Our favorites include Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk, Jane Iredale In Touch Cream Blush in Candid and Nars Liquid Blush in Luster. 4. Perfection in Complexion The plumper the skin the smoother it will appear so make sure your serum or moisturizer is packed with hyaluronic acid. Next use a long-lasting hydrating primer that blurs lines and pores to even out your canvas. Find a foundation that absorbs easily for a natural finish.


We like Hourglass Vanish, a liquid foundation that comes with a pointed tip applicator that glides into the corners and curves of your face. Chantecaille’s new gel foundation is 60 percent water so your skin looks dewy for hours. 5. Brow Wow The key to beautiful brows is to keep the look natural. Achieve this by using a pencil that allows you to draw tiny lines that resemble real hairs. Next, create a graduation of color by blending a lighter shade into the inner halves and a darker shade to finish the arc. Try L’Oreal’s


brow crayons — they have brushes to blend the color. Finish with Benefit’s 3D Browtones, a gel that’s sets your brows and adds highlights. 6. Lush Lashes A trick used by the pros is to fill in the spaces between the lashes with a dark eye pencil, which creates density. Don’t skip the lash primer: it conditions and increases lash thickness. Apply mascara in one or two topcoats. Urban Decay’s Troublemaker Mascara hits the double with a lengthening and volumizing formula. |




Celebrity Endorsement New product lines by A-listers putting their best face forward By Mirella Cameran After years of research and trials, Madonna introduced her own line, MDNA, which is packed with mineral waters and clay from Montecatini Terme in Italy. Each product combines hi-tech and hydrating ingredients. The clay mask comes with a vibrating magnetic wand on one side to lift away dirt while the other side massages the skin. Victoria Beckham has launched her second collection with Estée Lauder. VB x Estée Lauder includes everything you need to create bronzed skin, flushed cheeks and bright smoky eyes.

Designer and director Tom Ford’s Lip Slick delivers a hydrating stain in one pass of its easy-to-use rollerball applicator. Non-sticky and infused with jojoba and coconut oils, this will become a must-have in your beauty bag.

Riri launched her beauty line Fenty Beauty by Rihanna with a bang not a whimper. There are 40 shades of longwear foundation, Shimmer and Matte Skinsticks in pearlized pastels and Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters for face and eyes.

Makeup artist to the stars Pat McGrath’s makeup products sell out so fast, the line has its own black market. There is no need for bootlegging now, however, with the introduction of the 61-Piece Unlimited Collection. Beautyistas can snap up all the products they need for beauty perfection.

36 |





Taking Care of Your Colored Hair Prolong your color and enhance the health of your hair with these simple steps: 1. Bleaching can damage your cuticles so two weeks before your appointment, change your conditioner for a biotin deep conditioning mask and apply from the roots.

Color Your World Incorporating color into classic bridal hairstyles By Mirella Cameran


or the lucky few, their hair enhances their skin tone, brings out the colors in their eyes and reflects the light for perfect shine. Most of us look to our hairstylists to play with color and masterfully add whatever touches will give our natural beauty a boost. “If you are fair, go for a warmer tone of strawberry or gold to balance out your look,” says New York-based celebrity colorist Kali Ferrara is best for those with dark or olive complexions as the key to gorgeous blonde hair is to balance the different blonde hues. You don’t want to risk looking monotone and washed out if your hair exactly matches your skin.” Balayage is an option for blondes looking for an enhanced but still au naturel look. Balayage is hair painting that creates a graduated, natural-looking effect from root to tip. “Balayage is the way to go because it doesn’t saturate the hair shaft with color,” says Abby

38 |

Hailiti, balayage expert and color director at Julien Farel Restore Salon, Spa & Haircare in New York. Balayage is more popular with brides who choose to wear their hair down in natural-looking waves or in a half updo. Carefully-designed highlights create depth and volume. The “bronde” calls for a few highlights that complement the base color of darker hair with different tonalities. This adds a sun-kissed effect that suits longer styles such as lobs and bobs. Babylights are a way of framing the face to create a halo effect and work particularly well with a soft updo or long lash-length bangs. Fine blonde sections are added to the hair around the face to lighten and frame it. Brides not wanting to make the commitment to a process can add flecks of gold to their hairstyle with gold mica that adds luminosity and shine. Try David Mallett Gold Dust, a dry powder volume spray


that adds sparkle to any look. To avoid a flat, monochromatic dark look, lowlights in browns and subtle reds will create interest and dimension. In fact, all dark hair looks better shiny so it’s worth adding a gloss treatment to create a sophisticated sheen, especially if you are wearing your hair down. No matter how good your colorist is, you must make sure your color choices work with your everyday hair look and with the style you pick for your wedding. Taking care of your hair in the weeks running up to the wedding will also make a difference. Using a weekly mask to rehydrate your hair and add shine works wonders. Pick one with added benefits such as antioxidant-rich oils, like grape seed; they makes hair glisten. Diet is important, too. Vitamin C increases the elasticity of your hair, B5 and biotin encourage the growth of strong, healthy locks and Vitamin E improves the circulation in your scalp, which keeps the hair follicle healthy. b

2. A week before a color process, avoid washing your hair as shampoos strip the natural oils that protect the scalp. If your hair feels dirty try the new micellar water hair cleansers that are gentler than shampoos or the new generation of dry shampoo mousses that don’t leave a powdery build-up 3. Ask your colorist to mix in a bond rebuilder to protect the hair as it processes. 4. After a week, apply an at-home gloss to brighten dark shades and protect blondes from turning yellow or orange. 5. Don’t skip the mask — a weekly mask will make a significant improvement to your hair in about eight weeks. 6. Use sun protection for your hair. Choose a mist or a conditioner with UV protection, as rays degrade the color pigment. 7. Pick a sulfate-free formula of shampoo and conditioner — your color will last longer. 8. Invest in your tech. The better quality hair irons and dryers maintain a consistent temperature so it’s easier to style each section of hair evenly and avoid burning.



At Your Service

Luxe accents for casual gatherings, dinner parties and holidays at home By Mirella Cameran Photographed by Theresa Cassagne

Two piece marble board set features gold-foiled textured raw edge and spreader with netted gold handle as well as white marble paddle serving board with copper plate initial inlay with metal spreader at The Basketry, Monogrammed European linen hemstitched dinner napkin and fringe cocktail napkin at The Linen Registry, thelinenregistry. com. Wooden cake knife and serving spade with hand engraving and vintage hand stamped silverware set at Nola Boards, Silver napkin holders with various-sized pearl decoration at Hazelnut New Orleans, |



i nvitations

Jazz It Up

Set the scene with elegant invitations featuring Art Deco details By Mirella Cameran Photographed by Theresa Cassagne

Printed on white shimmer stock in gold and black inks, the invitation features a geometric border and clamshell duogram at Gem Printing Co.,

44 |



Pearl white, heavyweight stock engraved and foil stamped in sun gold ink at Scriptura,

46 |


Champagne Art Deco wedding suite, on cotton stock featuring a sparkling gold frame and champagne pocket-fold at Megan Jewel Designs, |


Invitation trousseau with customized calligraphy on thick white card stock with border design at Paper n’ Things,

50 |



Personally Speaking Decorating the wedding or reception venue to reflect your style By Sarah Ravits


f you’re a bride-to-be, you’ve probably considered that this celebratory, romantic, fun-filled occasion isn’t entirely about you (even though you are, of course, the main attraction) and your soon-to-be-betrothed. Your wedding day is also about sharing your union with family, friends and other loved ones, while offering them a good time and the chance to create fond memories as you

52 |


and your partner finally make it official. Not to be overlooked is the concept of space planning. You don’t want to cram too many people into a small room; nor do you want to have so much extra space that it feels like half of the guests never showed up. There’s a balance to be achieved, and luckily local vendors are equipped to help make this a reality. Many wedding venues in the area allow brides and wedding

planners to bring in items to make the space cozier or more sophisticated — and likely a blend of both. Wedding planners note that nuptials are, simply put, “becoming more experiential” — especially in terms of the aftermath of the ceremony, and particularly in a city known for its hospitality and ability to throw an excellent party. One trend that’s likely here to stay is the idea of personalizing the event space to complement the wedding’s overall theme or vibe, especially the reception area. This can be accomplished by bringing in rented furniture, accents and other décor that reflect your style. Maybe your party space will even feel like

I think that there are a lot of options out there and sometimes people overthink it,” she says. “I see a lot of our happiest clients are the ones who are like, “You know this is how I want it to feel” and place trust in their planner.” an extension of your home as you prepare for a lifetime of domestic bliss supported by your favorite people. Audra O’Dom of Distressed Rentals and Revival says weddings are obviously a chance to showcase the love of the couple, which can partially be achieved through carefully chosen décor. Picking the right furniture and accessories can also help guests actively participate in the event and not just observe it. It’s not just about being aesthetically pleasing, but it also is, of course, functional, as guests mingle, dance, dine and sip throughout the night. If you choose wisely, they will feel comfortable and relaxed during the festivities, and that’s what everyone wants. O’Dom’s business has a showroom but she also gets a lot of her clients through the company’s website, which showcases a huge selection of inventory, allowing couples or wedding planners to conveniently place orders. The company, which provides a chic array of vintage furniture and rental options, operates under the philosophy that feelings created by experiences are important, and it provides items including bars, styled lounges, wooden tables, vintage tables and dressers — which can make for stylish stations for the cake, guestbook or favors. O’Dom also notes that she is big on “staying in her lane” while working with a variety of vendors — she solely focuses on furnishings. Belinda Belk of Blue Gardenia Events designs special event spaces and coordinates with a network of local vendors, including furniture and décor rental companies, such as the aforementioned Distressed Rentals and Revivals.

“Selecting specific pieces or collections not only makes the event feel unique and customized, but it also promotes flow and conversation and keeps movement going around the room,” she says. Both these experts note that brides have tons of options and that it’s easy, but unnecessary to get overwhelmed. O’Dom says that brides should hire trusted professionals and let them run with their ideas instead of getting overly worked up about details. While the bigger furniture pieces will fill the space, the lighting and small details will also help set the tone. Belk says that she loves helping brides design their dream spaces, and giving them “layers and texture” as she incorporates different fabrics, smaller furniture pieces (including coffee or end tables), rugs and throw pillows. While the décor and seating is of utmost importance, these experts also say that brides needn’t become too overwhelmed with the variety of options. O’Dom notes that a good wedding planner will know the bride’s taste and understand the dynamic of the couple and should be able to assist tremendously with selecting personalized items. “I think that there are a lot of options out there and sometimes people overthink it,” she says. “I see a lot of our happiest clients are the ones who are like, “You know this is how I want it to feel” and place trust in their planner.” Belk also says that there isn’t a particular style that is dominant right now; rather, the trend is to make it reflective of the couple, whether you’re traditional, Bohemian, minimalist, colorful, extravagant or eclectic. However she believes that showcasing warmth is important, especially in a New Orleans setting. She loves to incorporate decorative lamps and and other accessories that make it feel “finished.” Simple additions to the space also include florals, votives and framed photographs. Belk also notes that when bringing in rented items, one needs to be conscientious — not just about how the guests will perceive it, but for the actual rental space itself. If you are renting an historic space, “you have to respect it,” she says. There will be people coming in and out and there will inevitably be some wear and tear.” Keeping this in mind, she says, has given her a good reputation in the wedding industry. “We never have trouble with venues, because we always respect their space,” she says. She also encourages brides to examine the logistics it could entail — which includes paying attention to elevators, narrow doorways, stairwells and the like. She points out that if you are having a wedding outside, consider bringing in a protective layer to cover the furniture with beforehand — because New Orleans is humid, the furniture items can become dewy before the party begins, so keep it covered until the time is right. No one wants to sit on a wet couch, she laughs. O’Dom also notes that venues often have taken a liking to the event rental companies, because it allows them to showcase the versatility of their spaces and the wide-ranging needs they can accommodate. b |

53 |


56 |



br id a l , b r i d e s m a i d s , m e n s w e a r AND FLOWERS p.58


je w e lr y p.76

Puttin' on the glitz Satin gowns and shapely silhouettes, corset seams and cascading ruffles, statement bows and feathered skirts suggest the red carpet looks of old Hollywood. Mix diamonds and pearls with voluptuous waves and deep ruby lipstick to evoke the classic beauty of Glamour’s Golden Age.

By Lisa Tudor Photographed by Theresa Cassagne Models Hedy Rose Kraft, Alexandra Chaisson, Kristin Brooks for Aboutfaces MTM, Taylor McLellan Makeup by Meggan Ory Hair by Monique Munoz Fine Jewelry by Jack Sutton, Production Assistant, Christine Williams

58 |


Previous page: Paris by Debra Moreland tiara and cathedral length veil with blusher by Homa trimmed throughout in Valentino lace at Le Jour Couture,; 14k white gold 6 carat prong-set diamond stud earrings at Jack Sutton Facing page: Matthew Christopher “Arya” Duchess satin trumpet gown with hourglass seams, Basque waist and Mikado organza double ruffle horsehair trim at Pearl’s Place,; Platinum 1.25 carat diamond and South Sea pearl drop earrings; 18k white gold South Sea pearl necklace at Jack Sutton, This page: Jean Yves white two-button slim fit tuxedo at Rome's Tuxedos, |


Charmeuse trumpet gown and detachable beaded cape by Justin Alexander (Style 8926) at Bliss Bridal,; 14k white gold 6 carat diamond studs; platinum 5 carat pear-shape diamond engagement ring with pear side stones; 18k white gold triple-strand, multi-cut 33 carat diamond station bracelet at Jack Sutton,

Morilee by Madeline Gardner “Melissa� crepe sheath dress with crystal beaded back straps at Lulu Allyn; platinum 5 carat pear-shape diamond engagement ring with pear side stones; 18k white gold triple-strand multi-cut 33 carat diamond station bracelet at Jack Sutton,

Grey shawl collar tuxedo trimmed in black satin at Tuxedos to Geaux,

Sareh Nouri “Naomi� Mikado silk trumpet gown with boat neckline and detachable cathedral bow train at Le Jour Couture, lejourcouture. com; 14K white gold 6 carat prong-set diamond stud earrings at Jack Sutton,

Facing page: Morilee (style 21536) chiffon dress with scoop neckline and matching sash sampled in “Cornflower” at Lulu Allyn; earrings by Elizabeth Bower at Wedding Belles,; Dessy Group Studio Design Collection cap-sleeve crepe dress with bow detail and trumpet skirt sampled in ‘Mist’ at Pearl’s Place, and Haute Bride; drop earrings at Town & Country, townandcountrybridal. com. White Mondial White, white lisianthus, white hydrangeas and David Austin "Patience" Wedding roses at Dunn & Sonnier Antiques, Florals and Gifts,

This page: Pronovias ‘Dracma’ off-the-shoulder fitted mermaid gown with lace and illusion off-theshoulder bodice and crepe and tulle skirt and train at Town & Country,; Platinum 5 carat pear-shape diamond engagement ring with pear side stones; Platinum 1.25 carat diamond and South Sea pearl drop earrings at Jack Sutton,

66 |


Facing page: Jean Yves Modern Essentials shawl lapel tuxedo at John’s Tuxedos, johnstuxedos. com; 18k white gold 2 carat princess and round diamond wedding band; 14k white gold 5 carat pavé diamond cufflinks at Jack Sutton, This page: Pedram Couture ‘Portofino’ beaded gown with ostrich feather train at Le Jour Couture,; 14k white gold 6 carat prong-set diamond stud earrings; 18k white gold 36-inch 23 carat triple-prong diamond tennis necklace at Jack Sutton, |


68 |


Facing page: Theia Bridesmaids navy crepe ‘Selena’ sleeveless gown with cascade detail and keyhole back at Bella Bridesmaids,; 18k white gold 2 carat oval diamond cluster milgrain bezel-set drop earrings at Jack Sutton,; Ike Behar “Charles” slim fit single button ivory shawl tux with black satin trim and flat front pants at John’s Tuxedos,; 14k white gold 5 carat pavé diamond cufflinks at Jack Sutton, This page: Martina Liana ‘Belle’ Contour Crepe gown with open keyhole back, illusion side panels and short train at The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe,; platinum 5 carat pear-shape diamond engagement ring with pear side stones; 18k white gold triple-strand multi-cut diamond station bracelet at Jack Sutton, |


Facing page: Chiffon and lace “Kyra” gown sampled in “Dusty Rose” and “Astor” chiffon and lace gown sampled in “Denim Blue” by Theia Bridesmaids at Bella Bridesmaids,; Haute Bride earrings (at left) at Town & Country,; Elizabeth Bower earrings at Wedding Belles, Organic bouquet of Playa Blanca garden roses, white tulips, white stock, green trick dianthus, white lysimachia, scabiosa pods, succulents, dusty miller, seeded eucalyptus and green hanging amaranthus at IRIS floral + event design studio, This page: Amy Kuschel silk crepe “Avedon” sheath gown with “Ibiza” beaded cap shoulders at Wedding Belles,; 18k yellow gold chocolate pearl earrings with .15 carat bezel-set diamond; platinum 5 carat pear-shape diamond engagement ring with pear side stones at Jack Sutton,

18k white gold Tom Mathis earrings with 2.33 carat pear-shape diamonds with accent diamonds; filigree antique platinum ring with diamonds; platinum Art Deco ring with 1.5 carat center stone with sapphire and diamond accent stones at Symmetry Jewelers & Designers,

Razzle Dazzle

Vintage and Art Deco-inspired jewelry with timeless appeal By Mirella Cameran Photographed by Theresa Cassagne Makeup by Meggan Ory, Hair by Monique Munoz, Model Kendall Mickal |


Diamond fashion Cuff bracelet in 14 karat white gold featuring 93 diamonds. Thousand Points of Light 14 karat white gold earrings, diamond engagement ring featuring center marquise diamond in vintage-style setting accented by 34 round diamonds. Diamonds by the Yard, 14 karat white gold necklace with 23 carats of round diamonds. Ramsey’s Diamond Jewelers

Estate 18k white gold ring centered by a sugar loaf cabochon sapphire of 5.18 carats accented by sparkling round-cut diamonds; estate 18k white gold chandelier sapphire and diamond earrings featuring two sugar-loaf cabochon sapphires of 15.29 carats accented by round diamonds; estate platinum bracelet of 17.36 carats of emerald-cut sapphires accented by 13.6 carats of round and emerald-cut diamonds at Friend & Company Fine Jewelers, |


White gold Boudreaux’s signature round and baguette diamond drop earrings 4.65 carats; white gold Boudreaux’s signature round and baguette diamond bracelet 6.83 carats; gold L’Amour Collection diamond engagement ring 3.30 carats; white gold diamond lariat necklace 6.50 carats at Boudreaux's Jewelers

80 |



Estate sapphire and diamond bracelet set with round brilliant diamonds; Art Deco-style platinum diamond and sapphire earrings; platinum and sapphire engagement ring; 18k white gold and diamond lariat necklace at Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry, |


Baguette and round diamond hoop earrings, 3.63 carats; Asscher cut diamond engagement ring; 24-inch round diamond tennis necklace in white gold; emerald cut and round diamond link bracelet at Aucoin Hart Jewelers, |


88 |


Greer Gattuso photo


cak e s p.9 0


c u i s i n e a n d c o c kt a i ls p.96 m u s i c p . 112



lo ca tio ns p.10 2

tr a ns po r ta tio n p.114


ph o to g r a ph y p .1 08

de tails


Take the Cake Bring the swank with gold, silver and geometric patterns By Mirella Cameran Photographed by Theresa Cassagne

Three-tier red velvet cake with cream cheese filling decorated in white fondant with white fondant accent pieces, oval imprints and white butter cream dots. Gambino’s Bakery, |


Square and round three-tier cake, bottom tier has a painted glitter chevron pattern, middle is luster dusted in metallic gold and top tier has effervescent metallic dots. Inside is a traditional almond cake with fillings including passion fruit butter cream and toasted almonds, Chez RuRene Bakery, Inc., Chezrurenebakery |


Four-tier almond cake filled with layers of cream cheese buttercream and fresh strawberries, decorated in white fondant, pearlescent geometric patterns, white pearls and gold fans. The Sweet Life Bakery, |


de tails

Cu isine & cock t a i ls

Boozy Breakfast

Fabulous cocktails for your Sunday morning or afternoon wedding By Amy Gabriel


lanning morning or afternoon wedding festivities? Experts say an event that ends before sunset calls for a fresh-as-daybreak drink menu. Here are several ideas to delight your guests in a dazzling daytime setting. Wyeth Metz, Catering Sales Manager-Wedding Connoisseur at the Royal Sonesta Hotel, suggests starting with a few classics to set the tone for a classic Crescent City affair. “Brunch time cocktails are ingrained in New Orleans’ culture,” said Metz. “Signature eye openers include the Bloody Mary, champagne mimosa, Bourbon or Brandy Milk Punch, Pimm’s Cup and Sazerac.” Though Bloody Mary bars are always popular, he suggests also considering alternative DIY bars to surprise partygoers.

96 |

“We’ve had some very happy guests enjoy a spiked juice bar featuring gin and vodka bar with fresh-squeezed juices like satsuma, grapefruit, pineapple and lemon.” “Champagne always feels best in the morning, and fruity champagne cocktails can be a fun alternative choice,” said Daisy Nagy, ambassador and bartender for Salon by Sucré. “I think the French 75 is a perfect drink for anytime of the day, as it features fresh lemon juice, and just a splash of gin or brandy in champagne. Bright effervescence with a bit of a boost to get your day started right.” From her perspective, Lu Brow, lead bartender at Brennan’s, suggests satsuma mimosas and Sazeracs as successful morning sip suggestions. She also recommends adding fresh garnishes. “You can help your fresh garnishes to stand out by comple-


menting them with a gorgeous cocktail napkin or cocktail pick,” said Brow. “Keep in mind to use caution with any bright red dark garnish that might easily stain wedding attire. I once saw cocoa dust used to garnish fruit and it went everywhere! ” Brow says it’s wise to have options for attending children and non-drinkers on the invite list, as well. “It’s important to always offer water, and bottled water with a personalized label or monogram could be very fun,” says Brow. “For children or non-drinkers, or for those needing to cool down from the dance floor, flavored iced tea or mocktails that keep within the theme will always be a hit.” With conceiving a morning cocktail, Alan Walter, creative director of Loa Bar in the International House Hotel, is a fan of adding prosecco

to stonefruit for an alternative Bellini. He also proposes offering tea-infused cocktails and syrups. “Tea cocktails thrive in a midday setting, especially floral teas like lavender, rose, and chamomile,” said Walter. “They are very friendly with rums and well-suited for formal occasions.” As New Orleans is known for its “go-cup culture,” Aaron Shaffer of 12 Seasons Catering and Events suggests capitalizing on that city-specific concept and continuing on with the creativity all the way until the guests say their good-byes. “Destination couples particularly love go-cups,” says Shaffer. “We have done to go alco-balls (spiked snowballs) in the bride’s colors and wedding cake flavor. That would probably make a fun drink bar, too!” b |


de tails

Cu isine & cock t a i ls

Breakfast for Dinner

Fun and fresh breakfast fare gets an elegant makeover for evening weddings By Amy Gabriel


f there’s one thing everyone knows about you as a couple, your single favorite weekend activity is brunch. You love the ambiance, the energy, and of course, the morning buzz. Since you early birds and love birds could live in a happily-ever-after nest built on breakfast food alone, why not think outside the menu and consider surprising your guests by

98 |

centering your nighttime wedding reception around breakfast for dinner fare? Brent Bogan, Wedding Sales Manager at The Chicory Venue in the Warehouse District, has seen an upswing in the play on breakfast for dinner and noted that it’s met with great enthusiasm by wedding goers. “Guests are expecting the


regular late night things, but when they see breakfast food they go crazy,” said Bogan. “It’s something they’ve never seen before.” As opposed to a seated dinner, he suggests keeping the menu items fresh from the grill to your guests with ideas like passed fried green tomatoes and stations set up with shrimp and grits, chicken and red velvet waffles and mini

breakfast sandwiches or tacos. Or, consider a Pain Perdu made colorful with figs and star fruit displays. Bogan notes the importance of balancing the sweet and the savory for your menu. “You don’t just want pancakes and syrup when you’re drinking,” said Bogan, noting the importance of balancing the sweet and

savory. “A made-to-order eggs Benedict station with different types of hollandaise is all still brunch friendly, but not completely off the wall to have at night. It’s good mood food and it’s all fun to see.” Bogan said breakfast is a fun and viable option for couples on a tighter budget. “Breakfast is more budgetfriendly than a regular dinner because the cost of breakfast food is way lower than anything else,” said Bogan. “But you could also go bigger and add a raw bar with oysters on the half shell and a smoked salmon display to make it more high end.” Chef Slade Rushing of Brennan’s, who has seen everything from passed petite Gruyere and ham quiches to lobster scrambles served to seated guests, also recommends this type of service as beneficial for a couple concerned with cost. “I really believe that you can go above and beyond pleasing your guest within a tight budget,” said Rushing. “Breakfast options can help your budget stay manageable, and guests are always thrilled with the comfort food that breakfast and brunch offers.” Further, Rushing sees the idea of breakfast fare as a way to bond guests and create a conversational atmosphere. “I think couples want their families to mingle and celebrate together more easily, and breakfast [or] brunch fare really allows this to happen,” said Rushing. “Breakfast for dinner is a casual tradition that people love, so creating an elegant version of this tradition seems to always heighten that casual, mingling and social mood that needs to be present for a memorable wedding reception.” Recognizing that the bar can also come in handy when encouraging mingling, Rushing recommends incorporating traditional cocktails

that pair well with breakfast items. “Specialty cocktails like mimosas and Brandy Milk Punch can take the edge off and brunch food is simply more comforting and fun to enjoy. It can provide a level of casualness to a reception that makes people feel comfortable.” Aaron Shaffer of 12 Seasons Catering believes that setting up several themed food bars can not only create flow for the event, but also help with avoiding a line. “So many of the bars and action stations take a little longer to service,” said Shaffer. (For action stations, think omelettes.) He recommends setting up a variety of stations or buffet presentations for guests to float in between like waffle bars with whipped cream and berries or Southern biscuit bars with extras like country gravy, BBQ shrimp and grits, or poached egg with creamy hollandaise. Wyeth Metz, Catering Sales Manager-Wedding Connoisseur at the Royal Sonesta Hotel, says a breakfast after dark menu makes for a fun camaraderie throughout the festivities. “Enjoying breakfast and brunch foods at a wedding is such a new experience for guests that it encourages conversation and engagement at the interactive food stations,” said Metz. He notes concepts like New Orleans omelette and eggs-any-style stations, makeyour-own breakfast taco bar with all the trimmings and beignet displays with various sauces, whipped creams and toppings. He says, “Couples are able to put a personal spin by including childhood favorites, incorporating their ethnicity and their distinctive personality as a couple.” b |


de tails

Cu isine & cock t a i ls

Keep on Truckin’

Food trucks add novelty and fun-factor to wedding receptions and after parties By Amy Gabriel


ou’ve decided to pull out all the stops to create a wedding that’ll have your guests talking about how festive and unique it was long after the last glass of champagne is emptied. Add an instant fun factor and opt for an unexpected twist to traditional catering by incorporating your favorite food trucks into the wedded bliss mix. Chef Micah Martello of Fete au Fete sees a food truck wedding as ideal for a couple looking for the unexpected. “New Orleans has become such a destination wedding city and people are looking for other things than the normal catering,” said Martello. “More and more people

100 |

are moving towards non-traditional types of weddings and the food truck really fits into that idea.” Having spent 27 years as an executive chef, Martello says that though many people hire him for the food they’ve come to love and recognize from his truck, it is fun to customize a menu that melds his food with their couple style. “One bride and groom wanted our food but they wanted tacos,” he says. “So we did a special Louisiana, Mexican themed taco menu and included things like cochon de lait tacos. It was fun to get creative and personalize dishes specifically for them.” Rachel and Benoit Angulo, owners of La Cocinita, find that


a food truck, though alternative, has appeal across the generation gap at weddings. “It adds a lot to the ambiance,” said Rachel. “We find that everyone loves eating from food trucks, from young people who frequent food trucks on a regular basis to grandparents of the bride and groom who comment on what a novelty it is to eat from a truck. It’s an experience they’ve usually never had before!” Further, says Angulo, a food truck can be ideal for the current culture of varied dietary needs and aversions. “The food is made fresh-to-order on site and everything can be customized on-site for guests with

dietary preferences, restrictions or allergies.” If you’re hesitating for fear of lengthy lines and anxious guests waiting for their food, Ericka Lassair of Diva Dawg, who has been known to add spiked syrup to create chicken drunken french toast at weddings, has found a fun way around that concern. “While people are waiting for their food we hand out Diva cards with pictures of celebrities and singers on them,” said Lassair. “It becomes a game for people to hear us call out when the food is ready for ‘Michael Jackson’ or ‘Beyonce.’ It’s a good distraction and really keeps the party vibe going.” b |


de tails


Glammed Up

The Count’s Room at Arnaud’s gets an Art Deco makeover By Kelly Massicot


ocated in the historic French Quarter, Arnaud’s Restaurant has been serving the people, and visitors, of New Orleans since 1918. Owner Arnaud Cazenave made it his mission to serve quality Creole cuisine to his guests, with an unforgettable experience. The event coordinators who organize private parties and events, accommodating anywhere from 12 to 220 guests, ensure the same quality and commitment as the restaurant’s

102 |

namesake. This year, the team at Arnaud’s decided to spruce up one of the larger event spaces on the property, The Count’s Room. The room had not seen an upgrade since 1978, and previously housed a low ceiling and pale green color scheme. Since the upgrade, The Count’s Room is now a modern, art deco wonder among the other 16 private dining spaces. Though newly renovated with modern upgrades, the room offers


a nostalgic nod to the Jazz Age, the era around the time the restaurant first opened, and mixes well with the emergence of other modern and Art Deco-inspired event spaces around the city. As the renovations are now complete, The Count’s Room boasts crisp white walls and columns along with dramatic black doors and etched glass accents. The ceiling in the room was changed from a drop ceiling to a coffered style. The classic black

door, decorative walls and the tops of the columns are all adorned with gold leaf, and the sizable, original paintings by Judy Merrell complete the story presently told by the space. The Count’s Room holds 200 to 220 for a seated dinner and 180 to 200 cocktail style - depending on the food and bar station setup. Pair the room with one or more of the 16 other private dining rooms and your wedding will be one for the ages. b |


de tails


Il Mercato

Big Day Bundle

One-stop shop locales for the every element of your wedding By Topher Balfer


f all the important decisions a couple has to make ahead of their Big Day, the venue is perhaps the most meaningful and the most difficult. To help make sure the location for your wedding serves as a reflection of your personal style as individuals and a couple, we’ve compiled this list of nine one-stop venues ranging from

104 |

traditional antebellum to the industrial and rustic that can accommodate every aspect of your wedding without leaving the premises. Il Mercato

Stepping into the courtyard of the Spanish-influenced Il Mercato can almost feel like entering another country. The outdoor space, alone


covering 3,500 square feet, is lined with tall, red-tiled roofs and rows of archways, plus it features an elaborate fire pit as its focal point. The inside of the venue, an additional 5,000 square feet, showcases herringbone wood floors and walls finished with paint, plaster and a final coat of beeswax. A fully-furnished library off the main space will

appeal to the couple looking for a slight touch of masculinity, while Italian chandeliers and warm ivory colors ensure that the tone of elegance is never compromised. ilmercatoevents. com Bevolo Gas and Electric Lights Museum

This French Quarter store only

elizabeth dondis photo

transforms into a retrofuturistic event space about four times a month, but when it does, it casts a powerful spell. Over 40 gas and electric lanterns illuminate the shop’s interior and courtyard, and shining copper and exposed brick help to complete the transformation. Outside, craftsmen are available to demonstrate the lanternmaking process for your guests. The venue opens up onto Exchange Place, a near-hidden alleyway perfect for photos or a second line. Bevolo accommodates intimate gatherings of up to 100 guests. french-quarter-event-venue Brennan’s

Iconic as Brennan’s is, it doesn’t rely on its history to deliver a memorable wedding experience. For his traditional-yet-modernized New Orleans cuisine, Executive Chef Slade Rushing has been a James Beard finalist for the past three years. Guests can enjoy the on-site catering in one of eight private dining rooms available to host parties of varying sizes. There is even a private wine room with an 18-foot table carved from cypress, and ceremonies can be held among the long, narrow pathways in the lush courtyard. Richly detailed, glamorous and customizable, each event is tailored to the budget and personal style of the couple. NOPSI Hotel

Couples desirous of luxurious finishes and exquisite details will want to strongly consider this venue. Fine bone china, crystal stemware and other elegant touches are tended to meticulously; on top of that, stone floors and columns evoke the opulence of the 1920s. Guests can look up to the French

vaulted ceilings towering over the Dryades ballroom, an expansive space that can hold up to 250 people. The hotel contains more than 200 rooms, and late evenings can be spent on the rooftop or patio so that no one has to travel far. Catering is done in-house and is overseen by a banquet manager, and the venue offers planning assistance. Steamboat Natchez

Set out on the Mississippi for an intimate ceremony on the historic Steamboat Natchez. Though ceremonies are usually on the small side, couples can charter the entire boat for about 300 guests. The dining room features ornate ceilings and chandeliers, with accents of maroons, ivories and golds to complement the dark wood. Captains are licensed to marry, and a wedding consultant can be provided to assist with photography, flower arrangements, catering and beverage service. steamboatnatchez. com La Maison du Lac

This modern lake house is nestled on Lake Pontchartrain and offers panoramic views of the marina. The newlyrenovated space features a sleek, contemporary design with white marble floors, crystal chandeliers and sophisticated decorations. Enjoy breathtaking, waterside sunsets on the outdoor deck or a late night spent in La Maison du Lac’s glossy interior. Additional offerings include a bridal suite large enough to hold the entire bridal party, and a private yacht commissioned to help you make a grand entrance. The lake house’s indoor and outdoor space can accommodate up to 300 people. |


Greer Gattuso photo

Stella Plantation

The Elms Mansion

Built in 1869, this historic mansion is located right along the St. Charles streetcar line and is the perfect turnkey venue. Many of the house’s original furnishings are preserved, such as the tapestry wallpaper, stained glass windows and wood floors. Fireplaces of marble and Italian sandstone, along with a free-standing staircase, make for photo settings that capture the mansion’s Southern charm. Outside is a sprawling courtyard and garden customizable to the couple’s needs; ceremonies can be held at the gazebo, with a stunning view of the towering magnolia trees and a terra cotta

106 |

fountain. Up to 500 guests can be accommodated, and catering and management are available on-site. The Chicory

Tucked away in the warehouse district, The Chicory was once a coffee warehouse and has now been transformed into an industrial-chic wonderland. For those looking for modern charm with rustic accents, look no further than this venue’s exposed brick, wooden beams and gas lamps. There are no limitations on time or volume, and up to 400 of your closest friends can fit comfortably inside the open space. An in-house culinary


The Chicory

team will handle catering, and guests are treated to views of the cityscape from the 4,000 square foot rooftop deck. It’s easy to see why this location has been named the best New Orleans wedding venue by for the past five years. Stella Plantation

Standing along the edge of the Mississippi River is the historic Stella Plantation, a backdrop that makes the most of its Southern heritage. Oak Row is flanked on both sides with huge, 250-yearold trees, creating a stunning display of symmetrical elegance. Smaller receptions and ceremonies can be held in the open

air Carriage House, or you can choose to stand in front of the plantation’s split staircase, which can be adorned with flowers, candles and other embellishments. As many as 1,000 guests can enjoy the capacious grounds for a ceremony that promises luxury and majesty. Ask about the new Sugar Cane Stable, created from the plantation’s old Sugar Barn, which features original brick walls on the interior and a wooden exterior with two wings for guest seating. Couples can plan to stay overnight in the main house, which has multiple bedrooms, a gourmet kitchen and several living rooms and lounge areas. b |


de tails

p hotography

Picture Perfect

An essential guide to finding your wedding photographer By Marie Simoneaux Photograph by Greer Gattuso


ou have the dress, venue, cake, flowers and food, plus all of the other details essential to creating the perfect wedding. But if you step back, what’s going to be left when all is said and done? For a lot of couples, hiring a wedding photographer ends up being an afterthought. However, New Orleans photographers Desiree Watkins, Angelena Brocato

108 |

and Greer Gattuso advise making it a priority. Watkins, who has been photographing weddings for eight years, said pictures are one the few tangible, lasting tokens of your wedding day. “It’s how your kids and grandkids will connect to you and that day,” she said. But how do you find one who is right for you? Here are a few tips:


Figure out your style and stick to it

First and foremost, find a photographer whose body of work matches your personal style. If you are having an evening wedding in a traditional church setting, for example, do not hire a photographer whose portfolio primarily features sun-filled outdoor shoots, Brocato said. “You might find our site and

love our work, and that’s great, but there is only so much we can do within certain conditions. You have to have realistic expectations and take into consideration the season, time of day and venue,” Brocato said. Watkins and Gattuso both recommend utilizing Instagram hashtags to find photographers that mesh well with your personal style. Venues often provide a list |


of recommended vendors, including photographers. If you already have your venue booked, they can give you names of people who worked there before and are probably comfortable within the confines of that space. Ask your photographer if you can see a complete gallery of a wedding that is similar to yours. If they refuse and only show you a highlight reel, that might be a red flag, Brocato said. “If they only want to show you a collection of their favorite photos, there’s probably a reason why,” she said. Organize, plan and schedule

Before hiring your photographer, determine what you hope to achieve with your pictures. Whether you want a more stylized album or you’d prefer to focus on the emotional moments of the day, come up with your ideal list of shots. Most photographers will send you a questionnaire that includes a rundown of images, so start thinking about which moments are most important to you. “I want to document your whole day and to me that means lots of candid images and those raw moments you just can’t plan,” Gattuso said. “But I also want to make sure you get the photos you want.” Having a detailed timeline of the day is helpful and lets your photographer know when they need to be focused on your shot list, and when they can work on candid images. “If the planning was done right, everything will come together,” Brocato said. “Let us do our thing so you can be present and connected on your special day.” Communication is key

Your wedding photographer is not just the button-pushing extension of a fancy camera. They are artists, documentarians and experienced profes-

110 |


sionals, with whom you will spend a lot of time. “It just makes everything easier when you get along and can communicate well,” Watkins said. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially when it comes to the contract and cost. After all: ”You get what you pay for,” all three photographers said. Quality photography is not cheap, but it is well worth the cost. According to Gattuso, a photographer’s rate reflects their experience, which is key. “Some people get caught up in the price, but there is a reason for that price. The amount of experience a photographer has will make all the difference, I promise,” she said. Read your contract carefully, take note of what is included in your package and have a conversation with your photographer about not only the images you’re looking for, but also the tangibles that may or may not come with it. Not every package comes with prints or albums, so make sure you know what you’re paying for. Book early

This one’s a biggie. New Orleans is a huge market for weddings, both local and destination, so make sure you are planning ahead. Gattuso, Watkins and Brocato all said they typically book up about a year or more in advance, so if you have your heart set on one photographer, do not wait. Know your top priorities; it could be worth it to talk to your photographer before even setting a date. Have fun

Not everyone likes having their picture taken, but if you find the right photographer with whom you’re comfortable and one who understands your style, you’ll be much more likely to loosen up and have fun, which will translate into beautiful, genuine photos you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. b |


de tails


DJ TBuf: Some couples just want to hear the music they know they love and dance with the people they love, and that’s fine. DJ TBuf & Associates Glaviano are an experienced group of DJs who will work with a couple to curate their personal playlist for their special day.


Say ‘I Do’ to the best band, or DJ, for you By Marie Simoneaux


lanning a wedding is no easy task, but all the stress is worth it when your wedding is remembered as the party of the century. And what party is complete without music? Whether you’re looking for classy jazz, a hip DJ or a high-energy party band, your choice of entertainment will greatly determine your guest’s experiences. New Orleans is overflowing with musicians and it can be tough to know where to look, so check out this guide to some of our city’s swingin’ wedding performers.

long. Make sure you book well in advance — this band is the talk of the town and their schedule fills up fast.

Party Bands

B Street Benny: B Street Benny has a varied and extensive range and over 10 years experience playing New Orleans weddings. They are known for their professionalism and work with their clients closely to tailor their sound with the couples’ tastes. With one female and two male vocalists, as well as the talented B Street Boys backing

Groovy7: Groovy7 is an up-andcoming party band based in New Orleans that has been making a name for themselves at festivals and opening for big name performers. Their funky sound and lively stage presence is a surefire way to impress your guests and make sure no one stays sitting for

112 |

New Orleans Jukebox: If you really want to dance the night away to your favorite songs, but have your heart set on a live band, look no further. The New Orleans Jukebox develops a set list with every couple and infuses New Orleans flavor into any hit. So, take all your fears of hiring the usual cover band and throw them out the window!


them up, their sound is rich and complex-they’re sure to please any crowd. Crescent City Soul Band: With nine horns and a choice of eight vocal powerhouses to lead the helm, the Crescent City Soul Band has something for everyone, and is legendary for their engaging performances. From jazz standards to today’s hits, this band can build a lineup to match any taste. Clearly, there’s a reason they were voted The Knot Best of Weddings two years in a row. DJs

DJ Pat Black: If live music isn’t quite your style, but you still want your reception to feature one-of-kind tunes, DJ Pat Black is your man. Since 2001, Pat has been spinning records and making his own dance remixes that are sure to make your reception the electronic party of your dreams.

Ann Glaviano: Ann Glaviano is known around the city for her Heatwave Dance Parties and is not your average wedding DJ. Glavino spins vinyl records from 1957-1974 out of beat-up crates and cardboard boxes and is a pro at filling a dance floor. For couples wanting their reception to be an old-school dance party with music mom can sing along to, Glaviano will not disappoint. Jazz and Brass

Dr. Jazz and the New Orleans Sounds: This traditional New Orleans jazz group can either come as a full band or a trio and they know over a thousand classic standards. Swing the night away to their nostalgic sound even your Great Uncle Harry will love. Nola Dukes: This collective of local musicians can be anywhere from a low-key trio to a whopping 14-piece band. Known for their high energy and original repertoire, the Nola Dukes pride themselves on their ability to get all your guests up and moving. Being New Orleans artists, their sound is distinctly local, which adds a unique twist to all of your favorite songs. Kinfolk Brass Band: What screams “New Orleans wedding” more than a brass band second line? There is no shortage of brass bands in the area, but Kinfolk is no stranger to weddings and comes highly recommended by brides and planners alike. These highly talented local musicians allow for plenty of customization that will make your day all the more memorable. b |


de tails

transportatio n

Getting There A handy guide to New Orleans’ many options to get you and your guests to and from the wedding Original reporting by Phil McCausland and Andrew Paul


on’t stress about how you’re going to make it to your wedding. With its numerous options for couples in New Orleans — no matter if you want to make it to your ceremony by land, air or sea — you can arrive in style. Each choice has its own charm and beauty and can be perfectly tailored to your wedding ceremony, so all you have to do is enjoy the ride. Horse and carriage

The classic New Orleans mode of wedding transportation, the horse and carriage, is the perfect

114 |

image of wedded bliss. Enter your ceremony as if you are in your own personal fairytale. Royal Carriages has been a New Orleans institution since 1941 and provides several options to its guests. Streetcar

Seat 40 to 50 of your guests in a classic New Orleans streetcar by chartering one from the city. You can create your own route, bring food and drink onto the streetcar and decorate it to your heart’s content. It’s a mode of transportation steeped in history but custom-


izable to your goals. Limo

They’re typical of weddings for a reason — the luxury and comfort of a limo is tough to beat. Sip champagne and settle into the rich leather interior while a chauffeur, bonolimo. com, Rolls Royce

A classic Rolls Royce or antique Bentley exudes vintage luxury and style and allows you to transcend time. Arrive at your wedding in true elegance and

enjoy the plush leather seating and complimentary champagne in VIP Transportation’s antique English motorcars. viptransportationinc. net, Pedi cab

Whether it’s your main means of transportation for your ceremony, a bachelor or bachelorette party visit to the French Quarter, or you put a coupon for a free ride in your wedding gift bag, these chauffeur-driven bicycles provide a fun means to explore the city and offer a quick getaway when necessary. |


Motorcycle or Scooter

Get a fleet of motorcycles or scooters to carry you, your beloved and your guests to your wedding. Pick between classic Harleys, Indian Chiefs or BMWs on the motorcycle side or hop on a Genuine Buddy scooter with your pals and fly through the New Orleans streets., Tandem bike

Prove your commitment to fun, whimsy and teamwork by renting a tandem bike on your Big Day. The American Bicycle Rental Company, a New Orleans family company, gets its bicycles made specifically for the wear and tear of the Big Easy’s streets, so that the beginning of your marriage isn’t too bumpy. Party bus

Why not rent a party bus? Champagne chillers, accent and fiber optic lighting, flat screen TVs, a mirrored ceiling and a dancing pole — gasp! — (in case you want to show off your moves) are a few of the amenities. The buses range in size, running from 22-to-45 passenger limits, and Royal Coach will meet all of your specifications. Helicopter

The party begins and ends when you show up or leave in a helicopter, and it is sure to be a memorable ride as you fly farther and farther away from New Orleans and view the city sprawling alongside the Mississippi River. Hot Air Balloon

Nothing is more romantic

116 |


than a hot air balloon ride, so up the ante and rent one for your wedding. Float away with your honey and grab some majestic views of New Orleans and your own event. Maybe toss in a champagne brunch before or after. hotairballoonsneworleans. com Gondola – City Park

If you’re near City Park for your wedding, a gondola ride is a must. Glide through the smooth waters of the park and have a private, relaxing moment with your new partner in life and love. If you want to bring guests, the boat carries up to six. Yacht

Charter a yacht and party all the way to the altar. Watch the sun set and enjoy balmy breezes as you float through the waters of Lake Pontchartrain. If you’re up to it, have the captain of the ship officiate the wedding. The options are endless when luxury is your focus. Trolley

Don’t worry, you can still ride off into the sunset in a classic Crescent City trolley even if your wedding isn’t on the one of the town’s main streetcar lines. Limousine Livery provides gorgeous refurbished streetcars free of both cable restraints and pesky tourists. What’s more, the renovated vehicle’s cushioned seats are an enormous improvement from the city’s current hardwood offerings, so you can cozy up and cool off next to your new spouse without fear of splinters or snags in your swanky attire. limolivery. com. b

118 |


Sam Gregory Photography

real weddings

Hoddinot t - R i c h a r d s o n p . 12 0

| Pe r a -Go lds te in p.12 2

T a n n e r - m e n a r d p.12 6

| r itche y-ke r n p.12 4

| Wh is tle r -Ca lv e r t p.12 8

r e a l wedding s

120 |

Hoddinot t -R i c h a r d so n



Bride: Shelley Hoddinott Groom: Tyler Richardson Date: October 1, 2016 Ceremony location: The Peristyle in City Park Reception location: Pavilion of the Two Sisters Coordinator: Unique Weddings Gown: Bride’s Mother’s Custom Wedding Gown from 1981 Bridesmaids’ dresses: Bella Bridesmaids, Dessy Men’s attire: New Orleans Tuxedos Rings & accessories: 3.2 carat marquise engagement ring, wedding bands, and earrings all from Aucoin Hart Caterer: New Orleans City Park Cake: The Royal Cakery Photographer: Studio Tran, Corine Tran Videographer: Tim Mcaskill Cinematic Weddings Hair: Revive Hair Salon, Amy Sapia Makeup: Revive Hair Salon, Sara McCann Music: Omega Sound & Entertainment (David “Storm” Manning) & Kinfolk Brass Band Transportation: Carey Limousine & bride’s grandfather’s Mercedes as “getaway” car Photo booth: Boogie Booth |


r e a l wedding s

122 |

Pera- Gold st ei n



Bride: Katherine Pera Groom: Louis Goldstein Date: September 2, 2017 Ceremony location: Stella Plantation Reception location: Stella Plantation Coordinator: Carolina Parrone Gown store: Shareen Bridal Gown designer: Petra Willowby Bridesmaids dress store: BHLDN Bridesmaids dress designer: Watters Men’s attire: The Black Tux & Ted Baker Rings: Artistic Jewelers Florist: Poppy & Mint Floral Co. Caterer: Mr. Mudbug / 12 Seasons Catering Cake: The Sweet Life Bakery Photographer: Desiree Watkins Photography Photobooth: HD Photobooth Co. Hair & Makeup: Flawless Bride Music: Kinfolk / DJ Ronnie Roux Rentals: Distressed Rentals & Revival Signage: Hanna Bee Designs Lighting: Luminous Events of New Orleans |


r e a l wedding s

124 |

ritchey- k er n



Bride: Claire Ritchey Groom: Andrew Kern Date: April 16th, 2016 Ceremony location: Jackson Square Reception location: The Elms Mansion Coordinator: Emily Sullivan with Emily Sullivan Events Gown: Liv Harris designed exclusively for VOWS Bridesmaids’ dresses: Dessy, online Men’s attire: NOLA Couture and Men’s Warehouse Rings: Homsy Jewelry Florist: Fat Cat Flowers Caterer: The Elms Cake: Nola Belles Bakery Photographer: Sam Gregory Photography Videographer: Montoto Productions Hair: Get Polished Beauty Makeup: Get Polished Beauty Music: Dr. Jazz and the New Orleans Sounds, ceremony music; Free Agents Brass Band, second line jazz band; Rusty Yates Band, reception band Invitations: Ecrire Designs for invitation suite, chalkboards and all printed goods Transportation: NORTA Streetcar rentals Notable vendors: Firefly Ambiance, New Orleans Parks and Parkways |


r e a l weddin g s

126 |

Tanner- me n a r d



Bride: Annemarie Tanner Groom: Cody Mitchell Menard Date: May 21, 2016 Ceremony location: St. Louis Cathedral Reception location: Omni Royal Orleans Wedding coordinator: Michelle Waguespack (mother of the bride) Gown: David Tutera gown from Bustles & Bows Bridal Boutique Bridesmaids’ dresses: Dessy dresses from Bella Bridesmaid, Baton Rouge Men’s tuxedos: Michael Kors Tux from Squires Formalwear, Baton Rouge Rings: K G’s Custom Jewelry, Baton Rouge; wedding ring designed by the groom using Annemarie’s grandmother’s diamond. Florist: Fat Cat Flowers Caterer: Omni Royal Orleans Cake: Bittersweet Confections Photographer: Bob Bradford Videographer: Studio Vieux Carre Hair: Kyndal Hrapmann from Kiss & Makeup Beauty Services Makeup: Lauren Hunter from Kiss & Makeup Beauty Services Music: Mojeaux Transportation: American Luxury Limousines Wedding program: The bride’s grandmother did the cover artwork of the St. Louis Cathedral. |


r e a l wedding s

128 |

Whist ler -C a lv er t



Bride: Hannah Whistler Groom: Sam Calvert Date: November 5, 2016 Ceremony location: Audubon Park Reception location: Audubon Clubhouse Coordinator/ wedding planner: Jordan Hahn Gown: Memories Bridal in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Men’s attire: Penner’s Menswear in San Antonio, Texas. Rings: His: JVL Jewelry, Hers: Zales Florist: Urban Earth Design Studios Caterer: Don Berly, Executive Chef of Audubon Clubhouse and Cafe Cake: The cheese “cake” was made by the incredible cheese mongers at St. James Cheese Company. Transportation: Flagship Limousine Photographer: Mike Lirette Hair: Salon D’Ingianni Makeup: Biba Isla of Biba Isla Salon Music: Pepe Coloma ceremony musician; Kristina Morales and the Bayou Shufflers reception band. |


Want to submit your wedding for our magazine? Check out how.... Do you want to see your wedding in these pages and share your Big Day with our readers and New Orleans? To be considered as a featured local wedding in New Orleans Bride Magazine, mail a CD with high-resolution (4x6/300dpi) photographs. Below is a helpful checklist to ensure that you have included all of the correct materials.

what we need 1. A Word document of the following vendors: ___ Bride and groom’s full name ___ Date of the wedding ___ Ceremony location ___ Reception location ___ Coordinator ___ Gown (designer and store) ___ Bridesmaids’ dresses (designer and store) ___ Men’s Attire (store) ___ Rings ___ Florist ___ Caterer ___ Cake ___ Photographer ___ Videographer ___ Hair (Stylist and Salon) ___ Makeup (Stylist and Salon) ___ Music ___ Any other vendor you would like to include

2. High-resolution (4x6 / 300dpi) photographs of: ___ Bride and groom ___ Bridesmaids and groomsmen ___ Cake ___ Rings ___ Flowers ___ Ceremony ___ Reception ___ Wedding Favor ___ Second Line ___ Detail shots of shoes, dress, jewelry ___ Detail shots of the decor ___ Please include five other photos of your choice.

* Please send at least 10-15 photographs burned on a CD * Please burn a Word document of your vendors on the CD. All CDs will NOT be returned.



Please mail your CD of photos and Word document of vendor information to: New Orleans Bride Magazine Attn: Tiffani Amedeo 110 Veterans Blvd., Suite 123 Metairie, LA 70005

New Orleans Bride Magazine reserves the right to choose the wedding and the issue in which it will be featured. Submissions are not guaranteed to be published and CDs will not be returned. The bride, groom and photographer must give permission to use the photographs and information of the submitted wedding.

130 |



advertising section

Bridal Resources to help you with all your wedding planning needs

1st Lake Properties, Inc 504-455-5059 12 Seasons Catering & Mr. Mudbug 131 23rd St. Kenner 504-465-9770 A Soiree by Terry Cambise Alert Transportation 3 Westbank Expressway New Orleans 504-362-4145 Ashford Halley 667 Laurel St. Baton Rouge 225-266-3459 225-931-0912 Ashley Marks Media 1025 N Hullen St. Metairie 504-444-8356 Audubon Institute/Nature Center/

132 |

Aquarium/Imax 6500 Magazine St. New Orleans 504-861-2537 privateevents

Michelle Kirn 228-386-7155 Bed Bath and Beyond 800-Go Beyond

Audubon Limousine 941 Decatur St. New Orleans 504-210-8340

Bella Bridesmaids 2875 Highway 190 Mandeville 985-231-7870

Austin’s Seafood and Steakhouse 5101 West Esplanade Ave. Metairie 504-888-5533

Belladonna 2900 Magazine St. New Orleans 504-891-4393

B Street Benny

Belle Amour Photography 1441 Fremaux Ave. Slidell 985-768-6603 nichole@Belle Amour Belle Amour

Backyard Printing (& Secondline Handkerchiefs) 1960 Surgi Drive Mandeville 985-231-7789 Leslie McGoey Beau Rivage Resort & Casino 875 Beach Blvd. Biloxi, MS 39530 WINTER-SPRING 2018

Beth’s Florist & New Orleans Wedding Planners 2014 Clearview Parkway Metairie 504-455-2353 Big Easy Limos

1515 Veterans Blvd. Kenner 504-466-4477 Billiot Photography & Video 285 Moss Lane Mandeville 985-727-3535 Bliss Bridal 4712 Magazine St. 504-592-7507 Bob Bradford Photography 2214 Milton St. New Orleans 504-943-2622 Boogie Booth Photo Booth Comapny PO Box 581 Mandeville 504-457-8033 Brennan’s 417 Royal Str., French Quarter 504-934-3329 |


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Broussard’s 819 Conti New Orleans 504-581-3866 Capdeboscq Catering 1000 Allo Ave. Marrero 504-341-8890 City Park 1 Palm Drive New Orleans 504-482-4888 Club Pilates 2513 Metairie Road Metairie 504-484-9650 Compass Point Erin Steen French 504-366-1768 985-969-4526 200 Opelousas Ave New Orleans Courtyard on the Ridge 407 Folse St. Harahan 504-737-6660 Dickie Brennan’s 605 Canal St. New Orleans Restaurant directory: 504-274-1958 Palace Café: 504-523-1661 Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse: 504-5222467 Bourbon House: 504-522-0111 Tableau: 504-934-3463 Dillard’s Bridal Registry 3301 Veterans Memorial Blvd #1 Metairie 504-833-1075 Dorignac’s Food Center 710 Veterans Memorial Blvd. Metairie 504-834-8216 DoubleTree by Hilton New Orleans 300 Canal St. New Orleans 504-212-3600 Eau Claire Photographics 141 Robert E Lee Blvd #331 New Orleans

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Emerald Grande 10 Harbor Blvd. Destin, FL 850-424-0622

Gem Printing Co. 1904 Veterans Blvd. Metairie 504-831-1762

English Turn Golf & Country Club One Clubhouse Drive New Orleans 504-392-2200 European Wax Center 701 Metairie Road Metairie 504-392-6652 Exquisite Events New Orleans 504-975-4089 Fabulous Flowers LLC. By Appointment New Orleans 504-909-0253 Fair Grounds Race Course 1751 Gentilly Blvd New Orleans 504-948-1285 Federal Ballroom New Orleans 147 Carondelet St. New Orleans 504-587-2088 First Class Presentation Catering P.O. Box 3773 New Orleans 504-872-9398 Four Points by Sheraton French Quarter 541 Bourbon St. New Orleans 504-524-6711 Funtastic Fotos, LLC P.O. Box 58418 New Orleans 504-466-9209 Gallery Two 831 Royal St. WINTER-SPRING 2018

Generations Hall 310 Andrew Higgins Dr. New Orleans 504-581-4367 Grow With Us Florist 106 Metairie Heights Ave. Metairie 504-837-9449 H2O Salon Northshore 3908 Hwy. 22 Mandeville 985-951-8166 Harvie Live Wedding Paintings 1204 S. White St. New Orleans 985-687-9106 Hampton Inn & Suites New Orleans Convention Center 1201 Convention Center Blvd. New Orleans 504-293-1200 Haydel’s Bakery 4037 Jefferson Hwy. Jefferson 504-837-0190 504-837-5512

1261 Esplanade Ave. New Orleans 504-948-4800 House of Blues 225 Decatur St. New Orleans 504-310-4990 House of Broel’s Victorian Mansion and Gardens 2220 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans 504-522-2220 504-494-2220 Hyatt Centric French Quarter 800 Iberville St. New Orleans 504-565-4537 Hyatt Regency New Orleans 601 Loyola Ave. New Orleans 504-561-1234 I Do Bridal Couture 4265 Perkins Road Baton Rouge 225-361-0377 Images By Robert T. 985-966-2793 Intercontinental New Orleans 444 St Charles Ave. New Orleans 504-525-5566

HD Photobooth Co. 225-366-7552

Iris Floral + Event Design Studio 5331-B Canal Blvd. New Orleans 504-304-4966

Heirloom Live Event Paintings 4401 Euphrosine New Orleans 504-812-1750

James & B Bridal Outlet Brooke Ory & Jamie Lombardino 1169-B Robert Blvd Slidell 985-302-0755

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Hotel Storyville

John’s Tuxedos |


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3200 Houma Blvd. Metairie 504-455-5353 Joe Gambino’s Bakeries 4821 Veterans Memorial Blvd. Metairie 504-885-7500 Kim Starr Wise Floral Events 437 Philip St. New Orleans 504-315-5607 fb: kimstarrwisefloralevents instagram: kimstarrwise Kiss and Makeup Beauty Services, LLC Danielle: 504-421-4477 Brittney: 504-417-6808 LA Studios 2808 Athania Pkwy Metairie 504-669-5711 Le Méridien 333 Poydras St. New Orleans 70130 504-525-9444 504-207-5173 Le Pavillion Hotel 833 Poydras St. New Orleans 504-620-4123 Leather and Feathers Wedding Films 404-862-9991 Le Jour Couture 3933 Magazine St. New Orleans 504-608-6277 1931 Kaliste Saloom Road Lafayette 337-806-9997 Limousine Livery 4333 Euphrosine St. New Orleans 504-561-8777 Loews New Orleans Hotel 300 Poydras St. New Orleans 504-595-5316

136 | Louisiana State Museum 751 Chartres St. New Orleans 504-568-6968 Lulu Allyn/Ladies and Gent’s Formal Wear 708 East I-10 Service Road Slidell 985-643-9449 Maison de Cheveux 201 St. Charles Ave. suite #127 New Orleans 504-908-4247 Maison Dupuy Hotel 1001 Rue Toulouse New Orleans 504-648-6114 Martin Wine Cellar 3827 Baronne St. New Orleans 714 Elmeer Ave Metairie La 504-896-7351 Marche 914 N. Peters New Orleans 504-586-2074 x 5027 Valerie Landry Mary Kay Cosmetics Gaynell Kennedy 3901 Williams Blvd., Ste. 28 Kenner 504-669-5880 Messina’s Catering and Events 2717 Williams Blvd. Kenner 504-469-7373 Messina’s at the Terminal 6001 Stars & Stripes Blvd. New Orleans 504-241-5300 Napoleon House 500 Chartres St., French Quarter 504-934-4704


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New Orleans Hotel Collection 1380 Port of New Orleans Place New Orleans 855-798-6642 NOPSI Hotel, New Orleans 317 Baronne St. New Orleans Pre Opening Executive Offices 935 Gravier St., Suite 120 New Orleans Colleen Page, Director of Catering New Orleans School of Cooking 524 St. Louis St. New Orleans 504-265-9070 NOLA Hotel Group 504-962-7220 Nola Live Painting Kristen Schenck 504-237-0890 Omni Royal Orleans Hotel 621 St. Louis St. New Orleans 504-529-7022 Omega Sound & Entertainment 985-503-3357 Orangetheory® Fitness 4141 Bienville St. New Orleans 5300 Tchopitoulas St., Suite A-1B 504-308-1232 New Orleans 954-607-7552 844-OTF-NOLA 504-408-2602 Pearl’s Place 3114 Severn Ave.

Ralph Brennan Catering & Events exclusive caterer for New Orleans Opera Guild Home 2504 Prytania St., Garden District 504-539-5510 Ralph’s on the Park 900 City Park Ave., Mid-CIty 504-488-5100 Refried Confuzion 504-249-8250 Renaissance Photo NOLA 504-228-7508 RenaissancePhotoNOLA7424 Rick King Photography 445 Laura Dr. North Mandeville 985-626-3614 Riverview Room 600 Decatur St. 4th Level Jackson Brewery Millhouse, New Orleans 504-208-2590 Rome’s Tuxedos 3213 17th St. Metairie 504-324-7227 Royal Event Rental 985-400-9416 110 Campbell Ave, Unit 1 Mandeville Royal Palm 1901 Manhattan Blvd. Building E Harvey 504-644-4100 Royal Sonesta New Orleans 300 Bourbon St. New Orleans 504-553-2205 |


advertising section RZ Productions 504-975-0817 Cinematic Wedding Films Scriptura 5423 Magazine St. New Orleans 504-897-1555 3301 Veterans Blvd. Metairie 504-219-1113 Sculpting Center of New Orleans 4500 Clearview Pkwy, Ste 202 Metairie 504-309-9456 Second Line Handkerchiefs 1960 Surgi Drive Mandeville 985-231-7789 Simplee Gourmet 1000 Girod St, B-5 New Orleans 504-962-9162 70567 Highway 21 Covington 985-892-8370 Sheraton New Orleans Hotel 500 Canal St. New Orleans 504-525-2500 Southern Swings Nail Bar + Spa 4422 Magazine St. 504-372-3485 St. James Cheese Company 5004 Prytania St. New Orleans 504-899-4737 641 Tchoupitoulas St. New Orleans 504-304-1485 Stacy Marks Photography 1025 N Hullen St. Metairie 504-237-2173 Steamboat NATCHEZ 600 Decatur St. Ste. 308 New Orleans 504-569-1431 Stella Plantation 4881 Highway 39

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Braithwaite 504-919-7474 Swiss Confectionery, Inc. 747 St. Charles Ave. 3700 Orleans Ave. New Orleans 504-522-7788 Tangipahoa Parish Convention & Vistors Bureau Right need door on I-55 800-542-7520 The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe 3331 Severn Ave. Metairie 504-266-2771 The Bridal Registry 5517 Edmondson Pike Nashville, TN 37211 615-832-2387 The Cocoa Bean Bakery & Café 910 E Morris Ave. Hammond 985-345-2002

3029 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans 504-895-9200 The Mercantile Hotel 727 S Peters St. New Orleans 504-558-1914 The Pearl Room 2310 Hickory Ave. Harhan 504-737-0604 The Red M Studio 504-450-0065 The Sweet Life Bakery 6268 Vicksburg St. New Orleans 504-371-5153 The Forum 3131 Veterans Memorial Blvd. Metairie 504-833-7666

The Cannery 3803 Toulouse St. New Orleans 504-486-8351

The Plant Gallery 9401 Airline Highway New Orleans 504-488-8887

The Chicory 610 S. Peters New Orleans 504-521-8055

The Westing New Orleans Canal Place 100 Rue Iberville New Orleans 504-566-7006

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Tim McAskill Cinematic Weddings 504-390-1002

The Crystal Vase Flowers & Gifts 504-888-8891 The Degas House 2306 Esplanade Ave. New Orleans 504-821-5009 The Elms Mansion WINTER-SPRING 2018

Tomas Bistro/Tommy’s Cuisine 755 Tchoupitoulas St. New Orleans 504-527-0942 Town & Country Bridal 1514 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans 504.523.7027 instagram: @townandcountrybridal

Facebook: Town & Country Bridal Blanc Bridal Couture Town & Country Travel Inc 110 Veterans Blvd. Suite 180A Metairie 504-838-8702 Tres Bien Photo and Video 504-534-8737 Tux Pick Up 800-605-1481 Tuxedos to Geaux 3400 16th St. Metairie 504-455-5393 Up’Sa Daisy Hair Salon 3363 Severn Ave. Metairie 504-888-8466 W Hotels of New Orleans 333 Poydras St. New Orleans 504-207-5173 Welch Photography & Video 1199 Girod St. Mandeville 985-845-8405 Western & Southern Life Insurance Company New Orleans Sales Office 1 Galleria Blvd Suite 1050 Metairie 504-737-8657 888-236-1206 White Hall Plantation 100 Central Ave. Jefferson 504-465-9770 Your Day Production Wedding Videographers 504-273-0005 New Orleans 985-227-4579 Houma/Thibodaux • |

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hone y m o o n

Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort

‘Lazymoons’ for Lovers Relaxing honeymoons for the laid back couple


loth, they say, is one of the seven deadly sins. But, right now, just weeks shy of your wedding day, after months of having your dance card filled to bursting with prewedding parties and pampering preparations, you dream of dilatory dilly-dallying. It isn’t as if your life wasn’t bustling enough before you got engaged. Then, you sped like a demon through long workdays, rushed to the gym, bulleted to social outings — and all the while stayed connected, thanks to technology. You thought that verve fueled you and your betrothed, too. You had envisioned a highenergy honeymoon — a bike ride

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through Europe or hiking with the gorillas in Africa. But truth be told, you’re all tuckered out. What appeals now is lassitude: long afternoons in a hammock, a butler to attend to your whims, Wi-Fi that doesn’t work. In praise of loafing and idle play, we’ve collected a breezy list of carefree getaways for overtired couples that crave a languid holiday. From snoozy trips to jaunts that require only a modicum of effort, we offer you places that propose repose. Snooze, Don’t Lose

Sleep-deprived brides and grooms get cantankerous. That’s no way to start a


honeymoon. Begin your trip to anywhere with an overnight stay at Ritz-Carlton Dallas (conveniently located near DFW, from which you can fly to most anywhere). There, indulge in the hotel’s cosseting Good Night’s Suite package, designed to promote serious shut eye — just what you need after that whirligig of a successful wedding. Under direction of a sleep therapist, couples begin with an aromatherapy bath and herbal tea. A peaceful body massage, followed by coached meditation leads to blissful power naps, snuggled in warm duvets. The next

morning, you’ll be ready to take on the world. ritzcarlton. com/en/hotels/dallas Soak and Wallow

Submerge your cares away at Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains near Telluride. With cabins and teepees, this swanky resort redefines “glamping,” occupying the old bones of an abandoned 19th-century mining town. Spread across 1,600-plus private acres of wilderness area, the resort offers plenty to do, but those disinclined to exertion will want to bathe the days away immersed in

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any of five (sulphur free) mineral hot springs — each containing a trace of naturally-occurring, relaxation-assuring, lithium. Opt for Well House, an exquisite cabin, which pipes the healing water directly into its deep soaking tub. You may never leave the premises. duntonhotsprings. com Be Swayed

At The Cove, on the Bahamian isle of Eleuthera, just a swift 45-minute fight from southern Florida, stressed honeymooners can take their anxiety down a few notches when they partake of the resort’s latest culinary experience, “Hammock Happy Hour.” Across forty tropical acres, abundant hand-woven hammocks hang between trees, ensuring newlyweds occasionally stop to ponder the clouds above. Choose a swinging bed and prepare to be served from an array of specialty cocktails and light bites. An Eden of blue water vistas and fragrant gardens serve as backdrop to the sun’s colorful drop into the sea at dusk, and a staffdelivered “happy hour kit” gives guests info on the art of decompressing in a hammock. Spa Slumber

Amid the glories of the Ozark Mountains in Missouri, Big Cedar Lodge promises active travelers a world of diversions. But just-marrieds in need of quietude can check into the award-winning wilderness resort’s opulent Spa Cottage to ensure a less vigorous honeymoon experience. Connected by a bridge to the 18,000-square-foot spa, crowning a babbling brook, the well-appointed suite evokes the spirit of a tree house. Indulge in a treatment (or ten), then stroll a few steps over the bridge to literally sleep in the spa.

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Once rested, the couple can attempt to paddle a canoe around Table Rock Lake, picnic in tow. Fireside Ease

You won’t have to fan the flames at Carneros Resort and Spa, where a butler keeps your fire pit burning and your outdoor bathtub for two warm and suffused in bubbles in the signature Harvest Cottages and suites. One of California wine country’s most stunning and cosseting sanctuaries, Carneros comprises a coterie of cozily chic cottages, ideal for napping after wine tasting. Uniquely located at the verge of both Sonoma and Napa, the resort sits a few minutes from both Sonoma’s famous main plaza and Napa (town) proper. That means you can explore two wine areas without much effort at all. Set amongst vineyards, the resort also has more than 10 vineyards that lie just steps away. Tuk-tuk Treat

Sri Lanka’s a long way to travel to relax. But, your knocked-out villa that hovers on a ridge above the Indian Ocean at Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort makes the trip worth your while. On a less trammeled corner of the island nation, wedged between a sugary beach and a coconut plantation, this highly-touted, luxury hotel relishes its goal to be a gateway to tranquility. While exploring Sri Lanka’s elephant reserves, surf-worthy waves, Buddhist temples and buzzing towns shouldn’t be missed, spend a few days in princely indolence being catered to by your thoughtful villa host, who will bring you libations to sip by your private pool, unpack your suitcases and chauffeur you by tuk-tuk throughout the sprawling grounds. tangalle.anantara. com b |


hone y m o o n

Easy Escape

A pre-wedding getaway in Destin will help you relax and reconnect By Kelly Massicot


oneymoons are like the prize at the end of a race. A couple spends months, maybe years, planning a beautiful, big white wedding, which culminates with a trip to whichever magical place they can dream up. It’s at once a

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reward for the work that went into planning the wedding and a gift they get to appreciate as newlyweds. But why should a couple wait till the end of the wedding to relax and reconnect? Instead of delaying the fun and romance, take a second to spend


time together in the midst of the craziness of planning and pick a pre-wedding getaway. A four- and- a- half- hour drive or three- hour- and- 20- minute flight, The Henderson Hotel and Resort in Destin, Florida is an easy escape for a pre-wedding

couple’s retreat. The Hotel

The Henderson is a quintessential beach resort, just minutes from the airport. Located mere steps from the sandy white beaches of Destin, where guests

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get access to the hotel’s private beach, The Henderson has all of the feeling of being waterfront, with modern amenities, plush interiors and an in-suite bathtub that may convince some to never leave the room. The hotel has eight suites and 170 rooms, each with a patio or balcony, and if you’re situated just right, your room could be the perfect spot to watch the sun rise or set over the beach or the Henderson Beach Reserve located next to the hotel. Sixteen of the rooms are spa rooms, with access to a private elevator that delivers guests directly to the spa. Relaxation

The Salamander Spa houses 11 private treatment rooms, men’s and women’s locker rooms, a whirlpool tub to relax in after a treatment, a full service salon and a couple’s suite. Relax and recoup from the stress of planning with a copious treatment options — from facials and deep tissue massages to hair, skin and nail treatments. In addition to the couple’s massage, the Henderson Dream offers a complete experience with salt scrub, hot stones, aromatherapy oils and a foot massage while snug in a warm cocoon wrap. Get Active

Before you hit the spa, soak up some rays and try one, or more, of the many activities The Henderson offers. Pick up a Henderson bike and coast around the city, one complimentary bike rental per room per day, or rent a few chairs and an umbrella and bask in the sun while sipping on a cocktail. Are you looking for something more strenuous? The Henderson offers paddleboard and kayak

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rentals for guests, included in a daily resort fee. Guests can learn how to paddleboard, while potentially taking a few, fun-filled falls into the Gulf, or show their skills paddling out into the ocean with gorgeous views up and down the Emerald Coast. Any avid hikers can take a walk through the Henderson Beach State Park or picnic in one of their pavilions. In addition to these outdoor activities, the hotel offers access to an adult-only pool that has cabana rentals and a fitness center. The Henderson also offers guests transportation to nearby events and happenings in and around the Destin area. Nourishment

Guests can paddle back to shore, or float away from the spa and enjoy one of five dining options The Henderson offers. Primrose is the hotel’s signature restaurant and offers a tasty variety of fare from savory steaks or fresh, local seafood. The highlight of the Primrose is the delicious sushi, which offers mouthwatering flavors and seafood so fresh you’ll have to make sure you aren’t dreaming. Horizons has more of a nightlife feel, with expertly-made cocktails and light bites. You can end the night with a blast from the past at Sprinkles. This retro, 1950s-inspired malt shop is sure to fill your sweet tooth with malts, root beer floats, ice cream and candy. From the cozy rooms, luxurious spa treatments, countless activities and multiple dining options, you’ll never have to leave the hotel. Take the time to reconnect before the Big Day by soaking up the sun or sinking into a massage at The Henderson. You’ll be so relaxed you’re sure to glow as you say “I Do.” b

c he c k l i s t

Check It Twice There’s a lot that goes into wedding planning, so don’t feel bad if you’re having a hard time keeping track of it all. Use our handy checklist to stay organized illustration by Shaina Anderson

10-12 Months To Go __ You’re engaged! Make sure you celebrate with your fiancé, friends and family. __ Nail down the basics. Where are you getting married? Who’s paying for what? What is your budget? How many guests will be there? __ Alert the wedding party. Decide who you want in your wedding party and ask them as soon as you can. __ Pick the date. Check with your family members and wedding party before you make a final decision so there are no huge time conflicts.

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__ Find a wedding planner. If you’re planning on using a wedding planner, find one in the early stages. He or she will make all the craziness more manageable. __ Book your ceremony and reception location. Where you get married will affect a lot of your planning decisions, so reserving a place should be at the top of your to-do list. __ Insure your ring. Your engagement ring is special, but it’s also expensive. Make sure you get it insured, just in case. __ Book officiant. Make sure your preferred officiant has your wedding date on the calendar.


__ Write thank you notes for engagement gifts. You will most likely receive a few gifts right after your engagement. Send a thank you note for each gift within three months of receiving it. __ Take engagement photos. Book a session with a professional photographer so you have a few nice photos of you and your fiancé for save-the-dates, newspaper announcements and more. Some photographers will include an engagement shoot with a wedding package. __ Pick your colors. Think about your wedding colors and the overall look of your day. Are you going for a classic look or trendy? Vintage

or glamorous? Your color scheme will guide you through other big decisions, such as the bridesmaid dresses and the groomsmen’s ties.

bands is usually less stressful than shopping for an engagement ring, but carve out a time when you and your fiancé can go look together.

6-9 Months To Go

__ Finalize the rehearsal dinner. Once you’ve decided on the location, book your rehearsal dinner.

__ Interview and select vendors. Make sure you book the “big ticket” items, such as the photographer, the caterer, the florist and the entertainment, early. __ Send out save-the-dates. The typical rule on sending save-the-dates is six months before your wedding, but send them earlier if you’re inviting a lot of out-of-town guests so they can book flights. __ Go dress shopping. You need an appointment at most wedding boutiques, so call a few of your favorite stores to set up a time. __ Register. Register at two or three stores. Choose items at a variety of prices so everyone can find something they can afford. Add more gifts than you think you need so your friends and family have some options. __ Think about the rehearsal dinner. It’s customary that the groom’s parents host the rehearsal dinner. Talk to your future in-laws about possibilities. __ Schedule transportation. Book a limo, trolley or another form of transportation to shuttle your wedding party from the hotel to your ceremony location. Decide whether you need transportation for your guests to get from the reception to the hotel at the end of the reception. __ Plan your honeymoon. If you’re going out of the country for your trip, make sure you and your fiancé have up-to-date passports. __ Figure out your rentals. Rentals depend on the location of your wedding, but if you’re responsible for common rental items such as chairs and plates, make a list of everything you need and where you’re going to find each item. __ Book a block of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests. If you’re not familiar with the hotel, ask a hotel representative to show you a room and don’t forget to inquire about a group rate. __ Order bridesmaid dresses. If your bridesmaids live far away, give them plenty of time to buy their dresses and get them fitted.

4-5 Months To Go __ Buy wedding bands. Shopping for wedding

__ Reserve a wedding night hotel room. Where are you staying for the wedding night? If you’re not leaving for your honeymoon immediately after the reception, decide where you want to stay for the night. __ Get your dress fitted. Your wedding dress is one of the most important dresses you will wear in your life, so it should fit impeccably. Many brides plan up to three fittings. __ Decide on attire for the groom and groomsmen. Talk to your fiancé about what he wants to wear and what will match your overall color scheme. Keep the time of day in mind when researching options. __ Check in with your vendors. Make final decisions with your vendors and update them on new wedding information, such as when they should arrive. __ Order your wedding cake. Taste a few cakes before you decide on your final choice. Talk to your fiancé about a groom’s cake if he wants one.

2-3 Months To Go __ Mail out the invitations. Double check with the post office that you have enough postage. Many wedding invitations require more than one stamp. __ Solidify the catering menu. Whether you’re doing heavy hors d’oeuvres or a sit-down meal, verify the final menu. __ Schedule your hair and makeup team. Find a good hair stylist and makeup artist to help you and your bridesmaids get ready for the day.

One Month Before __ Send your wedding party an itinerary. Make sure your family and friends know where and when to be for the wedding day so everyone shows up at the right place at the right time. __ Enjoy a facial. Everyone reacts differently to facials. If you’re planning on getting one, schedule it a few days before your wedding, or do a trial run months before.

__ Get your marriage license. Head to the Orleans Parish Marriage License Office in Benson Tower (1450 Poydras St., Suite 407) for your marriage certificate. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:15 a.m. until 3:15 p.m. Visit for requirements. __ Set up your second line. If you’re planning to second line at your wedding, you’re going to need a permit. Call the New Orleans Police Department Special Events Section at 658-7100 to schedule everything 15 to 20 days before your wedding day. You can also email questions to __ Practice your hair and makeup. It’s best to practice with your hair stylist and makeup artists ahead of time so there are no surprises on the big day. Plan your trial run for a day you want good hair, such as your bridal shower or bachelorette party. __ Finalize the guest list. Send a final headcount to your caterer and any other vendor who needs the number.

One Week Before __ Double check with your vendors. Touch base with everyone one more time to remind them where to go and to answer any last-minute questions they might have. __ Remind friends and family of their responsibilities. Assign duties to your wedding party or other loved ones. Who is the contact for the photographer? Who is making sure all guests get a favor? __ Get a manicure and pedicure. This can be a great bonding experience with your bridesmaids, mom and future mother-in-law. __ Put together a welcome package. If you have a lot of guests traveling for your wedding, ask the hotel if you can put a welcome basket or bag in their hotel room for when they arrive.

The Wedding Day __ Find a way to relax. Whether you go for a run or read a book in the morning, find a way to keep stress to a minimum. __ Make sure you eat something. Brides always say, “I never had time to eat anything!” Give yourself some time during the reception to have a bite. __ Have fun! You’ve made it through all the planning, now it’s time to celebrate. Enjoy your first day as a married woman. b |


La g ni a ppe

Wrapped A showstopping stole sure to become an instant heirloom by Melanie Warner Spencer Winter and spring weddings mean planning for chilly temperatures. Take it all in stride and with style by investing in a downy, showstopping stole. Soft and chic with vintage flair, this feather stole, available by order at Le Jour Couture (, will turn heads during your grand entrance and provide for a glammed-out getaway. Wear it for years to come as a reminder of your Big Day.

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