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Subject: Your enquiry for supply of replace Cutting Chain Assembly for Plasser RM-76 / 74 machines.

QUOTATION Dear Sir, Please find our lowest offer for your consideration. Description Cutting Chain 62.08.2006 REM 76/74 machine.

Quantity Pt no. assembly required to replace on RM

Scrapper Shovel. Pt.No.05.OM.001.001-51 Intermediate Link Pt.No.04.OM.001.002-51 Chain Bolt. Pt.No.04.OM.001.003-51 Screw {Spl head bolt} Spring washer. Scrapper Finger Pt.No. 01.OM.001.005 Hex Nut Spring Washer Lock safety pin. Pt.No. 01.OM.001.006 Scrapper Finger WC Pt.No.01.OM.001.404.00


01 sets Euro -----/-each complete set. EXW Varna (no VAT) 80 Nos 80 Nos 160 Nos 160 Nos 160 Nos 160 Nos 1 Set 1 Set 240 Nos 80 Nos

All the Showels and Links are `Ultrasonically tested` as per laid down guidelines to ensure trouble free working of material. Although we follow the following mentioned specification and grade of steel, however we are willing to improve / revise our material composition as per your requirements. Weight: The total weight of the complete chain assembly consisting of 80 No Showels and 80 no Links along with all its accessories would be 2600 Kg. Packaging: Since the material is bulky in weight we dispatch the material in open condition to EC Railways. However we can pack the material as per your requirements. Delivery:

1-2 weeks from date of confirmed order.

Guarantee conditions: 1 /one/ calendar year The performance of material is dependent on various conditions such as ballast, track, machine, etc, all of which are beyond our control. We shall give free replacement for showel and links incase any manufacturing / defect is found during the warranty period. Validity period of offer: 1 / one/ month Undersigned will be pleased to provide any other information requested. Assuring you of our best services For REMTECHSTROY GROUP. Yours faithfully, REMTECHSTROY GROUP

REM RM 74-U Chains  

Cutting Chain assembly REM62.08.2006 for RM 76/74 machine.

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