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Rewarding referrals

Pros talk deck coatings The realities of #DeleteFacebook May 2018 | inPAINT


For the good kind of callbacks. Choose your paint like your reputation depends on it. Because it does. Only Sherwin-Williams can help you grow your business by delivering the quality and long-lasting great looks your customers demand. sherwin-williams.com

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May 2018 | inPAINT



“ If you’re not learning, you’re not reaching your potential.” —Jim Rohn, entrepreneur and author


arlier this year, I sat in on a roundtable discussion at the PDCA Expo on the subject of referrals. While there were lots of ideas on where and how to get them, one topic that seemed to stump the participants was “how do you reward referrals?” So I was very happy when reader Jim Colombo of STL Home Paint Specialist raised his hand to share what works for him in this month’s Ask a Pro column. The subject of referrals makes another appearance in this issue in Aaron Hockel’s article, #DeleteFacebook & 2018 Facebook Lead Generation, where he focuses on generating referrals— essentially the other end of the spectrum from the reward stage. These ‘opposite-end’ discussions served as a good reminder that nothing the pro does exists in a vacuum. You can be a star at choosing the right products but if you don’t know how to apply them correctly, well, there’s no point in applying them at all. While we can’t cover both ends of every topic in every issue, in many cases, we do cover a subject from many angles in the course of a year. Back issues of inPAINT, as well as an article index for previous issues, can all be found at inPAINT.com. If you’re looking to dive deeper into a topic, check it out; we just might have covered it. And if not, reach out and let us know what you’re looking to learn. Cheers!

Amanda Haar Amanda Haar Managing Editor, inPAINT

2018 EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD Ciro Affronti Operations Manager/Field Supervisor, Affronti Property Solutions, LLC

Cliff Hockley President, Principal Broker CCIM, CPM, Bluestone & Hockley Real Estate Services

Steve Burnett President, DYB Coach

Doug Imhoff Owner, Imhoff Fine Residential Painting

Darylene Dennon Owner, Solid Energy, Inc.

Mike Kelly VP & General Manager, Crestwood Painting Scott Lollar


inPAINT | May 2018

Nick Slavik Owner, Nick Slavik Painting & Restoration Co. Art Snarzyk Owner, InnerView Advisors, Inc. Michael Stone President, CertaPro Painters, Ltd.

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inPAINT | May 2018

Rebecca Slaton Faux Effects International, Inc Rodrigo Vasconcellos Palette Pro Painting & Renovation Inc. Noah Winkles New Life Painting

paint ED ED U C AT I O N C EN TE R


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inPAINT® May 2018


Facebook Lead Generation


What’s New in Coatings


#DeleteFacebook: Should you be worried?


New and improved products

Pro Picks

Deck coatings that deliver durability

The inPAINT Interview

HOAs and property management


inPAINT | May 2018

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DEPARTMENTS 10 The News Industry ins and outs

34 Tools of the Trade What’s in today’s professional toolbox?

14 Trends A fast look at the forces at work in our industry

36 Teach to Fish Why is UV resistance important for painter’s tape?

15 Trend in Focus Consumers take a shine to metallic paints 16 Ask a Pro How do you connect with and reward referral partners—and why?

38 Upcoming Events The what, where and when of the industry’s leading events 39 Bottom Line Understanding your business insurance options

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WHEN THE APPLICATOR BECOMES THE ART Well, This Is Satisfying T Turns out there are two guys in Austin, TX with

a YouTube show called The Super Slow Show. The premise of the show is that they basically put themselves in bad situations and then replay the video back in, you guessed it, slo-mo. In a recent episode, they used four compressed air tanks to blast themselves with eight halfgallons of paint. The results are both colorful and satisfying. Check out the ‘Slo Mo Guys’ on YouTube, Season 1, Episode 1, Paint Blast Portrait.

‘Smart Paint’ Helps Visually Impaired Navigate Cities T The crosswalk outside the Ohio State School for the Blind in Columbus, OH may look like an ordinary crosswalk, but within the painted white lines is a lot of technology working to help the blind navigate the busy street. Developed by a team of 11 educational partners, industrial collaborators and city partners, the edges of the crosswalk feature ‘Smart Paint.’ Created by adding exotic lightconverting oxides to standard road paint, Smart Paint is activated by a sensor added to the tip of a white cane. When the cane touches the paint, it vibrates, guiding the user safely across the street. The paint can be clear—or gray on a gray surface—essentially invisible to sighted people. The school is exploring additional applications on the campus including sidewalks and bus stops, as well as ways to incorporate the technology with navigational tools and even smartphones. 10

inPAINT | May 2018

T While most people paint with brushes, Alexandra Dillon chooses to paint on them. The Los Angeles-based artist uses oil and acrylic paint to create striking portraits on discarded brushes. Each brush can take hours to create, including prep, which typically involves putting several layers of acrylic gesso on the brush face to hold the portrait. From there, she lets the object take the lead in the creation. “I don’t start out with a set idea for each brush,” she says. I let the ‘soul’ of the object speak for itself.” The result is one-of-a-kind portraits that range from stately to quirky. The biggest challenge for Dillon is finding old brushes on which to create her art. She will happily pay for used brushes, especially in larger sizes! She can be reached via email at info@alexandradillon.com or through her website: alexandradillon.com

Post-it Extreme Notes: Think Post-its on Steroids T The clever folks at Post-it Brand has launched a new line of

notes designed to make sure no punch list or reminder ever goes missing again. Made with Dura-Hold paper and adhesive, Post-it Extreme Notes are water resistant, durable and, of course, writable. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, they stand up to wind, water, cold and heat, and they stick (we mean really STICK) to a variety of smooth and textured surfaces including wood, brick, cement, steel, plywood, PVC, aluminum, cement board, house wrap, composite decking, ceramic and porcelain tile, glass, painted lumber, untreated lumber, and stone. Post-it.com/Extreme

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PROS TAKE NOTE: IMPORTANT OSHA BULLETIN TThe Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently issued a bulletin related to hearing loss brought on by chemical exposure. According to the bulletin, Preventing Hearing Loss Caused by Chemical (Ototoxicity) and Noise Exposure, research demonstrates that exposure to certain chemicals called ototoxicants, may cause hearing loss or balance problems, regardless of noise exposure. Substances containing ototoxicants include some solvents used in paints and stripping and cleanup chemicals. Ototoxic solvents include toluene—often used as a paint thinner, and ethylbenzene—a solvent in paints. The risk of hearing loss is increased when workers are exposed to these chemicals while working around elevated noise levels. This combination often results in hearing loss that can be temporary or permanent, depending on the level of noise, the dose of the chemical, and the duration of the exposure. The new bulletin notes that employers can limit workers’ exposure to ototoxicants by knowing what substances have potential ototoxic effects and by employing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). osha.gov/dts/shib/shib030818.html

Check It Before You Wreck It TIf you’ve ever had to do a job over because you used a water-based paint over an oil, then you’re going to like Tru-Swipes. Working at a paint store, Chad Flood witnessed far too many painters get fooled by rogue doors (the one door out of 12 that’s just not the same as the others). Now the owner of Local San Diego Painting, Flood, along with business partners Herb Barric and Sergio Ibarra of Tru-Line Painting, developed a simple means of verifying a surface in a matter of seconds. Available as one-use wipes and as a hometesting kit that handles up to 12 surfaces, Tru-Swipes reveal whether a coating is oil or water based. Simply wipe a surface three to four times and if paint lifts, it’s water based; if the Tru-Swipe stays clean, it’s oil based. With that knowledge, you can prep the surface for the next coating and do it right—the first time. Tru-Swipes are currently available at Tru-Swipe.com/store

Special Offer for Readers of inPAINT ®


The first 50 pros to email Tru-Swipe will receive

TThe government agency recently raised the price tag on civil penalties for violations of OSHA standards and regulations, increased to adjust for inflation.




SOURCE: The National Law Review, January 2018 12

inPAINT | May 2018

testing kit. Email: info@Truswipe.com and mention ‘inPAINT’ in the subject line. Samples will ship the next day.

For 2018, OSHA maximum penalties are as follows:


two free single-use swipes and one home-

$129,336 $129,336 Repeat


LEARN FAUX FINISHES VIA FACEBOOK TMike Macneil has been creating amazing faux and decorative finishes around the world for the past 36 years. But it wasn’t until last year that he began offering one-on-one classes using Messenger, Facebook’s video chat app. Taught through his Cyber Marbling & Graining University, classes are 7–10 hours long, and are spread over several days, around the student’s availability. They cover five finishes with levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Macneil provides students with a materials list and technique videos in advance of the class. During each class, he demonstrates a finish using Faux Effects products then, via two-way video, watches and instructs students as they attempt the same finish. Some of the finishes covered include barn wood, Carrera marble, and walnut burl. To see examples of the finishes covered, visit the Marbling and Graining Chatroom on Facebook. To learn more or sign up for a class, call Mike at (403) 305-5582.

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A Bouquet of Spring Color Here’s how six paint manufacturers captured the colors of spring:


Fine Paints of Europe Tulip Red 1001

Benjamin Moore Spring Lilac 1388

Dunn-Edwards Summer Daffodil DE5312

Behr Breath of Spring 450C-2

Valspar Peony Pink E50-3C

SherwinWilliams Azalea Flower SW 6576

According to the PDCA, these are the top 10 mostlistened-to paintED podcasts so far in 2018: 1. What to Do About Low-Priced Competitors— Brandon Lewis 2. Fanatical Clarity in Your Business—Tom Reber 3. Training Key Employees—Danny Kerr 4. Creating Estimates and Proposals—Tom Droste 5. Pain Pays—Jason Paris 6. Is Pay-Per-Click Worth It?—Aaron Hockel 7. Planning for Profit in 2018—Linnea Blair 8. Non-Adversarial Collection and Liens— Charlotte McPherson and Coy Henderson 9. Competence, Confidence, and Estimating— Melissa Yarur 10. Working With General Contractors—Gina Koert


To check out these podcasts, visit SoundCloud.com/paint-ed-podcast

Where green matters most Here’s how builders in different regions of the country rate the importance of green certification in the purchase of building products. All Builders in Sample Northeast Midwest South West 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% Somewhat Important

SOURCE: HomeInnovation.com

Very Important

According to the National Federation of Independent Business’ Small Business Optimism Index, business owners are feeling good. The February 2018 index increased 0.7 points, rising to 107.6, the second-highest level in its 45-year history, second only to the 108.0 reading in 1983. SOURCE: NFIB.com

HHHH Reach for the Stars of consumers need at


least a four-star rating before they choose to use a business

SOURCE: BrightLocal.com, Local Consumer Review Survey, 2017


inPAINT | May 2018

METALLICS SHINE IN THE HOME According to the 2018 Pinterest 100 trend forecast, saves for ‘mixed metals’ increased



Photo Courtesy of Tom Henman, Decorative Painting, LLC

Metallics Making a Comeback—and a Statement


he director of marketing and public relations at Faux Effects International, Inc., and a decorative-finishes applicator for more than a decade, Rebecca Slaton can trace the rise of metallics back to the early 2000s. “Back then, it was all about old-world finishes,” she says. “People were really hungry for that earthy, sort of raw feel with lots of visual interest. The trend then migrated back to flat walls with lots of neutrals and grays. Now, a decade later, people are missing the interest and impact those finishes provided.” And, as Slaton notes, “The quickest way to create impact is with metallics.”

A new approach to old-world grandeur According to Slaton, the shift to metallic integration began with walls. “You saw a lot of gray walls being infused with silver metallics. That evolved into antique golds—almost brass finishes—which provide both contrast and warmth.” The move to old-world grandeur has continued to evolve and gain momentum, now embracing polished gold tones and making appearances on ceilings in virtually every room of the home.

“Ceilings are through the roof.” Tom Henman of Decorative Painting, LLC in Lancaster, PA concurs. “Honestly, metallic ceilings are all I’ve done for the past two weeks,” he says, “Ceilings are through the roof.” Henman, who sees an equal interest in metallics among both his commercial and residential customers, thinks ceilings are the ideal place for the shimmering treatments. “Metallic ceilings can really open up a room or space, as they reflect a lot of light. Plus, they look different from every angle, which makes them just a treat for the eye,” he explains.

Let your work shine Henman says the majority of his customers have no idea how many metallic finish options exist. To help with the selection process, he shoots videos of almost every project he completes and posts them to his website and social media. “You want to shoot the room from every angle so you can show how the light plays from each, and show the effects different finishes have. If it shimmers, show it,” he says. For added effect, Henman tries to capture customer reactions to completed projects. “If you can capture that ‘reveal moment,’ well, it just makes it. Plus, it’s really gratifying.

Invest in education Both Slaton and Henman are big advocates of faux finish education for pros. “When you’re working with metallics, there’s a lot that can go wrong,” says Slaton. “You want to be sure the prep is right for the desired finished effect and you also want to know how the coating handles, so you don’t end up with seams.” To master products and techniques, Henman regularly participates in training. “There are some good online courses but I think the best bang for your buck—and time—is hands-on experience. Until you’ve actually worked with a coating, you really don’t know what you’re getting into. And you don’t want to learn that lesson on a project where a failure could cost you some serious money and your reputation.”

“Metallic ceilings can really open up a room or space, as they reflect a lot of light. Plus, they look different from every angle, which makes them just a treat for the eye …” —TOM HENMAN, DECORATIVE PAINTING, LLC

May 2018 | inPAINT




How do you connect with and reward referral partners—and why?

JIM COLOMBO JR. is the owner of STL Home Paint Specialist, based in St. Louis, MO. A third-generation master paint craftsman with over 30 years of experience, he runs a five-man crew specializing in quick turnarounds for real estate agents, stagers and flippers. jcolombo@sbcglobal.net


inPAINT | May 2018


Referrals are a very powerful component of my business strategy. In fact, I estimate that at least 70% of my business comes from referrals. While I’m not very high-tech, I do track every single referral I get. My best sources tend to be real estate agents, followed by other trades. No matter what happens with a lead they’ve given me, I let them know that I followed up on it. This makes them feel both appreciated and keeps me in front of them. I don’t have one standard format for followup. Sometimes it’s by phone, text, a thank you note or email. It’s never more than 5–10 seconds worth of effort but the impact is huge. It really makes you stand out from all the others. While I belong to a number of networking groups that meet weekly, biweekly, monthly and quarterly, sometimes my work schedule is such that I might miss a meeting or two. I know that if I don’t see someone for, say, six months, there’s a good chance I won’t be top-of-mind when someone else asks them, “do you know a painter?” So the follow-up on the referral is one way to stay on their radar. The other option is to reward them for referrals. Without fail, I do an end-of-year tabulation of the value of each referral source. Last year, my top referral

source was a stager who brought me $46,000 worth of work single-handedly. I send Amazon gift cards to all my referral sources regardless of how much work I earned from them. However, the value of the gift card definitely goes up as the value of the source goes up. I also do another round of gift card rewards sometime during the year. Again, I’m trying to make sure they recognize that I value their confidence in me and their referrals. And, honestly, it’s not the value of the gift card; it’s the fact that they’re being appreciated. Who doesn’t like to get an unexpected gift in the mail? But I’m thinking that I’m going to need to change things up a bit this year. I don’t ever want my thank you to become expected. I have seen some folks in my networking group host referral-appreciation events that seem to go over well. Sometimes these are morning coffee or breakfast events, lunch, or even a weekend picnic. I haven’t figured out what approach I’ll take, but I want it to be different and fun. The truth is, pros can’t just live out of their toolbox any more. You’ve got to try new things to keep the jobs coming in and work them until they don’t. At this point in time, cultivating referral sources and building those relationships is definitely working, and is key to my success.

Recycle your leftover paint? Yes, you can!

PaintCare has set up more than 1,700 convenient drop-off locations in eight states and the District of Columbia where you can recycle leftover house paint, stain, and varnish for free. Most locations are at paint retailers. PaintCare is the non-profit product stewardship organization established by the American Coatings Association to represent architectural paint manufacturers. We work to provide environmentally sound and cost-effective paint recycling programs in states with paint stewardship laws or those that pass such laws in the future. FIND A DROP-OFF LOCATION NEAR YOU:


#DeleteFacebook & 2018 Facebook Lead Generation First, Elon Musk announced on Twitter he deleted the Facebook pages for both Tesla and SpaceX. Then came Pep Boys and Will Ferrell. Next it was Playboy announcing their Facebook page was no more. They left behind 25 million fans. These announcements all came under the #DeleteFacebook movement.


#DeleteFacebook trended globally on Twitter in late March. The movement marked the culmination of the social network’s bad press around the 2016 election and growing concerns of how it protected users’ privacy. Months of negative press for selling political ads to Russian-linked organizations had built a groundswell of anti-Facebook sentiment. The data breach impacting 87 million users of Facebook by the political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica was the final straw, and #DeleteFacebook was born. Perfect timing for the start of the busy spring painting season in most of the United States. Seeing #DeleteFacebook lead the nightly news must have caused panic for painters relying heavily on Facebook marketing. Think about the questions racing through their minds: Are my potential customers deleting Facebook? If so, will my 2018 business suffer because of it? What should I do? Are the masses deleting Facebook? Mark Zuckerberg has appeared before Congress to testify about Facebook’s internet privacy policies. Thousands of tweets have been sent about the evils of Facebook. Nightly news stories have run about deleting Facebook to keep your information safe. There is even a good shot Facebook won’t exist by the time this article is published.


inPAINT | May 2018

Apologies to the Facebook haters; that last sentence was hyperbole. While some high-profile players have dropped out, thus far, the #DeleteFacebook movement may not have made much of a dent. Prior to the movement, Facebook’s Newsroom claimed 213,000,000 active users. After the movement began, Creative Strategies did a study of 1,000 Facebook users to learn what they now think of the social network. Among other findings, they found that 17% deleted their Facebook app from their phone, 11% deleted from other devices, and only 9% deleted their account altogether, as is reported in the article US Consumers Want More Transparency from Facebook, published on tech.pinions.com. Assuming that 9% holds true for the rest of the user population, Facebook still has a massive audience. So despite the uproar about deleting Facebook, the truth is, the majority of users simply haven’t. That’s because Facebook is heavily entrenched in how people use the internet. Extending well beyond posting pictures and funny videos, it is also used to sign in to other websites and mobile apps, making quitting not as simple as just clicking ‘delete.’ So paint contractors who are heavily invested in Facebook marketing can breathe a sigh of relief. It still represents a tremendous marketing opportunity. Facebook marketing strategies for painters While #DeleteFacebook is not going to reset your Facebook marketing strategy, change is afoot at the social giant. Prior to the Cambridge Analytica breach, Facebook announced it was making changes to its newsfeed algorithm. The goal was showing more content from friends and people in your social network and showing less content from brands and businesses (including your painting company).

May 2018 | inPAINT


There are millions of groups on the site and they represent a massive opportunity for painters. The power is in painters asking their social network for recommendations.

AARON HOCKEL is the VP of Digital Marketing at AltaVista Strategic Partners, an agency that specializes in marketing commercial and residential painting businesses. He also leads online marketing workshops at the PDCA Expo and is a regular guest on their paintED podcast series. Aaron can be reached at aaron@altavistasp.com


inPAINT | May 2018

Based on this recent change, every post from your Facebook business page—and every post of a great project—will be seen by fewer people. This change will have a bigger impact on painters, as of right now, than the fallout from the #DeleteFacebook movement. No, this does not mean organic lead generation on Facebook is dead. This just means painters need to change their approach and look at other channels on Facebook to generate leads. The power of Facebook groups The best way to generate free leads on Facebook in 2018 is through its groups. There are millions of groups on the site and they represent a massive opportunity for painters. The power is in painters asking their social network for recommendations. Why ask two neighbors if they know a painter when you can ask 200, or even 2,000, with a single post on Facebook? Better yet, recommendations include personal feedback, contact information, and a direct link to a company’s Facebook page and reviews. This is a huge trend among millennials, who are often more comfortable asking their social network for a referral than asking a neighbor face to face. The process is extremely simple. Users open the mobile app, click into a group, and type ‘Can anyone recommend a house painter?’ Other users then recommend painters by commenting their names and tagging their Facebook pages. This is already happening daily in every market in the country.

As painters get tagged on the post, immediate social proof and trust is generated. Imagine your painting business getting recommended on this type of post. Then seven other users ‘like’ that recommendation. Eight people have just referred your painting business. This can all happen in five to 10 minutes. This type of activity is the dream, but it’s not always reality. What if your business is not recommended by other users? Or if it is recommended eight times, what are the chances the original poster calls? This is where painters need to be their own advocates. Joining Facebook groups To capitalize on these recommendation requests inside groups, painters need to be members. This requires finding and joining groups using your personal Facebook page. To find your first group, type your location into the search bar. If your results do not automatically include groups, use the filters at the top of the page.

In many areas, this returns hundreds or thousands of different groups, but not all are created equal. Here’s what to look for when reviewing your group search results: 1. Look for groups with forum, friends or moms in the title 2. Target groups with 1,000+ members 3. Target groups with 10+ posts per day 4. Avoid: yard sale, topic specific, networking groups Which groups are the best? Large, highly active mom groups are a hotbed for contractor recommendation requests. After that, large community forum and neighborhood groups are great places to start. Try identifying and joining 10 groups to start. Generating Facebook group leads Joining 10 Facebook groups alone will not make your phone ring. Painters still need to be their own advocates. Once you join the groups, popular group posts will appear in your newsfeed. Remember, Facebook will be emphasizing posts from our friends, not businesses and brands. You can also go directly to a group and scroll through recent posts. And yes, you should recommend your painting business by tagging it in a comment. This is a totally appropriate message: “Hi Jane Doe – I am the owner of XYZ Painting. I would be happy to provide a free quote for your painting project. You can reach us at 800-500-6000 or send us a Facebook message.” This is a simple and effective introduction to a local member of the community actively looking for a painter. What’s even better, is other people can come behind your comment and endorse it with likes, comments, or additional recommendations. Maximizing Facebook group success This is not the least-time-intensive marketing strategy, but it is extremely grassroots and entirely free. Try checking key groups two or three times per day. It takes less than two minutes to open them and scan the recent posts. Ask employees who are using Facebook to join a few groups and keep their eyes open for recommendation requests. Facebook recommendation requests for painters follow the same seasonality as your market; requests will spike in the spring. Since this is the same time painters ramp up, it is also the most important time to be monitoring groups. When a painter is recommended, it will show a quick link to their page and star rating based on reviews. To prepare for this, make sure you are actively posting to your page. Try for one or two times per week. Focus on adding one or two reviews per month, as well. This will send users to an active page with recent positive reviews when your painting business is recommended. Long-term Facebook marketing outlook Yes, Facebook has been undergoing radical changes in the past year. Like any other marketing strategy, tweaks and changes are required. No, that does not mean painters should abandon it. It is still the world’s largest social network and there are still plenty of opportunities to generate free, high-quality painting leads using Facebook groups. -


Quality you know, ENDURA-nce you can trust. ENDURACAT ™ is an epoxy-fortified, interior, ultra-low VOC, pre-catalyzed, water based, single component coating that offers superior adhesion, excellent chemical resistance, and outstanding washability. Raising the bar for high-performance coatings, the new epoxy brings superior quality and longer-lasting results. You’ll be asking for an encore. For more information, please visit dunnedwards.com Follow Us @dunnedwards





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What’s New (and Improved) in Coatings Products Designed with Durability and Pro Performance in Mind BY JAKE POINIER

Benjamin Moore: (top) CENTURY adds dimension with deep, rich colors and a finish akin to a soft leather glove; (bottom) SCUFF-X Interior Latex Paint resists scuff marks in high-traffic and commercial environments.


inPAINT | May 2018


hen it comes to innovative exterior, interior and specialty coatings, manufacturers have

you well-covered with a variety of newly launched products as well as updates to existing lines.

EXTERIOR COATINGS PPG Paints TIMELESS Exterior Paint and Primer in one incorporates the company’s coatings innovation and expertise from outside the residential and commercial painting industry—for the first time, using additives from its coatings for the automotive industry in an exterior architectural paint. With automotive-grade UV-Protect Technology, painters get one-coat coverage in 1,000 colors and the best resistance to extreme weather (when tinted to PPG’s specifications). This technology helps the exterior resist color fade and retain gloss, while also providing protection for the surface— including exceptional resistance to chipping, flaking and cracking as well as mold, mildew, and algae on the dry paint film. The 100% acrylic latex high-build formula hides minor surface imperfections and can be applied in weather conditions as cold as 35º F. Use it on a variety of exterior surfaces including wood, concrete, masonry, fiber cement, stucco and brick siding, windows, doors and trim. January marked the introduction of an ultrapremium, ultra-low VOC, 100% acrylic exterior paint line by Dunn-Edwards—improved-performance EVERSHIELD. Formulated to meet the stringent requirements of high-end new and repaint residential and commercial projects for which superior performance and application properties—as well as management and/or board member approval— are needed, this advanced paint system includes a full prime-then-finish coat, created in response to competing ultra-premium, self-priming products. The company says the product line provides superior defense against UV color fade, mildew, efflorescence, water intrusion, and film failure (grain-cracking, peeling, blistering)—while advanced technology and premium ingredients provide unparalleled, long-lasting results. “Improved-performance EVERSHIELD is our best exterior paint line,” says John Kim, Dunn-Edwards product manager. “Our customers expect outstanding application properties, and excellent durability and finish for their most high-profile projects. This product delivers on each one.” It is available in tint bases that allow the product to be mixed into light, medium and dark colors, and in six gloss levels. Sherwin-Williams Loxon Self-Cleaning Acrylic Coating is a new product engineered to keep property exteriors looking fresh and attractive with a formula that sheds dirt when it’s hit with water from rain or a

garden hose. With excellent weathering protection, this breathable paint reduces potential for coating failure, and dries to a flat sheen that is tintable in a wide range of colors. The high-performance coating helps to avoid costly repaints and extensive cleaning, while meeting the most stringent VOC regulations. Plus, this coating can be applied directly to fresh concrete that has cured at least seven days in temperatures as low as 35º F. INTERIOR COATINGS Benjamin Moore recently launched SCUFF-X Interior Latex Paint, the newest extension of the company’s Ultra Spec line of products. The manufacturer describes this as the first scuff-resistant

Keeps Paint Out. Keeps Lines Sharp.® To learn what makes FrogTape® different, visit frogtape.com ©ShurTech Brands, LLC 2017/71566

71566 FT 2017 inPaint HP ISL 4C.indd 1

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PPG Paints BUILDER PERFORMANCE Interior Latex Wall & Ceiling Paint is targeted at pro painters who work with volume homebuilders and commercial contractors and, therefore, require precise color-matching accuracy for routine touch-up jobs. Available in flat ready-mix colors and tinted bases, this is a high-quality interior wall and ceiling latex paint with low odor and application characteristics that make it user friendly to apply by spraying, brushing or rolling. The product provides a uniform flat finish to help hide tape joints and surface imperfections. Its excellent hide and touch-up properties result in an even uniformity and quality finished appearance. The new color palette includes a curated palette of 10 top PPG neutrals. “Whether it is months or years following an initial paint job, professionals can be assured that this new paint line removes any guesswork by providing the ability to color match previous paint jobs,” says Jenny Burroughs, PPG Paints senior product manager. BEHR MARQUEE Interior Ceiling Flat Paint is the company’s most advanced ceiling paint and the newest product to join the interior line. The 100% acrylic, stain-blocking paint and primer guarantees* one-coat hide in more than 200 colors designated in the BEHR MARQUEE Interior One-Coat Color Collection, and offers a mildew-resistant finish, making it ideal for any room. This low-VOC ceiling paint is both spatter and drip resistant. ( *For details and limitations,

Benjamin Moore SCUFF-X (above) and CENTURY (below); SherwinWilliams Extreme Cover Stain Blocking Paint & Primer in One features excellent blocking power (right)

visit behr.com/marqueeguarantee)

paint on the market, engineered specifically to resist scuff marks in the most demanding high-traffic, commercial environments. The coating features a proprietary technology in a latex formula that delivers superior scuff resistance without the strong odor, pre-mixing, short pot life, and application difficulties associated with high-performance, two-component paints. This cutting-edge formulation enables the coating to be low VOC, and qualify for LEED v4 and CHPS low-emitting credits. The technology used in this product helps prevent scuffing before it happens, and the proprietary properties minimize repainting, retouching and cleaning—while offering easy application, low odor, and a quick dry time for minimal disruption on the jobsite. Benjamin Moore also launched CENTURY, formulated specifically for high-end designers who want to transform rooms with deep, rich color experiences. The convergence of science and craftsmanship in this formula produced the industry’s first-ever Soft Touch Matte Finish to enrich a curated collection of 75 brandnew colors. The company says the formulation is so intricately balanced that the product is only made in small, premixed batches. 24

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Sherwin-Williams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel, the newest member of the Emerald family, is a water-based enamel that is formulated for cabinet, door and trim projects where hardness, adhesion and durability are primary considerations. It delivers the look and feel of an oil-based enamel with the convenience of a water-based formula and can be re-coated in as little as four hours. This interior/exterior paint resists yellowing, has excellent block resistance, and maintains its color and sheen over time. It is available in satin, semi-gloss and gloss sheens and meets the most stringent VOC regulations. Sherwin-Williams also updated the formulation of its Duration Home Interior Acrylic Latex paint and primer in one. New moisture-resistant technology provides enhanced protection in damp environments and defends against unsightly water spotting. Thanks to patented cross-linking technology, this exceptional coating allows a space to be returned to service in as little as two hours. The final finish resists stains, has excellent burnish resistance, and retains its color even after repeated washing. In addition to those features, antimicrobial properties inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on the paint film, making it ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and other areas that are humid or exposed to water splashing. Available in all SherwinWilliams colors and custom tints in flat, matte, satin and semi-gloss sheens.

SPECIALTY COATINGS In May 2018, BEHR PREMIUM Quick Dry Oil Base Wood Finish joined the company’s product line as its most advanced oil formula for decks, fences and siding. What makes this product different is that it enables you to complete projects—including cleaning, prepping and staining—all in one day. The unique wood finish, available in five colors, can be applied to damp wood (within 1–3 hours of rainfall, rinsing and removal of standing water). And this one-coat-coverage product dries dramatically faster than traditional oil wood finishes—in just 60 minutes. PPG Paints BREAK-THROUGH! Interior/ Exterior water-borne acrylic is a versatile, ultra-durable paint, formulated to bond to some of the most difficult substrates that paint pros encounter including fiberglass, laminate and many plastics. The gloss finish offers fast drying and ensures outstanding early block resistance for increased productivity with less downtime. This product provides hardness similar to or better than standard alkyds with a low-VOC formula, but maintains flexibility to endure extreme bends and deformation without cracking and peeling, making it ideal for doors, windows, shelving, handrails, fixtures, trim, wood and concrete floors. The product has a quick dry time of 17–20 minutes to touch and two hours for recoat—a significant advantage when you need to keep a job moving. Dunn-Edwards is in the process of introducing its new ENDURA Series, featuring two specialty coatings. ENDURACAT, introduced in late April, is an epoxy-fortified, ultra-low-VOC (<50 g/L), water-based, single-component, semi-gloss interior topcoat. Epoxy resin provides added durability, chemical resistance and adhesion. It can be used on properly prepared and primed interior metal, wood, drywall and masonry, and is ideal for use in environments where frequent cleaning, moisture or mildew conditions may exist or where extra durability and chemical resistance is required. Slated to launch before the summer, ENDURAPRIME Rust Preventative Acrylic Metal Primer is a high-performance, interior/exterior, ultra-low-VOC (<50 g/L), single-component, water-based acrylic metal primer. This fast-drying coating is ideal for use on interior or exterior ferrous metal—for example: structural steel, wrought iron, or metal gates and fences— offering superior corrosion resistance as well as early flash rust resistance. Sherwin-Williams Extreme Cover Stain Blocking Paint & Primer in One features excellent blocking against common stains such as grease, grime, food and cigarette smoke. In addition to outstanding stain resistance, it reduces the need for priming in multifamily, commercial property management and residential repaint jobs—saving time and resources to keep costs down while keeping resident satisfaction up. This product meets the most stringent VOC regulations and is available in flat and eggshell sheens.

A second new specialty coating offering from Sherwin-Williams, Extreme Block Stain Blocking Primer/Sealer, incorporates a versatile indoor/outdoor formula that makes this product a powerful tool in blocking the toughest stains. It seals off stubborn stains from smoke, fire and nicotine and blocks tannin bleed from bare wood. This quick-dry alkyd coating can prime the surface and be top-coated in as little as two hours, helping painting contractors quickly restore properties to a fresh condition. It adheres to a variety of substrates including wood, drywall, masonry and properly prepared metal, and applies in a smooth, uniform manner. -

“ Improvedperformance EVERSHIELD is our best exterior paint line.” —JOHN KIM, DUNN-EDWARDS

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6 pros on deck coatings that deliver appearance and durability Ah, summer. Time to pull out the Adirondack chairs and kick back on the deck. That’s where you come in. Homeowners who want to ensure their decks are in tip-top shape rely on professionals who understand which products work best on a given substrate and know how to apply them for maximum durability. Here, six professionals share their go-to deck coatings and discuss their attributes.


1 2 26

MICHAEL BENNETT Michael Bennett Painting (443) 386-5455

DALE HERRINGTON Premium Deck Restoration, LLC PremiumDeckRestoration.com

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3 4

CHARLIE BLIGHT Blight Built BlightBuilt.com

SAM REUTER Painter Pro PainterPro.co

5 6

RODRIGO VASCONCELLOS Palette Pro Painting & Renovation Inc. Palette-Pro.com

DAN BRADY Dan Brady Painting & Wood Restoration DanBradyPainting.com



The owner of Michael Bennett Painting has been a paint and wallpaper contractor for more than 35 years. During spring and summer, Michael Bennett tackles decks for customers in the Baltimore, MD, area. “I’m very partial to oil-based stains,” he says. “They penetrate the substrate better, they last longer through our heat and cold cycles, and they’re more UV stable.” His go-to is PPG (formerly Sikkens) ProLuxe Cetol SRD Wood Finish. “I like its body and the quality of its oils and resins, as well as its color saturation and workability,” says Bennett. “When I use it, I feel I’m giving my customers a really good finish and I feel confident about it.” When he has a bare-wood surface, he also likes Ready Seal wood stain and sealer. This product leaves no lap marks and doesn’t run, he notes. “It’s really remarkable and very userfriendly.” he says. For application in his area, Bennett pays attention to the humidity level—preferring to wait until relative humidity is below 70% before staining a deck. And maintenance is key, he adds. “My rule of thumb is to wait two years, then do a maintenance coat. Then, wait another two years and do another one. After that, you should be good to go for at least five years.”




“We build it to last, but what you put on top of it—and if you stay on top of it—will determine for how long.” –CHARLIE BLIGHT, BLIGHT BUILT



The owner of Premium Deck Restoration, LLC in New Hampshire, Dale Herrington spends eight to nine months a year working on decks. With about 17 years in business, he’s learned a few things. For deck projects, he likes translucent Benjamin Moore ARBORCOAT Exterior Stain. If a deck is in rougher shape or a customer wants a particular look, he might opt for the brand’s semi-solid. “The ARBORCOAT is easy to maintain and doesn’t peel,” he says. “Around here, we have better luck with oil-based stains because they penetrate into the wood.” And Herrington prefers to brush on stains. “A lot of people spray, but I think that by the time you cover the house and surrounding area to protect it, you can have it halfway brushed,” he says. He does two coats to start, and advises maintenance coats typically every two years, though the deck’s exposure to the elements might affect that recommendation.

4000-PSI Cold Water Pressure Washer

www.mitm.com 800-553-9053

Made in


with Globally Sourced Components 34-3553

Mi-T-M manufactures: Cold & Hot Water Pressure Washers • Air Compressors Decal Part No. : 34-3553 (revised material/adhesive 2-15-17) 02-10-17 Portable Generators • Date: Air Compressor/Generator Combinations Customer: Mi-T-M Units: All Mi-T-M labeled products•manufactured the US Air Compressor/Generator/Welder Combinations Wet/Dry inVacuums Designer: Teresa Gottschalk 563.556.7484 x.231 Artwork at 100%: Pumps Yes • Water • Water Treatment Systems Jobsite Boxes • Portable Heaters Decal size: 2.0625” wide x 1” high Over laminate: .001 clear laminate Material/Adhesive: 3.5 mil white vinyl flexible white perm L344 1 mil 50# liner Must adhere to polyester and epoxy powder coatings, epoxy paint, polypropylene, polyethylene and stainless steel Print on a roll Colors:

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Blight Built, in Columbia, SC, is dedicated to creating beautiful outdoor living spaces. Owner Charlie Blight builds and cares for decks, pergolas and more. “We build it to last, but WHAT YOU PUT ON TOP OF IT—and IF YOU STAY ON TOP OF IT—will determine for how long,” he says. “We recommend sealing it with a clear or semi-transparent sealer.” Blight does not suggest painting wood. “The problem with painting is that once it cracks, you can’t tell, and then water seeps in and the wood rots.” He also likes the look of wood. For an inexpensive sealer option, he likes Thompson’s WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer. But, he cautions, it needs a yearly maintenance coat. Another great option, he says, is Olympic MAXIMUM Waterproofing Sealant (clear), which should be maintained every two to three years. In his area, he recommends every two years because of the hot and humid climate. The bigger issue related to climate, he says, is making sure the wood is dried out enough to seal. “But you don’t want it to be too dry because the boards will crack and bow,” he says.

A common thread among these professionals is the strong recommendation for maintenance coats, though the products and environments dictate how often.



Based in Indianapolis, Sam Reuter’s business, Painter Pro, tackles a variety of projects—and about 10% of them are decks. “We use a lot of solid stains,” he says. “We’ll also use transparent stains, depending on what the customer likes.” He likes solid stains because, in his experience, they hold up better. “Our weather changes all the time, and that means decks are constantly expanding and contracting,” he says. “Winters are relatively harsh. Snow, sleet and ice can beat up your deck. And we have very rainy Aprils and Mays.” His go-to is the Sherwin-Williams SuperDeck line. “We like the ease of application, and we get good coverage from them. They’re durable with good longevity,” he says. “And they have a good variety of finishes and colors. They give us a nice finish.” He suggests maintenance coats every two to three years. And he says no matter what product you use, the most important thing with decks is surface preparation. “You can use the best product in the world, but if you’ve got rotted wood and you don’t prep the surface, the product won’t matter,” he says.


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Palette Pro Painting & Renovation Inc. owner Rodrigo Vasconcellos manages paint projects, repairs and finished carpentry work for residential renovations and remodels, as well as new builds. Located in New York near the Connecticut border, Vasconcellos tackles a number of deck projects over the spring and summer months. His favorite product is PPG* ProLuxe Cetol DEK Wood Finish. “The durability is amazing,” he says. Depending on the project, though, he might go with PPG* ProLuxe Cetol SRD Wood Finish. “It’s a one-coat application with UV protection and water repellant,” he says. And while the PPG products are great for cedar and pine, for decks made of ipe, mahogany or exotic woods, Vasconcellos likes Penofin products. “We like the overall finish that they give. Plus, there’s great UV protection. The key to maintaining a finished look on ipe decks or exotic woods is maintaining the stain every year,” he says.

“Winters are relatively harsh. Snow, sleet and ice can beat up your deck.” –SAM REUTER, PAINTER PRO


Decks in Traverse City, MI, pile up with snow every season. That’s why Dan Brady sticks with semi-transparent, oil-based stains for his customers. “Anything waterborne will peel,” he says. “I tell customers to think about what would happen if you dumped a foot of snow on your hardwood floor inside your house. That is what a deck goes through.” Brady, who has owned Dan Brady Painting & Wood Restoration for nearly 20 years, typically opts for PPG* ProLuxe Cetol SRD Wood Finish. “There’s a richness to it,” he says. “To apply, we roll it on, then back brush.” Brady sets expectations with his customers, noting that the color will hold relatively well for two years and then will start to fade. If a customer wants to keep their deck in top shape, he recommends maintenance coats every two years; otherwise, at least every five years is a good rule, he says. -

*Formerly Sikkens 30

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BY MEGHANN FINN SEPULVEDA Noah Winkles was grateful that his father offered him the opportunity to manage the family painting business, New Life Painting, upon graduating from college 10 years ago. He grew up assisting his father, Chuck Winkles, on paint jobs and was eager to grow the 40-year-old business and seek new opportunities. New Life Painting focuses on residential and commercial projects, as well as projects for HOAs and property management companies in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties and throughout California’s Central Coast region. New Life Painting has been successful at building and maintaining a positive reputation in the community. Their sister company, New Life Bath & Kitchen, offers additional services such as comprehensive kitchen and bath remodeling and home restoration projects.


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How did you get involved with HOAs?


Can you explain the typical bidding process?

When I took over managing the business in 2008, the economy was in a downward spiral and our business started to shrink. I remember trying to think of ways we could find success even in the failing market. My father had experience working with HOAs, which he said was very similar to residential painting. He explained that HOA and property management companies are great to work with because residents pay their dues on time, and the companies put money aside to fund projects, then set schedules usually far in advance. Enticed, I set some goals and began to research and reach out to several property management companies in the area. I sponsored luncheons and spoke in front of board members at community HOA meetings. I applied my knowledge of residential painting, combined with our commitment to performing high-quality work, to gain their trust. Today, we work with four local property management companies and complete three to four major projects per year. We try to schedule these jobs between October and April, during our slower season.

Normally, we receive an email from a property manager to let us know a project is up for bid and ask if we are interested in submitting a proposal. They will provide the specs and scope of work, and we’ll prepare a bid, then ask to present at the next board meeting. If we have that opportunity, we’ll make a formal introduction, discuss how we will communicate with residents, and share the next steps.

… winning a bid doesn’t always come down to price; it is often more about the customer choosing a contractor with whom they feel most comfortable. I think this approach really sets us apart from our competition because winning a bid doesn’t always come down to price; it is often more about the customer choosing a contractor with whom they feel most comfortable.


What are some of the biggest obstacles to completing the work?

This type of work requires a lot of communication because residents need to be aware of the job we will be performing in advance. We do this by distributing fliers one week prior to the start of the job and again two days before we begin work. We also inform residents when the job is complete. However, when it’s time to paint front doors, it can sometimes be challenging because residents must be home for us to gain access and complete the job. In other circumstances, we’ve worked with communities that didn’t have the money to complete the job or needed to postpone the project for a few months until funds were received. We can slow a job down, based on the needs of our customer. That is sometimes just the nature of the business.


Are there any specific skills or equipment needed?

We use all the standard painting supplies, tools and equipment that are used on residential jobs. On an HOA project, there is typically a team of five individuals consisting of a project manager, a journeyman painter, two or three highly skilled painters, and two support members that assist with setup, taping and cleanup. When we hire painters, we look for individuals who work hard, have a good attitude, and can communicate well with customers.


What is your involvement with color selection?

Color selection for a residential community or apartment building is usually determined by the HOA or property management company—or recommended by a large paint-supply company like Sherwin-Williams.

If we are asked for input, we’ll reach out to a preferred color specialist who we work with in the area and offer these services to the board at no extra cost.


Are there any red flags that make you choose to avoid taking on a project?

We try to avoid accepting subcontractor jobs from general contracting companies because the payment schedule and overall entire process is not based on our terms, which can sometimes be difficult to maneuver.


Do you consider this market opportunity to be strong?

There are so many HOAs in communities across the country and I believe there will always be a demand for this type of work. These organizations normally operate very well, often scheduling work every eight to 12 years, and are a strong component of our business.


What advice can you share for pros who want to get into this business?

It takes a lot of time and determination to generate customers and become a preferred vendor on an HOA or property management company bid list. I recommend treating their business like the highest paying customer you have. Your work and craftsmanship will shine through. -

NOAH WINKLES is the VP of New Life Painting, a family owned business and Nolan Summit Services contractor servicing the California Central Coast, offering residential, commercial and HOA painting services. He is an active member of the Santa Maria Connect!, the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce, and the PDCA. NewLifePainting.com

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Dunn-Edwards Improved Performance EVERSHIELD® Dunn-Edwards has introduced Improved Performance EVERSHIELD®, an ultra-premium, exterior, ultralow VOC paint line, that is formulated with 100% acrylic technology. It provides maximum protection against UV color fade, mildew, efflorescence, water intrusion and film failure (grain cracking, peeling and blistering). The product has excellent application properties and is available in six sheens and three tint bases that allow the product to be mixed into light, medium and dark colors. Like all Dunn-Edwards paints, Improved Performance EVERSHIELD® does not contain ethylene glycol (EG). DunnEdwards.com/EVERSHIELD

Mi-T-M 20-Inch Rotary Surface Cleaner Clean and prep large surfaces in record time with the Mi-T-M 20-inch rotary surface cleaner. This efficient pressure washer accessory has strong-bristled brushes for easy glide control and works with pressure washers up to 4000 PSI. It’s the ultimate cleaning accessory and is ideal for decks, patios, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and any other horizontal surface. For more information on Mi-T-M Corporation’s complete line of products call (800) 553-9053. Mitm.com


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What’s in today’s professional toolbox? TOWER SEALANTS Tower Tech2 Acrylic Urethane Elastomeric Sealant Tower Tech2 Acrylic Urethane Elastomeric will lead the way for every project. Made to have exceptional strength and durability. Has superior adhesion to many substrates and forms a permanently elastomeric, airtight, water-resistant seal that can fill gaps up to 2" and stretch up to 800%. With superior paintability, use it on most demanding applications, including: crown molding, windows and doors, baseboards, pipes, vents, masonry, siding, trim, drywall, around countertops and more. For questions: tech@towersealants.com TowerSealants.com

Titan RX-Apex™ Airless Spray Gun The RX-Apex™ is the newest addition to the Red Series airless spray guns and is built with practical innovations like; an ultra-customizable grip to fit any painter’s hand delivering more comfort and less fatigue, the All-Day Trigger™ which has a 28% lighter trigger pull force and 74% less hold force than competitive guns and the Infinity Packing™ that provides 2x the gun life for roughly $15. Titantool.com/redseries

Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Match Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Match takes the guesswork out of matching paint. The app connects to your handheld ColorSnap Match paint color matching device (sold separately exclusively at Sherwin-Williams stores) to deliver a streamlined color matching experience. Use the device to scan a color from walls, flooring, furniture, fabric or any surface. Then use the app to get the closest Sherwin-Williams paint color match and save or share the results. For more information, please visit us online or speak to your local Sherwin-Williams store representative ColorSnap.com/match

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inPAINT ® presents an industry-specific question and invites an expert to share their insight.


Why is UV resistance important for painter’s tape, and how do manufacturers offer this protection?

A: JOSEPH BARTUSIAK is 3M’s Senior Research Engineer in the company’s Construction and Home Improvement Markets Division. He regularly fields questions about painter’s tape performance and product development. Here, he shares some technical insights on how UV-resistant technology can impact a pro’s bottom line.

Painter’s tape has a dual goal of needing to adhere well enough to help the painting professional cut a clean line while also being easy to remove without leaving behind a sticky residue that requires cleanup. Product engineers strike this balance by researching and applying knowledge to develop the right adhesive that will help achieve both of these outcomes. Exposure to the sun’s harsh UV rays for a lengthy period of time may compromise the tape’s ability to adhere but, more importantly, it greatly increases the likelihood of the tape’s adhesive leaving a sticky residue on the surface. This is particularly problematic for glass, wood or vinyl, as the residue may be highly visible if not cleaned well. In addition, removing the residue adds time to the job, negatively impacting a painting professional’s bottom line.

How UV resistance helps UV resistance comes into play for painting professionals in a variety of job situations. Think about those exterior jobs where delays force tape on the side of a home with strong sun exposure to stay adhered to the surface for more time than expected. Direct sun literally baking a tape that is not UV resistant will undoubtedly leave behind a residue that needs to be cleaned. This can also occur on interior jobs where a non-UV-resistant tape is used on a window with strong sun exposure. If a tape is UV resistant, it means that its adhesive has been formulated to withstand direct sunlight and heat better and for a longer period of time. Quality 36

inPAINT | May 2018

UV-resistant tapes will indicate the length of time the product provides adequate adhesion and a promise of leaving behind no residue when pulled off. Typically, these claims range between seven and 14 days, depending on the product.

How a tape product can be UV resistant People often ask how it is that a manufacturer can create a UV-resistant tape, as they associate the topic mainly with lotions and creams used to protect the skin. For tape, the secret to UV resistance lies in using an acrylic adhesive combined with other additives. These particular acrylic adhesives provide low adhesion build, which allows for a longer damage-free removal time. Rubber, another adhesive used in tapes, produces a tremendous bond, however, it is better for lowtemperature applications and has very limited UV resistance. Some painters also ask about shelf life and whether a tape will lose its UV resistance if it stays in storage too long. Most painter’s tapes have a shelf life of about a year, if stored properly at room temperature and low humidity. Most tapes continue to adhere well even if they are more than a year old, but you should expect to lose some performance, especially if it has been stored in hot, dry—or moist, cold—environments for a long period of time. On interior jobs with minimal sun exposure to masking areas, UV resistance may not be much of an issue. However, for exterior jobs, and even interior jobs with large windows that may have strong sun exposure, a UV-resistant painter’s tape is well worth the small additional investment.

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What, Where & When

6 10 7 1 4




2 8

M AY 1

8–10: National Hardware Show, Las Vegas, NV nationalhardwareshow.com


8–12: 2018 Society of Decorative Painters’ International Conference & Expo, Daytona Beach, FL decorativepainters.org




13–16: Apartmentalize, San Diego, CA naahq.org/apt-inpaint 14 & 15: 2018 East Coast Builders Conference, Nashville, TN ECBCshow.com 23–26: BOMA 2018 International Conference & Expo, San Antonio, TX bomaconvention.org


27 & 28: 2018 PDCA Residential Forum Advanced Shop Talk, Minneapolis, MN pdcaresidentialforum.org


6–9: 2018 NPMA National Education Seminar, Chicago, IL npmaconferences.org/NES


16 & 17: Southeast Building Conference, Kissimmee, FL SEBCshow.com

S E P TE M B E R 9

19–21: 2018 PDCA Commercial Forum Conference, White Sulphur Springs, WV pdcacommercialforum.org

N OV E M B E R 10

14–16: Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, Chicago, IL greenbuildexpo.com

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Sherwin-Williams.com Pages 2 & 35 SHURTECH FrogTape.com Page 23 TITAN TitanTool.com Pages 3 & 35 TOWER SEALANTS TowerSealants.com Pages 19 & 35

A two-day annual conference hosted by PDCA Residential Forum, the Advanced Shop Talk offers residential paint businesses the opportunity to connect with other business owners, learn from industry leaders, and ask questions of peers and manufacturers on every aspect of the business. This year’s event features presentations and discussions on modern apprenticeships, systematizing your business, training for the unexpected, and a panel discussion on being a hero to yourself, your employees, your customers and others through extraordinary service.

To register, visit pdcaresidentialforum.org 38

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Risky Business: Understanding Your Insurance Options


s a contractor, every day is filled with potential risks. From disgruntled ex-employees claiming wrongful termination to accidentally contaminating the environment with one bad bucket tip, there’s almost no end to the issues that can financially undo your business if you’re not properly insured.

Understanding your options

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all policy designed to protect contractors from every potential issue that could arise. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the different policy options and understand what they are designed to cover.   Typically, a contractor will want to carry the following:  ■■ Business Owner Policy ■■ Commercial Auto Insurance ■■ Inland Marine Insurance ■■ License Bonds / Permit Bonds ■■ Workers’ Compensation Insurance Here’s a look at what each policy does and doesn’t cover: Business Owner Policy includes both Business Personal Property and General Liability coverage. While the Business Personal Property portion of this policy covers everything that is kept at your office including computers, supplies, machinery, etc., the General Liability portion protects you and your company from claims involving non-employee bodily injury and property damage resulting from your products, services or operations. It also helps with medical expenses and attorney fees and may cover you if you are held liable for damages to any building or property you rent for business purposes. What it does not cover is employee injuries, auto accidents, workmanship, intentional acts (i.e., an assault), or professional mistakes. Commercial Auto Insurance covers damage to company vehicles and provides protection for employee accidents when they are doing anything related to work, no matter what vehicle they’re driving. For example, if an employee runs out for lunch for the crew and is involved

in an accident, your business could be sued. Commercial Auto Insurance covers that, but it is very important to also have Hired/Non-Owned Auto Coverage. Inland Marine Insurance is a must-have as it safeguards your tools, equipment (including computers), and unfinished projects from loss or damage when it is at a jobsite or in your vehicle; whereas Business Personal Property only covers it in your office or company garage. License and Permit Bonds, sometimes referred to as ‘commercial bonds’ or simply ‘license bonds,’ are required by government agencies and are intended to protect customers and/or the state from damages. For example, when the antique vase is missing and the client and company aren’t sure what happened, the bond company steps in and handles this as a third party. Workers’ Compensation Insurance is critical. It doesn’t matter if it’s repetitive motion injuries, falls or ladder accidents, if an employee gets hurt, this is the coverage that protects you. 

An emerging consideration There’s an additional policy that businesses should consider. That is Employment Practices Liability Insurance. If an employee or past employee sues your company, this type of insurance would protect you. This covers the hiring process, HR procedures, and discrimination, just to name a few.  

Buy smart

DAN LUIGS has worked with the Insurance Store Inc. as an insurance agent for the past seven years in Chesterfield, MO. Working largely through referrals, he’s successfully grown his business into the top 3% of premiums written in the country out of all insurance agents in the U.S., and he is proud to call some of the top contractors in Missouri and Illinois clients. InsuranceStoreInc.com

As many policies as there are to consider, there are even more people out there willing to sell them to you. But if you only take one bit of advice from this column, let it be this: Find someone who understands painting! If they don’t ask about your sprayer and equipment that you take to jobsites, they don’t understand your risks. Buy smart and be covered no matter what comes your way. May 2018 | inPAINT




With the best number in the painting business, your company will appear more established and trustworthy. “My business has quadrupled since I purchased this number. Over 25% of my calls come directly from the phone number, because it's so easy to remember. I highly recommend using 1-800-PAINTING.” — JOSH ABRAMSON, PRESIDENT, ALLBRIGHT PAINTING, VALENCIA, CA

1-800-PaiNtiNG invokes an image that you’re the market leader in your area. BRANDING THAT PAYS OFF

since no one else can own this number in your market, there won’t be any confusion. you will be the only one with a truly unforgettable number!


Referrals are the best form of advertising and with 1-800-PAINTING they become easier to get. it becomes effortless for someone to refer you!

1-800-We-PaiNt is also available.

CheCk availability

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inPAINT Magazine May 2018  

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inPAINT Magazine May 2018  

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