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Acadiana wedding locations

to fit any couple’s personality and style

Nuptial Noshing

Get the dish on what to serve at your wedding


Beauty, invitations, flowers, gifts, cakes and more!

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36 fashion

Garden Party Taking a cue from south Louisiana’s lush landscape, florals create an elegant palette, infused with modern romance for a breath of fresh air

44 jewelry

pink, white & Blue Subtle pops of color make these classic combinations sparkle like fireworks

contents Avant


Beauty................................. 10

Invitations......................... 22

Burning Love (and Calories): Start on your fitness routine early for maximum impact on your Big Day with trainer and planning expert advice and get buff and ready with your workout buddy

Isn’t it Suite? The wedding invitation suite sets the tone for your Big Day and a couple can’t go wrong with simple and modern or clean and classic design



Flowers . . ............................. 26

All Time Glow: These items will make sure your skin reflects your happiness and let your joy shine through

Grow Closer: Understated tones of mauve and lavender, lush green and a touch of the unexpected make a beautiful bouquet for Acadiana brides

makeup................................ 16

Gifts.................................... 32

Now Trending: Lake Charlesbased makeup artist Jillyan Bevlaqua walks us through the latest in bridal beauty trends and some timeless favorites

Stay Golden: Add a glimmer of gold and a whisper of whimsy, sure to please

Skincare.............................. 14


Bon Appetit! The food is the second highest expense next to the location for most weddings and Acadiana is no exception




True Romance: Loose, flowing locks, braids and baubles are your wedding hairdo must haves and here are the pro-tips to keep it classically modern no matter what time of year

Tiers of Joy: Three sophisticated, yet simple cakes that incorporate gold, flowers and fondant for the no-fuss couple with modern sensibilities

Raising the Bar: From bubbles to bourbon and craft cocktails to craft beer, couples have myriad options at the bar and the only limit is their imagination when it comes to keeping guests in good spirits




Venue................................... 50

Big Day Digs: 7 luxe locations with ambiance and character to spare, whether you are an artsy couple, rustic chic makes your heart flutter or you are all about the bling

honeymoon......................... 60

Rest and Relaxation: Take a quick pre-honeymoon or full week-long getaway to the Emerald Coast for fun in the sun in Destin

lagniappe............................ 64

Tie One On: Gifts that bring new meaning to the title Best Man

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note de l’editeur

Keeping Calm


erhaps you’re the type of couple who has been daydreaming about and planning your wedding since shortly after the first date. You know exactly how the event will unfold, right down to tiny Tobasco bottle favors commemorating a romantic afternoon at Avery Island that ended in engagement. Or, maybe you and your betrothed are no frills types and really just aren’t that into all of the wedding day hoopla, but you still want to give your friends and family a small, yet elegant ceremony and soirée to remember. Either way, we are certain you’ll find the inspiration, ideas, advice and wedding professionals you need for a beautiful Big Day. From pre-wedding priming and primping to everything from the invitations and the location to the fabulous food and drink you’ll serve your guests, there are so many options for couples getting hitched in Acadiana. Lake Charles-based makup artist Jillyan Bevlaqua offers up tips and advice for a flawless face in “Make Me Up,” on page 16. Turn to page 28 and satisfy your sweet tooth with cakes from area bakers that are simple, but sophisticated in “Stay Golden.” In our fashion feature, “Garden Party,” on page 36, the lush grounds and classic interior at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Alumni House serve as the backdrop for a dreamy and romantic wedding. The seven gowns hightlighted in this eyepopping spread are the epitome of timeless elegance. For jewelry inspiration in “Pink, White & Blue,” on page 44, we gathered classic pieces with pops of color and plenty of sparkle. We know, we know — it’s all about location, location, location. Check out “Big Day Digs,” on page 54 for a peek into seven luxe locales from across the region. There truly is something for every personality and style. Second only to the actual ceremony, the food is what Acadiana couples care about most and we have you covered in “Bon Appetit!” on page 54. Can you say charcuterie? As you can see, we have a lot to share in this issue of Acadiana Weddings. This is the first time it has published without first having run as a special weddings section in Acadiana Profile magazine. It is bigger and better than ever before, with more of the content that couples need to create an Acadiana wedding that will live on forever in their shared memories (and photo album). Everything in this magazine was created by people living and working in the region and focuses exclusively on people, products and places in Acadiana. There’s no need to leave south Louisiana to plan your wedding, because it’s all right here in your back yard. Where better to declare your love in front of loved ones than in the place that inspired Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to write his epic poem, “Evangeline”? It doesn’t get much more romantic.


Acadiana Weddings


4 tips to banish Big Day jitters and actually enjoy your wedding.


Take care

Exercise, eat nutritious food, get lots of rest and plan time for both fun and relaxation in the months leading up to the wedding.


Hail Mary

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, either from the experts (a wedding planner) or friends and family.


Meal planning

Have boxed lunches or sandwich trays and other healthy snacks delivered to the location where you are getting ready for the wedding. A hungry bride or groom makes for a hangry bride or groom.


Uh oh!

Little (and big) glitches are going to happen in day-to-day life and in weddings — and that’s OK. The point of celebrating your nuptials and boogying down at the reception is to share this special day with your loved ones. Laugh it off and enjoy the mental blooper reel.

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avant B eau ty p.1 0

Romantic and unstructured locks are classic, yet modern

s k i n car e p.1 4

Mak e u p p.1 6

H air p.1 8

AVANT beauty

Start early. You’ll want to look your best for bridal portraits and engagement photos.


Burning Love (and Calories) Start on your fitness routine early for maximum impact on your Big Day with trainer and planning expert advice and get buff and ready with your workout buddy By M a r i e E l i za b et h Oli v er


Acadiana Weddings


oes the mere thought of wedding dress shopping have you reaching for your dusty pair of sneakers? If so, you’re not alone. According to WeddingWire’s 2018 Newlywed report 31 percent of brides started a new exercise trend or diet in preparation for their Big Day. Kallie Landry, personal trainer, former wedding planner and owner of The Gym of New Iberia, says it’s never too soon to find your perfect routine. “When you start wedding planning, that’s the time to start body planning,” says Landry, who has been training brides for more than a decade. She recommends taking the time to find a workout you love and then recruiting your groom, bridesmaid, or even your mom, as a pre-wedding fitness buddy. “Schedule it like you would an appointment at least two to three times a week when you know nothing else will interfere,” says Landry. “It adds that accountability.” Her ideal program combines both cardio and strength training and lasts for at least 12 weeks. Though that may seem like a major commitment from the outset, Landry says there’s no better way to fight off the inevitable wedding-planning stress than to sweat it out in the gym or studio a few times a week. Luckily, Acadiana has plenty of places to choose from, whether you prefer to find your Zen dancing, cycling or powering through highintensity cardio. Ca r d io Da n c e at Bas in A rts

For busy brides who love to bust a move, Basin Arts’ (113 Clinton St., Lafayette, basinartslafayette.com) cardio dance class features 45 minutes of heart rate-building aerobic dance in its downtown Lafayette studio. As owner and instructor Clare Cook says, “it combines a little old-school Jazzercise with hip hop and some Zumba thrown in.” The best part? Each class incorporates a trifecta of strength training, arm workouts and stretching. Cost: $15/class,

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AVANT beauty

Set Yourself Up for Success Personal trainer and former wedding planner, Kallie Landry’s top tips for brides

1 Start early

Don’t forget you’ll want to look your best for bridal portraits and engagement photos, which are usually taken months in advance.

2 Make an appointment

Schedule your workouts the same way you would a coffee date or work meeting so you don’t brush it off.

3 Find a buddy

The best way to stay motivated is to find someone you’ll have fun with and who will hold you accountable.

4 Don’t forget the basics

Proper nutrition, hydration and sleep are crucial for weight loss. “What you do at the gym can’t erase anything you do in the kitchen,” says Landry.


Acadiana Weddings

$64/five classes, $125/10 classes. Insider Tip: An unlimited monthly membership for $50 includes access to adult ballet, yoga and Pilates classes, as well as a T-shirt, guest passes and 15 percent off other art workshops.

Proper nutrition, hydration and sleep are crucial for weight loss.

Bootca m p at T h e Gy m

If you’re an early bird looking for a challenge, The Gym of New Iberia’s Bootcamp (2300 Palmland Blvd., New Iberia, 337-365-2640, thegymofnewiberia.com)gives you a fresh combination of cardio and weights three days a week starting at 5:30 a.m. — when there’s a pretty good chance you have an opening on your calendar. The custom workout caters to everyone from beginners to gym aficionados and is a wallet-friendly alternative to a personal trainer. Cost: $10/day drop in, six-month unlimited gym membership $85. Insider Tip: Schedule a tour of The Gym and get a complimentary day pass. Ba rre at P u re Ba rre

Starting a new workout program can be intimidating, especially if your fitness style is more laid back. With Pure Barre (4243 Ambassador Caffery, Suite 117, Lafayette, 337-993-2454, purebarre.com/la-lafayette), everything — from the studio atmosphere to the workouts themselves — gently ease you into your comfort zone. Lafayette studio owner Laura Rafferty says because the small movements incorporated into each workout are so different from what most people are used to, it may take a few classes to get the hang of things. Luckily, new, local members can work out free


for their first week. Cost: $25/class, first month of unlimited classes $99. insider Tip: The studio offers a bride-to-be package that includes three months of unlimited workouts for $375. I n d o o r Cyc l in g at Cyc l e ba r

Why wait until your reception to start the party? Cyclebar’s “Cycle Theatre” (4243 Ambassador Caffery, Suite 113, Lafayette, 337-541-1887, lafayettela.cyclebar.com) features 50 bikes, two big-screen TVs and a club-like atmosphere, so there’s no shortage of motivation. You’ll get personalized stats about your workout after each class. Cycle shoes are included. Cost: $22/class, $99/ month for unlimited rides, $59/month for five rides. Insider Tip: Cyclebar offers private wedding party rides for up to 50 people that includes a 50-minute ride, song requests, party pics and discounts on future ride programs. I n t e rva l T ra in in g

If you’re a multitasking diehard, check out OrangeTheory’s (4540 Nelson Rd., Suite A, Lake Charles, 337-735-2474, lake-charles.orangetheoryfitness.com. 109 Old Camp Road, Lafayette, 337-735-1877, lafayette-la.orangetheoryfitness.com) heart-rate driven classes that promise to keep your body at an increased calorie-burning zone hours after you’ve left the studio. Each class includes full-body, interval training workouts, focusing on endurance, strength and power. Cost: $28/ drop-in session, $199 for a 10-class pack. Insider tip: New, local residents receive one, free class session. ❖

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AVANT skincare


1 2

5 4



Acadiana Weddings


All Time Glow Every bride deserves to glow. These items will ensure your skin reflects your happiness and let your joy shine through. By Ash ley Hi n son photogr aph By romero & romero



Skinceuticals Eye Balm

Skinceuticals H. A . Intensifer

Ideal for the drier and more delicate eye area.

2 Jane Iredale Lip drink lip balm

Quenches dry lips and protects them through hydration in four natural shades.

3 Glowbiotics MD Calm After the Storm Calming Recovering Treatment

A potent combination of hyaluronic acid and licorice root that boosts elasticity and firmness by plumping skin. This serum is ideal for all skin types.

6 Skinceuticals Purifying Cleansing Gel

The foaming lather of this cleansing gel will dissolve dirt and oil with textureimproving glycolic acid.

Even oily/combination skin can benefit from serums. This serum has peptides, hyaluronic acids, and antioxidants reduce inflammation and fight aging.

4 Skinceuticals Replenishing Cleanser Cream

Cleans and softens with ceramides, glycerin and essential oils. This gentle cleanser won’t strip your skin’s natural oils.

Acadiana Aesthetic Surgeons

917 Coolidge St., Lafayette, 337-446-2425, aasurgeons.com

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AVANT makeup

3 Steps To Glow Dewy, sunlight-kissed skin is a musthave for brides in all seasons.

1 Exfoliate & Tone e specially if you have a spray tan, you need to slough it up just a little bit so the illuminator (and the light itself) has some contours to work with. Bevlaqua likes Pixi Skin Treats Glow Tonic to de-flatten skin and help it get bright.

2 Don’t Forget Your Neck , Shoulders & Back

Make Me Up Lake Charles-based makeup artist Jillyan Bevlaqua walks us through the latest in bridal beauty trends and some timeless favorites By Meg a n Rome r

SEALED WITH A KISS While there are still plenty of Louisiana brides who love a striking lip — think bright red or deep burgundy — and always will, especially for nighttime weddings, Bevlaqua sees more requests for “nude, but better” lips than anything else. For this understated look, which lets the eyes be the highlight, she loves Nyx Lip Lingerie in Ruffle Trim, which works for nearly every skin tone from the palest to the darkest. Have one of your bridesmaids hold a tube for you so you can re-apply as often as needed!


Acadiana Weddings


The skin on our faces gets exfoliated just from daily washing, but you also want a glowy collarbone and shoulderblades, so use that toner and exfoliant everywhere that your dress doesn’t cover!

3 Kissed by Mist

One of the best ways to look dewy is to actually be dewy. Pick a good misting spray (try Herbivore’s Rose Hibiscus, made with coconut water) and reapply, especially before pictures. A good mist won’t drench you, but it will add tiny water droplets to the top of your skin that help capture the light and seal in moisture.


Remember that you’re allowed to change your makeup between photos and the ceremony, or the ceremony and the reception. Turn up the drama for a nighttime party or lighten up your lips so you can laugh the night away without stiffness. Do whatever makes you feel great!

ALL EYES ON YOU They say that eyes are the window to the soul, and on a day where two souls are coming together, well … you want to get it right! Silver and gold Metallic

eyeliners were all the rage at Spring Bridal Fashion Week, but Bevlaqua says that metallics photograph poorly, so while you can use them as a fun highlight, don’t count on them for photographic high drama. (Plus, too much can scream “disco queen!”) Simple and sparse Celeb bride Meghan Markle epitomized this classic look for a modern bride: a neutral shadow, cocoa eyeliner and heavier lashes at the outer corners, to give the eyes a wide, bright look that offers just enough drama to feel dressed-up. Be Dramatic if You Wanna

On the far edge of the softand-simple spectrum, Bevlaqua doesn’t think a dramatic smoky eye will ever go out of style in south Louisiana. “So many of our brides love a dramatic look! Makeup is all about letting that personality shine through.”

Aca di a naW e ddi ng.co m


AVANT hair

Less Is More Just because you keep your locks short doesn’t mean they can’t be va-va-voom for your wedding!

1 Use a Headband for Added Flair

If you’re rocking a pixie, you might not have a lot of hair upon which to clip big accessories. A headband lets you flaunt big and bold jewels or flowers. Heck, you can even put a bird on it.

2 Rock That Vintage Look

Chin-length cuts look gorgeous with flapper-style sculpted curls, dramatic ‘50s-style big curls, or a messy boho bob.

True Romance Loose, flowing locks, braids and baubles are your wedding hairdo must haves and here are the pro-tips to keep it classically modern no matter what time of year By Meg a n Rome r

3 Unexpected Florals

A high-drama, ultra-modern trend that works well for short-haired brides: a huge bloom where a long-haired bride might put a side bun; low on the back of the head behind the ear, with hair swept in that direction.

Baubles Add a little bling (or softness) to your hair with jeweled hairpins, tiny floral clips, little pearls or even baby’s breath. These elements blend into flowing styles in a way that they didn’t with the tighter styles of a few years ago, so have fun with them and take advantage of being able to express your personality. Just remember the main rule of wedding fashion, per stylist Nina Weaver: “Do you want to see this in your pictures forever?”


Acadiana Weddings


In the flow This year’s wedding hair, says stylist Nina Weaver of The Loft Salon in Lafayette, is all about romance, romance, romance. Tight, structured updos have largely disappeared from her bridal clients’ wishlists, which instead favor a loose, flowy look that is simultaneously old-fashioned and decidedly modern. Curls, Curls, Curls Long, loose curls are all the rage right now, whether peeking out from below a braided half-crown or just flowing loose all on their own. It can be a tricky look for south Louisiana’s humid climate, though. “If I’m doing a summer wedding and the bride’s hair doesn’t hold a curl, we put it up, because it’s not going to stay,” says Weaver. On the other hand, brides with naturally curly hair may find that the curls are too tight in the humidity for this look and needs some control. Extreme Parts Brides are

eschewing their natural parts and going for something more extreme: either straight down the exact center, à la Meghan Markle, or far to the side. “That look with the over-exaggerated part, all the way to the side, with a big wave on the front,” says Weaver, is a current favorite, and works well with the loose, curly theme. Braids Brides are preferring to use a lot of loose braids to build these gentle, piecey halfand whole-updos, as opposed to tightly-pulled hair sections. Braids add romance while also adding structure. There are lots of options beyond the classic three-strand braid, also — don’t be afraid to look at rope braids, French braids or fishtail braids to add a unique touch.

Aca di a naW e ddi ng.co m



Acadiana Weddings


joli i n v i tat i o n s p. 2 2

f lowe rs p. 2 6

cak es p. 2 8

Gif ts p. 3 2

Strong succulents take the forefront in these boutonnieres. Deep greens evoke the outdoors.


A blend of modern and classic with metallic gold text and platinum envelopes, this suite pairs well with the classic use of Crane’s "Lettra" white cardstock and the southern traditional monogram. The geometric design elements carried throughout the ensemble signal a stylish wedding.


719 Lee Ave. Lafayette 337-984-4800 shopcharm.com

Isn’t it Suite? The wedding invitation suite sets the tone for your Big Day and a couple can’t go wrong with simple and modern or clean and classic design photogr aphs By rom ero & rom ero

blackbird letterpress

The Blackbird Collection "Live Oak Suite" letterpress is printed with moss green ink and sage green tinted varnish on 100 percent cotton rag paper, featuring a letterpress printed muslin bag in lieu of inner envelope. Calligraphy by Rebecca Kreisler, accented with a digitally printed envelope liner.

1607 Main St. Baton Rouge 225-960-2453 blackbirdletterpress.com

Aca di a naW e ddi ng.co m



This two layer, classic ecru "Southern Belle" invitation suite is designed with an interlocking, two-letter monogram with clean, classic fonts. The envelope liner features monochromatic garden roses that compliment the bold, colorful floral ribbon.

shop aurea



Acadiana Weddings


Aca di a naW e ddi ng.co m


JOLI flowers





3 5

Grow Closer Understated tones of mauve and lavender, lush green and a touch of the unexpected make a beautiful bouquet for Acadiana brides By Ash ley Hi n son photogr aphs By rom ero & rom ero






Off-white roses lend a classic antiquity. The white rose is known as the bridal rose and symbolizes purity and true love.

Petals in deep colors and soft tones are sultry and romantic. Dramatic mauve takes shape in the positively Southern camellia.

Mid-bloom snapdragon captures the beauty in the ephemeral with just a touch of light pink at its tips.

Calcynia heather in soft pink recalls the delicate shades of bridal makeup and adds a touch of warmth.

A sweet succulent is a new take on the traditional flower. This sturdy plant comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.






Root Floral Designs 212 N. Luke St. Suite B, Lafayette, 337-349-3269, rootfloraldesigns.com


Acadiana Weddings


The mandalalike succulent will add an unexpected and Bohemian touch to bouquets.

JOLI cakes

For a more intimate wedding, consider a one-tier fondant cake, with edible glitter. Top it with fresh or silk florals or edible gumpaste flowers.

Piece of Cake

507 Kaliste Saloom Road H Lafayette 337-565-2753 pieceofcakelafayette.com

Stay Golden Three sophisticated, yet simple cakes that incorporate gold, flowers and fondant for the no-fuss couple with modern sensibilities photogr aphs By rom ero & rom ero

This full fondant design features one tier covered in edible gold leaf with gold dragee details and gumpaste flowers. Available in amaretto wedding with praline filling; chocolate cake with fudge filling; and amaretto wedding with whipped mascarpone cream cheese and fresh fruit.

Sky's the Limit Cakes

1418 Eraste Landry Road Lafayette 337-592-2068 skysthelimitcakes.com Aca di a naW e ddi ng.co m


JOLI cakes

Chantilly lace and "Chubby Hubby� (a cinnamon roll flavor) are combined with a signature white chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream and covered in white chocolate fondant for this cake. It is finished with a metallic gold border and features handmade sugar peonies and magnolias, and cascades of freesias and greenery.

Main Street Grub & Pub

719 South Main St. Breaux Bridge 337-889-9232 mainstreetgrubandpub.com


Acadiana Weddings


Aca di a naW e ddi ng.co m


JOLI gifts








Small, personal items make for the best gifts for bridesmaids or for the bride for one of her showers.


Acadiana Weddings



Heart of Gold Gifts for the girl you call your sister, even if she isn’t. By Ash ley Hi n son photogr aph By romero & romero



Address book


This stylish, hardcover address book keeps invitation destinations organized and wrapped safely in millennial pink and gold details. Caroline & Co.

The message in this bottle is a fresh take on traditional pearl studs. These earrings feature brass wires and a small cluster of pearls. Paul Michael Company.



Body oil


A soft floral body oil elevates self-care in a delicate, subtle way that won’t overpower her perfume. Caroline & Co.

This rare French cade, lavender, eucalyptus and Spanish moss from Voluspa burns a unique aromatic experience reminiscent of Spanish oaks after summer rain. Polished.

3 Olive wine card

Make a toast. Write a letter thanking her for lending her sparkle to your special day. Caroline & Co.

4 Candles

These gold and white candles are ideal finishing touches for her bedroom, bathroom, or study. Paul Michael Company.

5 Spire

Inspire clarity with this crystal spire, which acts as an edgy statement piece. Paul Michael Company.

6 Gold heart

A gorgeous golden catchall is perfect for her nightstand. Paul Michael Company.

Caroline & Co.

113 Arnould Blvd. Lafayette. 337-984-3263. carolineandco.com Paul Michael company

1800 Kaliste Saloom Road Lafayette 337-981-1289 paulmichaelcompany.com Polished

201 Settlers Trace Blvd. #2016 Lafayette 337-993-0644 mytime.com/polishedLFT

Aca di a naW e ddi ng.co m



Acadiana Weddings


mode Fas h i o n p.3 6


jewelry p.44

Taking a cue from south Louisiana’s lush landscape, florals create an elegant palette, infused with modern romance for a breath of fresh air

Justin Alexander (Style: 88021) Mikado ball gown with beaded cut-out back from Sposa Bella; white gold diamond studs from Armentor Jewelers; Mode cobalt blue tuxedo with rose gold bow tie and vest from Mary Ellen’s Tux Shop; Yellow gold hammered wedding band from Dianna Rae Jewelry


Acadiana Weddings


sty l ed by M a r i e El i za beth Ol i ve r • ph oto graphe d by ther esa cassagne • ha ir a nd ma ke up by kelly sne s ru d m o d e l s e l la cla rk a n d aa ro n bro us sar d • locat ion university of louisiana alumni house Aca di a naW e ddi ng.co m


Viktor&Rolf Mariage embroidery patchwork dress with detachable skirt from Le Jour Couture; White gold diamond studs, solitaire engagement ring, wedding band and 18K diamond tennis bracelet all from Armentor Jewelers; “Jane” bouquet by Something Borrowed Blooms (FACING) Reem Acra “Veronique” strapless beaded ball gown and floral stud earrings from Le Jour Couture; “Shelbie” floral crown and bouquet by Something Borrowed Blooms


Acadiana Weddings


Aca di a naW e ddi ng.co m


Hayley Paige (Style: 6657 “Vionnet”) ivory beaded net fit to flare gown from Le Jour Couture; Alexis Bittar tassel pendant necklace from Kiki; Ambrosia scalloped oval diamond ring with blue diamonds from Dianna Rae Jewelry; White gold diamond studs and 18K white gold diamond tennis bracelet from Armentor Jewelers (FACING) Justin Alexander (Style: 88008) v-neck lace gown with illusion long sleeves from Sposa Bella; Yellow gold Moroccan earrings from Dianna Rae Jewelry; “Stella” bouquet by Something Borrowed Blooms; Allure granite gray tuxedo with merlot bow tie and vest from Mary Ellen’s Tux Shop; Yellow gold hammered wedding band from Dianna Rae Jewelry


Acadiana Weddings


Aca di a naW e ddi ng.co m



Acadiana Weddings


Essence of Australia (Style: D2327) off-the-shoulder boho gown from Sposa Bella; Alexis Bittar crystal encrusted feather wire earrings from Kiki; Custom magnolia diamond engagement ring by Dianna Rae Jewelry; crystal headwrap from Le Jour Couture; Mode cobalt blue tuxedo with rose gold bow tie from Mary Ellen’s Tux Shop; “Jane” boutonniere by Something Borrowed Blooms (FACING) Atelier Pronovias “Natura” sleeveless mermaid cut tulle wedding dress with bateau neckline, detachable lining and cape from Le Jour Couture; Yellow gold milgrain diamond wedding band, diamond hoop earrings and diamond bangle bracelet all from Dianna Rae Jewelry

Aca di a naW e ddi ng.co m


PINK WHITE &BLUE Subtle pops of color make these classic combinations sparkle like fireworks. styled by M a r i e E l i z ab e t h O l i v e r photographed by t h e r e s a ca s s a g n e hair and makeup by k e l l y s n e s r u d model Sama n t h a W i l l i am s


Acadiana Weddings


(FACING) 14K rose and white gold pink diamonds pendant and earrings set, white gold diamond solitaire engagement ring and stackable wedding bands all from Armentor Jewelers (this page) Lauren K yellow gold opal necklace and earrings from Kiki; Rose gold round opal ring from Dianna Rae Jewelry

Aca di a naW e ddi ng.co m


(THIS PAGE) White gold blue diamond pendant necklace and 18K white gold diamond tennis bracelet from Armentor Jewelers; Ambrosia scalloped oval diamond ring with blue diamonds from Dianna Rae Jewelry (FACING) Freshwater pearl yellow gold necklace, gold milgrain diamond wedding band stack, diamond hoop earrings and diamond bangle bracelets in yellow and rose gold all from Dianna Rae Jewelry


Acadiana Weddings


Aca di a naW e ddi ng.co m



Acadiana Weddings


détails ve n ue p. 5 0

Consider a cheese and charcuterie station for visual impact and maximum snacking throughout the reception

fo o d p. 5 4

co c ktails p. 5 8

hon eymoon p.60

lagn iappe p.64

détails venue

Big Day Digs 7 luxe locations with ambiance and character to spare, whether you are an artsy couple, rustic chic makes your heart flutter, or you are all about the bling By Meg a n Rome r


Acadiana Weddings



refurbished to include reclaimed wood rom charming refurbished barns and elegant Victorian Acadiana and a stunning antique bar, as well houses to chic contempo- Center for as elements like exposed brick and the Arts plaster walls that give it a characterrary art spaces, south filled shabby-chic aesthetic (seats over Louisiana has an astounding variety 700). thegrandoperahouse.org of wedding and reception venues from which to choose. While it ultimately comes down Aca d ia n a C e n t e r fo r t h e Arts to your personal style and budget, you might (Lafayette) — Downtown Lafayette’s Acadifind that the location that’s truly right might ana Center for the Arts was designed with not be what you imagined rather, when you a sleek modern aesthetic and with a mind find it, you just know. Have a look at these toward multi-use spaces. That’s part of what seven gorgeous venues and see if any suit makes it so perfect for a wedding: you can your fancy. really turn their art galleries, glassy café atrium, meeting rooms, and main theater Grand Opera House of the South (with modular seating that can be fully or (Crowley) — Take your vows on a stage partially removed) into your very own space, once graced by the likes of Enrico Caruso seating anywhere from 10 to 500, all without in this stunning turn-of-the-century Opera losing the cool design-oriented look of the House in the heart of Crowley. If a stage is a space itself. acadianacenterforthearts.org bit too much, two other rooms are available for receptions or ceremonies — an historic Ca l dw e l l H o us e third-story ballroom with warm slatted(Abbeville) — This handsome Victorian wood ceilings and windows overlooking mansion in central Abbeville offers full-serthe streets (seats 175), and an enormous vice weddings: rehearsal dinner, bridal suite, first-story grand hall, which has been gently

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détails venue

Quick Tips Lafayettebased event planner Cassie Thibeaux of Southern Fête offers advice for picking the venue of your dreams

1 Start with your numbers!

ceremony, reception, honeymoon suite and more. Of course, you can choose à Caldwell la carte from these services — have your House wedding in one of the many churches just a short walk away or have your ceremony (up to 150) in Caldwell House’s handsomely-landscaped backyard. The attention to detail offered by the planners here is ideal for a couple who wants the very best of traditional luxury: a silver punch bowl, real table linens, crystal champagne flutes, and — of course — the meticulously-appointed and spacious interiors. thecaldwell.com Wolff Ballroo m

(Washington) — Built in the 1840s, the Wolff Ballroom is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and can accommodate up to 400 guests in its spacious, history-drenched main room or stone courtyard. The building has been fully restored with traditionalism in mind: a copper-covered bar, exposed bricks, wooden beams, and 16 graceful chandeliers. Despite these traditional elements, though, the space is open enough that you really can make it your own — with décor and furnishings that take the traditional look even further, or with sleek, modern décor that offers a bit of punchy contrast. grandcoteauhouse.com/the-wolff-ballroom


A lot of venues are flexible and can work with a number of design themes, but if you have your heart set on a rustic wedding, don’t go with a hotel ballroom, and vice versa. Fully transforming a space is possible, but it takes a huge amount of time, energy and money, so try to find a base upon which you can easily build your personal style. Cassie Thibeaux of Southern Fête

La B e l l e V e n ue

(Eunice) — La Belle Venue is a former church turned elegant, full-service event space with both lovely landscaped grounds (sporting traditional stone garden sculptures from New Orleans) and a spacious, lightfilled interior space that can accommodate up to 400. The interior can be dressed to your personal style, but works particularly well for couples who want a romantic feel, with airy white draping and delicate fairy lights. labellevenue.com

Calcas ieu Marin e

(Lake Charles) — Built as a bank in the stately, ornate neoclassical style favored at the height of the roaring 20s, this venue is ideal if you’re looking for something grand and distinctive. The large reception room (capacity 600) is lined with marble pillars and gold friezes that provide high drama. An outdoor courtyard can add space for your ceremony or a backdrop for a fabulous departure. empireos.wpengine. com/the-calcasieu-marine-national-bank


Acadiana Weddings


Ja me s G rac e H o us e

(Plaquemine) — This elegant antebellum home sits on the banks of Bayou Plaquemine just a bit south and west of Baton Rouge, and offers an ideal setting for those preferring a Pinterest-worthy rustic-glam wedding. A gazebo overlooking the bayou offers a classically beautiful ceremony space, and a beautifully refurbished barn (capacity 200) and sweet landscaped gardens are perfect for a dining and dancing-filled reception. jamesgracehouse.com ❖

Don’t even begin to assess venues until you’ve come up with a solid number of guests. You can squeeze a few more people in or spread out just a bit, but your basic number is so important for determining a venue.

2 Indoor or Outdoor?

This seems like an obvious starter question, but don’t brush it off. In south Louisiana, a little rain can mean big disaster for a tent wedding in the summertime, and an unexpectedly hot day can be brutal if you’re getting hitched in Daddy’s barn in the winter. Have a backup plan at the ready.

3 Find Out About Outside Vendors

As you begin to assess venues, ask right off the bat about outside vendors, especially if you have a strong preference for or against them. Fullservice venues are amazing if you don’t want to deal with pesky details, but if you’re a micromanager, you might prefer a broader choice of options.

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$17.9 5 A collection of 50 traditional and contemporary recipes by Stanley Dry — Louisiana Life “Kitchen Gourmet” columnist, former senior editor of Food & Wine magazine and accomplished cook — top-notch ingredients are paired with fresh seafood to create delectable dishes imbued with the author’s signature simplicity. The easy-to-follow recipes emphasize Louisiana seafood and quality, local ingredients. Inspired, innovative and delicious, the seafood dishes in this collection are sure to become favorites in your kitchen.

Visit LouisianaSeafoodCookbook. com to order yours today!

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détails food

Cheese, crackers and specialty meats are great foods to snack on while sipping cocktails and Louisiana’s deeply rooted artisanal meat tradition allows for some fun local twists on this trend


Bon Appetit! The food is the second highest expense next to the location for most weddings and Acadiana is no exception By Meg a n Rome r


Acadiana Weddings


outh Louisiana and food — what’s one without the other? It’s our favorite part of every event, meeting and get-together of any kind, and at weddings — we really throw down. Because we have such a robust local food tradition, couples tend to lean into those familiar food rituals when it comes to wedding cuisine. Even while holding true to local traditions, though, some things do change. “I’m seeing a lot more complete meals these days, even if they’re served buffetstyle,” says Lafayette-based event planner Cassie Thibeaux of Southern Fête. Instead of a huge buffet with every Cajun dish you can imagine, the spreads have simplified to include just a couple of beautifully crafted mains, starches and sides, with defined appetizer and dessert courses. Buffets are still the preference of most couples in the Lake Charles area, says Allison Sonnier of Reeves Uptown Catering, but there’s an increasing trend toward planned tablescapes, where the tables are fully set as though a plated meal was going to be served, even during the passed hors d’oeuvres portion of the event. It offers a nice middle way between the elegance of plated meals and the flexibility of buffet meals. Couples throughout the region are having fun with their appetizers and hors d’oeuvres. “We’ve gotten away from a chef action station,” says Sonnier. These are where chefs would, for example, make pasta creations

Interactive stations are increasingly popular, not necessarily in place of passed hors d’oeuvres, but served at the same time Aca di a naW e ddi ng.co m


détails food

You Do You It's your party, you can French fry if you want to

1 Fix-Your-Own

French fries, nachos, mix-yourown-trail-mix, ice cream sundaes, seasoned popcorn, candy buffets… there are so many options.

2 Ain’t No Shame in Going All The Way Traditional

Hey, if you want boudin balls as your passed hors d’oeuvres and jambalaya and fried catfish as your main course, you go right ahead. First off, it’s your wedding and you should enjoy what you love. Secondly, no one in his or her right mind has ever complained about a boudin ball.

3 Get Wild With the Groom’s Cake

The groom’s cake has always been an area of the wedding where you can get silly or funny, but don’t hesitate to stray from cake entirely: while you won’t be able to make a bleedin’ armadillo out of an apple pie, if it’s his favorite dessert, go for it.


Acadiana Weddings

while you watched “[People have] moved toward “Oh, no, no, no,” Thibeaux laughs. “Lafayette interactive stations, which can be really fun: is a cake town. My brides want their traditional, There’s an increasing we’ve done French fry stations with all kinds elegant cake, usually even in traditional flavors, trend toward of dips, nacho stations.” like almond or vanilla or chocolate.” planned Sonnier reports the same in Lake Charles. This allows the couple to add that quirky tablescapes “Unless there’s some reason they can’t get a personal touch while involving the guests and where the cake delivered, like if they’re having a Sunday giving them a bit of an activity. tables are fully Another favorite interactive station is the set as though evening ceremony, people here want traditional increasingly popular charcuterie board, says a plated meal tiered cakes, Sonnier says. “But the groom’s cake… was going to Thibeaux. there’s always room for creativity there. We’ve be served “Not necessarily in place of passed hors seen pies, cookies, even homemade cheesecakes.” d’oeuvres, but served at the same time,” says Thibeaux. Trends or no, Thibeaux encourages couples to go with Cheese, crackers and specialty meats are great foods what they really and truly love when it comes to food. Thibeaux says, “Food is such a great place to really to snack on while sipping cocktails and Louisiana’s fabulous artisanal meat tradition allows for some fun customize your wedding to your own taste and put local twists on this trend. your personal touch on it.” ❖ “We’re seeing more local, fresh ingredients in general,” says Thibeaux. “Couples are just making really conscious decisions about food. Whether it’s tip making sure that there are gluten-free options on the menu, or vegetarian and vegan options, or just overall “[People have] moved toward interactive healthy options, it’s really important to people that their stations, which can be really fun: guests all have their needs taken care of.” we’ve done French fry stations with Some trends that have hit the national stage have bypassed Acadiana almost entirely, and one in parall kinds of dips, nacho stations.” ticular hasn’t made inroads at all, and likely won’t: alternative desserts, like macaron towers or multi-tiered Cassie Thibeaux of Southern Fête cupcake or donut stacks.


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détails cocktails


Raising the Bar From bubbles to bourbon and craft cocktails to craft beer, couples have myriad options at the bar and the only limit is their imagination when it comes to keeping guests in good spirits By Mar i e E l i za b et h Oli v er


Acadiana Weddings


ne thing you can count on if you’re planning a wedding in Acadiana: your guests will likely appreciate any bar that starts with the word “open.” Though it’s not worth losing sleep over clever drink name puns or finding a cocktail hue that matches your bridesmaids’ dresses, attention to certain details can make all the difference. Paul Landry, a Lafayette-based bartender and mixologist who crafts specialty cocktails for events and company menus, says you can’t go wrong opting for something seasonal. Think darker, internally warming spirits in the winter and more refreshing spirits, like gin and vodka, in the spring and summer. Similarly, he recommends complementing that with fresh fruit — citrus in winter and berries and mint in warmer months. If you’re loyal to a certain classic cocktail, Landry suggests using infusions to transform it into something hashtag worthy. For example, you can upgrade a French 75 by infusing the gin with strawberries and muddling in some basil. While he admits you could do something similar with an Old Fashioned, he sees bourbon’s status waning. “I think the next two big spirits people will seek out are tequila and rum,” he predicts. Denise Giosa, event coordinator at Warehouse 535, says what suprises her recently is the number of people who opt out of spirits altogether and stick to (up market) beer and wine. “People will upgrade to craft beers before they add hard alcohol,” she says. “I’m finding that brides and grooms are a bit more conscientious about what they serve and how their evenings are going to go.” Landry says craft labels have recently riffed off of bitter IPAs to showcase more palate-pleasing sour beers featuring a tart finish. For a fresh local pick, he recommends Broussard-based Parish Brewery’s Envie pale ale. One thing that’s not on its way out, according to Landry: “I don’t think champagne will ever go out of style.” Giosa agrees and says welcoming guests into your reception with a freshly poured glass of bubbles will never disappoint. ❖

Pair darker, internally warming spirits with citrus in the winter. For spring and summer pair more refreshing spirits with berries and mint. Aca di a naW e ddi ng.co m


détails honeymoon

Rest and Relaxation Take a quick pre-honeymoon or full week-long getaway to the Emerald Coast in Destin By Mela n i e Wa r n e r Sp en cer an d Kelly Massi cot


Acadiana Weddings



he planning, primping and picture posing is done and you are officially newlyweds. Relaxation and lazy days on the beach are a quick flight away or — depending on where you are in Acadiana —about a sixhour drive. The Henderson Hotel and Resort in Destin, Florida is an easy escape either as a pre-honeymoon stop before embarking to a farther flung locale or as the main Honeymoon event.

The Henderson offers paddleboard and kayak rentals for guests, included in a daily resort fee. Aca di a naW e ddi ng.co m


détails honeymoon

Beach Breaks 3 spots to hit when you venture off the resort

1 Do the brew

If trying new craft beer is your idea of romance, hit the Destin Brewery. The beer list is impressive and friendly, knowledgeable and patient bartenders are happy to offer up suggestions based on your favorite styles of beer. destinbrewery.com

2 seafood feast

Dewey Destin's is about five miles away from The Henderson. The owner's great, great grandfather, Leonard Destin, founded Destin in 1835. The steamed snow crab legs will hit the spot as you enjoy a cocktail while overlooking the harbor. destinseafood.com

3 Get Wild

Henderson Beach State Park is a habitat for a variety of wildlife. Check out the nature trail, pack a picnic lunch or watch the sunset on one of the boardwalks. floridastateparks.org


Acadiana Weddings

This quintessential beach resort is steps from with gorgeous views up and down the Emerald sandy, white Emerald Coast beaches, including Coast. Any avid hikers can take a walk through Primrose is The the hotel’s private beach. The Henderson features the Henderson Beach State Park or picnic in one Henderson's modern amenities, plush interiors and an inof their pavilions. In addition to these outdoor signature suite bathtub that may convince some to never restaurant and activities, the hotel offers access to an adult-only leave the room. The hotel has eight suites and offers a tasty pool that has cabana rentals and a fitness center. variety of fare. 170 rooms, each with a patio or balcony, and if The Henderson also offers guests transportation you’re situated just right, your room could be the perfect to nearby events and happenings in and around the spot to watch the sun rise or set over the beach or the Destin area. Guests can paddle back to shore, or float away from Henderson Beach Reserve located next to the hotel. the spa and enjoy one of five dining options The HenSixteen of the rooms are spa rooms, with access to a private elevator that delivers guests directly to the spa. derson offers. Primrose is the hotel’s signature restaurant The Salamander Spa houses 11 private treatment and offers a tasty variety of fare from savory steaks or fresh, local seafood. The highlight of the Primrose is rooms, men’s and women’s locker rooms, a whirlpool tub, full service salon and a couple’s suite. Relax and the delicious sushi, which offers mouthwatering flavors recoup from the stress of planning with facials and deep and seafood so fresh you’ll have to make sure you aren’t tissue massages or hair, skin and nail treatments. In dreaming. Horizons has more of a nightlife feel, with addition to the couple’s massage, the Henderson Dream expertly-made cocktails and light bites. You can end offers a complete experience with salt scrub, hot stones, the night with a blast from the past at Sprinkles. This aromatherapy oils and a foot massage while snug in a retro, 1950s-inspired malt shop is sure to fill your sweet warm cocoon wrap. tooth with malts, root beer floats, ice cream and candy. Before you hit the spa, soak up some rays and try From the cozy rooms, luxurious spa treatments, one, or more, of the many activities The Henderson countless activities and multiple dining options, you’ll offers. Pick up a Henderson bike and coast around never have to leave the hotel. Take the time to reconnect the city, one complimentary bike rental per room per before the Big Day by soaking up the sun or sinking day, or rent a few chairs and an umbrella and bask in into a massage at The Henderson. You’ll be so relaxed the sun while sipping on a cocktail. Are you looking you’re sure to glow as you say “I Do.” ❖ for something more strenuous? The Henderson offers paddleboard and kayak rentals for guests, included in a A version of this article appeared in the Winter 2018 issue daily resort fee. Guests can learn how to paddleboard, of New Orleans Bride. Some services and experiences while potentially taking a few, fun-filled falls into the were complimentary. Gulf, or show their skills paddling out into the ocean


photographs courtesy the henderson hotel and resort

The Henderson is steps from the sandy white Emerald Coast beaches and guests have access to the hotel’s private beach.

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dĂŠtails lagniappe

The classic flask is adorned with a small spherical representation of the Acadian flag from Caroline & Co.

Bold primary colors weave together in this gorgeous and graphic silk tie from F. Camalo

Tie One On Gifts that bring new meaning to the title Best Man By Ashl ey H i nson

Caroline & Co. 113 Arnould Blvd., Lafayette, 337-984-3263, carolineandco.com F. Camalo 416 Heymann Blvd., Lafayette, 337-233-4984, fcamalo.com

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