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Employee Payroll Services

Introduction • Payroll isn’t just about paying your people. • Payroll Management System is used to collect employee data, that a company uses to manage as records of the employees working in the company. • Only the office administration has the authority to read and update data of employees. Employees can only log in to system and check their reports.

PAYROLL SYSTEM IS USED TO • Create and collect Data. • Delete unwanted Data. • Save collected Data, of employees according to the information provided by them to administration.

OBJECTIVES • To improve efficiency of company’s administration. • To maintain up-to-date information of the employees. • To aware employees about the rules of the company. • To increase security of the database.

Why Employee Payroll Services – • End to End payroll administration right from new employee to F-N-F settlement. • Pan India presence with services being provided in more than 29 locations. • 14years of Expertise and proven track record of working with businesses from diverse industry verticals and size. • India partners of three Multi-country payroll service providers. • Provide customizable tax tables, calculations and forms. • Track vacation, sick & holiday pay in addition to regular bonus and commissions.

• Maintain Payroll history for each employee. • Pay by hourly, weekly & monthly schedules, as applicable & manage expert payroll. • Maintain a Checks issue register. Generates Cost Accounting Reports, Wage reports (monthly, quarterly & annual) and Management dashboards. • Issue Pay slips to each employee in PDF format. • Maintains all statutory records such as Tax deducted at Source, Provident Fund contributions. • Generates all year end and quarterly reports for electronic filing. • All statutory forms such as Form 16, Form 12, Form 6, and Form 24Q, Form 24 etc. required for filing quarterly and yearly returns.

Methodology for Advance Payroll Processing System

• Payroll is an important process. It demands • Accuracy, Quick service and Confidentiality. • Remunance partners with customers throughout the outsourcing process in a structured and transparent way that proceeds in 4 phases – 1. Planning 2. Onboarding 3. Parallel run of Payroll 4. Going Live.

1. Planning Companies considering payroll process outsourcing look beyond the obvious cost arbitrage and address several enterprise-wide issues such as: • What are the regulatory and operational risks? • How do we ensure that there is no business • disruption? • What investments are needed in technology? • How will the change be managed? • Are we ready for the change? Remunance helps customers find answer these and similar questions.

2. Onboarding Remunance’s transition methodology ensures that processes are migrated smoothly. Here we make sure we understand 1.Existing process and client expectations. 2.We make sure historical data is transferred Correctly. 3.Configure Master file. 4.Run historical file.

3. Parallel run of Payroll. Remunance has a structure where we run Parallel Payroll for a month to ensure that the data input given to us and the data output we are creating has no mismatch. 1. We update changes after 1st Parallel Payroll Run. 2. Match reports from both the ends. 3. Accurate reports.

4. Going Live. Once reports are matched from both sides 1. We create portal for the company 2. Provide Login credentials to all employees. 3. Go Live.

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Employee payroll services  

Employee Payroll Services from Remunance the leader in outsourcing payroll processing services. Get complete payroll administration rights f...

Employee payroll services  

Employee Payroll Services from Remunance the leader in outsourcing payroll processing services. Get complete payroll administration rights f...