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Bio graphy About me

My interest in design started in highschool where I was taught CAD and machining. Since then, I began a four year program at Appalachian State University for Industrial Product Design. I am on my final year for schooling..

Design Philosphy

Continuity and simplicity are the center of my designs. Making sure the materials, manufacturing, and form are at their simplist while keeping quality and unity in each peice.


My current interests are in furniture, houseware, and hardware.

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U Wake Hollow pop-it pop-it


PROJECT & RESEARCH Project: Choose a company and design a peice that would fit their product line


Muubs X Shelf


What is Muubs? Muubs is a furniture and houseware company based in Denmark. They base their design on “beauty in imperfection�.

Design Language: Raw Materials Assymetrical Rough Textures Abstraction Variety of Material Organic 3

I wanted to make the shelf a more scultural peice experimenting with abnormal ways of mounting, material use, and framing

Continued with the concpets that have an assteric next to it Focussed heavily on the ceiling hung shelf. Decided to continue with the concept for my final design


I decided to go with the ceiling hung shelf. It can be a room divider and bring interest to the space.

Made sketch models to see the scale of both the rods and shelving itself. Decided to go with a thinner rod and the two large shelves.


Live edge exotic wood mixed with an industrial powder coated aluminum rod. A simple shape that brigns interest through its one of a kind slabs of exotic Dibetou wood. Assembly: Radius bent rod with 4 slits to fit plates that hold shelf Slide plates through slits Mill 2 holes through wood slabs Set screw floor flanges






PROJECT & RESEARCH Project: Design a product that

fills a gap in a chosen companies prouct line while follow their design language.


Fitbit x Alarm Clock


Why alarm clock? Fitbit is a fitness motivation company. It helps a person track their progress and health through body movements and personal information. A key part in a persons health is sleep. I wanted to make an alarm clock to better track and persons sleep to help them with their fitness goals.

Key Words



{ { {

Fitbit Statistics Women


76m units sold

Community Motivate ESPN


Mens Fitness

27.63m Fitbit users




Exercise Variety

1.51 bn revenue


Mix & Match -

FB Design Language Soft Corners

Elastomer Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Brass covered with plastic

Contrast Materials Comfort Smooth Femine Simple

Stainless Steel



I took the direction of a smart clock. A tablet-like screen with a home base


I took the direction of a smart clock. A tablet-like screen with a home base


In these concepts I wanted to make a “bracket� for the screen that was simple and continous


Moving Forward I focused on the ergonomics of the base and the support it needs.



Incorporated a slim tactile snooze button and thickened each design for more balance and support.

Moving forward: Make more unified. Add a feature to angle screen if needed. Still needs a more stable base




Smooth Soft Fillets

Welcoming colors and materials -

Tactile Snooze Button

Multiple Materials -

Screen shape inspired by Versa 2 watch



Tech Features:

Sleep Monitoring Sounds for Sleep Bluetooth Scheduling Diet Plan GPS Alarm



Two slots for differing angles on clock base

Slot filling accessory for side not being

One button for a tactile snooze set


Material available: Blue Woven Fabric Purple Woven Fabric Grey Woven Fabric Black Anodized Aluminum Copper Anodized Aluminum

Manufacturing: Adhere ribs to base ribs Clip in battery, circuit board, button function pad, charging port Screen screws into s andwhiching frames


Wake Inspired by Fitbit

Hollow 18

PROJECT & RESEARCH Project: Design a houseware product for Mockett hardware company.


Cabinet Handles


Mockett’s Brand: Simple Architectural Smooth Finish Geometric Functional Ergonomic -

What I want to introduce: Three dimensional textured feel multiple finishes Organic 20

Simplify shapes More organic less sculptural

Think of mounting add textures



A two-dimensional peice is unifies through the movement of the two pegs stretching the main band. Added texture with a brushed finish and contrasting colors. 22

Easy manufacturing with CNC’d loop and extruded mounting rod with threaded hole for mounting. Connected through an adhered set pin.


Finishes: Stainless Steel Brass Matte Powder coated Black Steel Shine finished Steel




PROJECT & RESEARCH Project: Design a product that solves a problem in the form of typical houseware


Sink Strainer



Why a sink strainer?


Sink strainers collect an abundance of bacteria especially when not thouroughly cleaned.

Study the process of using and cleaning out a sink strainer.

Hard to remove excess food. Misses excess food. Unattractive to the eye. -

Research: Cultural differences of how to wash dishes Types of Strainers expired patented strainer products

Focussed on all possiblities of strainer trying to find the best option.

Added materials to the next refinements. With feedback I continued with the silicone “pop-out� food method

Materials & Manufacturing: -

Solution: Double strainer inset A water plug A handle for grabbing Reversable “pop� method

Molded Silicone CNC Steel


FINAL Twist top piece to lock in the water plug feature

closed water plug


open water plug

Angled lip so food easliy slides into strainer

Inset lip for top piece to fit into


Handle to grab strainer without touching excess food


solid bottom without slots in order to catch more food

“lock in� knotch to secure water plug feature

PROJECT & RESEARCH Project: Design a product that has a heavy focus on recycable materials


Purse x Cork x Chain

Cork Recylced Process:


Grind down used wine corks

Recycled Chain

Mix with epoxy mixture

Tire Chains

Press into square mold

Chain Restraints

Slice thin sheets Attach thin sheets to thin material.


Material Use: Chain - strap and small details Cork - Exterior and lining

Purse Style:

Refined Sketches: Small/Medium Purse Industrial High End Appearance

Thumbnail Sketches: Chain Placement Purse form

How to incorporate materials Chose half moon shape.

Final Drawn Design

Final Shot

Building Process

Purse Details

In-scene AD photo

Profile for Remy Pustejovsky

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Product Portfolio