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Saintsation workout Whether on the field or in the gym, we are giving our all this football season both on the field and in the gym. Tone your legs and tummy with this strength workout led by Saintsation Laryn.


Single Leg Squat

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2 Keeping your knees bent, find your balance on the right leg. Lift your left leg up, keeping the raised foot flexed towards the ceiling. Push your pelvis back and bring your butt towards the floor, maintaining balance, a straight back and a bend your right knee.

3 Squeeze your core and your glutes as you come back up to standing. Be sure that your weight is on your heels as you prep for the other side.

4 This time find your balance on the left leg, keeping a deep bend in the knee. Raise your right leg, again flexing the foot, so your ankle is perpendicular to the floor. Lower your booty towards the floor, keeping weight on your heels. Hold for a count of three and slowly come back to center. Do 8 reps on each leg. For a challenge, hold one dumbbell with both hands at the center of your chest to make this a weighted single-leg squat. When you lower yourself into a squat, you can also hold for five breathes to challenge your balance.

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How does Laryn stay fit? What is your favorite guilty pleasure cheat meal? Tacos. What is your go-to home cooked meal? Stir Fry. Give us one or two fitness tips. Never compare your progress to anyone else’s. Own your progress and your work. What song or playlist is motivating your workout this season? Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato. What’s your favorite workout move? Bicep curls.

How do you fit in exercise into your daily routine during the offseason? I make it a priority. Just like I have to be at work, I have to be at the gym. What kind of fitness goals do you set for yourself and how do you stay on top of them? Realistic small goals and I do them month to month until they lead up to my larger goal.

Photos by Mike Lirette

1 Start standing with your feet hip-width apart and your

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New Orleans Saints Gameday | Washington Redskins VS New Orleans Saints | Sunday, November 19, 2017  

New Orleans Saints Gameday | Washington Redskins VS New Orleans Saints | Sunday, November 19, 2017