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Digital Matters What to do about technology and social media on your Big Day

High tech treatments for a flawless, fabulous face

Three divine cakes with style and major flavor

Last Minute Fixes

cui s i ne & cocktai ls 102

Troubleshooting products to get your skin ready for its close-up

f eature 56

Light My Fire Plan the perfect prelude to your wedding with an elegant, romantic engagement party

Skincare 101 Get back to basics with a regimenthat will serve you up to, and beyond, the Big Day

real weddings 123

Anglophiles in the Isles

Skincare that plumps, covers,

Discovering the mystery, beauty and romance of the United Kingdom beyond London

protects, nourishes and soothes makeup 36

London Calling

Stay on point with runway makeup that has timeless appeal

checkl ist 148

Check It Twice

Model Angelle Folse is wearing ‘Ingrid’ silk charmeuse gown by Brooklyn-Based designer Rebecca Schoneveld sold exclusively at Wedding Belles and jewelry from M.S. Rau Antiques. Photo by Theresa Cassagne, Hair by Niki Walker, Makeup by Meggan Ory

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Makeup Magic The season’s hottest makeup for you and your maids

61 FASHION B RI D A L / bri desmai ds M E N S W E A R/ F L O W E RS 6 2

Romance on Royal

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Choosing the best wedding ‘do for hair any length

lagni appe 152

Mane Attraction Must-haves for healthy, happy hair on your wedding day

jewelr y 8 2

Tie One On

Consider bow ties with NOLA ties for your beau

hair 40

The Long and Short of It

g if ts 44

Stay Golden Add a glimmer of gold and a whisper of whimsy for magical wedding gifts, sure to please in vitat ions 48

Botanical Bounty Plant the seeds for a fabulous wedding fête with pretty papers

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If variety is the spice of life, small plates are the way to go

Marriage and Mimosas The growing popularity of brunch weddings

Classic libations to start the celebration

Combine the city’s rich history, unique Creole culture and jazz traditions, add an architectural gem like Latrobe’s on Royal, then mix in dazzling diamonds and fresh frocks to create an unforgettable celebration.

Use our handy checklist to stay organized

Small Packages

Make It A Double

One-Two Punch

hone ymoon 142

A New Orleanian’s guide to a fun and fabulous honeymoon across the pond

Connect the Dots

Tech-Savvy Skin

adv ice 22

Sparkle and Shine Feast your eyes (and ears and arms) on diamonds for days, sapphires with shimmer and emeralds that will make you green with envy


Down in the Treme The Monastery brings a modern, gothic style to New Orleans weddings

Modern Love Nine chic, contemporary spaces for a New Orleans wedding that wows P H O T O G RA P H Y 1 1 4

Photographic Memory Expert advice on getting wedding photos that last a lifetime M US I C 1 1 8

Musical Composition Planning the perfect soundtrack for your Big Day T RA N S P O RT A T I O N 1 20

Fantastic Voyage

Transportation basics to get you (and your guests) to the church on time

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Editor ’s n ote b ook

P.S. Visit Let Them Eat Cake (, the official blog of New Orleans Bride Magazine for more tips and trends, trunk shows and other events, plus advice, ideas, inspiration and interviews. It’s all of the bridal buzz you can use, five days a week.

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New Orleans-based Oxalis Apothecary crafts handmade, organic, plant based facial and body products that are vegan friendly and free of parabens, phthalate, dyes, artificial preservatives and synthetic fragrances and fillers. Heady botanical scents mingle with luxurious hydrators for products that soothe, refresh and soften skin. The Jasmine + Coconut Mineral Mist is a must this summer and year round.


— Melanie Warner Spencer, Editor



ne of the many reasons New Orleans is among the most popular places in the country to get married is its wealth of locations to fit every couple’s personality. From the romance of centuries old buildings with exposed brick and gas lanterns to dazzling modern and contemporary spaces, there is a fit for everyone’s needs and tastes. In this issue, we are celebrating both the old and the new. Are you planning an engagement party? The Bevelo Gas & Electric Lights Museum in the French Quarter is the setting of “Light My Fire,” (page 56) in which we celebrate an engagement under the flicker and shimmer of hand forged gas lamps. Can you say instant atmosphere? In the 20-page fashion spread “Romance on Royal,” (page 62), our bride and groom celebrate in Old World grandeur at Latrobe’s on Royal. Glittering gowns set against the backdrop of weathered wood and peeling paint create a striking juxtaposition. Modern couples do not despair. Our Locations section offers up 10 sleek and stylish spaces with big city flair, including one of the newest venues in New Orleans, The Monastery, in “Down in the Treme” (page 108). Another reason a Crescent City wedding is like no other is, of course, the food and drinks. In the Cuisine & Cocktails section, we have the tasty scoop on small plate and brunch-style receptions, as well as everything you need to know about serving classic cocktails at your wedding. If you are planning your honeymoon, be sure to check out “Anglophiles in the Isles” (page 142) and “London Calling,” (page 146). The new British Airways’ nonstop service to London is a game changer for those hoping to hop across the pond for a getaway steeped in history, lore and, of course, romance. I hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed creating it and that it helps inspire you to create the Big Day of your dreams. Let’s plan a wedding!

Gifting your bridal party is a time honored tradition and offering welcome baskets to out of town guests at the hotel is fast becoming a new tradition. Keep it simple with baskets from The Basketry. Visit the Luling retail location or shop online for sweet baskets sure to delight. We love the “A Wish for You,” option with bracelet, pouch, New Orleans’ Native Nail Polish, Voluspa candle and Le Grand Courtage Champagne. Cheers! |



Digital Matters

What to do about technology and social media on your Big Day by Dee Lane

Q: I’ve been to a few weddings this year and it kills me to see everyone watching the ceremony through their phones and tablets. Is there any way I can keep my guests from taking pictures and video while I’m getting married? The more connected we get through social media outlets, the more disconnected we can seem in the moment. We may have gotten used to watching people perceiving their world through the lens of a device, but there are certain moments (a concert, for instance) where that distance really stands out. This is especially true during a wedding ceremony, when the focus your guests lend is truly part of the ritual. This is your wedding, of course you can ask for your guests to put away their phones. However, there are a few ways to ask that may have a more encompassing reaction, and even then, they may not abide by your wishes. If they don’t, don’t let it bother you — it just means that they’re caught up in the moment. In fact, most likely you won’t notice because

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your eyes probably won’t stray from your soon-to-be spouse’s the entire time. For an unplugged ceremony, you can ask your officiant to make an announcement as you begin that the couple has asked that no pictures or video be taken during the ceremony. That way your guests have the opportunity to take a couple photos of your processional, but can put their phones away and enjoy your ceremony. Another option is to print a small card that says something to the effect of: We invite you to be present with us; please put away your phones and cameras during our ceremony. You can place those cards on each seat or have them handed out to guests as they arrive. You also can have a short sentence printed in your program, or on a sign placed in a clearly visible spot.

Q: I want to see the photos and video that my guests take of my wedding. Is there a way to encourage that, and while I’m at it, cultivate some fun


shots? If you’re looking to have your #bestdayever, here are five suggestions to get your creative juices flowing. (Don’t forget to collect all the fabulous photos and videos after!) 1. Hire a photo booth and/or flipbook: Complete with backgrounds and props, vendors who offer these services are typically well-versed in getting everyone’s good sides; they offer ways your guests can share the experience instantly though sites like Facebook and Twitter — and they also provide take-home mementos of the experience. 2. Create a selfie area: From a fabulous wall to life-sized cutouts of the bride and groom, provide something fun for selfies along with a couple selfie sticks or a phone stand and don’t forget a reminder of your hashtag. 3. Print and place social media reminders: From your program to signage and cards to embroidery on your husband’s suit cuff, choose a hashtag for your wedding (there are plenty of websites and articles that offer advice on how to do so) — and maybe even a Snapchat geofilter — and place a few reminders around your space. Word of mouth will spread as posts add up! 4. Provide charging stations: Depending on the size of your reception space, consider setting up a couple tables complete with surge protectors and chargers of every shape and size. 5. Hire a live-tweeter: Get a pro to post photos to Instagram, live-tweet your ceremony, send Snapchat messages and even stream your first dance on Periscope. (Or you could hire a social -savvy friend or family member.) b Brant Smith Photography |


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b eauty

Tech-Savvy Skin High-tech treatments for a flawless, fabulous face By Mirella Cameran


ven with diligence and the highest quality products, there are still limits to what can be achieved when it comes to skincare. However, technology seems to make leaps and bounds every few months. Here is our round up of some of the best and latest technology at your disposal.

Healthy Glow Microdermabrasion and chemical peels are the two most popular treatments for brides. The reason is simple

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— they instantly brighten and smooth your skin, creating a smoother texture and even color tone. Microdermabrasion is a physical exfoliation and is often combined with dermaplaning, which removes fuzzy facial hair as well as dead skin cells. Applying a chemical peel after microdermabrasion allows the peel to infuse more effectively into the skin. Different peels address different concerns such as helping to clear acne, hyperpigmentation or fine lines. There is even a hand


peel to reduce pigment and retexturize the skin and a body peel to exfoliate and hydrate. Whichever one you choose, skin appears clearer and more radiant.

Clearer Skin When topical treatments are not achieving the results you are looking for, it might be time to consider a laser, and there are many from which to choose. Fractional laser technology addresses skin texture, firmness, elasticity and pore size appearance. Intense Pulse Light lasers most

commonly address skin tone, brown and red discoloration, sunspots and facial veins. One of the most popular choices for brides is the Clear + Brilliant. After less than 30 minutes, skin is brighter, clearer and more even. It is also the perfect procedure to build into the pre-wedding skincare routine as the best results are seen after a course of treatments.

Fuller Lips “Kissable” lips are on every bride’s wish list but ending up with a “trout pout”

would be a disaster. Dr. Sophia Mai of Khoobehi & Associates advises, “Lip fillers have had a bad [reputation] in the media because oftentimes it is overdone or done incorrectly, creating unnaturally large or ‘ducky’ lips. I love showing patients that a well-done lip can actually look very natural and enhance instead of distracting.” Lip filler injections are accomplished by injecting synthetic hyaluronic acid, a gel-like substance of crosslinked sugar molecules naturally found in our skin. It can do a variety of things when used in the lips: plump, hydrate, or improve symmetry. Best of all, it is instant and immediately gratifying. Dr. Deirdre Hooper of Audubon Dermatology tells us about her approach, “I use Volbella, a filler, it is an absolutely beautiful way to subtly define and enhance the lips. The cannula technique I like minimizes the needle sticks and it only takes 5 to 10 minutes. The effects are immediate and last a year. “I frequently combine Volbella and ‘baby Botox’ in my younger patients to erase those first fine lines that show sun damage in the forehead or around the eyes. Starting Botox or other neuromodulators early, just as fine lines begin, is ideal so that you never develop wrinkles at rest. Low doses won’t freeze the tissue, they allow relaxation.”

Slimmer Silhouette CoolSculpting is a fat-freezing procedure first approved by the FDA in 2010. It is now the No. 1 non-invasive fat

reduction method in the world with over 4 million procedures a year. Rounded paddles suction skin like a vacuum and cooling panels crystallize fat cells to cause “cell death,” eliminating the fat cells for good. “For brides looking to eviscerate love handles, muffin tops and bra bulge this is an ideal procedure,” says Dr. Lisa Donofrio of Etre Dermatology & Laser Center. “Patients can see up to 25 percent fat reduction in a treatment area which can translate into dropping a dress size or two. For brides, it can help create the silhouette they are looking for.” Hooper recommends that patients have a consultation six to nine months before their wedding so they can plan out the optimal number of treatments. Hooper often combines CoolSculpting with skin tightening procedures like Exilis to further perfect the results. ThermiSmooth Body is a cellulite busting procedure offered at Khoobehi & Associates. Using an external applicator to apply radio frequency to the skin, it heats the skin to an ideal temperature to stimulate collagen and elastin. This causes the skin to tighten, creating a smoother, firmer look. Often used to rejuvenate skin under the eyes, around the mouth, forehead, eyelids and neck, it can also be used on legs and thighs to reduce the dimply look of cellulite. If you are considering a procedure, take photos of your trouble spot from different angles and discuss it with well-researched dermatologists and plastic surgeons. b |



b eauty

Last Minute Fixes

Troubleshooting products to get your skin ready for its close-up By Mirella Cameran

Do you have a sore spot? Don’t ignore it, invest in Renee Rouleau Anti Cyst Treatment. Dot this powerhouse of lactic and citric acid gel on the area and instead of popping, it will disappear. Did you wake up to a painful pimple? Don’t sweat it, eliminate it in four hours with Sarah Chapman Skinesis Spot Stickers. The combination of salicylic acid, brightening vitamin C, grapeseed extract and soy will zap that zit.

Are you seeing self-tan streaks? Use Murad Rapid Resurfacing Peel. Its glycolic acid dissolves patches on knees, elbows, ankles and any other trouble spots.

Are your pores looking large? Reach for Boscia Charcoal Pore Pudding Intensive Wash-Off Treatment and let the charcoal and kaolin clay pull all the dirt out and minimize pores to give a post-facial smoothness and glow.

Is your skin red and irritated by too many products, harsh weather or a new beauty purchase? Stay calm and soothe skin with Dr. Gross’s Hyaluronic Marine Hydrating Modeling Mask. This humectant-heavy mask returns skin to its optimal level of hydration in minutes and calms any flare-ups.

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Didn’t catch enough Zs? Fake eight hours of beauty sleep with Patchology Flashpatch Eye Gels. These hard-working gel patches are soaked in caffeine, plumping hyaluronic acid and amino acids to de-puff and de-wrinkle the eye area so you look refreshed and glowing. |



b eauty

Skincare 101

Get back to basics with a regimen that will serve you up to and beyond the Big Day By Mirella Cameran


ith so many procedures and creams packed with super active ingredients, it’s easy to overdo it and end up with dry, red, flaky, stressed out skin. It’s also easy to forget the very fundamentals of skincare. That’s why we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to keep your skin at its healthiest and most beautiful on your Big Day and beyond.

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Cleansing If you’ve been wearing a lot of makeup or your skin looks dull, try “double cleansing.” Soak a hand towel in warm water and press onto your face to open up the pores. Wash your face with a mild cleanser and then close the pores with a towel that is icy cold. Take just a few extra minutes to incorporate a micro massage. Use your index and middle fingers to


lightly massage all around the face right up to the hairline and the neck. Use gentle tapping motions to finish. This encourages blood and oxygen to flow so that products are absorbed more effectively. Remember always use upward motions to fight gravity. Most pros recommend using a Clarisonic cleansing brush, as it’s hard to mimic the cleaning action of this electric brush with your

hand. Experts recommend alternating the different cleansers. “I recommend glycolic acid cleansers for the morning,” says Dr. Sarah Jackson of Audubon Dermatology. “Glycolic is the smallest molecule in the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) family and penetrates the skin more easily to dissolve dry, dead skin cells. It naturally exfoliates without stripping the skin. “Salicylic acid cleansers are

fantastic for night because salicylic is a keratolytic, which loosens keratin by sloughing off dead skin cells, decongesting the pores and prevent blackheads. It also decreases inflammation and helps prevents breakouts. For anyone living in the humid South, incorporating this form of cleanser is a good idea to keep skin clear. Oilier skin types might use it every night and drier skin just once or twice a week. “I also advise all patients to incorporate an enzyme cleanser as they offer very gentle exfoliation and can calm inflammation. They break down the protein naturally to reveal smoother skin, they also smell wonderful.” Sometimes cleansers, and even tap water, can strip the skin too much and so it becomes oilier as it tries to restore its natural balance. Toners can help restore the skin’s natural pH balance while keeping dirt and pollution out.

Serums and Moisturizers The next step is to apply products that provide your skin with the specific benefits it needs, such as a vitamin C serum to protect against environmental damage. Pump a dime-sized amount onto your fingertips and pat it all over your face quickly before it absorbs into your hands. Wait 30 seconds before applying your moisturizer. Keep moisturizer simple, its key function is hydration.

Show Some Eye Love Skin around the eyes is thinner so invest in a cream specially formulated for that

area. Use a delicate touch and be careful not to tug or pull the skin. If skin feels dehydrated during the day, spritz a face mist to keep skin dewy.

Make the Most of Beauty Sleep Never skip cleansing at night. All products work more effectively when skin is in its natural renewal process.

Mask Magic and Facials If you are looking to tackle problem areas such as hydration, brightening, pigmentation or oiliness, day or nighttime masks can be effective, but give your skin a break between uses. Facials are also a treat for the skin. About Face of New Orleans offers the “Four layer facial” which leaves skin hydrated and glowing. Aesthetic Surgical Associates has the Hydra Facial MD which, in addition to cleansing, replenishes the skin with vital nutrients.

Remember the Golden Rules Never use a tanning bed. The UV rays will cause photo damage to your skin as well as sunspots. Selftanners have come a long way, they are easier and less messy to apply and there are even ones that can be applied in the shower.

Self-Care is Key Finally, the fundamentals of healthy living also apply to the skin. Reducing sugar, incorporating good fats, drinking water, exercising and getting at least eight hours of sleep will do more for you than any product. b |



b eauty

One-Two Punch

Sincare that plumps, covers, protects, nourishes and soothes By Mirella Cameran

Drunk Elephant T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum We know that beauty sleep is a real thing and products works better at night when our bodies are repairing and healing our skin. Maximize the benefit with an overnight treatment and dull skin will be just a bad dream.

eltaMD UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF46 Moisturizer Good sun protection is key to healthy skin and thankfully gone are the days where we had to use poreclogging creams. This moisturizer is lightweight to the touch but it multitasks providing moisture from hyaluronic acid, exfoliation and shine reduction from lactic acid. The fact that it also provides UVA and UVB protection seems like lagniappe.

Laura Geller Spackle Under Make-up Primer Light and silky to the touch, this primer glides over any imperfections, creating a smooth, flawless canvas.

Boo-Boo Cover up A secret among beauty pros, this brand only sells concealers and they cover up anything on your body and face. The aloe vera, vitamin E, chamomile, green tea and tea tree oil also work to soothe and repair imperfections. Skyn Iceland Plumping Lip Gels The Icelandic glacial mineral water mixed with circulation boosting mustardseed extract plumps lips on contact. After 10 minutes lips are noticeably fuller without tightness.

34 |


Laneige Water Sleeping Mask This Korean hit with a relaxing, soon-to -be trademarked “sleepscent� mask locks in moisture so effectively, a morning glow is guaranteed.

CND SolarOil & CND Stickey Nails can be stressed out too. Not taking a break between manicures and using too much acetone polish remover can leave nails split and brittle. Use this oil to nourish and condition, then the base coat to lock polish onto your nails and protect them against peeling. |




Now Trending

Stay on point with runway makeup that carries timeless appeal By Mirella Cameran


ew makeup looks on the runways and red carpet are exciting and enticing. With the right execution, it’s possible to incorporate these trends and still look timeless. “Focus on one thing,” says Tacey Baxter, makeup artist at Maison de Cheveux. “If you want to try a smoky eye, pair it with a natural lip. Don’t be heavyhanded, an overdone look always appears dated.”

Shimmering Eyes Bedazzled eyes have been

36 |

rocking the runways at all the major shows, but get it wrong and you’ll look like a holdover from Studio 54. Lindsey Benoit, owner and makeup artist at About Face of New Orleans suggests neutral sparkle-packed shadows. Cream eye shadow also makes it easy for pros and novices to create a pretty color with intense shine without looking gaudy. For a sparklier effect, use the cream shadow as a base, let it set then swoop some superfine shimmer on top. If you want to go all the way,


dab some cream shadow in the corner of the eyelid and dab on some cosmetic glitter so eyes will literally twinkle. Look for eye shadow from brands like Stila and L’Oreal that include matte, satin, sheer sparkle and shimmer formats in one set.

Eye Stencils A daring trend recently invented for Karl Lagerfeld’s fashion show for Chanel involved placing a strip of fishnet material over the eyelid and sweeping powder shadow on top to create the effect of an “eye stencil.”

Dark colors were used close to the lashes and light ones nearer the brow. For a more bridal look, experiment with the technique in soft golds and silvers.

Pink Eyes We’ve seen this look on the red carpet but is it really a look fit for a bride? Makeup pros say it can work if you smudge a subtle pink above the lash lines to create a hint of color. Alternatively, mix it with bronzes and gold for a more glowing effect. To balance the look, match your lips with a dusty pink

or nude lip.

Blue Bayou Blues are making a comeback, but this time with more finesse. Try swiping a grey-blue or indigo along your lashes and combine with a darker grey in the crease. Finish the look with navy mascara, it’s a softer option than black and brings out the natural eye colors.

Berry Lips Dark and sultry are in and can make a bold, beautiful statement on a bride. For maximum impact, A-listers are lining lips with a raspberry or red currant hue and the lip with a darker red, like cherry. Never forget to blot, so the color doesn’t bleed, and dab concealer around the edges of the lips to ensure long-lasting definition. For more drama, couple with lightcolored eye shadow and strong, dark eyeliner and mascara.

Nailed It Nail fashion has been going in all different directions, from barely there to vampy reds and full on golden talons. Essie’s nail polish in Ballet Slippers is still the natural-but-better polish that can’t be beaten, it makes all nails and hands look longer, stronger and prettier. For a taupe take on natural, celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann’s Fashion takes the top slot, and it also has a rich, creamy finish. Add local color with New Orleans’ Native

Polish. Every polish has a name straight out of the Crescent City. Chanel Le Vernis sits between a purple and a red and also suits every skin tone. For the golden look, Beyoncé uses two coats of OPI’s Glitzerland which can also look pretty with bridal whites and cream.

Naturally Barely there makeup is huge right now and you have to spend as much time prepping the skin as applying makeup. First use a primer with an illuminator to create an inner glow. Next buff a liquid semi-matte foundation into the skin and add powder highlighter, (it reflects best) to the high points of your face: the bridge of your nose, cheekbones and forehead. Benoit says, “The next step is to add bronzer on the cheeks and eyes to create a sun-kissed look with a sheen, it’s a way to create that dewy skin that is popular right now. Peaches and pinks are also fashionable and they flatter every skin tone.” Look for a color slightly darker than your own to create definition and volume, otherwise lips can disappear into the face. Line only the Cupid’s bow and apply a rich, hydrating matte finish lipstick. Finish the look with a pretty gloss in a slightly lighter shade. Trying trends is fun, but the trick is finding one that suits you and you never know, you might just keep it for the rest of your life. b |




Makeup Magic

The season’s hottest makeup for you and your maids By Mirella Cameran

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick - the Eternal Love Set includes Beso, a universally flattering red.

The Ordinary - is a new range of budget-friendly foundations which will be available in 21 shades, it has not launched yet but with 25,000 people on its website waitlist it might be time to sign up.

Givenchy Mister Intense Black Mascara Top Coat - after two coats of your trusted mascara, let it dry then swoop on this highintensity formula for a patent leather-like finish.

Pur Cosmetics Fully Charged Magnetic Mascara - the polymers in this formula carry positive charges which hold on to your negativelycharged lashes, clump free.

The Ink Gel Eyeliner - is just one in the new Pretty Vulgar line of cosmetics which has just launched at Sephora. A long wearing, transfer-proof, highly pigmented gel, it is also enriched with vitamin C and is paraben-, sulfate-, cruelty-free and vegan.

Nails Inc. monogrammed nail polish - at just $20 it makes a sweet little personalized thank you for bridesmaids.

38 |


Cailyn Cosmetics Cocoon Lip Stain - delivers up to 10 hours of kiss-proof color. Apply carefully with a lip brush, wait 10 minutes for the fruit and flower extracts to soak in and then peel off the residue to reveal a bold matte color. |



HAIR sweep the hair to create fullness and romanticism and create the illusion of longer hair. Baxter also suggests extensions. “If brides just want long hair for the day, tape-ins are a good way to go,” says Baxter. “However, if a bride really likes her hair short, we can try a pretty, flickedback look, a sophisticated sleeked back style or even a high pompadour. We will also experiment with pretty clips, vintage combs, jewelry, tiaras and veils to create versatility.” Short hairstyles also offer the advantage of looking great with both high and low necklines and color can also be used to dramatic effect.

Love Your ‘Lob’

The Long and Short of It

Choosing the best wedding ‘do for hair any length By Mirella Cameran


hatever length your hair, you will have plenty of options for your wedding day,” says Tracey Baxter, stylist at Maison de Cheveux hair salon. “The most important thing is to have a consultation with your chosen stylist as soon as possible. Give yourself the time you need to get your hair in shape for the look you want.”

40 |

Short and Sweet If you want to keep your hair short, consider a shaggy bob. Zak Mascolo, national creative director of TONI & GUY says, “This cut works for a wide range of face shapes and it is one of the most versatile cuts with lots of layers.” It also works with thick, thin, curly and straight hair. If shaggy isn’t for you, think about growing some length at the front, so you can side


“Lobs,” or long bobs, and traditional bobs of all textures and lengths are popular looks right now and also offer brides options on their wedding day. “Lobs and bobs can work to suit all faces depending on the length of the cut and the layers,” says Alan Tossler of Tossler Davis hair salon in New York advises. “They also look good wavy and pin-straight. Brides need to take a photo of their dress to their stylist so they figure out together the best way for their hair to compliment the style of the dress. A voluminous look might compete too much with a higher neckline, and a messy bob might jar with a very sophisticated sheath. “This length also gives you the option of an updo or half updo which

might incorporate braids or fresh flowers and we’d also consider adding some highlights around the face to create a bridal glow.”

Long Locks “The most critical thing for long hair is to make sure it’s in the best condition it has ever been,” says April Ponder, stylist at the David Falcon Salon on Magazine Street. “In addition to regular trims, talk to your stylist about the best conditioning treatments for your hair type and avoid using heated styling tools as much as possible. Long hair puts all the styling options at your fingertips but it still takes work to make long hair look great all day long especially in the heat. “For the ceremony, you might even want to fake a shorter look with long bangs and hair pinned up at the back, and let it down for the reception. If you want to wear your hair down all day, make sure you create enough volume with layers and the right cut. “As for dresses, consider a strapless gown that creates the visual space for this length. I also always tell brides to co-ordinate hairstyles with their bridesmaids and mothers, you might not want to wear the same chignon updo as your future mother-in-law.” If you’re not sure which style to select, collect photographs of ones you like and discuss with your stylist the best one to compliment your face, hair type and dress and then have fun trying out a few. b |




Mane Attraction

Must haves for healthy, happy hair on your wedding day By Mirella Cameran

OGX Anti-Hair Fallout Niacin3 + Caffeine Root Stimulator Spray – get your hair in shape and prevent breakage and hair loss by stimulating the hair follicles and scalp while creating body and texture.

Fekkai Apple Cider Shampoo – the best treatment for overworked hair, this clarifying shampoo will use its natural cleanser to remove build-up and residue, revealing natural shine and bounce.

L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil – it lives up to its name so no wonder runway fashion stylist Orlando Pita uses it to remedy models’ overworked and damaged hair to create soft, smooth and shiny tresses.

Prenup Instant Spray Hair Mask – inspired by Korean splash masks, this lightweight spray is applied in the shower and is as effective as a heavy cream mask, but easier for an even, all over application.

Living Proof Dry Volume Blast - this light as air spray uses polymers and expandable, textured “aerospheres” that bind to the hair and actually increase the “interstitial space” between each strand making hair look fuller in seconds.

42 |


Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray is a must-have for its light formula, oil-absorbing power, and full texture it creates along with its bergamot, jasmine and sandalwood scent. It’s no surprise that Katy Perry and Cindy Crawford are fans. |




Stay Golden

Add a glimmer of gold and a whisper of whimsy for magical wedding gifts, sure to please By Mirella Cameran Photographed by Theresa Cassagne

Gold heart-shaped hanging ornament; Nola Gifts & Décor; Botanical-print enamel salad servers; fine bone china charger; dinner and salad plates; with Mr. Deer & Mrs. Rabbit, Boxing Hare and Book Reader Fox images respectively; “Vodka” tea cup set, hand-painted with gold detailing all from Perch.

44 |



Vietri Amore tray; gold-edge napkin; napkin ring with two pearl spheres; napkin ring with a pearl multi-sphere; gold ornamental wishbone and golden “Cheers” bottle opener from Phina; white marble tray with gold handles and “The Newlywed Cookbook.” |



i nvitations

Three-ply card stock, letter-pressed invitation with beautiful floral wallpaper on the reverse side of the invitation, wallpaper also used for the envelope liner at Betty Hunley Designs

Botanical Bounty

Plant the seeds for a fabulous wedding fĂŞte with pretty papers By Mirella Cameran Photographed by Theresa Cassagne

48 |



Classic ecru invitation with black ink featuring vintage floral illustrations; suite enclosed in an aubergine-colored pocket fold with antique gold accents and envelopes at Megan Jewel Designs

50 |



Elegance and merriment: round corners and a gold gilt edge make this ecru invitation timeless. The foil-dot liner adds cheer and excitement at Gem Printing Co. |


Letterpress printed on heavyweight ecru stock, wedding guests are greeted with exuberant foliage, with the illustration of banana leaves coupled with soft, green ink at Scriptura.

54 |



Light My Fire Plan the perfect prelude to your wedding with an elegant, romantic engagement party Planning and Design, Elyse of Tying the Knot; Venue, Bevolo Gas Lantern Museum; Photography, Greer G Photography; Floral and Candle DĂŠcor, Kim Starr Wise; Bakery, Debbie Does Doberge; Cake Stands, Fabulous Wedding Cake Stands by Nola B; Barrels and Pillows, Mrs. Vintage Rentals; Linens and Tables, Event Rental Catering; Pigeon Catering Musicians; New Orleans Finest Invitations, Kelly Draws


lickering gas lanterns, exposed brick

Wise. Guests were greeted by a table with three

walls and an open courtyard are as chic

champagne bottles for signing (and for the couple

and romantic as it gets when it comes

to enjoy while reading the messages on their

to the elements of an engagement

wedding day). Wine barrels served as tables and

party. When wedding and event planner Elyse

pews topped with toss pillows offered a place for

Skansi got engaged to Jack Jennings, she used her

guests to rest and relax. Lemon King Cake, along

expertise to create a quentissential New Orleans

with salted caramel and blueberry pancake doberge

fĂŞte. Bevelo Gas Lantern Museum came alive with

by Debbie Does Doberge, topped off a sweet

glittering candles and white florals by Kim Starr

evening in the French Quarter.

58 |



60 |



b r id a l , b r i d e s m a i d s , m e n s w e a r AND FLOWERS p.62


je w e lr y p.82

Previous page: ‘Ingrid’ silk charmeuse gown by Brooklyn-based designer Rebecca Schoneveld exclusively at Wedding Belles; 12.00 carat Tiffany Studios aquamarine and amethyst necklace and 19.44 carat emerald-cut aquamarine ring and 13.12 carat diamond drop earrings at M.S. Rau Antiques. This page: Hayley Paige "Kenny" gown in Moondust organza with beaded illusion bodice, open net back and full skirt with thigh-high slit at Town & Country Bridal; 13.12 carat diamond drop earrings and 8.45 carat internally flawless diamond ring at M.S. Rau Antiques

Romance on Royal Combine the city’s rich history, unique Creole culture and jazz traditions, add an architectural gem like Latrobe’s on Royal, then mix in dazzling diamonds and fresh frocks to create an unforgettable celebration

By Lisa Tudor Photographed by Theresa Cassagne Models, Angelle Folse, Christopher Ramage, Halei Shaw of About Faces and Tyla Cobette of FiftyTwo45 Hair by Niki Walker, Makeup by Meggan Ory M.S. Rau Antiques Jewelry, Photogaphed at Latrobe’s on Royal

Allure Men three-piece Slate Blue ‘Bartlett’ tuxedo with open cut jacket, slim fit and modern lapel at John’s Tuxedos

64 |


Sincerity Bridal off-theshoulder point d’esprit lace and tulle gown with illusion back and chapel length train at Lulu Allyn; golden South Sea pearl drop earrings at M.S. Rau Antiques. Roses, silver brunia, white anemones, peonies, helleborus from Dunn and Sonnier Antiques |


Watters "Esme" Aria lace skirt (in Blush) and ruffled "Devon" halter top (in Buff) sold separately at Town & Country Bridal; Wtoo "Talisa" sequin dress (in Latte) with bateau neck and plunge cowl back at Pearl’s Place; Haute Bride earrings at Wedding Belles. French tulips, roses, scabiosa, stock, flat fern, green green bell and lily grass from Grow With Us Florist

Three-piece suit in Midnight Blue at Tuxedos to Geaux

Jenny Yoo "Juliana" embroidered tulle dress (in Blue Agate) at Wedding Belles

Jenny Yoo "Mila" luxe chiffon off-shoulder flutter bodice dress (in Caspian Sea) at Wedding Belles. Vendela, ivory majolica and Sahara roses, red tulips, silver dollar eucalyptus Italian ruscus, jasmine vine, olive branch and green brunia from Kim Starr Wise Floral Events

Theia Bridesmaids corset-seamed sequin gown (in Smoke) at Bella Bridesmaids; Allure Bridals sequin dress with detachable tulle skirt (in Charcoal) worn over or under at Lulu Allyn

Ike Behar Evening “Waverly” tuxedo in ivory with one-button shawl collar and black satin trim at Rome’s Tuxedos; ‘Ginger’ silk charmeuse gown by Justin Alexander with flutter bodice and deco beaded straps at Bliss Bridal; 8.45 carat internally flawless diamond ring at M.S. Rau Antiques

Allure Men Cobalt Blue ‘Brunswick’ tuxedo at Rome’s Tuxedos; Cartier sapphire and diamond cufflinks set at M.S. Rau Antiques

72 |


"Beloved" cold-shoulder bell-sleeve wedding dress in scroll lace with floral appliquĂŠs by Rivini by Rita Vinieris at I Do Bridal Couture; golden South Sea pearl drop earrings and 10.21 carat fancy yellow diamond ring at M.S. Rau Antiques |


Sorella Vita Modern Metallics stretch sequin shoestringstrap gown (in Crimson) at Bella Bridesmaids and Bustles & Bows; Haute Bride earrings at Wedding Belles

74 |


Sorella Vita Luxe Double Knit sheath gown (in Garnet) with wide, high neckline and plunge cowl back at Town & Country Bridal and The Bridal Boutique by Maeme . Roses, scabiosa, ginestra, ranunculus, eucalyptus and allium from Bee’s Flower Shop |


Wtoo by Watters Maids "Inna Chiffon’"halter sheath dress (in Eucalyptus) at Bella Bridesmaids; Watters ‘Lottie’ crinkle -hiffon dress with dolmansleeve bodice, open back and slit skirt (in French Blue) at Pearl’s Place; earrings at Town & Country Bridal. White hydrangea, anemones, seeded eucalyptus berries, two-toned creamy vendela and open Eskimo roses and grey dusty miller The Plant Gallery

76 |


Jasmine Bridal Chantilly Lace gown with beaded neckline, straps and low back with Tiffany train at Bustles & Bows and Southern Bridal; golden South Sea pearl drop earrings at M.S. Rau Antiques |


Jean Yves classic tuxedo (vest not shown) at J & L Formalwear; Madison James Bridal Collection crochet gown at James & B Bridal Outlet; 13.12 carat diamond drop earrings and 18 karat white gold diamond bracelet at M.S. Rau Antiques

78 |


Watters Brides "Esperance" Anemone embroidered lace halter gown with illusion tulle soft netting skirt and sweep train at Pearl’s Place; 13.12 carat diamond drop earrings at M.S. Rau Antiques |


Lara Designs handcrafted dress with lattice beading and bateau neckline (in Blush) and beaded dress with V-neckline and feather detail (in Champagne) at The Bridal Boutique by Maeme; Haute Bride earrings at Wedding Belles

OLVI’S The Lace Collection stretch French lace and illusion gown at The Bridal Boutique by Maeme; golden South Sea pearl drop earrings and 18 karat white gold diamond bracelet at M.S. Rau Antiques

18 karat white gold pave set diamond and sapphire earrings. 18 karat white gold sapphire and diamond ring with 25 sapphires and 172 diamonds. Art Deco bracelet in 18 karat white gold with round brilliant diamonds and baguette sapphires. 18 karat white gold cross with 11 marquise cut sapphires and 128 brilliant cut round diamonds. Symmetry Jewelers & Designers

Sparkle and Shine Feast your eyes (and ears and arms) on diamonds for days, sapphires with shimmer and emeralds that will make you green with envy By Mirella Cameran Photographed by Theresa Cassagne Hair by Niki Walker, Makeup by Meggan Ory, Model Cymphony De La Fuente of FiftyTwo45

Diamond fashion Cuff bracelet in 14 karat white gold featuring 93 diamonds. Thousand Points of Light 14 karat white gold earrings, diamond engagement ring featuring center marquise diamond in vintage-style setting accented by 34 round diamonds. Diamonds by the Yard, 14 karat white gold necklace with 23 carats of round diamonds. Ramsey’s Diamond Jewelers |


Seven carat brilliant-cut diamond necklace with a 3.18 carat pear-shaped green emerald center handcrafted in 18 karat gold. 5.58 pear shaped emerald ring with pear diamond side stones, 7.54 carat brilliant-cut diamond prestige band, both handcrafted in platinum. Matching set of interlocking diamond bands of 1.5 carat each in 18 karat gold. One carat bezel-set diamond earrings with pave-set diamonds and mil-grain accents, in 18 karat white gold. Jack Sutton Fine Jewelry

86 |



Earrings with two cushion-cut 7 carat sapphires with baguette and pear-shaped diamonds. Art Deco-style sapphire and diamond necklace with 4.44 carats of cushion cut sapphires with round diamonds. Ring with cushion-cut 4.23 carat sapphire with sparkling round diamonds. Friend & Co Fine Jewelers. |


Fancy yellow diamond ring featuring a 2.02 carat cushion cut diamond surrounded by brilliant diamonds. Fancy yellow diamond pendant featuring a 1.78 carat pear-shaped diamond surrounded by brilliant diamonds. Fancy yellow diamond bracelet featuring 5 princess -ut diamonds totaling 3.35 carats, with brilliant diamonds. All set in 18 karat gold. Boudreaux’s Jewelers |


Graduated round diamond tennis necklace with 16.76 carats, 4 carat round diamond engagement ring, round diamond bangle bracelet with 135 round diamonds, large diamond hoop earrings with 86 round diamonds. All set in white gold. Aucoin Hart Jewelers

Amy Lombardo of Tres Bien Photo and Video


ca k e s p.9 6


c u i s i n e a n d c o c kt a i ls p.10 2 m u s i c p . 118



lo ca tio ns p.10 8

tr a ns po r ta tio n p.12 0


ph o to g r a ph y p.1 1 4

de tails


Connect the Dots Three divine cakes with style and major flavor By Mirella Cameran Photographed by Theresa Cassagne

Three tiers of white chocolate cake, each tier has two layers with fresh strawberry filling and two layers with salted caramel and cream cheese filling. Decorated with white fondant and butter cream swiss dots from The Royal Cakery |


Three tiers of butter cake with cream cheese butter cream filling and fresh fruit. Semi dressed with vanilla buttercream from The Sweet Life Bakery |


Three tier white fondant cake with buttercream dots. The top tier is four layers of white almond cake with strawberry cream cheese filling. The second tier is three layers of devil’s food cake with Oreo cookie filling. The bottom tier is old-fashioned butter cake with salted caramel filling from Gambino’s Bakery |


de tails

Cu isine & cock t a i ls

Small Packages

If variety is the spice of life, small plates are the way to go By Amy Gabriel


hen it comes to choosing the food for your wedding reception, the concept of a simple chicken or fish menu is becoming a thing of the past. These days, a guest list can translate into a lengthy amount of individual dietary preferences. Pescatarian. Gluten-free. Paleolithic. Vegan. With the tendency towards particular food preferences at an all-time

102 |

high, a seated dinner is not always the most crowdpleasing of options. With this in mind, many couples are gravitating toward the small plate trend. Aaron Shaffer of 12 Seasons Catering & Events has noticed an upswing in small plated receptions to create a more layered approach to the celebration in a vibrant city like New Orleans. “I think it lends itself to


added variety at the event,” says Shaffer. “It also packs a more visual punch and is a great option in our foodcentric town.” He and his staff have been known to create high-impact event elements like a steak house station and a grits bar for guests to rotate to and from, filling their small plates. He said he’s noticed that allowing guests to roam about the venue encourages conversations to develop.

“I think that as guests are mingling, people are noticing items they may not have seen and discussions ensue,” says Shaffer. “Everyone loves to talk about what they liked or disliked from the menu at a wedding.” Leah Berhanu, Director of Sales and Marketing for Pigeon Catering and Events, says the small plates option often encourages seamless transitions throughout the party.

“It allows the reception to organically flow,” says Berhanu. “Many times there are multiple things going on at a reception: artist painting the action, cigar rollers, a great band playing, etcetera. Having small plates that are passed allows you to enjoy everything without stopping.” Berhanu suggests using the small plate option as a way for couples to infuse some personal touches in their menu choices and to celebrate their family roots. “We had a couple where the bride was from Nicaragua and the groom from New York,” she said. “We had some infused dishes and some traditional, all labeled with sweet notes for guests so they know why the dish was chosen.” Ana Ordaz, Manager of Catering Sales at The Westin New Orleans Canal Place has seen this trend popping up at her hotel as a way of showcasing the personality of the bride and groom, and sees many of her foodie-enthusiastic couples embracing the small plate concept. “I can never decide what to order on a menu because I always want everything,” says Ordaz. “And I know there are a lot of people who feel the same way.” Ordaz has seen couples incorporate dishes like roasted Brussels sprouts, boudin, dumplings, falafel, stuffed grape leaves, empanadas and bruschetta. “If you are extremely passionate about food or have a super adventurous palate, eating small plates

can offer you a wider variety,’ says Ordaz. “It’s also an excellent way to experiment with ingredients you would like to try but wouldn’t order an entire entrée of.” With customization playing a popular role in today’s receptions, Ashley Wright, the Senior Catering Sales Manager who handles on-site weddings at Windsor Court, thinks that petite plates complement the idea of a highly personalized reception and is a great way to introduce out-of-town guests to a variety of food that speaks to the flavor of New Orleans. “When you’re doing smaller tapas-style options, there’s a lot more freedom on what you can have included in your menu and it can all be customized,” says Wright. Wright has helped couples embrace the Crescent City culture by way of small plate action stations featuring a raw seafood bar, seafood martinis, different types of risotto and mac and cheese. She’s also observed the small plate theme extending to the dessert menu with mini beignets, frozen shots of cafe au lait and snoball stations. “Reception style or small plate service is more of a New Orleans tradition in regards to weddings,” says Wright. “You don’t offer seating for all of your guests — it’s more relaxed — but it doesn’t take away from the formality. It just gives guests the opportunity to mingle and be on the dance floor more.” b |


de tails

Cu isine & cock t a i ls

Marriage and Mimosas The growing popularity of daytime brunch weddings By Kelly Massicot


he 21st century has seen many a fad. Like bellbottoms and frosted tips, most of them have — often thankfully — come and gone. One trend that looks to be standing the test of time is the breakfast and brunch obsession — and we are not complaining. Brunch aficionados flock en masse to the best places in New Orleans to get a big ‘ol breakfast and boozy brunch featuring their favorite bottomless cocktails.

104 |

This obsession has popped up in the wedding world too. Couples are opting for morning or early afternoon nuptials. Ashley Brodie, wedding sales manager for Brennan’s Restaurant, says the desire for daytime weddings has grown significantly in the past year. Brodie noted this option was more popular with couples planning a smaller fête, about 20 to 50 guests, as well as out of town couples. “Most of these weddings


are destination weddings,” says Brodie. “And many of them prefer to have a ceremony, followed by a seated lunch, which, ironically, is much more traditional than New Orleans-style receptions with a buffet.” Brunch weddings allow couples to have a large or small wedding, depending on their style or budget, and can potentially allow for a smaller window between the planning process and the actual Big Day.

“I have found that this year, in particular, budgets are much smaller,” says Brodie. “Additionally, these brides are choosing a wedding date for their small weddings only a few months out as opposed to the traditional wedding, which is planned over the course of a full calendar year or longer.” No matter the size or even if it’s a second wedding or elopement, this popular trend could make for an exceptional wedding celebration. b |


de tails

Cu isine & cock t a i ls

Make It A Double Classic libations to start the celebration By Amy Gabriel


n a libation-loving city like New Orleans, deciding on which sips to serve your guests is top shelf on your “I Do” to-do list. Preferring classic cocktails that speak best to the spirit, tradition and culture of the Crescent City over gimmicks and trendy mixology, couples are serving drinks that delight guests across multiple generations, like a mint julep, gin fizz, Sazerac or Pimm’s Cup. After all, what’s more tried and true than a drink that’s been pleasing palates and filling flutes for decades? Leah Berhanu, Director of Sales and Marketing for Pigeon Catering and

106 |

Events, considers the classic cocktail a way of lending the reception an air of sophistication and saw a resurgence around the time “The Great Gatsby” made a comeback. “Everyone started doing metallics and sequins and feathers and the classic cocktail rolled right into that vibe,” said Berhanu. “It’s like we went from the vodka luge to a bourbon bar overnight.” As an addition to the bar set up, Berhanu has seen couples bring in connoisseurs to speak to the history of the cocktail and the tradition behind what makes each so special. “Bringing in an expert SUMMER-AUTUMN 2017

to talk through the cocktails and provide some education can be a fun way to add some appreciation of what’s being served,” said Berhanu. An upswing in the return of the classic cocktail has also been noticed by Wyatt Lowrey, Bar Manager at church-turned-restaurant, Vessel Nola. “As far as the Vessel classics go, I find that most grooms like to have a whiskey cocktail of some kind — either an Old Fashioned or a Sazerac — while the brides tend to lean towards a French 75 or even martinis,” said Lowrey. Open just over a year,

Vessel has played host venue to receptions and bridal brunches where the classic cocktail is celebrated, often with modern twists like big ice balls or specialty glasses, as well as with personalization presentation. “The bride and groom tend to rename the cocktails to something that is meaningful to their relationship,” said Lowrey. This is exactly what Lowrey himself did during his March wedding ceremony and reception at the Civic Theater. “For my wedding, we made a menu that consisted of our favorite drinks,” said Lowrey. “The names of the cocktails had special meaning to my wife Tyler and me.” He and his bride served a La Paloma and named it Alexis Tyler, a whiskey and ginger named Bart and a French 75 spin-off dubbed Lane 13. “The first two were the names that Tyler and I had for each other in our phones,” said Lowrey. “She was my boss when we first met, so we had to keep things pretty quiet when we started dating. So we put each other’s name as something different in our phones. Lane 13 was the nickname of a place we would meet up at work.” When the reasons behind the drinks were revealed during the wedding festivities, everyone was tickled. Lowrey says, “Most people were saying how cute an idea it was — there was a lot of laughter.” b |


de tails


Down in the Treme

The Monastery brings a modern, gothic style to New Orleans weddings By Kelly Massicot


t’s difficult to find many buildings in New Orleans that aren’t full of a rich, lengthy history. The Monastery is one of those buildings, with its inception dating back to 1812. For over 164 years, The Monastery has seen the city and Treme neighborhood grow and become the thriving premier wedding destination it is today. New to the New Orleans wedding scene, The

108 |

Monastery offers couples over 14,000 square feet of event space, including it’s own chapel. Local entrepreneur Sidney Torres took the space and restored it to its former glory, opening up the rooms surrounding the century-old church — all the while updating it for aweinspiring modern amenities. The gothic-style interior of the main chapel area, with exposed beams and arched ceilings, bring dramatic flair, while the


rest of the rooms don stark white walls allowing a couple to put their mark on the space. In addition to the chapel area and large reception-perfect rooms (the interior space totals nearly 8,000 square feet), The Monastery houses seven private courtyards that long for a cocktail hour or even an outside ceremony. Rent out this entire Treme beauty for 300-guest seated ceremony or reception or allow for a cocktail-style

reception with up to 1,500 of your closest family and friends. Pigeon Catering provides all the food and beverages for each event, while the different rooms and courtyards beg for an oyster bar, cigar-making station, Roman Candy tableau or any other couplespecific setup. It’s all in the details, and a wedding at The Monastery will remind you why John Boutte wrote “Down in the Treme.” b

de tails


The Chicory

Modern Love

Nine chic, contemporary spaces for a New Orleans wedding that wows By Marie Simoneaux


rand plantations and antebellum homes have their appeal, but for couples looking for something a little more sleek and modern: fear not, New Orleans has those too. Whether it’s a renovated warehouse or upscale nightclub, here are nine contemporary venues to serve as a swanky backdrop

110 |

for your Big Day.

Eiffel Society Located on the edge of St. Charles Avenue, this multipurpose event space literally used to be part of the Eiffel Tower. The materials were taken from a restaurant inside the iconic landmark and brought to New Orleans in the 1980s. Today, it’s an edgy and


lively space catering to couples looking for less of a traditional affair and more of a party. The floor to ceiling windows, open multi-level floor plan and art installations make Eiffel truly distinct.

The Cannery What was once a warehouse for the American Can Company is

now a versatile and modern venue. The Cannery is not a rustic or industrial space; with a neutral color scheme, four separate rooms and an outdoor courtyard, the Cannery is known for its customizability. Though the Cannery is known to accommodate anywhere from 50 to 1,000 guests, it will never be booked for more than one

a Brian photograph

event a day. The goal of its owners is to create an event to suit each couple and design the space to be eclectic enough to adjust to any taste.

Generations Hall Originally a sugar mill, Generations Hall keeps close to it roots, which it does while simultaneously pulling off an ultra-modern look. With exposed brick, exposed beams and high ceilings, it’s not hard to imagine the original space. However, the chandeliers, sleek furniture and high tech, customizable lighting pushes Generations Hall into the 21st century. The space is vast and can hold up to 25,000 people between three rooms. This space is for couples who are looking for a wedding that is a bit out of the norm.

La Thai The main draw of this Uptown eatery is just that: the food. La Thai is modern, with crisp colors and minimalist fixtures and serves distinctive and delicious Thai-fusion cuisine. The newly renovated restaurant offers a private room for parties as well as an outdoor courtyard space. Ceremonies and receptions are easily accommodated, but La Thai is most popular for rehearsal dinners, bridal showers and engagement parties.

Il Mercato Housed in what used to be a 1930s food market, Il Mercato is a Spanishcolonial building that has

been restored to include herringbone floors, beeswax walls and Italianate chandeliers. The space is neutral enough for couples to add their own flair, but also stands alone for those who want to take advantage of the existing architectural and decorative elements. Il Mercato can serve a wide range of themes, from classic glamoor or rustic charm to something more chic and modern. The courtyard is lined with arches and has a central fireplace many couples choose for a backdrop. Combined with the massive ballroom, Il Mercato can accommodate up to 450 guests.

Emeril’s Delmonico For couples dreaming of a Big Day with classic New Orleans flavor and a modern twist, Emeril’s Delmonico is a choice option. This historic building is situated in the Lower Garden District on St. Charles Avenue, just off the streetcar line. The overall atmosphere of the restaurant is nostalgic and luxurious, but Delmonico wants customers to feel comfortable and to have fun. With huge windows, minimalist chandeliers and sleek furniture, this restaurant is far from stuffy. Delmonico offers both partial and full buyouts, which can include two floors, a courtyard and the secret cornstalk room. Plus, it’s an Emeril Lagasse restaurant, so you know the food is going to be delicious. |


Il Mercato

The Chicory Named Best Venue in New Orleans for five years in a row by The Knot, The Chicory knows how to put on a wedding. The 25,000-square-foot event space was once a coffee warehouse and embraces its industrial-chic charm. The exposed brick walls, gas lamps and wrought iron details are undeniably, classic New Orleans. However, having been a warehouse, the space is open and airy and more rugged than it is glitzy.

112 |

The Chicory also features a swanky rooftop space with panoramic views of the Warehouse District. Up to 600 guests can be accommodated, however most are in the 200 to 300 range.

NOPSI This new luxury hotel is housed in the former headquarters of New Orleans Public Service Inc. and the name isn’t the only thing that stuck. Opening at the end of June, the hotel is being renovated to look like it did in the 1920s.



The columns, vaulted ceilings, arched windows and exposed brick and pipe will remain. The hotel is rich in history, but it is a far cry from your traditional venue. With a ballroom, courtyard, rooftop and five breakout rooms, NOPSI can serve anywhere from 25 to 600 guests.

Broussard’s Tucked away behind the classic French Quarter restaurant, Broussard’s Courtyard is cozy and

chic. Brick walls surround the space, with fairy lights strung from balcony to balcony. Covered in lush vines and greenery, the courtyard is ready for a beautiful garden wedding as is. However, its simple charm can be easily transformed with any sort of decor that you wish. Couples can choose to have both the ceremony and reception in the courtyard, and can pick from the restaurant’s banquet menus as well as add their own items. b |


de tails

p hotography

Photographic Memory Expert advice on getting wedding photos that last a lifetime By Sarah Ravits


ou know that your wedding day could be one of the happiest days of your life, but it’s also known that this anticipated celebration, after months (or even years) of planning, can

Photographs by Amy Lombardo of Tres Bien Photo and Video

abundance of photographers in the Crescent City, it might seem difficult to narrow down the options, but New Orleans Bride has spoken with local experts who can help you figure out what you want, and what you need.

seem to fly by in the blink of an eye. One way to truly cherish the moments is to hire a wedding photographer who can document the scenes that you’ll look back on for the rest of your lives. With an

How do you find the right shutterbug? Local wedding photographer Mike Lirette reminds us that the art of snapping pictures requires technical skill and savvy.


Did you know? We’re living in an era where technology is rapidly advancing, but Niddrie and Lirette have both noticed that some couples have been requesting a return to film-style photography. “Cameras have gotten to the point where they are so good that some people want a more imperfect and not as polished look,” says Niddrie.

114 |




Engaged in the Moment Get great engagement photos, one snap at a time For save-the-dates and other pre-nuptial festivities, it’s common practice for couples to opt for a photo shoot announcing their engagement. These sessions tend to be more casual and relaxed — a chance for the soon-to-be newlyweds to demonstrate some intimate, tender moments in front of the lens that reflect their excitement and anticipation of saying, “I Do.” It’s also a time to express some individuality and creativity.

“Balancing natural light, artificial light, depth of field and subject” are all issues a photographer deals with. Wedding photography, he says, is the pinnacle of technical photography, because there are no “second chances” to get it right. “A photographer must know their craft and their tools even better than the back of their hand to deliver spectacular, noteworthy images of a couple’s wedding day,” says Lirette. Photographer Patrick Niddrie says many clients approach him via word-of-mouth. As the client, that translates to asking your married friends for recommendations and their experience with the photographer. Social media can also be a helpful tool. Most wedding photographers have adapted to the digital age at this point and post their portfolios online, so you can get an idea for their style. It’s also a good idea to meet in person so you can get to know them, ask questions, make suggestions, and make sure it’s someone who will make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Getting into the moment

of the camera, and on a day that’s likely to generate some nerves, there’s some simple advice to follow. “Everyone always says that they don’t want something too ‘posey’,” says Amy Lombardo of Tres Bien Photo and Video, referring to shots that seem overly contrived and awkward “in order to achieve a look that doesn’t look too staged or forced, you actually have to start off with a standard pose.” She encourages improvisation and personalization, allowing the couple make the pose “their own.” “The best portraits, in my opinion, happen when [couples] are generally being themselves. Let’s face it; it’s awkward to have two people stare longingly into each other’s eyes with their noses touching while several people are watching. The laughter that follows the awkwardness makes for a dynamic image.” Lirette agrees, saying it’s best to act natural. “Relax and enjoy the time with your significant other and do your best to forget the camera is there,” he says. “The real laughs are the best.” b

Not everyone is comfortable in front

116 |


New Orleans has such an abundance of photogenic, iconic architecture and beautiful outdoor spaces that exude romance. City Park, Audubon Park and in front of St. Louis Cathedral are all popular spots to stage a photo shoot. Mike Lirette of Mike Lirette Photography has also noticed that many couples opt for lifestyle-themed photo shoots, set right in their own homes (and maybe even posing with a beloved pet). Ultimately, he says the photography should express warmth, he says. “It’s a lot less rigid,” than the actual wedding shoot, and “more intimate and cuddly,” says Lirette. Amy Lombardo of Tres Bien Photo and Video echoes this sentiment. “Engagement shoots give the photographer and couple the opportunity to chit-chat while shooting, without the rigorous schedule of the wedding day,” says Lombardo. Timing is not as “of-the-essence” for these either, so they can go at a slower pace and couples can experiment with multiple locations, whether they are in the home or out in a public space. “Generally the couple is not bogged down by formal wear, and they can engage a little more with each other,” says Lombardo. She also says that it is an excellent opportunity for the photographer to really get to know the couple, and learn how they interacts with each other before the Big Day approaches. |


de tails



Musical Timeline Prelude Music should begin one half hour before the ceremony

Musical Composition Planning the perfect soundtrack for your Big Day By Ashley McLellan


wedding simply wouldn’t be complete without a soundtrack. Even in Shakespeare’s time we were slaves to the beat. “If music be the food of love, play on,” wrote the bard, but in a tragic Shakespearian twist, many brides and grooms leave the music planning to the last minute, limiting their choices and leaving an important element to luck. “It’s so important to start planning your music right away,” says wedding coordinator Belinda Belk of Blue Gardenia Events. “It is part of telling your history, your love story.” To make the process easier, couples should concentrate on

118 |

each major component of the Big Day: the ceremony, the reception and the after party (with an optional second line lagniappe in between). With a little preparation, planning your music can take on special meaning, incorporating a couple’s specific romantic and party playlists throughout the day.

Prelude and Ceremony “The ceremony is the most important part of the day, and the music should reflect that,” Belk says. “Even if you don’t remember all of the details of the music, your guests will.” For non-traditional music, Belk recommends creating a list of music meaningful to a bride and groom, the families


and their background. “If a couple selects their music with enough time, any music can be reworked to take on a classical feel for a highly personal ceremony,” she says. “We have seen playlists for Beatles music, Coldplay, Phish, and we can transform them into nice arrangements for strings,” Harry Hardin, New Orleans Finest Musicians, says. “What is key is time. The more notice we have, the more time we have to create a unique arrangement.” For traditional music, Belk suggests couples do their music homework in advance of meeting with the priest or music director. “Take the time to see all of your options,” she says. “Do your research so that when you

Ceremony Music accompaniment to be played in conjunction with the ceremony Second Line Brass band for the duration and length of the march, optional additional time at reception Cocktail Hour More like Cocktail Half-Hour Reception Band or DJ should play for three hours After-Party Three hours for a DJ (plus set up time); unlimited with DIY Spotify playlist

meet with the music director, you have an idea of what you’d like to hear.”

Cocktail Hour and Reception Creating a fun, party atmosphere for all age groups can be tricky, but Belk has some easy tips to make the event a success. “The cocktail hour is a time to host a mixed group of people,” she says. “It should be great background music. We are lucky here in New Orleans to have great local, traditional music, which always is a good option. Another good idea is to use music with a little history, say from the ‘40s or ‘50s, that everyone is familiar with. This is setting the stage for the reception to follow.” While the main reception allows for a more lively mix of music, it is also important to include all age ranges and tastes. “I recommend making a ‘Do Not Play List,’ for songs that may not be appropriate, or that just may not be liked. Not everyone loves ‘Shout’.” Selecting the right band for the right space is essential, taking the guesswork out of the planning process. “Trust your planner,” Belk says. “They have seen all of the local bands, and they know what bands work for what spaces. When you have the right band in the right space, you can trust that they will read the crowd. A favorite moment might happen when the artists play a song you wouldn’t even expect.”

After Party While the reception may be designed to appeal to a wide range of family and friends, the after party is where the bride and groom can often let

down their hair, kick off their shoes and play their favorite tunes. “Many couples create a Spotify playlist, but a DJ can also be a great way to go,” Belk says. “You can often find a great DJ at a reasonable price, and they will, again, read the crowd.” Patrick Black from All Out Entertainment suggests using a DJ for larger spaces. “For smaller spaces, like a couple’s house, someone is bound to plug in their phone, but for larger spaces you need to have a DJ,” he said. “We had a couple who had us play at their reception, and then we followed them to their after party at the Eiffel Society. We created a club-like vibe. For a space like that you need a DJ.” However music is played, the after party is a great way for a couple to celebrate their day, their way. “This is the time to play all of the crazy party music you like,” Belk said. “It’s a great way to end the day.”

Lagniappe – Second Line For a little lagniappe, many New Orleans couples choose to celebrate with a second line. “It’s a great way to get the party started after the ceremony,” Belk says. While the second line brass band may simply accompany the couple for the length of the second line, they may also stay for a part of the cocktail hour. For Belk, having the second line play at the reception for an additional 30 to 45 minutes, brings a distinct touch to the entire day. “It’s an experience like no other,” she says. “It really sets New Orleans weddings apart.” b |


de tails

transportatio n

Fantastic Voyage

Transportation basics to get you (and your guests) to the church on time By Kim Singletary


nce the fun stuff like the dress, the venue, the invitations and the cake are in order, it’s time to start dealing with the specific logistics for the wedding. For instance, you know who’s going to be celebrating with you and where they need to be, but how are they getting there? As a general rule, issues with wedding transportation — encompassing movement of the bridal party, family, guests and of course the special getaway car — are best handled at least two to three months in advance of a wedding. If your wedding happens to fall in prime wedding season — April

120 |

through June or October and November — the general rule is the earlier the better so you can be assured you’ll be able to book what you want and not have to compromise on second or third options. Whether you have your heart set on a white limousine, a vintage Rolls Royce or party busses, there are three things you need to know before going to book: who do you need to transport, where do they need to go and when do they need to be there? “If you call us with your information we can work with you to create the best option that works for you and whatever budget,” says, Cindi Lytle, director of operations SUMMER-AUTUMN 2017

for Nicoll’s Limousine and Shuttle Service. “Brides tend to get overwhelmed with this part of things so we make it easy. New Orleans is popular with destination weddings so we do a lot of shuttling guests from hotels to the wedding and then to the reception. Here we can even do rotating pickups and drop-offs of guests, which uses less of our busses, thus keeping costs down.” For charter service like this, it’s common for companies to have a three-hour booking minimum. “You’d be surprised at how quickly that can go,” says Lytle. With bridal party transportation, a popular option right now is Mercedes-Benz

Sprinter vans. A van on the outside and limo on the inside, these vans offer perimeter-style limo seating complete with wet bar but, unlike with a limo, there is enough room to easily accommodate a large wedding dress, even allowing for the bride to stand up inside. When it comes to the getaway car, this is a real place to make a statement and be a little different. Mallory Geary, outside sales manager and affiliate manager for Limousine Livery, says the company introduced an electric car option, a Tesla, to their fleet a few years ago. “It’s definitely becoming more popular as brides look to do something a little different,” says Geary. “It’s black and sleek looking so it has a good style to it.” While luxury motorized transport is always a popular choice, those looking to dip further into the past than an antique Rolls Royce can always go with a carriage. Here, Mid-City Carriages promotes themselves as the only local carriage company that offers not just mules, but also horses. For weddings in the French Quarter, the company offers a white, formally dressed-down carriage with one horse for $350 an hour. Prices rise to $550 for an hour outside of the Quarter. b |


122 |


Hannah Mulligan Photography

real weddings

M acal us o - O ’ C o n n o r p . 12 4

| M ela nco n-Ba e r p.12 6

P a s s a r o - W e bbe r p .130


Oliv ie r -Ke s le r p.12 8

| Pr a do s -Tr e uting p.132

r e a l wedding s

124 |

Macaluso -O ’ C o n n o r



Bride: Jessica Macaluso Groom: Matt O’Connor Date: July 18, 2015 Ceremony Location: St. Francis of Assissi Reception Location: The Chicory Planner: Sapphire Events Gown: Bari Jay Rings: Carter’s Jewerly Florist: Kim Starr Wise Caterer: The Chicory Cake: The Royal Cakery Photographer: GK Photography Videographer: Bower Productions Hair and Makeup: GLOW hair and beauty bar Music: Groovy 7 |


r e a l wedding s

126 |

Melancon-Ba e r



Bride: Ashley Melancon Groom: Levi Baer Date: Oct. 10, 2015 Ceremony & Reception Location: Stella Plantation Coordinator: Katherine Pelas Gown: Skyler by Augusta Jones; Bustle in Baton Rouge Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Bill Levkoff; Pearl’s Place and Bella Bridesmaids Men’s Attire: Al’s Formal Wear Rings: Engagment ring: Tacori; Wedding band: Ramsey’s Diamond Jewelers Invitations: Design, Ali Solino of Josephine & Printing, Gem Printing Florist: Helen Roussel Caterer: Capdebosq Cake: Swiss Confectionary Photographer: Hannah Mulligan Photography Videographer: Brock Gomez Productions Hair: Karin at Verde Beauty Makeup: Mary Flood Music: Xpert Productions Bride & Groom Transportation: Celebrity Limousine Photo Booth: Magnolia Booth Event Lighting: Event Rentals |


r e a l weddin g s

128 |

Olivier- K esler



Bride: Emily Olivier Groom: James Kesler Date: June 6, 2016 Ceremony location: Academy of the Sacred Heart Reception Location: The Westin, Canal Place Wedding Day Coordinator: Josie Baudoin Priest: Father Joe Palermo Gown: Designer: Venus Bridal, The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe Bridesmaids Dresses: Bill Levkoff, Mint green chiffon floor length dresses Men’s Attire: Vera Wang, Black Tuxedos with mint green vests and bow ties, Men’s Wearhouse Rings: Williamsburg Jewelers Florist: Meade Wenzel Caterer: The Westin, Canal Place Cake: Haydel’s Bakery Photographer: Robert Bradford Videographer: Bob Eutsler Productions Hair: Just Face It Beauty Makeup: Just Face It Beauty Music: Ceremony, Jodi McWilliams (vocalist and pianist) Reception, After 8 |


r e a l wedding s

130 |

Passaro- W e bb er



Bride: Jourdana Passaro Groom: Robert “Cain” Webber Wedding date: April 18, 2015 Ceremony and Reception location: Hotel Monteleone Coordinator: Hotel Monteleone Cake: Hotel Monteleone Gown: Essense of Australia, The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe Bridesmaid dresses: Alvina Valenta Maids by Jim Hjelm, The Bridal Boutique by Maeme Men’s Attire: Vera Wang Black, Men’s Warehouse Rings: Boudreaux’s Jewelers Caterer: Hotel Monteleone Hair: Monique Munoz and Kristen Kenmure with 3Phases Salon Makeup: Betsy Boone with Betsy Boone Bridal Makeup Artistry Grooms Cupcakes: Cake Café & Bakery Ceremony Music: New Orleans Classical & Jazz Reception Music: The Royal Dukes Band Second Line Band: Kinfolk Brass Band Videographer: Dyle Films Photo Booth- Dyle Films Photography: Mark Eric, Monteleone rooftop photos done by Jordan Blanchard Photography Favors: Leah’s Pralines Invitations: Gem Printing Co. Programs: Scriptura Florist: Fallo-Van Os Floral Co. Calligrapher: VCalligraphy |


r e a l wedding s

132 |

Prados- Tr e ut i n g



Bride: Megan Prados Groom: Bradley Treuting Date: Jan. 21, 2017 Prep Location: OMNI Riverfront Hotel Ceremony Location: St. Francis of Assisi Church Reception Location: Audubon Tea Room Gown: Enzoani Blue from Town and Country Bridal Accessories: Earrings and bracelet from Town and Country Bridesmaids’ Robes: Flora Nikrooz Bridemaids’ Dresses: Jim Hjelm from Pearl’s Place Men’s attire: John’s Tuxedos Rings: Raymond’s Jewelers Florist: Beth’s Flowers Caterer: Audubon Tea Room Cake: La Louisiane Bakery Photographer: Studio Tran Photography Videographer: Bower Productions Hair: Ginger Dufriend Makeup: Melissa Vaccaro Reception Music: The Boogie Men Invitations: Scriptura Transportation: Big Easy Limos Photo Booth: Boogie Booth Live Painting: Heirloom Live Painting Cake Topper: Etsy shop “The Queen of Crowns” Favors: Roman Candy and sunglasses |


Want to submit your wedding for our magazine? Check out how.... Do you want to see your wedding in these pages and share your Big Day with our readers and New Orleans? To be considered as a featured local wedding in New Orleans Bride Magazine, mail a CD with high-resolution (4x6/300dpi) photographs. Below is a helpful checklist to ensure that you have included all of the correct materials.

what we need 1. A Word document of the following vendors: ___ Bride and groom’s full name ___ Date of the wedding ___ Ceremony location ___ Reception location ___ Coordinator ___ Gown (designer and store) ___ Bridesmaids’ dresses (designer and store) ___ Men’s Attire (store) ___ Rings ___ Florist ___ Caterer ___ Cake ___ Photographer ___ Videographer ___ Hair (Stylist and Salon) ___ Makeup (Stylist and Salon) ___ Music ___ Any other vendor you would like to include

2. High-resolution (4x6 / 300dpi) photographs of: ___ Bride and groom ___ Bridesmaids and groomsmen ___ Cake ___ Rings ___ Flowers ___ Ceremony ___ Reception ___ Wedding Favor ___ Second Line ___ Detail shots of shoes, dress, jewelry ___ Detail shots of the decor ___ Please include five other photos of your choice.

* Please send at least 10-15 photographs burned on a CD * Please burn a Word document of your vendors on the CD. All CDs will NOT be returned.



Please mail your CD of photos and Word document of vendor information to: New Orleans Bride Magazine Attn: Tiffani Amedeo 110 Veterans Blvd., Suite 123 Metairie, LA 70005

New Orleans Bride Magazine reserves the right to choose the wedding and the issue in which it will be featured. Submissions are not guaranteed to be published and CDs will not be returned. The bride, groom and photographer must give permission to use the photographs and information of the submitted wedding.

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Bridal Resources

to help you with all your wedding planning needs


Beauty/ health/ fitness Bopp Dermatology & Facial Plastic Surgery 3421 N Causeway Blvd Suite 102 Metairie LA 504-455-9933 f 504-888-8221 European Wax Center 701 Metairie Road Metairie, LA 504-392-6652 H2O Salon Northshore 3908 Hwy. 22 Mandeville, LA 985-951-8166 Maison de Cheveux 201 St. Charles Ave. suite #127 New Orleans, LA 504-908-4247 Makeup By Meggan New Orleans, LA 504-473-7263

Mary Kay Cosmetics Gaynell Kennedy 8616 Steamboat Lane River Ridge, LA 504-669-5880 Orangetheory® Fitness 4141 Bienville St. New Orleans 954-607-7552 844-OTF-NOLA 504-408-2602 SeneGence Barbara Hoffler Independent Distributor #313037 504-224-8773 The Spa at Stone Creek 1201 Ochsner Blvd. Covington, LA 985-801-7120

136 | SUMMER-AUTUMN 2017

Timeless Beauty Day Spa 3422 Cleary Ave. Metairie, La 504-371-5680 Up’Sa Daisy Hair Salon 3363 Severn Ave. Metairie, LA 504-888-8466 Cake/ pastries Haydel’s Bakery 4037 Jefferson Hwy. Jefferson, LA 504-837-0190 504-837-5512 Joe Gambino’s Bakeries 4821 Veterans Memorial Blvd. Metairie, LA 504-885-7500 Swiss Confectionery, Inc. 747 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA 504-522-7788 The Cocoa Bean Bakery & Café 910 E Morris Ave. Hammond, LA 985-345-2002 The Sweet Life Bakery 6268 Vicksburg St. New Orleans, La 504-371-5153 Catering 12 Seasons Catering & Mr. Mudbug 131 23rd St. Kenner, LA 504-465-9770 Copeland’s of New Orleans 1319 W. Esplanade Ave. Kenner, LA 504-617-9146 First Class Presentation Catering P.O. Box 3773 New Orleans, LA 504-872-9398

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Martin Wine Cellar 3827 Baronne St. New Orleans LA 714 Elmeer Ave Metairie La 504-896-7351

Courtyard on the Ridge 407 Folse St. Harahan, LA 504-737-6660

Messina’s Catering and Events 2717 Williams Blvd. Kenner, LA 504-469-7373 Ralph Brennan Catering & Events exclusive caterer for New Orleans Opera Guild Home 2504 Prytania St., Garden District 504-539-5510 St. James Cheese Company 5004 Prytania St. New Orleans 504-899-4737 641 Tchoupitoulas St. New Orleans 504-304-1485 Ceremony/reception/ locations Austin’s Seafood and Steakhouse 5101 West Esplanade Ave. Metairie, LA 504-888-5533 Beau Rivage Resort & Casino 875 Beach Blvd. Biloxi, MS 39530 Michelle Kirn 228-386-7155 Brennan’s 417 Royal Str., French Quarter 504-934-3329 Broussard’s 819 Conti New Orleans, LA 504-581-3866 Copeland’s of New Orleans 1319 W. Esplanade Ave. Kenner, LA 504-617-9146 Compass Point Erin Steen French 504-366-1768 985-969-4526 200 Opelousas Ave New Orleans, LA

Dickie Brennan’s 605 Canal St. New Orleans, LA Restaurant directory: 504-274-1958 Palace Café: 504-523-1661 Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse: 504-5222467 Bourbon House: 504-522-0111 Tableau: 504-934-3463 DoubleTree by Hilton New Orleans 300 Canal St. New Orleans, LA 504-212-3600 Elms Mansion 3029 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA 504-895-9200 Emerald Coast Convention & Visitors Bureau 1540 Miracle Strip Parkway SE Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548 850-651-7647 Maureen Morgenthien Emerald Grande 10 Harbor Blvd. Destin, FL 850-424-0622 English Turn Golf & Country Club One Clubhouse Drive New Orleans, LA 504-392-2200 Expotel Hospitality 504-212-2744 Fair Grounds Race Course 1751 Gentilly Blvd New Orleans, LA 504-948-1285 Federal Ballroom New Orleans 147 Carondelet St. New Orleans, LA 504-587-2088

Four Points by Sheraton French Quarter 541 Bourbon St. New Orleans, LA 504-524-6711 Generations Hall 310 Andrew Higgins Dr. New Orleans, LA 504-581-4367 Hampton Inn & Suites New Orleans Convention Center 1201 Convention Center Blvd. New Orleans, LA 504-293-1200 Hotel Indigo 2203 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA 504-522-3650 504-648-2873 House of Blues 225 Decatur St. New Orleans, LA 504-310-4990 House of Broel’s Victorian Mansion and Gardens 2220 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA 504-522-2220 504-494-2220 Hyatt Centric French Quarter 800 Iberville St. New Orleans, LA 504-565-4537 Hyatt Regency New Orleans 601 Loyola Ave. New Orleans, LA 504-561-1234 Le Méridien 333 Poydras Street New Orleans, LA 70130 504-525-9444 504-207-5173 Loews New Orleans Hotel 300 Poydras St. New Orleans, LA 504-595-5316 Louisiana State Museum 751 Chartres St. New Orleans, LA 504-568-6968 Maison Dupuy Hotel 1001 Rue Toulouse New Orleans, LA 504-648-6114 Marche 914 N. Peters New Orleans 504-586-2074 x 5027 Valerie Landry Messina’s at the Terminal 6001 Stars & Stripes Blvd. New Orleans, LA 504-241-5300 Napoleon House 500 Chartres St., French Quarter 504-934-4704 New Orleans Hotel Collection 1380 Port of New Orleans Place New Orleans, LA 855-798-6642 NOPSI Hotel, New Orleans 317 Baronne Street New Orleans, LA Pre Opening Executive Offices 935 Gravier Street, Suite 120 New Orleans, LA Colleen Page, Director of Catering New Orleans School of Cooking 524 St. Louis St. New Orleans, LA 504-265-9070 NOLA Hotel Group 504-962-7220 Omni Royal Orleans Hotel 621 St. Louis St. New Orleans, LA 504-529-7022 Orpheum Theater 129 Roosevelt Way New Orleans, LA 504-274-4871 |


advertising section Portofino Island Resort 1-866-966-1420 Ralph’s on the Park 900 City Park Avenue, Mid-CIty 504-488-5100 Palmetto’s on the Bayou 1901 Bayou Lane Slidell, LA 985-643-0050 Riverview Room 600 Decatur St. 4th Level Jackson Brewery Millhouse, New Orleans, LA 504-208-2590 Royal Palm 1901 Manhattan Blvd. Building E Harvey, LA 504-644-4100 Royal Sonesta New Orleans 300 Bourbon St. New Orleans, LA 504-553-2205 Sheraton New Orleans Hotel 500 Canal St. New Orleans, LA 504-525-2500 Steamboat NATCHEZ 600 Decatur St. Ste. 308 New Orleans, LA 504-569-1431 Stella Plantation 4881 Highway 39 Braithwaite, LA 504-919-7474 Sully Mansion 2631 Prytania St. New Orleans, LA 504-891-0457 The Cannery 3803 Toulouse St. New Orleans, LA 504-486-8351

The Chicory 610 S. Peters New Orleans, LA 504-521-8055 The Court of Two Sisters 613 Royal St. New Orleans, LA 504-522-7261 The Degas House 2306 Esplanade Ave. New Orleans, LA 504-821-5009 The Forum 3131 Veterans Memorial Blvd. Metairie, LA 504-833-7666 The Parlor at the Pontchartrain 2031 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA 504-323-1453 Tomas Bistro/Tommy’s Cuisine 755 Tchoupitoulas St. New Orleans, LA 504-527-0942 W Hotels of New Orleans 333 Poydras St. New Orleans, LA 504-207-5173 White Hall Plantation 100 Central Ave. Jefferson, LA 504-465-9770 Flowers A Wise Bride 437 Philip St. New Orleans, LA 504-315-5607 fb: awisebridenola instagram: awisebridenola Bee’s Wedding and Event Designs 738 Phosphor Ave. Metairie, LA 504-830-4031

138 | SUMMER-AUTUMN 2017

Beth’s Florist & New Orleans Wedding Planners 2014 Clearview Parkway Metairie, LA 504-455-2353 Conerly Floral 1834 Burgundy St. 504-313-8508 Fabulous Flowers LLC. By Appointment New Orleans, LA 504-909-0253 Grow With Us Florist 106 Metairie Heights Ave. Metairie, LA 504-837-9449 Iris Floral + Event Design Studio 5331-B Canal Blvd. New Orleans, LA 504-304-4966 Kim Starr Wise Floral Events 437 Philip St. New Orleans, LA 504-315-5607 fb: kimstarrwisefloralevents instagram: kimstarrwise Nosegay Floral Designs 4931 West Esplanade Ave. Metairie, La 504-885-1514 The Plant Gallery 9401 Airline Highway New Orleans, LA 504-488-8887 Honeymoon travel Town & Country Travel Inc 110 Veterans Blvd. Suite 180A Metairie, LA 504-838-8702 Invitations Exquisite Events New Orleans, LA 504-975-4089 Gem Printing Co. 1904 Veterans Blvd. Metairie, LA 504-831-1762 Jewelry Adler’s 722 Canal St. New Orleans, LA 504-523-5292 Music Photo booths Boogie Booth Photo Booth Comapny PO Box 581 Mandeville, LA 504-457-8033 Funtastic Fotos, LLC P.O. Box 58418 New Orleans, LA 504-466-9209 Photography Ashley Marks Media 1025 N Hullen St. Metairie, LA 504-444-8356 Belle Amour Photography 1441 Fremaux Ave. Slidell, LA 985-768-6603 nichole@Belle Amour Belle Amour Bob Bradford Photography 2214 Milton St. New Orleans 504-943-2622 Eye Wander Photo 7341 Jefferson Hwy. Ste M Baton Rouge, LA 225-366-4567 Genovese Ashford Studios 667 Laurel St. Baton Rouge 225-266-3459 Images By Robert T. 985-966-2793

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LA Studios 2808 Athania Pkwy Metairie, LA 504-669-5711

Special services Backyard Printing (& Secondline Handkerchiefs) 1960 Surgi Drive Mandeville, LA 985-231-7789 Leslie McGoey

NOLA360 Photography 3100 Ridgelake Lake Drive Suite 204 Metairie, LA

Dillard’s Bridal Registry 3301 Veterans Memorial Blvd #1 Metairie, LA 504-833-1075

Red Leaf Weddings 10172 Jefferson Hwy New Orleans, LA 504-402-7692

Edible Arrangements 1650 Gretna Blvd., Ste. 5 Harvey, LA 504-367-7798

J. Mott Photography 504-920-6185

Rick King Photography 445 Laura Dr. North Mandeville, LA 985-626-3614 Stacy Marks Photographer 1025 N Hullen St. Metairie, LA 504-237-2173

Harvie Live Wedding Paintings 2961 Maurepas St. New Orleans, LA 985-687-9106 Heirloom Live Event Paintings 4401 Euphrosine New Orleans, LA 504-812-1750

Studio Lund 504-401-3045

NCA Group 1905 W Thomas St., Suite 356 Hammond, LA 985-630-3206

The Red M Studio 504-450-0065 me care as if it were our own.

Nola Live Painting Kristen Schenck 504-237-0890

Tim McAskill Cinematic Weddings 504-390-1002

The Basketry 12337 US-90 Luling, LA 985-785-8769

Welch Photography & Video 1199 Girod St. Mandeville, LA 985-845-8405 Real estate 1st Lake Properties, Inc 504-455-5059 Rentals Royal Event Rental 985-400-9416 110 Campbell Ave, Unit 1 Mandeville, LA

The Bridal Registry 5517 Edmondson Pike Nashville, TN 37211 615-832-2387 sponsor Dorignac’s Food Center 710 Veterans Memorial Blvd. Metairie, LA 504-834-8216 Transportation Alert Transportation 3 Westbank Expressway New Orleans, LA 504-525-0500

Bonomolo Limousines Inc. 1401 Lafitte St. New Orleans, LA 800-451-9258 Celebrity Limousine & Transportation, Inc. P.O. Box 73373 Metairie LA 504-888-5466 Limousine Livery 4333 Euphrosine St. New Orleans, LA 504-561-8777 Videography Bella Productions Wedding Films 5860 Citrus Blvd., Suite D194 New Orleans, LA 504-400-7915 Cinematic Wedding Films Love You Back Productions 504-321-1607 504-321-1606 RZ Productions 504-975-0817 Cinematic Wedding Films Your Day Production Wedding Videographers 504-273-0005 New Orleans 985-227-4579 Houma/Thibodaux Wedding apparel Bliss Bridal 4712 Magazine St. 504-592-7507 I Do Bridal Couture 4265 Perkins Road Baton Rouge, LA 225-361-0377

John’s Tuxedos 3200 Houma Blvd. Metairie, LA 504-455-5353 Ladies and Gent’s Formal Wear/ Lulu Allyn 708 East I-10 Service Road Slidell, LA 985-643-9449 Pearl’s Place 3114 Severn Ave. Metairie, LA 504-885-9213 Rome’s Tuxedos 3213 17th St. Metairie, LA 504-324-7227 Southern Bridal 1200 West Causeway Approach Suite 8 Mandeville, LA 985-727-2993 The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe 3331 Severn Ave. Metairie, LA 504-266-2771 Town & Country Bridal 1514 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA 504.523.7027 instagram: @townandcountrybridal Facebook: Town & Country Bridal Blanc Bridal Couture Tuxedos to Geaux 3400 16th St. Metairie, LA 504-455-5393 •

J&L Formal Wear 931 Westwood Dr. Marrero, LA 504-340-4544 James & B Bridal Outlet Brooke Ory & Jamie Lombardino 1169-B Robert Blvd Slidell, LA 985-302-0755 |


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hone y m o o n

REI Adventures

Anglophiles in the Isles

Discovering the mystery, beauty and romance of the United Kingdom beyond London By Becca Hensley


overs of the United Kingdom there’s a name for you; you are an Anglophile. Truth be told, we heart Great Britain as much as you do. Spellbound by its kings, queens, knights and castles; enthralled by its quaint thatched-roofed villages, mysterious forests, lighthouses, great houses and moldering monasteries,

142 |

we see the United Kingdom as a storybook landscape. From Mr. Darcy to Harry Potter, Miss Marple to James Bond and Sherlock Holmes to Robin Hood, this island nation has characters that seduce us in literature, films, myths and legends. We love the eccentric denizens and their lilting accents. The country’s heaths, hamlets, lakes, mountains, moors

summer-autumn 2017

and cliff-fringed beaches beguile us too. Its diverse realms of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, brim with folklore and history. Pirates trod here, Vikings conquered its shores, Romans built walled cities, poets took inspiration from reflective lakes and King Arthur ruled from a round table. Add in scones and clotted cream, tea in china cups and pints sipped in

colorful pubs and Great Britain is an Anglophile’s ultimate honeymoon haven.

Tree House Living Hampshire’s New Forest is best known for its native breed of ponies. On its edge, Chewton Glen, a classic country house has added a coterie of treehouse suites, which meld into the forest landscape. Sleep among the branches, after a

photo courtesy of REI Adventures

soak beneath the stars in the Treehouse Hideaway Suite. Restore at the stellar restaurant, take a cooking class, lounge in the spa — and trek the fairytale forest.

Hole in One You met on the green — and now you want to tee off together on the ultimate golf course. Check into the Old Course Hotel, located on the edges of the world’s most famous golf course — St. Andrew’s Links. With views of the sea, this classic spot, complete with a pub and a Kohlerdesigned spa, also gets kudos as Scotland’s best wedding venue.

Get Crowned Would Queen Elizabeth steer you wrong? She’s a fan of Inverlochy Castle — and little wonder. Looming above a loch, in the shadow of Ben Nevis, Scotland’s greatest mountain, this turreted and crenellated fortress in the Scottish Highlands treats every guest as royalty. Intimate, with elegant interiors, Inverlochy has wellies and raincoats stored near the front door, fires burning in every room, and a destination restaurant. Expect activities from horseback riding, to whiskey tasting to clay pigeon shooting.

Hoof It Discover Britain on foot with REI Adventure’s all encompassing England Coast to Coast hike, a

trek which traces the myriad highlights of Alfred Wainwright’s iconic 192-mile hike, from the west side’s Irish Sea to the North Sea in the east. A guided trip, this tour wends through three distinct National Parks, the poetic Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and the North York moors — replete with heather-rimmed ridges and haunting, moody terrain. Lilliputian shops, teahouses, pubs, vicarages, farmland, old world inns, and picturesque villages complete the vision. rei. com/adventures

‘Loched’ Up Home to Hadrian’s Wall, historic Northumberland, in northeast England, abounds in natural beauty. On the grounds of centuries-old Middleton Hall, on a country estate that stretches across 30-acres, the airy boathouse stands on stilts above a small lake. With panoramic windows that embrace wildlife (such as otters and birds), this tucked-in-thewoods cottage includes a nostalgic, flat-bottomed rowboat. Don ribboned straw hats and paddle across the lake for a picnic on the property.

Cornish Caper One of the Celtic homelands, Cornwall in southwest England, is rimmed by unbridled sea. Here, lie the remains of Tintagel Castle, the supposed birthplace of King Arthur. Novels |


Chewton Glen

for Selina Blackwood, honored in poetry by Tennyson, Rudyard Kipling and Robert Browning, the Rapunzel-worthy building, used as film location for Game of Thrones, stands in the woods of the Clandeboye Estate. With a large bedroom, a rooftop terrace, small kitchen and cozy library (bedecked with time-worn tomes), it’s the stuff of fantasy. helens-tower

galore, including many by Daphne Du Maurier, take place in the stormy region. Enjoy its vibe from a cliff-top jacuzzi at The Scarlet Hotel, an eco-lodge with sustainable features throughout. Luxurious and coddling, the hotel vaunts an Ayurvedic spa (Book the four hour Rediscover treatment for two), and a restaurant well-versed in seasonal cookery.

Ivory Tower You’ll feel part of a fairy tale with a stay in Helen’s Tower, a granite edifice that rises above the bucolic terrain in County Down, Northern Ireland. Named

144 |

Motor Mile Sheep pepper the pastures of the postcard-perfect Cotswolds in west England. One way to explore the amber-hued villages and

summer-autumn 2017

catawampus-walled rural lanes is by classic car. Take the wheel of a Jaguar E-type convertible, Rolls Royce Silver Shadow or MGB Roadster and cruise those turns. In Malvern you can even hire an open top Morgan sports car direct from the nearby factory. Where to roost? Check into The Slaughters Manor, in heartwarming Lower Slaughter, a refurbished, historic mansion sure to please. greatescapecars., slaughtersmanor.

Foodie Foray Wales’ Snowdonia National Park, rife with mystery, mountains and ancient

standing stones, will take your breath away — and make you hungry. Nurture that inner gourmet at Michelin-starred Ynyshir, a hotel so food-centric, it touts itself as a restaurant with “rooms.” Stay for a few nights, set amid gardens, in this contemporary country house hotel. Here, Chef Gareth Ward will create a tasting menu designed just for you to celebrate the beginning of your new life together. Room to book? The Vermeer, where Richard Gere stayed during the filming of “First Knight.” b

hone y m o o n

London Calling

A New Orleanians’ guide to a fun and fabulous honeymoon across the pond By Anne Roderique-Jones


re you stuck on the notion that a honeymoon should be comprised of white-sandy beaches and palm trees? Think again. With the announcement of British Airways’ nonstop service from New Orleans to London, there’s no better time to visit England’s capital city. With its rich history, literary ties, exemplary cocktail

146 |

programs, and fine dining — London is tailor-made for newly-married New Orleanians. Thanks to the new service, honeymooners can fly out of Louis Armstrong International Airport four days per week (increasing to five days in October of 2017). Here, your guide to the perfect honeymoon across the pond. Where to stay: Located in the ultra-posh Mayfair

summer-autumn 2017

area, there’s no place dreamier than the iconic Claridge’s Hotel. Often referred to as an “extension of Buckingham Palace” due to its connection to royalty, this hotel exudes classic British luxury with a stunning foyer and timeless suites (order breakfast in bed to allow more time behind closed doors), along with the finest afternoon tea in the city. Take it from Spencer Tracy who said,

“When I die I don’t want to go to heaven. I want to go to Claridge’s.” Just a stone’s throw away is Brown’s Hotel, an equally opulent property where couples can steal away to Donovan Bar’s “naughty corner” and sip a gin martini. For the cool kids, scoot over to The Zetter Townhouse Marylebone. This tony 24-room Georgian townhouse was once home to poet Edward Lear (you

can rent his loft complete with a private entrance and al fresco bathtub), and has eclectic interiors — think grand Victorian beds mixed with taxidermy — along with a top-notch cocktail program from molecular crackerjack Tony Conigliaro. What to eat (and drink): Duck & Waffle is situated on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower, offering some of the best views of the city. Snag a two-top window table and take in a sunrise with a glass of bubbly and a spicy ox cheek doughnut. The restaurant is open 24-hours a day, so a sunset dinner of oysters and the namesake duck confit and waffle is just as nice. Chiltern Firehouse is the André Balazs hotel built within a refurbished fire station, and home to the hottest restaurant in the city (keep an eye out for Kate Moss). Here lies a “love snug” with seating for two, its own fireplace and direct bar access. The tucked-away banquette is perfect for those couples who prefer to dine on their trout roe and crab-stuffed doughnuts in private. Alternatively, Toulouse Lautrec is an off-thebeaten track brasserie in Kennington that offers live music and tres romantic Parisian charm. There’s also Gordon’s Wine Bar, the oldest in London, which happens to be an ideal ending to a sweet stroll along the Southbank. And a trip to London wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Dukes Bar. Once Sir Ian Fleming’s watering hole, Dukes is said to be the

very spot where he coined the phrase, “shaken not stirred.” Here, the martinis are served with plenty of pomp; bar manager Alessandro Palazzi, clad in a crisp white tux, wheels out a trolley laden with ice-cold spirits for the ultimate tableside martini. But it need not be posh to impress, pick any pub — located on just about every corner of the city — and cozy in for pints in a dark corner. What to do: New Orleanians certainly deserve a respite from the heat and humidity, and meandering through the charming streets and grassy knolls of London allows you to soak in the sights without breaking a sweat (how refreshing!). Flowering parks abound in the city, but a picnic in Hampstead Heath, a nearly 800-acre rugged woodland, offers one of the highest points in London. The swimming ponds and green meadows are ideal for a long afternoon. End the day at Keats House to peruse his love poems. New Orleanians can switch-up the brunch routine (but not too terribly much) with a Sunday Jazz Brunch cruise along the River Thames. Sip on Champagne while taking in the Houses of Parliament, London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral and passing under the iconic London bridges. For something extra splashy, book a private capsule on the London Eye. The 30-minute rotation includes a bottle of Champagne, chocolate truffles, priority boarding, and over-the-top romance. b |


che c k lis t

Check It Twice There’s a lot that goes into wedding planning, so don’t feel bad if you’re having a hard time keeping track of it all. Use our handy checklist to stay organized illustration by Shaina Anderson

10-12 Months To Go __ You’re engaged! Make sure you celebrate with your fiancé, friends and family. __ Nail down the basics. Where are you getting married? Who’s paying for what? What is your budget? How many guests will be there? __ Alert the wedding party. Decide who you want in your wedding party and ask them as soon as you can. __ Pick the date. Check with your family members and wedding party before you make a final decision so there are no huge time conflicts.

148 |

__ Find a wedding planner. If you’re planning on using a wedding planner, find one in the early stages. He or she will make all the craziness more manageable. __ Book your ceremony and reception location. Where you get married will affect a lot of your planning decisions, so reserving a place should be at the top of your to-do list. __ Insure your ring. Your engagement ring is special, but it’s also expensive. Make sure you get it insured, just in case. __ Book officiant. Make sure your preferred officiant has your wedding date on the calendar.

summer-autumn 2017

__ Write thank you notes for engagement gifts. You will most likely receive a few gifts right after your engagement. Send a thank you note for each gift within three months of receiving it. __ Take engagement photos. Book a session with a professional photographer so you have a few nice photos of you and your fiancé for save-the-dates, newspaper announcements and more. Some photographers will include an engagement shoot with a wedding package. __ Pick your colors. Think about your wedding colors and the overall look of your day. Are you going for a classic look or trendy? Vintage

or glamorous? Your color scheme will guide you through other big decisions, such as the bridesmaid dresses and the groomsmen’s ties.

bands is usually less stressful than shopping for an engagement ring, but carve out a time when you and your fiancé can go look together.

6-9 Months To Go

__ Finalize the rehearsal dinner. Once you’ve decided on the location, book your rehearsal dinner.

__ Interview and select vendors. Make sure you book the “big ticket” items, such as the photographer, the caterer, the florist and the entertainment, early. __ Send out save-the-dates. The typical rule on sending save-the-dates is six months before your wedding, but send them earlier if you’re inviting a lot of out-of-town guests so they can book flights. __ Go dress shopping. You need an appointment at most wedding boutiques, so call a few of your favorite stores to set up a time. __ Register. Register at two or three stores. Choose items at a variety of prices so everyone can find something they can afford. Add more gifts than you think you need so your friends and family have some options. __ Think about the rehearsal dinner. It’s customary that the groom’s parents host the rehearsal dinner. Talk to your future in-laws about possibilities. __ Schedule transportation. Book a limo, trolley or another form of transportation to shuttle your wedding party from the hotel to your ceremony location. Decide whether you need transportation for your guests to get from the reception to the hotel at the end of the reception. __ Plan your honeymoon. If you’re going out of the country for your trip, make sure you and your fiancé have up-to-date passports. __ Figure out your rentals. Rentals depend on the location of your wedding, but if you’re responsible for common rental items such as chairs and plates, make a list of everything you need and where you’re going to find each item. __ Book a block of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests. If you’re not familiar with the hotel, ask a hotel representative to show you a room and don’t forget to inquire about a group rate. __ Order bridesmaid dresses. If your bridesmaids live far away, give them plenty of time to buy their dresses and get them fitted.

4-5 Months To Go __ Buy wedding bands. Shopping for wedding

__ Reserve a wedding night hotel room. Where are you staying for the wedding night? If you’re not leaving for your honeymoon immediately after the reception, decide where you want to stay for the night. __ Get your dress fitted. Your wedding dress is one of the most important dresses you will wear in your life, so it should fit impeccably. Many brides plan up to three fittings. __ Decide on attire for the groom and groomsmen. Talk to your fiancé about what he wants to wear and what will match your overall color scheme. Keep the time of day in mind when researching options. __ Check in with your vendors. Make final decisions with your vendors and update them on new wedding information, such as when they should arrive. __ Order your wedding cake. Taste a few cakes before you decide on your final choice. Talk to your fiancé about a groom’s cake if he wants one.

2-3 Months To Go __ Mail out the invitations. Double check with the post office that you have enough postage. Many wedding invitations require more than one stamp. __ Solidify the catering menu. Whether you’re doing heavy hors d’oeuvres or a sit-down meal, verify the final menu. __ Schedule your hair and makeup team. Find a good hair stylist and makeup artist to help you and your bridesmaids get ready for the day.

One Month Before __ Send your wedding party an itinerary. Make sure your family and friends know where and when to be for the wedding day so everyone shows up at the right place at the right time. __ Enjoy a facial. Everyone reacts differently to facials. If you’re planning on getting one, schedule it a few days before your wedding, or do a trial run months before.

__ Get your marriage license. Head to the Orleans Parish Marriage License Office in Benson Tower (1450 Poydras St., Suite 407) for your marriage certificate. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:15 a.m. until 3:15 p.m. Visit for requirements. __ Set up your second line. If you’re planning to second line at your wedding, you’re going to need a permit. Call the New Orleans Police Department Special Events Section at 658-7100 to schedule everything 15 to 20 days before your wedding day. You can also email questions to __ Practice your hair and makeup. It’s best to practice with your hair stylist and makeup artists ahead of time so there are no surprises on the big day. Plan your trial run for a day you want good hair, such as your bridal shower or bachelorette party. __ Finalize the guest list. Send a final headcount to your caterer and any other vendor who needs the number.

One Week Before __ Double check with your vendors. Touch base with everyone one more time to remind them where to go and to answer any last-minute questions they might have. __ Remind friends and family of their responsibilities. Assign duties to your wedding party or other loved ones. Who is the contact for the photographer? Who is making sure all guests get a favor? __ Get a manicure and pedicure. This can be a great bonding experience with your bridesmaids, mom and future mother-in-law. __ Put together a welcome package. If you have a lot of guests traveling for your wedding, ask the hotel if you can put a welcome basket or bag in their hotel room for when they arrive.

The Wedding Day __ Find a way to relax. Whether you go for a run or read a book in the morning, find a way to keep stress to a minimum. __ Make sure you eat something. Brides always say, “I never had time to eat anything!” Give yourself some time during the reception to have a bite. __ Have fun! You’ve made it through all the planning, now it’s time to celebrate. Enjoy your first day as a married woman. b |


in t h i s i s s u e The area code is 504, unless otherwise noted

Beauty; Gem Printing Co., 1904 Veterans Memorial Blvd., 831-1762,; Scriptura, 5423 Magazine St., 897-1555, 3301 Veterans Blvd., 219-1113 scriptura. com

“Tech-Savvy Skin,” pg. 28 Khoobehi & Associates Plastic Surgery, 4500 Magazine St #1, 517-7801,; Audubon Dermatology, 3525 Prytania St #501, 895-3376,; Etre Dermatology & Laser Center, 1224 St Charles Ave., 227-3873,

Cakes “Connect the Dots,” pg. 96 The Royal Cakery, 10800 Morrison Rd #107, 246-2065, royalcakery. com; The Sweet Life Bakery, 6268 Vicksburg St., 371-5153,; Gambino’s Bakery, 4821 Veterans Memorial Blvd., 764-6105,

“Skincare 101,” pg. 32 Audubon Dermatology, 3525 Prytania St #501, 895-3376,; About Face of New Orleans, 701 Metairie Road #1b 106, Metairie, 304-1556,

Fashion & Flowers

Makeup “Now Trending,” pg. 36 About Face of New Orleans, 701 Metairie Road #1b 106, Metairie, 304-1556,; Maison de Cheveux, 201 St Charles Ave. #127, 908-4247,; Native Polish,

Hair “The Long and Short of It,” pg. 40 Maison de Cheveux, Maison de Cheveux, 201 St Charles Ave. #127, 908-4247,; David Falcon Salon, 3953 Magazine St., 309-5900.

Gifts “Stay Golden,” pg. 44 Perch, 844 Magazine St., 899-2122,; Nola Gifts & Décor, 5101 W Esplanade Ave #17, 407-3532,; Phina, Home, Gift, Child, 3717 Veterans Memorial Blvd., 888-4141,; Hazelnut New Orleans, 5525 Magazine St., 891-242,

Invitations “Botanical Bounty,” pg. 48 Betty Hunley Designs, 6057 Magazine St., 895-2870,; Megan Jewel Designs, 266-0345, meganjeweld-

150 |

“Romance on Royal,” pg. 62 M.S. Rau Antiques Jewelry , 630 Royal St., 224-5132, rauantiques. com; Latrobe’s on Royal, 403 Royal St., 299-0601, latrobesonroyal. com; Tuxedos to Geaux, 3400 16th St., 455-5393, tuxedostogeaux. com; Rome’s Tuxedos, 3213 17th St., 324-7227,; The Bridal Boutique by Maeme, 3331 Severn Ave., 266-2771,; Bustles & Bows Bridal Boutique, 3230 Severn Ave., 780-7090, bustlesandbowsbridal. com; Bliss Bridal, 2126 Magazine St., 592-7507,; Town & Country Bridal, 1514 St. Charles Ave., 523-7027,; Southern Bridal, 1200 W. Causeway Approach, 985-727-2993,; I Do Bridal Couture, 4265 Perkins Rd., 225-361-0377, idobridalcouture. com; John Tuxedos, 3200 Houma Blvd., 455 - 5353, johnstuxedos. com; Pearls Place, 3114 Severn Ave., 885 - 9213,; Wedding Belles, 3632 Magazine St., 891-1005, weddingbellesnola. com; Bella Bridesmaids, 2875 US-190, Mandeville, 985-231-7870,; Ladies and Gents Formal Wear, 708 I-10 Service Rd, Slidell, 985-643-9449,; J & L Formal Wear, 931 Westwood Dr., 340-4544,; James

summer-autumn 2017

& B Bridal Outlet, 1169 Robert Blvd., 985-302-0755,; Grow With Us Florist & Produce, 106 Metairie Heights Ave.,; 
Kim Starr Wise Floral Events, 
437 Philip St., 315-5607,; Plant Gallery, 9401 Airline Hwy., 488-8887,; Dunn and Sonnier Antiques Florals, Gifts, 3433 Magazine St., 524-3235; Bee’s Flower Shop, 738 Phosphor Ave., 830-4031,

Jewelry “Sparkle and Shine,” pg. 82 Jack Sutton Fine Jewelry, The Shops at Canal Place, 365 Canal Place, 522-8080,; Boudreaux’s Fine Jewelers, 701 Metairie Rd., 831-2602,; Symmetry Jewelers & Designers, 8138 Hampson St., 861-9925,; Ramsey Diamond Jewelers, 5700 Veterans Memorial Blvd., 290-0065,; Aucoin Hart Jewelers, 1525 Metairie Rd., 834-9999,; Friend & Co Fine Jewelers, 7713 Maple St., 866-5433,

Cuisine & Cocktails “Small Packages,” pg. 102 12 Seasons Catering & Events, 131 23rd St. Kenner, 465-9770,; Pigeon Catering and Events, 535 S. Clark St., 262-0412,; The Westin New Orleans Canal Place, 100 Iberville St., 566-7006,; Windsor Court, 300 Gravier St., 523-6000, “Marriage and Mimosas,” pg. 104 Brennan’s, 417 Royal St., 525-9711, “Make It A Double,” pg. 106 Pigeon Catering and Events, 535 S. Clark St., 262-0412, pigeoncaterers. com; Vessel Nola, 3835 Iberville St., 603-2775,

Locations “Down in the Treme,” pg. 108 The Monastery, 1236 North Rampart St., 262-0412, “Modern Love,” pg. 110 Eiffel Society, 2040 St Charles Ave., 525-2951,; The Cannery, 3803 Toulouse St., 486-8351,; Generations Hall, 310 Andrew Higgins, 581-4367, generationshall. com; La Thai, 4938 Prytania St.,; Delmonico, 1300 St Charles Ave., 525-4937,; The Chicory, 610 S Peters St., 521-8055, chicoryvenue. com; NOPSI, 317 Baronne St., 439-1463, hotels-and-resorts/nopsihotel; Broussard’s, 819 Conti St., 581-3866,

Photography “Photographic Memory,” pg. 114 Red Leaf Weddings/Mike Lirette Photography, redleafweddings. com; Photographer Patrick Niddrie, 206-7111,; Tres Bien Photo and Video, 534-8737,

Music “Musical Composition,” pg. 118 Blue Gardenia Events, 206-8599,; New Orleans Finest Musicians/New Orleans Classical & Jazz,; All Out Entertainment, 231-5342,

Transportation “Fantastic Voyage,” pg. 120 Nicoll’s Limousine and Shuttle Service, 717 S. Claiborne Ave., Downtown, 522-5656 and 4305 Williams Boulevard, Kenner, 454-7722,; Limousine Livery, 4333 Euphrosine St., 561-8777,; Mid-City Carriages, 1515 Lafitte St., 888-6396040. b

N ew s sta nd L o c a tions Find copies of the latest issues of New Orleans Bride Magazine at exclusive newsstand locations around the city: Bittersweet Confections 725 Magazine St. New Orleans Blanc Bridal Couture 3819 Magazine St. New Orleans Bustles & Bows Bridal Boutique 3230 Severn Ave. Metairie Gambino’s Bakery 4821 Veterans Blvd. Metairie Johns Tuxedos 3200 Houma Blvd. Metairie Pearl’s Place 3114 Severn Ave. Metairie Ramsey Diamond Jewelers 5700 Veterans Blvd. Metairie 1901 Manhattan Blvd. Gretna Romes Tuxedo 3213 17th Metairie Swiss Confections 747 St. Charles St. New Orleans The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe 3331 Severn Ave., No. 102 Metairie The Sweet Life Bakery 6268 Vicksburg St. New Orleans Tuxedos to Geaux 3400 16th St. Metairie |


L a g ni a pp e

Tie One On Consider bow ties with NOLA ties for your beau by Melanie Warner Spencer

He’s a NOLA ‘til ya die kinda guy. Something sweet to give him — other than your hand in marriage — could come in the form of a little slice of his beloved city. Ellen Macomber organic cotton silk bow ties and hankies feature a map of New Orleans and come in a variety of colors. Even without a map, we know he’ll always find his way home to you.

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summer-autumn 2017