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White Wimbledon Tennis Club Night Wed July 4 6.30pm Come along in your

Wimbledon Whites & WIN a prize! AND you win extra points if you not only dress in WHITE but play with a WOODEN RACKET Here are some ideas …...

Gorgeous Gussie Moran

The great Suzanne Lenglen

FASHIONS OF YESTERYEAR ….. At least you will keep warm during our cold spell!!

Maria Sharapova

Anna Kournikova

Serena Williams

Or you could brave the cold conditions and be more daring

Steffi Graff

Not sure if the judges will allow the pink panties like Serena..

Not forgetting the MEN … Will the shorts be as short as Borg / Becker or Rafter or conservative like Sampras & Federer?

Wimbledon Whites  

Wimbledon Whites Tournament

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