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.whats inside.? . Tips and Tricks

. Teddies at the beach, give your child a cup cake full of fun

. bithday tips and tricks

. teddies at the beach make the perfect cup cakes your kids will love

.basic goodies for a little fairy party .basic goodies for a little pirate party

. food options... make heathy and yummy treats for your little ones

. cheeky treats includ ing caramel popcorn and mini hamburgers from everyone to enjoy


Birthday Party Tips and Tricks

Make your child’s birthday party

by cutting the oranges in half,

and toy libraries. Use your local toy

a simple success with these clever

scooping out the flesh and pour-

library to hire a party pack, com-

ideas and tips from the Kidspot

ing in jelly, letting them set in the

plete with play equipment to amuse


fridge then cutting into wedges. My the older kids. For the younger kids

“I’m planning my daughter’s 4th

daughter’s first birthday is coming

birthday party, we’re having it in a

up and she will be having “Nanna’s the day from a local baby shop -

park. It’s going to be a teddy bear

Jelly Oranges” at her party too!! It

the best $15 we ever spent!”

picnic party. All kids will be asked

isn’t a real birthday party unless

Rachel Armstrong, Melbourne

to bring their favourite teddy bear

there are jelly oranges!”

or soft toy. So many ideas stem

Simone Hepton, WA

we hired an enormous play pen for

“I have always rigged my pass the

from this, like teddy bear’s having

parcel games so that I can custom-

their own picnic, a goodie hunt in

“Hire toys for your party! It’s cheap ise the presents for each child and

the park, a piñata on a tree, etc. For and for the first couple of birth-

it helps the adults playing to know

four year olds, the park is the best

days, even though we might want

who is coming up next and make

place for them to run around, get

to organise lots of games, they just

sure that child is actively involved

fresh air and party all in one. “

want to play. It’s less stressful and

in the game at that stage for their

Natalie Cossar, Melbourne

everyone has a good time!”

turn. This works really well if you

“My mum “invented” jelly oranges Jodie Gamble, Melbourne

have a mix of kids, and the same

25 years ago. The kids would love

toy or present can make the game a

coming to our parties in particular “My best birthday party tip is to

bit boring.”

and eating the jelly oranges. Made page4

make good use of local hire places

“Nanna’s Jelly Oranges” at her

and it helps the adults playing to

party too!! It isn’t a real birthday

know who is coming up next and By keeping numbers down to a

party unless there are jelly orang- make sure that child is actively

the best advice I can give.

manageable 6-8 kids :


involved in the game at that stage You’re children will not be over-

Simone Hepton, WA

for their turn. This works really

whelmed on the day and will get

well if you have a mix of kids, and to see and play with all the birth“Hire toys for your party! It’s

the same toy or present can make day guests.

cheap and for the first couple of

the game a bit boring.”

birthdays, even though we might

Benoni Henderson, Port Douglas friendship especially when they

want to organise lots of games, they just want to play. It’s less

They will learn the value of good

explain why they want those six “My best party tip would have

children there.

stressful and everyone has a good to be not to have it running over

It makes it so much more afforda-


sleep time!”

ble to do a quality party with great

Jodie Gamble, Melbourne

Anne Seymour, Melbourne

food. Games are easy to manage due to

“My best birthday party tip is to

“Make birthday bon bons, with

short attention spans and prizes

make good use of local hire places things like matchbox cars for boys can be of a better quality. and toy libraries. Use your local

and hair ribbons for girls. You

toy library to hire a party pack,

can also get the kids to help make parents and find out about their

complete with play equipment

them in the colours to match the

to amuse the older kids. For the

party. Everyone leaves with a little You can store all the food you will

younger kids we hired an enor-


need in the fridge without having

mous play pen for the day from a

Johneen Reeves, NSW

to hire that mobile fridge unit.

local baby shop - the best $15 we

You’re able to engage longer with


It’s all about having fun, getting

ever spent!”

“Every year we make birthdays a

Rachel Armstrong, Melbourne

big deal because of the milestones them to remember. I love them!” that have been reached. I have

amongst it and making it a day for

Paula Smith, Sydney

“I have always rigged my pass the now had 14 birthday parties with parcel games so that I can cus-

my kids and after attending many “My tip is to keep kids parties

tomise the presents for each child others (too many to count) this is short and simple! Go back to


Teddies at the beach! What you will need:

. box betty crocker box cake mix .Water, Vegtable oil and eggs . Blue food Coloring . Betty Crocker Vanilla Icing . Betty Crocker Fruit by theh foot fruit snack . 1/2 cup teddy bear-shaped graham snacks, crushed, or brown sugar . 1 Table spoon of blue sugar . 1 teddy bear-shaped graham snacks . 6 paper drink umbrellas or small plastic umbrellas, if desired . multi-colored fish-shaped crackers

Step One!

Make sure you have all your ingredients layed out ready for preparation of the cupcakes.

Step Two!

Step Three!

Heat oven to 350째F (325째F for dark or nonstick pans). Place paper baking cup in each of 24 regular-size muffin cups. Make and bake cake mix as directed on box for 24 cupcakes. Cool in pans 10 minutes; remove from pans to cooling rack. Cool completely, about 30 minutes. Tightly wrap 12 cupwcakes; freeze for a later use.

Stir blue food color into frosting until blended. Frost remaining 12 cupcakes with frosting.

Step Four! Cut six 1 1/2-inch pieces from fruit snack roll; peel off paper backing. Use fruit snack and remaining ingredients to decorate cupcakes as shown in photo or as desired. page6

Basic Gooddies for a little fairy party 2.








1. Fairy party plates and cups: $6.50 for a 12 pk from Stacks. 2. Betty Crocker Fairy Cupcakes: $2.99 a box. 3. Home made milk carton arrival gifts, $2 milk carton. 4. Fairy Decorations sticks, $0.50 from stacks each. 5. Various decorations from Stacks ranging from $1 $6.50. 6. Cupcake and glass bottles, Target $4. 7. Fairy dressup hats $12.99 from spotlight. 8. pack for 24 cupcake holiders $2.99 Stacks.


Basic Gooddies for a pirate party


1. 3.




7. 1. Kids dress ups from big W $16. 2. Betty Crocker chest cake: $24 from coldrock 3. Home made door hanger, $5.45. 4. Chair Banners, $9.50 for a 10 pk stacks 5. Various decorations from Stacks ranging from $1 - $6.50. 6. Pirate bag 10 pk $2 Pirate Bag 10pk $4. 7. Ahoy There invites $3.99 24pk


Food options If you have children with allergies for just want to go for a heathyier food option you make want to take into account some of these yummy party food options that your children will love!

Healthy Drinks! For cool slushies, simply blend peeled and chopped fruit like watermelon or mango with ice to make the most refreshing and colourful party drink. To make a creamy smoothie, blend fresh berries, banana or mango with reduced fat milk and flavoured yoghurt. Little ‘princess’ or ‘fairy’ girls prefer delicate-pink strawberry smoothies at their parties. Whilst busy ‘superhero’ or ‘pirate’ boys like energizing banana and honey smoothies with a dash of milo.

Sweet Fruit Party Treats! Choc-dipped strawberries Skewer large strawberries onto paddle-pop sticks and dip the tip into melted chocolate. Alternatively, lightly drizzle strawberries with melted chocolate (a mixture of white and milk chocolate stripes looks fabulous). Chocolate melts are available in supermarkets and can be easily melted in the microwave ready for drizzling Fresh fruit kebabs drizzled with chocolate Thread wedges of peeled and chopped kiwifruit, melon and pineapple onto paddle-pop sticks and lightly drizzle with melted chocolate. Fresh fruit jellies Add fresh fruits like seedless grapes to jellies. Include a marshmallow as an additional treat. Top with halved strawberry to serve.

Cool Party Choices Finger sandwiches are the perfect party food for kids of all ages; simple to make and easy for kids to eat. Include a fresh vegetable or use nutritious avocado in the filling and use wholegrain or wholemeal bread. Try these simple sandwich filling combinations; • Lettuce and cheese slices • Ham, tomato and cheese • Avocado and shaved ham Make pinwheel sandwiches using ready-made crepes or tortilla bread (both available from supermarkets). Spread the crepes or tortilla breads with mashed avocado (mashed with a drizzle of lemon or lime juice) and reduced fat spreadable cream cheese. Roll up and cut into thick slices, secure with a halved cherry tomato and a cocktail fork and serve. page

Cheeky Treats Caramel Popcorn Lions! 1. Line eight holes of a 1/3 cup-capacity muffin pan with paper cases. 2. Heat oil in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add 2 pieces of corn. Oil is hot enough when corn turns slowly in a circle. Add remaining corn. Cover with a tight-fitting lid. Shake saucepan gently 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 1/4 cup popping corn 1 1/2 tablespoons golden syrup 1/2 cup caster sugar 45g butter 1/2 cup (75g) white chocolate melts 2 x 34g packets peppermint Lifesavers 16 red Smarties 9 x 4cm-long pieces licorice strap 50g tube black writing icing

when corn starts to pop. Remove from heat when corn stops popping. Pour into a large heatproof bowl. Discard unpopped corn.

3. Place golden syrup, sugar and butter in a saucepan over medium heat. Cook, stirring, for 3 to 4 minutes or until sugar dissolves (don’t boil). Bring to the boil. Boil for 4 minutes or until golden.

4. Working quickly, pour caramel mixture over popcorn. Stir to coat. Divide mixture between paper cases. Using the back of a spoon, press down to flatten tops slightly. Set aside to cool.

5. Reserve 8 chocolate melts. Place remaining melts in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave on high (100%) for 1 to 2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds, or until melted and smooth. Spread a little

melted chocolate on 1 side of 2 Lifesavers. Using picture above as a guide, position Lifesavers on 1 popcorn mixture to form eyes. Top Lifesavers with a little chocolate and position Smarties on top. Spread flat side of 1 reserved melt with a little chocolate. Position in the centre below eyes.

6. Cut 1 piece of licorice into 8 x 5mm triangles for noses. Cut remaining licorice pieces in half lengthways. Leaving 5mm at 1 end of 1 piece, cut lengthways into 3 even strips. Repeat with remaining licorice pieces. Spread 2 uncut ends with a little melted chocolate. Slide under chocolate melt to form whiskers. Spread 1 triangle with a little remaining chocolate. Position triangle on chocolate melt to form a nose.

7. Draw eyes on Smarties and mouth on melt. Repeat with remaining popcorn mixtures, melted chocolate, Lifesavers, Smarties, melts, licorice and icing. Set aside to set. Serve.

Now you can enjoy these cheeky yummy treats! page10

Cheeky Treats Mini Hamburgers! 1. Use a 4cm pastry cutter to cut out 30 rounds from the tops and 30 rounds from the bottoms of the 10 hamburger buns. Set aside. (Prepare the hamburger buns well in advance and store them in a clip-lock plastic bag.)

2. Place the minced beef, breadcrumbs, grated onion, 10 hamburger buns, halved 500g minced beef 1/3 cup dry breadcrumbs 1 large onion, grated 20ml (1 tbs) Worcestershire sauce 1/3 cup tomato sauce, plus extra to serve

Worcestershire and tomato sauce, mixed herbs and egg yolk in a bowl. Season with salt and pepper and mix well together.

3. Use wet hands to form 30 small burgers. Refrigerate the mixture for 30 minutes to chill.

4. Heat the oil in a large, non-stick frypan. Fry the

1/2 tbs mixed dried herbs

burgers in batches for 1-2 minutes each side; they should

1 egg yolk

still be rare in the centre. Place on an oven tray, cool and

80ml (1/3 cup) olive oil 10 slices tasty cheese, quartered BBQ sauce and baby rocket leaves, to serve Cocktail sticks, to serve

then refrigerate. When the burgers are ready to serve, preheat the oven to 170째C.

5. Place the buns on an oven tray. Cover with aluminium foil and heat for 5-6 minutes. Top the mini beef

burgers with the quartered cheese slices and heat in the oven for 5 minutes.

6. Sit each burger on a bun base. Top with BBQ or tomato sauce and rocket. Place the tops on the burgers; secure with a cocktail stick. Serve immediately.

for more yummy treats visit/ recipes



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