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12 products to bring healthier skin

Our 15th compendium

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Dress for Success’ ninth annual “2018 Suits & Salads Luncheon”

(Back row) Co-Chair and Dress for Success Board Member Leigh Thorpe, Honorary Chair and Director of Marketing Saks Fifth Avenue Steven Putt, Co-Chair Lisa Irons Representing Co-Presenting Sponsor Capital One, (seated) Co-Chair Stacy Melvin Representing CoPresenting Sponsor Ochsner Health System and Honorary Chair and Vice President/General Manager Saks Fifth Avenue Carolyn Elder for Dress for Success’ “2018 Suits & Salads Luncheon.”

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co n t e n t s



Our skin shows the journey of our lives. Take your skincare in a positive direction with these local products, starting on pg. 55.

St. Charles Avenue’s Registry of Charitable Events May-August 2018 Compiled by Morgan Packard Griffith



St. Charles Avenue’s Weddings

Beauty Fix Navigate your way to healthier skin

Crumley – Gallo; Ellis – Peters; Fletchinger – Higgins; Flynn – Lawrence; Stewart – Kerrigan

by amy gabriel Photographed by Eugenia Uhl

Profiles by Mirella Cameran

On the Cover Co-Chair and Dress for Success Board Member Leigh Thorpe, Honorary Chair and Director of Marketing Saks Fifth Avenue Steven Putt, Co-Chair Lisa Irons representing Co-Presenting Sponsor Capital One, Co-Chair Stacy Melvin representing Co-Presenting Sponsor Ochsner Health System and Honorary Chair and Vice President/General Manager Saks Fifth Avenue Carolyn Elder invite you to attend

Dress for Success’ “2018 Suits & Salads Luncheon” on Friday, May 11 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. This year’s event will honor Client of the Year Daviauna Morrell, and feature “A Toast To Mothers”; a keynote panel discussion by speakers Carolyn Elder, Ellen Macomber and Crystal McDonald; a silent auction; an Empowerment Fashion Show Presented by Saks Fifth Avenue; and a raffle courtesy of Friend and Company.

Proceeds from the 2018 luncheon will help Dress for Success meet its goal of suiting more than 400 women annually. The organization’s mission is to empower women by providing professional attire, a network of support and career development tools to help them thrive in work and in life.  For more information and to purchase tickets call 891-4337 or visit NewOrleans. DressForSuccess.org.

Photograph taken in the Fifth Avenue Club at Saks Fifth Avenue. All looks styled by Steven Putt and Meaghan Bonavita courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue. Special thanks to DFS President Meaghan Bonavita. Photographed by Jeffery Johnston

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co n t e n t s

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Editors’ Notes

Entertaining with Bev



Making a difference

Bike Easy: Making it easy, safe and fun

Philanthropic Fun

16 Kids play

Picnic Pleasures: Family fun in the green outdoors 18

Caribbean Carnival Third annual “Bal Masqué” featured a festive Haitian and Caribbean theme, menu and music. 24

Rockin’ in Red The American Heart Association encourages local women to take charge of their heart health. 34

Ballet in Black and White Ballet Resource And Volunteer Organization of the New Orleans Ballet Association presented a three-night gala. 26

Service-Driven Dining A fundraiser for New Orleans Women & Children’s Shelter supported local families. 36

What’s Hot

Mother’s Day 20 On the Menu

Tantalizing Toasts: Chef Chip Flanagan of Ralph’s On the Park shares their Shrimp & Crawfish Toast 20 The Dish

The Audacity of Soft-Shell Shrimp: And other spring favorites

4 st. charles Avenue May 2018

Porcine Partying: A wedding that benefited “Hogs for the Cause” 62 Young Bloods

Wade Watson: Founder, Pontchartrain Mushrooms 64 Student Activist

Mariah Smith: Benjamin Franklin High School 66 Shop Talk

Roy & Jennifer Lacoste: Owners, Blo Blow Dry Bar 67

Grecian Greatness The annual “Sugarplum Ball” featured a journey to ancient Greece in support of modern technology. 28

Celebrating the Carnegie Campaign After a lengthy competition, the LPO celebrated its opportunity to shine in NYC at Carnegie Hall. 38

Good Apples Eight outstanding community members were honored as “Good Apples” for their commitment to social justice. 30

Culture and Community The CAC recognized artists, performers, educators and philanthropists at “SweetArts 2018.” 40

Twin Passions The NOCCA Institute hosted a record-breaking gala to benefit the Daniel Price Memorial Fund. 32

A Long Legacy of Giving The 2018 JCRS gala honored Executive Director Ned Goldberg. 42

Shop Talk

Arnold Molano: General Manager, Select Stone 68 Snapshots

84 OnStage calendar

88 Nostalgia

Goodwill Gestures: Remembering New Orleans’ “Mission to Mexico”

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8 st. charles Avenue May 2018

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b e v ' s n ot e

We are so proud to present Dress for Success and their incredible fundraiser, “Suits & Salads” on our cover this month! Thanks to Co-Chair and Dress for Success Board Member Leigh Thorpe, Honorary Chair and Director of Marketing Saks Fifth Avenue Steven Putt, Co-Chair Lisa Irons Representing Co-Presenting Sponsor Capital One, Co-Chair Stacy Melvin Representing Co-Presenting Sponsor Ochsner Health System and Honorary Chair and Vice President/General Manager Saks Fifth Avenue Carolyn Elder for gracing our cover! “Suits & Salads” will bring together more than 450 men and women at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on May 11 to support Dress for Success. Their mission is to provide disadvantaged women with professional attire, a network of support and career development tools to help them thrive in work and in life. Doors open at 11 a.m. and the program, which will begin at noon, will honor Client of the Year Daviauna Morrell, and feature “A Toast To Mothers”; a keynote panel discussion by speakers Carolyn Elder, Ellen Macomber and Crystal McDonald; a silent auction; an Empowerment Fashion Show Presented by Saks Fifth Avenue; and a raffle courtesy of Friend and Company. DFS President Meaghan Bonivita tells us that it’s a perfect time to support DFS because they’ve just signed a new lease for their building at the corner of Carondelet and Josephine streets and are starting a new capital campaign. For more information and to purchase tickets call 891-4337 or visit NewOrleans.DressForSuccess.org. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so check out What’s Hot featuring everything from jewelry to shoes. If you’re looking for something Mom will really love, consider a gift that includes a consult by Dr. Elizabeth Riggs, who offers facial enhancement procedures, such as Botox and dermal fillers in addition to restorative and cosmetic dentistry from her Garden District office on Magazine Street. Book your consult today by calling 891-1115 or visiting SmilesByRiggs.com. You will love our annual compendium of local weddings from the past year – it’s our 15th year! From familiar faces to far-away places to last October’s hurricane scare, we know you’ll enjoy reading all about how these couples enjoyed their big day. As you’re planning nonprofit events to host and attend, look to our annual “Registry of Charitable Events: May-August 2018.” If you don’t see your event, please fill out the form now: MyNewOrleans.com/CharitableEvent. We try to be the clearing house for all major nonprofit in the city, but you have to tell us when your event is for us to include it! Revolutionizing the New Orleans Beauty Scene, Spafoo was founded by local, entrepreneur Alicia Reynaud, who has been in the New Orleans beauty business for 18 years. Alicia wanted to break out of the traditional salon model in the same vein as trendsetters Uber and Lyft to bring convenience to beauty services. Once you download the free app on your phone and register, services are only a tap away! Hair, nails, make-up, massage and personal training are all provided on location, your home, office and hotel room! Spafoo has over 30 licensed beauty professionals in the New Orleans metro at your fingertips. Download the mobile app today on iOS or Android! Have a great start to summer and have fun!

Beverly Reese Church

10 st. charles Avenue May 2018

Starring Bryan Batt, An Act of God, directed by Maxwell Williams, will run May 11-27 at Le Petit Théâtre, located just off Jackson Square at 616 St. Peter St. After many millennia, and in just 90 minutes, God (assisted by His devoted angels), has arrived back on Earth to address some of the deepest

questions that have plagued mankind since Creation. “Transcribed” by 13-time Emmy Awardwinner David Javerbaum, An Act of God is the Broadway smash-hit comedy from the creator of, well, everything. For tickets and information, visit LePetitTheatre.com or call 504-522-2081.

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m o rga n ' s n ot e

May is always an interesting month: it isn’t the hottest it’s going to get, but you’ll often find yourself sweating; it’s the end of the school calendar, but doesn’t feel like it’s time to jet off on vacation; and while it starts with Jazz Fest, most of our local music talent is on tour by the time the month ends. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot going on around town! This issue includes our Registry of Charitable Events for May-August 2018, which I compiled personally. There are 16 nonprofit events listed in May alone! And though they dissipate a little as the temperatures rise (and hurricane season begins), there are plenty of fundraisers, along with festivals, picnics, concerts and parties, that will fill our days. If you don’t see your nonprofit event in these pages (or if you want to get a head-start on submitting your September-December 2018 events), please fill out our online form: MyNewOrleans. com/CharitableEvent. Each form comes to me, and we use the information you submit to create our calendars, determine coverage and even decide next year’s covers! These little forms (I promise, they don’t take long to fill out) are the breadand-butter of our magazine, and I encourage you to take the (short) time to fill one out for each nonprofit event you have on the horizon. This month also brings us Mother’s Day. This will be the first Mother’s Day that I can actually look at my child. I want to expect it to feel different, and I know that in some ways it will, including the physicality of chasing my crawling son around my husband’s family’s annual lunch. Last year he was in my ever-growing belly and now I can barely keep up with him, which has made me incredibly aware of how quickly time passes. So my Mother’s Day present to myself is that I’m going to make a point of stepping back, taking a deep breath and try and to consciously live in the moment. Because, in my mind, it’s those memories – the somewhat everyday moments with family and friends smiling and enjoying each other’s company – that we take with us through life, and there can never be too many of them. So get out into our beautiful city and enjoy making memories with your loved ones!

Morgan Packard Griffith

12 st. charles Avenue May 2018

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m aki n g a d i ffe r e n ce

Bike Easy Making it easy, safe and fun By Catherine Freeman

When our children were around 4 years old, I remember spending a lot of time searching for activities to tire them out so they’d take a good nap, but also offered a safe place for them to have freedom from the triple jogging stroller they seemed to live in. My dreams were answered when the three proclaimed they’d like to learn how to ride bicycles. Lugging the tiny bicycles and helmets to Audubon Park was well worth it once I realized they could ride blissfully for hours – but getting to that point took more time and patience than I imagined. Once they’d graduated from riding in the grassy fields, they ventured onto the bicycle path and boy, was that terrifying. I still feel awful about the lady one of my boys crashed into while swerving aimlessly along. Their skills eventually improved, but what stuck with me was the undeniable lesson that learning the joys of biking only happens with education and teamwork. Bicycling in New Orleans hasn’t always been very safe or accessible. However, in recent years it’s hard not to notice new bike lanes, bike routes – like the Lafitte Greenway – and over 600 “Blue Bikes” stations around town. In 2003, well before the emergence of these bicycling enhancements, nonprofit Bike Easy was formed by friends and bicycling enthusiasts who aimed to make “bicycling easy, safe and fun for everyone in Greater New Orleans.” Now in their 15th year, it’s evident that while Bike Easy has contributed greatly to safer bicycling, the organization has goals to inspire an even greater impact through continued focus on three key strategies: education, community and advocacy.

14 st. charles Avenue May 2018

With the tremendous increase of bicyclists in New Orleans, Bike Easy believes it’s imperative bicyclists of all ages and abilities have access to education and safety programming. Their education programs aim to empower all people – bikers, walkers and drivers – through learning the rules of the road, skills for riding in traffic, how to maneuver the new bike lines around town, tips for walking around New Orleans and more. Each year Bike Easy conducts over 75 community education events in schools and neighborhoods led by trained League Cycling Instructors and hopes to complete education programs annually with all fourth graders in New Orleans public schools. Bike Easy is also bringing people together by organizing a variety of community building and social programs including signature events, like the annual Bike To Work Day and Bike Easy Challenge. With 650 current members and a goal to reach 1,000 this year, Bike Easy depends on its public volunteer support financially, but also to conduct its important advocacy work. Focusing on building grassroots power to

influence policy and budgeting for bicycling at the city, state and federal level, Bike Easy is making our streets safer to share. Executive Director Dan Favre explains, “Here at Bike Easy, we believe in the power of bicycling to help create a healthy, prosperous, resilient and equitable future for all people in Greater New Orleans. We love to share the joy of bicycling with everyone and aim to make it an easy choice for transportation and recreation. We also know that streets safe for bicycling are safe for walking and vice versa. We look forward to the day when people of all ages and abilities throughout the region can bike, walk and transit safely and comfortably.” n

A little more … Visit BikeEasy.com for information on becoming a Bike Easy Member or how to join the Bike Easy Second Line May 20, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

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Ki d s Pl ay

Picnic Pleasures Family fun in the green outdoors By Brittany Kennedy

It is that time of year that we all cherish because we know how fleeting it is: those brief, wondrous weeks of warmer temperatures but not an ungodly heat that signifies daily thunderstorms and constant desires to occupy and move from one airconditioned space to another, which is why now is the perfect time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. While many adults and tourists are strolling Magazine Street or attending one of the many festivals, this time of year is the perfect chance for young children to enjoy the several green spaces in town. While parks and gardens are known for events and amenities, perhaps the best way to enjoy them is with a family picnic. As the school year winds down and the days start getting longer, it’s the perfect time to grab a few pounds of crawfish, some sandwiches or even just your favorite take-out dishes and head outside. The best part about picnicking is that it can be as elaborate or as simple as you want. While you want to at least bring along bug spray and sunscreen (it is still sunny and spring after all), a ball and glove, some bubbles and any four-legged members of the family turn what (in my house) is often a rushed and crazy time leading up to the dinner hour into a quality time as a family. While the Fly (technically called Audubon Riverview Park) can be crowded with university students and families in the spring, it’s far less visited on Monday through Wednesday evenings. Meanwhile, the very high level of the Mississippi River in recent weeks makes the views even more impressive. While there are a few tables nearby, you

16 st. charles Avenue May 2018

definitely want to pack a blanket and bug spray for this outing, but the views – particularly of the sunset – are well worth it. A list of places to picnic would of course be remiss if I didn’t mention both Audubon and City parks, which are large and expansive, offering picnic tables and shelters in case the impromptu outing gets interrupted by the pop-up rainstorms that typify the season (OK, let’s be honest, that typify New Orleans). The famous large oaks at both provide plenty of shade as the temperatures start warming up going into May. Meanwhile, both parks have ample playground equipment, and, in particular, Audubon’s new play structure designed with special-needs children in mind is worth a visit in itself. For those of you that find yourself closer to the French Quarter, Woldenberg Park and Crescent Park are both great options. For food, grab a sandwich at one of the many stalls in the French Market (in my experience, they really appreciate and enjoy local business) and head either upriver or down to these sprawling riverfront spaces. Crescent Park boasts a large shaded patio, but there are lots of benches and spaces to explore. While Woldenberg doesn’t have

many tables, there are plenty of benches and steps to sit on. When the weather is very warm, kids can run through the ground-level fountain outside the aquarium to cool off. While I’ve chosen to focus this article on Uptown and Downtown, I’ve only scratched the surface of the amount of parks in this city. It is a rare and fortunate thing to have so much green space in an urban setting, so get out there and enjoy the closest one to you before we hit the dog days of summer. n

Just the Facts ... Parks: Most of the parks in this city close at sunset, which is between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. in May. Check out social media and websites in case events are planned in your favorite spots. Favorite Places to grab a Picnic Dinner: Rouses (4500 Tchoupitoulas St.) and Big Fisherman (3301 Magazine St.) have crawfish daily throughout the season. Tasty sandwiches Uptown can be found at Gracious Bakery (2854 St. Charles Ave.) and Stein’s Deli (2207 Magazine St.). If you’re downtown, my favorite French Market stall for sandwiches is Alberto’s Cheese and Wine Bistro. They make a mean grilled cheese that will please your pickiest eater. Check out FrenchMarket.org for kid events as well.

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wh at ' s h ot

Mother’s Day By Amy Gabriel

Whether she taught you how to tie your shoes, balance your checkbook or make the perfect sweet tea, she’s always been there. The woman you hold nearest and dearest deserves to be celebrated. This Mother’s Day, treat the most cherished female role models in your life to heartfelt gifts that reflect your admiration and their personal style.

Select photos by Cheryl Gerber

wh at ' s h ot

1. Dressed up or down, this short sleeve knit with the unique accents will be her favorite new go-to top. LOFT, 3301 Veterans Memorial Blvd., 832-7277, Loft.com

� �

2. A sandal to suit her fun loving personality, this fringy pair will have her stepping lightly into summer. Head Over Heels, 3112 Magazine St., 603-3234, HeadOverHeelsOnline.com 3. Toast the woman who matters most with handpainted glass oyster flutes. Lucy Rose, 600 Metairie Road, 218-7368; 3318 Magazine St., 895-0444; 534 Chartres St., 2670305; ShopLucyRose.com 4. A raffia and cotton canvas tote with glass bead embellishment is perfect for a sunny day stroll. Anthropologie, 333 Canal St., 592-9972, Anthropologie.com 5. An 18 karat white gold diamond ring with a 2.02 carat cushion cut fancy yellow diamond surrounded by brilliant white diamonds is a gift that’s sure to make her mouth agape. Boudreaux’s Jewelers, 701 Metairie Road, Metairie, 8312602, BoudreauxJewelers.com

6. She will swoon over a sterling silver iced tea couture charm. Cristy Cali, Adler’s, 722 Canal St., 523-5292; 3301 Veterans Blvd., 5235292; 862-6652; CristyCali.com

7. Travel becomes a breeze with this colorful floral essential hanging cosmetic bag in dusk meadow. Lilly & Co., 2513 Metairie Road, 324-3593 8. It is always the perfect time for a gift as chic as the CLUSE La Bohème mesh gold and eggshell watch. Monomin, 2104 Magazine St., 827-1269, Monmin.com 9. Straight from Paris with love, the white glass and ceramic flower diffuser will have her entire entryway scented with jasmine and vanilla. Relish, 600 Metairie Road, B, 309-3336, RelishNewOrleans.com

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on the menu

Tantalizing Toasts Chef Chip Flanagan of Ralph’s On the Park shares their Shrimp & Crawfish Toast

Shrimp & Crawfish Toast ¼ pound shrimp

Crab Boiled New Potatoes

1 Tablespoon Creole seasoning

5 pounds new potatoes

1 egg white

1 gallon water

¼ cup heavy cream

1 quart crab boil

½ teaspoon lemon juice

6 lemons, halved

4 slices pan de mie (white bread)

2 oranges, halved

8 ounces crawfish tails, cooked and peeled

Combine all ingredients except potatoes in a pot and bring to a boil. Once liquid is at rolling boil, add potatoes and cook until tender. When potatoes are cooked, chill them on a flat sheet pan in the refrigerator. Reserve liquid.

1 Tablespoon unsalted butter Pickled okra *recipe below Crab boiled new potatoes *recipe below Chili crème fraiche *recipe below Combine shrimp, Creole seasoning, garlic and lemon juice in a food processor. Once shrimp mousse starts to form, add egg whites and continue to purée. Pour in heavy cream and pulse until fully incorporated. Remove from food processor and spread 2 ounces of mixture onto each slice of bread. Lightly fry shrimp mousse toast in a 350-degree oil for approximately 3 minutes with mousse side of the bread facing down. Flip bread over and fry for 1 more minute. Pull toast out of the fryer and place on a dry towel to soak up excess oil. Melt butter and sauté crawfish tails until warmed through. Season with a pinch of Creole seasoning.

Pickled Okra

Fermented Chili Crème Fraiche 3 Tablespoons house fermented chili hot sauce (or Sriracha) 8 cups house crème fraiche (or sour cream) 1 lemon, juiced Combine all ingredients and mix in a large bowl with a whisk until hot sauce is fully incorporated. Chill.

To Plate: Cut toast slices in half and place 2 pieces each on 4 plates. Spoon 2 ounces of crawfish tails over the plated toast. Garnish with okra and new potatoes. Top with 1 teaspoon of chili crème fraiche.

Serves 4 as appetizer

3 pounds fresh okra 8 garlic cloves 4 lemons, halved 4 cups apple cider vinegar 4 cups water 6 Tablespoons kosher salt 2 Tablespoons sugar

20 st. charles Avenue May 2018


Ralph’s On the Park, 900 City Park Ave. 488-1000, RalphsOnThePark.com

Combine all ingredients except fresh okra in a pot and bring to a boil. Place okra in a plastic container and set aside. Once mixture comes to a boil, pull the pot off the stove and pour the pickling liquid over okra. Chill mix in an ice bath and store overnight.

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the dish

The Audacity of Soft-Shell Shrimp

Soft-Shell Shrimp appetizer at Perino’s Boiling Pot

And other spring favorites By Jyl Benson

Crustaceans grow by shedding

22 st. charles Avenue May 2018

photo by Mike Lirette

their shells and growing into new ones that they secrete around themselves. For a brief period of time the new shells are soft and edible. The molting process is most familiar with soft-shell blue crabs, the season for which is just starting to roll in. Soft-shell shrimp are much harder to come by. They are visually indiscernible from shrimp that aren’t molting, they don’t keep or transport well and they deteriorate quickly. Shrimpers hoard them for themselves. On the rare occasion when I’ve seen the precious specimens offered at a restaurant, it has been as a special with a hefty price tag attached. This changed recently when I went to Perino’s Boiling Pot. Here, soft-shell shrimp are offered as an appetizer every day on the printed, laminated menu. To make such an audacious move, the Perino family needs the assurance of an infallible source for those rare specimens. The soft-shell shrimp on offer at their eponymous eatery are brilliantly fresh and briny, fried with only

the thinnest of crackly batters that serves to accent the shrimp’s natural flavor. What is more, they’re offered for a relatively thrifty price of $15.98 for a dozen. Pass on the ketchup and tartar sauce for this feast: no enhancements are needed. Add a side of Perino’s razor-thin onion rings and a half-dozen of their simply amazing charbroiled oysters for the perfect meal. A friend recently turned me on to the daily happy hour at Superior Seafood. Every day, 4-6:30 p.m., frozen cocktails, including the addictive frozen French 75 (gin, Champagne and fresh lemon juice), are two-for-one and cold, salty oysters are $.50 apiece. Sit outside if the weather is fine, but know that the unadulterated views of a beautiful stretch of St. Charles Avenue are visible through the large picture windows while still enjoying the comfort of air conditioning. The restaurant’s festive bistro environment is established largely by the spectacular 32-foot zinc bar, which was crafted in Petoux, France, salvaged from Paris and shipped to New Orleans with great fanfare. n

New Orleans Wine & Food Experience 655-5158 NOWFE.com Perino’s Boiling Pot 3754 Westbank Expressway, Harvey 340-5560 PerinosBoilingPot.com Superior Seafood 4338 St. Charles Ave. 293-3474 SuperiorSeafoodNola.com

Try This: Starting the Wednesday before and running through Memorial Day weekend, the New Orleans Wine & Food Experience will once again present more than a dozen wine and food seminars, hands-on experiences, wine dinners, the Royal Street Stroll, Vinola wine auction, Grand Tastings and Sunday brunches. New this year: Wine tasting 101: A Sensory Tasting; Louisiana Caviar, Oysters & Champagne; Road Crossing (a journey of all things charcuterie led by Master Chef Rene Bajeaux with Italian cheese accompaniments from Nor Joe Import Co. and French and Italian wine pairings); Have Your Steak & Eat it, Too (chef Isaac Toups of Toups’ Meatery and Toups South will teach how to break down a ribeye using techniques to create different cuts using locally sourced Louisiana beef with pairings of Bordeauxstyle blends from Ancient Oak Cellars). Zum Whol! (Oktoberfest in May at Bratz Y’all Biergarten in the Bywater with German wine, beer, schnitzel, strudel and brats). dThe Spirit of New Orleans seminar will be held on Friday, May 25, at the Southern Food & Beverage Museum in La Galerie de L’Absinthe and includes a special absinthe tasting. New Orleans was once dubbed the absinthe capital of the world, so come celebrate New Orleans’ 300th anniversary with this special seminar. The absinthe cocktail has been taboo throughout history, surrounded by legends of hallucinations and mystery. It was illegal in the United States from 1912 to 2007. Guests are invited to engage with the mystique of absinthe by tasting it for themselves and learning about its history and its complicated relationship with wine. From May 29-June 6, the week following NOWFE, the Southern Food & Beverage Museum will offer half priced general admission tickets to all NOWFE attendees. Make sure to bring your credentials with you to enter at this price.

stcharlesAvenue.com 23

ph i l a n t h ro pi c fu n

Caribbean Carnival


Third annual “Bal Masqué” featured a festive Haitian and Caribbean theme, menu and music. By Shelby Simon

Guests at the third annual Link Stryjewski “Bal Masqué” experienced an evening of extraordinary food and beverages with a host of chefs and cocktails benefiting the Link Stryjewski Foundation, which addresses the persistent cycle of violence and poverty as well as the lack of quality education and job training opportunities available to young people in New Orleans. A host of participating chefs each presented a unique dish for patrons to enjoy, including selections by Frank Stitt of Highlands Bar and Grill; Mike Lata of FIG; John Currence of City Grocery; Andrea Reusing of Lantern; Richard Reddington of Redd; Paul Kahan of Avec; Suzanne Goin of Lucques; Nina Compton of Compère Lapin; and Maggie Scales of Link Restaurant Group. Mixologist Neal Bodenheimer from Cure Co. presented Caribbean-inspired and classic New Orleans cocktails. The celebration of Caribbean, Cajun and New Orleans Carnival featured RAM, a drum-roots-driven powerhouse band from Portau-Prince, Haiti. Other musical entertainment was provided by Lost Bayou Ramblers, Cha Wa and Roots of Music. Key auction highlights included: a Hermes/Krewe D’Etat Mardi Gras Parade Package for eight at Herbsaint; a crawfish boil by Billy Link with rosé and cold beer for 20 people; a private tour of Preservation Hall and an after-hours reception DJ’d by Aracde Fire’s Win Butler; a Caribbean Dream Vacation with chefs Donald Link, Stephen Stryjewski and Nina Compton; “The Ultimate Saints Experience” with Steve Gleason; and a Pappy Van Winkle Four Bottle Collection. Preceding the event, on January 19, the “Chefs’ Dinner” included a menu featuring chef Nancy Oakes at Calcasieu. The four-course meal featured Dungeness crab, tiny veal meatballs, zabuton with new potatoes, Meyer lemon “drop” puddings and a finale of mignardises including matcha crinkle cookies, ginseng snaps and espressohazelnut shortbread. n



Event at a Glance When: Saturday, January 20 Where: Sugarmill

1. Chefs Ross Dover, Levi Raines and Nina Compton with chef and Host Stephen Stryjewski 2. Eric and Bethany Paulsen 3. Mayor Mitch and Cheryl Landrieu 4. Denise and Tony Joachim with Megan and Rhett Mouton and Tamica Lee 5. Poppy Tooker and Graham Gibby 6. Fred Holley, Emma Herr, Jill Marie and Chris Kenyon

24 st. charles Avenue May 2018

Photographed by JEFF STRO UT

What: “Bal Masqué,” benefiting Link Stryjewski Foundation




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ph i l a n t h ro pi c fu n

Ballet in Black and White


Ballet Resource And Volunteer Organization of the New Orleans Ballet Association presented a three-night gala. By Shelby Simon

The annual BRAVO gala benefited the operating funds of the New Orleans Ballet Association.This year, BRAVO’s three-night gala package celebrated the return of the internationally reclaimed artists of Monte-Carlo’s 50-member national ballet company, Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo, for the first time in over a decade, as the first stop of three on its North American tour.The weekend of the BRAVO gala and “Roméo et Juliette” by Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo at the Mahalia Jackson Theater on February 24 was in celebration of the city’s Tricentennial, and the exquisite performance was NOBA’s gift to New Orleans and the anniversary. In attendance at the gala was the Ambassador of Monaco to the United States, Her Excellency Maguy Maccario-Doyle. Guests were joined by Honorary Benefactor Dinner Chair First Lady Donna Hutto Edwards, who spoke at the dinner. Executive Chef Yvan Didelot of the Hyatt Regency New Orleans and Michelin-starred Executive Chef Benoit Witz and chef Luc Gamel, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2000 of the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo provided a four-course dinner.The Benchwarmers provided musical entertainment, and guests participated in the raffle of a stunning necklace and received a treasured gift, both provided by Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry. At the gala, outgoing General Manager of The Windsor Court Hotel, David Teich, was presented a special award by Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry for his many years of support of NOBA. A champagne pull of bottles of champagne valued at up to $100 a bottle with gift certificates from Patrick’s Bar Vin, as well as other items, including Waterford champagne flutes. One lucky winner received a tour of the Brennan’s wine cellar with champagne served. Gala Co-Chairwomen were Jacquee Carvin and Teresa Guzzetta, who attended with husband Dr. Don Guzzetta. BRAVO President Sandra Chaisson attended with husband Joel Chaisson. Honorary Gala Chair was Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser. n



Event at a Glance What: “Une Affaire d’Avant Garde: En Blanc et Noir,” benefiting BRAVO of NOBA (New Orleans Ballet Association) When: Friday, February 23

1. Gala Chair Jacquee Carvin, Ralph and Ashley Mahana and Gala Chair Teresa Guzzetta 2. Jenny Hamilton, Mayor Elect Latoya Cantrell, Ryan and BRAVO President Elect Stephanie Burks 3. Joel and BRAVO President Sandra Chaisson with Frances and Honorary Consul of Monaco Calvin Fayard 4. Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo Artistic Director Jean-Christophe Maillot, Ambassador of Monaco Maguy Maccario-Doyle and Pamela and Warner Williams 5. Gayle Dellinger, LBMC dancer Stephan Bourgond, Tiffa Boutte and LBMC dancer Christian Tworzyanski 6. Chad Berg, Virginia Eckholdt, Ashley Stagg and Bill Bennett

26 st. charles Avenue May 2018

Photograph ed by Jeff Strou t

Where: Hyatt Regency Hotel




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ph i l a n t h ro pi c fu n

Grecian Greatness


The annual “Sugarplum Ball” featured a journey to ancient Greece in support of modern technology. By Shelby Simon

The theme of this year’s “Sugarplum Ball” was a “Grecian Gala,” presented by the Lemoine Company, which welcomed guests through an entrance of Grecian ruins and columns, emerging into an ethereal world of white with gold accents. The VIP tent was designed by Décor Chairs Alecia Holinga, Florie Claire Snyder and Kristen Stewart to be a comfortable, yet formal lounge setting with a champagne wall and entertainment by Harry Hardin’s three-piece jazz band. VIP food was provided by Brennan’s and Ralph’s on the Park. Forty-six New Orleans restaurants set up along the bayou, including Galatoire’s, Cavan, Pascal’s Manale, Byblos, Taceaux Laceaux, Clancy’s, Carrollton Market, Vincent’s Italian Cuisine and Drago’s. Patti Constantin Designs in Catering created a bread, cheese, meat and olive oil spread in the raffle room, where a pearl, diamond and sapphire bracelet donated by Valobra Jewelry was also on display. The ballroom, draped entirely in white, revolved around golden statues of Greek deities holding signs with high-level sponsors, which served as photo opportunities. The Lemoine Wing continued down a candlelit walkway, ending at the Specialty Cocktail bar, where guests could sip the Nectar of the Gods cocktail. The dance floor was on fire with the tunes from The Boogie Men. As the highest grossing “Sugarplum” to date, the proceeds this year are going toward the purchase of a robotic arm (ROSA) that performs minimally-invasive brain surgery on children. The event honored Marriott International for its ongoing support of Children’s Hospital through the Miracle Network – a relationship that has continued since 1987. Guests included Event Chairs Jessica Schulman and Cherie Moore, accompanied by husbands Jordan Schulman and Ryan Moore; hospital CEO John and Marye Nickens; hospital Board Chair Elwood Cahill; Candace and Will Lemoine; Ryan and Lauren Haydel; Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser; Ashley and Ben Gootee; Denise Buford; Tommy Centanni; David Roussel; Melanie Loomis; Ainsy and Donald Wood; Ann Heslin; Prissy and Ron Emonet; Tommy and Brandi Gennusa; Aundrea and Scott Daly; Stacy and James Guest; Lisa and Charles J. Ballay II; and Sharon Drucker. n



Event at a Glance When: Saturday, March 3 Where: Hellenic Cultural Center

1. Event Co-Chairs Jessica Schulman and Cherie Moore 2. Ann Heslin, Cherie Albro and Jamie Cangelosi 3. Jim Oliver, Robert Bray, Frank Romano and Joe Blanchek 4. Karey Haslauer, Lisa Ballay and Sharon Lo Drucker 5. Brent and Denise Buford 6. David Haydel Jr., Ryan Haydel and David Haydel Sr.

28 st. charles Avenue May 2018

Photograph ed by Gil Rubman

What: “Sugarplum Ball – Grecian Gala 2018,” benefiting Children’s Hospital




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Good Apples


Eight outstanding community members were honored as “Good Apples” for their commitment to social justice. By Shelby Simon

Louisiana Appleseed hosted its largest-ever “Good Apple Gala” with more than 250 in attendance in support of the organization’s mission to engage professionals to solve Louisiana’s problems at the root cause. This year’s “Good Apples” consisted of Community Honorees and Pro Bono Honorees recognized for tremendous generosity and impact on social justice. Community Honorees were: Chief Justice Bernette Johnson of the Louisiana Supreme Court, Alan Philipson and Kenneth Polite of Entergy Corporation. Pro Bono Honorees were: Caroline Crosby and Lillian Grappe of Phelps Dunbar; Sam Ford of Scott,Vicknair, Hair and Checki LLC; and Patty McMurray of Baker Donelson and her daughter Madison McMurray of UVA Law School. Louisiana Appleseed also premiered a video by Crista Rock Productions, which featured Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Watson, residents of the Lower 9th Ward, explaining how the organization helped them get the correct legal paperwork to save their family home. The Event Committee included Kathlyn Perez Bethune, Christy Harowski and Steven Lane. The program was Emceed by Board Member Camille Whitworth. Board President Allison Berger Tiller and Executive Director Christy Kane distributed the awards. The NOPSI Hotel hosted the awards ceremony and featured Carte des Vins Champage and a Fraiche Oyster Bar as well as passed hors d’oeuvres and a banh mi station. A NOCCA quartet provided live jazz. In addition to the popular “Everybody’s a Winner" wine and bourbon raffles, the gala also offered the Rare Wine Raffle, a basket of rare red wines raffled for $100 with only 20 chances. Following the gala, guests ventured to the after party at underCURRENT bar. n



Event at a Glance What: “2018 Good Apple Gala,” benefiting Louisiana Appleseed Where: NOPSI Hotel

1. Honorees Lillian Grappe and Caroline Crosby 2. Honorees Samuel Ford, Chief Justice Bernette Johnson and Alan Philipson 3. Honorees Madison McMurray and Patty McMurray with Charles Rice 4. Board Members Camille Whitworth and Irving Warshauer with Christy Kane and Honoree Kenneth Polite 5. Board Member Paul Flower and Board President Allison Tiller 6. Kara Van de Carr and Daryl Byrd

30 st. charles Avenue May 2018

Photographed by Kenny Martinez

When: Thursday, January 18




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Twin Passions


The NOCCA Institute hosted a record-breaking gala to benefit the Daniel Price Memorial Fund. By Shelby Simon

Heading into its 14th year, “Home for the Holidays," osted at the New Orleans House of Blues, is a party with a purpose. The gala raises money for the Daniel Price Memorial Fund for Aspiring Artists, established by the family of NOCCA alum Daniel Price. In keeping with Daniel’s passions for art and music, the fund provides scholarships for outstanding visual arts and music students at NOCCA. More than 800 patrons attended the gala. The Patron Party preceding the event featured a performance by the legendary Irma Thomas. Guests also enjoyed a buffet with holiday treats made by NOCCA’s Culinary Arts students. In addition to the open bars, there was a silent auction featuring artwork by Daniel Price Award recipients. House of Blues provided food and beverages for the gala, which featured a host of powerful performances. Participating artists included: Trombone Shorty and special guests, John Boutte, Kermit Ruffins and the BBQ Swingers, Sweet Crude, New Breeds Brass Band, David Shaw, Stanton Moore, Robert Mercurio, Eric Lindell, Ivan Neville, James Andrews and the Crescent City Allstars, Jon Roniger and Emcee Gralen Banks. Auction items included original artwork by Gunner Dongieux, Garland Robinette, Louis Colmenares, Ayo Scott and emerging young artist and NOCCA graduate Jeffie Lanter. This year raised a record $41,000 for the fund. n



Event at a Glance

Where: House of Blues

1. Sarah Abbott Price, Tracy Sudderth and Kathy and Dr. Steve Price 2. Drew and Brittany Brees 3. Irma Thomas and John Boutte

32 st. charles Avenue May 2018

Photographed by Kenny Martinez

What: “Home for the Holidays benefiting The NOCCA Institute When: Friday, December 22, 2017

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Rockin’ in Red


The American Heart Association encourages local women to take charge of their heart health. By Shelby Simon

The 2018 “Go Red for Women Luncheon” highlighted the importance of heart health and served as a platform to educate women about the warning signs and risk factors of heart disease. A sea of red welcomed attendees, and guests also dressed for the occasion in a variety of shades of red. Event speakers included heart disease survivors Kelli and Amanda Tinney. Katie Moore served as Emcee, and Dr. Sabrina White talked about women’s heart health. Simone Bruni and Pat Denechaud served as Co-Chairs. A fashion strut by ChattaBox Boutique served as entertainment. Additionally, the auction featured 30 “Purseanalities:” special purses filled with favorite items such as wine, jewelry, art, gift certificates and more. Highlights included Bridget Neal’s Purseanality, featuring Who Dat Nation treasures such as access to the Bunker Club for a Saints game followed by a victory dinner selected by Dickie Brennan; and Alison Shapiro’s Purseanality, featuring a night on the town beginning with dinner at any Besh restaurant, followed by listening to your favorite musician at the House of Blues Foundation Room and a night at the Degas House. Prior to the event was “The Red Sofa Tour,” which is a sponsorship by BHP. This traveling red sofa has been throughout Southeast Louisiana, and serves as a comfortable seat on which to have a difficult conversation on women’s heart health. n



Event at a Glance What: “Go Red for Women Luncheon,” benefiting American Heart Association Where: Hyatt Regency

1. Co-Chairs Pat Denechaud and Simone Bruni 2. Fletcher Kestle, Emcee Katie Moore and Barbara Turner Windhorst 3. Annette Dowdle, Mike Williams, Beverly Matheney and Reagan Charleston

Photographed by Jeff Strout

When: Friday, March 2

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Service-Driven Dining


A fundraiser for New Orleans Women & Children’s Shelter supported local families. By Shelby Simon

The largest shelter for homeless women and children in the metro area, the N ​ ew Orleans Women & Children’s Shelter has served more than 2,000 women and children since 2007. A large majority (95 percent) of the children at the shelter are under the age of 10. An amazing 80 percent of the families helped since 2007 have transitioned to sustainable, independent living. The “Fine Dining Fundraiser” took place at Coquette, where chef Kristen Essig and the culinary team provided a three-course menu for guests to enjoy, including salad and soup as starters, fish and duck entrées, tiramasu and a delicate il flottante dessert. Mitch’s Flowers created festive, Carnival-themed centerpieces, and as a nod to the shelter’s mission, small papier mâché houses were placed throughout the room. The program was Chaired by Colleen and Allen Kirkley, Jackie and Dan Silverman and Lisa and David Schlakman. The New Orleans Women & Children’s Shelter’s Founder Jackie Silverman spoke to the group about how critical the dinner series is to supporting the shelter and connecting with our community. n



Event at a Glance When: Thursday, January 25 Where: Coquette

1. Co-Hosts Founder Jackie Silverman and Board Chair Dan Silverman with Executive Director Dawn Fletcher 2. Co-Hosts Board Member Allen and Colleen Kirkley with Robert Zetzmann 3. Development Director Melissa Tyler with Co-Hosts Board Member David and Lisa Schlakman

36 st. charles Avenue May 2018

Photographed by Kenn y Martinez

What: “Fine Dining Fundraiser,” benefiting New Orleans Women & Children’s Shelter

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Celebrating the Carnegie Campaign


After a lengthy competition, the LPO celebrated its opportunity to shine in NYC at Carnegie Hall. By Shelby Simon

The Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra’s “Fête de Voyage” served as a thank you to LPO’s major supporters who helped fund the LPO’s performance at Carnegie Hall in New York City on February 27. Orchestras throughout the United States were invited to compete for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform in this legendary venue; once the LPO was selected, thanks to generous supporters, they had to raise funds to fly 100 musicians, staff and equipment to New York and back. The Carnegie Campaign was tremendously successful, thanks to Carnegie Fellows. The February 27 performance took place in Carnegie Hall’s Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage, and included “Silvestre Revueltas”, “La noche de los Mayas” and two works by Philip Glass, “Days and Nights in Rocinha” and “Concerto Fantasy for Two Timpanists and Orchestra” featuring Jim Atwood and Paul Yancich. The party took place at the home of Frances and Calvin Fayard on St. Charles Avenue, which hosted 200 patrons. Laura Arrowood provided catering. Musical entertainment was provided by musicians of the LPO: Vance Woolf on trumpet; Stephen Orejudos on trumpet; Matthew Eckenhoff on horn; and Evan Conroy on trombone. Event Chairs included James Boyd, CEO of the LPO; Ranney Mize, President of the Board of Trustees; Paul Leaman, Chair of the Carnegie Fellows; and Carlos Miguel Prieto, Music Director and Principal Conductor. n



Event at a Glance What: “Fête de Voyage,” benefiting Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra Where: Home of Frances and Calvin Fayard

1. Dick and Ann Strub with Hosts Frances and Calvin Fayard 2. Co-Chair and LPO CEO James Boyd, Mimi Kruger, Marilyn Dittmann and Co-Chair and Chair of the Carnegie Fellows Campaign Paul Leaman 3. Vance Woolf, Anne Gauthier and Emel Mize and Co-Chair and President of the Board Ranney Mize

38 st. charles Avenue May 2018

Photograph ed by Gil Rubman

When: Wednesday, February 21

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Culture and Community


The CAC recognized artists, performers, educators and philanthropists at “SweetArts 2018.” By Shelby Simon

“SweetArts 2018 | Art Unfolds” provided an evening of interactive contemporary art experiences and pop-up performances throughout the CAC’s Besthoff Building for patrons supporting the arts. The event included cuisine and cocktails from local restaurants, a contemporary art auction, entertainment by Crescent City Aerial Arts, DJ Lil Jodeci and Black Magic Drumline and art experiences by designer and artist Ellen Macomber, photographer Jose Cotto and “cubs the poet.” “SweetArts 2018” Honorees included: Bard Early College New Orleans in Arts Education; Urban Bush Women in Performing Arts; Michael Schneider and James Dunne of Stone Pigman Walther Wittmann in Philanthropy; and Trevor Schoonmaker in Visual Arts. The evening kicked off with the Honorees/Patron Party including recognition and remarks by honorees and a champagne reception in the Commons at The Shop. The gala followed at 8 p.m. in the CAC’s first and second floor galleries and public spaces. The party continued at the Late Night Party in the CAC’s warehouse, with live music by local band CoolNasty, dancing, dessert, cocktails and after-hours fun. Patron Party and Gala Chairs were Kristi and Erik Johnsen and Christa and Matt Schwartz. David T. Baker and Sayde F. Finkel served as Late Night Party Chairs. n



Event at a Glance When: Saturday, February 24 Where: The Contemporary Arts Center

1. Patron Party and Gala Chairs Erik and Kristi Johnsen with Robyn and Andrew Schwarz 2. Late Night Party Chairs Sayde Finkel and David T. Baker 3. Honoree James Dunne, CAC Director and CEO Neil Barclay and Honoree Michael Schneider

40 st. charles Avenue May 2018

Photograph ed by Gil Rubman

What: “SweetArts 2018 | Art Unfolds,” benefiting Contemporary Arts Center

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A Long Legacy of Giving


The 2018 JCRS gala honored Executive Director Ned Goldberg. By Shelby Simon

Jewish Children’s Regional Service (JCRS) held its “Jewish Roots of Cabaret” gala on February 24 at the New Orleans Marriott where Ned Goldberg, JCRS Executive Director, was honored and celebrated for his 30 years of leadership of the social service agency. Ned’s family was well-represented at the affair, as his son Adam acted as Emcee of the event while his daughter Jodie introduced her father, welcoming him to the stage to a standing ovation. Ned’s mother, Joyce, and brother, Brian, and his family attended from Cincinnati, along with many relatives and friends from coast to coast. The Marriott chefs created a dinner that included braised beef short ribs with demi-glaze and fingerling potatoes, and a Baked Alaska with warm chocolate sauce. Broadway actress and singer Leslie Castay, supported by a trio that included Jefferson Turner on piano, Gary Lehmann on bass and Bruce Miller on drums, gave a rousing cabaret set of classics from the Great American Songbook, including hits from Irving Berlin, Harold Arlen and George Gershwin. More than 360 patrons attended the evening that was Co-Chaired by Melinda Mintz and Michael Goldman. Honorary Co-Chairs included Joan and Gerald Berenson along with Shirley and Ralph Seelig. For 163 years, JCRS has provided needs-based scholarships, support and service to Jewish youth and families in the form of college aid, Jewish summer camp grants and assistance to children with special needs. Proceeds from the record-setting gala support vulnerable Jewish youth with scholarships and outreach programs within the JCRS seven-state service region. n

What: “Jewish Roots Gala – An Evening of Cabaret,” benefiting Jewish Children’s Regional Service When: Saturday, February 24 Where: New Orleans Marriott

1. Past-Presidents Marc Beerman, Lisa Heller and Bruce Miller 2. David and Lisa Gurievsky with Heather and PastPresident Leon Rittenberg III 3. Shirley and Ralph Seelig

42 st. charles Avenue May 2018


Photograph ed by Kenn y Martin ez

Event at a Glance


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St. Charles Avenue’s

Registry of Charitable Events May- August 2018

MAY 1 “GiveNOLA Fest 2018 Free Concert” Benefits: Greater New Orleans Foundation Event Info.: Celebrate GiveNOLA Day at the second annual GiveNOLA Fest, a free concert featuring Irma Thomas followed by The Soul Rebels. Tickets: Free Location: Center for Philanthropy: 919 St. Charles Ave. Contact: 324-4242

4 46th annual “Whitney Zoo-To-Do” Benefits: Audubon Zoo Event Info.: The annual Audubon Zoo fund-raising black-tie gala will feature food from more than 70 of New Orleans’ finest restaurants, more than 40 specialty and fullservice bars, musical entertainment, a silent auction and a luxury vehicle raffle. Tickets: $175/Ticket; $155/Zoo Members Location: Audubon Zoo: 6500 Magazine St. Contact: 861-6160, AudubonNatureInstitute.org/ZTD

8 “MS Society On the Move Luncheon” Benefits: National Multiple Sclerosis Society Louisiana Chapter Event Info.: This year the annual luncheon honors the Hulin Family as the ”Family On the Move” and Kostmayer Construction as the ”Company On the  Move” in recognition of their incredible support of the National MS Society. The uplifting day will also include Keynote

Speakers Jennifer and Dan Digmann. The ”On the Move Luncheon” is a nationwide program created to empower communities with the knowledge, inspiration and relentless resolve to end multiple sclerosis forever. Tickets: $75/Ticket; Tables and Sponsorships Available Location: The Roosevelt Hotel: 130 Roosevelt Way Contact: 322-3788

9 “Business Hall of Fame Gala” Benefits: Junior Achievement of Greater New Orleans, Inc. Event Info.: Established in 1984, the “Business Hall of Fame” honors local businessmen and women who have “embraced the spirit of entrepreneurship in our community.” This year’s honorees are: Ray Brandt, CEO, Ray Brandt Auto Group; Adolph Bynum Sr., Co-Owner, Bynum Pharmacies & Co-Owner, Doby Properties, LLC; Michelle Gobert, Owner, Image360; Matthew Schwartz & Chris Papamichael, Principals, The Domain Companies; and Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree Phyllis M. Taylor, CEO, Endeavor Enterprises L.L.C., Chairman & CEO, Taylor Energy Company LLC and Chairman & President, Patrick F. Taylor Foundation. Tickets: $700/Ticket Pair; $3,500-$5,000/ Table of 10 Location: The Ritz-Carlton: 921 Canal St. Contact: 569-8658, JuniorAchievement.org

10 “Dvash: a Celebration of Modern Israeli Cuisine” Benefits: Jewish Family Service of Greater New Orleans Event Info.: The annual fundraiser will use the platform of Modern Israeli Cuisine to

Compiled by Morgan Packard Griffith

bring attention to mental health awareness, featuring 25 different restaurants and chefs and their dishes based on Modern Israeli Cuisine. High-level sponsors will be invited to an exclusive dinner on May 9th, the night before the main event, at Doris Metropolitan. Tickets: $75/Ticket; $250-$18,000/Patron or Sponsor Location: The Cannery: 3803 Toulouse St. Contact: 831-8475

11 Ninth annual “Suits & Salads Luncheon” Benefits: Dress for Success New Orleans Event Info.: This annual luncheon features “A Toast To Mothers” and an Empowerment Fashion Show Presented by Saks Fifth Avenue featuring civic members of the New Orleans Community and two Dress for Success Clients to benefit their programs promoting economic independence of women in the community.  Tickets: $85/Ticket; $150/Patron; $700/Half-Table of 5 Location: Hyatt Regency New Orleans: 601 Loyola Ave. Contact: 891-4337

11 “Guardian Angel Award Gala” Benefits: Project Lazarus Event Info.: This annual event features a cocktail hour, a three-course dinner, an award ceremony and a high-end silent and live auction. This year’s Guardian Angels are Maryam Bahman and Angie Bowlin. All proceeds benefit Project Lazarus’ mission of housing and supporting people living with HIV/AIDS in New Orleans. Tickets: $175/Ticket Location: Ace Hotel New Orleans: 600 Carondelet St. Contact: 949-3609, extension 503

12 “Gator Run” Benefits: Holy Name of Jesus School Event Info.: A one-mile and three-mile Fun Run will be followed by a crawfish boil and cookoff at the school: 6325 Cromwell Place. Tickets: $20/Ticket Location: Audubon Park: 6500 Magazine St. Contact: 861-1466

12 “Art & Soul” Benefits: The New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts Institute Event Info.: This annual fundraising gala begins with a Patron Party featuring food prepared by NOCCA’s Culinary Arts students and by dozens of New Orleans’ great restaurants, entertainment from NOCCA’s Jazz, Musical Theatre, Creative Writing and Visual Arts students, and a silent auction. The gala begins directly after, spreading out into Press Street with more food, drink and entertainment, while Solomon Family Hall will have performances by NOCCA alum Trombone Shorty and Big Freedia, as well as a Mother’s Day bazaar. Tickets: $100/Ticket Location: NOCCA’s Chevron Forum: 5 Press St. Contact: 249-5624

Location: Bond Moroch: 3308 Magazine St., B Contact: 539-9616

17 “Krewe Du Cure” Benefits: Al Copeland Foundation Event Info.: An evening of cocktails, culinary delights, live entertainment and a silent auction to raise funds to end cancer.  Tickets: $150/Ticket Location: Copeland Tower: 2601 Severn Ave., Metairie Contact: 620-3727, AlCopelandFoundation.org/KreweDuCure

18 23rd annual “Women of Substance Luncheon” Benefits: Bridge House/Grace House Event Info.: This annual luncheon honors prominent local women who serve as role models, as well as honoring a Volunteer of the Year, a Grace House Alumni of the Year and a Richard “Buzzy” Gaiennie Award. There will also be a silent auction and raffle. Tickets: $100/Ticket; $1,000/Table Location: Audubon Tea Room: 6500 Magazine St. Contact: 821-7134

12 “Shotgun House Tour”

19 “Once Upon a Party”

Benefits: Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans Event Info.: Tour seven private homes in historic Algiers Point showcasing the livability and versatility of one of New Orleans’ most recognizable architectural treasures. Tickets: $25/Ticket; $20/PRC Members Location: Algiers Courthouse: 225 Morgan St. Contact: 581-7032, PRCNO.org/event/shotgun-house-tour-2018

Benefits: Communities In Schools of Greater New Orleans Event Info.: This all-ages event will feature activities for children and food and drink for all ages, music by DJ LizE from The Kids Show on WTUL, a 50/50 raffle and a parade of prizes. Kids (and parents) are welcome to come dressed as their favorite book character. Tickets: Free/Kids 2 and Under; $15/Kids 3-12; $45/Adults; $100/Family of 4 Location: Audubon Central City BBQ: 1201 S. Rampart St. Contact: 247-7221

15 “Magnolia Ball Kickoff Party at Bond Moroch” Benefits: Ogden Museum of Southern Art Event Info.: This kickoff is open to the public and includes a complimentary open bar and discounted patron tickets for the “Magnolia Ball” ($100; regularly $250) Tickets: Free, Registration Required

20 “La Promenade en Nouvelle Orleans” Benefits: Jefferson Performing Arts Society Leading Ladies Guild

Event Info.: This annual fundraiser features a buffet lunch with cash bar and a style show to raise funds for JPAS. Tickets: $60/Ticket Location: Metairie Country Club: 580 Woodvine Ave., Metairie Contact: 885-2000, extension 212

23-27 26th annual “New Orleans Wine & Food Experience” Benefits: NOWFE Event Info.: Throughout the Memorial Day weekend event NOWFE will present more than a dozen wine and food seminars and unique hands-on experiences plus its Vintner Dinners, Royal Street Stroll, Vinola, the Grand Tastings and Sunday Brunches. One of the premiere culinary events in the country, NOWFE attracts over 10,000 gourmands and connoisseurs as well as art and music lovers alike, with 100 percent of proceeds going to local causes that support culinary education. Tickets: N/A Location: Multiple locations across the city Contact: NOWFE.com

JUNE 1 “Innocence Project New Orleans 17th Anniversary Gala” Benefits: Innocence Project New Orleans Event Info.: This year’s gala will celebrate the Innocence Project’s freed, innocent clients and recognize the scores of innocent men and women still incarcerated and needing legal assistance. Dozens of their freed clients and with their loved ones will be in attendance.  Tickets: $150/Ticket; Tables and Sponsorships available Location: The Cannery: 3803 Toulouse St. Contact: 943-1902

1 “Juleps in June” Benefits: One Book One New Orleans Event Info.: ”Juleps in June” will raise funds for literacy resources for the greater New Orleans area, as well as for One Book One New Orleans’ literary festival, “Words & Music,” which will take place in November.

Tickets: $175/Ticket; $300/Couple Location: 1413 Philip St. Contact: (205) 310-8537

Benefits: Lighthouse Louisiana Event Info.: Arnaud’s newly decorated Count’s Ballroom will serve as the setting for an evening beginning with cocktails and passed hors d’oeuvres followed by a seated, gourmet dinner and the surprise Dans Le Noir course. There will also be silent and live auctions, music and more. Tickets: $150/Ticket Location: Arnaud’s: 813 Bienville Ave. Contact: 899-4501, extension 257

Gary Sinise and Maurice Greenberg, and 2018 American Spirit Medallion Recipients are Archie Manning, Susan Hess and Adair Margo Proceeds will support educational programming at The National WWII Museum – including the ongoing development of classroom materials and professional-development opportunities for teachers in schools across the country, as well as online experiences that bring the museum and its resources to students around the world. To learn more about this event and to see a full list of honorees, visit NationalWW2Museum.org/ american-spirit-awards. Tickets: N/A Location: National World War II Museum: 945 Magazine St. Contact: 528-1944, NationalWW2Museum.org/american-spirit-awards

7 “Mid Mod NOLA”

9 “Magnolia Ball”

Benefits: Southern Food & Beverage Museum Event Info.: A festival of food, beverages and culinary products made in Louisiana that will feature over 40 Louisiana purveyors offering samples and gifts of craft beers, snacks, andouille, breads, absinthe, rum, spices, Cajun caviar, jams, pies, sauces and more!. Tickets: $15/Ticket in Advance; $20/ Ticket at Door; $12/SoFAB members Location: SoFAB:M1504 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd. Contact: 569-0405

Benefits: Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans Event Info.: An intimate Private Reception at the Curtis Home (the former residence of renowned Mid-Century architect Nathaniel “Buster” Curtis Jr.) with homeowners Lee Ledbetter and Doug Meffert. Special guests David Curtis and Nell Tilton will share stories of their experience growing up in the home. Catering by Laura Arrowood and libations will be provided. This event is part of the “Mid Mod NOLA” summer series, a collaboration between the Preservation Resource Center and the New Orleans Architecture Foundation exploring the Mid-Century Modern architecture of New Orleans. Learn more about the series at PRCNO.org. Tickets: $125/Ticket, $75/Members (PRC, NOAF and DOCOMOMO) Location: The Curtis Home Contact: 581-7032

Benefits: Ogden Museum of Southern Art Event Info.: The museum’s summer fundraiser will feature live music and DJs, food, open bars with craft cocktails and a silent auction with art from talented Southern artists. This year’s event will celebrate “The Whole Drum Will Sound: Women in Southern Abstraction.” Tickets: $100-$2,500/Ticket Location: Ogden Museum of Southern Art: 925 Camp St. Contact: 539-9616

3 “Big Easy Brunch”

7-8 “American Spirit Awards”

Benefits: National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana Event Info.: A 21 and up event featuring food, specialty cocktails, bottomless mimosas, music and VIP perks. Attendance limited to 250. VIP includes entry into the event 30 minutes earlier

Benefits: The National World War II Museum Event Info.: This awards gala celebrates individuals and organizations whose work reflects the values and spirit of those who served our country during the World War II years. 2018 Spirit Award Recipients are

2-3 & 9-10 “Parade of Homes” presented by the Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans Benefits: The New Orleans Education League of the Construction Industry and its program, Jefferson Joining Forces Event Info.: The Parade of Homes is a free event presented annually by the HBAGNO to give the public an opportunity to see inside the newest homes being built throughout the metro area. Attendees looking to buy or build a new home can meet with multiple builders over the course of two weekends and benefit from their expertise. Tickets: Free Location: Orleans, Jefferson, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Charles, St. John and St. James parishes Contact: NolaPoh.org

3 “Made in Louisiana”

(10:30 a.m.) than general admission, reserved seating and a VIP Gift Bag. Location: Sheraton New Orleans: 500 Canal St. Contact: 861-4500

7 “Soirée de Lumière”

11 “Men In Kilts, the Coronation Celebration” Benefits: Ronald McDonald House Charities of South Louisiana Event Info.: The crowning event of a month-long online fundraiser, “Men In Kilts, the Coronation Celebration” will see the crowning of the King of the Kilts: the contestant who has raised the most money for RMHC of South Louisiana. For more information visit kilts.rmhc-sla.org. Tickets: $20/Ticket Location: NOLA Brewing, 3001 Tchoupitoulas St. Contact: 486-6668

14 “The Man & Woman of the Year Grand Finale Gala”

21-24 “FestiGals Women’s Weekend Experience”

Benefits: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Event Info.: This event is a celebration of all the candidates’ efforts as a collective class. Surrounded by team members and friends, guests enjoy a seated dinner, cocktails, music and an outstanding live and silent auction. At the conclusion of the evening, the Man & Woman of the Year are announced, and the grand fundraising total for 2018 will be revived. Mark Romig will emcee. Tickets: $2,000/Table Location: U.S. Freedom Pavilion, National World War II Museum: 945 Magazine St. Contact: 758-3210

Benefits: FestiGals Event Info.: This eighth annual event will include a Tricentennial Women’s Day, seminars, a Keynote Luncheon, FestiTalks, the Step Up Second-Line Parade with Pre- and After-Glow Parties, special tours, culinary experiences and more. Visit FestiGals.org for more. Tickets: $25-$100/Ticket Location: Various locations throughout the French Quarter Contact: festigalsnola@gmail.com, FestiGals. org

22 “Welcome Back to School” 16 “Heart & Soul Gala” Benefits: American Heart Association Event Info.: Funds raised at the ”Heart & Soul Gala” will help the American Heart Association to continue the fight against cardiovascular diseases and defects – the No. 1 killer in the state of Louisiana and in the country. This year alone, the American Heart Association invested over $2 million into rebuilding research here in New Orleans at such institutions as: Louisiana State University, Ochsner and Tulane. Tickets: $250/Ticket Location: Hyatt Regency New Orleans: 601 Loyola Ave. Contact: 830-2300

16 & 30 “JA Bowl-A-Thon” Benefits: Junior Achievement of Greater New Orleans Event Info.: Junior Achievement’s largest peer-to-peer fundraiser consists of employees from local companies forming a team of five bowlers to raise $750 to benefit JA programs. The sessions include food, drinks, bowling and door prizes.  Tickets: $750/Team of Five Location: Rock ‘N’ Bowl: 3016 S. Carrollton Ave. Contact: 569-8657

Benefits: Hispanic Apostolate of the Archdiocese of New Orleans Event Info.: Funds raised at this adults-only event will be used to support Hispanic Children attending Catholic schools.  Tickets: $85/Ticket; Sponsorships Available Location: Sheraton Metairie: 4 Galleria Blvd., Metairie  Contact: 881-7645

22 “Step Up Second-Line Parade” Benefits: The New Orleans Family Justice Center Event Info.: The city’s largest women’s second-line parade to “Step Up” to stop domestic violence benefiting the New Orleans Family Justice Center. The events begin with a “Pre-Party” at the Mardi Gras Museum of Costumes and Culture; followed by the second-line through the French Quarter complete with bands, dance krewes and a Grand Diva; ending with an “After-Glow Party” at Harrah’s New Orleans Casino Theater with a guest emcee and live music. A FestiGals event. Tickets: $25/Ticket Location: Various Contact: festigalsnola@gmail.com

23 “NOMMS Mission Possible Gala” Benefits: New Orleans Medical Mission Services, Inc. Event Info.: This event will raise money for equipment and services for the mission to serve underdeveloped countries. NOMMS is a group of over 600 volunteers with a wide range of skills and knowledge who share a common set of values. The services provided include various surgeries, physical therapy, eye examinations and free eye glasses plus dental examination and treatment. Tickets: $75/Ticket; $250/Couple for Patron Party Location: Generations Hall: 310 Andrew Higgins Blvd. Contact: 392-1934

JULY 1 “Opening Night Party: All’s Well That Ends Well” Benefits: The New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane University Event Info.: Patrons, special guests and the cast and crew of the New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane will celebrate the festival’s 25th Anniversary. Tickets: $75/Ticket; $120/ Package Price for Two Location: Tulane University Lupin Hall: 16 Newcomb Blvd. Contact: 865-5105

6 “Opening Night Party: Macbeth” Benefits: The New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane University Event Info.: Patrons, special guests and the cast and crew of the New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane will celebrate the festival’s 25th Anniversary. Tickets: $75/Ticket; $120/ Package Price for Two Location: Tulane University Lupin Hall: 16 Newcomb Blvd. Contact: 865-5105

stcharlesAvenue.com 47

6 “Chicken Jam” Benefits: Al Copeland Foundation Event Info.: Celebrate National Fried Chicken Day with entertainment by Bag of Donuts and Me and My Friends; Copeland’s Fried Chicken and food trucks; and a Kids Area. Tickets: $10/Ticket; $5/Kid 6 & Up; Free/Kid 5 & Under; Sponsorships Available Location: UNO Lakefront Arena: 6801 Franklin Ave. Contact: 620-3727, AlCopelandFoundation. org/chicken-jam-tickets

14 “Mr. Legs XVIII” Benefits: Bridge House/Grace House Event Info.: More than 15 contestants will compete for the coveted title of Mr. Legs by entertaining the crowd with their costumes and performances set to music. The title is awarded to the contestant who raises the most funds for Bridge House/Grace House. Food, bar, a silent auction and a raffle complement the evening. Tickets: $40/Ticket in Advance; $50/Ticket at Door Location: Generations Hall: 310 Andrew Higgins Drive Contact: 821-7134

8 “Rock, Ride and Rescue ” Benefits: Louisiana SPCA & multiple animal groups Event Info.: This event will feature music by Sunpie Barnes & the Sunspots, silent auctions, raffles, bake sales, dancing, bowling and more. Tickets: $10/Ticket in Advance; $15/Ticket at Door Location: Rock ‘N’ Bowl: 3016 S. Carrollton Ave. Contact: 453-3048

48 st. charles Avenue May 2018

26 ”You Night Cancer Survivor Runway Show & Celebration” Benefits: You Night Events Event Info.: Cancer survivor warriors will be celebrated at this year’s event themed “Fierce Beauty: Revolution.” Tickets: $125/Ticket; $250/VIP Experience Location: Contemporary Arts Center: 900 Camp St. Contact: (877) 591-5936, extension 3  

AUGUST 3-5 “2018 New Orleans Antiques Forum” Benefits: The Historic New Orleans Collection Event Info.: This year’s events will explore the items used and valued in daily life long ago. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from noted experts, tour private collections and experience the fascinating sights, sounds and flavors of the region. Registration opens Monday, June 4, at 9:30 a.m. Tickets: $250/Ticket; Additional Options Extra Location: The Historic New Orleans Collection: 410 Chartres St. Contact: 523-4662

10 17th annual “Summer Cure Chefs Wine Dinner” Benefits: Susan G. Komen New Orleans Event Info.: This annual event will honor five outstanding chefs who each prepare a course paired with Wine Importers Extraordinaire. Tickets: $275/Ticket; $3000+/Sponsor Table Location: Windsor Court Hotel: 300 Gravier St. Contact: 455-7310

11 Sixth annual “Mom’s Night Out” Benefits: New Orleans Moms Blog Event Info.: Make a night of it with plentiful food and sweet treats, a variety of adult beverages, shopping and an evening of fun without the kids to provide New Orleans moms a chance to cut loose, eat good food and dance the night away. Tickets are all inclusive and grant access to unlimited food, beverages and sweets. You only need cash to shop. Tickets: N/A Location: Mardi Gras World: 1380 Port of New Orleans Place Contact: NewOrleansMomsBlog.com

25 Seventh annual “Senior Moments” Benefits: Jefferson Council on Aging Event Info.: An elegant evening affair with an exclusive Patron Party, live music by Lost in the 60’s, a full buffet dinner, open bar, an extensive auction and parade of prizes, including a fine jewelry raffle. Tickets: $75/Ticket; $175/Patron Location: Chateau Golf & Country Club: 3600 Chateau Blvd., Kenner Contact: 207-4691

25 20th annual “CHAIRish the Children” Benefits: Louisiana Children’s Museum Event Info.: Partygoers will enjoy a fun and festive evening featuring gourmet cuisine and spirits, silent and live auctions, whimsical, oneof-a-kind chairs, live entertainment and more. This will be the last ”CHAIRish the Children” event held at the museum’s 420 Julia St. location (The LCM will open its new museum in New Orleans City Park in summer of 2019.). Tickets: $75/Ticket; $175/Patron Ticket Location: Louisiana Children’s Museum: 420 Julia St. Contact: 266-2415, LCM.org

St. Charles Avenue’s


Once again, St. Charles Avenue magazine is delighted to present you a curated selection of locals’ weddings. Whether you’re in the midst of planning your own wedding, dreaming of one in the future or just like to view how people have celebrated their “big days,” you can find inspiration, beauty and those special touches that only New Orleanians add to their weddings, all in the following pages. In this, our 15th compendium, we offer you five weddings that prove no matter the size, location or opulence, love shines through.

Profiles by Mirella Cameran

Crumley – Gallo Caroline Isabel Crumley and David Raymond Gallo Jr. graduated from the Academy of the Sacred Heart in 2010 and from Brother Martin in 2009, respectively. Despite being contemporaries, Caroline and David had never met until they attended a Vanderbilt University viewing party for the opening game of the 2010 Saints season. Thanks to a calculus class they were both taking that semester, Caroline and David continued to get to know each other. Caroline and David maintained their relationship after college while Caroline lived in New York and David was in Texas. A year later, David proposed to Caroline on a pier in Tribeca. To Caroline’s surprise, their parents were waiting at their favorite restaurant, Locanda Verde, to celebrate with them. On Friday, October 6, 2018, the wedding party, including many out-of-town guests, gathered at Galatoire’s Restaurant where they enjoyed many headliner dishes such as soufflé potatoes, Grand Goute and crabmeat Sardou. The following day Caroline and David were married in the chapel at the Academy of the Sacred Heart by Father Joseph Krafft, a close friend of Caroline’s family. Caroline wore a beautiful gown by Peter Langner from Kleinfeld in New York City with a wedding veil borrowed from her cousin Cristi Fowler Chauvin and made by Suzanne Perron St. Paul. Music was provided by cantor Kitty Cleveland and music coordinator and violinist Lourdes Reeks.

The wedding reception was held at Brennan’s Restaurant. The bride’s family is Cuban, and the tropical ambiance at Brennan’s reflected the bride’s heritage. The specialty cocktail was Mojitos! The actual wedding date, Saturday, October 7, 2017, was the day Hurricane Nate was scheduled to hit New Orleans. On the Friday before, the couple moved the wedding up three hours to accommodate the city’s mandatory curfew. The bride’s father, Tom Crumley, and wedding planner Taylor Quintini were lifesavers, and coordinated the changes with vendors and guests. On Saturday at 7 p.m., the wedding party had to leave Brennan’s due to the curfew, so the band, The Essentials, picked up their instruments and lead a second-line to the steps of the Louisiana Supreme Court, where the party danced on the steps as the curfew was underway. The couple’s first dance was to “Nothing Can Change This Love” by Sam Cooke. “It’s Raining” by Irma Thomas also ended up being an unofficial wedding song. Caroline and David honeymooned in Kauai and Maui for 10 days and returned to Manhattan, where Caroline works at Citi in the Corporate & Investment Bank and David is a mechanical engineer at ME Engineers.

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Dessy, Bella Bridesmaids Groom’s Attire: Saks Fifth Avenue Groomsmen’s Attire: The Black Tux Engagement & Wedding Bands: Jonathan Doppelt Florist: Meade Wenzel Favor: Second-line handkerchiefs and go-cups by Kelley Abbott Invitation: Betty Hunley Calligraphy: Maria Helena Wedding Cake: The Royal Cakery Groom’s Cake: Flan by Maria Giberga Crumley Photographer: Sam Hanna at Eau Claire Photography Videographer: Terrington Films Hair & Makeup: Flawless Bride

50 st. charles Avenue May 2018

Ellis – Peters Leigh Anne Ellis met Thomas Maxwell Peters because Thomas’ best friend was dating Leigh Anne’s best friend. Leigh Anne had always enjoyed seeing Thomas, but he always had a serious girlfriend so she never considered a relationship. However, when Leigh Anne and Thomas finally bumped into each other on a fishing trip when both of them were single, Leigh Anne saw Thomas in a new light. After a year of dating, Thomas planned a surprise trip to Mexico where he was going to propose. Unfortunately, Leigh Anne couldn’t make those dates so the plan was put on ice. A few weeks later while they were at Orange Beach, Alabama, Thomas walked Leigh Anne down to the beach for a pre-dinner cocktail. It was there in the sand against a beautiful sunset that Thomas dropped to one knee and asked for Leigh Anne’s hand in marriage. On March 9, 2018, guests gathered at the Amara Cay Resort, Islamorada, Florida, for a rehearsal dinner planned by Thomas. String lights lit up palm trees, steel drums played and a wonderful meal of fresh Mahi, Jerk chicken, shrimp skewers, crab cakes, conch fritters and Key lime pie was enjoyed by all. The next day on Saturday, March 10, 2018, Leigh Anne and Thomas were married on the beach at Pierre’s at Morada Bay, Florida, Leigh Anne

and Thomas both lost their fathers to cancer, so the bride’s brother, Paul Ellis, walked his sister down the aisle. Violinist Anna Ventura played during the ceremony. The reception followed the vows at Pierre’s under marquees set up in the sand decorated with greenery-laden chandeliers, string lights and a bamboo bar. The wedding party also took over the entire interior of Pierre’s with more bars and lounges for guests to enjoy. Pierre’s chefs created a sumptuous dinner with highlights including braised beef short ribs in a brandy Dijon demi-glace and a miso honey Chilean sea bass. A dessert station offered sweet treats and Thomas surprised his new bride with a wedding cake decorated with custom-made toppers depicting the couple and their beloved black Labrador, Shady, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Evie. Thomas also surprised his bride with the music to their first dance, which was “The Promise,” by Sturgill Simpson. The couple went on to Key West after the wedding, but they’re going to Paris for their formal honeymoon. They live in Uptown New Orleans ,where Leigh Anne is a surgical representative and Thomas is a locations manager.

Coordinators: Liz Seligman and Diane Richey Wedding Gown: Amy Kuschel, Wedding Belles Groom’s Attire: Seersucker tuxedo, Haspel Engagement Ring: The groom’s great-grandmother’s ring Bride’s & Groom’s Wedding Bands: Friend & Company Celebrant: Pastor Steve Vetter Reception Music: DJ Mayner Pallaviccini Florist: Studio South Invitation: Scriptura and Betty Hunley Wedding Cake: Unique D’lites Photographer: Margeaux Boles Hair: Shannon Biondoletti Makeup: Ana Baidet stcharlesAvenue.com 51

Fletchinger – Higgins Hudson Andrew Higgins is a patient man. He asked Alyssa Anne Fletchinger out on a date and a year later she said yes. Actually, Hudson had to ask Alyssa out again when they bumped into each other a year after his initial proposal, and this time Alyssa said yes immediately. Two years later, Alyssa and Hudson were attending Hudson’s parent’s 50th wedding anniversary at Arnaud’s restaurant. It was the perfect setting for Hudson to put an engagement ring into a glass of champagne for Alyssa, just as his father had done for his mother half a century before. Again, Alyssa said yes immediately! The couple’s rehearsal dinner was held at Ralph’s on the Park, where guests enjoyed dishes such as grilled Redfish and beef tenderloin. Alyssa and Hudson were married on June 10, 2017, at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church by Father Herbert J. Kiff Jr. Ceremony music was performed by cantor Ashleigh A. Alleman and Frank Maselli, a close family friend, sang the “Ave Maria.” Alyssa, wearing a Romona Keveza gown in ivory with La Vie En Rose lace, carried

her grandmother’s rosary in her bouquet and was accompanied by seven godchildren. Her bridesmaids wore Monique Lhuillier gowns in lavender tulle from Wedding Belles. The couple held their reception at Arnaud’s, which was filled with white peonies, white garden roses, spray roses, dusty miller and touches of French lavender. Some of the couple’s favorite items were served, including souffle potatoes, oysters and French 75s, and mini shrimp poboys toward the close of the evening. The couple took their first dance to Allen Toussaint’s “All These Things” played by Deacon John. Celebrations continued at the after party at Harry’s Corner, where The Natural Light Allstars, a band Hudson is in, performed. The couple’s love of music and the groom’s band were reflected in the groom’s cake, which was in the shape of a piano. The couple honeymooned in St. Lucia and returned to New Orleans, where Alyssa is Vice-President at Plush Appeal, LLC and The Mardi Gras Spot and Hudson is in Medical Sales.

Groom’s & Groomsmen’s Attire: White Linen Suits, Perlis and Mardi Gras Crown Ties, Nola Couture Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands: Friend and Company Favor: Monogrammed Linen Napkins Invitation: Scriptura Florist: Ambrose Garden Wedding & Groom’s Cake: Zoey’s Photographer: James Shaw Videographer: Bride Film Hair: Naomi Corass Makeup: Tisa Beauty Bar

Flynn – Lawrence Charlotte Duvic Flynn was celebrating her 25th birthday when some friends introduced her to Andrew Collins Lawrence, who was new to Nashville after six years in Washington, D.C. The minute she met him she knew she was going to marry him. After less than two years of dating, Andy was ready to propose. His first surprise for Charlotte was a weekend trip to Sewanee, her alma mater. His second surprise on that Saturday morning was insisting on going on a freezing cold hike to a pretty outlook. Charlotte had no idea he was going to propose or that he had arranged for Charlotte’s parents and closest friends from all over the country to be waiting at a local bar to celebrate with the happy couple. On Friday, March 16, 2018, the wedding party gathered at Brennan’s Restaurant in the French Quarter for the couple’s rehearsal dinner. The following day, Charlotte and Andy were married at The Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel by Rev. Msgr. Christopher Nalty.

Charlotte wore a custom Suzanne Perron St. Paul dress and veil. The ceremony music was provided by vocalist Sarah Jane McMahon, organist Beth Turner, trumpeter Scott Kiser and violinist Stephanie Screen. Following the ceremony, the wedding party celebrated the nuptials at the New Orleans Country Club. The wedding banquet included beef filet, boiled shrimp, crabmeat ravigote, roasted vegetables, duck tartlets and fried oysters. As Andy is from Baltimore, Charlotte had a groom’s cake made depicting all of his favorite hometown things, including the Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Ravens and an Italian cold-cut sub! The couple chose Andy’s favorite song, “Finer Things” by Steve Winwood, for their first dance. The couple honeymooned in Maui and Kauai, and returned to Nashville where Andy is a product manager at First Acceptance Insurance and Charlotte is in sales with Vasotechnology.

Coordinator: Claudia Kelleher Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Amsale, Wedding Belles Groom’s Attire: Perlis Engagement Ring: A family diamond that Andy had turned into a custom ring at Colonial Jewelers, Frederick, MD Bride’s Wedding Band: Colonial Jewelers Groom’s Wedding Band: Symmetry Jewelers Florist: Meade Wenzel Invitation: Betty Hunley Wedding & Groom’s Cake: Bittersweet Confections Photographer: Greer Gattuso Videographer: Bride Film Hair: Naomi Corass and Tammy Petit Makeup: Katie Malone Music: Escalade & The Eric Morel Jazz Quartet

Stewart – Kerrigan Adelaide Woods Stewart and Tyler McClintock Kerrigan met on a blind date arranged by friends. After lunch and a Saints game, they quickly became a couple. Seven happy years later, they caught wedding fever at friends’ nuptials in Aspen and made plans for their own on the plane ride home. On December 30, 2017, Adelaide and Tyler were married at The Farm at Old Edwards Inn in Highlands, North Carolina by the Rev. Carl Southerland. Classical guitarist Paul Bowman performed. Adelaide wore a beautiful gown by Hayley Paige from Hayden Olivia Bridal. The maids of honor wore long ivory gowns by Dessy and bridesmaids wore their own dresses in shades of grey and silver. The reception reflected the mountainous setting with greenery, candles and twinkling lights. The specialty cocktail was a hot buttered rum made with rum from Adelaide’s family’s distillery, Cane Land Distilling Company in Baton Rouge. The mix was handmade by the bride’s cousin, Yvette Tharp, and was mixed with the distillery’s Dark Rum.

Guests also enjoyed a fabulous farm-to-table menu including buttermilk fried lobster tail lollipops with Jack Daniels-Honey glaze, bacon wrapped Palmetto quail with truffle mousse on rainbow chard and red wine truffle Jus, and baby winter vegetable sautée of Brussels sprouts, rutabaga, carrots, winter squash, kohlrabi and celeriac. The rehearsal dinner was held the previous night at Wolfgang’s. Chef Wolfgang Green is the former executive chef at Commander’s Palace, which rang true to the couple’s New Orleans roots. Instead of a traditional guestbook, the couple had ceramic Christmas tree ornaments and paint pens for guests to sign and decorate. Adelaide and Tyler enjoyed their first dance to “Give In To Me” by Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester. The couple is planning a postponed honeymoon to Europe this summer. They live in Old Metairie, where Tyler runs an oil and gasfocused private equity group and Adelaide is a stay-at-home mom.

Reception Décor & Florist: Oakleaf Weddings Coordinator: Kirk Moore, Oakleaf Weddings Engagement Ring & Wedding Bands: Aucoin Hart Favor: Custom welcome bags, match boxes and drink koozies Invitation: Minted Wedding & Groom’s Cake: Cream & Flutter Photographer: Nick Breedlove Photography Hair & Makeup: Creative Concepts Salon Music: The After Party Experience

Beauty Fix Navigate your way to healthier skin By Amy Gabriel Photographed by Eugenia Uhl

Our faces, hands and bodies read like visual maps of our lives. As you journey on, take your skincare approach in a positive direction with both new and tried and true products that heal, repair, restore and protect.

The Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask decongests and unclogs pores to create smoother and resurfaced skin. Herbivore. Pilot + Powell, 3901 Magazine St., 8271727, PilotAndPowell.com Invigorate the entire body by rubbing on the Citrus Alley Sugar Scrub – complete with f resh citrus juice, Louisiana cane sugar and pure essential oils – in an enthusiastic circular motion. Southern Rhoades, multiple at local locations, SouthernRhoades.com

Neocutis Biogel is a double duty product for men to soothe skin after shaving and deliver antiaging and wrinkle benefits. ĂŠtre Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center, 1224 St. Charles Ave., 2273873, ĂŠtreCosmeticDerm.com Draw out complexion impurities and brighten skin of all types with a French Sea Clay and Pineapple Enzyme Facial Cleanser. Oxalis Apothecary, available at multiple local locations, OxalisApothecary.com Sunday Riley Good Genes AllIn-One Lactic Acid Treatment exfoliates dull, pore-clogging dead skin cells to reveal fresher and younger-looking skin. Polite Society, 4601 Dryades St. 3046225, PoliteSocietyNola.com

56 st. charles Avenue May 2018

A new way to achieve UVA/UVB protection, the Sunforgettable Brush-on Sunscreen is an easy way to apply SPF and loose mineral powder in one application. About Face, 701 Metairie Road, 304-1556, AboutFaceNola.com

Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum addresses the most stubborn discoloration, regardless of skin type or genetic makeup. Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, 2201 Veterans Blvd., 814-3223, SeanWeissMD.com Specific to men, the Baxter of California Under Eye Complex is designed to nourish, repair and reduce puffiness and dark circles. Belladonna, 2900 Magazine St., 891-4393, BelladonnaDaySpa.com

stcharlesAvenue.com 57

Marini Luminate Hand Cream targets and decreases visible signs of aging on the hands. Mia Bella Beauty Lounge, 745 Baronne St. 510-5963, MiaBellaBeautyLounge.com

58 st. charles Avenue May 2018

An organic skin booster treatment, VOYA’s My Little Hero nourishing facial serum is packed with antioxidants to brighten dull skin and protect it from environmental damage. The Woodhouse Day Spa, 4030 Canal St., 482-6652, WoodhouseSpas.com

Moisturize skin while leaving a subtle shimmer and pearlescent glow with the French Girl Lumière Body Oil. Belladonna 2900 Magazine St., 891-4393, BelladonnaDaySpa.com

stcharlesAvenue.com 59

E n t e r ta i n i n g wi t h B e v

Porcine Partying A wedding that benefited “Hogs for the Cause” By Bev Church

Emily Reimsnyder and Ramsey Diament were married on March 23, 2018, the same weekend as “Hogs for the Cause,” the big fundraiser that benefits children’s cancer research! Emily has been in public relations for years and went right to her friend Mike Ruoss, the culinary director of Three of a Kind Restaurant Group, who always has a team for “Hogs for the Cause”! They asked Mike to cater their reception: pasta, salads, a charcuterie grazing table, cochon de lait sandwiches with aioli sauce and a wedding cake. Emily and Ramsey wanted to make a generous donation to Mike’s, team so it worked out perfectly. They had 250 at the reception and danced all night to Bag of Donuts! Emily and Ramsey first met at “White Linen Night” and were introduced by friends, who all at one time lived in an apartment on Webster Street at Perrier Street. They met again at the “Red Dress Run” and after that they were a couple. Ramsey proposed to Emily the night of the Bacchus parade on the balcony of Superior Grill. He asked for the microphone and proposed with the whole crowd listening! She definitely said, “Yes!” They had the bridal luncheon at Arnaud’s, the rehearsal dinner at Brennan’s, the wedding at 7 p.m. at the Church of the Immaculate Conception and reception at the Civic Theatre. After dancing all night, they took a pedicab ride to the Roosevelt Hotel. Friends gave a beautiful party the next day, and then they were off to Antigua for their honeymoon. n

PHOTO RIGHT The engagement at Bacchus PHOTOS OPPOSITE PAGE Top Left: Emily and Ramsey by the church Top Right: Bridesmaids Middle Right: Leaving the church with bouquet in the air Bottom Left: Reception at the Civic Bottom Right: The kiss as they depart

60 st. charles Avenue May 2018

E n t e r ta i n i n g wi t h B e v

stcharlesAvenue.com 61


Wade Watson Founder, Pontchartrain Mushrooms By Lindsay Mack

Opal and Wade Watson

With three children and longtime

62 st. charles Avenue May 2018

Mycoremediation, or the use of fungi to help decontaminate the environment, is another source of fascination for Wade. The mycelium, or vegetative part of the fungus, can be used as a filter to remove pollutants from water. This type of filtration may become part of Pontchartrain Mushroom’s future. In addition, there’s a “Composting for the Coast” initiative from Pontchartrain Mushrooms. By composting their used growing medium for soil creation, the mushroom farm can provide organic soil for coastal restoration projects. “The reason this is important is because plants grown in organic soils form life long, symbiotic relationships with fungi, bacteria and microbes, making them more disease and pest resistant and promoting the longevity of the plants,” says Wade. Drawing on his 19 years of experience as a chef in locations such as La Provence, Watson already had an insider’s view of the New Orleans mushroom market. When Pontchartrain Mushrooms first launched, there was only one commercial mushroom

grower in Louisiana. Now Wade is dedicated to providing area chefs with locally grown, high-quality specialty mushrooms. His company’s growing success speaks for itself. “The support we have received from area chefs has been absolutely amazing, but I would say our biggest success so far is waking up every day and knowing that we made the right decision to pursue Pontchartrain Mushrooms,” says Wade. “What has evolved from our idea has given me a feeling of great purpose. I’m proud to show my children the hard work and dedication it takes to work towards achieving a dream.” n

Get Involved At this time, Watson is interested in further researching mycology and mycoremediation, and he welcomes any donations or help with grant writing to support that endeavor. For more information visit them at Facebook.com/pontchartrainmushrooms, on Instagram @pontchartrainmushrooms or by emailing pontchartrainmushrooms@gmail.com.

ph oto by cheryl gerber

careers in the local culinary scene, Wade Watson and his wife Opal already had enough on their plates. But after spending a fateful day foraging for chanterelle mushrooms in 2014, Wade and Opal began researching mycology: the study of fungi. They started cultivating mushrooms out of their home, and eventually grew an innovative business from this passion for fungi. “Chanterelles are part of a mycorrhizal network, meaning that these fungi form symbiotic relationships between beneficial bacteria and microbes in our soil,” says Wade. By connecting many individual plants and trees, these mushroom networks help transfer water and nutrients (such as carbon and nitrogen) throughout the whole system. “These complex, natural relationships fascinated me and compelled me to educate myself in mycology, reading everything I could find.” As it turns out, fungi can do some pretty amazing things for the natural world in terms of cleaning the environment as well.

stcharlesAvenue.com 63

s t ude n t ac t i v i s t

Mariah Smith Benjamin Franklin High School By Mallory Lindsly

“I believe that the most

64 st. charles Avenue April 2018

the high standards at my school, Benjamin Franklin High,” says Smith. “The program was met with great success amidst our school wide curriculum and I am thankful to graduate in May knowing that is will be a bi-annual event.” Deacon Troy Smith, Smith’s grandfather who raised her, is “the kindest person in her life” and has inspired her to be an activist. . Smith says, “My entire life I’ve watched him put everyone and every cause ahead of himself. (He) continues to be my best example of strength and grace through adversity. He is my constant inspiration to become better today than I was yesterday.” Smith will attend The University of Notre Dame in the fall on the QuestBridge scholarship. She plans to major in Neuroscience and minor in Sustainability and Peace Studies. As a physician, she aspires to work with Doctors Without Borders to help others while creating her own non-governmental organization focused on creating sustainable health care resources for underserved communities. n

ph oto by che ryl gerber

effective changes come from individuals who are most impacted directly by that need for change,” says Mariah Smith, a senior at Benjamin Franklin High School. Smith is involved with St. Raymond and St. Leo The Great Young Voices of Praise Choir, Feminist Club, Archdiocese of New Orleans Racial Sobriety Workshop, Children’s Hospital and many more volunteer projects throughout the community. In 2017, Smith joined The Experiment in International Living Leadership Institute – India, a six-week non-governmental organization in the region. Smith spent 10 days of those six weeks with a host family. “We concluded that it isn’t as beneficial to go into a place and insert our own alien views onto the community that we were not normally a part of. Instead we left with understanding that international aid is effective when we support the efforts that the people who live there find the most important,” says Smith. At Ben Franklin, Smith has been involved with the Wellness Program. Michele Beloney, a social worker at Ben Franklin, helped students form the wellness program, which offered a stress-free day of rest and relaxation. The day had tai chi, yoga, boxing and different ways to manage stress. Physicians and therapists volunteered to come to Ben Franklin to give their expertise and services. “While maintaining our school’s exceptional record of excellence, this vital program brought a new dimension to

stcharlesAvenue.com 65

s h o p ta lk

Roy & Jennifer Lacoste Owners, Blo Blow Dry Bar By Mirella Cameran

Tell us about how you got involved in Blo? Roy: We were looking for a business that was an industry leader. When the opportunity presented itself, we researched the industry and the company’s success.

66 st. charles Avenue May 2018

Who is Blo for? Jennifer: Blo appeals to women of all ages and stages. Some of our guests come in several times a week, some come in for a Saturday night out and some come in every month or so for special occasions or events. Is there anything coming up at Blo that you would like to share? Jennifer: We launched our make-up services in April! As we continue to listen to our clients we will re-evaluate the services we offer so that we are the one stop shop for all beauty needs. n

Blo Blow Dry Bar 5530 Magazine St. 570-6101, BloMeDry.com

photo by J effery J ohnston

How did you your careers lead you to Blo? Roy: After graduating from college I began my career with EAN Holdings, LLC in Louisiana, where I was employed for 15 years. As a Group Manager I lead a regional team of award winning fleet management professionals that were also recognized for leading the country in customer service overall rankings. Jennifer: After graduating from LSU Medical Center, I began my career as an Occupational Therapist where I treated patients as well as being a Regional Manager. My experience in both patient care and management prepared me to always put people’s needs and customer service first.

What is special about Blo? Jennifer: Blo Blow Dry Bar is North America’s original blow dry bar. Blo offers perfectly styled hair and exceptional customer experiences seven days a week. 

s h o p ta lk

Arnold Molano General Manager, Select Stone By Mirella Cameran

How did you become involved in Select Stone? I began my career in the banking industry. In 2008, when the market declined, I decided to make a change and joined Select Stone. What is different about your business? We carry only first quality stones with 100 percent of our stock inspected for color and quality.

ph oto by J effery Johnsto n

How has Select changed? In the beginning we offered about 60 colors to choose from. Our selection now has grown to over 300 choices. What are your most popular lines? While solid slab stone of any kind is desirable, quartzite and quartz are particularly popular for those who want the look of marble with the durability of granite. What are your favorites in store right now? Taj Mahal, Infinity White, Lake Louise and Matrix 3D are a few.

What are the trends right now? We are still seeing a heavy influence of contemporary white and grey color schemes. Although design styles are personal, dynamic stones with bold movement remain on trend to make a statement. What else do you offer? We offer many unique finishes, including polished, honed, leathered, antiqued and brushed. What is on the horizon? Coming soon we will have our first semi-precious material: Blue Agatha. With a gorgeous variety of blue hues, it’s an exquisite ornamental stone. n

Select Stone 733 Distributors Row, Suite B, Harahan 216-0110 SelectStoneLLC.com

stcharlesAvenue.com 67

s n a p s h ot s By Marie Gabriel 1






1. Darren and Eileen Radcliff attend the New Orleans Mission’s fourth annual “Changing the Face of Homelessness” gala in December. The event was held at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans and featured entertainment by Jonny Diaz and a motivational speech from Ron Hall. 2. Thomas and Vickie Ramagos at the “Changing the Face of Homelessness” gala. Guests were treated to a three-course dinner, an auction and raffle and a presentation from the New Orleans Mission on the life-changing initiatives in progress at the Mission. 3. Lori Pomnitz and Lynn Harris attend the New Orleans Mission’s annual fundraising gala in December to raise awareness for the plight of homelessness in the Greater New Orleans Area. Proceeds from the event will benefit the mission’s various programs. 4. University of Holy Cross Student Government Association President Mallory Ottaway, University of Holy Cross President Dr. David “Buck” Landry, Algiers Economic Development Foundation Executive Director Derrick Martin, University of Holy Cross Board of Trustees Chairman Kyle France, Marianites of Holy Cross Congressional Leader Sr. Ann Lacour MSC and Notre Dame Seminary Rector Very Reverend James Wehner STD break ground on University of Holy Cross’ new residence hall in November 2017. The state-of-the-art dorms will house up to 135 students and are expected to be open for the 2018-2019 academic year. 5. Kaylea Boehm Hill, Kathryn Diano, Katie Harvill, Clare Colton and Ansley Seaver Marshall gather to show support and raise awareness for homeless children during the Covenant House’ annual “Sleep Out” in November 2017. Over 170 business and community leaders participated in the event. 6. Bruce Hurley participates in the Covenant House’ annual “Sleep Out” fundraiser. The event helped to raise awareness of homeless youths and raised $470,00 for Covenant House. 68 st. charles Avenue May 2018

stcharlesAvenue.com 69

s n a p s h ot s By Marie Gabriel 7






7. The Claverie family poses together at the St. George Episcopal School in November 2017, after the ceremony for the Betsy King Award, a high award for teaching excellence: (front) Rylan Claverie and Amelia Claverie, with (back) Philip Claverie Jr., Tamara Claverie, Laura Claverie and Philip Claverie Sr. 8. Caroline Picou, Nina LeBourgeois, Anna Grace Dreiling, Ellie Davidson and Eliza Favrot at the New Orleans Lawn Tennis Club for the 2017 Eight O’Clocks’ “Winter Dance” in December 2017. 9. Marguerite Schwarz, Katie Main, Nicole Johnson, Will Lafaye and Gabbi Polite pose together at the Eight O’Clocks’ “Winter Dance.” Over 400 kids attended the event, which was hosted by six member schools. 10. Emma Rose Baumer, Cameron Andrews, Walker Montgomery, Ashley Ellis and Susan Le Clercq share a smile at the Eight O’Clocks’ “Winter Dance,” which was hosted by representatives from Trinity, Newman, St. Martin, Country Day, Sacred Heart and McGehee schools. 11. Allie Nowak, Michael Baumer, Lara King, Charlotte Wirth and John Guillot attend the Eight O’Clocks’ “Winter Dance.” 12. Pamela Joyner and Regenia A. Perry Ph.D. participate in “Solidary and Solitary” at the Ogden Museum in November 2017. The in-depth discussion was held in November as a part of Prospect.4. Over 275 guests attended the talk, which focused on the history of art by African American artists from the 1940s to now.

70 st. charles Avenue May 2018

stcharlesAvenue.com 71


Weddings Bridal Gowns Pearl’s Place 3114 Severn Ave., Metairie 504-885-9213, PearlsPlace.com

A New Orleans staple, Pearl’s place is a 48-year-old Bridal and Special Occasion Boutique that prides itself on quality customer service. Our expert sales staff gives you a one on one experience that leads you to your dream dress. With the largest selection of Bridal Gowns in the South, your options are limitless. We tailor to every bride at every budget. Experience the magic! Pearl’s Place offers Bridesmaids, Mothers, Debutante, and Prom too.

Bridal Showers / Bachelorette Parties Pearl’s Place

The Shard Shop

The Shard Shop 3138 Magazine St., Suite C, New Orleans 504-309-2581, ShardShop.com

Want to throw a truly unique party for the bride-tobe? The Shard Shop is the perfect venue for your bridal shower, bachelorette party, or destination wedding activity. Party-goers all make an individual piece of ShardArt using sparkly glass on canvas and contribute to a collaborative masterpiece for the guest of honor!  ShardArt is a mosaic-like technique of applying glass to painted canvas to create gorgeous art! After you’ve laid out your design, we do the messy part of covering your art with a clear resin. The result is intoxicating! Parties include our fun, creative art instructors, space at our beautiful Magazine Street studio, and a party concierge. All materials provided and all skill levels welcome!

Destination Weddings / Honeymoons Holiday Inn Club Vacations® Galveston Seaside Resort 19320 San Luis Pass Rd., Galveston, TX 844-857-7844, HolidayInnClubVacations.com

It doesn’t get much better than a stroll along the beach, holding hands, and reminiscing about your good times together and then returning to a luxury beachfront Villa. The Holiday Inn Club Vacations Seaside Resort is perfect for a romantic getaway. Your villa is well appointed and equipped with everything you need for a romantic getaway including a large balcony overlooking an infinity pool and the beach – perfect for coffee in the morning and cocktails watching the sunset!

Event Design Fancy Faces 73128 Hwy. 1077, Covington 985-893-2652, FancyFacesDecor.com

Fancy Faces Decor provides flawless event decor and design for the New Orleans area and beyond. Known throughout the region for unique event styling and impeccable customer service, Fancy Faces Decor specializes in creating show-stopping room effects featuring dramatic lighting, luscious feathers, modular seating, and custom centerpieces. Available for weddings, corporate events, and private parties.

Event Planning Blue Gardenia Events 631 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans 504-206-8599, BlueGardeniaEvents.com

At Blue Gardenia Events, our philosophy and mission is simple – we love creating memories! We specialize in creating artfully designed events, infused with layers of thoughtful details, designed to leave a longlasting impression on your guests, creating memories to last a lifetime. It is these well-curated details that make an event feel truly custom, unique, warm, and charming. Some call it southern hospitality, we call it the Blue Gardenia standard, a Blue Gardenia Event.

Terry Cambise Wedding & Event Consulting TerryCambise.com Holiday Inn Club Vacations® Galveston Seaside Resort

72 st. charles Avenue May 2018

Blue Gardenia Events

Terry Cambise Wedding & Event Consulting, LLC was established in 2003. Terry Cambise, President is pleased to announce that her daughter Victoria has recently joined the company.


Victoria is a graduate of Loyola University in Business Administration with a double major in Management and Marketing. She has been in the hospitality industry for the past four years. Together we are available to help you plan that special event. We are experienced in creating weddings, private events, non-profit galas, corporate parties, debutante balls and more. We bring your vision to life from the most intimate gatherings to the grandest affair. We invite you to relax and “Be a Guest at your own Event!”

Z Event Company 508 Metairie Rd., Metairie 504-510-5838, ZEventCo.com

Having event planners and designers with knowledge and access to the best sources both locally and worldwide allows us to design the event of your dreams. Your celebration in New Orleans will be enjoyable, stress-free and memorable when our award winning team is part of it! Come visit our showroom at 508 Metairie Road for the latest designs available for your next event and start the planning. Weddings, Social, Corporate, Non-Profit and Milestone Celebrations – we create extraordinary memories that last a lifetime.

Flowers Ambrose Garden Florist 8015 Maple St., New Orleans 504-861-1953, TheNewOrleansFlorist.com

Whether your wedding will be large and formal or small and intimate, Ambrose Garden has the creative ability to translate your visions and create an atmosphere as special as the occasion. We will gladly guide you through the entire process of choosing the perfect flowers. We pride ourselves in our close attention to detail to ensure that everything is exactly as you envisioned so that your wedding day is a magical one. We invite you to contact us and share your visions and desires with us, then allow us to make them a reality.

tifully unique events – from custom furnishings, to fresh flowers, linens, candle décor and draping. At Kim Starr Wise Floral Events it is our goal to create something that is styled just for you. Contact us to set up a consultation for your wedding.

Mitch’s Flowers 4843 Magazine St., New Orleans 504-899-4843, MitchsFlowersNola.com

On your way to the Garden District sits a garden level storefront behind fences of jasmine, a yard of maiden hair fern, fiddle-leaf figs and umbrella palms. Upon your entrance, phalaenopsis orchids line the walls of this bucket flower shop known as Mitch’s. Embellishing New Orleans family celebrations from First Communions to Debutantes to Nuptials for 31 years, Monique Chauvin and her team of artists know this city’s traditions and southern grown roots. Flower recipes, timelines and centerpieces come standard from event to event, but what makes Mitch’s special is their relationship with their customers and attention to their details.

Invitations, Cups and Personalized Items

Fancy Faces

Betty Hunley 6057 Magazine St., New Orleans 504-895-2870, BettyHunley.com

The team at Betty Hunley Designs can work with you to create special, one-of-a-kind pieces, like this lovely SMOCK letterpress invitation with a foil edge, accompanied by a custom designed napkin, cup and koozie set. In addition to custom services, they also offer ready-to-print designs. Shop designs and gifts online or visit their store on Magazine Street Monday through Friday 10-5 or Saturday 10-2.

Terry Cambise Wedding & Event Consulting

Fabulous Flowers 504-909-0253, FabulousFlowers.us

Established in 2003, personal service and attention to detail is the hallmark of Fabulous Flowers – a full service design company specializing in wedding flowers. Owner Ken Marino works closely with every bride to bring her vision to life and personalize the look of each wedding. From the first meeting to delivery of the bouquet on that special day, clients are never passed off to an assistant, Ken is always the first contact. “A happy bride is the ultimate goal,” says Ken. Pricing is considered moderate and Ken is always happy to work within a given budget.

Kim Starr Wise Floral Events 437 St. Phillip St., New Orleans 504-315-5607, KimStarrWise.com

Kim Starr Wise Floral Events provides customdesigned events based on each client’s aesthetic, style and vision. As professional event stylists, the team at KSW will ensure the aesthetic of your event cohesively blends together to create an overall look and feel. Whether simple or lavish, we create beau-

Kim Starr Wise Floral Events

Ambrose Garden Florist

stcharlesAvenue.com 73


Mitch’s Flowers

Boudreaux’s Jewelers

Gem Printing 1904 Veterans Blvd., Metairie 504-834-9580, GemPrinting.com

Gem Printing Co., founded in 1918, is celebrating 100 years in business and has served four generations of New Orleans brides. Gem is a family owned and operated print shop specializing in wedding invitations, including Engraved, Thermography and Letterpress. Gem also offers an array of personalized items such as: Save the Dates, Programs, Cups, Koozies, Second Line Handkerchiefs, Napkins, Seals, Matches, Notepads, Beads, Cake Knives, Toasting Glasses, Cake Bags & Boxes, and more. Non-personalized wedding items offered include Second Line Umbrellas, Guest Books, Cake Pulls, Garters, Flower Baskets, and Ring Pillows. Gem Printing Co. is a must for planning a wedding in New Orleans.

Party Cup Express 121 Industrial Avenue, New Orleans 504-835-5465, PartyCupExpress.com

Party Cup Express offers fun and unique party cups with Southern charm! If you need Custom Printed Cups, Coozies, Napkins and Barware for your wedding or any of your other special events – you will find locally inspired stock design or you can customize your own personal monogram or design on an array of items. They offer gifts and accessories, too! Stop in or order online. For custom orders, email caroline@ giacona.com.

Fabulous Flowers

Jewelry Boudreaux’s Jewelers 701 Metairie Rd., Metairie 504-831-2602, BoudreauxsJewelers.com

“As this year’s spring wedding season comes to an end, there are a lot of fresh trends that have roared back in popularity from years past and the biggest of those is Yellow Gold. The alluring metal that vanished in popularity in the ‘90s has come back with a vengeance. We are seeing the Yellow Gold trend in wedding bands really come back with brides still opting for traditional Platinum or White Gold engagement rings, but mixing in some color with their wedding bands.” – Brandon Boudreaux, Lead Designer, Boudreaux’s Jewelers

74 st. charles Avenue May 2018

Gem Printing

z Event Company


Betty Hunley - Watercolor by meredith zelenka - calligraphy by peggy rives

Perlis Clothing

Ricobonno’s Peppermill

Party Cup Express

John’s Tuxedos

Men’s Formalwear John’s Tuxedos 3200 Houma Blvd., Metairie 504-455-5353, JohnsTuxedos.com

John’s Tuxedos is a locally owned and operated men’s clothing store, serving Metairie and New Orleans since 1984. As a premier provider of men’s tuxedos and suits, we offer same-day service, on-site alterations, and a full selection of the latest men’s formalwear styles. John’s Tuxedos is proud to offer one of the widest selections of men’s tuxedos, suits, vests, and accessories, for both rental and retail, in the greater New Orleans area. Regardless of your preferred style, we have the perfect attire for your event. Our expert tuxedo consultants have decades of experience and love to help brides and grooms coordinate the ideal look for their special day. No appointment needed.

stcharlesAvenue.com 75


Blo Blow Dry Bar

Bleu Blowdry bar

Perlis Clothing 6070 Magazine St., New Orleans 504 895-8661, Perlis.com

For over 50 years, couples have chosen Perlis to supply traditional tuxedos for their weddings. Come in and feel the high quality of our tuxedos and test the fit before you rent. For weddings from now until Labor Day try on our white dinner jacket, or seersucker suits in several colors including the original seersucker suit by Haspel. Check out our selection of white linen suits which are breathable, lightweight and made with a durable fabric – you couldn’t really ask for much more when dressing for the stifling New Orleans heat! Accessorize yourself with the local flavor ties of New Orleans featuring crawfish, oysters, snoballs and more!

Rehearsal Dinners Ricobonno’s Peppermill 504-455-2266, RiccobonosPeppermill.com

The Riccobono Family has been hosting memorable events for our customers for over 40 years. Experience our fresh caught Gulf seafood, hand-cut beef filets, and superbly prepared Italian fare passed down through three generations of Riccobonos. View sample menus online or let us create a custom menu for your rehearsal dinner, bridal brunch or another special occasion. Our private dining room accommodates groups up to 50. Come let us prepare your next celebration.

Spa and Beauty Services BLEU Blowdry Bar 701 Metairie Rd., Ste. 112-2A, Metairie 504-309-5999 5228 Magazine St., New Orleans 504-325-5625 , BLEUaBlowdryBar.com

Since opening in Old Metairie in Sept 2013, BLEU a Blowdry Bar’s dry style, blowout and updo menu has expanded to include Tape In Hair Extensions, Keratin Express Treatments, Makeup Applications and Eyelash Extensions. A second location opened in December 2017 on Magazine Street. BLEU now boasts 20+ talented “BLEU Krewe” to create whatever look desired. Say “I Do to BLEU”! Brides and Wedding parties can choose In Salon or On Location via “BLEU 2 U”. Whether a bachelorette party pre event, wedding shower or rehearsal dinner, BLEU can have you looking and feeling fabulous. Cue the blowdryers and Pop the champagne to get YOUR party started!

76 st. charles Avenue May 2018

ELizabeth Riggs Dentistry

Blo Blow Dry Bar 5530 Magazine St., New Orleans 504-570-6101, BloMeDry.com

Blo Blow Dry Bar’s Signature bridal service pampers brides and their wedding parties. For brides, the Signature service includes a personalized hair and makeup consultation prior to the big day and luxury wedding day services. The bridal party is also given Blo’s “pink glove” treatment and can choose from any of Blo’s seven signature styles or a perfectly coiffed up-do. Blo’s team of expertly trained stylists and makeup artists work their magic while brides relax and enjoy all of the details. Bridal parties can come in-bar to get ready for their special day or Blo’s team can travel on location!

Elizabeth Riggs Dentistry 3442 Magazine St., New Orleans 504-891-1115, SmilesByRiggs.com

From her beautiful Garden district office on magazine Street, Dr. Elizabeth Riggs practices both restorative and cosmetic dentistry. She also enjoys providing facial enhancement procedures, such as Botox and dermal fillers. From the moment you walk into the front door, her team makes you feel welcome and cared for. They are all passionate about creating both healthy and beautiful smiles.




Spafoo By Appointment Spafoo.com

Your hairstyle is stuck in the same time period as when you started with your stylist. Your wedding is approaching! What to do? Welcome to Spafoo, the onlocation beauty app that lets you choose your stylist. Break out of your stylist’s rut by discretely choosing a new stylist or try different stylists. Local entrepreneur and beauty expert, Alicia Reynaud created Spafoo, a beauty app that is revolutionizing how we do beauty. A team of over 30 licensed and professional providers are a tap away on your smartphone providing hair, makeup, nails, massage and personal training when you want and where you want - home, office and hotel.

Venues Brennan’s 417 Royal St., New Orleans 504-525-9711, BrennansNewOrleans.com

Brennan’s serves as the perfect location for every wedding event, from rehearsal dinners to bridal/groomsmen luncheons, bachelor parties and farewell breakfasts. The fanciful design preserves the famous open-air courtyard, perfect for elegant ceremonies and receptions. Our private wine room, which can serve as a VIP or bridal suite, features an eighteen-foot table milled from a single cypress. Eight glamorous dining rooms, each steeped in New Orleans architecture and ambiance, can be combined to create a spectacular wedding event for you. Our expert wedding planners will help to create a memorable occasion, every step of the way.

Hampton Inn & Suites New Orleans Convention Center 1201 Convention Center Blvd., New Orleans 504-566-9990, NewOrleansHamptonInns.com

Imagine saying your “I do’s” in a lovely New Orleans style courtyard surrounded by brick walls, climbing ivy, and flourishing flowers. Celebrate your union by dancing the night away in the Riverside Ballroom, an expansive space featuring classic finishes, romantic lighting, and a neutral color palette that can accommodate any couple’s’ personal style and tastes. Catering is provided by Joel’s Catering, one of the highest ranked caterers in the city. Whether you are throwing the biggest bash of the year or an intimate affair, the impeccable team at the Hampton Inn & Suites Convention Center will move mountains to execute your vision of the ideal wedding day!

Louisiana State Museum

stcharlesAvenue.com 77


Infinity Farms

InterContinental New Orleans

Infinity Farms 119 Riley Boone Rd., Carriere, MS 601-552-8880, InfinityFarms.com

Infinity Farms is an innovative, outdoor venue located in the Henleyfield Community of Carriere, MS – 70 miles from New Orleans and 50 miles from the Northshore. Within Infinity Farms, you can choose from several distinct settings to find the perfect place for your event – “Majestic Palms”, “Gardens, Pool and Cabana”, “Rolling Acres”, “IF Cottage”, “Relaxation Corridor” or “Formal Run.” Your ultimate event is possible given the right location, inspiration and coordination. IF you want to explore your options, let us assist you in building your unforgettable experience that offers the splendor of open air, beautiful landscape and lush living walls. Infinity Farms is the stillness between these spaces and why you choose your IF.

InterContinental New Orleans 444 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans 504-525-5566, ICNewOrleans.com

A Stunning Wedding Venue in New Orleans – Say “I do” to InterContinental New Orleans and experience a wedding as magical as the Crescent City! Our magnificent wedding venues overlook historic St. Charles Avenue and can host an event to remember for a lifetime. Every detail of your wedding day is handled flawlessly by our wedding specialists. From crisp linen tablecloths and precise silverware settings to visionary event flow and culinary perfection, consider your New Orleans wedding details done. We are here to answer any questions and to see that your special day is perfect.

Louisiana State Museum (multiple locations) 504-568-6968, LouisianaStateMuseum.org

Each location of the Louisiana State Museum has its own undeniable sense of history, charm, and character, and five of these landmarks the Cabildo, the Presbytère, the Old U.S. Mint, Capitol Park Museum and the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame and Northwest Louisiana History Museum—are available to host your special day. Weddings, parties, and galas call for dramatic locations and incomparable atmosphere, and our locations offer that and so much more. Contact us today if you’re interested in hosting your event with us.

New Orleans City Park 1 Palm Dr., New Orleans 504-483-9402, NewOrleansCityPark.com


78 st. charles Avenue May 2018

City Park offers spectacular settings for parties, weddings, and other special occasions. When you host an event in City Park, you are treated to an incomparable outdoor landscape, a unique selection of historic and architecturally significant venues, and one of the largest catering operations in the Greater New Orleans area. We have venues outfitted to suit any occasion and all party sizes – intimate gatherings, luncheon groups, family reunions, corporate meetings, picture-perfect weddings, and more! Reach out to us today and let the City Park staff show you the magic of City Park.


Royal Sonesta New Orleans

Hampton Inn & Suites New Orleans Convention Center

NOPSI Hotel 317 Baronne St., New Orleans 504-962-6500, NOPSIHotel.com

Your love story deserves the perfect venue. From the moment your guests walk through the doors of the 1920s era NOPSI Hotel, New Orleans – A Salamander Hotel, they will feel the spirit of the building’s history as the former headquarters of the city’s power company, New Orleans Public Service Inc. From a stunning ceremony kissed by city lights, to an authentic New Orleans reception in the industrially-elegant Dryades Ballroom, a wedding at NOPSI Hotel is an unforgettable event where time forever stands still. Photo: Caitlin B. Photography

Royal Sonesta New Orleans 300 Bourbon St., New Orleans 504-553-2205, Sonesta.com/RoyalNewOrleans

Located in the heart of the French Quarter, Royal Sonesta New Orleans offers unparalleled weddings and receptions for 5 to 600 guests in our unique venues. Our new Grand Ballroom and 2,000 sq.ft. Fleur de Lis Suite with access to a traditional courtyard, pair perfectly with Sonesta’s creative “Food Is Art” philosophy. Accommodate your guests in our newly renovated guest rooms or suites, and entertain in our Bourbon Balcony Suites. Offering the highest degree of personalized service from a team of wedding professionals, we create uniquely personal events from bridal showers and rehearsal dinners, to bachelor and bachelorette parties.

New Orleans City Park

Wedding Resources The Event Glossary EventGlossary.com

Everyone has a different style and budget when planning an event and not everyone needs a full service planning company. This online marketplace satisfies the needs of both novice and professional planners alike. The Event Glossary provides you with all the vendors you need to plan an event of any size from start to finish and eliminates the need to search from site to site. We will save you time, money and frustration. Everything you need to plan your event is all in one place! Our event concierge is online to answer questions and help walk you thru the process. Everything can be sourced, ordered and paid for all on one website! The Event Glossary

stcharlesAvenue.com 79


NEIGHBORHOODS New Orleans is known for its diverse neighborhoods. Each area of town is distinctly different and has so much to offer. Here are a few choices for shopping, services to make your life easier and your home more beautiful, summer camps for the kids and even real estate options.


Metairie & CBD

City Wide

Select Stone, LLC 733 Distributors Row 504-216-0110 SelectStonellc.com

Cristy Cali Jewelry (carried by Adler’s) 722 Canal St., New Orleans 2937 Veterans Memorial Blvd. B, Metairie 866-200-9435 CristyCali.com

A&B Errand Services, LLC 504-319-7227 AandBErrandServices.com Founded by Roberto Diaz del Valle, A&B Errand Services is a new personal service providing New Orleans unique and important assistance in accomplishing many different daily tasks and obligations. Services include: Special Events, Receptions, Coordination, Delivery and Special Customized Services. Roberto has spent over 35 years in the New Orleans Marketplace in the fields of academia, banking and hospitality and has a thorough knowledge of the people and the business community. He has been endorsed by many prominent New Orleanians. For more information and specific requests call (504) 319-7227.

80 st. charles Avenue May 2018

At Select Stone they’re committed to providing superior quality materials with exceptional customer service. Conveniently located in the heart of the Elmwood shopping district, they offer over 300 colors in stock to choose from. Their vast inventory of marble, quartz, quartzite, granite and soapstone are all housed in their 18,000 square foot warehouse. With materials covering a wide variety of colors, styles and patterns making your dream project become a reality. They are open to the public Monday through Friday 8-5 and Saturdays 9-1.

Old Metairie

Cristy Cali celebrates New Orleans’ 300th birthday with two limited edition sterling silver Couture Charms, compatible with major brand sterling silver slide bracelets. Only 300 units of each will ever be produced. Includes a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Lilly & Co 2513 Metairie Road 504-324-3593 Facebook.com/LillyCoNOLA Located conveniently on Metairie Road, Lilly & Co is your neighborhood boutique and salon! They have everything you need from clothes to accessories. Their specialty boutique also has a full-service hair salon where they can help you with a new do. Come by and let them treat you!


River Bend

Ballin’s LTD opened their flagship store in New Orleans in 1981. The company today has grown to seven locations within Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Ballin’s LTD is a premier shopping destination for locals and visitors to New Orleans. This on-trend retail store is a fashion resource for many ages to build a complete wardrobe for all occasions. Traveling trunk shows elevate the client experience from season to season.

RELISH 600 Metairie Road 504-309-3336 RelishNewOrleans.com Relish reflects the personal style of Beth Harris through home décor, luxury bedding, furniture, clothing and jewelry. She draws inspiration from years of traveling the world. By bringing together her favorite brands in one place, Beth invites you to take part in her story and find joy in the same products that she loves. She has found special items that will add elegance to your life whether you’re looking to complement your own charming taste or need eye-catching inspiration for a refreshed look. Relish is Beth’s secret to great style, and soon it will be yours, too.


RE/MAX N.O. Properties Carmen Duncan 504-452-6439 NJ Hopper 504-494-2208 The Optical Shoppe 800 Metairie Road 504-301-1726 OpticalShoppeBR.com The Optical Shoppe is an optical boutique featuring latest fashion in eyewear. They offer the finest quality eyewear and performance sun wear with the latest technology in lenses. The Old Metairie location is new to the neighborhood but not to the industry. Celebrating their 35th anniversary in Baton Rouge, their opticians have been in the industry for decades. Whether you are looking for eyeglass frames or sunglasses, they will ensure the proper fit for your face to make sure you see and look your best! Visit the Optical Shoppe or give them a call to find out about exciting sales and events offered in celebration of their 35th anniversary.

Ballin’s 721 Dante St. 504-866-4367, BallinsLTD.com

1776 State Street: Enviable location. 5 bedroom suites. Stunning interiors. Exceptional outdoor living. Great hobby space. Pool and spacious yard. Gated parking for four cars.

Liberto Cleaners 4814 Pyrtania St. 504-861-7812 LibertoCleaners.com Their family owned and operated dry cleaner has been serving Uptown New Orleans since 1932. They bestow quality, care and concern for your clothes and you. As a green cleaner, they use eco-friendly solvents and soaps; recycle

their polybags; reuse their hangers; and offer to reduce their customers’ carbon footprints by offering free pick up and delivery services in their neighborhoods. You can put your trust in Liberto Cleaners. They provide personal service and exceptional quality. They’ve been in business for nearly 86 years. Their unparalleled service, competitive prices and attention to detail are why their loyal customers won’t go anywhere else.

Louise S. McGehee School 2343 Prytania St. 504-561-1224 McGeheeSchool.com/summer Louise S. McGehee offers an all-girls summer day camp. Each camper’s experience is customized to maximize their summer fun! Weekly registration June 18-August 4 (no camp week of July 4), with Extended Care available 8-5:30. Campers will enjoy daily morning activities in Wacky Science, Broad Beats (performance), Makerspace, and S.A.S.S. (Sports and Silly Stuff). Parents and campers can choose a personalized afternoon adventure via one of our exciting 90-minute Afternoon Stream Options. Enjoy dress-up days, water play every Friday and all the exciting fun you’ve come to expect from Summer at McGehee. Register today!

stcharlesAvenue.com 81



Warehouse District

Ogden Museum Summer Camps 925 Camp St. 504-539-9608 OgdenMuseum.org/Camps

Wren’s Tontine Shade and Design 1533 Prytania St. 504-525-7409 WrensTontine.com Since 1937, Wren’s Tontine Shade & Design has been professionally decorating windows and enhancing homes. This experience has given them a vast knowledge of all that’s available in the window covering industry. Wren’s Tontine specializes in custom drapery, window shades, blinds, interior shutters, bedding and upholstery. They provide personal service and attention to detail. This includes in home consultations with design ideas to make your home unique and special.

Lukka Boutique 1000 Girod St. (store faces O’Keefe) 504-218-7113 Instagram @lukkaneworleans Lukka is a contemporary boutique inside the Beacon Building in the South Market District. Owner Michele Percy travels to New York, Los Angeles and Dallas to bring in a curated mix of contemporary designer price points and affordable styles. Their extensive selection of designer brands includes ATM, Brochu Walker, Cinq a Sept, Frank & Eileen, Halston Heritage, Ulla Johnson, Maison de Papillion, Milly, Susana Monaco, Tee Lab, Trina Turk, Wilt, Xirena, Mother Denim, DL 1961, AG, JBrand, Moussy, PLV, Annabel Ingall, Jenny Bird and more. Their Style Specialists have the common goal of giving each customer the personal attention expected, and the best shopping experience possible.

The Standard at South Market 1001 Julia St. 504-517-9500, Standardnola.com @standardneworleans The Standard offers 89 one-to-three bedroom, for-sale luxury condominiums and penthouses with 24,000-square-feet of retail space in Downtown New Orleans. Designed by renowned architect Morris Adjmi, The Standard features elegant residences, skyline views and custom finishes and fixtures. Its downtown location places it at the center of some of the city’s best dining, shopping and entertainment venues. The heart of the artful building features nearly 30,000 square feet of indoor/ outdoor amenity space, including a pool house and deck with private cabanas, an entertainment clubhouse and a fully-equipped fitness center. Experience the best of downtown New Orleans living.

Engaging young artists in New Orleans since 2009! Through a series of small, specialized camps, kids in grades 2 through 12 can explore fashion design, photography, painting, printmaking, puppetry, mixed media and more! Each session draws inspiration from Southern works of art and gives campers the chance to learn from professional artists in a unique museum setting. In celebration of each session, family and friends are invited to a final show or gallery exhibition, showcasing camper artwork. Space is limited, register today at OgdenMuseum.org/camps to reserve your camper’s spot! Questions regarding Summer Camp? Contact their educaion department by calling 504-539-9608 or emailing ebalkin@ogdenmuseum.org.

pe rfo r m i n g a r t s

May By Fritz Esker

Through May 6 Eclipsed

Black Panther star Danai Gurira’s play focuses on the friendship of two captive wives of a Liberian rebel officer. Loyola University Marquette Theatre, 6363 St. Charles Ave., 522-6545, SouthernRep.com

3 The Revivalists: Against All Odds

New Orleans’ own seven-piece rock band performs at the Saenger during the second weekend of Jazz Fest. The Saenger Theater, 1111 Canal St., 525-1052, SaengerNOLA.com




Late Night Catechism

Alice in Wonderland: A Storybook Ballet


This sinfully funny play takes audiences back to their days in New Orleans Catholic schools as an irrepressible nun teaches her “students” (the audience). Teatro Wego,177 Sala Ave., Westwego, 731-4700, JPAS.org

Lewis Carrol’s classic story is retold in ballet form in this two act interpretation featuring unforgettable dance as well as music by Tchaikovsky. Jefferson Performing Arts Center, 6400 Airline Drive, 731-4700, JPAS.org



An Evening with Chicago

NOBT Presents Giselle

2016 Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductees Chicago visit the Saenger to perform their beloved classics from the 1970s and 1980s. The Saenger Theater, 1111 Canal St., 525-1052, SaengerNOLA.com

18-19 Carmina Burana

The last LPO concert of the season features Carmina Burana, plus a new work by Gabriela Ortiz. Orpheum Theater, 129 Roosevelt Way, 523-6530, OrpheumNOLA.com

11 4-20 Little Shop of Horrors

The hit Broadway musical featuring nerdy florist Seymour and his giant man-eating plant Audrey II comes to Rivertown. Rivertown Theaters for the Performing Arts, 325 Minor St., 461-9475, RivertownTheaters.com

Gov’t Mule

Southern-rock jam band Gov’t Mule plays their annual show to coincide with the second weekend of Jazz Fest. The Saenger Theater, 1111 Canal St., 525-1052, SaengerNOLA.com


The LPO gives its audience a taste of classical and romantic compositions with these Mozart and Beethoven works. Orpheum Theater, 129 Roosevelt Way, 523-6530, OrpheumNOLA.com

Grammy-nominated blues guitar icon Joe Bonamassa has redefined blues-rock and is touring the United States in support of his album Blues of Desperation. The Saenger Theater, 1111 Canal St., 525-1052, SaengerNOLA.com

Joe Bonamassa

Eddie B. – Teachers Only Comedy Tour

Teachers across the world are finding a voice for their frustrations in Houstonbased comedian Eddie B. The Saenger Theater, 1111 Canal St., 525-1052, SaengerNOLA.com


An Act of God


Bayou Country Superfest

God returns to Earth with his devoted angels to answer some of mankind’s deepest questions in this smash-hit Broadway comedy. Le Petit Théâtre, 616 St. Peter St., 522-2081, LePetitTheatre.com

ZZ Top

Country stars George Strait, Chris Stapleton, and Little Big Town highlight this year’s country music extravaganza. MercedesBenz Superdome, 1500 Sugar Bowl Dive, 587-3663, BayouCountrySuperFest.com

The legendary classic rock band returns to New Orleans to make up a concert date that had to be rescheduled due to bassist Dusty Hill’s illness. The Saenger Theater, 1111 Canal St., 525-1052, SaengerNOLA.com

16-June 3 All the Way

This play vividly depicts the tumultuous first year of Lyndon Baines Johnson’s presidency, when he threw himself into the passage of the Civil Rights Act while campaigning for his own re-election. Loyola University Marquette Theatre, 6363 St. Charles Avenue, 522-6545, SouthernRep.com

84 st. charles Avenue May 2018

The New Orleans Ballet Theater presents this romantic ballet in two acts about a woman who dies of a broken heart only to be resurrected. Orpheum Theater, 129 Roosevelt Way, 523-6530, OrpheumNOLA.com


Beethoven’s Beginning with Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 17

11-27 4

New Orleans’ live, ongoing soap opera continues as sisters Chanel and Cartier continue their outrageous adventures. Church of Yoga NOLA, 1480 N. Rocheblave St., 522-6545, SouthernRep.com

22 Steely Dan & The Doobie Brothers

These two classic rock, multi-platinum bands unite for an unforgettable onenight-only performance. Smoothie King Center, 1501 Dave Dixon Drive, 587-3663, SmoothieKingCenter.com

stcharlesAvenue.com 85


86 st. charles Avenue May 2018


PUBLISHER’S NOTICE: All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Ace and the Louisiana Open Housing Act, which make it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation, or discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. For more information, call the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office at 1-800-273-5718.

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n os ta lg i a

Goodwill Gestures Remembering New Orleans’ “Mission to Mexico” By Seale Paterson

the City of New Orleans embarked on a “Mission to Mexico,” led by Mayor Victor Schiro. The group was primarily composed of city officials, staff and their families, but there were also members of city boards and commissions, such as the Civic Beautification Association. According to Mayor Schiro, it was the first time in New Orleans history that a group had embarked to a foreign country as goodwill representatives of the city. The purposes of the trip were: to discuss the placement of a statue of Mexican hero Benito Juarez in the Garden of the Americas on Basin Street; to discuss plans to increase tourism and commerce between New Orleans and Mexico;

88 st. charles Avenue May 2018

and to give city officials the opportunity to observe Mexico City’s municipal facilities, administrations and procedures. Also on the agenda: presenting the gift of a live pelican to the President of Mexico. When New Orleans couldn’t find a brown pelican nearby (even though it was only a few years before the brown pelican was officially named the Louisiana State Bird), they had Audubon Park’s superintendent George Douglass obtain one from the zoo in Fort Worth, Texas – one they assured the mayor had been born on the Louisiana Gulf Coast. The Mayor held a secret meeting at City Hall the day before departure to brainstorm a name. The decided-upon name was “El

Hombrecito,” in honor of John Chase’s New Orleans citizen character “Little Man” featured in his popular States-Item cartoon. It seems word got out about New Orleans’ lack of pelicans. A week after the Mexico visit, the mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida, reached out to Mayor Schiro with an offer to donate several brown pelicans to the city of New Orleans as a gesture of friendship. n The visitors are greeted in Mexico, August 1963. Sponsored by the City of New Orleans’ International Relations Committee and the Office of international Relations, the 10-day trip included visits to Cuernavaca, Taxco, Mexico City and Acapulco. Official receptions and opportunities for sightseeing were included in the itinerary.

Photo by Ray Trahan, appears co urtesy of the Louisiana Division of th e N ew Orleans Public L ibrary

In August of 1963, 88 people representing

Profile for Renaissance Publishing

St. Charles Avenue May 2018  

St. Charles Avenue May 2018  

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