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from the e ditor 16

b eau ty 22

B RIDA L / b ri d e s m a i d s MENSW EAR / F LOW ERS 5 4

cakeS 78

The Duchess Effect

Less is more with these elegant and understated cakes

Planned Primping adv ice 18

Double Trouble Questions that have the same answer no matter who’s asking

A Big Day beauty countdown for a wedding-gown ready look from head to toe

Skin Therapy featu re 50

In with the New Contemporary wedding trends are all about cultivating special experiences for guests

Hot new products for a flawless face

Pared-back, covered-up options inspired by the gown worn by the Duchess of Sussex join sleek and structured column styles, modern versions of corsets, goddess sheaths and regal ball gowns in the season’s runway mix

Classic Confections

cui s i n e & cockta i ls 84

Clink and Sip Cocktail trends for lively Big Day celebrations

h air 26

Keep on Truckin’

Go Big

These local food trucks keeps your after-party going well into the night

r eal we dd ings 109

Pairing voluminous tresses with the perfect dresses

honeymoo n 128

Mane Event

Bright Lights, Big City

Haircare products to keep your crowning glory shinin’ and stylin’

Stay on top of wedding food and beverage trends with these tips from local experts

mak eu p 30


Perfect Palate

Chic, cosmopolitan locales for lovers who love the urban landscape

Heat Wave Deep in the Heart Texas-sized fun in Houston and cruising out of the Coast in Galveston

The New Orleans heat and humdity is no match for this makeup


Get Thee to the Church Hotel Peter & Paul in the Marigny offers couples various indoor and outdoor options for the Big Day

f itn ess 3 2

The Great Outdoors

checklist 134

Work It Out

Check It Twice

Fun and fitness can go together with these rut-busting routines

10 outdoor locations that wow for your Big Day

There’s a lot that goes into wedding planning, so don’t feel bad if you’re having a hard time keeping track of it all. Use our handy checklist to stay organized


Time is on Your Side

Moments Captured

Match the timeframe to your fitness goals for maximum results

How to find a photographer, work with one and get the best wedding photos

l agni app e 136

g if ts 36

Belly Up to the Bubbly

Stock the Bar

Bubble Tap trailer brings Instagrammable whimsy to your cocktail or wedding reception or after party

Charming gifts to elevate the happy couple’s serving game in vitatio n s 40

Airy Palette Invitations in light colors and gold for a classic combination.

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Olympia bridal gown from the Modern Trousseau Fall 2019 Collection at Wedding Belles; Boudreaux’s Signature Pearl and Diamond Earrings and Pearl and Diamond Ring, both set in white gold at Boudreaux’s Jewelers. Photograph by Theresa Cassagne, Styled by Lisa Tudor, Model Stephany Osorto, Makeup by Meggan Ory, Hair by Monique Munoz, Model Ann Smith for Images Model & Talent Agency, Fine Jewelry by Boudreaux’s Jewelers

MUSI C 1 0 2

Dance the Night Away Tips from the pros to keep your guests on their feet TRANS P O RTATI O N 104

Getting There A handy guide to New Orleans’ many options to get you and your guests to and from the wedding

f r o m t h e ed i t o r

Editor ’s n oteb ook




here’s nothing like a royal wedding to stoke everyone’s romantic fires. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, aka Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, were married at St. Georges Chapel at Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom in May of 2018 and wedding trends were set off around the world. The elegant boat neck Givenchy gown created by British designed Clare Waight Keller featured silk and three-quarter length sleeves and a triple silk organza underskirt. The simple, modest, yet timeless gown is the inspration for our bridal fashion spread in this issue. Each gown in the story will make any bride feel like a duchess for her wedding day. If you dream of an outdoor wedding, don’t miss our Locations feature on page 94. We are showcasing 10 gorgeous outdoor venues and there is something for everyone, from the modern couple to traditionalists. Are you looking for ideas to suprise and delight your guests? Our food truck roundup makes planning your after party a breeze. Check it out on page 84, then plan date nights to test drive the truck’s fare. That’s wedding plannig we can get behind! We also have tips from the pros on everything else you need for your Big Day, so dig in and take notes. Let’s plan a wedding!

In May, Atelier Ace opened its Maison de la Luz luxury guest house and Bar Marilou. Located in the former City Hall Annex in the Arts Warehouse district off of Lafayette Square, the property has 67 meticulously appointed rooms, guest-only breakfast, living and dining rooms, as well as bespoke concierge service and the craft cocktail bar next door. Your wedding party will revel in these deluxe accomodations or book it for your first night as a married couple.

In April, Sotre (3933 Magazine St. ) launched its new bridal registry. Make gift buying easy for your loved ones and shop for special bridesmaid and groomsman gifts. The registry has everything from home goods and décor to gift items, such as those all-important hankies for your wedding second line.

P.S. Visit Let Them Eat Cake (, the official blog of New Orleans Bride Magazine for more tips and trends, trunk shows and other events, plus advice, ideas, inspiration and interviews. It’s all of the bridal buzz you can use, five days a week.

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On June 26, join us at the Hyatt Regency for the New Orleans Bride Magazine Bridal Show. Meet more than 150 of the city’s top wedding professionals in a festive setting, sip champagne and sample fabulous food. Visit for tickets, pricing and more information.


Q: My mother told all her “friends,” i.e. the mothers of everyone I went to high school with, that I’m engaged and that they’re all invited to the wedding. My fiancé and I have split the guest list down the middle and I don’t want to have to give up the spots I’ve earmarked for my friends so that those people can come. What can I do? Q: My daughter-in-law-to-be seems to promise everyone she meets that they’ll be invited to the wedding, but every time I ask her if there will be space for my friends, she brushes me off. What can I do?

Double Trouble Questions that have the same answer no matter who’s asking by Dee Lane

Q: My invitation to a friend’s wedding arrived, but it’s only for me. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year now. Can I just bring him with me? Should I call my friend and ask her if I can? Q: I don’t really know my coworker’s girlfriend; they’ve only been together for about a year. Do I have to give her a plus one? Though this might feel like a slight, it isn’t. The invitation list is usually the hardest thing a couple has to decide when planning their wedding — they most likely spend months and maybe even tears poring over the details of the issues of inviting his mother’s great aunt, because his mother promised, meaning they also need to invite her mother’s second cousin once removed. So, unless the invite specifically says, “and guest,” the only people invited are the ones named on the envelope. And if your significant other’s name isn’t written there, and it also doesn’t say “your name + 1,” they shouldn’t attend. An invitation should be extended to anyone who’s in a committed relationship

18 |

— married, engaged or living together — even if neither of the couple getting married has met that person. That obligation doesn’t extend to giving everyone a plus one, but the decision must be a consistent one, for instance you shouldn’t give plus ones to your sorority sisters but not to your coworkers. If someone shows up with an uninvited guest — which, to state even more specifically, you should never do — it’s best to avoid an uncomfortable situation if at all possible and find a place for them, then follow up with the invited guest via a polite phone call or in-person meeting. Do not have this conversation over text or email, it’s important to convey your feelings honestly without going overboard and without words being taken out of context. But all of this said, here’s the bottom line: As an invited guest, if you don’t feel comfortable going to this wedding on your own — whether the friend who invited you is a coworker, your best friend from elementary school or your college study partner — don’t go.


As a general rule, talking about and being excited about your upcoming wedding is OK, in fact it’s great, but you shouldn’t extend an invitation, even just in passing, unless you know that you’ll extend a formal invitation. If someone actually asks you if they’re invited, which is a very rude thing to do, skirt the topic by saying that the guest list isn’t finalized yet — no matter who’s asking. One of the simplest ways to handle this issue is for the couple to decide between them how many guests to allot to their parents. (I know, this is a tricky subject that has a lot to do with who’s paying for the majority of the wedding, and money always makes emotions harder to parse, but it’s a conversation you as a partnership need to have.) Then you have to have an honest and private conversation with each set of parents to discuss this. They may not be comfortable with your decision, and that can be a valid reaction, but you should be clear and upfront about your decisions and your reasons.

Q: One of my mother’s best friend’s daughters has invited me to her wedding. I’ve never met her and I feel like the invitation was extended just because our mothers are friends, so I’m going to decline. Do I still have to send a present? Q: I already know that some of my extended family cannot attend my wedding, and I don’t want them to feel like they have to send a gift. Should I still send an invitation? The short answer to all of this is yes. Yes, even if you can’t attend a wedding, even if you’re not going because you can’t afford to, you should send a present. And yes, if you know someone can’t attend you should still send them an invitation. An invitation comes with the expectation of a gift. If you’re concerned about cost and don’t see anything on their registry that fits your budget, get the couple something fun, like a movie gift certificate. (As an aside, I was once invited to a wedding I couldn’t attend because of cost but on their registry was a creamer in the shape of a cow. That I could afford and it was their favorite gift and we still talk about it all the time.) If you know someone can’t attend and you don’t want them to be pressured to send a gift but know that they would appreciate keeping the invitation as a keepsake, handwrite a note to send with or on the invitation stating your wishes. b

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beauty p .22 | hair p . 2 6 | makeup p.30 | fitness p.32 | gifts p.36 | invitations p.40


b eauty

Planned Primping

A Big Day beauty countdown for a wedding-gown ready look head to toe By Mirella Cameran


hen planning a wedding, big or small, there are usually lists of things to do. It’s important however, to build in time for your beauty plan. Having the right treatments at the right time, enables you to enjoy the maximum benefits of all the available skincare products and procedures to create a flawless wedding glow. Leading dermatologist and co-founder of Audubon Dermatology, Dr. Deirdre Hooper, shares the secrets behind preparing for a special event. Six months

“There’s no magical lotion or potion to make you wedding day ready, planning ahead is the best medicine,” says Hooper. “Start with a skincare consultation at

22 |

least six months before. This gives you time to decide if you need any injectables. Botox lasts between three and four months and the fillers between six months and two years, depending on the kind you are using. We also look at whether you would benefit from laser treatments or peels for acne scarring, pigmentation or to improve texture. “It’s also important to start a professionally-directed skincare regime. You can see the results in the first month but the more time you use it, the more improvement you will see. This should include a sunscreen, topical antioxidant to protect the skin and help fade brown spots and a retinoid to help with texture, pigmentation and fine lines. We would also consider peptides and growth


factors to further fade fine lines or skin lightening agents to remove stubborn brown spots.”

laser for high definition perfection. It really helps prepare your skin for a flawless effect even in close up photographs.”

Four months

“At this point, many brides start Latisse, the first and only FDA-approved eyelash growth treatment for fuller lashes. You continue to see improvement within the first four months, so for maximum benefit start it now. Two – Four Weeks

“By a month out, you want to have completed all your injectable and laser procedures to allow your skin time to recover. This will enable your dermatologist to deal with any further issues. “At two weeks beforehand, you can still have a light peel, infusion microdermabrasion or light Permea

One Week to One Day

Time to tan! Start a spray tan ahead of time; it allows you to exfoliate a couple of times to achieve a really even finish and adjust the color. Have a manicure and pedicure the day before and incorporate a paraffin wax for extra softness. Schedule a touch up, the morning of the wedding to deal with any chips. The day before visit a steam room to plump out your skin cells and add luminosity or sleep with a humidifier in your room. “Don’t be afraid to have a facial the day before,” says Elizabeth Percle, aesthetician at The Spa at Stone Creek. “We have event

facials which will smooth and hydrate your skin to enhance your glow and prepare you for the make up application.” Sherril Monson, owner of Skin Science, meets with clients right up to the Big Day. “We work with brides as soon as we can to prepare them, starting with a skin and body analysis,” says Monson. “As well as lasers and injectables, we have body contouring, collagen boosting and lifting technology. “Our CoolSculpting is a body contouring treatment which freezes stubborn fat which is then eliminated naturally by the body. Our Ultherapy is an FDA-approved procedure to lift the neck, chin and brow and many brides also enjoy our body wraps which slim, firm and tone your body. These treatments are best started three or four months in advance.” The best medicine of all? Sleep! Try to catch eight to nine hours a night and you won’t just see the difference, you will feel it as well. Body Buffing

Seventy percent of brides in the United States want to lose 20 pounds before their wedding and 91 percent want to drop a few pounds according to a study by Cornell University in New York. With all the pressure of the wedding, how do brides incorporate a new exercise regime into their already ramped-up schedule? Starting as soon as possible is key, according to Hudson Ellis, co-owner and trainer at Simply Fit Gyms. “Ideally, if brides to come to us six months before their wedding they will find it easier to achieve their goals,” says Ellis. “However, we can probably get them where they want to be in three but they will have to work much harder. Even if we only have six weeks, there’s still a lot we can do. With the right kind of training and a clean diet, they can safely lose a pound a week.” If you can’t get to the gym, some trainers like Ron Morel, owner of Trainer To Go, come to you.

“Brides are so busy that it’s a weight off their minds knowing that we will come to them at a convenient time,” says Morel. “We show up and combine high intensity workouts like sprints with weights to shape muscles while burning fat.” Erin Romney, owner and instructor at Romney Pilates Center, offers specific bride to be programs. “Many of our brides opt for our set price, personalized, continuous coaching program,” says Romney. “We start with a body analysis and discussion about their dress and what parts of their body they would like to work on most. It might be arms and back, waist and muffin top or an all-over tone up. As well as cardio and strength classes, we will incorporate one of our Pilates modules to ensure perfect posture as she walks down the aisle.” Super Powers

If a bride’s healthy eating plan goes awry, she can still make sure her body is getting all the nutrients it needs, with the new super foods the celebs swear by. Camu Camu is a tart Amazonian berry from Peru that is high in vitamin C, antiviral, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It’s good for skin and gums Elle Macpherson’s Super Elixir is a green powder supplement with alkalizing super-greens, alfalfa, spinach and wheatgrass plus beetroot, broccoli, pineapple, apple, goji berries and anti-inflammatory maitake mushrooms. Virgin Raw Bee Panacea is Victoria Beckham’s favorite, bee pollen. It is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and energy enzymes, herbs, minerals and probiotics for energy and mental clarity. Aloha’s The Daily Good is a like a dried green juice and is made from 14 fruits and vegetables. Be sure to avoide red wine, coffee, tea and berries up to two weeks before your wedding, for whiter, less sensitive teeth. Voilá, you are wedding day ready! b |



b eauty

Skin Therapy Hot new products for a flawless face By Mirella Cameran Cleanse, brighten, tone and moisturize with products designed to create a gorgeous glow.

Lancome Bienfait Multi-Vital Daily Replenishing Oil Award-winning blend of botanical essences, this sixantioxidant formula creates a youthful glow from within, leaving skin soft and radiant

dr.brandt pores no more Vacuum Cleaner This treatment sucks out the packed-in oil and debris using a blend of acids including oleanolic acid from African trees; botanicals iris and eijisu reduce the size of pores

Pond’s Cleansing Balm A new beauty editor favorite, this value-for-money balm outperforms the luxury brands. It gently and deeply cleanses your face by melting away makeup infusing the skin with moisture

Gua Sha Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor Stimulates circulation while depuffing, lifting and sculpting your face. A beautifying and healing stone, it is said to promote lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins and aid absorption of creams

24 |


Colorescience Total Eye 3-In-1 Renewal Therapy SPF 35 Like eight hours of sleep in a bottle, Colorescience brightens the eye area, reduces dark circles and puffiness and is chemical-free, 100% mineral, SPF 35 and fights UVA/ UVB rays

Farmacy Honeymoon Glow AHA Good for all skin types, this three-in-one night serum resurfaces, hydrates and clarifies the skin with lactic, glycolic, salicylic, citric, flower and fruit acids. Hyaluronic acid hydrates via a honey blend



Go Big

Pairing voluminous tresses with the perfect dresses By Mirella Cameran


ast July when Kaia Gerber (Cindy Crawford’s daughter) took to the runway at the Valentino Couture fashion show in Paris, she heralded the return of big hair. The legendary hairstylist Guido Palau created a ‘60s-inspired skyhigh and ultra-thick look which apparently took 50 wigs, 250 color processes and 150 hours of prep to create. So why is big hair back and how many hours do mere mortals have to devote to it? Stylist to the stars, Sam

26 |

McKnight says, “We have been embracing natural, undone hair for a while, it’s time for a change.” It’s true. For nearly 20 years, the predominant looks for every day and for weddings have been soft, natural waves, smooth blowouts and romantic chignons. The new “Big Hair Energy,” as it is being coined, may have been inspired by the recent female empowerment movement. Big hair suggests self-confidence, and not being afraid to be noticed. However it’s being embraced


by brides who want to match their special dress with an equally special hairstyle, which radiates confidence and joy. Voluminous styles are also almost universally flattering, they soften out features and always add glamour. Not all big hairdos, however, will complement every style of wedding dress, so think through the options. If a flippy, bouncy bouffant won’t work, consider a sky-high pony which cascades down your back. If you are set on an updo, a super-plumped, swept-to-one-side chignon will

take your look to the next level. If your mind is racing to worrying thoughts of 1980s perms, crimped hair and bad layered haircuts — stop. The new big hair is 1960s Hepburn-inspired and the essential arsenal consists of thickening spray, hairspray, Velcro rollers and a teasing comb. Hair accessories can really finish off the look. Statement bows and ribbons, diamanté clips with initials or words, and natural flowers are all pretty ways to add a personal touch. b



Mane Event

Haircare products to keep your crowning glory shinin’ and stylin’ By Mirella Cameran

Klorane Dry Shampooing Oil This hypoallergenic and vegan powder formula is so fine it eliminates oil and adds volume and texture without feeling gritty

DREAM COAT Anti-Humidity Treatment Damaged hair is porous and once moisture gets into the strand, humidity is hard to stop. This product (favored by Hoda Kotb) and activated by heat waterproofs the hair leaving it silky all day long

Aveda Color Conserve The lavender, geranium, grapefruit and other flower and plant essences in this formula naturally cleanses without stripping, helping to keep hair color vibrant longer

Joico Defy Damage Protective Shield A powerful new range credited with making your hair four times more resistant to damage from heat styling, UV exposure and environmental pollution and also prevents color from fading

28 |

Amika Reset Pink Charcoal Scalp Cleansing Oil A pre-shampoo scalp treatment combining vitamins C and A, antioxidants and healthy omega fatty acids, draws out impurities and removes build-up to encourage a healthy, balanced scalp


AQUIS Water Defense Prewash Hair is weaker when it is wet and more prone to damage. This formula makes hair hydrophobic, reducing hair swelling by 40% and maintaining the hair’s natural pH.



Heat Wave

The New Orleans heat and humidity is no match for this makeup By Mirella Cameran Keep your makeup on point even on the hottest, most humid days with heat-defying solutions.

La Roche Posay Respectissime Waterproof Mascara Tearing up isn’t a problem for this mascara made for sensitive eyes, apply and see your lashes become thicker, more separated and curved

Giorgio Armani Beauty Neo Nude A-line Blush Available in 30 shades, these new blushes are being called watercolors for the face. The water-based liquid color sinks into the skin creating a natural glow that goes all night

Physicians Formula Instaready Glide On Gel Eyeliner From this high value-for-money range, this quick-dry formula offers 24-hour smudge-proof and water-resistant flawless wear Estée Lauder Double Wear StayIn-Place Makeup Nothing can beat this 24-hour longwear formula which stays put through heat and humidity while feeling light and looking flawless

GrandeLIPS Plumping Clear Primer Create the perfect canvas for color with this no-sting formula infused with Volulip which plumps and extends wear time by four hours

Budge Proof L’Oreal Paris Unbelieva-Brow Long Wear Waterproof Brow Gel This tinted brow gel is sweat resistant, non-transferable and fills and thickens for up to 48 hours

30 |


Dior Addict Lip Tattoo Beauty insiders all agree that Dior’s first long-wear lip tint offers 12-hour, no-transfer, weightless color which fuses to your lips like a tattoo



Work It Out

Fun and fitness can go together with these rut-busting routines By Mirella Cameran


t might be the idea of being the center of attention for the day or knowing those photos will last forever. Either way, all brides want to look their best on their Big Day. So amidst all the wedding prep, many are adding new fitness goals to their to-do list. Working out can be hard to fit in, so it’s easy to get into a routine and do the same workouts week after week. This is an exercise in diminishing returns. After every three to four weeks, your body gets used to the exercise you are doing and the gains you were getting from the workout decrease. For maximum efficacy, you actually need to change your workout after this timeframe, so about every month. A new routine shocks your muscles, which have to work harder to complete the exercises. The best workouts are the ones where you are having so much

32 |

fun that time flies and you forget you are working out at all. Do you think that sounds too good to be true? Maybe, but the ones highlighted below might just prove otherwise. Go on, try one, you’ve got nothing to lose, except maybe a pound or two. City Surf Fitness

Rapidly spreading across the country, this workout combines strength training and cardio on a moving, stability-based surfboard. Classes are between 35 and 50 minutes long and promise to deliver a long, lean, confident surfer’s physique. citysurffitness. com Awakening Dance and Fitness Studios

There’s no doubt that aerial yoga and pole dancing classes are fun activities to try but they also offer killer workouts. This


facility receives rave reviews for a friendly staff and a welcoming environment. Instructors are recognized for their expertise and ability to break down moves to make them manageable for first timers.

which includes personal training and digital coaching, nutrition and recovery advice. The initial free consultation includes a discussion on fitness goals, an InBody muscle analysis, and a strength test on each machine.

Champs Boxing

I love kickboxing

Leave your wedding stress on the bag at Champs Boxing! The facility has 28 HydroBlast bags — ­ filled with water instead of sand — ­­ and are said to significantly reduce the impact on joints and hands. Classes are all boxing inspired and beginners to pros can all get a great workout within the hour classes.

Using kickboxing techniques, this gym in Gretna sets out to burn fat and tone muscle using methods used by professional fighters. The facility’s formula consists of a warm up with squats, lunges, burpees and more. Next, a stretching phase for when muscles are warm, followed by bag work and partner drills. The workout finishes with conditioning and a cool down. The website has an impressive collection of before and afters images to show some client’s results. b


Claiming to be more than a gym, this fitness center located near the Superdome is open 24/7/365. Trainers work with clients to develop a “wellness prescription”



Time is on Your Side Match the timeframe to your fitness goals for maximum results By Mirella Cameran


osing weight before your wedding has become as expected as wearing a special dress in some shade of white, but this might be the first mistake that brides make according to trainer and co-owner of Simply Fit, Hudson Ellis. “Not all brides need to lose weight but that doesn’t mean they won’t benefit from a fitness routine,” says Ellis. “Many of my clients want to tone up their arms, legs and abdomen so they will look their absolute best in their wedding dress and in their honeymoon photos.” However, many brides are successful at shedding pounds before their wedding, which is why, for example, seamstresses at Kleinfeld Bridal store in New York will typically take in a dress twice in the two months before the Big Day. So how do they do it? “It really depends on the amount of weight you want to lose,” says

34 |

Keith Director of Director Boxing. “Ten to 20 pounds within three months is doable but demands a lot of hard work and discipline with your nutrition. Anything over 20 pounds and you really need to allow at least six months to do it in a healthy, body positive way. “One thing that enables our clients [to] attain their goals, is working out in a group setting. It’s not just your coach you’re letting down if you don’t show up, but your friends and workout buddies who will be looking for you and texting you afterwards when you’re still lying in bed. That team mentality is a great motivator. “You also have to remember that your muscles have memory and after a while they start to adapt to the exercises you are doing. The muscles start to use less energy and the workout becomes less intense and less effective.


We combat this in two ways: we increase the intensity and change up the workouts. “We have so much equipment at the gym, from bands, balls, dumbbells, kettlebells and more, so that the exercise possibilities are almost infinite. We switch things up constantly to make sure your muscles are always firing at their full potential.” No matter how effective the workout, you also need to be disciplined. “Cardio burns fat for sure but strength training produces fat burning over a longer period, so my programs often combine HIIT (high intensity interval training) with weight-bearing exercises,” says Ellis. Experts agree that to see the biggest difference, you need 45 to 60 minutes of physical activity every day, five to six times a week. Ideally work with a coach, to

ensure you know how to do your chosen workouts safely and gradually increase the intensity over the first two weeks. It’s a good idea to wind down your workouts in the last two weeks before your wedding, to avoid injury and focus on something like yoga which provides more stretching and relaxation. Erin Romney, owner and instructor at Romney Pilates Center, urges brides not to forget about the long, lean benefits that Pilates provides. “Pilates is a wonderful way for brides to prepare to walk down the aisle,” says Romney. “Our exercises strengthen your core, lengthen your muscles and allow you to sit and stand taller. Good posture can help prevent headaches, tight muscles and back pain; it’s a really important practice for any bride to incorporate into her wedding preparation.” b |




Stock the Bar

Charming gifts to elevate the happy couple’s serving game By Andy Myer Photographed by Theresa Cassagne

Sleek Olivia & Oliver decanter and ice bucket, Bed Bath & Beyond,; etched gold double old-fashioned glasses, Hilltop Shoppe,; stamped Italian marble bee coasters by Gary Schiro, Nola Gifts & DĂŠcor,

Ceramic leaf platters handmade by local artist Betsy Lody, Judy at the Rink; floral mugs, Nothing Bundt Cakes,; decorative matchbox holder and floral embroidered linen cocktail napkins, Hilltop Shoppe,; custom-printed label cigars, Cigar Factory New Orleans,; handmade blessing beads by Missy Rooney, NOLA Gifts & DĂŠcor,

38 |




i nvitations

Airy Palette Invitations in light colors and gold for a classic combination By Andy Myer Photographed by Theresa Cassagne

Rich pearlized ivory stock accented with gold foil press, on pocket-style invitation with die-cut enclosures, Exquisite Events,

40 |



Traditional heavy Bristol stock engraved with a soft French blue ink; accentuated with a floral watercolor envelope liner,

42 |


Heavyweight paper, printed with cathedral design and gold ink on blush, with metallic gold shimmer envelope, Two Sprouts, |


Heavyweight white cotton stock with letterpress printed in dark green ink, accented with banana leaf liner and pale pink envelope, Scriptura, Heavyweight royalty sized ecru stock letterpress printed in-house in charcoal ink, |


Foil-stamped invitation and save the date; coral invitation is letter-pressed,

Engraved in sungold and graphite inks, this invitation features an embossed beaded border on a heavyweight ecru stock. The suite is brought together with a gold foil-dotted liner, Gem Printing,

46 |



48 |


In with the New

Contemporary wedding trends are all about cultivating special experiences for guests By Misty Milioto Photographed by Theresa Cassagne


edding planners specialize in curating the perfect Big Day that’s unique to each couple. They have the expertise, local contacts and their clients’ best interests in mind. That’s why it’s important to let the experts handle the details. Here, we speak to three local wedding planners — Amanda Price, owner and lead planner at Amanda Price Events; Emily Sullivan, owner and visionary at Emily Sullivan Events; and Elyse Jennings, owner and principal designer at Elyse Jennings Weddings — who share their insights as well as some of the hot trends becoming more popular today. For starters, the best piece of advice that each of these experts shares — aside from hiring a wedding planner — is to set a realistic budget. “Planning a wedding is all about compromise and communication,” Price says. “When you start the process, take some time to think about your must-haves and what things you are willing to be flexible on.” Also important during the planning process is to first develop a solid idea about what you want your wedding to say about you as a couple. For example, if you’re traditional and formal, you may prefer a lavish ballroom wedding. If you’re free-spirited and more excited about the reception, you may prefer a non-traditional outdoor venue. “[Think about] what adjectives will allow your guests to leave

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saying, ‘That was so perfect for those two,’” Jennings says. “Those descriptors should inform all decisions you make throughout your wedding-planning [process].” Trends are always changing, and it’s important to design a wedding that not only fits your style, but also one that isn’t outdated. “[My clients] are breaking tradition a little to create weddings that are more custom to their personalities,” Jennings says. “Maybe they aren’t having a church wedding, they are having a friend officiate, they are doing less bouquet and garter tosses and inviting less family so they can put more money toward the experience.” According to Price, one of the trends that has recently lost favor is rustic weddings with burlap, mason jars and chalkboards. Instead, couples are opting for lots of color. Fuchsia, lavender, coral and teal are popular for spring and summer weddings, while emerald, cobalt and violet are hot for fall and winter weddings. Instead of photo booths, many couple are choosing to incorporate mirror booths (for fun selfies) and roaming booths (where photography teams capture moments that can be shared via social networks). Another trend in photography is the “first look,” with many couples choosing to take those photos in advance. Couples also are choosing to have smaller wedding parties, or none

at all. For those who do, it’s customary today to see bridesmaids in dresses of the same color but different style. “We also love seeing the trend of grooms with unique elements in their attire: color in suits and tuxedos, custom cufflinks, floral boutonnieres and custom-made suits or tuxedos, such as pattern-lined jackets,” Price says. There’s also a newfound focus on sweets, with dessert buffets and late-night passed desserts — or any late-night snack — replacing the traditional groom’s cake. “We are seeing catering and bar experiences being cultivated as a part of the design and experience,” Price says. “People are paying attention to the presentation of the food and timing.” Just as important as the food offerings are the cocktails, especially here in New Orleans. “I am so excited about the craft cocktail, luxury ice and edible cocktail movement,” Jennings says. “This has become a new, creative way to welcome and wow your guests. Then designing a gorgeous bar setup with a custom bar front, bar back or fun sign describing the cocktails adds major bonus points.” Also popular today is the use of lounge sections, where guests can enjoy all of those great food and beverage options. “Creating a cozy environment for your guests to observe the dance floor or relax away from the noise is always a ‘yes’ in my book,” Jennings says. “It’s also a great place to add a pop of the wedding color through the pillows or even monogram them.” In terms of decor, Price is seeing balloon installations; specialty lighting, such as various shaped chandeliers, to enhance spaces; and hanging floral arrangements that feature lots of texture, such as pampas grass and amaranthus. “And velvet is everywhere — in attire, linens, shoes, guys accessories and more,” Price says. For those who are looking for something a bit non-traditional in terms of a New Orleans wedding, there are a number of appropriate options. Many couples are choosing eclectic venues, such as breweries, industrial spaces, museums and theaters for their weddings and receptions. Another way to add distinctive flair is to offer a tap truck or bubbles bar; live-action stations, such as tarot readers, caricature artists or glitter bars; and madeto-order food stations. Of course, after parties following the reception are de rigueur. A way to keep it fresh is to have your live band or DJ follow you there. Even better, have a DJ and a live band play together for some added pizazz. And for venues that have noise ordinances? “Bring in a silent disco for the end of the night to be able to stay later and continue to enjoy the party,” Price says, referring to the practice of giving guests wireless headphones to curb the sound. Another non-traditional aspect is to have a Friday night wedding. We know, this goes against anything you’ve ever heard. However, by doing so, you allow your guests to attend the ceremony and reception on Friday night, and then have a rehearsal rewind celebration party on Saturday. “This way, couples can enjoy the entire weekend with their guests and do a more laid-back event on Saturday such as a crawfish boil or party at a local brewery,” Price says. “Also, hosting your wedding at a venue where some of your guests can stay over the weekend ... allows the party to continue as long as you’d like — and you have the entire weekend to enjoy your closest friends and family.” Of course, there are some wedding trends that have stood the test of time and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Of these, first dances, second lines, statement cakes, floral centerpieces and candlelight top the list. Sullivan also lists ballroom receptions (but reinvented to truly reflect the couple), hedge walls, and champagne and signature cocktails as enduring trends. b |


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summer-autumn 2019


b r i d a l , b r i d e s m a i ds , me ns w e a r AND FLOWERS p.54

Caravelli navy three-piece tuxedo with black satin lapel at Tuxedos to Geaux. Facing page: Modern Mikado Silk ball gown by London-based Ellis Bridals, at James & B Bridal Outlet; Boudreaux’s signature Japanese Akoya pearl strand necklace, signature pearl and diamond earrings, L’Amour Crisscut diamond engagement ring and Crisscut diamond bracelet, both set in white gold at Boudreaux's Jewelers.

The Duch By Lisa Tudor Photographed by Theresa Cassagne Editorial Assistant Elizabeth Melancon Models Ann Smith, Carson Noriega, Morgan Olivier and Mary Leonards for Images Model & Talent Agency Makeup by Meggan Ory for Makeup by Meggan Cosmetics Hair by Monique Munoz Fine Jewelry by Boudreaux’s Jewelers Photographed at Il Mercato New Orleans, a Lower Garden District Venue

Pared-back, coveredup options inspired by the gown worn by the Duchess of Sussex join sleek and structured column styles, modern versions of corsets, goddess sheaths and regal ball gowns in the season’s runway mix

ess Effect

Theia Bridesmaids Kaylee strapless gown sampled in champagne and Haute Bride earrings at Town & Country Bridal; Wtoo by Watters Callie two-tone dress with shirred bobbinet overlay sampled in Misty Blue at Pearl’s Place. A mix of Quicksand roses, blush spray roses and white ranunculus in a round mound form, accented with tips of fresh rosemary, blue thistle and burgundy hypericum berry, with a collar of Japanese yew and an asymmetric cascade of English ivy, Fabulous Flowers;

Enzoani Norianna modern mermaid gown in stretch Georgette with illusion side panels and India beading at Linen Jolie Bridal; straight line diamond riviere necklace set in white gold; L’Amour Crisscut diamond bracelet and Crisscut diamond engagement ring, both set in white gold at Boudreaux’s Jewelers.

Ike Evening Dusk Blue Lane tuxedo by Ike Behar at John’s Tuxedos.

Hayley Paige ivory striped organza Decklyn ball gown with open back at Town & Country Bridal; Boudreaux’s signature floral diamond earrings set in white gold.

Joanna August Audrey dress sampled in Star Tulle Champagne at Bella Bridesmaids.

Bella Exclusive Lyonne dress by Jenny Yoo sampled in Cinnamon Rose crepe de chine at Bella Bridesmaids. This hand-tied, eclectic mixture contains pink mink protea, James Storie orchids, garden roses, eucalyptus and chocolate lace, The Plant Gallery;

Ceremony by Joanna August Michelle tulle gown sampled in Winter Song at Bella Bridesmaids; Haute Bride earrings at Town & Country; Jenny Yoo Spring '19 Drew dress in Enchanted Embroidered tulle sampled in Serenity Blue. The Jenny Yoo Collection is available to order at Wedding Belles, Bella Bridesmaids, Town & Country. A round textured bouquet of Quicksand roses, white hellebores, lilac sweet peas, lemon-scented geranium, white anemone, white O’hara garden roses and Silver Dollar eucalyptus, Kim Starr Wise Floral Events,

Monique Lhuillier Fall '19 Maeve silk ball gown with hand-appliquéd floral lace and separate long sleeve jacket at I Do Couture; L’Amour Crisscut diamond engagement ring at Boudreaux’s Jewelers.

Beaded lace appliqué illusion Ada gown with portrait neckline sampled in sand and ivory at Bliss Bridal; Boudreaux’s signature pearl and diamond earrings and L’Amour Crisscut diamond bracelet, both set in white gold at Boudreaux’s Jewelers.

Navy blue Collin tuxedo by Ike Behar with self-faced notch lapel shown with contrasting vest and tie at Top Hat Tuxedos.

Joanna August Bella Exclusive halter dress sampled in Tiny Dancer pink chiffon at Bella Bridesmaids and Boudreaux’s signature triple strand Japanese Akoya pearl bracelet with diamond catch; Jenny Yoo Tatum Enchanted Floral Embroidered Tulle dress sampled in Blush Sand Dune at Wedding Belles; Haute Bride earrings at Town & Country. The Cameron bouquet is a free-spirited array of high-quality silk white peonies and champagne blush ranunculus, sprinkled with light pink and peach roses. This organic mix is completed with light green hellebores and loosely -et forest fern, Something Borrowed Blooms;

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summer-autumn 2019

Watters Brides Carroll Beaded flocked dotted netting modern corset gown at Pearl’s Place; Boudreaux’s signature Japanese Akoya pearl strand necklace and pearl and diamond Ring. A lovely combination of white ranunculus, David Austin Patience garden roses, peach spray roses, Queen Anne’s lace, white hydrangea, variegated pittosporum and eucalyptus, IRIS floral + event design; |


Badgley Mischka floral embroidered lace Clarice gown with plunge Vneckline and open honeycomb pattern extending to its train at Linen Jolie Bridal; Boudreaux’s signature pearl and diamond earrings, L’Amour Crisscut diamond bracelet and Crisscut diamond engagement ring both set in white gold at Boudreaux’s Jewelers.

68 |

summer-autumn 2019

Ike Evening by Ike Behar Waverly ivory shawl tuxedo tipped in satin at Rome’s Tuxedos. |


Katie May Los Angeles maids gown sampled in Ballet at Bella Bridesmaids; Haute Bride earrings at Town & Country.

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summer-autumn 2019

Calla Blanche Maura lace gown with leaf appliquĂŠ and illusion panels sampled in ivory and Elite tulle skirt (sold separately) at The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe. |


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summer-autumn 2019 |

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Eau Claire Photographics


cak e s p.7 8


c u i s i n e a n d c o c kt a ils p.84 m u s i c p . 10 2



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ph o to g r a ph y p.9 8

de tails


Classic Confections Less is more with these elegant and understated cakes By Andy Myer Photographed by Theresa Cassagne

Chocolate cake with mousseline filling, covered in a gray marbled fondant with gold leaf fleck and gumpaste succulents, La Louisiane Bakery; |


Old-fashioned butter cake with praline-infused buttercream and fresh Lousiana pecans, iced with white fondant layover and silver trim, Gambino’s Bakery; |


White almond-flavored cake with pineapple and buttercream filling, iced in white buttercream, embellished with gold-tipped ruffles, Swiss Confectionary; |


de tails

Cu isine & cock t a i ls

Tap Truck NOLA

Clink and Sip

Cocktail trends for lively Big Day celebrations By Amy Gabriel


ou’ve tied the knot, now it’s time to tie one on. Give your guests plenty of reasons to clink glasses by setting the stage with creative cocktails spaced throughout the festivities. Here, a few on-trend tips that will have partygoers toasting from “kiss the bride” to “last dance.” Welcome Cocktail Wall

For visual impact, a wine or champagne wall is a way to capture guests’ interest and stoke immediate excitement. Quinn Richard, owner of Cocktail+Creative, suggests taking that concept and giving it a festive twist. “Wine walls are really pretty, but why not have something bright and inviting with a color that pops to get the party going,” said Richard. He recommends a refreshing hibiscus tea vodka punch for the flutes. “The bright red makes a great

84 |

contrast on the box hedges,” said Richard. “It also helps avoid a mad rush to the bar and makes a smooth progression into the party.” Cue The Cellos

Another way to create a memorable moment is to surprise your crowd with unexpected and new sip ideas. Richard suggests a play on a classic limoncello. “As a wedding cocktail, I think cellos are a great way to go,” said Richard. “They are so flavorful and make such great spritzers. You can add spices and nuances like thyme, tarragon or rosemary into a cello to make them bright and fresh and give them late season appeal.” Diamonds Are A Drink’s Best Friend

Getting creative with the ice used in celebratory libations is one way that Matt Ray, the beverage director


at Ace Hotel New Orleans, likes to wow guests. “Ice is a really attractive and inexpensive way to impress people,” said Ray, who has even seen punch bowls made entirely of ice. His most notorious foray into creative cubes came from a fun collaborative request from a couple who asked that the ice ‘looks pretty like a jewel.’ Said Ray, “I ended up making a very simple Old Fashioned-style cocktail, but I hand carved dozens and dozens of these ice-diamonds to put in the drinks. It looked beautiful, and honestly I don’t think they even cared what was in the drink. It looked impressive and that counted for a lot!” Tap Dance

An eye-catching mobile bar service makes a charming addition to your wedding cocktail service. Lenaye Doussan, operator of Tap

Truck NOLA — a refurbished 1951 Chevy panel truck owned by Central City BBQ — speaks to the seamlessness and speed with which her concept-on-wheels offers. “For me, at a wedding, the last thing I want to do is wait for a drink,” said Doussan, who works the truck alongside her wife, Elizabeth. “I can pull a cocktail in five seconds.” The truck, named Sandy, not only offers eco-friendly benefits by way of environmentally-conscious service, but is an Instagram-friendly way to serve up craft cocktails on the quick. “We can batch fresh local juice cocktails by the gallon for the taps,” says Doussan, who has batched everything from Hurricanes to Russian Mules. “This way you’re guaranteeing the taste of the cocktail is the same from the first drink to the 125th.” b |


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Cu isine & cock t a i ls

Keep on Truckin’

These local food trucks keep your after-party going well into the night By Misty Milioto


hy stop the party with the reception? After all, this is New Orleans and after parties are essential. Here are a few of our favorite food trucks that will keep your guests satiated — and the dance party hopping — all through the night. Burgers Ya Heard

Made-to-order, gourmet burgers made with seasonal ingredients? Yes, please. Burgers Ya Heard features everything from traditional burgers to the Burga-Laya (topped with jambalaya, rice, pepper jack cheese, crispy andouille sausage, grilled peppers and onions) to the Triple-B (topped with bleu

86 |

cheese vinaigrette, beets, bacon and spinach). La Cocinita

This local food truck focuses on contemporary Venezuelan-inspired Latin American street food. The traditional Mexican tacos are the most popular, as are the arepas, empanadas, arepitas and mini churro dippers with chocolate sauce. Sauce Boss

Sauce Boss comes to the barbecue rescue. Favorite menu items include the brisket sliders and the pork-loaded fries. For your after party, request the fried mac


’n cheese balls with house-made marinara sauce or the St. Louis ribs, as both are only available during private events.

shredded cabbage, radish, cilantro and crema, or seasoned braisedgreens tacos with potatoes, Cotija cheese, crema, salsa and toasted pepitas.

South In Ya Mouth

As its name suggests, South In Ya Mouth offers decadent Southern food that’s always a hit. Some of the most popular dishes include the crawfish mac ’n grilled cheese sandwich, poor boys of all types, gumbo fries, tofu nuggets and wings. Taceaux Loceaux

For all things taco, look no further than Taceaux Loceaux. Think slow-roasted brisket tacos with

Tanjariné Kitchen

Tanjariné Kitchen provides a menu of cruelty-free and healthy, plantbased whole foods inspired by the culinary traditions of Africa. The vegan menu features items such as the Mandela burger and baked curried potatoes; the Armstrong shawarma wrap; Marley jolly rice and stew (seasoned tofu and plantains); and Achebe bean soup. b |


de tails

Cu isine & cock t a i ls

Black Pearl Catering Co.

Perfect Palate

Stay on top of wedding food and beverage trends with these tips from local experts By Misty Milioto


ood and beverage presentation is key for a truly statement-making wedding. Of course, everything should be delicious, but, as more couples aim to create experiences for their guests, how that food is served is also gaining importance. Michelle Norwood, founder of Michelle Norwood Weddings, has planned nearly 100 weddings since starting her company in 2015. She says to remember that people eat with their eyes first, so it’s important to have fun and be creative in your options. “Chefs are becoming more creative with the foods served, and the styling of passed apps and stations,” she says. “Couples

88 |

are now looking for late-night snacks (such as tacos, mini sliders and fries), as well as raw seafood stations and dessert stations (think milkshakes, cotton-candy drinks, alcoholic sno-balls and beignet bars with dipping sauces). Signature cocktails are all the rage, and also the way they are served.” We spoke with several local caterers who weigh in on some of these trends, and who add a few of their own, so you can plan a delicious wedding of your dreams. Black Pearl Catering Co.

Co-owners Walker Geoffray and Katie Morris started Black Pearl Catering Co. almost three years ago also to provide personalized


catered food services. “We often create menus for destination clients as well as local couples who are looking for a cross between local New Orleans flavors and culturally diverse concepts or techniques that are more palatable to a diverse or adventurous consumer,” says Walker, who also serves as the company’s executive chef. Some of the most popular dishes from Black Pearl include fried shrimp Po’Baos (a cross between a classic New Orleans dressed po-boy presented on a housemade bao), tallow candles (an edible candle, fully lit on display, seasoned with garlic and herbs) and fried green tomato banh mis

(a combo Vietnamese banh mi and classic New Orleans fried green tomatoes). Catering d’Orleans

One of the newest players in the field, Catering d’Orleans, started this year as a way to provide personalized service and custom menu design. “Our standout items are true Southern favorites of chicken and andouille gumbo and crawfish étouffée, both of which have won awards for ‘Best of’ in New Orleans,” says Andrew Engolio, owner and executive chef. He has found that local ingredients and Gulf-to-table fare are now taking center stage. Echoing what Norwood says, a chilled and grilled Caitlin B Photography |


Pigéon Catering

station with raw oysters shucked onsite, as well as chargrilled oysters, and sweet and savory beignet bars, are now en vogue.

wines. It’s an easy way to show your guests that you’re thinking of all aspects of their enjoyment.” Pigéon Catering & Events

Little Bushel Catering Co.

Another caterer that is pretty new to the scene is Little Bushel Catering Co. The company started in October and has already catered a bevy of local weddings. “Most of the destination couples are coming from the coasts — California, Oregon, New York, Pennsylvania and D.C.,” says Reese Collins, owner and founder. “The food scenes there are wildly different than ours, and I wanted to bring those flavors into the fold, while still staying true to what New Orleans does best.” Her approach, and that of Chef Louis Parsons, is to have fun with food while keeping things simple. Collins also loves the idea of grazing tables, and she hopes the trend continues to evolve. “I spent almost a decade as a cheesemonger in the Philadelphia area, and I love that people are giving such thoughtful dedication to showcasing these extravagant spreads,” she says. “We’ve [also] come up with a solid collection of good, delicious, more boutique

90 |


A mainstay on the New Orleans catering scene is Pigéon Catering & Events, a company that started as a deli in the 1990s and has since catered nearly 300 weddings. According to Leah Berhanu, director of sales and marketing, the company first aims to understand the couple, where they are from and why they chose New Orleans for their wedding. “This says a lot about the style of the wedding and helps us create a fusion that their guests can enjoy, no matter where they are from,” she says. While Pigéon Catering & Events doesn’t necessarily follow trends, the company will change up the style of service for a particular dish. Staple items include boudin-stuffed pork and Bananas Foster. She also agrees that latenight snacks are a great way to surprise your guests. “At the end of the night, the party is always continuing on somewhere else, so a little to-go snack — like a muffuletta or a slice of cake — is always appreciated,” she says. b |


de tails


Get Thee to the Church

Hotel Peter & Paul in the Marigny offers couples various indoor and outdoor options for the Big Day By Alice Phillips


he circa-1860s Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church was shuttered in 2001 and sat empty for more than a decade. Today, the historic site is used under a different name: Hotel Peter & Paul and has landed on nearly every “Best of” list across the country for its rooms and the see-and-be-seen Elysian Bar. A joint project between New Orleans resident Nathalie Jordi and Brooklyn-based interior design firm ASH NYC, Hotel Peter & Paul’s grounds have four buildings: The School House, The Rectory, The Convent and

92 |

The Church. The Church is the heart of the site enclosed by towering stained-glass windows and rounded arches. The colorful, stained glass allows light to filter into the open room and onto walls with warm hues of rose, yellow and blue enhancing the aged beauty of the building. It is a romantic, quiet area that feels sacred even years after its initial closure. The spaces accommodate 200 people for a seated reception and 300 for a cocktail-style reception. Following the ceremony, guests can enjoy the rest of the site in


the courtyard or The Elysian Bar. There is an outdoor space, the piazza, where guests can enjoy cocktails in between the ceremony and the reception. The hotel’s preferred caterer is Bacchanal Catering, the same team behind The Elysian Bar. Outside food caterers are permitted for an additional fee. Couples can reserve room blocks for bridal parties or guests and can block off specific areas of the various buildings, allowing guests to, for example, book all seven rooms in The Convent or all five rooms in The Rectory. In total, there are 71 guest

rooms with color schemes inspired by iconic 14th-18th century religious paintings and tapestries. Each room was carefully designed and furnished by Jordi and ASH NYC to create a welcoming, oldworld feel where no two rooms are alike. The Hotel Peter & Paul awaits for couples desirous of saying “I do” in a romantic, historical setting. (Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this piece ran on the magazine’s daily blog, “Let Them Eat Cake.”) Hotel Peter & Paul, 2317 Burgundy St., 504-356-5200, b |


de tails


City Park

The Great Outdoors 10 outdoor locations that wow for your Big Day By Misty Milioto Photography by Mike Lirette


ere in New Orleans, the two most popular times of year to get married are March through June and October through December, with March and October being the busiest months. This is important to keep in mind when booking your venue, as it may be harder to secure. However, one thing is for certain: These months are so popular thanks to the beautiful weather. And no matter what your taste in outdoor venues, New Orleans has a variety of options from which to choose.

94 |

Here are some top local spots — each with its own distinct beauty and flair — to consider for your outdoor wedding this fall. Audubon Park

The epitome of a beautiful outdoor wedding, reception or rehearsal dinner is yours to be had at Audubon Park. Choose from a number of outdoor venues, such as the Audubon Tea Room Garden, Newman Bandstand, under the oaks at the Audubon Clubhouse or in Oak Grove, and other breath-


taking spots. The Audubon Event team is the first caterer in Louisiana to earn Green Certification through the Green Restaurant Association. 6500 Magazine St., 504-861-2537,

front gallery or in the pavilion, and outdoor receptions can be held on the illuminated rear patio. An added bonus: You and your guests can even book an overnight stay in the cottage. 2257 Bayou Road, 504-525-7040,

Benachi House & Gardens

For a truly magical setting, the Benachi House & Gardens fits the bill. The historic interiors, gardens and patios provide an idyllic setting for weddings, receptions and rehearsal dinners. Outdoor ceremonies can take place on the

City Park

For venues within a venue, City Park is the optimal choice for weddings of all sizes. Popp Fountain, the Peristyle, New Orleans Botanical Garden, and the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden all make |


Audubon Park

for gorgeous backdrops. There are also numerous bridges, and buildings with neoclassical revival and Art Deco styles, in which to frame your wedding photos. 1 Palm Drive, 504-482-4888, neworleanscitypark. com

long lush greenery with the 18th hole of the PGA course in the background. The venue will even supply chairs for the ceremony, and the event manager will help you secure other vendors to make the day complete. 1 Clubhouse Drive, 504-392-2200,

The Elms Mansion and Gardens

For an elegant wedding venue that will exceed your expectations, turn to the historic Elms Mansion and Gardens in the Garden District. The Italianate-style mansion is nestled among lush gardens and patios perfect for extravagant cocktail parties, wedding ceremonies and receptions with seated dinners. Expect fine silver, crystal, linens and gourmet dining. Receptions also include three hours with an open bar. 3029 St. Charles Ave., 504-895-9200,

Il Mercato

This European-inspired event space in the Lower Garden District features distinct architecture with grand arches leading from the indoor event space to a sprawling brick courtyard with outdoor fireplace. Meanwhile, touches like gas lanterns, reclaimed brick and French wall panels give the space a modern romantic aesthetic. 1911 Magazine St., 504-827-2400, Jackson Square

English Turn Golf and Country Club

For something a little different, book English Turn Golf and Country Club. Here, your outdoor wedding ceremony will be held among water fountains and year-

96 |

gorgeous flowers in the backdrop. Just remember to leave the rice and birdseed at home, as neither are permitted here. Be sure to hire a band for a second line, as the French Quarter is the ideal place to strut your stuff when heading to your reception site. 751 Decatur St., 504-658-3200,

As a public park, Jackson Square can be secured for weddings, but it also must remain open to the public. If you’re OK with uninvited guests, this is a stunning and historic place to say “I Do” with the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral and


Press Street Gardens

Managed by The NOCCA Institute, Press Street Gardens is a half-acre urban farm located where the Faubourg Marigny meets Bywater. In addition to the lovely gardens (think amazing photos and floral arrangements all in one), this venue can accommodate a wide variety of groups. There’s a large courtyard that can hold nearly 200 people, and an even larger lawn at the opposite end of the Gardens. The courtyard features picnic tables and a wooden shade structure that are great for creating separate event spaces. 7 Homer Plessy Way, 504-940-2986, pressstreetgardens. com

Race + Religious

Located in the Lower Garden District, Race + Religious is an event space featuring a collection of three buildings connected by a 2,500-square-foot brick courtyard with lush palms and a fountainflanked swimming pool lit by flickering gas lamps. There are working fireplaces, balconies overlooking the courtyard and downtown New Orleans, and exterior speakers. Talk about romantic! 510 Race St., 504-523-0890, Southern Oaks Plantation

Selected as a “Best of Weddings” winner by The Knot for nearly a decade, the antebellum-style mansion and meticulously landscaped grounds are the perfect location for a true Southern wedding. In addition to wedding ceremonies and receptions, this all-inclusive venue offers several enhancements, such as a Mardi Gras-style parade, a horse-drawn Victoria carriage and a fireworks presentation. 7816 Hayne Blvd., 504-245-8221, b |


de tails

p hotography

Moments Captured

How to find a photographer, work with one and get the best wedding photos By Fritz Esker Photography by Eau Claire Photographics


edding days go by in a blur. That’s why it’s important to have great pictures you can use to look back on the occasion as years go by. But just like anything else with a wedding, you need to find the photographer who is the best fit for you. Style and artistry are not the only things you should be looking at with your wedding photographer. Sandra O’Claire, owner and photographer with Eau Claire Photographics, recommends meeting prospective photographers beforehand. Have a cup of coffee with them to see if their personality gels with yours. “You’re spending your entire wedding day with them,” O’Claire

98 |

said. “You don’t want to be aggravated by them.” Beebe Tran, owner and photographer at Studio Tran, added that the relationship between a couple and their photographer goes well beyond the wedding day. “Photographers and videographers are the vendors clients deal with the longest,” Tran said. O’Claire recommends asking for a photographer’s full selection of photos from a wedding. On a website, you’ll only see a handpicked selection of the photographer’s best work. You should see how they performed for an entire wedding day. Be sure the photographer’s style matches what you want. Photographers have


different styles and skill sets. You wouldn’t ask a hip-hop group to play Kenny Rogers or Dolly Parton songs at your wedding and you shouldn’t expect a photographer to work in a completely different style. “Hire someone for who they are and what they’re showing you,” O’Claire said. “Make sure you really love their style.” Wedding venues can vary wildly in terms of size, lighting and architectural quirks. While it is not a necessity for your photographer to have experience shooting in your venue, it certainly doesn’t hurt. O’Claire recommends doing a walkthrough of your venue beforehand with your photographer if your photographer has not shot

in your venue before. People’s expectations can be higher than ever for their wedding photos thanks to social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest as well as wedding blogs. While it is fine to want beautiful pictures at your wedding, remember that many pictures on these websites are from super expensive weddings. “You have to visualize the wedding you’re having, not other people’s weddings,” O’Claire said. Tran said wedding blogs and social media sites can provide some inspiration for wedding photos, but if you are having a night wedding, you should not show your photographer pictures of sunset or daytime weddings as |


guidance. It is also a good idea to ask photographers ahead of time what they are willing to do in post-production. O’Claire said it’s routine for her to touch up photos afterwards, but some people will ask for more labor intensive tasks like photoshopping people into photos or taking weight off people in photos. For her, the latter tasks require an extra charge. So it is best to check your contract for what your photographer is willing to do for free after the wedding. In an increasingly online era, many people store their photos on the web or social media. Carolyn Arthurs, owner of All About Events, said this should not be your sole method of photo storage. “There is no guarantee that it won’t be lost somehow,” Arthurs said. “Believe in the power of Zuckerberg or not, you can’t realistically think Facebook or YouTube or Snapchat will survive forever. Archive your memories in

100 |


the most permanent way you can.” Videographers are more expensive than photographers, but Arthurs said it can be a worthwhile investment for you and future generations. She said she was delighted to see a color video from her parents’ 1965 wedding. It was nice seeing her parents when they were young, but it was particularly emotional to see her grandfather, who she had otherwise only seen in black-and-white photos, in color and moving. It made a man she never knew other than from her mother’s stories real to her. “Videographers are expensive, but the moving memories you capture can be priceless … Don’t spend more than you have,” said Arthurs. “If you can’t budget for a pro, hire a film student, or at minimum, have family or friends capture some video clips throughout to show who was there, alive and well and happy to celebrate with you.” b |


de tails


Dance the Night Away Tips from the pros to keep your guests on their feet By Fritz Esker


hen planning a wonderful wedding day, one of the most important considerations is music. A great reception is accompanied by great music. So it’s best to think ahead about what music option is best for you and your guests. As any New Orleanian knows, there is something to be said for live music. This is why many choose to go with a band for their reception. When picking the band, you should listen to them perform ahead of time. No matter how much friends or acquaintances may rave about them, music taste is subjective and you should make sure you enjoy their music. Susan Zackin, owner and creative director at Z Event

102 |

Company, said she has a litany of band-related questions she asks clients, ranging from “what is your budget?” to “what is the age range of your guests?” to “what venue will they be performing in?” and much more. Jack Kane, director of operations for Sapphire Events, said you should communicate with your band ahead of time about any specific likes or dislikes you may have. Kane said he had a client who hated Bruno Mars. So, it was important to tell the band ahead of time to not play any Bruno Mars songs. This piece of advice is also worth remembering if you hire a DJ. If there is a song you desperately want to hear at your reception for any of the big dances or just during


the night in general, tell the band about it as early as possible. Your favorite song may not be one they regularly perform. “But nine times out of 10, a band will be willing to learn to play a new song for the wedding at an additional cost,” Kane said. Like many aspects of wedding planning, bands can be costly. It can be difficult balancing a budget without sacrificing quality for those who insist on live music. “With bands, you get what you pay for and the best ones are at least seven pieces with their own sound and lighting and cost upwards of $4,000 to $8,000 for three hours,” said Carolyn Arthurs, owner of All About Events. “There’s an energy that’s unmistakable when you have a live band, though, and for some

people it’s worth the expense.” Some couples choose to have DJs play the original versions of songs through speakers. This is typically a more cost-effective option than hiring a live band. Arthurs said a local DJ will typically cost anywhere from $300 to $1,000. But Kane said some couples choose to bring in a prestigious DJ from out-of-state. If a couple does that, travel and lodging expenses for the DJ would nullify any savings from not hiring a live band. The biggest appeal DJs offer weddings is that they play the classic version of the songs. In some cases, couples will want to hear the Beatles sing “Twist and Shout” instead of hearing a cover band play it. A couple’s music taste can also play into their decision. Kane added that if the couple is into hip-hop, then a DJ is usually a better choice than a live band. There is a different option for those looking for the best of both worlds in the DJ versus live band debate. Fusion bands play a recorded version of the original singer, but with live band members playing the instruments. So you get to hear the voice of Elton John, John Lennon, Jason Mraz, or whomever while still enjoying the unique energy of live performance on the instruments. “When space is an issue, this is a great option,” Zackin said. Speaking of space, Zackin said this is an overlooked detail when picking musical options. Bands will have to fit multiple members, their instruments, and all necessary electrical equipment into a space. “Making sure there is proper space for the stage a band requires and also to have a suitable dance floor based on the size of the crowd attending is an important detail to not miss with your venue,” Zackin said. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to make your decisions well in advance. “You never want to be scrambling two weeks before the wedding,” Kane said. b |


de tails

transportatio n Motorcycle or Scooter

Get a fleet of motorcycles or scooters to carry you, your beloved and your guests to your wedding. Pick between classic Harleys, Indian Chiefs or BMWs on the motorcycle side or hop on a Genuine Buddy scooter with your pals and fly through the streets. Avenuescooters. com, Tandem bike

Prove your commitment to fun, whimsy and teamwork by renting a tandem bike on your Big Day. The American Bicycle Rental Company gets its bicycles made specifically for the wear and tear of the Big Easy’s streets, so that the beginning of your marriage isn’t too bumpy. Party bus

Getting There A handy guide to New Orleans’ many options to get you and your guests to and from the wedding Updated by Alice Phillips


on’t stress about how you’re going to make it to your wedding. With so many options for couples in New Orleans — whether you want to make it to your ceremony by land, air or sea — you can arrive in style. Each choice has its own charm and beauty and can be perfectly tailored to your wedding ceremony, so all you have to do is enjoy the ride. Horse and carriage

The classic New Orleans mode of wedding transportation, the horse and carriage, is the image of wedded bliss. Enter your ceremony as if you are in your own personal fairy tale. Royal Carriages has been a New Orleans institution since 1941 and provides several options to its guests.


They’re ubiquitous to weddings for a reason — the luxury and comfort of a limo is tough to beat. Sip champagne and settle into the rich leather interior while a chauffeur gets you to your destination in style.,, Rolls Royce

A classic Rolls Royce or antique Bentley exudes vintage luxury and style and allows you to transcend time. Arrive at your wedding in true elegance and enjoy the plush leather seating and complimentary champagne in VIP Transportation’s antique English motorcars., Pedi cab


Seat 40 to 50 of your guests in a classic New Orleans streetcar by chartering one from the city. You can create your own route, bring food and drink onto the streetcar and decorate it to your heart’s content. It’s a mode of transportation steeped in history but customizable to your goals. Business-Center/Streetcar-Charters

104 |

Whether it’s your main means of transportation for your ceremony, a bachelor or bachelorette party visit to the French Quarter, or you put a coupon for a free ride in your wedding gift bag, these chauffeur-driven bicycles provide a fun means to explore the city and offer a quick getaway when necessary.,


Why not rent a party bus? Champagne chillers, accent and fiber optic lighting, flat-screen TVs, a mirrored ceiling and a dancing pole — gasp! — (in case you want to show off your moves) are a few of the amenities. The buses range in size, running from 22-to-45 passenger limits, and Royal Coach will meet all of your specifications., Gondola – City Park

If you’re near City Park for your wedding, a gondola ride is a must. Glide through the smooth waters of the park and have a private, relaxing moment with your new partner in life and love. If you want to bring guests, the boat carries up to six. Yacht

Charter a yacht and party all the way to the altar. Watch the sun set and enjoy balmy breezes as you float through the waters of Lake Pontchartrain. If you’re up to it, have the captain of the ship officiate the wedding. The options are endless when luxury is your focus., Trolley

Don’t worry, you can still ride off into the sunset in a classic Crescent City trolley even if your wedding isn’t on one of the town’s main streetcar lines. Limousine Livery provides refurbished streetcars free of both cable restraints and pesky tourists. What’s more, the renovated vehicle’s cushioned seats are an enormous improvement from the city’s current hardwood offerings, so you can cozy up and cool off next to your new spouse without fear of splinters or snags in your swanky attire., b Beebe Tran with Studio Tran Photography |


106 |



Greer Gattuso Photo

real weddings

A l de r -Fag n a n i p . 110

| g r o s s - E h r h a r dt p.112

N e l ki n - K a ra m p.116

| Ma th e r ne -Ja q uilla r d p.114

| tullie r -pa tty p.118

r e a l wedding s

110 |

Alder- Fag n a n i

summer-autumn 2019


Bride: Jessica Alder Groom: and Justin Fagnani Date: April 21, 2018 Ceremony Location: Sully Mansion Reception Location: The Parlor at Hotel Pontchartrain Coordinator: Clark and Kelly (Kate Clark + Becca Kelly) Gown: BHLDN Florist: Pistil and Stamen Caterer: St. James Cheese Company Cake: Beth Biundo Photographer: Sharon Pye Photography Music: Chapter Soul Second Line Band: Young Pinstripes Lighting: Firefly Ambiance Transportation: NOLA Pedi-cab Graphic Design: Kate Clark Hankies: Gem Printing Umbrellas: Bella Umbrella Event Rentals: Yur Event + Firefly Ambiance |


r e a l wedding s

112 |

gross- Eh r ha r d t

summer-autumn 2019


Bride: Katelyn Gross Groom: Ryan Ehrhardt Date wedding: May 12, 2018 Ceremony location: Immaculate Conception Jesuit Church Reception location: New Orleans Board of Trade Gown: Stella York from Town and Country Bridal Bridesmaids’ dresses: After Six from Bella Bridesmaids Men’s Attire: Perlis Rings: Ramsey’s Diamond Jewelers Florist: Bee’s Wedding and Event Designs Caterer: Pigeon Catering Cake: La Louisiane Bakery Photographer: Lainey Reed Photography Videographer: Shotgun Films Hair: Abbie Pichoff of Axis Artist Salon (bride), Gina Cartaginese of Rouge Hair Salon Makeup: (stylist and salon) Meggan Ory of Makeup by Meggan (bride) Megan Marks of Beauty Marks Music: The Phunky Monkeys Second Line Band: Knockaz Brass Band |


r e a l wedding s

114 |

Matherne-J a qu i lla r d

summer-autumn 2019


Bride: Miranda Matherne and Groom: Paul Jaquillard Date: April 6, 2019 Ceremony Location: St Patrick’s Church, New Orleans Reception Location: The Roosevelt Hotel, Waldorf Astoria Ballroom Coordinator: Three Little Words Gown: Martina Liana, Town & Country Bridesmaid Dresses: Bill Levkoff, Bella Bridesmaids Men’s Attire: Rome’s Rings: Adlers Florist: The Plant Gallery Caterer: The Roosevelt Hotel Cake: The Roosevelt Hotel Photographer: Beebe Tran with Studio Tran Photography Videographer: Dyle Films Hair: Naomi Corass and Casie Caillouet, John Jay Salon Make up: Glam Nola Music: DPlay Other Vendor: Joyful in the Spirit of New Orleans Choir, sang outside of Church as Miranda and Paul exited |


r e a l wedding s

116 |

Nelkin- Ka r am

summer-autumn 2019


Bride: Ellie Nelkin Groom: achary Karam Date: October 13, 2018 Ceremony and Reception: Lagonda Plantation Wedding Coordinator: Wink Design and Events- Kim Tran Gown: Suzanne Neville-Wedding Atelier Bridesmaid Dresses: Jenny Yoo, Amsale, Dessy Collection, BHLDN Groomʼs Tux: Fellow Menswear Ring: Jack Sutton Florist: Bella Blooms Caterer: Imonelliʼs Cake: Chasing Wang Photography: Greer Gattuso Videographer: Andrey Solo Hair: Southern Roots Salon- Kelsey Beadle Makeup: Brandi Zito Music: Party Crashers Invitations: Scriptura Calligraphy: Maria Helena Calligraphy Bridal Crown: Stephanie Browne |


r e a l weddin g s

118 |

t ullier- pa t t y

summer-autumn 2019


Bride: Molly Tullier Groom: Charles Patty III Date: March 23, 2019 Ceremony and Reception Location: The Abby Rose Gown: Stella York, MaeMe’s Bridesmaids’ dresses: David’s Bridal Men’s Attire: John’s Tuxedos Rings Bride’s ring: Family Heirloom Groom’s Ring: Ramsey’s Diamond Jewelers Florist: Winn-Dixie Caterer: The Abby Rose Cake: Mad Batter Bakery Photographer: Mike Lirette Photography Hair: Heather Stephany and Maggie Brouillette Makeup: Gina Recotta and Denise Moran Music: Calfee Productions, On Fire Entertainment DJ And Photobooth |


Want to submit your wedding for our magazine? Check out how.... Do you want to see your wedding in these pages and share your Big Day with our readers and New Orleans? To be considered as a featured local wedding in New Orleans Bride Magazine, mail a CD or flash drive with high-resolution (4x6/300dpi) photographs. Below is a helpful checklist to ensure that you have included all of the correct materials.

what we need 1. A Word document of the following vendors: ___ Couple’s full name ___ Date of the wedding ___ Ceremony location ___ Reception location ___ Coordinator ___ Gown (designer and store) ___ Bridesmaids’ dresses (designer and store) ___ Men’s Attire (store) ___ Rings ___ Florist ___ Caterer ___ Cake ___ Photographer ___ Videographer ___ Hair (Stylist and Salon) ___ Makeup (Stylist and Salon) ___ Music ___ Any other vendor you would like to include

2. High-resolution (4x6 / 300dpi) photographs of: ___ Couple ___ Bridesmaids and groomsmen ___ Cake ___ Rings ___ Flowers ___ Ceremony ___ Reception ___ Wedding Favor ___ Second Line ___ Detail shots of shoes, dress, jewelry ___ Detail shots of the decor ___ Please include five other photos of your choice.

* Please send at least 10-15 photographs and Word document of your vendors saved to a CD or flash drive. * All CDs and flash drives will NOT be returned.



Please mail your CD or flash drive of photos and Word document of vendor information to: New Orleans Bride Magazine Attn: Tiffani Amedeo 110 Veterans Blvd., Suite 123 Metairie, LA 70005

New Orleans Bride Magazine reserves the right to choose the wedding and the issue in which it will be featured. Submissions are not guaranteed to be published and CDs and flash drives will not be returned. The bride, groom and photographer must give permission to use the photographs and information of the submitted wedding.

120 |

summer-autumn 2018

advertising section

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1st Lake Properties, Inc 504-455-5059, rentals@1st-lake. com, 12 Seasons Catering & Mr. Mudbug 131 23rd St., Kenner 504-465-9770 All About Eve 3501 Severn Ave, Ste 2, Metairie, 504-249-5974 Alert Transportation 3 Westbank Expressway, New Orleans, 504-362-4145, Antoine’s 713 St Louis St., New Orleans, 504-581-4422 Austin’s Seafood and Steakhouse 5101 West Esplanade Ave., Metairie, 504-888-5533, Axis Realty Group 2007 S, Clearview Pkwy Suite A, Metairie, 504-218-5958

Beth’s Florist & New Orleans Wedding Planners 2014 Clearview Parkway Metairie 504-455-2353 bethsflorist@gmail. com Bliss Bridal 4712 Magazine St., 504-5927507,, nola@ Boogie Booth Photo Booth Comapny PO Box 581, Mandeville, 504-4578033,, Brennan’s 417 Royal Str., French Quarter, 504934-3329, brennansneworleans. com Broussard’s 819 Conti, New Orleans, 504-5813866,, Calcasieu 930 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, 504-588-2188

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Capdeboscq Catering 1000 Allo Ave. , Marrero, 504-3418890,

BB King’s Blues Club 1104 Decatur St, New Orleans, 504-934-5464

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Backyard Printing (& Secondline Handkerchiefs) 1960 Surgi Drive, Mandeville, 985-231-7789, Backyardprinting@,,, Leslie McGoey

Club Pilates 2513 Metairie Road, Metairie, 504484-9650,

Bag of Donuts, 1-866-BOD-NOLA, (504-263-6652), Beau Rivage Resort & Casino 875 Beach Blvd., Biloxi, MS Michelle Kirn, 228-386-7155 Bed Bath and Beyond 800-Go Beyond Belle Amour Photography 1441 Fremaux Ave., Slidell 985-768-6603, nichole@Belle Amour, Belle Amour

Compass Point Erin Steen French, 504-366-1768, 985-969-4526, 200 Opelousas Ave, New Orleans, erin@ COMPLETE Weddings 10000 Celtic Drive O’Connor Building, Stage 1, Baton Rouge, 225-769-2229 Couvant - Eliza Jane 315 Magazine St., New Orleans, 504-324-5400 DAT BAND (504) 872-3925, Booking@, DatBandLA com

Dickie Brennan’s 605 Canal St., New Orleans, Restaurant directory: 504-2741958, Palace Café: 504-523-1661, Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse: 504-522-2467, Bourbon House: 504-522-0111, Tableau: 504-9343463 Dillard’s Bridal Registry 3301 Veterans Memorial Blvd #1, Metairie, 504-833-1075, dillards. com Eau Claire Photographics 141 Robert E Lee Blvd #331, New Orleans 504-432-7879, Emerald Grande 10 Harbor Blvd, Destin, FL, 850-424-0622 English Turn Golf & Country Club One Clubhouse Drive, New Orleans, 504-392-2200, jessicak@, Entercom 400 Poydras St., Suite 800, New Orleans, 504-526-3000 Exquisite Events New Orleans, 504-975-4089, Info@, Fabulous Flowers LLC. By Appointment, New Orleans, 504-909-0253, fabulousflowers@, Fair Grounds Race Course 1751 Gentilly Blvd, New Orleans, 504-948-1285, groupsales@fgno. com, Federal Ballroom New Orleans 147 Carondelet St., New Orleans, 504-587-2088,, Felicity Church 1220 Felicity St., New Orleans, 504-457-8513 Filmore In the Oaks 1040 Filmore Ave, New Orleans, 504-875-3787, filmoreintheoaks. com First Class Presentation Catering P.O. Box 3773, New Orleans, 504872-9398,

Four Points by Sheraton French Quarter, 541 Bourbon St., New Orleans, 504 -524- 7611 Gabby Chapin Photography Gem Printing Co. 1904 Veterans Blvd., Metairie, 504-831-1762,, Generations Hall 310 Andrew Higgins Dr., New Orleans, 504-581-4367, hector@, sschulkens@, Grow With Us Florist 106 Metairie Heights Ave., Metairie , 504-837-9449, flowers@growithus. com, Harvie Live Wedding Paintings 1204 S. White St., New Orleans, 985687-9106, info@harvieoilpaintings. com, Hampton Inn & Suites New Orleans Convention Center 1201 Convention Center Blvd., New Orleans, 504-293-1200, Haydel’s Bakery 4037 Jefferson Hwy., Jefferson, 504-837-0190, 504-837-5512, Heirloom Live Event Paintings 4401 Euphrosine, New Orleans, 504-812-1750, Higgins Hotel and Conference Center 945 Magazine St., New Orleans, 504-528-1944 House of Blues 225 Decatur St., New Orleans 504-310-4990, hobnolaweddings@, HOBSpecialEvents House of Broel’s Victorian Mansion and Gardens 2220 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, 504-522-2220, 504-494-2220, Hyatt Centric French Quarter 800 Iberville St., New Orleans, 504565-4537, frenchquarter.centric.

Hyatt Regency New Orleans 601 Loyola Ave., New Orleans, 504561-1234,, I Do Bridal Couture 4265 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge, 225-361-0377, ramsey@ Intercontinental New Orleans 444 St Charles Ave., New Orleans, 504-525-5566, Iris Floral + Event Design Studio 5331-B Canal Blvd., New Orleans, 504-304-4966, nicole@irisfloral. com, J Hospitality and Development, LLC 3330 North Causeway Blvd., Suite 307 Metairie, 504-503-1465, lguidry@neworleanshotelcollection. com Jacquelyn Eves – Hairstylist and Makeup Artist 504-390-8457, Jamalar Agency 3212 N Prieur St., New Orleans, 504-943-0353 James & B Bridal Outlet Brooke Ory & Jamie Lombardino, 1169-B Robert Blvd, Slidell, 985302-0755 Jared Osterhold Event Fine Arts 427 Royal St., New Orleans, 504383-5483, John’s Tuxedos 3200 Houma Blvd., Metairie, 504455-5353, Joe Gambino’s Bakeries 4821 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, 504-885-7500, email@, Just for Me Designs j4medesigns@gmail. com,, 504-812-2519 Karla Photography 504-655-3868, karlaphotography. com

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Kitchen Tradition 5517 Edmondson Pike, Nashville, TN 37211, 615-832-2387, Kim Starr Wise Floral Events 437 Philip St., New Orleans, 504-315-5607, kimstarrwise. com, fb: kimstarrwisefloralevents, instagram: kimstarrwise La Express Selfie Media, LLC 911 Oxley Street, Kenner, 504-4278882 La Maison Creole 1605 8th St, Harvey, 504-362-3908 Laurie Guidry Manning 504-503-1465, lguidry@ Limousine Livery 4333 Euphrosine St., New Orleans 504-561-8777, Linen Jolie Bridal 4114 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Loews New Orleans Hotel 300 Poydras St., New Orleans, 504-595-5316, Maison Dupuy Hotel 1001 Rue Toulouse, New Orleans, 504-648-6114,, Martin Wine Cellar 3827 Baronne St., New Orleans, 714 Elmeer Ave, Metairie, 504-8967351, Marche 914 N. Peters, New Orleans, 504586-2074 x 5027, Valerie Landry, Mike’s Golden Cleaners 807 Homestead Ave, Metairie, 504-835-0876 Millhouse Group 1905 W. Thomas St., STE. D356, Hammond, 985-206-9774 Mirepoix Event Catering 504-620-3751, MirepoixCatering. com Megan Crawford Photography, @megancrawfordphotography Napoleon House 500 Chartres St., French Quarter, 504-934-4704, Need A Ride Pedicabs 504-488-6565, New Orleans & Company 504-566-5011,, 2020 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans

New Orleans School of Cooking 524 St. Louis St., New Orleans, 504-525-2665

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Nolé Restaurant 2001 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA, 504-593-9955

Rome’s Tuxedos 3213 17th St., Metairie, 504-3247227,, Royal Event Rental 985-400-9416, 110 Campbell Ave, Unit 1, Mandeville,

Noel Marcantel NOPSI Hotel, New Orleans 317 Baronne St., New Orleans, Pre Opening Executive Offices, 935 Gravier St., Suite 120, New Orleans, Colleen Page, Director of Catering North Photography & HD Cinema 504-883- 8060, Northphotography. com NOLA Hotel Group 504-962-7220,,, hotelstpierre. com, Omni Royal Orleans Hotel 621 St. Louis St., New Orleans, 504-529-7022, omniroyalorleans. com Paradise Vacation Escapes 225-303-2240, shannon@, Pearl’s Place 3114 Severn Ave., Metairie, 504885-9213,, Pythian Market 234 Loyola Ave. New Orleans,, info@ Rae Caroline Photography Ralph Brennan Catering & Events Exclusive caterer for New Orleans, Opera Guild Home, 2504 Prytania St., Garden District, 504-539-5510, Ralph’s on the Park 900 City Park Ave., Mid-CIty, 504488-5100, Renaissance Photo NOLA 504-228-7508,, Rick King Photography 445 Laura Dr. North, Mandeville, 985-626-3614, rking@, Riverview Room 600, 4th level, Decatur Street, New Orleans, 504-525-3000

Royal Frenchmen Hotel & Bar 1614, 700 Frenchmen St, New Orleans, 504-619-9660 Royal Palm 1901 Manhattan Blvd., Building E, Harvey, 504-644-4100,, royalpalmfpc. com

The Cocoa Bean Bakery & Café 910 E Morris Ave., Hammond, 985345-2002, The Cannery 3803 Toulouse St., New Orleans, 504-486-8351, info@cannerynola. com,, The Chicory 610 S. Peters, New Orleans, 504-521-8055, brent.bogan@, chicoryvenue. com The Court of Two Sisters 613 Royal St., New Orleans, 504522-7261, The Crystal Vase 504-888-8891, crystalvaseflowers@,

Town & Country Travel Inc 110 Veterans Blvd. Suite 180A Metairie, 504-838-8702,, Tres Bien Photography 504-534-8737, tresbienphotovideo. com Tuxedos To Geaux 3400 16th St., Metairie, 504-4555393,, Up’Sa Daisy Hair Salon 3363 Severn Ave., Metairie, 504888-8466 Walton County Tourism 25777 U.S. Highway 331 South, Santa Rosa Beach, FL, 800-8226877

The Degas House 2306 Esplanade Ave., New Orleans, 504-821-5009,

Welch Photography & Video 1199 Girod St., Mandeville, 985845-8405,,

The Elms Mansion 3029 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, 504-895-9200, info@elmsmansion. com,

White Hall Plantation 100 Central Ave., Jefferson,, 504465-9770

Saintly Skin 4241 Veterans Memorial Blvd #7, Metairie, 504-475-5510, saintlyskin. com

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Sensible Meals 5150 Highway 22, Ste b5, Mandeville, 985-237-1011,

The Red M Studio 504-450-0065, info@,

Wyndham New Orleans French Quarter 124 Royal St., New Orleans, 504529-7211, wyndhamfrenchquarter. com

Smile Doctors, 800-864-1582

The Sweet Life Bakery 6268 Vicksburg St., New Orleans, 504-371-5153, info@nolasweetlofe. com,

Royal Sonesta New Orleans 300 Bourbon St., New Orleans, 504553-2205, RSNOsales@sonesta. com, RZ Productions 504-975-0817,, Cinematic Wedding Films

Stacy Marks Photography 1025 N Hullen St., Metairie, 504-237-2173, stacymarkswed@ Southern Swings Nail Salon and Spa 4422 Magazine St., New Orleans, 504-372-3485 State Farm - Taylor Lambert/ Torie Taullie 91 Westbank Expy Ste 395, Gretna, 504-366-0155 Steamboat NATCHEZ 600 Decatur St., Ste. 308, New Orleans, 504-569-1431, melissa@ Swiss Confectionery, Inc. 3700 Orleans Ave., New Orleans, 504-522-7788, mail@swisscakes. net, The Bridal Boutique by MaeMe 3331 Severn Ave., Metairie 504-266-2771, maemebridal@,

The Plant Gallery 9401 Airline Highway, New Orleans, 504-488-8887, kenny@, scanner., The Roosevelt New Orleans, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel 130 Roosevelt Way, New Orleans, 504-648-1200 Tomas Bistro/Tommy’s Cuisine 755 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, 504-527-0942, contact@, Town & Country Bridal 1514 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, 504-523-7027,, hello@, instagram: @ townandcountrybridal, Facebook: Town & Country Bridal Blanc Bridal Couture

Your Day Production Wedding Videographers, weddings@yourdayproduction. com, 504-273-0005, New Orleans 985-227-4579, Houma/Thibodaux •

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summer-autumn 2019 |


hone y m o o n


Bright Lights, Big City Chic, cosmopolitan locales for lovers who love the urban landscape By Becca Hensley


ou were thinking about a deserted island for your honeymoon. Until you weren’t. Because suddenly it sounded really boring to be stuck by yourselves on a romantic beach. You had to have a conversation then, and you asked yourselves, “Are we crazy? Why don’t we want to sleep in a suite on stilts above a cobalt sea?” You knew the answer. And, once you admitted it to one another, you felt infinitely more in tune. You knew you were meant to be together. Why? Because you are city slickers. What you crave in a getaway is a noisy urbanscape, a sprawling

128 |

city rife with hustle, bustle, horns, museums, skyscrapers, crowds, famous restaurants, monuments, theaters, concrete, history — and possibilities. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the world’s most people-thronged metropolises and a coddling, cosmopolitan hotel that embodies each destination. Here’s to urbanity! New York

It’s almost an urban cliché. But, you really will want to wake up (early) in this city that never sleeps to start exploring. If you haven’t been before, you’ll have a must-see list that should include Central


Park, Ellis Island, a Broadway show or two, a hard-to-wrangle reservation at a celebrity chef’s restaurant and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Some romantic dates around town must include: a ramble on the High line, a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge at dusk and drinks at a rooftop bar — there’s a plethora of them. Stay at The Lowell, a member of Leading Hotels of the World, and recharge in your classy Garden Suite. Its two private terraces, ideal for languid private brunches, and its wood burning fireplace, perfect for cuddling, may lure you to stay off the streets.

The-Lowell-New-York-NY Istanbul

In cosmopolitan Istanbul, take the ultimate Instagram selfie as you stand on two continents — Europe and Asia — at once. But, that’ s after you’ve sailed on the Bosphorus, dickered for rugs at the Grand Bazaar and toured the Blue Mosque. An extravagant, millennium-old, treasure trove of a city, Istanbul will make an impression. Arrive in style on Turkish Airlines, which flies direct from nine U.S. gateways. Acclaimed for their in-flight food service and business class lounge, the |



Cape Town

which exudes the splendor of a palace with mouldings, silver-leaf detail and an immense marble bathroom. dorchestercollection. com/en/paris/hotel-plaza-athenee/ Bangkok

airline has a white glove, limo transfer service for all business class travelers to and from the airport. Honeymoon like nobility at Çırağan Palace Kempinski Istanbul, the only Ottoman imperial palace hotel on the Bosphorus, reachable by yacht, helicopter and limousine. Take the Sultan Suite, a splurge with 24-hour butler service. ciragan-palace

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Berets, escargot, book stalls along the Seine, baguettes, gilded statues, the Eiffel Tower, flutes of champagne sipped at a sidewalk cafe — that’s Paris in a sexy moue. With some of the world’s best art museums, parks where you can play chess or sail toy boats on flower-rimmed lakes, sinfully glamorous boutiques and tempting bistros, this fashion-


able metropolis will make your jaws drop in awe. Some romantic moments to achieve? Take your photo at the Wall of Love, cruise the Seine at sunset, and picnic in Luxembourg Gardens. Tuck into Right Bank-style chic at Plaza Athenee, a grand damestyle hotel which has rooms that sport views of the Eiffel Tower. (Don’t miss its lights at night.) Be regal in the Haute Couture Suite,

As much of a symphony of flavors as a plate of Pad Thai, Bangkok smacks of largesse and layers. Orange-robed Buddhist monks, chanting voices and ornate temples contrast with polluting traffic, speeding motorcycles, tuk-tuks and the cacophony of millions of people haggling at once in various, warrenlike food markets. Graceful and chaotic, contemporary and ancient, friendly Bangkok invites those willing to tread into the exotic. Find your solace from urbanity’s frenzy at the Banyan Tree Bangkok in a Spa Sanctuary Suite, which offers the benefit of unlimited massages. For honeymooners, staff will create flower filled, aromatic baths, candle-lit dinners and lantern ceremonies. bangkok Cape town

A nucleus of classy chic, whose fast-paced, artistic cool, and urbane accoutrements are emphasized by the unparalleled nature

New York


ment districts and an adventurous multi-cultural culinary scene. Known as the Hollywood of the North for its edgy film industry, this hip urban space by the sea has an island park accessible by ferry, the Distillery District (its name says it all), food markets galore and a new Museum of Contemporary Art that’s garnering rave reviews. Romance seekers can lock in their love at Humber Bay Arch Bridge, take photos beneath the Distillery District heart statue and whisper sweet nothings atop the CN Tower. Check into Hotel X by Library Hotel Collection. You’ll swoon over the bi-level penthouse suite and ministrations organized by the Romance Concierge — such as surprise rose petals strewn on the bed or a private dinner with violin serenade. Mexico City

that wraps around it on all sides, Cape Town is worth the long flight to arrive. A melange of cultures, the city, once a hot spot on the spice route, embodies influences from indigenous people, European settlers and bygone Malay slaves. Find its melded largesse in the food, the art, the creative fear-

lessness and the upbeat attitude. Spend time further afield in the winelands — or take a post city trek on a safari in famed Krueger National Park. Indulge at The Silo, located at the V&A Waterfront, atop the Zeitz MOCAA, a temple of contemporary art. Nab the one-bedroom penthouse for its

views. Cure what ails you with the Rooftop Rendezvous, a massage, seductively enhanced with oysters and champagne for two. Toronto

Head to Canada’s most populous city to partake of lively entertain-

Glamorous, intellectual, artistic and historic, Mexico City evokes a kind of silver screen heyday glam even as it strides boldly into its contemporary renaissance version of a hip megalopolis. Sprawling, the city feels most welcoming at its core, where ancient Aztec ruins pair with gleaming skyscrapers and old school cantinas stand side-byside swanky mezcal bars. Start your honeymoon with some Spanish lessons sure to take you to the next level. Fluenz Spanish Immersion holds customized, one-on-one, week long sessions in leafy Polanco, a must-visit neighborhood. The all-inclusive program includes many meals and your lodging in a stunning villa setting. You’ll study hard during the day, then take part in free time activities together to practice — or join the school for VIP after-hours tours of museums and top local restaurants. fluenz. com/spanish-immersion b |


hone y m o o n

Deep in the Heart

Texas-sized fun in Houston and cruising out of the Coast in Galveston By Cheré Coen


lanning and executing a wedding and reception is a monumental undertaking, no matter the size. And while the honeymoon exists at the wedding’s conclusion for romance and relaxation, leaving the party to fly to a far destination may be just as stressful, especially if you arrive at an odd hour with sleep on the plane. The Woodlands outside Houston may be the perfect solution, a relaxing pit stop on your way to the final honeymoon destination. The planned community filled with high-end shopping, golf, award-winning restaurants and entertainment amidst acres of trees and green space is located only 20 minutes from George Bush Intercontinental Airport. “The Woodlands — it’s such a beautiful destination,” said Wendi Gelfound, director of marketing for The Howard Hughes Group in

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The Woodlands, which represents hotel properties. “It’s deliberately designed and there are trees everywhere.” Nestled away from the commercial side but only a short drive to the action is The Woodlands Resort with its golf course, bike, kayak and pedal boat rentals and fine dining at Robard’s Steakhouse which overlooks the greens. The enormous pool with waterpark and lazy river attracts families but there’s an adult-only pool as well. The resort also offers mixology and pastry classes and couples massage and nature-inspired treatments in the spa. Complimentary car service take visitors into the heart of The Woodlands, which includes the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, the shops at Market Street, and the resort’s sister property Westin at The Woodlands and its dining venues. Transportation to the


airport must be arranged ahead of time and additional fees may apply. “We can provide any form of transportation,” Gelfound said. “There’s no need to have a car.” Special packages for newlyweds include the Date Night Package, featuring a night in a guestroom or suite with dark chocolate truffles, a make-your-own martini amenity, a $50 dining credit and a rose petal turndown. The Spa Getaway Package includes deluxe overnight accommodations and the choice of two 50-minute spa services per room. Gelfound has a background in science and wellness so she encourages newlyweds to take advantage of the 200 miles of wooded pathways and trails and the many water features throughout The Woodlands, a great way to relax and recover from the months planning a wedding.

“Spending time in nature is pure medicine,” she said. “Research proves it.” Cruising out of Galveston

For those catching a cruise out of Galveston, both the Hotel Galvez and The Tremont House offer park and cruise packages. Park your car at either hotel, enjoy overnight accommodations and hotel staff will drive you to and from the cruise terminal. The two Wyndham Grand Hotels located in historic buildings feature luxury accommodations, fine dining and exquisite bars with a spa at The Hotel Galvez. The Tremont House exists in the heart of downtown Galvez while the Hotel Galvez fronts the Gulf of Mexico. Ships that sail from Galveston include Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Disney Cruises. For more information, visit galvestoncruises. com. b |


c he c k l i s t

Check It Twice There’s a lot that goes into wedding planning, so don’t feel bad if you’re having a hard time keeping track of it all. Use our handy checklist to stay organized illustration by Shaina Anderson

10-12 Months To Go __ You’re engaged! Make sure you celebrate with your fiancé, friends and family. __ Nail down the basics. Where are you getting married? Who’s paying for what? What is your budget? How many guests will be there? __ Alert the wedding party. Decide who you want in your wedding party and ask them as soon as you can. __ Pick the date. Check with your family members and wedding party before you make a final decision so there are no huge time conflicts.

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__ Find a wedding planner. If you’re planning on using a wedding planner, find one in the early stages. He or she will make all the craziness more manageable. __ Book your ceremony and reception location. Where you get married will affect a lot of your planning decisions, so reserving a place should be at the top of your to-do list. __ Insure your ring. Your engagement ring is special, but it’s also expensive. Make sure you get it insured, just in case. __ Book officiant. Make sure your preferred officiant has your wedding date on the calendar.


__ Write thank you notes for engagement gifts. You will most likely receive a few gifts right after your engagement. Send a thank you note for each gift within three months of receiving it. __ Take engagement photos. Book a session with a professional photographer so you have a few nice photos of you and your fiancé for save-the-dates, newspaper announcements and more. Some photographers will include an engagement shoot with a wedding package. __ Pick your colors. Think about your wedding colors and the overall look of your day. Are you going for a classic look or trendy? Vintage

or glamorous? Your color scheme will guide you through other big decisions, such as the bridesmaid dresses and the groomsmen’s ties.

bands is usually less stressful than shopping for an engagement ring, but carve out a time when you and your fiancé can go look together.

6-9 Months To Go

__ Finalize the rehearsal dinner. Once you’ve decided on the location, book your rehearsal dinner.

__ Interview and select vendors. Make sure you book the “big ticket” items, such as the photographer, the caterer, the florist and the entertainment, early. __ Send out save-the-dates. The typical rule on sending save-the-dates is six months before your wedding, but send them earlier if you’re inviting a lot of out-of-town guests so they can book flights. __ Go dress shopping. You need an appointment at most wedding boutiques, so call a few of your favorite stores to set up a time. __ Register. Register at two or three stores. Choose items at a variety of prices so everyone can find something they can afford. Add more gifts than you think you need so your friends and family have some options. __ Think about the rehearsal dinner. It’s customary that the groom’s parents host the rehearsal dinner. Talk to your future in-laws about possibilities. __ Schedule transportation. Book a limo, trolley or another form of transportation to shuttle your wedding party from the hotel to your ceremony location. Decide whether you need transportation for your guests to get from the reception to the hotel at the end of the reception. __ Plan your honeymoon. If you’re going out of the country for your trip, make sure you and your fiancé have up-to-date passports. __ Figure out your rentals. Rentals depend on the location of your wedding, but if you’re responsible for common rental items such as chairs and plates, make a list of everything you need and where you’re going to find each item. __ Book a block of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests. If you’re not familiar with the hotel, ask a hotel representative to show you a room and don’t forget to inquire about a group rate. __ Order bridesmaid dresses. If your bridesmaids live far away, give them plenty of time to buy their dresses and get them fitted.

4-5 Months To Go __ Buy wedding bands. Shopping for wedding

__ Reserve a wedding night hotel room. Where are you staying for the wedding night? If you’re not leaving for your honeymoon immediately after the reception, decide where you want to stay for the night. __ Get your dress fitted. Your wedding dress is one of the most important dresses you will wear in your life, so it should fit impeccably. Many brides plan up to three fittings. __ Decide on attire for the groom and groomsmen. Talk to your fiancé about what he wants to wear and what will match your overall color scheme. Keep the time of day in mind when researching options. __ Check in with your vendors. Make final decisions with your vendors and update them on new wedding information, such as when they should arrive. __ Order your wedding cake. Taste a few cakes before you decide on your final choice. Talk to your fiancé about a groom’s cake if he wants one.

2-3 Months To Go __ Mail out the invitations. Double check with the post office that you have enough postage. Many wedding invitations require more than one stamp. __ Solidify the catering menu. Whether you’re doing heavy hors d’oeuvres or a sit-down meal, verify the final menu. __ Schedule your hair and makeup team. Find a good hair stylist and makeup artist to help you and your bridesmaids get ready for the day.

One Month Before __ Send your wedding party an itinerary. Make sure your family and friends know where and when to be for the wedding day so everyone shows up at the right place at the right time. __ Enjoy a facial. Everyone reacts differently to facials. If you’re planning on getting one, schedule it a few days before your wedding, or do a trial run months before.

__ Get your marriage license. Head to the Orleans Parish Marriage License Office in Benson Tower (1450 Poydras St., Suite 407) for your marriage certificate. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:15 a.m. until 3:15 p.m. Visit for requirements. __ Set up your second line. If you’re planning to second line at your wedding, you’re going to need a permit. Call the New Orleans Police Department Special Events Section at 658-7100 to schedule everything 15 to 20 days before your wedding day. You can also email questions to __ Practice your hair and makeup. It’s best to practice with your hair stylist and makeup artists ahead of time so there are no surprises on the big day. Plan your trial run for a day you want good hair, such as your bridal shower or bachelorette party. __ Finalize the guest list. Send a final headcount to your caterer and any other vendor who needs the number.

One Week Before __ Double check with your vendors. Touch base with everyone one more time to remind them where to go and to answer any last-minute questions they might have. __ Remind friends and family of their responsibilities. Assign duties to your wedding party or other loved ones. Who is the contact for the photographer? Who is making sure all guests get a favor? __ Get a manicure and pedicure. This can be a great bonding experience with your bridesmaids, mom and future mother-in-law. __ Put together a welcome package. If you have a lot of guests traveling for your wedding, ask the hotel if you can put a welcome basket or bag in their hotel room for when they arrive.

The Wedding Day __ Find a way to relax. Whether you go for a run or read a book in the morning, find a way to keep stress to a minimum. __ Make sure you eat something. Brides always say, “I never had time to eat anything!” Give yourself some time during the reception to have a bite. __ Have fun! You’ve made it through all the planning, now it’s time to celebrate. Enjoy your first day as a married woman. b |


La g ni a ppe

Belly Up to the Bubbly Bubble Tap trailer brings Instagrammable whimsy to your cocktail or wedding reception or after party By Melanie Warner Spencer


our Big Day presents countless opportunities to plan big and little surprises for your guests. It’s those moments that make an unforgettable day even more memorable. Delight your guests during the cocktail or wedding reception or perhaps the after party with libations from the Bubble Tap trailer. The charming and highly-Instagrammable vintage

canned ham camper trailer serves as a mobile bar with everything from up to 110 glasses of the bubbly stuff including Prosecco, draft beer and root beer, as well as flat wines (think white, red and rosé). Bonus: It’s also an eco-friendly alternative to bottles and there’s not beverage waste. Cheers! Britney Tarno photo