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Joe Cook is a complicated fellow. Born Joeurt Puk in Cambodia, he and his family fled the murderous Khmer Rouge regime to the United States in 1975. Between 1975 and 1979 the Khmer Rouge exterminated two million Cambodian citizens. Among the dead were Joe’s father and two younger sisters. Joe was 12 years old.

Joe ultimately became a respected chef for the Mikata Japanese Steakhouse in Dothan, Alabama (hence his customer-bestowed name: Joe Cook). He married and had two children. He was American and he was happy. Still, something in his life was missing - something to do with his stolen Cambodian heritage. In May 2002, Joe learned that his sister, long thought a victim of the Khmer Rouge, was still alive. He immediately traveled to the village of Baribo, 68 miles west of Phnom Penh, to reunite with her. It was during this reunion that Joe conceived the project that has preoccupied him to this day. He decided that Cambodia, the country that was bombed by the United States during the Vietnam War and ravaged by the Khmer Rouge needed an addition to its cultural options. Cambodia needed that most American of institutions, baseball. RICE FIELD OF DREAMS follows the journey of Cambodia’s First National Baseball Team as they prepare and participate in the 24th “Sea Games” – an Olympics-like sports competition between South East Asian nations in Bangkok. For the 22 young players, it is their first time venturing outside of the farming villages they are accustomed to. Along the way we experience the texture of daily life in these villages. We meet the American coaches who have donated their time and travel with the team to the culture shock inducing city of Bangkok for the competition. We hear the player’s stories, watch their preparation for the games and learn about America’s interest in Cambodian baseball when Jim Small, Vice President of Major League Baseball, visits. But most of all, we experience the drama of the team’s five games. No one expects these rookies to beat the competition their first time out, but nonetheless emotions run high. How well will they do? Will they even get a hit? How

many hits? How many runs? They are representing their country and they want to succeed. The film crew fully expected that they would be filming a strictly feel-good story; Cambodian refugee escapes the Khmer Rouges, comes to America and then brings hope and baseball back to his homeland. But what they discover is that life -- and Joe Cook -- has a way of complicating strictly feel-good stories. This film has it all: drama, humor, an exotic location and an athletic competition. A “West meets East� dynamic and an engaging cast of characters. But most of all RICE FIELD OF DREAMS has heart. As the final shots of the film assert, baseball is a gift to upcoming Cambodian generations and Joe Cook, complicated as he is, should be commended for offering such a gift. Water Buffalo Pictures Presents A Film by Daron Ker "Rice Field of Dreams" Editor Robin Lee Supervising Sound Editor Dave Nelson Cinematographers Daron Ker and Cliff Trainman Executive Producers Daron Ker and Kenneth Ker Produced and Directed by Daron Ker

Voted THE NUMBER ONE INDEPENDENT THEATRE in Los Angeles, the Art opened as a silent movie theatre and included a pipe organ and orchestra pit. It is the oldest operating single screen house in Long Beach. Our art deco, streamline moderne-style historical landmark is famous for its screening of the most imaginative and stimulating independent, documentary, animated, alternative lifestyle, and foreign language films. After one million dollars of loving restoration, and the addition of a wine bar and coffee bar to round out a full evening experience, we are proud to continue this long-running tradition. Historical Timeline 1924 ~ Originally opened in as The Carter Theatre with 636 seats, an orchestra pit and pipe organ. It was constructed in a modest vernacular style with "orientalizing" touches reminiscent of Grauman's Chinese Theatrein Hollywood. Two storefronts flanked the theatre. 1934 ~ Remodeled in art deco streamline moderne style by Schilling & Schilling after the 1933 Long Beach earthquake and renamed The Lee Theatre. Additions included the ticket booth, terrazzo floor and zigzag elements like the stepped piers, vertical fluting, and the central-stepped vertical tower that unfolds as a fern. This tower has also been likened to the bow of a ship cutting through the water. 1947 ~ Remodeled again with a larger marquee and named The Art Theatre. 2008 ~ Updated using original blueprints with new interior, new sound and vision upgrades and restored exterior including a replica of the 1934 marquee and art deco trademark symmetrical storefronts.

The man behind the dark shades and bashful smile has definitely managed to manifest his dreams through positive thinking, continual progress, and sheer determination to witness his vision become reality. Never losing sight of where he is headed, Hou is also set on never forgetting where he came from. Born in Cambodia during the end of the Khmer Rouge Regime on 1981, Hou and his family overcame horrific circumstances during the aftermath of the war. Surviving landmines, starvation, gunfights and dictatorship, they eventually called Long Beach, California home in 1990. “I still remember the night my family escaped from the camp. Even though I was very young, I remember it vividly,” he said. “It was pitch-black, and at the time I was small enough for my father to carry me in a backpack. It was hard to see anything through the thickness of the jungle.” During their escape, Hou was suddenly slashed against the side of his cheek. He had come up against barbed wire while on his father’s back. “I still have the scar from that to this day,” he said pointing to the side of his face.

Forever engrained into his character, that survivor mentality propels him to follow his dreams. “My parents worked hard to put food on the table, and I worked hard at reaching for any opportunity to further myself from discrimination,” Hou said. “I got my B.S. in Telecommunication Management (Computer Networking) and a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Project Management. Fashion wasn’t my passion until I landed a job in Hollywood fixing cell phone networks for actors and actresses such as Tom Cruise, Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather Jr., John Legend, and many more.” Unsatisfied with the definition of fashion at an early age, Hou was no stranger to altering his clothes to fit his sense of style. It was during his time as a computer networking specialist

that he wore some of his original designs on the job. His shirts, pants, and jackets had a unique fit, a tailored appearance that began leaving lasting impressions. It was in 2006 when he started designing, and by 2007, he dedicated himself to pursuing a career as a full-time designer. With no formal training in fashion, Hou relied on the experience he learned at the age of 12 as he helped his mother with sewing as part of the family’s source of income. Taking the initiative to teach himself more about the technique of design, Hou also learned through reverse engineering. He studied how shirts, pants, and jackets were put together in their core pieces. By doing this, he was able to make his own patterns, pick his own fabrics, and begin making “Engineered” by Remy come alive. “I started with nothing when I first came from Cambodia. Didn’t know how to speak a word of English,” Hou said, “And being here in America, I learned to speak English, finished school, got a job, met with celebrities, worked with them, and started my own line – it’s like a dream come true,” Hou confesses. Hou has also given back to the Cambodian Community in Long Beach. He is currently a member of the Cambodian Coordination Council since 2009. He has been actively involved serving as the Co-Chair for the Cambodian New Year Parade from 2010 to 2011. Those that reside in Long Beach, California may come across Hou at various Charity Fundraising Event: i.e. Preah Vihear Khmer Support Khmer Charity Fundraising Event, Heart Without Boundaries Charity Fundraising Event, and Cambodian American Business Association Dinner Honoring Congressman Eni F. H. Faleomavaega to name a

few. Currently Hou is also a Board of Director for the Cambodian American Business Association, a non-profit organization (Business League) which is non-partisan and nonsectarian, they serve as a liaison business resource center for local and international business community. Membership is open to everyone in the business community who shares the CAMBA’s goals ( CAMBA is currently planning their next 2nd Annual Business and Culture Expo 2011 on August 28th, 2011 in Long Beach, CA. Hou is their Project Manager, while Hou certainly wear many different hats and role, his passion live within Fashion.

Now the next journey for Remy Hou and the Brand is an International exposure. Hou has been invited to participate in Marbella Luxury Fair. Marbella Luxury Fair is schedule for July 1st to July 3rd, a three heavenly days of pure unadulterated luxury at Nikki Beach Marbella.

Nikki Beach Marbella is one the most exclusive places in the world will allow you to enjoy the Spanish Sunshine, an amazing and typical cosmopolitan Andalusian atmosphere, the sea sound and the unique signature of the Nikki Beach Brand.

The target of Marbella Luxury Fair is to provide to each guest one of the most luxurious and glamorous experiences, offering the exclusivity and wealth that can’t be enjoyed day after day.

Proceed from Rice Field of Dreams Directed by Daron Ker will go towards Remy Hou International Trip and Expenses. Please come to support the movie, support fellow aspiring Cambodians and support the Dreams!

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Press Release with Company profile Facebook Fan, Twitter, all Social Network Site Company name and logo on all posters and fliers (est. 50 poster & 2,500 copies fliers) distributed within Long Beach 5 Mile Radius Company Logo display before Movie Premier on June 22nd, 2011 6:30pm to 7pm



Company Logo display before Movie Premier on June 22nd, 2011 6:30pm to 7pm

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