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Slowing down ... to a crawl! Most foreigners come here in pursuit of a more peaceful existence; a slower pace; more relaxed ... please feel free to fill in your own reasons. But there is slow – and there is positively pedestrian! I refer, of course, to some of the nonsense I witness while driving around Pattaya. Okay, please repeat after me ... I’m a guest here, I’m a guest here, I’m a guest here. If you move around the roads of Pattaya – and who doesn’t? – you really do need to keep repeating this to yourself to stop the blue mist, also known as road rage, from descending upon you. Count to 10, smile knowingly, say “This is Thailand”, or substitute your own solution, but don’t get tempted to gun the accelerator and go for a gap which (in sane, non-blue mist moments) you know doesn’t really exist. Admittedly, I’m pretty good at dishing out the advice; not so good at following it myself. My pet peeve is getting stuck in a long line of traffic that has nothing to do with an accident or road works. You know the sort of thing ... there’s a bike with an ill-conceived rickety sidecar attached which, if driven faster than 15 klicks per hour, will probably drop off of or at least spill some hot sauce. Or maybe two pick-ups are crawling along in tandem with loudspeakers on telling you about a two-for-one pizza offer or a sporting contest. The really annoying thing about the loudspeaker trucks is that because the stay close together it’s the devil’s own job to get past them without seriously scaring a bike or three coming from the opposite direction. I think they – and dodgy sidecars – are dangerous but maybe I live in a “glass house” when it comes to driving matters. In a bid to retain sanity I’ll try to remember that if I wanted to continue to do everything at 100kph I could always have stayed in England.

Dave Buckley

Managing Director, Pattaya Property Consultants, publishers of REm

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Dan Cheeseman is co-founder and director of Choice Group Asia and Previously he has worked in other forms of media in the city. Before coming to Thailand he spent 10 years with Coca-Cola Enterprises in various sales and marketing positions before going on to work in a consultancy capacity, developing business propositions essentially with the Post Office Ltd in the UK during its transition from being Government-owned to becoming a more commercial proposition.

Which nation drinks most?


By dan cheeseman


attaya and drinking are synonymous and with a city that attracts tourists from all over the world, it begs the question: Which nationality drinks the most and would be the most valuable for bars and clubs in town? In a recent meeting with a night club owner in Pattaya he desperately wanted to come up with a strategy to bring back the Europeans into his club in Walking Street. He said they would sit and drink many beers before leaving, yet he said the Indians would drink one drink and then go. So what’s the truth in all this? A good fit With Russians now accounting for 56 per cent of all tourism coming into Pattaya each year, it would appear this is a very good fit for bars and clubs. According to Wikipedia, Russians drink the fourth most in the world, with pure alcohol consumption per capita of 15.76 litres. It’s also true about their passion for vodka, with spirits accounting for

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With the


looking here

6.88 litres per year. With the South Koreans, also an emerging market, I couldn’t help but notice that most of their alcohol consumption comes via spirits, in which they drink a whopping 9.57 litres of a year. I eagerly scanned the list for Thailand, expecting it to be quite high up. They are not and can be considered, as a nation, moderate drinkers (taxi bike drivers to one side). They consume just more than 7 litres per capita each year bringing them in 77th overall. Ireland, a country renowned for its love of drink, was 15th, while the UK was 17th with France sandwiched in between. The top 10 is made up of many former Eastern bloc countries in and around Russia. Moldova was

to stay it

would seem that many bar and club owners can sleep easy

’’ at night.

first, while the Czech Republic was second with Hungary third. Going back to the club owner’s claims, I looked up India and found that their alcohol intake was very low at 0.75 litres per year. So, he was right. They’re not even ranked in the top 100 while the Chinese, who recently took over the “top visitor to Thailand” slot, just about made it at No 96. Joint bottom of the list are Afghanistan and Yemen. Not that this should overly concern Walking Street bar owners! Raise a glass So, with the Russians looking here to stay it would seem that many bar and club owners can sleep easy at night. The Russians love their alcohol and love Pattaya too – the fit, it would appear, could not be better and that’s got to be worth raising a glass (of vodka) to! Editor’s note: Maybe these figures are best taken with a dash of lime or perhaps a sour grape given that (much to my amazement) the Australians come in at 44th which, surely, is an affront to our harddrinking Southern cousins!

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a t t r ac t i o n s

Bira International Circuit: is the only internationally certified racetrack in Thailand. Its extensive facilities include a full-service karting track, an off-road test track, and the FIA certified 2.41km racetrack. It can be found about 15 km away on the Pattaya-Rayong Road (Highway 36). Tel: 022 803 547/025 221 731/8 Flight of the Gibbon: this attraction is ranked highly on the Trip Advisor website list of things to do. Cheap it isn’t but most of the reviews rate the experience and commend the safety measures employed. It can be found close to Khao Kheow Zoo. Tel: 0899 70 55 11 or visit website

drive from central Pattaya. It features an exotic zoo, and crocodile, fire-swallowing and magic shows, as well as the garden and stone park. Open 8.0018:30. Tel: 03824 9347-9 or www. for information. Mini Siam: is on Sukhumvit Road, surrounded by Soi 33. This model village celebrates the heritage of Thailand with miniature replicas of the most famous monuments and historical sites. Replicas of Tower Bridge, Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and Trevi Fountain are also displayed. There is a small go-kart track. Open daily from 7.00-22.00. Tel: 038 421 628 for information.

Here we list just a few of the things tourists and expats can do to make their time here more enjoyable ...

Pattaya Park and Tower: at Pratumnak features a large whirlpool with giant sliders and a tower with a revolving restaurant. Visitors can also enjoy several games and rides on the tower and in its playground. Open daily from 10.00-19.00 (20.00 on Saturday). Tel: 03836 4110-20 or 02579 9612-4 or for more information. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum: on the third floor of Royal Garden Plaza. Access from both Second Road and Beach Road. Open daily 11.00-23.00. Tel: 03871 0294/8.

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Khao Chi Chan: etched and filled with gold leaf, this Buddha is more than 100 metres high and is thought to be the largest such image in the world. Next to Silver Lakes Vineyard which is also worth a visit.

Khao Kheow Open Zoo: 35 km north of Pattaya. A huge zoo with many animals that are on the endangered species list including six rare white tigers exchanged by the Memphis Zoo in the USA. Open daily 08:00-18:00. Tel: 038 298 188. Koh Larn: is reached by ferry from Bali Hai pier or by speedboat. It has several beaches boasting white sand and clear blue water. The many activities include para sailing, snorkeling, jet ski, banana boat, swimming in tropical waters, and there is even a shooting range there. Koh Larn is also suited for bicycling and hiking. Million-Year Stone Park and Crocodile Farm: lies a 15 minute

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden: 163 Sukhumvit Road (15 minutes east of city towards Bang Saray). Beautiful gardens with waterfalls, “Cultural Extravaganza” performances four times a day. Tourists experience religious ceremonies, martial arts demonstrations, massages and elephant shows. Tel: 03842 9321.

Pattaya Dolphin World and Resort: a comparative newcomer to the scene and parts of it were yet to be completed at the beginning of 2013. Recommended for families with young children but don’t expect USA-style shows. Tel: 038 051 790/6. Pattaya Elephant Village: 7km from Central Pattaya on Phonpraphanimit Road. Shows daily at 14.30 and last an hour. A one-hour elephant ride is available from 8.00-17.30 and rafting, trekking (three hours including a meal) is available at 9.00, 10.30, 12.30 and 16.30. Tel: 038 249 818.

Sanctuary of Truth: this wooden giant can be found in North Pattaya. The entrance is at Soi 12, Naklua Road. Every inch of the building is covered with wooden carvings to reflect Ancient Vision of Earth, Ancient Knowledge, and Eastern Philosophy. It is open daily from 9.00-18.00 Admission is 500 baht. 038 225 407/038 367 229 www. Sriracha Tiger Zoo: a zoo with various shows at 341 Moo 3, Nongkham, Sri Racha (30 minutes away). It claims a population of 200 tigers and around 10,000 crocodiles, the largest of such in the world. Tel: 03829 6556. Underwater World: on Sukhumvit Road 200 metres south of Tesco Lotus at Pattaya South has a collection of marine species from the Gulf of Thailand. Walk through the 100-metre long pedestrian tunnel and witness more than 200 species of fish swimming by. Open daily from 9.00-18.00 (last tickets 17.30). Tel: 038 756 879.

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‘Magic’ that advanced technology can bring to the security industry


he famous author and scientist Arthur C Clarke once wrote: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Developments in technology that support services for the security industry may not necessarily be “magic”, but the impact they can have on a business, its customers, and its employees can be genuinely amazing. Manned guarding companies realised long ago that technology could improve the service they deliver. Similarly they recognised that investing in new systems and platforms could give them an edge in an increasingly competitive and price-sensitive industry, where even the smallest efficiency savings could translate into significantly larger improvements in margins. Paperless working Traditionally, security has been known as a very paper-driven industry. Those who have been working in industry for as long as I have will remember how talk of the drive toward a paperless office was openly mocked. The suggestion that the performance of your business, your client portfolio, and even individual security officers could be managed in real-time was seen as the stuff of fantasy from a future world only Arthur C Clarke could have envisaged. Yet that is precisely what we have today. Systems and platforms enable businesses to use the power of the Internet to manage the services they provide, dramatically improve communications, maximise operational efficiency, and add significant value to customer relationships. These systems achieve this while also bringing significant advantages to individual employees. Historically, manned guarding

Joe Cox, managing director of Defence international Security Services, looks at how technology has impacted his industry.

firms have had to wait for the paper trail to end before the true picture of their performance could be measured. In the past, it could be months after an event before the real impact could be measured and a response could be determined. Customer satisfaction, which needs to be measured daily, could be harmed to the extent of bringing a relationship to the point of collapse before the severity of the situation was properly known. It could have been a case of by the time we realised what was “broken” it might have been too late to fix it. How we managed in those days almost beggars belief, especially when you see what is achievable today. Transparent customer relationships Dashboards can be created at the touch of a button to see the performance of a particular site and of individual officers – all

benchmarked against targets and key performance indicators. Customer satisfaction scores can be checked in real-time, issues immediately identified, and remedial action taken where required. The level of detail on the scoresheet can be granular; trends can be determined to compare and contrast performance across an entire client portfolio. This brings a level of visibility, transparency, and openness to the client/supplier relationship that would have been impossible to imagine 20 years ago. Such technology can capture incidents 24/7 – and not only security events. It can also assist with wider facilities issues, like faulty air conditioning or unserviceable lifts. The customer can be given a detailed analysis of everything that is happening in the building. But it goes even further than that. Technology today can be harnessed to identify and even deliver on-site training to individual officers. Scenario-based questions can be set on an ongoing basis to ensure officers are always at the top of their game, and that any gaps in their training or knowledge can be quickly filled, whether it’s about health and safety or customer care. Online platforms, complemented by dedicated training managers and training champions, ensure the right training is provided to the right people at the appropriate time. And new technology does not just deliver advantages for employers or their customers. Employees also benefit. Their own portal enables them to manage their own time, pay, and performance. Bill Gates said the first rule of any technology used in a business is that “automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency”. Technology is indeed a thing of wonder. It is helping to turn good into great. Joe Cox

e v e n t s / p r o m o t i o n s

International field set for Pattaya Marathon


eading African runners will be among a field of up to 10,000 expected to compete in the 22nd Pattaya International Marathon and its associated events, including a half marathon and quarter marathon on July 21. Last year’s marathon was dominated by Kenyan and Ethiopian runners who occupied the first 10 places on the finish line. Kenyan Kiptoo Saina won the 2012 men’s race in a time of 2 hours, 22 minutes, 21 seconds while another Kenyan, Elizabeth Chemweno, won the women’s race and finished 10th overall in a time of 2:42:44. Both were repeat winners having won their respective events in 2011. To avoid the daytime heat, the 26 mile 385 yard marathon and wheelchair race get under way at 4am on Beach Road outside the Central Festival shopping mall. The route will take runners north along Beach Road to the Dolphin roundabout then up Pattaya Nua to Sukhumvit. From there they will head south towards Sattahip, past the Ambassador Hotel as far as the Wat Khao Cheejan turn-off. There they will double back along Sukhumvit to Pattaya via Na Jomtien Soi 2, Jomtien Beach Road, Theppraya

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Road and Khao Pratuamnak to Bali Hai Pier and Walking Street for a sprint to the finish. The half-marathon (13.1 miles) gets under way at 5am and will follow a similar route, but runners will turn for home at Soi Wat Bunkanchana then follow

the marathon route from Jomtien Beach Road. The quarter marathon (6.56 miles) starts at 5.30am and will head up Pattaya Klang to Sukhumvit, turning at Underwater World and returning to the finish on Beach Road by Central Festival via Pattaya Tai. Finally, the student run will get under way over a 3.5km (2.17 miles) fun run course at 5.45am. A feast of football is in store for local fans with the arrival in Thailand of three leading English Premier League teams – Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool.

 The routes for the 22nd Pattaya International marathon (red), half marathon (blue) and quarter marathon (green) which get under way from 4am on July 21.  Manchester United and Chelsea both face a Singha All Stars team at the Rajamangala Stadium in Bangkok. Liverpool also visit later.

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 The message from Liverpool's Pepe Reina is clear – Thailand here we come! Both Manchester United and Chelsea will be here as part of Singha’s 80th birthday celebrations of its Boon Rawd Brewery. Manchester United will be on their first visit to Thailand since 2001 and will play a Singha All Star XI at the 65,000 capacity Rajamangala National Stadium in Bangkok on July 13, kick-off 8pm. It will be the first match in a fivegame Asian tour in which the team will also visit Australia, Japan and Hong Kong. Chelsea play the Singha All Stars four days later on July 17 at the same venue, kick-off 8pm, at the start of the club’s Here to Play, Here to Stay tour of Asia. It will be will the climax of a week-long stay in Bangkok which is a training base for Chelsea’s pre-season preparations. Chelsea will also play matches in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on July 21 and Jakarta, Indonesia on July 25. Tickets for the Singha All Stars game against Manchester United cost between Bt1,000 and Bt4,000 while Chelsea ticket prices are between Bt800 and Bt3,000. Tickets are available from, major Cineplex outlets or by phoning 02262-3456. Liverpool, who claim to have 10 million fans in Thailand, will play a game, likely to be against the Thailand national team, at the Rajamangala National Stadium on July 28. Tickets costing between Bt500 and Bt5,000 are on sale from, major Cineplex outlets or by phoning 02262-3456. Liverpool will complete

the events & promotions section of pattaya living is produced in association with

their pre-season Asian tour with matches in Indonesia and Australia. Pattaya’s local team, the Pattaya Dolphins, have two Thai Premier League matches scheduled in July. The Dolphins have a relegation fight on their hands and will be looking for much needed points when they meet Samut Songkhram at home at Nongprue Stadium on Saturday, July 6, kickoff 8pm, and away at Osotspa on Saturday, July 20, kick-off 6pm. Pan Asia Hash Thousands of purely social runners from about 20 countries are expected to descend on Pattaya this month for the Pan Asia Hash 2013 from July 5-7. Pattaya was awarded the 2013 event following a secret ballot held at the 2011 event in Bandung, Indonesia. Hashing began in Kuala Lumpur in 1938 and is a combination of non-competitive running, orienteering, and partying where bands of harriers and harriettes chase hares on 8-10km trails through town, country, and desert in search of exercise, camaraderie, and good times. The Mayor of Pattaya, Itthiphol Khunplome, will flag off the opening event, The Red Dress Run, at

Family Pub & Restaurant

Barry Upton LIVE!!

Every Saturday 6.30-9.30pm Barry Upton’s unique Family Style Entertainment with music from the 60’s & 70’s Situated on the second floor of The Avenue Shopping Mall on Pattaya’s Second Road, The Acorn offers something for everyone. A complete range of ice cold imported and local beers, lagers and ciders. A secure and fully supervised kids soft play area with sweets and soft drinks at the Little Acorns Bar. Computer games for the teenagers too.

e v e n t s / p r o m o t i o n s

3.30pm on July 5. The ball breaker run, long run, four medium runs and four short runs all take place on July 6 with buses departing regularly between 10am and 2pm from the Pan Asia Hash headquarters at The Royal Twins Palace Hotel, Second Road. For those needing a little resuscitation after the gala dinner and presentation on the Saturday night, there is a hangover run planned for 10am on Sunday, July 7. Among the thousands who have already booked a place on the Pan Asia Hash are runners from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Laos, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Japan, India, Taiwan, South Korea, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark and the USA. The local Pattaya Jungle Hash House Harriers will stage their own monkey hash – a hard and long run for men only – on Saturday, July 20. Held every two months, the event is limited to 35 sign-ups and hares. For more details visit www. The Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya is beginning its search for Ms Hard

 Thousands of hash runners from across the continent will descend on Pattaya for the Pan Asia Hash.

the events & promotions section of pattaya living is produced in association with

 The starting grid for the Thailand Super Series races 1 and 2 at Sepang, Malaysia. Races 3 and 4 will be at Bira, Pattaya on July 12-14.

Rock Pattaya 2013. Registrations for the third annual event closed on June 30. The preliminary selection round will take place at the hotel on Friday, July 5 with the final the following day. Finalists will stay at the Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya that weekend.

 The lineup for the first Ms Hard Rock Pattaya competition in 2011 and the winner Piyada Montmaneerat, who took home prizes worth Bt142,000. This year's contest takes place on July 5 and 6.

Ms Hard Rock Southeast Asia The competition is open to Thai females aged 20 and above who possess self-confidence, talent, good looks and music knowledge. Winners will compete internationally with Ms Hard Rock Bali and Ms Hard Rock Penang, for the title of Ms Hard Rock Southeast Asia in October 2013, to be held at the Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya. The local winners will also represent Hard Rock Hotel and Cafe Pattaya in many of its

initiatives and events throughout the year; for instance, hosting music concerts, festivals, and many community and charity events, as well as taking part as models in paid photo sessions for advertising and billboards. They will in effect, become ambassadors of Hard Rock Pattaya. Last year, the total cash and prizes for the winner of the local competition was worth Bt124,700; for first runner-up Bt97,700 baht; and for second runner-up Bt91,700. One of the most frequently heard songs in Pattaya is Ronan Keating’s 1999 hit When You Say Nothing At All. The former Boyzone frontman will be here to sing it in person when he performs in concert at the Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani, on Wednesday, July 10 at 9pm. Dublin-born Keating has sold more than 55 million records worldwide as a member of legendary pop group Boyzone and as a solo artist. In 2012, he released his first solo album in six years, Fires. His 2013 tour marks his 20th anniversary in the music industry. His hit songs include Fires, I’ve Got

e v e n t s / p r o m o t i o n s

ďƒ? Former Boyzone frontman Ronan Keating is in concert in Bangkok.

You, Nineteen Again, Easy Now My Dear, Love You and Leave You, If Tomorrow Never Comes and Life Is A Rollercoaster. In addition, talented Thai artist Two Popetorn will make a special appearance at 8pm as opening act for the concert. Ticket prices for Ronan Keating Fires Live 2013 are Bt2,500, Bt3,500 and Bt4,500. Tickets are available at all Thaiticketmajor outlets, www. or by calling 0-2262-3838. For more information visit or US Independence Day Americans will celebrate their Independence Day on July 4 and the Holiday Inn Pattaya will mark the occasion with its second wine tasting promotion at the Havana Bar when a variety of wines from California will be available on the day from 6.30-9pm at Bt890 per person. Some of the best Californian wines will be paired with international cheeses and a selection of canapĂŠs created to complement the wines. The promotion is held in partnership with the leading wine expert from Central Wine

the events & promotions section of pattaya living is produced in association with

Cellar. For reservations and more information, call 038-725-555 or email Tequila Reef Cantina on Soi 7 will also celebrate American Independence Day with an allyou-can-eat Independence Day buffet from 4pm at Bt395 per person. On offer will be barbeque ribs and chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, chili, build-your-own burritos, coleslaw, potato salad, barbeque beans, green salad, corn on the cob and apple pie, along with frozen margaritas at Bt100 and local beers at Bt60. Finally, offshore, keel boats will compete for the Ocean Marina El Coyote Cup on July 13 while the catamarans and dinghies of the Royal Varuna Yacht Club compete in the Summer Series part two on July 6-7 and the final on the weekend of July 20-21 Robert Collins

Details of published events are correct at the time of going to press but are subject to change without notice. Readers are advised to check with event organisers.

s p e c i a l

f e a t u r e

The accidental heroes of


ave you ever listened to a song on the radio and thought to yourself, ‘That could have been written about me!’? Well plenty of people have, and in some cases they were right, becoming accidental celebrities in the process. Take 69-year-old Brazilian Helô Pinheiro, for instance. As a 18-year-old Carioca – an inhabitant of Rio de Janeiro – in the 1960s, the five-foot-eight brunette would daily stroll past the popular Veloso bar-café to the sound of wolf whistles. Little did she know at the time that some of the eyes she caught belonged to Vinicius de Moraes, a Portuguese lyricist, and composer Antônio Carlos Jobim. Together they wrote a song about her and, two years later, it was turned into English by Norman Gimbel and recorded by Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz. The Girl From Ipanema became a huge international hit in 1964 and is believed to be the second most recorded song in pop history after The Beatles’ Yesterday. When the composers revealed their inspiration, Helô was astonished. She said: “I told them, ‘I don’t believe you. You are crazy. There are so many beautiful women here.’ But it was me. The song says tall. I am tall. And tanned – I had brown skin from the sun. And young – I was at this time. And I didn’t see them. It was true.” No direct money Although the Grammy Awardwinning song has been covered by everyone from Frank Sinatra (her favourite) to Ella Fitzgerald, from Amy Winehouse to Spike Milligan, Helô has received no direct financial benefit. But it has helped to make her famous. She still loves the song. “It’s eternal,” she said. “Whenever I listen, I remember my past, my younger days. Ipanema in 1962 was a great place. You never saw aggression.

Being in the right place at the right time can be all you need to become famous

Pat Hodgett, inspiration for Polythene Pam, said Beatle George Harrison was the ‘love of her life’.

Everyone wanted to fall in love. It was the spirit of bossa nova – tranquil and romantic. Today, you don’t see composers in the bars and restaurants. There isn’t the same inspiration.” Perhaps the most famous accidental hero of pop is Peggy Sue Gerron, the subject of Buddy Holly’s 1957 mega-hit Peggy Sue and his posthumous 1959 hit Peggy Sue Got Married. Peggy Sue was originally called Cindy Lou after Buddy’s niece, the daughter of his sister, Pat Holley Kaiter. The title was later changed to Peggy Sue in reference to Crickets’ drummer Jerry Allison’s girlfriend and future wife. Peggy Sue Gerron was born in 1940 in Olton, Texas, and grew up in Buddy Holly’s home town of Lubbock. She was a high school senior when Holly’s song climbed to the top of the Billboard charts. They first met at a school gig when Holly accidentally knocked her down in a hallway at school while running, with guitar and amplifier in hand, to get on stage for a music assembly in the school auditorium. “I’m too late to pick you up,” he said, “but you sure are pretty.” Following her divorce from Jerry Allison, Peggy Sue went to Pasadena Junior College in

California and became a dental assistant. She then married again and had two children, a girl and a boy, and has spent the majority of her life caring for her family. Kathy’s Song Paul Simon was always one to wear his heart on his sleeve with the enigmatic ‘Kathy’ turning up in at least four of his songs. She also appeared on the cover of his 1965 album, The Paul Simon Song Book. He wrote Kathy’s Song for Simon and Garfunkel’s 1966 album, Sounds of Silence, and his hit single of the same year, Homeward Bound, written at a UK railway station in Widnes, is widely believed to be about the same girl. Kathy was clearly his travelling companion on a journey that inspired the 1971 song America. He wrote: Kathy I said as we boarded a Greyhound in Pittsburgh. Michigan seems like a dream to me now. And: Kathy, I’m lost, I said, though I knew she was sleeping. I’m empty and aching and I don’t know why. Simon clearly didn’t forget Kathy and in 1981 in a nostalgic song called The Late Great Johnny Ace on his Hearts and Bones album he wrote: It was 1964. I was living in London with the girl from the summer before.

popular music Left: Helô Pinheiro, 69-year-old Brazilian model and business woman, who achieved fame as The Girl From Ipanema. Above and right: Helô as teenager in Rio where she inspired Vinicius de Moraes and Antônio Carlos Jobim to write a song about her. The girl was Kathy Chitty, who he met on 12 April 1964 at the first English folk club he played at the Railway Inn in Brentwood, Essex, where Chitty was working part-time selling tickets. She was 17, he was 22 and they became an item. Later that year they visited the US together, touring around mainly by bus. With growing success, Simon felt the need to return to the US to continue his career in September 1965. The shy Kathy wanted no part of the success and fame that awaited Simon. They split up. It seems, however, the story didn’t end there. Word has it that after 20 years of no contact, Kathy wrote to Simon when he released his 1986 Grammy Award-winning album, Graceland. Simon, it is said, was delighted and wrote back. The pair subsequently met on one of Simon’s UK tours. Unlike Helô Pinheiro and Peggy Sue Gerron, Kathy Chitty made no attempt to cash in on her unexpected fame and today, as a grandmother, lives a quiet life in the Welsh mountains. The Beatles were perhaps the most prolific writers of songs about people they encountered. Paul McCartney wrote She Came in Through the Bathroom Window

for the Beatles’ 1969 album, Abbey Road. A certain Diane Ashley, then a 16-year-old Beatles groupie, insists she was the infiltrator. “We found a ladder in his garden and stuck it up the bathroom window which he’d left slightly open,” she said. “ I was the one who climbed up and got in.” Now married with four children, Diane keeps a framed photo of herself with Paul on her kitchen shelf and looks back on her days as an Apple Scruff groupie with affection: “I don’t regret any of it,” she said. “I had a great time, a really great time.” Polythene Pam Abbey Road also contains John Lennon’s song Polythene Pam. The name came from the nickname of an early Beatles fan from the Cavern Club days, a certain Pat Hodgett (now Dawson), who would often eat polythene. She became known as Polythene Pat, although for rhyming purposes ‘Pat’ was changed to ‘Pam’ in the song. Pat said in an interview: “I used to eat polythene all the time. I’d tie it in knots and then eat it. Sometimes I even used to burn it and then eat it when it got cold.” Strange lady! Robert Collins

Peggy Sue as she is now (above) and (left) at school in Lubbock. Below: Kathy Chitty on the cover of The Paul Simon Song Book.


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Urbanistas use secret weapon in the kitchen


eing a good cook isn’t completely about training and talent; it helps to have the right tools. In decades past, the sign of a serious cook was hulking pieces of stainless steel equipment lining the walls of a kitchen big enough to ride a bicycle in. But changing lifestyles and relentless urbanisation has many of us short on time and floor space. What we really need is a multi-purpose cooking machine that is compact, stylish and easy to clean. We need a secret weapon that combines high technology with artistic design. Just such a machine is now available. The Microwave with Builtin Multifunction Oven from Gorenje’s Ora-Ïto Collection is the Swiss Army knife of kitchen appliances. Three cooking modes The electronic touch digital display guides you through three cooking modes for the microwave and 12 preset cooking programmes for the multi-function oven. Find and use the “Perfect Grill” programme to get the perfect crunchy crust. Or, when



chef meals. This oven will make everyone who uses it better. Such a powerful cooking machine requires attention to safety. Gorenje’s Ora-Ïto microwave multifunction oven is equipped with a specially designed “Ultra-Cool” door, a dynamic cooling system and a child safety lock.

Even an

average cook in possession of such a secret

weapon in the kitchen could

turn out master chef meals. This oven will make everyone

’’ who uses it better.

you are in a hurry, use the “Fast Preheat” programme that can rev your oven up to 200 degrees Celsius in only six minutes. This oven also has some very convenient features like an “Auto Defrost” set by time and weight, and the “Aqua Clean” easy to clean cycle technology. Even an average cook in possession of such a secret weapon in the kitchen could turn out master

Simplicity and complexity The sleek and uncluttered design of this oven is the vision of OraÏto, a famous French designer who took on the challenge of combining simplicity of style with complexity of function. The Gorenje microwave multifunction oven, either in black or white, looks like it can do some serious cooking. With the demands urban life makes on our time and energy, it can be difficult to consistently get a good meal out of the kitchen and onto the table. It is certainly a lot easier if we have the right tools. This multifunction masterpiece is the one to have. Stop by a Häfele showroom or browse the website to learn more about the Gorenje line of appliances.









Reaching for the moon

1. Apollo XI (far right) blasted off from the Kennedy Space Centre on July 16, 1969. What was the name of the rocket that propelled it into space? 2. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first and second humans to walk on the moon. Who was the third member of the Apollo XI mission? 3. What religious ritual did Buzz Aldrin undertake after landing on the moon? 4. What is featured on the official Apollo XI emblem? 5. What new mineral was discovered among the moon samples brought back to Earth and subsequently named in honour of the Apollo XI astronauts? 6. Which US President’s signature is on the plaque left behind by the Apollo XI astronauts? 7. Where did the Apollo XI crew splash down on Earth (right)? 8. Which Apollo XIV astronaut famously played golf on the moon (pictured above left)? 9. The famous Blue Marble photograph of Earth was taken during which Apollo mission?

It’s 44 years this month since man first set foot on the moon ... and 41 years since he last went there. How much do you remember about the halcyon days of the lunar landing programme? All the answers are overleaf.

10. How many men have walked on the moon? 11. Who was commander of the ill-fated Apollo I who died along with two fellow crew members when fire broke out during a launch pad test? 12. How many Apollo missions were there in total? 13. Who was commander of the failed Apollo XIII mission which was aborted after an oxygen tank exploded, crippling the service module? Now test your news knowledge: 14. Chris Hadfield (above centre) marked his May departure from the International Space Station, where he was the commander, with a rendition of which popular song?

15. Which sport is unique to the Cotswold Olympick Games, which took place in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire in May and are said to date from 1612? 16. Why was Leicestershire triathlete Jake Harrison the only one of 5,000 competitors to complete this year’s Marathon of the North? 17. Nestlé has recently launched a new kind of dog food in the USA. What is it? 18. South Korean researchers claim to have made a breakthrough in undercover surveillance with the introduction of remotecontrolled what? 19. Which annual sporting event is the world’s most dangerous, claiming the lives of 240 people since it began in 1907?


q u i z

a n s w e r s

1. The three-stage rocket Saturn V propelled Apollo XI into space. The most powerful rocket ever brought to operational status, Saturn V made 13 launches between 1967 and 1972. 2. Michael Collins stayed behind in the orbiting command module while his colleagues walked on the moon. 3. Aldrin, a Presbyterian, brought a small Communion kit with him on Apollo XI and performed Holy Communion after landing on the moon. Aldrin did not read the biblical verses out loud (and over the radio) because of a lawsuit against NASA by a woman angered over the reading of Bible verses during Apollo VIII. 4. The Apollo XI emblem features a bald eagle with an olive branch in its claws, landing on the moon’s surface. Also visible is Earth in the background. 5. Previously unknown, armalcolite (named for ARMstrong, ALdrin and COLlins) was discovered at Tranquility Base on the moon. Examples of the mineral were also later found on Earth. 6. Though John F Kennedy was the president who issued the challenge to put a man on the moon by 1970, Richard Nixon was in office in July 1969 – and it’s his signature on the plaque.


 Jake Harrison breaks the tape to win the 2013 Marathon of the North. The remaining field of almost 5,000 runners all went the wrong way.  The Blue Marble photograph of Earth, taken five hours after lift-off by the astronauts of Apollo XVII, the final mission.  With straw padding stuffed down their socks to protect them, shin-kickers compete in the Cotswold Olympick Games.  The crew of Apollo I who died in a flash fire during a launch pad test on January 27, 1967. Pictured from the left are Virgil ‘Gus‘ Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee.

7. The Apollo XI crew splashed down safely on July 24, 1969 in the Pacific Ocean about 1,440 nautical miles (2,670 kilometers) east of Wake Island. 8. Alan Shepard fitted an 8-iron head to the handle of a lunar sample collection device and hit three golf balls. They are still there. 9. Apollo XVII astronauts snapped the Blue Marble photograph on December 7, 1972 about five hours after the spacecraft lifted off on its way to the moon. The image is striking because it is one of the few photographs of the fully illuminated Earth. 10. Twelve.

13. Jim Lovell, played by Tom Hanks in the Hollywood movie, was commander of Apollo XIII. 14. Chris Hadfield serenaded Earth with David Bowie’s Space Oddity, which became an instant hit on YouTube. 15. Shin kicking. 16. All the other runners went the wrong way leaving triathlete Harrison as the only one to complete the course. 17. Ice cream – Nestlé in the USA has launched Frosty Paws Bites frozen ice cream snacks for dogs.

11. Virgil ‘Gus’ Grissom was Command Pilot of the ill-fated Apollo I. Senior Pilot Edward H White and Pilot Roger Chaffee also died in the fire.

18. Turtles – South Korean scientists claim they can control the direction a turtle walks by attaching blinders to its shell, enabling it to carry out dangerous spying missions.

12. There were a total of 17 Apollo missions from 1963 to 1972. The planned 18, 19 and 20 missions were all cancelled.

19. The Isle of Man TT race – 240 motorcycle riders have lost their lives in the event’s 106year history.

w i n i n g


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the chow hound Hunting down meals and deals ... The Hound finds that one of his favourite restaurants has branched out into Third Road.

The Palace Lebanese Restaurant

The Palace is not known for bubbly waitresses and jocular atmosphere. The service is efficient, professional and quick

This month the Chow Hound ‘stumbled upon a new, old favourite” if that is possible. While taking a shortcut through Jomtien, The Hound couldn’t believe his eyes or his nose when he saw that The Palace Lebanese Restaurant had opened a shiny new outlet on Third Road a few hundred metres west of the intersection with Thappraya Road. The Palace at Central Festival on Beach Road has been a favourite of The Hound since it opened. And, like the mall restaurant, The Palace on Third Road is an indoor/outdoor affair. The bulk of the seating is outside with family-size tables under a roof and more intimate set-ups under umbrellas in the front. The Hound chose to enjoy the air conditioned dining room and found it comfortable, clean and brand new. Be forewarned now … The Palace is not known for bubbly waitresses and jocular atmosphere. The service is efficient, professional and quick. The food you ordered is the food you get; and you get it served in the proper sequence. The Hound noted that the waitress seemed determined not to interfere with his enjoyment of an excellent meal. When I think of The Palace, my mental picture is that puffy pita-like Arabic bread they serve. It’s perfect for dipping in everything, especially any of the hummus dishes on the appetiser menu. The Hound slathered it with “Hummus Beirut” and gorged himself

on fresh pickles and tomato wedges while waiting on the main course(s). The Hound used his perfectly fried falafels to scrape the last remnants of hummus out of the bowl. Just as he became embarrassed about gobbling down all his appetisers so quickly, the biryani rice and mixed grill arrived. Biryani rice is trickier than it looks and every chef has their own take. The Hound and this particular chef were on the same page as it was “deceptively hearty, delicately seasoned and a little bit sweet”. Big enough for two The mixed grill was flawless. Beef, chicken, and even a little lamb chop perfectly seasoned and grilled with just a squeeze of lemon juice. As he dropped the last naked kebab skewer on the plate, The Hound commented that this dish is big enough to feed two people. Finishing off with a sweet Turkish Coffee, The Hound noted that The Palace is popular with customers of middle-eastern origin; a good sign to be sure. And the atmosphere is very low-key. No obnoxious music, no loud drunk tables (The Hound didn’t even see alcohol on the menu). According to The Hound, “you don’t come to The Palace for a party … you come to eat”. Serious staff … serious portions … seriously good Lebanese food. When it comes to pure eating satisfaction, The Palace is hard to beat.




the nite owl Swooping on the best venues Oldy-Locks and the Three Pool Halls


illiards, like golf, takes only a moment to learn but a lifetime to master. And, just as golf is really about walking around outside, playing pool is really about the atmosphere it is played in. Everybody has a favourite place they like to play pool, and usually a favourite person to play it with. I love to play pool, even though my skills could best be described as “sporadic”. On Sunday night, I felt the need for a serious session of 8-ball. The problem was, I had no idea where I wanted to play. So, I called up my favourite pool-hall partner, Khun Ta, wingwoman for the night. Ta usually beats me pretty badly early in the evening, and then as the alcoholto-body-weight ratio shifts to my advantage, I get my little victories. She would be picking our first venue of the evening. Magic trifecta My wing-woman and I are of the same train of thought when it comes to playing pool. We believe in the “magic trifecta”; tables, music and temperature. A place worthy of my pool-hall payola must have great tables and cues. Secondly, it must have good music. (not “tolerable”, but “good”) and it must have adequate air conditioning. Tables … music … coolness; that’s really all you need. The first stop is a relatively new place in the most tourist infested part of town. (I’m not going to give the name because I can’t say much good about it). It’s a giant wide open space with a lot of really nice tables. The staff is engaged enough, even kind of fun. The main problem is the sound; and I don’t mean the awful


pop and rap music they play. The ceiling is so high and the space so wide open, nothing dampens the sound. It’s like hanging out in a big warehouse. You hear every sound in the room all at once at high volume. The clientele were an interesting mix, but mostly tourists and even some kids running around. This place was one big distraction. We didn’t even rent a table and moved on. Second choice was an old favourite just around the corner. I know them to have nice tables and decent music. The tables were great and the cues in good working order. The lighting was good. The music is acceptable, but if you stay longer than 30 minutes, you’ll hear it repeat. I would have asked the staff to play some different music, but I didn’t want to startle them out of their sleep. Four young Thai ladies, lounging around like lizards in the sweltering heat. I counted nine air conditioners and only two were turned on. We were forcing ourselves to stay, so we wrote that hour off and moved on. Ta had seen a Facebook post about a new place just off Pattaya Klang near the intersection with 3rd Road called “Legends”. “It’s a sport bra” she said. “I think you mean sports bar”, I corrected. “Yes … sport bra”. Legends is tucked away down Soi 5 of Pattaya Klang. There is a ton of motorbike parking and a bigger space for plenty of cars behind the building. From the moment we walked in, I could tell this was the pool hall we’d been searching for. There are two large seating areas just inside the entrance that are perfect for watching one of

‘‘ The clientele were an interesting mix, but mostly tourists and even some kids running around.


the five 51” flatscreen TVs showing everything from cricket to Formula 1 racing. What we noticed right away was the massive stainless steel circular bar with a larger-than-life 10 Ball floating above it. We rounded the bar to witness the splendor of 11 brand new 9’ Brunswick professional tables. Like giant sapphires they glowed, perfectly illuminated. Down the middle of the playing room are three full-size tournament tables. One is set up with an overhead camera. Immediately we saw that this place is set up for televised competitions. Grouped seating All the way at the other end of this aircraft hangar of a building are four gorgeous regulation tournament dart boards. More seating is grouped here for spectators and competitors. They, too, appear to be set up for televised tournaments. At the bar I took notice of the adjustable height stools, black granite bar top and bad-ass cappuccino machine idling to one side. Quite a bit of attention and money has gone into this dream of a sports bar. From my vantage point I could count 17 giant flatscreens and I could see what was playing on all of them. Small private lounges are strategically located with living room style seating and TVs. The décor features pictures of sports legends of several generations. In the billiards area they have some cool old pictures of pool hall legends. The floor is a very unique pattern of colourful tiles. Upon closer inspection I was surprised to find the flooring is actually rubber. If a ball jumps off the table, it

doesn’t even make a sound when it hits the rubber tiles. My wing-woman noticed there are restrooms both near the entrance and all the way in the rear of the building. It is obvious the designer understands the importance of directing customer traffic. There is no need for anyone to walk through anyone else’s game to get a drink or use the restroom. Exhaust fans The all-important air conditioning requirement is certainly not an issue at Legends. Large vents catch players in a cross-breeze. Smoking is permitted, but strategically located exhaust fans keep the whole place well circulated and fresh. The music plays very much in the background and is quite unobtrusive. I suspect the owner is playing an internet radio station or some kind of pay-for-playlist arrangement. The night we were there the programme was an eclectic mix of reggae, Motown soul and some old English pop; very listenable. We spoke briefly with Andy the owner of Legends. His vision was to create a tucked-away oasis for local expatriates to hide from the hustle and bustle of Pattaya. Andy

is an old Asia hand originally from London. It was clear that he set out to create something more at Legends than just a pool hall. “We want a community meeting place” Andy said. “The place you start or end your night. ” Andy went on to say he took a “build it and they will come” approach. In major cities like Bangkok, professional pool and dart tournaments are extremely popular with televised world tours occurring frequently. Pool and dart leagues have sprung up for players of all levels. With all the expats, seasonal visitors and retirees in Pattaya, it seemed like a natural fit. “They just needed a place to play,” confides Andy. Well, Pattaya certainly has a place to play now. And Andy stirs up the interest with special weekly events. Tuesday night is Ladies Pool night, a 9-ball handicap competition. For a small Bt300 entry fee, ladies can earn a share of the prize stash guaranteed to be more than Bt12,000!On the 29th of June a big dart tournament is scheduled with players signing up almost hourly. In fact, every night of the week seems to have some kind of prize-winning competition going on. Ta beckoned me to one of

‘‘ The all-

important air


requirement is certainly not an issue at Legends. Large vents catch players in a crossbreeze.

the tables; lightly stroking the electric blue playing surface like it was fine cashmere. She then proceeded to demonstrate how much a table like this can make a person play better. While perusing the nice little food menu offered by Legends, I did not notice “humility” listed, but I certainly got served a big platter of it. I didn’t mind losing; she was having such a good time. Lounge area After I endured humiliating defeat in both 8-ball and 9-ball, we retired to one of the lounge areas for a really great cappuccino and a quiet game of backgammon. My plans to get revenge went awry when the dice got hot and my wing-woman took me to school again. I was eying up the chess board, but thought I’d better quit while I still had a shred of dignity. The night had started out kind of shaky. The first pool hall was too loud. The second was too hot. But our third stop at Legends was just right. In all we were in Legends for four hours. I do not recall winning a single game of anything … and I still had a good time. That says it all somehow. Nite Owl Out!

i n s i d e r

r e p o r t

Chic or Cheap?

Whenever you see a company advertising their products as “works of art”, snob appeal is hard at work. Catch phrases like “teams of designers” employing “third generation craftsmen” to fulfill “age old tradition” generally add up to you paying too much for some luxury, or pseudo-luxury items. Snob appeal sells watches, cars, handbags, and most certainly furniture. I’m not going to deny it; I am a furniture snob. After quite a few years of buying, renovating and building living spaces I cannot help but evaluate the quality and design of any furnishings I encounter throughout the day. It doesn’t matter if I’m in a five-star hotel or my friend’s house … I can tell you the grade of leather I’m sitting on and how much you paid for that lamp. It’s a curse really. Knowledge is the mother of snobbery. In years past, I felt that since I knew better I was obligated to only buy the best. I’ve overfurnished places from Phuket to Bangkok. I soon learned that such an indulgence eats away at any


profit one may intend to make on a particular property as you never get the money out of that expensive furniture. The old “but the furniture cost $$$$” is rarely an effective argument during price negotiations. Then I graduated to a “value” phase which I’m still partially into. Oh, I was still buying the best stuff, but I was bargaining better, catching items on sale and learned about furniture “seasons” to time purchases. Final phase Recently I’ve entered what I hope is the final phase; profitable furniture. I already know the furniture included in a condo or house sale isn’t going to directly make me one satang. So, how can I make the furniture I purchase (either for a renter or prospective buyer) work for me? A couple years ago, I slowed down the rate at which I was “flipping” properties and settled into being a landlord. Attracting, obtaining and keeping good tenants takes precedence over

Bridging the furniture gap

‘‘ How can I make the

furniture I purchase

(either for

a renter of prospective

’’ buyer) work for me?

my fetish for fancy furniture. Now I want to buy the best furniture available on a pretty stubborn budget. No more custom-made beds. No more ordering leather sofas. Most individuals and property agents advertise a sale or rental opportunity via the internet or various real estate publications. Both mediums use pictures. Sometimes you only get one pictures, so you have to make it count. Let’s face it … nobody clicks on a picture of ugly furniture. Bright colours and dramatic contrasts are what attract humans to a picture. Balance and harmony are what draw us to it as a possible living space. You only have a few seconds of a prospect’s attention to make them imagine living in your place. Have this fact in mind when you are out buying furniture for a rental unit. Once you have attracted a home-seeker, the next step is to catch them. Most people respond to places that are a notch or two above where they live. Nobody wants to move down. Well thought

out design and décor give spaces a “richer” feel. Mis-matched and unco-ordinated décor will lower a home’s perceived value. Designer or DIY? Fortunately, I’ve had some training in design and décor and can furnish my places in a relatively competent manner. The alternative is to hire a designer or interior decorator. The issue is, every dime spent decorating a place cuts into profit from sale or rental. Be honest with yourself. If you feel confident about co-ordinating the décor of your property, by all means take the bull by the horns. Here are some tips on getting good stuff for a good price locally. My first furniture buying move is always to hunt the white elephant. A “white elephant” is an item of furniture that has, for one reason or another, not sold. Even expensive high quality furniture stores have orphans. When faced with decorating two condos, I paid a visit to one of our higher end furniture stores. I asked which sofas had sat the

longest on the showroom floor. Eventually the sales conversation wound up with me in a storage warehouse looking at two high quality leather sofas. One was as long as an aircraft carrier and the other a shocking electric blue colour. Both were high quality real leather. Both were from a quality manufacturer. Both had originally been retail priced at more than Bt150,000 each. Both had sat in the showroom two years and in this warehouse for one year. I bought them both for Bt100,000 and built the rest of the decor around them. There is no substitute for quality. Picking up truly quality furniture at a discount is always the preferred method of this designer. This “white elephant” concept can be applied to just about any furniture or décor item; especially lamps and light fixtures. A different approach to the same concept is auctions. Any metropolitan area with a transient community will always spawn public storage units and auctions. Humans are pack rats by nature

‘‘ There is no substitute

for quality. Picking up

truly quality furniture at

a discount is always the preferred method of this designer

and the auctioneer provides a cost-effective outlet for unwanted items. In Pattaya, Collingbourne Auctions offers this service in a reliable and straightforward fashion. Every Saturday morning, all manner of items are up for the highest bidder. I’ve seen some really nice décor items like statues and sculptures. Last year I picked up a couple of small oriental rugs for Bt500 each. Website preview Full sets of unused furniture become available quite often. You can preview items coming up on their website on Thursday before the Saturday the auction takes place. This is a very effective way to spend less and get quality; and it’s kind of fun. In my not-so-humble opinion, the most important purchase a landlord can make is mattresses. A high quality sleeping surface is the key to keeping tenants. A person spends at least one third of their life in bed; give them a nice one. I’ve had renters move out, then call

i n s i d e r

r e p o r t

‘‘ ’’

and try to buy the mattress from their old bed. Fortunately, we don’t have to go to some high-end shop to find good beds here. Big home stores like HomePro and HomeWorks carry several good brands as do Index and SB furniture. What’s more, beds are an item that seems to always be having some kind of sale or promotion. My favourite brand is Dunlopillo. They are made with natural latex so they are hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and last forever. Here in Pattaya, we have several large furniture shops


I’m a big believer

in buying

furniture in

whole suites

with budget-conscious buyers in mind. A new store called Fur-9 on Sukhumvit Road in South Pattaya offers a refreshing and new approach with a giant store packed full of inexpensive furniture. The specialty of Fur-9 is reflected in their sea of dining sets. They also stock all kinds of chairs for any occasion. Two things that really caught my eye were the little inexpensive end tables and some well-designed but inexpensive sleeper-sofas. Fur-9 is a good place to get ideas in the beginning and to fill in at the end of the decorating process. Don’t rule out the Thai teak and other wood furniture you see sold in odd places like outdoor shopping villages. Consider individual pieces and not entire suites to give the place an eclectic look. What’s more, haggling is allowed and even encouraged in places like this. If, however, you are not confident in your design and décor abilities, fear not. You don’t have to hire a designer. I’m a big believer in buying furniture in whole suites. Larger suppliers like Index and SB furniture usually have options in many different price ranges. You get a decent grade of furniture and a “bundle” price. Most importantly, it is easy to delineate your costs. Buying ready-made suites can also cure any limitations a person

might have with design and décor. Not everyone is good at it. When you see a suite in the showroom at Index, some real designer has spent quite a few hours to get it right. When in doubt, go with the experts. At the very least, your rooms will look individually coordinated. In Bangkok, I bought the same bedroom suite for three different condos. It had clean lines and a casual Zen-like appeal. It was extremely functional and photographed beautifully. It cost me about Bt20,000 per suite. This allowed me to spend the proper amount on that all-important mattress. About budgets I hate budget constraints, doesn’t everyone? For me, the best way to make the most of my budget is to be realistic and not to cross over into being “cheap”. Decide how much you can spend on a property and still achieve your investment return goals. Then spend it all. If you get a great deal on a sofa, spend the savings on better curtains. For sure I’d rather have bottomless pockets and overfurnish every place I own. But, economic reality dictates that I fly under control. It is much more challenging, and as with most things in life, much more rewarding. Bart Walters

Coffee break

This month in history July 14, 1789 : The fall of the Bastille occurred at the beginning of the French Revolution. July 1, 1863: The Union and Confederate armies meet in a decisive battle at Gettysburg. July 17, 1918: Czar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, and their five children were murdered by Bolsheviks. July 22, 1934: Bank robber John Dillinger was shot and killed by FBI agents as he left a Chicago theatre. July 16, 1969: Neil Armstrong walks on the Moon.

A N A ____N ______ _______N ___ _____ _ _________ N _ ____ A N ____ ___ ___ _____ _____ ______ 11


21 13




10 25








CRYPTOGRAM Answers to all the puzzles appear overleaf




21 16 11 21 21 13

13 21




addition and subtraction.


× ×

÷ ×


-54 +



21 22


21 22 21 7

Six of the best

Harrogate – happiest place.




26 12


Decode this Mae West quote by deciphering the missing letters. We’ve given you two to start.

NUMBER CRUNCHER Fill in the missing numbers using 1-9 to complete the equation. Each number is used once. Multiplication and division are performed

25 22 21

16 11

-7 ×

× 19

21 43

Two-minute trivia

1. What is a two-humped camel called?

2. Who, in 1969, replaced Brian Jones in the Rolling Stones? 3. The last ever French attack on England took place on July 26, 1690 at which Devon town? 4. Drained in 1843, which London water course was refilled by a tidal wave on the Thames in 1928?

Britain’s happiest places to live, according to property website Rightmove: 1. Harrogate, North Yorkshire (population 72,000) 2. Stockport, Greater Manchester (136,000) 3. Ipswich, Suffolk (133,000) 4. Exeter, Devon (120,000) 5. St Albans, Hertfordshire (140,000) 6. Kingston upon Thames, Greater London (147,000)




24 21 13 21

21 14

19 21 18



25 26 26 15




1 9 3 6 4 2 4 8 6 2 9 8 3 5 1 4 7 8 9 7 2 4 1 5 7

6 5 7 2 3

A G I G V Y N M B Q F D E P W R Q D I H C R O T R E S E D S G A P F U P E L K R A T U R G H E I E Y R B I N I J I N S K Y E R N B R I G A D I E R G E R A R D B R A S B K I E G U D L U L G K O X W S Z E B M H K B W Y N A S W A N N W W S Q I T W Y C L R H Q M A I K T L T F L Y R T N S C U E I T X H P E M R L N O H X M E U S F R B E U E A K E N T A M S Y R P L R R D D T T X N E S X T E E X L F R D P L E E P N B J A J P L W U F N U S P A Q K I C B G I R M C R O Q X O N C P K U D M Z Y P J H Q B M V R J S T E M Find the names of these 12 famous racehorses:

5. Which actor did Natalie Wood marry twice? Arkle

Benny the Dip

Best Mate

Brigadier Gerard

6. Which country is scheduled to host a Formula 1 Grand Prix for the first time in 2014?

Desert Orchid Dubai Millennium Mill Reef Nijinsky

7. How many US Presidents have been assassinated?

Persian War Rainbow Quest Red Rum Shergar

Coffee break answers

A Q 1 A bactrian; 2 Mick Taylor; 3 Teignmouth; 4 The P Tower of London moat; 5 Robert Wagner; 6 Russia; E 7 Four - Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy. B NUMBER CRUNCHER AND SUDOKU R X 5 8 7 1 4 2 9 3 6 2 8 × 7 -54 A 1 9 3 6 5 7 4 2 8 + × + M 2 4 6 3 8 9 7 1 5 6 ÷ 3 9 -7 4 6 2 9 1 5 3 8 7 E 8 7 9 4 6 3 1 5 2 U ‘When caught × × 3 5 1 7 2 8 6 4 9 between two Y 1 + 5 × 4 21 6 2 4 5 7 1 8 9 3 evils I generally E 7 3 8 2 9 4 5 6 1 pick the one 8 43 19 J 9 1 5 8 3 6 2 7 4 I have never G Multiply and divide before adding or subtracting. The first tried before.’ row across is therefore 8 x 7 = 56, 2 - 56 = -54. – Mae West M two-minute trivia

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Ali Baba: Good quality Indian restaurant with a fine selection of authentic dishes. 1/13-14, Pattaya Central Road close to the beach. Tel: 038 361 620 Alt Heidelberg: German sausages and imported sauerkraut dominate the menu, good location. 273 M10, Pattaya Beach Road, South Pattaya. Tel: 038 421 258 Bruno’s: Renowned for serving classy reasonably expensive French cuisine, more than 150 wines available. A place to impress. 306/63 Chateau Dale Plaza, Thappraya Road, Pattaya. Tel: 038 364 600-1, Mobile: 081 861 5612, Fax: 038 364 602, email:

Pig and Whistle: British pub grub in ample portions served by welltrained staff. 217/34 Moo 10, Pattaya City. Tel: 038 361 315, Fax: 038 361 272, email: info@ Queen Victoria Inn: traditional English pub with excellent menu and a good selection of imported beers on tap. 437/137-8 Soi Yodsak (Soi 6), Pattaya.038 425 418, 362 523, Mobile: 086 060 6210, Fax: 038 424 941, email: mail@ Rice Mill: Cantonese restaurant offers dim sun and all-you-caneat buffet on weekends. Royal Garden Plaza, 218 Beach Road, Pattaya. Tel: 038 421 120

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Jameson’s: Irish pub with strong food offering. Popular with locals and tourists alike. Good place to unwind. 80/164 Moo 9, Soi Sukrudee (Soi AR) right next to Nova Park. Tel: 038 361 873-4 Fax: 038 361 873, email: Metro: an air-conditioned sports bar boasting free pool tables and numerous screens on which to watch top sports events. Soi LK Metro, 33/85-36, Moo 10 close to Soi Buakhow. Tel: 038 425 874, email: Punch & Judy: this is a Londonstyle pub with good food and competitive prices. Frequent promotions. Almost opposite the Caddy Shack in Soi 17. Tel: 038 413255

Shamrock: fun and lively British-run ‘family’ bar, an oasis of sanity among the bars of Pattayaland, South Pattaya. Tel: 038 425 417 email: Witherspoons: A typical Britishstyle pub with inexpensive meals available while you watch the football on one of its numerous screens. Rooms also available. Soi Buakhow near Soi Diana Inn. Tel: 038 721 121

Cherrys: You get a lot for your money here. European and Thai food. Be careful not to fill up on the salad bar which is free when ordering a main course. Their buffet nights get crowded. In Third Road opposite the former X-Zyte Disco. Tel: 086 3145819 Ciao: Decent pizza and pasta in this established Italian restaurant in town centre. 4 Pattaya Klang Road. 038 710 614 Hard Rock Café: International restaurant cum bar with large cocktail menu and mainly American influenced cuisine. DJs spin discs and house band performs cover versions. 429 Moo 9, Pattaya Beach Road. Tel: 038 428 755, Fax: 038 421 673. Open: Mon-Sun 11.00 to 02.00 JJ Pizza Bar: authentic pizza cooked in wood fire ovens, reasonably priced. 325/85 M.10, Soi Pattaya-land 2, Pattaya Beach Road. 038 424 128 Lobster Pot: huge restaurant serving all seafood, specialising in lobster and tiger prawns. Walking Street opposite Pattaya Soi 14, South Pattaya. Tel: 038 426 083 PIC Kitchen: classy Thai food in a traditional atmosphere. Soi 5, Pattaya 2 Road. Tel: 038 428 374, 428 387, Fax: 038 422 773, email:

Royal Cliff Beach Hotel: huge complex containing 10 restaurants, including the delicious Maharani Indian restaurant. 353 Pratumnak Road. Tel: 038 250 421, Fax: 038 250 511, 250 513, email: info@ Shenanigans: bars and restaurants serving traditional Irish pub-style fayre and drinks with daily food specials. Two venues. First is up one level at The Avenue Pattaya. Tel: 038 723 939-40, Fax: 038 723 941, email: Second is in Jomtien Complex which also has daily promotions such as “Toss the Boss”. Tel: 038 303 490. The Sportsman: traditional pub fayre with Thai food. Top Sunday carvery, extensive wine list and many imported beers. Soi 13, Beach Road. Tel: 038 710 609 Sugar Hut Restaurant: in hotel of the same name, expensive, but worth it. Thai cuisine. 391/18 Moo 10, Thappraya Road. Tel: 038 364 186,251 686, Fax: 038 251 689, email:, opening: 07.00-24.00 Tips Restaurant: more than 12 set breakfasts served in this popular, yet inexpensive, restaurant. 22 Pattaya Beach Road, South Pattaya. Tel: 038 423 418. Open Hours: 07.00-24.00

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g o l f

d e s t i n a t i o n s

Many local bars organise golf days, often at better prices than casual golfers can negotiate with the course direct. If you plan to play regularly, consider membership of the Pattaya Sports Club as production of its membership card can help secure worthwhile discounts. The one-off registration fee is Bt400 plus Bt500 a year membership thereafter. Most golfers find they can save these sums within just a few rounds. Bangpra International: is one of several five-star courses in the area. This is an 18-hole, par 72 course with plenty of water on the front nine. Clubhouse has been renovated in style – even the toilets are automated! Tel: 038 341 149-50

designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. The course with a five-star clubhouse is set in an old coconut plantation and is popular with families due to its pools and sports club adjacent. Tel: 038 630 410-6 The Emerald: Close to Bang Chang, Emerald is another course where Nick Faldo has left his mark. He designed this in conjunction with the late Desmond Muirhead. Many holes test accuracy, not length, of drive. Tel: 038 941 111

Whatever standard you play to you will find a course to suit within an hour’s drive. Here are just some of them.

Great Lake: is a 36-hole, par 72, Nick Faldo design to the east of Pattaya. The 120 bunkers, water hazards and lovely setting make this a challenging course at moderate prices. Tel: 038 622 630

is popular with expat golfers. This 18-hole course gives value for money. Tel: 038 423 718-9 Phoenix: offers a five-star clubhouse and a four-star, 27hole, par 72 course which is found between Pattaya and Sattahip off the Sukhumvit. The three nines are called Ocean, Lake and Mountain. Tel: 038 239 391-5, 239 400 Rayong Green Valley: this is a Wolveridge and Thompson course of 18 holes, classed as five-star for both the course and clubhouse (which it shares with St Andrews). Suits all handicaps, but beware the water. Tel: 038 603 000-5

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Burapha Golf Club: is a fourstar, 36-hole, par 72 course. The Eastern course suits up-andcoming golfers, while the Western challenges the more experienced. Reserving a tee-off time is advised. Tel: 038 372 700-1

Greenwood (formerly Noble Place): is well designed 27-hole, par 72 course. A well-kept course with few water hazards allows good scoring for high handicappers. Tel: 081 484 9066, 081 484 9069

Century Chonburi: Designed by Nick Faldo, this is an inexpensive 18-hole, par 72 course, often not too busy during the week. Clubhouse has little to commend it, but this is reflected in low green fees. Tel: 081 304 1545

Laem Chebang International: in terms of course, facilities and expense this Jack Nicklaus-designed, 27-hole, par 72 course is one of the top ones. Set in spectacular surroundings on mountain, valley and lake nines. Carts are compulsory. Tel: 038 372 273

Crystal Bay: Many palms has led to Hawaiian comparisons. Testing par 3s are a feature. Water adds to the look of the course, not just as a hazard. Virtually no rough. Good chance to play to your handicap or better. Tel: 038 349 370-80

Pattana Golf and Sports Resort: Three nines – one of which features a par 6; another starts with an intimidating drive between two stretches of water. The course is a par 72 set in more than 1,200 rai. Tel: 038 318 999

Eastern Star: near Bang Chang is an 18-hole, par 72 four-star course

Pattaya Country Club: located 25 kms outside Pattaya on Route 36

Royal Thai Navy (Plutaluang): reasonable green fees ensure this 36-hole, par 72 venue is well used but is rarely too busy. Feature holes include The Lighthouse par 3 surrounded by water. Tel & Fax: 038 246 056-7 Siam Country Club, Old Course: is a three-star, 18-hole course, a four-star clubhouse and a five star price. Gentle hills with large trees give it the feeling of Western golf courses. Tel: 038 909 700

Siam Country Club, Plantation Course: 27-hole course opened in 2008 and is already regarded as one of the most difficult. Three holes share the same green – a first in Asia. Carts are compulsory. Clubhouse is a delight. Tel: 038 909 600 St Andrews 2000: is considered one of the best in the area. This course is a serious challenge. Carts are compulsory. Boasts two par 6 holes. Tel: 038 030 660-2

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Dr Iain Corness (right) is a medical doctor who has worked in the UK, Europe and Australia, before coming to Thailand in 1997 to become a consultant at the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya (email: He has been writing for newspapers and magazines since 1967 and is currently a special correspondent for the Pattaya Mail, technical editor for Asean Autobiz, and contributor to many coffee table magazines in Thailand.


Should you have a ‘full’ check-up? In one morning I had three people say they wanted “everything” checked. I think they would all probably have fainted if I told them that sitting on my desk is the “Manual of Use and Interpretation of Pathology Tests” which is almost 400 pages and there are about five tests per page. Imagine the bill for all that lot! But I doubt if many of you need Basement Membrane Antibodies to be done if you haven’t got bullous skin lesions. So, no, it is not possible to test for “everything”. There is also interest in a “whole body scan” which is thought of as some magical device you can walk into in one end and out the other and a printout will tell you (and us) exactly how you are inside and out. Every organ! Even Willy the Wonder Wand! Unfortunately, this is stretching the truth somewhat. Machines like that are only seen in Star Trek movies and the like. However, there is the PET scan, which stands for Positron emission tomography and


radioactive energy is detected by the

device called a gamma camera,

’’ a PET


is a type of nuclear medicine imaging. These procedures are non-invasive and help physicians diagnose medical conditions. To be able to produce the images in a PET scan, you have to have radioactive materials, called a radiopharmaceutical or radiotracer injected into your vein. The radioactive material has a very short life and is usable for only about two hours, though it will take a day before you have excreted it all. Radiotracer The radioactive energy is detected by the device called a gamma camera, a PET scanner. These radiology devices work together with a computer to measure the amount of radiotracer absorbed by your body and to produce special pictures offering details on both the structure and function of organs and other internal body parts. The PET scanner is most usually used in cancer medicine and can demonstrate a ‘hot spot’ to show up

the primary cancer, stage a cancer, show any metastases (spread), and even show whether cancer treatment modalities are working. For many diseases, nuclear medicine scans yield the most useful information needed to make a diagnosis or to determine appropriate treatment, if any, and nuclear medicine is much less traumatic than exploratory surgery. By identifying changes in the body at the cellular level, PET imaging may detect the early onset of disease before it is evident on other imaging tests such as CT or MRI. The risks are very low. Because the doses of radiotracer administered are small, diagnostic nuclear medicine procedures result in minimal radiation exposure. Nuclear medicine has been used for more than five decades, and there are no known long-term adverse effects from such low-dose exposure. Allergic reactions to tracers may occur but are extremely rare. Injection of the radiotracer may cause slight pain and redness which should rapidly resolve. Women should always inform their physician or radiology technologist if there is any possibility that they are pregnant or if they are breastfeeding their baby. So can you get this kind of scan here? Yes, at Wattanosoth Hospital in Bangkok, and it costs around Bt90,000. However, if you purchase a Chivawattana personal health card (available at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya) it has a discount for the PET scan (as well as many other benefits). Well worthwhile looking into if a PET is on the agenda.


m o t o r i n g

n e w s

Eleanor – gone in 60 seconds A 1967 Ford Mustang used in the 2000 film Gone in 60 Seconds has sold for a staggering US$1m. This Mustang was one with a movie history, being the famous ‘Eleanor’ Mustang driven by actor Nicolas Cage in the movie’s closing stages. As is common with shooting movies, several models looking the same were commissioned. Eleven of the fictional Eleanor Mustangs were created for the movie, although only three of these were working cars, and two of those were destroyed during filming. This one was Cage’s primary ‘beauty’ car, used mostly for close ups as well as promotional efforts. The car was sold during the Dana Mecum 26th Original Spring Classic Auction in Indianapolis. No details about the auction’s winner were announced, though the price paid is not at all unexpected given the car’s fame as well as its pedigree. Though not an original Shelby,


‘‘ Other


include a fourspeed manual transmission, lowered


with coil-overs, 17-inch wheels shod with Goodyear F1 tyres and a faux nitrous kit.

the Eleanor Mustang was based on a 1967 Ford Mustang fastback and was built by Cinema Vehicle Services with the help of legendary coachbuilder Chip Foose. Key features of the car are its centralmounted driving lights, pumped fender flares, and unique hood and trunk. Power comes from a 351 Ford V-8 crate engine, rated at 400 horsepower. Other specifications include a four-speed manual transmission, lowered suspension with coilovers, 17-inch wheels shod with Goodyear F1 tyres and a faux nitrous kit. Included in the sale was certification of the vehicle’s authenticity from the company responsible for building it as well as a special plaque that includes the VIN (vehicle identification number). Interestingly, this is the second time in five years that this particular Eleanor Mustang has come up for sale.

More on cars and movies I watched the Fast and Furious movie a few weeks ago, where apparently they had eight Mk1 Ford Escorts which were used in the filming. Harmless escapism is how I would describe the movie, but the ending was simply ludicrous, as they fought in the hold of a Russian Antonov, while the plane was taxiing. The fight scene lasted for a good five minutes at least, so the runway must have been several miles long. Sorry, but not credible! By the way, the next race meeting at Bira for my category of cars is July 27 and 28. The entries will bring the nostalgia back to the years before 1985 with such desirables as BMW 2002, Alfa Romeo 1600 GT, Toyota DX Corolla, BMW E30 series, many with uprated engines, and, of course, our little Mk1 Ford Escort, celebrating its 40th birthday this year! Come along and say “Hello”. Dr Iain Corness

cheer on your favourite sports in comfort – JUly 2013

Rugby Union – Wallabies V Lions 3rd and Final Test • 6 July • 5pm

Tennis – Wimbledon Finals • Saturday/Sunday 6-7 July • 8pm

The Lion Pub is an established Sports Bar in Pattaya where sports fans get together to watch live games on 8 big-screen TVs. Our state-of-the-art satellite system ensures you can watch any sport from around the world. We have ice cold beer and a complete range of spirits.

Golf – The (British) Open at Muirfield • 18-21 July • Times vary

Our kitchen serves a large selection of your favourite bar snacks and Thai food, all served in a relaxed, fun and air-conditioned bar environment by our friendly hostesses. 380/81-84 Moo 10, Soi 17, Suksabai Villa, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi 20260

Cricket – England V Australia First Test • Wednesday 10 July • 5pm

T: 038 301 030-3 E: W: Bar and kitchen open 10am until late

Cycling – final stage Tour de France • Tuesday 23 July • Check times

check out our 18-room guesthouse above the bar

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081 5700 110 Call now for the best prices

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Pattaya Living - July 2013  

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