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The Channel

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volume 1 issue 9

Topaz Engineering delivers berths

Nico International Hydrospace successfully completes the Vopak Horizon Fujairah Limited Phase 5 – Marine Extension Project. Also Inside:

Contract Services opens doors to Oman’s Minister of Oil and Gas and Royal Dutch Shell CEO Renaissance PAC Qarn Alam welcomes dignitaries on visit of PAC facilities.

HSE statistics CEO awarded OBE OER announces Green Awards Nabs rasises green awareness NTI launches BizPro 2010 225 TISCO staff recognized

A new Renaissance CSR intiative Renaissance Services announces its commitment to sponsor Nabil “Nabs” Al Busaidy, an Omani talent and adventurer.

UMS businesses win at Web Awards

Topaz Marine divests vessel TEAM Siam, a DP2 Diving Support Maintenance Barge, is sold to Thailandbased Mermaid Offshore Services in a deal that represents exceptional value for both parties.

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Topaz Marine divest Team Siam for US$ 29.5 million Topaz Marine has divested its offshore support vessel TEAM Siam last month to Thailand-based Mermaid Offshore Services Ltd for US$ 29.5 million (Rial 11.3 million) in a deal that represents exceptional value for both parties. TEAM Siam, a DP2 Diving Support Maintenance Barge, had been on charter to Mermaid Offshore for over four years. The vessel was refitted in 2002 to ensure an extended life value and was extremely well maintained by its Topaz operators. TEAM Siam performed outstandingly and had proven crucial to Mermaid’s operations, making the vessel an attractive asset on offer. The move comes as a natural progression of the company’s long-term relationship with Mermaid and is part of Topaz’s ongoing fleet upgrade programme which pursues acquisitions and divestments of vessels on a regular basis every year. Stephen Thomas, Renaissance CEO commented on the deal saying, “Renaissance owns over US$ 1 billion (Rial 384.6 million) of assets and this type of transaction highlights the embedded value in the company’s balance sheet.”

According to Fazel A. Fazelbhoy, CEO at Topaz, “Topaz received a compelling offer from Mermaid because they see value in the vessel; it's a win-win for both sides. To Topaz the sale represents a good opportunity to book a capital gain and redeploy cash on new and modern deepwater assets in line with our strategic plan. The sale is a reflection on the company’s quality of maintenance and continuous investment in its vessels that ensure the integrity and durability of the company’s assets.”

New vessels join fleet in 2010 Six new AHTSV vessels are scheduled to come online the Topaz Marine MENA fleet this year, while the Topaz Marine Azerbaijan fleet is also set to welcome new vessels to its Caspian locations. Anchor handling tug supply (AHTSV) vessels are vessels which supply oil rigs, tow them to location, anchor them up and, in a few cases, serve as an Emergency Rescue and Recovery vessels (ERRV). AHTSV differ from Platform Supply Vessels (PSV) in being fitted with winches for towing and anchor handling, having an open stern to allow the decking of anchors, and having more power to increase the bollard pull. The machinery is specifically designed for anchor handling operations. They also have arrangements for quick anchor release, which is operable from the bridge or other normally manned location in direct communication with the bridge. AHTSV Vessels joining in 2010 Topaz Jurong Topaz Karama Topaz Khuwair Topaz Khalidiya Topaz Khobar Topaz Johor

The Channel - issue 9 - Janurary 2010

Topaz Engineering delivers berth construction project Nico International Hydrospace, a subsidiary of Topaz Energy and Marine and part of the Topaz Engineering division, has successfully completed the Vopak Horizon Fujairah Limited Phase 5 – Marine Extension Project recently, under subcontract by BAM International, formerly known as Interbeton. The project was awarded in November 2008 for the construction of Berth 5 and 6, and included detailed engineering of complete piping and mechanical equipment, structural fabrication and installation including painting and pre-commissioning. Congratulations to the Topaz Engineering unit which completed the project safely without any lost time injury and within the agreed project schedule.

Bill Bayliss, COO of Topaz Engineering said, “Topaz has been a partner of Vopak Horizon Fujairah Limited on several recent projects and hopes to build on the relationship for future project awards. Because of our experience of operating in Fujairah, a strong HSE track record and comprehensive technical capabilities we’re well placed to deliver large scale oil and gas projects in Fujairah.” Topaz Engineering is currently executing several other projects in Fujairah including EPC contracts for the Port of Fujairah, Fujairah Refinery and Vopak Horizon Fujairah Limited.

An aerial view of the first vessel to dock at the completed berth

The Channel - issue 9 - Janurary 2010

From the CEO Leadership Series

Solving Problems Running a business will always present us with problems and challenges. There are two very important lessons to remember as regards problems. In terms of avoiding problems, remember the words of Lao Tzu: The biggest problem in the world could have been solved when it was small. When solving problems, remember the words of Albert Einstein: The significant problems we face cannot be resolved at the same level of thinking at which they were created. How many times do we try and resolve problems using the same paradigm that created the problem in the first place?

Stephen R. Thomas CEO Renaissance Services SAOG

Renaissance was very delighted to share the news at the start of this year that Her Majesty the Queen had bestowed the company’s CEO, Stephen R. Thomas, with an OBE (Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) medal in the UK’s New Year’s Honours List. The citation is for services to business and to the community in Oman. The OBE medal is awarded for a national order of merit and valuable service is the sole criteria for the award.

LOCAL BSM school inspired by leadership lecture Mr. Stephen Thomas was invited by the British School Muscat to lecture over 300 senior and sixth form students about leadership. Mr. Thomas told students that everyone, regardless of position or vocation, has the ability to lead. Quoting Koestanbaum, Bennis and Carlzon, Thomas told students that a thriving leader is someone who has belief, vision and purpose; someone who has a drive for continuous learning and improvement; someone who is not afraid of making mistakes to build their own confidence; someone who has impact and influence and creates a legacy for others, the organisation and society; but, most importantly someone who has trust, courage and who does things with honesty and integrity.

Renaissance Values:

Integrity We commit to conduct all phases of our business under the highest standards of ethics and morality. To learn more about our values please visit

The Channel - issue 9 - Janurary 2010

GREEN The Oman Green Awards United Media Services’ Oman Economic Review has created the country’s first environmental awards with the objective of awakening the eco-consciousness in every Omani citizen and resident. The Oman Green Awards 2009 – 2010 is slated to take place on June 5th, coinciding with World Environment Day, in order to leverage the worldwide threats to our environment and rally towards restoring the dwindling natural resources of our planet. Oman’s citizens, institutions and companies have been invited to nominate their environmental initiatives on the award winning site,, which will be judged by a panel of independent environmental experts. The ultimate aim of the awards is to motivate behavioral change and increase awareness for the protection and preservation of the environment.

LOCAL NTI announces BizPro 2010 National Training Institute (NTI) has recently announced its 2010 BizPro Awards to be held on the 2nd of March 2010 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. The event is regularly attended by the corporate leaders of Oman. Launched in 2007, the annual BizPro Awards is a social investment initiative by NTI that aspires to motivate Omani youth and encourage social development and direction for the national economy. The event is a salute to the national imperative for Omanisation and to encourage the ongoing development and education of young Omani career-oriented nationals. The awards recognize talented Omanis who have displayed initiative, innovation and the pursuit of excellence in a leadership capacity. NTI has opened its doors to all nominations, which are then forwarded and reviewed by KPMG Oman. KPMG determins the final selection and winners for the Young Achievers and Business Leader categories. The winner of the Young Achievers Award receives a scholarship award of Rial 2,500, while the Business Leader receives Rial 5,000. The awards are sponsored by Renaissance Services as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme.

UMS businesses honored at Oman Web Awards Nibbles, UMS’ interactive department and website designers, were celebrated throughout the Oman Web Awards evening as four of their external clients won the following awards first, second and third prizes, including MB Petroleum, OIFC, Nawras and Oman Cable Industry. As well, its internal clients including Reach, UMS’ market activation solutions company, and the Oman Economic Review site for the Oman Green Awards, both won third prize in their respective categories of Media, Media Services and Event Management, and Health, Safety and Environment. The Channel - issue 9 - Janurary 2010

Senior dignitaries visit PAC Qarn Alam Renaissance PAC Qarn Alam recently welcomed His Excellency Dr. Mohammed bin Hamad al-Romhi, Oman’s Minister of Oil and Gas, and Mr. Peter Voser, CEO of Royal Dutch Shell, for a visit of the Permanent Accommodation for Contractors (PAC) facilities for PDO contractors with Mr. Stephen Thomas and Mr. Adil Bahwan, Contract Services GM of Operations. Mr. Thomas presented both dignitaries with a shield of gratitude for partnership through PDO which has extended over twenty years, followed by a lunch and sampling of the PAC’s delicious catering capabilities.

Above: HE Dr. Mohammed bin Hamad al-Romhi and Mr. Peter Voser with the Renaissance PAC team Right: Mr. Stephen Thomas thanks Renaissance PAC managers, supervisors and staff for excellent service

SAFETY Contract Services Group HSE statistics; 2 colleagues injured in rocket blast The Contract Services Group (CSG) of Renaissance Services, which includes group companies in Oman and international operations, nearly completed almost 2 million man-hours with no LTI last month. However, a terrible incident took place on New Year’s Eve when a rocket hit a CSG camp in Baghdad and the blast caused injury to two of our colleagues, Min Bahadur Shrestha and Percy Jayanthi Samarasinghe. Min, a 33-year old and who works with us as a cook, was hit by shrapnel at the back of his right ankle joint, while Percy, a 53-years old and who works with us as a Stores Clerk, received a life-threatening shrapnel to the head and face. Thankfully, Min has been released from hospital, and Percy is slowly but surely recovering from the severe blow. The company continues to do everything humanly possible to keep our people safe. In the 7 years of Iraq operations, and with 1,000 people deployed on the ground, no lives have been lost through injury. Nonetheless, we will not ignore the lessons learned from this event. Percy’s example serves to redouble our efforts in keeping people safe. Thank you for the messages of support received from all around the group for Percy’s well-being and recovery.

CSG Corporate HSE Statistics




Number of Employees



Number of Man Hours







Number of LTI Number of KMS Driven

The Channel - issue 9 - Janurary 2010

LOCAL Renaissance sponsors Omani adventurer Renaissance Services announced its commitment to sponsor Nabil “Nabs” Al Busaidy, an Omani talent and adventurer who became the first Omani to walk to the magnetic North Pole, in his 2010 quest to ascend one of the most dangerous summits in the world, Mount Everest. In preparation, Nabs will attempt to climb Mount Vinson in what has been coined in the media as the Renaissance Services Antarctic Expedition, which was launched on January 8th, coinciding with Oman’s Environmental Day. Nabs has been including environmental awareness messages in his daily logs which are published daily in Oman’s local newspapers, a few are listed below. The Renaissance contribution also extends to the production and tour of a documentary which features Nabs’ journey to the North Pole, which will be screened across Omani public schools and universities in a Ten Town Tour event, aimed at inspiring and educating Omani youth. From Day 1’s Diary Scientists have sounded a lot of alarm about global warming and there’s been controversy too. The cold weather in the UK runs counter to the conventional wisdom on global warming, but it seems that global warming isn't just about warming, but changes in weather patterns. One thing most scientists agree on though is that we, as a collective, can prevent global warming. At the start of my journey I said that getting to the top would take a lot of small steps, and similarly, reducing global warming takes a lot of small changes in your daily habits. You can change to florescent bulbs, turn off the lights you’re not using, or turn off your engine if you’re not driving instead of keeping the car running for the AC. Just as Oman is banning smoking in public places, I hope they ban this harmful habit too!

From Day 4’s Diary I’ve promised the sponsors at Renaissance Services that I would make part of my journal about raising awareness on environmental issues and the wind has given me an idea for a topic: Wind Energy. Some might think, with all this wind power, why isn’t anyone building wind farms here at the bottom of the Earth. The answer: they have. It started this year with an 8-turbine wind farm built by Belgium to power its research base at the pole, and New Zealand is scheduled to inaugurate a wind farm at Antarctica sometime this year. Oman is also on the way to developing wind and solar projects, but that doesn’t mean we can sit back and consider all our problems solved. We need to get interested and get involved.

From Day 6’s Diary All this white snow everywhere reminded me of an article I read about scientist Hashem Akbari (based at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California). His big theory was quite simple and based on the same effect as experienced at the Antarctica. He suggested painting all roofs and road tops white to reflect the sun. In big urban cities where it is hot all year round, the sunlight reflected from a white surface does not contribute to the greenhouse effect, which drives global warming, and also makes a surface much cooler. Akbari calculated that if all sunny urban areas were painted white, the effect would balance expected rise in global emissions over the next decade, and delay the impact of climate change. However, being at the Antarctic, freezing and staring at all this white snow and ice, I wanted to paint it all black instead, just to feel a little warmer!

The Channel - issue 9 - Janurary 2010

EFFICIENT TISCO - Khoula hospital staff recognized for outstanding service

Over 2,700 meals are prepared daily at the TISCO station for the patients of three hospitals in Oman’s capital

TISCO (Tawoos Industrial Services Company) staff at the Khoula Hospital in Muscat have been sent a letter of appreciation from Mr. Stephen Thomas for excellent provision of quality services to each and every patient admitted to the hospitals within its contracted area. Particular recognition was awarded to two colleagues, Biju Gangadharn and Kannan Sivakumar, who had been singled out for providing excellent customer service in a letter addressed to Mr. Stephen Thomas from Mr. Blair Tame, General Manager of OHI. Approximately 225 staff, of which 40% are Omani, provide catering, cafeteria service, housekeeping and laundry services to the Khoula, Al Nadaha and Al Rahma Hospitals, producing over 2,700 meals on a daily basis at its kitchen. Catering for hospitalized patients is a delicate responsibility and requires close coordination with the hospitals’ dieticians, chefs and managers along with the input of the patients to ensure that the setting, time specifications and health benefits are all met. This part of Health Care Management increases patients’ satisfaction and care, and reflects on the high standards of TISCO operations.

Catering and Health Management Services are a delicate responsibility that can affect patient’s recovery

The Channel - issue 9 - Janurary 2010

The Channel issue 9  

Internal corporate newsletter for Renaissance Services.