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Remy Capillus Shows Off New Look to Social Media Pages People can’t get enough of Remy Capillus hair extensions. Giving back to their loyal fan base, Remy Capillus is pleased to announce that the company has updated all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Now people will be able to reach out and leave feedback to Remy Capillus and have questions about their products answered in a matter of minutes. People should also be on the lookout for upcoming Facebook and Twitter promotions where fans will have a chance to win special prizes. People can like Remy Capillus at and follow Remy Capillus on Twitter @RemyCapillus. People who want to see Remy Capillus in action can view all of their videos on YouTube at Sometimes people who don’t know about Remy Capillus products need an incentive to like their page and see what the company has to offer. That is why Remy Capillus is running a special Facebook campaign where people will receive 20% off a product, just by liking the page. To make the deal even sweeter, Remy Capillus will also offer Free Shipping with the promotion. Like the Facebook page today and see what Remy Capillus is all about. Twitter has become one of the most effective social media platforms people use to communicate to friends throughout the world. On the Remy Capillus Twitter page, followers will find informational tips, blogs, and articles on what is going on in the hair extension industry today. Followers can also tweet questions, feedback, and comments on their page, and they will receive a tweet back immediately. Remy Capillus understands what an important tool social media is to gain new business from around the world, which is why the company intends to become more involved and become a leading force in the social media realm. About Remy Capillus: Remy Capillus is a family owned and run U.S. manufacturer of 100% ethically sourced and manufactured human hair extensions based in Philadelphia. The company’s hair specialists utilize a manufacturing process that ensures both the quality and consistency of their extensions while providing customer service that is second to none in their industry. Making a positive impact on the national hair extension community, Remy Capillus ships hair extensions to Atlanta, New York and other major cities throughout the country. People interested in Remy wholesale hair extensions should visit for further information.

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